Male Control

Back in October, 2016 I wrote an essay called Sexual Zoning. In that post I explored the social inconsistencies and potential for (sometimes catastrophic) consequences for men in misunderstanding what were, and what have become, particular zones in which men and women covertly acknowledge the potential for an intersexual connection.

In the bygone Western social system, young people were expected to regularly interact with one another in controlled, regulated environments, in a way that fostered productive, long-term, monogamous, assortative relationships. This was a sort of “holistic” milieu, so to speak, where young people treated one another as potential future partners, sexual and otherwise, in a socially regulated manner, in all cases when they were permitted to interact. This was even the norm in workplaces where both men and women were present. The average man found a girlfriend through his extended family or social circle, because families and social circles were normally large.

What we have today is the complete opposite: “sexual zoning”. Some mixed-sex environments, like the workplace, schools and campuses, are made completely asexual – sterile, so to speak. No sexualized interactions are permitted to take place. This is demanded by law and expected by society. In such environments, you’re supposed to treat members of the opposite sex strictly as colleagues or professionals, non-sexual beings. (Hot men are allowed to get away with more, of course, but that’s another issue.) Other mixed-sex environments, on the other hand, like nightclubs, are expected to be full-on sexual. Everybody there knows that all interactions entail the future possibility of casual sex. It’s basically a meat market. You’re expected to hit on girls, and girls expect to be hit on by attractive men. Socializing in these environments requires action, engagement. If you want to find a partner, either just for sex or something more, you have to go there, you have to have Game etc.

The video I’ve chosen to dissect here is a prime example of how generations of men have been raised to deliberately misunderstand intersexual dynamics and at the same time demonize the conventional masculinity that so much of western culture has been founded upon. To be thorough though, really every culture throughout history has been primarily founded on conventional masculinity and the aspects that contribute to maleness.

Jonathan McIntosh finds an easy mark in the archetypal masculine characters of Harrison Ford, but there’s a very important reason the 80’s icon is so egregious to the men of McIntosh’s generation. Han Solo, Indiana Jones, etc. are all the Alpha male rogues this generation has been taught to love in terms of bravado, but to hate because they ‘always get the girl’; and they get her in such a way that it grates against all that their feminine-primary upbringing led them to believe was just this side of sexual assault.

McIntosh relates that he was part of a generation that idealized Harrison Ford’s most iconic characters, yet now he feels pangs of regret and resentment for having looked up the characters’ archetype. This is a perfect illustration of how conventional masculinity has been reverse engineered by our feminine-primary social order since the Sexual Revolution. I’ve mentioned in many prior essays that while overt masculinity is vilified as the cause of all social evils, it still remains the most arousing aspect of men for women. Boys like McIntosh saw this archetype and made that connection to female attraction, but it took generations of Blue Pill reconditioning to make them feel bad for ever attempting to adopt that bravado into their own personalities.

While growing up the message was the same Blue Pill identifying with the feminine (in fact Beta Game depends on that identification). Play nice, play equal, respect all women by default and never assert yourself too overtly or too crudely lest you risk offending her sensibilities. These are the boys who were raised by family, media and their schooling to expect a rationality that women could be expected to say what they mean and then do what they said. Yet that never seemed to gel when they would deductively see the girls they wanted, the ones who told them they wanted a ‘nice guy’ who respected them, consistently reward the asshole jerk with the intimacy and sex they thought would come to them if they followed what they were told.

In the end, Han Solo and Indiana Jones get the girl and she genuinely desires him – not because this is some odd fantasy of the writer’s imagination, but because this is (was) a standard aspect of women’s genuine attraction to men. The aberration is the idea that the attraction and affair would go any other way. Only in this feminized generation does thousands of years of male-female interaction seem at all unsettling.

So, here we have conventionally masculine archetypes – sometimes rakish, sometimes bold and dutiful – following their own path, making themselves their Mental Point of Origin, and making their mission (not their woman) their priority. Whether it was Captain Kirk, Han Solo or Conan the Barbarian the mental order was always firmly focused on the individual man and his action. Between the time of the Sexual Revolution and 2017, the Feminine Imperative has systematically erased the conventionally masculine archetype; so much so that the gender-loathing men of this generation are either appalled at displays of masculinity or they simply have no frame of reference with which to contrast it with the distorted and blurred ideas of what masculinity should mean to them.

For some ‘men’ the notion of conventional masculinity itself is rejected altogether. It doesn’t mean anything to be a man for this generation, so conventional archetypes of men are offensive.

As a result of these four to five generations of progressively more feminized men we now see the confusion and disgust at conventional masculinity coming from this generation of men. We see a generation of males who have no positive association with their own gender. They become increasingly more isolated because they are convinced that anything that might be gender-exclusive to men alone is, by default, a form of misogyny. There is nothing ‘positive’ about being a man, yet for all of the misconceptions about gender being social constructs, exclusively female organizing of women and fempowerment is still viewed as beneficial; a sign of society ‘evolving’.

I recently read an article in the Boston Globe about middle aged men’s increasing social isolation. I would argue that for all of the raising of awareness about this phenomenon it is primarily generations of men’s inability to interact with other men that is at the root of this isolation. For decades now men have been discouraged from meeting with other men in any formalized fashion. Men are either suspect of misogyny or homosexuality if they get together for the sake of being men. What were seeing now is generations of men who no longer understand how to socially interact with other men.

Furthermore, when this isolation becomes a concern of women, those men are again berated for not interacting with other men in the ways that women do. Women talk, men do, but a feminine-primary social order only approves of one way for men to associate with one another – in the way that women do. Thus, we see the confusion of women that men don’t call each other up to schedule a coffee date for the express reason of conversation. Men and women have different forms of communication, but the socially approved form is only ever from the feminine context. Men interacting “as men do” – in a conventionally masculine way – is always misogynistic. Thus, we see overseers in the locker room, if only symbolically, to regulate what and how men communicate with each other.

The End of Toxic Masculinity

Dalrock had a great quick-hit post recently about how Michael Moore was suggesting that men be required by law to seek their wife or long-term girlfriend’s (or most recent Ex) signed permission to purchase a firearm in the wake of last week’s mass shooting in Vegas.

That this idea would ever be a serious consideration speaks volumes about how masculine gender-loathing has become endemic in western culture. I get that Michael Moore is a self-inflicted cuck, but all I’m seeing in the wake of the Vegas shooting is less about gun control and more about male control.

