Old Lies

Apparently no one has bothered to let this poor sap (I don’t know who he is) know that the “Toxic” masculinity  narrative has now been replaced with “masculinity is toxic“. I find it interesting that when it comes to the mainstream societal understandings of what masculinity once was and what it is now – or what the mainstream believes it should be now – much of these interpretations are based on fanciful, anachronistic, ideas of what contributed to our understanding of masculinity now. I’ve gone into my own definitions of what constitutes ‘conventional’ masculinity for men many times before so I won’t belabor it now, however, as the popular narrative changes I’ve noticed some very common presumptions that masculinity critics like to use and are repeated over and over.

The first of these, and the most common, is the deliberate misconception that a boy’s learning to be masculine never left the 1950-60s. In the wake of the Nikolas Cruz shooting this rationale surfaced quite a bit. It still is. The idea is that boys are born as these tender, delicate souls, all naturally ready to emote and sensate like precious little girls – that is until the nebulous evil ‘patriarchy’ gets ahold of them and batters them into “being tough”, not crying and told to stop being such pussies. This is the old anachronism that presupposes western society never left the ‘macho tough guy’ preconditioning of boys to raise them to be these future murderers, wife beaters and misogynists.

This is, of course, the “boys are broken” narrative I addressed in Good Humans. It’s kind of ironic when you think that this narrative would have us believe boys naturally wanting to be boys is a net social negative and it takes some strong intervention in their upbringing to turn them into good humans. So what is it? Are boys being their natural selves by wanting to be rambunctious, risk taking, shit-giving, masculine boys, or are they naturally these tender little emo-beings coming fresh out of the womb only to have their ‘genuine’ sensitive emotional souls crushed by “hyper-masculine” fathers, male teachers and school coaches. This is one of the more stupid, but deliberate, paradoxes the Village and the Feminine Imperative conveniently switch between as circumstances require yet one more anti-masculine response.

Lies for Boys

You can see this confusion in the above Tweet.

Our society teaches boys to “toughen up”.

Actually no, the feminine-primary social order that has been systematically feminizing boys into feminine-identifying men for the past 50 years does nothing of the kind. Since the mid-seventies the cultural narrative took a hard turn to the feminine-correct in raising boys into pacified ‘harmless’ men. We’re going on five generations of telling boys it is incumbent upon them to get in touch with their mythical feminine sides if they want to evolve beyond ‘traditional masculinity’. There is no ‘toughening’ being taught to boys in a female primary education system that teaches boys in a manner that presumes they are defective girls.

…which is okay, but not okay when “toughening up” also means suppressing feelings.

Feelings are perhaps the only thing boys are being taught to prioritize in their feminine-primary educations today. This fact deserves a bit of explanation here. Male and female humans process emotions differently. Women in particular process negative emotions in a much different way than men. Men tend to prioritize information through a filter of rational discernment first and then sort out how they feel about that information in an emotional context. Women are much the opposite; girls process information through an emotional filter first and then sort out what the information actually means to them (and after that, how it might affect others). If this sounds like the essays I’ve written about how men’s and women’s communications methods differ you’re not too far off. Men prioritize the content (information) of a conversation while women prioritize the context (the feels she gets) from a conversation. This is how our brains work, and when one method isn’t socially favored above the other both methods can be complementary to the other.

But in a feminine-primary social order this is not how things work. As I mentioned, for the past 50+ years our educational system has shifted to favor the learning methodologies of girls at the expense of boys. This ‘girls style’ teaching has been the standard for so long now that we largely take it for granted that it is the only correct style of teaching. Today, men account for less than 25% of all teachers in the United States. In the UK it’s 25% and n Canada only 17% of elementary school teachers are male. Teaching is a female dominated profession and especially for younger kids. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics only 2% of pre-K and kindergarten teachers, and 18% of elementary and middle-school teachers, are men. How do you think stats like these affect the learning methodologies applied to boys and girls?

Yet still this lie that boys are the victims of some overwhelming toxic masculinity in their upbringing is the first reflexive explanation we hear from women and feminized men when a kid commits a criminal act. Why?

Lies for Equalism

Because it sounds right. It sounds like it should be right. The presumption is that boys are, in fact, girls; or at least they should be a functional equivalent of girls when it comes to educations. Over the past 50 years the baseless presumptions of blank-slate egalitarian equalism has not only inserted its lies into our social consciousness, but also into our presumptions about educating kids. I’ll repeat, men and women are biologically and psychologically different and boys and girls are equally different. The ways they learn are distinct to their sex. Yet for the past 4 generations egalitarian equalism has convinced (mostly female) educators that boys and girls are functional equals and gender differences are learned rather than innate.

