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If you’re a regular reader here you probably know that I’ll be giving two talks in Orlando, Florida this week at the 21 Convention with my fellow Red Pill alumni Christian McQueen, Goldmund, Tanner Guzy and so many more guys from the manosphere. I do have plans to do some quick hit Periscope feeds to and at the event so check my Twitter for updates.

Furthermore, in the interests of fairness and objectivity, I will be doing a no-punches-pulled review of the convention is a similar fashion to the one I did for the Man in Demand Conference I did in Vegas two years ago. As I’ve related in a few prior posts and some live interviews, I was reluctant to accept a speaking spot for the 21 Convention because I felt that it had a reputation for toeing the Purple Pill line for much of its years of existence. I’m happy to say that, with a few exceptions’ the lineup this year is far more ‘red’ than this conference has ever been.

There’s a lot more to the reasons why Anthony Johnson, the convention founder and organizer, has made this shift. Primarily it’s been his experience with what any guy with a peripheral Red Pill Lens would’ve seen as a high-functioning BPD woman who was his unofficial wife. If you want more information on this experience you can see his seminar talk about exactly this here.

As a result of this, and consequently digging into my books and blog material, his true unplugging has given him a new Red Pill awareness. In the interests of full disclosure, I’ve had a fairly regular correspondence with Anthony about his unplugging and have counseled him through some of my own material. This really prompted a new perspective for him and this is manifesting itself in his drawing more Red Pill speakers to this convention than I think have ever been assembled in one place.

That said, I would be remiss if I didn’t pass this whole conference through the same level of scrutiny that I gave the Man in Demand conference. So, I’ll be doing some quick hit updates throughout this and next week’s blog posts and highlight the best and not-so-best parts of the convention as things transpire, and then summing things up at the end of it all. Be sure to follow me on Twitter for updates, high-lights and some Periscope videos too. The hashtag for the convention is #21Con.

In the meantime,…

I took some time away from my talk preparations to do an interview with Craig James from Masculine By Design to discuss the main aspects of my third book Positive Masculinity as well as some general Red Pill discussion. Craig is starting to make a name for himself as a manosphere podcaster now, filling the unfortunate vacuum left by the departure of Mark Baxter from his own show. Craig primarily focuses on married Red Pill issues and parenting. I probably don’t align perfectly with his perspective on a few things, but on whole he’s got a solid Red Pill blog and podcast that I think will only gain more traction in the manosphere and particularly among more mature men and the “awakened-while-married” set of Red Pill readers.

Do check it out. We went for a bit over two hours and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the discourse. Much of what we discuss will be key aspects of my second 21 Convention talk on Positive Masculinity.

But wait, there’s more,…

And finally, I also did about a two and a half hour interview with the Hanging Chads podcast. This was a great interview as well and much more casual and fun than most of the interviews I’ve done. Be warned, they have a political bent to their material, but the material we covered was Red Pill from an intersexual dynamics perspective (as you might expect from me). The audio wont drop until Thursday, but check back here or there when it does. I’ll update this post when it goes live.

So, there you have it. If I’m meeting you for the first or second time at the convention, please, come up and introduce yourself. There’s a lot going on at this event outside the talks themselves so there’ll be plenty of time and opportunity to pick my brain while we’re there. And yes, I’ll see about getting some candid video of the dinners and social meet ups too. Watch this space.

See you in Orlando!

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  1. Rollo I wish I could make it. It’s only a 5-6 hour drive. I would like to meet you. I will meet you one day and shake your hand. But about a month ago I placed in a turny at the buea rivage in Biloxi and I made 1500. And was like that’s my money for the 21 convention. But then I blew it all playing 4 ring events with wsop. Best I got was down to 2 tables in a turbo that only payed back 9 seats. Any way I will meet you in a few years when I get my child support done and my kids out of collage. I don’t take charity and losing your bank roll playing doesn’t constitute a legitimate hardship. I would like to go out to Vegas and meet you and Arnold Snyder one day. Both of you have made a impact on my life

  2. … And guys can do both. Singular tunnel vision is a bad thing for the majority of men. Any activity that stunts learning and growth should be strenuously avoided.

    But I dig football, lol ( surprise ). I played all through school and in the city leagues. I have former team and classmates that went on to be very successful NFL players. Lots of folk use football as a social tool, and that’s fine depending on how invested one becomes in it.