It’s no longer about categorizing masculinity as “toxic” or “hyper” – that narrative is officially dropped after this shooting. Now, any masculinity is a threat, any expression of conventional masculinity is the true problem. Suggesting that a woman’s oversight and discernment should be necessary for a man to have access to a civil right only further reinforces what I’ve been saying for some time now – only the feminine is ‘correct’ in any social discourse. Only the feminine is legitimate in exercising judgement, educating new generations and deciding which man will breed and which will not.

Think about this; what’s being suggested is that men be denied a civil right that apparently only women should legitimately have. For all the fallacious blathering of women in pink pussy hats about how they think they’re losing rights today, here we have an actual right of men being denied by women, by the Feminine Imperative.

The ‘toxic’ masculinity narrative made a qualitative distinction between a feminine-acceptable form of masculinity and a potentially dangerous form. Needless to say the accepted form always consisted of whatever aspects of masculinity that was immediately beneficial to womankind. ‘Toxic’ masculinity was always characterized as Man Up or Shut Up masculinity:

Man Up or Shut Up – The Male Catch 22

One of the primary way’s Honor is used against men is in the feminized perpetuation of traditionally masculine expectations when it’s convenient, while simultaneously expecting egalitarian gender parity when it’s convenient.

For the past 60 years feminization has built in the perfect Catch 22 social convention for anything masculine; The expectation to assume the responsibilities of being a man (Man Up) while at the same time denigrating asserting masculinity as a positive (Shut Up). What ever aspect of maleness that serves the feminine purpose is a man’s masculine responsibility, yet any aspect that disagrees with feminine primacy is labeled Patriarchy and Misogyny.

Essentially, this convention keeps beta males in a perpetual state of chasing their own tails. Over the course of a lifetime they’re conditioned to believe that they’re cursed with masculinity (Patriarchy) yet are still responsible to ‘Man Up’ when it suits a feminine imperative. So it’s therefore unsurprising to see that half the men in western society believe women dominate the world (male powerlessness) while at the same time women complain of a lingering Patriarchy (female powerlessness) or at least sentiments of it. This is the Catch 22 writ large. The guy who does in fact Man Up is a chauvinist, misogynist, patriarch, but he still needs to man up when it’s convenient to meet the needs of a female imperative.

Now, in the Feminine Imperative’s unceasing efforts to Remove the Man a distinction between a useful masculinity and a dangerous masculinity is no longer something that resonates. All masculinity, all aspects, beneficial or detrimental, are to be considered the problem:

That the problem might just be masculinity, plain and simple, is not something we’re eager to countenance. While we might be prepared to apply a little structural analysis to the situation – yes, there is something about men and the way they are conditioned that leads us to this place – we’re unwilling to draw any final conclusions. Masculinity doesn’t kill people; it’s those mysterious toxins that are to blame.

[…]But strip away the so-called toxic aspects of masculinity: the aggression, the violence, the hate, the guns, and what are you left with? Strength, endurance, a woody-scented perfume, a liking for the colour blue? Certainly nothing that need be associated with manhood or maleness. These are simply individual qualities. The only reason to code them as “masculine” is to preserve a social hierarchy that ought to be destroyed.

[…]What would be so terrible about a world in which boys were treated no differently to girls from the day they were born? In which there are no pink/blue codifications to hide behind? In which a man’s anger and aggression were considered every bit as aberrant and unnatural as a woman’s?

The problem we’re facing isn’t toxic masculinity; it’s that masculinity is toxic. It’s time we questioned even its most subtle manifestations.

Going forward this will be the narrative. There will be no distinction between misogyny, masculinity and maleness. What this author, perhaps deliberately, doesn’t want to address is that masculinity and all the associated ways our thinking and our behaviors that manifest from the biological side of our nature aren’t something that can be dissociated from us without killing us or erasing what we were evolved to be. There are no truly positive or negative aspects of masculinity, just as there are no positive or negative aspects of Hypergamy. They just are, and what makes them beneficial or detrimental all depends on the context in which they are applied. That may seem strange coming from the author of a book titled Positive Masculinity but understand that what is positive about masculinity is made so by need and by circumstance.

In a world created in the image of the Feminine Imperative masculinity itself is a horrible evil, until it’s needed to save women from rising floodwaters.

You see, for as much as the imperative would like to remove the ‘man’ from our language, our cultural consciousness, that man will always be needed in spite of the hate directed towards masculinity. This is what a feminine-primary society would have us redefine as some other term, something not unique to a male human being. But conventional, evolved, masculine strength and purpose will always manifest in men who unapologetically embrace it without an afterthought.

In my interview with Craig James we discussed men’s higher order thinking and purpose as well as our vital animal nature. You don’t separate one from the other. This is what the Feminine Imperative would have from men; a unilaterally female controlled utility-based masculinity that saves them from the worst consequences of both their environments and their decisions and simultaneously disappears when inconvenient. We hear women bleating about a lack of Real Men and the disappearance of true grit, and in the next article linked we see efforts to erase men entirely from social influence.

As I told Craig, when I’m in the squat rack I’m glad I have a feral, animal nature. It’s a survival aspect of human evolution. I’m not suggesting with this essay that men will become extinct; on the contrary I think what will help define our new conventional masculinity will largely be determined by how we express it in spite of a world arrayed against Man-kind. An equalist culture based on blank-slate equalism doesn’t see that you don’t separate the animal side of the human being from the high-order side. It is unwilling to accept that we need both; that we benefit and sometimes suffer from both.

Published by Rollo Tomassi

Author of The Rational Male and The Rational Male, Preventive Medicine

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  1. Nota bene: You seem to define alpha exclusivly through a female lens aka “male sexyness”.

    Nota bene: You seem to define alpha exclusivly through a biological lens aka “male sexyness”.


  2. I was with a young guy who has a 50+ notch count watching a PM woman burn up his cell phone with messages…he later admitted banging her…and he admitted to banging other PM women

    @kfg, you need to get out more

  3. Harvey Winstein, alpha? Dunno,ask his brother Bob. Oh, wait.–abc-news-celebrities.html

    “I was also the object of a lot of his verbal abuse — at one time physical abuse,” the co-chairman of The Weinstein Co. told The Hollywood Reporter in a wide-ranging interview.

