The War Brides of Europe

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Comment from Kaminsky on Dalrock’s thread:

What I find with that video of the Danish feminist. If there were such a thing as a Master’s Degree in the manosphere, you could show the candidate that video and have him break down all the elements of the female mind displayed. Point by point;

  • Let’s you and him fight
  • Shit-testing
  • Extraordinary lack of accountability
  • Collectivism to the depths of her soul
  • A form of AF/BB…In that men have to be both ends of behavior to meet females’ changing needs. Meek and placid during the forty years of feminist play-acting fun-time, now all of a sudden a different kind of man is needed.
  • Victim/victim convenient duality. Victorious feminists imposed their will and opened borders, now they’re victims and it’s up to men to clean it all up.
  • Equalist/androgynous when it suits whatever need, strong gender roles when it suits whatever need.

So amazing.

“Intractable solipsism” belongs in that list as well.

I apologize in advance if this post comes off as overly dramatic or kicking a hornets’ nest. It’s not my intent to wax poetic, but it will serve a purpose.

I was asked about my take on the current ‘migrant crisis’ in Europe by several Red Pill friends (both online and in person I should add), and how I thought it played into what I’ve written in the past about the War Brides dynamic. As my readers know I never delve into issues of politics, race or religion on this blog unless those issues are directly related to intersexual social and personal dynamics.

So it was with this in mind that I considered connecting the dots between Hypergamy and the War Brides dynamic and what I believe we’re beginning to see now in Europe. However, before I get too deep I thought I’d pick Ms. Thranholm’s interview apart first.

A Schism in the Feminine Imperative

I’ll agree with Kaminsky on his take for the most part; the degree of default entitlement women feel they have to men’s physical protection is glaringly evident, especially coming from ardent feminists, but the side-glance vitriol for European men wearing skirts in protest to the rash of ‘migrants’ raping/harassing European women only highlights feminist duplicity.

Is this rash as widespread as these women are making it? Hard for me to say, but not a day’s gone by since this migration that several ‘incidents’ of these migrant’s sexual assault (assault that would land the average European male in jail or make an American man a sex offender overnight) has been in my Twitter feed. I’ll leave that interpretation up to my readers, however what’s glaringly evident is the duplicity in the reaction strong independent® feminists are having to these assaults.

In the video Thranholm at last drops the feminist boilerplate and makes the concession all feminists (and Red Pill deniers) are loathe to hear – our society has become feminized. I’ve been making this point since the days of my writing on SoSuave; western society has become founded on a feminine social primacy that prioritizes women’s imperatives (Hypergamy) above all other considerations (lead photo NSFW). The fabric of western society from our religions, to our work cultures, to our personal relations, to our educational institutions, to the foundations of our parenting, have been progressively and systematically feminized over the course of 60+ short years.

To have a woman like Thranholm voice this from a visceral, fear based necessity is an indictment of how unignorable this feminization as become. In a similar fashion to how Open Hypergamy and soon Open Cuckoldry are becoming too socially evident to ignore, so too is the fact that an increasing majority of western(ized) men believe that touchy-feely feminized solutions to conflict are their first best alternative to violent, physical, in-your-face conflict resolution.

“This militant feminism that has been going on for decades, now we see the consequences that many men here are brought up to be like women, and to think like women, and be soft-minded.”

Iben explains in no uncertain terms that a lack of conventional, complementary masculine strength is so lacking in Europe that even feminist women are beginning to feel uneasy in the uncertainty that their safety could be insured by average European men. Underneath all of the posturing of strength, feminism still needs “muscle” for its physical defense. When feminism looks to its loyal White Knights for that muscle it finds them dressed in mini-skirts and high heels.

Without missing a beat, scowling feminist interviewer, Anissa Naouai, presents the complete obliviousness of the gravity of the situation women are facing…

“But that is what Europe is about, that is part of the European qualities that the European Union promotes.

[…] “These refugees are coming to Europe, shouldn’t they adapt to that?”

This is a glaring example of the degree of cognitive dissonance that has been cultivated in our feminine-primary social order. The idea that men who wouldn’t recognize that feminine social primacy exist, much less who would entirely ignore it, is so alien a thought that it never enters Anissa’s mind.

An Appeal to Honor

Iben continues and answers Anissa’s question without really realizing it.

“Now we see that these post modern values are just a construction.”

I thought this was interesting when we consider how long we’ve been told the opposite – that the popular concepts of conventional, evolved gender roles are the social construction. However once these ‘post modern values’ are slammed into the harsh conditions of a reality that diametrically contradicts it, then, then it becomes a question of “where have all the cowboys gone?” Now the truth is revealed that it is in fact this post modern, feminized interpretation of gender that is the social construct – and one with potentially disastrous consequences.

“…and now we see that we don’t have any male that can stand up, that can fight, who can fight back those male aggressions that we are feeling. So the vacuum that feminism has created means that women are the victims of those male aggressions”

And now we come to the standard appeal to the Male Catch 22 I described in The Honor System many years ago:

Man Up or Shut Up – The Male Catch 22

One of the primary way’s Honor is used against men is in the feminized perpetuation of traditionally masculine expectations when it’s convenient, while simultaneously expecting egalitarian gender parity when it’s convenient.

For the past 60 years feminization has built in the perfect Catch 22 social convention for anything masculine; The expectation to assume the responsibilities of being a man (Man Up) while at the same time denigrating asserting masculinity as a positive (Shut Up). What ever aspect of maleness that serves the feminine purpose is a man’s masculine responsibility, yet any aspect that disagrees with feminine primacy is labeled Patriarchy and Misogyny.

Perhaps we haven’t reached it quite yet, but we are approaching a social tipping point where the physical necessity of conventional masculinity will outweigh the liability to women in ceding the power that feminine social primacy represents. The need for ‘Man Up’ will outweigh the need for ‘Shut Up‘.

This need for women’s defense predictably gets couched in men’s Burden of Performance, and now that shit’s gotten real we see this dynamic laid bare in women’s shaming of men for not putting themselves bodily between them and an attacker. This is where Iben’s premise, and the sham of the Feminine Imperative’s social engineering, breaks down. And ironically the very idea of a new “male revolution” or supporting conventional masculinity on a social scale is even more appalling to Anissa than the reality of rising potential sexual assaults on women:

“It means that men need to take responsibility to go back to the old male virtues, to defend the women, the children and the culture. Because now this post modern project is dead, it doesn’t work…”

Iben goes on for a bit repeating the same men need to take responsibility for defending women trope in various ways and tries to explain to Anissa in as black and white a way that reality necessitates this. However the real disconnect, the most poignant illustration of feminisms denial of reality comes from Anissa after all of this:

“But the mass rapes shouldn’t be happening in the first place.”

“I’m sorry, uh, what?”

“The mass rape, the violence shouldn’t be happening in the first place. These are guests essentially who Europe has welcomed.

[…] should (women) have to protect themselves against mass rape on their streets at home?”

The utter cognitive dissonance of Anissa with her inability to grasp that these male ‘guests’ (who should be beholden to the Male Catch 22 by default) wouldn’t honor the dictates of feminine primacy is staggering. So much so it even fazes Iben for a moment. However, this disconnect is a textbook example of the sociological and psychological schism that is (or will soon) taking place for European women given their present reality.

I’ll stop here because Iben goes on to reiterate most of her points, and gets in another about the need for complementarity in conventional gender roles, but do watch the whole clip. The point I’m making with this is that there is a coming reckoning that a feminine primary society is beginning to face; post modern feminized gender constructs have fundamentally compromised the security of western culture.

Real Solutions

This then begs the question, what comes as a response to this? As I mention, the typical go-to strategy of the Feminine Imperative is to lean on men’s shame for not taking the masculine responsibility for women’s (and children’s) defense. However the same characteristics that make a conventionally masculine man a good defender are also a liability to women’s sphere of control once all her would-be attackers have been subdued. These are the same characteristic that have been ridiculed, marginalized, denigrated and punished by feminine-centric society for going on 7 decades now.

So what’s the proper response here? No doubt there will be the scorched earth factions who’ll quote us the following:

This city is afraid of me. I have seen its true face. The streets are extended gutters and the gutters are full of blood and when the drains finally scab over, all the vermin will drown. The accumulated filth of all their sex and murder will foam up about their waists and all the whores and politicians will look up and shout “Save us!”… and I’ll whisper “no.”
– Rorschach, Watchmen 2009

If men need to take responsibility to go back to the old male virtues, to defend the women, the children and the culture it needs to come with a reciprocal incentive for men in doing so. Relying on men’s sense of duty to honor only works insofar as women are appreciative and rewarding of it. As it stands now, the average man either blindly believes his honorable action is to be more “soft-minded” in his approach to honor or has absolutely no motivation to risk himself for women who’ve told him they don’t need his “macho bullshit masculinity” for the past 60 years – right up until she’s assaulted or raped in 2016.

