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One of the results of becoming Red Pill aware is a meta “awareness” of the feminine centric social order we live in today. On this side of the Red Pill it’s almost routine for me now to filter what’s presented to me in popular media, social doctrine or even casual conversation through a Red Pill lens.

Whether it’s the latest pop hit lyrics of a song my daughter is listening to in the bathroom, the latest movie or book, or just listening to someone rattle off an old Blue Pill trope in casual conversation, my sensitivity to how thoroughly immersed in fem-cetrism our society has become is overwhelming.

I’ve had guys in the manosphere joke with me that having this ‘lens’ is like having the special glasses that let you see the alien/zombies and propaganda in the movie They Live. While I get a laugh out of this I also have to think that those glasses never really come off. So when the holiday season comes around this awareness manifests itself more for me since I’m reacquainting myself with family and friends who are immersed in this Matrix and don’t realize they’re mouthing the meme’s and social focus of a feminine centric order.

I think it’s kind of ironic that during the holidays we’re expected to lock horns with our relatives over the latest generational/political/ideological differences, yet these all take place in a common, feminized social narrative. Your uncle may not agree with you politically, but he’ll slap you on the back while you both drink a beer and say, “Women ‘eh? I guess we’ll never figure ’em out” and expect you to have some common agreement with him in spite of those differences.

I bring this up today (and for this weekend’s discussion questions) because it was due to this seasonal Red Pill awareness that I was better prepared to appreciate the holiday classic, It’s a Wonderful Life from a Red Pill perspective.

I’d just returned from a work trip last week and my daughter informed me that the movie was being shown in our local metroplex theater on Christmas eve. I’d seen it before on TV with all the intermittent commercials, and remembered how tedious I thought it was (it’s a pretty long movie for 1946), but she insisted and I wanted to do something with the family. I’ve never watched the movie start to finish, and when I did pick up scenes on TV during Christmas time, it was long before I had any Red Pill inclination.

Needless to say I was shocked (pleasantly) by how thoroughly Red Pill I found it. If you want to see what a pre-sexual revolution gender dynamic is like, this is your movie. Yes, it’s idyllic, but that idealism is founded in a social order, an ‘old books‘ social order, that reveals what our new feminine-primary social order is today. It shows you what we’ve become, but unfortunately the greater whole of our contemporary society lack the special glasses to really appreciate this distinction.

Some notable scenes:

  • George Bailey, the cab driver Ernie and the cop Bert ogle the sexy Violet Bick after she flirts with George and just flows down a busy street to be checked out all the more by every man on the street. In modern terms these men are all guilty of sexual harassment, but in 1928 (the film’s beginning) and viewed from a 1946 perspective of that time, there is nothing harassing about it. It’s de rigueur, and she enjoys the attention.
  • The family interaction between George, his brother Harry, and their father with Ma Bailey just prior to Harry’s graduation party. There is matronly deference to their mother, but both of the boys are being boys and there is no expectation for them to settle down. Both the brothers are naturally, effortlessly, cocky & funny with the maid and their mother. This isn’t a forced attitude, it comes off as both positively masculine and fun at the same time. Also, their father is the respected head of the household, both by virtue of his social status and integrity as well as his position as ‘father’. Needless to say, he’s never ridiculed as the buffoon he’d be portrayed as on a post-sexual revolution social order, and in fact dispenses a wisdom that benefits George later in life.After the graduation party George and Mary walk home in the odd dry clothes they were able to find after having fallen into the school pool. Mary is in a bathrobe and George in a football outfit. This flirtation and interaction is perhaps one of the best examples I can think of as an old order form of Game. George is cocky, funny, confident, ambitious, playfully teasing and yet still conscious of Mary’s perception of him as he effortlessly delivers a positive, masculine vibe.Again, it’s idyllic, and men being the true romantics will want to believe such receptivity could actually take place without any confusion of signals with an idealized, Quality Woman woman like Mary, but it’s the atmosphere and the attitude of expecting Mary to respond to George’s delivery that belies the era this scene and story was written in. Nothing seems forced at all, and we don’t expect Mary to match George’s masculine Game with one of her own feminine-empowered forms of Game. From a Red Pill perspective, we want a gal like Mary to exist, but you wont find her in 2014.

These were just a few scenes I thought stood out, but this film is an essay in the old order social structure a lot of well meaning Red Pill advocates would like to believe is still a possibility.

In the last thread commenter Xsplat asked the question whether an Alpha man could also be a provider. His criticism of the manosphere is that Alpha men are being painted as caricatures of cads, assholes and bad boy players women want to bang as part of their Hypergamous mating protocol. Betas are the opposite of this; good for provisioning only – cuckolds to be used for parental investment with only a perfunctory servicing of mediocre ‘duty’ sex as an intermittent reward to keep him pulling the cart.

If there are caricatures of Alpha and Beta being drawn I’d suggest this is due more to women and their comfort with Open Hypergamy and men deductively modeling their gender expectations as a result. That said, Xsplat’s not wrong. It is entirely possible for an archetypal Alpha Man to be an upstanding member of society, provide for his family and be well respected both by his peers and his wife. The character of George Bailey is an old order example of exactly this kind of man.

In our era women have an unprecedented facility for providing for their own security need, but that doesn’t eliminate the root level, emotional need for optimizing Hypergamy with a man who is an Alpha provider. For the most part women simply don’t expect to find this optimization in the same man. There are men they want to fuck and men they want to consolidate monogamy with, and finding this satisfaction in the same man is so rare, so unexpected, that his character becomes unbelievable. The George Bailey of 1928 is an unbelievable character in 2014.

As I’ve illustrated in many a prior post, Alpha is a state of mind, not a demographic. Just because the Alpha energy of a kid like Corey Worthington will get him laid without trying doesn’t preempt a woman from being aroused by, and attracted to a George Bailey. Context is king of course, but what matters is that self-interested Alpha mindset. While many a convicted felon possesses this mindset, and receives women’s sexual interests as a result of it, I’d still encourage men to use that Alpha energy to a positive, self-benefiting effect.

So the questions for this weekend are:

What Red Pill observations do you find unignorable in contemporary society? It’s dangerous to attempt to make others aware of this perception, but do you try anyway?

Do you see examples of the old order as I have in It’s a Wonderful Life? Understanding the idealisms inherent in it, what other examples of this old order to you know?

Alpha providers, while being an idealistic character, can exist, but are they realistic? I’d propose that embodying this role has become one of being seen too readily as a Beta by women due to the unbelievability of it. Does men’s romantic nature predispose them to thinking they can adequately fulfill this role? Does that romanticism expect women to be receptive and appreciative of it? Is that expectation on of investing in Relational Equity?


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  1. I recently watched a show called “The 100” it’s aimed at teenagers I guess it’s the type of show I would of watched at that age. Watching a show like this through the red pill lens I was shocked mostly thinking that young blue pill guys will be watching this non the wiser. The main star of the show is a 16 year old girl called Clarke and she is the leader, probably 90% of the guys are beta chumps and can’t think for themselves they literally say lines like “What would Clarke do??”. The mechanic is a girl, the chief soldier is a girl, the doctor is a girl, the leader of the baddies is a girl etc… I honestly was laughing out loud watching most of it! It just seemed so ridiculous to me looking at it with red pill eyes. I feel sorry for young boys getting indoctrinated by shows like this into beta thinking.

    The two leaders fighting! LMAO

  2. What Red Pill observations do you find unignorable in contemporary society? It’s dangerous to attempt to make others aware of this perception, but do you try anyway?

    AFBB, for one. In fact, all of the observations associated with dual-strategy hypergamy: ljbf, badboy sexual selection, the Wall, and alphaness and betaness in general. I have tried to talk about it offline, but men tend to say “Yeah, so what?” and women scream and stomp their feet.

    Do you see examples of the old order as I have in It’s a Wonderful Life? Understanding the idealisms inherent in it, what other examples of this old order to you know?

    Do you mean did I used to see the old order when it was still around? Yes, a lot. Do I now? No, not anywhere at all in America. Not even any individual families in ultra-socially-conservative communities.

    Alpha providers, while being an idealistic character, can exist, but are they realistic? I’d propose that embodying this role has become one of being seen too readily as a Beta by women due to the unbelievability of it. Does men’s romantic nature predispose them to thinking they can adequately fulfill this role? Does that romanticism expect women to be receptive and appreciative of it? Is that expectation on of investing in Relational Equity?

    No, it’s unrealistic because there is negative societal incentive for alphas to be providers. Yes, far too many men think (are taught) providing is alpha, and expect women to appreciate it.

  3. Lets see if the spam filter lets this through

    Actually I think Mary is a prototype Alpha woman. She doesn’t worry about other women because she knows she can out compete them. I have been Red Pilling the first mate and today I pointed out to her that she was very alpha. Not in the way guys are alpha but in the fact that at least some part of her was secure in that fact that she could out compete any other woman no matter what the other woman had to offer. I’m working to strengthen her alpha nature and weakening her beta (insecure) part.

    I figured this out from a video link Glenn left that led me to a video about the alpha woman. It was hogwash but it got me thinking.

  4. Red pill awareness has made me painfully aware of how resource motivated women are. Its not that I didn’t see it before but now I see it as their driving force.

    Here is a simple test for any woman.

    Hypergamy Test

    You have the choice of marrying either man A or B. Both men are equal in every regard except their status in society.
    A) Marry a poor man who is in the bottom 10% of wage earners.
    B) Marry The King but you will be one of his 10 wives.

    When push comes to shove I believe most women would marry The King. To a resource/status driven woman 10% of The King is worth more than 100% of the poor man.

  5. Re: December 26th, 2014 at 4:43 pm

    I should add that the first mate’s alpha nature is absolutely compatible with her surrender to me. Her beta nature is not.

  6. zdr01dz
    December 26th, 2014 at 4:57 pm

    George Bernard Shaw made that observation some time ago. It goes like this approximately:

    A woman would rather have 1/10th of a first rate man than all of a second rate one.

  7. Good timing on this article, I was watching the mafia movie Casino the other night and was absolutely astonished watching through the red lens that Robert Deniro’s character became such a supplicating beta to his wife Sharon Stone even though he is a powerfull mob boss.

    He literally starts out marrying her when she has zero attraction for him, this made me cringe. Whats expected happens next, she starts to resent him due to his beta’ness, starts doing drugs, cheats on him, near the end its almost painful to watch this female character basically stuck in a relationship with a beta she despises and just wants to be dead. She later jumps to Joe Pesci character as he is much more alpha.

    If someone that has seen the movie has another take on their relationship dynamic I would love to hear it.

    If you have not seen the movie I extremely suggest watching it. But here are three links to a really good summary of Robert and Sharons relationship from start to end:

  8. I was admiring young George’s negs on Mary at the drug store. When she says she doesn’t want coconuts on her ice cream, he responds, “Say, brainless. Don’t you know where coconuts come from?” He then proceeds to cover her ice cream in coconut and she pledges her eternal love to him.

  9. Being alpha and a provider is about how you make your money.

    To pick just on item of the FI as a standout…. man that’s a tough one but right now it would be how women can react violently to men when ever they want over any damn thing she wants and get a pass.

    I don’t see the danger in pointing out any of this. Hell I cross buffer politically correct no go lines then this on my way to breakfast.

  10. The FI indeed….subtle.On christmas eve, last minute shopping,i was in a shopping centre and needed to use the toilets, needless to say after some searching i discover that there are only women’s toilets and children’s changing area on the ground floor and no men’s. After a considerable amount of walking around i did finally locate the men’s on the third floor near the fire exit. The FI indeed….subtle.