    “And I am not looking for one bit of sympathy from anyone,” the younger brother of Harvey Weinstein added. “I do not put myself in the category at all of those women that he hurt. But it’s a complicated situation when it’s your brother doing the abusing to you as well. I saw it and I asked him to get help for many years. And that’s the truth. He avoided getting the help. We begged him.”

    Bob Weinstein, 62, said that he’s barely spoken to his brother in the past five years. He emphasized that he was not aware of his brother’s alleged sexual misconduct but instead thought Harvey Weinstein was engaged in adultery with one woman after another.

    “I could not take his cheating,” he said, referring to Harvey Weinstein’s marriage to wife Georgina Chapman, “his lying and also his attitude toward everyone.”

    Harvey Weinstein, rage-a-holic? Looks that way. Everyone walking on eggshells around him 24 / 7 from waitresses to business partners to family – gets what he wants with a combo of bluster / bullying / money. Until it comes apart.

  4. Failed to close italics. This is my conclusion, not part of the article linked to.

    Harvey Weinstein, rage-a-holic? Looks that way. Everyone walking on eggshells around him 24 / 7 from waitresses to business partners to family – gets what he wants with a combo of bluster / bullying / money. Until it comes apart.

  5. “@kfg, you need to get out more”

    The firmware is set regardless of fertility. Function of our living longer.

  6. Kfg. True. (btw comment was to Asd) In respect to women it seems to run regardless of the functionality of the hardware. Set and forget. PM women still respond to game cues, albeit the degree is less marked. No baby rabies for example.

  7. “btw comment was to Asd”

    I got it.

    “PM women . . .”

    . . . are members of a sexually reproducing species, and women would not exist otherwise and there would be no sex drive at all, as per the asexually reproducing species whose pictures I have posted above, who do not build skyscrapers (nests) or social dance, which only exist because of babies all the way down to a long line of cells.

    ASD has been around here long enough that he should know I’m not saying something as trivial as “women only fuck to have a baby.” And even if he hadn’t been, he still might wonder about the meaning of “all the way down.”

  8. @kfg

    Women’s firmware is set in AF regardless of babymaking machinery. It’s feels all the way down because that makes babies when the machinery is working and creates social connections even when the machinery is defunct which benefits the species in toto. I’ve been enjoying quite a lot of vino just now, btw.

  9. And some of you guys don’t understand that women’s arousal cues are based solely on their feels of being dominated by a hawt guy. Hawt guys spike their tingles, no matter the state of their babymaking equipment. It’s very easy for me to make Mrs. Gamer’s panties wet when she’s on her way to work, which she hates. PM women have the lowest T levels of any women, yet their horniness can still be sky high. It’s only because of AF. AF dominates all other motivations for girls.

  10. I love the color blue….it helps me deal with a woman fucking with my physiology/emotional state. Comfort! Yeah, that broad from Friday really freaked me out. Going for a walk and looking at the sky gave me loads of comfort to help me deal with autistic stress. I wouldn’t change anything…the woman was super hot…but I still had to deal with its effect on my physiology. Hence walking and looking at the sunny blue sky. A work around. Now, thinking about the grabass doesn’t bother me so much and I don’t feel the need to stim.

  11. “It’s feels all the way down”

    A woman’s feels are babies all the way down. The females of different species have different feels, because they have different reproductive strategies.

    You drink water because you’re thirsty. You’re thirsty to make you drink water. Which is at least in your personal interest. Unlike making babies. So you have to feel like doing dumb shit like this:

    . . . just to get laid, whether you realize that’s why you’re doing it or not.

  12. @ Dr. Zipper

    so you’ve rarely had to verbally say ‘blow me’ to a chick cuz with your game, they just know to start sucking

    Ime, you don’t verbalize a great deal. If you ever notice, when things kick off sexually there’s not much talking going on. Don’t talk about Fuck Club, as it were. My rules are that you never, ever ask for sex, you never ask a chick ” Do you like that?” or ” Does this please you ” or any of that kind of shit.

    And yes, they will just start sucking, lol. They know what to do ( even if they don’t do it particularly well at times ).

    – and to you, the basics have never been a problem

    I wouldn’t say never. In many ways no one is born knowing the basics. Biology will give you all sorts of clues and messages and feelz, but they can get misconstrued. Everyone has a process to go through.

    – you’ve always had your game tight or least far ahead of most men

    Well, I’ve had my share of fuckups with women and that’s what made my Game tighten up. The only difference between me and my peers is that I started dealing with and boning females just as I entered my teens. So I managed to get my heartbreak, pain and suffering over early.

    I actually was more pussy obsessed than any guy I knew growing up. It was like being a heroin addict in some respects. I had to learn discipline and restraint, and Game helped greatly with that. Game didn’t become internalized and actually start to work in my favor until I was 17-18 years old.

    Times are different, and I get that, but **old man saying** Back in my younger days we all seemed to grow up pretty quick. I couldn’t wait to be an adult and 18 was a fucking MAGIC number. 21 didn’t mean shit. 18 was full grown.

    – you learned this by watching older males that you grew up around…. soaked it up more than had things explicitly explained

    True. But the bulk of what they tried to teach me didn’t get fully internalized right away. I didn’t have ” faith “. I thought that maybe I knew a better way. A newer, more modern way.

    I was incorrect.

    – you’re a good looking dude which although not necessary, is extremely helpful
    – you apply RP holistically and have enjoyed success with it outside of intersexual dynamics

    As I’ve said before, I didn’t think I was all that good looking when I was a young buck, so I never operated from that assumption. I think that the older I get, the better I look… lol. That’s just my brain maturing and not being as hard on myself as I was when younger though. I was always my toughest critic because I gave no fucks about anyone else’s opinion.

    A few years back one of my goddaughters broke my biggest rule and posted my mug all over her instagram. She put my pic up with my doppelganger – who looks like me… but my beard is killing it compared to his and I have better hair.

    He’s was some kind of internet sensation called ” Mr. Steal Your Grandma “, lmfao. We are the same age, almost the exact same height, but I got about 10-15 pounds of muscle on him. He he heee…

    I don’t get what all the fuss is about so evidently I can’t identify what a handsome man looks like. All I know is that no one will EVER catch me in skinny jeans/pants. ever.

