I’m often asked by ‘fempowered’ women critics whether I ‘believe‘ in some of the more socially acceptable tenets of feminism in some sort defense to the affront of my Red Pill lens being cast their way. It’s usually something to do with, “Do you or do you not think women ought to have the right to vote?” or the ever-reliable “Shouldn’t women have the right to do with their bodies what they choose?” These questions are always binary (“yes or no will do”) and usually couched in a context that implies that if you even slightly disagree or have a marginal caveat to answering ‘appropriately’ you’ll be dismissed with a name tag that has “misogynist” printed on it. Say no and you’re a despicable misogynist. Say yes and you’re tar-pitted in “yes, but” caveats – mansplaining – that are disqualified because you’re a man.

Say no and you’re a despicable misogynist. Say yes and you’re tar-pitted in “yes, but” caveats – mansplaining – that are disqualified because you’re a man. Up until recently, it’s been a very effective means of silencing uncomfortable truths about the Feminine Imperative.

I’ve always found it ironic that a movement (feminism) that predicates itself on the ostensibly egalitarian notion that rational, reasonable considerations of issues should lead us to ideals of equality is the first to reduce itself to unquestioned, blind faith binaries at the first sign of rational reasonable truth being unflattering to women. If you want to know who holds power over you, look at whom you aren’t allowed to criticise – or even hint at criticism.

My position on these and many other questions of the sort is usually met with simple observational analysis (as you’d probably expect). I don’t necessarily have a problem with women voting or even having access to legal (relatively safe) abortions. What I have a problem with is the latent purpose behind the reasons that led to women’s decisions to vote a particular way or the latent purposes that brought them to having that abortion. For the greater part, any dubious ‘right’ women feel they were somehow denied in the past usually comes at the expense of men being liable for decisions they had nothing to do with.

What I have a problem with is an expectation of lowering the standards of the game, thus fundamentally altering the game, to better accommodate the variable strengths and weaknesses of women – up to, and including, changing the very nature of women’s environmental realities that would endanger the wellbeing of both sexes. What I take issue with is the expectation of making men liable for the decisions and consequences of the rights and freedom of choices we’ve reserved for only women to make (almost unilaterally Hypergamic choices) that are not in men’s best interests.

I mentioned in Our Sister’s Keeper that men today find themselves in a very precarious position with regard to entertaining women’s perceived wrongs of the past. Men are expected,by default, to be held accountable, for no other reason than they were born men, for past injuries to the ever-changing Feminine Imperative. Your existence as a man today, your failed understanding to accommodate women’s social primacy, your lack of catering to the ambiguous nature of what conveniently passes for masculinity, is a constant stinking affront and obstacle to the “advancement” of women. The Feminine Imperative has known how to manipulate men’s Burden of Performance for millennia, and at not other time in history has it had the unfettered leisure to do so than now.

So, we get socially acceptable default presumptions of ‘male privilege’ without qualifying what it even means, or we get catchy jingoisms like ‘mansplaining’ to give a name to women’s need for silencing men’s inconvenient observations of women’s ‘correct’ perceptions, decisions and the reasons they came to them. We get default presumptions of male guilt for sexual assault and sexual consent as fluidly defined in as convenient a way that serves women’s imperatives. As I’ve mentioned before, the true intent of feminism has never been about establishing a mutually agreed ‘equality’, rather it’s always been about retribution and restitution for perceived past wrongs to the sisterhood.

There has always been a subtext, a cover story, of equality mentioned in the same breath as feminism. Only the most antagonistic asshole, only the most anti-social prick, would be against “equality between the sexes”. Thus, to be against feminism is to be against a simplistic concept of baseline equality. However, taken out of the propagandizing efforts to shame and ‘correct’ men’s imperatives, it’s easy to demonstrate that the true intent of feminism is female ‘fempowerment’ in the dressing of an equality that no man (or woman) wants to appear to be against.

Yellowed Pearls

I found an interesting example of this  Catch 22 in the Economist recently. Pick and choose: Why women’s rights in China are regressing.

In 2007 China’s official Xinhua news agency published a commentary about women who were still unmarried at the age of 27 under the title, “Eight Simple Moves to Escape the Leftover Woman Trap”. The Communist Party had concluded that young Chinese women were becoming too picky and were over-focused on attaining the “three highs”: high education, professional status and income. Newspapers have since reprinted similar editorials. In 2011 one said: “The tragedy is they don’t realise that as women age they are worth less and less, so by the time they get their MA or PhD, they are already old, like yellowed pearls.”

In the last Red Pill Monthly discussion, I mentioned the expansion that the Feminine Imperative has taken on a global scale. One of the old missives of the manosphere has always been about how American women are too far gone to be worth ever entertaining beyond a pump-and-dump consideration. They are too damaged and self-absorbed beyond all redemption, and men ought to expatriate to another country where women are more feminine or at least necessitous enough to appreciate a conventionally masculine man.

I get that. I understand the want for a Poosy Paradise or some promised land where women are still raised to respect and love men by being conventionally feminine. I also get that there exist certain cultures where this is still true, but for all of that, I think it’s important to recognize the social undercurrent that the Feminine Imperative exercises in these cultures. A popular meme on Twitter is ‘Feminism is Cancer’, but there’s a kernel of truth to the humor of this. The spread of the westernizing social primacy of the Feminine Imperative is spreading, not unlike cancer, into what we would otherwise believe were societies and cultures still oppressed by the mythical Patriarchy – a belief necessary to perpetuate the narrative of default female victimhood.

It may not be now, but at some stage, the Feminine Imperative will exercise its presumptive control over even the societies we think ought to be immune from that cancer. As I mention on The Red Pill Monthly, even in underdeveloped countries where we would expect to find the horrible oppression of girls and women, we make a triumphant example of the incidents of where girls (not boys) are taught to read and “think for themselves”. Westernized culture, founded on the Feminine Imperative, celebrates every time a woman in Saudi Arabia is allowed to drive a car, much less run a business on her own as if it were some blow against the tyranny of men.

Little by little, or in leaps and bounds, your second or third world Poosy Paradise will eventually be assimilated by the Feminine Imperative.

I bring this up because, as you’ll read in the linked article, China is also experiencing the long-term results of having adopted feminine social primacy in its own culture. From women’s popular consciousness, we’re still, to this day, told of how horrible “communist” China has been in mandating its one-child policy and how its draconian ‘sons live, daughters die’ social structure has been the result. However, once we reasonably investigate it, we find that China now has a problem with “Yellowed Pearls” as a result of a cultural shift that placed women’s interests as preeminent in that culture. And it should be noted that this shift came about as the direct result of the men who adopted and accommodated the Feminine Imperative as their own.

Now the problem for women in China is not unlike the plight of American women bemoaning the lack of men with “equal” marriageability as themselves. And likewise, the self-same social authorities responsible for institutionalizing the fempowerment of women are now the horrible misogynist villains for suggesting that women ought to lower their unrealistic standards.

The tone of these articles is surprising, given the Communist Party’s past support for women’s advancement. Mao Zedong destroyed China, but he succeeded in raising the status of women. Almost the first legislation enacted by the Communist Party in 1950 was the Marriage Law under which women were given many new rights, including the right to divorce and the right to own property.

Sounds a far cry different from the pictures women, even women in this century, have painted of China’s institutionalized, one-child sexism doesn’t it? Remember, this advancement in women’s rights took place before the Cultural Revolution in China.

Though collectivisation made the latter largely irrelevant, women played an active role in Mao’s China, and still do today. By 2010 26% of urban women had university degrees, double the proportion ten years earlier. Women now regularly outperform men at Chinese universities, which has led to gender-based quotas favouring men in some entrance exams. However, many of the earlier advances have been eroded in recent years by the gradual re-emergence of traditional patriarchal attitudes.

Consider this part in contrast to other industrialized nations and how women have increased their socio-political standing as the result of having the Feminine Imperative adopted as the primary social order of those cultures. Even in cultures that are still popularly deemed “repressive” to women we see educational and socioeconomic parallels to western(ized) cultures. We also see the same resulting consequences and the shifting of blame for them to men. The downside of Yellowed Pearls is placed at the feet of men for not living up to the convenient, feminine-primary definition of what their Burden of Performance ought to mean in promoting and forgiving women’s decisions.

The party has joined an alliance of property companies and dating websites to confront the issue. Government surveys on marriage and property are often sponsored by matchmaking agencies, and perpetuate the perception that being “leftover” is the worst thing that can happen to a woman. They also promote other myths, such as the idea that a man must have a house before he can marry.

As you may expect, the tone of the article is written to emphasize an egalitarian perspective that conflicts with a reality that the Feminine Imperative would have men change or be responsible for not having changed. It’s men’s fault that women might feel bad for not having married by a post-wall age. It’s men’s fault for promoting myths that women would expect that a man must be successfully established in his life and career before any considerations of marriage occur to him. It’s also a man’s fault for clinging to the “myth” that women don’t want him to be established.

The law is reflecting the shift away from women’s empowerment too. An interpretation by the Supreme Court in 2011 of the 1950 Marriage Law stated that, when a couple divorces, property should not be shared equally, but each side should keep what is in his or her own name. This ruling, says Ms Fincher, has serious implications. In the big cities a third of marriages now end in divorce but, based on hundreds of interviews, she finds that only about 30% of married women have their name on the deeds of the marital flat. Women believe the party hype about becoming a “leftover” woman so strongly, she says, that many rush into unhappy marriages with unsuitable men, made on condition that the brides agree not to put their name on the property deeds.

Feminism Would be a Success if Men Would Only Cooperate More

Several years ago Dalrock had a post detailing the sentiment of feminists that feminism would be a success if only men would cooperate with the ideology by abandoning their own interests and sublimating their own biological impulses. The fact remains that feminism and egalitarianism are failed ideologies because at the root level those ideologies ask men to participate in their own extinction. Not only this, but they ask men to raise successive generations to accommodate and participate in their own degradation.

The narrative expects Yellowed Pearls to be prized by men, or respected as Spinsters, or pandered to as ‘Cougars’ while still maintaining men sublimate their own imperatives by willfully ignoring the fact that their own sexual strategy is what is being asked of them to abandon. As I stated in the Cardinal Rule of Sexual Strategies, for one sex’s strategy to succeed the other must either be compromised or abandoned – what better way is there to assure this for women than to socially mandate through shame, persecution or financial liabilities that men abandon their own strategy in favor of women?

For some time now, I’ve detailed how for the past 4 or 5 generations, there has been a popular social re-engineering effort to raise and condition boys to become the ‘better betas‘ – boys designed to become the supportive male-reinforcers of empowering women’s interests and imperatives.

