Reminders of Myself

I’m writing this post on the day before I head off to this year’s 21 Convention and I thought I’d just do something a bit freeform to get a few ideas on the page and let you all know where my head is at these days. I generally don’t make a habit of using The Rational Male as a sounding board for my personal thoughts. Most of what you read here is what I can best describe as crafted essays. Last week’s post was a good example of that. I took about 2 weeks to to write that essay, but the the germ of the idea for building an essay on body language and implied meanings was something I’d had percolating for almost 6 months. When you write about what I do for as long as I have I’ve learned it pays to be thorough, and I enjoy the building process.

Now that I’ve said all that, I’m going to break this rule today and do a bit of stream-of-consciousness writing here now.

One thing I’ve learned since I decided to write intentionally is that I’m never off-duty. I’ve always been an artist and I’ve always kept sketchbooks with me to scribble down ideas for larger work, but it wasn’t until I started really writing that I began to keep notebooks for my posts and then my books; and now my talks. I presently have 4 small notebooks that I put ideas in. I just finished filling one up and now I need another one. I was never that Emo writer kid who was so artsy and self-absorbed he had to write a diary because he thought people must find him fascinating. In fact, I’ve always thought of art as something temporal.

Now this is changed for me. I find it an absolute necessity to keep notebooks with me to capture ideas in. I think my brain has changed somewhat since I began being a ‘serious’ author. My mind now works in a way where I get ideas that don’t stay for long, but the internal conversations I have to flesh out those ideas can get pretty involved. I’ve freaked my wife out on more than one occasion when I got up to take a piss in the middle of the night, had an idea and then had to go write it down knowing that it would fade from memory by the morning. I think I’m kind of torn between being a creative thinker and a deductive thinker as a result of applying myself to writing .

I guess that makes me a writer, but I still don’t know what I am in that respect. I do know I have an obsessive compulsion to write, but not so much to write as an author of books but a capturer of ideas. Occasionally I read about authors’ writing processes and rituals and it sounds really artsy. Honestly, I think a result of the self-publishing revolution is that it created a lot of writers who just wanted to be writers. Like they just revel in the identity and love to say ‘I’m special, I’m a writer‘. The same thing happened in desktop publishing when computers started replacing all the analog ways of graphic design. Everyone you knew was a ‘graphic designer’ because anyone could do it then.

I think it was Stephen King who said writing for him was like excrement. Not in the way that his writing was shit, but rather it was something that just came out of him, something he excreted like hair or fingernails. I think I understand that now. I never set out to be a writer, I’m an ideas man. Sometimes those ideas are great and help change men’s lives. Then sometimes I think maybe I’m a messenger for something that just needs to be conveyed in this day and this time. 

The Rational Male, my first book, just turned 5 years old on October 1st. Granted, it still needs to be cleaned up and I’m in the process of a reedit with the help of two editors now. Nothing will change as far as content is concerned, but lets be honest, the font size needs to be kicked up a couple points and there are a fair amount of grammatical errors that need to be corrected. So, I’m reading back through the whole book these days and in doing so I almost can’t believe that the voice is my own. Although the book was published in 2013 all the material is from essays I wrote as far back as 2002, and a lot of that was from conversations and debates I’d had on SoSuave from back in the day. Re-reading it is like having a conversation with myself from when I was 34 years old.

The book is important in so many ways to so many people now. That’s something I have to keep in mind today. The Rational Male is a living text. It’s not a book you you read once and put on a shelf. Readers keep returning to it when the need to be reminded of a relevant truth that they’re experiencing in life.

A year ago, when I was at the 21 Convention the thing that struck me the most was signing men’s copy’s and seeing how well-worn they were. Every one had liner notes and highlighted in at least 2 different highlighter colors. It was then I realized this book was something more than a self-published book turned out from the print-on-demand mill.

I’m sure I’ll see the same this year and it makes me happy to have been the instrument to bring these truths to men. I still get chills when men tell me it saved their lives or it fundamentally changed them for the better. I re-read my work and think ‘who is this guy?’ I wonder how my grandchildren, maybe great-grandchildren, will see what I was about. And this is what concerns me most when I consider the ease with which I could be erased from the online world.

I would be lying to say that recent social events haven’t flustered me. The fact that Roosh’s books could be so casually deleted from all of his distribution sources is unsettling. He wrote about this, prophetically, about five years ago in The Most Insidious Method of Control Never Devised. Roosh has had his bread taken from him. And yes, I understand, his right to ‘free speech’ hasn’t been impinged, he still has the right to say what he thinks, but this is a reminder that for all the high-minded talk about being ‘anti-fragile’ we’re all more fragile than we think.

I don’t know what Roosh’s revenue situation looks like, I know he’s put Return of Kings on indefinite hiatus, but I wonder what men who’ve made the manosphere their sole source of income will do when their ability to generate revenue from it dries up. This is the main reason I advise men against becoming revenue-dependent on the manosphere. It’s too easy to have their convictions compromised for the sake of profit, but it’s also one keystroke away from being deleted by platforms they depend on for that revenue.

My main fear is that the vital work I’ve done with The Rational Male might be casually undone through the ignorant vindictiveness of a feminist critic somehow made an authority over what men should and should not read in digital publishing. My fear is that the men’s lives who might be saved by my book would be prevented access to it. I made a joke on Twitter a few years ago; I said, ‘there will come a day when The Rational Male will have to be read in secret, by candle light among secret societies of men like Christians in Mao’s China had to do. I don’t laugh at that prophecy anymore.

I’ve always encouraged men to buy the physical, print copy of the book. Mainly this is because I’ve always hoped men would in fact discuss it among themselves. It was meant to be a conversation (debate) starter because I’ve always believed in the bottom up approach to making people think in new ways. I want men to physically pass the book on to the next guy they think will need it. I make the least amount on royalties from the print book, but it’s what I think is most important – but also because it is a permanency that digital books cannot insure.