    Anyway, we’ve determined that we aren’t related and I’ve had my face deleted from her instagram, but I know that I’m still out there because NOTHING ever leaves the net. ; (

    all the above I believe because there’s a congruency to how you present yourself here; you make a great example of how to make it all work

    I’m blushing, but believe me, I’m just another dude. A swinging dick just like every other man. I’m only ” special ” inside my own cranium. lol. There’s nothing I’ve ever done that any other man can’t do. It’s all about motivation and mindset. Initially in my life, some dark shit motivated me to strive and learn and ” do “. Good things can come from bad shit . I was determined to strangle all of my many demons and bury them in a shallow grave. None of it was easy and most of it was very unpleasant.

    and your advice to read the whole TRM is also great, he should do that if not already; I have read it, but does that mean no more can be added? no more questions allowed? and attacking my reading comprehension would be laughable, so no go on that one

    Lol, okay. The first time I read TRM I couldn’t stop. All of that stuff that was rattling around inside my head without form or coherency, Rollo had already put in years making all of that shit make sense. I was clueless as to whether anyone else had ever even thought about what we now call Red Pill, and I thought it would just be something that would always remain my private, crazy thoughts. Rollo arranged my brain permanently and calmed that frustrating storm or disjointed nonsense and put in in a sensible form that I could draw from at will.

    So yes, I’m thankful and quite biased. But of course things can and will be added. Rollo drops science quite regularly and he also draws from his readership.

    is it possible that your lifetime of success in this area of life makes you less than ideal as an explainer/teacher? have you heard this before?

    YaReally hit me with this often over the span of years, lol. Yup, I suck at teaching using the typed word. I’m more accurate and deadly live. Lmao. ” Success” has nothing to do with anything and is relative. I still have a ton of goals and a shorter time to get there. It doesn’t end until dirt is thrown on your casket.

    I know what it’s like to be in a dark place. I know what it’s like when ” answers ” don’t seem to make sense. I know when things seem hard and hopeless. But what I know even more than that, is that EVERYTHING can be understood and overcome. No exceptions. No excuses. Realize that the clock is always running on your ass, and time gives ZERO fucks ever. The trick is to keep moving forward, whether it’s an inch or a fucking mile.

  13. Yup, I suck at teaching using the typed word.

    Disagree. Maybe teaching is the wrong word, but highly effective motivator I would say.

  14. “YaReally hit me with this often over the span of years, lol. Yup, I suck at teaching using the typed word. I’m more accurate and deadly live.”

    It’s not at all teaching via word (typing) vs. live (demonstrating). Your demonstrating comes across live and clear in your trying to explicate.

    We all know what is going on here Blaximus. You don’t suck at typing at all. It’s the archetype of the learned Mastery vs. the archetype that you are at Natural Mastery. The only difference is that you learned it at an earlier age and can’t deconstruct for the newbies because it it too unconsciously competent. The consciously competent can spell it out better because they went through the stages of learning and can re-iterate it via that learning processes. (ref. West Indian Archie)

    You are doing great at explaining abstract concepts. Keep it up. You actually do well with concrete concepts, too.

    P.S. When can we attend your live bootcamps?

  15. Anonymous Reader
    October 17, 2017 at 11:32 am

    As a semi guess, 447 is a German man (Cologne) in his late 20’s to early 30’s who is still in the late anger / cynic phase of unplugging. English is not his first language but his second, taught for years in school. Still got some “if I did this, said this, it would mean” projection onto women that leads to confusion.

    I don’t see trolling. At least not at this time.
    Unplugging and/or “what to say to women” is no longer interesting to me. Getting girls is no problem. (You don’t need trp just to get girls, PU is enough for that if you practise, think about what you do & don’t do routines all the time/develop your style)

    You are certainly right about my being in cynic mode.
    Though I don’t feel bad about that or run around with an angry face all the time. I feel good.

    But I’m always looking on for the end of the rabbit hole.
    Knowledge (esp. about important topics) gets addictive really fast. So you always look for “more”.

    That’s why I like the criticism/comparatively “harsh” style of discussion on trp-boards.
    Creative destruction unlocks new knowledge.

  16. STD-related cancer news

    A Silent Epidemic of Cancer Among Men

    Within days, he had been diagnosed with a deadly form of cancer caused by a virus that he probably caught while in college, decades before.
    Mendelsohn, now 48, is the classic victim of head and neck cancer caused by HPV, the human papillomavirus. A new study out this week shows there’s a silent epidemic of HPV-related cancers among men.

    A team at the University of Florida, Baylor College of Medicine and elsewhere found that 11.5 percent of U.S. men were actively infected with oral HPV between 2011 and 2014

  17. Gentlemen, attend! Here is your latest primer on asexual zoning, c/o Instapundit and some TV chick writing in the Guardian:

    N.B: the whipsawing in her directions for men to do “better”: stay away from women and say nothing, but if someone else gives some woman grief in your presence you have the duty to man up and white knight rescue her because [reasons]. Then I suppose, having earned your White Knight “I’m A Weiner” trophy, you are to dutifully fuck off again.

    PS: she still won’t fuck you.

  18. @Fred Flange
    That Guardian list is so predictably smug. She might as well have added, “And don’t expect any list on what WOMEN can do to make things better.”

  19. For the second time since first coming here over the past few years, I had a male “friend” decide to end a two decade friendship with me because I don’t buy in to feminism and wouldn’t use the first male friend’s preferred “gender neutral” pronouns. The self-hate is kind of amazing to watch in these guys. As with the first one, I reassured him that I’m not angry. He’s welcome to come back with no hard feelings but I’ll never bend on my views to please a friend.

    The best friends I have are guys I disagree with on a shit ton of stuff, it seems. They’re not with me because I agree with them. They’re with me because they respect why I hold my views and don’t fear the disagreement (and possible social ostracizing) I might encounter as a result. They know that it’s the same reason I’ll always have their back when shit goes sideways even if I don’t agree with them on everything.

    I can safely say I’ve rarely seen women (or catty, beta-ized men) that are close friends with people they disagree with. It seems to be an exclusively masculine trait. To the author Rollo discussed in the OP it would clearly be a “toxic” trait of men. It’s what binds us and allows us to form communities that are resilient to attempts to turn members against each other by preying on differences of opinion.

