Losing My Religion


In the interests of full disclosure, I’ll admit I’ve had this post in my drafts folder for some time now. As always, standard caveats apply with regard to my policy on posts about religion, politics, and socioeconomics. I don’t delve into the particulars of these subjects, but I will dissect how they coincide with intersexual dynamics.

It’s no secret that I’ve been a regular follower of Dalrock’s blog for over five years now. Along with Dal I also consider Donalgraeme and a few other bloggers in the ‘Christo-Manosphere’ Red Pill colleagues if not friends. I’ve always held Dalrock as a sort of Red Pill brother since both our blogs came up around the same time. I’ve quoted and credited him in both my books.

I do so because there was a time I considered pursuing a path in my writing that would follow the same Red Pill critique of religion, (Christianity for Dal) at least in some occasional sense. After reading Dalrock’s very insightful early posts I decided against it. Dal has earned the respect of the manosphere for his Red Pill lens of contemporary Christianity for good reason – he’s a consummate statistician and researcher, and he’s what I’d call “embedded” well within modern (I presume mostly evangelical) church culture. He does it better than I could hope to do that part of the manosphere justice.

I never go into any detail about my own faith for a couple of reasons, the first being it’s only peripherally relevant in my writing. Secondly, it’s always been my position that the Red Pill needs to remain fundamentally areligious and apolitical. That said, I am familiar enough with ‘Churchian’ culture and the psycho-social side of mainstream religion to understand it through my own Red Pill lens.

When I analyze Red Pill principles within social contexts I always have a hard time with religion. It grates on me because I’m of the opinion that one’s religious leanings, one’s interaction with existence and life, one’s consideration of the spiritual, ought to be something personal and private if it’s in anyway genuine. As such, and for some, it can be a source of real vulnerability and exploitation which is really nothing new to anyone. It’s one thing to be even agnostic and trapped in a Blue Pill world, but it’s quite another to have been raised to adulthood in a religious context and coming to terms with having some very deep ego-investments shattered by a new Red Pill awareness.

If you ask anyone steeped in the Blue Pill conditioning of the Feminine Imperative about how this exploitation operates in an intersexual context you’ll likely get the standard answer that religion is largely a “social construct designed to maintain the Patriarchy.” And I have no doubt that in a Judeo-Christian sense this was likely the case for millennia. I won’t dig into how much of this had the latent purpose of controlling for Hypergamy in this post, but in the generations since the sexual revolution and the rise of feminine social primacy this maintaining the Patriarchy is a failing distraction on the part of the Feminine Imperative.

Creating Religion in the Image of the Feminine Imperative

For the past five generations, there has been a concerted re-engineering of religion (and not just limited to Christianity) to better suit the ends of the Feminine Imperative. Just as men are sold the idealism of the old set of books while living within the social context that confounds them, religion has been coopted by the feminine. The old books religion has either been replaced wholesale by a feminine-interpreted, feminine-directed religion that places women as its highest authority, or it’s been restructured and rewritten to serve the same feminine-primary objectives.

For going on six years now, Dalrock has masterfully documented and rightly criticized these shifts in Christianity. Although I’m focusing on western Christiainty here, this re-engineering of modern religion is not limited to just Christianity. A Red Pill perspective reveals a lot of uncomfortable truths, one of these is how well the Feminine Imperative has succeeded in supplanting any and all masculine influence in religion.

I expect there will be female critics who’ll cite that, in most of church culture, it’s still predominantly men who control churches and religious organizations, but in the era of feminine social primacy, it’s not who executes the control, but whose beliefs control the executors. Pair this with the commodification of religion and we can see the spheres of true feminine control and feminine-primary purpose.


After almost six years of following the religious aspects of the Red Pill, I think it’s high time men acknowledge that modern Christian culture simply does not have men’s best interests as part of its doctrine anymore. Christianity, in particular, is by women, for women – if not directly executed by women, though even that is changing.

Church culture is now openly hostile towards any expression of conventional masculinity that doesn’t directly benefit women and actively conditions men to be serviceable, gender-loathing Betas. The feminist narrative of “toxic masculinity” has entirely replaced any semblance of what traditional masculinity or manhood once was to the church. Any hint of a masculinity not entirely beholden to a now feminine-primary purpose is not only feared, but shamed with feminine-interpreted aspersions of faith.

I recently read a study that our current generation is the least religious in history and I think as far as men are concerned much of that disdain for religion is attributable to a church culture that constantly and openly ridicules and debases any male-specific endeavors or anything characteristic of conventional masculinity. It’s no secret in today’s church franchisement that reaching out to, and retaining the interests of, men is at its most difficult.

Again, this is attributable to a generation of feminized men being raised into a church culture, and eventual church leadership, that has been taught to prioritize and identify with the feminine and reinforced with articles of faith now defined by the Feminine Imperative. The modern church has trouble reaching men because the church no longer has a grasp of what it means to be ‘men’.

To be clear, that’s not an indictment of the genuine faith itself, but rather a fairly measured observation of the way a feminine-primary church culture has shaped that faith. In the future, any man with a marginal capacity for critical thought will avoid the contemporary Christian church and religion for the obvious misandry it espouses; the only religious men you will find will be those raised into a life of religiously motivated Beta servitude – or those dragged to the feminine-directed church by wives who hold authoritative ‘headship’ in their relationships.

And even in what some consider to be pro-masculine or “macho” churches, we still find the Paper Alpha leaders preach from a mindset that defers wholesale to the feminine’s “Godly perfection” as they attempt to AMOG other male member to greater devotion to qualifying for, and identifying with, the feminine influence that pervades their church.

Religious men will be synonymous with a Beta mindset.

It’s gotten to a point where it’s better to look after your self-interests and repent of the sin later than commit to an institution that openly seeks to indenture you. I realize that might be anathema to the more determined religious man, but just understand that this is the pragmatic, deductive future that the contemporary, western-feminized church is presenting to men. The social contract of marriage from a religious perspective has shifted into the ultimate leap of faith for men. They literally risk everything in marriage – child custody, sexual access, any expectation of true, male authority or respect, long-term financial prospects, etc. – but this leap of faith comes with a metaphysical price tag.

Men declining to participate in faith-based marriage decline an aspect of a faith reset to serve women; women who are held as a higher order of sinless being than men by this new church. For the agnostic or areligious man, discarding a Blue Pill social conditioning for a Red Pill awareness is a difficult task, but for men raised to believe that their only doctrinally approved path to sex with a woman is abstinence until marriage, that man’s only hope is to accept his fate and stay the Beta a feminized church has conditioned him to be.

And once he gets to marriage and his approved expression of his sexuality, the “Christian” man finds that the feminized church, even the male elders, expect endless qualifications to women and his wife’s unceasing appeasement in exchange for that approved sex. It’s a tail-chasing that holds men to the old books social order expectations while absolving women of all accountability and expecting him to also make concessions for a new (feminized) social order that’s ensaturated the church.

SeventiesJason from Dalrock’s blog:

And then we have “Christian marriage” divorce rates which are only a few paltry percentage points lower than the secular world……..men like Chandler will blame “men” for not leading, not being ‘holy’ enough, not bold n’ biblical enough, not going to bed exhausted every night….and a pile of other excuses for why she “had no choice” but to end the marriage.

We have a whole cottage industry of ‘christian counseling’ and self-help books, usually written for and by women. We have conferences, TV channels, broadcast networks, podcasts, radio stations, outreach, plenty of churches in this country……..the Internet. A ton of resources. Books……every pastor great and small today is “working on” or has written a book.

How on earth did the early church survive under the penalty of death? Persecution. Seclusion, and outright shunning? How did it grow? How did it survive?

We are told over and over by pastors that “God has an amazing plan for your life!” and then to sell men in the world this ‘churchian’ ploy that you are somehow not as holy, balanced, ready, equipped, or mature to handle this amazing plan….ah, but your wife to be is! The unspoken consolation prize is “but…..hey, you get to have sex….and that’s the only thing men need or think about and want!”

That seems to be given begrudgingly today (in my men’s group…..goodness, so many of the married guys complain that their wives never want sex)

How did the early church turn the world upside down? All God did was send a few men, and they made it happen. We have so many tools today…..and we’re “helpless” and we tend to think a “building program” will help everything and if we let the men fix things on the property they will feel “useful”

For over five generations now, the modern church has become a Beta farm existing only to produce the same masculinity-confused men that the secular world has perfected today. In our idealism I think too many (even well-meaning Red Pill) men believe that the church is some insulation against the worst of the Feminine Imperative when it is in fact an institution that produces the same men we hope to free from the Matrix.

Dean Abbot had an excellent post about this dynamic in his critique of another post by Mark Braivo:

In spite of what you might hear in the media about how terrible and retrograde evangelicals are, the entire movement, even the “conservative” end is thoroughly feminized.

The central Christian teaching that ALL people are sinners gets glossed over. Instead, the notion that men are somehow worse by nature than women is everywhere, sometimes stated overtly, often in the subtext.

At the same time, women are elevated to a position of moral and spiritual superiority. Women’s sin is often excused in light of a man’s failings. I remember hearing a very well known evangelical leader tell a story about how his wife freaked out and started smashing all their dishes. What was his point? That she did this because he had been neglecting her. See, she is not an adult beholden to practice self-control, but rather an innocent, sweet victim driven to outlandish behavior by his shortcomings.

“Toxic masculinity”, any masculinity inconvenient to a feminine-correct purpose, is a sin both actively and retroactively in today’s church.

With every successive generation of Beta pastors that are produced by this farm you get more and more men whose only experience of that religion is one of servile deference to a faith that’s been fundamentally altered to the utility of women and feminine-primacy. Women love to complain that it’s largely men who do the preaching and decision making in church, but what they ignore is that these men are the developed implements of the Feminine Imperative.

I will wager that in the next 10 years Christianity will be unrecognizable from its prior tenets of well defined conventional masculinity and the faith itself will expressly be centered on deference to the feminine.

Culture Informs Faith

I’ve had several critics tell me that the problem with the modern church is really one of its culture and should be considered apart from the ‘genuine’ faith, however it is church culture that ultimately informs and restructures doctrine and articles of faith. When that culture is informed by the Feminine Imperative, open Christian feminists, and a feminine influence posing as doctrinally sound egalitarianism, this fundamentally recreates an old order religion in the image of a new order, female-primary, imperative.

This and endless variations of the feminization of religion across every denomination and sect is why contemporary religion is openly hostile to any semblance of conventional masculinity. Church is no place for a single man and is just a formality for the man married to a religious woman at this point in time. All considerations of faith aside, I cannot fathom an adult man with any self-respect finding anything attractive about the modern church. Either there is nothing for him there or he is despised and denigrated, openly in a faith altering way or discreetly in resentment, or in pandering ridicule of his juvenilized maleness.

I don’t type this without a sincere sense of what’s been lost, particularly for men genuinely seeking existential answers for himself. My observations here will undoubtedly be thought of as some attack on a genuine faith, but my issue here isn’t with religion per se, but rather the thoroughness with which the Feminine Imperative has either subverted wholesale or covertly influenced really all modern religion.

Yes, I realize that faith is something personal that should be set apart from churchy social influence, but the culture is a manifestation of the doctrine and collective belief system. That culture ultimately modifies and informs the faith itself, thus with every successive generation that social influence becomes an article of the faith for the next.

Better to laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints, especially when the ‘saints’ are the priestesses of the Feminine Imperative.

The Red Pill lens in today’s church is a scary prospect.

Another commenter, The Question, had a good comment about this:

You’re absolutely right about the state of the Church in the West.

