False Positives

A consistent criticism I’ve received over the years is that the Red Pill is so negative. Why cant the Manosphere just sweeten up? Its truth is definable and self-evident, but why can’t Rollo adjust the ‘tone’? I’ve lived and written through several waves of newcomers to the ‘sphere and in each generation the same want for a ‘kinder, gentler’ Red Pill is always there. The idea is that if you just changed the delivery of the truth it would somehow make it more palatable to a wider audience.

Who’s It For?

I want reiterate here that it’s never been my goal to write for an audience. Whether it’s writing on this blog, my books or when I’m discussing things on various podcasts my only imperative is to convey the information I think is relevant to the topic of intersexual dynamics. My obligation is to picking apart and considering as close as I can get to an objective truth. And I don’t do this by way of some sense of duty to objectivism – it’s just the way that’s always seemed most efficient to me to come to a usable truth. It’s pragmatism on my part, not dedication.

Yes, I know, true objectivism is impossible for human beings. Yes, I also know that even biases we’re unaware of will subconsciously influence our rationality. Spare me the classicist intellectualism, I’ve been at this long enough to have considered all that. But the fact that objectivism is never perfect doesn’t mean we should strive for our best attempt at it – nor replace it with moralism.

I don’t write for an audience. I write about what I see going on around me and I connect dots. Writers today, of all medias, will tell you to “give your readers what they want” if you want to be successful. Writing about uncomfortable truths that rattle people’s cages is counterintuitive to the write-for-success mindset. If you want to sell books, if you want to monetize blogs, if you want to get more channel subscribers you gotta give the folks what they want, right? That’s how most churches work today; cater the message to the congregation if you want the tithe checks to stay consistent.

And always write to appeal to emotions too. People don’t enjoy thinking, but boy do they ever love feeling something – particularly in an age when female emotiveness is the order of the day.

When I began writing regularly it was in a forum environment. We hashed out many ideas and weren’t afraid to get ugly. It was a necessary part of the process. There was no pretense of appealing to an audience for money, traffic or readership. The sole focus was debating the truth about a dynamic. That debate was always a hot kitchen, but the results were something greater than the process.

As a result my essays carried over a lot of the heat from the SoSuave days kitchen. I wasn’t writing to impress readers or increase traffic to the blog it was just to document and codify the objective truths I came to. There is no monetization and the comment threads have never been moderated (besides spam and trolls). Almost 8 years later my charter is still about the same objective debate.

The drawback to this commitment to objective truth is that it rarely appeals to emotionalism. No, it’s not the ‘tone‘ or the feel of the information being related that’s so off-putting – it’s the information itself, and how it makes one feel, that determines whether it’s perceived as positive or negative.

Feels Before Reals

Most people who are still plugged into the proverbial Matrix are living in a world that prioritizes feels before reals. The purpose of consuming really anything is to judge it by how it makes us feel; and especially so in an era defined by the female experience. Emotion always comes before reason in women’s natural, unlearned, interpretive processes. This is also extended to men who’ve been conditioned to prioritize emotions before reason. And this is exacerbated by their need to be better feelers, better emoters, than those other ‘typical’ guys if they want an emotional woman to ever bear their children at some point.

Anything that prioritizes reason before emotion will always run the risk of being perceived as negative. Even if the sum of the information is positive, the fact that you had to come to the truth by way of reason rather than emotion will make it negative.

If you used your head instead of your heart to figure something out, in Girl-World, at best it’s bad form. At worst, you’re a negative pessimists or a cynic.

Usually those designations are reserved for the men who make a habit of using reason to the exception of emotion to relate an objective truth that’s unflattering to the feminine. Again, it’s the information, not the tone, that’s offensive to the emotions-first prioritization. To the Blue Pill mind, any strong idea that conflicts with this prioritization is an affront to the personal investments they’ve made in ideas that it challenges.

So, understand, I’m not a negative person by nature. I’m an artist. Few people know that my 2nd degree is a BFA. I draw, I paint, I play four instruments, I used to do Shakespearean stage acting – I’ve even done children’s theater.

I fully embrace the emotional as a necessary part of the human experience – Hell, half of Red Pill awareness is acknowledging and confronting emotions. I’m certainly not a cynic or a pessimist. Anyone thinking so usually hasn’t read my work. I’m very much an optimist when it comes to creating a New Hope for men in a Red Pill paradigm. I don’t just stop at clinical realism and leave men hanging. I don’t subscribe to the ennui of the “Black Pill” – I’m certainly not absolutist or a determinist.

However, I also have a commitment and an obligation to objective truth in everything I write. Trust me, there are times I wish I could use my wife and my marriage as a ‘proof of concept’ example of how a Red Pill aware guy can make a relationship work today. But the objective truth would make me look like a charlatan if I tried to convince a man that marriage was at all a good idea in its present state.

That’s tough for me. I have had to hold back from posting pictures of my beautiful wife and daughter to prove something to truly negative naysayers. Ladies, you want me to write something positive about women? I love my wife dearly. She’s been a net benefit to my life for all of 23 years now. My daughter is a model. She’s feminine to a fault and she’s smart and ambitious. I would die for her, gladly.

But I never use my personal life as an example in my work for their protection, but also because I don’t want to lead men astray by in anyway implying that what I have is possible for them. And I’ve had men tell me that, “I want what you have.”

But I don’t make value calls. I consider information, I try to interpret it, and I present it in such a way that it’s useful to men where they’re at. I want to give you tools to use to build your own life, not mine.

Truth & Hustle

Admire the Hustle. We read this a lot in the Manosphere among the guys who fancy themselves entrepreneurs. I think one reason critics think the Red Pill is negative is because all they see is the Hustle. The Hustle has a way of becoming the whole point of anything.

I’m an abortion doctor, but I make six figures and I’m the best at what I do. No one will out-work me. Admire the Hustle baby.

When the selling is more important the the product itself, then you have problems. When the truth is less important than the Hustle inevitably our truth becomes the Hustle. There needs to be a balance and that’s getting harder and harder to find now.

We’re at a moment in the Manosphere where the truth is starting to get lost in the Hustle. I’m accused of it, or I’m accused of associating with ‘too much Hustle’. Well-meaning colleagues with too much perception and not enough information are feeling that salesmen care more about the sale than the product.

I hear you.

Let me finish here by reiterating that my obligation to objective truth will always be my motivation for doing anything I put my name on. It always has been. However, I have worked for amazing companies who sold things that people loved and enjoyed only to watch them crumble and die because the sales team assumed control of the ‘product’. The selling became more important than what was being sold.

My books, my blog, my appearances, every aspect of The Rational Male is my art. I craft each essay. It’s what I care about most. I will never allow the truth to be compromised by the Hustle. The Hustle is important, particularly when it’s about disseminating the truth, but it is secondary to the truth – even to the exception of the Hustle. Sometimes the truth doesn’t sell.

This Is Important

We are rapidly entering a time when our ideas will be vilified. Very soon the objective, life-saving, praxeology that is the Red Pill will be used as a label, as a synonym, for negative ideologies that never had anything to do with the Red Pill. And people who are all about the Hustle will gladly abandon the truth they’re selling now if it means the public opinion of it would compromise their Hustle. It’ll be less about what we’re discussing than how influential and how many followers the person we’re discussing it with has.

Others, those who were appropriating the ‘brand’, will throw the Red Pill under the bus to save their own necks. The coming storm is going to test the resolve of people who are all about the Hustle and all about the Red Pill. I know where my obligations lie, they’ve never changed.

Published by Rollo Tomassi

Author of The Rational Male and The Rational Male, Preventive Medicine

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  1. Hey Culum.

    I think Rollo has had the most rational take on the heartiste thing.

    I am still overjoyed that the site is down and I hope it never comes back. Sure, guys can talk about the dangers involved to other non-dipshit sites, and yes, that’s a valid concern.

    But what defenders of heartiste can’t seem to understand ( with A R going as far as to give me a mini black history lesson of sorts, not understanding I was raised on it…) Is that what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

    Guys talk about being ” come for “, but can’t seen to get that heartiste routinely” came for ” minorities with regularity. All of his ” proximity ” shit, and the constant harping on the ” others “. It was cartoonish the last few years, but lots of people didn’t find it funny, nor did they just choose to look the other way…evidently.