  11. “What Red Pill observations do you find unignorable in contemporary society? It’s dangerous to attempt to make others aware of this perception, but do you try anyway?”

    The portrayal of family men across all media is abhorrent. It bleeds in to how women view and treat men with such virulent fervor that I found myself disgusted with it long before finding TRP. I have always had a big mouth and a wiseassed attitude though, even in my most beta of days, so offending people has always just come with the territory of being me.

    While I don’t feed people pure red pill, I sell them the concepts easily enough. Just a couple days ago, while talking to a married guy in my wing chun class, I asked him the last positive male father role model he saw on TV. He couldn’t name one, and he’s only 5 years my junior. In my lifetime I can name one: Landon’s father character in Little House on The Prairie. That was late 70s TV that bled in to the 80s. Every male character since has been a variation on Homer Simpson, even when it’s NOT a sitcom.

    I don’t draw the conclusions for the other guy, but always leave him with a clear view of the situation: women are trained to think us buffoons and it works.

    “Alpha providers, while being an idealistic character, can exist, but are they realistic? I’d propose that embodying this role has become one of being seen too readily as a Beta by women due to the unbelievability of it.”

    It’s not because it’s seen as beta. It’s exactly the same as female hypergamy: society has spent the past 40 years engineering a social order that creates incentives that reward hypergamous behavior to the complete exclusion of loyalty. The same incentives also reward polgynous behavior among alphas. There is NO benefit to monogamy as a man, indeed it would not be incorrect to view the average beta marriage as incredibly punishing. If a man can exercise polygyny, he should as a rational decision. Society is punishing monogamy and rewarding polygyny while telling men monogamy is where it’s at.

    You gotta be a fucking moron to buy in to that if you can pull hot young chicks ready to fuck on a regular basis. No better time in history to do it, if you have the means. There are of course exceptions to the rule, but those are unicorns for females. As a general rule, alphas don’t settle in to the provider role because they don’t have to.

  12. @M Simon
    A woman would rather have 1/10th of a first rate man than all of a second rate one.

    Crap! I thought I came up with that. I guess there is nothing new under the sun.

  13. For the most part I’ve found trying to inject Red Pill ideas in person sometimes work, while any attempt online (Facebook) is met with hostility. In person, men seemingly confirm some Red Pill ideas but they of course never actually live by them. For example, men talking about how they hate being tied down by a woman and whenever an attractive woman is on TV or even in real life, they’d say “I’d tear her pussy apart!!!” and other such bravado. The next minute their girlfriend of 3 years calls on the phone during the football game and they dutifully spend 10 minutes talking to her.

    The most successful conversations, even if light-hearted, concern marriage. There is definitely recognition that marriage can suck for men, and that women seem to want to rush into a marriage and get bored soon after actually being married.

  14. “Alpha providers, while being an idealistic character, can exist, but are they realistic?”

    Rollo Tomassi, Victor Pride and Mike Cernovich of – These three men are in long term relationships with women that are ‘receptive and appreciative of it’. They are ‘that’ man.

    They teach, through their own lives, specific self-improvement concepts and actions necessary to be that man.

    My closest male friends, by choice, are ‘that’ man.

    Time is a currency. Have you chosen to spend your time building friendships with ‘that’ man?

    Men that are ‘that’ man tend to spend (the currency of) time with other men with a similar mindset. They’ve usually started with nothing and have built extraordinary success doing what they are obsessed with doing because of how it affects the world. They choose to become the best in the world at what they do. He sees no limits, and he doesn’t break the law.

    It’s great to read and create new life habits, but the reason that “that” man seems rare is that so few choose to become “that” man. It’s difficult because they surround themselves with guys that are not “that” man.

    So, yes, they are realistic. The blog artists I’ve listed are “that” man. The women that love them do not see them as beta because they are “that” man. They can be romantic at will without penalty because they are “that” man.

  15. “What Red Pill observations do you find unignorable in contemporary society? It’s dangerous to attempt to make others aware of this perception, but do you try anyway?”

    Unignorable by me, or by people in general? I can easily see the confusion and discontent in the contemporary dating scene, at all ages. I see people wanting to get married but suspicious of it due to divorce/unhappiness being widespread. I see men and women both, but especially young men, being listless and lost, unable to figure out what they can do or would like to do with their lives and relationships. I see radical feminism and social justice warriors controlling the cultural discourse, and anyone less radical being slowly cut down and ground up. I see AF/BB being actively promoted as a lifestyle to young women, and those same young women of a decade ago desperately trying to pretend the strategy made them happy and fulfilled. Sunken cost fallacy, and on the cycle goes. I see men blinded to their BB role, castrated like cattle, dutifully waiting for their perfect manic pixie dream girl to come along and start the long hard work of making him happy. They might as well throw their balls in the dumpster for all they use them. I see a lot more as well now, but I think that’s the central part of the dynamic. Everyone is pessimistic, uncertain, and talks on a meta level instead of an object level.

    I talk about these things to only a few people. My younger sisters, I try to teach a little. My younger brother, soon-to-be-married, the same. I can tell there’s only so much I can say in all cases, but I’m trying to prevent future trouble. My sister of 19, at least, readily understands admits that the ‘nice guy’ persona is not one she’s attracted to, and powerful guys are, and why. I’m trying to at least get some slight wedge in, so she can make better decisions.

    My older brother isn’t formally redpill, but I have no issue talking about any of this with him. A good fairly high-class female friend of his recently got ‘accidentally’ pregnant by her trailer trash restaurant dishwasher boyfriend. Shortly after my brother tried to convince her to leave her, after he strangled and beat her again. I pointed out that women seem to be fairly bad choosers of men, and that the current environment greatly empowers female choice. He agreed. I credit a high intelligence and his homosexuality. (I have a theory that gay men have a better time grasping the RP, as they are less clouded with idealizations of a perfect women waiting for them somewhere – or just less enamored of women in general. Jack Donovan and Milo Yiannopoulos, for instance, are both gay men talking fairly redpill.)

    “Alpha providers, while being an idealistic character, can exist, but are they realistic? I’d propose that embodying this role has become one of being seen too readily as a Beta by women due to the unbelievability of it. Does men’s romantic nature predispose them to thinking they can adequately fulfill this role? Does that romanticism expect women to be receptive and appreciative of it? Is that expectation on of investing in Relational Equity?”

    I think it’s mostly just really hard to be an alpha provider these days. You pretty much need to be a successful entrepreneur or something similar to be a sufficiently good provider to register as such, while maintaining a good masculine adventurous vibe. It’s basically illegal to act overly ‘alpha’ in the relationship setting proper in the modern west. Look how Xsplat manages his women – it’s not the only way to be alpha in a relationship, but it’s certainly an example of it. You can’t do a lot of that here, everyone she knows would force her out even if you avoided the courthouse. Being a successful entrepreneur (I’m sure there are other jobs that fit the bill too) makes for enough alpha in the only place you can really get it now, while potentially making you an impressive provider at the same time.

    So the bar is really high. For a woman to perceive you as such, you need to be ‘rock-climbing skydiving billionaire player who will settle down only for me,’ not, as perhaps once was, ‘fireman who makes a good wage.’ Otherwise you risk getting put into either the AF or the BB box.

  16. >What Red Pill observations do you find unignorable in contemporary society?

    The AFBB. It’s way too obvious. Also like Sun Wukong said “the portrayal of family men across all media is abhorrent”. I’ll add to this that I also notice how some women literally HATE betas. Like, pure primal hate that you can just feel in their words and attitude towards them. I think it is generally proportional to how “STRONG AND INDEPENDENT” they are.

    >It’s dangerous to attempt to make others aware of this perception, but do you try anyway?

    As someone who is more or less open with his political views that by modern day standards are considered on the far right, the red pill on women is the one I’ve had the most issues with. Like Heartiste said very often real talk in poltics stop at the bedroom door.

    I will explain what I can and point those that want to know more in the right direction but I don’t have the time or patience to argue with those who have been completely brainwashed.

    >Do you see examples of the old order as I have in It’s a Wonderful Life?

    I’d say I’ve seen it or at least some remnants of it. It may still be around in certain parts of the world but it will probably die out soon if things keep heading in the same direction.

    >Alpha providers, while being an idealistic character, can exist, but are they realistic?

    Sun Wukong kinda summed it up for me.

    Overall I personally don’t mind the red pill lens at all. Ignorance was never bliss for me, only cognitive dissonance. I’m not sure if it has affected my ability to enjoy media as I’ve only ever liked a certain specific type of media but if it has then all the better since I’ll waste less time on it and have more time to focus on self improvement.

  17. Now I’m definitely going to have to watch IAWL again. I too now see popular culture through the Red Pill Lens and it is both horrifying and hilarious. It would take great fortitude for a young man to come through such indoctrination whole.

    I guess an Alpha Provider could exist in this day and age. But again, it would take a man of tremendous fortitude. Back then, such a man would be supported by society. Today he would be subverted by society at every turn.

  18. 1. “What Red Pill observations do you find unignorable in contemporary society?”

    AFBB, women’s preference for “bad boys”, and hatred of nice guys are readily observable. As is the FI’s expectation that men will provide, either individually or collectively without need of, nor expectation of appreciation, gratitude or tangible reward.

    2. “It’s dangerous to attempt to make others aware of this perception, but do you try anyway?”

    Yes, but I find the key to a reasoned discussion is to let the other party broach the topic and then respond with the redpill view without resorting to ‘sphere jargon. Often rephrasing a redpill idea as a question, or series of questions can be persuasive.

    3. “Do you see examples of the old order as I have in It’s a Wonderful Life?”

    Very rarely amongst persons my age and younger. I saw quite a bit of this amongst my grandparents and their friends.

    4. “Understanding the idealisms inherent in it, what other examples of this old order to you know?”

    Can’t think of any. 

    5. “Alpha providers, while being an idealistic character, can exist, but are they realistic?”

    Yes they clearly exist. But the Alpha provider would have to be top earner for his provisioning to be a notable Alpha characteristic because of other attached attributes. Being merely a middle class provider would seem irrelevant, and independent of a host of other Alpha traits. Alpha providers would have to one precenters and in some geographic areas that won’t be enough, at least in the US. 

    6. “I’d propose that embodying this role has become one of being seen too readily as a Beta by women due to the unbelievability of it. Does men’s romantic nature predispose them to thinking they can adequately fulfill this role?”

    I don’t see how any man, aware of the AFBB reality, could think he would be able to fulfill that role without being in top 1%of wage earners at minimum.

    7. “Does that romanticism expect women to be receptive and appreciative of it?”

    Of course why would/shoulda man break his back to fulfill that role without such expectation.

    8. ” Is that expectation on of investing in Relational Equity?”

    Typically I’d say yes. The whole notion of building wealth is an investment with delayed gratification a central tenet of the process. The old and dead courting process was a form of investing in a relationship sort of an escrow account, a demonstration that delaying gratification for future expected benefits was part of a man’s character. Any reasonable man understands that a relationship has ups and downs but still expects his investment in Relational Equity to be met with loyalty, fidelity, and respect. In 2014 Relational Equity is at junk bond or worse quality of investment so only a man who believes the first set of books is in force will buy into the idea. 

  19. Almost all was already said. Resuming:

    The “American dream” that powered western society for decades is nowadays more irrealistic than the “Roosh dream”. Society is completely fucked up.

  20. most of television. Daytime talk shows.(Steve harvey is probably the worst right now)
    the number of female characters being able to beat up men.
    Reality tv crap.(kardashian would be a unknown dumpy girl with a pretty face when she wears makeup, and Hilton would only be known in the debutante announcements)
    Female pop stars doing the exact same thing to get famous as male stars were doing with back up dancers, except the male stars were criticized for exploiting.
    This list can get long.