While equalism informs (mostly female) teachers that boys and girls are the same, the teaching methodology that works best for girls and women is the predominant one today and for the recent past generations. The only way to justify this method as the universal one is to presume that boys are the same as girls – just ‘defective’ girls that must be taught to quash their innate maleness. If boys and girls are presumed to be blank-slate equals then it must follow that boys are just as emotion-prioritizing and sensitive as any girl, and it is through a process of an imagined patreo-misogyny social conditioning that boys psychologically cover over their “true” natures – that of precious little (defective) girls. In essence the equalist belief is that all babies are born as little equal blank-slates, but the ideal template for those blank-slates is a female nature irrespective of the sex of the child.

When a boy’s real, masculine, inborn nature expresses itself the first thing it meets in this equalist-but-feminine-primary education is derision and shame. For as much as boys would be boys they are taught that they aren’t good for being so. They’re encouraged to self-repress, self-deprecate their gender and self-police their brothers. They’re taught that the correct way to think is to emote like girls because that’s correct for the template of a “good human”. Despite the female-centric teaching boys innate nature still find ways for boys to be boys and when this happens an egalitarian (feminine-primary) social order presume the ‘bad behavior’ must be the result of the influence of an evil patriarchy that truly hasn’t existed in the way they believe it does for 50 some odd years.


As I’ve detailed in past essays, society only sees fathers as tolerable and superfluous when it comes to raising boys. Single mothers are celebrated as super-human and in the equalist lie that would have us believe that women can not only ‘have it all’ but they can ‘do it all’ we rarely question the necessity of a masculine influence in a child’s life. We give it lip service and parrot back the need for a man to “step up and take responsibility as a parent”. The message to dads is always “do better”, because the pretense for fathers is that they are inherently irresponsible and ‘broken’ just like all boys are.

The Village might even concede that a father is some advantage to a child, but ultimately he’s superfluous – that is until that kid is involved in some kind of criminality. Then the questions become “Where was this kid’s father? Why wasn’t he around to teach this kid some discipline and respect for human life?” The children of single mothers are overwhelmingly more likely to be come involved in criminality, but we don’t look at her half-measure parenting as a possible cause. Remember, she’s a super-hero and blameless, so any blame for this kid’s acts fall on the shoulders of a weak or absent father. Then fathers are necessary. Then the kid needed to ‘toughen up’ and dad should’ve taught it to him. And all of this comes full circle and feeds into the idea of father’s inherent incompetence again.

Lies for ‘Defective Girls’

The next lie is that boys can be,…

…both tough and fragile, vulnerable and resilient. Being vulnerable doesn’t affect your manliness.

I’ve written a lot about the lie of transvaluation and  Vulnerability in the past, but this was really in terms of how women perceive men and require strength and dominance. Another aspect of masculinity that is encoded into women’s mental firmware is to seek out men with superior competency. A woman just is, a man must become is the first maxim of a man accepting his Burden of Performance. Part of this masculine competency involves strength, know-how and determination; all things that have been replaced with feminine-primary emotionalism and naval gazing for boys.

Men are expected to know how to do everything and what they do not know, what they are not competent in is one criteria of how they are judged by women. A lot of guys might think, “So the fuck what? I don’t base my self-worth on the opinions of women.” As well you shouldn’t, but it doesn’t change the truth that if you don’t know how to change a tire when you get flat, or you need another man who does know how to do it to change it for you, a woman sees you as less competent – and by extension less capable of providing her with the security she needs from a masculine ideal. Women evolved to see men as a Jack of all trades, master of some.

A man’s vulnerability (taught to him as a child by his female-primary teachers) most definitely affects his manliness. Vulnerability is, by definition, a weakness. It is a flaw in the design, a chink in the armor and vulnerabilities will be exploited by enemies and rivals to ensure that man fails while a stronger one succeeds in all things. This is Darwinism so simple that to question it seems illogical, but in our equalist utopia toughness and fragility find no contradiction; vulnerability and resilience are bed partners. Again, we must consider that this illogical balance can only exist in the female ‘good human’ template and the idea that everything is learned and nothing is innate about male and female humans. Promoting the idea that ‘vulnerability doesn’t affect manliness’ presumes that the person declaring it is in some way an authority on a manliness that has been already demonized and conditioned out of our boys today.

They hate the very idea that a boy might act in accordance with an inborn masculine proclivity. They hate the idea that a boy might learn to be tough and resilient at the expense of a vulnerability (weakness) because it contradicts the equalist belief set. They hate the idea that boys and girls have innately, biologically, different ways of dealing with emotions that don’t align with their belief in a blank-slate. To force them to accept this would be to force them to abandon deeply ego-invested beliefs that they themselves had conditioned into them by the same feminine-primary education.