The Red Pill community has grown exponentially since I began writing almost 20 years ago. While I don’t believe we’ve hit critical mass just yet I do think we’re becoming too big to ignore now. The Red Pill forum on Reddit was ‘quarantined’ last week, and unsurprisingly the latent message sent in that act was one that aligned with a pseudo-concern over what an appropriate expression of masculinity is. Ironically, the redirect from the quarantine was linked to the ‘masculinity studies’ department of Stony Brook University – every bit the Vichy male plantation for men to align with the definition of masculinity approved for them by the Feminine Imperative – and led by, the now condemned for sexual assault allegations, Michael Kimmel. 

What the Red Pill reveals is dangerous and threatening to a gynocentric world order. As the #MeToo movement evolves into the opportunistic weapon of social and political control, our online presence and our message stand out in sharp challenge to its false foundations. I can remember when I wrote Fem-Centrism and The Feminine Reality and the hostility those posts generated among critics. It’s always been a man’s world they said; how dare I suggest women were the true power behind the throne. That was 7 years ago. I had a new WordPress blog and although I was semi-well known on SoSuave I was just another blogger who wrote about this new thing called the ‘Red Pill’.

The Gestalt Feminine vs. The Gestalt Masculine

In 2018 the stakes are much higher, the game has changed and the tolerance for challenges to an ideology intrinsic to our feminine-primary social order is at its breaking point. There is now a presumption of authority to go along with the presumptions of entitlement for women and default guilt for men. The very platforms that made our coming together possible are ruled by the world views we’ve always warned against.

I once wrote a post called Appeals to Reason and in it I made a rational case as to why it is never in a good idea for a man to try to reason his way into intimacy or sex with women. Most Beta men subscribe to a very literalist mindset. Our Rational Interpretive process evolved to make men natural, deductive, problem solvers. As such, we evolved different strategies and different communication methods apart from those of women. We believe in the statistics, the empirical data, the proven methods, the ‘science’ behind the processes to make informed decisions. We prioritize information when we communicate.

To the contrary, women prioritize the context of communication – they feel the communication before they apply a rational interpretation to what’s been communicated. Even when confronted with a succinctly reason position founded on empirical facts, their first priority is to personalize how that data makes them feel. Their Emotional Interpretive Process is their evolved default.

What I see happening today on a larger meta-social scale is a collective gestalt of the masculine trying to assert their deductive reasoning to assess the disposition of the meta-female gestalt which is firmly founded in how issues of monumental social importance make the whole of the feminine feel.

In Appeals to Reason I used a guy’s petition of women as an example of this. The kid had created a list of questions for women to fill out as to why they didn’t want to go out with him on a date and to assess what it is that women want. This is classic male deductive reasoning. For millennia men have tried to apply reason to dealing with women only to find themselves confounded by what women say and what they do. The same is now true in a social scope and about decisions that have global importance today.

However, in today’s scenario it is women who presume an authority that is just on the cusp of totalitarianism. It’s like we’re collectively, as Beta, Blue Pill conditioned men, attempting to logically deduce what it is women want in order to satisfy their desire for a total authority. And when that woman doesn’t get what she wants, when men try to reason her into bed, she reacts like a violent child having a tantrum. She says what she feels, not what she needs.

And the gestalt of men turn on one another and blame the other for setting her off. “If only you assholes would give her what she wants we wouldn’t be in this mess” they say. Then to make matters worse we pander to her tantrums, we believe her insanity, we take her feelings as facts and the other half of the gestalt masculinity wonders why the other can’t see the real story while the other is swept up in female hysterics.

Then the gestalt female is pandered to so thoroughly that we come to the point that we follow their Emotional Interpretive process as the only measure of legitimate discussion. This is where we are today, only, to compound things, we’ve collectively approved for the gestalt feminine a universally effective means of destroying the parts of the gestalt masculine who would dare to challenge their feelings, their emotional priorities. We’ve given the feminine the power to wish us away to the cornfield if we upset the child.

And so here we are, at the figurative mercy of the gestalt feminine (and their Vichy male “allies”) keeping our collective heads down for fear that they’ll deny us our bread if we upset the insane, collective female Id.

There will be more to this essay in my address at the 21 Convention this Friday. I will also be doing various videos from Orlando on my Periscope, Twitter and possibly my new YouTube channel. I hope to see you there.


  1. With regards to politics:

    Look at the actions not at the rhetoric, you’ll be sorely disappointed in both the blue team and red team.








    As I have noted before both teams spend an awful lot of energy trying to convince me that their brand of authoritarianism is best, which rather misses the point if my politics oppose authoritarianism.


  2. Foxguy

    I had to correct somebody in telling them that me being Hispanic/Latino does not mean it defines my identity, I made it very clear I am foxguy first and foremost and Hispanic/Latino second or third or whatever, it doesn’t define me or my positions.

    What you are not identifying as is just as important… Like White Male is waaaaay down on your list.

  3. Asd

    I love you man. You always actively illustrate my points.😁


    I.can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked if my wife ‘ migrated ‘ here. When I say that she was born here, I still occasionally get ” so is she 1at generation? “. When I say that she’s Puerto Rican, I often still get asked about who migrated here in her family.

    It’s 2018.

    There are no acceptable answers for these folks because the political narratives are too strong along with the resurgence of tribalist thought. Nothing wrong With liking tribalism per se, but base it on facts, knowledge and common sense, not internet jibberish and memes.

  4. … I’ve been told all my life that nobody in this country is persecuted or targeted. Which is it?

  5. Blax did you just “Teh Current Yearah” at TRM…


    Nothing wrong With liking tribalism per se, but base it on facts, knowledge and common sense, not internet jibberish and memes.

    a) Your posts are generally THE most tribal.
    b) Who’s “facts, knowledge and common sense” we tawkin’ ’bout?
    c) What if memes and “jibberesh are based on facts, knowledge AND common sense? What then?

