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One of the most vexing things a lot of Red Pill aware men encounter when they interact with women today is the expectation that women are coequally as rational agents as men. We were taught from the earliest ages by our blank-slate equalist teachers that boys and girls are all the same, having coequal potential for coequal successes in life (as they define them), then primarily focusing on the ‘correct’, female way of educating both sexes. This education isn’t limited to just the classroom; the Village uses many ways (media, pop culture, religion, etc.) to deliver what is fundamentally the same message – boys and girls, men and women, are essentially, effectively, the same with respect to their potentials. Now, that’s the message not the practice. Even when they are forced to recognize definitive differences they simply dismiss them by saying “We’re more alike than different” in the presumption that this should be enough to refocus and reinforce their blank-slate belief set.

So when men and women consider differences in gender, differences in double standards, inequalities in gender-specific issues and pretty much any empirical debate about these and other differences, men presume that the women they are ‘debating’ with are also looking for earnest, equitable answers beginning from the same coequal state of mutual interest. This is almost never the case.

The pretense that’s been embedded into men from the earliest years of their Blue Pill conditioning is since men and women are coequal agents they should both be interested in finding an objective truth together. But the frustration in this ‘debate’ comes from the simple fact that our differences are actually much more significant than the dismissals of equalists would want them to be. The roots of this deliberate misunderstanding are twofold: First, the innate solipsistic self-interest of women, and second, women’s predisposition to interpret information using the Emotional (versus Rational) interpretive processes.

When men and women debate intersexual issues of contention men opt for their innately preferred Rational interpretive process; we look for factual evidence to support a premise. Women opt for the Emotional process and then consider evidence. This difference in processing is where a lot of personal and ideological obstacles come into play between men and women. Our educational priorities of both men and women prioritizes the importance of emotion and its expression before a consideration of the Rational process. We teach boys/men to sublimate their natural proclivity towards reason by replacing it with the Emotional process. Thus, we’ve seen the push to encourage men to get in touch with their feelings or their feminine sides since the late 60s.

As I mentioned last week, women prioritize context (how a conversation makes them feel) in communication while men prioritize content (the information of the conversation); these differences are part of our biological/neurological evolved inheritances. This is where the misunderstanding starts between the sexes; however, calling this a ‘misunderstanding’ is a bit of a misnomer.

I’m sure a lot of readers think this is a longwinded way of saying women’s emotions blind them to the facts that men present to them when they debate. While this is true in a sense, this is shortsighted because, in the interests of simplifying things, most guys will just blow off the dynamics that build up this (often deliberate) miscommunication. Women don’t like the way a Rational-prioritized conversation makes them feel. Often the reality is unflattering to their solipsistically defined egos – but the communication feels wrong because women’s presumption is that men should just know to acknowledge their feelings in that debate (all communication really). On the female side the presumption is that men and women, being blank-slate equals, already know to prioritize the Emotional process, while on the male side men presume women will prioritize the Rational process because, again, we’re all the same, right?

This presuming that one sex sees the same way as the other is endemic in our time. I had a reader pose me with a similar example:

I had a conversation with my LTR at dinner tonight where I did a thought exercise with her. I asked her to imagine what it would be like if people visually saw different colors when they looked at various objects but had consistent names for those colors in their own minds. For example, person A sees what person B calls Blue, but it looks like what would be called green if person A could peer into person B’s mind. The point was we can’t know what colors actually look like from an individual subjective perspective. Although I tried several times to walk through this, she couldn’t comprehend what I was trying to explain. I then realized that this exercise involved imagining a first person conscious experience from multiple perspectives. This test could be a proxy test for (women’s) solipsism.

This thought experiment is a good way to illustrate solipsism in women, but it’s an even better example of the default presumptions men and women have of each other in other areas. As it stands today, in our feminine-primary social order, the Blue Pill conditions us to default to cognitive models that are defined by the female experience. Thus, whatever best satisfies a female-primary purpose is always considered the correct purpose. The way women think, the way women prioritize their Emotional interpretive process, is the right way for men to think – and the mutual presumption is that men already do (or should) think and process stimuli like women do. Anything else, anything that would recognize a difference in men from women, always feels wrong.

This default presumption of a female-correct way of interpreting and experiencing the world isn’t limited to our differences in communication. This misalignment of interpretive differences also extends to the false presumption that men and women approach the concept of love from a mutually understood perspective. Men love idealistically, women love opportunistically, yet men’s presumption is that both men and women approach love from the Disneyesque idealism they believe women are capable of. Men too believe that women see the same colors they do and have the same names for those colors. In this case those colors are the concepts and approaches women have towards love. I may write a new essay outlining this dynamic soon, but I’ve already written many prior posts on this experiential difference.

Rationalism vs. The Rational Process

As a result of pushing the Emotional process as the correct way of interpreting our world the Rational process necessarily gets demonized today. It feels wrong to a social order predicated on the Emotional process, so the truths that the Rational process reveals seem cruel, biased or vindictive when they refute the interpretations of the Emotional process. The importance of Emotion has been elevated above an interpretive process to where it’s now entered a metaphysical realm. This is where the Emotional process becomes Emotionalism. In the light of this, the Rational process is overshadowed and sublimated in importance. But the Rational process is what exposes emotionalism for what it is: Emotion is an evolved, biological interpretive process that serves our species well, but the feelings it generates are biological responses to environmental stimuli, not evidence of some higher consciousness or mythic existential importance that goes beyond anything in the physical realm.

The Rational process throws a cold bucket of truth on lofty emotionalism. As a result, and because emotionalism has been a basis of our social order for millennia now, the Rational process had to be debased in importance.

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. – Proverbs 3:5

This scripture is an example of the conflict between emotionalism and the rationalism that popular social consciousness would like to apply to the Rational interpretive process. The Rational process is based in our collective and subjective intelligence. Healthy men and women both have the mental hardware to use the Rational process well, but where we differ is in our gendered mental firmware. When we collectively prefer one process to the other, this is where we decide which gender’s process will define our social order. In order for emotionalism to supersede rationality and ensure its preeminence appeals to the emotional above the rational have to be popularized.

If we could depend on an unbiased, unadulterated form of reason the Rational process would be a superior methodology. But as I stated before, rationalism is dependent on intelligence and that intelligence takes time. In some ways the Rational process is sensitive to both instinct and emotion, in other’s that reasoning is painfully, sometimes fatally slow. The world happens fast and vacillating in the reasoning process might easily kill an individual. Fortunately we have instinct and emotion to carry us through. The Rational process requires time because it requires learning, contemplation, theorizing and any number of high-order thinking processes to be effective. And even then, that effectiveness depends on reasoning’s accuracy. For the past three or four hundred years we’ve increasingly had the luxury to develop our Rational process, but for all the advancements it’s given us, when it comes to intersexual dynamics emotion is still the priority.

We have placed such importance on emotion at the expense of reason that we’ll risk personal safety in our ‘right’ to express it. No doubt most men are familiar with repressing their emotional responses, but it’s interesting to consider that even with this self-control and even with our innate predilection to process emotion differently than women, men are the ones accused of failing to be ‘in touch with their emotions’. On first glance Robert Greene’s quote here appears to be wisdom (I think it is) – self-control, mastery of one’s emotional state, is a virtue. Yet, in our emotional-primary social order we’ll hear women complain that men are less emotionally available. And this conflict illustrates again that whatever is expedient to the female imperative is what is to be considered ‘correct’ at that moment.

