The Mystery of the Red Dress

Today’s quote is from the Biography of Steve Jobs. I did read the book in its entirety in 2010, but recently had this bit sent to me from a reader as an example of ‘How an Alpha should treat a Gold-digger‘. Mmm? No.

As an example of “alpha behavior” or an illustration of equal justice I can see why this incident might be construed as such, but there’s a much more valuable lesson to be learned in this exchange. The incident took place between Steve Jobs and singer Joan Baez, a woman who Jobs eventually had a relationship with.

In 1982, Jobs was introduced to Joan Baez by her sister Mimi Farina. He was 27 and she was 41. “It turned into a serious relationship between two accidental friends who became lovers,” said Jobs. Some of his friends believed that one thing that drew Jobs to Baez was the fact that she used to date Bob Dylan. “Steve loved that connection to Dylan,” said Jobs’ college friend Elizabeth Holmes.” The relationship fizzled out when it became clear that Jobs wanted children and Baez did not. 

Rolling Stone, 2011

Using a Red Pill Lens on this situation, we see a few apparent truths. The age difference was definitely a factor, but Jobs was well-known for what was called his “Reality Distortion Bubble“. In effect Steve Jobs had an intrinsic understanding of himself as his Mental Point of Origin. A lot of Type-A personalities have this in common – they innately make themselves the first thought they have in virtually all decisions they make. For some this can border on sociopathy, but most people we consider successes or geniuses had this sense of self as their starting point. Let me make this clear, you don’t have to be a sociopath or a solipsist to make yourself your Mental Point of Origin, but that is where these states begin.

Practically every very wealthy man I’ve ever worked for, or with, had himself in mind before a thought was give to anyone else’s consideration in his decision making process; family, spouse, employees, friends, we’re subordinate to his Mental Point of Origin. For most the process would start and end with themselves and their interests. These were the sociopaths. For a few that process started with themselves and ended with the consideration of others, but the process was a pragmatic one that facilitated a maintaining of power balance. As I’ve said in the past, I’m a proponent of enlightened self interest: I cannot help others until I help myself. Nor can I help others as effectively as when I help myself first. It’s not that you ought to become a selfish prick – you should think of the interests of others – but only after you’ve considered yourself in the scope of your own interests and how your interests facilitate the interests of others.

Now that this is settled, let me say that by this metric, Steve Jobs was none of this. According to the people he worked with, his family and friends, Jobs had all the characteristics of a solipsist. Yes, men can be solipsists too, though it’s more of a learned process rather than the innate proclivity women have to be solipsistic. From a business perspective, from a single-minded determination perspective, Jobs was certainly an Alpha. His mindset was that of an Alpha. His relationship history, however, was grossly influenced by Blue Pill idealism. One commonality you’ll find among men we consider great innovators, inventors, discoverers and entrepreneurial geniuses is they are almost invariably Blue Pill idealists with respect to their romantic lives. Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk are two current examples of this commonality. Argue their greatness if you like, their personal lives are classic examples of what happens to the Nerd, the autist, the high IQ guy, who’s afforded the money and success to live out their Blue Pill fueled impression of what a relationship with a woman should be like. And predatory women, with the savvy to understand (and have the patience for) the nature of Beta men, make these guys their bread and butter.

“There’s a beautiful red dress there that would be perfect for you.”

I’m not sure I would describe Jobs as an autist, or being on the Asperger’s spectrum, but he was certainly on the sociopath spectrum. Try not to conflate ‘sociopath’ with something negative in this instance. Sociopathic behaviors and character attributes can equally be attractive survival traits as they are evidence of megalomaniacal tyranny. Sociopathy is really by order of degree. Jobs most certainly began and ended his thinking with himself in mind.

My Red Pill Lens read on this is as follows: Something in Steve Job’s subconscious was testing Joan Baez for genuine desire.

I’m fairly certain most of my readers will understand the ovulatory shift implications of a red dress being the item in mention here, but there is a method to Job’s madness in this.

“I said to myself, far out, I’m with one of the world’s richest men and he wants me to have this beautiful dress.”

Joan doesn’t get it from the start here. She presumes that a rich man would want to purchase her affections via the transaction of a gift. Not uncommon for even 41 year old women, and yes, her thinking here is exactly the solipsistic mental point of origin women have a natural default for. Indignant guys will call her a Gold Digger, which is accurate, but moreover you have to look at the process here. She presumes that rich men buy expensive gifts for the women they’re interested in. But in typical Jobs fashion Steve flips the script without knowing that’s what he’s doing.

When they get to the store Steve points out the dress and says, “You oughta buy it.” She looked a little surprised, said she couldn’t really afford it, he said nothing and they left.

“Wouldn’t you think if someone (a rich man) had talked like that the whole evening they were going to buy it for you?”

It would be easy to dismiss this part as default female entitlement, but remember this was 1982, and while women (particularly attractive and famous women) did expect things from well-to-do men, the entitlement levels weren’t anything like they are now. I think she was genuinely confused. She really didn’t get it.

“The mystery of the Red Dress is in your hands. I felt a bit strange about it.”

He would giver her computers, but not a dress, and when he brought her flowers he would be sure to say they were leftover from an event in the office.

“He was both romantic, and afraid to be romantic.”

This end part is Baez’s last attempt to explain why an ‘eccentric‘ rich man wouldn’t buy her a dress he thought she’d look good in. I’m often asked how to go about vetting a woman for a long term relationship, and I’ve written essays about how most men simply never actually have the luxury of holding (much less developing) standards by which to ‘vet‘ a woman’s commitment-worthiness. Most men are not rich men, most men are Betas. Fewer still have the sense of self-value, or the access to so many optional women, as to presume to test a woman’s interest in him in any meaningful sense. Steve Jobs was not a necessitous man, he had, or could easily realize options when he wanted to. But even though he was idealistic in a Blue Pill conditioned sense, his subconscious wanted something it couldn’t buy – genuine desire from Joan Baez.

It’s easy to dismiss the Red Dress Incident as just another quirky personality flaw of a borderline sociopath who didn’t have the Game or the social intelligence to know he was offending or turning off a girl he kind of liked. Indeed, Joan tries to insert her own pop-culture psychoanalysis of Steve in the end; He was afraid to be the romantic she just knew he wanted to be. I expect this kind of rationalization from women who miss out on a once-in-a-lifetime chance to optimize Hypergamy. But what if Steve wasn’t afraid? What if it was a form of his shit testing Joan to determine her genuine desire for him?

As I said, most men don’t have the luxury to shit test women at all. For low SMV men, which is to say most men, the thought of experimenting with testing a woman for desire, much less long term suitability is never a consideration. Most guys can’t believe their luck that a woman actually expressed interest in him because they’ve lacked romantic options for most of their lives. So to consciously experiment with determining honest signals from a woman seems like tempting fate. The Thirst is such that most men would do damn near anything not to screw things up with a girl who’s showing interest in him. Just be thankful your ship’s finally come in, right?

I’ll add again here that most women, particularly in this social media era, are well aware that most men will never vet them for anything beyond baseline arousal and sexual availability. Thirst serves the Feminine Imperative very well, but what about men who are Blue Pill idealists, that can actually afford the options? Men for whom money and access are no object, but still persist in the fairytale the Blue Pill told them was possible?

What I see happening here is Jobs’ request for Baez to buy the dress for herself was a test of her genuine desire for him. Steve could’ve easily bought her the dress, even the whole store, but that wasn’t the point. What Steve wanted was for her to want to please him. His expressing a like for the dress was his subconscious testing her desire to please him.

I think you’d look good in this; It’s perfect for you” isn’t an offer, it’s a request. Will you sacrifice something to please me? 41 year old Joan Baez, could’ve afforded the dress. Hell, Ralph Lauren would have probably given it to her. But she expected Steve to buy it for her; that was her expectation then and it was the source of her confusion right up to Jobs’ biography interview. Her affinity for Jobs was transactional, not based in genuine desire. She failed the test.

Whether subconsciously or by design Steve wanted what most well-conditioned Blue Pill men want today: a genuine connection with a woman based on genuine (preferably unmitigated) desire. The Desire Dynamic is synonymous with The Rational Male. You cannot negotiate genuine desire is a foundational principle of both my work and all Red Pill awareness that follows from it. Steve’s ego wouldn’t allow him to negotiate for Joan’s real desire. His Mental Point of Origin and marginally sociopathic nature wouldn’t conceive it. But consciously or unconsciously he would test her (and other women he was involved with) for her desire to please him.

What is Your Red Dress?

It’s a cliché now for wealthy men to test women’s true interest in them. “Does she love me for me or because of my money/fame/status?” is a Blue Pill fantasy script for Beta men. This has been the plot of many popular stories and movies for centuries now (Coming to America with Eddie Murphy), but it’s a cliché because it accurately describes men’s subconscious coming to terms with women’s mating strategies and opportunistic concept of love. Women don’t fall in love with who a man is, they fall in love with what that man is. If a woman ever falls in love with who a man is it’s only after loving him for what he is first.

That’s some real cognitive dissonance a man has to confront in his life. The indignation that dissonance produces is very much the Red Meat most low SMV men love to wallow in, and commiserate in.

“She doesn’t love me! She loves what I can afford her! She’s a Gold Digger, I knew it!”

We love having women’s duplicity confirmed for us as men. It means we dodged a bullet by not investing in, and wasting our reproductive potential with, a woman who would be a bad bet for our future paternity. It provides the same chemical exhilaration and relief women feel when they think they’ve figured out a man’s “true” nature (Alpha Cad/Beta Dad). In the same way women get off on the indignation of discovering of men’s attempts to deceive women’s existential fear of false signals, so to do low SMV men get off on the indignation of discovering a woman only wants him for his money – not the real him.