For a complementary gender restructuring of society it implies a reciprocal incentive on the part of women; one I don’t see forthcoming even in the desperate tones of Iben and Anissa.

It may be all well and good to let women such as Anissa to burn along with the rest of feminized Europe, however, Iben does make a valid point; if (European) men don’t do something by reassuming conventional masculinity they stand to find themselves in precisely the position I outline in War Brides:

Evolution has largely selected-for human females with a capacity to form psychological schemas that preserve an ego-investment that would otherwise afflict them with debilitating anxiety, guilt, and the stresses that result from being continuously, consciously aware of their own behavioral incongruities. Evolution selects-for solipsistic women who are blissfully unaware of their solipsism.

[…]women’s peripheral environment dictated the need to develop psychological mechanisms to help them survive. It was the women who could make that emotional disconnect when the circumstances necessitated it who survived and lived to breed when their tribe was decimated by a superior force. This is also known as the War Bride dynamic; women develop an empathy with their conquerors by necessity.

Men are the disposable sex, women, the preserved sex. Men would simply die in favor of a superior aggressor, but women would be reserved for breeding. So it served a feminine imperative to evolve an ability to cut former emotional ties more readily (in favor of her new captor) and focus on a more self-important psychology – solipsism.

Now, here is where I’ll step off the diving board and into the theoretical. It’s my purview that a lot of what men would complain are duplicitous acts of indifference towards them are really rooted in this innate feminine solipsism. That’s a bold statement, I realize, but I’d argue that what men take for inconsiderate indifference in a break up or in ruthless shit tests is really a woman tapping into this innate, self-preserving solipsism. Combine hypergamy with the chronically hostile environments of the past and you end up with a modern day feminine solipsism. Add to this an acculturated sense of female entitlement, social conventions that excuse this ‘duplicity’, and a constant misdirection of intent by women themselves, and you come to where we are now. As if that weren’t enough, throw in the element of hypergamy and the countdown in terms of fertility and long term provisioning that a woman must deal with before hitting the imminent Wall, and now you have a fuller picture of the conditions and stresses that necessitate this solipsistic nature.

It seems clear to me that women who align with Anissa’s feminine-primary mindset exhibit exactly this self-preserving solipsism in the subconscious knowledge that the men of their ‘tribe’ have become acculturated into becoming more like women and unable to defend them from a stronger, more conventionally masculine tribe.

Both Iben and Anissa are on either side of this War Brides dynamic, but both also illustrated the other’s solipsistic approach to dealing with it. I don’t claim to have the solution to this circumstance, and perhaps that should be the focus of discussion, but this is exactly the War Brides dynamic I laid out.

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Author of The Rational Male and The Rational Male, Preventive Medicine

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  1. “If men need to take responsibility to go back to the old male virtues, to defend the women, the children and the culture it needs to come with a reciprocal incentive for men in doing so.”

    Give them authority over that which they are expected to have responsibility. The former must come first.

    The question is this: Will the culture do this, or will it perish still screaming for someone to save it while clinging stubbornly to its illegitimate power just as Gollum perished clutching the One Ring?

  2. I understand the inner conflict a lot of men face, especially when we consider that saving women from the third world invasion will require actors to engage in counter-revolutionary warfare. Women are the architects of this disaster that they have brought upon themselves and indeed the majority of them are not worth saving. However, without European women, Europe dies.

    Some MGTOWs say that women should repent and change their ways before they would do anything dangerous to save them. But to wait until women ask to be saved, and only then charge in is textbook white knight faggotry.

    Men, in the role of conqueror, should remove the problem using whatever means necessary, and then demand obedience from the survivors while blood is still running in the street. The loyal women will be grateful. The disobedient will have their heads shaven and publicly flogged if necessary, but they will be obedient.

    Removing kebab is the hard part. Making women obey is easy. The men who successfully remove kebab will not have any problems from disrespectful problems.

  3. “Men, in the role of conqueror, should remove the problem using whatever means necessary, and then demand obedience from the survivors while blood is still running in the street.”

    damn SimonWolfe, that was awesomely written

  4. Nietzsche respected Islam as a masculine religion, and despised Judaism and Christianity as feminizing religions. He was correct. The future of Europe belongs to Islam. And it will be because of this “War Brides” dynamic — European women will embrace the aggressive, masculine Muslim immigrants and choose them for reproduction over their own simpering eunuchs. A few neo-Nazi thugs may try to ignite a race war to counter this trend, but most European men are simply too weak and brainwashed by feminism to join their crusade. And so nature will deliver its final judgment on Europe.

    Testosterone always wins.

  5. I’m reminded of The Walking Dead, Season 6…Alexandria is overrun. The fragility of the civilized veneer falls away quickly – – in one scene, a female character (Carol) is verbally sparring for dominance with another resident over baking issue, but in the next scene, when the other woman is bitten and infected, the first woman (Carol) executes the coup de grace to ensure that the infection doesn’t progress.
    We are only one tiny step from the madness of the jungle…
    “Please come back and save us from the evil!” the women demand, then cry, then beg, then weep.
    To them I say:
    “Here are the weapons that I used in the past. You are welcome to them, if you have the strength to wield them. Save yourselves.”
    I served in the military for twenty years. I’m nobody’s white knight any longer.

  6. “Without missing a beat, scowling feminist interviewer, Anissa Naouai, presents the complete obliviousness of the gravity of the situation women are facing…

    “But that is what Europe is about, that is part of the European qualities that the European Union promotes.

    […] “These refugees are coming to Europe, shouldn’t they adapt to that?”

    This is a glaring example of the degree of cognitive dissonance …”

    Rollo, I would not read it in such way – I’d rather think it is a straightforward “trolling” on Anissa Naouai’s part.
    You see, this is a Russia Today’s show, and RT is a propaganda project of Mr. Putin and K, which exploits the weaknesses of western ideological narratives – all the double standards and hypocrisy it can find.
    So, what Naouai is saying is essentially “haven’t you, Europeans, been saying for decades exactly the opposite of what you are saying NOW?”

  7. Greetings from Scandinavia again Rollo. Great post! Yeah, Ive been repeating this stuff for two years now. Basically our ingroup females are competiting us against outgroup men like straight from some evolution psychology book. Now that we got shitload of aggressive low IQ third worlders raping the females they want us to “man up”.

  8. There are a lot of other aspects to Europe’s problems with migrants at the moment as well. Their society is far more “secular” than the U.S. is, and as such, far far far fewer Europeans have direct contact with religious extremism. They don’t know it, can’t understand it. The idea that humans can be singlemindedly opposed to their societies basic foundations does not compute in their minds.

    I say that, but I agree very much with what Rollo says in this post. I laughed out loud at many of the youtube videos where German women were complaining about the migrants… I wanted to laugh in those women’s faces and say, “Well, what the fuck did you expect? You told your men not to be men, and now your society, your culture has no protectors… good luck.”

  9. Europe cannot be conquered by some ragtag band of bandits from the SandDunopia. Testosterone may deal the first blow but technology returns with a very nasty back hand. The future of Homo sapiens belongs to Mr Geek Mcbrain I tell you. I do not see any inter tribal war in which the white tribe is losing, ever. If a white tribe loses, it will be losing to another white tribe. In case anyone think I am some deluded honky dancing for home team, I am not white.

  10. “Give them authority over that which they are expected to have responsibility. The former must come first.”


  11. Basically if we look at the voting statistics; Women vote the pro-asylum seeker parties whom the muslims then rape. Men vote patriotic parties. The difference is 80% male votes for patriots/nationalists. 80% female vote to socialists/pro-muslim asylum seeker parties. (Greens, Social democrats, Far-left)

  12. While this is an interesting topic for theoretical discussion, the manosphere seems to miss some facts about “what is going on in Europe”:

    The mainstream is indeed too feminized to protect anything. Last week there was a column in “Die Zeit”, a big leftwing German newspaper, where the commenter openly declared how men “gendered” after feminist wishes cannot and will not protect women. It was by far the most active topic on their site that day. And most seem to agree todays women simply do not deserve protection by men.

    On the other hand there are “militias” founding everywhere who want to patrol the streets and make sure something like Cologne doesn’t happen again. They consist not only of far-right people always happy to beat up immigrants, but also rocker-gangs and bouncers from the clubs and of course willing blueball-betas happy to “protect women”. Just a few days after the news they started roaming Cologne City to beat up any suspicious immigrants, which made it also in the news. I hear similar news from Sweden.
    I found it interesting how quickly and instinctively those people went out to reclaim lost territory and what a broad coalition it formed.