    So heartiste relentlessly came for people until they came for him and pulled his fucking plug.

    I don’t see the problem with that, but according to heartiste I’m a savage raping criminal that only wants to leech off of him and his brilliance, with my low IQ…so I could be wrong.😁

    Yeah, I had problems with all of that shit and yeah, I’m happy it’s gone.

    There’s more than one red pill. Anyone on a public platform can ” get it “. This has always been true. Even more reason not to go full retard. There is no ” fairness “. That’s ” blue pill ” talk. Unfair shit floats around us all the time with zero fucks given until it lands at your doorstep.

    What do you do about that?
    Some commenters have said ” blax, they night come for you “, and I’m like ” of course. That’s always been true “. Heartiste washes special and gifted site that the world couldn’t do without. It was just a collection of guys talking shit without giving a fuck that it was public, because….they were badasses? Badasses speaking hard truths ( racism )?

    Well, maybe they can all find a new place to do that.

    Nah, I don’t care for racist shit ( surprise ) and no amount of ” yeah but ” can change that. Life ain’t fair. Anybody that promised that to you lied. That’s part of what 57 years in various trenches taught me. People have caught bullets in America for some of the things they’ve said. People are catching bullets now in America because of things someone else has said/is saying. April 27 or thereabouts, heartiste did an ” ed ” in the comments stating which people should be ” targeted “.

    Rush to defend that as good for red pill/Manosphere.

    Alligator mouth, humming bird ass.

  2. I’m gonna do this once for you pseudo-intellectual douche bags rambling on about freedom of speech. Yes, I’m speaking to you racist pieces of shit.

    WordPress is a private company. It can post standards banning racist commentary and enforce them. Period. Dot. End of sentence. For those of you who actually understand the laws at work here, under those narrow standards, it doesn’t matter if they are a platform or a publisher. Offensive content can be banned as long as the standards pass a “reasonable person” (were they to go to court) sniff test and are implemented uniformly.

    Don’t believe me? Go drop the Nazi jokes or N word or Jew slurs over at the Wall Street Journal. Or Breitbart – what, is Breitbart violating your freedom of speech when they ban that kind of commentary?

    Wake up, you juvenile, gibbering fucktards. Running around spouting racist nonsense will get you booted out of most places that aren’t shitholes. Live or online. Yet you imbeciles run around like little girls here, screaming with all your faux outrage.

    This is not the same as the banning guys like say Gavin McGuiness are suffering. Try to see the difference between being conservative, nationalist, anti-globalist, anti-feminist etc – and being a cesspit of racism. CH was a cesspit of horrific racist horseshit nonstop. Don’t hide behind acts of real censorship and lump CH in with them.
    The Red Pill does not mean being racist. Get that. Being “race realist” merely means observing that there are racial differences – ON AVERAGE – between the races. What you do with that information beyond that is your choice.

    I’ll close with some observations about the Alt Right I bet many of you who follow huckster megalomaniacs like Richard Spencer or Voxday don’t realize:

    A. They reject modernity itself. Have you read Evola and Spengler? I did. I waited, took 2 years, spent a ton of time reading that stuff and a lot of others like Leo Strauss (Strauss is very interesting) Alt Right “thinkers” cherrypick traditionalist philosophers to create a false Utopian ideal of their own for a society you’d hate to live in. Essentially, they propose a reversion to a feudal, medieval society in which a guilded, moneyed minority elite run everything. It would be totalitarian and authoritarian. Fyi, guys like Voxday haven’t processed that Evola (who they all fucking worship) rejected Christianity and many WNs in Europe now particularly are reverting to pre-Christian religious ideas.

    These reactionary opportunists are your leaders? They propose NOTHING that moves an actually productive political movement forward. They preside over a movement that is being clamped down on and shuttered and quarantined. They are abject failures by any measure. But what they have all done? Found ways to monetize their own brands and make a living off of ignorant fools like you guys.

    B. The U.S. was a radical experiment in nation-building. We learned several things. Given that the ethnicity was transplanted from the start, we were able to build and sustain a nation in which a majority held Protestant Anglo/Dutch Enlightenment ethics, not just identity. Immigrant groups were to “WASPSIZE” themselves if they were to integrate and assimilate. We made this work with the second wave of Euro integration, the 30 million who came in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. But we were ruthless. Massive public support for integration and assimilation. Immigrant cultures that didn’t shine were shamed publicly and shunned. 1/3 of those immigrants returned home after failing here.

    We even had blacks doing better and better. If you look at their social outcomes from late 19th century through 1960s, you see they are dramatically improving on every level. They are much like the white working class which had high marriage and legitimacy rates, high employment, lower criminality. In fact, you see they were just marginally worse on these measures than white folks. And both groups had high civic engagement and high church attendance. These facts alone destroy the entire White Nationalist hypothesis that ethnic and racial integration are impossible. The data is very clear in the appendices of Charles Murray’s Coming Apart. I’ve challenged many Alt Righters to explain the data on blacks and the 30 million who came in the late 19th/early 20th century but they never do. Cuz they can’t. The entire WN “theory” is bunk. And many who hide behind it are actually hateful racists scumbags who were looking for a reason to embrace their bigotry in the first place, so, don’t be surprised when many folks like me shit down your throats and don’t take you seriously at all.

    We proved we can integrate immigrants. But we have to enforce a majority culture. Think about the cultural environment most Americans grew up in after the advent of radio and then TV. An “Americana” uni-culture emerged that made the average middle class guy or working stiff a hero. Look at so many movies and tv shows from the mid-20th century, all about the little guy achieving the American dream. Standing up for himself. The family was central as well. Education, good deeds, church-going – all reinforced nonstop.

    We stopped doing all that in the ’60s and flung our doors open to every pre-modern savage and non-Westerner on the planet when we, in fact, we have little idea how to assimilate such people. And we allowed 50 million, maybe more, into our nation. Now, their grandchildren make up a huge, separatist political base and culture within our borders. We never did this before.

    That this is a disaster doesn’t disprove the successful immigration and national identity America formed before the Left overtook the culture in the ’60s and set out to destroy it (and if you don’t know that’s what they planned to do and did, you are an ignoramus).

    C. Most of you “nationalists” actually don’t know much about the history of the world or the movement of peoples in it. I suggest anyone who wants to begin to approach this topic with some intelligence purchase Thomas Sowell’s Migration and Cultures: A World View.

    The hard truth you will find is that migrations from the West to other cultures have been quite common, but the reverse is what we complain about. We do have to accept the responsibility which accompanies Western civilization. We are a step forward compared to the rest of the savage world. The question should be how do we make sure we don’t revert back and lose what we’ve built?

    Conservatives don’t have a plan for conserving Enlightenment values and the classically liberal world and the societies that we’ve build upon them. But the Alt Right does not either. Get that. They are not your saviors. They hijack many good nationalist ideas and pervert them with their fetishes, and then engage in obscurantism nonstop so you can never really figure out what they believe. All the while building and monetizing their personal brands.

    What, are those guys taking you anywhere worth going? Are they taking our society anywhere worth going? Do you really think WNs are going to rise up and separate? Do you really think there are that many of you? There are maybe few million actual WNs (not conservatives, nationalists and populists – they are not interchangeable lables) globally – and they all subscribe to the same YouTube channels. On a planet with 7+ billion people. Are you really that far gone that you assume most conservatives are with you?

    Be clear. I’d shoot an alt righter just as quick as I’d shoot a socialist in the coming revolution. Wake the fuck up. The Alt Right is best seen as an extended LARP and con being run on semi-smart people like you guys. They take advantage of your historical, political and economic ignorance. Guys like Voxday say things like “demand isn’t stackable” or Greg Johnson says he predicted all this “and it’s all going according to plan” and what? That puts your critical thinking skills to sleep? You are that gullible that you’d reject the entire modern world for these jackals?

  3. @Rollo – You don’t know of CH was a racist blog or not? But you noticed regular racist content since 2007? LMFAO. And being against “multiculturalism” in no way demands one become a White Nationalist, be clear.