For a greater part this effort has been primarily focused on boys and men in western society, and while it’s still open for debate, I’d say that westernizing cultures are really the only cultural environments that can afford to entertain this ‘fempowerment’. This is changing radically now if it was ever really the case to begin with.

In the manosphere we like to highlight the ‘pussification’ of modern men through various efforts on the part of a nebulous ‘socitey’ aligned against masculinity. However, the flip side to this is the fempowerment agenda; an feminine-primary social structure that disallows any criticism of inherently female nature while promoting the empowerment of women on every level of social strata.

We coddle and cater to the feminine in every aspect of social interaction, every aspect of academic achievement, every socioeconomic advantage inventable, every story we tell in every form of media and we do so under the threat of not being supportive or misogynistic for suggesting anything marginally pro-masculine. This is the other side of the demasculinization imperative of boys & men – the total consolidation of handicaping men and empowering women into unrealistic effigies of feminine triumphalism.

How do you counter this?

I’m always lauded for describing these social dynamics, but I’m run up the flagpole for not offering concrete ways of dealing with and pushing back on these imperatives. Many a MGTOW will simply suggest men no longer play the Game, that isolationism is the way to go, but this only serves to eventually concede power to the Feminine Imperative. You don’t get to check out of the Game even if you refuse to play it. For all the guys who left for parts unknown to find their demi-utopia of feminine women in a foreign country, even they will explain that the tide of feminism is changing those seemingly idlyic places. And for every guy to voluntarilly go celebate and “refuse to deal with women” I’ll show you a man whose tax dollars go to fund the consequences of women’s legislated rights to Hypergamous choice.

Sooner or later Men will have to confront and push back against both men and women who are convinced of their purpose in idealizing the dictates of the Feminine Imperative. A lot of men in the ‘sphere believe their being clever when they refer to people with this worldview as ‘SJWs’, but for every hair dyed, gender-confused man-woman you see on Twitter there are hundreds of ‘normal’ people who all share similar perspectives – some simply subconscious generalization they’re oblivious to – sitting next to you at church, or working in the cubicle next to you.

As I’ve mentioned countless times, the change needs to take place by appealing to the hearts and minds of Men by making them Red Pill aware from the bottom up, but moreover, we need to live out that awareness in our own lives and lead by Red Pill example. Our decisions in life, our aspiration in parenting, family and career, in our business dealings, in the women we Game and the people we hire, all of these aspects need to take on the perspective of how they fit into pushing back against a feminine-primary world that demands we surrender any thought of individuated male power.

As Men, we need to unapologetically exercise what little power we’re left with to inform this and successive generation of Red Pill truths tactfully, but with strength of conviction in the face of a feminine-primary society bent on our surrender. Life finds a way. Feminism and the consolidation of the Feminine Imperative have failed because Men were not evolved to acquiesce their dominant spirit. On the same evolutionary level women also evolved into requiring that convnetionally masculine dominance. This is why feminism and egalitarianism will ultimately fail – nature simply will not cooperate with it’s own stagnation. As men, we can use this truth to our Red Pill aware advantage.

Published by Rollo Tomassi

Author of The Rational Male and The Rational Male, Preventive Medicine

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  1. @kfg

    “I identify exactly one, true natural right. A right that is so profoundly rooted in natural law that even plants assert it:”

    There is no such thing as natural rights. It is a noble lie that derives from a hope or prayer. Natural law is the laws of physics. All other laws are artificial.


    “The rise of equalitarianism is an interesting topic. I’ve been wondering if it has something to do with our expanding in-group size.”

    I look at it historically. It was a working class, middle class, and mercantile movement of families who wanted to be equal to the aristocracy. That why I cannot understand any American who is against egalitarianism because nearly all Americans come from families of those classes.

  2. “Natural law is the laws of physics.”

    Try generating life without following the laws of physics. Try maintaining life without defending it. Try defending life without following the laws of physics.

    Biological law is an expression of the laws of physics.

    The lie is that it is not, told by those who wish you to abrogate your own defense.

    Footnote: There is no right to succeed in your defense.

    Disclaimer of Bias: My academic background is in physics.

  3. I accept your correction. Biology is natural. But all legislation is artificial. There is no such thing as natural rights. The term “natural rights” is simply a rhetorical device designed convince others to respect claims.

  4. “But all legislation is artificial.”

    But not all rights have their genesis in legislation.

    The Federalists argued against the adoption of the Bill of Rights, because it implied that the genesis of any rights so enumerated was legislative and would thus be interpreted and modified as if they were the product of legislation.

    Which is not to say that everything they held to be a natural right actually was, but that they understood the principles.

    And so in my youth I set about the investigating what things that were held as natural rights were not, in fact, the product of legislation.

    And I noted that the oak did not produce tannins to keep the birches and pines out of its claimed territory by act of any legislative body.

  5. The federalist argument was a BOR was not necessary because there was no need to tell the government not to do what it lacks the power to do. That doesn’t imply rights are natural. A right is simply a claim one makes against another, against a group, or against the government. There is no need to mystify it into a religon.

  6. Culum

    Play back how the date with the actually crazy girl would have gone if you bounced her 30 minutes in instead of 2 HOURS in… Even if she was crazy…

    Two words for the latina… AFTER PARTY. Thats it just say that and move her… More tomorrow.

  7. “And I noted that the oak did not produce tannins to keep the birches and pines out of its claimed territory by act of any legislative body.”

    I find the maples are the real bitches on my farm. And the bigtooth aspens are very feminine. And the cottonwoods are real AMOGs. Conifers have dignity when the are not dying from disease, esp. the spruces. Red pines are lazy and fade early ~15 to 20 years. White pine are elegant. And I find myself gaming the system by planting hybrid willows, speckled alder, warm season grasses including Miscanthus Giganteus and switchgrass. The oaks are very stoic and are great role models in a masculine mindset.

    And it is like swimming downstream instead of upstream to have substrate to cut down rather than to have to plant stuff.

    There is unrest in the forest
    There is trouble with the trees
    For the Maples want more sunlight
    And the Oaks ignore their pleas

    The trouble with the maples
    (And they’re quite convinced they’re right)
    They say the oaks are just too lofty
    And they grab up all the light
    But the oaks can’t help their feelings
    If they like the way they’re made
    And they wonder why the maples
    Can’t be happy in their shade?

    There is trouble in the forest
    And the creatures all have fled
    As the maples scream ‘Oppression!’
    And the oaks, just shake their heads

    So the maples formed a union
    And demanded equal rights
    ‘The oaks are just too greedy
    We will make them give us light’
    Now there’s no more oak oppression
    For they passed a noble law
    And the trees are all kept equal
    By hatchet,
    And saw

    Rush – The Trees Lyrics

  8. “The federalist argument was a BOR was not necessary because there was no need to tell the government not to do what it lacks the power to do.”

    That was the other prong of the fork. Something unnecessary may be neutral in effect, so they also argued that it was inherently undesirable.

    “That doesn’t imply rights are natural.”

    And they didn’t infer it from that. They inferred the limitations of governmental power from an acceptance of natural rights, which had already been argued.

    And prosecuted from the barrel of a gun.

    ” A right is simply a claim one makes against another, against a group, or against the government.”

    Come and make me.

  9. Is there a natural right to a trial by jury? A natural right to counsel? A natural right against unreasonable searches and seizures? There is nothing natural about them.

    “They inferred the limitations of governmental power from an acceptance of natural rights, which had already been argued.”

    That’s very mystic. Almost religious. Some powers were granted to the federal government via the constitution. Nothing was inferred. It was the product of human artifice.

  10. @SJF:

    The last time I visited my old home in Vermont the maples had breeched the perimeter of the white pines and it was no longer possible to stroll through the grove.

    I wonder if the small herd of children, of which I was a member, now entirely absent from the environment, had not constituted an essential part of the pine’s defense system.

  11. @ Culum

    I have this friend,forty five years now,just like me raised by single mom and man of the house since seven years old.His mom remarried first when he was about twelve,he rebelled,rich stepdad sent him to shrink,they put him on meds and started his cycle of in and out patient therapy.Jump forward to seventeen yearolds out chasing shakypuddin,I had a car and sam had this list of names and numbers of chicks he met in the looney bin.I got to hand it to sam he had good taste,all HB7+.He would set up these dates,always doubles,then we were of to the races.
    These girls thrived on chaos,we did some wild stuff on purpose just to escalate,broke many laws,skill and luck kept us all alive.But F it man we got laid on a regular basis.
    Looking back 17 was great anything 16 plus was fair game then,there were no cell phones,pcs none of that.
    I ended up in a 6 month ltr with one of these gals and the only thing that saved me was she went in to inpatient and her shrink put me of limits.
    Sam still has oneitis for that one btw.
    Jump forward 40 yrs,i draw up plans for this single never been married 50yo rich rancher chick,slim healthy bubbly voice,got the contract and turns out she is crazy as f?ck.She starts out right away trying to own me and like turn me into a draft horse.This one is on ritalin,like sam was only she also has narcolepsy.Barely made it through by the skin of my ass.
    One thing about contracts,don’t start something you can’t finish,it will haunt you forever.Last summer we were sitting around the beer garden,having a smoke and this good lookin 50 yo broad stsrts hanging out playing musical chairs,nervous,giving me serious iois,when she left my buddy wants to know if anyone knows her,one guy said yes that is cindy she’s crazy.
    A week later i’m in having lunch at the bar and here comes cindy,plops her ass next to me and starts talking.Turns out were the same age know the same people,shes crazy,married first husband,fell in love head over heals because he pulled his pistol and shot out the sign lights on the way out at closing time.
    TL ,DR You have to really escalate the nut jobs.Is it worth it?

    Light side,Biker Bob is sitting at the bar nursing a cold one,this chick sits down and unloads her problems on him,20min vent.Then she asks what would you do if you were me?Old Bob says huh?What would you do?
    He looks at her tits and says,The first thing I would do is get naked stand in front of the mirror and play with my tits for an hour just to get used to em.

  12. “That’s very mystic. Almost religious.”

    I have already argued that the source was religion, and as I recall you took exception to that. Now you assert it.

    “Some powers were granted to the federal government via the constitution.”

    Some powers were not granted to the federal government expressly because of the mysticism. The powers denied being inferred from the mystical tenets. Some of your argument seems to be attempting to reverse engineer things we know the forward history of.

    And at this point I’m wondering if you remember my premise.

  13. @Softek
    “Like there are people doing this, having sex right now, lol.”

    That’s why I sent you specifically to that site. I’m not trying to help you jack off lol, it’s about opening your eyes to what’s going on around you 24/7 and understanding how normal a lot of your urges and desires that you’re ashamed of are.