    But if you look at Cologne from a sensible perspective, it was first and foremost a colossal failure of the police. Police personal got cut down massively in the last 15 years over here, like many aspects of government, and now that government has become too thin to do it’s job properly. For European politics Cologne was a wake-up call on that front. And I think the change of mind is happening. Police is now raiding criminal immigrant hideouts every few days, making big news to give the people back that feeling of being protected. Big government simply cannot let rockers and bouncers rule the streets.

    For me the course of events is rather showing how resilient such a mainstream-feminized society with “socialist government” actually is. Europe is in no way in danger, there are plenty of resources below the surface.

    And to add an anecdote: late night on 9. January I was riding out of Cologne City Center at 3 a.m. by tram when 2 quite cute girls about age 20 sat next to me who where too drunk to realize what station we were (asked me for it) and seemed very helpless. They where totally save on their way home though and I thought, it can’t be that bad with da rapists.

  13. #WhyWomenShouldNitVote is trending on Twitter. How apt.

    Bitches getting what they deserve. Always them who want to help rapefugees to Europe and promote a multikulti shithole. I laugh at them getting a taste of reality. Agree to withdraw your suffrage – to which every harmful degeneracy can be traced – then I MIGHT consider helping you. Like that sjw whore raped in Haiti still managing to blame White men. I piss on y’all!

  14. The bigger problem here are the white knights sitting in govt and impeding anything that a right-hearted man would do. Personally I’m not afraid to go after mushleems, who are manly only when not met with opposition, but of the traitorous “authorities”, who’d put me in jail for even thinking about cleaning up.

    On another note, I noticed that here as well as at RoK, Chateau … the influx of enraged girls babbling nonsense appearso to have stopped.

  15. And we should ask these European feminists this … 93% of the Muslim immigrants coming to Europe are MALE. By the numbers alone, the FI is decreasing the representative value of each European female voter. These immigrants will end up voting for anti FI measures. Since these 93% immigrant males are going to need to fuck somebody (and the 7% females they brought are not enough and already have kids), these European females are getting fucked either way.

  16. @Rhett – It terrifies me when I realize how many things Nietzsche was correct about, particularly when he mused on the ramifications of the “masculinization” of women. Indeed, you are correct, women are flocking to these Islamic migrants. One of the things not discussed openly about the “grooming gangs” in the UK and elsewhere is how many teen girls willingly participate even as it’s technically rape due to their ages. Notice also those pics of hot young Euro women offering “refugees” kisses of welcome. And of course, the much higher birth rates and polygamy of Islamists (not all Muslims) will only increase their power.

    An under-reported fact of the influx of millions of recent Muslim immigrants/refugees is that like 70% are unaccompanied youngish men. Where are Barack Obama’s “women and orphans”? You’d think that wartorn Syria would have killed many more young men – ooops most aren’t from Syria or Iraq…

    Of course Europe will be overrun by Islamic men, that’s already been designed into their policies. Before the latest spasm, most Western European countries were destined to not be majority European in two generations. Demograhics are destiny.

    The real question is will Roosh become an Islamist – he gets to be part of a revolution, believe in God and be a man’s man, I mean it’s perfect for him, right? And after all, he’s already a Muslim by birth.

    Last word on what the radfems and Marxists and Progressives have wrought. In a few generations they’ve wrecked out social order and while masculine impulses aren’t so easily changed, our adaptive behavior does. Many men will rightfully reject the call to protect women from this onslaught. As women love to say “can’t get the milk without buying the cow” – well, you can’t have my protection without dropping to your knees and guzzling my cum down like it’s mother’s milk, bitches.

    I’ll protect any woman who submits to me. Other than that, have at it, women have earned it…And there is nothing to fight for, we’ve already destroyed what was. A pickle never becomes a cucumber again and the “good old days” when “men were men and women were women” are over until we have complete societal collapse. And we we are a long way off from that. I’ve been reading an epic account of the Decline and Fall of Rome by Gibbons (dated but so readable) and Rome was hard to kill because of the success of so many of its institutions. The West is much the same, built by virtuous men and overtaken by delusional, factional, self-serving craven feminized men and women. But those institutions are sturdy and resilient. Even when the dollar collapses, it won’t be “over”. The West has a long ways to travel before its death, but it’s just going to get uglier and uglier.

    “Turning and turning in the widening gyre

    The falcon cannot hear the falconer;

    Things fall apart; the center cannot hold;

    Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,

    The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere

    The ceremony of innocence is drowned;

    The best lack all conviction, while the worst

    Are full of passionate intensity.”

    – William Butler Yeats, 1919 in the aftermath of WWI. Our decline has been long coming…

  17. White Nationalists say: Fuck you leftist cucks, we need to save OUR women.

    Well, if they’re OUR women, then I want to fuck 1 HB 10 each time I save some broad’s ass. Otherwise gtfo and stfu.

  18. Only a mass red pill awareness awakening in the western world can change the tide. At some point, doesn’t the pendulum have to swing back? The feminine imperative has to break down at some point, right?

  19. Off on a bit of a tangent but here’s HOW TO SOLVE THE MIGRANT CRISIS.
    Accept these migrants into the Uk, Germany etc and enlist them into the military for combat training.
    Form units consisting of their countrymen arm and deploy them back to their homeland to fight to regain control of Their countfy from Is, Isis, whoever.
    If they refuse deport them, if they won’t fight for their country/freedom then they don’t deseve refuge, protection or any other kind of help or support.
    FUCK THEM and the Camel they rode in on.

    1. @redlight, I had to really consider that even most non-feminist identifying women still hold the same belief set that feminism has instilled in the past 5 generations of women.

      I imagine if you talked to Coulter long enough you’d find she holds to the female empowerment script most feminists do. In fact many conservative women do, they just don’t like the association with liberal, blue-hairs.

      Listen to Thranholm here. She still tows the equalist line, but also expects men to help defend feminine-serving egalitarianism with a return to conventional masculinity by men.

  20. @Playdontpay: let’s see if your logic makes sense in a different context:

    Accept burglars into your house and train them to kill. If they don’t agree to kill and rob your neighbor down the road instead of you, (after you’ve fed and clothed them for a few years at your expense), kick them out of your house at further expense.

  21. Hmmmm…. I can sense the comments taking on a nasty CH vibe with this piece.

    Think, it ain’t illegal yet.

    I have a cousin that was in Afghanistan for 6 years. He told me that he didn’t even see women that often there because they were not allowed to go out alone, usually being accompanied by a male relative or a larger group of women. I’ve heard the same said about Iraq, so I asked a dude I know from Syria and he said it was the same there but women violated the ” rule ” often and the more ” traditional ” minded guys would harass and sometimes attack them.

    It’s not that these men are barbaric as much as it is that they are from a different, unfeminized culture. It’s a bad move to invite them into a feminized culture/society in large numbers. Only havoc can ensue.

    These are not migrants, they are refugees. They are fleeing war and violence ( Irony alert ) but they are not coming to Europe to assimilate into existing society. It’s unwise to import hundreds of thousands of people into a society when their only desire to be there is to escape turmoil.

    They aren’t ” bad ” per se, they are just a bad fit for European society. It would be better for them to stand and fight for their own homeland… but that’s another subject altogether.

    The same feminization that is forcing Europe to struggle is happening here. During my lifetime I can see what I call ” the softening ” happening to men all around me. Men are taught to hate the masculine. Masculinity has to be exterminated. I agree with Porko that white knights in positions of power are facilitating the decline of any reasonable civilization that can protect and defend itself from threats, whether they be military or cultural.

    It is women, along with gov’t, that want to allow waves of culturally incompatible people into a country. Men coming from strict societies where women are forcibly kept ” in their place ” arrive in Europe and find scantily clad women getting drunk in public with nary a male in sight.


    I think there will be enough backlash in the face of rising threat to stem this trend. Masculinity in Europe and America is being driven underground, but it’s not dead. The numbers are lacking, but still present.

    As for the women’s gnashing of teeth, fuck ’em. Like I’ve stated here a hundred times – it’s not about them in the long run. But their duality is instructive to witness. I’m confident wiser heads will prevail ultimately, but women will not be a part of the equation. It’s not their realm. They’ve stuck their stilettoes where they do not belong

  22. . . . So a European feminist wants to enjoy the benefits of “egalitarianism” in a time of peace and prosperity, but then be able to call upon traditional male duty and responsibility when her own security is suddenly on the line.