    Fyi, I’ll debate any one of you racist fuckwits live and stream it. Most of you know so little about the actual history of even the Western world or the politics you subscribe to, it’s laughable. Yet you preen about as though you’ve got some better take on things. What a fucking joke the lot of you are.

  4. Culum

    Sounds like an interesting year… I’m curious indeed. I’d guess but you don’t want to tell…

    “Sentient probably will remember his name. ”

    Ha. Trav777 nka Dr. trav777. He is anti game btw. Naturalistic tendencies going to solopsise…

    A lot of guys are starting to show up at PAs blog. Ripp even poked in.


    PA was a 2007 poaster and all time CoTW winner… I guess if there is news on CH it will pop there.

  5. I think the average person understands that private enterprise is different from government.
    But it’s pretty apparent at this point there are some de facto monopolies in place. And they seem to be owned almost exclusively by left leaning people.
    I’m reminded of a thread I read a while back, elsewhere (by a left-leaner, ironically enough).
    In particular this bit:

    The worst possible end-game for this is the two-tier marketplace of ideas mentioned above, with an unfortunate twist – everyone knows that the second tier is inhabited entirely by witches, and therefore being on the second tier is sufficient to convict you. Unpopular ideas are gradually forced out of the first tier by media smear campaigns, and from then on everyone believes the effort was justified, because it’s one of those second-tier ideas that you only find in the same sites as the racists and trolls and child pornographers. You’re not a second tier kind of person, are you? No, we didn’t think so.
    I have no particular solution to this. Certainly the well-intentioned solutions other people are working on, like a decentralized crypto-Reddit that can’t be moderated even in principle, are unlikely to help (hint: what is the most striking difference between Bitcoin marketplaces and normal marketplaces?) My primary hope is that it’s just not a real problem. Certainly there has been very little in the way of speech restriction so far, and what little there has been has been against things which, on the object level, I’m happy to see gone. It’s entirely possible that we’ll escape with only a few things banned that probably deserve it. I certainly hope this is the case.

  6. Hahaha, I’ll tell you when we meet Sentient – I think we will one day!

    You can probably guess the category of activity relatively easily, but I doubt you’ll guess the specific activity/training program. It’s very obscure, unless you’re familiar with the relevant subculture in which case it is famous and you get a lot of street cred within the subculture if you can say you survived and completed the training program I’m doing – the drop out rate, even for the self-selected group that travels across the world to do it, is over 50%, a combination of injury and inability to handle the intensity and physical and mental pressure.

    And yes – trav777 it was!

  7. @Rollo: I’ve got the 16 Commandments of Poon archived

    Here’s one better, a catalogue of some of the most valuable posts: https://www.rooshvforum.com/thread-42283.html

    You just copy those links and paste them into the Wayback Machine, they’ve all been archived multiple times over the years. You can also use the links on the archived pages to get to other archived pages. It’s not perfect, but it’s a damn sight better than not having the blog at all, and I’d rather have an echo of an impression from what it once was than to lose the knowledge, advice and debates it had.

  8. Scribbs

    “Essentially, they propose a reversion to a feudal, medieval society in which a guilded, moneyed minority elite run everything.”

    Not sure this is a reversion. How are things going atm?

    “sustain a nation in which a majority held Protestant Anglo/Dutch Enlightenment ethics, not just identity. ”

    A super majority. 80% plus. That’s a big part of the “coming apart” we have today.

    ” But we were ruthless. Massive public support for integration and assimilation. Immigrant cultures that didn’t shine were shamed publicly and shunned. 1/3 of those immigrants returned home after failing here.

    We even had blacks doing better and better.”

    This worked when there was legal segregation or de facto segregation and actual minority populations with limited political and economic power. And talented 10th minorities did assimilate and did prosper, at a lesser rate however.

    Sidenote – Is segregation racist?

    We stopped doing all that in the ’60s and flung our doors open to every pre-modern savage and non-Westerner on the planet when we, in fact, we have little idea how to assimilate such people. ”

    Should pre modern savages be denied or segregated?

    Now, their grandchildren make up a huge, separatist political base and culture within our borders. ”

    Sounds like a bad thing… And answer the above question?

    The hard truth you will find is that migrations from the West to other cultures have been quite common, but the reverse is what we complain about. ”

    This isn’t a hard truth. This is the result of conquest. A situation some are trying to avoid in the West generally atm.

    I think you have more in common with “alt right” than you state.

  9. “Not sure this is a reversion. How are things going atm?”

    Pretty spiffy, as that’s the model the globalists have been running for a long time; with the corporations in the place of the old family houses.

    So they trade stocks and board seats instead of daughters these days.

  10. Hey, what’s new? Did I miss anything?

    Blaximus ,

    Chin up man. I can understand precisely what you are saying, even if I don’t agree with all you’ve said 100%.

    Remember, many people can’t empathize with views or experience outside of their own, and this is especially true from what I’ve seen in the manosphere generally. It’s like seeing a man kill his family on the news, and all the neighbors remark that the killer was a nice , quiet man that didn’t have a mean bone in his body .

    I looked at Chateau a couple of times but it wasn’t my cup of tea. I won’t miss what I’m not familiar with. But racism and calls to violence in this day and age need attention. I just don’t know that deleting blogs is the solution.

  11. “I’m gonna do this once for you pseudo-intellectual douche bags …blah, blah, blah…the entire modern world for these jackals?”

    That true Scot intellectualism will get you laid for sure, ya douche!

  12. There’s an old saying, well lots of them actually, but I have one in particular in mind:

    If there’s a wasp in the room, you want to know where it is.

  13. Mothers Day

    I see my nephew with his mother and i see my mother the roles and loss of father’s today i still love and cherish my mother but i struggle with the distance required for me to be my own person. Once of my mentors Phil just had his kid over the weekend. His wife wants to have a huge family and today i came back to check in with my mom. I want a family but their seems to be so much i have to work through went to pick up something for my journey this June at the Grocery store and saw a farther with his 4 kids as well as his wife and both seemed to be loving each other.
    Anyway i have a plate i was working with while at meditation this morning. Not all is ever loss and creating from the ashes has its benefits least in cool scars and a story to tell your grand-kids
    Im changing and its uncomfortable

  14. Blaximus
    But what defenders of heartiste can’t seem to understand

    Defending dissent sometimes means defending some ugly stuff. I thought you grasped that.

    ( with A R going as far as to give me a mini black history lesson of sorts, not understanding I was raised on it…)

    I”m sure you were raised on it. Too bad you don’t seem to have actually learned anything.

    Is that what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

    Ironic, because that’s exactly opposite what you are saying.

    Question: Did a mad scientist named Yakub really create evil things called “white people”?
    Should I care that some number of black Americans believe that crap? Should I therefore demand that Louis Farrakhan and the entire NoI be silenced, or should I accept such foolish hateful crap as one of the prices of a free society?

    I choose the latter. No matter how obnoxious some people are, shutting them up generally fails in the long run. Double standards are dangerous to all concerned. . Lather, rinse and repeat for the Antifa, for the various Communists, for a lot of people. As long as the talk doesn’t turn into bombs, let ’em talk. You should have learned that years ago. I thought you had, frankly.

    But…too bad you did not.

  15. Scribblerg
    I’m gonna do this once for you pseudo-intellectual douche bags rambling on about freedom of speech.

    Only once? Promise?

    Yes, I’m speaking to you racist pieces of shit.


    PS: What is the difference between a “utility” function and an “editor” function? Does Verizon get to decide what people say over their network, or do they just provide a service? Is an editor responsible for everything that gets published?

    These are rhetorical questions that I don’t expect you to answer intelligently.

  16. kfg

    So they trade stocks and board seats instead of as well as daughters these days.

    Webb Hubbell’s daughter, Chelsea Victoria, is on multiple corporate boards.

    Clinton has worked for McKinsey & Company, Avenue Capital Group, and New York University and serves on several boards, including those of the School of American Ballet, Clinton Foundation, Clinton Global Initiative, Common Sense Media, Weill Cornell Medical College and IAC/InterActiveCorp.

    Each of those comes with a check.

  17. scribberlg
    The Red Pill does not mean being racist. Get that. Being “race realist” merely means observing that there are racial differences – ON AVERAGE – between the races.

    LOL. Self-contradict much?