    It can be no different than Sarging every weekend. With little actual return on time invested. Somethings are just valued for the experience.

    But I’m also a huge fan of men learning how to actually physically do real things.

    Now excuse me while I go water my mums.

  3. @Blax, water my mums! Haha!

    I think a dude that’s handling his shit like you are and is red pill deserves the downtime – like watching football. My problem is with these out of shape, blue pill betas that live and breath it and don’t have any manly skill sets. Hi-fiving each other after the touchdowns with bigs guts sticking out of their jerseys with other dude’s names on them. Drinking beer and developing man tits. Talking about the politics and decisions of their teams management all damn day at work. lol.

  4. Watering mums is not actually always downtime. Football watching is not always downtime. It depends on mindset. Back in the seventies, competetive sports participation by me was all natural and felt comfortable. Back in the 2000’s being a father hosting competetive sports children was all forced and Beta. Best experience ever for my son and daughter, worst ever for me.

    Re: Farming: It took me about six years into wildlife habitat farming to filter out all the noise that Mother Nature was throwing at me. And then I just absorbed her energy and ran with it.

    I created a bunch of natural structures out of food plots, hundreds of trees, shrubs and warm season grasses, acres of annual and perennial foot plots that are very solid representations of non-down time. But down-time will be had. The active tasks will never end. (It’s 90% active and the other half is passive.) And team masculine collectives like deer camp will never end. Lots of energy to be tapped there.

    This latest NFL talk about protests is just noisy noise.


    THE RETURN OF POSITIVE MASCULINITY with ROLLO TOMASSI podcast with Craig James was enjoyable to listen to. Thanks for the effort you put into that. The married red pill notes resonated. Lol. I just got over the “quota” pain-in-the ballsack recently (a half year ago). Married Red Pill is great stuff when the woman on the other side of the aisle has value and quality.

    I was un-Betatized with a lot of your help. It took me a month for every year I had been in Beta Frame to unwind (which was about 18 months ago). It helped that I wasn’t Blue Pill in nature to begin with. The Frame and Mental Point of Origin and Enlightened Self-Interest while Red Pill is great now. It’s constant work still in a Competent Mastery stage (more and more in the Unconscious but the “work” still pegs it as mostly Conscious).

    But it is Fun!


  5. Bigger picture. Be aware and stay woke. Lol. When it’s your turn, you’ll be better prepared, and your turn is coming if issues go unresolved and largely ignored. If not you personally, your sons and grandsons.

    Too bad we can’t stick around for a couple of centuries and sort things out for our own descendants.

  6. Ton has an interesting post up on his blog.

    He usually does.

    We may not see eye to eye 100% on every single aspect of life ( more like a solid 80, lol ), but damn do I respect the hell out of that man. that’s a guy that stays wide awake.

    Noise matters sometimes. Like a train whistle at a railroad crossing.

  7. well said, newly

    keep going, though…. what do you think is the effect on the men’s children? especially their sons?

    they see what/who dad exalts and honors…. they see him wearing another man’s name on their body, reveling in another man’s accomplishments as if they were their own; they see dad immersed in the drama of a business from which he does not profit; they see dad celebrating victories as if they contributed anything more than their own money to another man’s salary

    if dear ole dad finds purpose and meaning in such frivolities, it must be a grand thing, right?

    at some point it crosses over from just entertainment to viewing entertainers as heroes and people to emulate beyond just the example of what can be done through talent and hard work

    the contagion then moves along generations and becomes ‘culture’ and normalcy

    I love sports and have been active all my life in them; but I participate, I play them myself, the benefits and victories of that are mine to celebrate and to demonstrate to my son what can be gained

    I’m not religious at all but I can certainly still see the dangers of adopting false idols; some concepts and truths transcend religious affiliations

  8. Blaximus

    “Noise matters sometimes. Like a train whistle at a railroad crossing.

    A train whistle is not noise. It’s a directed signal.

    Your point is well taken, though, that noise matters sometimes.

    As in: Noise is a shit test. You keep your Frame when being shit tested. Always. Just ask SFC Ton about the noise of his Harleys. To some, that’s noise. To him it’s a signal.

    SFC Ton: There is nothing in this world like a Harley. My metric bikes are fine machines but they lack the vibration, sound and feel of a Harley. Harleys are heart and soul, flesh and blood in chrome and steel,your best friend and 1st love… with you mile after mile, day in, day out…

  9. @ sjf

    I agree. The challenge for all thinking men though, is to be able to pay attention and figure out what the directed signal is within what we hear as noise.