Empiric reason is the foundation of what humanity has made of itself. Setting aside emotionality and considering challenges in a Rational interpretive process is fundamental to understanding the emotional and instinctive process and their advantages and weaknesses. For the record it’s my belief that all of these interpretive processes in union are are necessary elements in the human experience, but my focus on these processes is to lay a foundation for a better understanding of them. It’s easy to get caught up in the demonization of the instinctual and the rational when the emotional is defining what’s bad or good for our collective experiences.

When I wrote Appeals to Reason I was exploring the futility of expecting women to transition into a logical reasoning of why she should logically be with a guy who was more than happy to embody all of the aspects she stated she wants in a man. The manosphere idiom is “no woman was ever reasoned or logicked into bed with a guy”, women don’t follow the Rational process when it comes to interrelating with men. It’s all Instinctual and Emotional, and usually in that order. A man might be able to use his rational facilities to better understand women’s evolved instinctual and emotional responses, and what prompts them, but reason itself isn’t the key to that interrelation.

Appealing to women’s logic and relying on deductive reasoning to sort it out is the calling card of a Beta mind. There is nothing more anti-seductive for women than appealing to her reason. Arousal, attraction, sexual tension, subcommunication of desire, all happen indirectly and below the social surface for women. It’s not that women are incapable of reasoning (hypergamy is one logical bitch) or are crippled by their emotion-based hindbrains, it’s that if you’re asking her how to be more attractive you don’t Get It. It’s in the doing, not the asking.

If you’ve stuck with me to the end of this series I want to say thanks. I really felt that these interpretive processing models needed to be fully outlined as what I’ll get into in the coming months will need this as a basis for it.

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Author of The Rational Male and The Rational Male, Preventive Medicine

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  1. “Wolfe was totally red pill.

    Irreverently so. He keenly observed. Then wrote stuff that read like a flow state.

    His non-fiction read like fiction and his non-fiction read like reality.

    Back when Neil Strauss was writing/wrote The Game, Tom Wolfe wrote this (2004):

    Posted by tommitalkthai at 7:27 AM


    When the Duke Lacrosse case (2006) rocked the world, and most certainly North Carolina, many people remarked at the similarities between what was revealed as life on Duke and the life at the fictional Dupont University in Tom Wolfe’s I am Charlotte Simmons (2004). For those who argued that Wolfe had sensationalized a culture of white privilege, sexual degradation and racism, the true story of the Duke Lacrosse team and the accusations that flew their way was an eye-opener. Wolfe maintains that Duke wasn’t the sole model for Dupont, but the similarities between the campuses (prestige, power, basketball, beautiful campus, gothic elements, etc.) are enough to say “hey, Tom. It’s okay. Let it be Duke.” In all honesty, Dupont is a combination of several prestigious private universities and some of the public ivys, such as UNC.

    I found myself very interested in the Duke Lacrosse case and the allegations surrounding the affluent team members. When I heard the parallels with themes from Wolfe’s novel, I picked the hefty work up – the publicity was enough to tickle my fancy, especially after I’d already formed a decent relationship with Wolfe after reading A Man in Full. I couldn’t have been more surprised; this novel astounded me in unexpected ways. I’m apt to declare that ALL incoming college freshmen should be required to read it. I realize the novel makes college sound positively horrid, but bare with me – through his over-the-top portrayals, Wolfe manages to reveal a truth that is universal; we all just want to belong and sometimes belonging means losing yourself.

    The novel focuses on Charlotte Simmons, a naïve yet insanely smart good ole southern gal from Sparta, North Carolina. When we first see Charlotte, she is delivering her valedictorian’s speech and swelling with pride and accomplishment as all eyes turn her way. “I am Charlotte Simmons,” she repeats to herself triumphantly in a “the world is my oyster” kind of way as she basks in the adoration of the adults – the students, her classmates, are below her and not really worth impressing. The reader gets a little insight into Charlotte at this point – her need to belong, to connect with her classmates juxtaposed against the alienation of her intelligence and the better life that awaits her. Charlotte’s genius had earned her a full-scholarship to Dupont University, a fictional institution in Pennsylvania, and while the adults worshipped her for it, her classmates envied her. Wolfe doesn’t hesitate to present Charlotte’s flaws and inner conflicts to the reader; he doesn’t want her to be viewed as some virginal concept of innocence, though that is how she appears to many of the people she encounters. Wolfe doesn’t want you to be fooled; Charlotte is no different from you.

    When Charlotte’s parents move her into Dupont, the reader is embarrassed for her. Her mother’s hideous outfit and her father’s horrible mermaid tattoo combined with their awww shucks, salt-of-the-earth, good-country-people presentation is enough to make you cringe when her filthy rich, white as white can be, boarding school educated, nothing but the best for daddy’s little girl roommate and her family stroll into the room. You know right away that Charlotte will not be connecting with Beverly. Beverly is another stereotype for Wolfe and he plays her well.

    Other stereotypes include Jojo Johanssen, a white basketball player on the verge of losing his starting position to a black freshman; Vernon Congers, the black freshman on the verge of greatness who is about as dumb as a bag of bricks; Hoyt Thorpe, a fratastic pretty-boy who thinks the world is “fucking” his and it doesn’t matter who or what he destroys; Adam Gellin, the virgin-senior resident dork, working two jobs just to survive at Dupont, including tutoring the athletes and resenting the white & athletic privilege of the “cool” with every fiber of his being; Camille, the insanely smart but militantly angry feminist; Randy, the fresh out of the closet, overly-sensitive gay guy; Bettina, the overly “plump” girl who tries too hard to fit in and fails miserably; and a large cast of characters including your average sorostitutes, drunken homophobic frat boys, violent lacrosse players, sluts, playas, dorks, jocks, nerds – it’s like the Breakfast Club on a cocaine and Aristocrat cocktail.

    The stereotypes are well carried out; the basketball stars are treated like gods – the athletic department “surprises” them with fantastic SUVs to draw even more attention to themselves on campus, the athletic tutors are required to take any step necessary to ensure the student-athletes don’t fall behind (this includes actually doing the assignments for them), there is a list of classes that are “jock-approved” and taught by “athlete-friendly” professors, the females are constantly throwing their panties at them and the players get a lot of action on AND off the court, the stars are not intelligent and are well below the average for getting into the school but the white players (called swimmies) on the team are there to ensure the team’s combined GPA meets the requirements, the starters who ARE smart hide their intelligence under a mask of “cool,” etc. The frat boys are overgrown, sex-craved, alcoholic druggies who just like to get “fucked” – in more ways than one – and ooze white privilege. The nerds are so desperate to belong and be cool but smart enough to resist and fight the definition of “cool.”

    The language Wolfe seems to overuse may be crass and crude, but if you’ve ever stepped foot in a university dining hall, a quad, a brickyard, a pit, etc., you’ll know he’s not really exaggerating. Below is a quote that explains the native language of college kids:

    “Without even realizing what it was, Jojo spoke in this year’s prevailing college creole: Fuck Patois. In Fuck Patois, the word fuck was used as an interjection (“What the fuck” or plain “Fuck,” with or without the exclamation point) expressing unhappy surprise; as a participial adjective (“fucking gay,” “fucking tree,” “fucking elbows”) expressing disparagement or discontent; as an adverb modifying and intensifying an adjective (“pretty fucking obvious”) or a verb (“I’m going to fucking kick his ass”); as a noun (“That stupid fuck,” “don’t give a good fuck”); as a verb meaning Go away (“Fuck off”), beat – physically, financially, or politically (“really fucked him over”) or beaten (“I’m fucked”), botch (“really fucked that up”), drunk (You are so fucked up”); as an imperative expressing contempt (“Fuck you,” “Fuck that”). Rarely – the usage had become somewhat archaic – but every now and then it referred to sexual intercourse (“He fucked on the carpet in front of the TV”).”

