The Creep – Part 2

Just so we’re clear here, yes, I get that there are a lot of ways to take the term ‘creepy’. In last week’s essay I wanted to dig into what women claim is ‘creepy’ and how this term is really another illustration of ambiguous fem-speak rooted in how a guy makes a woman feel. Furthermore, this feeling is modified by where that man is stationed in her perception of his sexual market value (SMV).

Last week I got linked a Tweet about ‘creeps’ by Roosh (he still hates me). He had a good point, and I paraphrase,

“Creeps are just guys that go from 0-100 in sexualizing a conversation with a woman way too fast. A good PUA knows that slow and steady sexualization works best.”

Take that how you want, but I think this is definitely part of the creep dynamic. There’s a bit more to being creepy than overly fast sexualization (or presumed familiarity); we’ve got to account for a Blue Pill / Beta guy’s lack of social intelligence to understand that taking it slow should be something he knows already. And still, how can we presume this slow and steady sexualization is a proficient form of seduction when we see more Alpha, more immediately arousing men, go from 0-100 themselves and get a same night lay? I’ve done this myself more than a few times back in a time when there was no formal Game to be had. Right guy, right place, right time, and 0-100 is what a woman is hoping will happen. Hypergamy is nothing if not pragmatic.

That said, I am convinced that this over-investment, too quick, too soon is definitely part of the creepy dynamic. I’ve made the call in several prior posts that it’s part of the Beta mindset to want to bypass the arousal and attraction phases of seduction to go directly to rapport. Thus, you get a guy who shares too much way too soon and this itself is creepy for women. It’s a huge telegraphing of that guy’s state of desperation and optionlessness. There’s no mystery left about the guy (assuming the girl even had an initial attraction) and nothing left to figure out. This over-sharing is also a huge red flag to women’s Hypergamous filters; it’s an indication that a guy ‘doesn’t get it’ with regard to how to play the Game with her.

You see, this rush to get to comfort and rapport is usually because that ‘creep’ is anxious to get past the arousal phase, the sexual tension, because he has no clue what to do in that phase. It’s a real source of anxiety for him, and besides, every woman he’s ever asked has said she needed to be comfortable with a guy before she has sex with him (false). Comfort, rapport, familiarity (all of which are anti-seductive) should be where the sex begins to his way of thinking, so again, male deductive logic would follow that getting there quickly would be pragmatic.

When a more Alpha, natural, moves quickly it’s almost always because he’s working with a receptive (proceptive) woman. As I mentioned before, arousal covers for a lot of men’s deficits in Game or feelings of creepery.

The Creeps

As most readers will have probably guessed I’ve timed the release of this series to address the current Hysteria of sexual assault / harassment / rape charges that are  moving like wildfire through Hollywood first, and now through the rest of our pop-culture social strata. While it may be satisfying to see mealy-mouth self-righteous actors and moguls take a fall, it’s important to see the larger social mechanics in play here.

I wrote that essay over a year ago and I’ll say now that I’d never dreamed how prophetic that post would turn out. Criticizing this #MeToo sexual assault hysteria is next to impossible. For the same reasons no one wanted to question the veracity of the UVA fraternity rape hoax that Rolling Stone and Sabrina Erdley perpetrated – no one now wants to question the accusations leveled at the various personalities being conveniently outed for sexual assault/harassment that in some cases occurred 30-40 years ago. We are expected to believe the testimonies of women without question.

This isn’t to say that the celebrities involved didn’t do what their accusers are saying they did, it’s that we are expected to accept that this behavior is endemic in all men, and based on the same principle of believing whatever a woman has to say about it with no afterthought given to its truth or her motives. It’s one thing to presume that whenever a woman comes forward with a rape or assault claim we are expected to presume the man guilty until proven innocent, but we’re rapidly reaching a point where any claim a woman has about a man bears that same weight. When it comes down to ‘he said, she said’, what she said will hold the full weight of the law.

Our Feminine-primary social order is now repurposing this ironclad believability of women – and presumed guilt of men – for every crime a woman ‘feels’ she’s been a victim of at the hands of a man. At the same time we see sexual harassment being defined as something that even a wink from a man can convey, we also see the rapid criminalization of men  who would dare to talk to a woman they don’t already know.

When we combine this overarching presumption of male guilt with the potential crime of men dealing with a woman with the intent of establish intimacy, and then add to it the ever changing definition of what can constitute sexual assault or harassment (and with a uniquely endless statute of limitations), we begin to get a clearer picture of the direction the Feminine Imperative has for men.

I’m sure this all seems very reactionary, but so was the questioning of Sabrina Erdley’s story about a nameless girl who was violently raped on the shattered glass of a broken coffee table by fraternity boys. Once again, I’m not saying sexual assault doesn’t happen, I’m saying that the direction gynocentrism is taking is one in which men ought to lose rights and liberties that only women ought to be the judges of.

Creepiness is a feeling women get from men who lack the social skills to ‘just get it’ that they are or aren’t into them. What this distills down to on a root level is women’s presuming that men should know better than to approach them when they are beneath their Hypergamous attraction floor. It is the criminalization of men not understanding how they fit into women’s sexual strategies. I made a case for this in The Political is Personal. The more men resist the social intents of Hypergamy, the more it will become necessary to legislate men to comply with it.

Feminine-primary social doctrine is an extension of  women’s Hypergamy.

Any deviation from this is on the part of  men is met with a cultural reprisal designed to convince or coerce men to accept their inevitable role in providing those entitlements to women. When those social contingencies fail, or become played out, the Feminine Imperative then appeals to legal legislation to mandate men’s compliance to what amounts to women’s social entitlement to optimized Hypergamy.

We’re rapidly reaching this peak Hypergamous state. As I mentioned in Male Control, since the Las Vegas shooting the narrative of masculinity has shifted. There is no more “toxic” masculinity – it’s masculinity on-whole that is toxic. As Open Hypergamy becomes more institutionalized and made a societal norm by the Feminine Imperative, and as more men become Red Pill aware (by effort or consequences) because of it, the more necessary it will become for a feminine-primary social order to legislate and mandate men comply with it.