  10. in case this is still of interest

    go ahead an jump in, but this is no longer like two dudes in a bar arm wrestling for a beer; you’d be better served putting on full gladiator gear and practicing your to-the-death mindset

    I like the dude’s optimism but make no mistake, he spent much time woodshedding for his success; and with his dropout’s lack of formal education, you know he’s got more going on than just luck

  11. American Sniper widow Taya Kyle speaks about how the NFL united different races and creeds:

    and about how the protests have fueled division, which, of course, is by design.

    NFL ratings are down 11% this year from last year.

  12. The challenge for all thinking men though, is to be able to pay attention and figure out what the directed signal is within what we hear as noise.

    That’s pretty humorous when I look back on all the noise I heard as I entered the Manosphere. It was fucking deafening.

    Lately it’s been all signals and the noise is quiet. And it all kinda gelled when I read and understood the process of reality transurfing. The mind not cock-blocking the heart.

  13. @Rollo Just finished listening to the Positive Masculinity podcast posted here. You’ve done a few of these but by far this was the most clear, concise and insightful.

    The interviewer understood the subject matter and let you speak without interrupting.

    I loved the whole segment on “Authenticity” and the demonstrate don’t explicate examples.

    It was the lift I needed.

  14. “The interviewer understood the subject matter and let you speak without interrupting.”

    No shit. Those guys were good interviewers.

    Plowed through and didn’t have preconceptions.

    Man, maybe married red pill gets traction. Wait, What it has.

    Maybe Game transcends PUA, Puerarchists and OMG’s. Wait what It Can.

  15. @Rugby

    The new Youtube video interview you posted: Modern Times: Camille Paglia & Jordan B Peterson is great.

    I listened to the first hour and it is very enlightening about how social intergender issues work at the macro level. And both start out explaining their bias about how fucked up they think posmodernists, SJW, Academics and Identity Politics are.

    Highly recommend listening to it.