  21. @Rollo wrote in this post:

    what matters is that self-interested Alpha mindset… use that Alpha energy to a positive, self-benefiting effect.

    In the first scene of “It’s a Wonderful Life” you hear voices that are praying for George Bailey. One of those voices is that of Bert, the ‘family man’ in the “flirt” scene. Bert turns down a chance to ride around town with George Bailey in the cab. Bert was one of the men staring at Violet Bick. Bert declined the offer, saying, “No, thanks. Think I’ll go home and see what the wife’s doing.”

    So, it is appropriate that in the first scene of the movie, it’s Bert’s voice saying this:

    “He never thinks about himself, God;
    that’s why he’s in trouble”

    Did Bert, at some point, lose the self-interested Alpha mindset?

  22. Having lived the “Roosh dream” myself, I can assure you that it is easier than living the “American dream” and be respected by society and your woman as a provider alpha male in the West.

  23. “or a woman to perceive you as such, you need to be ‘rock-climbing skydiving billionaire player who will settle down only for me”

    spoiler on 50 Shades

    in the soft porn set of novels that women loved, the male lead was a billionaire Dom pilot, and every tedious sex scene in the novels involved him doing all the work fucking her, and only her, even though before that he enjoying spinning sub plates

    and what happens at the end?

    he gets completely domesticated, turned into a beta that is allowed to pretend he is an alpha from time to time

    “Red Pill Lens”

    Taylor Swift’s #1 hit Blank Space is Open Hypergamy

    “I could make the bad guys good for a weekend”

  24. Great post. A few observations and insights to share.

    The Affair, that series involving a Beta shlub writer who cheats on his wife with a waitress who displays clear Cluster B traits provides insight into everything that is Blue Pill.

    Check out this scene where Noah the writer goes to his greater beta banker friend for advice on how to leave his wife. Note the oneitis and how the banker friend tries to get Noah to talk to the alpha father he’s estranged from for some sound advice. The right thing is not always the easiest thing. The choices Noah faces: go back to his older dumpy wife or give it a shot with the married waitress he’s banging. How about just going his own way? You can see how difficult it is to get a Blue Pill guy to swallow the Red Pill.

    I hear this from women I’m banging all the time: ” xxx is not a real man…”

    Women complain about guys but I’ve come to the realization this year that women complaining about guys is what women do…they complain.

    Can a guy be Alpha and a provider? I’m struggling with this concept but I believe yes. Alpha is the state of mind. If you’re doing what you like to do then you’re making the decision. If you “feel” put upon and are still doing what a woman asks then it’s beta.

    An example. I love cooking, it’s not a chore. I don’t mind cooking for girls. But I do insist they help or contribute in some way.

    I also enjoy mixing drinks or sharing things with girls. But I make sure it’s done from a standpoint of leadership: “you should listen to this music….” “Let’s check out this restaurant”.

    I now order for girls I’m out with when they stare at a menu: “It’s not a Mercedes Benz, it’s dinner, I’m having the burger, order the fish.”

    There is also a state of calibration. Girls want to “feel” protected and spoiled without being pedestalized. It’s a delicate balance that I’m now managing.

    I see girls “leading” their boyfriends and guys accepting that role. The girl claims to feel happy but ALL her girlfriends secretly laugh about what a “wuss” that guy is.

    The media and movies present a false picture of male/female dynamics in the name of equality and not offending. Remember the show “Friends”?

    Joey the alpha cad is portrayed as the idiot who only bangs airheads while the betas Ross and Chandler end up with the more well-rounded smarter, independent women.

    If you’re raised on this concept you have no frame of reference for Red Pill thinking, it’s the whole idea that if a guy expresses his desire for a woman he’s somehow “harassing” her.

    Women secretly want to be dominated and in some ways the current feminized culture makes them feel “weird” about wanting to be dominated.

    A girl I’m seeing told me all her secret desires of being dominated by “aggressive guys” and then said “Is that weird?”

  25. re: Blank Space.

    Another redpill TRVTH is that women project. All the time, women project. In every instance, women project. Every feeling, women project.

    This is the reason women hate nice guys: if women are being nice then they want something. And women project their opportunism onto idealistic nice men.

  26. re: ratings and leagues.

    Hypergamy destroys any rationality in assortative matching, making every woman believe she deserves the best. But there is a redpill side to ratings and leagues anyway.

    A grandnephew was complaining about the facts of life, or something, in She’s Out Of My League. It turned out nobody else had seen it, but he went on about it anyway. One part he *liked* was when the girl evidently admitted she was tired of having so much sex with the dangerous men she found attractive, and instead wanted to settle for the boyfriend experience with a safe nice guy.

  27. “What Red Pill observations do you find unignorable in contemporary society?”

    Last two girls I was with ‘ejaculated’ copious amounts of sweet ambrosia when they orgasmed.

    Basically they pissed themselves and somehow they thought I should be impressed by this feat.

    I asked around and apparently in the younger set it is more common than I remember it being in the past, which was basically never.

    Somehow in the past 20 years the bladder became a sex organ or women now magically have grown new prostates 50 times larger than men.

    Penis envy, ejaculation envy or incontinence has become sexy, I dunno.

  28. The NFL wearing pink for breast cancer. Can’t we at least get the NFL to support a cause related to men and/or sports injuries, like concussion/brain trauma, or colon/prostate cancer?

  29. Rollo, Alpha providers, while being an idealistic character, can exist, but are they realistic? I’d propose that embodying this role has become one of being seen too readily as a Beta by women due to the unbelievability of it.

    I’ve seen a lot of alpha providers, but they all have large families (6+ kids). The big family propels men into alpha status and tame women into their natural submissive role. And it’s also rare for a woman to have that many kids unless she’s pretty attractive, since fertility and looks go together (hence, the wall).

    Trust me, when a woman has 6-12 children (plus 2-4 miscarriages) she’s extremely likely to seek strong male leader. Any idea how difficult, expensive, and downright hard raising productive children is today? Women are the social underdog in the large-family-alpha-male hunt; daughters from these families seek alpha males for large families themselves, and the sons will take alpha status for granted and get peeled away to other women.

    Does men’s romantic nature predispose them to thinking they can adequately fulfill this role? Does that romanticism expect women to be receptive and appreciative of it? Is that expectation on of investing in Relational Equity?

    I have no idea what you are referring to here. Romance seems pretty thin with alpha providers and their mates I know. Too busy raising families.

  30. @Armchair Quarterback
    “The NFL wearing pink for breast cancer. Can’t we at least get the NFL to support a cause related to men and/or sports injuries, like concussion/brain trauma, or colon/prostate cancer?”

    No, because then the women would have to raise the money for themselves. That would be like telling welfare queens we won’t pay for them to pop out children anymore. Unacceptable.

  31. Funny how everything goes through a Red Pill lens now, as I was watching the Charlie Brown Christmas special for the umpteenth time, theirs a scene with Lucy and Schroeder that was very red pill.

  32. Thanks so much Rollo for that image of being able to see the Zombies. How liberating! My image was rather one of strangled frustration.

    So many times I have watched a TV show or a movie, read an article, or a magazine that had such a painfully tormented view of inter-gender dynamics I would start banging my head.

    We are way past the point of finding examples of this- it is the norm.

    –The teenage young boy cringingly, stutteringly approaching THE GODDESS petitioning for some of her time.

    –The clichéd nearly universal meme of the incompetent husband and the hyper competent wife.

    –The troublemaking boys and the perfect little girls.

    –The female victim of the BAD MAN

    Is there any media that doesn’t disparage men or sanctify women?

    No worries and no reason to get upset any more- even if I can’t figure out how to get off the damn Zombie glasses.

  33. “Alpha providers, while being an idealistic character, can exist, but are they realistic? I’d propose that embodying this role has become one of being seen too readily as a Beta by women due to the unbelievability of it. Does men’s romantic nature predispose them to thinking they can adequately fulfill this role? Does that romanticism expect women to be receptive and appreciative of it? Is that expectation on of investing in Relational Equity?”

    Assuming you believe that possession of some Dark Triad characteristics is a prerequisite for being alpha, I think that possessing the will (consciously or unconsciously) to be a provider makes you beta. I would say that a Dark Triad alpha is always looking for ways to advance his own needs, and in what way could providing for a woman further his goals? I think true alphas are rare in civilized society, and people trying to add beta characteristics to the definition of it are trying to fit their round selves into a square peg.

  34. I always hated the movie adaptation of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, because they neutered the Harry from the books. I couldn’t put my finger on it until the Red Pill.

    In the books, Harry comes off a big Quidditch win, and walks inside to cheers. He singles out the girl he’s interested in, walks straight up to her, and kisses her in front of everyone, not saying a thing. He takes what he wants. Its a big growth moment for the character, and its well written.

    There is none of this assertiveness in the movie. None. Instead he pussy-foots around her, never confident. When they finally share a kiss, she is the one who initiates, or at least starts the ball rolling in a series of awkward scenes and dialogue. Its very weird, and ruins the movie and the character of Harry. The change cascades down to other aspects of the movie, all detrimental.

  35. What Red Pill observations do you find unignorable in contemporary society?
    Around this time of year I am continually amazed how most men in my extended family put up with a wife talking disrespectfully.
    It’s mind numbing… the fem-centric sass of an American wife is in your face obvious.
    So much so my wife, who is from Europe, comments on it at every gathering.

    It’s dangerous to attempt to make others aware of this perception, but do you try anyway?
    Yeah I do run interference when my cousins are getting hen pecked. (It’s like a V-gina sport, who can make their husband look the most ball-less)
    But here’s the thing the other women don’t confront me directly. They try to get my _wife_ to rag me into it. But my wife just laughs at them saying she can’t get me to do anything.
    The look of hen shock when my wife says she’s not in charge is priceless.

    Do you see examples of the old order as I have in It’s a Wonderful Life?
    Yeah I do but my big take away has always been friends and family trump money and fame.
    That always seemed old school to me.

    Understanding the idealisms inherent in it, what other examples of this old order to you know?
    My grandfather and great-grandfather both did not put up with women telling them to do anything.
    To the point that I really don’t think my grandfather has ever, in his 90 years, asked a woman for an opinion on an important matter.
    Never would occur to him to ask. But then again this man rode to school on his own horse (no joke).
    I have asked my dad about this but he says “your grandfather comes from a different time”.
    ….My response to this statement (since I have a wife not born in America) No, American women have changed, or have been allowed to change.

    Alpha providers, while being an idealistic character, can exist, but are they realistic?
    My opinion on this is as follows;
    Yes they exist but are very rare in the US now. You see this dynamic in traditional Latino families.
    Alpha Dad works, submissive wife bakes bread and raises kids. If you WANT to have more Alpha roles for men and more Alpha men.
    You know the kind that actually WIN wars. Well ya gotta train your daughters to be a bit more submissive.

    Now THAT thought hits REALLY close to home if you are a gent who was convinced by a ‘Real American Girl’ to have only a few kids or one.
    No one wants their daughter (and perhaps ONLY family to be around when we are aged to be the junior financial partner in their marriage).
    But… there it is. Red Pill is a harsh teacher. And if we know how it “should work” we will teach our sons and daughters accordingly.

    Assuming we were wise enough to make sure to have both sons and daughters.