In the Zone

Morpheus had a great comment last week that hit on what I went into in Sexual Zoning:

The term “creep” can really lead in a bunch of different directions discussion wise, but I think a really big one is “sexual zones” vs “non-sexual zones”. Increasingly, there are all sorts of places where the default presumption is that women should be “free from” male advances. Work, school, etc. In these zones, the margin for error is very small. Unless you are an objectively visually attractive man with super tight game, the odds of you being perceived as a “creep” are much, much higher. In sexual zones, such as the Friday night bar, your margin for error is higher. The default presumption is men are there to meet women. You still need to have the right social vibe and not come across as a weirdo but you have a little more room to play with.

And from that post:

I would argue that a large majority of men accused of sexual harassment or even just suspected of impropriety are men who’ve found themselves in an environment they believed was an acceptable sexual zone. We are fast approaching a time when all zones will be so arbitrary and ambiguous that every environment with sexual potential will be avoided. This will have the effect of putting women into unilateral control of their own Hypergamy. It will be a state of Sadie Hawkins world – only women will make approaches on men and only those who match her Hypergamous ideal, an ideal fostered and reinforced by a steady diet of social media ego inflation.

A while ago I read this piece about Mike Pence:

“In 2002, Mike Pence told The Hill that he never eats alone with a woman other than his wife and that he won’t attend events featuring alcohol without her by his side, either.”

Naturally the media wants to pass this off as some masculine insecurity on Pence’s part. Certainly there’s a religious reason for Pence not wanting to present any perception of impropriety – I’ve know pastor who will never have closed door meetings with women or do counseling for women without their wives present – but there is a practical side to this habit. It prevents the accusations and opportunity for anything like what we’re seeing in the accusation cycling through Hollywood today. But still, shaming the masculine is the first reflex for the mainstream media.

This Atlantic article is an exercise in deliberately not seeing the intersexual writing on the wall. This is the practical contingency for a social order bent on removing men via accusations of sexual misconduct. Yet still, for all of the inherent dangers of a frivolous sexual harassment suit at the disposal of any and every western woman, men are supposed to leave themselves vulnerable to them:

Pence is not the only powerful man in Washington who goes to great lengths to avoid the appearance of impropriety with the opposite sex. An anonymous survey of female Capitol Hill staffers conducted by National Journal in 2015 found that “several female aides reported that they have been barred from staffing their male bosses at evening events, driving alone with their congressman or senator, or even sitting down one-on-one in his office for fear that others would get the wrong impression.” One told the reporter Sarah Mimms that in 12 years working for her previous boss, he “never took a closed door meeting with me. … This made sensitive and strategic discussions extremely difficult.”

This is the social environment feminism and our gynocentric social order has chosen to establish for men and women. Men pragmatically look for ways to guard themselves against allegation, and yet are shamed for that sensibility. It’s gotten (or will get) to the point where old books “decent” behavior is too risky to engage in in the modern workplace. Powerful men must hide behind open doors, and still those men are shamed for being prudent. Why?

We live in a new era where marriage has become disincentivized for men by the risks of capital loss in divorce that overwhelmingly favors women with cash & prizes. Now add to this the increasing ego entitlements of women to high value men. As the prospect of marriage looks less and less like a good deal for men wanting to protect themselves there comes a need for women to create ways to bypass the requirement for marriage to access men’s capital. Enter the era of increasingly more nebulous, acrimonious, accusations of sexual harassment or assault and de facto believability of women’s testimony. Exit the era of frivolous divorce (okay maybe not entirely) and enter the era of more easily accessible capital via frivolous sexual assault lawsuits.

More to come in part 3.

Published by Rollo Tomassi

Author of The Rational Male and The Rational Male, Preventive Medicine

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  1. Ronan
    “Whether you like it or not, that is the reason Islam will dominate. It doesn’t tolerate this gigantic female shit test.”
    “Children push boundaries until their parents say ENOUGH.”

    Not born this morning
    ” The human species, nature, simply will not sustain it. Maybe not in our lifetimes, but sooner than many more generations it will end. I just don’t see what will replace it,”

    How will it replace itself?

    “Do women believe that shaping male/female interaction in the ways that we are currently seeing will make them happier?

    If they don’t have to put up with the bothersome attempts of unattractive betas and can
    Actually destroy the careers and lives of such men for relatively minor indiscretions, will their lives be improved?”

    Seening this happen bring’s massive force of destructive energy. Taking away someone else’s dream never get’s you to your’s faster…

    “In general, I think women like the highly constricted SMP, Fred. The biggest issue they face is too much unwanted attention from betas, and the easiest way to choke that off is to make it illegal/impermissible in the neutral spaces, and limit it to spaces where betas are often either unlikely to be present, or easy to deflect. I think women prefer it this way, for clear reasons.”

    “I still think that men who get it will get a pass in the coming system, because too many women will be issuing such passes to them, becoming increasingly starved in a desert of non-masculine men (basically gay men who happen to be hetero). But it will become harder to navigate the rest of life — they are looking to outlaw all of it socially now, all of it. It won’t come overnight, but that’s clearly the plan.”

    Ahhh i must not let it get here….

    “Under this regime, women desire to categorically control/limit the unwanted beta attention by creating (and subsequently shrinking) the landscape into an increasingly complex matrix of appropriate vs creepy. On the individual level, however, they reserve the right to ignore parts (or all) of the matrix for certain kinds of men, aka the “make rules for beta, break rules for alpha” concept extrapolated onto the entirety of the SMP.”

    Spot on man… You see this in Dance and Sport

    “The divorced sinlge-mom model is creeping into the mainstream.”
    Sister and lover’s all have this in common…

    “Women want to regulate all male behavior, for their own benefit. That’s axiomatic.”
    What’s a solution?

    “The funny thing is that media is a highly incestuous social world — reporters and editors hook up and mate with each other, or sometimes with the figures they are covering. We don’t play well with normal people and there are not many alphas in the ranks. So what happens when the media workplace becomes utterly desexualized?”

