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Just a quick heads up, I’ll be doing another Livecast installment of The Red Pill Monthly with Niko Choski tomorrow morning about 10:20 am PST. We’ll be talking about ‘Runaway Hypergamy’ as the main topic, but I imagine that will veer off into discussions of the social and personal impacts of Open Hypergamy, maybe the growing acceptance of open cuckoldry.

I’ll also be giving away some freebies on the show – I’ve got four free codes for the new Audible version of The Rational Male as well as five login passes for Nick Krauser’s new Game intensives, Womanizers Bible.

As always, we’ll be taking questions or looking at comments in the Livecast stream, but if there’s something on your mind you’d like us to discuss please leave a comment here.

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  1. Rollo, should I resubmit my request or you keep a running tab from last time?

    My request is that you discuss Frame, because it is a very important aspect but tricky to grasp because it is rather abstract.

  2. Can’t be just that, because I don’t change my world view when I fail a shit test but I still “lose Frame”. It a bit nebulous, I have some concept of it but it would be interesting to see how Rollo and Niko view it.

    This is Rollo’s take on it.
    Has to be important to understand it, as Iron Rule 1 is “Frame is everything”.

    1. @IAS
      I would say say Frame is everything about your world. Your views and experiences that collaborate in your expression of your personality.

  3. My question: How do you handle/manage the inevitable question I face from girls I’m gaming or have banged: “What do you think of feminism?” or some variation of it: “I’m a feminist…how do you feel about that?”

    I know all the clever rejoinders: “Oh in that case buy me a drink and light my cigarettes” or “Feminism is bullshit…etc etc”

    But in some cases the girl is quite sincere and it’s more than a shit test.

    I’ve seen this as an opportunity to discuss the male/female dynamic, I’ve talked about ev psych…. I’d like to hear your thoughts on how to have an authentic chat from a Red Pill perspective to this subject/question when it comes up.

  4. @Rollo : Assuming that you have watched womanizer’s bible (since that’s a freebie :P), can you say a bit on the cheerful misogyny and about the analogy between the psychology of a woman and a dog..

  5. I know prognostication is not the modus operendai of the RM but I wonder if you could relate to the stat that 60% of Black American women with more than one child have multiple baby daddies and how this relates to hyperagamy. Particularly considering white female metrics (life expectancy) are converging with black women.

  6. “Where does one go to watch/listen live?”

    Right at the top of the article, or on Nico’s YT channel.

  7. The YouTube link isn’t for a video, but for the event. Two and a half hours to go…

  8. @IAS

    IF you are living in your frame, you can’t fail a shit test. You can’t fail any test.

    What you see as a failure is what a healthy man sees as a rejection of an approach or an opportunity to refine (in a more granular way) the specific metrics that he needs to be successful in the same, future interaction.

    You think of “frame” as a manifestation or some externality, but in actuality there is only one frame, the frame of natural variability and reality.

    Players simply hijack and shortcut the mechanisms back to the mother source that have been socialized away from them, naturals never allowed the socialization to creep that deep into their psyche i the first place.

    For a tactical goal, consider frame as something you are getting BACK to.

  9. @Rollo

    Thanks for a good discussion.
    For me,putting it together,The same feelz instinctual dynamics that make survival of the human species possible,are dysfunctional to the survival of human “civilization”. Leaving me at the same viewpoint of most men 70 to 80 yo “We messed up when we allowed women to vote”.

  10. Leaving me at the same viewpoint of most men 70 to 80 yo “We messed up when we allowed women to vote”.

    I’m not nearly that old, but I agree with the sentiment. Best thing anyone can say is, “it seemed like a good idea at the time”…

  11. “I’m not nearly that old” Nor am I.I’m old enough to have respect for my elders,not remember where or who let things go,not get engaged in finger pointing and young enough to be to busy keeping afloat to care.

    I can remember a recurring nightmare from my twenties,where I had my wife on the workbench all opened up with her gear trains laid out and studying and experimenting to try to fix her problem…Then fucking wake up tired go to work and do it for real on a Peugeot or new GM etc.