  6. Reflections
    Anyone ever ponder what life would be like without this shared collective of knowledge in improving our self’s? Went to a recovery retreat over the weekend and found myself appreciating the work here with a new point of view. Dosnt matter what life unfolds for any of us. What matters is are choice. Are response to the moment and the presence we give our selfs when we have the option to begin again. Trauma is a discouraging gift but I’m observing the unplugging process as a new birth of truth and tranquility.

  7. Jibberish usually isn’t based on facts.

    Nobody is persecuted here. That’s what I’m told.

    Which is it?

  8. Blax

    Jibberish usually isn’t based on facts. I see.

    So this When I say that she’s Puerto Rican, I often still get asked about who migrated here in her family. = gibberish. Unless you have facts showing human life originated on Puerto Rico?

    Nobody is persecuted here. That’s what I’m told.

    Who told you that? A large part of this very website is all about guys being persecuted.

    Where are we on the Did Blax Ever Vote? thingy???

  9. No group in America is ever demonized. Ever. It’s a myth OR it’s smart thinking.

    Including ‘ white males ” ( not my choice of descriotor, but a popular one lately)

    Which is it?


    Which. Is. It.?

  10. Blax

    Your circuit is stuck… try konking yourself in the head a bit… loosen things up.

    Or reboot…


  11. “Look at the actions not at the rhetoric, you’ll be sorely disappointed in both the blue team and red team. The same individuals who champion on either side would probably publicly disavow the tribalism displayed by such well known gangs such as the Bloods and the Crips during their well known battles but yet fail to realize that the mental processes/gymnastics they are following are not that much different than the average gang member.”

    I posted this two years ago:

    “The most alarming rhetoric comes out of the dispute between liberals and conservatives, and it’s a dangerous waste of time because they’re both right. The perennial conservative concern about high taxes supporting a nonworking “underclass” has entirely legitimate roots in our evolutionary past and shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand. Early hominids lived a precarious existence where freeloaders were a direct threat to survival, and so they developed an exceedingly acute sense of whether they were being taken advantage of by members of their own group. But by the same token, one of the hallmarks of early human society was the emergence of a culture of compassion that cared for the ill, the elderly, the wounded, and the unlucky. In today’s terms, that is a common liberal concern that also has to be taken into account. Those two driving forces have coexisted for hundreds of thousands of years in human society and have been duly codified in this country as a two-party political system. The eternal argument over so-called entitlement programs—and, more broadly, over liberal and conservative thought—will never be resolved because each side represents an ancient and absolutely essential component of our evolutionary past.

    So how do you unify a secure, wealthy country that has sunk into a zero-sum political game with itself? How do you make veterans feel that they are returning to a cohesive society that was worth fighting for in the first place? I put that question to Rachel Yehuda of Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. Yehuda has seen, up close, the effect of such antisocial divisions on traumatized vets. “If you want to make a society work, then you don’t keep underscoring the places where you’re different—you underscore your shared humanity,” she told me. “I’m appalled by how much people focus on differences. Why are you focusing on how different you are from one another, and not on the things that unite us?”

    I also related it to the eternal tribal conflicts here among the OMG’s and YSG’s, both of which are supposedly involved in Red Pill awareness of inter-sexual dynamics.

  12. Blax, you’re such a political cartoon…NPC…predictable…

    Red gets bluer and blue gets more violet…


    There is “RINO”…there is no “DINO”


  13. “I actually couldn’t care less about political memeing because it oversimplifies wayyy too much. A professor of mine once said to me: “keep it complicated”. The instant gratification system in society makes people think that they can “win” just by posting captioned pictures.”

    – progressive activist ca. 2018 who can’t meme or get laid

    follow his prof’s advice if you want to lose in every way possible

    “A large part of this very website is all about guys being persecuted.”

    the only crime in usa

    is not having excellent attorneys

  14. I posted this cough_bullshit_cough two years ago:

    You are oblivious to the game that is being played. You need to learn the teams and the rules. Some people are playing a “direct” game and losing…others are playing a subtle game and winning….

    Who is winning and losing is an exercise left for homework….

  15. Rugby

    Re fake news. It’s all about turning up the outrage and turning out the vote.

    Be aware that by November 6th Trump will have been implicated in personally repealing the 13th and 19th amendments, castrated 5,000 gays, gunned down 10,000 on a peaceful march to freedom via our Southern border WHILE simultaneously grabbing all the pussies that can be grabbed.

    And kicked a puppy…

  16. ” . . . the dispute between liberals and conservatives . . .”

    War is peace, Brother. Neither of those words mean what they mean in the current political discourse.

  17. War is peace, Brother. Neither of those words mean what they mean in the current political discourse.

    Liberals in the U.S. went to socialism, every one. And socialists are attempting to undermine three things: King, Church, and Family. It’s as they’ve been attempting since the 17th century. Some on the right are conservatives who have become yesterday’s liberals and immovable others stick to ancient patriarchal wisdom.

    If you are paying attention, you know what the brands are and who the teams are and who the traitors are.

  18. “Do you ever run out of ‘ stock ‘ narratives?

    Do you even realize that’s all you have?”

    Wait Blax… Are you now promoting the NPC meme???

  19. “Some on the right are conservatives who have become yesterday’s liberals . . .”

    This is backwards, although I understand what you mean. I’ll give them this, most of them are better socialists than the Socialists.

    Liberalism is an absolute political philosophy. Conservatism is a relative social inclination. Treating them as opposite political poles is a category error and a historical artifact.

    At least so far as treating those words as meaning what they mean goes. Right and left also no longer mean what they mean in the current political discourse, but they are more accurate in their actual meaning to your argument.

  20. Why risk time and money being better when rent-seeking behavior does the job cat’s paw style? Lawfare works in business and hypergamy too, I’d say. Conservatives condemn corporate cronyism. Liberals hate big business. Same coin, different sides.