    Does men’s romantic nature predispose them to thinking they can adequately fulfill this role?
    I believe it is not really romantic thoughts. It’s egalitarian thoughts. We WANT to believe in an equally yoked marriage.
    We believe this because of the idiocy of feminist indoctrination on “gender equality”.
    My grandfather does not believe in gender equality… and he has a submissive wife (his second, he outlived my grandmother).
    Again if you talk to the old timers you would be surprised what they say about a man’s place in the world.

    Does that romanticism expect women to be receptive and appreciative of it?
    This is an interesting thought because I believe that my Grandfather would not care about this.
    My grandfather does. It’s just how he is. He would never really worry about “appreciation” because he is the man. A man provides.
    And I think this is key… because my Grandfather lived through the depression. He took on enormous burdens to make sure his family survived.
    I don’t think he asked or cared if his family appreciated what he did. Because he was too busy doing it.

    Perhaps as modern men we seek emotional responses that we (as men) were never really meant to experience.

  36. One of the best examples on British television of Alpha males is the 1970’s British police series, The Sweeney. Two politically incorrect detectives that swear, get stuck into punch ups, drink and always have an eye for the ladies. Watching this show sometimes takes my breath away at how our society was back in the 70’s. Both my Mother and Father loved this show at the same time. I switch on the TV now and it is all cooking, dancing, baking, sewing and reality gossip shows. In other words, specifically aimed at Women.

  37. “One of the best examples on British television of Alpha males is the 1970’s British police series, The Sweeney …”

    and now you have Scott and Bailey, which is a great series, and has, wait for it, Open Hypergamy, two (or three) strong female leads, who swear drink and fuck, and a herd of beta males

  38. The thing that surprises me the most when I come home from overseas is how aggressively and eagerly MEN are upholding FI imperatives.

  39. I invite all Rollo’s readers to read this story from The Women’s Lifestyle Network site on the experiences of 3 Singaporean women and their stories about their marriage. Pay close attention to the differences between the 23 year old and the post-wall 38 year old:

    Spot the Rollo themes: hypergamy plays a key role, The Wall, rationalization hamster, all done without any irony. Read this through the Red Pill filter and suddenly this and other manosphere blogs make total sense.

    The 23 year old writes: “”Five years later, marriage was the practical solution because we started thinking about getting our own place.””

    Practical solution…yes women don’t marry for love.


    “”Among my friends who have married, three couples are already divorced. I can’t guarantee that Pete and I won’t head down that road – anything in life is possible. For now though, I am content.”

    Hypergamy: FOR NOW…I am content. FOR NOW.

    Now the 38 year old:

    “”Things changed when we hit our mid-30s. One by one, our friends began to get married, set up homes, and have children. Night-long clubbing sessions became civilised dinner parties with soft music. Before, we used to hit the sack at 4am. Now, a yawn would escape by 11.30pm. Suddenly, we realised that we were slowing down. The idea of marriage began to be more appealing.””

    Re-read that last sentence.

    Translation: He orbited me in my 20’s and I married him in my 30’s.

    “”The most wonderful thing about marrying late is that you have no illusions about the other person. Intimacy over such a long period reveals your flaws to each other – what you see is what you get.”

    Translation: I settled.

    Have no illusions about women and their cunning nature.

  40. @walawala

    I first came to Dallas when I was 20 years old. I was still pretty naive, and listened one night as a friend’s 26 year old hb8 neighbor told us about her impending marriage. “Marriage is a business arranement” were her exact words. No paraphrasing there. I lived for 17 more years thinking she was an anomaly.

    It’s early hard to overcome the blue pill. Waking up to the painful TRUTH that to an uncomfortably high degree AWALT is not easy. I understand why BP guys just don’t want to believe it. It’s not easy waking up from a dream world in to reality. Not easy at all.

  41. Threads like this remind me why I turned away from TV in the 90’s. I can catch football & MMA @ my local bar; buy hunting, cooking etc DVD’s and see strongman on the you tube which probably max’s out the usefulness of tv.

    My theory is women hate the patriarchy because it makes them fuck betas or live on the fringes of society

  42. Colombia was caught in a time warp because the guerilla controlled many parts of the country for over 50 years. Foreign businesses didn’t want to enter because executives and their families were prime targets. To give you an idea just how crazy the country was, I remember once going into a dance club in Bogota, and just above the mens urinals was a one way mirror into the women’s restroom. Most men are cads, cheat on their girlfriend, lie steal. Women understand that their looks are of the utmost importance to men. I’ve known several beautiful women who had to quit their jobs because the boss starts hitting on them (from experience they know they have to). Its Feminists idea of hell. Of course the women there are some of the happiest of the world. Feminism is already infiltrating, it won’t be long before the Colombian women are convinced just how miserable they really are.

  43. Absolutely everything. From newspapers, to TV shows, to movies. All the above trends commenters have pointed out ring true. It’s no point in singling out particular examples, its omnipresent; the foundation, the lifeblood and skeletal structure of all social and cultural communication. I’m in Australia and we are catching up to the US at breakneck pace.

    “The thing that surprises me the most when I come home from overseas is how aggressively and eagerly MEN are upholding FI imperatives.”

    As Mellmoth above says, this is what worries me at a macro and micro level. Where the FI succeeds is in its strategic messaging; it is being served up as a message of equality or at worst ‘catching up’, whilst stealthily providing advantage to females and simultaneously constricting men. I worked in government circles for years so I am hypersensitive to penetrating the ostensible to looking at what’s really going on.

    Men have been indoctrinated to accept this gradually developing and shifting norm further towards lunacy. It’s done by a rapid-fire, never-ending succession of incremental steps which build on the previous, on a bedrock foundation of commonly accepted position of ‘men have dominated women for too long, the imbalance must be addressed’. This was the Trojan Horse that effectively gave the platform that all the feminist whackjobs and SJWs preach from today.

    All while re-defining misogyny, sexism, rape etc. so far from their original meanings, mostly not directly, but indirectly.

    Something doesn’t even have to be sexist but just ‘kinda/sorta/be easily construed or tangential to sexist and people are in uproar, men placate and back down, etc. And the common underlying goal when you piece all the threads together – AF/BB.

    I see the norm now is a) mindless conformity to the FI, from men who have taken off their natural logicians cap and replaced it with the ‘immutable truth’ and b) self-censoring for fear of ostracism. My goal is to be financially self-sufficient in the next three years so I don’t have to operate within such social, workplace etc frameworks and be subject to this crap as little as possible.

  44. I spent an interesting holiday weekend with close friends (not family, since ours is all but defunct) that is oddly relevant to this post. This is an average family in a rural part of our country (Switzerland). Sadly, the father died a few years ago and threw everything into disarray for them.

    The only man left (the brother) is hopelessly blue pill. He isn’t exactly stepping up and everyone knows that he’s slipped into a beta bucks relationship. He is worried about, but more often ridiculed along with his pro-feminist finance. Everyone knows it’s a disaster and no one’s afraid to say it aloud. They just can’t do shit because Mr. Blue Pill refuses to listen.

    This is perhaps the strangest social gathering I know. Yet I feel oddly at ease with these people, not the least because I can speak freely and red-pill inspired comments are not met with ridicule. Masculinity – even my confused take on it – is just part of daily life, to be taken as it comes without idealism to confuse things.

    To me this is an odd relief; an island amidst a world of insanity. I feel bad for my friend, especially in light of the male losses in the family. I dearly wish I could step in. But as an American expat I’m not part of the “swiss culture”, nor am I in any position to support a family – me and my dad get by but that’s about as far as we go. I’m stuck as a close friend, looking on with a pained expression and dearly wishing society hadn’t screwed them over this badly.

    Twenty years ago, this would not have happened. Rural Swiss culture would not have allowed it. Today an entire family is broken due to FI gone rampant. It’s disgusting. And yet I always feel glad when I come home after seeing these folks. It gives me hope. And I don’t know a better example of people giving the feminine imperative the finger – they might not be doing it consciously but the principle holds true.

  45. Such a Red-Pill relationship can exist in the West, even today. It will be a rare one, but in my view, the following elements have to be in place:

    1. You have to marry her young, before she completely has formed in her brain that the AF and BB are two different classes of men, rather than potentially different aspects of the same man.

    2. You have to choose someone who has rejected the Cock Carousel, not because of you, but because she finds the idea of serial sexual encounters to be absolutely distasteful. If young enough, this woman will likely be a virgin.

    3. The woman has to reject the messages in society that glorify the “strong, independent woman” and denigrate wifely submission to a husband. Again, be careful: choose someone who has rejected this outright, independently of you. Otherwise, you may end up tied to someone who begrudgingly decided to abandon such notions to get a man and quickly reverts when her goal is met.

    4. Lastly, you will actually have to embrace the role of the man who both makes her pussy tingle and who provides for her. If you want the kind of woman outlined in the three points above, do not expect to land her unless you provide the kind of security that she needs in the marriage. That doesn’t mean that you have to be a tycoon or an entrepreneur; rather, it does mean that even if you are a “blue-collar” man, she feels that you will look after her and your common children, no matter what.

    Like I mentioned, such a scenario is rare, and it heavily depends on the psychological/spiritual mindset of both parties prior to ever meeting. In other words, their actual practices and demeanor have to match their relationship/marriage goals, especially in a cultural ocean in which the tide is moving in the opposite direction.

  46. @walawala

    A girl I’m seeing told me all her secret desires of being dominated by “aggressive guys” and then said “Is that weird?”

    I have seen this a lot. Women are made to feel embarrassed for wanting a submissive role. Some will go so far as to qualify these feelings in the following terms to save face: “Yeah, I really dig being taken sexually, to be dominated, but ONLY in the bedroom.”

  47. Ahhhhh Colombia…. Good times. For us but what a crazy place with the worlds most insane women.

    I always thought the women in Australia worse then american women, but reality is I only know about the Australian chicks who vacationed in Hawaii or work overseas in places like Korea, A-Stan etc. The usa is a big place and some areas the women are more out of control then others. Even down here often there is a big difference in attitude displayed between the Mordor born bitches and our locally breed bitches. The sweet spot seems to be solidly middle class and rural background but the middle class and rural settings are both disappearing

  48. Women and submission; look at adds and movies from the 50’s and earlier. Wives get spanked, call their man Daddy and a whole host of things in family type movies. Now those things are considered kinky

  49. @LongLostFriend re: “the following elements have to be in place”

    4. Firstly, it is NOT rare for a man to want a truly good woman and to be willing to provide for her. Repeat after me: good men are common as dirt. What is extremely rare is for good men to generate tingles.

    3. Women who seek to be submissive wives are extremely rare. Yes, even in conservative Christian congregations.

    2. Women tend to consciously reject the Carousel as distasteful, but then have serial boyfriends anyway. What matters is not her feelings nor ideas but her behavior.

    1. Young helps a lot. But it is extremely rare for a truly young woman to marry nowadays.

    IOW it’s not “both parties”; it’s women who have to be different.

  50. IMO the probabilities of finding a “quality woman” increase:

    – if they were educated towards (any) religion;
    – if they were educated towards right wing;
    – how traditional their family is;
    – the younger they are;

    I don’t think the woman looks itself is determinant on the probability of spotting a “quality woman” however the more beautiful they are the probability of them had being already spotted by an alpha (and being unavailable) increases drastically.

    Putting this from other angle I think is better to invest your time in finding a virgin HB7 than a sluttier HB9. Finding average to nice looking virgin women is possible (I’ve had my fair share of it) at least in the East world. Besides the ego boosting they appreciate you in a way that a woman that enjoyed the cock carrousel will never do. Unfortunately my beta sliding precipitated the end of my best 5 years. And yes I think a LTR is a valid option being red pill aware, it only depends with who.