What makes it so dangerous for a Blue Pill man is that it is ground-zero for girls entering the epiphany phase. The single men who remain in the church are the ones will be pressured to fulfill their role in that strategy and will be treated with hostility if they don’t. I personally anticipate a renewed church “man up” campaign somewhere in the near future as the next wave of twenty-somethings near 30 and beyond.

I’d say the only reason to go is to meet cute single young women and that’s if the church actually has them and its theology isn’t wholly intolerable. College town churches like mine have quite a few young single ladies which is why I go.

I will admit, putting aside conscience and morality, the modern (‘Relevant’) church would be a veritable untapped gold mine for a PUA savvy of christian culture. Churchianity’s already got the perfect social architecture installed for pick up. Christian women aching for sexy Alpha dominance in a sea of preconditioned christian Beta “good guys”, high intrasexual competition anxiety for both sexes, instant reconciliation and sin forgiveness for women, hell, you can even talk a woman into an abortion without her having any accountability for killing her child at this point. What’s not for a PUA to like? Feminine-primary churchianity has been waiting for christian-savvy players for years now.

Men with a well defined Red Pill lens, having the sensitivity to understand the subcommunications of what’s going on around them in church, should be rightly horrified.

This is one reason Men like Dalrock are vilified by Christian women who understand he’s wise to what’s transpiring in the church – the Feminine Imperative has taken the Lord’s name in vain by presuming to promote its agenda and socially engineer generations of men to support it by claiming it’s God’s will.

Read the Fempowerment narratives of any ‘Christian women’s ministry speaker’, they will defend the sisterhood above any tenets of faith. They’ll tolerate blasphemy of the faith, but never the Feminine Imperative. They’ll rationalize abortion as a man’s sin, but never accept accountability for it and any man to attempt to rebuke them (for anything really) is counter-shamed for male chauvinist judgementalism. And being judgemental of any woman is the most mortal of sins a man can make in the new church

In the feminine-primary church, the Holy Spirit is the Feminine Imperative, what she says is an article of faith. Men who become aware of this via the Red Pill are a danger to it.

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  1. Imagine that: GB on the hill wants to marry red pill awareness (the manosphere) with Game.

    Gee I wish I would have thought of that….

    @ Anonymous Reader

    You spelled Deida wrong.

    But you tooled me good. With the dork reading a misunderstood, easily translated passage of TWSM. Do you even read bro?

    @ YaReally

    I’m on board with the not being stuck in the shitty negativity thing about life as a man. Thanks for your straddling the divide between red pill awareness (that shouldn’t suck at all for any man because red pill awarenesss is 90% self improvement– and getting the uncles and grandfathers advice in kinship altruism, the memos that never got delivered to you the masculine male).

    I’m always up for a positive vibe, personal agency and a guys control over his sexual strategy and it’s circumstances. And control over the direction of a guys circumstances and his sexual strategy.

    There’s awareness, there is mindset and there is game in the path to mastery. The RSD folks including Tyler and Julien have really out-performed in mindset.

    Also you are right the old school stuff is “the sidebar” reading. No one should not read the prerequisite readings. Which are hard. But necessary.

    With that being said, on to unhappiness and positivity. I’m extraordinarily happy and have good mindset and have power in game with study of red pill and game. I understand and overcame my difficulties with being self taught as an INTJ (precisely Krausers problem–INTJ self taught paradigm).

    Despite the rhetoric about PUA being about younger hotter tighter, I still value relationship game. Relationship game with an attractive, valuable-beyond-sex woman and having great kids you both raised well is sublime.

    So count me in with positivism about the manosphere (guys hanging out with guys and being surrogates for Blax’s uncles and grandfather’s). And count me in for infield experience at relationship game. Count me in for the fact that the more guys and girls get invested in technology and global corporatism, the more they get away from nature (mother nature and her viccisitudes)–the more they lose their place on their own fucking map of who they are and what they are trying to do. Count me in for old school knowledge and new school readings. (Why can’t a guy in a relationship not just fucking read Dale Carnegies book, Robert Glover’s book, or Manuel Smiths book, or Ian Ironwood’s books or even fucking Deida, sidebar material at relationship game at MRP reddit–Oh, I forgot that would take some time and less money than a night at a bar with a HB6).

    The goal is personal agency and that comes from a lot of reference experiences, red pill awareness, mindset training (not having a fucked up cognition) reading material and infield experience (whether yours or mine).

  2. @stringerbell
    Here’s a big one, and this is for any guy working on his text game.

    “I’ve found myself trying to follow your advice of always leading and pushing either for sexual innuendo or a meetup has lead to me overgaming and some text blowouts. When I’m more subtle it goes way better”

    Gotta learn to calibrate. Same as infield…you don’t push hard enough and you get friendzoned, you push too hard and you get blown out. But post your txts and we can break them down and see where you’re miscalibrating.

    Also texting has gotten tougher in the last couple years with the whole Tinder situation. I used to be able to do a 30 second number close in person and then run my entire game over txt and have her show up at my door ready to bang, but now that EVERY guy is feeding her validation 24/7 I’m finding it’s better to just keep it streamlined and focus on getting her out to game in-person, which means running more solid game in the initial meet including tighter Time Bridges on the number close, and not getting stuck in hours-long text sessions where she gets validation from the texts themselves like all the other guys…I push more for actually meeting up again and ideally within 48 hours of getting the number, before my value gets lost in the sea of virtual orbiters that’ll be bombarding her phone.

    “It’d be fucking amazing if you could post actual text examples from your texts with girls because I’m clearly uncalibrated and some actual examples would go a really long way to helping me learn.”

    Too much chance of girls googling snippets from our conversations to post actual conversations ’cause a lot of the time they can’t believe I have all these one-liners and comebacks and might check to see if they’re from the internet (like when a buddy tells you a good joke and it’s a joke you saw on reddit last week lol). And my humor is all custom-tailored to my personality where the actual words I’m saying are things that other guys would get blown out with or miscalibrate or not be able to recover from if the girl doesn’t react well but the underlying structure itself of what I’m doing is the important part, which is what I look at when I look at guys’ text conversations.

    “HB7: Seriously? The last message was creepy
    SB: Meh it should be pretty clear by now that me sense of humor is super weird. I thought it was hilarious.
    HB7: Sorry I don’t think we are on the same page here, I’m not interested.”

    lolololol about to get into some deep technical shit here:

    This is what was happening to me last year and what forced me to really look at the changes going on in society. Because my txt game was TIIIIGHT as fuck for a lot of years. Like, it was epic shit and I would say similar stuff to what you said (all your texts in this interaction were fine, that shit would have slayed a few years ago), and I had an unreal conversion rate. If I could get a girl’s number I was probably going to bang her off my txt game.

    But suddenly I started getting all these girls that would drop out of the conversation randomly and started getting called creepy and shit. And I was like “wtf?? You know I’m joking right?” Like these were girls that IN PERSON in our initial interaction I would be sarcastic and make jokes about stalkers and shit, and they would too, like we had a FULL ON “don’t take what I say seriously” vibe going and I’d get a solid number…and then a few days later (because I wasn’t pushing for that 48hr window at that point, ’cause I didn’t have to before, I could txt a girl for a couple weeks and then have her over to bang as the Day2) I would txt with the EXACT SAME style of humor she LOVED in person and she would suddenly take EVERY WORD I SAID SERIOUSLY and rule me out as creepy and stalker and TOO dominant etc

    I was like wtf is going on here???? It was a noticable change, the reason I focused on it was because I went through a huge run of numbers in a row that this happened with. Even my buddy who knows my txt game is solid, I’d send him the convos and he was like “wtf is happening??” lol

    My theory on what’s happening is that a few years ago Tinder/social media/etc culture wasn’t as huge as it is now, like girls had orbiters and shit but they didn’t have literally 500 guys (tons of them ending up being creepy as fuck and losers etc) txting them.

    So what I think what they’re instinctively doing is just ruling out any guy who not even TRIPS a red flag, but COULD BE INTERPRETED AS tripping a red flag. It’s like they have so many experiences with guys that DO turn out to be shit and who really DO turn out to be creepy or uncalibrated or too aggressive etc, that, combined with the VAST ENDLESS OPTIONS they have available, they’ve found that it’s easier to just assume the WORST and rule the guy out because they can move onto the next one so easily.

    Like in the past, especially before Smartphones were huge, they WANTED you to be cool, because they only had a handful of options and you might legitimately be the only guy who got their number that weekend. So you could say shit and they would interpret it in the most positive way. Like you could joke “oh ya you got me I was totally planning to roofie you” and they would interpret that as “lol he’s just being silly!” because they wanted it to go well.

    But NOW they’ll see that and go “well, he MIGHT be kidding, but he might NOT, and I have 50000 other options and it’s been past 48 hours and I’ve already forgotten the fun we had that night we met because I’ve had so much stimulus and drama and shit pumped into my brain since a week ago when we met, so instead of finding out if he’s kidding or not, I’m just going to blow him out and move onto the next guy who hasn’t said anything that could remotely be interpreted in a negative way yet”

    Like, if I gave you two boxes and one of them had a 50% chance of blowing up when you opened it and you had no reason to assume the other box had ANY chance of blowing up (because it hasn’t said anything that COULD mean it’ll blow up), you would probably go “ehh, I’ll take my chances with the other box because I don’t want to find out if this 50% box is going to blow me up”

    It was a pretty rough realization because I’ve had to throw out most of my txt game…and I LIKED txt game lol it was such minimal effort on my part (time consuming but I could juggle convos with multiple girls while laying in bed). So I lost a huge pillar of my game and had to adapt.

    With that understanding of what’s probably going on, I started looking around for other guys running into this and noticed other guys were running into similar situations and had some answers. The biggest puzzle piece was Julien’s PIMP product where he basically laid it all out: quit trying to game over txt, just do the bare minimum and push to get them to meet up within 48 hours, and run tighter number-closes (with hardcore Time Bridges like he explains etc) I suspect he was running into the same problems but he gets more field experience so he figured it out faster.

    Ironically this just goes back to Mystery Method where the number close wasn’t a GOAL, it was only a tool to meet up again to go on the Day2 that you SOLIDLY Time Bridged in person to arrange. But when cell phones got popular, number closes became a goal for a lot of guys. But I think we’re at a point where we have to go back to the old mindsets.

    It sucks because I loved txt game, but you gotta adapt.

    The key thing was realizing “hmmm they’re all interpreting everything I say in the WORST possible way, almost TRYING to find a reason to blow me out, just to have one less guy to deal with because they have a million guys txting them and SO MUCH TO DO on their plate” (like your girl’s “oh I have stuff to do TUESDAY, and THURSDAY, omg I have so much to do!!”), which made me switch to going more “boring” in my txts which, because they’re more “boring” I don’t want to do as much of because that makes me come off more boring, so to avoid that I have to Time Bridge more solid and push for the meetup quickly after number-closing.

    So your girl interpreted your text as you being creepily controlling/domineering like you’re DEMANDING her time. Which is retarded because obviously you didn’t mean it that way…but she’s looking for anything she can interpret as a red flag in the worst possible way to clear off one more text convo and social obligation from her plate. Because she has SO MANY OPTIONS that she doesn’t HAVE to take a chance on you and make time for you and rush her schedule to meet up with you.

    Also my buddies and I have found that no one plans things anymore. Like it used to be that you could get a number and then set up a Day2 for a couple weeks later and she’d spend the week getting her hair and nails done and vag waxed and picking out a dress etc and you’d meet up that Friday night at the bar or whatever and it was an exciting adventure.

