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I received the following email from a reader this week:

Hi Rollo, I ran across the below thread on the TRP discussion on Reddit. I’m not normally a big follower of reddit but this one was good and is something that I’ve thought for a long time. Online Dating really, really, really sucks for men. And turns women into bitches. And has changed the world from an 80/20 market to a 95/5 market. The average male and actually for most above average males too … like SMV 6s and 7s have been completely shut out. And learning Game does little good for these men.

Was wondering if you’d care to discuss such things.

One of the founding Red Pill principles I explored over a decade ago was the tendency for men (and women) to create Buffers against rejection for themselves. I’ll still argue that men being the ‘initiator’ sex are subject to the consequences of rejection far more than women ever will be, but left unchecked, and if we’re honest, deliberately ignored, these rejection Buffers often develop into psychological schemas men internalize as a specific “preference” when it comes to interacting with with women:

Buffers are generally the paths of least rejection that become ego-invested “preferences.” Buffers aren’t so much about those “preferences” as they are about the motivations behind them.

At this point you might be thinking, “well, what the hell, I don’t want to feel rejection, why not employ buffers against it?” The main reason for embracing rejection is that rejection is better than regret. Scan back through this short list of buffers; how many of these have become greater, longer term problems for you than a briefly painful rejection would’ve been? Buffers also have a tendency to compound upon themselves in that one tends to dovetail into another, or more, until you no longer realize that they were originally rejection prevention methodologies and gradually become associated with your genuine personality. After a long enough period, these buffer become “just how I am.”

In the past Roosh has gone into some speculation that there will be a narrowing of the already harsh 80-20 rule of the SMP the closer western society gets to a total consolidation of feminine social primacy. Certain bloggers will debate the numbers, but I tend to agree with his proposition, though I’d say that a starting point of 80-20 might be a bit generous. However, considering the comfort with which women and popular culture are embracing open Hypergamy, I think I would actually step up his timetable for ‘Peak Hypergamy’.

For now, men are being presented with some very simple and pragmatic choices:

  • Learn Game, stay in the Game. Make the most of what they have to work with in their given circumstances and focus on self-motivated self-improvement. In a sense it’s a form of MGTOW, but with the expressed purpose of actively engaging in the SMP as it’s accessible to an individual guy. In other words, don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better – play the game better but always with yourself as your own mental point of origin.
  • Exit the Game. No one truly exits the Game, but they can minimize their active involvement in it. For the most part this doesn’t have to be a complete capitulation to one’s sexless, intimacy-less fate, but it does imply a degree of self-imposed indifference to women’s interest. Unfortunately this option seems the most pragmatic for men who either haven’t the patience or circumstance to opt for improving themselves and succeed at the Game, or they simply don’t see a commensurate reward for the investment they’d need to make in assuming the liabilities that come with dealing with most women these days.
  • Continue on in a Blue Pill ignorance. Although this ‘choice’ is the most common (i.e. at least 80% of Beta men) it will be the one to disappear the most rapidly. Even without a growing Red Pill community, Red Pill awareness is becoming more difficult for even the most plugged-in of men to ignore. Women’s flaunting of Open Hypergamy and blatant admission to a sexual strategy of Alpha Fucks / Beta Bucks combined with a widespread Red Pill awareness will challenge even the most ardent of White Knight’s and idealistic ‘average frustrated chumps’. Still, there are diehard self-righteous Betas who’s dedication to the path that the Feminine Imperative has set before them has made any deviation from it unthinkable. They build a life of dependency on the untenable Blue Pill goals and the means to realize them.

The problem inherent to all of these options is that to a lesser or greater degree they rely on a static state of a particular environment, condition or domain.

Domain Dependency

Just for the record, yes, I’m quite familiar with the anti-fragile doctrine proposed by Taleb with regard to domain dependency. I do see a parallels in this with regard to Red Pill awareness, but this is in no way an endorsement of the book – I simply don’t have enough familiarity with it.

For Red Pill purposes though, Domain Dependence is being good at what you do in one setting, but completely unable to transfer that ability to another setting. I think this dependence is one of the more overstated preoccupations Game critics have in really accepting the validity of greater Red Pill truths.

A cheetah is a deadly and effective predator when he can use his speed to run down prey on the wide-open African plains, but put him in the Brazilian rainforest, with its dense jungle, and he’s probably going to sleep hungry more nights than not.

Translated into predictable Red Pill critique, the idea is similar – “Yeah, sure, game works well for picking up low self-esteem bar skanks, but I’m looking for a Quality Woman.” What’s implied isn’t necessarily incorrect; the most ridiculed, stereotypical examples of Game came from the trials and errors of early PUAs making observations and applying what they’d learned in a contextual domain – night clubs, bars, etc. While those observations were, and still are, invaluable information to a greater meta-understanding of Red Pill awareness, for the most part those early successes were dependent on that specific (club style) domain.