Boys don’t naturally emote like girls, but when they refuse to align with the female-correct way of emoting we say that some patriarchal macho man, somewhere, in some movie, in some song, in some household taught that kid not to feel. He somehow learned that allowing his emotions to rule over him, to be vulnerable, to prioritize his feelings above his sense of rational self is what it actually is – a weakness that in our evolutionary past was far likelier to get him killed than to earn the praise of his equalist teachers.

Boys are simply not as emotional as girls – our brains did not evolve that way – but because we value the feminine above the masculine today we say this kid is doing it wrong. We say he learned to be an asshole from his macho dad or he learned to love firearms because of the latest rap song or a toxically masculine society that doesn’t exist. A kid like Nikolas Cruz was bound to happen in a world that teaches boys to prioritize feelings above rationality. He was taught like a defective girl. He never learned the masculine inspired discipline, determination and resiliency because all that conflicts with the lie that vulnerability is ever a strength. All that conflicts with his feminine-primary upbringing.

As such, these ‘defective girls’ are unequipped to handle the rejection of a girlfriend. The participation trophy generation, the one where everyone’s a winner and no one ever has to deal with defeat, never teaches these ‘defective girls’ what to do when they finally do taste a bitter defeat. They never learned how to come back from it because that would mean admitting that vulnerability and emotionalism (the female-correct way to handle it) are in fact weaknesses. So, predictably, a ‘defective girl’ like Nikolas Cruz does what any petulant teenage girl would – he has an emotional outburst. Only his outburst consists of gunning down 17 kids with an assault rifle.

The answer to incidents like this doesn’t lie in gun control or further feminization of boys. It lies in reimagining how we educate boys and how we see masculinity as a net positive that can deter exactly this kind of emotional outburst. If you truly want these shootings to stop it’s time we embrace real men teaching real toughness and resilience in our boys. It’s time we teach boys like they will become tough, strong, invulnerable young men we may need to provide future generations with a much needed security. And the time where we’ll need them is coming faster than anyone today really thinks.

Published by Rollo Tomassi

Author of The Rational Male and The Rational Male, Preventive Medicine

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  1. TheMarquis
    March 17, 2018 at 9:45 am

    saying that woman had been flirting with me all evening and getting angry etc.

    You have lost frame. After 40+ years the LTR is used to my wandering eye and is amused by it. Any time it bothers her I remind her that the answer (for her) is to bond closer (surrender) to me.

    I tell her about ALL the women I flirt with. It keeps her on her toes.

    What is especially nice is that every few years a woman will go nuts about me in my and the LTRs presence. It reminds the LTR of her original (and continuous) reaction to me. Desire. Irrational (for a female) desire.

  2. rugby11
    March 17, 2018 at 10:37 am

    And stop explaining. Demonstrate.

    What I like to do these days is to explain then demonstrate. It drives the LTR nuts.

    Of course her reaction to the explanation is, “It doesn’t work like that.” Then I show her it works EXACTLY like that. I have broken her frame. Very helpful.

    The girl probably has to have ONE-itis to put up with that.

  3. TheMarquis
    March 17, 2018 at 9:21 am

    “As far as I can tell, unless I have a reason to be actively suspicious, my game plan doesn’t change – the marriage has flaws but as of now I still want it to succeed and I’m willing to do the work necessary. Or rather I’m working to improve myself and the marriage succeeding will be a side effect of that. So I’m just going to go ahead and do that and see how we go.”

    Absolutely never be actively suspicious, that is a total bitch move. I have no idea what your game plan is, at least the word game is in there. Don’t forget that she is ALWAYS gaming you and she is being gamed by other men on a constant so step it up if you are gone be her main tingle generator.

    Improving yourself should be fun bra , make it so.

    You are a good man Marq, part of the success of your marriage greatly depends on your exit strategy or plan B if you will. This is a paradox, her hind brain will sense that you have options,making you a more desirable man in her drive for hypergamy.

  4. Re: the panel discussion rugby posted above, vetting is not well understood by many males, even in the sphere evidently. Rollo I’m hoping your message can assist in tempering this situation more widely. I like Donovan, but yeah, his advice smacks of being rather jaded, and he can call it ” shaming ” all he wants to, and use hot stove analogies until the cows come home, but it is still a defense mechanism.