    It is truly amazing how men can logically figure physics,intrinsic design,mechanics,chemistry,laser optics,programing,super conductor,space travel,etc..Then try to apply that same logic to the opposite sex and draw a complete blank,simply because we believe a few “harmless white lies” we learned at a young age.

    At any rate now we are front and center with 3d red pill glasses to what just may be the largest most publicized gender war on this planet,kind of exciting on one hand and on the other maybe a full bomb squad gear is in order.A most entertaining year indeed should one be aware enough to see just what is playing out on a mega scale..

  12. @Rollo.
    Great interview.
    How about Hypergamy is now enlisting the media and the courts to do its bidding.
    The great Diana Davidson had uncovered the third liar in the Ghomeshi trial and then she removed the video by an order of the Hypergamy Police.
    It turns out the third liar (who is an ugly aging old bat) had accused another guy in the past!!. Poor old hag, she would never be able to come out of her anonymity now. It’ll look bad on her to have accused two different guys at the same time.

  13. @wala

    Re the feminist test- here’s one I used recently: “…if by feminism you are referring to the Wikipedia definition (Below for reference), that’s cool… Just imagine not being able to vote or drive in some countries…”

    Anything antagonistic in the first round here is just whizzing on an electric fence…

    IF that isn’t enough and the test continues, it’s usually because some tiny minority of women have ever been to any of these countries, so they tend to re-ask specific to western values and almost always reference equal pay for equal work.

    “Of course they should be paid just as much for equal work… Look at the US Women’s Soccer team… I’m not saying they could beat the Men’s team; but they have a much larger following and are significantly more profitable, so yea- from what I know of it [and I really don’t know more than this anyway], it looks like a reasonable lawsuit…”

    At this point, test is passed and you can have fun with it from here should you choose:

    “…just so long as equal means equal… In my personal experience, some bimbo at work getting a promotion over a more qualified buddy cuz the company needed to- for metrics- now feminists need to support his inequity…” Etc etc

    You can take this anywhere you want to from this point & have fun

    Feminism is a range of political movements, ideologies, and social movements that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve equal political, economic, personal, and social rights for women.[1][2] This includes seeking to establish equal opportunities for women in education and employment. Feminists typically advocate or support the rights and equality of women.[3]

  14. Feminism is a range of HB4,5,6,7,8 that share a common goal: to , establish, and achieve equal attractiveness to the HB9s and 10s rights for women.[1][2] This includes seeking to establish equal opportunities for HB 4,5,6,7,8 in confronting the advantages of the Hb9s,10s . Feminists typically advocate or support the rights and equality of ugly women with beautiful women and equal share of the Tingle alphas.

    Fixed it.

  15. Re feminism :
    And when the Betas don’t man up and marry and provide, SUE them.

    Women (ugly women) don’t want to marry(tingle) alphas , after all, they (tingle alphas) are not marriage “material”.

  16. The best approach to feminism in this context is to stay away from it, since it seldom leads anywhere good. But when you decide you DGAF, you can always ask “do you mean feminism as a strictly egalitarian movement or as one to just promote the interests of women?” Then take it from there. Left path, you can now whittle away female privilege. Right path, fairness dictates that you can’t sympathize with feminism and she should see that.

  17. Great Interview, Rollo !!
    I really liked the statements of “Frame”. I think a lot of people had questions about that.
    Thank u

  18. Rollo,
    I think white knighting and social justice warfare by high status alphas is very important, as Darryl Long mentioned. People like Bruce Springsteen boycotting a state based on a public toilet rule, Justin Trudeau indeed and many others like Bono, George Clooney and their pet causes. People need heroes and role models to emulate and the examples are set by leftwing politicians and celebrities.and these examples are socially and politically correct, even when given by supposedly apex alpha males. How is a beta going to learn if even the most successful and powerful men, at least in public,support gender equality, feminism, multiculturalism and so on?

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