The Tyranny of Biomechanics


Well, dammit, I had a very insightful article warming up in my drafts folder about Open Cuckoldry (it’s still coming, promise), but I felt compelled to riff on the new Pirelli Tyre calendar photoshoot first. The calendar art is replete with a semi-nude Amy Schumer sipping a pumpkin-spice latte, “tastefully” rendered in greyscale (the calling card of an ‘artiste’ as a opposed to just a ‘photographer’) and the doughy eyed stare of a comedienne who grasps the ludicrous seriousness of how her image will be received and delivered by a feminine-centric society.

I’ll be honest, I don’t much care for Schumer as a comedian or an actress, and if you read here with any regularity I’d expect you don’t either. She characterizes, with triumphantly unwarranted hubris, everything the Feminine Imperative would like generations of women to celebrate as a victory over the evil “Patriarchy” that, by design, is never entirely defeated. In a post-End of Men society, fat, goofy women will be the banner bearers the imperative will have dance on the symbolic corpse of the “Patriarchy” that will never die or be unuseful to it.

The irony here is that Amy’s naked girth is being lauded by the usual media suspects as “brave” and “stunning”. Calling a woman of this physique “stunning” is like telling the retarded kid he actually ran the football back for a real touchdown to win the big game. Perhaps Amy is self-aware enough to realize this, but her participation in her own humiliation tells the bigger story. The fact that she rationalizes her nudes as being “authentic” as opposed to ridiculous verifies this.

Now before I go much further here, I’ll remind readers that I’m entirely aware that this “groundbreaking” photoshoot of “real” women is little more than a publicity effort, nominally on Pirelli Tyres (are they a British brand?), but mostly for photographer Annie Leibovitz and her feminist triumphalisms (she also shot ‘Woman’ of the Year, Caitlyn Jenner).

Since the inception of this blog I’ve always gotten props for the pictures I select as my lead-ins to what I’m writing. This talent is really the result of my having worked in advertising and brand development for years, and having to be the de facto photographer and photo editor for more than 20 years. Trust me, I get the language of imagery, and it’s not difficult to see the train that Leibovitz is riding here.

At the launch of the calendar on Monday, Leibovitz explained that none of these photographs had been conceived with the male gaze in mind. Williams’s photo was “not a nude but a body study”, she said, while Schumer’s was a comic conceit: “The idea was that she was the only one who had not got the memo about wearing clothes.”

The ‘Male Gaze” card is disingenuous when the stated intent of the shoot is an,…

…arty soft-core ode to pinups produced by the Italian tire manufacturer,…

The Bigger Narrative

There’s a much larger story being sold here than a fat comedienne’s rationalizing her nude form as championing “authenticity” or “realness”. What we’re observing, yet again, is the frustration of women being able to optimize their inherent Hypergamy against what our evolved biology dictates for them.

I’ve written extensively on the conflict between an idealized Equalism and human beings’ evolved predilection for Complementarity. Whenever there is a new ‘outrage’ over “body shaming” or “fat shaming”, with a Red Pill lens we can see what this conflict represents: The frustration women experience, and the anxiety of insecurity they feel when presented with the prospect of not being able to optimize their Hypergamous impulses because simple biology selects them out based on their physicality.

No doubt Leibovitz believes in her rationalization that she’s shooting artful nudes without the mythical ‘male gaze’ in mind, but she knows on a visceral level the form of every nude woman in art throughout history has been rendered with the intent of replicating a beauty that inspires arousal (thus the ode to the pin-up). The simple hard-coded fact of nature is that the form of a semi-nude woman, by order of degree, stimulates the area of the male brain associated with tool use and thereby objectification. On a limbic level, sex with beautiful, arousing women is literally a problem to be solved by the male brain.

Leibovitz gets this. In fact she banks money on instigating the deliberate contradiction that human biology poses to her own (and a larger society’s) ego-investments in blank-slate Equalism. The root of this prefabricated indignation rests in women’s existential doubt of optimizing Hypergamy. That doubt conflicts with the uncertainty of establishing a social order that will force men to act and be influenced by idealized Equalism rather than their evolved biology.

In other words, the latent purpose of this social order is to force men to comply with women’s sexual strategy, irrespective of their evolved sexual arousal cues.

The ostensible want for an ideal Equalism, or a dubious gender parity, is really the cover story for the want of 100% consolidated control over their ability to optimize Hypergamy by literally controlling the sexual selection choices men are able to make for themselves.

Schumer apparently earns the label of “real” because a few rolls around her midsection are on display – because her body is less than perfect by pop culture standards. Would she be any less “real” if she didn’t allow her body to be consumed in this way? Can’t all bodies count as “real”, no matter what they look like and who lives in them and whether or not they choose to show themselves – clothed or naked?

I find it interesting that an out of shape Vin Diesel is ridiculed for his present physique, or that ‘Dad Bods’ are sardonically described as ‘sexy’ while the over-the-shoulder giggles ensue, but what I don’t expect is for these men to be held as a physical ideal in women’s estimate. There are no photographers, male or female, shooting artful nudes of overweight men, normal “real” men of professional accomplishment, or middle linemen for exclusive calendars. Firemen with rippling abs sell very well, but “real” men? Not so much.

However the difference is that men don’t expect women’s choices of what physically arouses them to shift in favor of their physiques based on expected societal shifts. In fact, we don’t even expect women not to laugh at a naked Seth Rogan or Jonah Hill. The automatic impression is to laugh at them because they don’t come close to women’s physical ideal, so the presumption of intent must be humor. Yet we are expected to perceive a naked Amy Schumer as “real’, “authentic”, “brave” and “stunning”, and to do so with genuflection, devoid of laughter and ridicule.

The uncomfortable truth is that women have far higher, far more static and far more stringent physical ideals for men than men will ever have for women when it comes to basic visceral arousal cues. Yes, I understand there are more variables to attraction than just the physical, but we are talking about representing physical ideals in photos and calendars here. Firemen and Sports Illustrated swimsuit models are the standard order for a reason – evolved, practical, efficient biomechanics that have made us what we are today, not pop-culture stereotypes.

T-Rex Wants to Hunt

T-rex doesn’t want to be fed; he wants to hunt. You can’t just suppress sixty-five million years of gut instinct. – Dr. Grant, Jurassic Park

Sexuality, families, and men did not come about because of society. To the contrary, sexuality, families, and men are what made society possible in the first place. – Pook

These are some excellent examples of the conflict I’ve described above here. The Equalism of Annie Leibovitz – the dubious societal idealism that hopes these fundamental, biological underpinnings can be overridden by a self-defined higher order cognitivism – will always lock horns with the T-Rex that represents human biology. Annie and the rest of the prophetesses of gender equality are only, symbolically, trying to feed the T-Rex of evolved gender dynamics in the hopes he’ll stay in the paddock, behave himself and only occasionally put on a good show for the customers.

However, even in the hopes of that a contrived, idealized gender Equalism will ever pull the teeth of the T-Rex, the same evolved need women have for Hypergamous certainty informs the concept of what that ideal “equality” should look like. The T-Rex is women too.

Published by Rollo Tomassi

Author of The Rational Male and The Rational Male, Preventive Medicine

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  1. The retard scoring the touchdown was a brilliant analogy. I coughed up my drink reading that line laughing my ass off.

  2. I couldn’t help but see these words in that one sentence that captures what the FI would have us believe: “All bodies matter.” 😂😆😅

  3. Nice article as usual, Rollo. Your writing has influenced my development significantly – in the best of ways.

    One thing, that crossed my mind often when I heard women on the sharp end of SMV complaining about how men are shallow and how her personal value should spill over to her sexual value is the similarity to Blue Pill guys babbling about how women are only attracted to jerkboys and how they actually should get wet for them. I know the analogy that a chubby 4.5 is to men, what a nice, agreeing provider is for women is around the sphere for so long, but this social engineering attempt and hamsterbation of the unfunny chubby 4.5’s really rubs it in my face hard now.

    And I am for sure not the only one. Next time I want to give a fellow man a hint why he is not getting what he wants, I’ll just get him to understand that his (usually fake) niceness, agreeableness and shit-taking (with a smile of course) is nothing short of a decent woman deliberately taking on 30 pounds and messing up her skin by smoking because she thinks men get hard for her degrees and personality.

  4. How many of these calendars does Pirelli Tire expect to try to give away?
    Maybe cats will like the “pin-ups” in the calendar.

  5. Of COURSE the photo of Schumer is intended to be titillating. The same intent inhered in the photo of Serena Williams, who is in better shape and more attractive. It’s not supposed to be “brave” or “stunning”. It’s supposed to arouse men.