    But now it’s like they plan about a day or two ahead…because they have SO MANY people texting them offering them shit to do that they don’t want to go “yes I’ll do this with you 2 weeks from now” because WHO KNOWS what offer is going to come along in their 50000 texts they’ll get between now and 2 weeks from now, from a hundred different people, that they don’t want to have to awkwardly cancel on you or pass some better opportunity up etc The <25yo crowd will often just decide the day OF that they're going to have a get-together that night or decide where it'll be. So pushing for meeting up within 48 hours helps avoid that problem too, because it's spontaneous and within her window of her immediate schedule planning.

    These are just things I've found that help and the best I can figure out the dynamics of why my text game stopped working. I miss it lol I had so many fucking lays from text game and my phones were all filled with dirty pics I'd get them to send me in our txt convos lol

    So ya, best resource I'd say re-read/watch Mystery's Time Bridge stuff and then grab Julien's PIMP (through whatever means necessary wink wink) and specifically watch the sections on Closing. When you understand it you'll see that Julien is just running an amped up version of Mystery's Time Bridging, to make it work in this ADD culture. Like he's doing the same thing but he's forcing them to invest harder by repeating what the plans are and telling her he doesn't want the number if she's going to flake and getting her to commit over and over to the Time Bridge etc to force it to stay in her mind when the barrage of distractions floods her after he leaves and for the next 48 hours. If he can make the Time Bridge have enough emotional impact, she's more likely to keep the plans through all the stimulus she's going to be receiving.

    Basically don't get into a position where you have to game them over text because it's gotten significantly harder to pull off in the current social media culture. Recovery is hard as fuck or can be impossible depending on the girl and the time frame and how much else she has going on in her life. I saw Krauser do a text game turnaround with a girl with low attraction and what he did was stuff that would definitely work a few years ago, but our culture is ahead of EE in terms of social media and tech corrupting the dating scene and it would most likely fall flat here.

    Now on the second interaction, note the differences: The second girl was more into you (A2 in Mystery Method) when you got the number than the first girl was, so you get a different style of response. The biggest key to note is how the first girl turns you down and DOESN'T offer any alternative plan. She says she's busy and lists the things on her schedule and that's it. Whereas the second girl, because she has more A2, does the same thing turning you down and listing her schedule but then offers an alternative plan. So right there you're already dealing with a situation where the girl has significantly more A2, which means you don't have to do as much to get her to meet up…she's chasing you VS the first girl where you're chasing her.

    Turning around the first girl before she interpreted your shit negatively might have been possible, but better than that would have been to tighten your game up enough that when you number close her she has the same level of Attraction for you that the second girl had. That make sense? So like my prescription isn't "better recovery text game for dealing with this situation", its "better initial game to avoid this whole situation entirely". That's going to get you much better results.

    Highly recommend Julien's PIMP stuff in general for working on that initial interaction…it's all about getting the girl to invest harder in the interaction and qualify harder to you and chase you harder. You want to get that first interaction tightened up to where if you don't ask for the girl's number they'll probably ask for YOUR number. When text game was easier the initial meet could be a bit sloppier (like a 30 second number close is flashy but it's not solid game, it's sloppy shit, but with good text game in the old days you could turn that around no problem with some heavy text gaming that she would interpret positively because she didn't have a million other guys txting her).

    It's important to understand that nothing has changed about the actual concepts of Attraction themselves…a DHV still sparks Attraction, passing a shit-test still sparks Attraction, etc. It's not that this is unpredictable and 100% fluid so what's the point of even trying to study it etc

    All that's changing is the ability to demonstrate/present those things. Like in PERSON, when her emotions are spiking positively and she's seeing all your attractive subcomms and shit, when she shit-tests you she's more likely to interpret your attempt to pass that shit-test in a positive way so you pass because she's feeling attraction from all your other shit and she WANTS you to turn out to be a cool guy.

    But in TEXT, where she's had a dozen other guys that weekend miscalibrate and be creepy and weird and she's in a shitty mood bored at home and you're asking for her time when she's already got a busy schedule of pointless shit she's doing that week, when she shit-tests you the same way, and you say the exact same thing, she's more likely to interpret your exact same response in the most negative way possible, so she can rule you out as a guy who failed the shit-test and knock one more interaction/obligation off her plate so she can lay around the house Wednesday night instead of scrambling to go on a date and impress a guy and deal with him maybe turning out to be a creeper after all etc

    So passing a shit-test still spikes Attraction, but the circumstances and subjective interpretation on her part is less in your favor over text than in person or than it was a few years ago.

    Also a voice call can do wonders…they usually won't pick up so just plan to leave a sexy bedroom voice teasing voicemail that sounds like you don't care whether she gets back to you or not, just self-amuse on her voicemail basically and she'll usually call you back after she gets over the initial shock that someone actually CALLED on a phone instead of txted. But over voice you're able to display more subcomms (tonality, timing, emphasis, faster calibration to her responses, etc) which gives you more room to game her and change her mood and tease her etc and have it interpreted positively, VS text where all she has to go by are words on the screen that are MASSIVELY open for interpretation.

    This was all a HUGE mindfuck for me but cleared up a lot of confusing shit when I finally figured it out lol Hope this helps you adapt your game. Use number closes as an absolute last resort…like Julien says go for Plan A (take her home), and if that doesn't work then go for Plan B (go home with her), and ONLY if neither of those are possible do you go with Plan C (take her number) and if you have to go with Plan C Time Bridge the FUCK out of it and try to spike enough Attraction that SHE number-closes YOU for your Time Bridge plans.

    Like Mystery at 1:30:30 in this video (watch to the end of the vid, how many times the girl demands his number and tries to get him to pay attention to her to give her his number and interrupts his conversation and calls his phone and how he messes with her by deleting her number "by accident" and getting distracted etc so she's always on the edge…THAT girl is NOT going to flake on him, SHE'S going to be texting HIM to hang out):


    Like, THAT'S the level of Attraction you should be shooting for, if you're going to settle for a number close. But that's not the level 99% of dudes get when they number-close these days (another problem I have with the LDM footage I see and how little A2 they get…when EE phone culture catches up to our phone culture, they're going to have a hard time)…usually guys just get a minimum or average amount of A2 at best and consider getting the number a victory in itself so they get a myopic focus on just "get the number, that's success!!" and then end up with a shitty conversion rate with tons of flakes and dead end numbers.

    But this shit was all technically laid out in Mystery Method back in the day lol Julien's just added more impact to it to compete with the competing stimulus girls have now.

    Good luck, there's no lines and shit I can really give you. It's an overall game structure shift. Julien's infield in SHIFT (specifically the pornstar at the club he number closes, again grab this through whatever means you can wink wink) is a good example of his hard push for the Time Bridge, all through the entire interaction he's pushing the Time Bridge and keeps coming back to it to solidify it over and over again in her mind.

    Also your texting technique in general is solid in that second interaction, it's clear that you're pushing the interaction forward not getting stuck in gay sideways go-nowhere conversations, and you can see how well the second girl responds to it…even with the level of A2 the second girl has for you, a LOT of guys will still end up texting themselves into the friend zone with her, having long conversations that don't lead the interaction anywhere…they're FUN and the girl enjoys them, but they start making the guy become more like a friend than a Lover. Whereas everything you say is followed with something that pushes the interaction forward or forces her to qualify or future-projects you two being together etc so you're meeting up with her probably about as efficiently as possible.

    So keep that part up when you DO text. Like if you get your initial Attraction stuff tighter and Time Bridge solid so that your number closes are more often closer to the second girl's level of A2, you'll still have to text but do it the way you're doing it in that second interaction…much more subtle, less room for her to interpret things in a negative light (like look at your texts, there's nothing in them that could be misinterpreted negatively VS the more gamey stuff from the first interaction).

    That's one of the keys I guess, whenever you're about to text something ask yourself "could this txt I'm about to send be interpreted in a negative way if I sent this to a girl who hated me or wanted to prove I was a creeper, like if I sent this txt to a Jezebel feminist writer, is there anything in here that she could interpret in a negative way to "prove" that I was a creeper to a bunch of rabid feminists that hate men?" lol

  3. “SB: Meh it should be pretty clear by now that me sense of humor is super weird. I thought it was hilarious.”

    Painfully awkward, so as a save total disasterville. You cannot defensively negotiate humour. If something doesn’t fly just keep going like it never happened.

    And now I have to go deal with a cricket that broke into my house, dragging a Marshall stack with him. Jeeeeezus Christ, turn it down ya chitinous little bastard!

  4. @stringerbell
    Also to clarify the girls weren’t calling me creepy off my initial text, like right away, they would like me for the first part of the interaction, I’d even use some of the same humor and they’d like it, but seemingly randomly I would just keep running into holy shit all of a sudden I’ve crossed some imaginary line that makes NO sense and now she’s 180’ed and won’t even give me a CHANCE to recover, just an INSTANT Off switch was flipped…which was the part that made my friend confused because the interactions he was reading would be like “yup this all looks good, yup, yup, solid, wait wtf?? Why did she suddenly 180 there?? Now she LEGITIMATELY thinks you’re stalking her??? wtf why would she think that? I mean, you COULD interpret it that way I GUESS if you were LOOKING for a way to label you a creepy stalker, but why would she interpret it THAT way when she was into you a few messages ago???”

    I remember one girl that I talked to for a couple days, we even made out in our initial interaction and had a solid hour together good solid game etc, and our texts were full of tons of sarcastic humor etc but she flaked on us meeting up and because I know how flaking works I totally guessed that it was a Tinder date because that happens all the time these days, so I was like “so how was your Tinder date?” and she flipped the fuck OUT and was like “HOW DID YOU KNOW I WAS ON ONE?” “I just guessed” “NO SERIOUSLY HOW DID YOU KNOW YOU’RE CREEPING ME OUT HERE” (she didn’t use caps lol but this was the emotion behind what she was texting) like 100% convinced I had stalked her on her date or some shit lol like what?? Why would that be a thing you would even THINK?? But the INSTANT that switch was flipped I was done, not even a chance to recover…

    BUT, from HER perspective she’s probably HAD guys who WERE creepy obsessive stalkers like that before, so it’s safer/faster for her to interpret it that way and assume the 50% box will explode, than it is to take a chance on the box lol because she has 50000 other boxes that haven’t flipped any red flags yet that she can replace me with. And when you combine the tendency to interpret the texts negatively combined with me not using emoticons and lols and shit, like trying to be Mr Alpha laconic badass, it comes off even MORE like I could be some angry creeper stewing in his apartment that’s saying essentially “how was CHEATING ON ME YOU FUCKING WHORE…I just guessed because I KNOW SLUTTY CHEATING WHORES YOU BITCH” lol because there are guys who would ACTUALLY react that way and she’s probably run across a few. And once you’ve been actively linked to “bad feels” you’re not going to get away from that to recover.

    So I don’t even mind, like I totally get her perspective and can’t blame her for her reaction when you look at all the variables involved. I just cringe that somewhere out there is a girl who legitimately thinks I was stalking her when I legitimately thought we were just having a fun conversation lol

    But again when you give it the Jez test of “COULD this be misinterpreted?” then ya somehow just “knowing” she was on a Tinder date and saying it without winky faces or in a voice conversation where I can use tonality etc COULD be interpreted as being some crazy stalker lol

  5. ” . . . in a voice conversation where I can use tonality etc . . .”

    Ding! Ding! Ding!

    Writing funny things and acting funny are two different things.

  6. @YaReally

    YaReally, I’d like to hear some Game advice from you, even tho this might not be the best place to do it. (Sorry Rollo). I’ve read some of your comments and needless to say, I’d had some similar trains of thoughts when it comes to the behavior of a girl in the modern society. I don’t have the time right now, but I’ll write up the field report later if you’re interested.