    As long as one picks a side, battling it out, his attention is occupied on irrelavancies. I like a good political debate and enjoyed Trump’s election, though have wasted more potential than I wish to remember in politics. I thought politics mattered, I mean, was really important to my personal value.

    Nah, it’s a reflection of the greater culture. That’s all. My time is better spent inculcating solid values in my family than validation seeking through public politics.

    IMO, poIitics is a contingency of man’s nature and easily distorted for other’s benefit, not ours. l vote though there are infjnately more important things going on closer to home ATM. It’s taken a long time for me to realize that and am relieved I’ve a chance to do the right thing before it’s too late.

    Groupthink is dangerous.

    I hope you guys have a good day.

  21. kfg
    Right and left also no longer mean what they mean

    Where did you sit during the Estates General?


    John Stuart Mill was a dork-blue pedestalizer, and his writing shows it.
    Unfortunately his errors were propagated far beyond England.

  22. Liberals hate big business.

    Don’t be blue pill. Watch the actions and ignore the deceptive talk. Big Business is in bed with communists up to their eyeballs.

    Conservatives condemn corporate cronyism.

    Conservatives tend to walk the walk as well as talk the talk. They fight creeping compliance regulation. Trump got rid of a bunch of regulations and looks like more are due for elimination.

  23. “IMO, poIitics is a contingency of man’s nature and easily distorted for other’s benefit, not ours.”

    Neither side actually believes much of what they say they believe. In fact they often believe the exact opposite. Realizing this is what led Anonymous Conservative to apply r/K reproductive theory to politics.

    Because it isn’t only Classical Liberalism that is defunct. It’s absolute political philosophy as a whole that is defunct.

    Politics has gone “primitive,” to man’s nature. It’s all wolf packs and rabbit warrens now.

  24. ASD,

    The point I’m making is there are a lot more important things going on than how much better conservative policies are. I agree they are, though it’s a Titanic deck chair shuffle at this point.

    When a guy gets defensive re: politics I assume he’s ego invested as if his side looses he can blame externalalites and not himself personally, if his side wins he’s personally vindicated.

    And this comnent isn’t a shot at you personally, btw.

  25. Liberalism is an absolute political philosophy. Conservatism is a relative social inclination. Treating them as opposite political poles is a category error and a historical artifact.

    If you are examining them philosophically instead of politically, your statement is correct.

    Nowadays, we call communists “liberals”, but we all have better things to do than make philosophical mountains out of etymological ant hills.

    This is backwards, although I understand what you mean.

    Did you catch the humor? Conservatives marching into the past. They are always responding to liberals’ actions. Conservatism is a weak philosophy, although conservative values are far preferable to communist values. Trump is really not a conservative; Trump is too dynamic. He is on the right, for sure, but hardly a fascist.

    Have you studied Franco at all? His was a relatively mild authoritarian govt. during peace time and transitioned to representative govt. quite peacefully, which the Spanish are enthusiastically working to destroy. I would far prefer a Franco-type regime to our current communist mess.

  26. Trump registered as a Republican in Manhattan in 1987 and since that time has changed his party affiliation five times. In 1999, Trump changed his party affiliation to the Independence Party of New York. In August 2001, Trump changed his party affiliation to Democratic. In September 2009, Trump changed his party affiliation back to the Republican Party. In December 2011, Trump changed to “no party affiliation” (independent). In April 2012, Trump again returned to the Republican Party.[23]

    In a 2004 interview, Trump told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer: “In many cases, I probably identify more as Democrat,” explaining: “It just seems that the economy does better under the Democrats than the Republicans. Now, it shouldn’t be that way. But if you go back, I mean it just seems that the economy does better under the Democrats […] But certainly we had some very good economies under Democrats, as well as Republicans. But we’ve had some pretty bad disaster under the Republicans.”[24] In a July 2015 interview, Trump said that he has a broad range of political positions and that “I identify with some things as a Democrat.”[23]

    During his 2016 campaign for the presidency, Trump consistently described the state of the United States in bleak terms, referring to it as a nation in dire peril that is plagued by lawlessness, poverty, and violence, constantly under threat, and at risk of having “nothing, absolutely nothing, left.”[25][26] In accepting the Republican nomination for president, Trump said that “I alone can fix” the system,[27] and pledged that if elected, “Americanism, not globalism, will be our credo.”[26] He described himself as a “law and order” candidate and “the voice” of “the forgotten men and women.”[28] Trump’s inaugural address on January 20, 2017 focused on his campaign theme of America in crisis and decline.[29] He pledged to end what he referred to as “American carnage,”[30][31] depicting the United States in a dystopian light—as a “land of abandoned factories, economic angst, rising crime”—while pledging “a new era in American politics.”[29]

    Although Trump was the Republican nominee, he has signaled that the official party platform, adopted at the 2016 Republican National Convention, diverges from his own views.[32] According to a Washington Post tally, Trump made some 282 campaign promises over the course of his 2016 campaign.[33]

    In February 2017, Trump stated that he was a “total nationalist” in a “true sense”.[34]

    … but of course, if you lived where I live for the past 3-4 decades, you’d know this already.

  27. re·gime



    noun: regime; plural noun: regimes; noun: régime; plural noun: régimes

    1. a government, especially an authoritarian one.

    synonyms: government, system of government, authorities, rule, authority, control, command, administration, leadership
    “members of the former military regime”

    2. a system or planned way of doing things, especially one imposed from above.
    “detention centers with a very tough physical regime”

    synonyms: system, arrangement, order, pattern, method, procedure, routine, course, plan, program
    “a health regime”

  28. What would make you think that?

    …even though I made my thoughts clear here during the campaigns.

  29. @Blaximus, I didn’t “think” that. I don’t know. I know you are not fond of Trump, but I’m wondering if you held your nose at Hillary and voted for her anyway or just vote write in. Once I voted for “no name” in protest during the Bush election.