    No one called June Wilkinson (Playboy, Miss September 1958) or any Playboy Playmate of the Year “brave” for taking off her clothes and allowing a world class photographer to take pictures of her tits and ass. They might have called them “stunning”, but not “brave”.

    But the idea is that Schumer is supposed to be “sexy”, with the “deer in the headlights/fuck you” look on her face and her abdominal rolls shamelessly exposed. (FTR, I don’t think Schumer looks terrible, given what there was to work with. She’s not butt ugly; but then again she’d never have been selected for a Playboy shoot either.)

    1. Schumer’s a 5, tops.

      Woah! Generous.

      She is clinically obese. Not ‘overweight’, not ‘morbidly obese’, but she’s easily holding 30%+ body fat.

      3 at best. WNB.

  6. How come they didn’t include Lena Dunham, seems to me she’s always ready to pop her top, and it would have been “so brave”.

    Now, Schumer was obviously confused, she clearly thought she was posing for Michelin…because the “Michelin MAN” is so aniquated.

    this social engineering attempt and hamsterbation of the unfunny chubby 4.5’s really rubs it in my face hard now.


    This is yet another example of societal wide nagging. “Why don’t you go out with your cousin Gertrude? She’s a nice girl! You should be nice to her!”.

    Pirelli totally failed the shit test.

  7. Developing that “Dad bod” was a real eye opener, my own as well as Vin Diesel’s. The consolation is that I didn’t have to make/handover millions to earn the ridicule of a woman.

  8. Amy Schumer looks pretty good by Wal-Mart standards. In reality, she’s average – not bad but not great.

    This is all just one more example of how women move the goalpost whenever it suits them to do so.

  9. In defense of blue pill men, they at least have the out that they are trying to be what women say they want. Never in a million years could a lard of a woman say she is just trying to be what men want. We have always been very clear about what we want. Blue pill men simply make the mistake of taking women at their word.

  10. “How can I post a picture here?”

    If it is already hosted on the web, right click on it in your browser window and choose “copy image url”. Make sure it will load and show by putting it in a new browser window address field on the top of the brower. If it will load in a new browser window when you push enter window, it should be good to go by just pasting it in your comment.

    Do not post it as a link. Just the plain URL. It should start with http, and then two forward slashes and then .jpg at the end. Without any other HTML code.

    It needs to be “hosted” somewhere first.

  11. So a tire company calendar wasn’t made with men in mind, despite the fact that the vast majority of people working at tire stores are men. Makes sense.
    So Pirelli’s appealing to… who? with this calendar? I used to work in the motorcycle industry, I can remember a time when you’d get free cheesecake calendars in the mail. Pirelli’s always went in the circular file anyway, I’d rather have chicks in skin-tight latex with tits flowing out of their tops on my wall than some Upper Manhattanite feminist’s idea of ‘tasteful’. This is just Pirelli’s marketing director, obviously a chick/feminist, appealing to her own kind. Not a single guy in the automotive world will know or care.

  12. I think much of this Body Acceptance bullshit is bought into by females. Only a handful of men should find themselves being influenced by it.

    As for Amy Schumer… I’ve sent a search party out to find a fuck for me to give.

    The FI’s goal is to have a stupid, lazy and ignorant society. The constant drumbeat to dismantle Teh Patriarchy is a mostly misguided attempt to reach their goals, whateverthefuck those goals are ( extinction of the human race perhaps? ).

    T-Rex wants to hunt indeed.

    All of the calendars and campaigns and slogans and legislature these morons can devise will never override biology.

    As long as men can be provided with a useful and viable alternative to the Great Equalism Society, we have a wonderful shot at mass unplugging. Really, this kind of shit has pretty much jumped the shark. Only fat bitches pay real attention to it anymore. The downside? There are soooo many fat bitches that there is dough to be made.

    They’d be better served by a company producing industrial grade dildos attached to gas chainsaws.

  13. I had no idea who this chick is, since I don’t watch television at all. I thought upon seeing her picture that she looked “ok” for a middle age woman. Looked her up on Wikipedia and she’s only around 34. WNB.

  14. I visit hooters regularly so I don’t care what unattractive and overweight women are peddling, there is no getting around the incredible auto-attraction of quality young tail. I was listening to an old tom leykis youtube vid the other day, and he said what I have confirmed: the only natural cure for ED is young women. so so true, and sad that men use it along with fantasizing about other women when banging the ol’ lady. heck, even the ads for ED meds are design to include that fantasy women in their sales pitch. like, what dude would really need Viagra if you have that hot middle aged model from the commercial in your bed?

  15. @Rollo


    Excellent read. I found myself enjoying the post for the keen insight into how hypergamy is entrenched in branding and advertising in general. It’s everywhere. After some red pill awareness now this shit pisses me off or makes me want to puke instead of when I used to just give an eye roll. Props on your visual acumen and editing.

    This campaign is obviously the polar opposite of what the brand has traditionally targeted. I see this daily in the media world I live/work in daily with ad dollars being thrown at the “one that really has all the power and decision making in the family.” That being the mom of course.

    This link offers more detailed insight into the campaign itself.

  16. Fuck, you ruined my dinner, Rollo. I have a visceral loathing of that landwhale. She’s obnoxious, arrogant, not that funny and so entitled it’s truly stunning. I’ve caught bits of her here and there and I’m always like, why is she popular? What is it about being a nasty cunt that sells these days?

    I truly enjoyed your analysis of how Liebowitz is “keeping two sets of books” as the late Christopher Hitchens used to say. Women will do anything to serve themselves, anything and that fact that it’s dishonest or hypocritical means nothing to them.

    On to more serious issues. I just read this article on male-female brain differences, or the fact that they are less different than we think and that there is a lot of variation. It’s based on a new study, but even the article makes some conflicting statements about how different male and female brains are. I can’t tell if it’s trans agit prop, radfem nonsense or perhaps sound science?

    This is not my area of expertise, anyone here care to take a crack at evaluating this study and what it’s actually trying to tell us? I bet radfems are already citing it to say we aren’t as sexually dimorphic as we think.

  18. Hmm, and I tried posting the cool brain pic using SJF’s instructions and it didn’t work. I usually put an image in photo bucket or something else then post the embed code. So, please ignore the first link, the one at the bottom is the article.

  19. @Rollo – I must be evolving as my rating of Schumer is same as your’s – she’s a 3. And she’s obese. Her entire body is sheathed in a large layer of fat like a seal. I would rather fuck you in the ass, Rollo, than have sex her…

  20. “Hmm, and I tried posting the cool brain pic using SJF’s instructions and it didn’t work. I usually put an image in photo bucket or something else then post the embed code. So, please ignore the first link, the one at the bottom is the article.”

    Yeah, it somehow turned up as a “link” instead of the raw address of the hosted picture. WordPress needs just the raw direct link and no embed codes. For pictures already hosted in the article (you need to verify they are just the raw link address. Thats why I “try” it first by putting it in a new browser address window and seeing if it loads before copying and pasting into the post.

  21. Difference is simple:

    Guys find females with Schumer’s figure repellent.

    Girls inclined to sleep with Vin Diesel wouldn’t hesitate for a second with him losing muscle and putting on some fat.



    We’ve been beating that article to within an inch of its life in the ‘Attitude Sells’ thread. Jeremy and ASD especially summed it up the issues with it.

    asd: “The problem with the framing of the science is that it ignores significant differences in brains between men and women as though brains have to meet some sort of ideal for a male or female brain. It’s a logic error of the distribution sort. Propaganda, of course.

    Kind of like saying that there’s no difference between the genitalia of men and women because very few men have a penis exactly 6″ long.

    And ya, Amy S is a 3.

  23. yup, thought that would work. Glenn, you got the url right, but the numbers and shit after the .jpg extension have to be deleted. Those are just to keep track of where you are on the original webpage and so on, they confuse wordpress.

    to embed an image, you need to put its url in starting with the http and ending with the file extension (.jpg, .gif, .png, whatever it is).

  24. “In other words, the latent purpose of this social order is to force men to comply with women’s sexual strategy, irrespective of their evolved sexual arousal cues.”

    Or their evolved common sense, as ongoing new marriages testify . It is much easier to convince a man sand is water when they’ve never seen the real thing. Most of the men I’ve seen get married don’t even know who their fiancee’s are until right before the wedding-cue transition from cute female sex kitten into bridezilla prude. If he’s especially unlucky, she’ll flip months after the reception long after he can’t do squat. Cue the headaches, ‘I lost my libido’, ‘you don’t buy me enough stuff’, etc. I’ve seen many a good, logical man spend the rest of his life and fortune trying desperately to find the magic behavioral ingredient that’ll transform the shrew he married into the sweet girlfriend he fell for.