What our subconscious truly wants is a pairing with a woman who has a genuine desire for us. Hot, unmitigated, Darwinistic monkey-sex is usually the manifestation of that genuine desire, but there are many more nuanced ways our male psyches will try to determine it. In past essays I’ve had men and women run me up the flagpole for suggesting a man never buy lingerie for his girlfriend or wife.

“How’s she supposed to know what I like if I don’t buy it for her?”
“I love getting something sexy from my man, sucks to be you.”

These, and more like them, are usually efforts in remaining self-ignorant of never having experienced genuine desire from a woman. If a woman has genuine desire for you she will be interested enough in you, and have the desire enough, to know how to please you without you explaining it to her. Genuine, organic desire is the foundation of all healthy relationships between men and women. Women who have genuine, unobligated desire for a man don’t ask him if they can go to Vegas for a girl’s weekend – her desire is for her man. Plates don’t require an active ‘spinning‘ on your part when she has real desire to be part of that man’s life. Women will eagerly share a worthy Alpha (rather than be saddled to a faithful Beta) if she has genuine desire for him.

and your desire shall be to your husband, and he shall rule over you.

Genesis 3:16

When a woman has genuine desire for a man she Just Gets It when he suggests that a Red Dress would be “perfect for her” and she buys it, borrows it or steals it to wear it for him.

If Steve Jobs had purchased the Red Dress for Joan Baez, every time she wore it she would be wearing it for her, not for him. Something inside Steve knew this, and something in you does too.

Published by Rollo Tomassi

Author of The Rational Male and The Rational Male, Preventive Medicine

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  1. Check out the movie Colossal (2016). This is the embodiment of everything that is wrong with women who quaff the feminist zeitgeist.

    Bipolar bitch finally pisses off her beta chump boyfriend that provides everything for her so much he kicks her out. She moves back to her hometown, where the beta chump that had oneitis for her in high school proceeds to provide everything for her. She suddenly discovers she has magical powers (lol), and uses them to murder her beta chump oneitis hometown boy. She is the hero.

  2. Very well said and written Mr. Rollo.

    Definitely one of your best recent articles post to date.

    Good stuff. Stay blessed!

    ~ Bro. Jed

  3. I don’t think there’s much doubt you’re correct in your explanation of Job’s behaviour. The only thing I find incredible is that Baez still doesn’t get it and finds it inexplicable, even at an age that should impart at least some wisdom. A woman is highly motivated to look her best for the man she wants, and if she couldn’t be bothered, it tells you a lot about her estimation of you, and whether it’s worthwhile taking that relationship further.

    I recall in my blue pill twenties sleeping with a girl, who one day announced to me she would like to turn her hair into dread-locks. I made it clear I didn’t like dread-locks, she made it clear she was still considering it anyway. Despite my blue pill ignorance, and an inability to articulate the exact reason, something hit me at that point and I knew with some certainty this was not the girl for me.

  4. Musk and grimes have supposedly named their child ‘X Æ A-12’

    That’s not a typo.

    You can’t make this shit up.

  5. “Anyone wanna debate if Meghan is BPD or not?”

    I don’t see any evidence of BPD at all. You could easily argue NPD.

    And Strong Indpendent Woman.

    The ball is in her court. And former prince Harry is also in her court as a Blue Pill go-along setting limits.

    He’s out of his element in California. He doesn’t need his guns anymore so he sold him.

    And it is a symbol of his abdication. If he were a limit-setter, he would fly back and hunt with his brother each hunting season. To show he has balls.

    It is a minor issue–him selling his firearms… But will develop further.

    Encroachment, one step at a time.

    This factor in red pill is a minor factor, be-telling minor things. One minor step at a time.

    I have lots of firearms I don’t need. I have a lot of firearms I don’t actually need. And my wife wants me to sell them. I can’t possibly do that. Because they are sentimental. It’s like selling a baby. And who feels comfortable with that? I’ll go to the grave first.

  6. Medical resources.

    I mean, we could go all ” heard immunity ” and have a mid six figure death toll that would be exacerbated by our unpreparedness.

    I’m starting to think , go ahead and open everything. Don’t ” social distance ” or wear masks and just get together in piles.

    Using the ” hot spots ” as barometers, it’s not just 80 year olds. Kids aren’t at zero risk. Young and healthy isn’t an ironclad guarantee. It becomes more apparent as more people get infected.

    I’m all for.theories and brainstorming and all that stuff. I’m still hearing comparisons of covid to the flu.

    Scientists and doctors are still learning, as long as the keep eyes and minds open, and look at all of this he available DATA.

    Here immunity will probably happen routinely over years. In a country of 300,000 million people it’s lunacy to ” just let it run “.

    Lol, I’m sick of hearing hydroxychloriquine or whatever. Every time I head it it’s from the ” it’s the flu ” crowd.

  7. “I’m sick of hearing hydroxychloriquine or whatever. Every time I head it it’s from the ” it’s the flu ” ”

    The medical researcher in the video did not say it’s the flu. It’s a SARS. The flu had peaked and passed twice (A and B) before COVID-19 hit.

    “Here immunity will probably happen routinely over years. In a country of 300,000 million people it’s lunacy to ” just let it run “.”

    The Flattening the Curve strategy was intended to not just “let it run,” but it wasn’t intended to keep anybody from getting infected either. It was intended to keep some people who might have gotten it in March to not get it until May instead. Viruses gonna virus. There is no safe haven. Every virus in the history of the world has “just run.” There is, as yet, no evidence that this virus, despite the interventions, hasn’t “just run” either. It is, in fact, suggested by testing that those who were sent home to isolate got infected at a higher rate than those who remained working.

  8. @kfg

    It’s gonna “just run”

    All the drama is to do with handling the corpses in a timely manner.

    And the politics associated with that.

    But you knew that.

  9. @Blaximus

    “Heard immunity”? You hyperventilating or just fighting speel czech again?

    Look, you’re right in the worst of it in that tri-state area but no need to freak out. Step away from the news for a while, maybe.

  10. Someone withdrew 3 pages of comments from Field Reports. I’m too lazy to research to see who did it, but what is the point of a comments page, if people keep on deleting their comments.

    This whole article bouncing thing is a pain in the ass. The rule was you didn’t post in Field Reports unless you wanted help getting laid. Otherwise, you would post in the current article. When a new article was posted, the random stream-of-consciousness comments would move to the new article. Random comments, like, Blaxumus trying to portray Obama as a victim of the media or saying that we are/were close to civil war cuz gun-toting white people. Then the backlash, the reframe, the goal post move, the change of subject, nothing resolved, the accolades for being masculine red pill, love you man, repeat.

    Also, where is the beta chump of the article? There used to be a “feature” where, some guy would insist, for example, that he could reform a Ukrainian prostitute and make her his forever lover, and everyone would tell him what an idiot he was being. I know most of this was as fake as a pair of rubber titties, but at least it was entertaining.

  11. I never said any such things.

    Why the fuck are you singling me out? Especially with that dumb shit?

    You fell alright.

    A few commenters have deleted all of their posts from time to time for their own reasons.

    Sorry you’re not a fucking moderator.

  12. If-I-Fell

    Someone withdrew 3 pages of comments from Field Reports. I’m too lazy to research to see who did it, but what is the point of a comments page, if people keep on deleting their comments.

    That stuff happens from time to time. Once it was Rollo uprooting bots and socks. Another time it was a couple of individuals removing comments that might dox them. No idea who / what it was this time, but y’know? It ain’t my blog, and it ain’t your blog, so deal with it. No point in whining about it.

    If you want to archive the FR section there are a couple of freeware tools to do that, I suspect that’s how the YaReally archive came to exist.

  13. Blaximus, I’m glad we got that straightened out. So, somebody’s been posting comments under your handle. I’m sure everyone will be relieved to know.

    “I watched a large segment of the population doggedly attack a president for eight years…”

    “This country dodged a bullet with civil war. Unbelievably there is a growing voice for get another civil war here. Idiots marching and yelling and screaming while carrying semi auto rifles and some with nazi flags.”

    Apologies, I incorrectly singled you out because you were thought to be the only person using the handle, Blaximus.

    I did fall! How did you know? This very morning, “Woke up, fell out of bed, dragged a comb across my head.” Damn you’re good!

    Well of course I’m not the fucking moderator. Why the fuck would I want that fucking job! I am taking fucking classes from SJF on maximizing “fuck” in my comments. It seems to add more fucking gravitas to my fucking comments. How the fuck am I doing?

    Oh, fuck! I meant to say “fucking SJF”, not SJF. Now, I fucking fucked it the fuck up!

  14. 😃😂😂

    You have reading comprehension issues.

    My statement stands. You’re adding names and descriptors. I Don’t have to.

    You said I said specific things, and that’s false.

    Admit it, or not.

    I never said Obama. I never said media. I never said ” white people ” ( I don’t talk like that, especially not here ).

    Thanks for posting what I actually said instead of just leaving your reinterpretation.

    Because your interpretation is for shit.

    😂 so butthurt.

  15. I was chatting with a nurse online and she was testing my creds. I went on her site and gave sh1t to one of her commenters. The nurse kept hitting me up to chat. She was complimenting me and sh!t. The nurse wondered why I was angry and I explained that I was angry because people were dying of covid and there was an effective treatment (zinc / hydroxychloroquine–lol @Blax) for it which was being denigrated. Now I don’t trust this broad at all. For all I know it’s some FBI agent somewhere looking to fit me with a suit. But I’ll play along and figure out what I can about her.

  16. @ Blax,

    So, it was you. Yes, you could have been talking about another 2-term President besides Barak Obama, and yes you could have been talking about non-white nazis (if they actually existed). But the ability to put facts together to…say interpret and comprehend things that are not explicitly stated makes me butthurt. Got it! For anyone else, if you can’t see this elephant hiding behind a blade of grass, you might as well stop reading. Anything discussed in the Rational Male is beyond your comprehension. Find and orbit any woman who will accept you as a Satellite.