Game has branched out from that beginning to be applied in broader domains. Thus we have specific areas of application dependency based on what can produce at least somewhat replicable results in those settings. Nick Krauser writes the book on day Game, Roosh the book on South America and Northern & Eastern Europe, while other authors ply their trade writing about Game in marriage or under the auspices of religion(s).

And while I have a great deal of respect for the most of them, a creative mind doesn’t work like this. The creative mind has the ability to migrate from one realm to another without even thinking about it. It’s what allows us to connect this dot with that dot. There is a certain applied reasoning and science behind a Red Pill awareness, but it’s important to remember what the ‘A’ in PUA stands for – Artistry.

Crossing Domains

I’ve known a number of guys in my time who swear that there’s nothing hotter than a woman 15 – 20 years their senior. Others love to explain to me how behind the times I am by pointing out the inherent dangers and liabilities of dating single mothers (for anything more than a one time bang). Still others tell me how enthusiastic a lay the obese women they regularly bang are. All of these guys express a preference for the type of women they can reliably get into bed with and will staunchly defend and praise their preferred type of woman.

Their domain dependency became their internalized, ego-invested preference.

I’ve touched on this dynamic in a few of my earliest posts, but I think it’s important to realize that domain dependency isn’t just about the type of woman you’ve developed a preference for, but rather how you’re predictably rewarded (in this case with sex) within that particular domain. You can semi-reliably do well with Goth girls, fat girls, older women, single moms? It’s important to understand the specifics and motivations of the women within that domain. You went on a sex safari in Southeast Asia or the Philippines, yet get flaked on by every western girl you approach? There are (obviously) specifics that influence those domains.

After all of this, the Red Pill is universally applicable, or it’s not. The same fundamental Red Pill dynamics, operating within the context of a specific domain, are applicable with the correct art necessary for that domain.

Red Pill truths are domain independent. Hypergamy is the same to a girl in Brazil as it is to a girl in Vegas. The domain changes, and with it the necessary art based on a woman’s incentives and the priorities for that given domain, but the underlying purpose and requisites of Hypergamy is unchanged. Yes, cultural, religious and familial limitations of that Hypergamy may apply within that domain, but root level Red Pill truth is still the prime directive for women.

Within a man’s lifetime he will have no choice but to cross into, and adapt to unfamiliar domains many times. These domains are not just locales or social settings, but the specifics of a particular stage of a woman’s life as well as his own life. Marriage is a domain. Single man sex life plate spinning is a domain. Online dating, a dependency on impersonal texting, really any of the Buffers I’ve elaborated on in the past are all examples of a domain men develop a dependency on, and later a rewarded preference for.

While it’s vitally important for a man to have a solid grasp of the elements of his own, temporal, domain it’s equally important to understand how and why he came into it. What rewards did he receive or hope to receive that led to his developed “preferences”? Were those preferences dependent upon a Blue Pill condition for reward?

This is key in avoiding domain specific dependency. That’s a pretty tall order for most men, and actually it’s one of the prime reasons most Blue Pill men never come to Red Pill truths. The Blue Pill is itself a meta-domain that men are largely conditioned to be dependent upon. Coming to Red Pill truths requires the self-realization of a domain dependency on Blue Pill idealisms, their promised rewards and then letting them go.

It’s important for a man to develop a fluidity of transitioning from domain to domain. Red Pill awareness prepares him for fundaments that will be applicable in all domains, but accepting that those domains exist and influence (sometimes adversely) his ‘preferences’ is the first step in developing the art necessary to excel in a new domain.

Isolation is dangerous. The presumption that conditions will never change and / or the preoccupation with security is a woman’s realm. Men must accept that they must adapt themselves to adequately perform in changing domains.

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  1. Other than your standard spiel about “hypergamy blah blah blah,” this is a very smart article.

    As a woman, it’s precisely what I look for in a man: not “domain alpha” but autonomy.

    But that’s only because I’m part of NAWALT.

    All my life, my family’s moved from place to place. I’ve never had the luxury of being a good ole boy. I’ve had to learn this myself: if I don’t win in this scene, I move to another scene over here. Have friends in all places. DON’T carry all of your eggs in one basket. There’s more pressure to fit in, and you’ll only ever have one basket.

    It’s funny you mention people making huge lists of qualities to protect themselves. I may have something for you…

  2. It’s beginning to boil down to the return on investment, better to specialize with some chance of success in what you know than play the Penny Stocks. A great many men I know post divorce have pretty much given up on North American women and now head to Cuba and the Dominican Republic when ever they can.