    Compared to that massive social con job of Marriage , convincing men that fat girls are “The New Sexy” is cake.

  25. @Forge – Fucking showoff! I tested the URL in my browser with the numbers intact and figured that was good enough. Shows what I get for listening to SJF…

    Thanks for the info on the brain article. Been a busy couple of days so I haven’t been back to that thread and I don’t get comments in my email as it’s too distracting. The weasel wording in the article is confusing because it says several times that despite the study, there are differences between male and female brains but it doesn’t specify them, and in the next sentence says that brains all brains have male and female parts and that there is a problem in seeing a brain as male or female. The corruption of science in pursuit of the equalist agenda, and other political causes turns my stomach. In this case the tone of the article is almost triumphal as though it’s a victory to claim men and women aren’t that diffferent. All I want is to have it dealt to me straight but it’s very hard to get that on any sensitive subject these days.

    The challenge for me on these topics is that I can’t evaluate the science well.

  26. In regards to the latest article published Nov 30 purporting no substantial differences in male and female brains, the conclusions are hogwash.

    It is just a cough, cough, Frame grab, cough, by women’s studies publishers to advance their cause (Equalist Story).

    I would also point out that the Pirelli calendar and fat Amy Schumer are merely an attempt by the FI and mainstream media at a Frame grab. It may work, frame is not power but if the Frame is held strongly it may work for the cause. As evidenced by the mangina Twatter trends the MSM is so gleefully promoting.

    Their logic doesn’t hold. Simple bias and fallacious reasoning. They are arguing that since the brains don’t look that different, they therefore cannot be.

    What idiot would use only MRI Macro images of brains to conclude the functioning? Oh, that’s right, a feminist women’s studies researcher that wants to “publish”.

    Here is their premise:

    “Whereas a categorical difference in the genitals has always been acknowledged, the question of how far these categories extend into human biology is still not resolved. Documented sex/gender differences in the brain are often taken as support of a sexually dimorphic view of human brains (“female brain” or “male brain”). However, such a distinction would be possible only if sex/gender differences in brain features were highly dimorphic (i.e., little overlap between the forms of these features in males and females) and internally consistent (i.e., a brain has only “male” or only “female” features). Here, analysis of MRIs of more than 1,400 human brains from four datasets reveals extensive overlap between the distributions of females and males for all gray matter, white matter, and connections assessed. Moreover, analyses of internal consistency reveal that brains with features that are consistently at one end of the “maleness-femaleness” continuum are rare. Rather, most brains are comprised of unique “mosaics” of features, some more common in females compared with males, some more common in males compared with females, and some common in both females and males. Our findings are robust across sample, age, type of MRI, and method of analysis. These findings are corroborated by a similar analysis of personality traits, attitudes, interests, and behaviors of more than 5,500 individuals, which reveals that internal consistency is extremely rare. Our study demonstrates that, although there are sex/gender differences in the brain, human brains do not belong to one of two distinct categories: male brain/female brain.”

    It is clear, that simply the morphological (observed MRI pictures don’t tell the whole story based on:

    development is a give-and-take between genetic, environmental and epigenetic (above the genome) factors, all of which are acting in parallel and influencing one another in complicated ways. Different brain regions react in different ways to sex-specific influences, which are not limited to estrogen and testosterone, that review found.

    In rebuttal:

    “Sex Matters
    However, even if it was once scientifically defensible to assume that sex does not matter to brain function, it is no longer. The reason is simple: we now know that sex influences—small to medium to large—are extremely widespread on brain function. The validity of the assumption that the sex of subjects cannot powerfully alter, negate, and even reverse findings (hence, conclusions) has been crushed under the weight of evidence proving that it can and regularly does and at every level of investigation down to genes, single neurons, and even ion channels .

    For neuroscientists cognizant of this striking development, the main challenge now is to better understand the dizzying plethora of sex influences being uncovered. Males and females appear to be two complex mosaics, similar in some respects, mildly to highly different in others . This state of affairs raises the question: are there more primary, or fundamental, sex influences at work, influences out of which many other sex effects may arise? It is in the search for the potentially more fundamental neural sex differences that the paper by Ingalhalikar et al. finds its importance.

    These investigators used a form of MRI called diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) to examine the patterns of white matter (the wires connecting the gray matter, referred to by the authors as the structural connectome) in an extremely large sample of youths (ages 8–22; 428 males and 521 females). The sample size alone places this study in rare human brain imaging company, greatly enhancing confidence in the solidity of the conclusions. Very few MRI studies have anything resembling the power of this study. Such power is an especially valuable trait for the issue of sex differences in human brain anatomy, because they are unfairly viewed by many neuroscientists as unreliable and hence not of much importance. In my experience over the last decade working on the sex influence issue, I have found that neuroscientists unaware of the literature overwhelmingly refer to uncertainties regarding sex differences in the size/shape of the corpus callosum to argue that sex differences in human brain anatomy are unreliable. However, of course this is completely unfair. In fact, as should be expected in any large domain of investigation, sex differences in brain anatomy vary in size from the small to the huge. For example, Kovalev et al. found extremely large sex differences in the “texture” of white matter (an index of the orderliness of fibers within the tracts). It makes no more sense to conclude on the basis of the findings of Kovalev et al. that all anatomical sex differences in the human brain are extremely large than it does to conclude on the basis of arguments about the corpus callosum that they are all small and unreliable.

    Different Wiring Patterns
    In fact, Ingahalikar et al., using a number of different methods of analysis, report clear and striking sex differences. Most notably, the brains of men exhibit a far smaller degree of interconnectedness, both within and across the hemispheres, than do those of women, which, conversely, exhibit a significantly greater degree of interconnectedness both across the hemispheres and across lobes within a hemisphere. Essentially, men’s brains on average appear wired for more localized, modular function compared with those of women, whose brains on average appear wired for more connectionist, cross-module function.

    This neuroanatomical conclusion is striking, as it appears to dovetail nicely with one of, if not the, most consistently supported principle in the literature regarding human sex differences, namely, that the brains of men tend to be more asymmetrically organized across the two hemispheres than are those of women, as documented in numerous reviews . Ingalhalikar et al. now give this well-established sex difference a very plausible anatomical basis.

    Other aspects of the findings are intriguing, if more puzzling, at least at first blush. For example, developmentally, the authors detected no age × sex interaction in their analysis, suggesting that there are no reliable sex differences in the developmental trajectory of the connectivity patterns, although others have seen striking sex differences in developmental trajectories of some aspects of human brain anatomy . Also intriguing is the fact that the general pattern of results appears reversed in the cerebellum alone, a curious fact certainly deserving of greater attention in future work.

    A comedian discussing men and women once described the male brain as a bunch of boxes that don’t touch one another and the female brain as a complex ball of interconnected wires. Amusing as the bit was, the analogies may be more apt than he could have known. The findings of Ingahalikar et al. do indeed point to a greater degree of modular function in the physical architecture of the male brain and of interconnectedness in physical architecture of the female brain. Given the size of the study, the consistency of the conclusions across various analytic approaches, and the seeming concordance of key findings with well-established literature addressing brain function, one cannot fairly accuse Ingalhalikar et al. of hyperbole when they claim that their findings “reveal fundamental sex differences in the architecture of the human brain.” Theirs is a landmark paper that should accelerate acceptance of the notion that, for those who want to understand how brains function, sex matters.”

  27. @ScribblerG

    “The corruption of science in pursuit of the equalist agenda, and other political causes turns my stomach. In this case the tone of the article is almost triumphal as though it’s a victory to claim men and women aren’t that diffferent.”

    Exactly. You scored that correctly. It is clear as day to me in the studies.

  28. A new gal is bringing me to a cocktail party next week. She is warning me about her protective “alpha” female friend who will probe me for weakness. Any advice on how to handle her is appreciated. Background: this “alpha” female is tethered to a textbook beta in a sexless marriage. How do I game this alleged queen bee without making it look like I desire her, nor without coming across too douchey? Ideally, the broad will be eating out of my hand before too long into the night. I’m not looking to bang her…just neutralize.

  29. I appreciate that you have a background in marketing and photography, so you understand that this is not just a photo being taken for kicks and giggles. I don’t know how much you’ve read of Ayn Rand’s work, and I’m no Objectivist myself, but her book the Romantic Manifesto makes a very profound statement: Art is a reflection of values. I have the hardest time explaining this concept to people around me, but it explains much.

    The photo of this woman at the top of the post reflects the values of the photographer, as you explain. She’s semi-nude, and the photo is in black and white, for a reason; we are in all seriousness supposed to accept her physique as the new standard of physical beauty, rather than what our biological tells us. It’s an unspoken decree issues to us about what “modern” men should find attractive.