    The whole system is an orgy of chaos…

    “Fear is a useless thing that serves no purpose for men. At all. Ever.”
    Period +1
    “It’s awful because it dulls society’s ability to engage with substance.”
    That’s what makes a Man… You fail to build substance than you rebuild yourself to build substance…

    “Fear is what will be instilled in a man that is lacking in healthy respect.”
    Heathly respect is what is being attacked… With a mindset of a social mental genocide.

    “You can learn a lot from betas and creeps–in terms of how NOT to act.”

    “Back then it was relatively safe for a man to teach a coed high school class, without the fear of false accusations that is the norm now, and yes some teachers were banging students then (as they always have been).

    That started changing soon after my old man retired and it is now an incredibly unsafe profession for a man to go into. The risk has increased in large part because teens have become aware that they can make such accusations to get a teacher in trouble, and their still-in-development brains don’t think through the ramifications. The net result has contributed to the decline in the quality of education available though the public school system. Fewer men go into teaching, and those that do spend a lot of energy being on guard to protect themselves.”

    I had a cross country teacher who this happen to. He made sex jokes when i was 16 while running about sport’s bra’s. 8 yr’s later I’m walking by my old high school and a news crew is their to report on the “scandal” What’s weird is how she was willing to but had an image to protect againt’s the culture.

    “What will the state of marriage, child rearing and the relations between the sexes be like in 5-7 years from now?”
    Not sure but at 29 not having a family is part of this question.

    “As far as the dating sites I left them because what’s the most valuable thing I give them? Validation. Every time they see that I’ve looked at their profile matched them or sent them a message they get a little validation cookie that makes them that much harder to deal with in the real world. Will any of them notice? Nope, not a one, it does, however, make me feel better.”
    A buffer that dosn’t come close to what Blaximus learned how to do with the teller.

  2. What is being missed in all this circle talk is that the tail of this story wags the dog: you may have at your side the services of a Gloria Allred, but filing and actually pursuing civil suits (Zero evidence he said she said is hard to prosecute as a criminal matter) is quite another, especially when the intended target has money. The pushback has already started and cease and desist letters have already been successfully used to pull down those FB postings towards lesser Hollywood figures.
    I look forward to seeing the earstwhile accusers getting bankrupted by legal fees.

    In the meantime, staying with the herd mentality, ‘metoo’ has become the new ‘heil Hitler’ from ca 1933.

    We live in compound interesting times

  3. fleezer
    ‘and it’s fucked up, because these guys hitting on my wife and those like her are definitely barking up the right trees. big time. their porn star radar is tight because underneath the conservative clothing is exactly what they are hoping. but the problem is these hbs have been gamed hard and if a guy is going to make an impression, he needs to bring some heavy artillery

    if you see a piece of ass with a wedding ring in a work capacity who looks like she just got her brains fucked out….. she probably did. understand that if she doesn’t give off legit ioi’s that stand out as obvious because she is at work, don’t fucking get sexual with the banter and don’t comment on her appearance because you’re embarrassing yourself and her

    performers don’t typically book public gigs before they’ve practiced their sets in private. aka go to the fucking club and open a hundred girls. don’t go to the mall like pua hank and hit on the fucking clerks. or do. because that just makes guys who know what they’re doing look even better and maybe you’ll get lucky with that scattershot approach and I doubt that I’ll ever be gaming a girl who went home after her shift at claire’s with hank”

    “The #metoo bullshit is just so precious. My step daughter was a huge cock hound when she was a teenager. I had to nail her bedroom window shut so she wouldn’t sneak out to fuck her boyfriends. When the #metoo shit started up, she was front and center on her FB page, blaming everyone but herself for her lack of sexual self control when she was a teenager.

    She had inappropriate relationships with older men that we put a stop to when we found out. I threatened more than one over age boy/man with jail to chase them off and she blamed both sets of parents in her post for “allowing” it to happen.”

    What you write here is my family home life… Seening this play out really hit’s hard on a male’s mind and heart… Its being stuck in a blue pill mindset in a redpill reality.

    Sun wukong
    “3) I have gone within 5 minutes from not knowing a woman to her wanting the bang. Sometimes on purpose, sometimes not, but always in a situation where my SMV outclassed any other guy she’d run in to that day. One of the even tried to use an unfortunate socially awkward friend of mine in a gambit against me right before she jumped forward and started making out with me after a couple minutes of banter. Creepy is largely about SMV followed closely by a lack of “just get it” in my experience, even in the right sexual zone.”
    This has happened to me… knowing what not to do is just as important as knowing what to do.

  4. “My step daughter was a huge cock hound when she was a teenager. I had to nail her bedroom window shut so she wouldn’t sneak out to fuck her boyfriends. When the #metoo shit started up, she was front and center on her FB page, blaming everyone but herself for her lack of sexual self control when she was a teenager. ”

    and thanks to that very same pound sign post, every step dad with that story is sharing it in places like this and finding out there a shit ton of other step dads who experienced the same thing…

    if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it probably is a duck

  5. rugby
    “Women want to regulate all male behavior, for their own benefit. That’s axiomatic.”
    What’s a solution?

    Don’t let them.

  6. Whoop there it is!! From that Star article rugby11 cites on women being mad men are afraid to press on their chests to administer CPR:

    “This reluctance to act in order to preserve a woman’s dignity or spare her embarrassment is well meaning. But it’s also fundamentally insulting, dangerous and, yes, sexist. I think I can speak for all of womankind when I say that we would prefer to be dishevelled and alive than untouched and dead. Men, if the moment calls for it, please push down on our chests.”

    Don’t look at or touch our chests, its sexist. But if you don’t look at and touch our chests, it’s sexist!

    Can I get a witness?

    The article is correct that Good Samaritan laws (enacted in most places) immunize first aid workers from “collateral damage” claims arising out of administering first aid, so legally this should not be an issue. But the fact that male paramedics THINK it’s an issue is telling. Hell if I re-up my First Aid responder training and it’s time for this CPR exercise I too would be hesitant or outright refuse (especially since I would just be doing an exercise and not actually doing CPR). Though in a true rescue situation I would just go ahead with no hesitation, the ol’ Boy Scout training kicks in and you just go on autopilot.