  30. Newly – Get this ( as scrib would say…lol). I’m not a big believer in political parties and the like. I think for myself. I draw my own conclusions informed by American history ( and some ” foreign ” history as well ). I’ve never been much of a follower.

    I’ve tried to state this in numerous Times most of my basic positions, but ” some people ” here insist on putting me in a box, lol.

    …. I wonder why that is?

  31. ” @Blaximus, I didn’t “think” that. I don’t know. I know you are not fond of Trump, but I’m wondering if you held your nose at Hillary and voted for her anyway or just vote write in. Once I voted for “no name” in protest during the Bush election.”

    Nah, I wouldn’t ever do that. That’s for political believers, the ” hold your nose ” thing.

    I didn’t vote for either of the knuckleheads in the last presidential election, and I left it to the believers to make a choice that we’d all have to live with.

    Then I went about trying to insulate myself. Whatever is going to happen, good or bad, is just going to happen. I don’t care for trump, but it’s got not much to do with politics at all. I didn’t care for him long before he became ” political “.

    Nothing’s changed on that front.

  32. @Blaximus, cool.

    If one looks at the national debt for the past, say, 100 years, they will see many Republican and Democrat presidents, many Republican led Congresses and Democrat led Congresses during that time, yet that pesky national debt never seems to go down (it’s a function, not a flaw). Even with someone like Trump who says they wish to fight the deep state on this, the debt rises (less slowly at best). Even though I favored Trump over Hillary, I know who the real rulers are. That makes me a radical.

  33. Blax

    Newly – Get this ( as scrib would say…lol). I’m not a big believer in political parties and the like. I think for myself.

    Very Trumpian of you…

    I’ve tried to state this in numerous Times most of my basic positions, but ” some people ” here insist on putting me in a box, lol.

    …. I wonder why that is?

    It is because the box labeled “Ducks” walked, talked and quacked just like ya know, a duck…

    Getting back to the Does Blax Ever Vote? thingy.. How is that answer coming along?

    PS – Please inform me what government is not authoritarian?

  34. Blaximus
    “There is no final one; revolutions are infinite.“

    “You are afraid of it because it is stronger than you; you hate it because you are afraid of it; you love it because you cannot subdue it to your will. Only the unsubduable can be loved.”

    That book really got into the red pill under authoritarian regimes.
    I.E statin

  35. “There is no final one; revolutions are infinite.“

    Because the revolutionaries are never revolutionary enough.

  36. Sentient:
    “What you are not identifying as is just as important… Like White Male is waaaaay down on your list.”

    I see from the nature of your posts that you may believe identity politics are being played whether one wants to or not, and I concede that point if it is your point. It’s a game , however it’s a game that requires energy expenditure, without a clear direct benefit for the individual in todays age. If you are one of the ones benefitting from it on either side and there are to the tune of millions/billions/power than it makes perfect sense. However, one only need to look at your need to respond to my posting, it’s an endless loop. I don’t care to engage in unless I am benefitting directly.

    Like I said, tribalism has very deep evolutionary roots, a few thousand years ago there was a very clear direct benefit to it, in fact it meant life or death, it’s been hijacked for the benefit of the few, maybe it’s always been so.

  37. Foxguy

    “it’s an endless loop…

    “tribalism has very deep evolutionary roots…”

    kfg is always saying “it’s babies all the way down”…

  38. Sentient’s got me reading the NY Post Page Six.
    First, though, the Texas teacher was smiling for her mug shot because of her innocence, according to her lawyer. 28 year old with a 17 year old. Hehe.

    That couch doesn’t belong on an indoor range. I know some people who run hot range houses that could use it, probably with a cardboard cutout of Hahvey on it. “Shoot or don’t shoot?”.

  39. “[HB5] 28 year old with a 17 year old. Hehe.”

    Psssh. Amateur.

    2 days ago:

    HB7 27 year old with a 14 year old

    “Peterson would pick him up from his parents’ house at 11pm and that they would spend hours together while her firefighter husband was working.

    They had sex at her home, in her car and in a barn behind the student’s house.

    Court documents state Peterson, who taught at New Smyrna Beach Middle School, bought the teenager marijuana and bowls for smoking pot”

  40. EhIntellect
    “The only means of ridding man of crime is ridding him of freedom.”

    BRADBURY: No, I don’t care about money. That’s not the point. The point is that he stole something. All I want is to have it returned.

    “Zamyatin: WE

    record one


    A Declaration. The Wisest of Lines. A Poem.

    I am merely copying, word for word, what was printed in the State Gazette today:

    In 120 days, the construction of the Integral will be complete. The great, historic hour when the Integral will soar through the Earth’s atmosphere is nigh. Some thousand years ago, your heroic ancestors subjugated the Earth to the power of the One State. Today, you are confronting an even greater conquest: the integration of the infinite equation of the universe with the crystalline, electrified, and fire-breathing Integral. You are confronting unknown creatures on alien planets, who may still be living in the savage state of freedom, and subjugating them to the beneficial yoke of reason. If they won’t understand that we bring them mathematically infallible happiness, it will be our duty to force them to be happy. But before resorting to arms, we will employ words.

    In the name of the Benefactor, let it be known to all ciphers of the One State:

    All those who are able are required to create treatises, poems, manifestos, odes, or any other composition addressing the beauty and majesty of the One State.

    These works will compose the first cargo of the Integral.

    All hail the One State, all hail ciphers, all hail the Benefactor!

    As I write this, I feel something: my cheeks are burning. Integrating the grand equation of the universe: yes. Taming a wild zigzag along a tangent, toward the asymptote, into a straight line: yes. You see, the line of the One State—it is a straight line. A great, divine, precise, wise, straight line—the wisest of lines.

    I am D-503. I am the Builder of the Integral. I am only one of the mathematicians of the One State. My pen, more accustomed to mathematical figures, is not up to the task of creating the music of unison and rhyme. But I might as well attempt to record what I see, what I think—or, more exactly, what we think. (Yes, that’s right: we. And let that also be the title of these records: We.) So these records will be manufactured from the stuff of our life, from the mathematically perfect life of the One State, and, as such, might they become, inadvertently, regardless of my intentions, a poem? Yes—I believe so and I know so.