    I think this is the biggest reason I’ve found myself consistently rejecting the messages of the FI and by extension the Far Left: they don’t display that trait. They’re unable to countenance dissent. They’re incapable of building resilient relationships with people they disagree with. And that’s what makes masculinity “bad” to these people: it does not comply simply for the sake of going along to getting along. It instinctively seeks deeper bonds capable of surviving for the long haul, even if that means risking loss of that relationship.

    People like that are not easily manipulated and controlled for the gain of others.

  20. PS: she still won’t fuck you.

    Unless, of course, she tells you she wants to fuck you, as the Esquire article’s author explicitly stated at the end of her article. The zoning is clear. Betas, know your fucking place, don’t touch us, don’t ask us out, don’t talk in our presence … just do your work and shut the fuck up. Alphas, we’ll let you know that we’re open to you fucking us, so it’s all good.

    Now, I’m not complaining about this — it’s just how things are. It’s something men need to be aware of and adapt to, so that you benefit from these rules instead of allowing yourself to be in the group that is being policed here (which clearly isn’t all men … not at all). Awareness and adaptation are the keys, gentlemen — awareness and adaptation.

  21. Actual rape, not just an accusation, in ” civilized ” society ( western version ) is not ” alpha ” behavior.

    that boystown shit in omaha begs to differ. rape, especially man on young boy, seems to be the behavior of some of the world’s top dogs

    Manipulation for sex is not alpha behavior.

    all human behvior is manipulation. alpha is the guy who figures out the way to get into the most panties. some guys pump their muscles. some guys pump their wallets. give it a name. it’s all the same. get the sperm in the wet hole any way you can.

    Using illusionary props in lieu of actual masculine/alpha cred is not alpha.

    how much more cred can you have than head of a major media company? it’s so easy to forget how small the world was for much of the country before the web really took off for media. hollyweird set trends 1-2 years before they hit the middle of the country. the broads on casting couches were getting dressed and made up to be icons for millions of feminist women. people can name julia roberts kids names and shit. the actresses that these producers gave the go ahead to became household names. they occupied space in real people’s heads. they went on oprah and poisoned a generation of women with feminist bullshit. all that shit started with them on their knees in a hotel room or production office. it seems like the owner of the balls resting on these girls chins would have to be pretty fucking alpha.

    Being awkwardly uncalibrated and socially maladjusted is not alpha.

    unless the whole society is awkward and socially maladjusted. how many people take ssris? benzos? drink everyday? drink all day?

    True alphas are not a dime a dozen. It’s a false premise to automatically attributed abhorrent behavior to ” alpha “.

    how is rising through the ranks of one of the most cut-throat industries in the world and then using that power/reputation currency to score whatever it is gets you off abhorrent? that sounds like good solid game to me.

    Having an dark side is not the same as being psychopathic.

    agree. everyone has a “dark” side. but some people spend most of their waking hours there. some of them do very very well in this fucked up society.

    An alpha that invites a woman to his hotel room for a meeting and appears in only a bathrobe would engender desire from the woman. No bullshit negotiated desire games. No threats. No quid pro quo.

    it’s all quid pro quo. all of it. everything between men and women is ultimately a transaction. and I would say the desire was already there because she ended up in the hotel room. why? it’s easy to say that she wanted a job. or

    on some level, they all knew that the kid they had with this fucking guy had a real good chance of being a ruthless surviving motherfucker. and there are worse things in the world than having a famous movie producer as your baby daddy. or maybe people want to keep believing that girls just happen to fall on dicks

    I have to admit, it’s troubling that a few of y’all lack the insight to see this situation for what it really is.

    this is beyond the scope of what anyone here can understand. there are very few people who were in this dude’s position at that moment in history

    if anyone here was ever on a boat in the riveria with angie everhardt sleeping off her jetlag in a skimpy tshirt and had the guts to go in and see what’s what, go ahead and speak up. double points if you took your fucking cock out to breath while you did it. and of course some hottie had just polished your know twenty minutes earlier.

    this guy had huge balls. huge. and the fact that guys say shit like, “he’s ugly” or “he’s fat” proves they don’t understand the very first things about game. and it reeks of envy. looks don’t matter

    feature film production used to be one of the great casinos of the world. people watch tv coverage of these assholes showing up to get awards from the same assholes they work with. it might seem insane to a rational man, but this shit is real for a lot of people. they fucking care what these cocksucking actresses do and say and wear…..and guys like this are the ones who put those girls on the stage in the first place. and he made sure to taste the goods first too. so how is that not fucking alpha?

    and who says whores are dripping with desire to fuck their pimps?? maybe initially. maybe. but you take away the child abuse these girls suffered, and the drugs… and they’re as wet for their pimps as ever aspiring actress was for every producer and director she ever blew. and every porn star who works. because they fuck all kinds of “hawt” guys that girls would have this magical “instant” attraction for and they aren’t wet at all.

    and who cares if a girl is wet or not. this guy didn’t give a fuck. he risked a very rewarding and powerful job every time he set up a meet. could anyone here say the same? has anyone taken that level of risk, for that many years? no fucking way.

    if hugh heffner dared to “live the dream” or whatever, then so did this guy. but his dream was way more red pill than the feminist heff. harvey two face played one way in public and of course promoted feminist values through his crap product. but behind the scenes it appears he had zero illusions about women’s true nature.

    puas are one thing because they get the bang within an hour through manipulation. but the girl never wants anything but a good time and some spunk. she doesn’t even care to know your name.

    but a pussy trader on the level of hollywood producer is a whole nutha thing altogether. no one here is in a position to judge whether this guy is alpha or beta or worse because no one has ever been in a position like him. very few men have something that really hot chicks will blow them on the spot for. it’s not like he was born with that job in his mouth. he got there. in a cut fucking throat business.

    I dare anyone to get in the room with him and tell him to his face that he’s a beta pussy beggar. no fucking way. you can only get away with intimidation like he did, for so many years, in such a butthurt and whiny industry… if you’re some kind of fucking baller. and he was.

  22. Sun

    People like that are not easily manipulated and controlled for the gain of others.

    The term for these people is – Free…

    Freedom, true freedom, is the most dangerous thing in the world.

  23. ” I dare anyone to get in the room with him and tell him to his face that he’s a beta pussy beggar. no fucking way. you can only get away with intimidation like he did, for so many years, in such a butthurt and whiny industry… if you’re some kind of fucking baller. and he was.”