    If that’s the case, then there’s no reason why men can’t — and shouldn’t — respond in kind. So I myself will be happy to let the muslim mob do with Iben Thranholm as they please, while proceeding to dutifully whisk away her younger and hotter daughters to a place of safety in my personal bunker, with the hope that they’ve just learned a valuable lesson about submission and loyalty that their parents and their culture failed to properly teach them.

  23. @AvidReader

    Rollo, I would not read it in such way – I’d rather think it is a straightforward “trolling” on Anissa Naouai’s part. You see, this is a Russia Today’s show, and RT is a propaganda project of Mr. Putin and K…


    People, do a little fucking research before you assume there are any feminists in this interview

    In American terms, this is Fox News interviewing Ann Coulter about the Muslims raping women

  24. Look, it’s pretty simple. I’m in my forties. I’ve served my country honorably. I’ve earned a bachelor’s degree from a high end private university. I’ve been a devout churchgoer. I’ve never been locked up. I’ve worked in a respectable field, where I showed up for work on time and worked faithfully for decades. I’ve always been there when someone needed help, especially my women friends. I’ve changed tires. I’ve helped people move. I’ve fixed toilets. I’ve loaned my friends money so they wouldn’t get kicked out of their house.

    I have nothing to show for any of this.

    I’ve been jobless for years, have little in the way of dating prospects, and am forced to live at home with weak parents…a father who is feminized and a mother who is arrogant and overbearing. No one will hire me. No one will fuck me. No one will be my friend.

    Yet everyone seems to want to talk my ear off, verbally masturbating in my direction about shit that I don’t care about. Both men and women expect to use me as their emotional tampon. I’m expected to listen to people’s problems and vacuous interests for hours… literally. But when it’s my turn to speak, I don’t get a turn.

    My thoughts, my interests, my wants, my needs, my desires, my accomplishments, my story…is completely irrelevant to anyone and how dare I presume to consider any of it relevant at all! But at the same time, how dare I not bow down and defer to someone else’s want’s, needs, etc.

    For all my contribution to society, I’ve not earned a steady job (while a “career” is something I’ve only heard about in fiction). Despite serving my country honorably, I haven’t earned the basic respect due to any adult, whether they’ve served or not. Despite being everything that society and my own parents told me that a “real man” was, I haven’t earned the right to a loving wife or a family. I haven’t earned my own place to live (I can’t even rent). I haven’t earned the headship that my religion taught me is part of my gender. I haven’t earned the right to even walk out of my bedroom door without constant scrutiny from strangers.

    In other words, I must “be a man,” but for doing so, I don’t get to be a man.

    So,…what does anyone think is going to happen when I’m suddenly expected to once again “man up” to defend women and a society that exploited me and shunned me, demonizing my masculinity in every way? I think the answer is obvious.

    Ladies, good luck getting child support for your half-brown baby from your jihadi rapist. Ain’t nobody getting shit from me!

  25. The only logical, sensible response to a rigged game is not to play. There can no longer be any doubt that the game is rigged, particularly and most devastatingly in the area of law. MGTOW is going to be a mainstream choice for men in the near future. The tyrants will respond by doubling down on their tyranny. The feminized West is too far down the slippery slope. There is no going back. Cultural collapse will begin with Europe in the next decade. A blind man can see it coming.

  26. @Darwinian: standing ovation for you.

    @Foxtrot: You have a penis, so you have “inherited” (no need to “earn”) the right to have a wife and family. Don’t give up warrior! How long have you read the red pill?

  27. @Rollo: “I had to really consider that even most non-feminist identifying women still hold the same belief set that feminism has instilled in the past 5 generations of women.”

    Considering that most masculine men do, I think that’s a reasonable bet.

  28. X@Rollo
    I knew something was bothering me about this post and, only after watching the video, did it strike me:
    The War Bride dynamic you outlined is not entirely cogent. I’m gonna write this short hand because I believe you’ll understand and perhaps you can address it. Simply because a person or persons are unhappy does not mean their genes won’t be passed on. The ability to procreate is not necessarily impacted by the cognitive dissonance they might experience from, as the example text illustrated, being culturally usurped by a more successfully aggressive tribe. Therefore, it’s not reasonable to assume that women who were able to disconnect more easily were more “fit” than others.
    There is a type of reasoning that this example supports. But, particularly when women were more breeding stock than societal influences, only the ability to have viable offspring would matter, genetically speaking. And back then they didn’t have much of a say in the matter so whether or not they cared much about their previous male partners is irrelevant. You could argue that, in more recent times (recorded history) the proposed solipsism aided in the raising of well adjusted children which would help keep a lineage alive. But this time period is miniscule compared to the millenia of evolution before it.
    I think this dynamic needs to go back to the drawing board. It doesn’t seem to hold up under the genetic impetus argument which is the only measuring stick we can safely agree on.

  29. Women are strong enough to demand and receive combat roles in the military, but not strong enough to defend themselves against rapists.

    I assume this logic makes sense inside lady brains?

  30. @Charlie Foxtrot

    You were doing fine up until your last two bitter sentences.

    Welcome here (I think?)

    Your narrative pretty much sums up the idea of The Matrix (from the movie) and the fact that you were force fed an illusion your whole life.

    If you have really hit rock bottom in your sentiment towards living a masculine life in a feminized society, perhaps some reading is in order. Are you very new here and are you familiar with what The Rational Male blog is all about? If so, then tell us your understanding of red pill awareness. If not, there is a lot of reading material, best started on the top heading link Best of Year One.

    And you sound rightfully bitter, both by what society has done to you and what you have told yourself about how you should feel, understand and act. On this blog you can redeem yourself and get a little bit more solid footing. But only if you can digest the bitter red pill (and understand if you are interested and do try to take the red pill is best done with not turning back like Cypher in the movie The Matrix.

    And if you are interested and want to bite, you cannot self-improve if you cannot process the feelings you will come across in denial, anger, bargaining and depression. (see link below) Unless you have some sort of acceptance of red pill awareness and (amoral) game, the advances you need to make to real power in your life will stagnate. (Are you interested in Real Power defined by the author of this blog as:The degree to which a person has control over their own circumstances. Real Power is the degree to which we control the directions of our lives.)

    To have some perspective on what your value should be as a man. And what masculine tactical virtues will actually aid you in your mission for yourself, I would suggest you read “The Way of Men” by Jack Donovan. You as a man were endowed with firmware that is currently not being used at all. You need to engage that firmware with your software.

    And always keep a bottoms up approach to changing your life for the better. A top down approach will never filter down to you. Don’t wait for society to change. You change you. You can change you and get real power.

  31. @John Smith

    Welcome to the sixth stage of the Five Stages of Unplugging linked above

    6. Jaded* – MGTOW Permutations: “Fuck learning all these rules. Sex isn’t worth it and women aren’t that fun anyway. The last thing I want to do is learn routines or the 5 stages of pickup. There’s too many websites, too much to read, I can’t remember it all much less sort it all out. Who has all that time to go out and chat up women anyway? It’s not like I see any women under 40 at work at my engineering job to practice on. Video games and porn are more fun and more available. I just haffta look good and let the women come to me”

    And I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for that top down approach of waiting for society to collapse and rise up like a phoenix. Or for women to come to you.

  32. @Yhufir
    While the ability to procreate is not impacted by cognitive dissonance,the ability to miscarry or kill the offspring or the chances of this gene surviving is impacted.Women have always been societal influences in some shape or form not just breeders.It has just been uncommon for them to have the influence that they have in modern civilization.

    This reminds me of Robin Williams spoof on the Bobbys w/ no guns
    “stop or I will say stop again”

  33. The irony here is hilarious. The feminists/FI have been conditioning men for decades in their attempt to build a better beta. Now that they’ve done so, they’re not only repulsed by their ‘works’ but have unwittingly created a path for their own demise… and they’re scared shit-less.

    I have no doubt, that if men save them and this blows over, they’ll go right back to the belief that they can make men ‘better’.

  34. It’s a problem that the majority of the people coming to Europe are male. There’s gonna be an imbalance.

    But one must reflect on what else is feared here. Why do which people think that it’s bad that the “white population” will be reduced in the upcoming decades. Greek and British people also look different. Why is it a priori an issue that the kid who goes to school, university and becomes an electrical engineer has a mother from Germany and a father from Syria?

    I do very much agree that a culture clash is problematic and nobody wants to see less of ones own culture for the future. Status quo feels more save. As a guy from white Europe, I don’t want societal rules from below Turkey to gain momentum, but I also feel it’s almost impossible to have conversations about this issue on the web with anonymous people, because half a just driven by fear and the feeling that countries being inhabited by other races, or race mixing, is a bad thing in principle. Cultural tension is the problem. White women banging non-whites is just a personal fear of guys in this sphere – depending on the social class of the parents, the mixed children are not a problem.