    “Also how a few guys on there have some threesomes going and there isn’t all this tension and drama and stress. And some dude just talking about the show or answering questions and shit while getting blown by one of the chicks in the video like it’s no big deal.”

    Yup, again that’s the stuff guys who don’t feel comfortable with monogamy should see. There’s a whole nother world out there of relationship styles and they aren’t the doom & gloom sky is falling stereotypes that the media puts out (anyone who runs a harem is an evil player abusing the girl, anyone who has an open relationship is miserable and unhappy etc etc). A lot of them are healthy and better than a lot of shitty monoLTRs I’ve seen. You can have any kind of relationship you want if you learn to hold your frame, establish and enforce your boundaries, and screen for a girl who’s cool and on a similar page as you (hint: not your girl, who’s currently shaming and guilting and pressuring you to do what she wants with no regard for what you want).

    lol back for more? I thought I ran you off long ago.

    “From what I see all PUAs have a paltry sex life, and none have a bottom bitch”

    You are an idiot. Most PUAs have multiple on-going regular girls in their lives and often have a main girl for years while they bang side poon and some have threesomes with their girls with the other girls etc You have no idea what you’re talking about, just like last time you were around spouting bullshit I had to call you out on.

    “No PUA or married man is going to have more than a sniff of a clue about MLTR skills”

    lol ok everyone quit reading Blackdragon’s stuff on mLTRs and sign up for xsplat’s blog. Stop embarrassing yourself man, this is the INTERNET. People can just google shit and find out you’re lying and making shit up.

    “Why in the world would anyone take vid/pics of themselves engaging in illegal activity? What is wrong with people?”

    “All of the ” look at me, look at me!!!!” nonsense is a bit much.”

    “Take this Sh0e chick. Why would anyone care? This is just a chick to me. I don’t even find her entertaining, which means nothing, but again it’s about her ” youtube vids ” and her ” twitter feed ” and blah, blah, blah.”

    You’re just proving my point. You are old so you don’t have an interest in this culture that is very real to them. You just glance at it and go “this is stupid lol” and brush it off, so the relevance and deep reprocussions that something like GamerGate causes is something you don’t really have the interest/time/energy to learn about, so you can brush it off as silly internet drama and LARPing (which doesn’t really even make sense in this context lol).

    It’s sort of like how people say whiny MRAs haven’t done anything, because they weren’t paying attention to how internet culture has shifted from no one daring to disagree with feminist propaganda to all the pushback that floods those comment sections and gets upvoted etc now and how big a part those whiny MRAs played in starting the ball rolling on that (regardless of what they’ve become now or what other parties have jumped into the spotlight since then).

    I’m not saying you SHOULD know all of this stuff, why should you, you’re a dude with a family who’s lived a long life and has other shit to care about. But that was my original point, that you don’t care why Shoe skyrocketed in views because it’s silly to you, but the open pushback against feminism is a very real thing and is changing shit in the next generation’s culture that you don’t care about and sum up as “why would they be so stupid? What is wrong with people?? Why would they take those photos lol they’re stupid whatever zfg now lemme tell ya about the good ol days” lol

    Why is it such a sore spot to admit that you might not fully understand a thing you openly actively admit that you don’t care about? I don’t know anything about poetry, if someone said “ya you don’t really need to know about poetry so you don’t understand it as well as someone who’s well-versed in that stuff all the time and don’t really know the poetry scene you pass by and glance at through the window, as well as someone who’s in there hanging out with everyone” I’d be like ya, that’s a valid point, I don’t know everything about every subject I take a glance at and there’s nothing wrong with that.


    Dat Natural ego/solipsism at play (“I know everything and anything I don’t know is stupid anyway so who cares”)

    “what more proof do you need?”

    Actual proof instead of silly logical passive questionairres. Sorry man, all you did was run a mini version of Tinder with them: “who would you pick based entirely on looks” And they made a little checklist of physical attributes and picked the one with the best ones. SHOCKER lol

    Dress is irrelevant once those guys get up in their space and make emotional impact on them. Then those girls will rationalize WHATEVER the guy who makes the most emotional impact on them is wearing as the best. If a guy with a t-shirt makes an intense emotional impact on one of them she’ll say she loves that he’s not trying as hard as the other guys to backwards rationalize and justify the attraction she can’t help feeling (“attraction is not a choice”).

    You’re making the exact mistake that every guy who thinks looks matter makes.

    You might look at 10 photos of tigers and say “THIS big huge one is the scariest tiger!!”, but when the scrawniest tiger of the group steamrolls into the room charging at you gnashing it’s teeth as it chases you to disembowel you, you will, in that moment, be thinking “holy shit this tiger is fucking scary!!”

    You’re also doing the usual Natural solipsistic thing of attributing results to your externals instead of to a bunch of your subcomms because Naturals tend to not really understand the nuances of their own subcomms since, for them, it’s just “be cool, bro” since they aren’t rationally logically thinking about their subcomms.

    Here’s how you hit on girls dolled up for weddings/events/etc when you’re wearing a t-shirt: “Holy shit, you girls look gorgeous tonight. You’re making me all self-conscious, I should be wearing a suit or something…right now everyone’s looking at us thinking “Why are those girls talking to that homeless man? Don’t they have any standards?? We’d better not let them have anymore wine!”” Spike some buying temps and you’re now the guy in the t-shirt with dolled up girls loving him (and feeling self-conscious that they’re so dolled up and making excuses and rationalizations for it and saying how they hate dressing up because they assume that because you’re dressed down you must think they’re trying too hard and are high-maintenance etc and then have your mind blown when you realize you actually have to tell them “No I LIKE it, you look GOOD” because they’re somehow actually DISqualifying themselves out of deserving you and you have to actually pump them up and make them feel like they DESERVE you lol). It’s the funniest shit in the world. Ask me how I know 😛

    No hate, just pointing out flawed science/data lol

    Good stuff dude. Out of time for today but some quick notes:

    “I won’t chase the girl or accommodate her schedule. If she messes around I will soft-next – that kind of thing. So it’s a lot easier for them to find other guys…and flake on me”

    Ya, this is part of it. Why would she bother making an effort now, you’re just some dude on a computer screen to her, you have no emotional relevance in her life and she has no real-world investment in you. She has a dozen other guys lined up begging for permission to meet up on her schedule and go pick her up and take her to a fancy place etc. It’s not even necessarily that they don’t LIKE you it’s just that they have other options that seem just as good but require less effort. In person you can make emotional impact with game and set yourself above those guys. Online you’re just another name in that “Hot Chick on Tinder” video’s list.

    “And I literally could see as I went quiet, her RAS shifted totally to him as he talked, even though he wasn’t saying anything special..but he’s good looking and her RAS had nowhere else to turn”

    Understand that you can TAKE THAT RAS BACK lol And TRY to next time you’re in that situation. Your buddy will be fine, if he cries about it just throw a girl at him to make up for it, but actively try to keep a girl’s attention when your buddy is around. You’ll learn a lot from it. It will blow your mind when you start holding a girl’s full RAS while your buddy is trying his lame game and she’s actively ignoring him to focus on you. Huge mind-fuck and makes what I’m saying about looks make sense (like my breakdown of why Blaximus’ wedding experiment means nothing)

    Thing is guys these days trying to run “Natural” game with no routines or anything don’t naturally have ways to spike buying temperature because they don’t have tons of social experience spiking buying temperature and improvising that shit, so why WOULD they be able to launch girls’ emotions through the roof on command like that Future PUA Leicester Square AMOG vid with the who lies more and powerpuff girls shit. When you have a bunch of that stuff cocked and loaded to drop in when you need it, it’s VERY EASY to take the attention off most guys because you’re hammering emotional impact at them and watching their circuits fry.

    Instead most guys just back off and let the good-looking guy have the girl, just like you did and just like most guys do to most Naturals (“oh he’s cooler than me he deserves her I guess I’ll just shuffle off now and go home to jack off tonight”). That’s why I always stress that good-looks will definitely help get you laid, as long as no one interferes. Learn how to BE that interference lol

    “I pretty much self-ejected..I turned to my wing and said “We need to go” (twice! because he didn’t move the first time). Arghhh!”

    lolol Don’t sweat it, it’s just a standard success barrier. You don’t feel entitled to get that kind of attraction that fast and to take it somewhere so you preserved your ego by ejecting before you could risk crashing & burning it by pushing it further. Remember the pain of this for next time lol

    And ya when guys go sarge sick, hungover, etc they’ll often find that their vibe is way more chill and James Marshally and they end up doing really well with minimal effort because their subcomms have been fixed by being out of it. ie – they’re less fidgety, their eyes are too LAZY to look around the room at every little thing so they just rest on the girl’s eyes and stay there, their movements are all slowed down and their reaction time is slower so they come off as less reactive to their environment, etc

  14. “Can you get that hickory to the mill?”

    No. It was an adventure on my red pill buddies farm. No facilities to get it to the mill. Hard to haul it out from the 300 acre farm, logistically. It was the only picture from his property. The others were from mine.

    Natural fertilizer. Adding potassium to the ground while destroying shade. Ir may take a while to rot, but it will decay. See these things are abundant–trees– and whitetail deer habitat management revolves around cover from a man’s shoulder height down, with a lot of canopies needing destroying.

    I believe/recall it was a pignut hickory.

  15. Culum

    A little more for you to consider…

    On the crazy girl… Nice work on the extraction… but why why why wait so long? You felt the attraction waning… pull when the attraction is high. This is the right moment to lead.

    Overall the first half hour to an hour..till I got the kiss (peck on lips) I think sexual tension was decent

    Recall Kant’s first meetup date routine… one drink and up to room… he had like 100 lays online with this. He is still active on Sedfast btw. But it is the same thing cold approach. Extract when temp is up and you have the logistics. You can then default to a number and a day 2 if it doesn’t work. I could not at all imagine pushing through two hours of hard slogging…

    Just simple bounce… this place is kinda lame, let’s go to another i know, and run your wallet game… and have a drink in your place… and have some tunes ready to go… so you can pause there ofr a bit… You can always bounce out for food etc if you need to cut off.

    Utter silence for 5 mins while I played with my phone. She just stared at the wall sitting on the other side of the bed..not even at her phone. Then I tried escalating again and got another no

    In the apt… try to wait out the LMR… You waited five minutes? You could have waiting longer and watched her mental battle take place. once she makes a move, you know you have her. Feel free to give her more time to stew in her juices, especially if you think attraction has waned. Be chill.. Now if you had something else going on… like mixing another drink or some tunes or whatever, you can be doing that while she stews…

    On the Latina girl…

    I *knew* the bouncer wasn’t going to fall for it

    suspend all logical thought unless it is logistics related… The objective is NOT to go back in the club… the objective is to MOVE with them. Movement is momentum. Momentum is your friend.

    the white girl actually grabbed my wing’s arm and then grabbed my arm to take us both in. Then (my memory’s a bit blurry – I wasn’t drinking but was really tired) she literally handed me to the Latina saying “I’ll take this one…you take this one..”
    Obviously these are all good signs but I’m not sure if that was cos the white girl liked my buddy or she saw the Latina liked me.