    When Charlotte falls from grace, as she must, the reader is there with her. When Hoyt gets her drunk and takes her virginity, the reader sees it coming and longs to step into the pages and say “honey… no,” but we can’t stop her and her desire to be wanted results in her letting him go too far. And like the typical self-absorbed frat boy, Hoyt ruins her. As a reader, I became beyond annoyed with how soundly she lets him break her; he destroys her and she rolls over and lets it happen. Not only does she wallow in self-pity, she blames her self. She turns to Adam, oh knight in shining virgin armor, to stand in and rescue her. (He really just wants to get laid.) He picks her up, brushes her off, and eventually helps her get back on track. One of my favorite lines is when she’s having a breakdown. “Adam, essentially a literary intellectual, didn’t realize he was listening to the typical depressed girl who has made the appalling discovery that she is worthless.” Truly, what girl/woman HASN’T been there before? Of course, even as Adam is doing everything in his power to win her love, she’s embarrassed to be seen with him, to be connected to him. (Oh Charlotte – are you really much better than dear Beverly?)

    One of the other story lines involves Hoyt and the governor from California. The novel opens with Hoyt and another brother drunkenly stumbling across the governor, in town to speak at commencement, getting head from an underclassman. The governor’s bodyguard approaches the boys; the boys swell up with drunken bravado and actually win the fight. The incident becomes known as the “Night of the Skull Fuck.” Hoyt uses this incident to deify himself on campus; he is so proud of himself, so assured in his right to fucking own the world. Word spreads and Adam hears about the story and wants to cover it for the paper. The brother who’d been with Hoyt that night is afraid of what actions the governor might take; Hoyt, however, is invincible. As Hoyt nears graduation, and Adam’s editor continues to be too afraid to publish the story, he begins to wonder about his future – his grades are god-awful. A surprise comes when Hoyt gets a job offer based on the governor’s recommendation. The job would be the gift for his silence. Adam, bent on destroying the powerful and the man who broke his innocent Charlotte, gets his story published. The job offer is pulled, the governor and his run for presidency is destroy, and Hoyt is screwed. It’s a sweet revenge, but it doesn’t win Charlotte. Of course, at this point, Adam doesn’t care; he thought he needed Charlotte but becoming a local celebratory, a name on everyone’s lips, erased the need for her and she happily moved on.

    What does she move on to? Jojo. What else? Charlotte Simmons only wants to belong and being Jojo’s “girl” brings her more attention and stardom than she could have ever imagined. That’s the irony of the title and Charlotte’s oft expressed thought: I am Charlotte Simmons. The reader is left with the realization that Charlotte didn’t find herself and the question: WHO is Charlotte Simmons? The answer, Jojo’s girl, is not satisfying but it’s realistic.

  2. Wolfe saved what he touched—report cards, tailors’ bills, to-do lists, reader letters, lecture notes, book blurbs, requests for book blurbs, drawings, ideas for drawings never executed (“Nude Skydiver Devoured in Midair by Ravenous Owls”), and dozens of sexually explicit and totally insane letters from a female stalker, including one consisting chiefly of 17 pages of red lip prints.

    DPA gonna DPA…

  3. “The lust for status, it seemed to him, explained why otherwise intelligent American writers lost their minds and competed with one another to see just how devoted to the Communist cause they could be. In a funny way, Yale served him extremely well: it gave him a chance to roam and read and bump into new ideas. But he didn’t immediately see that:

    “These stupid fucks have turned down namely my dissertation, meaning I will have to stay here about a month longer to delete all the offensive passages and retype the sumitch. They called my brilliant manuscript ‘journalistic’ and ‘reactionary,’ which means I must go through with a blue pencil and strike out all the laughs and anti-Red passages and slip in a little liberal merde, so to speak, just to sweeten it. I’ll discuss with you how stupid all these stupid fucks are when I see you.” [T.W., aged 26, letter to a friend, June 9, 1956.]

    He re-writes his thesis. He lards it up with academic jargon and creates a phony emotional distance from his material (he refers to “an American writer E. Hemingway”), and it is accepted. Then he flees Yale as fast as he can.”


  4. @Foxy – IAS giving you good advice but note one big difference. When younger guys who have no game are asking about how to game, they are in a different place than and older guy (50+).

    In my case I was a natural alpha with some very blue pilled ideas, and pedestalized women. I used to say I was like Warren Beatty in Shampoo, I got laid a lot but never really knew why. I also fucked up with women regularly in terms of seduction and didn’t know what I was doing wrong. But I had a model-quality face, brains and social dominance in spades, so I still did well. But I wasn’t competent.

    When starting to game several years ago, I was trying to use my old approach and it wasn’t working. I had to think more carefully. When I was younger, I was always playing the boyfriend and potential husband game – what do you do when that’s not what you have to offer? Well most older guys figure out that they have money to offer. And even then, that’s not the worst thing in the world, I’ve done it. It all depends on the girl, actually. You can have a great sex with a pro by gaming them too. But still, that’s not the objective.

    Think carefully about this. Who is she for you? And who are you for her? For you it’s easy – you want fun, good sex and lots of variety (ask me how i know this, lol). But you probably do not understand what’s going on with hot young woman. I do. If they are 25 or younger, and an HB7 or more, they likely don’t even date men. They just have hookups and random encounters with various guys that are ill defined. She likely has dozens of beta-orbiters on text and Insta and FB, like you can’t imagine. She can get a guy with a six pack anytime she wants. What she can’t get is a smart, confident, dominant and worldly man who isn’t bowled over with her.

    I date only beautiful young women. They all tell me something like “it’s like you are reading my mind” when I tell them why they are bored with the younger guys. I say, “Yeah, it seems the younger guys today just don’t get what women want. You don’t want to be tied down, you aren’t looking for “the one” right now. No, you want to have your wild years and explore things and enjoy yourself. You don’t want to be possessed or controlled…” It’s almost too easy now.

    I just met a new one at my coffee shop. Petite blonde, maybe 21, let’s call her J. HB8 and she essentially threw herself at me, lol. My game is so tight these days it’s almost not fair. Almost…

    Last. The only thing you may be doing wrong is focusing on her too much. Work other projects, meet other girls, have multiple plates. The only way to not get OneItis is to have multiple plates at all times. And over time you can bring them in on it. I have my 31yo HB8 (used be my HB9) actually joking with me about coming to manage my “house for wayward girls”. I tell her about how I fuck the other girls. You have no idea how far this shit can be taken.

    Just don’t go all the way to @Fleezer level where you are beating them up…K?

  5. @ fleezer

    “but is a unicorn really a unicorn if they’re everywhere?

    maybe unicorn really just means any hb8+ you can ride like a pony

    if that’s the case, then hope, unicorns and rational red pill thinking not only can coexist, they must coexist as the only way to hunt magical unicorns is with a totally rational red pill mindset….”

    Great perspective, especially with your kicker which is where i’ve fucked up time and again with the hb8+’s i’ve pulled over the last half dozen years. I’ve always been able to pull them, but then i fall into pedastalizing & losing frame, then it’s all over bar the shouting…

    “rational male superiority = being able to create the emotional roller coaster and totally ride it with her, while not getting lost in your own creation (like she does)”

    You’ve nailed it, man. Well done…

  6. This is good timing. I was thinking the other day about arguing with feminists using facts. I was thinking in particular about when men say something like, “Men commit suicide more than women do.” The usual response is, “Well, women attempt suicide more than men do.” Usually, this leaves men flummoxed because it seems pretty obvious that it’s better to be alive than it is to be dead.