    Rian is also going down the ” no matter what you do ” highway. Self fulfilling. So yeah, I agree fully that guys need to ” alpha ” up, gain an understanding, burn all pedestals because it will kill you, worshiping ” hawt ” bitches as higher or above you in ANY manner. When I hear a guy talking about how hot some women are, and he convinces himself that this somehow makes them special, that assures me that he will not be able to properly vet one.


  5. Interesting thing has happened for me after amost 18 months of reading the Rational Male, abosrobing and agreeing with the observatioins and arguments, and largely being responsible for my unpugging. Ive suddenly got bored with the articles. And why …. because it seems the focus is now repeatedly and entirelly on what is happening in society and the feminine imperative rather than how we, men, can become the best men we can be. How to demonstrate positive masculinity in daily life and within our community.

    Hence, while I agree with what Rollo writes to a large extent, would it be possible to balance the context (ie. what is happening around us) with the subject, that being, how to be the best man one can be within the world around him ?

  6. “how to be the best man one can be within the world around him ?”

    That’s all on Rollo? Seems there are several hundred years worth of books on this topic.

  7. Vetting doesn’t preclude the necessity to train a girl. Sure, for some girls, the juice ain’t worth the squeeze, so it’s smart to vet girls and filter out the ones who are too much trouble to train.

    It’s good to both vet girls and train them if you want one in an LTR.

    I suspect that some girls classified as BPD simply have a lot of spirit and, for them, the juice may be worth the squeeze, even they will require more training than average.

  8. @ Stentient

    “Seems there are several hundred years worth of books on this topic.”

    Yes, but these are old books, old lies.

    My point is there seems to be a movement in Rollos writing away from positive masculinity, and what that exactly means, to toxic feminity, sort of us vs them mindset.

  9. This post – particularly the respective neurophysiologies – turboboosts the present post:


    Delightful how everything in RM hangs together. No anomalies. No needing to conjure exceptions to explain why Mars exhibits “retrograde” behavior, because the reality has here been discerned that it is a heliocentric – not a geocentric – solar system.

  10. Rudd

    Every man will have different things they need to concentrate on, with some overlap between all men, to become the men they need to be. Individuals must fill in the blanks because no one is trying to create mindless robots.

  11. @Sri
    “Even without seeing the author’s name, I can totally tell if it’s a woman’s writing.”

    That’s getting tougher because more men are being conditioned to write like women, especially as more women become the editors and clients in charge of all this stuff. Rollo’s great post focuses on young people, but men of all ages are undermined by the misinformation being spread by what the media has become — feelings instead of facts.

    Schools have become more feminized than ever, but so has just about everything you now are exposed to as an adult.

  12. “Yes, but these are old books, old lies.”

    The older you go, the more truth you find.

    Peruse Genesis 3 for example…

  13. “Yes, but these are old books, old lies.”

    The older you go, the more truth you find.

    Peruse Genesis 3 for example…

  14. @Mabui
    “Don’t confuse privately acknowledging your mental state with publishing it. Predators find this knowledge useful. Reserve self knowledge for yourself.”

    Yes, this is absolutely basic, up there with “You can’t negotiate desire.” Know thyself but don’t talk about it — anything you say will be used against you.

    Poker players have a concept they call “tilt” — when negative emotions are building to the point of taking you off your rational game. You need to understand your emotional state and step away for a break, get yourself back together, all without losing it in the eyes of your rivals

  15. … Which circles back in a way to Rollo’s post — a lot of kids don’t have a male role model to teach emotional control and resilience. My dad was a meticulously perfectionist planner and craftsman, but if things went all to hell he was able to just laugh and go back to step 1, step 2 etc. I wish I had internalized that lesson sooner but it certainly helped me on some level

  16. My father once told me “If you don’t master your emotions, they will master you.”

    17 dead classmates is what happens when a narcissistic child expresses his feelings.

  17. kfg
    March 18, 2018 at 7:42 pm

    Stephen Hicks, Rockford College – I may have to give him a visit.

    It is actually Rockford University


    Dr. Stephen Hicks is Professor of Philosophy and Executive Director of the Center for Ethics and Entrepreneurship.

    He is the author of three books. His Explaining Postmodernism: Skepticism and Socialism from Rousseau to Foucault was published in 2004 by Scholargy Publishing and has been translated into Portuguese, Serbo-Croatian, Spanish, Swedish, and Persian. He is also the co-editor of Readings for Logical Analysis (W. W. Norton, 1998), now in its second edition. His book Nietzsche and the Nazis was published in 2010 by Ockham’s Razor Publishing and has been translated into Polish.

    He has published widely in academic journals such as Review of Metaphysics and Business Ethics Quarterly, as well as more popular outlets such as The Wall Street Journal.