  16. The great wonder of masculine exposure and existence…
    This past weekend has been such an intense punch in the groin… Every speaker had something that was simply delivered. This is something about my own story I want to share with the wisdom insight from the people I had the opportunity to meet with. Something I found myself dealing with is how important men are to each other in person. It’s a baptism of madness and tranquility. Pussy’s get eating… The conversation gets started and the brotherhood explodes with story’s of lost times of hard work and pushing past your expectations and limits… Something I’ve come to expect in my own life is any excuse I can bring up… Something seems out of my way and too far to attain or even internalize. Every fucking person has gone through something more intense and severe than I have that I have met over the weekend. No man is accountable to anyone before death other than to himself. I haven’t been calm and in more of a serene state than in the middle of a rugby game that gives a false sense of me killing the pain of overwhelmed failed experienced life stories. The true story about me… The one I hide from… That wasn’t hidden in the front of the man who not only embraced the pain but who mandated its scared nature in the approach of social discourse. You will not get passed it with suicide… you can not escape this pain… But you can channel it… one thing of about sex that has always made me laugh is how the act itself is the only relief of the burden of performance… your next door neighbor’s mom is a sex object even after orgasm. But she will not allow that release alone to escape your burden after getting the bang… What a relief… My trauma is a joke to me because that is the only way of working it into a new transformation of being… Jesus is a sex object don’t know why that’s funny but the shame received from a mother to a son of being “emotional” makes it so… A cultural demand of unmet sexualized demands a mother overwhelming her son with feelings is sexualizing the process of performance. How could that not be painful in front of a group of men who don’t allow their pain to rule anything about them and put it back in its place at will? You will not rule me. I only give you permission to die and become reborn as a higher self. A time span of growth and purpose shared moment’s of Art and question’s ever more questions of what if? The most spiritual part of the weekend was a remark from Goldmund about being aware of every opportunity that slips you by (Defined as hell if any I’ve learned from) The gods will not save you from death and neither will family… Man shall not escape the performance… Pussy tastes great when that really sink’s in… Wanna know who your real friends are? The ones that encourage the death of every part of you that is holding you back… What makes every great man confront every part of himself and challenge the part’s he MUST work on. I have been back to see my nephew and realized that man cannot escape being prepared for all the wonder’s and tragedy life is… We can find a distraction from it courtesy of culture. But we can not hide from it courtesy of mother fucking nature. Since I was a child I realized over the weekend that my coping still with emotional expression is to cave in on giving them power. Don’t…
    Angelic sluts are waiting for that seed… need… or play… fun…
    There is need to express negatively without a solution that comes with it. Every complaint stated or expressed is from a blue pill paradigm with a red pill solution. The whole weekend was a reunion of online brotherhood. Here take this and replace it what that… Stop the habits and create your own inner solutions. Allow the pain to build a personal of the higher self. The girls and women come when you choose. So mom is just the same as the next door bangable mom?
    Your sister was doing that on purpose and what hurt the most… (providing a place to recover from that)
    How is that working out for you? Women kill dreams because you speak them… If you build them with your action’s than you live them… Church kills men because women define the whole process with blood and puberty… used vaginas of moral decency… Why would you? God the definition of a perverted women’s abuse on safety and security… The male trauma from that is one thing he can hold on to. The insanity of love that is not just killing him but giving him a reason in dealing with the pain up front that’s not just overwhelming but intense. Daws the blood and sincere love from friendship away and the negative slip’s in… It’s all a gift
    This is all happening on purpose…. Yes, you were dealing with BPD… That culture you love with the excuse that behavior for her… Don’t let it kill you in the process. Avoid that sickness your mother’s love is conditional… Even when you think that performance is escapable…
    You where never a good boy, you were never bad as well, you just didn’t have the presence of self… Ego…
    Ego this that and then
    Wanting to solutions to how to heal all of it… Screams of ecstasy and the soon coming painful rage of unmet needs. A porn set that’s a replica of church professing the perverted solution to servitude to the other… Ego
    Self… Man performance aim within (11 yr self) Classmates is the perverted exception of God’s rage decided by the women who so happens to be your teacher… No worry’s she’s in it as well. Waiting to hold the class in session for an orgy at a wedding… The exchange of cum is optional but expected. Now cum’s… Oh hey, wonder what your babies look like?
    It’s not their words that matter… They never held up to the bible or faith they were a part of. It’s the pain of realizing your killing the truth within you to make them feel better about what that faith means to them. Your mom is your first Girlfriend who doesn’t have the ability to not push the boundaries of tranquil human experience. Was it painful of course… Emotionally draining and unfulfilling…
    Serve as a slave for a reckless abortion… Leave your post as a father in a new climate to find new prospects for sex “you have it all figured out” No I don’t but I suppose I see why you travel to get your needs met. Stand for something that is killing you… Masturbation is the numbing expression of realizing that it was being done on purpose… The holy slut’s church as a perverted hatred for never being allowed “space” courtesy of violence and the attempts of civility…. God as women is sex… Create the world with her body… Recreate the bang of where it all begins… Yes, they’re all in it… The most insulting comment I ever got was “Control this” No thank you… Your family is blatant hypergamy the endorsement of perversion of the male experience. Leading something is lonely you can’t create a law for that. There is no church that will bring solice to a man from that role. However, you can escape in a church to recreate that role. Loving them for who “they” are. I ever thinking a dent could be made from being vulnerable to their shit. What a sick way to be human. Alive and breathing… When your relatives kill you as a dinner joke. The church becomes the horror show of human intimacy… The ability to see it’s all done a purpose the pushback from Jesus as an example to live for. The Self as the reason to live for… Not the ego as a tampoon to a women’s convenient emotional shit as the moral lip’s of righteousness.
    BPD as a teenager in a house
    (Black pill heartbreak true peace with Self, not ego need not express any vocality of violence…)
    You walk away when everyone is laughing at you take that and create. Everyone was doing it on purpose… What hurts is thinking they had an ability for it to be any other way. They didn’t and you do. Careful how you ever get that across… Cooper made a point of profound truth… Don’t ever let it rule you. The pain the story you tell yourself. Jordan Peterson mentioned to be careful about the story you live by that may not be serving you at all.
    On my way over to help heal the wounds on a friend I love and needed this to come out of me. I internalize so much and Cooper’s point on not letting rule you remind’s me of the importance of art and creation. If you let it in passed the shadow’s it will create into your dream’s the nightmares that remove the bonding joy and importance of love.
    The weekend was fun and it dealt with all of the histories with solutions in action. I as a human seem to struggle with the past being what it is. Being open about that to the wrong people is a great way to experience pain. But to close yourself off forever in the hopes of protecting the heart is a madness of escapism…
    Own your pain… Don’t let it win with habit’s there is no shame in the present. The world is meant to destroy you… Muscle and breath your interpretation into molding the sculptor of the best you… The speaker’s where the men I would have by my side in the face of the chaos of the world.
    The root of my trauma is the forced emotional validation to people who could not love me back. My Performance is all I can do and die with. The professional adult has that ingrained within himself. Weakness is not a public discourse its a personal experience meant with confidence in being overcome. All challenges get filtered and the ones that are accepted are ruthlessly expressed and overcome… Dying as a warrior is goal dying as a man is the solution.