    Basically, when I run Game, the type I’m pushing for the most is what I’d call ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’. (I’m probably not the first guy who had this idea, pretty sure it’s already been covered somewhere). It’s somewhat related to what you wrote earlier

    …..Because she has SO MANY OPTIONS that she doesn’t HAVE to take a chance on you and make time for you and rush her schedule to meet up with you….

    Why would this be true?

    I’m not saying it’s not, but what’s the mechanic behind it? Yeah sure, she has her other 500 tinder options, but their intentions are known. No flickering the tingle, no air of intrigue and mystery around that. I mean, if anything I believe Tinder is the most overt way of saying “Hi, I wanna fuck you”, when it’s coming from a guy. And all she has to do is swipe through all of them while rubbing her clit, until she eventually says “Oooh, this one’s cute, let’s give him a shot”. But shouldn’t this be your cue, in general?

    I could be very wrong about this (the joy of exploring and trying new things), but when I game a girl I like, the vibe I’m trying to achieve is that basically, I’m the rabbit her curiosity can’t stand not to follow. I’ve always believed that options with no fallback are the prospects girls were the least interested in. It’s when she has to take a chance, is when her imagination starts to spark. I always try to conceal my intentions, so she has to keep guessing, but I always leave that door slightly opened, so all she has to do is push through them. (kinda like a scene in a horror movie, where the door is slightly opened and all you see is a pillar of light lol)

    In simple terms, it’s basically differentiating yourself from others in as mysterious way as possible.

  7. @Yareally
    So with regard to text game you recommend to keep it short and comfort-y, push for the meetup right away (implied by the face-to-face interaction)?

  8. @ya
    “Also texting has gotten tougher in the last couple years with the whole Tinder situation”

    About to read your breakdown, but I wanted to react to that.

    Honestly, I’m feeling more and more that texting is just low value. Look at a girls phone and there will be 20 convo with guys just as witty as yours, trying to get her to meet with them. Of course you’ll have the “hi sweetie how was your day” chodes, but A LOT of them have tight text game nowadays, I guess with all those “how to text her” guides on the internet.

    And hot chicks are SOCIAL they love to just chat with many people, unlike most guys who endure texting with the objective to fuck lol.

    Like Tinder, I dont think guys should spend time and energy improving their text game : they should go out instead, and practice RSD style game to make an emotional impact and try to get the same night lay.
    Because if you give her your number, now you are part of the “guys who I did not like enough to go home with”, for the girl. Dunno if that makes sense.

  9. Just like the idea of forever monogamy, it’s time to let go of texting as way to get attraction, and embrace that now we will have to do the HARD stuff : learn to attract very well in person!

  10. Klem

    SNL game is about amping attraction through the rough, leading the interaction and tight tight logistics. make sure you have tight logistics.

    And most girls you don’t pull will try and force their number on you, as you avoid ever asking for it…

  11. @Dunhill
    “YaReally, I’d like to hear some Game advice from you, even tho this might not be the best place to do it. (Sorry Rollo).”


    “…..Because she has SO MANY OPTIONS that she doesn’t HAVE to take a chance on you and make time for you and rush her schedule to meet up with you….

    Why would this be true? I’m not saying it’s not, but what’s the mechanic behind it?”

    Two analogies:

    1) You find a $10,000 bill on the ground. An average person will shit their pants with excitement, HOLY FUCK $10,000!!! It’s the highlight of their YEAR to find that shit. Bill Gates finds a $10,000 bill on the ground. It’s COOL, but Bill Gates has BILLIONS, he has endless $10,000 bills available to him. He’ll be happy to have found it, but it’s not going to blow his mind like the first person…and the first person will dig that $10,000 out of the trash bin. But if it was in a trash bin, Bill Gates might go “ehh, I’m alright without it.” It’s not that the $10,000 isn’t valuable, it’s just that Bill Gates has so much money that he doesn’t have to jump on that opportunity.

    2) You live in the Playboy Mansion. You have a dozen gorgeous 10s offering to suck your dick every day. Anytime you snap your fingers, 3 9/10s run upstairs to your bed and offer to fuck you. When you go out you meet some hot girl, she’s a solid 10/10, or maybe a 9/10 with a great personality. She txts you the next day, when you’re at the Mansion surrounded by hot girls, and she wants to meet up but she wants you to shower up, drive across the city, find and pay for parking, go through a date that might not lead to sex because she’s implied she’s “not that kind of girl” and wants to go on a few non-banging dates first, etc etc Now you might like her, especially in the moment when you met her. But you HAVE a dozen options around you, that are making it way easier to just settle for them…are you REALLY gonna put in all that work for this girl? Maybe, if you’re bored of those options or you’ve found out over time that those options are actually shitty…but generally you’re probably going to go “ehh, just come here and make it easy” and if she won’t then fuck it her loss.

    It’s not that that girl wasn’t hot or that $10,000 didn’t have value, it’s just a matter of abundance/scarcity. Before Tinder, before social media, before smartphones, before texting, girls had a lot more scarcity. Not to the level men had of course, but a girl might only give her number out once or twice in a weekend. Now she’s flooded with options that LOOK good from afar…the catch is that she doesn’t KNOW whether they’re good or not unless she INTERACTS with them and tests them etc to see if they’re legit. ’cause the guys are putting up their best fronts, photos of them surfing and in suits and shit, but the girl’s hindbrain NEEDS to test them to find out if they’re legit or not.

    “Yeah sure, she has her other 500 tinder options, but their intentions are known.”

    She doesn’t know that and while ya the “hi wanna fuk?” texts do happen, they also get a ton of guys trying to run indirect text game to not get lumped in with the “u dtf?” guys, and they have good highlight-reel profiles etc The girl’s hindbrain goes “okay this guy commented on my photo and it was a funny comment…and look at his pics, he’s in a shark cage in this one and he’s got a bunch of friends in this other one and here he is shirtless that’s kind of douchey so I’ll make fun of him for it and see how he reacts” and she’ll shit-test him on his shirtless pic. If he passes the shit-test, she’ll feel attraction, if he fails it, she writes him off.

    It’s in her biological best interest to NOT pass up better options even if she knows the odds of them being better are low…what if that ONE GUY isn’t? But if she tries it with enough guys with shark cage photos then eventually she learns “okay guys with shark cage photos are no good…but what about guys with yatch photos?”

    WE know those guys’ intentions, and she may know them on a CONSCIOUS level, which is why you’ll see a lot of girls respond to these guys with garbage and teasing and insults and making fun of them and tooling them just to entertain themselves on a boring night…but they’re still ENGAGING them secretly in the hopes of the back of their hindbrain that they’ll be The One to pass the tests. Just like they won’t shit-test a homeless person, they shit-test guys their hindbrain could be attracted to.

    “No flickering the tingle, no air of intrigue and mystery around that.”

    They try. Don’t fall for the hype that every guy on Tinder is just sending dick pics. As soon as those stereotypes became common, every other guy tries going the indirect route to set himself apart.

    “And all she has to do is swipe through all of them while rubbing her clit, until she eventually says “Oooh, this one’s cute, let’s give him a shot””

    Yup, which is why she doesn’t care about putting as much effort in now. But that guy can still blow himself out between her swiping and him putting his dick inside her if he fucks up the interaction and fails shit-tests.

    Basically a ton of guys on Tinder are trying your rabbit hole game lol “we’re on a hookup app but let’s pretend it’s not a hookup app” type vibe.

    “I could be very wrong about this (the joy of exploring and trying new things), but when I game a girl I like, the vibe I’m trying to achieve is that basically, I’m the rabbit her curiosity can’t stand not to follow.”

    Only if she has no reason to believe those new things could be bad feels experiences. Women aren’t risk-takers…they want new experiences but they want them guaranteed to be positive experiences. She won’t “try new food” at some shithole dive joint, she’ll “try new food” at a 5-star restaurant her friends all told her about because ya it’s a new experience but it’s guaranteed to probably be a positive one. Same way preselection and social proof work, the guy is unknown but she has reason to believe that he’s high-value and will be a positive experience for her.

    ’cause online/txt other guys are offering “pure good feels experiences”…as far as what they’re SAYING/IMPLYING to her, they’re helping convince her that the whole thing is going to be 100% good feels. She doesn’t KNOW that that’s boring to her. She doesn’t KNOW that she needs the full range of good AND bad emotions to feel solid Attraction. Her forebrain has been conditioned to believe that she DOESN’T want that, that she just wants a Nice Guy. So her forebrain says “don’t take the chance of feeling Bad Feels” while her hindbrain says “I’m borrrred by this Good Feels 100% of the time shit, I need some DRAMA” when she GETS the 100% Good Feels only guy. And she doesn’t KNOW that most of the time that Good Feels guy was full of shit and will end up being lame and result in Bad Feels.

    “In simple terms, it’s basically differentiating yourself from others in as mysterious way as possible.”

    What you’re doing with the mysterious stuff is not giving her any indication one way or the other whether you’ll be a Good Feels or potentially Bad Feels situation. You’re not giving them enough to really rule you out, basically…which is similar to what I recommend now: less time txting so you can’t fuck up or trip any red flags lol

    Think of the girl like a blind person. You can TELL a blind person that an object is cold, or they can suspect it might be, but they don’t KNOW until they TOUCH it. Once they TOUCH it, they confirm to themselves “okay this is cold”…until they touch it there’s always the chance that it’s not because they don’t have their full range of senses (txt/online game cuts off their ability to see the majority of your subcomms that they would see if you met in real life). So they instinctively NEED to touch that object to see if it’s cold or not, incase it ISN’T and they can finally warm up.

    So ya, the mysterious thing is fine. But you’ll have to have made a hell of a first impression on her for her to CARE about the mystery, to balance it out, so that she thinks “this mystery is WORTH unravelling”, which comes back to guys working on their initial interaction to make more emotional impact to hook her. And with all her options and endless stimulus, it’s probably a good idea to still push for that 48 hour window so she remembers how intrigued she was by you when you first met.

    “So with regard to text game you recommend to keep it short and comfort-y, push for the meetup right away (implied by the face-to-face interaction)?”

    ya, basically make a better impression in the initial interaction and then keep the txting short and boring and pushing toward a meetup VS having big long conversations all day, which she’ll TOTALLY be up for doing, but will lower your value because you’re basically giving the milk (your attention and the emotions you give her) away for free (she gets them over txt putting no effort in). Make a strong impact on her in person and then force her to have to meet up with you to get to experience that again.

    They have DOZENS of guys who will HAPPILY text them ALLLLLL day long. This was my move back before it got popular and it was great, I could run my whole game in txt and have like an 8 hour txt convo and she felt tons of comfort/rapport by the end etc. But back then I was her only real conversation for the day, maybe a couple best friends txting her and that was about it. But now EVERY guy is trying that move under the assumption of “the more time interacting with her, the more chance I’ll get laid” because the standard Nice Guy’s game is “spend as much time with her as possible building comfort/rapport and hopefully she realizes she likes me one day and has sex with me” (normal AFCs doing cold approach try to go right to comfort/rapport “Hi, so uhhh do you come here much? That’s cool what are you drinking? That’s a cool drink so where are you from?” because they don’t understand Attraction should come first).

    The longer you take before you meet up again the more stimulus she gets from other potentially high-value options and the less she remembers how amazing you were…so pounce on that shit fast.

    “Honestly, I’m feeling more and more that texting is just low value.”

    Yup. It’s funny how that’s worked out, because txting was AWESOME before everyone was doing it. But it’s a perfect ego buffer for guys to use, so they ALL use it, and girls love it because they get validation/attention/socialization 24/7 whenever they want it they just open their phones or post a selfie and get compliments.