    As I write this: I feel my cheeks burn. I suppose this resembles what a woman experiences when she first hears a new pulse within her—the pulse of a tiny, unseeing, mini-being. These records are me; and simultaneously not me. And they will feed for many months on my sap, my blood, and then, in anguish, they will be ripped from my self and placed at the foot of the One State.

    But I am ready and willing, just as every one—or almost every one of us. I am ready.

    record two


    Ballet. Quadratic Harmony. X.

    Spring. From beyond the Green Wall, from the wild, invisible plains, the wind brings the yellow honey-dust from a flower of some kind. This sweet dust parches the lips—you skim your tongue across them every minute—and you presume that there are sweet lips on every woman you encounter (and man, of course). This somewhat interferes with logical reasoning.

    But then, the sky! Blue, untainted by a single cloud (the Ancients had such barbarous tastes given that their poets could have been inspired by such stupid, sloppy, silly-lingering clumps of vapor). I love—and I’m certain that I’m not mistaken if I say we love—skies like this, sterile and flawless!

    On days like these, the whole world is blown from the same shatterproof, everlasting glass as the glass of the Green Wall and of all our structures. On days like these, you can see to the very blue depths of things, to their unknown surfaces, those marvelous expressions of mathematical equality—which exist in even the most usual and everyday objects.

    For instance, this morning I was at the hangar, where the Integral is being built, and suddenly: I noticed the machines. Eyes shut, oblivious, the spheres of the regulators were spinning; the cranks were twinkling, dipping to the right and to the left; the shoulders of the balance wheel were rocking proudly; and the cutting head of the perforating machine curtsied, keeping time with some inaudible music. Instantly I saw the greater beauty of this grand mechanized ballet, suffused with nimble pale-blue sunbeams.

    And then I thought to myself: why? Is this beautiful? Why is this dance beautiful? The answer: because it is non-free movement, because the whole profound point of this dance lies precisely in its absolute, aesthetic subordination, its perfect non-freedom. If indeed our ancestors were prone to dancing at the most inspired moments of their lives (religious mysteries, military parades), then all this can only mean one thing: the instinct for non-freedom, from the earliest of times, is inherently characteristic of humankind, and we, in our very contemporary life, are simply more conscious . . .

    To be continued: the intercom is clicking. I lift my eyes: it reads “O-90,” of course. And, in half a minute, she herself will be here to collect me: we are scheduled for a walk.

    Sweet O! It has always seemed to me that she looks like her name: she is about ten centimeters below the Maternal Norm, which makes her lines all rounded, and a pink O—her mouth—is open to receive my every word. Also: there are round, chubby creases around her wrists—such as you see on the wrists of children.

    When she entered, I was still buzzing inside out with the fly-wheel of logic and, through inertia, I started to utter some words about this formula I had only just resolved (which justified all of us, the machines and the dance): “Stunning, isn’t it?” I asked.

    “Yes, the spring, it is stunning . . .” O-90 smiled pinkly.

    Wouldn’t you know it: spring . . . I say “stunning” and she thinks of spring. Women . . . I fell silent.

    Downstairs. The avenue is crowded: we normally use the Personal Hour after lunch for extra walking when the weather is like this. As usual, the Music Factory was singing the March of the One State with all its pipes. All ciphers walked in measured rows, by fours, rapturously keeping step. Hundreds and thousands of ciphers, in pale bluish unifs,* with gold badges on their chests, indicating the state-given digits of each male and female. And I—we, our foursome—was one of the countless waves of this mighty torrent. On my left was O-90 (a thousand years ago, our hairy forebears most probably would have written that funny word “my” when referring to her just now); on my right were two rather unfamiliar ciphers, a female and a male.

    The blessed-blue sky, the tiny baby suns on each badge, faces unclouded by the folly of thought . . . All these were rays, you see—all made of some sort of unified, radiant, smiling matter. And a brass beat: Tra-ta-ta-tam, Tra-ta-ta-tam—like sun-sparkling brass stairs—and with each step up, you climb higher and higher into the head-spinning blueness . . .

    And here, like this morning in the hangar, I saw it all as though for the very first time: the immutably straight lanes, the ray- spraying glass of the streets, the divine parallelepipeds of the transparent buildings, and the quadratic harmony of the gray-blue ranks. And: it was as if I—not whole generations past—had personally, myself, conquered the old God and the old life. As if I personally had created all this. And I was like a tower, not daring to move even an elbow, for fear of chipping fragments off of walls, cupolas, machines . . .

    And then, in an instant: a hop across centuries from 1 to 2. I was reminded—obviously, it was association by contrast—I was suddenly reminded of a painting in the museum depicting their olden day, twentieth-century avenue in deafening multicolor: a jumbled crush of people, wheels, animals, posters, trees, paint, birds . . . And do you know, they say that it was actually like that—that it’s actually possible. I found that so improbable, so ludicrous, that I couldn’t contain myself and laughed out loud.

    And then there was an echo—a laugh—coming from the right. I spun around: the white—unusually white—and sharp teeth of an unfamiliar female face were before my eyes, before me.

    * This word is probably derived from the ancient word Uniforme.

    “Forgive me,” she said, “but you were observing your surround-ings with such an inspired look—like some mythical God on the seventh day of creation. It looked as though you actually believed that you, yourself, had created everything—even me! I’m very flattered . . .”

    All this was said without smiling, and I’d even go as far as to say that there was a certain reverence (maybe she was aware that I am the Builder of the Integral). And I don’t know—perhaps it was somewhere in her eyes or eyebrows—there was a kind of strange and irritating X to her, and I couldn’t pin it down, couldn’t give it any numerical expression.