    It is, as you aptly put it, trying to tell the T-Rex that it should eat vegetables instead of meat.

  30. A read somewhere (can’t remember where) that the word for a woman’s protruding gut that seamlessly connects to her fuzzy pie is called a “Gunt.” Anyone know who coined that?

  31. @Glenn

    Not surprising to have difficulty here. Same way that I rarely reply to your political writings – I’m just struggling to absorb it all and have nothing informed to contribute lol. I’m no expert in neurology/neuroanatomy, but I know enough about it and biological science in general to tell you that the whole field is on much shakier grounds than the press – even in fairly intellectual publications – would have you believe. Most studies that attempt to demonstrate real-world effects fail to replicate; there are too many confounders that we don’t at all understand to isolate them. There is a strong bias towards publishing only studies that show positive results – and what’s positive is basically determined by the biases of the researcher.

    Specifically in reference to neuroanatomy and its influence on psychology, our investigations are severely hobbled by the investigative methods open to us. We can see electrical activity in the brain in some detail, and we can analyze the connections that exist in the brain, but this actually tells us much less about what’s going on than you might expect. In the end it’s rather like trying to determine the personality of a sailboat’s skipper by the motion of its sails. And we have only the most blunt of instruments possible – post-mortem biopsy – to determine the influence of neurotransmitters on the brain. Rather fundamental.

    All this to say, any study that takes a single sort of measurement of the brain and then purports to grant us greater insight into its fundamental nature is full of shit. We don’t even know what the downstream effects of that single measurement are – much less can we extrapolate upon its overall relevance. Just because we found (some, exaggerated) fuzziness in the morphology of brain systems doesn’t mean brains aren’t ‘gendered.’ Lol, hormones and neurotransmitters probably have a lot more to do with a brain’s ‘gendering’ if you’re pinning me down. But even then there are some pretty complex feedback mechanisms between behavior, structure, chemistry, and so many other things that you can’t really conclude anything even from that.

    Let’s go down the rabbit hole here – all things exist in dynamic systems with everything else within its ecosystem. Our current scientific methodologies are designed to deal with large effects within ecosystems with relatively few confounders. Now that we’ve isolated most large effects – things like antibiotics, amphetamines, opiodes, insulin – things with a single impact and etiology and relatively few interactions – medical science is foundering a bit. We’re having to develop new methodologies to pick up effects that vary among individuals, or that may only take effect under certain circumstances, or that are small in the short term but strong in the long term. Trying to fix smallpox is easy. Trying to stave off the unique manifestation of autoimmune disease in a specific individual is hard. We’re having to be both pragmatic and innovative on the ground here. The pragmatists are finding ways to potentate aspects of healthy lifestyles that have existed for a long time, and are learning ways to teach the unconscious behaviors that are associated with the same. (That’s my camp lol.) The innovators are playing with fiery things like full immune-system replacement, which are dramatic and dangerous but may be more effective in the long run once we actually understand what’s going on in more completion.

    But all that is a bit of a rant. Tl:dr – science is hard, we’re working on it.

  32. Yes, I understand there are more variables to attraction than just the physical

    the guy who I think is the world expert on knowing if the physical is a dominant factor of attraction wrote this back in 2011:

    The importance being that as a Man ages and matures in his career, his ambitions and passions, his personality, his ability to better judge character, his overall understanding of behavior and motivations, etc. he becomes more valuable to the most desirable women and therefore enjoys better opportunity in this respect.

    charting this:

    now there is no fucking way that men are better physically at 38 than 23 (for example the current starting QB for the Broncos is a lot hotter looking). Thus there are other factors, more dominant, than the physical. Of course you could ignore this 2011 expert. and you could ignore the Yareally examples. and the examples you see out there everythere. The question is, why are women not pulling more fire alarms?

  33. When I looked at the photo, I said to myself, who is this fat ugly old hag! When I read the post, I found out, this old hag’s name was Amy Schumer (2004 was the last time I owned a tv).so I Googled her, and couldn’t believe it , this old hag was 34?! I thought she looked 54.
    Scribblerg, for a year , Glenn , kept bragging on having fucked 200 women! Now , scribblerg, brag on having fucked a 100?!

  34. @SJF

    Good stuff, more concrete than what I wrote about.

    “The findings of Ingahalikar et al. do indeed point to a greater degree of modular function in the physical architecture of the male brain and of interconnectedness in physical architecture of the female brain.

    Let me dive into the practical here a moment. Men – realize that everything you do works on a more holistic level with women than you might imagine. A practical thing you say is interpreted not just practically, but limbically and emotionally as well. That’s why it’s not easy to just imitate alpha behavior – you need to be that behavior. A simple statement of fact for a man is a statement rife with emotional (and potentially sexual) meaning for a woman. No-one can fake that sort of congruence for long. Hence the self-improvement aspect of game.

  35. It becomes clearer by the day what the true intention of feminism has been – forcing ugly girls onto hot men. They want to ride the hot CC without shame. Unfortunately, there is an endless supply of thirsty men willing to go along with this for whatever reason. As has been mentioned continually, there is no plea for equality when it comes to ugly men, fat men, or short men. Openly ridiculing a man for his height, which he has zero control over, is commonplace. Disqualifying men based on their success and income is not even balked at.

    Warren Farrell said men are success objects and women are sex objects. Well, in this time period, I’d say that women now view men as sex and success objects. Gee, what a wall to climb. Heightened expectations placed on the man and lowering of expectations on the female.

    Take a look at some of these fat, sex positive articles to drive home the point. Never do they talk about sex with ordinary men. No, that would be too much of a bummer. Unfortunately, they are miscalculating what being a pump and dump truly means. But, then again, they have no long term thinking. The only winners in this sexual marketplace are handsome men with game. No one else is doing any better. There is an epidemic of incel men and an increasing amount of slutty hb4-6 who expect to be wifed up in 5 years by these guys waiting on the sidelines. I guess the sluts’ hindbrain is winning somehow – too bad it doesn’t understand that birth control+alpha doesn’t equal alpha spawn.
    “But at this moment, I am having a great time having exactly the kind of sex I want.  And I’m doing it with the body I have right now.  Because whatever I look like, I have a right to pursue pleasure without shame.  And no matter what anyone else has been telling you, so do you.”

    “Fat chicks bang hot guys… ALL. THE. TIME. This was the most powerful realization for me. In line with the above paragraph, I knew that there would be someone that would find me attractive but the pool would be small and most likely full of guys I didn’t personally find sexy. So I would have to settle. After all, how could a conventionally gorgeous man (tall and with tattoos of course) like fat chicks?  

    I found myself with over a hundred men who were chomping at the bit to get with this. I was the one who had to sift through and pick the hottest of the hot.”

    “I have a fat stomach and I jiggle when I walk. We are told by the media that we need to live in shame, stop eating seventeen cheeseburgers, and hide our bodies. My own father told me when I was 10 years old that no man would ever want to hold my hand unless I lost weight and stopped biting my fingernails. LOL@dad, they want to do so much more than hold hands now. I am fat and I have casual sex with strangers, attractive strangers even.
    … I started swiping right on men and women on Tinder as I waited to deplane at LAX.

    I own my sexuality and my choices. I have a certain number of sexy individuals to thank for that. And no, I’m not telling you my number.”

    “Aside from being sexist and sizeist and just plain fucking rude, this idea that you have to have a thin, perfect body and the face of a model in order to be sexually attractive is just patently untrue. Sexual attraction is oozing and amorphous and refuses to live in boxes. Regular women, women who look like Lena Dunham, or me, get laid easily and often.

    So yes, I look a lot like Lena Dunham. And while they are not my preferred type, I have had sex with movie-star hot men with chiseled Adonis bodies. Some of those men were wealthy and successful. A lot of them thought I was beautiful and told me so. Usually, I got tired of them and moved on. ”

  36. @scribblerg

    according to my friends in Kazakhstan, Dworkin is worth 2 goats, Amy 4. Of course animal fat is a good thing there.

  37. @SJF and Forge – Great comments, I really appreciate you guys breaking this down.

    @Stultus Sum – “Gunt”, I swear I giggled like a baboon when I read this.

    @Keyser – I’ve never said I fucked 200 women that I recall. I think I consistently said that my N is over 100. I stopped counting at 70, 15 years ago and don’t really care. It’s interesting that you do though – what’s your N anyway? And if you have any cites of my comments saying so, please share them. Otherwise, carry on being a dick as it seems to be your special gift.

  38. @ASD – Andrea Dworkin is a 1.