    I may disagree with what you say, but I’ll defend your right to say it. I don’t expect you to do the same. That’s ok.

  18. Anyone else notice that CH is out of business? Roosh, James Woods, Alex Jones, CH-anyone else see a pattern? Are you next Rollo? Less than 18 months until Get Rid of Trump Day. I hope you’ll let us in on the back up plans Rollo

  19. Forgot a reference:



    After 600 years of this deliberate eugenics, the white race was created.[5] The brutal conditions of their creation determined the evil nature of the new race: “by lying to the black mother of the baby, this lie was born into the very nature of the white baby; and, murder for the black people was also born in them—or made by nature a liar and murderer”.[2]

    Just one part of the public belief system of the Nation of Islam, which has been around a lot longer than CH or the Internet for that matter. There’s more, of course, just as ignorant and just as hateful. Some would say it’s racist, some would say it isn’t. It’s still ignorant crap. Yet I still oppose Facebook zeroing Farrakhan’s account. Because Facebook alleges it is just a “utility”, not an “editor”, but they are playing favorites with their selective enforcement.

    Sauce for the goose, Blaximus ,just like for the gander. No one is above criticism, no one gets silenced. It’s a principle bigger than butthurt.

  20. rugby11
    Im changing and its uncomfortable

    It is uncomfortable. Like physical growing pains. But it is far better than stasis.

  21. AR

    I heard/Read the book back in the early 70’s. Not a follower, sooo…..

    I’ll restate my position again – public platforms could get anybody. I shed no tears for Farrakhan or anybody else that gets ” banned ” from any social media site, because I’m not into that stuff. I heard Farrakhan speak live a dozen times, and it was never on a blog or social media site.

    Not my thing, but people insist on building a life in these places. Lol, I actually oppose ” Facebook ” ( makes me an outlier I guess..).

    Sure, you can reach many more people on the net, but you can make many more enemies as well. Comes with the territory.

    …lmao, NOI has a wiki page.

    The doctrine of Yakub was one of the reasons for splits in the Nation of Islam. Malcolm X in his Autobiography notes that, in his travels in the Middle East, many Muslims reacted with shock upon hearing about the doctrine of Yakub, which, while present in NOI theology, does not appear in mainstream Islam.[page needed] He rejected the story in his later statements, asserting that anyone of any race who intentionally deprives others of basic human rights is a “devil”.[19] Warith Deen Mohammed, who took over the Nation of Islam after his father Elijah’s death rejected it almost immediately, and tried to re-invent the Nation as a mainstream Sunni Islam movement.

    Aannnddd, the story continues.

    And CH is still gone, even after Elijah, Yacub , James Woods(??!!??) and all that.

  22. Anybody else find it ridiculous to equate Rollo with CH, Alex Jones or James Woods?

    In the comments at trm?

    Alex Jones?


  23. Okay, let this die ( like Ch ).

    I never demanded that Heartiste be deplatformed. I won’t ever be sad about it either. Butthurt, huh? I don’t care, other than to be pleasantly surprised.

    Yawn already.

  24. Blax

    Anybody else find it ridiculous to equate Rollo with CH, Alex Jones or James Woods?

    Well when the subject is banning a consumer of a product (arguable online is not a utility btw) based on a unilateral definition of “hate” speech – how is it ridiculous? You OK with Rollo being banned for misogyny? he is a leading Patriarch now…

    Clock is ticking.

  25. Blax, that’s precisely your problem. You are justifying and rationalizing an action because if they can’t be equated, then it’s okay. Boiling that down, you’re almost literally rewriting a form of the sentence “it’s fine if these people are banned because they’re bad enough to deserve it.” Other posters are telling you what the horrible implications and precedents such a line of thinking leads to, and you do nothing to refute any of that but just ignore it and double back down on “they deserved it, I don’t care,” which isn’t a counterargument to what’s been said.

    As I mentioned in another post, you don’t give a shit if people are getting dragged away and beheaded by the executioner on the chopping block, so long as you don’t like them and think they deserve it. Because of course it could never happen to the people that DON’T “deserve” it. This quite obviously has horrible foreshadowing for Rollo and the Rational Male, but if you wait until AFTER it’s been shut down to protest, well then, you can’t say we didn’t all warn you. The train is seen coming from miles down the tracks, and it doesn’t matter how many people it runs over so long as they all deserve it, you won’t decry how bad the train is until after it runs over your own damsel tied to the tracks.

  26. Why cant the Manosphere just sweeten up? Its truth is definable and self-evident, but why can’t Rollo adjust the ‘tone’?

    And to think I, from my point of view, can see you already do all what’s rightful to do so as to not be to harsh.

    More than that would be lying. And some realism is needed if people are to be saved BEFORE crashing.
    It’s infinitely better than the “crash hard a couple of times then find this blog and reach safety” route.

  27. @IAS

    You are a wise fellow (and a rare one with enough mental fortitude to tolerate diversity in actuality, not yelled hollow insincere jingles.

  28. @Anonymous Reader

    Yes, Fakebook doesn’t behave in sync with what it states about itself.
    But what corporation (in the literal sense of the word)/organisation does?
    Have you ever seen one where the written rules apply, and equally to any situation/subject/member? LOL.

    If you have no experience of this, join (for instance) an online community, try to talk/behave like the honchos, and see what comes — and how it is rationalized, and how nobody seems bothered by the blatant asymmetry of “faculties”.

    It’s human nature, even without stage management from above (which I think is there in the recent bannings. And not only it is there: it is choosing to be conspicuous, that’s what multiple simultaneous bans are for).

  29. @YoungMaster

    He had a great post by the title “Reconsidered Rape”.
    Great Calculate your SMV posts for females and males.

    And so much more.
    I think the blog’s writer never really changed, by the way, and the variation over time is due to maturity.
    (I say this while being aware of the doxxing and so on).

  30. @Youngmaster

    “Because of course it could never happen to the people that DON’T “deserve” it. ”

    Blax uses his melatonin as a source of unearned indignancy. We all got our little picadillos that way. The further away a person is from actual insult, (racism, sexism, all forms of bigotry and hatred) the harder it is to invoke it as relavent….so a guy will hold on to a momento of it as protection from having to let go of that ego-protective comfort blanket.

    We find comfort in our past hurt, and masochisticly so.

    Recent anecdote: I’m at a bar (where else) and a nice enough guy segues into hisVietnam War experience. He was opposed to the war, served as an MP. He made it repeatedly clear that he lived something I hadn’t thus I was not allowed to judge him nor his opinion that the war was a waste as well as all the dead were wasted lives too.

    I listen politely and ask why he holds on to the indignancy of it all and what relevance does it have in the now 40 years on. He was befuddled. He vehemently explained that as he lived an unjust war, and is calling it unjust yet, he is a bold truth teller and rightiously so.

    I asked him if he believed his life is better IRT that he holds on to the indignancy. He literally could not conceive he was futilely striking a pose on the basis of someone else’s complete existential
    real loss.

    I asked him would he change his opinion of the worthlessness of all the dead if I told him my Dad was killed there?

    He was dumbstruck. He demanded that I confirm my father was killed there before he’d retract anything.

    See, Youngmaster? Men who hold on to insult real as they may be IRT, have really nothing to gripe about after the fact unless they assume a victim’s lament which no one respects. No amount of explaining prideful self-destructive tendencies will shake them from that buffer.

    tl;dr: Save your breath.

  31. “Heartiste is still done. Your point is made of helium. His vanishing is about 5 years too late, but POOF!!! He’s all gone now.”