  7. In regards to the Rollo video with Richard Cooper, there is a theme that Beta Creeps (Weinstein and Louis C.K.) were self limiting in their Beta Creeps. Get them drunk or give them lots of success and money and they will show their self limited selves.

    Keep in mind, a large part of the Red Pill is masculine self improvement. Why? Because when the Matrix works like it does, when the code is false, you have to actually be better to no be a pawn in the Matrix.

    Things conspire against you, so you have to be your best. Or accept your failings and not lie to yourself about those failings so much so that you buffer your life so you don’t feel terrible about yourself.

    Don’t forget 90% of Red Pill is Awareness and the Other Half is self improvement.

    is better than

    is better than

    You should memorize this, it is running your life. “I’m constantly thinking about ways to improve myself.” No, you’re gunning the engine while you’re up on blocks. Obsessing and ruminating is a skill at which we are all tremendously accomplished, and admittedly that feels like mental work because it’s exhausting and unrewarding, but you can no more ruminate your way through a life crisis than a differential equation. So the parents unknowingly teach you to opt for , and after a few years of childhood insecurity, you’ll choose the Blue Pill and begin the dreaming: someday and someplace you’ll show someone how great you somehow are. And after a few months with that someone they will eventually turn to you, look deep into your eyes, and say, “look, I don’t have a swimming pool, but if I did I’d drown myself in it. Holy Christ are you toxic.”

    Rian Stone’s (Rollo’s blogroll as StonePT) last post had a link to the following lucid drunken (quite remarkable) post by The Last Psychiatrist.

    (Hey Rugby, this is dedicated to your own masculine self improvement journeys)

    Amy Schumer Offers You A Look Into Your Soul:

  8. Screwed that up,

    Before “You should memorize this, it is running your life.” Should read:

    [doing awesome]

    is better than

    [feeling terrible about yourself]

    is better than

    [the mental work of change]

    Forgot to close blockquote after the word blockquote.

  9. SJF
    Fred Flange
    “Don’t look at or touch our chests, its sexist. But if you don’t look at and touch our chests, it’s sexist!

    Can I get a witness?

    The article is correct that Good Samaritan laws (enacted in most places) immunize first aid workers from “collateral damage” claims arising out of administering first aid, so legally this should not be an issue. But the fact that male paramedics THINK it’s an issue is telling. Hell if I re-up my First Aid responder training and it’s time for this CPR exercise I too would be hesitant or outright refuse (especially since I would just be doing an exercise and not actually doing CPR). Though in a true rescue situation I would just go ahead with no hesitation, the ol’ Boy Scout training kicks in and you just go on autopilot.”

    Do you know the origin’s of the law? A man pulled a women out of a burning car… Better yet look it up and read about… That guy brought a out because of being at the right place at the right time.
    Let me know what you think of it.
    “In essence, these laws protect the “Good Samaritan” from liability if unintended consequences result from their assistance Samaritan laws offer legal protection to people who give reasonable assistance to those who are, or who they believe to be, injured, ill, in peril, or otherwise incapacitated (Eboni Morris)”

  10. Creepy woman jailed in Australia…

    ‘The judge told the woman her gender would not lessen the sentence. Her offending was extremely serious yet largely unexplained, he said, and she had shown little remorse…’

  11. @Fleezer

    Great post on service women, I totally agree with every word. These gals have to smile it is part of their job. Don’t take it personal unless it is.

    A waitress at a place I used to frequent sat down next to me and told me she had a dream about me and her, man she was hot after it. Trouble was I knew her , her husband and children. Instead of fucking things up, i knew she was from phoenix , so I told her a story about this blonde waitress that gave me a place to stay besides my truck. Took me home,took a shower and invited me in. After she calls her husband and breaks the news they have a boarder. he blew a gasket on the phone and 5min later I am looking for a place to park my truck. Then I said she looked like you her old man had the same name, is that you?

    End of story she is working at another place now and I get a big hug everytime.

  12. re: the Star Article: A recent study found women suffering cardiac arrest were less likely than men to receive CPR, possibly because men don’t want to touch women’s chests.

    Alternative headline: “A recent study shows females don’t know how to perform CPR–men blamed for not stepping in.”

    The real headline: “Female with Communications degree discovers she’s useless in medical emergencies–calls for a ‘Man-up’.”

  13. With a red pill lens, one annoying thing I notice is older adult men who say stuff like this: ‘I’m looking for a long-term relationship. I’m not looking for a one-night stand. I’m looking for a serious companion or soulmate, that kind of thing,’

    I had a friend do that a couple years ago in front of of his much younger girlfriend. Super Blue Pill Tell. Just like Elon Musk told the Daily Mail. And my friend is a super intelligent alpha.

    It’s hard to believe that an older man would say that prospectively before even having a prospect for a girl. It’s like he’s going to vet with a low bar of just beauty and not any other intrinsic personality features in a girl. And he will then ignore most personality red flags.

    The first thing that happens when they enter a relationship is that they immediately roll over and expose themselves to be Betatized.

    It’s Wilson Fisk in Kingpin all over again.

    And it certainly doesn’t go over well with a girl that doesn’t need to be provisioned for (Amber Heard) or is used to minimal provisioning and is drama seeking (my friend’s past younge consort).

  14. Elon Musk and Amber Heard have split. Some kind man might have given Musk a copy of “The Rational Male” to read. She lost her AF (Depp) and her BB (Musk) … back to being a lesbian I guess.

  15. “Some kind man might have given Musk a copy of “The Rational Male” to read.”

    I guarantee it wouldn’t help because of his Blue Pill soul Conditioning. He’s too heavily invested in Blue Pill.

    And Amber Heard is just another HB6 without makeup. I wonder if she’s feminine in real life?