  3. But doesn’t it make sense to fish where the fish are? Having game but no access to a wider pool of women isn’t productive.

    Part of what I’ve learned in the last year is that you have to be in it to win it. It’s a loser mentality to suggest you can’t find decent women online—or in the street or in bars or in special interest classes. Women are everywhere and sex is everywhere IF you know what to look for.

    The girls I’ve banged this past year would be the last ones you’d expect to be wild and crazy. In public they maintain a certain decorum but in private they are very VERY different—both in good ways and in crazy, fucked up Cluster B ways.

    That said, I’ve had the highest highs and the lowest lows but it’s now a factor of being better at game and getting good with women that the hotter the girls the higher the stakes. You’re really playing a high-stakes game and add to that hypergamy, shit tests and a natural inclination to want to “fit in” ie go back to Blue Pill “easy” thinking…when I lost, I lost big.

    The key here is I recovered very quickly—much quicker than in the past.

    All of this is now about “mindset”. The original poster has a “mindset” that it’s difficult and so it will be. If you don’t know how hard something is you won’t be as frustrated as you plow away.

    I knew I could do it, I just didn’t know how. Now I do so things get easier—it’s still frustrating for me to be with hotter girls and have them leave because essentially well….they like me too much and project their fears of whatever onto me as the jerk.

    My 2015 resolution will be lock down a few solid girls in a rotation rather than a slew of random ones I bang.

  4. Amused mastery will carry the skilled adventurer through most domains and make them his. However, from my 52 years of life experience as an active observer of human nature, no one individual is absolutely universal. To pull some measure of true multiplicity off, you have to be very entrenched in your red pill mindset and simultaneously cultivate a refined social awareness and the adaptive intellect to adjust your alpha presence to a variety of social phenomena and cultural landscapes.

    One size doesn’t fit all, and I’m glad it’s not that easy for most red pill aspirants to game across a wider spectrum, or I wouldn’t be sleeping with your girlfriend this week.

  5. P.S. Hats off to Rollo. This is the most intelligent ongoing conversation about gender relations on the internet.

  6. Introspection is key in identifying your unique buffers and how they develop into “preferences.” It is very easy to forget the positive or negative forces that lead one to embrace a buffer which then becomes a preference which such preference then becomes internalized like breathing. For example, my comparatives success with black women and a job with early morning hours resulted in my “preference” for black women and day game. Now that the change in job hours and relocation to a less diverse area have disrupted my domain, I’m the proverbial cheetah in the rain forest. It’s adapt or die . As a man, I shoulder that responsibility. Change is the only constant. No use griping about it. Adapt or die.

  7. Isn’t this essentially a more in depth break down of how a man must always perform with a specific focus on the importance of flexibility to that performance? What the is the idea a man should focus on to put it in to practical action? If one must always be prepared for a domain change and success is defined within a particular domain, how then does one define success or progress after a domain switch? Is all that progress simply burned up and lost in the transition?

    Not dismissing the idea, mind you. It sounds like an idea I’ve been striving for years to achieve, I’ve just not yet figured out how one trains or puts it in to practice.

  8. Success is measured by your ability to change. Only when you change from without can you change from within, grasshopper.

  9. Become adaptable, like the river snake. Only then can you master the change in your own environment.

    As a young lad, I dealt with many traders, and learned their ways and languages. Eventually, I understood my own tongue better.

  10. Rollo, I can understand you advocating game because it’s really the only thing we can control but nature hates to be fooled and women abide by their hypergamy by tooth and nail. I am a college student and it’s so ruthless out here for the average, let alone below-average looking guy EVEN WITH GAME. I say this as a guy who’s been in the game for nearly 5 years (I first read David DeAngelo’s and Pook’s book when I was 14 years old). As this last semester passed, I’m becoming more convinced that things that we cannot control (like looks and height) are so detrimental towards consistent and high-levels of success with girls. I can recall twice where I went to a party and I had previously approached the girls elsewhere (one was near the library and the other near the gym). Both of those times I was rejected, almost instantly. But at these parties, I saw them all affectionate with these taller, better looking guys and one can’t help but wonder if it really is all worth it. I mean, yeah I’ve gotten sex but the way these girls act around them makes me wonder if past girls were only using me for the time being and not because they actually wanted to get with me…

    Those two guys didn’t rack the approaches or put in the time like I did. They don’t have Krauser, Roosh, or you to guide them. I did but where did that leave me? Chicks don’t give a shit about what you know but rather, how you look and how they will look with you (Does he up my status? Will my friends think he’s cute?)