    Suspend all logical thoughts.. Who cares why… you had the latina, go with it…

    he Latina immediately grabbed my arm and held on to it, like we were on a date walking somewhere)

    Next time WALK SOMEWHERE… just say “hey I know a place” or After party… seriously “after party” works! What you are doing is just tossing a plausible pellet to the hamster… the HINDBRAIN will applaud you, because it has an egg in the chute doing fuck all… Just TOSS THE PELLET! again suspend all logical thought.


    Distract that mofo with a pellet… and DO SOMETHING.

    I pretty much self-ejected..I turned to my wing and said “We need to go” (twice! because he didn’t move the first time). Arghhh!

    This is AFTER you spent 2.5 hours with an actually crazy 6? You self eject with a hotter girl who’s into you late at night? Examine this please… You have the moves, but at this point you aren’t putting them together for a reason…

    By some fluke of vibe I was basically coming across laid back James Marshall style in this convo – low energy, good EC and intensity..

    This is cool. I’m glad you are getting comfortable with yourself and your frame, but remember the GOAL is not to go out and get a James Marshall vibe, the goal is P in V… Backward engineer the night from that point up front, then you will be in a better place to execute and not get sidetracked with these kinds of things and self sabotage.

    all good.. you are close… close to blowing it open. But you have to really want it at this point. You know this stuff.

  16. @ KFG
    Great scene although miss named,should be pick handle scene.

    Out west here,we can’t leave slash and trees lay,the fire hazard is to great.
    Seeing that on the ground reminds me of the Peshtigo fire of 1871,back when your country was full of white pine.It doesn’t appear to be a hazard from the pics.
    Those white pine appear to be planted in a row maybe 20 to 30 yrs ago.
    I have seen ponderosa like this,these seedlings were purchased from the forest service 60 yrs ago and were all clones and all sterile.No seed trees in the bunch.
    I can remember a scare a few years back,when every one out here was afraid of adopting UN laws requiring a permit to cut a tree.Then after the fires,insurance companies started dropping people and requiring mitigation and clear cuts from 30 to 150 ft around insured buildings,In the urban wildland interface.
    At any rate the old timers tell me of skidding out logs of the mountain,plank rolling them onto a flatbed and of to the mill.

  17. @Culum…great Field Reports…the most important is you’re going out.

    But from what you’ve reported…I detect a hesitancy. You’re still very much in your own head over-thinking this.

    My suggestion: get a few simple routines as a kind of baseline. When you feel like the situation is waning simply say: “You seem interesting, if you promise to behave, let’s go for drinks, what’s your number?”

    Girls will get it if you’ve sparked attraction. From there you have to just keep it simple by text for the meet up.

    What worked for me was getting a simple structure together. There are some great resources. Krauser’s DayGame Mastery was the best.

    Girls want you to lead them. If you’re getting IOI’s move quickly to use that attraction spike to strike a conversation.

    I’m now finding that the witty banter is both a HUGE DHV and an attraction spike…..they shit-test, you reframe. Here’s one from a text game I’m doing on a girl I’m banging who shit-tests constantly…it’s her form of fore play…

    Her: ” you’re so strict with me…”

    Me: “You need a strong man to keep you in line…..”

    With girls I feel I’m getting blown out from, I just eject without any number close…better that way…

    If I’m getting a series of IOI’s—including her still standing there talking to me, I number close.

    There are techniques on how to prevent flaking, read up on them.

    But tighten up your game by getting across some additional resources to help get the structure down…practice it enough and you’ll gain the confidence. Gain the confidence and you’ll be upping your game.

  18. @Blaximus

    In the information age,old guys like me are known as Neandertals.Like you I really don’t care.At a 911 incident cell phones and picture taking are discouraged.I have literally spent hours holding up a blanket at traffic accidents to keep these pictures off of social media.Most fire departments now have to employ a PR person to start tweeting and face-booking positive news about the departments handling of the incident even while still in progress just to get ahead of the negative influence of some inconvenience to an entitled idiot on their tweets.
    Engaging in arguments by the pr man on social media is a bad idea as this will only make the department look worse.
    Being a Neandertal means having the knowledge of what can’t be done with a computer or I phone,hammer a nail,fix a dent,mow the yard,start an IV,you get it and every minute spent on the phone or keyboard is 20 min of lost productivity,as that is the time it takes to boot and then reboot into action.
    So yes all this new shit is stupid and counter productive,at the same time new wealth is being appropriated by doing this new fad,this looks appealing to some,I get it Like I’m bennet and I ain’t in it

  19. EC – As a woman, what do you hope to gain by posting against non-monogamy and against big age differences here?

    That’s a bit of a rhetorical question. Women hate competition from younger, more attractive girls, and hate the idea that an owned man isn’t owned after all.

    Strangely enough, a lot of men actually give a shit what women like EC think.

    Cowed and trapped, and ignorant of their own personal potential and the working of women, most men assume that MLTRs are not an option for them.

  20. “Cowed and trapped, and ignorant of their own personal potential and the working of women, most men assume that MLTRs are not an option for them.”

    Lol. Last time I effected game, I was not ignorant of my own personal potential and the working of women. And I assumed the the option, which was personal, for monogamous LTR. It may end tomorrow, but it works for me. Living on my edge for the last 27 years.

    MLTR’s are not my preference. Your projection of this premise is not a working one. MLTR is a non pref.

  21. @SJF. I might be incorrect to assume that MLTRs would be every man’s preference, if he had that as a real viable option.

    But as for what you quoted:

    “Cowed and trapped, and ignorant of their own personal potential and the working of women, most men assume that MLTRs are not an option for them.”

    I don’t see anything contentious.

  22. @EC, a blanket statement against all PUAs was facile and overly harsh.

    I have seen that some PUAs are schizoid; they are not mentally able to enjoy pair bonding. Some in the mental health profession see that as being rooted in poor parenting, and of having the effect of decreased life satisfaction.

    I was defining PUAs as all guys who only go after pump and dump.

    If there are PUAs who also enjoy pair bonding, kudos and credit, and job well done.

    As for why I look down on guys in monogamous marriages. I get a huge thrill out of being in love, and that only lasts a few years. It’s the highlight of a lifetime. Nothing can ever feel better sustainably; no drug or other experience can compare. Visual stimulation makes a gigantic difference to my sex life. I can enjoy sex with the lights out with anyone, but a really hot young girl who is my type does MUCH more for me than sex with someone even slightly less attractive. It makes a difference. Better is better. Worse is worse.

    That doesn’t mean that everything is about looks, or that everything is about sex, so don’t come back with some black and white bullshit.

    Youth and beauty is valuable. Full stop. No need to say another word. It is valuable and good, and enjoyable.

    AND other things are valuable. The universe is big enough to hold other values also. Older women and wives have OTHER advantages. That does not lessen the value of youth and beauty.

    If I snub married guys, it’s because i think sour grapes is a gigantic drive in how the brain works. Like you said, why have unrealistic expectations? That can only lead to pain.

    My point is that it is NOT unrealistic at all for men to date multiple attractive young women, even into old age.

  23. Oh, SJF, I see it now. My assumption is that most men are not only ignorant of their potential for MLTRs, but they are cowed and trapped.

    Well, yes, that is contentious.

    It is the job of women to cow and trap their man. And men mate guard also.

    Women work very hard to make sure “their” man does not “cheat”.

    And yes, I’m sure most men internalize this. I do believe most men are cowed and trapped, and either realize and accept that as a good enough bargain for what they are getting, or simply deny that their cage exists at all.

    That is contentious, but that makes the most sense to me.

  24. I mean, just listen to some of the dissimulations and rationalizations of some of the commentors on this very blog.

    Some married men have so internalized their own cage, that even imagining being in a non-fenced relationship conjures up all sorts of crazy fantasies about how fucked up and horrible that would be.

    We’ve heard so far that in order to remain interested in dating several young women, and older man would need to be:
    1) hormonally imbalanced
    2) experiencing an identity crisis
    3) have fucked up life priorities
    4) have impractical hopes and expectations
    5) be into that for the purpose of bragging

    You don’t hear most men say the rational and realistic thing: Yes, that would actually be pretty cool to eventually have flings with young women who turn me on and are into me, but I choose not to after weighing up the balances of pros and cons. That would come at too high a cost to me personally, even though I could see it would be enjoyable.

    Instead you see people who have internalized their own cage fighting to protect that cage.

  25. Yes, EC, it’s far easier to date younger women in Eastern and South American countries. You are right that a man’s value is a weighted average, and in there was a large scientific study done in China that showed that women orgasm more for wealthy men. Apparently in China, at least, overall value is weighted by wealth.

    Rollo discounts that study, as he has consciously and publicly chosen confirmation bias towards his rigid black and white pet personal theory that “alpha fucks and beta bucks”. He’s taken a truth and turned up the contrast to twenty, and is defending it with his life.

    And it does get harder with age.

    And wealth and fame and status are mitigating factors.

    However I do hear of older men in the US – some of whom post on this blog – who find it worthwhile to pursue success with young women in the US.

  26. “As an aside re: libido. Speaking for myself, my sex drive has consistently been an issue in life. It is ridiculous ulouly high and always has been. Even now.”


    I have a feeling this is probably a common affliction around here. lol. Loved that Pakistani girl FR. You just come up with that shit off the top of your head? That’s awesome.


    “I get a huge thrill out of being in love, and that only lasts a few years. It’s the highlight of a lifetime. Nothing can ever feel better sustainably; no drug or other experience can compare. Visual stimulation makes a gigantic difference to my sex life. I can enjoy sex with the lights out with anyone, but a really hot young girl who is my type does MUCH more for me than sex with someone even slightly less attractive. It makes a difference. Better is better. Worse is worse.”


  27. @Softek – I’m still catching up on comments in this thread and I saw your mega-post on porn addiction and your experience. Thanks for that dude – that had some fantastic insights and I absolutely agree with you. Porn CAN be addictive (but it depends hugely on the individual and their life circumstances) and at the same time the FI can shame men for porn use for all the reasons in Rollo’s new post – the two things are different.

    It reflects my experience too – fairly frequent user (several times a week, but for relatively brief periods and I almost never jack off to it – maybe once every month or two) and there has been ZERO impact in ability to get it up or have sex with a real girl (even with some of the MILFs etc I’ve banged who weren’t particularly hot).