  16. Reports say “Amber Heard is devastated after her break up with Elon Musk”.

    Of course she is devastated, how is she going to find a replacement for Depp and Musk. She has priced herself out of the market.

    Her only hope now is to hook up with Ellen “Degenerate”.

  17. With a red pill lens, one annoying thing I notice is older adult men who say stuff like this: ‘I’m looking for a long-term relationship. I’m not looking for a one-night stand. I’m looking for a serious companion or soulmate, that kind of thing,’

    Enter Tommy Sausage… Sheep in wolf’s clothing.

    Starts at 4:00

  18. ‘Her only hope now is to hook up with Ellen “Degenerate”.

    [Boys and Girls Who Amber Heard Has Slept With aka Hypergamy on Parade]

    Well while Musk was a perfect hypergamous trade up… she will still be able to “settle” for a recently divorced, centimillionaire finance guy… and a pool boy. Package deal.

  19. “In a statement, Franken said he has a different recollection of the encounter.”

    Sit down, shut up, listen and believe, Al.

  20. Someone on another board last week listed all the celebs who have been me-tooed and asked who’s next? My fingers typed out Al Franken almost before my mind could even consciously form the thought. Wish picking the ponies was that easy.

    Now he seems like a real textbook creep, not just some poor bottom-80 percent guy exiled by the FI

  21. Al Franken is definitely giving off that “creepy old guy” subcomm on TV now. I doubt he can grip through body armor but I am sure he can creep out just about any woman in a reasonable time, because he’s insecure about women and it comes through in his verbals and subcoms. The picture in the NY Post article has a lot of information in it. Franken is posing as one engaged in a joke, like some drunken frat guy, but look at his eyes. Maybe it’s just me but there’s a definite “Look what I can get away with!” there. Geeze, Al, just hire a sugar baby…

    Franken has always struck me as very “try-hard”, long before getting elected. Perhaps he’s angling to take over for Joe Biden.

  22. “Amber Heard is just another HB6 without makeup”

    “He’s too heavily invested in Blue Pill.”
    Methinks, Musk just pumped and dumped her. Hearing things about her after about a year of relationship is just the “good” reason for breakup.
    He has to keep the show of blue pill going for his influence and business. Yuppies and nerds both love him.

    Even women who are serial heartbreakers feels down and depressed when they become the prey instead of predator. Wonder what amber would be up to now.

  23. Biden’s a tough one to figure. He’s touchy-feely bordering on gropey-creepy, plus all the brain-dead verbal gaffes and the plagiarism episode. But by most accounts people across the political spectrum find him genuinely likable.

    And his wife is stunning, so there’s some social validation there I guess.

  24. @Anonymous Reader: I am sure he can creep out just about any woman in a reasonable time and Perhaps he’s angling to take over for Joe Biden.

    LOL. Excellent comment.

  25. @ JR

    “They thought when they were financially propositioning those women for sex; it was a mutual exchange: pay for play, play for access (which it should have logically been). Yet, they are learning that most women will NEVER be held accountable for any actions or decisions, no matter what; it is always someone else’s fault.”

    This x1000. I’m waiting for the day when strippers will accuse their clients of sexual assault. After all, how dare those men require something of her before they fork over money to her. Don’t they know they should’ve just handed her money for existing? Of course, no mention will be made that they are working at a strip club under their own free will and that they can quit at any time.

  26. Leeann Tweeden, former playboy/playmate cover girl.

    Yeah, I’m sure creepy Al Franken was the only guy in history to ” grope ” her. I only hope that she can recover ( celebrity and new exposure ) from the accounting of the horror that Al singularly I posed on her person…. Which I still have a faint memory of…. Totally nude

  27. Reading the NY Post it looks like Tweeden got grossed out when Franken came up with a skit where they had to kiss, then he insisted on “rehearsing” backstage and tried to slip her some tongue. That makes the fratboy clownshot on the transport home is just icing on the “creep” cake.

    On the other hand she’s got to be in her 40’s by now so any little bit of attention she can get would be no doubt welcome…

    But in the bigger picture this is just the FI’s creeper-punisher machine on the rampage. Given the way politicians and actors have behaved for years, it’s going to go on for a while.

  28. Not that it matters. Franken has gone full self-abasement. I’m sure that he’ll get a pass under the “one grope” rule. Stallone is up next…

  29. Busy day, Sly is on the block now too:

    “The girl [16 and legal] claimed that after having allegedly had sex with a 40-year-old Stallone, the actor invited De Luca to join them without her approval, making her feel she had “no choice.”

    And this time, she went to the police. There is an official report.

  30. @ Sentient

    You know, I kind of pride myself on not getting revved up by whatever is going on in the media, but I have to admit candidly that all of this accusation mania is really starting to piss me off.

    There is no rational point to any of this shit outside of the FI agenda of dangerous, toxic men. LOOK!!!! SEE!!!! All men are just awful and we need legislation and rebuke and shame to set things right!!!!

  31. Re Franken and the “one Grope rule”

    He is up to two now…

    Melanie Morgon.

    ru roh…

    Looks like maybe a serial groper on their hands…

    Chucky going to get to the bottom of this…

    Blax you do know half of this is about who is going to run the Uniparty on behalf of Soros…

  32. Seems like the biatches are fighting amongst themselves, now. Feminism is starting to crack at the seams, as at the end if the day, women are just too competitive with each other to have true solidarity. The uglies will always hate the attractives. Thou for a girl of 22 with no kids, Georgia Gibbs does have a very saggy rack (though the rest of her is top quality) …and is the other one fat or pregnant…? Either way, mutton dressed up as lamb…

  33. @Anonymous (i think) nailed it – calibration and miscalibration has a lot to do with being creepy. If you looked more closely at how the alpha and schlubb behaved, I’d bet you’d realize they are telegraphing very different subcommunications. The guy she responds to will be the guy who seems to not care how she reacts to him. He laughs it off either way. Schlubb? His demeanor likely screams “please don’t reject me”. Alpha dog is not thirsty, he’s playful. Whereas with Schlubb she can’t afford to even play along a little bit as Schlubb will morph into a stage 3 clinger instantly. A desperate guy ‘raises the stakes’ for a woman to flirt with him. It’s all so meaningful and pressured. She knows better than to encourage the Schlubb because it will only get worse from there.