    This really caught my eye. C’mon fleez… U serious?

    Lol, I’d get in a room with harvey with one hand tied behind my back and a pillow taped to my other hand, tell him he was the biggest fucking pussy on earth and beat his ass unconscious if he even made a mean face in reply.

    There’s a difference between a baller and a big fish, and a big fish in a small pond.

    ( btw, I just asked 5 people to name Julia Roberts kids, and 3 of them asked who Julia Roberts was. Gotta find some 40 year olds and maybe they’d know…)

  24. alpha is the guy who figures out the way to get into the most panties. some guys pump their muscles. some guys pump their wallets.

    So, tricks are the most alpha. [facepalm]


    alpha is the guy who figures out the way to get into the most panties. some guys pump their muscles

    looks don’t matter

    lol @fleez

  25. @ all

    Just for informational purposes, and Rollo can weigh in if he’d like, but don’t drink the kool aide about fake motherfuckers having real, true masculine power because they happen to have a) Money or b) some kind of ” status ” or ” position “.

    A beta bitch is a beta bitch always. Unless he changes somehow.

    Remember what I’ve said about CEDING POWER?. People in positions of power and/or authority are usually still just people with all of the shortcomings that go along with it. Stay clearheaded if you want to see the man behind the curtain.

    Also, there’s a bunch of people in America and on the planet. If you watch media and pay attention to it, it will have you believing all kinds of crazy shit. You’ll become a captive.

    Shit, you can call anything ” cut-throat “. The cut-throat fashion industry or the cut-throat miniature railroad enthusiast industry. If you ever spend any time around people that have garnered any kind of fame in great measure, you will see that most of them are of a certain type or personality in order to stick with it. They are a very, very small and concentrated group of people. They don’t really represent anything but that particular industry, as fucked up as it is.

    even though the ” news ” and most of media is furiously flapping it’s wings about Harvey, remember that most people don’t know who he is, don’t give a half a fuck, and are paying zero attention to the entire fiasco.

    We’re looking at this whole thing as it relates to Gender Dynamics and the FI.

    And it’s clear.

    Harvey is a gameless, non-red pilled delusional super beta.

    That’s my last word on this shit.


  26. lol @fleezer

    peddling the bullshit higher and deeper…you’re on a roll

    puas are one thing because they get the bang within an hour through manipulation.

    because basic biology is somehow “manipulation” and PUAs have skill to do the biological mating dance…

    but fleez has more BS to peddle…

    it’s all quid pro quo. all of it. everything between men and women is ultimately a transaction.

    There is no meeting of the minds between an alpha and a woman…there is no transaction in basic biology…it’s just desire-based sex

    fleez is trying to fool himself into thinking that buying sex makes a man an alpha

  27. Blaximus
    Harvey is a gameless, non-red pilled delusional super beta.

    There’s a Wayans movie hiding in there: Super Beta as a working title.
    Sign Gary Busey to play Harvey. See if Jaleel White wants face-on-screen time.

  28. Ok so he’s a super-beta. He got to fuck hot bitches without asking anyone else how to do it. So as far as anyone who doesn’t care about the Red Pill is concerned, he’s the man. There’s also the whole being a fat ugly guy that has tons of Beta’s waiting for THEIR shot at douchery.

    Can we at least admit he’s a “role model” for game-apostate Beta Male Champion? lol?

  29. Blaximus
    Shit, you can call anything ” cut-throat “. The cut-throat fashion industry or the cut-throat miniature railroad enthusiast industry.

    That reminds me, at the local fairgrounds I spent some time with the model railroad fans.
    One man was very Dynamic in his presentation of the greatness of that hobby, he was truly Passionate about it and clearly Authentic in his fondness for model railroading.

    His fat wife sat in the corner wearing a Model Railroad hat and enthused with him. It was good to see. But still Blue Pill as all get out.

  30. Yolo Comanche
    Can we at least admit he’s a “role model” for game-apostate Beta Male Champion? lol?

    Harvey Weinstein is a great bad example of the “how not to do this” type. Is that what you mean?

  31. @Anonymous Reader

    “Harvey Weinstein is a great bad example of the “how not to do this” type. Is that what you mean?”

    I keep forgetting game is secret, sorry.

  32. @Blax

    Says you. I don’t know if I’ll ever be a millionaire(One thing at a time). But if I did become one I doubt it would hurt my game. Might change what I represent to women somewhat. But I’m already not a queef thanks to Rational Male. Also, I never said I was the terribly profound type.

  33. Sun Wukong´s “men who roguishly grin as they break these new rules are almost universally loved by those around them” is the moral of the story. It´s even the lesson of the original video. (just go see the channel, once you see the bugger´s face, all´s clear and you just have to feel sorry for him).

  34. @AR

    One man was very Dynamic in his presentation of the greatness of that hobby, he was truly Passionate about it and clearly Authentic in his fondness for model railroading.

    You never know where those wild and crazy model railroaders will turn up next.

    Rockstar Rod Stewart Revels in Model Railroads, Obsessively Detailed Yet Hidden From Sight

  35. “One man was very Dynamic in his presentation of the greatness of that hobby, he was truly Passionate about it and clearly Authentic in his fondness for model railroading. ”

    This is not a definition of blue pill to me at all. To some, it’s certainly not the height of coolness compared to other activities, but a man’s activities do not define alpha or beta… it’s your demeanor. Dynamic, passionate, and authentic to me this guy rocks.


  36. Pinelero

    “Dynamic, passionate, and authentic to me this guy rocks.”

    Exactly… what you see is the girl being attracted to him. whether he is BP or RP is irrelevant to this.

    And it is a mistake to believe BP people can’t be happy.

  37. “Blue Pill is about being deceived about women’s nature.”
    That is where mainstream and men who need help collide. The burden of performance for me is the ability to master the awareness of not just your nature but her’s. Internalizing the nature of their period’s their “morality”
    Being able to to appreciate the pain the hardship’s of being a male without complaint or criticism or condemnation.
    That’s the importance of performing that get’s people into the red pill. Living your truth while confronting all your pain. Taking responsibility for everything you have control over.