    So I suspect with my usage pattern and lifestyle it’s not much of an issue. But I still feel guilty – not because I think there’s anything wrong with it but because it feels like a loss of self-control – I shouldn’t “need” something artificial.

    PS – I hadn’t heard of the Rat Park study – I just looked it up and it’s fascinating.

  28. YaReally Sentient Wala Stuffinbox et al – thanks for the FR thoughts. Think you’re all spot on:

    1. Very interesting point about speeding up the pull – I have this “image” in my head that the pull happens after two hours, but I guess if the vibe is there, I can move a lot sooner. Worst comes to worst, we can actually GO for ice cream if nothing happens at my place and I can try again on the way back from ice cream to her car (and once she’s “escaped” (lol) successfully from my place once she should be more chilled about going back in there unless I’ve messed up the handling at home). Will def keep this in mind (I keep meaning to read more of Sedfast Sentient – whenever I drop in the content is very good – but I barely manage to find the time to keep up to date on this place. Maybe if I cut down the time I drop into online dating..).

    2. Ditto about waiting out the LMR longer..there’s no reason I couldn’t have waited 15-20 mins instead of 5 mins in silence. My main concern was that she just wasn’t turned on and fighting her logical brain (standard LMR) – it was more that she was just spaced out and not engaged and getting *less* engaged by the minute..otherwise I may well have waited longer. But as a general rule no harm waiting longer I think..as long as the girl’s in my bed, she’s in my bed where I want her and I gain nothing by moving her somewhere else.

    3. All of you spot on about the “success barrier” and protecting my ego as YaReally calls it. I should of course have done more with the Latina at bar closing time (right when her friend was waiting for her Uber and going to leave her alone FFS) but I didn’t for the reasons YaReally Sentient pointed out. This is a key sticking point with me on escalation (including for phone numbers and asking for them – not just bouncing this girl). As Wala said, I need to focus on having some go to routines and then at some level I just need to blow through it by practicing the escalation all the time with my sets (think it is in PIMP or SHIFT that Julien talks about asking for a number from any girl you talk to for more than two minutes – although don’t have to ask at the two minute mark necessarily).

    4. Stuffinbox: LOL. I actually have a good buddy who is a psychiatrist. Maybe I should get access to his patient list. I’d probably have to up the security measures 100x though: burner phone, fake name, girls never seeing my actual apartment etc..

    5. YaReally: actually my vibe and state were good enough with my wing that I KNEW I could take the RAS back – my wing is a cool good looking dude with good energy (he would kill it on Tinder but he gets laid enough in social circle without it) but he’s 22 and my frame is like 100x stronger. It’s just a wing rules confusion..in this case I opened the girl but I just felt “bad” at trying to take her back since I haven’t been out with him much. Need to discuss with him before we go out next.

  29. EC

    And unless you make seven figures, or are famous then I can pretty much guarantee it’s gonna be hard. And imo, it’s not good to be obsessed with something that just keeps getting out of your reach.

    What the fuck is this bs? It is no harder than for the many millions of 20 year old guys who aren’t getting laid… guys who aren’t getting laid aren’t getting laid. The problem is how they are going about things, not their age.

    How are you so sure it is harder? What is the basis for your comment?

  30. @xsplat: “You don’t hear most men say . . . ”

    . . . the items on your list. You have mostly heard them from our current born again virgin poster child for shaming men.

  31. @Culum

    Outside another bar..didn’t get in as nearly closing time..2 girls mid-20s (HB7/7.5 Latina/brunette respectively or flip the rating round for guys who like Latinas – basically two really cute girls)

    Within about one minute of chatting (as a four-some), the Latina had already told us that the white girl was married… [= sexual intent]

    the Latina immediately grabbed my arm and held on to it, like we were on a date walking somewhere…

    I just have this impression of her deep brown eyes and our eyes just locked on to each other and talking utter nonsense…

    it’s like the Latina and I only had eyes for each other…

    But she was still giving me the DDB look and hanging on my every word..

    .I pretty much self-ejected..I turned to my wing and said “We need to go” (twice! because he didn’t move the first time). Arghhh!



    now that THAT’s out of the way…

    props on getting out in-field… especially solo, that’s not easy, but it seems like you are doing great actually getting out there… buuuut given how you self-ejected on that hot hb7, there MIGHT be a buffer in play here…(like you are ABLE to get in-field BC you are really NOT going to close…so you don’t really risk your ego… whatever it is, for sure there is some FI pushing on you, bc i can see that in some of your interactions. and your subcomms are probably getting ‘messed up’ (pinging as beta) bc of that…

    good news/bad news – good news = your subcomms are now ‘naturally’ alpha stud… bad news = you are getting in your own way… bc when you were ‘tired’ you just ‘naturally’ pinged as alpha stud… that’s why that hot hb7 was all over you…lol… bc you are not getting those results when you are not ‘tired’, you have something else in play (likely subconsciously…) that is misdirecting that ‘natural’ result…
    Sunday through Tuesday: Solo night game/street game all three days, but brief outings – state not great, weather not great..but happy I forced myself to get out there and do a few approaches each day to keep the habit going..it almost started to feel “normal” to be out solo.

    that’s a great waypoint… part of the FI pushing on men is that even the idea of going out ‘by yourself’ is shameful…bc you don’t have a girl’s permission and it’s not for a girl’s benefit… and the FI can’t have THAT!…lol

    Not a huge amount to report:

    -Found one small bar that was absolutely rocking on a Sunday evening when everything around was dead. Filled with a bunch of early-mid 20s dolled up girls..including a couple of 8s. I don’t know if that was a one-off birthday party or something (it really didn’t feel like 7pm on Sunday evening in there) but it’s clearly a good place to know. Did a couple of openers and the HB7s blew right open but I let it fizzle out (was joking about being served first by the bar tender because he was hitting on me)

    ‘but i let it fizzle out…’

    i can tell you haven’t done your ’emergency routine for when i freeze’ exercise…lol…OR it’s the FI pushing on you… bc you are out in-field ‘with sexual intent’… (i can’t remember, have you ever gone out just to throw girls at your buddies?… like in that FR from quixotic?)

    -Monday it was pretty late at night by the time I got out and the bars etc were all closing and it was totally dead. Still managed to get in one open with a late 20s HB6. It’s funny how IOIs work..in a smoking area outdoors..as soon as she walked up a creepy homeless looking dude opened her with Hello just as I was about to open and she flat out ignored him..then 20 seconds later she sort of kept edging away from him and closer to me (no one else around) so I took that as an IOI and I opened her with something situational..she didn’t blow totally open, but she did engage enough to say she was waiting for her Uber..again, I took that as another IOI, but before I could do more, her car arrived. Not much happened but it was interesting how different her reaction was to that guy and me.

    ‘creepy homeless looking dude’ = bad subcomms/game…lol… bc you had a FR about a different homeless guy that stayed in set (with a stripper?) for what? a good 10+ minutes?…lol…

    -More of the same on Tuesday..what was interesting is just how much of a difference solid lasering and EC makes.

    someone’s been paying attention!…lol… subcomms uber alles!…lol…

    Opened a very cute arty brunette early 20s HB7 in a coffee shop and a 30 year old Asian HB6 in a smoking area. Very similar in that both of them actually didn’t hear me properly at first but my subcomms were good enough that both of them actually leaned in and came right towards to get me to repeat myself. When I did it again with strong EC/slow voice, I got a laugh from the HB7 and full engagement and total blowing open from the HB6…then I let it fizzle out dammit. I clearly need to memorise some personal routines like YaReally suggested for this scenario.

    ‘then I let it fizzle out dammit.’… see above… this is one of your biggest sticking points. you seem to be able to stay in set for as long as you want, if there is no A2… but when there IS A2… you bail…lol… like i pointed out before, this is the FI pushing on you…bc sexual intent…

    fortunately, this situ is ‘easily’ remedied… i put the quotes bc while the mech is easy (write out a routine or two… or three…lol…actually, once you start doing this it’s actually kind of fun…), the actual internal struggle is NOT… and it might be YOUR biggest sticking point…at least right now…

    -Overall takeaway from this Blitz Week is that I need to focus on getting OUT there and doing more opens and continuing more conversations in cold approach. It’s amazing how easy it is to fool myself and rely on online dating as a buffer.

    i’ll just point out again… cold approach will NEVER hurt your game chops… AND it’s not mutually exclusive with any other types of approaches to meeting girls… it’s mostly just a mindset/headspace issue… bc gaming them is the same. it’s just one step further removed from getting them home = you have to ‘meet’ them first…lol… so, it’s harder to DHV in A1 without ‘chasing’/moving to A3 to soon… and calibration takes a little more focus/active participation (bc the girl is completely ‘new/unknown reactions’)… but once you are in set, it’s really pretty much the same as a social circle/warm approach (where you kind of know how to calibrate with her already)…

    Even social circle stuff – it’s a great idea for me to build up a solid social circle and use that to game (or just stuff like becoming a community college part time lecturer or bartender) but I can’t use that as a buffer to AVOID cold approach where the skills really get tested.

    but even those warm approaches aren’t going to lead to a bang if you keep ‘self-ejecting’ when the hb7 shows you massive ‘dtf’ IOIs…lol…

    -It’s as if my brain will do ANYTHING to justify NOT going up to a couple of pretty girls in a nightclub and say hello and have a conversation..