    The thing is, women say this because it feels equal. It’s the same lack of logic that women use during divorce: Why does she deserve the house, kids and alimony? Because it feels equal and that’s all that matters.

    This led me to another conclusion: In women’s eyes advantage equals equality and mathematical equality (the way men look at it) equals oppression. This is why, for example they keep harping on about the gender pay gap even though this canard has been dispelled repeatedly by many different people. In the minds of those arguing that the current system is unfair, equal pay for equal work is oppression. More money for less work? That’s equality.

  7. Blaximus
    Damn the pua’s for that phrase ” add value “.

    I thought it was the MBA’s who were to blame for that phrase?

  8. @ scribb

    Man, for me women in their 30’s are young for me at the mo. I need to work on them before moving up to the younger models you are slaying. We shall see. The Persian is early-mid 30’s i reckon, HB8+. It’s hard to tell but i will have a much better idea after we go out. The German is 31, HB8 (Killer body, attractive blonde but not stunning).

    “Think carefully about this. Who is she for you? And who are you for her?”

    Very good point. For me she is someone i was instantly attracted to and i feel she was to me, as right off the bat i hit on her and she responded very playfully. I was being as Alpha ZFG as i could, but wasn’t running as tight a game as you would. I’ll be honest, man, as much as i want to get into her pants and fuck her hard and wantonly as i like to do, i have spent so long out here alone that i’m craving something more. And this, i know, is definitely the wrong mindset. I feel myself slipping into BP-fantasy land even though i should know better. Which is why this dialogue i’m having with y’all is very important for me right now. We have often spoken how Rollo and TRM is saving men and for me right now this is absolutely true.

    See, i’m quite emotional for a RP man, and my emotions and mood swings have caused me a lot of misery and suffering over the years. I have high highs and low lows. I started writing poetry back in my 20’s when i was riding the train to work at a job that i didn’t like. I found it all recently and couldn’t read it. It was so miserable, which is how i felt at the time. When i moved into writing songs, there were quite a few in the early days that were just sad-sack forelorn love lost lonely as fuck where is my unicorn bullshit. Fortunately i didn’t record any of these as i was just refining my skills, though maybe i should now as chicks love that shit. The point is that i have always had a deep loneliness since i was a teenager and i’ve never been able to fill it. I’ve often been able to get the girl i was after, but would always slip back into my BP ideals of perfect romantic bliss and they would eventually leave. Of course, the ones i was ambivalent about (like a recent lover) wanted me even more the more ambivalent i was about them. Big obvious lesson there, i know. I used her as a bit of an experiment, putting my new RP teachings into practice, and it was like she was was my puppet. She played out just as all the RP commandments said she would. But i tend to default to pedastalizing the ones i am attracted to with my happily ever after Disney fantasy bullshit (most recently with the Serpent). And that has been my constant downfall, time and time again. So i want to not fuck up this time and reset to an abundance mentality, spinning lots of plates, ZFG. Trouble is, until i can get out of here for an extended period i’m just not meeting enough plates to spin…

    Who am i to her? Good question. That will become much clearer when we meet up in a couple of weeks (a long time, i know, but my hands are currently tied). Any time i text her she responds immediately, as if she was waiting for me (or whoever?) to text her. It’s obvious she is craving attention after being dumped by a higher value man. I don’t know who he, but he is a respected music producer by other friends. I’ve just been out of the scene for too long so i’ll take their word for it. Don’t really care who he is, but he dumped her, so he obviously has plenty of options. That is the world i am working towards inhabiting. She told me she wanted to have a kid with him after i prompted her about kids. I responded, ah well, there are other good men out there. He’s gone. Time to move on etc. So i wasn’t indulging her about him like some bitch. But i won’t let her talk about him when we go out like Palma suggested. I told her to lock it i as i have her ticket, so if she flakes, well, i can’t really control that. What i can control is how i handle her over the next couple of weeks until i see her again. For advice on that, let’s meet in FR and go from there so i don’t clog the feed with my story…

  9. SSF
    See, i’m quite emotional for a RP man, and my emotions and mood swings have caused me a lot of misery and suffering over the years. I have high highs and low lows.

    This emotional behavior is a likely a combination of learned, hormonal and inherited (depression runs in families). It’s no good for you, you don’t reallly like it, right?

    How’s your Testosterone? Seriously, when was the last time you had a full blood workup?

    Neural pathways / learned behavior:
    What patterns of thought AND action work to bring you out of the low lows?

    Did you have any relatives who were similar in this regard? What did they do? Something could emulate, or something you really want to avoid (drugs, booze, etc.)?

  10. so what would be the best way to handle a rational vs emotional debate/arguement in an LTR?

    Dump that bitch, bang 10 more

  11. As correct as it is on the macro level, I think the essay is a bit of an overreach.

    Man is not a rational animal, but a rationalizing animal comes to mind. In the book, “How We Decide” (I think that’s right without checking) the author argues that rationality is a “backfill process” that occurs after the fact as a justification.

    Yes, men tend to be more advantaged at rational thinking, but that’s more of a “first blush” reaction. It’s like when I was a teen, guys would throw a bottle of beer over a concrete floor, and shout, “Think fast!” If you didn’t have to be “thinking fast” you would have had time to prepare and deal with the situation. Usually, you would get out with a shoestring catch or trap it against your ankle.

    But even in a non-“think fast” environment, men here often argue as they claim women argue. I see it here in the comment pages:

    • Personal attacks
    • Claiming victimhood
    • Changing the subject
    • Not admitting when they are wrong
    • Not answering legitimate questions
    • Misdirection

    Basically arguing like bitches. But, often the man doing this is lauded for being a natural or an alpha or being good at being a man.

    I realize that my experience here is atypical, as I managed to pull off the “magic trick” of finding and coralling a unicorn-bitch. A unicorn because women like this are rare and a bitch because all women are like that. The point is that at least in this case, the unicorn-bitch in question, possesses a great facility for rational thinking up to a certain PSI before the seal blows under pressure. Then, at other times it begins as an emotional blowout because AWALT.

    @ SFC Ton – Last time I posted. I said words to the effect that TRM was in dire need of SFC Ton’s wisdom. As I am posting, I see your post. Great to hear from you! I guess I have magical powers to will things into existence.

  12. Alpha girls hate when you bait and switch them…

    “Lucas Glover told officers his wife began yelling at him – calling him a “loser” and cursed at him – over his third-round performance as he shot a 78. The taunts came in front of their kids and Glover’s mother, who tried to intervene, according to the police report.

    Glover told the officers that his wife tends to start arguments after he plays poorly.

    Glover’s mother, Hershey Glover, suffered “multiple lacerations” to both arms and had blood on her clothes and skin, one of the officers wrote in the report. She declined medical treatment for the injuries and didn’t seek charges

    After officers made the decision to arrest Krista Glover, she “proceeded to wrap her legs and feet around the door and frame of the car preventing” officers from placing her in the back of the patrol car. Once inside, she damaged the door by “forcefully kicking” it.

    Officers were eventually able to secure her in the back of the vehicle and she was transported to the St. John’s County Jail where she was booked on the two misdemeanor charges. “

  13. @ Anonymous Reader

    Avoiding booze & rec drugs for the most part at the mo, eating well with a Keto focus, pretty active lifestyle but my libido has def dropped over the past few years (i’m 52), but i can still get it hard and rock any chick who turns me on who is enthusiastic…

  14. @ Palma, Sentient, Eh, asd etc…

    Just dropped my recent long text convo in Field Reports that set up the “date” that’s got such a response here, gentlemen. Definitely looking for feedback…

  15. There is a difference between reasoning and rationalizing:

    Men reason. Women rationalize. Men do, women talk.