    For anyone who missed the sequence. 1. Overreaching statement, 2. Backlash, 3. Reframe, 4. Goal Post Move, (oops forgot 5) 5. Criticize the Commenter, 6. Change the Subject, 7. Nothing Resolved, 8. Accolades for being Masculine Red Pill—Love you Man, 9. Repeat.

    Ahh 8, This brings us to Step 8: Blaximus, you are very red pill masculine. I love you, man!

  17. Got it.

    ” Real ” If-I-Fell, pardon me.

    I’ll put the sock puppet on super secret double ignore.

  18. Mike Tyson wants to get back in the ring for exhibition fights. He’s the usual shy, retiring man in this article.

    My spouse recently read Mike Tyson’s book Cus D’Amato and Me.
    It was really good. Amazing what he went through in life.

  19. @PalmaSailor

    Afraid so. It’s the real me.

    It’s rather sad that, who made the comment is the issue, not whether the comment has any merit, and that the response is to name call or ignore. But that is where this comments section has gone.

    As you were not raised in the USA during the 60s and 70s, I wouldn’t expect you to catch on to the bullshit that surfaces in Blaximus’ comments fairly regularly. It has, in the past, been challenged by other commenters, but this time it registered at a higher level on my bullshit-o-meter. So, I commented, mostly for my own amusement, and to call out the standard operating procedure that he follows when he gets called.

  20. Lol.

    It’s fairly obvious that Blax is in his own Frame and tries to control that frame.

    I’m not critical of Blax doing what he does because he does it well for himself and his family and his profession and his legacy. And I respect that.

    But I will point out a few things.

    There is a balance in how one operates and thinks and how someone somewhere else operates and thinks.

    He definitely has a chip on his shoulder (once again, no offense Blax) about racial things. And that is what I think If-I-Fell is referring to.

    He’s anti fly-over-states. (I’m not actually in one, but inhabit an insular cove of high achieving, family bred, looking down from the mountain purview on the masses behaving badly at times. So sue me…) Look at what Wisconsin just did. Party down against the Governor lock down after the state supreme court decision.

    Blax reminds me of the farcical song by AC/DC:

    It’s meant to be a joke and a play on words. Not to be taken seriously. The music was supposed to be more than the words/lyrics.

    Blax “understands” Trump. Because of being the same pea in a pod with the same life trajectory. And his hate of Trump is psychological projection. How dare Trump succeed? That dick!

    It’s the same alpha mindset. There is nothing wrong with that. I see Trump as fine and Blax as fine and achieving their goals with that.

    Same as it ever was.

    We all got our strategies. And some work better than others. Time to take a deep breath and review our philosophy. Speaking of which, the same thoughts went on in any millennia you can choose. A man has got to sort out his thoughts and proceed forward with action based on his Frame. You can hate others all you want. And what are you going to do with that?

  21. SJF

    If fell seems to not understand that I grew up in those same 60’s and 70’s evidently he was always on ” that other side ” during that time, so he falsely thinks he has me all figured out without ever actually asking me anything. He never has. He just ” assigns ” motives and beliefs to me.

    There’s a name for that.

    I don’t hate trump..I’ve said it so many times….jesus. I’m not jealous of any man. I don’t have chip on my shoulder but bear with me for a.second, as you seem to be trying to understand..

    YOu.see all of that shit if tell said? He’s ass backwards wrong, but with his notions and false challenge. Why? Why is tha t? Is it rational?

    Everybody doesn’t have the exact same life experiences or historical experiences. So people like.fell.find bullshit in the things I say,.which are factually correct and my opinion formed on my almost 60 years experience, which are different from his but just as.valid, whether he likes it or not.

    Ease up on being the authority for a while.

    Trump and I are from the same area,.But 2 different worlds. I do not assign merit to a man because he has notoriety and some money. I do understand him, better than what I’ve heard here in the comments from people with very little actual exposure to him over time. He’s not a fine person, or a.good person, or a smart person. He’s man. Here,.where he was born and raised, ask a thousand people on the street and you’ll get pretty much the same.conclusion overwhelmingly. Been that way since the 70’s.

    So yes, it’s forever fascinating to me to hear men in the sphear sing his praises. I’m still trying to fully grasp why that is, no matter how stupid he sounds, or what he does, or how he acts.

    I do not ” hate ” areas of the country. That’s not me. I’ve been all over America, and it’s a cool place because it’s not redundantly the same….yet. Don’t forget I’m a hybrid – born in the rural south, raised in the north, lived in both almost equally.

    No chip on my shoulder, but sometimes ( not always ) I speak up from a different perspective. Comment sections can be homogenized, so yeah, I sound odd because I’m not towing the line in agreement with what others see as a status quo. ” everyone knows ” syndrome.

    I don’t bother hating.

    I ” dislike ” people thinking that where they live, how much money they have, what religion they believe, etc. etc, makes them ” higher ” and or ” better “. That’s personal and subjective, but never factual. But I don’t hate because that stuff doesn’t have anything to do with me, and can’t effect me….because chip on shouler😁. I was raised working class, made more money than my parents by the time I was in my 30’s, lost most of it and kissed up against bankruptcy, started over from the bottom and now I’m great. I’m the same guy through all of it. Financial stability didn’t make me a better man, neither did being broke make me less of one.

    In the coming year millions of people are going to learn these lessons….the hard way.

    You always say how beautiful life is. Over in field reports, my brother Sentient made a similar observation. I cosign. Li fe is absolutely beautiful. Real life. All of it.

    So having ” a chip on my shoulder ” is a survival mechanism so people like it fell can’t fuck up my groove or my life. I’m not a meek and mild dude, and it’s helped me weather many a storm, getting me to where I am today.

    But I realized a long time ago that depending on where you comment, people can’t grasp it. Here, guys can grasp a man having difficulty getting laid, complaining how all women are evil bitches, bitching that chads and alphas are making life impossible, or being short, or skinny, or fat, or old….that can be understood.

    Fascinating, but not rational or logical.


    Lol who’s hating?

  22. @ sockpuppet

    Nice try but my bullshitometer is still pinging.

    Save yourself the embarrassment of me running you through the detail of the conversations we’ve had in the past and falling flat on your face.

  23. @ Blaximus, nice word salad, interesting punctuation. I didn’t realize that the 60s and 70s had “that other side.” I know that you like to consider yourself to be unknowable and you even once told SJF that you knew him better than he knew himself. I already explained how I got from Point A to Point B—it was a tiny step. I also explained how you would bounce around between 3. Reframe, 4. Goal Post Move, 5. Criticize the Commenter, 6. Change the Subject until you “become right” or the circus moved on. I objected to your comments concerning Obama and Nazis—that’s it.

    Concerning your unknowableness, let’s compare: raised within 700 miles of each other, about the same age, 2-parent working class home with siblings, raised in diverse communities, went to diverse schools, graduated college mostly paid by work and loans, worked in diverse communities, married (only once), raised 2 children, experienced financial hardship in 30s (also in 50s). The big differentiators would be skin color, income bracket, number of cars and properties owned. So, you think I need to ask specific questions? For God’s sake, you are the most prolific commenter on this blog. It’s you telling me who you are.

    @ PalmaSailor, if I’m not really If-I-Fell, well you may like me better, anyway. But, don’t tell If’s wife, she doesn’t know. By the way, in an anonymous forum who are you to decide and how do I know who you are? You only claim to have met SJF in person or was it a sock puppet claiming to be you.

    Now look what you’ve done. I missed my bedtime and I have to work tomorrow. Good night.

  24. “Trump and I are from the same area,.But 2 different worlds. I do not assign merit to a man because he has notoriety and some money. I do understand him, better than what I’ve heard here in the comments from people with very little actual exposure to him over time. He’s not a fine person, or a.good person, or a smart person. He’s man. Here,.where he was born and raised, ask a thousand people on the street and you’ll get pretty much the same.conclusion overwhelmingly. Been that way since the 70’s.

    So yes, it’s forever fascinating to me to hear men in the sphear sing his praises. I’m still trying to fully grasp why that is, no matter how stupid he sounds, or what he does, or how he acts.”

    No mystery there. You call it con man game. When really on the broader face of it, he merely has preeminent or indomitable Frame when moving forward with action.

    That is the essence of Game and for the most part of PUA. Which gives lessons to red pill.

    Mystery said in his book: “If your frame is strong enough, you can get away with anything. This concept underpins every piece of advice in this book.”

    So might “be fascinated” to hear men singing his praises. The reason for that (a lot of old white guys) were sick and tired of the liberal-like bullshit of all the other candidates in 2016 including Hillary and including all of the weak-framed Republican candidates.

    Trump internalized strong frame since the 70’s.

    And you have strong frame Blaximus. What’s not to like about that?

    Look at some of the content providers associated with Rollo. They have strong frame. Rich, Rian, John, Rollo, etc. Hell even Donovan Sharpe has very strong frame.

    And yet contrast that with Anthony Johnson–weak, whiny frame in the fallout of 2019…

  25. Since I watch “what works” and don’t worry so much about the why something works…
    I am a results based observer.
    And I think trump has produced very good results (at least for the first three years of his presidency, the plague months are a wild card, but I like the way he has handled it a lot more than I’d like the way Hillary would handle something like that). Just our change in policy toward China ALONE would make him a great president in my estimation.
    I’ve read GIllibrand is looking to be Secretary of Defense if the dementia patient is elected. This would be…awful beyond belief.
    ’nuff said.

  26. “Good reminder of what a gamma pussy Ya was/is.”



    Thanks for reminding us that YaReally lost Frame there in that screed. And then took his ball(s) and went home from TRM. Why was that? Had nothing to do with ego, right? And it was starting to tax him with hard time spent trying to evangelize. But, evangelize what? Right, gamma ego-ism.

    After commenting prolifically for years. Or because he had nothing more to say? Or he was seeing his future without clarity.