    Sure looks factor in but not nearly as much for men. Consider that small person. Peter Dinkleman (sp?), from Game of Thrones and elsewhere. He’s actually able to project a very strong energy. You have to be playful and project a certain confidence and knowledge that we are playing this game. But Schlubb? He’ll be angry and then internalize it into shame.

    Re: Hollywood sex scandals – Try this out as a thought experiment. Let’s analyze the dynamics of the sexual marketplace in Hollywood, potentially. Imagine that young actors and other talent often offer sex in exchange for a shot at the big time. Imagine for a betaized/over-buffered freak how insane that is. He’s stumbled into a sexual marketplace where pussy is being thrown at him.

    The Harvey’s of the world are not used to getting what they want via desire, they do it via bargaining. The chick who volunteers the pussy still isn’t aroused. So he has no idea of what real arousal looks like. Same with Louis CK, so instead just do a juvenile sexual act and make them watch you jack off. Just because you can. Because you are still that angry teenager who hates girls and thinks that you deserve better or something. That these girls “should” want you. And you do this kind of shit to them as a way of punishing them for not desiring you. I always hated Louis CK – what a fucking cuck .

    They become angry and confused, and have a lot of power. They likely are not very satisfied with what they get because it’s not real desire. But on the other hand they are fucking 10s, so of course they have a sense of entitlement to pussy – like any good alpha dog does – but just have no idea how to seduce a woman.

    So what does this do to the SMP? Well, if 10s are giving away sex for a leading movie role say 1/3 of the time, if you are B-level talent, you’d better show up with kneepads and a smile. I wonder how much for say a Gwyneth Paltrow and others this really isn’t more about buyer’s remorse? Perhaps the one’s Harvey didn’t have to cajole and coerce suddenly realized that they didn’t have to do it. That others had turned him down. Or at least made him fight for it a bit…That might really piss them off.

    Someone upthread talked LA and girls mixing it up with both sugar daddies and star fucking. That’s standard operating procedure for a certain kind of girl now.

    Most interesting part of the Weinstein scandals is why now? Answer: Weinstein’s not a rainmaker anymore, he hasn’t had a hit in a while. He’s not monetizable anymore – so attack. That’s the dirty little backstory you aren’t hearing much about. He was no longer “God” in the biz.
    So it’s time to kill him.

    I try to remember a video I saw on the Bill Cosby allegations. Just some guy on YouTube, using a spreadsheet he’d built to collect the data. Of the 30 or so accusers, 20 were out and out fabrications and the rest were consensual sex – and for those of you too young to know, the Quaaludes he was handing out aren’t “Roofies”, you don’t black out or anything, In fact I lost my virginity at college when an upper classwoman gave me a lude and banged me. Those women took the ludes readily, they were never forced to. It was a party drug like ecstasy, but not as wild as even E is. My take was that a bunch fo women who star fucked Cosby in the hopes of connections came back on him when he didn’t deliver for most of them. When one women went public, it was the signal they could cash in. Has to be some of that going on with these other Hollywood allegations.

    Almost all those women are complete lying slags. So, when I hear about L’affaire Weinstein, I don’t believe them. I know they exaggerate, and I know they get resentful afterwards if it isn’t desire sex.

    Not excusing Weinstein, he’s scum. The reason you aren’t seeing this come up for say Clooney or Pitt as that they are good with women, and are used to having desire sex with women. They know what arousal looks like – it comes easier for them – cuz they’ve seen it many times with women. They don’t miscalibrate. All the betas here will scream how unfair this is of women but in fact women are just reacting to the way Schlubbs are communicating and behaving. He’s projecting low value with every pore of his being.

    Girls are easy to flirt with – they love it. Blax made that bank teller’s day today, she was probably wet for an hour afterwards.

  34. I’m glad you brought up Pence’s policy on not being alone with women. I think the female and white knight sentiment is that, regardless of the perilous position, he’s supposed to suck it up and put the lady first. Once men start seriously protecting themselves – especially powerful men – women and white knights will start going nuts.

  35. I think it is 1000% based on SMV. The cartoon sums it up perfectly.

    Women will also revise their previous judgements based on current sentiment. If a guy “was” hot and is “now” creepy… then he “always was” creepy and she will completely forget that she used to look at him differently.
    Also the creep label is not even necessarily based on a personal evaluation: If one of the other hot girls says a guy is a creep, then the other girls will categorize him as such.

  36. Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Ni­chols, Ardmore, announce the engagement of their daughter, Hunter, to Tyler Day, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Rod Day, Ardmore.

    The future bride is the granddaughter of Henry and Kwang Stenger, Rad­cliff, Ky.; and John and Joanne Lehr, Durant.

    Her fiancé is the grand­son of Thad and Jerri Day, Ardmore; and Greg and Linda Mitchell, Ardmore.

    The couple plans to be married July 26 at Em­manuel Baptist Church in Ardmore.

  37. “”I definitely see teaching as something I could do forever which is not something I would have said six months ago,” Day said at the time, adding that she was earlier nervous about teaching as she thought students would not take her seriously because of her young age.”

  38. The wind usually blows west to east across the Atlantic but on this occasion the direction is reversed. For the last few years the Feminists in England have been leading out to the Guillotine one unfortunate elderly man after another. The notable thing is however that not one major celebrity, not one man famed back in the day for working his way through groupies has been touched. The only people led out are aging middle of the road entertainers, men about as far from the wild men of rock as one could get.

    America, so far, seems to be following the same pattern.

  39. I understand that girl btw. I once did a schoolgirl myself. Cutest thing you ever saw. Wify was away. She was a guest in the guest house next to the mainhouse. She came knocking at 2am saying she was sccared had had a nightmare. I “comforted her”. She didn’t mind. As I can remember she too had a pair of shorts. She helped me slip them off. I dont see why they would say that boy was ruined. BS. That boy is OK.