    CH lives forever in every man who read him/them and changed as a result

    censorship is proof they are afraid

    they should be

  32. @Blaximus

    i understand exactly what you are saying, buuuut…

    ya might want to rethink the ‘goodness’ of censorship… as in ANY censorship… here’s why…

    censorship is not your (or anybody’s) friend… bc censoring only ‘happens’ to block ‘truth’ (notice the scare quotes…lol… bc that truth is mostly based on an underlying analysis, but is still in play…)… truth that is inconvenient to a particular narrative (the narrative of the group with the power to do the censoring)… and it doesn’t matter if that bit of truth that is being blocked is mixed in with a bunch of sht… censoring makes it look like ALL the sht is true too… (that goes for farrahkan too… although i don’t know/care enough about his message to figure out what that kernel of truth actually is…lol)

    the mental calculation that must precede any censoring is ‘wow, this sh*t is true!…(at least ‘enough’)… we can’t have people discussing/disseminating this!!!… it will ruin OUR narrative… which is based on the same ideas, but is operating in the background, so we can exploit THAT situation!!!…’

    It was a long time ago, but I think when heartiste banged me,[LOL…] I responded to his assertion that blacks destroy every single place where they live or something. I responded with the names of about 20 cities or so, that don’t get ” press ” that are as nice as anywhere else, and a reminder that there’s no black monolith. I was rebuked and banned. There’s a reason that heartiste comment section is the way that it is – dissent isn’t allowed, nor are idea s. Zero debate.

    and why did you get censored?… bc you were pointing out some truth, right?…

    banning CH just makes it look like all the content on the blog is/was true…

    which just hardens the various positions in the conflict and leads to one more step closer to a kinetic resolution…

    which is something i personally would not feel like i missed out on anything, if i miss out on THAT…

    but that kinetic resolution has historically illuminated steps that lead to it kicking off… and censorship is one of the bigger steps in that process…

    and just as an aside, those SJWs who deplatformed CH are not your friends… bc they have to have believed that ‘enough’ of that sh*t is/was true… they just don’t want it out overtly in the world… bc it will mess with THEIR narrative… and THAT should concern you more than having CH spewing the hate…

    good luck!

  33. HABD

    Thanks as always.

    But, an I to take from all of the hullabaloo that it’s okay at the end of the day for CH to ban, but it’s a crisis if TH gets banned?

    I’m not trying to be dense, but that’s the end message I’m getting from all of the gnashing of teeth. He has a right to censor, while simultaneously being supposedly immune to any form of censorship.

    Hmmmm….there must be a name for that.

    As for the people doing the censoring, I don’t consider them ” friend s ” by any stretch. I’m not a proponent of censorship,.regardless to h how many keep trying to lose my argument in that light, mostly because they happen to feelz some kind of way about this particular site.

    I used to read heartiste before the message became what it became, and a lot of stuff was just wrong – yet commenters age it up and professed it as ” truth “. And no other opinions or ” truth ” was tolerated.

    To me that’s a little dangerous in the sense that constant misinformation can lead to more than just talk. A message can still get across without saying shit like people need to be ” targeted “.

    So if I said women are all highly prone to Hypergamy( true ), therefore they are worthless shit monkeys that should be exterminated( false ), and fanboys can only proclaim the ” true” part and say how enlightened the statement is😂, does this make rational sense? And if that message and messages similar to it are consistently put forth year after year after year, what’s gonna happen eventually?

    And yeah, the folks that couldn’t see the ” extermination ” part are being disingenuous or willfully ignorant imo. It’s right there. Because ‘ he didn’t say (((I ))) should be exterminated ‘.

    Bizarre. But whatever.

    I didn’t shutter CH. I wouldn’t have stuttered CH. My contentment at the demise, because I’m not invested in the message, is not an endorsement of censorship. The censorship problem started well before heartiste (ask Isis). Nobody cards enough to fight it ( legally instead of false bravado talk of physical conflict…), So it will go on until it doesn’t anymore. Crying temporarily before getting back to visit as usual won’t change anything. EVer.

    Still, I’m glad the site is gone, and it’s my opinion. I don’t care how it went away because those mechanisms have been out there for a while now, and nobody gave a shit then. Imo, now is no different.

  34. @Blaximus

    But, an I to take from all of the hullabaloo that it’s okay at the end of the day for CH to ban, but it’s a crisis if TH gets banned?

    nope… it’s not ok… the pattern is the same… banning truth is just a defense of a narrative with an agenda… it still results in one more step closer to kinetic resolution… which i’m not a big fan of…lol… unfortunately, i think we probably passed the event horizon for that sh*t at this point… and the farther we go, the more energy/effort will be required to pull the system back to any type of rationality… so, basically unlikely…

    i think the biggest difference is that wordpress (or facebook) is doing the banning… which is the actual platforming company… rather than some blogger… so, now wordpress is in the ‘publishing’ business… as opposed to being a utility… but that only gets sorted out with a law suit… a very expensive law suit…

    sooo, it’s individual banning versus systemic banning… if that makes sense… it’s just a bigger step on the road to that ‘kinetic resolution’…

    So if I said women are all highly prone to Hypergamy( true ), therefore they are worthless shit monkeys that should be exterminated( false ), and fanboys can only proclaim the ” true” part and say how enlightened the statement is😂, does this make rational sense?

    sure it does…lol… i’m not a retard…lol… but the question then becomes – do people have agency?…

    if some website spewing sh*t is going to cause something to happen in the real world, whose responsibility is it?…

    and there are laws to address THAT issue/situ… no banning needed… but that’s a tougher sell… with more nuance needed to navigate through that analysis… it’s easier to just say ‘i don’t like THAT!!!’… and ban…

    which results in one more big step in the process…

    I don’t care how it went away because those mechanisms have been out there for a while now, and nobody gave a shit then. Imo, now is no different.

    whether you or i care/like/hate/etc the situ isn’t going to change anything…

    buuut you maybe should care ‘how’ it went away… at least for pedantic thoroughness…lol… bc ‘how’ is an indicator of where we are in the process of civilizational collapse… and getting hit with that sh*t can leave a mark…lol

    good luck!

  35. It’s all fun and games until someone gets a common carrier put out.

    And we’re already down to domain names.

  36. I don’t know what prompted me to watch TV tonight. But OMG, with red pill lenses the new Bachelorette Show promises to be a shit show.

    A ball busting HB6 right out of the starting gate shuts down the first guy who actually had a plate spinning. With nasal flaring Indignation.

    And she then spins up all the other White Night guys.

    Good luck with the odds makers guys.

  37. The coming storm is going to test the resolve of people…

    Too many people are thinking of security instead of opportunity. They seem to be more afraid of life than death. ~James F. Bymes

  38. That thread at PA’s place is a trip. So many of the old timers there … Keoni, Jay, Doug, etc. Takes me back to the heyday of the place, back before the doxxing and the moving and the name changing. At that time it was the center of the “sphere”, and in fact, there was no “manosphere” yet — at the time people were calling it the “Roissysphere”, and it spawned so many different blogs and communities in so many different directions that eventually each formed its own part of the web, and the manosphere was one of those. But at the time, like 10-12 years ago, Roissy’s place was the place. Without him, there would be no “sphere”, plain and simple.

  39. @Blaximus

    i just re-read this…

    “So if I said women are all highly prone to Hypergamy( true ), therefore they are worthless shit monkeys that should be exterminated( false ), and fanboys can only proclaim the ” true” part and say how enlightened the statement is😂, does this make rational sense?”

    sure it does…lol… i’m not a retard…lol… but the question then becomes – do people have agency?…

    i didn’t mean to make it seem like i called you a retard…lol…

    you’re overall point on that concept is pretty straight forward, and makes complete sense… but your rhetorical question on the ‘rational sense’ should have been a ‘no’ answer… it still makes sense to me, but on meta level…

    ignoring the ‘false’ part of the equation is standard ideological defense… that’s WHY ‘truth’ gets censored/banned… it messes up the purpose of the communication… which is ‘hug boxy’…lol

    that’s why it’s a much bigger deal when the ‘system’ starts to create the ideological defense instead of just one of the cogs in that system…

    put another way, in the ‘free exchange of ideas in the marketplace’ if one cog spews ideology and bans truth/counter-arguments, that’s ok (at least in the meta level)… as long as there are competing ideas ‘somewhere else’ in that SAME system… bc then it’s actually a marketplace…

    if the SYSTEM itself excludes some ideas from ‘the system’ (in this case, each ‘social media platform’ is a system) then there is no competition/marketplace… which generally leads to that kinetic resolution… at some point in the future…

    historically, it kicks off when resources drop below the level of ‘enough’… for a critical mass number of participants in the system… and without the ability to freely exchange ideas/discuss possible non-kinetic solutions… the future events just follow the script/process… which is not unknown…

    good luck!