    It comes back to my two room analogy. On any dating site what happens is the hot girls use it first because the guys they’re meeting in real life are lame and they’re looking for any other options they can find ’cause they want to increase their chances of finding a high-value guy…then the cool guys get on it, because the hot girls they know are using it and they think “great, I can find more like her!” And everyone hooks up and has a blast.

    Then the lame guys hear about it and go “wait wut I can get hot girls without having to approach and put my ego on the line??” and jump on there which ruins it for the hot girls and they just switch to using it as an orbiter-collector putting “just looking for friends” and their instagram account as their profile description because they give up on it.

    Because guys are in scarcity, the uglier girls who stick around on the site start getting laid and they’re banging super high-value dudes who are lazy or make excuses for banging 5s and 6s (like getting catfished and being too polite to bail, or being drunk and thinking “well she wants me to just come over so it’s better than sleeping alone” etc). Then the ugly girls in society hear that their ugly friends are banging hot high-value guys so they jump on it and now you’ve got a site with no hot girls, but tons of guys from 0-10 all banging girls that are 1-7 with the occasional 8 thrown in and the 9s and 10s don’t even bother looking at their profiles or anything anymore because the site feels like it’s all low-value guys to them.

    Where do those hot girls go? Ironically back into the real world, where a guy has to STEP UP and demonstrate confidence and attractive traits just to ENGAGE her face to face. Or social circle guys who come pre-approved. But this next generation of guys don’t learn to cold approach because they hide behind buffers like txting and stick to social circle/networking to meet girls and only the top guys in that social circle are getting the hot girls, the bottom of the social circle guy is eating shit.

    Note how social media has kept expanding…it used to be “meet local guys in your city” then it was “meet guys in your area” then it was “meet guys through your social circles” (Facebook), then it was “meet guys in your country” and now it’s “meet guys from ALL OVER THE WORLD” with shit like Instagram. To lure the hot girls back to it they have to keep expanding the potential options, so that girl thinks “I might interact with Brad Pitt over in Italy and he could fly me to him” and comes back to the app. That’s probably a big part of why Instagram got so popular.

    The point of all this is just that ya, txting is low-value now. Because every guy is doing it and most of them are doing it bad or boring and it’s not providing the tingles she gets from a face to face interaction.

    “Look at a girls phone and there will be 20 convo with guys just as witty as yours, trying to get her to meet with them. Of course you’ll have the “hi sweetie how was your day” chodes, but A LOT of them have tight text game nowadays, I guess with all those “how to text her” guides on the internet.”

    Yup. Guys aren’t retarded, they’re googling how to text better lol I’ve seen a few guys conversations (’cause I make girls show me “my competition”) and some of them I’m like “hey that was decent text game”. Just like every guy at the bar has a little bit of red pill knowledge now ’cause they read in Maxim not to buy a girl a drink or to neg her VS back when PUA first got momentum and we were running circles around every other guy in the bar like fucking wizards out there lol

    Texting will never let you display the barrage of subcomms that you can display in a face to face one on one interaction. Face to face will ALWAYS be the optimal route for building Attraction even if other routes CAN work.

    “And hot chicks are SOCIAL they love to just chat with many people, unlike most guys who endure texting with the objective to fuck lol.”

    A girl is PERFECTLY HAPPY just texting orbiters all day and getting endless validation and offers. That’s GOOD FEELS for her and keeps her from having to go SEARCH for Good Feels. The guys think they’re getting somewhere but 99.999% of the time they’re not because they’re just entertaining her or keeping a conversation going that goes sideways aka nowhere. That’s why I stress that your texts should push toward the meetup that you ideally Time Bridged hard when you first got the number after making a solid emotional impact in your initial interaction.

    “Like Tinder, I dont think guys should spend time and energy improving their text game : they should go out instead, and practice RSD style game to make an emotional impact and try to get the same night lay.”

    Yup. That’s why in my response to stringerbell I was trying to focus on not improving his text game but improving the rest of his game so he doesn’t need to use text game as much. ’cause personally I think text game is pretty much dead. Not that it can’t work, especially if you’re one of the top 10% looking profiles on Tinder and shit (because Tinder removes all your shitty subcomms that she might rule you out for in real life when she finds the jacked chisled jaw rich guy actually has the body language of a chode and can’t look her in the eye so looks DO matter on Tinder, but remember you’re competing for 8s at BEST the majority of the time on there at this point in Tinder’s life cycle), but like, you should avoid it if you can now and focus on getting face to face and getting it FAST before she forgets how much fun she had with you.

    “Because if you give her your number, now you are part of the “guys who I did not like enough to go home with”, for the girl. Dunno if that makes sense.”

    Yup. In the old days you were the only text that showed up on her screen at 2am the night you met her. Now she has dozens (hundreds if she’s smokeshow hot) of texts at 2am and you’re just one in the huge list.

    But if you pay attention infield: the hottest girls tend to KNOW the text orbiters are lower-value than the guy who can approach them in person or through their social circle in person, and when they’re interacting with that guy they won’t check their phone (or will just glance at it to text their friend who’s wondering where they are or whatever). Like they’ll ignore that huge list of text guys for the chance with the in-person face to face guy who’s stoking their emotions properly.

    Watch for it and you’ll often see the hottest smokeshow girls don’t even use their phones at the bar much, they’ll look around and be open to being approached (because only confident guys will approach them) because they’ve learned most of the text guys turn out to be lame so they don’t Tinder at the bar…until they determine that there are no cool attractive guys there that have the balls to approach them and THEN they’ll pull out the phones (usually around an hour or so before last call and those girls are rarely there at last call, most of them just come in and do a few laps or stand around hoping some cool guy will approach while they network their way up the value-chain meeting the managers and shit and then leave disappointed).

    It’s the 4-8s that fill that “obsessed with their phone” stereotype at the bar all night lol Most of the hottest girls you see would WAY RATHER engage a cool guy in a face to face interaction, but guys won’t approach them being sober, cool, charismatic, teasing in a calibrated way, etc so they’re FORCED to use their phones.

    “Just like the idea of forever monogamy, it’s time to let go of texting as way to get attraction, and embrace that now we will have to do the HARD stuff : learn to attract very well in person!”

    I agree. It’s not that it can’t still work or anything, it’s just that, especially as trends progress and more and more guys become socially stunted because they’re raised using buffers like texting, having cold approach skills or even solid social circle game skills, that shit is going to be VALUABLE AS FUCK. Might as well start learning it now. Get back to the basics, check out Mystery Method so that you’re getting the level of A2 he’s getting in that 1:30:30 video I linked above if you have to do number closes. View txting as purely a way to get to the Time Bridge you set up VS “we’ll hang out sometime”. No, that was cool before but every guy says that now, Time Bridge in person and get her to agree and commit to an actual within-48-hours meetup and tell her you don’t WANT her number if she’s one of those girls that just makes drunk plans and then bails (qualifying her and forcing her to commit) etc etc

    I recommend any guy hitting the field regularly try not allowing themselves to ask for phone number for a few months, so that they’re forced to either push the interaction to an SNL or build enough Attraction that the girl OFFERS her number or asks for THEIR number instead. That forces the guy to tighten up his initial game which will help convert to more lays.

  12. I recommend any guy hitting the field regularly try not allowing themselves to ask for phone number for a few months, so that they’re forced to either push the interaction to an SNL or build enough Attraction that the girl OFFERS her number or asks for THEIR number instead. That forces the guy to tighten up his initial game which will help convert to more lays.

    There is nothing that will build your game quicker than pushing every set for SNL… Doing 100 opens just to get comfortable opening… having 10 stacks memorized… practicing a little kino here and there etc etc etc

    All that, while OK, is not developing capital G game skill because there is nothing on the line and it comes off as inauthentic. They don’t send the rookie QB in to just get comfortable taking the snap, he is in there to run a play and score.

    So much of game is finding the line between manifest intent/desire and disqualification and then playing on that line… if you are not trying to pull, you never really find the line and the balance is harder.

    Not asking a girl for her number is basic disqualification to her hindbrain… and forces her to find out WTF this guy doesn’t want me? putting her in chase mode, which excites her… Now if your goal for the night was to just open and get numbers, how would you figure this out?

    And face to face… it’s still surprising sometimes what women will do and say when you are face to face wit them and radiating alpha…

    The other night WK buddy and I go to our local bar, a nice place with a small TV in the corner, to catch a little of the game… around 9PM. He grabs the open stool on the far edge of the bar and there are two late 30’s women in the next two seats and then an open stool. I go over the women, the cuter one is all bubbly when I come up (I see she is single, dressed up for a night out) and ask about the seat next to her, if anyone is sitting there.. she is all smiles “no, no, come sit here”… I thank her for the offer but say “well actually I wanted to ask if you would do something for me”… not even running game since I am in town, just radiating abundance, confidence, close space and direct eye contact (not even the laser) and she blows open “I would do anything you asked me to do”… so I chuckle at this “you know… that is a very broad category” I tell her and she is all lit up and bubbly now and says “I know.” so I chuckle and say “well I really just wanted to know if you two might scoot over here so I can get that seat down there by that guy and watch some of the game”… and she is Like “oh…….. Ok… well sure”…. too funny…

  13. Also when you give her your number you’re removing the immediacy of needing to come with you. Julien Todd etc all talk about this, but if you give her your number then she thinks in her head “okay I like this guy I’ll see him again when we go on a date” and she REALLY thinks she’ll see you again, because she doesn’t know she’s going to lose that attraction as she gets bombarded with other stimulus and end up flaking on you.

    But when you’re in person, sparking her attraction, and she DOESN’T have a way to get in touch with you again, so it’s either come with you now to see where it goes or lose you and the experience you represent forever, she has more incentive to come with you for the SDL/SNL.

    This is a big part of why people get laid on vacation a lot, because there’s reason to make it happen NOW since one or both people will be gone in a couple days. Whereas she knows Steve from math class that she grew up with is going to be around for YEARS, she’s in no rush to fuck him and the longer it takes to fuck him the more he ends up in the friend zone because he gives her attention/value without getting anything in return.

    Now the question is: how many guys will ACTUALLY go out and refuse to ask for numbers to improve their game? How many guys will be staring down a hottie that they want to bone, who’s giving them green light signals but says she can’t go home with them that night and asks for their number, and then tell her “Nope, no numbers” and refuse to give it to her so that she’s FORCED to go with you that night and then also try to figure out a way to get around all the obstacle reasons for why she can’t go home with you, risking losing her forever, and/or try to figure out how to spark SO MUCH A2 that she DEMANDS your number to the point where that girl in that Mystery video is following him around demanding it and won’t flake?

    Not very many. They’ll just read this as one of those funny PUA exercises and not actually try it in the moment, because their scarcity will kick in and they’ll still ask for the number “just to be safe” incase she DOESN’T come with them and they don’t see her again. Krauser definitely won’t try it…because he doesn’t get enough A2 for the girls to demand his number. And not addressing any of these blind spots is why he won’t get past a certain level of plateau.

    @gb_hill @Klem
    Also Deepak delivered lol:


    Chicks at the start look legitimately attracted to him. They aren’t the smokin hot 10/10s that Krauser gets pics of off Google Image for his Lay Reports captioned “she looked exactly like this 10/10 model but with a better ass and tits” lol but Deepak never said his 30/60 was all gorgeous hotties lol

    And it doesn’t mean he hasn’t gotten or can’t get hot girls, most Naturals with high lay counts have everything from gross 1s to smokin hot 10s in their history, often with the hotter girls you DON’T pull out a phone and record it because you’re focused on the actual interaction and recording the moment makes it look like it’s some special event for you to be getting laid by a hot girl which is the opposite of giving off abundance.