    I appreciate what the manosphere has done but when it comes to unconstrained female choice, we (the majority of males) are pretty much shit out of luck here. Red pill knowledge won’t make a guy hotter; it will simply make him smarter. Pretty girls do pick and choose who they want to fuck and it often isn’t the most charming or socially suave guy out there. It’s usually the tallest, most masculine guy in her social circle. I remember running game on some chicks at work (when I worked at a restaurant) and it was all nearly blown away when the manager hired some tall, rugged, handsome guy. Up until this point, I had never seen anything like it. Girls were fighting for his attention and asking him questions about every fucking thing. They would also touch this guy’s abs and ass in passing and it fucking blew my mind. I kept thinking, “His frame must be solid. That’s what it is.” Pfft, how wrong was I…

    I remember setting my sights on this one girl who I had gamed for two weeks (which I did manage to bang eventually) and at the time, she was eating out of this guy’s hand in the mere seconds that she met him! Luckily for me, he was fired but had he stayed longer there’s no doubt in my mind he would have banged nearly all the girls (including her) there.

    Most of your commentators here are men of old age (no offense) so I sincerely doubt most of them are actually out there in the field experiencing these things with young girls. Especially in an environment which revolves around social circles. I know some exceptions exist but the averages don’t lie. How do you explain the vast of amount of men, even those on game forums, that experience the huge disparity between what they get ( the crumbs) and what handsome men get (quality and quantity)?

    Just have a look at this post from the Tinder Thread on the RooshV forums:

    Keep reading down for a few pages and you can see this guy’s red pill realization that looks matter a lot to young girls. To the point where they completely become feral with a guy…

    If I could go back to when I first graduated High School, I wouldn’t have gone to college and instead I would have taken some trade abroad. I would have made some money and travel to pussy paradises via roosh style. Even Roosh knows about the current situation in America. I mean, didn’t he push to bang a fatty just recently because of his own thirst level in America? Shit is getting insanely hard right now for the average man, even with game. I actually plan on dropping out, making some money, and moving elsewhere.

    Fuck this college bullshit. It’s over-rated if you’re average.

  11. The sexual revolution benefited women and a few men at the expense of most men. But there are trade offs in everything. The average young man isn’t getting laid as much as his grandfather did 50 years ago, but he also has less responsibility and more freedom than his grandfather ever had.

    And with solid game, today’s young men can get laid much more cheaply (though perhaps less often than their grandfathers did) as long as they don’t get married and don’t get any woman pregnant.

  12. Rollo, you’ve had many terrific posts over the years, but I rank this amongst your very best. Hit home hard.

  13. Any broad who starts off with how she isn’t like that almost always is just like that… & that turning star is getting stranger by the post.

    In social settings, strength, power etc and the willingness to use your power to achieve what you want is universal.

    I think books on game etc have their place but the seem to stop @ the “fake it till you make it” level which is why I recommend men learn to fight, ride, shoot and scout over reading X number of books, web pages etc on pulling ass. Reading, studying etc is important to the development of masculinity but learning to overcome physical hardships and dangerous events is much more important. Probably why we read such things like Freshman posted.

    How good a lay a girl is comes down to how wet you make her and has nothing with age, weight, status etc. If she thinks you’re a bull alpha she’ll do shit that would make a porn star blush to keep you around.

  14. Rollo, I think that the biggest component of domain dependence (ie context) is a man’s confidence. After all, confidence is one of the most potent things a man can have to attract women.

    The irony is that although confidence is an attractant to women regardless of context, the reasons why a man would BE confident are often highly dependent on context.

    I have written elsewhere about my theories of why a man may develop confidence, but I’ll summarize here:
    1) Contextual confidence – developed logically based on experience or education. For example, the confidence of a professor giving a lecture, who is confident due to knowledge of the field and experience lecturing. But note that this confidence is highly contextual and will not transfer to other situations (eg. Dating).
    2) Tactical confidence – based upon a man’s perception of his own worth and skills being superior to others, as well as a set of general skills that transfer to other areas. For example, the high school jock whose skills at football translate to confidence at any physical pursuit, including dating.
    3) Outcome independence – not based on any knowledge, skill set or feeling of superiority, but rather on focussing on the present rather than the future. Focussing on what is desired, not what is likely. And feeling lucky.
    4) Narcissism – a feeling of self worth based on the feedback of others and highly dependent on a constant stream of positive feedback.

    Women don’t care WHY a man is confident. They only care that he IS. And thus, the types of confidence that are the most generalized (type 2 and 3) are the most attractive, while types 1 and 4 are the least attractive. Again, this isn’t because women care why the man is confident, but rather because the professor who looks so attractive (confident) while lecturing suddenly looks unattractive (unconfident) at the bar. His confidence is contextual.

    The problem, Rollo, is that the type of confidence any man will develop is highly dependent on his temperament and character. A “natural” will have type 2 or 3. Game is an attempt to teach men who are not naturals techniques to develop confidence. But because their confidence is based on learning and experience (type 1), it will necessarily be contextual. For such men, the best strategy is to find a niche and learn it well and stick to it.