  35. @John Smith: Consider that your choice is to convert to Islam or die in a pool of your own blood and entrails. Going MGTOW won’t save you from that choice.

    @Rollo: If there is a core of western civilization men still capable of resisting the invaders, it must also cull women dispassionately as well. I am reminded of the phrase “Men may lay their lives down for their country, but as women we can talk about just lying down.” If it is desired that western civilization continue, and that women will use solipsism to rationalize the choice to accept the invader as the superior man, then it follows that those native men that wish to survive must demonstrate equal harshness for both the invader and the women that will lie down with them.
    It’s not nice, or palatable, but we are discussing racial and national survival here that transcends modern culture and its weakness. It is distasteful to speak of this, but there is not a nice alternative.

    As those men who are tough enough to stand against the invader group together, a demand should be made: Women wish to trade liberty for safety, and thus should give up their right to vote. They will be defended. Those that wish to maintain their liberty should not be defended against the invader, and should be expelled from the ranks of the defenders and offered no protections.

    1. @Bluntobj, my intent isn’t to debate the merits (or otherwise) of Islam, but rather, as Iben describes it, the post-modern gender equality project is dying and will soon be dead in the face of men who will simply not adhere to it as the feminized skirt-wearing men do now.

      We can call them vichy women for laying down for the invaders, but lets not forget, Hypergamy is always pragmatic. Skirt wearers are not the pragmatic option in this violent reality. Whether the invaders are barbarian Norsemen or swarthy Moors, the pragmatism of Hypergamy and survival is the same.

      I agree, it’s not palatable, but that’s the reality this post-modern experiment of feminization has always knew was possible, if not probable.

      1. @Rollo: And as usual women look at the mess they’ve made and go, “Man up and help me! You let this happen!”

        Hypergamy may be pragmatic but many times is very short-sighted…and of course women are clueless.

        But to see the concern on the Danish journalist’s face…Classic!

  36. @Chump No More

    Is Forbidden Planet actually worth watching? Or is just reading the plotline on Wikipedia sufficient to get the idea of modern society is worse off having killed the “id”? I actually had seen a reference to this movie the other day and was wondering if it was worth the time investment to see the drama and the actors.

  37. “a lot of people would argue that Angela Merkel is a much stronger leader in a sense then Francois Hollande”

    That’s exactly the problem you twat.

  38. Knowing the vid is from Vlad the Impala’s Russia Today channel, the point of the show is to embarrass the West, and show that Russia with all its grashny vonny bastards and chellovecks is immune from such problems [cough] Chechniya [cough]. Viewed thusly Lady in Red Annisa is just doing her job, which is to parrot back SJW tropes like “victim blaming” to trip up the Great Dane. To use an old Fox News trope, there are “some who say” that Russia is a bastion of radical feminism. Do tell? Ask Pussy Riot.

  39. “Is Forbidden Planet actually worth watching?”

    It’s the very best of the cheap ass 50’s science fiction movies. If that sort of thing can row your boat, watch it.

  40. Rollo Tomassi

    February 3rd, 2016 at 1:20 pm
    “@redlight, I had to really consider that even most non-feminist identifying women still hold the same belief set that feminism has instilled in the past 5 generations of women.”

    100%. I see this in my own family. Most if not al females swear they aren’t feminist. But most sound, act and behave like one.

  41. @ Rollo

    “I don’t claim to have the solution to this circumstance…”

    I do, and it’s actually quite simple: men need to organize themselves into tribes committed to the defense of themselves and the women they deem worthy, and the plight of all other women outside that sphere needs to be met with utter indifference. It really is just that simple.

    Any allegiance to the United State as a sociopolitical entity needs to dissolve. Your only allegiance should be toward men who share your ideology and women who know the score. Given the war brides dynamic here, declining to resist is simply not an option. But by redirecting your allegiance from the current sociopolitical order and into smaller social organizations (ie, tribes or whatever) that you exert significant control over, you ensure that your toil, blood & sacrifice is not exploited to further entrench the interests of womens’ hypergamy at your own expense.

    The only solution is a return to the way of the gang a la Jack Donovan. If women and Vichy men want to preserve the feminine primary social order so badly, then let them shed blood to keep it. The rest of us will withdraw, hunker down and defend only what is worth defending—and no more.

  42. “It’s the very best of the cheap ass 50’s science fiction movies. If that sort of thing can row your boat, watch it.”

    I never saw one. But that does answer my question. I think I’ll have a cigar or two and talk with my red pill buddies IRL tonight instead.

  43. @ Charlie Foxtrot

    You’ve given a lot to society and it hasn’t given you back anything that you actually care about. It’s time to withdraw your investment in society—financial, emotional, everything—and invest in a tribe of like-minded men brought together for their common good and, if necessary, common defense.

    Keep your eyes peeled and find these guys. They’re out there. One man at a time withdrawing and investing in male-dominated tribes/gangs/whatever is what will make difference.

  44. @dragnet February 3rd, 2016 at 3:08 pm

    Do you own an unruly (or not well-trained) pitbull?

    (Hope this doesn’t get me in trouble with any dog owning blog authors)

  45. The confusion with the term feminist might arise from the fact that the definition changes as the Overton Window shifts. Our society has absorbed feminist beliefs so much that they aren’t considered distinctly feminist anymore. As a result, the parameters of what ideas constitute “feminism” is different from 50 years ago. What is feminism mean today? (Roissy’s definition is by far the best but it’s not universally accepted)

    Dalrock has highlighted this situation repeatedly when Christian pastors regarded as fighting the good fight against feminism will peddle it themselves because they don’t realize their doctrine is soaked in the FI as the result of growing up in a culture shaped by it.

  46. “The utter cognitive dissonance of Anissa with her inability to grasp that these male ‘guests’ (who should be beholden to the Male Catch 22 by default) wouldn’t honor the dictates of feminine primacy is staggering. So much so it even fazes Iben for a moment. However, this disconnect is a textbook example of the sociological and psychological schism that is (or will soon) taking place for European women given their present reality.”

    The funny thing, Rollo, is that Anissa Naouai is an Arab. So she should be able to understand the mentality.

  47. Tribe?


    Question: How many of you guys really buy into the ” Tribe ” mentality in 2016? I’m curious.

    As for the Gang thing, I have decades of experience in that arena. It starts out as one thing, but always morphs into something else. Best scenario is that it will morph into ” government “, just the thing the gang was rebelling against. You know, the establishment and enforcement of rules.

  48. @bnon

    So you think the only problem with this for you is that whites are trying to protect their futures(White women) out of “irrational” fears?

  49. @ Blaximus

    All fair points. But we’re a long way from small groups of men somehow morphing into gov’t or central authority or anything like that. The broader point is that men need to disinvest from a sociopolitical order that is determined to exploit them without providing anything whatsoever of value. It’s my view that organizing into smaller groups enables men to strike the balance between fighting to protect and preserve something they believe in and have control over, and effecting a meaningful and material withdrawal of support and allegiance from a gynocentric social order.

    I’m open to other suggestions though.

  50. @Rollo

    Man what you do works like gang busters.

    I am always finding myself reaching for my dictionary around you.

    In fact, here’s my NEW name.

  51. @ dragnet

    ” The broader point is that men need to disinvest from a sociopolitical order that is determined to exploit them without providing anything whatsoever of value.”

    Can’t argue with that one bit.

    I’m a huge supporter of men being wary of and weaning themselves away from any large and exploitive social structure. I’m just not sure what’s the best means to accomplish this on a mass scale.

  52. @SJF

    “The way of Men”

    Hmm, interesting title. Is it reliable from a Red Pill perspective in being the sort of masculine that generates “gina” tingles?

    I am currently reading and researching plenty of other materials looking for the cure to loneliness.

    So far, So good. But I currently doubt ANY work has gone to Publication without it being contorted to suit female Imperatives.

    Thanks to reading “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People(not completely yet)” and “The Rational Male” I now know that NOTHING gets through without female vetting and Beta editing.

    Of course I have my own filter now, crude as it is. Will reading “The Way of Men” bolster my arsenal of vagina-attracting powers up front? Or will I still need to pore through the material in it’s entirety and review it for context?

  53. @dragnet

    I’ve been in situations like that myself where I had a group of friends (a tribe if you will) I would definitely rely on if things got bad – one of them was a retired Marine and Iraq veteran and we actually discussed SHTF scenarios a few times. The biggest problem I see with the idea of a tribe is that people end up going where life takes them and it’s not always in the same direction as the others. They get married, they have kids – those two have them gravitate to similar couples. Or they take jobs out of state or out of the area. Tribe members either have to be interconnected economically, self-employed, or basically live like nomads and move together.