    And I haven’t seen much in the way of these 10/10s the LDM guys say they’re getting, the chick Jabba street kiss-closed in his infamous video looks like a tranny with caterpillar eyebrows and most of the girls I’ve seen in Krauser’s pull vids look like any average girl from over here, girls that would go mostly unnoticed at a Vegas pool party or high-end club. And on a personal note I’m big on teeth, a girl who’s hot but with mangled Euro/Asian teeth is gross to me and the impression I get from the pics I’ve seen is that lots of hot Euro/Asian chicks in their home environments have bad teeth.

    This is all hilarious. Krauser should take Deepak’s offer to see the full footage of the video he “debunked” and then just admit he was wrong and apologize. He can still say “but I think the 30/60 is bullshit”, that’s fine, but he has to admit Deepak’s accent isn’t holding him back with these ESL white girls. It doesn’t mean Deepak’s game is amazing but like, Krauser talked shit about his video and was wrong. A “real man” would admit his mistake. And Krauser couldn’t tell Torrero’s video was fake, like, CLEARLY Krauser is not good at analyzing this shit lol

    And then Krauser should learn more about subcomms. ’cause that’s the saddest part of all this…is that he won’t learn from this.

    Krauser won’t go “hmm, okay so how is Deepak doing this then…he shouldn’t be getting attraction at ALL, based on my current views of how attraction works…and yet, he DOES have footage showing that he gets real attraction. So how is he getting around that accent and his ugly face, how is this happening and what can I learn from it?”


    And he’ll miss a HUGE opportunity to improve his game and his understanding of attraction, and maybe mellow out a bit.

    Deepak is answering a bunch of the actual Krauser post criticisms in this video. Basically everything Krauser came up with is easily debunkable and explainable, especially having the uncut footage where you see the “second camera” is just the same camera walking to another spot and a VERY CLEAR AND NOT ATTEMPTED TO HIDE IT AT ALL cut in the final video with a speech bubble in the top right that catches the viewer up to the conversation that happened between cuts, ZERO scam attempt on that (but Krauser’s description makes it sound like they’re trying to hide a cut or imply there was no cut which is bullshit but half of Krauser’s followers won’t even watch the video for themselves ’cause they’re too busy sucking his dick).

    And his stuff about kissing in public, like, how does any guy who does pickup not know that 1) you don’t NEED to suck face in public to get laid and 2) some girls will get ASD with public makeouts especially with a minority dude or when she has a boyfriend who’s friends might be around etc…like, how was this even a criticism from Krauser. It’s like when guys go on about how important groping her is and I’m like no I don’t kino at all I just build sexual tension in other ways and save that shit for private, especially with a girl with a boyfriend.

    Krauser’s “debunks” of Deepak’s footage are just awful and he’s blinded by his hate of minorities or some shit. Because he doesn’t really understand subcomms as deep as he thinks he does. This is such an opportunity for Krauser to learn and grow and improve his game to levels he doesn’t even realize are possible.

    Deepak fuckin rekt Krauser lol Also the mirror attachment on the phone camera is a pretty clever way of discreetly filming infield.

    I still want an explanation from Justin Wayne on that tanktop shirt change from that SDL vid, but even if Justin fakes footage that doesn’t mean Deepak does too, just like Torerro’s fake footage doesn’t discredit all the LDM guys by association.

  14. Women have always been more churchgoing than men. This is one of those human universals that evolutionary psychologists attempt to explain. It makes sense that the FI would use the church as its FOB in feminizing the rest of society.

    Whatever male/female dynamic happens in the church is a good indicator of how male/female relationships will eventually look like in secular society.

  15. “That woman is by nature intended to obey is shown by the fact that every woman who is placed in the unnatural position of absolute independence at once attaches herself to some kind of man, by whom she is controlled and governed; this is because she requires a master. If she, is young, the man is a lover; if she is old, a priest.” – Schopenhauer

    Point to the philosophers.

  16. @Sentient

    “SNL game is about amping attraction through the rough, leading the interaction and tight tight logistics. make sure you have tight logistics.”

    Yup, exactly. I would just add that you need to sprinkle in some comfort in there, once you have isolation.

    Also, the logistics part is not only about the “material” aspect (living nearby etc.), it’s also about getting used to all the BULLSHIT you’ll get when bringing the girl home, from the moment you leave the club to the moment she is in your bed lol.
    I have soooo many stories of shit going wrong, like friends appearing at the last moment, passing by an ex of her who tries to pick her up again, walking through a fucking snow blizzard because there was no taxi to be found, “I’m hungry let’s find somehting to eat”, getting robbed at gun point (yep…) blablabla.
    I feel like this is the part of the game that I have the best handle on lol, the universe can throw anything at me, I will get the girl home AND make it a fun adventure for her

  17. Women have always been more churchgoing than men.

    Eh, I dunno. “Always” is a long time. The Eastern Orthodox don’t let any women up onto Mount Athos (monestary) at all. Maybe they have a clue?
    I’ve read claims that put men / women at 50/50 more or less in the Christian churches at some past date, but who can say? Nowadays, yeah, pretty much.

    This is one of those human universals that evolutionary psychologists attempt to explain. It makes sense that the FI would use the church as its FOB in feminizing the rest of society.

    Certainly since the mid 19th century in the US churches have been majority women, something like 60/40. That’s how temperance mutated into prohibition for a start. It’s how churches came to support votes for women, as well as boats for women.

    Whatever male/female dynamic happens in the church is a good indicator of how male/female relationships will eventually look like in secular society.

    Hmmm, looks like more the other way around to me. I have met plenty of conservative, churchgoing, feminists who are pretty much like their secular sisters except for Sunday morning and maybe Wednesday night. Back when Twilight was big how many Church Girls Night Out groups went to see it?

    Or to take the fanfic approach, I wonder, how many good, churchgoing girls frown on teh porn, but just happen to also have a favorite part of 50 Shades?

  18. SJF wrote:

    “Great point. On of the biggest rookie mistakes in red pill and game is to forget about the purpose of women shit testing men. And not actually: 1. Realizing that they are being shit tested and 2. Responding appropriately to that test.”


    Spot on right about that. The more I keep an active awareness about shit testing the more I see it going on all the time. The more I keep my head screwed on straight and anchor myself thinking “it’s just a shit test, don’t react” the better I pass them. It’s when I forget and allow butt hurt that I fail shit tests or like a foolish noob don’t even realize it’s a shit test.

    After really taking a deep dive on this last week I had 7 shit tests in a row just on Friday evening alone. It was a like a fucking gatling gun as she kept popping them off bam bam bam. Passed each one because I had the mindset of it’s just a test. No reason to react butt hurt allowing the ego to step up.

  19. @yareally


    Dudes chase chicks in their 20s (low value to women)Try to "get rich" in 30s (high value to women)Wasted both decades. Do the opposite.— Wall Street Playboys (@WallStPlayboys) August 22, 2016

  20. Todd Rundgren, big hit from early 1970’s (1972)


    Aerosmith with Steve Tyler as lead, big hit from eary 1970’s (1974)


    Check out the verbals and the subcomms. Can’t understand how a woman could select one of the above for sperm and the other for resources? How she could make AF-BC work?

    “I’m pregnant and the child is yours” has to be one of the oldest, if not THE oldest, lie told by women to men. Predating history for sure. Part of their fluid, flowing, water-like, femininity. Not anything like monkey-branching, or hypergamy, nah.

    But, hey. pedestalizers gonna pedestalize, so Women Never Lie, right. Sure.

    For the rest of us, men who live in the real world:

    A woman’s are generally “true” at the instant she says them. So just at “Right now” to anything a woman says and 99% of the time that’ll work.

    “I Love You” (right now)
    “I Hate You” (right now)
    “I Will Never Leave You” (right now)


    I never learned to surf, too far from the ocean. But I’ve watched serious surfers off of Huntington Beach, and they constantly adjust what they are doing to keep the board on top of the wave. They have a feel for where things are going based on a lot of trips on a lot of waves. Women are like those waves. Doesn’t matter if it’s PUA’s riding a lot of waves or LTR riding the same wave, the principles are the same. Although the water has been getting a whole lot choppier in the last 40 years, no doubt about that.

    Surf’s up, men!

  21. If I’d grown up in SoCal or Maui I might well have ended up a surfer instead of a cyclist.

    But your observation is essentially the same as mine; a stable bicycle is always in the process of falling over. If you attempt to make it “stable” by locking the steering, it just falls right over, unrideable. A bicycle is ridden by “correcting” the fall, by throwing into a fall to the other side (by counter-steering, which is one of the reasons it takes a bit of doing to get the “knack” of the thing).

    Hence, a bicycle follows a sinusoidal path.

    The greater the skill of the rider – the smaller the amplitude and the greater the frequency. A plethora of fine corrections.

  22. One more thing, let’s get in a time machine and go back to sometime around Liv’s birth.

    Ask Todd Rundgren “Do women ever lie?” I bet he’d waffle at least, maybe do a lot of rationalization.

    Ask Steve Tyler the same question, likely he’d just laugh.

    Because, like, duh.

  23. “The idea that history is going somewhere is a foundational belief of Communism, to the extent that Communists have deified it as History; and you must keep yourself on the right side of History, or History will exact righteous vengeance.”

    I see where you’re going, yes. Though it’s interesting how the communists depersonalise it – by History, they actually mean “the mob”, but making it abstract conceals from themselves what they’re actually on about.

    Let me fire back with a different question. In my city, I work near a couple of the big universities, and there’s a lot of Socialist activist activity. And generally the activists are dweeby guys and a lot of (not particularly feminine) women. In contrast, Christian outreach has historically been marked by individual activity (rather than collectivist protest) – brave male thought-leaders indirectly reinforced by charitable works from individual men and women.

    My question – relevant to this blog – is: what is it that attracts women in particular to Socialist-style protest movements? Are they signalling allegiance / value to the state-to-come as a proxy husband, so that he/it will provide for them in the future?

  24. “what is it that attracts women in particular to Socialist-style protest movements?”

    The same thing that sends them to the bathroom in groups.

  25. @gb hill


    I’ve gone through something of a paradigm change lately regarding game. I’ve actually come around further to your way of thinking believe it or not.

    So my kudos to you and HABD and Sentient. Whatever your differences you guys are “figuring shit out” and offering truly solid info. Even better then the best posters over at SedFast; although you’ve got a few guys there that also know what they are talking about (ThinMan, PureEvil, Skills360, etc).

    props on sticking with it and figuring this shit out…i knew you could do it…lol…

    when you are actually in the process it’s hard to see/believe, but if you keep trying, at some point you can’t NOT see it…lol…

    and props for not only being open to it…bc THAT’s the first of the biggest sticking points men hit… (see krauser for more details…lol)…

    but ALSO for being able to call out the change…bc that’s also an important step/sticking point (maybe the more important one)… bc it’s the self-admission that we don’t have to always know ‘everything’ (and be ‘right’) to still have value as men… (and it adds one more data point to the knowledge base for “the men that come after…”)

    good luck!

    @gb hill

    And that is exactly where Nick’s headspace is at. He is a mediocre daygamer with a niche following.