    Nonetheless he had a good run at explaining PUA. Which informs red pill. And, necessary but not sufficient: “A necessary condition is a condition that must be present for an event to occur. A sufficient condition is a condition or set of conditions that will produce the event. A necessary condition must be there, but it alone does not provide sufficient cause for the occurrence of the event.”

    He claimed that he was being “concerned about the welfare of his minions” and yet his history of posting was a self evident need for external gratification–high fives from other commenters is what he obviously got his dopamine fixes from. And that is not a bad thing. Until it implodes into a dead end. And is no longer satisfying as a fix.

  27. @Sentient

    “Good reminder of what a gamma pussy Ya was/is.”

    I never knew the guy but I read that archive and it just came across like a load of butthurt.

    My gut feeling was always that he’d learned the code (was probably incredibly good at it) but never built the man.

    Another Ironman suit situation.

    When he took it off / or the women saw through it they didn’t want what was underneath.

  28. Another Ironman suit situation.

    When he took it off / or the women saw through it they didn’t want what was underneath.

    My observation is that, yes, he had an iron man situation. But it wasn’t the fact that women didn’t like it, it was the fact that he woke up one day and asked himself what the fuck he was going to do going forward. When all he invested in for a decade was scores of pussy.

    Invulnerable outside. Vulnerable inside. Because PUA ad-infinitum was petering out. And he could see the writing on the wall. What was he going to do for a job/profession, have kids with a single mom and retire on in the future?

    I have no doubt his presentation was good. In the iron man suit. It was he, alone that took off the suit and didn’t like what he saw. It wasn’t practical to do this forever. Being good at PUA and explaining it well on blogs.

    He was good. At what he narrowly did. Paradoxically, I have respect for what he did and what he was. But he took a hobby too far.

  29. “My gut feeling was always that he’d learned the code (was probably incredibly good at it)”

    yeah he had game (inb4, “correction: he had “pua” game not “real” game” 2:00:33). and was really good at breaking it down for new guys. Didn’t build the lifestyle ($$$/high status job) cause he didn’t need to (how much has being loaded helped you out with the under 25 year old hotties, @palma?). He already had the arrangement he wanted (multple fuckbuddies/one girlfriend).

    “it just came across like a load of butthurt”.

    you’d react the same way if everyone attacked you/misrepresenting your comments . Kinda like how blax reacts when he gets attacked in all direction when the convo turns to race.

  30. @J

    “how much has being loaded helped you out with the under 25 year old hotties, @palma?”

    I’m not as loaded as I was. I never even expected under 25’s to be accessible until I took TRP, and then I knew wealth wouldn’t help. But you do need enough. You can’t be a broke arse at 52 because it telegraphs loser and you’re out of the game.

    From what I can gather @WalaWala is the only one managing it regularly, and I’ll bet he’s got his shit relatively well together.

    I’m not digging at YaReally I just don’t believe he’d actually become the man that his game presented him as being.

    I think that if you take that route you end up in the @Culum / Marquis dilemma, so I refuse to take that route.

    In contrast, I am the man that my game presents me as being and if that isn’t quite right I have to fundamentally change the man. But it’s not by much. That means if I say something to a woman and get an FNL I’m totally congruent with that because it’s me. They’ve always wanted to stick around.

    “you’d react the same way if everyone attacked you/misrepresenting your comments”

    Actually I wouldn’t, I’d just call them cunts and tell them to fuck off.

  31. @ J.

    Didn’t anyone tell you that there is a whole lot of living out there that isn’t sauce reduced to scoring pussy and bragging about it on the internet.

    But, there is nothing wrong in the process of game of having a notch count for men and taking it in stride. That is self evident from the mountain of deductive reasoning based on the manosphere.

    PS: “I’m not digging at YaReally I just don’t believe he’d actually become the man that his game presented him as being.”

    J: “you’d react the same way if everyone attacked you/misrepresenting your comments .”

    I don’t remember anyone mis-representing his comments. He spoke clearly. I do know that he was full of himself and that his goals were questioned. Beyond pussy and notch count. He was masterful in a narrow range because of younger life trauma. But he wasn’t well rounded.

    Blaximus is super-well-rounded in his life. And super competent. That which is evident. The opposite of the Dunning-Kruger effect. He knows his shit. He doesn’t actually over-estimate himself. He just has different opinions. In a good way to influence other guys.

    And YaReally did succumb to the Dunning Kruger effect which Rian Stone mentioned in the video you reference with him and Rollo.

    To whit, in the great debates of 2016. If I have the year right. God so long ago. His rants were gamma. Not having experienced pursuing excellence, generating wealth for later life and planning out his runt offspring which were destined to be bastard (illegitimate) children. Which generally don’t fare well. The children or the father. That which is self evident in society at large. With the system in place. And requiring a degree of wealth/money.

    He wasn’t so smart at the larger picture of life as we know it. He had his pride: fat belly, low monetary resources, could spin plates. Good for that. Then what?

  32. @palma

    “I knew wealth wouldn’t help. But you do need enough”


    “From what I can gather @WalaWala is the only one managing it regularly, and I’ll bet he’s got his shit relatively well together”.

    From what I understand, the bulk of Wala’s women, as a tall white guy living in Asia, come from social circle game (DJ, salsa dancing class) (which YaReally talked about transitioning too once he’d retire from the bar scene) not SNL cold approach game.

    “In contrast, I am the man that my game presents me as being and if that isn’t quite right I have to fundamentally change the man. But it’s not by much. That means if I say something to a woman and get an FNL I’m totally congruent with that because it’s me. They’ve always wanted to stick around”.

    He’s a sex provider. As long as he is what he says he is, she’ll stick around.

    “Actually I wouldn’t, I’d just call them cunts and tell them to fuck off”. 😉

  33. “I don’t remember anyone mis-representing his comments”.

    Lol I wouldn’t expect you to. But hey, it was good catching up with you guys. Peace.

  34. Secret King

    Someone who likes to delude themselves into thinking they’re way cooler, powerful, interesting or successful with women than they actually are. Refers to the story trope of the awkward loser/nerd actually being the mastermind behind everything unbeknownst to everyone, which is clearly just a wet fantasy of the gamma writers.

  35. “Lol I wouldn’t expect you to. But hey, it was good catching up with you guys. Peace.”

    Not a good catch up, at all.

    And good luck with your lack of wealth/resources/money. Even if fiat.

    And plan for your future.

    “Conflicting information about broke ass guys who are 30s/40s etc

    Straight up Velasco fucking bullshit. In no world is there conflict about having money vs. not. That’s a made up rationalization. Thanks for playing the bullshit game J. you secret king in regards to just winging it.

  36. Take it easy j, and don’t be a stranger.


    I disagree that having kids requires wealth.

    Both of my parents grew up ( I won’t say ” segregated south under him crow , so if I fell won’t throw a fucking stroke…even if it’s a fact ) basically poor with numerous siblings. Used to be that was pretty standard in America.

    The majority of Americans don’t have wealth. They have debt. A lot are still having kids , although many aren’t and the reasons don’t truly have anything to do with wealth/money.

    What makes shitty parents is the same as what makes shitty people in general, mindset. Your kids won’t judge you because of your bank account, unless you teach them to.

    I said whatever I disagreed with Yareally during our conversations over years. I don’t believe he was a bad person at all ( although this is the internet…). He just didn’t know what he didn’t know, like many people. Any man that can be patient enough to explain things to me that I don’t know or understand is okay in my book, and we don’t have to be 100% in agreement on everything in life.

  37. “come from social circle game (DJ, salsa dancing class) (which YaReally talked about transitioning too once he’d retire from the bar scene)”

    I’ll bet he never made that transition because he was a fake AF and in social circle that won’t wash.

  38. SJF

    I disagree that having kids requires wealth.

    Both of my parents grew up ( I won’t say ” segregated south under him crow , so if I fell won’t throw a fucking stroke…even if it’s a fact ) basically poor with numerous siblings. Used to be that was pretty standard in America.

    The majority of Americans don’t have wealth. They have debt. A lot are still having kids , although many aren’t and the reasons don’t truly have anything to do with wealth/money.

    That was then. This is now.

    It doesn’t require it. But it is better than naught. Now. Not in the 60’s and 70’s. Times have changed and being put through the wringer is not at all comparable now, to back then.

    My thoughts about YaReally and J. passed right over your head. Necessity is not a virtue. Money/weath is a virtue as it saves time and dread (in your soul). You know that. Keeping your head above water is more difficult when not having $’s. And it is stressful. And it is one step behind in Game.

    What makes shitty parents is the same as what makes shitty people in general, mindset. Your kids won’t judge you because of your bank account, unless you teach them to.

    I don’t disagree. Both YaReally and J. don’t really have any idea of having or a desire to have children. And they might not want to because of their general mindset which is childhood independent. And was obviously generated by their self-declared shitty upbringing by their parents. It’s self evident.

    No need to shoot yourself in the foot. And then use that as an excuse to not be a better, resourceful parent.

    Any more than going out and partying in college before an exam. And then using that as an excuse. It’s semantic (relating to meaning in language or logic).

  39. ” that was then. This is now. ”

    Ohhhhh, dismissive.😁

    Cover your eyes if I fell.

    Sjf I too was born in the jim crow south. Then informs now. But it would take too long and too much effort if you just don’t care.😎

    Money, sunshine and roses. Lol.

    We just agree to disagree, and it’s cool. We don’t see ” wealth ” the same.way. Plenty of super rich people have drug addicted asshole kids. I actually knew a few. Wealth doesn’t make ” good people “. True, it’s less stressful for many, but imo a certain amount of stress is prerequisite in life.

    Like I said yesterday, millions are about to become hella stressed in the coming year.

    I only know 2 truly” wealthy ” people ( worth hundreds of millions ). One is my daughter’s godfather by marriage ( he married my daughter’s godmother ), and one is a female friend .