  38. Anyone use Raya?


    Alpha Widow

    “I’ve never loved anybody like I loved Wilmer and I still love him,” Lovato tells viewers, even sharing the exact date she first laid eyes on the actor. “I met him on Jan. 11, 2010. I thought ‘I have to have him,’ but I was only 17 and he was like, ‘Get away from me,’” she jokes, though she adds: “When I turned 18 we started dating. I think it was love at first sight, we connected on a level that I’ve never connected with anybody before, he was just my rock, my everything.”

    And for the first time, Lovato dissects the breakup and gives insight into why they split.

    “The sparks never faded but there are issues that I haven’t conquered yet that I know I won’t conquer if I’m relying on somebody else to take care of the loneliness. I just wasn’t ready and there was so much in my life that I hadn’t explored yet … That was one of the reasons why we broke up because I’ve never been alone,” she explains. “It had nothing to do with falling out of love, we decided together we just probably are better as friends.“

    Even still, there are times when Lovato thinks what if. “I do have moments where it’s late at night and I’m lonely and I wonder if I made the right decision because love is a gamble. I don’t know if I’ll lose him for the rest of my life,” she says. “I think my heart is always with Wilmer, I think it was with Wilmer, I think it is with Wilmer, I think it will be. Because you don’t share six years with somebody and not give them a piece of your heart and vice versa. I’m pretty sure that I’m not going to meet anybody that compares to him but I’m trying to keep an open heart and open mind when it comes to that.”

  39. Exactly… what you see is the girl being attracted to him. whether he is BP or RP is irrelevant to this.

    Yes, but it depends on whom one wishes to attract. The model railroad guy attracted a fat wife — maybe he’s happy with that, who knows — it’s possible he is. You don’t need very much game or even much DPA to attract an unattractive woman, really, so there’s always that option. If you want to attract a woman who is attractive and who has quite a few male options (or many of them), you’d best have something other than model railroading to be dynamic, passionate and authentic about.

    As for the comment about Rod Stewart, he doesn’t count because he’s an internationally famous rock star, something which has much more to do with his history with women than his model railroading does, I’m sure.

  40. re: Playboy

    Well, this was obviously coming, to anyone who had his eyes open.

    Within 10-20 years, any straight man who refuses to date a “woman with a penis” because she has a penis will be considered like a KKK member in terms of bigotry. After all, “a woman is a woman” and you’re just a bigot if you don’t agree that she’s just as much of a woman as a “woman with a vagina” is, or if you refuse to date her because she has a penis (you homophobe!).

    This is just the beginning of that. Watch.

  41. sent – interesting pic… if you haven’t already, go see BR 2049 to see the next step… metaphorically, of course

  42. you’d best have something other than model railroading to be dynamic, passionate and authentic about.


    After the eighteenth game, Bobby began to emerge from the groggy lull of the hot-pot era. He had found two (count ’em) two gorgeous Icelandic girl friends. The girls were both seventeen years old. Inga was tall, slender and blond with long legs and a pleasant girlish figure. Anna was somewhat shorter and bustier.

    The romance had begun for the girls when they first saw Bobby’s picture in the paper. “He’s so handsome!” they had agreed. One day they waited several hours in the rain until Bobby arrived at the playing hall. Bobby didn’t let himself get too friendly. “Gotta be careful, you know, till the match is over!”

  43. Doc

    I was looking at that Raya app, and was going to jokingly suggest you write a #Fuckboi or #Bull app… the precursor to the Alpha Farms of 2045.

    alas ground is already broken in this area…

    Behold Feeld

    Feeld was founded by two people who inspired each other to change the world’s outlook. Ana wrote Dimo a love letter expressing her secret desires and the fear they evoked. Dimo was both hurt and inspired, and instead of writing back, he created Feeld – a space where people like him and Ana can meet like-minded humans, open to the flickers of possibility sparked by their curiosity and imagination.

    Feeld is on a mission to cut through a culture stubbornly deaf to the multiplicity of human desire and to create new ground to stand on. We believe there is more to love and sexuality than imposed binaries and that opening up offers more than pleasure. Discover the clarity and weightlessness of completely trusting in yourself, your partner and of daring to experience what you really desire.

  44. @ Sentient

    Indeed, Demi Lobato is an Alpha Widow. It is the same case for Selena Gomez, some years ago there was a post about that:

    “She [Selena] is the perfect modern example of someone that will never be able to be a faithful and loyal wife. She is currently 22 years old, smack dab in the middle of her prime, cute as a button, and could command the attention and commitment of almost any man that she wanted. So what is she doing? She’s giving her best to her on-again, off-again, Bad Boy boyfriend.”

    “Selena is ruined. Thoroughly ruined in every single sense of the word. If she doesn’t marry Beaver, it’s over for her already. She’ll never bond, love, be faithful to, or sex up her subsequent rebound boyfriends the way she has given herself unreservedly to BieberBoy. And whoever she has kids by, if it’s not him, she will just be using that man for his resources to raise the kids”

    @ Novaseeker

    “Within 10-20 years, any straight man who refuses to date a “woman with a penis” because she has a penis will be considered like a KKK member in terms of bigotry. After all, “a woman is a woman” and you’re just a bigot if you don’t agree that she’s just as much of a woman as a “woman with a vagina” is, or if you refuse to date her because she has a penis (you homophobe!).”

    This scares me as hell !!!

  45. “Chicks with dicks” was a fetish easily found in the Village Voice and other screeds in the 80s and 90s. Guess now instead of print ads or a PlayPersun centerfold you can find ’em in Strawberry Feeld forever.

    (C’mon you know that one was coming)

    Won’t link it but there was already some anti-TERFer trans-bint screaming on Tumblr that any hetero dick-swinger man who wouldn’t sleep with zir was a Mailed ShowVanMist or something, who should be ashamed of his manhood, and geez I must admit zir has a point there, I’d be pretty ashamed of myself too if that was the best I could do.

    Which all sounds doubleplusgood, except the whole point of the whole Revolution was that each humanoid-style creature was free to choose in their own sweet way such other humanoid-style creature as befitted with whom they wished to get jiggy.

    But then, short of my getting seriously lost in the underground rail tunnels east of Penn Station whilst high on cough syrup and fentanyl, I don’t expect to be propositioned by this TransPort of delight or any similar specimen. (I hate when that happens.)