    But Krauser himself is just not in a headspace to get past his own limiting beliefs and restraints.

    i’ve skimmed some of this pua ‘drama’…lol… but i haven’t really gotten into it… mostly bc i really don’t care…lol…(i don’t have time to care, otherwise it would be a great case study in social conditioning…and i’d be all over that shit…lol) but i just wanted to point out that krauser probably believes that he’s in a tough spot bc of this ^^^^(gb’s comment facts)… (and he is…lol…but not bc of THAT…lol)

    if he has a niche following, and THAT’s his business model, he probably is worried that if he changes up his game process too much (going to solid MM/old school ideas), he will lose all those guys (plus he would have to admit that he doesn’t really KNOW…lol) and have to start over…

    bc selling the idea that there is a

    “magic method to pulling pussy and i can show you the secret and you can probably pull a hb5 this weekend…” (which might be a 1000% increase for those guys following him…)

    is different than selling

    “put in some hard, emotionally exhausting effort to shake off your limiting self-beliefs and change your complete core value system and feel completely lost and like a complete loser until you actually start to have some success with girls… and it might even take you YEARS to actually pull that hb5 based on the ‘proper’ method, but after you start getting that success you’ll soon be able to pull hb8+ consistently…”

    lol…but that does seem to be the difference… at least from my skimming the material you’ve put up…

    good luck!


    Just getting back from a rugby gathering. Two of players an my team broke up with their lady friends. One who was with him for 2 and a half yrs the other for 4 an a half. They where mourning and angry. I don’t know what to do but I was listing to their anger and I wants to drive them here. It’s been a hell of a day. I’m in love with life. But pain from men means a lot to me. I’ve lost to buddy’s in the year. One an ok tema I used to play on. This is something I could use help approaching an bringing them into the red pill.

    i still haven’t found a good way to approach this… but you might ask them to help you out by asking for their opinion on Rollo’s books, then give them a copy to read through… then, talk about it when they’re done…

    if they are receptive, you could point them here…or if they can’t get through it, you can talk about that too… to find out where their sticking points are…

    (i haven’t tried this, so it’s just theory…so, if you do it, let us know if it works…lol)

    good luck!

  26. The FI is driven by the same feminine pragmatism often discussed here. That same pragmatism thinks around you to find ways to exploit your own rules for use against you.

    *slow claps*

    You sir just won the internet today.

  27. Field Report

    Funny thing happened. Went to a new club. PBR Big Sky with dancers in bikini bottoms and leather. Met a buddy there. Chatted up a bouncer and a pour girl and a couple after opening the girl and the man showed up later. Asked one girl to dance and it was her first time at the club. She followed well, so I spun her a lot and did some cool patterns. At the end she had a beatific smile and her eyes were unfocused. She said that she felt dizzy. The girl didn’t want to leave my side. One of her gf’s came up and cockblocked her, lol. The girl was looking at me as she was being led away.

    My buddy and I bounced to another club, then returned to PBR. The girl I had danced with saw me coming in the club and I noticed her looking at me and she waved. I waved back but didn’t want to invest in the group with such a target-rich environment. She was hooked and if I see her again she will want to spend time with me and dance. But I have so many options….

  28. Drama Report

    Remember the married girl I mentioned who greeted me passionately a while ago (extended-duration bear hugs/passionate kiss on cheek/leg hug)? Thinking about it, I realized that this puts me at risk. Some people at this bar don’t like me and the girl’s husband might be at this bar some day and they might magnify what happened and make the husband jealous. So, I need to be aware of this and be ready to deal with it and defuse potential jealousy (“we’re just friends and have never been alone together” and “your wife told me that she’s loyal and I believe her”) and AMOG my enemies (“They’re just envious losers who are trying to cause me trouble by magnifying innocent friendly hugs”).

  29. “That same pragmatism thinks around you to find ways to exploit your own rules for use against you.”

    That is Rule 4.

    Hillary Clinton’s senior thesis was written about its author.

  30. @YaReally

    Well, here’s the report of how it went down. I’ll break it down from my perspective, but a new one would be nice. (Knowledge is power)

    one day an old friend called me to meet for some drinks (‘been a long time…’), so I invited him over at a cafe near my place. As we were approaching it, I bumped into a buddy who is a regular there and at one point, as I’m standing I look away, and spot a hot brunette sitting over at the other end. A 3-second stare-off literally, then I turned cheek. I glanced again at some point, after we sat down, saw that the owners were sitting with her so I was like (“Don’t shit where you drink, I ain’t touching that”).

    Several days later there (I’m a regular too), I’m blabbering with a friend and I hear a female voice taking my order. I turn my head in surprise (cause there is only one waitress and I’ve known her a long time, this wasn’t her voice). I’m starting to recognize it was that brunette I say: “Sorry, were you sitting at the…”, she interrupts “Yeah, that was me, it was my job interview. I see you remember 🙂 “. I reply “Looks like I’m not only one 😉 “. Anyways, that was it for that encounter, her shift was ending.

    The next day, guess who’s there taking my order. At that moment I realize my move: play all nice and dandy and at one point pull the rug from underneath her. So, I’m playing polite and well mannered, like all starry eyed and stuff, with the goal of her thinking I’m really hooked onto her. So I tell my friend, to write my number down on a bill which I would give as a tip. (You’ll soon see where I’m going with this).

    So I decided it’s time for me to go, leaving my gang, so I walk up to the cash register where she was at, I pay, and then I pull that bill with my number and then I look her in the eye an say: “Hey is this one unusable now?”. Her eyes sparkle with the shine “haha yes i got him” and replies to me “Well, no, I mean, there’s something on it” with a smirk. I lift an eyebrow and say “Yeah? Well my friend gave it to you anyway (point at friend)”. She stumbles for a split second to which I chucklingly add “What, you really thought I was gonna give you my number?” and went back to my friends to say bye.

    Now my idea with this was to burn her a little bit, but later when she would add the number and check on WhatsApp, see my picture, so she would go like “aww you motherfucker”.

    Her reaction to this was way out of proportion. She was legitimately pissed, like seriously. At one point before I was gonna stand up and go, I told her “I thought you were more insightful” to which she answered with a clear hate face “What, like you wouldn’t wanna approach me?”. She even went outside to smoke a cigarette, and my friend told me she actually gave me a couple of “I will kill you” looks while I wasn’t looking.

    Couple of days later, the perfect DHV moment (maybe an overkill), I was sitting there with 3 girl friends and haven’t seen her until we needed to pay the bill. She came up and there was that “Well hello hello” look. So, I tell her (to fill my curiosity, cause she didn’t bite apparently) “Hey the funny part about that bill is that was actually my number”. Game-wise I know this wasn’t a real productive move, but I wanted to see where it went. She didn’t even look at me while she was changing the ash tray on our table and said with a disappointing tone “Yeah…that was a real good one”.

    Now normally, most of guys would take this as a bad sign, but to me this was actually good, cause I had an emotional reaction, an overblown one. At that moment, I just wasn’t sure how to harvest it, cause she clearly wasn’t using the number at all.

    So, I walked up to her, and childishly said “Heyyy, are you pissed at mee?”. A passive-aggresive child-like reply “Nope”. “Well you don’t smile like you used to”. (Sarcasm included here, I wasn’t apologetic).

    And finally she caves by smilling:

    “Well, heh, no dude, you really played out like a jerk that time, I was so angry that bill was sitting here for 10 days.”

    “Whaaat, are you insane, someone could’ve taken it, I meant that for youuu.” (Again, playfully handling this).

    “And after that I added the number and realized it was actually you”.

    “Ahehe, all intended”. (As in yo move bitch, then I left).

    Several days later, still no response, I showed up again, and there was a nice encounter, won’t delve into detail, but good to say it was good one, we had some playful gazes (like eyebrow lifting, plenty of smirking and smiling, all in motion, like I’m sitting and she’s running around the place serving customers). When I was leaving I sarcastically shouted near her “Well looks like I’m gonna have to wait another 10 days for that call”, can’t remember what she said to this, something clever I presume. Oh and also, the whole staff seems to be acquainted with me now, like one of them actually called me ‘[Her name]’s boy’. Even that old-time waitress from there heard the story and teased me. Basically the whole thing know looks like two kids liking each other and the whole class knows lawl. It’s been almost 20 days I haven’t showed up for 2 reasons: cause I’m real busy at the moment and to see if maybe if I abstain myself she’ll comply”. I realized that I should only hand out my number if there is no chance for the girl to ever bump into me again, so the number is the only way to go. The number move is a stretch.

    Sidenote: during the 20-day blackout heh, a friend of mine actually told me he’s known her for a long time and was actually surprised she started working there (cause she worked as a promo girl, which explains the overraction). Gave me her number and after telling him the whole story he was like “Oh no way she’s gonna call you first, she’s just that type”. I was like, but meh, I’m switching to her frame and seems like a chump if I call first. But what I was planning, is once I get some free time on my hands, I’m gonna go to the cafe and once I see her, I’ll come up real close pull out my phone and call her all the while staring intensively at her. And when she picks it up and sees that it’s me she’ll go wtf and I’ll say with a smirk “A latte, please”. My take is that she will ask herself 3 things next: 1)How did he get my number 2) How long has he had it? (remember,20 day blackout) and 3) Why hasn’t he called me already? .

    All constructive critique welcome.

  31. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=kcDEHkSgpuw

    I can’t see the meaning of this life I’m leading
    I try to forget you as you forgot me
    This time there is nothing left for you to take
    This is goodbye

    Summer is miles and miles away
    And no one would ask me to stay

    And I should contemplate this change
    To ease the pain
    And I should step out of the rain
    Turn away

    Close to ending it all, I am drifting through the
    Of the rapture born within this loss
    Thoughts of death inside
    Tear me apart from the core of my soul

    Summer is miles and miles away
    And no one would ask me to stay

    And I should contemplate this change
    To ease the pain
    And I should step out of the rain
    Turn away

    At times the dark’s fading slowly
    But it never sustains
    Would someone watch over me
    In my time of need?

    Summer is miles and miles away
    And no one would ask me to stay

    And I should contemplate this change
    To ease the pain
    And I should step out of the rain
    Turn away

    Written by Mikael Lars Akerfeldt



  32. This is a message to the angry Red-pillers.

    Life isn’t a game–it’s a war zone. If you get stuck in a rut of anger, anxiety, shame, bitterness, unforgiveness, etc. (pick your poison), you’re only a few steps from a mental or physical grave. Alcoholism and substance abuse run rampant in our culture because people either can’t or won’t deal with their internal issues. These issues can’t be seen, and the provocateurs are also invisible.

    Today’s church culture is bullshit, but your life is going to be bullshit too if you harbor compromise. Can you condemn the church culture for its wicked compromises when you are a walking example of conflict? (sure you can–but follow me)

    The battlefield we’ve all been born into is spiritual, and the most important victories and defeats are inside our heart and mind.

    God put man here, and let us do our own thing. We fucked it up. He paved a way for us to get right with him again through Jesus.

    By all means–lose your religion. But lose Jesus, and you’ll lose your dumbass and your self-loathing soul.

  33. It’s like something out of several classic science fiction stories, from time to time a ‘bot hurtles out of the Bites vortex and crashes into the world of Rational Males, only to fall into pieces. Not even decent target practice. Just another pawn, eh “Nathan”?

    But it does show that DHV’ing works, even on da net, at least on aging, menopausal, bitchy feminists.

  34. It seems to me that inserting vasalgel as a variable into the equation of male-female sexual interchange and reproduction, while interesting and new, will not change the fundamental reality and dynamics of the relationship once a male agrees to have the vasalgel filter removed from his undercarriage, and his selected female partner is finally inseminated.

    All the stuff leading up to that point though, yeah, really interesting. The very idea, for example, that women might have to actually behave differently, might have to “qualify” to a higher standard for the attention of even medium-value males for the purpose her reproduction, applying possibly more than “the same old back of tricks” – a miniskirt, long hair, cleavage, heels, lipstick and frequent blowjobs. That’s fucking interesting man. There’s plenty of new romantic comedy stories coming our way, as a result, I’m sure.

    But after insemination, that variable of change toward male power completely disintegrates, and all things return as they were for such men beforehand.

    All that we know about FI – the entire stone cold sequence of predictable events – falls back into it’s rightful place according to Briffault’s Law. And that rightful place is her throne.