    The godfather is a genuinely nice guy that worked 24 hours a day solely at making money, until he had his own hedge fund. But it’s not money that drives him, it’s statistics and algorithms and math and analysis with a touch of gambling thrown in. Wealth is a side effect.

    The chick is ruthlessly perusing dollars. She’s cutthroat about it.

    Godfather has 3 kids and is a great dad. I’d bet his kids haven’t a clue how well off their dad is.

    The chick is childless ( she’s gotta be 50 now so that ship sailed away ). It’s good because she’s not mom material at all. Nannys would have raised whatever offspring she might have had. She floated the idea of my impregnating her, no strings. I don’t think any child deserved her as a mother. Not a bad, evil person, just had different views on life.

    Times change, sure enough, but some things are timeless. Millions of people live every day in this country without wealth. Idk that money makes people ” better “. I think it’s an illusion mostly.

    But I’ve seen both sides. I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about money.

  40. Blax

    I’m not intentionally being dismissive. I prefer to call it instructive. Specifically to archetypes like J. who supposedly are using “it” as a virtue. Or you actually using as a virtue via your parents, and you turned out fine as heck.

    And you did. I love you, man. And I respect you and what you say.

    “SJF, I too was born in the jim crow south. Then informs now. But it would take too long and too much effort if you just don’t care.😎”

    I don’t care? YGBFSM. I care for others not to “come out of the Jim Crow south. Or go south (metaphorically). I’m not higher than thou, or your disciples. I with everyone to be on a high plane philosophically. To figure out their shit and be able to deal with uncertainty. And to proceed forward with grace, skill and aplomb (self-confidence or assurance, especially when in a demanding situation). Definitions inserted for people that don’t read these days…

    “We just agree to disagree, and it’s cool. We don’t see ” wealth ” the same.way. Plenty of super rich people have drug addicted asshole kids. I actually knew a few. Wealth doesn’t make ” good people “. True, it’s less stressful for many, but imo a certain amount of stress is prerequisite in life.”

    I don’t remember a time I would agree to disagree. I don’t think it is cool. I actually don’t know any super rich people. Or have never been associated with them. My milleu is not super rich people. But it is UMC people. Who don’t have asshole kids. And I don’t know any friends with drug addicted kids. And if I did I wouldn’t be friends with them. Because of failure to parent. Keep in mind all I’ve ever known in my life was a 90% parent rate among my friends of staying married and raising children. And I’ve witnessed lots and lots of good children. As a frame of reference. I’m not talking super wealth/asshole children. I’m talking money as an asset to have less stress and to have resources to raise children. And in particular, the whole subject is in reference to J. and YaReally. It has nothing to do with the Blaximus clan being raised up. Shit my parents were professionals. But back in the day we weren’t wealthy. And it didn’t matter. It so happened that my parents parlayed a modest paycheck into wealth, gradually over time.

    “Like I said yesterday, millions are about to become hella stressed in the coming year.”

    Exactly. And they would be less stressed if they had more wealth and free cash and cash flow. That which is self evident.

    Your 2 truly wealthy people is irrelevant to the discussion. The discussion is that wealth takes out some stumbling blocks and hurdles. I spend some time, and it is well worth it, over thirty years, thinking about money. And the minions should too. Not spouting off bullshit like J. and YaReally that it doesn’t matter ever, because of they can not have it, and slay pussy. Good luck with that. And then claim nobility for taking their balls and going home to wallow in their virtue signalling.

    Money is not for nothing–for a very good reason. And you know that you are just trying to virtue signal. You have wealth, you just don’t want to admit it to your tribe in N.J. It would be unbecoming. You are being disingenuous. It is who you have become. And others haven’t. It’s part of Game and it’s not merely beta bucks.

    Come on here. It’s not believable. As to not be part of Game. And security. And less stress. And less apologizing for being less than zero.

    And so you say:

    “Like I said yesterday, millions are about to become hella stressed in the coming year.”

    Yes. That is true. And so, why? Could they go back and generate healthy wealth and not have as much stress.

    What gives? What is the logical argument? Having extra money doesn’t matter? I haven’t heard that is a thing in red pill. Or coming out of the mouth of Rollo or Rich. It is part of pursuing excellence, and not exclusive of being a good person. Go figure.

    As if having $’s isn’t a lever. A tool in the time of love and sex in the time of Covid. Once again, YGBFSM.

    It’s not about sex and it’s not about money. Buy as an underlying Frame, it’s not something not to have. And I won’t agree to disagree about that. Because of, you know, life experience…

    Men should be seen and tested.

  41. So, YaReally didn’t have a good life strategy. Good parenting is good. Game is better than money, but game with money is better than game with no money. Jim Crow laws were bad. Got it! Huh, what do you know, I don’t have a severe headache and my vision’s not impaired. I think I can skip the baby aspirin and just go to bed.

  42. “Now you’re telling me

    You’re not a racist

    Then give me another word for it

    You who are so good with words

    And at keeping things vague

    Because I need some of that vagueness now

    It’s all come back too clearly

    Your words they ring queerly

    And if you’re offering me political correctness and guilt

    I’ve already paid”

  43. I’m going to go long as I am personally very familiar with Jobs and the pile of mythology that surrounds him having had two commercial partnerships with NeXT computer (your MacOs came from them as a BSD fork), sharing a stage with him and doing business in a small ecosystem in which he was a large personal presence. Angry Gamer knew Jobs, and his take is one dimension of Jobs that is popular, but frankly one I never bought into as a COMPLETE explanation of Jobs (it is indeed a legit part of him). In fact, while there is no doubt Jobs was a genius, I never took him seriously as a designer or artist – because he was neither of these. Let’s start there because I’m an artist myself.

    Jobs himself was open about his ‘artistic’ influences, lol. One typography/calligraphy course that he took at a college he dropped out of very quickly. That’s it. He “audited” various “creative” classes at Reed college over 18 months but only ever attributed his artistic sense to the study of typefaces. He apparently dove deep into it and was also considered a brilliant and creative young student. But that’s it. He never became a world class calligrapher. He didn’t personally feel the need to create visual art regularly, of any sort. He wasn’t a musician or writer, or what anyone would consider an “artist” in any typical sense (but don’t get me wrong, i’m incredibly open to all kinds of media for art, and a wide variegation of artistic expression – Jobs didn’t do any of those either). He did have a massive appreciation for artists and art – that’s clear. He was an “aesthete”, he appreciated art deeply. But artists need to create art. I’m an artist – I need to make music, it is an end in and of itself. Same with my writing and the videos I create. I HAVE TO CREATE ART. It’s not a choice. Simple test is this. Given free time, what do you trend towards? Playing music? Painting? Photography? Carpentry? Fyi, the tinkering impulse borders on the artistic, but it’s different, it’s more of a curious mind combined with good mechanical aptitude (spatial reasoning)…I digress. Hint: I’m viewing this short essay as art.

    Rollo’s take is quite compelling, of course. Mapping to his blue pilled mind though may not be complete or even accurate, but I’m not going to say it categorically. Rather, let me tread lightly as I realize Rollo is well educated in psychology. My autodidactic education on psychology is partly informed by 15 years or so of mental health therapy of many types, and a lot of reading I’ve done but I’m not professiona. That said, I’m surprised Rollo didn’t focus more on Jobs’ personal psychology.

    I do have to disqualify further, as I don’t use the term “alpha” in the way it’s used commonly in the manosphere due to the insufficiency of mapping the simple social dominance and hierarchy of a wolf pack to the incredibly rich, eusocial and cooperative social order humans interoperate in constantly. For me, alpha does not = high smv, fyi, it merely is a signal of social dominance. Simple example, a violent thug – think legit 1pcter biker or Mexican Mafia type – he will get compliance and social dominance in situations among nonthugs due to the implied threat of violence. Does that equal “alpha” in the way you guys think about it? Now if he’s hot and a bad ass, yes, he will get more ass than Frank sinatra. But otherwise, he will throw off some alpha signals mixed with other signals of a lack of social intelligence. Women are pinging off more than simple brutishness when assessing social dominance. Being physically scary is a great way to achieve social dominance – does that really explain male social dominance hierarchies? Nah, not even close. Sure, women’s limbic minds can trigger off that display of dominance but out of 100 hotties, how many do you think would actually fuck that thug? Less than 10 – I know, I’m out there fucking the same hotties. You give them a scary vibe? Very mixed response. Just as comfort and dread need to be balanced (hardest lesson for me to learn with women was how to bring the comfort back in without tipping the relationship towards my submission, dominance was reflexively easy for me as it’s my natural state..), you need to mix that bad-assness with security or she will scamper away like a scared bunny, even if she is a little wet. But then I’ve made a pastime out of seducing women, so I get this stuff axiomatically whereas a guy who hasn’t sunk his cock into 5 hotties 21 or under this year (lockdown is making them hornier and more accessible digitally, you idiots, like shooting fish in a barrel if you have game and don’t see dating sites as “unfair”, they are also bored out of their skulls) may not reflexively see all the signals that are off about Jobs “alphaness”…

    Jobs personal psychology is what’s most relevant. My amateur diagnosis is one of narcissistic personality disorder – which shares traits with sociopathy. In fact, all sociopaths could qualify for NPD, but not all NPD types are sociopaths, a very important distinction. What differentiates sociopaths is that their egos aren’t at stake, whereas with the NPD person it’s all about preserving, projecting and building their ego-run-riot. Sociopaths are far more manipulative and dishonest as they have no real ego at all, in the way that the see themselves. They aren’t real either, to themselves. In a way, a sociopath behaves as though he’s in a cartoon, and is impulse. Usually very disorganized, don’t finish things, often are violent throughout their lives, get thrown out of school. As an interesting aside, this describes Lee Harvey Oswald to a tee…The Soviets programmed him for 3 years, sent him back to the U.S. and Kruschev ordered him to shoot Kennedy after Bay of Pigs and missile crisis. This according to the former head of Romanian intel under the Soviets for a long time, lol. We Americans are so filled with Leftist disinformation, we don’t even realize it. Question for you guys: How many of you know two U.S. presidents were shot and killed by Communists in the 20th century? McKinley shot by an “anarcho-communist” who felt the socialist revolution wasn’t coming fast enough. And Oswald shooting Kennedy. How many of you know that Oswald lived in the USSR voluntarily as an adult, and then was allowed for some insane reason to re-enter the U.S. due our idiotic immigration policies? Visited Soviet embassy in Mexico city 6 wks before he shot Kennedy. All the conspiracy theories have been debunked long ago…so sad. I know, all my redbaiting in the past here is crazy, it’s the sophisticated types here who have it all nailed.