    Any man who has the ability to be confident regardless of context doesn’t need game. He has it naturally, due to his personality.

  15. LOL w/ Jeremy….. Which is why I tell men to learn to fight, get in the ring, get your ass kicked and kick some ass. Being familiar with violence sets most of life in its proper perceptive

  16. @Rollo
    Another brilliant post. Any chance your next book could be aimed at teen boys? I’ve got 2 sons aged 11 and 13. 😎 It would be the perfect stocking stuffer next Christmas!

  17. @freshman

    I can definitely relate to your post and what you described makes sense but I think you’re in an environment or domain that is very competitive (college), its like the real world on steroids in terms of gaming girls. You are in a situation where money doesn’t really hold true value since everyone is just living on campus, what you own material wise is confined to your dorm and I would say its nothing luxurious on a student budget. Every addition of value to man is removed in your domain and all you are left with is the basic human manly traits you were born with ie. height/looks/muscular frame/etc. In this situation, compiled with female hypergamy, only the top males (ie. sports captains) will attract the highest females, its simple as that, they have nothing to compare for value in a male aside his base manly traits. Although this doesn’t really help your cause, you shouldn’t just drop out, if you have read the post on SMV you will find out once you have graduated and established yourself in your late 20’s you will be able to leverage much more value in your favour and even out the playing field.


    Good break down and relating the topic to confidence, I agree with what you wrote.


    Great post as always. You are able to articulate and analyze normal redpill subjects with great detail and deconstruction. I always look forward to reading your latest posts.

  18. I think this is why I found it useful to skip over most of the highly specific, coded behaviors that PUAs go on about is they are derivatives of true game, not first principles. They illustrate aspects of universality, they are not per se universal.

    If a man can fly a plane, sure, he’ll work his home airport and do his touch-and-goes, and fly 25 miles away for a $100 hamburger, and become familiar with that downdraft and fast-sink that always requires a little nudge of power crossing the fence, on short final. He can go to parties and tell everybody he’s a pilot, and, well, he is.

    And he’s already dead if he thinks that it means he can fly 1000 miles through the inevitable three weather systems to land at night at a strange field at minimum fuel, transiting three different cruise altitudes (each a distinct set of conditions), troubleshoot a blown voltage regulator, stay awake, and not get lost taxiing to the FBO.

    I find it easier, of course, after a lifetime of blue pill in all domestic matters (though not at work, oddly) to complete that flight than to maintain the new RP social presence. It’s initially easy to be domain (i.e., woman and context) independent. But if my emotions are triggered, my first inclination is reversion and recidivism. And of course, there’s no one in the right seat to give me an elbow.

  19. You go to Game with the Domain you have, not the Domain you might want or wish to have at a later time. Whereever you go, there you are.

  20. I’ve always had a sort of unconscious dread of being too reliant on a particular domain for too long. I think it may be an artistic thing for me, I get bored of doing any one style or type of art for too long.

    Of the 40+ women I’ve had sex with in my time, 3 were over 40, 2 were 6 years my junior, 1 was a single mother, more than I can remember were met in clubs or at a gig, one in a college library, 3 were fuck buddies, 2 were “church girls who never did what they did with me”, 2 were Asian, 1 was black, 1 was fat, 1 was a BPD.

    I could go on, but I never made a real conscious decision to sample as much as I could from the buffet. I had no concept of domain dependence so it wasn’t about the challenge of pushing past perceived limitations, I just liked the variety I was able to enjoy and that translated into developing a skill for being more versatile in relating to women in different venues.

    In my 20’s I was just baffled as to why guys I knew would stick with fat women or would put up with the bullshit that came along with single mothers or had a “thing” for cougars. I’d gotten with all of these kinds of girls before and I just couldn’t wrap my head around why these guys would ‘prefer’ them until I picked up on the facility they had with fucking these women.

    Their Buffer against rejection from higher SMV women was to prefer to return to the same fishing hole and just deal with the deficits and liabilities of what they knew was a “sure thing”.

  21. Rollo’s point is excellent, as usual. As one of the bloggers who adapts Game to LTRs, one of the greatest challenges I face is rectifying the knowledge of “Basic Game” that most men first luck into with the more sophisticated elements of “Advanced Game”, i.e. Married Game.

    As Rollo points out, the principals are eternal and unchanging. Yes, Virginia, AWALT – even Mrs. Ironwood. And AMALT. Hypergamy and Polygyny are hard-wired into us.