  17. You are here: (Reader)
    The MANifesto
    If you’ve read my eBook, you know that there’s a difference between being a good man and being good at being a man. One can be a good man without being good at being a man, and vice versa. However, my goal is to be both. These are the values that define a good man and one that is good at being a man. That’s not to say that all of these values are uniquely male. In fact, many of them are also values that exemplify a good woman. Thus, you might have many of these values and not be a man, but you won’t be a good man if you don’t have these values. No man will perfectly live up to them, but every good man strives toward and seeks to grow in them.

    A man is physically strong. He builds his body to be able to lift, push, pull, and throw heavy objects. He is able to withstand and endure. Physicality is part of his being. It’s not the whole, but it is a part, and it is important. When combined with his courage and toughness, a man is not easily taken down. He may be defeated physically, but it will not be done easily. “You may beat me, but you’re not going to like it”.

    A man is mentally strong. He does not feel sorry for himself. He does not adopt a victim’s mentality or blame others for his shortcomings. He does not shrink from obstacles, opposition, or adversaries. He rises to the challenge. His mind and soul enable his body to achieve more than he thought possible.

    A man masters his emotions. He doesn’t hide them or pretend that they do not exist, but they don’t rule him. They empower him and give expression to him, but he remains their master.

    A man is knowledgeable. He loves to learn and to understand the world. He admits his need of learning. He admits his ignorance when it exists, and pursues to remedy it.

    A man challenges himself. He is never content for the long term with his position. There will be seasons of growth and seasons of rest and vacation, but a man will not live forever in rest/leisure/vacation. While the source of his challenge may change, he embraces challenge and fights to improve.

    A man is brave. He is courageous. He is not without fear, but he will not let fear win. He will either win or go down fighting. When the battle is noble, he will run to it.

    A man takes responsibility to protect. He doesn’t outsource this task. He is a protector of his family and of the weak. He builds the strength and skills necessary to protect.

    A man is forgiving. He is quick to overlook the mistakes and poor choices of others. He is not naive. He is not blindly trusting, but he will forgive. He holds himself to a higher standard than that to which he holds others. Doing so while rejecting arrogance will always be a work in progress.

    A man is confident. He will not allow the haters, the critics, or the cynics to hold him back from his dreams, the things he should do, or from achievement. He will look to learn from others, and will give honest consideration to the criticism of others, but will not be held back by the haters. This does not mean that he will believe in himself irrationally. Instead, he will take action to acquire the skills, knowledge, and abilities required to allow him to live confidently, knowing that he can meet the challenges of life.

    A man is wise. While wisdom accumulates over time, each man is wise to or beyond his years. He knows when to apply the rule and when to apply the exception. He is quick to seek counsel. He is reflective. He contemplates. He is not rash, but does the deep work of thinking that allows him to understand people in his life and the times in which he lives.

    A man takes care of his body. He will get good sleep, he will rest, and he will take vacation. While he will sacrifice of himself and his needs for others, he knows that his highest and best use is as a leader and servant of others. He will keep his cup full so that he can fill others.

    A man has joy. He will lead his family on an adventure. He will do fun things with his friends. His life will be a joyous adventure. It will not be a slog. There will times where he has to grind, where he has to put his head down and push through. There will be times of suffering, but he will always find joy in life.

    A man enjoys and appreciate good food. While manhood isn’t necessarily about matters of taste and interest, I’ve yet to meet a man who doesn’t enjoy good food. A man shall not be ruled by his appetites, but he will let himself enjoy good food and will make it an integral part of his life.

    A man seeks to learn from his adversaries. He realizes that he is neither the epitome nor the source of all knowledge, and that the world is full of smart, wise, experienced, and talented individuals from whom he can learn. In many cases, these individuals will be his adversaries, people with whom he has fundamental disagreements. But he is still able to consider their thoughts and learn from them.