    BC you know you’ll probably be able to pull them home…lol… that’s why once in set, if you get a positive reaction, you bail…lol… this is likely the FI pushing on you…STILL…bc what i see is that you have the game knowledge/skills to be consistently banging hb6+ girls – off cold approach OR on-line dating OR social circle – but you STILL don’t feel entitled to USE those super powers… at least for your OWN benefit. that’s why i recommended using them to throw girls at your buddies… (how about those guys you went out with that weren’t up to your game abilities (notch count) when you met those college girls?…can’t remember which time?…lol)

    -Oh and I opened a late 20s HB8 blonde..very attractive. In the airport security line. Was teasing her about how she looked like she was in a hurry and was going to miss her flight etc and she was like “Oh no, don’t say that” = emotional spike. It’s just fun generally.

    this is great attitude… even if you don’t follow through and get a number = abundance mentality…buuut (lol) it also feeds into you NOT closing…lol… DON’T stop doing this, just add in the closing… when it’s socially the correct (alpha) thing to do… (just a note – when you bailed on the hb7 latina, you really did hurt her feelz…lol…bc she was throwing herself at you… and you REJECTED her…lol…i bet she hasn’t had THAT happen very much…lol…

    -One thing I’ve noticed with this last couple months of online dating: I’m used to flake rates of 50%, but it’s now getting close up to EIGHTY percent for first dates. Basically I have pretty much started to schedule dates on the assumption that they are not going to happen.

    and this attitude is likely coming through in your subcomms when you interact with those girls…

    And this is across age groups (the younger ones are worse than the 40+ crowd but not that much worse..more that they are even less communicative). And this includes girls who WANT to meet me (who offer their numbers first online, who suggest meeting up and/or say they like my profile).

    do they keep saying that after they interact with you for a while?… and the answer to flaking is?…BUILD more VALUE…to her…

    -I’m trying to understand why this is..[see above] part of the reason is definitely the increasing “Tinderisation” of the dating market that YaReally talks about..but it’s not the only reason. Not to go from 40-50% flakes to 75-80% so quickly. [subcomms…] I think it’s also because my frame is getting a lot stronger and I’m chasing a lot less. [this only works if you have built up value to her] So now I’m much more of a take-it-or-leave-it proposition for girls now in a way that I never used to be..[that’s a great attitude…but don’t use it as a buffer to avoid meeting girls that want to bang you…lol…you still have to run solid game = build value PRIOR to making demands on her…] I only meet where I want to meet where the logistics are good. [see above…only works with high value…] I won’t rearrange to suit the girl. I won’t chase the girl or accommodate her schedule. [you DO need to accommodate her schedule pre-bang…] If she messes around I will soft-next – [‘nexting’ is only possible AFTER you bang her…lol] …that kind of thing. So it’s a lot easier for them to find other guys…and flake on me. At least that’s my theory. But then I should be getting STRONG bites from a few girls but that’s not really happening..

    solution = build more value… that’s also part of calibration…

    FR from Wednesday: afternoon was the Cutting Girl and evening was going out with my wing

    20 year old brunette HB6 from online – bit chubby, great tits, decent features

    THIS is the right demographic!…lol…

    -She was pretty nervous at the beginning – she even texted me right before we met saying so. Plus she was very stiff – really quite rigid for the first few minutes when I kino’d her and tapping her feet nervously in the bar etc. But she’d made a real effort for a mid-afternoon casual drinks – plenty of makeup, black dress etc and she slowly calmed down over the first hour. [FIRST hour?…lol] Good compliance with me moving her around and sexualising about her ass etc early on.

    i can see where this is headed…lol…

    -Conversation was okay – she wasn’t super robotic or weird and she was decently engaged but not totally. Just a little bit off. [note – like YaReally said before, don’t judge your game by crazy girls…] Like the conversation didn’t just flow naturally and I had to use up ALL my stories to keep things going for two hours which rarely happens. [sounds like you are in her frame…] okay but not super-flowing. Not as flat as the late 40s MILF but still the vibe was kinda flat – like the stories didn’t hit as much as they normally do with most girls..by emotional impact..some meds can do that right?

    meds can do that… missing some calibration cues can do that too…bc then you don’t ‘just get her’… = lack of emotional connection…

    -Not drinking cos of meds. Cut herself (I saw scars on her arms)..forcibly admitted to mental hospital..multiple attempted suicides..voices talked to her..shadows and visions..delusions of text changing (so like when she looked at street signs, she would see words saying “kill yourself” or similar). Charming girl clearly.[aaand, this tells me what your subcomms were doing/going to do…lol…did you stop by for some armor polish on the way home…lol… did you think about banging her as somehow ‘taking advantage of her’?… = FI in play…did you stop seeing her as ‘sexual’?…] She did say she understood now that these things were delusions. It was a bit weird because I ask most girls about whether they believe in the supernatural and have some solid routines relating to ghosts..but with this girl it mostly brought out her mental illness.

    great opportunity for calibration practice…lol

    -Strong EC and pupil dilation..but after first half hour or so I feel like I lost the “edge” of sexual tension.. [no kidding…lol…you should have been on your way home… did you kiss her after 3 IOIs?…at this point she was likely seeing you a slipping into beta orbiter land…] started thinking more about the content of words and less about EC/tonality etc (although during stories was still good because I on autopilot). [autopilot… see how far you have progressed?…]

    -Did decent push/pull – pushed on lack of cooking skills, pulled on how she reads lots and is into poetry etc qualification – not like most young girls (I really did think it was quite cool that she was into the Beat writers etc). Not sure if I got balance right.

    were you enjoying her vibe?…or were you actively seeking to pull her?…

    -Overall the first half hour to an hour..till I got the kiss (peck on lips) I think sexual tension was decent (although convo never flowed well) [did you try to figure out WHY in situ? = calibration… OR don’t you really know even now?…bc i’m seeing something playing out in the background here…]..she was willing to come in for kiss and did it willingly etc (never tongues).

    -Then it sort of faded in the second hour [SECOND hour!?…lol] …and she seemed less keen to come in and kiss although she still did. Also could feel the compliance dropping.

    that’s what slipping into the LJBF zone feels like in situ…lol… could you SEE her hamster’s despair?…lol

    -Dropped in some sexualization – about checking out her tits etc and got a minor laugh but not much. Didn’t want to trigger ASD..but maybe I overdid it and didn’t sexualise enough?[this…] I did play the questions game for a while and she was fine with it but she never engaged with the sexual questions (matter of fact answers and she never asked any).

    was the questions game soon enough that she was still seeing you as potential alpha?… or post-‘deflated expectations’…

    -End of second hour I could tell the energy and vibe were dropping[no kidding…lol] but I was running out of stories..I decided to try to extract anyway for the pull – trying my new extract to home method (the wallet left at home thing). Worked like a charm..she was a bit nervous in the elevator going up..saying she’d gone shy. But no resistance. Very happy that this extraction home is coming together well.

    she REALLY wants you to figure this out…lol…

    -Once I got home was sort of similar to late 40s MILF at home. Worse in some ways actually. She didn’t engage at all. [shit test…did you redirect and build value?…or try to coast on whatever value you built at the bar?…also, she might have needed more comfort/rapport… either way, it’s just a calibration issue…]DIdn’t want to kiss. [shit test…]I got her onto the bed but she literally went rigid like a statue with her arms stiff by her sides [shit test…were you seeing these in situ?…](she resisted a little bit but not much..she complied..but like that in rigid fashion). [shit test…and calibration issue…] I kept telling her to calm down and relax and if she wasn’t comfortable..[= trying to negotiate desire… how’d that using logic work for you?…lol] we could go etc. No reply. [she REALLY wants you to figure this out…lol] Few minutes later I said same thing again..that it’s up to her if she wants to stay or go but I liked hanging out with her and found her sexy. She actively said that she wanted to stay for a while. [she REALLY!!! wants you to figure this out…lol…did you think in situ that you were likely missing some cues?…]

    -She was fine with chilling on the bed and chatting..if I tried to get her tits out or get her hand on my dick, she resisted strongly.[and her ‘not leaving’ told you she wanted sex…soooo? did you calibrate?…see that she wasn’t emotionally invested enough?…enough comfort/rapport?…] She started talking about how she doesn’t like kissing much [shit test…did you push back and DISqualify her?… you: “oh, that’s too bad. i need all my girls to LOVE kissing (laser/cut space)…maybe you just need more practice… tell me what you don’t like about it. bc ((I)) think it’s one of the most intimate parts of foreplay…did somebody tell you that you were a bad kisser? bc you can practice to get better…”…etc. (actually this happened a while before, in the bar itself towards the end of the two hours).[end of two hours…shit test…] I tried lowering the vibe by reading her favourite poem to her..[this is good that you tried to distract her, but you went ‘non-sexual’…]she wasn’t that into it..just kind of spaced out..while we cuddled on the bed. [lol…she REALLY!!!!!!!!! wanted you to figure this out…]

    -Then I thought I’d try a freeze out (this wasn’t classic LMR as far as I can tell – she wasn’t turned on and into it but fighting ASD in the first place) [that’s what it looks like when you haven;t built enough value to her, but she (her hindbrain) STILL wants you to figure it out…] which may not have been appropriate but I may as well try. Utter silence for 5 mins while I played with my phone. She just stared at the wall sitting on the other side of the bed..not even at her phone. [her hindbrain was going: ‘shit! we can’t just TELL him, bc then he doesn’t “JUST GET IT’…and he won’t ping as alpha stud…] Then I tried escalating again and got another no (and some BS about how I was a “nice guy” (lol)[in this situ you WERE…lol…and this is where her hindbrain decided to bail…] but she’s not comfortable around new people etc – I gave in to logic talk and even asked her if she was a virgin etc). And then she asked to go so I walked her out.

    -Did aftercare and sent her a beta text about how I had a lovely time etc and got an appropriate reply saying thanks etc so I should be protected just in case she goes batshit with an FRA..it was just a weird vibe when she was in my bed and when she got uncomfortable and left.

    Evening Out With Wing

    All of the above happened before dinner so I went out after that with a wing – first I spent some time alone wandering around the bars and then he joined me. Sentient – cold approach FRs just for you and HABD!

    just for YOU… own that…we just want you to get better…lol…

    Quiet bars and didn’t have much time..but great feeling to be out doing stuff. Really glad I pushed myself and waited for him to come out – he actually texted when I was thinking about going home. It’s like..after 4-5 days of going out alone and forcing myself to do even a few opens each day, having a wing’s energy (and this is a cool guy) feels like a superpower..I opened quite a few sets with no AA and we had some good convos across several bars even though it was pretty late by the time he joined me and things were dead.