  51. @Johnycomelately re: “Basically they pissed themselves and somehow they thought I should be impressed by this feat.”

    Correct, it is urine. For some reason I have not heard of this practice still being promoted, anywhere, since we had a huge discussion about it on huffpost about three years ago. At first I was the lone voice of reason there among hundreds of commenters, me poopoo(punny)ing the idea for anatomical reasons. Some very few women have variations in the course of their pudendal nerves (and these odd women vary in other ways too), and for them twanging urethrally-involved tissues can provide (a very little) indirect clitoral stimulation. For all other women, Gspot stimulation just twangs the urethral sphincter. Anterior fornix stimulation is a lot more effective at deep twanging for the vast majority of women.

    Evidently the practice went main stream (punny) about 25 years ago, when a group of rich Youra’peein (so, sue me) lesbians promulgated a movie *worldwide* insisting, as you said, that “women now magically have grown new prostates 50 times larger than men”. If I delved I could re-find the movie title. Basically these are the same lesbians who insisted a woman’s “internal clitoris” is bigger than a man’s penis.

  52. 1. What’s unignorable in my experience is the absolute taboo that exists in identifying, and disclosing, to a woman her own AFBB/open hypergamy life model.

    It’s social suicide to tell a woman or her enablers that you have a copy of her playbook. If you want to see some truly atavistic behavior, make a woman your AF alpha widow, and point out that you are not migrating the relationship into BB/drafthorse provider territory.

    2. Also unignorable: women will do just about anything for a shot at a man they deem an alpha provider (simultaneously AF & BB). They will cheat on their husbands, proffer all manner of contortionate sex, show up at the front door with dinner in a grocery sack, ready to be prepared by her. (June Cleaver with a side of Jenna Jameson.) Such a woman is an alpha widow after the first night, and ten years later, she will simultaneously be ‘checking in’ at the holidays and seething with anger at not being selected for cash and prizes.

    3. Also unignorable: women over 30 calibrate resources as quickly as they check out a man’s physique, and as females age the presence or absence of resources becomes primary in their hierarchy of needs.

    This is demonstrated with a simple experiment: have an affair with an over-30 woman and make her happy sexually. Note that she is clearly a SIW who has no need to combine balance sheets, checking accounts, or homes. Watch her software break and circuits short.

    4. Still a challenge for me: in stressful conditions, women cannot sustain their putative rational, SIW veneer. So in stressful relationship conditions, it’s unignorable that *any* solution or strategy presented by the woman will reflect her feelings first. Not logic, not moral responsibility for prior words and deeds, not religion, not any effort at simple social compassion or kindness, not professional ethics. Under emotional stress a woman’s behavior will be governed by a kind of survivor imperative to render her feelings primary. Everything, in conflict in extremis, reflects an emotional zero-sum contest, to the female participant.

    People like me who spend so much time around SIW professional women neglect this rule at their peril.

    As soon as one steps back from the interactions that are producing the conflict, it’s clear that everything the woman is saying or doing reflects panic or rage at her emotional ambitions being thwarted. Women, as Tim Keller notes, are prone to *worship* apocalyptic sex, and then *worship* the transcendent relationship they expect to succeed apocalyptic sex.

    5. It’s unignorable that women will ultimately *hate* a man who presents himself as the prize, rather than elevate her (Cinderella, again) as the purpose and prize of life.

    This requires more “show, not tell” discretion, per item #1, above. Provided a man chooses discretion over rational colloquy (which would explicitly destroy her fantasy about herself), and never complains/never explains, a woman will maintain her hopes of being the prize. And she will enjoy the challenge and emotional thin ice of pursuing an elusive man.


    On balance, it all comes down to recognizing the behavior, objectives, strategies and rhetoric of the FI. And telling no one, least of all one’s love interests. The first rule of the FI is not talking about the FI.

  53. Totally off topic now. Women are hypervigilant against women utilizing public incontinence to reward men. This includes
    1) Peeing themselves frozen in fear. I very seldom see this, towards me or anyone, but this kind is the one in others’ stories.
    2) Peeing themselves out of laughter. I get this all the time. You’d be surprised, maybe.
    3) Peeing themselves from ordinary need in his presence, i.e. demonstrating comfort. Yes, plenty stories.
    4) Peeing a little bit as evidence of submission or something, like a female dog’s greeting. Distinct from fear. I quite often see/smell this (if nothing else I am a keen observer of women), especially from adolescent girls, almost always towards large strangers. Almost never to me.

  54. Great stuff, Rollo. I like you best when you are more of an essayist, for what that’s worth. The questions are great but it would be very hard to do them all justice, so I’ll just take the first.

    “What Red Pill observations do you find unignorable in contemporary society? It’s dangerous to attempt to make others aware of this perception, but do you try anyway?” In no particular order:

    The shaming of boys and masculinity in all its forms from an early age. I’m close to my 5 yr old nephew and have watched how his scrappy, and at times wildly aggressive nature is utterly suppressed by his alpha bitch Mom (my sister, who I’m close with but in a very different way now, post RP). Dad goes along with that narrative – as long as Mom is in the room. For example, young “K” (his code name for this article) is taking some kind of martial art and likes to throw punches and kicks. We never can really get it going in front of mom, but Dad and I had him off alone in the family room on Christmas for a while and I started a full on sparring session with him, being very aggressive and K absolutely loved it.

    His Dad was loving it too and was coaching his son on how best to fight me. It was classic male “teaching” and “compassion”, lol. I was actually beating him around the head and body mostly with toe/foot slaps to the various uncovered parts of his body. I did so just hard enough for him to feel it, but not causing any real pain or leaving marks. It’s that rough-gentle thing that men learn how to do. He’d yelp and giggle as I did this, but it also gave him license to let it rip and he came at me with a fury. I really surrendered to it and just went at it with him for a few minutes. As my older brothers did to me, I didn’t let him win and go, “Yay, K”, no, I beat him up mercilessly. I didn’t hurt him and didn’t continue humiliating him too long either, but I established dominance with him and he loved being in the frame of that dominance while he was fighting it. It’s some very basic masculine shit.

    What would get missed by almost all woman about this interaction is that I was also demonstrating restraint. K knew I would not hurt him and that we were playing, while also knowing that he could go all out against me with abandon. The subtext contains a lot information about the nature and morality of the use of physical, coercive power over others. But most of all it was playful, and fun. His intensity and tiny fury and giddiness, it’s just wild and you can see that he’s never happier than when he’s throwing himself fully into something. What’s notable about this is how rare such an occasion is with him and mostly it’s shaming him for being a little wild man.

    I talk Red Pill openly to K and his Dad when my sister and niece aren’t around. I get it now – I’m on their side. I don’t bother to explain myself, I just offer an observation to K’s Dad and he nods, or say something about girls to K and he agrees. What I’ve always found striking about the Red Pill is my previous ability to “keep two sets of books” in my head as Christopher Hitchens used to say, because most of the Red Pill is about things I already knew on a certain level.

    I mean, pre-RP, of course I knew I was in a sexual marketplace. Of course I knew that dominance mattered in relationships. Of course I knew women choose and that this shapes much of how we interact. But what the Blue Pill world had done was shame so much of what was innate in me, and I think this had me develop a monitor in which I would correct aggression or anger or not being of service to the world, and judge myself very poorly for my hedonistic impulses. This external locus of control, evaluating myself based on how I match up to the Blue Pill world’s expectations and roles resulted in a form of self-alienation for me. At a fundamental level I rejected myself as flawed and broken and corrupted in such a world. This entire construct is custom-fit for manipulation by the FI to achieve dominance over man.

    I also found the self-imposed misery and nonsense of relationships in this context with women unacceptable, so I would always cut woman loose as an act of self preservation, and ultimately I began to feel like I was on a merry go round. Or in the movie Groundhog Day. I had 8 relationships since my ex-wife that were of significant duration and in each one, the same pattern of euphoria, disillusionment, the violation of my boundaries and my exit would happen, for the most part anyway. It truly seemed futile and like a huge question mark in my life.

    Yet when my own teen daughter was learning about dating I told her, “Relationships are all about “hand” – who has the upper hand? You may not want to admit this, but it’s a whole lot better to have the upper hand in a relationship than to not.” She found this advice both cynical and wise, and would alternately mention it to me as a reference point or to criticize me, it was also a bit of a joke between us. But even in that way it reflected the duality of my own identity and view of myself existentially. I was dominant reflexively but was uncomfortable with it. I betaized myself, to the degree that I did, as I think most men have. I had internalized the shaming of masculinity utterly.

    As for the dangers of talking about the Red Pill, here’s another story. My number one realization after my divorce was spot on Red Pill. If I never get married again, a woman will never be able to take my family away from me again. I remember trying to discuss this one night with a “Sex in the City” kind of girl I was out with in Manhattan, We were out to dinner, in the “just started fucking” phase and she asked me about marriage and why mine didn’t work out and would I again. I made the mistake of telling her the truth. I said, “I would be happy to get married again – but I would never get divorced again. It was the worst thing that ever happened to me in my life.” I added, “I’ve often wondered if a woman would really ever be willing to make the promise to never leave me and keep it? I could never lose another child. Not having my daughter live with me as she grows up and to be replaced by a stepfather is a deep wound that never heals. I could never invite that on myself again. But if I get married and have a child with a woman, she can always do that to me.”

    I went on to explain, getting warmed up now as I felt a pent up need to finally tell some woman the fucking truth, yeah? I continued, as a look of horror was spreading across her face, “What was even worse is that I set it all up and paid for it. By having my wife stay home and take care of our child, when it came to divorce, there was never a question of physical custody – she would live with her mom and “visit” me. So, by being a good provider and being able to afford to support my wife and child, my reward is alienation from my child? That’s what I get out of pulling my end of the bargain? And my ex and I were explicit – we didn’t want strangers raising our children and she wanted to stay home and care for them, and I wanted to marry a woman who would do so. Fyi, she had two, perhaps three more miscarriages while we were together as I was gung ho for a family of 3-5 kids and was on track to be able to provide for it. Can you imagine what it would have been like with more kids? Nah, it’s too risky, I could never do it again.”

    This was 8 years ago. Of course, the woman was horrified, her being the strong independent type so she began to argue it with me. Truthfully, I can’t remember her name at this point, lol. But she got heated and I decided, for once, to just not back down. You see, I had made the huge mistake of laying bare how female hypergamy had shattered my family, my heart and my life and was unapologetic about it – and wasn’t even asking for or interested in her sympathy.

    You had to see it, I wish I had video of it. She dropped her fork on her plate loudly, made wild faces and interrupted me – the entire thing was something she just wasn’t used to. I just shut her down and left her speechless at a certain point. It was only after the Red Pill that I realized she didn’t care about male suffering. You have to get that I wasn’t qualifying with this woman, fyi, I didn’t give a fuck if I ever saw her again. I knew this would fuck it up actually and it did.

    This woman had no idea how to be supportive or sympathetic for a man/father/husband’s suffering – it wasn’t in her repertoire. And I knew it – but she fucked like a minx, a selfish minx, but nonetheless, she was a kinky freak in the sack and well, that’s always counted for a lot with me, he he. But her reaction was outrage, and that in and of itself was telling. It also made me not care whether I ever saw her again.

    That’s my experience explaining the Red Pill to any woman. There is no upside in doing so and there is no reason to. I would never do something so stupid now, nor would I be aggravated at the woman for getting angry with me. Now I just ignore such questions and respond with something pithy like, “How’s the sea bass?” Perhaps the single most mind-blowing change for me in my interpersonal interactions with women is how much of what they say I can actually just ignore and not respond to with no consequence. My first level shit test handling is to just ignore it most of the time, maybe just with a disapproving face. This is also the best pose for an older guy, “amused mastery” is much more value demonstrating than arguing with a woman half your age about some childish insult she hurled at you.