    Back to Jobs. Serious NPD, with a very chaotic childhood. Born of an unmarried couple of students at University of Wisconsin, the father a Syrian and his mother Jewish, he was put for adoption. The sad truth of adopted children is that many have psychological problems. And Jobs behavior as a child growing up was disruptive and chaotic. He had very high aptitude, which was part of it, but that doesn’t explain the meanness that characterized Jobs. There was something missing in him. He had sociopathic tendencies, for sure. But he was also very organized and goal oriented at times, which is a key NPD trait, not for sociopathy. Psychology is at best a very rough ‘science’, and i’ve seen great critiques claiming it’s not a science at all. So all of this must be taken with a grain of salt.

    He had all the grandiosity of a world class NPD case. He also pursued becoming incredibly successful. And of course he could be charming – this is crucial for both the sociopath and the pathological narcissist. They have to be able to con you into submitting to them. Narcissists do achieve social dominance over those close to them, but they do so by alternately abusing and showering their prey with praise. The sociopath is much more bizarre and less organized.

    He did make an artistic contribution to the Mac – the focus on typefaces. Okay, cool. Woz was the genius who built the Mac, taking the idea of a windowing interface from Xerox Palo Alto Research Labs, a technical framework that progressed quite nicely and became common on high powered Unix workstations of the late 80s and 90s. They were gorgeous computers. All invented and built by people never acknowledged properly or humbly by Jobs.

    Don’t listen to me, listen to Wozniak, the inventor of the Mac, Jobs partner. He said, “This comes about less with him doing negative things to other people, and more him just sort of standing [there] and not caring as much about others as himself, and not being able to have feelings very much.”

    It seems he was cruel to women. The mother of his child was left penniless for decades until he was publicly shamed into helping with the costs of his child. He had knowledge of her plight, had plenty of money and simply ignored her. He was intentionally cruel to women on many occasions, as well as other people. Okay, so now let’s go back to the Joan Baez episode. First off, the circumstances matter. Be clear, a man who has been “lover selected” can pay for something and not become a beta. The behavior just has to be free of all expectation and cannot be part of the bargain a woman is making in her mind about being with you. Also, keep in mind, they are both doing well enough to afford the dress in 1982. Who pays is irrelevant. She doesn’t bring up going shopping, he does. He selects the dress – and then doesn’t just throw it on the pile with his shirts and say, “enjoy, babe”? Like that’s weird, there is nothing axiomatically alpha about it. You can just be nice to a girl and buy her a dress cuz you are loaded. I’ve done this with poor girls I date. The cool poor girls are actually really careful to make sure you know they don’t want anything from you. I dated a super hot hairdresser who even didn’t like when I took her to a nice restaurant (a sushi place i’d order from or eat at alone without thinking twice, like 30 bucks a head, lol) and she made clear she didn’t want me thinking that i needed to do that…not the first time i’ve had poor girls say that.

    I was making 500k a year – I’m gonna make some hairdresser with a 2yo son split the tab with me? What kind of cocksucker am I exactly? She never asked me for a thing or a dime and was happy w a slice of pizza and I bet would have paid if i ever wanted to be that much of an asshole. I’ve had other versions of this, and a couple of gold-diggers who manage to play me for a second or two in my younger years when I first made real money. I could feel something was off but it took a couple of times being played to get that clear. No faster way for me to lose interest than get interested in my money.

    Note how Baez isn’t angered by it. She seems to find it more puzzling. It’s just “off”. He may have been running some complex gambit or test in his head but it was all for naught. Joan Baez – a gold digging whore? Really? Do any of you guys know who she is? He’s totally miscalibrated with her and is not being socially intelligent or congruent at all. In fact, this is the kind of stupid game a low value guy would play.

    Now let’s move on to his death. Jobs idiotically refused established and high success, but invasive and intense, medical treatments that could have treated his cancer. Instead, he bought into new age, nutrition mumbo jumbo to treat it and died very stupidly and predictably. To me, it was fitting for him to die that way. Being an asshole to himself most of all, in service to his massive ego. Narcissists have to achieve bigger stunts – beating cancer would be even bigger than the iPhone, ya? Do you get who this freakshow dude really was? He was nuts. I’d never leave a small child with him because he wouldn’t pay attention, not that he would harm it. He would lack the basic thought to care for it as he so carefully cultivated his own self-absorption.

    This is not to say Rollo’s rumination on Jobs isn’t filled with insight. I hope you enjoy this POV too. In the end I say he’s a “negative power of example”. Meaning that he shows you what not to do as much as what to do. I’ve been in the tech world for 35 years. I’ve met many incredibly brilliant innovators and inventors – most have no need to be the jerks Jobs was. It’s really that simple. Many other founders of large companies are not the complete asshole he was. That’s just reality. None of it was ‘necessary to fuel his creative genius’. Get that.

    Jobs most of all was a salesman. And he grew into being a good high level manager later in life, in his second bout at Apple, after he’d crashed and burned two sizable companies. He was truly amazing at bringing together teams and technologies and marshaling a vision. But he was wrong much more than he was right – read more from Wozniak if you want to hear those stories. We’ve made a myth out of him and his accomplishments. He was a great risk taker, cuz he had to achieve the high he got as an NPD type, which requires more and more risk and larger payoffs. He also had the sort of distance from conventional ideas about success and money that you see in great poker players who can shove 3 million into a pot and smile. He learned how to plan and deal with a board and manage managers etc. He became a great CEO, and managed teams to innovate.

    But here’s the thing most younger people and non-tech types don’t know about what Jobs really did, and this is funny. You see, the early buyers of the Apple computers were geek hobbyists not unlike Wozniak rather than Jobs types. And what Steve figured out early is that these “geeks” wanted nothing more than to be “cool”, lol. The Mac was “cool”. Jobs was cool. Wozniak was anything but cool. It was social status currency. It was also technically better at first but that advantage passed long ago. I just am finishing a 4 year experiment with an “apple stack” – phone to watch to ipad to laptops, and I feel ripped off and played. I’d been a windows/android guy but decided to dive in. I won’t go into any depth, but there are many technical limitations and problems, along with at 50-100% premium. While android and windows have raced along…I’m in tech and I do these kinds of personal experiments with all kinds of tech in my life to learn.

    He played the geeks of the world, who are so desperate to be cool that they will pay ridiculous prices, ignore the real shortcomings and instead focus on the external aesthetics. Sure, they are nice looking, no doubt..So what? He sold geeks “cool”, lol. That’s his formula for success. Sure, iTunes was genius, turning your phone into something more – but I already had a Palm and Blackberry with apps and all kinds of stuff. The idea of a “smartphone” was around for a while. It was the “cool”, and the fact that it was expensive in and of itself was quite appealing. To be fair, the Mac eventually ended up running on Unix, which was a huge draw for technical folks who liked having that as their OS. But Ubuntu has been a viable option for like ever, as well as other distros that geeks could easily use on WinTel. Who do you think is going to line up around the corner at an Apple store for a new gadget, “some alpha dude”? Nope, beta geeks who want to buy social status, and he figured out how to fleece them for decades. Bwahahahaha. You suckers. Jobs was the ultimate digital snake oil salesman.

  44. “The idea of a “smartphone” was around for a while.”

    The idea of a smartphone watch has been around since twenty years before Jobs was born.

  45. Elijah Dispatched
    If I’m reading this right, Jobs was a situational alpha, who had an instinct that most betas lack.


  46. Well now I’m sucked in…
    Re: Blax playing seer about Trump and then pulling the black victim card, lol. Fact: Blacks lived in better conditions in the “Jim Crow South” than in 90% of the rest of the places in the world they lived outside of the U.S.

    Blax, funny how in two comments you claim some kind rooted knowledge of Queens NY and the Jim Crow South – just more Bs from you of course. Plenty of resentful blacks moved up from the South the the NY area. My people are from Queens, I grew up in and around the Trump brand and name. I bet you’ll next tell us about your unique knowledge of the Philippines based on banging some Filipina fuck-fuck girl…

    I never once head Trump referred to as a con man in the NYC world. He was seen as “gauche” and tacky and a bit of a self-promoter, but he was never seen like say Bernie Madoff or Michael Milken or the many others found scamming. Trump was well liked in some journalistic and media circles, and was a constant figure in the NY social scene, the “Page Six” world (the celebrity gossip page of the NY Post). One of his signature achievements was taking over a typically Democrat run failed project to rebuild the skating rink in Central Park. It had become kind of a symbol of the dysfunction of NYC and Dem politics. Trump volunteered to take it over and completed the project ahead of schedule and under budget. Some con man…But then again, I work on facts while Blax is in the horseshit, whatever sounds good in my head falls out of my mouth world.

    Funnniest, Trump had perhaps the most “cred” in black culture. A good friend to Don King and Al Sharpton for years, seen in public with them at fights etc. In fact, over 3 decades, Trump was a cultural touchstone of the rap music world, lol. – little names like IceT and Kanye, to name few of many. Don’t believe me, read this article – then laugh harder at Blax’s pathetic BS.