    One early two set in a smoking area – 5 mins of “joint” 4 person talk before they finished smoking and left..I could have probably risked asking for a number close [what was the ‘risk’?…serious question…] and got it (although we never really got clear who was going for which girl – need to work on wing tactics) – dammit for not doing it. Also a touch dancing monkey there..but first set of night getting warmed up etc – forgivable.

    forgivable?…ALL game… or lack thereof (lol) is ‘forgivable’…that idea that somehow you have to be perfect alpha stud at all times is the FI pushing on you…bc YOU don’t ‘deserve’…

    ‘Some other minor chats – in one bar (the Latin dance bar I sometimes go to alone and often mention in my FRs) we were near the water jug and I just started stopping girls and telling them they had to pay me to drink from it..one pretty mid-twenties HB7 blew right open and then I could just FEEL what YaReally talks about with her RAS shifting..like when I opened her and for the first minute she was engaged with me but then my wing said something and I let him have his crack. And his Game is okay, but nothing great – he mainly relies on being a tall 22 year old jock with big muscles and a six pack and talks a little and escalates (nice guy, good vibe, but just really young). And I literally could see as I went quiet, her RAS shifted totally to him as he talked, even though he wasn’t saying anything special..but he’s good looking and her RAS had nowhere else to turn. [this was a great observation… it’s just like YaReally’s Predator vision idea…] And then it faded a bit and she rushed back to the dance floor..(again, need to work on wing tactics with this guy).

    next time try to get her RAS back on you…

    Most interesting set of the night:

    Outside another bar..didn’t get in as nearly closing time..2 girls mid-20s (HB7/7.5 Latina/brunette respectively or flip the rating round for guys who like Latinas – basically two really cute girls) smoking outside..wing opened them an instant before I did – just as we walked away from the bouncer telling us we couldn’t get in because it was nearly closing time. They instantly blew open – really cool and fun girls. By this time I was pretty tired and generally zoned out and just wasn’t half as much on the ball with these two as I could have been – wasn’t thinking at all [this is a key point…]– could have so easily bounced them or closed them in some fashion [no…bc you DIDN”T…it’s not so EASY…you have to actually go through with it before you can say it’s easy…lol],I.(and again another wing rules failure).

    you could just do it anyway, regardless of ‘wing rules’…lol…bc you didn’t talk about it before, why would you default to ‘not closing’?…would your wing be ‘mad at you’ for closing a girl?…or even trying to close a girl?…

    Within about one minute of chatting (as a four-some), the Latina had already told us that the white girl was married [sexualized dynamic…and the implication is that SHE is the only one ‘available’…lol…= dtf…IOI #1]and I started teasing them saying lots of girls just wear rings to ward off unwanted attention and they were all like “No, really I’m married”. [IOI #2…]

    Within about two minutes of chatting, the white girl offered to take us inside with her. I hesitated for a second because I *knew* the bouncer wasn’t going to fall for it [ok, so you ‘know’…you’ve made that prediction…that gives you at least a minute to figure out what to do…you COULD have planned to lead them somewhere else…] (Julien actually talks about these logistics in SHIFT somewhere) [does HE plan to bounce?…] – he was standing only about 10 feet away, there was no crowd and he’d *seen* us open the girls after we didn’t get in. And in that few seconds of hesitation, the white girl actually grabbed my wing’s arm and then grabbed my arm to take us both in. Then (my memory’s a bit blurry – I wasn’t drinking but was really tired) she literally handed me to the Latina saying “I’ll take this one…you take this one..”

    Obviously these are all good signs but I’m not sure if that was cos the white girl liked my buddy or she saw the Latina liked me.[assume attraction…always…lol] Anyway, then she and my buddy walked a couple steps ahead and the Latina and I were behind (the Latina immediately grabbed my arm and held on to it, like we were on a date walking somewhere). [= IOI #3…]I held her back a little as the other girl and my buddy talked to the bouncer and (predictably) didn’t get in..and we chatted for like a minute or two. My memory for this kind of stuff is usually excellent, but I literally cannot remember what we talked about. I just have this impression of her deep brown eyes and our eyes just locked on to each other [IOI#4…you should have kissed her…lol] and talking utter nonsense…my buddy came back and joined our conversation (the other girl was calling her Uber or something) and he was kind of part of it but not really – it’s like the Latina and I only had eyes for each other and he was sort off to our side saying things but not really part of the conversation.

    did you even THINK about kissing her?…

    I teased her about not looking Latina and I didn’t believe she could speak Spanish and I was like “Okay, say something in Spanish”. She goes “What?” and I was like “Say [my name] is a sexy name” and she looked a bit surprised saying “I’m not saying that!”. [shit test…]But she was still giving me the DDB look and hanging on my every word..I was teasing her a bit and I tried again a couple times “Go on..say it just once..nope, I don’t believe it..you’re not a REAL Latina..” stuff like that. After a couple minutes of conversation..I pretty much self-ejected..[dooohhh!…lol] I turned to my wing and said “We need to go” (twice! because he didn’t move the first time). Arghhh! [that’s likely he didn’t understand right away bc leaving that situ was hard to get his head around…lol]

    As we left the Latina shouted at me “Adios Amigos” (proving she can speak Spanish!)..and we walked off. My wing told me it was really obvious she was into me and when he looked back she kept looking at me walking off..DAMMIT. [you could have gone back…lol] I’m so unused to this kind of thing happening that I just freeze up. [you are actually VERY used to this kind of thing happening that you STILL freeze up…lol…= FI pushing on you…]

    It was really interesting though..the vibe around the whole thing. Sure, I was teasing her, but I really said very little (my wing also spoke and so did the girls). It was less than 5 mins from beginning to end.[and you still think it takes longer than that to get a girl revved up and kissing you?…bc why?… oh, yeah…bc you have to ‘earn it’…lol] And the feeling was really strong. And by some fluke [lol…how’s that FI treating you…bc YOU could NEVER be an awesome alpha stud…that;s just something that you have to be born with…lol] (maybe because I was so tired), I had a real James Marshall type low-energy vibe with really solid laser and slow speech (but saying way more provocative and teasing/challenging stuff than he does).[that’s a great combo…it’s no wonder that girl was hooked…fast…]

    By some fluke of vibe[see above…] I was basically coming across laid back James Marshall style in this convo – low energy, good EC and intensity..esp in contrast to my high energy buddy. Interesting feeling – in those few moments – I “felt” really authentic especially in contrast with my higher energy buddy…just like I had the right energy level and congruence as a successful guy in 30s..not TRYING to be higher energy like my early 20s buddy..strong James Marshall vibe. It’s like I’m getting in touch with MYSELF…and I was tired. [that’s a nice excuse that you can tell yourself… that it wasn’t the ‘real’ you bc you were tired… it was just a ‘fluke’…lol… when you are tired, the real you tends to come out…you just need to figure out why you are having trouble owning that…]

    Need to practice more with this cold approach. [that’s a GREAT idea…] I’ve lost count of the thousands of online messages, hundreds of online phone numbers and dozens upon dozens of online first dates it’s taken for me to become at least decent on dates, comfortable with escalating, and only VERY recently with arranging logistics and managing the pull home.

    I need to do that volume of practice to get good at cold approach – [ya, it’s really important to ‘earn it’…lol…like game is something completely different when it’s cold approach…lol. having said that, cold approach really is good practice…lol] especially (as Scray says) focus on escalation and bustamove. It’s embarrassing to admit..I think I have got exactly five phone numbers from cold approach in 3+ years since my LTR ended (two I never followed up on because I was going travelling, one never replied, one I never texted because I got two numbers from a two-set and the other one texted *me* first..and that last one who texted me – a HB7 college student – became one of the best FWBs I’ve had with the most incredible sexual chemistry between us for about 6 months).

    can you ping her for a meet?…not kidding…also, epiphany chick should be coming up on the calendar too…lol

    It’s really embarrassing actually counting them up and writing it out here. When I’ve had so many lays and dates and phone numbers from online in that time period. And I’ve DONE enough cold approach and had enough IOIs from a bunch of girls to have got so many more numbers (yes, I know numbers are not that important..but if I can’t even get THOSE, it’s not good you know?).

    ya, but don’t worry about it…only sluts would give out their numbers to anybody who approached them on the street…lol…not like those good girls you meet on those sugar daddy sites…lol…

    But very buzzed off the whole evening..felt more energy and fun from that last set than from the 2.5 hour date with the Cutting Girl

    ya, cold approach can generate a dopamine cascade as well as an adrenaline rush… it really is addicting…

    you know, i mostly point out your ‘failures’ bc that’s the best way for you to make improvements. it DOESN’T mean that i think you are ‘failing’…i think you are doing great… and props on getting out the door and making approaches.

    now, you just need to work out some ‘freeze routines’ to pull out to stay in set… and work through your reasons for ‘self-ejecting’… i think you are right on the edge of a big breakthrough… fortunately, working out routines is something you CAN do even in a small town…

    good luck!

  32. @Culum
    I agree with you on your read of her LMR. There’s a difference between not interested or turned on and turned on but putting up token resistance because she’s trying to be good or whatever. Freezing out a girl who’s not actually interested in fucking you isn’t generally going to trigger anything…what she needs is for you to have more value to her in her personal view of what high-value is (ie – a girl who doesn’t care about poetry isn’t going to view you as high-value for reading her some, but there’s a better chance that a girl who’s super into poetry would view you as higher-value, so you calibrate to her value system).

    It’s similar to doing backturns and push/pull etc infield…you can’t really backturn a girl who isn’t giving you A2 because she doesn’t CARE if the conversation ends lol Just like you don’t care if a homeless person comes up to you and says “sorry man, you can’t take me for beers tonight”. You’re like “uhh okay? That’s fine by me” but if a smokin hot dream girl 10/10 smokeshow says that you feel that pang of “no but wait!!” and want to turn it around.

    For the Latina girl, that’s an exact situation where routines show their value. Everything happens so fast that you’re overwhelmed and trying to improvise, well, you’re going to improvise the same way you have in that situation in the past which is do nothing because that’s a new situation to you lol But if you had a default extract/lead routine like “come, there’s this awesome pizza place over here, you’re coming with us (and put your hand in your jacket pocket and wiggle your elbow for her to interlock her arm date-walk style)” that you use on EVERY SINGLE SET where you have some A2 iois, and you get used to saying those words and in these situations where things are happening fast your brain will just spit that out and even if it’s not perfect or totally calibrated it’s better than letting the set die…you can recover if they aren’t hungry or don’t like pizza, but you can’t recover if you walk away lol

    Having a girl who’s into you and receptive to “doing more stuff” with you is a common situation that you’re going to run into over and over in tons of different forms (inside a bar, out on the street, before last call, after last call, in a grocery store during the day off an accidental open in the vegetable aisle, out with a social circle, etc etc) so that’s a situation you should have a default routine for.

    When you go out a lot you’ll notice a lot of patterns and you’ll develop a lot of default routines for those patterns after you fuck them up and drop the ball a bunch of times like here lol The reason they tell you to number close every set after 2 minutes isn’t because it’s going to WORK every time and it isn’t because none of those numbers will flake, it’s to build up the habit of “when I have interest, secure a way to keep the interaction going past this engagement” so that when you end up talking to some smokin hot 10 who blindsides you with iois but has to get off the subway at the next stop, you instinctively run your number close on her because you’ve done it a thousand times and it comes off super casual to her because it’s such a normal thing to do to you that your subcomms communicate that it’s no big deal (VS the nervous guy who asks for one phone number a month and it’s this big scary deal to him that all his hopes and dreams are based on).