    He received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Guelph, in Canada, and his Ph.D. in philosophy from Indiana University. Most of his graduate work was in logic and philosophy of science.

  18. From Heartiste


    “Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM) on March 18, 2018 at 9:58 pm
    Before Jordan Peterson:
    “If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.” – George Orwell
    After Jordan Peterson
    “If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face, who has cleaned his room – forever.” – George Orwell

    Before Jordan Peterson:
    80% of women initiate all divorces against their husbands.
    After Jordan Peterson
    80% of women initiate all divorces against their husbands, who have clean rooms.

    Before Jordan Peterson:
    Patrcikk HEnry: Give me liberty or give me death!
    After Jordan Peterson:
    Patrick Henry (on rritaliznz): Check out my clean room.


    Please do add your own!”

    lolz indeed.

    *not yet convinced this is the one true GBFM, but he’ll do in the meantime.

  19. “Absolutely never be actively suspicious, that is a total bitch move.”

    Thinking about The Marquis, what I’ve done when my wife covertly, once, intimated and overtly, once, threatened to cheat.

    I essentially ignored it with a shoulder shrug though indelibly logged it in the hard drive.

    Sometimes ZFG isn’t douchebag antics or machismo rather placid certainty in ones MPoO. Men speaking cat without speaking at all (removing her ability to connect emotionally and dominate him there) is chilling.

    Not sure how often Marquis is sexing his wife, though a pre business trip parting fuck isn’t proof of monogamy. I.e. my close friend’s wife fucked him good before and after she’d leave to rendezvous with her paramour 5 miles from home, though she told him she was with her parents, hanging out with friends hours away. When he checked the odometer, did the math, he called her parents during her next trip, the parents ran interference for the daughter. She was a churchy one too.

    Women with their own meager provisioning will feel empowered as if they’re fully autoprovisioning as they know a guy, some guy will pick up the slack.

  20. @ Rudd

    I get that you’re bored, but think of it this way:

    Regarding intersexuality mechanics, game, tautologically iterating Best of TRM is pointless. Reading it isn’t the same as fully realizing it.

    Why guys meet persistent resistance to success, aka your boredom, is they remain in a liminal space, inchoate, by not changing themselves sufficiently to move on. In your case you’ve maybe gained much yardage long past initial expectations and you don’t know what to do with it all. Time to broaden your horizons, accept bigger challenges.

    First step: Stop whining about lack of interesting TRM content. Quite a tell about you. My young daughter knows not to do that.

  21. If my wife bangs me well, and I’m talking well.., and she has enough left in the tank to go bang another man afterwards, hell I’ll drive her to his place.

    99% of the time she needs a nap after sex.

    Ever heard the phrase ” fuck them to sleep “?

    I’ve related a story here of a guy I know who just recently found out his wife is cheating. She announced that she wants out. I’ve also related that the signs that he was headed to cuckville were apparent to me more than 2 years prior.

    Women can do some underhanded shit. So can men, because people . After I found out one of my plates was actually married, I kept wondering how her husband didn’t notice her coming home thoroughly fucked with a smoking pussy. How does that happen?

    Conditional. Just because you don’t like it, or don’t think it’s” fair ” or ” kind “, hypergamy gives no fucks.

    Try going to work every day and half assing and under performing on your job and watch what happens. Burden. Your money and provisioning of material shit doesn’t mean what you might think it does. You must get your mind right and understand who you are dealing with.

    Or you might as well start leaving your car unlocked with the keys in the ignition, and stop locking your doors to your home because people aren’t supposed to steal.

    * disclaimer *

    I realize that one can live in a place where theft is uncommon so possessions aren’t locked up. I lived in such a place for 5 years.

    But you get the drift.

  22. Now it is OH well, I can have all the strange I want,my exit strategy is planned where I can keep all the tools and equipment together with most of the property. She senses this and treats me like the prize.

  23. Rudd
    March 18, 2018 at 11:23 am

    “Ive suddenly got bored with the articles…. because it seems the focus is now repeatedly and entirelly on what is happening in society ……. rather than how we, men, can become the best men we can be. How to demonstrate positive masculinity in daily life and within our community.”

    Like the honesty, bro.

    The Man has stated (on many occasions) that he will never be prescriptive – because every man is in a circumstance unique to himself. There can therefore never be a one-size-fits-all solution.

    He provides the precision map. A man must plot his own course.

    Plenty of would-be prescribers out there who will give a “do this” — for a handsome fee. But a prescription is always contaminated by motive.

  24. Rudd

    The comments on TRM are about different routes that men can take towards self-improvement. The comments put different sets of legs on the article content…how to work around what is going on in society through self-improvement. If you think that you can directly change what is going on in society, you are in for frustration and disappointment. TRP lacks sufficient numbers to do that.