    Reasoning vs rationalizing

    A reason is “a statement offered in explanation or justification” that expresses “a rational ground or motive” and “supports a conclusion or explains a fact.” As a verb, reason means “to use the faculty of reason so as to arrive at conclusions.” Reasoning is thinking. Being rational refers to having a reason, being reasonable means “being in accord with reason.”

    In moral philosophy arguing involves giving reasons for a conclusion. An argument, therefore, is not about opinions or beliefs, but about the reasons for our opinions or beliefs. In ethics, the goal of arguing is (or should be) not to win, but to clarify our reasoning.

    This means unmasking rationalizations. In some disciplines of thought “rationalize” means “to bring into accord with reason,” but in ethics it means “to attribute (one’s actions) to rational and creditable motives without analysis of true and especially unconscious motives.” A reason is not a rationalization, in moral philosophy, because reasoning involves analyzing our motives. It is often difficult, however, to distinguish reasons from rationalizations.

    For example, if I own land that I want to log to make a profit, but argue at a public hearing that logging should be allowed because it will bring jobs into the community, my public statement is a rationalization. If, however, I state publicly that I support logging because I will benefit from it and think that the community will also benefit, I am giving two reasons for my position. Self-interest is rational and is not a rationalization, unless self-interest is concealed or is the unconscious motivation for making an argument.

  16. @FoX
    Avoiding booze & rec drugs for the most part at the mo, eating well with a Keto focus, pretty active lifestyle but my libido has def dropped over the past few years (i’m 52), but i can still get it hard and rock any chick who turns me on who is enthusiastic…

    I think you may want to re-read AR’s comment and follow the questions to dig deeper than that. Keywords: hormones, full blood workup, neural pathways, patterns of thoughts, learned behavior, patterns of actions, history in the family.

    It’s not about the solution you’re applying (no alcohol, no drugs, keto, active lifestyle), it’s about your results and state (doing the work or being busy does not equal getting results, ask 9-5 workers, gym members etc.). Libido and hard dick are just one thing. A bigger DRIVE in life is another and there are many contributors to that. Depression, melancholy, even being an introvert or phlegmatic could be related to the biochemical bath your body and brain are in and how they manage it. Check your levels is usually a good advice. It’s all connected.

  17. “…so what would be the best way to handle a rational vs emotional debate/argument in an LTR?”

    […] Life is sacrifice and risk taking, and nothing that doesn’t entail some moderate amount of the former, under the constraint of satisfying the latter, is close to what we can call life. If you do not undertake a risk of real harm, reparable or even potentially irreparable, from an adventure, it is not an adventure. –Nassim Taleb, from Skin in the Game.

    “Dump that bitch, bang 10 more…”,/i>

    …take some Fat Tony wisdom: always do more than you talk. And precede talk with action. For it will always remain that action without talk supersedes talk without action.– same source.

  18. @ If

    “Basically arguing like bitches. But, often the man doing this is lauded for being a natural or an alpha or being good at being a man.”

    O.k….then this: “I realize that my experience here is atypical, as I managed to pull off the “magic trick” of finding and coralling a unicorn-bitch.”

    “Unicorn-bitch”? Haven’t read everything though that phrase is kinda faux Alpha, IMO.

    You’re kidding us, right?

  19. Digging deeper than that and investigating patterns of thoughts, learned behavior, patterns of actions is the basis is the thesis of Dave Gray’s Liminal Thinking: Create the change you want by changing the way you think.

    Anyone that takes the Red Pill is by definition in a Liminal Space. And if he wants to proceed, he would do well to change the way he thinks. That’s what is the biggest inflection point in Red Pill: changing Mindset.

    And speaking of that, one of the best practices of Liminal Thinking is “Make Sense with Stories”. In other words: Field Reports. When I get together with red pill buddies, the stories told as field reports, however brief or long, flow like a river.

    And it makes me cringe every time a guy in the manosphere says: “And then I ran out of things to say….”

    How could you live and have no story to tell?
    —Fyodor Dostoyevsky

    And as it relates to Game (and Attraction, Comfort and Seduction, could be right out of Mystery Method, and could be why some commenters here can relate to other commenters better. ):


    Make sense with stories.

    If you give people facts without a story, they will explain it within their existing belief system. The best way to promote a new or different belief is not with facts, but with a story.

    Stories are one of the primary ways we make sense of experiences. To share those experiences later, we tell a story. When people tell stories, they are not just sharing knowledge, but building relationships and expressing beliefs.

    Why stories? Facts alone may provide information, but a story gives you context that connects those facts to people, situations, and events. It gives them meaning. Give people facts without a story, and they will create a story to make sense of the facts.

    Stories are learning tools. Since language began, a story was the best way to share an experience so that others could learn from it.

    In fact, a good story works like a drug, releasing hormones in the brains of the teller and listeners. Brain scans show that when people share stories with each other, their brains connect and mirror each other. Their neurons literally fire in the same pattern in a phenomenon known as neural coupling.

    When people hear a stressful, dramatic, high point of a story, their brain releases cortisol, the same hormone that creates the fight-or-flight response and creates strong memories of emotional experiences. And when conflicts or difficulties are resolved, the brain releases oxytocin, the hormone released by physical touch, which creates social bonds and feelings of contentment, calm, and security.1

    When someone tells you a story, they are sharing an experience and expressing their beliefs about that experience at the same time. In addition, both teller and listener are pairing their brains, building relationships and creating social cohesion that makes it easier for them to develop shared goals and move toward those goals in a collaborative, coordinated way.

    Prompting other people to tell stories, and listening to them, is as much of an art as storytelling. When you ask someone to tell a story, you are telling them that their experiences are important, that they have meaning, and that they matter.

    A good way to elicit stories from people is through the use of something called a story prompt. Story prompts are questions about people’s experiences and how they made meaning out of them. Things like:

    “Think of the best team you’ve ever been a part of. What happened that made you feel that way?”

    “What is the most scared you have ever been? What happened?”

    “Tell me about a time when you felt uncomfortable or out of place. What did you do about it?”

    “What was your best day at work here, and what made it great?”

    “What was your worst day, and what happened that made it so bad?”

    “Did you ever have an experience that changed your life? What happened?”

    When you ask someone to tell you a story, you are inviting them to deepen their connection with you, to bond with you. It’s an invitation that says their life and experiences are important, meaningful, and worth learning from. It’s a simple step you can take, every day, to create a shared world with the people who matter to you.

    Every good story starts with a person in some kind of situation: a problem, a choice, or an opportunity. Then the story tells you what they did, and why, and then it tells you what happened because of that. Maybe a lesson was learned. If the story is good enough, it’s worth remembering and repeating to others.

    This makes a story a perfect mechanism for making sense of, and sharing, information. In effect, a story translates facts into “rules for action.” A story is just about the most perfect way to package and share beliefs that you will ever find.

    Listen to the stories someone tells, notice the stories they respond to most positively, and you will begin to understand their beliefs—and their bubble.

    If you have beliefs that you want to share, beliefs that you think may change the world for the better, the way to help those beliefs take flight is to share them as stories.

  20. @SJF
    There is a difference between reasoning and rationalizing

    More interesting is to say they’re basically the same = a tool employed to explain and interpret reality. I keep saying that the forebrain is a buffer… to stop you from acting in a rigid way and to enable adaptation and planning long term. The downside is that you can get stuck in your inner world, divide by zero, and not be able to act.

    When you think you’re being rational – you’re just rationalizing; processing and producing logical conclusions that mesh with the emotional background. When you’re making plans, trying to predict stuff – you’re buffering… to avoid being reactive and inefficient.