    Plus the two minute thing is to show you that often you’ll actually have enough attraction for the number close when you didn’t think you did and you’ll realize your brain is ignoring some iois or there are iois you weren’t paying attention for because quite frankly your brain is new to getting iois so it isn’t really a good judge of what “enough interest” LOOKS like yet lol and will usually err on the side of self-preservation. That’s what the two minutes thing is about. ’cause your instinct is “I dunno about two minutes, but when I have attraction for sure” which is based on your brain assuming it’ll know what attraction looks like when, as we see with the Latina, your brain is kind of an asshole sabotaging you 🙂

    Also the girls who you ask for the number too soon with, you’ll learn how to take polite rejections and normalize to your brain that a girl turning down your number is no big deal the world doesn’t end so you’re more likely to go for it with girls you’re into and have much better subcomms because you’re less outcome dependent about whether it’s successful or not. PLUS if they reject it, you can practice going back to A1 and DHV’ing more and more (with your interesting DHV stories and routines you’ve practiced, right? A TON of Mystery’s game is about frontloading DHVs until he gets enough A2 to progress further), until you’re getting more iois and can push for the number close again and you may actually get it and learn a bunch of good shit from that experience.

    Just wanted to expand on that exercise lol If you think THAT exercise is scary, wait till the one after that: trying to go for the kiss after two minutes. 😉 lol

  33. @Culum @having a bad day
    “good news/bad news – good news = your subcomms are now ‘naturally’ alpha stud… bad news = you are getting in your own way… bc when you were ‘tired’ you just ‘naturally’ pinged as alpha stud… that’s why that hot hb7 was all over you…lol… bc you are not getting those results when you are not ‘tired’, you have something else in play (likely subconsciously…) that is misdirecting that ‘natural’ result…”

    Generally this is the stage where your subcomms are coming off proper to the girls (in Culum’s specific case when he was sick it took out a lot of the fidgets and nervous ticks and self doubt etc that seeps out…like a lot of guys actually find it harder to game when they’ve downed a bunch of redbull because their subcomms are jittery and all over the map whereas a James Marshall is more what “seduction” looks like…if you watch Tyler’s infield you’ll notice he starts out high energy to blow the set open but when he gets a girl isolated he goes into a waaaay lower energy James Marshall vibe with the girl).

    But at the same time while your subcomms come off proper to THEM, to YOU you’re still internally viewing yourself as the guy you were before. So there’s an incongruence going on in your mind…the girl reacts to you as if you’re Chad Thundercock but your brain still sees you as Culum the AFC and thinks only a Chad Thundercock should get that kind of fast attraction. So it’s a sign of progress and as you get more congruent you’ll notice that kind of attraction happening when you’re NOT sick lol And that’s where we work on your inner game and get you shitloads of field experience because the more sets like that Latina one you have, the more evidence your brain has to go “well shit, I guess I AM attractive now” and you stop viewing yourself as “Culum the AFC learning game” and view yourself as “Culum the attractive guy with game”.

    This is why the field is king. You wouldn’t learn/experience ANY of this sitting in your computer room jerking off to theory. Gotta go out and collect these reference experiences and do your Field Reports so we can help clarify them and give you advice for the next outing. 🙂

  34. Milo Fan,

    1) She starts talking about marriage, then tells me she doesn’t want to change her last name – we’re both doctors and her rationale is that she does not want to go through the process of changing all the professional/legal documents

    Huge warning sign. I know this great gal MD, when she got married she took her husband’s last name, but kept her maiden name as her professional nom de plume. (At least in my state it was completely OK to do it that way.)

    Mind you, after giving birth to her 2nd she put her practice on hold and moved to SAHM status, so she’s one of the relatively sane ones… (No, no, to AWALT me, I said relatively, didn’t I?)


    I’m doing is keeping people alive

    Well, yeah, nothing meaningful about that, is there?

  35. EC “Either way you sound delusional.”

    You sound like the typical guy who no matter what experiences people are telling him about, refuses to believe them.

    Enjoy your cloistered fantasy world. I will enjoy my reality….

    Well I am that age, so I know what girls my age think and want.

    This says so much.. reminds me of the story of the kid who goes away to college for four years and when he comes back is amazed at how much smarter his dad has gotten in the meantime… LOL…



    1. EC, (a.k.a. Emily Charland) has been banned again. But to restate what I have before, Emily, kindly go fuck yourself. You are the textbook example of exactly the Christianized version of what I stated in this post about men being psychologically conditioned for neurosis by twisting their sexual response to effect your own sexual strategy.

      You know this, everyone here knows this about you. You are a twisted mindfuck who is debasing a man by using corrupted religion and sexual shame while you flirt (and likely fuck) with other men online and off.

      You are seriously fucked up and in need of psychotherapy.

  36. @ Andy

    ” I have a feeling this is probably a common affliction around here. lol. Loved that Pakistani girl FR. You just come up with that shit off the top of your head? That’s awesome.”

    Hey man, I walk out of my house every day determined to have a great day. The birds and squirrels, the breeze and sunshine or even clouds, get things started for me. I watch everything.

    Watching how people conduct themselves, what they are doing, how they are doing it, all that’s fascinating to me. I have amusing ( to me ) thoughts about some behaviors I notice. The guys looking at the chick through the window made me think of kids looking at puppies. They damn near had their noses pressed against the glass.

    Normally I chuckle to myself, like some mad man hearing voices. But when I can I share what I thought with the fellas here.

    Gotta get it out sometimes.

  37. Another article from histrionic Australian feminist Clementine Ford confirming how feminists try to stifle all debate about the lies they propogate… dailylife.com.au/news-and-views/why-i-didnt-take-part-in-weekend-sunrises-feminist-debate-20160502-gokchq.html

  38. Fantastic article Rollo.

    I wonder if, one day, the Feminine Imperative will try to scientifically alter men’s nature, through genetic engineering or some such device, to make them more compatible with the Feminine Imperative.

    It’s a scary thought.

  39. @Yareally, Scray, Sentient, PUAs
    I’m interested to know what my next move should be – for learning purposes ofc.

    Saturday night:
    At a university party, with a friend, start talking to HB7.5. Start flirting and things are going well, she’s proactive, mentions she’s had three ex-boyfriends, happily single for a year and “sometimes gets angry and treats men bady”, in a sweet way (lol). Tease her a lot on this. Conversation continues is mostly non-sexual (about fakeness of people and hopes, dreams et.c). She’s inquisitive, doesn’t flinch to touch although not reciprocating (much if at all), occaisional extended eye-contact but I can’t hone in the lasers.

    Propose we sit down together and she says yes. Friends of hers come but all her attention is on me. At some point she wants to go to the toilet, clearly wanting to extend the interaction I get her number and qualify her. We’d been speaking for about an hour.

    On the way back from the toilet she gets confronted in semi-private by what I assume is a beta-orbiter, he’s irritated but she appears to be backing him off. Sitting with my friends, after a few minutes I go to speak to her again, immediately dragging her away from the three guys she came with (included the aforementioned one) to watch “a girl fighting a boy” (hilarious). She puts up no resistance, comes and happily chats to my friends and me briefly, until the three guys come to drag her away.

    Me “It was nice to meet you, we should go for a drink on monday”
    HB7.5 “Sure now that I’ve finished university I have a lot of spare time”

    I forgot to qualify her at the end, but I’d done it before.

    “Hey let’s meet up so you can tell me about how badly you’ve treated other men”
    Also add her on facebook. It says she’s in a relationship (??), I’m starting to think what appeared a strong number may be a flake.

    No reply, doesn’t accept my friend request either.

    My first impression was that It had been a mistake not to try and isolate earlier, but the conversation was clearly man-to-woman and I’m not sure what the kissing culture is in the Eastern European country I’m in. She was totally sober and had given me IOI’s, although I’m finding my usual radar for these things are confused here.

  40. @chelsea

    Read the top comment on this page

    A convention to promote conventional masculinity

    this is why they call it con masculinity, not toxic

    female-supremacism that is so bad Katie Hill
    had to resign from the Hill today

  41. @chelsea

    When women are freed from oppressive men, they can and will do anything. Chaos theory teaches that some of that will be good. You have to take the good with the bad. Thus women are victims of freedom, and will look for men to solve that. However men will
    be preoccupied with oppressing video games and dolls, and so the inevitable catabolic collapse will leave women with only sailboats that function.

  42. Quote
    A popular meme on Twitter is ‘Feminism is Cancer’, but there’s a kernel of truth to the humor of this.
    I would say it IS the truth.

    Cancer is an insane disease, why is that? Because it doesn’t understand that it is destroying its own ability to survive. It seduces all the healthy cells in the body until the host eventually…dies, last part was a metaphor of course.
    Which is why I have maintained for years, albeit not on this forum, that feminism is’t of the female mind. It is a thought virus superimposed onto the western females collective consciousness, then used as a weapons against her. Not only that, globalism makes sure to spread it, and fast.

    So where does the virus come from then? I don’t know and it doesn’t matter, what matters is that it’s here, been here for a long time, and that we males (and the few men left) start combating it best we can. Once enough of us do this, eventually the source itself will make itself known.

    Moving on…
    Not only is it used to destroy the female sex )(which is apparent by now, it doesn’t even serve the feminine mating strategy, which keeps humanity still here by the way, and since the females run it….., that SHOULD tell the reader a great deal) but also as a weapon to destroy the male sex, the only sex able to control the female “insanity”.

    How is this done you ask? Be feminizing males preventing them from becoming men! Women are living in the now, so they have ZERO defense against the attack. They can’t coordinate a defense, and because they are so emotional they are KEPT on an constant emotional roller coaster which means they can’t ground themselves long enough to even identity the virus. Their NATURE is being used against them as proxy by the virus that is feminism, hope I got that in the correct order.

    As men however, we CAN look back and look forward into the future and extract meaning from that, and with male frame we can bring a female back into balance.It is possible. If you can do it as a man in your own relationship with a woman, guess what, that’s right, it. can. be. scaled. If we could scale it it could serve as a form of spontaneous remission (what is that? It’s when the body heals itself from cancer, it sheds all the cancer cells, healing the body)

    However, for this to work it requires…MEN. and for that to happen males must be both encouraged and allowed to become…men.

    Now I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t see this happening anywhere in the western culture today. The fact is, in most households today there is NO male presence, even if there is a male physically in the house. We have to figure out a way to fix this, unfortunately the virus controls media, porn, movie industry, culture, music you name it. It only has to infect a part of the culture, then it will spread by itself.

    Sometimes I wonder if we don’t need (some gonna drop off now unless they have already) divine intervention.

    We are in dire straits here, and if the virus manages to crush masculinity it’s game over. Humanity will then be finished, it will be gone. What will remain I guess would be some mix between male and female, I suppose a religious person (which I am NOT) would see this as a war on the creator and the creations itself, logic being that we are created in his image. To extend on that, the war would then be waged by a consciousness a religious person also would have a name for.

    Red pill? I guess there are layers within the pill itself.

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