  25. There was this phase at 20 where I was feeding housing and clothing her and her squiblings and didn’t feel she was respecting of my wishes not to share her.

    I never went through the highschool popularity indoctrination like most bitches (er guys) rather hit the working fields with MEN at 15yrs old. There is a phase most men go through at midlife where it all becomes clear ,they can see where youth is mistaken and “by god you need to listen to me” cuz I know,Blax you know what i’m speaking of. Couple this with the popularity contest and an old guy can become a big PITA.

    I came to finally understand that these kids need to learn some shit on their own, they don’t have to listen to me,they most likely cant relate anyhow. Like the man that was chased around the tree by a bear, I am an expert on one tree and one bear. Bear in mind AWALT

  26. Plus, you have to be able to allow yourself to evolve and improve in the manner that suits whatever circumstance you find yourself in.

    For a very long time, a stratocaster was the answer to getting rid of stress. Then for a while, it was some manner of meditation. Then it was intense workouts and heavy bag. Then it was drawing and painting. Furniture refinishing. Gardening.

    Now in advancing age, it can be any of the above.

    The ” prescription ” is Know Thyself, Love Thyself, Improve Thyself. Society pays a lot of lip service to loving yourself, but I know that it’s something I had to learn to do.

    Tomorrow is the first day of spring, and naturally there is a pending snow storm predicted for the next day. But spring signals that it’s time to get the HEMI Cuda

  27. … Down off the Jack stands.

    Tablet malfunction.😕

    I’m actually anxious to get started.

  28. Blax

    the signs that he was headed to cuckville were apparent to me more than 2 years prior.

    Always signs… I still haven’t come across a dude who met this fate that there weren’t abundant signs.

    The crux of the matter is… how long? How long do you have from spotting the sign to going over the cliff? In that there is wide variability.

  29. Bored …. in hindsight, is probably the wrong term.
    I always read Rollos new posts, but I find the current batch is resonating less with me. I also agree with his view the feminist natzis, societys feminine bias, I get all that. I also dont need a prespcription as evryone has their own context. But I also would hate to see the flavour change towards a bitch fight between the masculine side and the feminatzis. This is the boring bit, if anything. Lets acknowledge what is happening in society but lets also keep the focus on men, rather than worrying too much about women and their agendas.

    The only person we can truly control is ourselves, not others.

  30. For a very long time, a stratocaster was the answer to getting rid of stress.

    If that doesn’t work then a Les Paul with humbuckers might do the trick

  31. KABA I agree with you. I disagree with the stats. that say 25% of teachers are male. My kids are all in public school and they only had 1 male teacher In the entire elementary school. And I only know of 1 in the high-school minus all the physical ed coach and band directors. They have such a harsh penalty for fighting that the boys wait until after school hours to settle differences. But the girls don’t have such restraint and wind up suffering the most from the zero violence policy that is instituted to protect their sex from aggressive male behavior.

  32. Sentient

    Yeah, I haven’t run across a guy that was cheated on that didn’t have signs presented either.

    Retroactively the women will be branded heartless, ungrateful whores , but I believe that the instances where this is true are fewer and farther between than egos will allow for.

    True, the time that elapses between seeing the signs and her banging another guy will vary depending on the woman and the severity of the absence of unwavering masculinity of the man in question. ” Normal ” chicks will be more covert and discretionary, but the signals will still be moremor less obvious if the man is aware. Red pill aware.

    I was puzzled concerning the married plate I was banging quite regularly, at least 3 days a week. How did she manage so much time out of the house, out of contact with her man, so regularly? There were nights when she’d show up at 9 pm and not leave until 2 or 3 in the morning.

    I understand thatnif my wife wanted to bang other guys, short of chaining her up in the basement, there ain’t shit I can do to stop her, but how can a chick engage in a long running bonefest outside of marriage with the man being oblivious?

    Sometimes I find it little harder to muster much sympathy in those instances, and I don’t care for angry professions of ” SHE’S A WHHOOORRREEEEE!!!!!!!!! “. My friend whose wife cheated on him, I asked him about sex and he said that he was in too much pain. For years. Years . I witnessed him pushing his wife away from him, even when she was only trying to put her head on his shoulder, because he was in pain and not in the mood.

    Once she started working outside the home, the rest was predictable history.

    Hypergamy isn’t only about money or material shit.

    When one is aware, and you sense signals and signs being thrown in your direction, one needs to calibrate accordingly. That’s pretty routine and standard. Crush shit tests and toss them gingerly over your left shoulder.