    Nope. She’s dead, Jim. She’s a total 0.

    I have never killed any one, but I have read some obituary notices with great satisfaction. Clarence Darrow, 1932

  39. Good god. Concern trolling about Schumer? Here on TRM? She is a fat, crass, low-hanging-fruit-grabbing comedienne like so many before her. Long tradition of the slatternly comic art form. Are you guys really taking this shit seriously as a FI threat? If anything, she’s going out of her way to prove the Red Pill truths. Bask in it.

  40. The comparison to Bibendun Michelin was hilarious, given that Pirelli is a European-based tyre company as well (Michelin French, Pirelli Italian).

    Regarding the less static ideal of female beauty, how true is it that chubby women were more ideal in the past?

    I am unsure if that is factually correct. Some Greek statues or classic paintings depict women that are certainly chubbier than the current ideal woman body shape, but there are also some thinner women sculpted / painted throughout the ages.

    There is probably an effect that wealthier women afford to order works of art based on them (who I guess are statistically more likely to be chubbier), whereas not as many painters themselves were affluent enough to get models closer to the true ideal to paint.

    Anyone know more about this and would care to comment?

  41. periklees
    December 1st, 2015 at 8:41 pm

    The cure for ED is –> she WANTS you. Badly.

    Some herbal viagra can also help. If she WANTS you.

  42. SJF
    December 1st, 2015 at 10:26 pm

    Brain difference anecdote:

    My daughter graduated with top grades from a top school in ChemE. She knows her thermo – I checked. She doesn’t want to work in the field. Why? ChemE guys are too nerdy.

    Of course she is infected with the equalist BS. In fact it disturbs her so much (find a guy who can dominate you I said) that the subject is now out of bounds. She is also handicapped by being a 9.5+ (I’ve had independent verification – it is not just Dad eyes) so finding a guy who is a match and an alpha is going to be tough. She also is 6′ tall. Further restricting her obvious choices.

    So what does she want? To be an actress. She does do modeling so there is that. But she is not the type to trade sex for advantage.

    I’m hoping that when she hits the wall she will wise up. But she may be 45 before that happens.

    OTOH #2 son (30) has found this very cute Russian girl. About a 9. A little too thin for my taste – but he likes her. He knows Game and yet – he is lost. I’m hoping for grand kids in the next few years. She was mate guarding him when she visited. And the only female around was my LTR. So at least for now she is also gone on him. And why not – 6’4″ brains (graduated with honors UChicago) – and good prospects. Although she may be from money.

  43. Forge the Sky
    December 1st, 2015 at 11:04 pm

    It also gets complicated with cannabinoids where you have what is known as the “entourage effect”. Single cannabinoids often produce little or no effect except when combined with other minor component cannabinoids. So far no one knows why.

  44. Forge the Sky
    December 1st, 2015 at 11:33 pm

    I smell different when my Alpha is up. I can tell the difference. Women with their generally better sense of smell should be even more discriminating. Smell is difficult (impossible?) to fake.

  45. @ chronicle

    How do I game this alleged queen bee without making it look like I desire her, nor without coming across too douchey?

    Just flirt with her a little, but don’t validate. You want her looking up at you when you come in her vicinity, but not following you around.

  46. “In other words, the latent purpose of this social order is to force men to comply with women’s sexual strategy, irrespective of their evolved sexual arousal cues.”

    Crowder said it best here:

    “My penis is a veritable weather-stick of beauty. You can’t trick it, it knows no societal boundaries, it doesn’t care how poor you are or the color of your skin…if you’re ATTRACTIVE, it’s going up. You can’t trick the system, it’s a lie detector test. So there’s no we had a meeting behind your back and just said “we’re gonna say Lena Dunham isn’t attractive just to screw with her”…you’re NOT ATTRACTIVE, you didn’t beat the test!”

    And my usual lol to the rest of the stuff about male physical attractiveness.

    Time to get gay as fuck in here, I put a space in the NSFW URLs (remove the space from “tum blr”) but left the shirtless shit there because the header of the article has a shirtless dude lol:

    Why does the 50 Shades of Grey book sell a billion copies? It has NO visuals in it. Why do teenage girls everywhere fantasize about that skinny Twilight vampire kid?

    James Deen, world’s #1 male pornstar (who’s about to be tanked by crazy bitches, but ignoring that lol)…stands at a whopping 5’7″ tall and isn’t QUITE jacked like a hulking fireman calendar:

    How can a skinny dude with no ripped 6-pack who’s shorter than me be the world’s #1 male pornstar? How are there hundreds of thousands of women getting off to his videos and dreaming of getting fucked by him? It’s not like there isn’t competition in porn, like there aren’t thousands of jacked dudes in porn with giant dicks and shit…ya he has a pretty face but like there aren’t hundreds of other dudes in porn with better faces than him? It’s a free market, women can watch vids of any porn they want there’s no “on the spot microphone in your face “do you prefer a skinny 5’7″ guy or this hulking beast in green paint” camera on them” pressure to influence them…So why is he #1 to women? Why are they choosing this skinny little guy over those other “better looking” guys? Why does James Deen have 1300 movies and make like $20,000/mo for doing porn?

    Is this what’s in those firemen calendars we’re using as a guage for what’s attractive to women?:

    Which month of the year in the jacked fireman calendar is the pic on the right from?:

    Because it’s not about looks or muscles or money. It’s about alpha qualities like dominance, confidence, eye-contact, sexual confidence, leading, causing emotional impact (Twilight), etc:

    Dominant dirty talk, choking, etc (if you’re going to do ANYTHING related to choking, google the fuck out of how to do it safely and calibrate up to it slowly):

    I always rest a hand on a girl’s throat when we first makeout (once she’s into it I slide my hand from her cheek to her throat) to see if she’s receptive to it…that one move lets her know the despite my not being a jacked fireman I’m going to fuck her in an alpha way:

    Note how he could let her just come over to him or just hold her hand but instead as soon as he takes her hand he yanks her into him so she’s off balance for a split second and catches her, then goes into a pin against the wall…he’s a little 5’7″ dude he actually looks an inch shorter than her because of her heels, but he knows how to confidently dominate her, doesn’t second guess his movements just grabs her like she’s a piece of meat to him:

    NSFW (check the way he shoves her around and the instinctive girly response to being manhandled):

    NSFW (more manhandling by the back of her neck this time to put her up against the wall, again I do this stuff when I first makeout with girls):

    NSFW (he could just lay her back gently, and this is another chick who’s probably taller than him, but it doesn’t matter, he knows how to manhandle her body and PUT her down):

    NSFW (no fucks given in his body language as he manhandles her by the hair…the girl herself can’t see that he doesn’t even look up, but all the chicks watching this porno scene see that…it’s these little things, tiny subcomms that make girls watch his shit):

    NSFW (again he’s not jacked but he doesn’t have to be to manhandle her, he just knows how to manipulate her body and make her feel helpless, you don’t have to be huge to do that you just have to understand body mechanics and how to put her off-balance and catch her again and shit):

    NSFW (again more dominance and manhandling):

    NSFW (even leading from foreplay, this is a classic move taking her hand and putting it on his dick…it’s simple, but it takes sexual confidence and assuming a good reaction (because you’ve had good reactions before) to do this so most guys won’t do it they’ll wait for the girl to choose to touch his dick and force her to lead…these are little things but they’re why this guy is #1, because these little things flip those little “dominance, leading, etc” alpha switches in a girl’s head even from a 5’7″ skinny guy:

    Hell, this dude even knows how to eat pussy (a thing some guys think is too supplicative/beta) like a dominant boss (the frame his subcommunications are coming from is that he’s doing it for HIS enjoyment of controlling her rather than trying to please her for her approval):

    Again these are little things. Tiny tiny subcommunications. A lot of guys can’t even SEE this shit, espeically not in real-time, and even when I describe exactly what I’m talking about a lot of hardcase newbies who’ve barely ever talked to women can’t even see exactly what I mean.

    But those little subcommunications of “I’m a caveman and you’re the piece of meat I’m going to fuck” are why this guy is popular and a LOT of this stuff translates to how you interact with women in real life in general…cutting space, laser eye-contact, growling dirty shit in their ear, manhandling them physically…girls hindbrains know that this is a guy who knows how to fuck them the way their chode husbands and orbiters and a lot of jacked firemen dudes who are super confident on the job and dominant around other men but act like FI-brainwashed supplicative chodes around women won’t do and women can TELL they won’t do it from their SUBCOMMUNICATIONS that RADIATE “I’m not a guy who will fuck you like this even if I LOOK like a guy that SHOULD.”