  40. Cheupez

    “I dont see why they would say that boy was ruined. BS. That boy is OK.”

    Well if you are referring to the guy in the picture above… He is her husband, who is a football coach at the very same school she enjoyed “teaching” at so much… hate to be in that practice today…

  41. Here’s an alarm bell worth sounding, it’s not original to me, other sites are on it too.

    Take special note of the aggressive weaponizing of these #metoo-type groping and grabbing allegations, against political figures of all stripes and celebrities. And who is a prime mover? Our new-found friends and overseers, the Russians, and their Macedonian teenage bot-warriors and meme-sters. Getting by with a little help from the 4chan-type shit-stirrers. And as other commenters have correctly sussed, the timing of when these things come up on the radar is definitely a factor.

    As in: Every one of the Big Grope stories you’ve seen in the past few days has been picked up and re-tweeted/re-blasted by bot farms, which often pick up and re-blast both made-up comments and actual comments of trollsters, SJW’s and righty-tighties, to give them more play. Remember the Russkies in particular play both sides of everything and every issue to gin up noise, sending anti-Franken blasts to GOPers, anti-Roy Moore stuff to Moonbats, George Takei fondling stuff to Rape Culturalists and homophobes alike, and pro- and anti-Trump bleats to all and sundry.

    Meaning, just as we learned to disregard the trolling YouTube comments sections from back in the day, we should all do two things. One: filter this noise machine into your reactions to any story you hear/see, whether it grinds your gears or not. And two: get ready to see more of it, at least until more people stop falling for this stuff and the tactic burns out and becomes less effective. To be fair, 99.9% of most folks either ignore or click past these things, or they look critically and see the foreign-generated memes are all in goofy English-as-a-third-language. But out of 150 million recipients, all you need is a couple thousandths of a percent – say 50,000 people – to take them seriously and swing an issue or even an election one way or another.

    In short, wake up and smell the cyanide.

    I’ll say more later but now it’s time for me to report to my GRU case officer.

  42. PS: Hamilton 68 is one site (there are others) where you can see what the known Russian bot-farms are pushing at any given time.

  43. O/T I know but I stumbled across while i’m down with a flu, uggh. Ann Coulter debating a crowd full of single mothers and a priest on some messed up talk show. It’s from a few years back, but to see the reactions of these single mothers should be quite revealing to men. Men are disposable to women in today’s society and they like it that way. Also notice how deeply these mostly working and middle class girls are programmed with feminist dogma, and even post-modern dogma. Dismissing statistics and talking about how their lives and reality should be what’s important – female solipsism to a tee. Coulter must have huge balls underneath those dresses she wears.


  44. The Feminine Imperative has found multiple delivery systems for its codification in recent years to wreak the most havoc, from Title IX (college men and accused male athletes) to Ray Rice (sports). Now, in Hollywood in tandem with the #MeToo craze, it’s found a soft codification that’s nonetheless wreaking similar havoc, cutting Mao-Cultural revolution/French Revolution-like swathes mercilessly , accelerated Fappening-like through the accelerant of social media.

    But I can think of many who will NOT be swept up, and it’s obvious those who are most likely to be swept up. As I read Rollo’s Twitter post of Richard Dreyfuss’ apology for making a pass at a woman in the 80s, I had an epipahny. While there are indeed some horrifying actors in this (Polanski for years, Cosby, Roy Moore), keep in mind the type of men disproportionately affected;average looking, frumpy/dumpy men who in this age were able to use talent to acquire either capital, power, popularity, to level the playing field against the F.I. Weinstein, Dreyfuss, Dustin Hoffmann, Louis CK, now Franken-in some cases, their acts were just a tad awkward, in others, they had developed Alpha swagger (Ratner), but nonetheless, were the archetype women do not look back upon fondly for having fucked.

    Compare them to the likes of Tommy Lee, Leo DiCaprio, Prince, Hef, Slash, Gronk. They went through women like fire through California dry brush, yet no harrowing stories have surfaced of them. To the contrary, remember the odes to Prince after he died; his ex-wife, May-Tai Garcia, is an admitted Alpha Widow, and will remain so, and no woman he was with has ever had a bad word. Ditto Hef.

    Tying this in with the age-based “creep” narrative against older men getting at young hotties, I thought back to the show “Tommy Lee Goes To College.” Now sure, much of reality TV is staged, but the real reactions of people on the periphery are not. I remember with clarity when Tommy walked in the bookstore, and as he shopped for books, the cameras captured clerk-women and shoppers both old enough to have desired him in real time as they were in their teens/20s in Motley Crue’s heyday, to coeds who no doubt had seen the sex tape as post-toddlers and pre-teens, all biting and licking lips hungrily as the vampires in “Blade’s” opening scenes as they surrounded the unwitting “food.”

    Would Dreyfuss and Hoffmann have elicited THESE kinds of tingles and spontaneous emotions well into their 40s? We all know the answer.

    Skip to the 5:00-7:00 mark

  45. Sportsdumping

    “keep in mind the type of men disproportionately affected;average looking, frumpy/dumpy men who in this age were able to use talent to acquire either capital, power, popularity, to level the playing field against the F.I. Weinstein, Dreyfuss, Dustin Hoffmann, Louis CK, now Franken”

    You left out Jewish.

    ““You know, a lot of sexual harassment stuff in the news of late,” the Curb Your Enthusiasm creator said about halfway through his monologue. “And I couldn’t help but notice a very disturbing pattern emerging, which is that many of the predators—not all, but many of them—are Jews.” — Larry David

  46. @sentient
    Of course I was not thinking about it that way. I didn’t mean the coach ruining the boy’s life. It is when they say that the mere act of hot sex psychologically ruins a boy. That, I don’t buy.

  47. “he needs friction. Friction creates energy and moves him forward. OK i understood it. It’s not about me.” — Gabby Reece

  48. “Laird is Laird. He is going to use what got him this far in life and one of those things is living in the moment.”