  33. “bitch fight between the masculine side and the feminatzis”

    Ain’t gonna happen here. Never ever get in a war of words with a woman.

    I suggest immediately sexualizing the debate. A&A right? “Yes, I am a brute. Nice tits honey.”

  34. EhIntellect
    March 19, 2018 at 8:17 am

    “Yes, I am a brute. You wouldn’t like me if I wasn’t.”

    Is a line I use. And of course. “Nice tits.”

  35. “The Man has stated (on many occasions) that he will never be prescriptive…”

    By definition, true. He also writes about why he writes. It’s to save lives.

    Our lives aren’t that varied, that’s why RP works. It’s simple in methodology. I didn’t say easy, per se, but simple in concept.

    TRM, even the first few years, when faithfully applied, are thoroughly, broadly effective. It sells itself. Men’s desires aren’t all that different philosophically.

    Rollo doesn’t have to evangelize much to make TRM go.

  36. @Rollo-

    “Then the questions become “Where was this kid’s father? Why wasn’t he around to teach this kid some discipline and respect for human life?” The children of single mothers are overwhelmingly more likely to be come involved in criminality, but we don’t look at her half-measure parenting as a possible cause. Remember, she’s a super-hero and blameless, so any blame for this kid’s acts fall on the shoulders of a weak or absent father.”


    But then, the Village expects the father to correct the problem by being like the father in “Eight is Enough” or something worse, a clown, a pal to the kids, a “sensitive” or a father who essentially acts like a mother.

    A lot of the problem is also,absentee mothers. Just because single mothers have custody and live in the same house as their children does not mean they are effective parents. Most are far more focused on the best way to optimize being whores, gold diggers, and materialistic consumers self absorbed egotists than they are on being mothers. Let’s tell the whole truth. A fundament part of effective motherhood is respecting the father, not blowing up the marriage and destroying the family to maximize or optimize some fantastical hypergamy alter ego whore.

  37. @Rollo (and whoever else might be interested)
    OT: Looks like Karen Straughan is finally starting to show her true colors.

  38. I haven’t been around for a bit.

    Whew, reading Marquis I was in a mental throwback to an MMSL 911 thread, or is about to be found there kind of situation for him. Multiple flags in that whole scene. I was looking for my list of cheating tells I put up a few months ago. I should dust that off.

  39. @Encythoughts
    The more you curse, the more you show you have nothing.
    P.S. Next time go with, “Arrrrr, shut the fuck up,” you butt pirate.

  40. “If we just kept killing Beta males long time ago, our natural balance would’ve been okay. We just gave up our game against their psychological battle, we are paying the price harshly now.”

    What is this guy up to with this “balance” codswollop? Henny Penny panic plus facile homicidal solutions? That’s all you got?

  41. @ Esch

    Sounds like you got your life together. You’re a forceful guy. We like and need competent people here.

    Tell us about yourself. Age, size of town you live in, sexual history.

    We’d probably learn something.

  42. “Okay class. That ends today’s lesson on how people have no respect for young people who don’t respect passive income and the time value of money required to create said assets. Tomorrow’s class will cover how to have class and be respected by your elders.”

  43. @Eschthoughts

    Watch your back

    Internet Tough Guys never change. They’re all blustering faggots. News flash: nobody gives a fuck about your threats. Kill yourself.

  44. @Sun, never mind watching my back. Encythoughts learned today’s lesson by deleting his piracy page. Tough thing to do for an internet tough guy threatening people, but a good, necessary ego development to be sure. I feel like my time today wasn’t a waste. #Mentorship

  45. First thought after reading the article:

    Human males without masculinity are ticking time bombs – because base instincts take over (the more stressful the enviroment, the more this is likely per individual).
    The base instinct of male humans is really easy to sum up: Fuck, eat or kill.

    Instincts on overdrive equals blood orgy.

    On the other hand, the “vulnerability jingle” was dispelled years ago by game/TRP.
    Without trying to be snarky: Simple stuff is simple: DON’T BE VULNERABLE BEFORE FEMALES.
    Simple things are simple. Sometimes there is no big, complex secret.

  46. Well well here is a new harbinger of the counter revolution. Or, if you like, the sequelae to the Sexual Revolution. Toys R Us is making excuses for why they failed (too over-leveraged, more long term debt than short term income can cover, like most big box retail chains). But the reason they assert, if true, sure is interesting!


    (Was away for awhile, out poisoning pigeons in the park. As my ever-changing moniker is a nod to the original GBFM (Great Books For Men), I see he has returned from the portal of Yog Sothoth over at Dalrock’s)

  47. O.B.I.T.

    My Dad played les paul’s and banjos and ukuleles – all kinds of stringed instruments.