    That’s why it’s so difficult to switch from Blue Pill to Red Pill. Whenever we think we use reason, we rationalize. A huge buffer. The only thing you can say for sure is that your rationalizations have more predictive and actionable power than mine. There’s still plenty of onion layers to peel off though.

  21. “Facts alone may provide information, but a story gives you context that connects those facts to people, situations, and events.”

    Hence @If comment was odd. Not the content, the presentation. Anyone proclaiming to have discovered the

    Hang around here long enough and though writing styles differ, writing manner and content is insightful and believable. If either don’t mesh, well, yeah, @If, I don’t listen to reason first, my instinct alarms, and reason comes after.

    How men reason through their self-preservational instinctual feelings is completely different than how a woman deals with it. Men use emotions to arrive at different conclusions than women. Consider pre RP guys knowing something’s fucked up but can’t put their finger on it…then they read TRM.

    Ok. Got it now.


    When you wrote about commenters being phony, then asserted a BP fantasy of unicorns my gut tells me you’re reasoning more like a woman than any given RP guy here. And that’s how my emotions prompt my reason to deal correctly with your comment and IRL people who do the same.

  22. For it will always remain that action without talk supersedes talk without action.

    “Demonstrate, don’t explicate.”

    Of course, here on the interwebz, demonstrating is less feasible.

    I’ll relate an experience from this a.m. about demonstrating.

    I was at my keyboard in the basement of my home and heard noise on the ground floor. Mrs. Gamer was up. I stayed at my keyboard, ignoring her noise. Pretty soon Mrs. Gamer came downstairs, holding jewelry, chasing me. I knew that she wanted my help putting in on. I gave a look of resignation and Mrs. Gamer laughed, “You know what I want. I have to look like a girl.” I touched Mrs. Gamer’s pants and grabbed her crotch and said I was Crocodile Dundee at the party, grabbing a woman’s crotch to check for which sex she was. She giggled and reached for my crotch.

    Upstairs, I lifted her off her feet, holding her back with one arm and her pussy with the other as she squealed. And I gave her shit about her makeup, saying it didn’t make her look much like a girl. (The current trend makes women look more “natural”, i.e., like a man.) She qualified and rationalized and we had fun. Mrs. Gamer was chatty about some women in her life and I just enjoyed her musical voice.

    Or I could have texted her a lot.

  23. @Eh wrote:

    “For example, I rarely feed my woman food when we’re out and if I do it’s at the point she’s wobbly from hypoglycemia and activity and we’ve fucked once already that day. It’s not about cruelty (I know she likes the ends of the earth tipsy weariness) but about the natural order of things. That one meal we do eat after hours of waking and socializing and drinking and sex is about nourishment, not some cultural expectation we eat three squares and I pay for it all.”

    I don’t go to the extremes that Eh does, but he is correct about the food thing. My gf complained one evening I was an asshole and being mean because I “wouldn’t let her eat dinner” while we were out. Of course she could have gotten food on her own, but wanted me to sit down and order instead of standing at the bar socializing. After that little spat I now tell her to take care of herself and don’t worry about her food needs. I can go long periods without eating and sure don’t want to eat a big meal before sex. It’s like working out. Do you eat dinner then go to the gym? Doubtful.

    If I’m hungry and want sex later I might have a bite, or not. What the hell, if you’re hungry and need to eat then eat. But all this provisioning while out partying gets in the way. You don’t need to starve her, but you don’t need to give in all the time. Also consider her requests can be a shit test. Will you give in whenever she asks for something, or do what you want?

    Another time Eh suggested women providing meals for guys can be a way to betatize them. I hadn’t ever considered that previously. From then on it’s more obvious when the gf is doing so.

  24. Women overportioning the food and the man commensurately overeating makes him less attractive and more sedate and less fuckable to other women. She’s isolating him for her sole future benefit. It’s a hindbrain tactic to slow you down, keep you close…a postcoital refractory period through your gut.

    At a certain point she feeds him enough lasagna, he can’t see his dick beyond his pannus and she can start going on GNOs to start that Alpha search again. Her Beta provisioning is taken care of, napping comfortably in his postprandial stupor.

    I wrenched my ankle purple while dating my girlfriend. Didn’t change eating habits and in a year the pounds packed on…and at my worst I was 40# heavier than I am now. She was blimped out too. Soon after, I dropped the weight while working two physical summer jobs, and she again followed my lead and was thinner again.

    BTW, in the middle of my reconstruction she was down to 116#. The RP Dread Diet is an excellent female anorexic.

    Gordon Gekko: “Lunch is for wimps.”

  25. “Make sense with stories.”

    hot “maga” babes everywhere – they’re fucking nerds too. so scared and sheltered. just a little exposure to T is enough to get them all silly and tonguetied

    if you can game, fuck and meme – they’re more dtf than ever. so fucking slutty. “conserv” leaning girls are the hottest and the sluttiest and the best fucks

    why can’t shitlibs one sheet?

    why can’t they make sense with stories?

    “Funny thread.”

    twitter is the toilet bowl of humanity

    twitter terrorist = wet introvert maga pussy

    girls obviously love love love to see “likes”, “retweets”, etc. they love recognition, but suprisingly for more than just a nice cleavage pic or whatever cuz that gets boring and predictable and really girls like to shiv almost as much as they like to be wanted but surprise surprise they suck at one sheeting too, until you give them the parameters (just like everything else)

    girls will admit that they loved to cut heads out of magazines and paste them on different bodies and caption/dialogue them with their friends

    this natural drive to rearrange and ridicule can be harnessed:

    this is good for early isolation because you can say you need art/office supplies and that won’t be cool to bring to the coffee place – “we’ll do it at my place. just bring your shit and anything we don’t have we can get” (easy bridge to venue hopping/time distortion).

    this is good for early isolation because you can say “absolutely nothing sexual happens during redpilling ops” of course bringing up sex and then disqualifying her/choosing the mission

    this is good for dhv because you will help her develop instant new skills that she can show off when it suits her needs

    this is good because it’s a quick insta date with the girls who get through the maga filters easily. make her qualify for the terrorist group (the goal is to pill all her orbiters and if you tell her that you’re acknowledging that you will not be a part of that group, you are in a different category immediately)

    is any of this ideal? of course not. and it’s only for a small subsection of girls, but it beats tinder or whatever else fatty ugos are using these days and instead of fighting the distracting tendencies of tech, harness them to harness the power of groupthink and let her in on a small slice of a new world. lots of nasty shit to talk about too when red pilling, which of course makes the pussy just a little wet. schneiderman is the gift that just keeps on giving.

    her: “schneiderman who?”

    me: “shut up, white slave, and rub my fucking feet”

    anyone who says “don’t talk about red pill with girls” is missing out on a ton of angles of approach, especially with the introverted younger ones who can’t put the phone down

  26. kfg
    zero Repub anthropology professors anywhere,

    Last year I was listening to some college girls talk about their classes. One was taking honors anthropology. She had just learned about IQ test cultural bias from her tenured professor and told all about it. Ready for the key word?


    The ghost of Franz Boas smiled…

  27. Ha ha… this is the shit…

    I now admit to him that I still wonder: How the hell did he get himself invited to Leonard Bernstein’s cocktail party? He smiles and surprises me again.