    Funniest? Blax thinking he can just BS his way through any subject and set himself up as the black expert, lmfao. He assumes “black privilege” in talking down to SJF, believing his black perspective gives him a unique and more legitimate POV. It’s as though it’s 1911 in Georgia and he’s sharecropper who’s taught himself to read…Sitting in his fucking data center seat all day long. Collecting his corporate pay, yawn…Guess he has to play big somewhere, might as well be here.

    Now let’s get to Trump. I didn’t vote for him. He’s oafish and bombastic and ful of hyperbole. But he’s also much more than that, which is what people like Blax hate the most. You see, in the reductive and ultimately juvenile worldview of the likes of Blax, Trump isn’t supposed to exist. Because he’s a bit of a BSer and rich and white – he must be a loser and not capable in any way that matters. This is because of his anger and jealousy. The simple truth is Trump has also done amazing things for our country. From rebuilding a crippled military to facing down Iran and now beginning to w China. Showing the North Koreans up for frauds by calling their bluff on wanting to negotiate. Effective deregulation while the EPA gets more super-site cleanup project work done in three years than the entire term of Obama. 200+ conservative judges. Reducing corp taxes to put us on a level playing field with the rest of the Western nations. Criminal justice reform, releasing many black people who some believe were not incarcerated fairly (it was done justly, they had a trial, the law was applied). Enterprise Zones are pouring hundreds of billions in development into many blighted black communities. NATO nations doubling their spending on defense, with more coming. Exiting TPP. Shitcanning NAFTA.

    There is much, much more you fucking BSing, half smart hack, Blax. I will remind you as I have on numerous occasions that you run your mouth about shit you don’t understand, and then retreat back to some presumed ‘black cool’ sense of your own superiority – this is a character defect for you, not a strength you should lean into. In a way, you are a lot like Trump and don’t see it, and ultimately, that’s what chaps your ass. Frankly, Trump reminds me a lot more of how black guys behave and how they run their mouths, lol.

    I will vote for Trump this time, but not gladly. His constant hyperbole is simply not something I can ever fully get behind. The rhetoric is awful. But in the end, he’s doing what we need done. And in his second term he can actually begin to take on and reform/restructure our intelligence agencies and DoJ, and rip the political corruption out of them. And he will do that if re-elected. I’d love to see him appoint Mike Flynn as DNI…hehe. Rip their goddamned throats out.

    What people love about Trump is that he idealizes the “never say die” spirit of Americans. The “I’m never out of the fight” mentality, people who keep coming back. Trump has shown resilience and adaptability while facing failure in his life long before being POTUS. The casino debt debacle was perhaps the most impressive rally back from the brink. Fyi, from a financial standpoint in real estate, there was nothing special about his trouble. Many debts get restructured, it’s just that ignorant political cunts use that to talk shit about him, and yes. Rothschilds saved him…hehe, New World Order types should get their tin foil hats out.

    Blax claims to know Trump via his rep in NYC, lol – I actually have friends in the commercial real estate world. In fact a very close friend of mine, my lead guitarist was a world class semi/tech analyst and made the move into real estate and has built up to owning a dozen hotels and apt buildings (jews are so good at this shit, i don’t hate, i try to emulate cuz i want what he has) and he knows some really big players in the biz now after grinding hard for 7 years. At a party I asked some people who’ve known Trump in the real estate biz for decades how Trump was seen, and they laughed at the idea that he might be seen as a “joke”. He’s a serious, global player. He does mostly licensing deals now, just as many other hospitality brands do, but also does total projects and owns/operates numerous properties. He’s respected as a real estate investor and is in many of the cities biggest deals in various syndicates.

    While we are at it, let’s share some other tidbits. Ivanka’s publicist lived in my bldg in midtown years back, like 2006ish and I helped her mount a TV on her wall and got to know her. Ivanka was a big deal businesswise back then, already. Trump gave her serious roles in his business world. People who bash Trump fail to recognize that he is successful in commercial real estate and as a personal brand. Selling many books, and the TV show The Apprentice – which I never watched. This was all planned and plotted, as was Ivanka’s brand. I got a glimpe into the very sophisticated strategy of the Trump organization. “Con man”, lol….And I could go on.

    This is what Blax is trying to sell you. “he’s a con man, I lived in NYC for some unspecified period of time – but be clear, I was fucking cool the whole time while Trump was never cool. Even if rappers referred to him as a cultural icon for decades, my massive and extensive blackness should make you just shut your eyes to all that, turn your brain off and just believe me cuz I’m Blaximus”. LMFAO. Blax’s political take on everything is basic black angry Leftist garbage, and he doesn’t realize it. No different the nonsense say Al Sharpton spews nonstop. He’s a caricature, a hack politically and doesn’t realize it. That’s okay, many half-smart blacks suffer from the same arrogant delusions.

    Problem is it’s stopped working. Many people like me who grew up in the teeth of the Marxist corruption of the civil rights movement and the entire Dem party simply are done with this game. We have made massive racial progress. I’m at the point where I think guys like Blax should move back to Africa and try to make their way in a black majority society. You see then, he couldn’t parade around as a proud victim anymore. Sure, he’d have to live in a society that is much more violent and criminal, where the politics would be corrupt and brutal, and he’d be poor as dirt. But at least he wouldn’t have put up with Whitey anymore. I’d be willing to give every single angry black person in the U.S.A. 100k to do that. I’m done with the whining and privilege blacks engage in nonstop. Truly. I used to be very concerned about being fair to blacks, but they have worn out my good will. Fuck all whiny blacks, and anyone else who doesn’t like the way things are here. You are welcome to get the fuck out.

    But your BS will no longer be politely tolerated. Get this Blax – you are half as smart as you think you are, you are just pretty smart for a black guy. But outside of a black segment? You are merely above average, I bet your IQ is about 111. Not well read, or self-educated. But more well read than the average black guy (who reads almost nothing). Sure, you sound like a genius at the barber shop, but here? You are a fucking bullshitting assclown. Nonstop.

    Carry on. Damn, I needed that. Sorting some bullshitting asshole out just feels good first thing in the morning. Just at the bottom of my first cup. Time for a refill.

  47. From Rollo’s Twitter:

    “Do you want Skaven?
    Because this is how you get Skaven!”

    Well, yeah, but it’s also how you get Reepicheep, so we’ll have that going for us, which is nice.

  48. Scrib

    Welcome back to your usual form. Your meds must be gathering dust.

    I’m not going to engage you this time, because you’re just rehashing the same old stuff, telling me about ” blacks ” and history and what you know because you read it and Africa – telling me to ” go back ” while feigning promoting facts.

    Same as it ever was. Sometimes I’d copy your screeds and send the m around to people but at this point they are all exactly the same. Your words can stand on their own, and some here might cosign ( it is the manosphere after all ), but if you weren’t ” you “, you might realize how you actually sound.

    What happened? Did someone you thought was ” cool ” kick you in the nuts when you were a kid? Or was that just your dad?

    Blame it on your ptsd or whatever, so many issues.

    The shit you say, I’ve heard it the entire time I’ve read in the sphere. It’s all narrative from the same hymnal. You’d think with your life, sadness and anger and suicidal thoughts you’d change for the better, living in the peace and quiet of New Hampshire where 99% of people look like you, but nah,.

    Live your life. All that wasted time and shitty outcomes.

    At least you’re banging tons of hb9 20 year olds, right? Psssttt! If you take your medication it might temper the hallucinating.

    Even with all of that, I don’t regret asking Sjf to check in on you. I’m not like you. Nothing like you. And it’s got nothing to do with race. You have a right to believe whatever you want it it makes you feel ” better “. Since most of what you know comes from books, read up on…..ahhh never mind. Stay you because you don’t have any alternative.

    It’s cool.

  49. …. Imagine if I had to sit in front of him for a job interview, or if he was a cop that woke up on the wrong side of the ptsd bed.

  50. Damn bitchin n scratching – did I just log in to a strippers changing room by accident?

  51. Rollo, I do not know how to contact you with a specific question or idea that I have. It involves a topic you have covered somewhat briefly in the past but if you were to hear my question or rhetorical theory, it may prod you to do your research and come up with a much better essay on the subject than I can. I hope you or someone else can provide me a way to contact you so as to put this idea forward to you.

  52. …. Imagine if I had to sit in front of him for a job interview, or if he was a cop that woke up on the wrong side of the ptsd bed.

    It would suck for you, but then it would suck to be anyone who came up against someone in power with a bent against them or a group that they are associated with. It’s kind of like red pill reality. Based on your thinly veiled attitudes, I’m glad that I will never have to job interview with you and that you’re not a cop.

    By the way, the autistic guy, more name calling, you know theasdgamer, well his research on hydroxychloroquine (along with SJF), you know the one that you spent pages debunking, was just vindicated on Sharyl Attkisson’s Full Measure. Apparently, there’s some Anti-Trump bias and the other drug is proprietary and there’s big money to be made on it.

    I saw a two-term, that’s 8 years, former President give a commencement speech. He reminded the graduates that they were concerned with global warming (vote green deal, Vote Democrat!). He told them the federal government’s response to pandemic was chaotic (Trump sucks, Vote Democrat!), we need to come together and work together (“workers of the world unite”, Vote Democrat!), old people don’t know what they are doing (trust the mainstream media, Vote Democrat!), it’s your turn (Vote Democrat!). I sure miss that guy. Now he was a real statesman and so articulate! Now, I did not say Barak Obama. So, anyone making that assertion has reading comprehension issues.

  53. PalmaSailor
    Damn bitchin n scratching – did I just log in to a strippers changing room by accident?

    Some of this is normal and it happens on a semi-regular basis every few months / years.