    Female hypergamy, entitlement, emotional leverage and threats with government intervention and support, unconditional societal and media approval, withholding of sex for control, lack of appreciation, silent treatment, attitude and ingratitude and wifely propensity to file for divorce for cash and prizes all remain unchanged. So we find out the value of vasalgel was 1 at best. Perhaps zero.

    I’m curious to know what other people think will be the specific behavioral reactions of (and perhaps manipulations by) women, particularly those age 25 to 30, toward attractive men who they know (have been told) have vasalgel in place? It seems to me the same, old, dirty, trusty bag of tricks will continue to work wonders on males regardless. But maybe I’m wrong.

  35. A couple of ideas from a few posts, comments and this seems the best place for it.

    Why would we cede any game field, anywhere, to the FI?

    PUA’s advise newbies that any venue is a possible pickup lesson, “Get out there” “unjustified confidence” and such. I agree. Every venue is an opportunity, a lesson for pickup.

    PUA’s are good at their trade because it does work, their techniques offer a workaround to the dominant FI. Why not take that attitude, IF one wills, back to the Church? There’s no Highlander-style no-combat policy between PUA’s and the churchianity. There’s potential there, utilizing our agency, incrementally forcing change. It seems defeatist to only work in pre-selected areas. That’s unheard of for this group. We attack proactively and are prepared for ineluctable resistance.

    “Churchianity’s already got the perfect social architecture installed for pick up. ” Word. The Church isn’t to deny women sexual agency and deny men access to women, but to control hypergamy, in part. Hypergamy still reigns, the hottest babes hook up with their preferred suitors still, but everyone gets a shot. That’s the idea, at least was. There wasn’t relatively such a need to PUA. Above, someone claimed that he attended church service mainly for women available there. And why not? There’s no malfeasance afoot.

    From another thread, claiming PUA can defeat religious chastity is beside the point. Chastity is not impenetrable (heh). It’s to assist women, retaining their most powerful agency. Chastity failure isn’t hypocrisy, per se, either. It’s supposed to delay the inevitable, when sex is naturally understood from a female perspective of service to her man then children then community. That’s a healthy, self-sustaining model. This model would obviate much female psychosis and fear that feminism ultimately provides today’s culture. The feminist strong independent women claim makes me laugh…then I think of all the lost potential.

    Moreover, we know PUA can be done, teachable, repeatable. There are even RP law, named such for good reason. Banging a churchy girl to prove a rhetorical point is well…idk…low hanging fruit and beneath our station, a peek at our darker side.

    The homeschooling parents are the most sexually vigorous people I know. (No, I’m no creep voyeur) They’re not upping their N count, true. But what does Blax say? Girls are easy. This isn’t really about getting laid…well maybe a little. They’ve realized the FI in the church…and…don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

    I would be thrilled with all you awesome guys plying your trade before, during and after service. Dime to dollar the pews would fill fast with even more DHV young women knowing high-value men stood there. It’s about men first, our agency, our environment adjusts accordingly. It’s a lot of work incrementally changing, living in a resistant culture, but there are workarounds, and the RP burden of performance is ours anyways.

    What’d Rollo say way back? Alphas lead, women follow, then Betas. This is about defining our reality, and performing triage where ever it’s needed, right?. Saving some, last rites to others.

    That’d have an impact as big or more than the recent #MAGA…and return RP buoyancy to a sinking Christian culture.

    “But you can learn to float, better still to swim, maybe even to surf.”

    Sweet quote.

    This was helpful for my faith development and I owe a debt of gratitude to those who took me to task. I’m a much better father and husband for it. Couldn’t of done it without you. High-fives around!

  36. from my Muslim friend… American men are supposed to worship the trinity: a father, the son, & the holy spirit, but instead, they pray primarily to a hippy-looking white man with long hair.

    what they don’t want to acknowledge is that if they REALLY “un-whitewash” their thoughts, they’d openly and willing admit that they pray to a middle eastern man of color who was a refugee…the exact type of person they want banned from the USA.

    about women… he says that, “Islam will win,” but not because it’s more true or better, etc. he says that because he believes that Islam’s CONTROL OVER WOMEN… and female acceptance of that control keeps them out of any influential decisions, i.e., women will destroy the christian church thru their self-serving agenda.

    i do believe that is what is being said here, correct?

    1. Jesus would not be banned from entering our country because He is not a follower of Islam. The problem is ISLAM!!! ISLAM is a death cult. ISLAM turns ordinary people into fanatical mass murderers. There are peaceful Muslims in the world, but there is no such thing as peaceful ISLAM. Men were able to handle women for thousands of years before the disease called Islam came along. Christian men were able to handle Christian women for almost 2000 years until post modernistic Feminazism came along. The world does not need Islam, unless the world wants to destroy itself. There is nothing good about Islam. Nothing. There is no human dignity in Islam. There is no freedom of conscience. There is no individuality. There is no “live and let live” in Islam. Islam is the systematic destruction of the human soul.

  37. ” . . . they pray to a middle eastern man of color who was a refugee…the exact type of person they want banned from the USA . . . women will destroy the christian church thru their self-serving agenda. ”

    “i do believe that is what is being said here, correct?”

    There is a story in one of the gospels that Jesus spent some time, as a child, as a refugee from Palestine, but he remained within the greater political and social sphere. Basically what he did was analogous to moving from one US state to another adjoining one, and likely to a city that had more Jews in it than all the rest of the world, comprising a small majority.

    The story is not confirmed and is even contraindicated by the other gospels, and they all agree that Jesus was not a refugee at any time during his adult life.

    I note that what is now being termed the “alt-white” largely rejects Christianity for native, European religion.

    The Christian church in the west has already been destroyed by women, so that’s just a prediction of the past, which may be a bit more accurate than predictions of the future.

    As to whether or not Islam takes over, that depends on whether or not the Saxon begins to hate and tells the women to just STFU while the men take care of business. The Slavs are already pretty much there. If that happens I note that all of Islam’s weapons above the level of AK knockoffs are supplied to them by Christian nations.

  38. Rollo, I think this is the wrong lens for evaluating a religion, or any belief for that matter. The question needs to be, not “how feminized is it?” or “does it serve men’s interest?” but rather

    “Is it true?”

    The truth or falsehood of a doctrine isn’t the same as the current execution of that doctrine.

    The Church / Christian Culture is currently executing the instructions given in the Bible very badly. That doesn’t change whether those instructions are true or good; we can’t evaluate them because they aren’t being done.

    I think you understand this, of course. Keep up the Good Work you’re doing.

    1. As I mentioned in the essay, what is ‘true’ is subject to how that ‘truth’ is interpreted by whoever believes it is so. I get Christian critics telling me all the time how even though the the FI is saturated into church culture it is not representative of the true faith. It’s an easy way to distance themselves from the fact that if you tell a lie often enough, or interpret what you think is true in a specific way often enough, it becomes truth and alters doctrine.

      1. “what is ‘true’ is subject to how that ‘truth’ is interpreted by whoever believes it is so.”

        I dispute that assertion. “Belief” is not Truth. Stipulate two things:

        1. That the claims of Islam in the Qur’an are true, and that
        2. The whole population of the Earth is Catholic (or Hindu or Pastafarian or whatever).

        Can the human race, by belief, alter the nature of the Universe? Or, in this scenario, is all humanity screwed?

        If a religion is true, it’s a fact of the universe that does not care what we think about it, any more than an ankle-breaking hole concealed by thick grass cares what we think when we step in it.

        I bet you do get NAChALT, Not All Churches Are Like That, frequently. I was thinking, when I read this – “Man, my church had problems, and I had more problems, but thank God it wasn’t this FI-soaked.” So NAChALT has been true in my case – so far – and so far as I’m aware.

        The Red Pill – and your blog in particular – actually saved my faith. I was an AFC, and I was starting to believe that God hated me because he saddled me with a sexuality that I Just. Could. Not. Satisfy. Learning that I couldn’t get a date was because *I wasn’t what I needed to be* ended a pretty vicious emotional cycle.

  39. The sad thing is: many churches have become this way by IGNORING God’s commands, as if they know somewhat better. Credit to Dalrock and others that are trying to fight back and restore what was lost. Unfortunately even the bible itself paints a grim picture:

    “For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.”

    I’ve found the bible to paint a realistic picture on the state of marriage (e.g. 1 Cor 7): it is better to not marry to avoid all kind of troubles (MGTOW), but if you cannot control your sexual desires, marry one women (for life, no divorce!). In the latter case it is required for each spouse to give the other as much sex as he/she desires. And the woman should respect her man and be submissive to him. (The duties of a husband are also given, look them up yourself).

  40. Wow…..So true. You named my story as an involuntarily divorced man who whose pastor preaches “macho Christianity” while caving to any woman who comes crying into his office with a sob story, and who only gets one side of the story.

    He is on the local radio station and his name would be recognized. Or at least the name of the guy who runs the show would be recognized in Evangelical circles.

    He taught us the Westminster Faith with the GI Williamson commentary (Presbyterian PCA church), but that seems to be only for show when the rubber meets the highway. It’s probably a good thing that this church doesn’t teach such things anymore. Otherwise men might start to believe it’s true.

  41. Absolutely BRILLIANT!!! Sums up my life to a T….got married to a woman I didn’t really love at 20 years old just in order to be able to finally have sex. I quit going to church a few years ago after my 26 year mostly Sexless once every two weeks Marriage ended. I started back 4 years later and went for 8 months to a number of different churches but stopped once again because of all the Self Deprecating Women’s Ass Kissing WEAK Preachers in the Pulpits today.

  42. Its quite masterful how a very masculine book has been manipulated to press forward the self defeating feminist agenda.

    Anyone who has actually studied scripture from its historical language “Hebrew” would know that christianity’s true root is a hidden kabbalistic text to protect Torah and Oral traditions, during the Roman Jewish wars 2000 years ago. All the stories are vehicles to carry deeper spiritual truths designed to transform the psyche.

    However those literalist have been able to pick and choose scripture to support social norms throughout history.

    Lets face it polygamy rape war male leadership etc. That is just about the entire bible.

    I think females actually enjoyed polygamy historically. They had the alpha male, resource, protection, they had competition anxiety with the other wives. So the relationship probably was very fulfilling for everyone at that time.

    The deeper male female dynamic of positive and negative forces expansion and contraction. Study these forces from a kabbalistic perspective and you will dive deeper into reality and leaving the blue pill world. The matrix movie was created by Kabbalist. That is why it moves us in a deep way. Kabbalah is not so much a religion as it is a study of the true mechanics of human nature and creation. These truths were concealed and protected to insure religion could not profane the truths.

    In the ancient truths God does not exist as the anthropomorphism he presented as. That is just a garment for deeper understanding. So basically God does not exist as a wizard but God is existance itself.

    So this understanding can lead you to seeing that just about all of human nature is controlled by an external for amd by awakining you can learn and use these forces for your own transformation.

    Its like the bible and life as you see it is only one percent of reality but there are truths and systems to build eyes to see the other 99 percent.

    Like this website. We read and see the colors and styles but behind these words is a lot of programming code written in another language.

    I know im all over the place. The reason is Rollo is tapping into predicted behaviour of humans and he is teaching how to seperate yourself from social programming and get back to a natural state “hindbrain” which is the subconscious that is pulling the strings of life.

    The feminine does not want you to know the truth of nature because it empowers the masculine, and the feminine actually is a direct beneficiary of masculine power. Not what society teaches.

    Learn how to work with your own psyche and you can learn Red Pill beyond what is on reddit.

    The best part is its a science. You can prove it to your self and repeat it over and over…

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