    He’d gone to Harper’s magazine one day in late 1969, to pay a call on Sheila, then his girlfriend. Sheila was busy, and so he went looking around the offices, to see what he could see. He came upon the office of the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist David Halberstam. Halberstam wasn’t in it. The door was open; Wolfe walked in. On top of a great pile on Halberstam’s desk he spotted an invitation—how could he not? It came from Mrs. Leonard Bernstein. He picked it up and read it … and had an idea … How could he not … These people … they had no idea … it was as if they were determined to insult the Gods … how could they not see themselves the way others would see them … all you would have to do is tell everyone in Richmond or anyplace else outside of a certain Manhattan zip code about this and the entire country would soon be collapsing in laughter … or outrage … but … really, when you think about it … laughing or screaming: does it even matter which?…. Oh God … This really is too good…. He called the number to R.S.V.P. “This is Tom Wolfe,” he said, “and I accept.” And they just take his name down, and he’s on the guest list. He never tells Halberstam what he’s done. He simply takes out a brand-new green steno notebook with the spirals on top and writes on the cover, in his new rococo script: Panther Night at Leonard Bernstein’s. And then he’s off, to see the world, anew.

  28. Sentiient quotes:

    I now admit to him that I still wonder: How the hell did he get himself invited to Leonard Bernstein’s cocktail party? He smiles and surprises me again.

    Perfect. Perfect mindset. Mau-mauing the flak catchers is still one of my fave books of essays.

  29. @Sentient: LOL at the self-invite.

    Funny example: several years ago, the pretty girlfriend of a work buddy told me she just used to go to hotel swimming pools even though she wasn’t at that hotel, you just act normal and they won’t challenge you of course.

    I now do more of that stuff (including that sports event in a recent FR).

  30. IAS

    Tom Wolfe didn’t set out to become Tom Wolfe. Over and over if you look at the backstories of successful people, you find a thread of serendipity – and a liberal dose of DPA.

    I ended up where I am, after dropping out of college in year four, by taking a job where the sole criteria to me at the time was that it was close by. Rollo did not set out to become a “Lion of the Manosphere and Founding Father”, he was just a commenter on a forum.

    What young guys need to understand is that you can’t really plan your way to a life. You have to seek it through experience. Yes you can develop skills, but you never know where the payoff really is. Saddens me to still see high school kids with 20 year life plans and grinding toward it.

    Further on Wolfe… His greatest humiliation? Not clocking a guy who took his cab. [video interview]

    A Red Pill guy through and through.

  31. “Over and over if you look at the backstories of successful people, you find a thread of serendipity”

    “What young guys need to understand is that you can’t really plan your way to a life. You have to seek it through experience. Yes you can develop skills, but you never know where the payoff really is.”

    Yes. Exposure to positive uncertainty/black swans events is key.

    “What Have You Got to Lose?

    Maybe your book doesn’t get published, or your photos are only seen by a few people on Instagram. What have you really lost? Just a little bit of time, traded for a new experience. We need to remember that when things don’t work out, it’s not because they were bad bets. It’s that they were part of an overall process of exposure to upside risk. It’s the practice of habitually exposing yourself to new opportunities, rather than any singular opportunity, that’s the key to serendipity. entrepreneurs invest themselves in ideas that aren’t immediately obvious to other people. They expose themselves to positive uncertainty by exploring and experimenting with possibilities – even when they don’t know where those ideas will lead.”


    “Seize any opportunity or anything that looks like opportunity. positive black swans have a first step: you need to be exposed to them. many people do not realize they are getting a lucky break in life when they get it. if a big movie executive suggest an appointment, cancel anything you have planned: you may never see such a window open up again.

    Collect as many nonlottery tickets (those with open ended payoffs) as you can, and once they start paying off, do not discard them. work hard in chasing such opportunities and maximizing exposure to them. this makes living in big cities invaluable because you increase the odds of serendipitous encounters

    casual chance discussions at cocktail parties usually lead to big breakthroughs. not telephone conversations. go to parties. if you are a scientist, you will chance upon a remark that might spark new research.”

  32. @Sentient @j

    (Re)reading Robinson Crusoe to my son. Love it.

    Taking chances, following dreams, learning from experiences (so much happening before the final island).

    And this (minus the “you do the math”):

  33. J IRL IAS

    “Seize any opportunity or anything that looks like opportunity. positive black swans have a first step: you need to be exposed to them. many people do not realize they are getting a lucky break in life when they get it. if a big movie executive suggest an appointment, cancel anything you have planned: you may never see such a window open up again.

    The #1 key to seizing opportunity, especially when young? No debt. Zero debt boys. The freedom to act on that opportunity without the constraint of making a payment in 30 days. College kids pay attention!!!

    you may never see such a window open up again.

    I’ve had a couple of moments like this.

    Crusoe is a fantastic read. When your son is older, the Flashman series as well. So much serendipity. So much reality being the opposite of what we expect.

  34. When he was 19, my spouse got onto a military base (his girlfriend had a military ID card which allowed access). He walked into a squadron building where he knew no one, went up to the front desk and asked if he could get a backseat ride in the F16.
    He didn’t get one, of course. But they remembered him.

  35. Oh dear…

    2018 Female Pipeline Shortlist…

    They are The City! And the city is pretty fucking ugly…

    Jeebus… Zero 9’s, maybe – maybe – two 8’s, a handful of 7’s…

    and this

    and this!

    and I don’t know how this got on there?

  36. “To feed her sporty spirit she is a keen traveller, hiker and backpacker with multiple adventures across Asia, New Zealand and South America.”

    ahhh just my type 😉

  37. “They are The City! And the city is pretty fucking ugly…”

    this is why sniper techniques apply so well to modern city life

    methodical patience required

    real hbs are like hummingbirds

    gotta pay attention and be ready to deploy all tools in the kit when the moment strikes

    the rarity of hb8+ might make a guy want to handle each little bird with care


    their rarity requires you attempt to crush thier little bird brains at every turn

    in this case nature becomes counterintuitive becomes second nature – i fucking ignore and then troll the shit out of every hb i can – at a minimum their first impression of me should include fear (several times old beta friends of mine have entered relationships with girls they orbited in earlier years, girls outside of my social circle. this has brought the girls into my circle and gives them the opportunity to confess that they were “scared” of me when they were younger because of what they “heard about me” – see vanessa trump’s early bf. his “thuggery” was really just selling weed with a gun in the trunk but it got her off plenty because she had no experience – she then wanted a real boss like potus but settled for jr and then ejected as faux boss is no fun

    it’s fuck marry kill

    and marry and kill are not options

  38. Hillary Special… LOL

    On 9’s… be discerning, hold that back…

    Fleezer real hbs are like hummingbirds

    You need one of these

    DPA HoFamer Peter Tunney set up a modeling agency when he was in high cotton…

    or try NYC between 14th St and 28th St south to north and Park Ave S to 6th Ave east to west during the day.

    Or the Whole Foods on Houston Street… lol

    herds gonna herd.

  39. Sentient, we used to say–back when dinosaurs roamed the earth–be ready to catch the opportunity bus when it stops. Requires preparation and attention, both.

    J, if there’s any lesson from Wolfe’s party crashing or Mike’s attempt to get in a F-16, it’s to transgress boundaries and ignore rules. Create your own opportunities. That’s a whole nuther skill set.


    it’s fuck marry kill
    and marry and kill are not options

    What? Doh, now you tell me.

  40. J

    Definition of discerning
    : showing insight and understanding : discriminating a discerning critic

    There’s a good fellow.

    Be discerning.

  41. By far the best barometer of female beauty is how other women act or feel around her. The more they want to kill her, or themselves, the more beautiful the woman.

  42. Good comments on seizing the opportunities and positioning yourself for those opportunities.

    Puzzled about the thicc comment… From my past experiences, I prize a beautiful face above a hot body, but those models have both… J?