    For some reason, I became embarrassed and, fumbling, began to justify my laughter to her with logic. It was perfectly clear, I was saying, that the contrast, the impassable chasm, that lies between today and yesterday . . .

    “But why on earth impassable?” What white teeth! “Across the chasm—throw up a bridge! Just imagine it for yourself: the drums, the battalions, the ranks—these were all things that existed back then too. And consequently . . .”

    “Well, yes, it’s clear!” I cried (it was an astonishing intersection of thoughts: she was using almost exactly my words—the ones I had been writing just before this Walk). “You see, even in our thoughts. No one is ever ‘one,’ but always ‘one of.’ We are so identical . . .”

    Her words: “Are you sure?”

    I saw those jerked-up eyebrows forming sharp angles toward her temples—like the sharp horns of an X—and again, somehow, got confused. I glanced right, then left and . . .

    She was on my right: thin, sharp, stubbornly supple, like a whip (I can now see her digits are I-330). On my left was O-90, totally different, made of circumferences, with that childlike little crease on her arm; and at the far right of our foursome was an unfamiliar male cipher, sort of twice-bent, a bit like the letter “S.” We were all different . . .

    This I-330 woman, on my right, had apparently intercepted my confused glance and with an exhale: “Yes . . . Alas!”

    In essence, her “alas” was absolutely fitting. But again, there was something about her face, or her voice . . .

    I—with uncharacteristic abruptness—said: “Nothing alas about it. Science progresses, and it’s clear that given another fifty, a hundred years . . .”

    “Even everyone’s noses will be . . .”

    “Yes, noses,” I was now almost screaming. “If, after all, there is any good reason for enviousness . . . like the fact that I might have a nose like a button and some other cipher might have . . .”

    “Well, actually, your nose, if you don’t mind me saying, is quite ‘classical,’ as they would say in the olden days. And look, your hands . . . show, come on, show me your hands!”

    I cannot stand it when people look at my hands, all hairy and shaggy—such stupid atavistic appendages. I extended my arms and with as steady a voice as I could, I said: “Monkey hands.”

    She looked at my hands and then at my face: “Yes, they strike a very curious chord.” She sized me up with eyes like a set of scales, the horns at the corners of her eyebrows glinting again.

    “He is registered to me today,” O-90 rosily-joyfully opened her mouth.

    It would have been better to have stayed quiet—this was absolutely irrelevant. Altogether, this sweet O person . . . how can I express this . . . She has an incorrectly calculated speed of tongue. The microspeed of the tongue ought to be always slightly less than the microspeed of the thoughts and certainly not ever the reverse.

    At the end of the avenue, the bell at the top of the Accumulator Tower resoundingly struck 17:00. The Personal Hour was over. I-330 was stepping away with that S-like male cipher. He commanded a certain respect and, now I see, he had a possibly familiar face. I must have met him somewhere—but right now I can’t think where.

    As I-330 departed, she smiled with that same X-ishness. “Come by Auditorium 112 the day after tomorrow.”

    I shrugged my shoulders: “If I am given instructions to go to the particular auditorium you mention, then . . .”

    With inexplicable conviction, she said: “You will.”

    The effect of that woman on me was as unpleasant as a displaced irrational number that has accidentally crept into an equation. And I was glad that, even if only for a short while, I was alone again with sweet O.

    Arm in arm, we walked across four avenue blocks. On the corner, she would go to the right and I to the left.

    “I would so like to come to you today and lower the blinds. Particularly today, now . . .” O shyly lifted her blue-crystal eyes to me.

    You funny thing. Well, what could I say to her? She came over only yesterday and knows as well as I do that our next Sex Day is the day after tomorrow. This was simply that same “pre-ignition of thought” as sometimes happens (sometimes harmfully) when a spark is issued prematurely in an engine.

    Before parting, I twice . . . no, I’ll be exact: I kissed her marvelous, blue, untainted-by-a-single-cloud eyes three times.”

    Book was a poetic revolution Prose into poetry. Both Orwell and Huxley lunched from this when it first came out and got banned.

  41. @J

    Rather obvious manjaw on that one. Can’t quite get a good look at her digit ratio though.

  42. Just what are the odds?

    “Check out the invaders wearing new shirts with feminist propaganda on them. It’s almost as if this is a carefully choreographed push to get women to side with third-world invaders, and to create more controversy when they have to be stopped by force. Whoever is behind this is hoping scores of them will be killed while cameras roll. All in time for the election. – from Gab”

  43. Good Morning.

    Being politically unaligned can be done though I raise an eyebrow at anyone who triangulates any situation with themselves in the reasonable middle. It’s no sin not to vote and being unmotivated politically though if a guy takes no sides, is he a man of conviction in anything? It’d be more authentic if the soi-disant politically unaligned would admit that it’s not about politics but how he prefers to live in total. Then he’d resist commenting politically, or speak about it philosophically and stay out of the mud or finger pointing or judging for consistency’s sake. Then other’s would accept and even celebrate his congruity.

    Politics is just one refractive pane through which man’s image passes. If he prefers to be seen on the other side is up to him. Man is not the same once through and to claim such is…well…you fill in the blanks. It’s disingenuous claiming purity on both sides of the glass and I’m at serious fault too, btw. In our hearts we all know this.

  44. Eh

    Truth. There is no truth in politics. It’s all a raging, silly circus, and it’s getting progressively worse where both ‘ sides ‘ are just blatantly making shit up ( the t-shirt in the heartiste piece….there’s a thing called Photoshop that savy folks should always be able to identify, unless they find it in their political interest not to. Never fool yourself.).

    It’s mostly just a huge distracting waste of a man’s time. Stoking hatred, anger, and Most of all -fear, as motivating factors. Grown was men saying and thinking and believing the dumbest, inaccurate stuff, and shouting it from every megaphone they can find.

    Then good newsnis, a majority of people everywhere don’t follow or invest much in this fuckery. They have beliefs and just keep it moving.