  40. @kfg (and others): I messed up my AC joint (the shoulder capsule) on one side so I stopped OHP and BP during the physio. Even before I started the physio the pain was perfectly bearable (in fact my OHP record was performed then, although that must have contributed to the peak of the inflammation – I didn’t realize it was serious but as it wasn’t subsiding I went to get it checked).

    Nearing the end of physio sessions, I asked if I could go back to doing OHP and BP and power through the pain without that messing it up more for the future, and the answer was that it is my choice, but I would be wearing down the joint more. That is kind of grim. Do you have any suggestions? ^Do it at lower load very slowly to get time under tension, increase load to do less reps and do it very controlled, replace it with something else, not to do it all, risk surgery?

  41. IAS

    At the very least, check out John Kirsch’s hanging/brachiating every day. In his book, he says it will never hurt (meaning injure further) any and all shoulder problems. I don’t know if it will help you. It shouldn’t hurt anything. There is a lot of anatomy and rehab science behind it.


    I had some wicked shoulder impingement syndrome bilaterally. Most likely from lifting too heavily. My impingement syndrome mostly went away after 3 to 4 months of hanging.

  42. @HABD

    “ignoring the ‘false’ part of the equation is standard ideological defense… that’s WHY ‘truth’ gets censored/banned… it messes up the purpose of the communication… which is ‘hug boxy’…lol”

    Why truth gets banned is this: It threatens the present order. What is the TPTB incentive to censor, IOW how does it directly benefit the censorer from loss, and what is that loss?

    I’ve an idea…it is about control of the economic stability through use of increased worker supply of cheap, pliable labor.

    Feminism is one of many angles to keep people not laid and frustrated and back on the job.

    To hell with what people say their intentions are. Keeping women unmarried and childless is good for the bottom line and convincing men to carrot and stick submit to that idea is part of the same plan. Wife-up the unintended collateral damaged slut is part of it too. Those poor guys assume the liability of out of wedlock kids. I’ve seen plenty of “Dad’s are great!” and “foster parents are cool!” billboards around lately as a feeble attempt to get dads back to their baby mommas or any given baby momma.

    There’s no reason to advertise to those dads at home already.

    TPTB don’t want more kids, they want more optionless worker bees. Kids are not the only way to that goal. Enter immigration.

    I’m working independently and I see acutely the fear of job and benefit loss consumes people as if there’s no other way to live beyond the present order. As someone wrote above, the risk-benefit to security-stasis ratio is lopsided.

    People put their jobs before their loved ones routinely. No wonder marriage and its products are not self sustaining.

    IRT censoring, banning….

    POW camps punish the intractable types by beating the fellow soldier next to him too and it is an effective tool in interrogation, intelligence gathering and obedience training.

    Man steps out of line, he is beat plus the man next to him. It becomes a self governing compliance method. The men keep each other in line by not allowing any risky behavior that just might set one of them free. Trained crab bucket behavior.

    Apply that to the manosphere. Some cower, some celebrate the new order, some sit back and wait it out without changing their m.o. nor looking to change others.

  43. IAS

    If you keep going you are going to keep fucking it up. Lower weight to no pain, increase reps. Watch range of motion.

    You don’t want surgery, it’s a stop gap.

    Old Joke : You know who loves Crossfit? Orthopedic surgeons!

    [Sidenote – manosphere thing to Lift Heavy Bro!… Deadlifts, etc. Not needed. Especially if you are starting this stuff in your 30’s or later. Hypergamy does not care about your deads max.]

  44. Hanging has got to be the most underrated exercise ever. Both the straight hang and the hang under muscular tension (pull yourself up just an inch or so).

    There is also the lower down, where you use an aid to get up to the pull up position and then lower yourself slowly to a hang.

    I’ve read a story where Arthur Jones was clued in to how badly Joe Weider’s magazines were misinforming people (Jones was an African animal collector before he got into the muscle business by accident) when he saw a gorilla, an animal that spent most of its life just lounging around and almost never lifting anything heavier than a handful of leaves, hanging by one arm, and then casually perform a one arm pull up.

    As for lifting, yes, slow reps, at least four seconds on the contraction, with a fair amount of that into just getting bar moving. The super slow people advocate 10 seconds, but I think 4 is sufficient if you really concentrate on getting the bar moving slowly.

    Here’s an episode of Jone’s Wild Cargo TV show which inspired Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom (RIP Jim Fowler who died last Wednesday:

  45. @Everyone about the shoulder:

    I do hanging leg raises 6×6, I’ve been doing them standing on the elbows instead of hanging to preserve the shoulder. I’ll resume the hanging then, thanks.

    The pain started away from the gym when I was doing some calisthenics (I strongly suspect one-hand pushups and dips, but it could have been the handstand push-ups with feet on the wall). Of course I might have the shoulder already messed up from the gym by then without noticing.

    Then I thought it was just going to go away and kept doing my usual OHPs and BPs, I’m sure that didn’t help.

    I’m not doing it for the girls, they are bad at evaluating this kind of stuff anyway. I wanted to see if I could reach some decent factors of bodyweight at 5×5 setsxreps. I’m at around 1.6xbw for squats and DLs for a while now, but at least those I can do without issue on the shoulders. OHP I reached just over 0.6 when I did my record already with the shoulder messed up, and BP was like 0.9.

    I’m kind of frustrated if I have to drop it and maybe I did start too old…

  46. j: “(It used to be that Friday and Saturday were the busiest days. Now it’s just Saturday.”

    Not what I’m seeing in two different big cities (midwest and west). Fridays are still busy. The big diff is between winter and summer. Busier in winter. Not dead in summer, but maybe 2/3 the clientele.

  47. Blaximus sees this only from the perspective of how it affects him and he’s butthurt about being “banned” or whatever. The bigger issue is de-platforming which is done on very random unexplained grounds: “you know what you did” as the commissars of old would say in a Kafkaesque tone. Blaximus stop whinging and seriously grow a pair. If you’re going to be part of the group then be prepared to BE part of the group and take whatever criticism or praise comes your way.

    The big trust emerging from CH was that there was no one standing up for that forgotten group who take all the crap but have no advocate for them. CH was their advocate for the time he was active. Sorry you got hurt dude, but big picture—deplatforming due to personal views is what we’re all worried about not whether your feelings got hurt somewhere in the process.

  48. “That person didn’t invite me to his home, so I am happy that his landlord terminated his rent and threw him out on the street”. Blaximus logic.

  49. Wala

    It’s not about butthurt or landlords or any of that. I didn’t see any I’d be banned ( censorship, the thing everyone is against, right?), But that’s just a part of the reason I don’t care that ch is gone.

    Look, don’t be so stubbornly dense about something that really simple. Are you upset about feminism because it only affects you? Most reasonable men can conclude that feminism, especially the hardcore radical kind that think castration and shit are the best solution to the ” man problem “, is a bad thing and wouldn’t shed tears if it collapsed. People that agree with feminism say their voices need to be heard.

    Castration is irrelevant to the bigger picture and nobody should be upset by that message. Why say anything about pussy hats? Just stay quiet about how you feel about the message. Criticism means you’re butthurt, right?

    Either life is unfair or it’s always fair and just. Which is true? Who should accept the unfair part, and who should be exempt?

    maybe heartiste, whoever ran that site because it wasn’t roissy, will come back. I’d personally hope not but I already know that life ain’t about what I want. Figured that out in my teens. Grown men should already know this. Maybe on the second go ‘ round, the site won’t be exclusionary and less extreme….or not. Maybe the site can go back to what it was originally…probably not. Genies resist going back in bottles.

    Maybe if it comes back, it will allow opposing views without censoring and banning, since the overriding message seems to be that banning and censorship is bad, right?

    Or is it only sometimes?

  50. Blaximus you’re so tiresome, droning on and on over some perceived slight completely unable to see the point. Give it a rest and move on already. Blahblahblahximus…

    Deplatforming is the issue not your butthurtness.

  51. Ok. If all you can.see is ” butthurt ” then yeah I’m droning. Nothing else I ve said gets through tobyou, and that’s on purpose on your part.

    You want things one way and one way only. Good for you, and good luck with that. But, you might want to rethink that, especially before you complain about some slight foisted on you.


    Heartiste is still gone.

    Deplatforming is a thing. Don’t be ” butthurt ” about it.