  54. @ Charlie Foxtrot

    Welcome here. Vent as needed. We listen.

    You’ve gone through the Baptism By Fire. Millions, nay tens of millions of men have gone before you on this path, and sadly millions more will follow.

    It’s time to cut the cord on the past. Let yesterday float out to sea. You’ve seen that things are not what they are supposed to be for everyone. You have found this out the hard way. No harm, No foul. These were/are harsh life lessons, please learn from them moving FORWARD.

    I’ve learned:

    1) No one, not even parents, owe a man 1 damn thing. Parenting is not for everyone, hence people tend to suck ass at it.

    2) People have very little respect or understanding of ” important things “, hence most folks have zero fucks to give on any given subject. Going forward do things for YOURSELF and expect no mere mortal to appreciate or respect what you are doing. Some will, and that will be refreshing and rewarding.

    3) Keep hammering away. You must. It is part of being a man. The cavalry most likely isn’t coming. It doesn’t for most of us men. Go until you stop breathing.

  55. @ Blaximus

    “I’m a huge supporter of men being wary of and weaning themselves away from any large and exploitive social structure. I’m just not sure what’s the best means to accomplish this on a mass scale.”

    I think a retreat into smaller group allegiances is the first step. Forget the financial and physical investment—most men are still too emotionally invested in the current socio-political order. The process of transferring your allegiances from that order and to your tribe–whether held together by blood, ideology or whatever—will go a long way toward breaking that emotional tie. When increasing numbers of men do this, whether deliberately or because the incentives point that way, it will set the stage for something new.

  56. @Rollo: I agree. This is where @Dragnet and I have arrived, in that if men wish to retain their civilization then there must be purge and violence, both to the invader, and to the native women who are feminist and will not submit. This is most likely to be in the form of a deliberate failure to defend, or an expulsion into the arms of the invader.

    Regardless of who or what religion the invader is, the equivalent enemy of western civilized man is the women who have weakened him. Both must be dealt with or western civilization is a moot point, and conversion to the superior culture (the winner of the two) must be considered.

  57. @Detritus
    “with this for you”?
    Anyway, I explicitly wrote several times in that short post that this isn’t the problem.

  58. “The only solution is a return to the way of the gang a la Jack Donovan. ”

    Think Fireteam Militia. Find just three other men good at being men.

    “How many of you guys really buy into the ” Tribe ” mentality in 2016?”

    It’s as wired in in men as hypergamy is for women.

    “It starts out as one thing, but always morphs into something else. Best scenario is that it will morph into ” government “ . . .”

    Of course, but then so does anarchy. Let’s just hope there’s no guillotine this time.

  59. @ dragnet

    ” Forget the financial and physical investment—most men are still too emotionally invested in the current socio-political order ”

    Cosign +1

    Okay, I’m sold. I’ve been a part of small ” movements ” similar to what we discuss, but as The Question alludes to in the comment above, these things seem to inevitably fall apart. The pull of the status quo is strong. Maybe in time, and not too much longer, things will get to a point where enough men will stop and think. I’m surprised that we aren’t at that tipping point currently, but as you say the emotional investment blinds many.

  60. The War Bride dynamic is, I think for many men, a rather terrifying thing to discover at first. The idea that women have the ability to immediately cut emotional ties to the men of their country and assume the role of loving wife/partner to the hated invader (provided they win) is an extraordinarily unsettling prospect – especially to the man who still entertains some blue pill notions of feminine nobility, loyalty and character. A lot of men who fall into protective roles, especially in western society, are driven by the idea that they are fighting on behalf of people who care about and love them. Even when their faith in their country’s leadership is shaken, they find strong motivation within the desire to protect their families.

    The War Bride dynamic, once discovered and actually observed, effectively shatters this foundational illusion of a woman being truly, unshakably loyal to her man. Unfortunately for women, the shattering of this belief in men has two extremely negative knock on effects for women.

    First, it destroys motivation in men to take on the role of protector. The opportunistic woman has never inspired any reciprocal loyalty. This, in the aggregate, could have grave consequences for a woman’s security situation. Remember, while the conquered women may be able to flip a mental switch allowing them to easily defect to the other side, the invaders might have other, less amenable, ideas. Sometimes the conquering hordes are looking for good wives and maidservants, other times they just want something to gang rape and then use for target practice.

    Second, it has a terrible dehumanizing effect on men’s perception of women. In the mental framework most men are raised with (and instinctively gravitate to), the bad guy may have the upper hand at some point, but he never wins the heart of the fair maiden. The maiden is fair and worthy of saving precisely because of her steadfast loyalty and noble character. Imagine a Superman movie in which, upon seeing the Man of Steel’s darkest hour, Lois Lane simply says, “well, you’re no good anymore”, and runs off to marry Lex Luthor with open arms and zero regrets. Does the audience have any reason to care about Lois anymore? I hate to use a simplistic comic book scenario here, but it illustrates an important point. Simply put, feminine solipsism has a nasty tendency to sap masculine empathy. Sadly, when the pattern repeats itself enough, men lose the ability to connect to women on an emotional, trusting level. When emotional connection and trust is gone, what remains is the the conception of women as objects.

    While feminists attribute the dehumanization of women in third world cultures to the nebulous concept of “toxic masculinity” as a prima facie cause, I believe it has more to do with the effects outlined above. What they refer to as “toxic masculinity” is, in essence, nothing more than masculine adaptation to the raw solipsism inherent in the War Bride dynamic – a dynamic constantly on display withing the conflict ridden third world.

    Conversely, the relative peace of the first world within the past 70 years or so has led to a generational amnesia of sorts, in which men’s attitudes toward women, having never been tempered by exposure to the War Bride dynamic, have considerably softened. However, I would be remiss if I didn’t also place some of the blame for this softness on years of cultural programming and decay, coupled with the decreased need for masculine violence in peacetime. Nevertheless, the idea here is that the rise of feminine primacy in culture is actually owed in large part, to abundance and relative peace of the past seven decades.

  61. @ The Question

    I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, only that it’s worth the effort to do what you can with what you have.

    Sure, solid decent guys come and go…so always be looking for other guys who are ideologically similar or ready to be unplugged and could be worthy of your tribe. Always be willing to lend a hand to those kind of men. Trust your intuition, experience, and you understanding of social dynamics (Game) to find and connect with these men as you go through life. And when/if you’re ready to settle down yourself you can use the same skillset to build a more permanent tribe.

    It’s not easy and there is no one-size-fits-all solution—just commit to getting started and doing what you can. That’s all a man can ever do, really.

  62. Just a comment about the TV station that broadcast this interview:

    RT is Russia Today, a pro-Russian, pro-Kremlin, anti-EU broadcaster financed by Putin’s propaganda money.

    (I’m not making a value judgment here, just stating facts)

    So when the interviewer appears oblivious or solipsistic, she isn’t being feminist. Feminism is not even the issue here – her questions are just jabs at EU’s ideology and current internal weakness.

  63. The immigration crisis feels very artificial to me. There’s no way Merkel woke up one morning and decided Germany needed millions of Muslim Arabs as quickly as possible at the same time the rest of Eastern Europe’s leaders did. Feminism is playing its part in preventing the crisis’ correction but I keep wanting to find out who is orchestrating this.

    Meanwhile, the feminists blame the Betas for the crimes of the Alphas. Same as it ever was and I can predict the ending: either the Muslims submit to the FI when their time comes or they’ll suffer the same fate as the natives. Which will leave the puppet master in control of entire nations, playing one side off the other to keep both weak.

  64. @bnon

    You’ve answered your own question. You can’t have a culture clash without people disliking the idea of marrying together, or in this case, of Women being pillaged from one culture by men from another.

    Methinks, youthinks your political life happens in a vacuum.

  65. Rollo’s assessment is bang-on.
    Merkel paid Turkey to keep Syrian refugees in Turkey. She deviated from the Washington consensus re:isolating Russia. The refugees were cut loose along with Libyans, Iraqis, etc.
    The rape of Europe is punishment and a warning: German-Russian rapprochement-they are natural allies-will not be tolerated. Merkel is a failure; 2017 elections will see her expunged.
    That wont end the tide. Another million or more will come in 2016. The lugenpresse and German establishment will spin n spin n spin. The country will plunge into crisis. This is a country that will jail you, destroy your career and make you a pariah via ‘hate laws’; cultural marxist-fascism writ large on a societal scale. It is complete civilization-cultural failure.
    Germans did not create this mess. The Americans imposed this on their society, post-WW2, to nullify Germany as a threat to ‘full spectrum dominance’ by the U.S. $ and NATO. What we are witnessing is the utter ruthlessness of elites. They will destroy anyone, including any coun try, who gets in their way.
    If you cant control something you ‘spoil’, i.e. create chaos. U.S. elites are losing power therefore they create chaos in the Mid-East and Europe; they are terrified of China, Russia, Iran-all are moving off the U.S. dollar.
    Why should any man fight for any woman who doesnt happily blow him? Why should any German man risk jail to protect an entitled, masculanized broad who wouldnt give hi.m the time of day a year ago? In capitalist economies the individual needs protect his/her interest. In Germany their is now a demand for protection but it is not being supplied. Market failure due to govt policies.
    Reap it ladies. You voted for it.