  46. Feeld


    Ana wrote Dimo a love letter expressing her secret desires [I want to fuck other guys, and maybe some chicks] and the fear they evoked [That Dimo would not be available to pick her up from work and do her food shopping and listen to her talk about that bitch Wendy]. Dimo was both [butt] hurt and inspired [terrified that he would lose her forever and ever and aver], and instead of writing back, he created Feeld [Cause nothing, nothing at all says Beta Love like some heavy Java and code monkeying… perpetual panty wetter] – a space where people like him [Beta Cucks] and Ana [uninhibited sluts] can meet like-minded humans [and watch them fuck Ana].”

  47. As for the comment about Rod Stewart, he doesn’t count because he’s an internationally famous rock star, something which has much more to do with his history with women than his model railroading does, I’m sure.

    It’s just a hot tip for the train guys when doing their approaches. “Rod Stewart does model railroading too, same as me, if you didn’t know.”

  48. “Every three years, Model Railroader puts me on their cover, which is better than Rolling Stone.” – R. Stewart

    “It’s a wonderful, wonderful hobby, I don’t know why people laugh at it. Jools Holland is a big model railway man, as is Phil Collins, Neil Young, Frank Sinatra Jr., Roger Daltrey.”

    I don’t think it matters the specific thing that brings out The Passionate; just get one or two or three things in life that take you over like a demon possession; you’ll know it when it happens… it’s a gift and I truly pity those who can’t or haven’t found it for themselves; this is one of my main points that I drive home to my son, to his ad nauseum I’m sure lol

    Stewart’s early stuff, 60s and 70s with Ron Wood, etc. — out-fuckin-standing — somewhere along the way got gelded or bored

    check some of his stuff with The Faces, chances are you’ve heard of some of it

    and this guy was considered ultra fucking sexy back then

  49. “This is what the Feminine Imperative would have from men; a unilaterally female controlled utility-based masculinity…”

    Basically, women want men to be horses.

  50. Yah, chess is super competitive and Bobby was like the best on the planet, competing with other men, and it was well publicized, and he was famous.

    Not some neckbeard who is passionate about the model trainsets in his basement. Not the same thing at all, really. DPA, yes, but it isn’t 100% subject neutral. Of course if you’re already a famous rockstar like Young, Plant, Stewart … go right ahead. 🙂

    On “feeld”, oh my. Obviously a cuck app if there ever was one. Then again, Dimo is probably one of those guys who now gets off on his own beta ineptitude and has eroticized it in the form of cuck fantasies. Men will always find a way to eroticize their current situation, even if it is unfavorable to them in the extreme, it seems.

  51. Having options is not necessarily alpha…I think one of the things about alpha is not so much as how many options (plates) they have but how they relate with them. One of the more subtle characteristics of a beta plate relationship is that the plates spin the beta and not the other way round.

  52. @rollo but anyone can chime in and before anyone discredit this watch the full video about how feminist are pretty much damage control for globalist. One point was really interesting and would love your opinion on. Alex and Millie imply that because alpha men(not beta) are not white knighting women anymore that women are turning to lesbian man hating feminist for help. To fully get the context I recommend fully watching the video.

  53. yes, nova, rock stars are bad examples just from a statistical point of view

    I’ve seen some of the pua/game vids that show even the blandest, uninteresting subject to girls can be ‘sold’ by the right delivery, with the right game, no? I’m no expert, still trying to DHV with my chess victories but not there yet lol

    just what is that missing ingredient then? what makes DPA work? salesmanship?

  54. @levijynx
    I like the transition from, “Hollywood-dancing-around-the-fire-savage-vodoo-ritual-child-sacrifice” to “50% off on brain power” at the end.

  55. “40 years after hearing this, it still pops into my head when I hear ” Rod Stewart “.

    Yeah, back in the day we all had to be anti-disco Blaximus and revile against guys like Rod for this:

    Everyone wanted to get evil on Rod for the effeminate sexy getting the girls rather than the Mick Jagger bad-boy-getting the girls.

    Yes it still pops in my head too.

    But, actually I heard him in a Howard Stern interview. Rod Steward is the real deal. The snopes thing told the truth and Rod Steward was tarred with the myth, but it never held him back.

    Fucking great wives. Great children. NO regrets. Invested in investments great times with all involved.

    Holy shit. The girls he got with. The eight children he had with relish. The five five wives with no regret. The $250 Million in wealth

    No regret ever was evidenced. Do we have a problem there regarding red pill? Do we have reservations in DPA or the Platinum Rule? I think not. That guy executed on all fronts despite the cum rumor debacle, which was unseemly.

    And the guy is not actually an 80’s fairy.

  56. and if you are a troll 447…. nice one! got me good

    Trolling is useless. Wastes the time of everyone involved for no gain.
    Why do it?

    I do see someone trying to make sense of a situation in which there does seem to be contradictions, but maybe only to those who have yet to understand the basics;

    Have read all articles. Been reading them for pretty a long time. Rollo even quoted me once 🙂

    Some contradictions keep coming up – they just return in different form once you are beyond the basics. (If “basics” mean that you get the whole thing with getting women to do what you want, realising their different imperative, war brides/non-idealistic love etc.pp.)

    One of those contradictions I think about a lot is:
    “If everything about that TRP-stuff is true – which it is, because applying the knowledge leads to success and that makes it factually true- why not treat women like pets?”

    NB: You don’t mistreat or torture animals on purpose (unless a sicko), but you don’t see them as fully fleged “different but equal” beings.

    That is why I am surprised about defence of typical female basic firmware behaviour – I have a really, really hard time imaging people defending “male basic firmware behaviour” as “different but equal” and “we should just accept that nonethless because reasons”

    Following this train of thought to its end can result in think: “Well, male control should really be there, because civilization & real progress.”

  57. yes, nova, rock stars are bad examples just from a statistical point of view

    But always an interesting study from a Red Pill perspective. Not a fan of Rod Stewart’s music, but what a counterpoint to the recent Harvey W. chronicles. Look at that dr zipper video coupled with SJF’s commentary on Stewart.

    You need personal confidence and a certain je ne se ZFG to be a rocker. More so to succeed at it and still more to succeed on a worldwide scale, but seriously, the man is wearing a woman’s shirt, sporting a woman’s hairdo, sitting in the chair with his legs crossed in a womanly fashion, and making female-like gestures with his hands. Yet women want to be with him and men want to be like him. It’s not just because he made some big money.

    What sort of strange Alpha cred is this that can override obstacles that the very Alpha himself puts in his own path?

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