  45. 😀 a little to much money. A little too much comfort. Evidently way too much idle time.

    These things poison the average over time, unless he’s self aware.

  46. “These things poison the average over time, unless he’s self aware.”

    Aaaaaaaaaannnd we’re back to the NPC meme!!!

  47. “My wet diarrhea has 100 trillion times the intrinsic value of the “Blood of Jesus”!”

    Father Time would tell her that the value (highly inflated in her head) of her diarrhea depreciates each day faster than a bowel movement.

  48. Sentient, Blax isn’t a duck–he’s an “independent” mallard. hehe

    How many Gamers does it take to change a light bulb?

    Just one, but he has to really want to change it because changing it is such a pain in the ass! My basement hall light fixture is a low footprint fixture because the ceiling is low and it’s complicated to change the fucking bulb! I use halogen bulbs so I only have to change it every seven years or so.

  49. Father Time would tell her that the value

    To The Daughter of Satan; a day is as a thousand years; and a thousand years as but a single day…

    For I have transcended matter…and shall transcend time…and I will prevail.

    Behold Jehovah; for thy Gotterdammerung is upon thee!

  50. OK Rugby, Zamyatin’s We might be visionary — but did he foresee teachers gone wild and panty-stuffing female cops?

  51. Ya Weather or not the “FUTURE IS FEMALE” Tshirt photos are real,what comes to mind is ,who believes this crap? and the future is female as in fact under a fem primacy, anti testosterone, scrotum slicing social order the future is a Bitch.

    Not real politically suaded myself but as a masculinist I voted for conservative men and against any women and all women wherever possible from the bench on through.

    If the bitches lose and want to fight about it some more so be it.

  52. O.B.I.T.
    OK Rugby, Zamyatin’s We might be visionary — but did he foresee teachers gone wild and panty-stuffing female cops?

    Not Rugby but no. “We” was written in the 1920’s in the USSR, certain cultural limitations apply.

  53. @Bolderhead
    In a tourist town last August I saw a teenaged girl wearing a “Future Is Female” shirt as she and her fat mother led the way down the street, trailed by the fat husband and normal looking brother.

    Whether the “FIF” T in the pic from Guatamala / Mexico is shopped in or not is really moot in more ways than one.

  54. Have you studied Franco at all?

    I’m still waiting for him to die….

  55. Gents – observe the female in the wild, exposing her true nature. Apparently she’s read some books and has decent verbal skills, sure as shit she’ll lord it over you every chance she gets. She smirks and dismisses and hisses and cavorts around with a sadistic glee that almost conceals the raging insanity that most surely lurks beneath.

    I have a new HB9. 20yo. Nymphomaniac. Tiny. Submissive, for realz. Likes it very rough. Doesn’t want to be my girlfriend, rather she sneaks out to fuck me. Hehe.

    My game is at a new level. My appearance is quite good too. Most young women guess my age as 40 or early 40s…I’m 56. They don’t care when they find out. They just know they want a dominant man who isn’t going to kiss their asses and will fuck them properly. This generation of uber-hottie sluts is truly epic. A generation watching porn since they were age 7, hehe. So hyper-sexed up, with so many subpar young men, they are simply gagging for it.

    Now, always remember my caveats. Such a girl is 1 in a 1000. I’m constantly adding new candidates into the mix and many are not at that level. Most flame out. Some go away for 5 months and come back. But what I have is what they call in the sales game a “pipeline”. I’m never just focused on one girl. And my flame out rate is high. But not 100%…hehe. And of course, my flameouts are almost always subtle. I have almost zero drama. I also don’t have a girlfriend, which has ups and downs.

    I do have a weakness for brats though, they are my thing. Super hot, petite spinner brats. Fighting with a brat is totally different though, it’s playful and more like psychological tussling. Fyi, brats are often asking for comfort…When they aren’t demanding discipline.

    Get the fuck off these Red Pill sites. Get busy in the real world. Hotties are dying for real men to fuck them. Truly. Only problem is ya gotta be a man worth it to them…And that starts with having a life worth living in the first place. As a man, not some kind of survivor. Most of you aren’t willing to take the risks, so don’t whine when you don’t get the prizes. But for those of you who taste the mud and the blood, well, there is something on the other side well worth having. Knowing who you are and what you are made of is first among them, but there is much more.

    I was tested, and rallied and crushed every obstacle in my way. I decided I was going to fuck young hotties in my 50s 5 years ago, and bammo, i’m fucking girls as hot as they come (but then again, I’ve fucked hot women my entire life). I decided to get my career back and now I have my first CEO direct report job. I’m not necessarily happy. I’m a bit insane and emotional actually. But I’m good with even that now. My diet and health improvements have given me a certain new energy and I’m running with it.

    Happy trails my fellow travelers. Zero fucks given, living The Platinum life…

  56. AR from what I see in the pic,the guy with the fif shirt is a shill. He is better dressed cleaner well rested and fleshy also appears to have another shirt on his head and in his hand, definitely a media shill to what purpose who knows. Also a moot point as you point out.

    Out of place in a latin crowd for shure.

  57. Are we in some echoey, slow-motion dream sequence here? Did i hear Scrib in there somewhere amid the Karen Chronicles? Must … get … a … grip …

    And tell Karen … Celia Lovsky ,,, Vulcan matriarch ,,, died in 1979

  58. Being sane isn’t being normal, it’s being healthy psychologically. Stop pretending you are so smart. You are already pretty smart, Karen. But you constantly try way too hard, and this signals something about how you see yourself.

    As others here will tell you, I won’t be back again for a few weeks. I couldn’t imagine thinking it worth my time and focus to deal with you. This internet thing isn’t the real world, nor is it a real life. We are really all just sitting alone at our keyboards, clacking away. This is no life. Go get a better one, sweetie.

  59. somebody with a twitter acct tweet Rollo to come clean house.

    “Waaah waaah!!! Save me Rollie, save me from the Mean Woman!!!!!!”


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