    A man advocates for his values relentlessly and courageously. He will not cower when opposed. He will not be bullied. He will not shamed. He will stand. He will use wisdom in his advocacy always and kindness where appropriate, but he will stand. What’s more, he will push forward.

    A man invites disagreement. He does not require others to subscribe to his opinions and positions. He does not require others to either hold his same values or apply them in the same manner in order to associate with them. He allows others the space to be their own people and to hold their own opinions. He does not cut ties over trivial disagreements. He looks for areas to unite and maintain friendship and association. Otherwise, he will be alone. There is no other person in the world with whom he will agree exactly on all issues. So he embraces disagreement and recognizes that it is a reality of friendship. This holds true even within his own family. He does not force his values or applications on his wife, but rather seeks to persuade her, while thoughtfully considering her attempts to persuade him. The same goes for his children. He will model and lead in his values, with strength and without apology.

    A man is willing to change his mind. He has what Marc Andreesen calls “strong positions, loosely held”. When he is shown that his positions or opinions are irrational or not supported by the evidence, he will consider and make the appropriate changes. He will not cling to positions out of pride or ego. He will appreciate being educated, as he loves learning more than winning the argument.

    A man takes charge of his life and lives his life with intention. There are times of darkness, desert, wilderness, of drifting and lack of clarity. But a man always pushes forward and refuses to be content with the drifting. He is always looking to clarify his vision and values, his plan for execution his vision, and is always evaluating his execution and application of the plan.

    A man leads his family. He takes responsibility for the values and vision of the family, the plan for achieving the vision, the execution of the plan. He works with his wife and children to develop the values, vision, plan, and execution, but the buck stops with him to ensure success. He may see that the wife or children are better equipped to lead in a certain area, but if there is failure, it is his fault.

    A man seeks out relationships with other men. He values solitude, but at the same time recognizes his need for accountability, inspiration, instruction, wisdom, counsel, encouragement, rebuke, fellowship, brotherhood, challenge, and fun that can only be provided by other men.

    A man cares about his reputation. He seeks honor. He doesn’t live and die by the responses of others and doesn’t allow himself to be manipulated by others. But he finds men of esteem and honor, and seeks honor of his own among such men. He does not expect to be given respect without earning it through his actions.

    A man values solitude. He values relationships with others, and will ensure that he spends sufficient time with his wife, children, and friends, but will also schedule times of solitude for reflection, concentration, and introspection.

    A man is tough and resilient. Knock him down and he gets up. He doesn’t quit because the task is hard. He doesn’t avoid resistance when it’s necessary to his goals. He embraces it and allows it to strengthen him.

    A man honors the past, but adapts to change. The traditions of his country and his family deserve respect for having created and maintained success over the long haul. However, the man knows that everything changes. Thus, he doesn’t cling to tradition for tradition’s sake, but rather opens his mind to new possibilities that might better fit the changing world.

    A man is thoughtful. While he is open to change and to new possibilities, he is not flaky. He doesn’t pursue the new and shiny on a whim, but rather does so after contemplation and reflection, concluding that the new is best because it will work, not merely because it is new.

    A man produces. He creates value where there was none. Whether that’s by carving a boat from a tree or creating new code or software, a man produces. He doesn’t merely talk, dream, or muse, he does, he moves, he acts, and doesn’t stop until value is created.

    I do not claim this to be the exhaustive list of values for men; but here’s what I do claim: If you live this list well, you’ll be a hell of man, and I’d be glad to have you on my team.”

  18. It is just sickening how stupid gender relations are getting to be in the west. A cute soft jab at a woman journalist and it is Hellfire for Cameron. Girls cant play with boys. What happens in such a society is nothing but dryness, bitterness, sadness and may be even barrenness eventually.

  19. Amy Cuddy’s silly “power pose” research inspired Mike Cernovich, among others.
    Cuddy’s female coauthor repudiated the idea after results could not be replicated. But Cuddy promoted it with TED talks. Instead of theory or statistics, she narcissistically focused on her personal struggles with confidence. Now in response to criticism, commenters are crying sexism. How dare you criticize a frail little girl; you might shake her confidence! It is the classic sexist double standard: she wants to fight with the boys, but they aren’t allowed to hit a girl.

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