  49. @Opus – so true. There are stories about certain famous people that “everyone knows” and yet (clearly) because they still have perceived super-high status, no-one will dare touch. I bet a lot of people are doing pre-emptive reputation management though, it’s as though the scalps have emboldened them.. it’s like a trophy hunt now.

    Once the high status celebs / Alphas start to tumble, it will be the final nail in the coffin. Perhaps men will become so put off approaching women that they simply won’t bother… and women will realize that they have destroyed what they need… isn’t this what happens though? Enjoy your cats, ladies.

  50. As Open Hypergamy becomes more institutionalized and made a societal norm by the Feminine Imperative, and as more men become Red Pill aware (by effort or consequences) because of it, the more necessary it will become for a feminine-primary social order to legislate and mandate men comply with it.

    Illimitable Man MAXIM #33:

    “Feminism didn’t make women something that they weren’t, patriarchy and religion did. Man’s governance made women better, not just for the sake of men, but likewise, for themselves. Feminism is female self-governance. Such self-governance has revealed the nature of women to lack a non-superficial civility. By removing the societal shaming mechanisms that nurture women to be noble, feminism has exposed the feral nature of women. Everything that is negative about the female disposition is thus doubly so under the fist of feminism.”

  51. @ LEX

    Don’t drink the kool aide. I haven’t seen any man that I would consider ” alpha ” being taken down by this sexual abuse feeding frenzy, and I’d bet copious sums of cold hard cash that we will not see very many, even if this shit show drags out much longer.

    Always remember that ” celebrity ” – a) is not real, and b) doesn’t denote alpha. Playing alpha in movies isn’t the same thing.

    People have a tendency to put a lot of stock in ” status “, but like many things in our culture/society, status doesn’t really mean anything anymore. Status is heavily conferred now by what the whims of Pop Culture happen to be.

    No falsehood stands forever. Women ( the loudest ones anyway ) are going to force the betas back into their boxes. If your power comes from money or fame and not masculinity, you are in the danger zone unless you happen to be Bruce Wayne.

  52. This vid is a great example of what I’m calling “Blue-Pilling the Red Pill”. It does a great job of explaining sexual market value, but completely ignores female hypergamy and female dualistic mating strategies. Throwaway lines like “blame it on testosterone or whatever”, and then the focus on how women aren’t “working together” reveals it’s largely propaganda.


    What these dopes don’t understand is that mate selection is not a collective decision. They also don’t deal with how the previous social order that reinforced behaviors that drove up sexual market value were destroyed by feminists. Women did this to themselves, largely.

    It’s stuff like this that gives me little faith we are going to course-correct as a society. The machine of narrative control, institutionally, in our society is completely owned by by rabid post-modernist hacks whose stated goal is to continue to destroy all previous social order. The biggest problem with their approach is that they have no new social order to put in place. This is why we are drifting towards nihilism, and seeing a culture in which the lowest common denominator keeps falling. You can see it in our crass and unsophisticated entertainment or just waiting in line at a store – people are becoming more feral and less civil. That’s all due to the destruction of a social order which valued personal virtue and courtesy and modesty – and many other things.

    I’ve been gone for a while, I know. I check in at times but have been bedridden w the flu the past few days, so here I am again. I’m finally feeling like I can get out and about today. It’s good to check in here, the convo is still so great.

    @Sentient – Laird Hamilton, great stuff. He’s had a wild life though. I think most men simply do not have the balls to take the risks he’s taken. I wonder if on balance that’s better for the species? Like I always point out, ya can’t have alphas without betas, as it’s a relative game.

    Okay, I’m off to pick up a great tube amp and half stack. I’m finishing off my home studio setup this weekend. My musical interests are blooming and have been for a while. I’m gonna lay some of it down so I can book gigs. Fun stuff.

    I’ll leave off with this. Internalizing and actualizing Red Pill truth has been like growing up all over again. @Sentient really has it right. Being dynamic, passionate and authentic are the keys. Platinum rule life isn’t as comfortable though. And I also have to expect a lot more of myself – something I’d somehow not been doing. It’s like my motivations are being rebirthed or something. But hey, the journey is pretty sweet now.

    Side note. I’m chasing pussy less…I think I had to see if I could again. I had to do some crazy sexual shit to really take ownership of my masculinity. I had to embrace being dominant for realz and living that way. But now I’m also looking for quality…that’s a real trick these days.

    Biggest problem I have now? I wonder how many of you will get this? It’s incongruence. I’m out of sync sometimes and don’t live up to my promises to myself. Other people notice that I sometimes fall short of the “promise of me” that my whole character and demeanor entail. Put yet another way, I got accustomed to not playing big or full out. It’s a muscle. I’m developing it again and am playing big again, but not consistently yet. I am getting there. But still, at times the femcentric, blue pill social order is like gravity and my mindset can get pulled into it without me realizing. Thankfully that happens less and less. The trend is certainly my friend!

    I had given up on having a life that I loved long ago and was faking it in many ways. Simple tactic for me that I use these days. I break it down to this day, and to right now. What can I do right now that serves me and my longer term interests? That pleases me? That makes me laugh? That contributes to the people in my world?

    I’m gonna play loud tonight! Living in the country is nice that way. Hope everyone else is crushing it. It’s funny, I think I’m taking my gains for granted. Fitter, richer, healthier, and yet i’m still not satisfied. I’m starting to realize that this is what a man’s life is. Challenge after challenge, project after project. Always climbing. But now I’m a “happy warrior”.

    Happy trails, guys.

  53. As a woman who is now 55 but used to be considered very good looking and has large breasteses, I have to say that all this is a tempest in a teapot! Fer Christ’s sake ladies, grow a pair! Life’s a bitch and then you die, that’s why we get high! Seriously, men want to have sex with us. They will try to have sex with us. If they can’t have sex with us, they will simulate sex with us. It is nature. It is biological. If you can’t handle real life, then you had better check out! As for President Trump, men who aren’t “Grabbing Pussy”, probably aren’t getting much pussy. 50 Shades if Gray is popular for a reason.

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