    But the Game-aware husband has clear and decided advantages over his BP counterpart, even if he struggles with the idea that seducing his wife is NOT the same routine he’d use in seducing a woman while single. His domain has changed, and trying to use single-domain Game in a marriage is only slightly effective. Men who “don’t want anything to change after marriage” are fooling themselves, because in point of fact things HAVE changed. Your domain has changed. Your Game has to change to accommodate it. The principles remain the same, but the expression of hypergamy and polygyny and the appropriate responses change with the formation of a committed relationship.

    Post-divorce Game is yet another domain (I tend to refer dudes to The Private Man for specific advice on this) which resembles Basic Game, but is different in many, many ways. A man who tries to use 23 year old PUA techniques isn’t going to get the same response as a man who successfully adapts to his new domain and uses 43 year old PUA techniques.

    The frustration comes from the idea that if RP theory is correct, then the same set of techniques should work in nearly all cases – and we know that ain’t true. The fault is not with the theory – it’s sound as a pound – but with the application of theory to the real world. A married woman’s hypergamy looks a lot different than a single woman’s. And a young newlywed’s hypergamy is going to be very different than a post-wall divorcee’s hypergamy.

    TRP is a praxeological toolbox which supplies the context and understanding of the ground rules of human sociosexual interaction, but it is up to you to select the tools you need to achieve the desired effect. Those tools change with your domain, and you may not use them often, but being aware of them is vital. Entering a new domain is a challenge for any man, but with wise counsel and guidance from his peers and elders many of the pitfalls of this introduction can be avoided until he masters the art (excellent point, Rollo!) of adapting his Game to meet those challenges.

    As usual, outstanding analysis.

  22. @Freshman,

    I’m in college too, although I’m a few years older than you. I too learned game as a teenager, but I’m relatively tall and good looking so my experiences are the polar opposite of yours. Its relatively easy for me to get laid. I rarely ever have droughts.

    But my message for you is that IMO you are making excuses. While it is true that most guys college guys that are good with women are tall, good looking naturals, not all of them are. I have more than a few friends / aquaintances who are smaller dudes who bang a lot of chicks. Some of them are not even white. I know one East Indian dude is only 5’9″ who is the best I’ve seen with women. He looks outright ridiculous to me, but he gets laid. He approaches alot and is very dominant. And he’s a routine guy! He has routine stacks and everything. Hysterical.

    So yes looks matter, but even in college its your dominance and your confidence that matters more. I’m just under 6’2″ and have been since I set foot in college three years ago. I’ve also done a few cycles of gear, so I’m pretty big. But more important than that, I’ve done about 6000 approaches since I stepped on campus and I constantly analyze my game. I approach a shit ton of girls with varying different styles. My vibe is very solid. But that isn’t because I’m tall. Its because I’ve had thousand of conversations with girls. And I try to push each one forward.

    Not only that, I don’t only game college girls, I vary things up. I approach girls off campus, I run stripper game (which is fun as hell), I daygame outside of the college area (as in normal working women), I game the shit out of EVERY girl I encounter that is an exchange student (free pussy IMO), I game Freshmen girls every late August and September, I have developed an awesome college classroom method, I game older women (hell don’t underestimate how easy it is to get older women if you’re young and fit – they are GREAT for worldly experience – I’ve banged 6 of them in the last 3 years), I have done a semester abroad in Europe and had a field day there (I was the shiny handsome American dude), and I just flat game every hot chick I see on campus. Fuck dude, what do you give a shit if you get rejected. Have fun with the whole thing.

    Bottom line, you are coming across as one the legions of whiny loser dudes that infest the RSD forums. Really, its painful reading that shit. I’m not blind to your situation but I’m just telling you that there are examples out there of shorter less attractive guys that get laid. I’m willing to bet ANYTHING, that if I met you I would see a guy lacking in confidence. Change that shit or you will always be miserable.

  23. Yup, like walawala said, “Women are everywhere and sex is everywhere IF you know what to look for.” and ‘Go fishing where the fish are’. To which I add, you must know which fish go for which bait, and observe how it goes, independent of your ideas of ‘how it should go’.

    Still, if I can’t enjoy the process of hunting, gaming, etc., then it’s not a worthy investment of my time. We can choose to make a point of trying to enjoy the process as its own reward, independent of the outcome.

  24.  Chicks don’t give a shit about what you know but rather, how you look and how they will look with you (Does he up my status? Will my friends think he’s cute?)

    That’s real red pill

    Baysideplayer you are 6’2″ with steroids.Common man get real with this guy.

    I will say face > height.

    Lose weight get ripped. It makes your FACE look angelic = score pussy

  25. sfcton
    December 23rd, 2014 at 8:52 am

    “Supreme excellence consists of breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.” ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

  26. The only thing that strip a man’s dignity and pride is the feeling he experiences when he knocks at the door of a prostitute.

    It’s the image of a miserable wet dog with tail between its legs.