    And this stuff isn’t just when you’re escalating during sex (like “but YaReally these are all just porn, we’re talking about INITIAL attraction not once you’re already fucking them!!”), but use your fucking head and think of how this applies to your OVERALL interactions with women when you meet them:

    Like, when you shake a girl’s hand you CAN just shake her hand and introduce herself. But next time try, as soon as you shake her hand, look her in the eyes lasering and yank on that hand just slightly, the way Deen does in one of those first clips, so that the movement on your end is miniscule/effortless, you’re just slightly pulling your wrist back and slightly downward, but watch her attraction/Buying Temperature shoot through the fucking ROOF when she loses her balance and tip taps forward in her heels to bump into you as you catch her and smoothly lift her hand up around your shoulder still staring her down confidently as if you’ve done this a thousand times before. Even better, DO it a thousand times so that it IS second nature to you to handle women that way and be comfortable with it lol

    And of course we can’t ignore the reality that a LOT of those fireman calendars and the clients who hire male strippers for private parties and the people watching male webcams are gay dudes, not women lol

    That doesn’t mean women DON’T like that stuff too, but there’s ENDLESS counter-evidence that the “girls want jacked firemen every guy should lift and try to get jacked (and rich)” guys have to explain that they never seem to ACTUALLY be able to explain and instead try to just dismiss the evidence or reply with snark because they don’t even really understand it themselves…When women say “we want a dad-bod”, we say “don’t listen to what women SAY, they don’t understand how their own attraction works, look at what they DO instead”. But when women say “we want a hulk-bod”, we say “I KNEW IT! SEE?? LISTEN TO WHAT WOMEN SAY! THEY UNDERSTAND THEIR OWN ATTRACTION BEST!! THIS CONFIRMS MY WORLD VIEW EVEN THOUGH I JUST TOLD YOU NOT TO LISTEN TO WHAT WOMEN SAY BUT NOW THAT IT ALIGNS WITH WHAT I THINK THEN WE SHOULD LISTEN TO THEM LOOK AT THIS INTERVIEW WHERE THEY SAY THEY WANT THE GREEN HULK GUY AND NOT THE DAD BOD WHO CARES ABOUT CONSISTENCY LET’S JUST PICK AND CHOOSE WHEN WE LISTEN TO WHAT WOMEN SAY AND IGNORE WHAT THEY DO!!”

    The rule is ALWAYS ignore what women say and look at what they actually DO…and what they actually DO is go home with, date, chase, and FUCK dominant alpha guys who rarely look like jacked fireman Chad Thundercock stepping off a calendar page, and what they actually DO is make a 5’7″ skinny guy like James Deen the world’s #1 male pornstar.

    In closing I leave you with this:

    Looking forward to either:

    1) the well thought-out rebuttals that explain a guy like James Deen’s popularity (and Twilight guy, and textual erotica’s popularity with women (if they care that much about the visuals like us shouldn’t they just stick with visual porn like us?), and the millions of infield examples I’ve linked where not traditionally attractive guys get girls, and hell, why a girl can have a dozen WAY better looking jacked rich orbiters txting her at the bar but STILL choose to go home with a guy like me and my buddies and choose us over better looking AMOGs that enter our sets or stand beside us, etc)

    …or 2) the frustrated release of that fingertip grip on the socially conditioned value system (that even a Natural who was in a rockband and lives in Vegas working with bottle models can buy into because he probably didn’t go through the same “I have no traditional value and even anti-value in some areas, but want to bang hot girls” process that guys like Tyler or myself went through (or Ryan the indian RSD instructor Julien describes in that video etc) that forced us to confront this limiting belief and really explore how attraction works out in the field multiple nights a week (instead of relying on silly survey data) because if we DON’T fully understand this shit then we don’t get to just go home to get laid by our wives, we can’t afford to NOT understand it better than other guys who aren’t out there pulling and ACTUALLY sticking their dicks in <25yo poon and competing with jacked rich guys for that poon right now in 2015 do), followed by the begrudging acceptance of what I've been saying for years so men can focus on the right channels. 😉

    1. I would actually agree with this, as a female myself yes a guy with a body like Chris Hemsworth in Thor would be amazing. The way a guy presents himself and the alpha quality is what a woman really responds to.

      For example, there are two guys at my job and they both like the same girl, however the way they each approach her are different. The first guy is in his early 20’s and is more of the beta type while the other guy is in his late 20’s and has more alpha qualities.

      Now i have watched as each guy hit on her. The early 20s guy was more like i really like you and think you’re really pretty & i’ll buy you flowers etc. The second guy just walked up behind her, place one hand on her hip and kissed her on the nape of her neck.

      Its clear which one she found more attractive – guy number 2. He just had an air of confidence that guy number did not have.

  47. @Diplomat

    “Are you guys really taking this shit seriously as an FI threat?”

    What’s an FI threat? She’s not threatening the FI, she’s confirming it.

    The only thing more devoid of sexuality than Schumer’s body is her face. I have never seen a more dull version of a female face. No upper lip at all, small mouth, sexless puppy dog eyes, masculine bones and a Leno chin. Dead zero when it comes to sexual appeal. Flat zero. Even a 300 pound slob can have full, feminine lips. Schumer doesn’t bring a thing. She is out there to make all kinds of fat, pointless women identify with something. It’s like Woody Allen movies where that old gimp always paired himself off with hot twenty somethings. Or when a little faggot like Paul Reiser was supposed to be a guy who actually gets to bang something under 200 pounds. All fantasy.

    Amy Schumer’s face should be pinned up in the halls of monasteries to ensure chastity and actually make monks feel straight up privileged that they don’t have to have sex.

  48. See, Rollo, I think that the anti-natalists are in control, or else that people who are trying to influence the culture are anti-natalists. Men have been programmed/brainwashed to be unattractive because of pussy-worshipping behavior, Oneitis, etc. Now women are being encouraged to let themselves go/heifer up. It supports an anti-natalist agenda.

  49. Rollo if you have some spare time, I would enjoy your take on this one :

    Yet another example of “let me redefine female SMV for you, young lad”. Hopefully there’s still a handful of guys knowing very well the difference between real and fake SMV. Hell, when you go hardcore at game and you go through all that shit to get laid (the low-vibration goal) and self-actualize (the high-vibration goal), you can’t help but have expectations for the kind of girls you want to be with.

  50. From SJF:
    “I would also point out that the Pirelli calendar and fat Amy Schumer are merely an attempt by the FI and mainstream media at a Frame grab. It may work, frame is not power but if the Frame is held strongly it may work for the cause. As evidenced by the mangina Twatter trends the MSM is so gleefully promoting.
    Their logic doesn’t hold. Simple bias and fallacious reasoning. They are arguing that since the brains don’t look that different, they therefore cannot be.”

    Marketing doesn’t need logic. Often marketing aims to go after an emotional connection, especially when targeting women. Pirelli’s primary goal is profit by selling tires. The campaign is attempting to broaden the reach of their customer base. There might be a few men at Pirelli that get the FI and realize this campaign aligns with the FI, but they probably kept their mouths shut or did not care because their goal is profits. This marketing effort to hire Leibovitz wasn’t by accident but a corporate decision probably based on a few females who have equalist thinking.
    “some skin for Pirelli, provocative sexual imagery isn’t the goal. Instead, it’s to celebrate feminist heroines with a group of inspiring female icons who are better known for their brains and accomplishments than their looks, although they are gorgeous too.”

    “Despite letting the stars of its next calendar keep their clothes on, Pirelli has a lot more people interested in just how those images will be presented. Feminists shouldn’t necessarily be celebrating, however. The brand has not exactly given up on the “sex sells” mantra, and still brings Pirelli Girls as eye candy to various race tracks and events around the world. Some habits are just hard to break, it seems.”

    T-Rex continues his hunt not caring or thinking about his habits or DNA. While the campaigns are for profit they fit perfectly into the forced cultural norm of the FI.

    ……Meanwhile a former NFL player is shamed for his affair and dropped by Woolworths brand:

    All of this demonstrates the FI but also speaks loudly that profits are more important when their target audience is women. “Don’t offend the females, we might lose 6% growth in Q4 sales.” Executives gladly tuck their balls between their legs for mind share and market share. I see it at work all the time.

  51. Something I would like to point out. In Italy, the Pirelli calendar (the traditional one with pretty young naked or half-naked models) has been a standing feature of men’s working spaces for decades. Factories, car shops, tire shops, in most of those places you could see one or more hanging on the walls or inside locker doors, covered with dust, grime, motor oil, metal slivers, whatever. The unspoken assumption was that men working hard at the lousiest jobs should be entitled to some mental comfort at shift end, or to harmless fantasies, or even to just see a beautiful creature a couple times a day. Not anymore. All that is sexist, so guys are expected to be aroused by a tennis player with arms like a dock worker’s, or an 82-year old ex-groupie who used to do bad performance art in the 60s. All because of their “achievements”, which, of course, are what men should be celebrating instead of shallow patriarchal beauty standards.