    I don’t hate them, but I do treat them like aliens. And to every supposed Red Pill chick here, who’s “chill” or “cool” or whatever, he’s my “Red Pill Chick Challenge”:

    If you actually understand the ultimate source of the suffering of the bottom 60% of men in the population who might as well be invisible to women,you’ll get that it stems from the fact that lower value men are biologically programmed to be just as horny and addicted to the heroin-like rush of orgasm as alpha men are – but they never get to really experience good sex. or if they do, it’s rare. If you get that the set up of human sexuality is that “women choose”, and that it’s not cultural or social but rather at the effect of 500 million years of adaptation and selection, and that many of these men are truly living in agony about all the inability to quench a natural appetite, well then my question is simple. What are you willing to do about it?

    True learning implies a permanent change in behavior. So, Red Pill Chicks, if you’ve learned about how badly the bottom 60% of guys are suffering, and really get it, and understand your own power to alleviate their suffering directly, I say you should do so as an act of good faith and compassion. Go fuck a thirsty Beta today – tell him to not get “oneitis” over you and move on, but do so for the planet. Do it to give some lonely, self-loathing, nervous guy a taste of what real sexual satisfaction and indulgence and wildness might be.

    Please get that I’m not one of them – my N is ridiculous. I don’t need charity, but then again, I’ll always fuck a young hottie given half a chance, he he. I’m not saying give it to any guy, I’m saying pick out that “nice guy”, you know, the ones you and your girlfriends used to snicker at or let be friends and orbiters, or who orbited your hottest friend like idiots, sometimes for years being used and abused and crushed and hasn’t had a girlfriend, like ever. Take him aside and blow him, and let him fuck you really hard. Just do it – you know most of you’ve done so for far worse reasons.

    But none of you will do that, will you? Not a one of you is actually willing to surrender your power of choice, your value in the sexual marketplace for anything less than you think you deserve, right? That tingles are worth far more than male suffering. The entire MGTOW movement is filled with such men, fyi. Just imagine a guy like Sandman, (has a Youtube channel) got a blowjob every morning? Do you think he’d be doing his daily 10 minutes of Hate? Just sayin’…(this is me talking to women about the Red pill, now watch what happens).

  55. Ton: “Wives get spanked, call their man Daddy and a whole host of things in family type movies. Now those things are considered kinky.”

    I think this is another “show not tell/don’t ask don’t tell/never complain never explain” thing. The public rhetoric in our post-feminist society makes the idea of submission toxic, of course. But as we all know, they generally hunger for it, and the more alpha the woman, the stronger her appetite for being dominated.

    So once again, 30 years of feminist efforts to engineer human souls just produces more cognitive dissonance. It’s just one more area where what they say they want has nothing to do with what’s embedded in their fundamental person.

  56. @jjf12:

    4. Firstly, it is NOT rare for a man to want a truly good woman and to be willing to provide for her. Repeat after me: good men are common as dirt. What is extremely rare is for good men to generate tingles.

    I agree with that last sentence in particular. The characters in the film were capable of doing both. While the “strong, independent women” have gone chasing after the AF and ignoring the BB until the wall, contemporary men have been conditioned to believe that being a “good man” is more important than generating the tingles. It is a false dichotomy that men (even a lot of Game advocates) have bought into: “pick a lane, either be a beta provider or an alpha pussy slayer.”

    3. Women who seek to be submissive wives are extremely rare. Yes, even in conservative Christian congregations.

    Agree completely. They do exist, though. That is what my own wife is most comfortable with, but before I married her I actually had to convince her that it was okay to be that way, due to the pressure of society (and her hard-core feminist sisters) to make her feel bad about herself for it.

    2. Women tend to consciously reject the Carousel as distasteful, but then have serial boyfriends anyway. What matters is not her feelings nor ideas but her behavior.

    That is what I said, myself. Her strategy has to mirror her relationship goals. What you describe is capitulation.

    1. Young helps a lot. But it is extremely rare for a truly young woman to marry nowadays.

    I met my wife when I was 37 and she was 19. Young helps a great deal.

    IOW it’s not “both parties”; it’s women who have to be different.

    That is not true. It is foolish to expect women to “be different” (and contrary to Red Pill principles of a man taking responsibility for himself).

    If you want one of the few women out there who are truly marriage material (and if you don’t, that’s fine, too; just don’t complain about “there being no good women out there” like some chick facing the Wall), you must adjust your strategy accordingly, and be the type of man who both will make her wet and make her feel secure.

  57. 1) I have to pass on this. I don’t have a lot of contact with contemporary society, but I’ll say Game of Thrones. It could have been a decent series, but I couldn’t take the way all those men put up with all those women in series 2.

    2) It’s A Wonderful Life was one of the first films James Stewart made after going independent from the studio system. He made a Christmas film like some songwriters write Christmas songs: if it works, it’ll pay your bills unto your death and beyond. The studios and networks market it ruthlessly every year for just that reason. It’s a carefully-targetted affirmation of family and small-town values that now exist only in nostalgic memory: his life is wonderful because of all the things he does for his family and the community (not that there’s anything wrong with being a stalwart member of your community), not because he makes (e.g.) a great scientific discovery. It’s no more Red Pill than it is Blue Pill. It’s an orange pill with a V in the middle.

    3) We have a fair few Alpha Providers in the UK: it’s what our fee-paying schools are for. These guys play recreational rugby, have loud voices, dress badly in clothes from Jermyn Street, and earn in the top 5% of UK male salaries. They have no self-awareness, a genetically low tolerance for “women’s nonsense”, only marry fit girls from English fee-paying schools, and never stray outside their natural habitat. If you asked them about the Red Pill, they would think it was the latest one-star restaurant in Kensington. Neither these men nor their women are the slightest bit romantic or spiritual, even if they go to church (church in England isn’t like church in the US). Take a look at all those hard-faced men and women in Bystander (the gossip column of the Tatler) if you want to see who I’m talking about. You want to be like those people, be my guest.

  58. The true paradox is that being the son of an alpha provider is not the dream that most think it is. My father is a blue collar alpha provider, giving him two large time consumptions (aka responsabilities) in life: being alpha and providing. There is no time left for children and family.

    I believe that this is a rule, I know more cases like this. One old friend is the alphaest guy I ever met and still one of the more efficient providers I know. His older son (around 5) is already on psycologists.

  59. I’ve been reading your posts for some time now. That what you observe and describe makes sense, and does (sadly) apply to our times is beyond discussion. The final sentence, “From a Red Pill perspective, we want a gal like Mary to exist, but you wont find her in 2014.” of today’s post deserves a remark though. Such girl do exist, even in 2014. The reason behoind it is that not all places in the world have gone through the 1960-on feminization of the society. One needs to be aware that the latter basically affected western societies only (basically the US and Western Europe). Many countries were busy with more important things than male feminization during in these times; as a consequence, men are still men there. See Greece, and many other countries in Eastern Europe, where girls like to be girls and guys can be guys. I am myself married to a greek woman, and do not regret it at all.

  60. Slightly off topic but the fact that us Red Piller’s see through the Matrix gives us an advantage. This may be pretty cut throat but do we really want things to change that much?? What I mean is if it were a level playing field would I get laid as much? The fact that I understand these harsh truths and have imbodied alpha male qualities through game almost gives me a superpower, I’m pretty good at Daygame now and when I approach some young hottie I’m probably 10x more alpha than the guys she knows so it makes it easier for me. If all guys new about this there would be more competition. Worth a thought.

  61. @Spyros

    That girls exist but sometimes to live what I was calling the “Roosh dream” and find such girls you can’t be a MGTOW and must adapt your way to include them. Been there, still trying to solve it.

  62. wow, I’m gonna have read thru the comments and what a great article I had an experience last night that I’ve been thinking about. Will have to give it some thought before writing something up.

    Meanwhile I will offer one quick observation. An “Alpha” who is also a provider ? I really think the distinction is already made for us: BY WOMEN. I think that women don’t believe an Alpha can actually be a provider anymore. Not in the traditional sense as in hard work, doing a steady job, following the rules, paying taxes, etc.

    Women believe most Alphas are like themselves. Cads, phonies, using manipulation to get what they want. Women use sex and manipulation to get what they want. Alphas use … whatever they can get away with. Lie, cheat, steal, deal drugs, be a lawyer, or have a business who primarily goal is to rip people off, there is no ethical behavior that is on the table with an Alpha … whatever they can get away with is good.

    So to women, if an Alpha has MONEY … which is different from being a provider, he got it either illegally or get it thru family/inheritance. An Alpha who actually EARNED HIS MONEY … nope, women do not believe such a man exists. And if an Alpha claims to be so, he will be shit tested to death. And if one of these Alphas not “passes the shit test” but actually proves that he really is a good provider … then he will immediately be re-categorized as a Beta. Just like being friend-zoned any Alpha who actually IS A PROVIDER will be immediately “beta-zoned” and the tingles will dry up.

  63. It’s a Wonderful Life Planning.

    I once knew a man, a good man, who passed away in his late 50’s. He was survived by his wife, 40 year old daughter and 10 year old granddaughter. Jack was a sheetmetal worker by trade and worked all his life using his hands. He passed away in what appeared to be a stroke while relaxing after a volleyball match.

    Still he had no sons or grandsons and we had to scramble to find enough pallbearers … and I’m sad to say one of the men who carried Jack was a Funeral Home worker.

    I look back on that event 12 years past (where has the time gone?) and it was not long after this event that I insisted to my wife that we have more kids to have a chance at more SONS. And I am not proud (at the time) to say that I threatened divorce over lack of sons (we had 2 girls at the time). My wife obviously went along with my demand and we have a larger family now. And… now a few years later I am rather proud that I did this. I am increasingly aware that certain choices have to be made NOW not later… that girl who you have your eye on has a sell by date on her human incubator you had better check if she has the same ideas about kids YOU DO.

    Because gents women don’t think about number of kids and projecting that into the future… they just don’t. Yes my wife is happy NOW we had more kids because she realizes her fertility is near it’s end.

    Number of children weaves it’s way through all kinds of real world problems.
    How do you feel about your son or daughter going into the military if that kid is your one and only?
    How do you feel about a child taking a dangerous occupation like construction worker if you have just a few kids.
    Don’t you want to make your one and only “overeducated” if you have just the one?
    How do you feel about their choice in spouse? Are you doing background checks because this dude/dudette is your one chance at grandkids?

    We wonder why parents are helicopter whimps about their kids… well have a few more and everyone will discover perspective!

    Think hard on your choices and if you meet some suburbanite strumpet that “wants to have one of each like her spoiled momma” … say NEXT.

    Because men one day you will not be sitting in a funeral service. One day the only ones you can count on to carry you to your final resting place will be the MEN you raised to do you that honor.

  64. Bo Jangles – nailed it on Colombia and its women. Spent the afternoon with a bunch of Colombians yesterday. Absolutely delightful people. The men are charming and masculine and the women feminine and outrageously beautiful. Felt a bit guilty stealing glances at a knock out 15 year old Colombian girl. Perfect body, beautiful smile, gorgeous eyes. Then I met her mom. Had to have been 40, but still could have easily passed for 30. Beautiful.

    Was having drinks at a bar with the Colombian wife of a friend a few years ago, and she was encouraging me to go to Bogota with her husband… Most beautiful women in the world she said. I asked, “and you trust your husband to go there without you?” I’ll never forget her reply: “No, of course not! But at the end of the day, he always comes home to me.”