  43. @IAS

    Not every model has a banging body like Mckenna Berkley, Adriana Lima, or Emily Ratajkowski.

    The top 3 US mainstream models:

    Kendall Jenner:

    Cara Delevingne:

    Gigi Hadid:

    Random chick on BarstoolSmokeshows Instagram page:

  44. “By far the best barometer of female beauty is how other women act or feel around her. The more they want to kill her, or themselves, the more beautiful the woman.”

    always always always enjoy watching the looks wife gets from passing hotties

    1. approaching hb never looks at me. not even a glance

    2. eyes scan wife from feet up to head in less than 1 sec

    3. no chance for a smile as she is instantly categorized as potential threat

    girls have crazy ability to spot anatomical truth under clothing so they know even when hb is in loose fitting outfit that she has killer bod

    ” love the keds”

    i would break ms brekely in half

    me: (toe tap her) “i didn’t know keds made size 14s”

    her: “anything” (just don’t walk away)

    me: “point 68 to point 71”

    her: “anything” (just don’t walk away)

    me: your waist hip ratio swings between those poles, depending on how much ice cream you’re eating. it’s ice cream for sure. you’re strawberry. in a cake cone. and since i know how girls are, now you want one because i said it out loud. follow me”

  45. @ j

    I know a guy who has actually stated that he likes a woman that’s built like a 12 year old boy.

    Chicks are supposed to have curves. Fuck all the ” top model ” shit.😂

  46. “The top 3 US mainstream models:”

    pass. pass. pass.

    “BarstoolSmokeshows Instagram page:”

    yes. yes. yes.

    but i won’t pay for them to visit those locales

    or take their pictures

    those are not model pics so chances are there is an interchangable beta boy behind the camera for every single one of her mega filtered “glamour shots”

    don’t be that guy. be the guy she’s fucking after that guy passes out from all the hard work of being her executive assistant

  47. First IRL, now fleezer with the ice cream reference.

    I first date took a 19 year old to ice cream. Next thing I know I’ve 1 wife, 2 mortgages, 3 cars and 4 kids.

    Fairly warned.


    A songwriter feeding a Male and a female Lion . Hungry Male Lion reluctant to take meat as the thrower throws the food disrespectfully.

    Look at the comments. Even A Male Lion have Respect but Men don’t. Some guys even pointing that ” Feeding that Lion that way shouldn’t be considered inappropriate “. And other commenters are LOL-ing like you. Why you guys don’t ever get angry? Female Imperative shackles you with false laughter and false ego display.

    Who Lols here too often? Autistic Gamer, EhBoozer, kfg . I hate you guys. FUCK YOU..

  49. Hahaha, this comment:
    wtf was the noise she made sounds like the hulk and a camel moaning violently

  50. @ EhIntellect

    I didn’t say phony. I said that the commenters were not always bastions of rationality.

    @ EhIntellect & Fleezer

    I didn’t say unicorn. I said unicorn-bitch. I know the word unicorn implies magical, but the idea I was trying to express is that it’s about as close to magic as one can expect in the real world. The unicorn-bitch is the woman you want, could deeply convert and raise children with and beyond.

    I like fleezer’s optimism of there being a million of them.

    To throw out an idea… In a Pareto distribution, we’ll say the population of desirable women to the general population of women is 20% and that may be too generous. Out of those, maybe 20% could be unicorn-bitches. So, in a junk math calculation 4% or 4 of every one hundred desirable women you meet might be unicorn-bitches.

    My own experience has been in this “let’s make a deal” world where I am attracted to a woman and she in turn is attracted to me (and I realize that with more RP I could have amped this higher–at least in the short-term) there weren’t any other women who met this standard. Remember, I am the selfish SOB that vetted (or you could equally argue that she bided her time) for over 6 years.

    So, it’s not a brag or a statement of alpha-ness. It’s really a statement of wonderment.

    It would be interesting for other guys to share the number of women that they passed on or who passed on them that turned out to be unicorn-bitches. Now, my first girlfriend who followed the Tomassi-described script of leaving me for the college cock carousel is a double-divorcee. So, obviously, not her.

    PS. Would have responded sooner but pinched a nerve in my neck.

  51. Unicorn-bitches herd up like all the other girls. If you find one, you’ll find several. Typically appear snobby. And their herd will include mares with papier-mâché horns.

    Look for girls who are decent…there are a few out there….test early, test often…or to use Blax’s terminology (without his spell checker), “vet them thoroughly”

  52. So very sad; reading about these imaginary conquests that were contrived in the groups rather fertile imaginations over the last couple pages.

    Remember that the greatest deception of all is self-deception; and is there anything sadder than the overarching need to lie in an effort to derive the requisite psychological fix in a vain effort to get to tomorrow?

    The Male Slave Gender needs to learn its place. Movements such as “MeToo” are vehicles for effectuating this outcome; but I think stronger measures will be needed down the road so that any uprisings in the future will fail to manifest.

  53. @Blax

    That guy in rogan’s podcast is full of shit. Perhaps its a generation of people who look at how fucked the Iraq war is/was and refuse to sign up for another rich man’s war. Homeless vets, piss poor VA’s across the country that disrespect veterans when they deserve the best care coming back from hell. Project 22, look it up.

    I knew a guy that I met at a VA function at the school I went to who didn’t see combat but got extremely fucked up from gulf war syndrome. Other vets spoke up as well and said they had broken legs, arms, you know name it and the VA told them to take a flying fuck. These guys are all masculine, tough men. It doesn’t matter.

    So lets recruit more people into these senseless wars and repeat the process. I don’t blame most people for not wanting to sign up to “serve muh country” but I will never bash anyone who does.

    I can definitely agree need more fit people as America is fat as all hell. But if there ever was a draft, Im sure they could find enough fit people to “serve”. And im also sure they’ll find plenty of alpha male tough guys who try to dodge a draft. Blaming video games and all these soy boys for lack of interest in the armed forces is scapegoating the real reason.

    I guess my point is no one wants to sign up and be thrown into a mess that is full of lies, pain and sorrow. When I talk to vets they’ll say the military was rewarding, but they also were very candid in admitting how broke the system is. Why risk your life and be lucky to come back injured, just to be in pain and have no solution provided by people who say they care about you?

    I had a recruiter come to my house around 2009 when I was dropping out of college and had no direction in life. He stayed at my house and had me take the asvab test in which I scored in alpha percentile in the “practice test”. Obviously not the real test, but with no preparation he was pretty impressed. I still couldn’t will myself to go and maybe I’m not “masculine” enough to serve. But It just didn’t seem worth it to me.

    If this country could clean up the VA and provide concrete solutions to veterans’ needs, as wells provide a coherent plan as far as foreign affairs are concerned, I could see more people taking an interest in the military. Im sure with that increase in budget spending for the military, they can pay anyone who joins nice bonuses. I mean that’s what the money is there for, right?????

  54. ab17, I’m not sure of the exact tooth to tail ratio is for the military, but I’d guess it’s about one to 50 or more.
    The vast majority of funding goes toward the support end (various forms), not the “business” end.

  55. “Movements such as “MeToo” are vehicles for effectuating this outcome; but I think stronger measures will be needed down the road so that any uprisings in the future will fail to manifest.”

    Faux outrage (or virtue signaling by expressing outrage at things we know to be outrageous and expressing fake outrage at things that some find distasteful) is a one-trick pony show, with easily exhaustible resources.
    Those tactics are becoming a very desiccated teat.

    Humor seems to work better than constant mindnumbing soulcrushing outrage at everything.
    I often find the best way to fight snowflakes is through constant MicroOffence™.
    Their outrage then eats them up from the inside.

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