    But it is also obvious to me that a lot of US people are getting cranky due to the varying degrees of “shelter in place”. People can be pretty obnoxious on a video conference vs. face to face meeting. I’m seeing in private world “we must do something, this is something, we will do it”. Not to get into details, but it’s not a solution to mount floor-to-ceiling sheets of plastic over each cube in an office, because ventilation requires some air movement. Yeah, have seen this suggested. It’s not gonna happen, but some nerds got a bit butthurt over the discussion.

    Or “we’ll check everyone’s temperature at the door, everyone has to be checked as a condition of employment!” lol, no, can’t do that in this situation, ask the company legal staff.

    TSA has started checking human temps in airports, which is just another stupid piece of security theater. Even dumber than x-raying shoes.

    So in addition to the cyclical nature of the Scribs / Blax / Sperg show, there’s some degree of xtra stress due to world events.

    Cabin fever.

  54. Rollo, I know you are probably busy, but is there anything you can do about the performance of the comments section? Edit and read more and content/setting are almost useless.


  55. This idea of Elon Musk stating to take the red pill is not going to end well. And he won’t come around. He’s in a tizzy. And won’t be able to come around.

    And it is not worth pursuing. As a external validation exercise. He will continue to fuck up his interpersonal relationships. And the hope is that he and she will raise their child to be emotionally healthy going forward.

    It won’t turn out well. He grew up having a toxic father. And was mother raised.

    Sure the OP called out Steve Jobs. And Scribbs pointed out with inside information, the idea of NPD. And I pointed out the close association with functional psychopathy, not sociopathy. Jobs was more functional than stopping with or fucking up with sociopathy. There is a big difference. Jobs had quite a few fuck-ups. But worked through that and didn’t actually end up fucking up. Except for the farce, as Scribbs pointed out: his narcicisstic treatement of his neuro-endocrine tumor on his pancreas. Narcissistic Ego driven re-tardedness, for sure.

    He was hard core. Musk is not with intersexual relationships and pursuing a relationship strategy. He is fumbling.

    But this new thing about Musk mentioning Red Pill. It is a red herring on his part. He will never actually “just get it”. And the mainstream media will have a field day with the concept. And it won’t end.

    Look at Business Insider article: “Elon Musk tweets ‘take the red pill’ in another strange turn for the billionaire.”

    Wrong, false news: Red pill is right leaning. It is mysogynist. Associated with weak men’s rights organizations. All wrong. As hell.

    Elon Musk won’t come around. Or ever help fight club. And not that any of us are actually in fight club. We are well beyond that. And don’t need to be nihilistic.

    Musk is frantic. And in stages of grief. And more nihilistic, which is manifested by his wanting to go to Mars (women suck, lets go to Mars and get out of this Earth, I’ve seen that story before from Black Pill men, who call themselves red pill…), much more so than Steve Jobs ever was. He’s no Jobs. You get the sense that Jobs Accepted his parent’s role in giving him away, where Musk never actually gave up on his father’s role in his life. Sure, they both were engineers. But his father fucked his mother over. Jobs did one thing with that and Musk did something other.

    If Elon Musk leans red pill, it will be nothing but a feeding frenzy in the cesspool of the main stream media. Because of painting a target around Elon’s aim, and history, and narrative.

  56. @Rollo

    @SJF has got a point – the neighbourhood could come under a lot of fire.

    Please would you check you’ve got the email from me at 8.20 am U.K. time and confirm.

    Best regards

  57. Wahoo
    A strange culture, of leisure time to mind others business for entertainment.

    It’s just the usual “missing the point, so let’s gossip” activity.

  58. @Wahoo

    Not really. Just a crack I saw in the paving stones that I thought @Rollo should address.

    Seems he doesn’t agree.

    He’s a big boy and it’s his shop.

  59. My take on it, ASD hangs his dick to the right, Blax hangs his to the left,Sjf’s is a bit short and doesn’t really hang at all much,he ain’t bullet proof but keeps his hopes high and likes to poke the dog as much as the next guy. This isn’t really a political blog perse buut any man over 50 that doesn’t have strong political bent can’t be trusted and we are men. Palma included buut he has royalty which we got rid of over here years ago and now run on popularity politics.

    Our culture over here in the western world is a hodge podge of defunct traditions blended with new hollidays taken by citizens that work inside distinct perameters. They look forward to the time they are free from these tasks and the whole culture is based on time. More later cuz its dinner time.

  60. Part of this culture of entertainment involves insights into the lives of celebrities Like the ones mentioned in the OP old whats his name the promoter and whatshername the singer chick,also Elon Mushk. This has always included the POTUS of course Palma doesn’t so much imbibe because of royalty as you can’t critique royal blood.

    Now as for Mushk either he is a sharp con taking advantage of the new religiosity of man made climate change or he realy believes in his mission and is a couplr cards short of a deck.

    If you don’t mind being held up to the light then by all meens become famous.

  61. Here’s to men always hoping things go out with a bang and a period (.), rather than an ellipsis (…)!

    Cheers! In the time of ellipsis…

    Holy shit. Times.

    Yes to high hopes and to euphoric recall of past hurdles.

    I spoke on the phone with an old (not really he’s 58 and I’m 59 next week) happy-go-lucky, but mindful, smart and dutiful colleague who finished one of our residencies in medicine together 30 years ago. I was asking him some advice on a patient of mine this week. And because I usually don’t do it, I asked him how he was, or at least I opened with me and my family are doing well, how are you guys?… He said he just got through having a triple cardiac by-pass earlier this year after finding it more difficult to run on the treadmill regularly. Turns out his coronary arteries were encased with calcium through and through. And then he gracefully described his young grandchildren. And has the most pleasant disposition back then and now. Go figure. He always had this Je ne sais quoi disposition. And still does. I used to remember him as just short of sarcastic, never approaching it, but in the moment. And unflinching. He described the the cardiologist doing his cardiac cath findings –another another old cardiac fellow from our training, now, longtime attending in real time–finding the LAD artery totally stenotic in a joking unflinching way. A cool guy. Grace under pressure. Weight on your shoulders? No Big Deal.

  62. wahoo
    Part of this culture of entertainment involves insights into the lives of celebrities

    Only for those who choose to participate. Call me Bartleby.

  63. “Now as for Mushk either he is a sharp con taking advantage of the new religiosity of man made climate change or he realy believes in his mission and is a couplr cards short of a deck.”

    I hate to say this because Rollo is hoping to reach out to him. But it is an age old tale in which Elon’s dad was a dick and fucked over the family. Big Time. And there were subsequent adjustments and non adjustments in Musk’s behavior. Also Big Time. He was merely out to escape his father’s legacy and help his mother. And steeped in engineering so much that he wanted to escape his father’s legacy. It’s rather a simple story. A story could be told about it, more so than the enigma that was Steve Jobs.

    Elon Musk is steeped in escapism. (I saw this in alleged red-pill-steeped men and didn’t like the fly to Mars talk. Which was straight up idealistic escapism. Because life needs that when it is too hard for them, and women aren’t compliant…) Like Cypher in the movie. Can’t we just enjoy a good bite of steak? And relax?

    Musk just tweeted take the red pill. Better well watch the news on how that turns out…It won’t play out as hoped. Him getting schooled. Like Jobs, he schools himself. And always will.

  64. More interesting to some. SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule meets man-rating standards by passing the escape test. SpaceX Falcon rocket lifts off from Canaveral, at altitude the capsule escape sequence engages as in a real abort, then the Falcon booster blows up on command.

    Launch with astronauts on board to the ISS scheduled for May 27. A lot of engineers are working remotely, so it’s a bit adventurous to go ahead.

    Man rated space flight to low earth orbit is a bit more complicated than the average iPhone app.

  65. @Wahoo

    To be honest with the exception of the queen herself I’m either way on most the Royals these days.

    As far as Harry is concerned, I’ve got some sympathy bc I got hooked up with an HPD and it’s what sent me here.

    Having said that I’m sick of hearing about it.

    Traditionally we’ve got a term for it “he got drunk on the furry cup” so if he wants out then as far as I’m concerned he needs to get lost.

    In case it hasn’t converted to American the public mood here has turned against him because the men can’t believe the former playboy gave it all up, and the women have gone from desiring the former playboy to despising what they now see as a weak streak of piss.

    Women know a pussywhipped bitch when they see one.

    Karen wants her money back on the wedding, house refurb etc.. 😂 and no one thinks we’re going to get it. Everyone thinks they’ve got the money and don’t want to part with it but I don’t think they’ve got it / or are ever likely to earn anything of any significance.

    Right now I expect that Harry is almost totally broke which is why he sold his rifles and why he’s feeling so isolated. The idea that he’s actually got no money will be an incredible thing for him to handle because for his entire life he’s never needed any.

    Charles might be “helping him out” but I’ll tell you this, old money is as tight as a ducks arse. Charles will want to see the receipts and will have a member of staff go through each and every transaction striking out line entries he won’t fund. There will be a lot of red ink.

    Markle will simply be losing her mind over this.

    The reality will be a whole world apart from how I would imagine a wealthy American would probably fund their children with a large monthly stipend and not many questions asked.

  66. “Call me Bartleby.”

    I would prefer not to.

    Cause why?

    Last time I checked, Bartelby was a check out-ed loser.

    And we all know how that turned out…

    “Bartleby, the Scrivener” reveals the decremental extinction of a human spirit.”


  67. SJF, I’m guessing you don’t believe the Musk father bad mother good trope any more than I do. It is likely just another hoax that fits the popular religion of woman good man bad, and fits the scenario of blame it on his dad cute puppy syndrome, it’s not his fault.

    Palma, your sense of royalty would appear to be matrilineal, and can be married out of by a man yet retained by a female heir.

    Anon, who is Bartelby ? No who cares?

  68. @Wahoo

    You’ve thought it through more than I have, and I don’t think about it like that.

    It’s more to do with thinking she’s actually doing a good job and bringing some value, and I’m not sure any of the rest of them are doing that.

    Certainly nothing to do with gender to be honest.

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