    It was as if she was validated knowing her husband was likely fucking more beautiful Colombian women on occasion, but coming home to her in the end.

    The politics of the place are shit, but a very interesting culture.

  65. FYI, it was Shannon Bell who began pushing the “female ejaculation is bigger” myth in 1989.
    She gathered a cadre of lesbian performers to push the idea in a series of films, possibly initially as a mere social-effect experiment.

  66. It is probable that women’s Solipsism, which causes their Projection, is merely an adjunct to Hypergamy.

    Some redpill at TruG*: it is merely Projection on your part to claim “men prefer bad girls” and “men go for preselected girls” etc etc.

    1. It is probable that women’s Solipsism, which causes their Projection, is merely an adjunct to Hypergamy.

      War Brides:

      “Evolution has largely selected-for human females with a capacity to form psychological schemas that preserve an ego-investment that would otherwise afflict them with debilitating anxiety, guilt, and the stresses that result from being continuously, consciously aware of their own behavioral incongruities. Evolution selects-for solipsistic women who are blissfully unaware of their solipsism.”

  67. OK, the Red Pill lens … good name.

    Last night I got free tickets to a local comedy club. Given Xmas and the holidays most of my friends had family stuff going on. And frankly, over the past couple of years I’ve alienated some of them. Mostly Christians; I had a long talk over a bike ride with a good friend about the state of the Church and how it has become a mouthpiece for Feminism. I told him about the Singles Group and how they would have events and almost no men would go. And those that did were treated like Shit. No wonder no guys showed ! Told him about the Mother’s Day sermon praising women and the Fathers Day’s sermon calling men creeps, losers, who watch porn and dead beat dads … the TIME TO MAN-UP speech. Called it all bullshit … he was wanting to know why I wasn’t attending church any more and found out why. Haven’t seen him in months; ex friend now I suppose. So anyway, my mother dropped hints that she wanted to go and it was Xmas so, sure, why not.

    So we get seated at a table along with another couple; a middle aged dude probably 50s and his wife. He’s Obese; probably 6-1 or so and maybe 300lbs. Is wearing some stupid had and dressed fairly nice. Plays the “good natured but bigger dude” to a T. Fairly successful. Know the type well; describes one of my best friends to a T. His wife who is with him, even has the same name as my buddy: Cindy. The dude and my friend are both are Beta as fuck. Talk to my friend all the time about Red Pill stuff. So he is a little aware of what’s going on; just don’t have the courage to do anything about it; married, mortgaged, and kidded to death. No out for him. And my buddy already is having health issues related to his weight and he tries to lose some; but can’t. Anyway the dude across from me, probably hasn’t gotten laid in 8 years and probably can’t even get it up any more. His wife is sitting next to him and doesn’t fucking care. They probably sleep in separate bedrooms. She’s not as fat as him; if she loses 50lbs or so, might be a 6 for her age. The trouble starts when she opens her mouth. She’s a teacher. Since taking the Red Pill I just FUCKING HATE teachers. Anyone who is a member of the criminal gangs (teachers union) that control our schools and steal our tax money to brainwash children just instantly raise my shackles. They usually have advanced degrees and the smug attitudes just piss me off to no end. The only enjoyment I got from sitting at the table with these 2 fucks was after about 10 minutes into the show the F Words started flying and they started talking about inappropriate topics and the stupid cunt got pissed and pouted the entire rest of the show. “Foul Language” is just so not-politically-correct. I’m sure she sat there thinking she could get her gang (union) to contact the powerful members of the other gangs (politicians) to pass a law legislating that Comedians can’t say certain words … because it might be offensive to stupid cunts like her. Jesus.

    As to the rest of the audience, the place was packed and the comedians were good. There was a table of Mexicans that the headliner picked on. Called them wet-backs, etc. Said they could come mow his lawn. Was all in good fun and they were cool with it. It helped that the headliner was local and came from the part of town that did indeed have lots of illegals, so he knew the type and lingo. The headliner was white but poor so it worked. My only issue is that every mexican dude had a lady with him. They were not attractive at all, but hispanic women can be loyal … more so that some women anyway.

    The next table was where the trouble really began. Not quit sure how to say it but White Skinhead Meth Heads Just Outta Jail comes to mind. No shit. Scraggly beards, bald heads, tats up and down arms, necks and even across the across the foreheads and knuckles even. No shit. The give away was the “bug eyed” look. Not sure what that is even called. Common among religious fanatics (they have that look) and Meth Heads. Its like a real human being is a Labrador Retriever and these dudes are like looking into the eyes of a Pit Bull. Nobody home. As the headliner worked the crowd, he touched their table too. The main dude (Patriarch of the gang) worked as a diesel mechanic; skills no doubt learned in prison. One of the others worked in the local “Carpenters Union”. Or local shakedown gang. As you get older you realize that most of these organizations usually have become criminal organizations. Some years ago one of the local Meth Heads probably infiltrated the union, killed off the political establishment, and has now filled it with his own kind. Kinda like the teachers union except instead of using their power to destroy children they use their power to use and distribute drugs and shake down the public by controlling a part of the building construction market.

    Now each and every one of these dudes had a girl on their arm. And dudes were were older too; probably 30s to 60s and all the girls were younger and attractive. The Patriarch dude had a nice looking blond next to him; he’s probably 60s’ she’s probably 40s. Tall, blond, high cheek bones, nice teeth. Across the table was another chick who was smoking hot; couldn’t see the dude too closely cause his back was towards me but probably 50s. Was trying to place the chicks age and had a hard time; 30s, 40s ??? Anyway, after the show while walking out, I ended up in line behind Patriarch chick. Holy shit the chick was a fucking moron; all she had to do is open her mouth. Brain was box of rocks and would hold my attention for about 4 seconds. And the looks. Well it was clear the teeth were fixed as were the high cheekbones; cosmetic surgery. So it was clear why the chick was with that particular dude; he feeds her drugs and spends his cash to keep her looking good; another attention whore. And who’d want a skank with less that 1/2 a brain anyway; especially when she demands that the dude spends HIS money on HER. And the dude does; call that Alpha ? Oh and the other chick ? I couldn’t guess her age cause too many face lifts gets that plastic-y look; usually see it on movie stars not on street thugs. Guess there isn’t much difference any more.

    So the final observation was before the show, when a table of really hot chicks came in and were seated towards the back. College girls on Xmas break. There was a table of mostly guys in the front and every head turned to check them out. I immediately thought you poor, stupid, schmucks … you are all too stupid to realize that NONE OF YOU have any chance at those girls. They were young guys too; could have been college kids on break as well. Most were 6-8 on the SMV scale. White. Middle class. Decent. Solid. Hard working guys. They had no idea that every single one of the 8 guys at that table could take turns hitting on ANY of those girls and get shot down. All of them. None would be good enough. And even worse the girls in search for instant attention and validation would chat them up. Engage them. Tease them. Lead them on. Waste their time. Take their free drinks. The guys would see it as a test of the PUA skills; could they get a number ? Stupid schmucks. Those girls had zero interest in ANY OF THEM AND NEVER WOULD, TILL THEY REACHED ABOUT 32 AND WERE FACING THE WALL. What would really piss those guys off would be to know that if the Skin Head in the first row with the Swastika on his forehead were to offer her a joint in his car, the hottest of the hot would let the dude fuck her up the ass without so much as a blink of the eye. She’d do it and get a pic and post it on fb, twitter, and instagram even.

    As I was walking out got I got a good look at those cuties and they were indeed hot, 8s & 9s. And almost all of the middle aged chicks were with guys. And the ones that weren’t … were fat, divorced moms who hadn’t and WOULDN’T EVER realize that their SMV is 1/2 what it used to be. No middle aged guys are good enough for them either. They had a hot guy once, years ago, in college and still think they DESERVE a guy like that. A guy who is age appropriate for her, she wants nothing to do with but a moron 8 years younger than her who is using her as a fuck-toy … oh yeah, she’d do him as lot as he was hot !

    Now that I see thru Red Pill glasses, I can’t stand even participating in this shit any more. Its no wonder why social isolation can be a real problem for RP guys. Everywhere you go its the same bullshit; why anyone would want to deal with this shit on a daily basis is beyond me.

    Yeah, I know its victim puke but its also very true.

  68. Lord have Mercy, Glenn. I hope you feel better after writing that.

    My experience discussing Red Pill philosophy has actually been unusually productive but I come to the same conclusion- don’t talk about it with women. They don’t want to hear it and they cannot comprehend it. Even though I certainly don’t recommend it, everything clicked into place with my life and my wife’s experiences that made the entire Red Pill praxeology undeniable. I was the Drunk Captain, crippled for years on a Beta Bender and my wife was just waiting for her Alpha Captain to come back and screw her like a caveman. At the same time I was unplugging, a near and dear (and very hypergamous) friend of ours blew apart her family for a Dark Triad drunk ass. So Hypergamy, AF/BB, and the FI have all been topics of conversation at our dinner table. I should mention that my wife is an extremely high IQ lawyer who is able to analyze other women’s faults so the discussions have not been completely pointless. However, it is interesting despite her awareness how my wife is still unable to comprehend or show concern for a man’s pain or how despite her awareness she cannot help herself and starts throwing the Shit Tests at my most vulnerable. So despite my “success” I gained nothing from it. Wyminz be Wyminz and the admonition not to talk about Fight Club has a very good reason.

  69. Chick flicks and chick lit are both double-reverse projection. In almost every case, the frame of a chick flick is that women are like alpha males sexually: most men appearing in chick flicks are hot enough for the female leads to want to sex up, but these hot men are golddiggers, or worse. Eventually the female lead is ensnared in a relationship by the hottest guy who out-betas all the other guys in proving his tru wuv by cooking her favorite meals, rubbing her toes, and nursing her children at his breast.

    In contrast, in chick lit the female protagonist is invariably like a gangly teen boy who has problems attracting sexual attention from all the hot members of the opposite gender (s)he is constantly surrounded by. Her offers of sex are continually rebuffed, until finally the hottest guy out-betas all the other guys in proving his tru wuv by cooking her favorite meals, rubbing her toes, and nursing her children at his breast.

    Besides the blatant projection, which means women understand what it is like to be a man, and means that women understand that most women are hot enough sexually, the major theme is that women *understand* that if they truly loved a man then they would want to serve him. That is the *reason* a woman refuses to be a Nice Gal – Beta Woman to a man: she does not love him, at all.

  70. I forgot to mention another difference between chick flicks and chick lit. In chick flicks the beta males are literally invisible: actually seeing one would be too repulsive to the women audience. In chick lit, the cute widdle beta males make fine friends and wingmen just too-too happy-happy to set up the chick with the hot guy.

  71. @Bpp, re: “However, it is interesting despite her awareness how my wife is still unable to comprehend or show concern for a man’s pain or how despite her awareness she cannot help herself and starts throwing the Shit Tests at my most vulnerable.”

    More interesting is that she deliberately inflicts pain *because* she comprehends how. She gives in to the temptation, demonstrating to you that she could help herself but instead chooses evil for you instead of good because she hates you (at that moment, anyway).

  72. Dunno if this is pertinent, but here two scenes related to red/blue pill and awareness thereof:
    – Me: discovered Redpill somewhere in 2013, what helped me to get out of suicidal thoughts and major depression. I now do calisthenics, took off a bunch of Kilos, read lots, put my relationship with wifey in order by applying major dread. Things now go my way even if she’s nowhere anything like having an “easy” character, and her transformation is astonishing, from a constant pain in the ass to a cooperative partner and passable fuck-buddy.
    – My half-brother: was broken by our psychotic mother and pretty much neglected by his loser, gamma father (same for my other siblings), he’s a know-nothing of a turd. This half-brother eventually went on to become the administrator of a courthouse, what led to him marrying one of the judges – a cunt so ugly not even a dog would want to mount her. He’s now a “happy”, know-nothing semi-alcoholic turd cuz people speak of him in deferential words, even my mother calls him “esteemed son”.