    Put that in mind x10 of that feelings when you go to online dating.

    Online dating is the definition of delusional women.

    It’s a scrap yard, it’s delusional women looking for slaves not men.

    Nothing drives me insane except when they use the words Spontaneous and confidence. (talk about oxymoron).
    Avoid online dating at all cost.

  27. It’s all very simple. Don’t be fat. Don’t be unsuccessful. Always maintain exercisable options in your life.

  28. I want to complement Ian Ironwood.
    He runs the Red Pill Room blog.
    I read his two books Manosphere and Alpha last month.
    Fantastic writing skills.
    Expert at married man game. Thank You!

  29. re: “You will get what you’ve gotten if you keep doing what you have done.”

    Until you’ve caught all the fish out of your little fishing hole. Then it’s time to move on, or stock your pond (as M Simon said, engineer your pond).

  30. Rollo said :
    Men must accept that they must adapt themselves to adequately perform in changing domains.

    I do that when I go out. The women I talk to at 11 are different from the ones I talk to at 1 am.

  31. re: “I don’t really care if you don’t believe me.”

    Personally, it’s not that I don’t believe you are frustrated being a rules-player, it’s that I believe almost all men are much more frustrated. I have known a LOT of girls over the past five decades that I believe are just like you: raised in church among many nice boys, taught to be open to courting instead of secularish dating, and refused to be courted young by nice boys they considered too young.

    The vast majority of such girls either dropped out of church whining that there weren’t any “good” guys there and hooked up with literally evil scumbags outside church, or married young. A very very very few women made it without significant romantic or sexual achievements (I’m in Xbox One Unity Bundle anticipation mode, btw) to their late 20s, almost uniformly declaring that they were *now* finally ready to be wooed by somebody.

  32. For Trugingstar: the sexual desperation comprising the *daily* *ordinary* life of the vast majority of men most of their lives would be utterly unbearable by almost all women for even one day.

    About the only thing comparable, maybe, is the relationship desperation of a woman hitting the Wall.

  33. On judging the relative difficulty of being a girl vs being a guy:

    Would you rather be a whiny princess whose only choices seem to be a bunch of frogs, or would you rather be one of the frogs cursed to compete for such a whiny female?

  34. @Some Body re: projection.

    Men, especially marriage-minded men, are NOT attracted to flashy girls, to “ex” sluts, etc. WOMEN are attracted to bad men; men are not attracted to anything about bad women except for the hope that they will be sexually easy.

  35. re: groupies. We all know of girls squealing and fainting at males celebrities. Guess who squeals and faints at female celebrities? Girls.

  36. “Men, especially marriage-minded men, are NOT attracted to flashy girls”

    I think I’ve been to church long enough to know what I’m talking about. 🙂

  37. On topic, but mostly about The Selection Effect. As I’ve noted before, a man (e.g., me, yesterday) garnering the public admiration (and possibly infatuation) of an Important and Picky (and older) lead mare does NOT lead to extra attention to him from other women. It leads to more attention from women to the lead mare.

    What *does* lead to much more attention to him is him being in the company of Unimportant and Slutty mares. Women like to compete with sluts; women will not compete with alpha females.

  38. re: “Men aren’t prone to seek attention, compliments, validation, etc.”

    If only you knew.

    When a woman wants attention ,she CAN get it. As you said, short skirts, showing skin, smiling eagerly, getting on her knees in front of some random guy, etc. A woman is *guaranteed* to get attention IF SHE ACTUALLY WANTS IT. The only thing she isn’t guaranteed is attention from some one particular guy. The only reason a woman doesn’t try to get attention is because she doesn’t want it “all those frogs will bother me”.

    In total contrast, almost no man can get attention when he wants it. He will be arrested for wearing a short skirt or showing skin (and even then he will only interest some dude anyway). This is the only reason men don’t bother trying to get attention: it doesn’t work.

  39. re: “Don’t downplay how awful that is.”

    Let’s discuss for a bit what “that” is. I contend that you have been approached by young men, possibly shyly such that it didn’t count to you, many more times than you are letting on. What do you expect young men to do when they are *repeatedly* turned down by *every* woman they try *anything* with?

  40. Oh… you should see the GAME these women spin. “I’m so glad I finally found a home here.” “Remember that every day is precious.” “God, I’m so glad that You show me the beauty of Your creation in every sunrise.”

    Whatever: point is – people buy it. I’d feel bad about saying stuff like that. That’s using God to get attention for yourself. But they seem so virgin-y, and a lot more interesting than the girl sits next to fat chicks.

    “Time for a road trip with my favorite (sluts) sisters in Christ!!! <3 #blessed"

    "Me with an African orphan! I just love sharing Jesus with these orphans!"