  66. @ Gunner Q

    ” Same as it ever was and I can predict the ending: either the Muslims submit to the FI when their time comes or they’ll suffer the same fate as the natives. ”

    One of the ” reasons ” radical versions of Islam has a hard on for the West can be distilled down to Women having ” power ” over men/government. The view is that the West will force Islamic regions into submission and transplant or impose Western culture on the people. The idea of their submission is mostly a moot point.

    Better that they are deported for safety’s sake, before any radicalization occurs.

    But as Rollo points out, this isn’t exactly about Muslims per se, In the end an invader is an invader.

  67. @Is This thing On?

    Nice to see that guy doing well. Maybe the e-book was the way to go after all.

  68. Aaron Clarey is the nicest misguided guy on the web.

    He banned me from his comment section.

    I’ll skip his vid, thanks.

    : )

  69. @CharlieFoxtrot – Wow, man, have you been through the wringer. At least you didn’t get married and lose your family etc. (small victory, I know). A few thoughts for you:

    – A man has to be able to sustain himself and have his own “castle” – even if it’s shit. Living with parents and not being able to sustain yourself is so grinding and denigrating. So, question: Have you opened up to all possibilities? Moving? Getting a merchant marine ticket? Two shitty part time jobs? Old friends from military/school or other parts of your social network who could throw you some kind of job – any job? Where ever it is? While you have a lot of other work in front of you, getting your wheels actually spinning on becoming self-sufficient again and out of your fucking parent’s home is a must have for a 40 something man to even look in the mirror.

    – Have you read Rollo’s Best of Year 1 and 2 up top? If not, do so.

    – Jack Donovan’s Way of Men is fantastic. After you read it, let us know and we’ll tell you the punchline you’ll never guess about him…

    – Keep sharing here, do not hide or stop talking. And don’t try to look good, if you don’t like what I’m saying – fucking argue with me.

    – You are in the right place. We are here for men exactly like you, there is hope. What I hear from you most is the death of hope and happiness and any possibility of a good outcome. I can relate in some very real ways – and I got out of that place.

    First step? SACK THE FUCK UP, MOTHERFUCKER. You are drowning in self pity. This is optional and self-imposed. I get it, life fucked you up the ass, boo hoo. It’s fucked many of us here up the ass worse than you, I guaranfuckingtee. Here’s the question you need to ask yourself? Why not you? Why shouldn’t life have fucked you? Why are you so special? Most humans on this planet live lives in which they are fucked from birth and are oppressed, have no opportunity, no chances and are deprived and abused all the time. Why not you? Why did you deserve something better? Because you “played by the rules” and “you were a good boy”? Really? In your 40s and you still believe that horseshit? In life there are two things – winning, and losing. You either achieve your outcome or you don’t – and if you are committed to winning, you don’t quit and feel sorry for yourself. If you would rather lose and have good excuses – you get the shit life you’ve got.

    I’ll go even farther. I’ll bet if we took your life apart here, we’d find that you’ve made some shit decisions and choices and that in part your life blows so hard cuz of your actions and that it didn’t have to be this way.


  70. @Ollie:

    That’s a good summary. It’s also why TRP is such a tough thing to swallow, but it’s the best antidote. One of the focus changes TRP brings about is to improving yourself; living for your own goals and purposes. Such a focus change allows you to deal with women from your proper position as leader and head – she’s along for the ride as long as she enhances you, and not when she’s a liability.

    Always remember that the invader does not fail the shit test of feminism. Feminists (all women) that do not submit, and submit totally, get enslaved or killed.

  71. With both my previous post, and the War Bride dynamic in mind, I want to share a few ideas on where the men of the European right should go next.

    1. Masculine values and leadership
    I am convinced that masculine leadership must be a plank of both conservative politics and metapolitics. In the upcoming conflict, there is simply no room for the the pathological altruism that all too often serves as the lodestone of feminine primacy based politics. There must be a strong and compelling masculine figures guiding politics, coupled with the remaking of society according to a more masculine and virile ethos.

    2. Embrace Anti-Feminism
    The right must unapologetically dismiss the whole of feminist canon if it is to remain an ideologically coherent force. Feminism is not only self contradictory, but utterly incapable of any real rapprochement with any political movement that decides to embrace it. We have witnessed time and time again how even the most extreme left fails to satisfy its ever-expanding demands. It is an ideological cancer, that if fed, will inevitably and invariably consume and exhaust its host.

    3.Do not appeal to women directly
    Asking women for votes directly is like timidly begging them for love. It is a sign of inherent weakness and destined to fail. Far more effective is to use the persuasion techniques forming the core of pickup science to earn their admiration and electoral commitment. If there is one important takeaway I got from both the red pill canon and the War Bride dynamic in particular it is this – women will follow the man who is strongest. Focusing on the whims of individuals in focus groups is a fool’s errand – like asking your mom or older sister for dating advice. The people trying to save Europe must first project strength and charisma. The votes will follow.

  72. But as Rollo points out, this isn’t exactly about Muslims per se, In the end an invader is an invader.

    Just to keep this in perspective, the pragmatism of Hypergamy I’ve described here always manifests itself under the right conditions (war) irrespective of who the factions happen to be:

    …two books by John Costello; ‘Virtue Under Fire’ and ‘Love, Sex, and War’ in which all too much of the above female psychology manifested itself;

    “Of the 5.3 million British infants delivered between 1939 and 1945, over a third were illegitimate – and this wartime phenomenon was not confined to any one section of society. The babies that were born out-of-wedlock belonged to every age group of mother, concluded one social researcher:

    Some were adolescent girls who had drifted away from homes which offered neither guidance nor warmth and security. Still others were women with husbands on war service, who had been unable to bear the loneliness of separation. There were decent and serious, superficial and flighty, irresponsible and incorrigible girls among them. There were some who had formed serious attachments and hoped to marry. There were others who had a single lapse, often under the influence of drink. There were, too, the ‘good-time girls’ who thrived on the presence of well-paid servicemen from overseas, and semi-prostitutes with little moral restraint. But for the war many of these girls, whatever their type, would never have had illegitimate children. (pp. 276-277)”


    “Neither British nor American statistics, which indicate that wartime promiscuity reached its peak in the final stages of the war, take account of the number of irregularly conceived pregnancies that were terminated illegally. Abortionists appear to have been in great demand during the war. One official British estimate suggests that one in five of all pregnancies was ended in this way, and the equivalent rate for the United States indicates that the total number of abortions for the war years could well have been over a million.

    These projections are at best merely a hypothetical barometer of World War II’s tremendous stimulus to extra-marital sexual activity. The highest recorded rate of illegitimate births was not among teenage girls, as might have been expected. Both British and American records indicate that women between twenty and thirty gave birth to nearly double the number of pre-war illegitimate children. Since it appears that the more mature women were the ones most encouraged by the relaxed morals of wartime to ‘enjoy’ themselves, it may be surmised that considerations of fidelity were no great restraint on the urge of the older married woman to participate in the general rise in wartime sexual promiscuity. (pp. 277-278)”

    Nor, did this behavior stop with the end of WWII, it was merely rationalized, codified, and approved by society by feminism and their Vichy males.

  73. @bnon
    On why “race mixing, is a bad thing in principle”
    A racist can give you 100 detailed reasons (some valid, some not) why it’s a bad thing, but the main principle is bad because it’s simply not good either, on any level.

    On the political side, a nation stands strong when its people are united – and race-mixing undermines that. You can’t have racism without diversity, and having it creates a whole class of people that have their own inequality issues that political groups may find themselves catering to. Essentially, minority groups, feeling victimized, vote Left for the handouts and the interest of the nation takes the backseat. You must be European, because if you were an intelligent American this would be obvious to you.