    Any comments?

  73. The redpill for women in a nutshell: your personal Peak Hypergamy was when you were younger and nicer. You now have to settle for much much much much less attractive men than you could have, had you known then what you know now. Too bad for you.

  74. re: dread.

    Dread, especially major dread, works too well. It is too tempting to use it again and again. It really changes a man’s character, into some bad thing he didn’t want to be.

  75. jf12 – “That is the *reason* a woman refuses to be a Nice Gal – Beta Woman to a man: she does not love him, at all.”

    I increasingly get the sense that what passes for love on the part of the woman is a projection of how much she loves herself and is not intended as benefit for the man. So yes the hatred and cruel treatment of the beta is a projection of her own internal self loathing, the sexual stinginess is a crude attempt to preserve some sense of self respect. The crime of being beta, failing to be sufficiently dominant, is the crime of making her responsible for her emotional state. The horror.

  76. Ang Amer;
    My little brother died leaving only me and son to carry on my father’s name. Both of us have high risk careers. Worst thing I have ever been through. Any rate much like you I decided to get back into the child production bidness. That kind of shit puts things in perspective.

  77. Already said this today but…..

    A woman’s love is a fairy tale men cannot afford to believe in. Need love etc, get a dog, go to war a few times with the same crew but don’t ask women for something they cannot deliver.

  78. Ang Amer: Good comment.


    About Redpill lenses: I went to the wedding of an old high school friend today. I was quite frustrated by the lack of gravitas the whole thing had, despite being held in a Catholic cathedral, with formal music etc. Like, ‘We’re modern enlightened people, that means we need to step back and look at this from an ironic, meta perspective every 5 minutes!”

    The sermon was entirely based upon how the couple can guarantee themselves a happy, fulfilled life by communicating lots, being nice, and constantly analyzing their relationship.

    There was no mention of different roles for husband and wife. This was a Christian ceremony, and the Bible is rife with husband/wife imagery, but that was not mentioned. God was hardly mentioned, except in the scripted liturgical bits.

    All advice for a happy marriage was based, not upon sacrifice or (heaven forbid) husbandly responsibility and wifely submission, but upon keeping things ‘exciting.’ Protip: Keeping things exciting is important for the woman, first and foremost. Men mostly want stability and respect.

    When I truly saw red #1: The minister said the couple needs to find ways to do things for each other. So he adjured the groom to buy flowers for the bride sometimes to make her happy. And then he told the bride that, when he would inevitably do things like leave his shoes around to trip over, she should correct his behavior patiently, not naggingly. To her great credit, the bride broke into the ceremony and said she would be more likely to be the one leaving shoes around.

    and #2: when introducing the couple, he thanked the bride for being a great asset and help to the church, a ‘great student and scholar’ (she’s studying to be a music teacher) and then said, “and thanks for bringing this guy with you, too.” No more about him. I saw this as being an outright insult, which we were supposed to laugh at.

    Last, #3: the minister made a big point of telling the bride, “you may now kiss your husband” at the end.

    This was a conservative couple, and the ceremony was ostensibly conservative as well.

    Christ. What a way to punish a man for deciding to get married.

  79. Most often, I observe dudes hanging on their girlfriend. The shift in the line of thinking from “Man, I wish I had a girlfriend like this guy”, to “This poor fool, stand-cuddling his girl from behind while she’s on her phone”. Guys these days give new meaning to the term “clingy”.

  80. The patriarchy hurt most men far, far more than it hurt most women. Feminists have a really bad track record with manipulating history and statistics. For example, the 1 in 4 thing is a complete and utter falsehood, yet feminists and the government still use the false statistics. Why? That’s politics, baby! Gotta keep those women voters in the democrat pocket. It’s all about power and control. Feminism has nothing to do with equality, folks. Feminism is about creating a victim class.

    Here’s what feminists are accomplishing: Blacks were destroyed by liberal policies that inculcated victim hood and learned helplessness. These tactics are now being used against most women. Most women will fare far worse under a largely gynocentric society. If you don’t see this yet, just wait a while. You will. Countries like Sweden, Australia and Canada are already experiencing the ill effects. It’s just going to get worse. Attempts to hide the ill effects through multiculturalism – that which is used to hide the low marriage and birth rates – is going to result in a whole bunch of dead, white feminists.

    Feminism has proven to be nothing more than the men’s liberation movement; hence ‘yes means yes’ and a desire by feminists to reign in male sexual liberty. Can you say male-anti-sexual-liberation movement? That’s really what the rape hysteria is all about, folks. “Yes Means Yes” gave liberals and conservatives common ground upon which to stand, that’s all.

    Fathers, all across the world, are starting to realize, just how prematurely dead their white, feminist daughters might some day become. Isn’t that sweet? Look at Sweden. Look at the UK. Look at France. Multiculturalism means a whole lot of dead, raped, white feminists, does it not?

    The patriarchy, created by wealthy white knights and captain-save-a-hos, wasn’t intended to help lower and middle class mothers and fathers sleep better at night. It was created to keep those families suffering at the hands of the wealthy and privileged. Don’t get me wrong here – the patriarchy benefited white women far more than it ever benefited men. I’m totally cool with the patriarchy dieing a much deserved death.

  81. @David… In a bar in DC a few weeks ago called “Right Proper.” Hipster joint. Signs on all of the unisex bathrooms telling men that they too should sit down when they have a piss. Took my phone out for a picture, but battery was dead.

  82. “What Red Pill observations do you find unignorable in contemporary society?”

    There are too many to enumerate. A few stand out.

    When married couples get together, the women nearly always control the conversation while their providers meekly listen in. In older cultures even today, it is the opposite.

    Being the Holidays, this one stands out: in beta male provider marriages, her family will be primary during holidays. Holidays will be spent primarily with her family. His family will be an afterthought. As Rev. Lawrence Shannon observed in The Predatory Female, women isolate their men from his friends and his family.

    In contemporary movies, when a HB hits on a man, he will be struck with terror, stutter, and act like a buffoon. Eg, Chevy Chase and Christie Brinkley in National Lampoon’s Vacation.

    “It’s dangerous to attempt to make others aware of this perception, but do you try anyway?”

    It’s dangerous because it will alienate friends as it deeply humiliates beta providers when their submission is made conscious. They will resent you for it. I have found it’s not worth it.

    Also, as an aside, beta providers are champion cock blockers and make horrible wing men. There is something about being dominated by their women that makes beta providers fiercely competitive with other men especially in social settings – settings where alphas are at ease. Rollo, have you observed this? Have any theories on this?

    “Do you see examples of the old order as I have in It’s a Wonderful Life?”

    Gone With the Wind. Rhet Buttler is totally Red Pill, he games Scarlet, he always has that smirk of condescending amused mastery, he nukes every shit test, he is an Alpha provider and a loving father, and like a man HE leaves her.

    “Alpha providers, while being an idealistic character, can exist, but are they realistic?”

    Yes. It’s what women really want. But maintaining that frame in a marriage today is very difficult if not impossible for most.

  83. A comment I made on another thread and quite appropriate here re: the discussion of alpha women.


    I have, in the last couple of days, been working the OL with “You are an alpha woman. Be strong.” It has had quite the positive effect on her. She immediately got that being strong like a man was of no use to her in our relationship. But that being strong enough to defeat all the other women who might want me was definitely in her power.

    We discussed how she didn’t have to beat them in a beta female manner (in fact with me she couldn’t). Beta female – withholding, pouty, argumentative. Alpha female – “I want you more than any other woman in the world possibly ever could.” And of course I’m intensely attracted to that kind of desire.

    In fact she revealed the “I want you attitude” very early in the relationship. My job for the last 40 years has been to weaken the beta and strengthen the alpha.

    Women in this age have made a fetish of being weak. And when they try to be strong it is alpha male strong. There are hardly any models of strong feminine women. I find it rather amusing that I’m teaching her how to be a woman.


    Let me add that I haven’t given up game, but with her new attitude (always exhibited occasionally in the past) she relishes my interest in other women and all the other things that go with game. You can see it in her face. “I don’t care about the other women. Go for it if you want. They don’t stand a chance.” She was amusing even. Says she: “Couldn’t you want a 4 instead of a 10? The 4 would be easier to beat.” We both laughed.

  84. sfcton
    December 27th, 2014 at 6:33 pm

    Funny thing. I’m mildly schizophrenic and from time to time hear voices. The advice has been uniformly good so I listen. At age 37 I started hearing “have children”. When the voice said it a second time (3 months later) I got the first mate pregnant within 15 minutes of hearing the message. One of the best decisions I ever made.

  85. @Bacherlocles re: “There is something about being dominated by their women that makes beta providers fiercely competitive with other men especially in social settings – settings where alphas are at ease.”

    Actually, the alphas aren’t there in those social settings because they cannot compete with men: alphas are ladies’ men, and basically loners when it comes to other men.

  86. Given that AWALT in suffering from (in any order) solipsism, the apex fallacy, and projection, we can now see why women hate beta males: Since women even see *themselves* as alpha males, they cannot understand why a man would “choose” to be beta, and hence they assume he must be merely pretending to be weak and unattractive for some sinister purpose.

  87. Alpha males get bananas and grooming from all females, not from males. Alpha females get bananas and grooming from beta females, and only give such services to alpha males.

    Beta females give services to alpha females and alpha males in that order (ladies first), and get such services from beta males.

  88. Armchair Quarterback
    December 26th, 2014 at 11:15 pm

    The NFL wearing pink for breast cancer. Can’t we at least get the NFL to support a cause related to men and/or sports injuries, like concussion/brain trauma, or colon/prostate cancer?

    Cannabis is good for brain injuries (reduces swelling) and prostate cancer (and lots of other cancers including breast cancer).

    Given current culture – what are the odds that the NFL would stand up for that? Slim and absolutely zero. And the most resistant are the “conservatives”. The people who are sure government is ruining their lives. (It is.)

    Now some odd statistics: the women’s party (Democrats) favors ending Prohibition. The men’s party (Republicans) favor keeping it. Women as a whole slightly favor Prohibition. Men on the whole favor ending it.

  89. @Rollo

    “Mary is in a bathrobe and George in a football outfit. This flirtation and interaction is perhaps one of the best examples I can think of as an old order form of Game”


    I watched this for the first time with my Dad this Christmas Eve. Interesting flick.

    I chucked to myself when I saw that picture of George and Mary because when I saw that scene I immediately thought of Game as well. And I’m happy to see you did a post on it.

    The screen cap above is from a scene (Rollo mentions it above) where they are walking home from a graduation.

    During a flurry of old timey banter and teasing Mary’s bathrobe comes off and she runs and hides in a bush.

    George has her bathrobe.

    At this point George uses his Game wonderfully.

    He could give the bathrobe back but then again, he is “in a peculiar situation” as George says (having a naked girl, in public, just a few feet away, and he has her clothes).

    Mary pleads and begs. She even screams at the top of her lungs. But George does not give in.

    Soon, a friend of his drives up in a panic. Tells George his Dad had a stroke or something. And without hesitation George throws the bathrobe at the bush to Mary and leaves as quick as he could.

    Even a naked high school girl in a bush was no match to his loyalty for his family.

    Cool post.

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