    I began learning on a les paul, but I needed to distinguish myself from my father somehow. Plus, I loved to tear my guitars down and customize them to within an inch of their lives. There was always something sacrilegious about messing with les pauls.

    [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nq5wc_8iOjo&w=854&h=480%5D

  48. Guitars can be like cars — people’s choice can say a lot or it can just be random chance.
    I actually was thinking of the mellotron in more grandiose terms than McCartney,,,


    The hippie burnout-looking guitar dude gets rolling toward the end as well

  49. Mellotrons (and Chamberlins) are fun to play. Best when someone else owns them and has to maintain them, you just get to play the pretty notes (strips of tape actually) and sound like King Crimson, then go home.

    Another vet, actually a Vietnam vet, is Country Joe McDonald. See Woodstock, not the Fish Cheer song, but when the whole band comes back to do Rock & Soul Music. He’s wearing his Navy fatigues. He was stationed there 1964-65 I think.

  50. “Was away for awhile, out poisoning pigeons in the park.”

    Life is skittles and life is beer.

  51. That is some real rich BS, coming onto a mans blogsite and telling him what to write about. As if you are his highest paying customer on a free service get real you rudey. That is one piece of advice I was going to give Rollo on turning 50 years this year 1/2 way to 100, is for the rest of your time live every day to the fullest, write what you want to write, do the art that you feel, don’t sell yourself out or short. Do it with no regrets.

    In reality I think Rollo already lives this way, you can’t be this good without loving it and feeling it.

  52. There’s a great book on mass murderers and motive, relating to shame and control, tied into feminization. Evo Psych but easy to read. Very informative. It’s called ‘Heroes: Mass Murder and Suicide’ by Franco Berardi. Available on Amazon. Possibly at some local libraries. Worth checking out.

  53. Eschthoughts
    March 19, 2018 at 2:16 pm
    “I actually don’t get it why all of you guys are mad at me?”
    Sumbuddy madatcha?

  54. KABA

    Great article , total opposite of the guardian article above.

    More men need to swallow the red pill and take charge of the masculine training of their sons.

  55. What goes around, comes around eventually. This is being proven again and again almost daily. It’s one of the most fascinating things for me to watch unfold, and it has taken many decades.

    The article posted is almost golden.

    Imo, the rising tide of angst over male behavior is not anything new. I maintain that it’s only the target that moves. There’s been a centuries old western/American tradition of societal anxiety of the male tendency toward violence and dangerous violent behavior, lol. I’ve heard the quiet yet constant underlying narrative running in the background my entire life. I’ve heard it from The Left, from The Right, and from The Center.

    Pro tip:: The ” data ” is being compiled right now, and as everybody knows ” data ” is irrefutable. The ” data ” will enable forces both political and cultural to single men out using the most extreme examples as being precise narratives illustrating the inherent, genetic and hormonal ” problems ” males foist on society in the form of rampaging, out of control and deadly violence that all XY chromosomes are prone to.

    All I can muster at this point is Welcome To The Club.😀

    You can look forward to your ” male problem ” being codified by ” science ” and tons and tons and tons of never ending scholarly writings and miles and miles of studies. And what I can asure you of, is thatnif males cannot or will not stand up and fight back in significant numbers over the long haul, that societal narrative will stick to you forever and a day, like dog shit on the soles of your shoes.

    In a hundred years it will have been as if all of the identified ” problems ” with ” your kind ” have always been a problem. Wars and conflicts will define your entire existence. Medicine and agriculture and building of cities and raising of families will not be enough to excuse you for the penis between your legs and the testosterone and violence coursing through your veins.

    By the time you understand what’s happening, you will be older and grayer. You’ll be a bit tired and jaded, because all of this bullshit does take quite a bit out of you.

    None of this will stop unless you do whatever is necessary to make it end, lol, and unfortunately that might just include the very violence that you are being shamed for.

    Catch fucken 22.

  56. “Wow, that “Preparing sons for war” article is amazing.”

    And the article he based his article on (How to Raise a Boy I’m not sure what to think about what my dad tried to teach me. So what should I teach my sons?By Will Leitch) was amazingly retarded and disingenuous so as to be lying his ass off at trying to shoot a Winchester 35 single shot 20 gauge gun just prior to high school. And his dad didn’t put ear protection on him and he held the gun with outstretched hands. Retarded Moronic Lie, I say.

    Shit, when I was in high school, we used to reload Winchester AA 12 gauge hulls and compete with other high schools in trap competition. No way a 20 gauge would knock a pre-high schooler on his ass.

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