  52. @Matt December 1st, 2015 at 11:49 pm

    This is not a new phenomenon. It has always been that way. It is just that with feminism it is becoming even more imbalanced.

    Here is an article in that regard.

    ….the female sex is biologically dominant. Sexual selection, procreation and a bias in perception of the sexes contribute to this dominance. Female dominance has been increased by all the “feminist waves.” The balance of society which had once unconsciously favoured women throughout history while also valuing men has been completely overthrown.

  53. Johann, those pics of that comedienne, are her form of humblebraggging, something women excel at. When they can’t compete, they pretend to make fun of something or some chick, doing the same types of things, as though it were a parody, completely aware that many will give them the validation they need, including comments (as on that very site you linked to) like “Celeste is beautiful”, and how “natural” she looks–which is the new prop unattractive women use…”this is what REAL women look like”.

    There’s nothing particularly funny about her pics, it was simply a way for her to publish photos of herself, without looking like she’s really as self absorbed as she is, on top of being a not really attractive woman, posting pics of herself. She has it covered in case she gets the “OMG you arent even pretty” comments…”Folks this is just a joke”

  54. @Chronicle – You already failed this shit test. Your girl warning you about this was nothing more than a shit test. Your reaction telegraphs that you may have some internal game work to do as for me, the very uttering of the term “alpha female” makes me laugh. Dominant, aggressive, bitchy – sure, but not alpha. And every such woman melts in the presence of a confident, dominant alpha male. When you meet her, just try to imagine how she’d react of there was a mouse near her feet or her car breaks down. Or say an armed robber burst into the room – she’d be cowering and demanding the men protect her just like any other woman.

    Two recos:
    – Next time your gf brings this up in just laugh at her. In your mind you should be certain that this “queen bee” is just another woman. She has an adaptive social strategy that pays off in the current social environment (cunty, overbearing, controlling women used to face much more social pressure to not be so), but she hasn’t turned the basics of intersexual dynamics off nor escaped the truth of, “T-Rex wants to hunt”.

    – Use this party as an experiment to develop your inner game. Ultimately, this is great test of whether you are your own point of mental origin or not. Truthfully, if some woman I was dating warned me about some alpha woman I would just laugh at her. And if I met her and she attempted to dominate me, she would fail utterly – no woman can dominate me. Period. It ain’t gonna happen. For dominance to succeed, you must submit and I guess the real question is why you have any doubts as to whether you’d submit to some mouthy bitch?

    Your reaction should be standard shit testing technique. First amplify whatever insults are aimed at you and have fun with them. In fact, your reaction to your GF should have been something like, “OMG, she sounds like a monster, I’m so scared, hold me!” Don’t get emotional or invested in what she says or does. If she gets really overbearing, don’t overreact, under-react. Let the “queen bee” make an ass of herself and overplay her hand. Also make her work for your attention, which is what she wants anyway. If she’s getting too aggressive, just walk away mid-sentence in a way that telegraphs you are just not interested in speaking with her, and move on to someone else in the group nearby so everyone can see how she has no effect on you. Also, don’t engage her on any subject substantively and don’t even pay attention to what she’s saying The best way to drive one of these narcissistic bitches mad is to “grinfuck” them, meaning you have a pleasant look on your face but are actually not even listening to what she says. When she’s in the middle of sentence, take your phone out and check your email and maybe even browse the web. Make her get overly aggressive, make her angry, let her get worked up – and just laugh at her.

    I wonder if you get how weird your comment is and how weird it is of your gf to warn you about this well ahead of time? Seriously, I can’t imagine giving a flying shit about some bitchy women and how she might act towards me nor can I imagine anyone who knows me feeling it necessary to warn me about her over a week before meeting her. The key is not giving a shit. I say your work is to look inside and see where your internal game is at. Are you engaged in self-improvement? Are you the catch? Are you socially intelligent, or at least working on developing social intelligence? Is your life full and rich with social connections of different sorts? Do you have a “gang” of men? This is where your focus should be, not on some woman who’s such a bitch that people have to warn you about her weeks ahead of meeting her.

  55. @Chronicle – Good mental image for you. When you meet this woman, imagine she’s Ronda Rousey getting her face beaten in by Holly Holm in their recent UFC fight. I can’t tell you how much I loved seeing that big mouthed cunt getting beaten so soundly. Her rhetoric and attitude were classic ‘alpha female’ but in truth she fought in a very weak division and face little tough competition until Holly Holm. Notice how Holly Holm behaves, she had real confidence born of being a kickboxer and a boxer and having many championship bouts. Holly focuses on her skills and development and has no need to be all “alpha bitch” – and she’s loved and adored and a champion.

    What is most funny is how many men fawn all over Ronda Rousey. Joe Rogan made such an ass of himself, crying and adoring and submitting. I don’t find her attractive at all, I just don’t get it. I mean, she’s okay looking and has a good body but the entire package? It holds zero attraction for me. Holly Holm? She comes across as feminine and attractive, while being a badass. No need to be a cunt to actually be tough, in fact, just as with men, bluster and loudmouthed braggadocio telegraph weakness, not strength.

  56. “The best way to drive one of these narcissistic bitches mad is to “grinfuck” them, meaning you have a pleasant look on your face but are actually not even listening to what she says. When she’s in the middle of sentence, take your phone out and check your email and maybe even browse the web. Make her get overly aggressive, make her angry, let her get worked up – and just laugh at her.”

    Law #39

    Stir up Waters to Catch Fish

    Anger and emotion are strategically counterproductive. You must always stay calm and objective. But if you can make your enemies angry while staying calm yourself, you gain a decided advantage. Put your enemies off-balance: Find the chink in their vanity through which you can rattle them and you hold the strings.

  57. “She is also handicapped by being a 9.5+ (I’ve had independent verification – it is not just Dad eyes) so finding a guy who is a match and an alpha is going to be tough.”

    Being very beautiful is never a handicap (unless perhaps she is auditioning for the role of the ugly friend/stepsister).

  58. Also, Chronicle, your target’s thumbscrew lies in the fact that she will lack femininity. While she may end up being objectively attractive, she is a non-feminine bitch. You know that going in. Covertly mock her lack of femininity.

    “Hardened men make for attractive men, for toughness is a trait that men and women alike covet in men. Almost all respect a hardened man even when they dislike him. At the same time, hardened women make for utterly repulsive beings. They do not inspire desire nor respect, merely alienation. Hardening is conducive to the cultivation of masculinity, but to femininity it is toxic. To femininity it is harmful, deleterious. Women must seek wisdom and respite in the face of suffering, not masculination. For women to preserve their greatest asset: their femininity, they must avoid masculinisation at all costs. This is healthier and more conducive to a woman’s development than adopting masculine boisterousness.

    Women are taught to debauch their femininity in pursuit of power and social acceptance under the rule of feminist dogma. They all too unwittingly realise not what they give up by capitulating to feminism. Much to woman’s detriment, adhering to the feminist roadmap results in a vitiation of her desirability to the kind of man she yearns for. Of specific note in regard to this is the contemporary culture. The current economic model and prevailing social-programming of the time push women towards masculinity by framing it as “liberation.” Feminism sells women the lie that to masculinise is to become free. It convinces the feminine to divorce herself from her nature and to aspire to be that which she isn’t. That her desire to nurture, support and mother is weak. She should become more manlike, fierce, assertive, a conqueror! Indeed what banal trite, there is no man of worth breathing that wants to commit to the fabled feminist “real woman.””

  59. @Enrique – And it’s Enrique for the win – ding, ding, ding. These women have a teenage girl’s mentality, I watched my daughter go through this. It’s “Mean Girls” on ‘roids…

  60. Reminds me of a funny story. Back in the early 80s I worked in a machine shop. They had the infamous “Snap-on” tool calender featuring comely lasses posing with various tools. In that industrial atmosphere men would look at the calendar briefly before getting back to work in the grease and fumes. So I drew a “no jerking off” sign with a guy yanking his rod in ecstasy. Had a red circle with a slash through it. Everyone loved it. The sales guys would brings customers to the shop just to show them the cartoon. While feminists think men trade sexist jokes the reality is we like to laugh about anything that makes fellow men look like idiots. Annie Leibowitz photos of “Tire King” Schumer will not inspire anyone.