    On the genetics side, and I’m not going to go in too deep, but since we are each the product of 2 sets of chromosomes, it’s ideal to have parents (each donating 1) that are compatible with each other (same race). Anything you are missing can be patched up because your (same gene pool) partner has a lot of overlap, and your children will actually resemble you. It’s a continuation of 2k years of natural selection, and a very successful line, too. Mixing races is not ideal for many non-genetic reasons, but on this end too because it’s unpredictable. Think John Smith + Pocahontas and their kid’s vulnerability to smallpox, vs. if John just married an English girl. There are many more, but I’m not going there. Good or bad, the only certainty is that the kid won’t be white and won’t look anything like you.

    On principle, race mixing is a bad thing because it is the ultimate act of self-destruction. My theory, is that most people who do this are subconsciously (if not actively) racist against themselves. Either there is an underlying sense of shame and even self-hatred for their own race, or a perception that the other race is superior to their own. I see this a lot with indigenous(-ish) women in South America (white people are like god to them), though everybody is vulnerable to this and the set-ups vary based on each individual’s perception of race. I can think of some caveats to this , but I decided not to type them because they fall under the “subconscious” category above – they’re still, at the root, forms of racism against yourself.

    I think I covered all the bases here, but the easy wrap-up is that it is bad simply because it’s just not good in any way. If good is positive, bad is negative, and neutral = 0, race mixing = -1 * the degree of your racism from 1 to 100.

  74. “I am convinced that masculine leadership must be a plank of both conservative politics and metapolitics.”

    Masculine leadership is what politics is. Otherwise it’s just another women’s circle.

  75. @TR

    Thank you for that. I keep forgetting American’s don’t expect Spic Trash like me to be able to appreciate the Right.

  76. TR

    Your bowl of dicks is served.

    ” On the political side, a nation stands strong when its people are united – and race-mixing undermines that. You can’t have racism without diversity, and having it creates a whole class of people that have their own inequality issues that political groups may find themselves catering to. Essentially, minority groups, feeling victimized, vote Left for the handouts and the interest of the nation takes the backseat. You must be European, because if you were an intelligent American this would be obvious to you.”

    “….You must be European, because if you were an intelligent American this would be obvious to you…”

    “…if you were an intelligent American this would be obvious to you.”

    Where the f*ck were you born?

    See, this right here always amazes me. That shit you wrote is not intelligent, it’s your twisted opinion ( and don’t point me to ” research ” please. Stick your bullshit research up your dumb ass – thanks ).

    Back to our regularly scheduled programming.

  77. Think of this mess within the context of the whole ROK meetup blowup, which regardless of how we feel about its practicality or usefulness is really just like-minded men who want to meet in person and have drinks and chat. The MSM calls them “legal rape meetings,” and people go absolutely insane and call for “border controls” to keep Roosh out of a country.

    Prior to this, their governments imported millions of people from Third World regions that have wholly separate cultural values when it comes to women (and closer to neomasculinity than to feminism)……and the ladies are greeting them at the airport and letting them into their homes even when they have boyfriends…..then mass assaults occur by these migrants in the middle of cities….and the women are told by the police and their mayors how they need to keep them at a distance.

    If only these migrants were dedicated ROK readers…..

  78. Something Linked at TRP:

    I have been following TRP for almost two years now and it has positively improved my life and my relationships. The discussion of sexual strategy and the sexual marketplace here has opened my eyes on so many things.

    However there is one sexual strategy that is only mentioned in the past tense in the manosphere (that of pillaging your enemy and raping their women). For us living in our sheltered first world nations where we discuss the downfall of male/female relations (the masculinization of women and the feminization of men) this ancient sexual strategy seems alien to us, something that only belongs in the past.

    As the events unfold in Europe we are seeing what happens when we fail to understand and willingly forget certain biological truths. We are witnessing this invasion and it is shocking to everyone. There is literally an invading and an already occupying force of foreign men coming to rape European women and pillage the dead European empires. They are the maggots feeding on the dying European corpse. These men have lived in third world countries and understand the amorality of war and conquering, they come from war zones and are actively encouraged and invited by the regressive left establishment and women and their beta bitchboy lapdog traitors.

    Look around you in society and see how many bitch men there are. The last few generations of western men have lived in relative peace with very few having experienced war. Most of us have no concept of life outside of the bubble of the first world and do not understand what man has known throughout history. Namely, that in the interplay between tribes, countries and ideologies there is no concept of morality, it is simply take what you can get (and this includes the women who are treated like property). Women cannot understand this fact because they do not deal with reality and would prefer to follow their feelings instead of dealing with cold hard facts.

    Western men have become domesticated via social engineering (social media, movies, tv shows, lowering testosterone, etc.) Contrast this with the wild and feral third world men pouring into Europe and you begin to understand how the sexual marketplace and strategy factors into all this. On the surface it is insane that any woman would welcome this invasion with open arms, but that is because we have given women too much credit in our society. We allow them to have a say in political matters as a demographic and it is a big reason why we are in this situation.

    There is also a darker side which all redpill men are aware of. Namely, as CH so eloquently outlines:

    > Women are aroused by male strength and dominance above all other considerations. If the wider culture and ruling classes are arranging society so that Muslim migrants have the run of the place, and the native White men are hindered from expressing their displeasure and acting on it, the native White women will begin to feel desirous of those migrants, feeling in their bones that these are the tribe leaders they are looking for. But this is heady, Heartistian id analysis that is far too dark for most people, so I don’t expect any public shaming campaign of women’s redirected desire to begin any time soon.

    Here is an example of a volunteer Jana giving german lessons to refugees in an ‘Oasis Tent’. A picture is worth a thousand words. Her eyes, smile and body language as well as low-cut top give it all away. And there are plenty of other examples of this:

    Chateau has been prescient as always and has recently published an article detailing how men invade and women invite:

    What real men who were running the country and did not fail the shit test that is feminism used to do to women that welcomed the invaders was to shame them. They put them in their right and proper place and this is how civilization was able to continue. It seems now though that we are literally on a suicide and cuckolding course. Rollo outlines how our degenerate society will begin to push cuckolding as a socially acceptable phenomena. Guess what, they already are and this invasion and the reaction to it in the mainstream is a perfect example of it.

    **What can we do as redpill aware man to fight back against this tidal wave and end this madness and take back our culture?** We are always espousing the virtue of self-improvement, which I agree is fundamentally what needs to happen. But we **NEED** to realize that this is a war of civilizations where we are being backstabbed by our own establishment and their useful idiots.

    I had to rant and get my thoughts written down.

    P.S. This is what the French did to women who were found to be “collaborators” with the invading German men:

    EDIT: A great video that fleshes out a lot of the ideas talked about in my post, tune into the 5 minute mark for interesting discussion:

    EDIT 2:

    There is a backlash happening in Europe right now, this is the beginning of a major conflict that could potentially escalate in Europe.

    Look at the cucks in the last video. The ones against the people looking to deport the invaders. The stark contrast falls in line exactly with redpill theory.

    I am surprised this invasion is not discussed more just because it’s “”political””.


    I would recommend the film Children of Men (2006). It truly is an amazing film that I recently remembered watching and is how I think a lot of this will play out in Europe

  79. @Blaximus

    Ever ask yourself how many people SHARE TR’s “twisted” opinion? If it’s only ONE other person, even then, it couldn’t be for nothing.

  80. @ Yollo

    People are entitled to believe whatever the hell they want to believe. People believe a lot of stupid shit as long as it doesn’t affect them or makes them feel ” intelligent ” because they know some shit.

    I wonder what is it inside of a person that drives them to commit these ” facts ” to memory. I’m sure TR could explain to Michael Phelps how to swim faster, because he just ” knows ‘.

    His opinion is ” for nothing “. He’s entitled to his nothing. I’m not.

  81. @The Question

    Isn’t Roosh Arab? Maybe if he promised to rape the attendees the gates would swing open?

  82. @ The Question

    Actually, I think Roosh had exactly the right idea with these meetups. Not a smart move to post the meeting locations weeks in advance, though.

  83. A lot of you guys recommend banding together with other like minded men. I’ll let you know if I ever meet another one in real life. Perhaps it’s just where I live, but I have yet to meet a red pill aware man in person. I thought I met one for a while. He was kind of a mans man. Very capable individual. I brought up some red pill topics to see if they would resonate. I got the biggest blue pill lecture I’ve ever heard. He actually attributes 90% of the success of society to the contributions of women.

    I lost a lot of faith in my fellow men on that day.

  84. @Blaximus

    “I wonder what it is inside a person that drives them to commit these “facts” to memory.”

    Well The Red Pill tells me that “irrational” beliefs have their substance in our own genetic imperatives. Substantiated by our environment or not, these things are there as fall backs if civilization fails to shelter my lineage.

    So I can empathize with TR’s statement. Though I admit I’m doing myself, few practical favors by being this type of perturb-able, those people in Europe wouldn’t have this happening to them if their men got pissed at the first sign of this shit.

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