    Does that seem fair? Because as you’ve intimated, it ain’t about you and your feelings.

    Or am ((( I ))) wrong?

  52. “The post-totalitarian system touches people at every step, but it does so with its ideological gloves on. This is why life in the system is so thoroughly permeated with hypocrisy and lies: government by bureaucracy is called popular government; the working class is enslaved in the name of the working class; the complete degradation of the individual is presented as his or her ultimate liberation; depriving people of information is called making it available; the use of power to manipulate is called the public control of power, and the arbitrary abuse of power is called observing the legal code; the repression of culture is called its development; the expansion of imperial influence is presented as support for the oppressed; the lack of free expression becomes the highest form of freedom; farcical elections become the highest form of democracy; banning independent thought becomes the most scientific of world views; military occupation becomes fraternal assistance. Because the regime is captive to its own lies, it must falsify everything. It falsifies the past. It falsifies the present, and it falsifies the future. It falsifies statistics. It pretends not to possess an omnipotent and unprincipled police apparatus. It pretends to respect human rights. It pretends to persecute no one. It pretends to fear nothing. It pretends to pretend nothing.

    Individuals need not believe all these mystifications, but they must behave as though they did, or they must at least tolerate them in silence, or get along well with those who work with them. For this reason, however, they must live within a lie. They need not accept the lie. It is enough for them to have accepted their life with it and in it. For by this very fact, individuals confirm the system, fulfill the system, make the system, are the system.”

    V. Havel

  53. I rarely read your endless posts and after reading today’s I now know why. You post constantly but leave very little behind to stimulate the mind or further discussion.

    I’ll put this into language a snowflake like you can understand…CH was the “safe space” for a lot of individuals who had no where to turn to to discuss the frustrations and hypocrisy making their already difficult lives even more miserable. For them it’s a great loss….for you this is a secret or not so secret triumph as you gloat over it because you got “banned”. Did you really? Or were you moderated out because of the language you were using? It’s not all about YOU.

    Within a week a series of major posters on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and other platforms were removed without any rationale or justification. Why? Possibly because someone complained and made a case of it to some self-appointed censor who then removed it.

    These tech companies are gaslighting posters and bloggers to the point even Rollo commented that perhaps he should be careful. The idea of “being careful” is exactly what the left wants. They control the means of production. Whether you were butt hurt and called out for your posts….you still chose to post and were able to. Now you can’t even though you claim you don’t want to.

    You’re still wallowing in self-pity… Spare a thought for the voices that have been silenced simply because they said what was on their mind. But who decides which ideas are for public consumption and which aren’t?

  54. Anyone notice this Bud Light ad has been changed?


    Now the scribe is showing a less toxicly male pony instead of the knight with the sword… Can’t find anything online discussing this change…


    “But who decides which ideas are for public consumption and which aren’t?”


    Vae Victis!

  55. Life is a struggle for all,even in today’s mechanized world. So it just goes without saying that if a social,political,legal or sexual unfairness is in ones favor,they will generally accept the unfairness. Some will even go as far as to protect the false in order to better prosper and celebrate when the opposition is snuffed out. This is just human nature,there is nothing special or outstanding about it.

    The main trouble with this propensity is that there is gravity and inertia coupled with hunger and instinct that are based in truth. In the final outcome truth always wins out no matter the handicap that is given to the weak ones and the foolish. “sooner or later it comes down to Fact”. Then it is time to pay the piper.

    In any disagreement the larger the imbalance or percieved wrong the louder the pushback from the other side. We live in a time when this pushback is no longer allowed. We are expected to suck it up and support even our worst enemies as is felt fitting by the rule of feels as this is where the fuel comes from to keep the train moving. The main trouble is the further lack of motivation in this direction for even and especialy the the self motivated aren’t blind to the direction of the train. All in all censorship is a further push towards destruction as the tracks end at a precipice.

  56. “Either life is unfair or it’s always fair and just.”

    It’s not your usual level-headedness to write in extremes. This peanut gallery shit’s getting to you. Doctor’s orders: Play some golf, enjoy the weather.

    Here’s your TRM weather desk NJ forecast: Partly to mostly cloudy. High around 70F. Winds WNW at 10 to 15 mph.

    Now let’s kick it over to Sentient at the sports desk.

  57. Wala

    Sorry you can’t take disagreement. I hope you find another safe space/hug box soon.

    Banning is wron g, or it is right. Stop talking out of both sides of your mouth. It’s transparent. I wrote what is said when I was banned. Why are you invested in finding an alternative reason? Ask yourself that ( you won’t).

    Still gone.😀

  58. So Blax which is it? Is banning wrong or right?

    No wiggle words now… No ifs or buts or candies or nuts…


    Do watch the NCAA Lax tournament… Or playoff hockey… Some great stuff. 💀😈🔫🐸💪

  59. Sentient

    Banning is wrong on public platforms and in general. As I’ve said a dozen times, I wouldn’t have banned/deplatformed heartiste, even if I had the power to do so.

    Maybe he’ll go private.

    But my point is that a) I wasn’t a fan for a reason, so b) I won’t gnash my teeth because the banner got banned.

    Lots of folks getting deplatformed. Nobody will do anything about it except complain and go about their daily lives as usual. It’s lip service. It’s feelz. It changes nothing.

    Banning heartiste isn’t a sign of the fall of civilization. ” banning ” on the other hand, should be concerning, but throwing hissy fits ain’t the answer. When all the banning and deplatforming started, nobody really care because they weren’t invested. Now it’s ” omg!!! “, but it may be too late.

    Sometimes people must be taught harshly and personally before they can smell the coffee. I’ve never been opposed to that when needed.

    And wala, if you’re ” not reading this ” heartiste is still gone.😁 hope you don’t run out of butt salve.

  60. “Maybe if it comes back, it will allow opposing views without censoring and banning, since the overriding message seems to be that banning and censorship is bad, right? Or is it only sometimes?”

    ch banning individual users mods find annoying or unproductive or whatever is different from tech masters deplatforming people

    hate speech and racist speech are protected as free speech

    the tech masters operate under the idea they are platforms not publishers while they edit and censor like publishers and push agendas like special interest lobbyists all while claiming to be neutral lol

    censorship is about controlling language to control thought to control behavior

    if i can’t read and contemplate the most radical of radicals then i can’t really make a choice

    i wouldn’t know i’m not a racist if i couldn’t read racists

    i wouldn’t know i’m not a fascist if i couldn’t read fascists

    i wouldn’t know i’m not a feminist if i couldn’t read feminists

    the lack of censorship, even of ourselves, or maybe especially because of it (it’s partly because the thots didn’t self censor that we got to finally know the truth) leads to organic growth

    being afraid of hate speech, racist speech, ad hom attacks says more about the “victim” than the offender

    the world is safer than it ever has been but it is not and never will be a safe space

    censorship and agree and amplify are related

    those who would censor and dampen the message vs those who would amplify it

    game is very clear about which strategy is better when getting her to spread

    game and censorship are not compatible

    if i had censored what came out of my mouth i never would have reached the sexual heights i have. pushing the envelope is essential and i can’t push it without language and i can’t have all abstractions available to me for game if the range has been censored

    i think people should be able to yell fire in a crowded room because we are capable of creating a society where if that were to happen then everyone would be calm and rational enough not to trample each on the way to the exit and the fucker who thought it was funny would be dealt with in ways other than through the legal system

    maybe people who hate racist speech are really closet racists and people who love using the legal system to punish ideological enemies are really closet fascists

  61. So, banning and censorship is okay under…the ” right ” circumstances as determined by individuals?

    Other than that, I agree with the bulk of the statement aside from the differentiation between ” tech ” and individuals, because definitions don’t change.

  62. J

    Whoa J… some growth!!!!

    Welcome to the Ride or Die mindset… Those twitter guys get it wrong because they never lived it…

  63. Take heed Rollo, what do these things have in common [brought to you by the Letter R]

    “FYI a few days before the 2016 election, Wormpress warned me about the content of a couple of blog posts, and asked they be deleted to avoid a deplatform, which I did. No harm no foul. (The supposed infraction was bogus of course, but I’m not gonna get worked up over a couple of shitposts that took the piss out of Paul Ryan.)