  61. Laugh at Schumer all you want, but her and the women like her are getting what they want.

    Most men aren’t naturals, don’t start with advantages, so at least at the start they actually have to work to land a Schumer. So she is not going to suffer for attention.

    There aren’t enough high quality women to go around if every single man became an Alpha. But even if that were to happen, every man a PUA, every man an Alpha, is that really going to change Schumer’s behavior?

    The question is what would have to change in the SMP for the Schumers to be better behaved, be more attractive? Is PUA/Alpha aspiration really going to change things for the better, or will it get even worse? Every man a PUA means that at least in the short term the Schumers will be getting even more validation than they get now from the PUA trainees. So are some of the recommended strategies going to turn the FI around to a MI, or just a capitulation to FI?

  62. Just pointing out the obvious for newbies and for the good of the order:

    Amy Schumer’s entire shtick is a sendup parody satire of the typical American slut on either coast: trashy, crass, vulgar, profane, obnoxious, shamelessly promiscuous, ill-mannered, selfish, self-absorbed, and masculine.

    If you want to see what a post-wall carouseler looks like after a decade or so and around 10 feet or so of cock, Schumer epitomizes it. She is literally and figuratively the very personification of the post-wall carouseler (or is doing a really, REALLY good job of portraying her).

    slightly pudgy, out of shape from shitty, alcohol-laden diet? Check.

    Thousand cock stare, a combination of deer-in-headlights and “fuck you”? check.

    At only 34, starting to show some premature aging signs like neck fat, crows feet and wrinkles at décolletage, probably from cigarette smoking and maybe occasional illegal drug use? Check.

    Increasing attention seeking behavior? check.

    Formerly kind of cute face, now showing signs of world weariness? Check.

    SMV of 4-6: Cute enough to get sex with attractive men but nowhere nearly attractive enough to get commitment from any of them? Check.

    Dated around a lot, but just never could find a guy she could “get serious” with? Check.

    Has no appreciable value other than biting wit and “Big Personality”? Check.

  63. @scribblerg, yep, and you’ll notice how women constantly pepper conversations with “even my friends were like, ‘Oh Julie, I wish I had your INSERT PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTIC”.

    Women like to build and enjoy consensus and validation, even if they have to create it via FB posts or boring narrative posts about how “even the other guys were saying, “this is like the biggest fish anyone caught all day at the lake”. or “I was like, come on Sarah, my chest is big but not THAT big !”. They ALWAYS insert some type of self-stroke back-patting…no matter how softly they approach it, and then wait in the bushes for the White Knights and “YOU GO GYRLLL!” comments.

    If she recently ran a 5k that she’s been posting about for 6 months, and came in last:

    “I figure I ran a pretty respectable race for a mother of two who usually wear flip flops when I’m not at the board meeting” (added points if accompanied by a pic or two of her “adorable” kids giving her water at the finish line)

    If she took her kids to the county fair:

    “I had to remind my kids that as brave as I was as a little girl, nothing I had accomplished as a senior manager with a grad degree from Smith College, made me comfortable with the idea of spinning around what seemed for hours in a tea cup with my 3 year old daughter–but I’m proud to say, we did every ride, and Emma told me how proud she was of me as we walked back, exhausted, to the minivan. Kids. They are so honest. If only I could get all my employees I supervise, to give such honest feedback…anyhow, “Your ROCK” to all the other Mothers out there, have a great weekend and I’m off to date nite, David’s treating me to Las Tapas tonite…hope he doesn’t expect anything–men, you know how they are!”.

  64. “The question is what would have to change in the SMP for the Schumers to be better behaved, be more attractive? Is PUA/Alpha aspiration really going to change things for the better, or will it get even worse? Every man a PUA means that at least in the short term the Schumers will be getting even more validation than they get now from the PUA trainees. So are some of the recommended strategies going to turn the FI around to a MI, or just a capitulation to FI?”

    Just another reminder that you can’t turn the battleship around with a top-down approach. Hence Rollo’s unspoken headline is that you don’t have to capitulate to the FI and you yourself should use a bottoms-up approach. Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better.

    It has always been as you describe, now it’s just worse. (Read my links from the post @8:29)

  65. @agent p

    A boner cannot lie…

    So, when I was 12 I was attracted to a strong breeze? What kind of sexuality would that be?

  66. @thedeti – Yep, just more effort to normalize post-wall slags. Best part? They all brag about banging hot guys but fail to share that they are merely cum dumpsters to those guys. They act as though they have achieved just as much as a man by attaining a hot guy as a man has by attaining a hot woman when the bar is so much lower. Yet the guys they bang don’t commit, don’t do monogamy and likely see them as a backup plate to fuck when the hotties aren’t around.

  67. I like Amy’s stick, it puts the overt hypergamy right in people’s faces. From her SNL monologue:

    He’s the kind of hot… trust me when he is in front of you… you just grab your ankles. You would just say things you didn’t mean, like “any hole’s fine”

    this then produced a “that’s not my type of feminism” hen fight (my feminism is better than your feminism, you’re too old to understand) focused on should women quit pretending to be sweet princesses.

  68. @ Yohann Segalat

    Yet another example of “let me redefine female SMV for you, young lad”. Hopefully there’s still a handful of guys knowing very well the difference between real and fake SMV.

    Like Agent said, boners don’t lie. Men are not born consciously “knowing” what is attractive to them, at least certainly not in the way you “know” your birthday or phone number. What you are attracted to is what your body tells you it is. Men learn what is attractive to them by listening to what their body says.

    That link looks like sour grapes. It’s the screeching of women who are now past the wall, know they cannot possibly optimize their hypergamy, and are trying to shame the entire world (not just men) for not finding them attractive anymore.

    It is kind of sad to know that millions of women will hit that point in their lives, purely because they were taught bullshit that their bodies are the same as men, and therefore they can simply put off consolidating on peak SMV.

    I would be sad for them, if I didn’t know that so many of them treated me like invisible dirt when I was younger. 🙂

  69. @Jeremy, it just means you’re a sailor like me if a bit of breeze gets you going.
    Besides, if Amy Schumer were a “fresh breeze” it would be like you were down wind of a feed lot for swine kind of breeze.

  70. @Chronicle

    Scribblerg’s right about the whole ‘alpha female’ thing. Bringing it up was a shit test which you failed by reacting. And what the ‘alpha female’ will do is…shit test you ruthlessly. So you’ve got to be in a stable frame, stable enough that she doesn’t much affect you.

    Tactics vary from woman to woman. She might try being a bitch to you, or she might be nice but condescending. She might play good to draw you out then try to twist something you said against you. She might act flirtatious then accuse you of being a player. She might just be a loudmouth. Or she might act polite then studiously ignore you.

    Your only job is to not give a shit, and if possible have FUN with the circumstance, like it’s just amusing to you. You’re unshakably confident in your own self, and some bitches’ actions aren’t going to alter your good time in the slightest.

    Seriously, just be unaffected and have fun. If you’re having fun talking to her then talk to her; if you aren’t, don’t. Don’t do this thing where if she’s nasty to you you’re going to show her by ignoring her or being an ass or striking back to ‘show dominance.’ People will see through that shit in a heartbeat and you’ll look like a passive-aggressive dweeb. If your inner game is right though, you can do these things and they’ll look congruent, since then if you ignore her it’s because you have other more fun things to focus on, and if you bite back it’s because of course that’s how you’d react to someone talking like that to you.

  71. With regards to the Pirrelli tire calendar, I think its a smart marketing move. If they keep doing hottie calendars, they will just get more slag from the MSM for being old school sexists. By doing this move they create controversy, as a result they get lots of press and can swan on about how “meaningful and thoughtful they are” but none of that matters, what they get is name recognition with female consumers.
    Show me a man who owns a car and doesn’t know the name Pirelli and I’ll know he is likely a pajama boy, or a guy who drives a truck big enough that Pirelli doesn’t make tires for them. But show me a woman who knows who Pirelli is? anyone? Anyone? No, thought not. They know Goodyear, perhaps Michelin or Firestone but in the North American Market very unlikely they could name Pirrelli off the top of their heads.
    Now, with some controversy, that gets picked up as a boring Wednesday afternoon headline by FI MSM, the story gets traction (pardon the pun) with millions of women who are critical consumers. How many single women have cars that perhaps need tires, oh right its winter tire sales season right now, how many of those women may be staring at a product choice decision point right now, this week? Lots. Bingo, great time for name recognition. The guy who works in the tire store might recommend the product, but its better to send a consumer (woman) into a tire store with a name top of mind so she can say “Oh yeah, I know those guys, sure I’ll pay a bit more for their tires”.
    Likewise if Mr Beta husband goes in for winter tires he can be henpecked into considering the product because name recognition.

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