    This time around, no warning. No emails from Wormpress. Just sudden darkness.

    Someone got to them, and they flinched.

    The trigger, I think, was the second to last post in which I encouraged readers to buy tix to Roosh’s US speaking tour to support a political dissident. This bothered the fuck outta the worms at Wormpress or the SJW roving gang of heresy sniffers who promptly converged on Wormpress to demand my head for associating with a known “hater” i.e. a man not sufficiently embarrassed by his masculinity.”


    But Blax will be cool when they shut you down for that “red pill” stuff, so there’s that.

  64. ( and I know, I know, a lot of commenters see ” racist ” shit as ” free speech “. I’m good with that ( because it will NEVER change ), but I don’t have to like it, endorse it, agree with it, be silenced by it ( which I think is what a lot of people want – just shut up about it already or something Lol, but I don’t have to. ).

  65. What can be done about Heartiste’s banning other than whining?

    And the issue with Isis is their murderous tactics, not their dislike of Christians. Murderous racists should be banned, but racists who advocate forming organizations to promote the interests of their own race shouldn’t be banned.

    All that said, I’m not a fan of racism of any sort, but I’ll defend the right of racists to speak–even Farrakhan and La Raza (hispanic racists) and Heartiste. Of course, I’ll also be happy to expose their racism and castigate it.

  66. FYI:


    I will never stop learning. I won’t just work on things that are assigned to me. I know there’s no such thing as a status quo. I will build our business sustainably through passionate and loyal customers. I will never pass up an opportunity to help out a colleague, and I’ll remember the days before I knew everything. I am more motivated by impact than money, and I know that Open Source is one of the most powerful ideas of our generation. I will communicate as much as possible, because it’s the oxygen of a distributed company. I am in a marathon, not a sprint, and no matter how far away the goal is, the only way to get there is by putting one foot in front of another every day. Given time, there is no problem that’s insurmountable.

    Watch what they do, not their creedo.


    RYFKM?? My dick moved.

  67. My greater fear at this point is losing my account on Amazon. I’ve always had archives of this blog regularly backed up, it’s having a blue haired feminist surepticiously press delete on my books that concerns me most.

  68. Call me curious about J.’s post.

    What does that post mean to you in your own personal quest J.?

    “Women don’t care about your struggles, they hang out at the finish line and bang the winner…”

    Is that about PUA and banging bar sluts at the end of the night. (And not that there is anything wrong with that for you at all…Really. Sport-fucking is fine.)

    Or are you just posting up some random shit for the purpose of Law #38 of the 48 Laws of Power.

    In other words as to the question I have, what is going to be winner-ish about you over time, J.? And does it matter?

    I like your post and I’m not being antagonistic.

    “A strong woman will be a part of his struggle, survive it and and succeed together and build and empire is pretty much a great thing.”

    And it is a basis for guys not going Red Pill Rambo on their wives or girlfriends and inviting them along on the journey with charisma, be attractive, don’t be unattractive and use the toolbox at their disposal to get to where they want to be.

    LTR’s require judicious compromise, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Same for serial monogamy or spinning plates or keeping up your notch count in PUA and (actually having a life well lived outside of that, enjoying that. but not beholden to that.)

    Equanimity is not egalitarian equalism.

    Mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, especially in a difficult situation.

    That’s where the balance of classical Seneca, Epictetus and Marcus Aurelius Stoicism comes in to play. Them there guys stuff are tools to use in the field of play. In the field of confronting reality as it is, not how it ought to be.

  69. “My greater fear at this point is losing my account on Amazon.”

    Have you been, well, covertly threatened? You don’t know if the lines of communication are cut and all….

    “My greater fear…”

    Now’s the second time you’ve expressed fear at something frankly out of your control. If it was in your control you’d adjust or overcome or make connections or what ever it takes not be banned. The idea of banning you has you fearing things over which you have zero control and taking up space in your head where you could be doing other productive things. No joke.

    Thanks for bringing this up….

    kfg made a comment about my DUI and I had to think a little about it:

    @Eh Intellect:

    “kfg…I could have handled that better, I admit.”

    “Yes, and at the very least have avoided the DUI, but the incident is still illustrative.”

    I thought about it and wondered if kfg would kindly pose the same sentence to himself but swap “DUI” with “your divorce”.

    It’s not an exercise in ball busting but illustrative of a person’s intention ATM of difficulty. When I was picked up for my DUI, was I attempting to drive drunk? No. My wife had been dragged from me and was on the lam and my superego got the best of me. I placed her welfare above the-whatever-idea-a-DUI-means-to-society (btw, it helps to have zero shame, a shit ton of skill and other things to make that go).

    Was kfg intending a divorce? IDK. Only kfg knows that.

    Are you intending to offend sensibilities or spread your opinion and politely so? Again IDK. Only you know that.

    Look, Rollo, there are, on the extreme, situations where social institutions have been allowed to function for the sake of populace comfort….but no more. There’s no fucking around with the totalitarians wrt someone’s place in the matrix. You do what you can do and that’s that. Fuck me, enough with the fear. Life is what it is.

    Funny thing is there’s really more to all this than online life. Online life is a condition of our IRT lives if we choose to reflect it honestly so. I believe that is what you, Rollo, are doing.

    Now the question to you is this: Are you willing to sweat the bed over possibles that might, might, never come to pass or will you just carry on as always with pure intention to keep men informed, alive and happy?

    What hill are you willing to die on, if any? Find that answer then back it off to where you are now and for Pete’s sake stop fearing as it isn’t anywhere near over, FFS. (There are guys here who take this stuff REALLY literally).


  70. “I thought about it and wondered if kfg would kindly pose the same sentence to himself but swap “DUI” with “your divorce”.”


    “Was kfg intending a divorce?”

    I was intending ’til death do us part, but when it came down to facing the actual choice I chose divorce. I could have chosen cake, but as a celiac that would have been a distinction without a difference.

  71. @ kfg

    “I could have chosen cake”

    Then why didn’t you? Lol.

    When you were given the choices In the context you believed divorce was your only option. It’s easy to say to yourself or somebody else after the fact that you could’ve done something differently or avoided the divorce. I’m not so sure that’s true.

    So rather than fear every step I take in the present because of some past mistake to avoid some future punishment, I forgive myself most of all because my intentions at the time In my opinion were sound and work around the obstacle. I can then move on with a clear conscience. That’s important to me.

    Also, blaming the obstacle, divorce, cops, the FI, or what ever else for my lot isn’t helpful either as none of that will help my ATM life.

    No fear.

  72. I was intending ’til death do us part, but when it came down to facing the actual choice I chose divorce.

    And weren’t we all? Before RP, that was the landscape of choices available to me – stay in and die (figuratively) or gtfo and perhaps live…

  73. “When you were given the choices In the context you believed divorce was your only option.”

    That is not correct. I have always considered death an option and an inevitability. In context I did not believe my death would have bought anything of value and as things worked out it was my father in law who was beaten to death with a fireplace poker, not me.

  74. @kfg:
    (…) and as things worked out it was my father in law who was beaten to death with a fireplace poker, not me.

    Great line. It brought a smile to my face, in a kind of funny but not too funny kind of way…

  75. “That is not correct. I have always considered death an option…”

    Suicide by proxy is not a reasonable option and kfg’s story’s illustrative of a man trying to do his best ATM, with what he knows although he let it get out of hand long before the murder.

    That’s my point. Events often are unavoidable so to say retrospectively different is incorrect.

    Hence, judging the past as avoidable or unavoidable is an exercise in haughty ego maintenance.

    The past was and doesn’t exist. Let’s not judge what happened, let’s judge the intent of the man.

    “What can you do in the now?” is a lot more helpful than “You should have known better.”

  76. “Suicide by proxy is not a reasonable option . . .”

    That depends on what it buys, although I note that the calculation can be a tricky one. The suicide by proxy at the end of Saving Private Ryan turned out to be a pointless one even though it seemed critical right up until the moment the tank busters arrived in the nick of time, which was a nick too late.

    The dice will roll. Get used to it.

    ” . . . he let it get out of hand long before the murder.”

    I married the psycho. After that I was just along for the ride, or die.

    “What can you do in the now?”

    See Santayana, which is where I came in to this movie.

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