    See like, look at their lust for life. Their spirits overfloweth.

    It's just like the real world. You tell a woman you're a virgin? Oh, girl, she has her bitches together, and your life is gonna be a living hell now.

    "What can I pray for you for? What's your testimony?" – gossip fodder

    The whole GCB thing? It's every inch true.

    They ahem "manhandle" guys into becoming their boyfriends. Then they saturate them in coupledom and secure them via Facebook, bad you better not put any moves on her man, or even look good around him, or you'll get a nasty rumor sent your way.

    If the guy breaks it off with her, he's the villain, and she can just keep on faking her religion until the next victim comes along: maybe slightly less attractive than her last boyfriend, but she can act like she likes him even more. And she'll post things on Facebook talking about what a WONDERFUL HUMAN BEING her new guy is, in comparison with SOME people and it just took GOD sending the RIGHT PERSON into her life. And then she'll seal that deal one way or another.

    And then she'll put her insufferable wedding pictures on Facebook, and all her bitchin' bridesmaids…

    And then there's me over here, and I'm like… I can haz right person? Just one, please? Can I even get asked out on first date?

    It's not even cool to stick to your guns at CHURCH. Even when you're Evangelical. People seek the Evango church for it's crystal-pure sheen. You seem like such a pure virgin by just BEING there.

  41. I contend that you have been approached by young men, possibly shyly such that it didn’t count to you, many more times than you are letting on. What do you expect young men to do when they are *repeatedly* turned down by *every* woman they try *anything* with?

    No! I’m not going to date the fat guy or the guy who’s socially embarrassing, but other than that, I’d an average-looking guy who shares my beliefs. If he asked! They just don’t ask.

  42. LOL wonder if she is stamping her little foot while she makes these craptacoulr demands strange men validate the feelings and experiences of her special snowflakeness.

    The gift that keeps on giving on why Christian are to be avoided.

  43. Mr T.
    December 23rd, 2014 at 1:48 pm

    The only thing that strip a man’s dignity and pride is the feeling he experiences when he knocks at the door of a prostitute.

    The two times in my life I ever had an experience with one of those they chased me. I had to be talked into it. It wasn’t worth it either time.

  44. Matt
    December 23rd, 2014 at 1:57 pm

    It’s all very simple. Don’t be fat. Don’t be unsuccessful. Always maintain exercisable options in your life.

    If you have confidence you don’t need much else.

  45. Another Name
    December 23rd, 2014 at 5:11 pm

    What I am doing is proving myself correct. What I’m not doing is expecting validation from anyone.

    Evidently reality is not validating you either. That is no way to go through life. But I do understand your problem. Self confirmation bias.

    The first principle is that you must not fool yourself — and you are the easiest person to fool. – Richard Feynman

  46. @ jf12

    Women like to compete with sluts; women will not compete with alpha females.

    Interesting observation. Explains some things I’ve seen. Preselection is nuanced. Someone who perceives herself as more alpha will compete with another woman. “Alpha” as in “dominant among women.”

  47. Rollo,

    Given the limited number of hours in a day – and supposing the 20/80 rule is in effect – when men are reduced to 5 women will be reduce to 20. So 20/80 becomes 5/20. And even ‘nother Name and all her sisters will be whining.

    Forced settlement may have been a bad deal, but no settlement is worse.

    But things won’t get better until we (men and women) want to restore the environment. Change the ecology. There may come a day when the old rules (or worse) look attractive. Or not.

  48. theasdgamer
    December 23rd, 2014 at 5:25 pm

    The first mate is an alpha. It does cause more than the usual share of problems. But she does like competing and winning. So I can confirm as well.

  49. @ianironwood

    If what you said is true about the different domains and using specific tools within them from RP I think it would be a great idea to include that as a separate section within the archives and go into detail on which tools to use in each domain (the major ones at least).

    Another note, I cant take anything females post on here seriously, even if it is indeed agreeing with RP, it just seems too fake.

  50. Truninging Star, whatever your histrionic issues are I don’t really care, but pick a name and stick with it.

    My guess is Dal and Don have you banned. I don’t moderate and your disillusioned christian good girl spasms are educational, but you’re borderline spamming in my book, and I guarantee you won’t like the name I stick you with if you don’t stick to one.

  51. Another Name
    December 23rd, 2014 at 5:34 pm

    If I had any sense I’d be indifferent to you. But I’m out for a little amusement and you are providing little enough.

  52. Another Name
    December 23rd, 2014 at 5:34 pm

    I’m out of your league. But if you’d like to meet me and the first mate I’m sure she would be amused. For a while. Assuming you are at least a 7. She doesn’t care much to compete with no competition. And in that respect (and very few others) I respect her.

  53. When I was 15 years old I was attracted to a specific type of girl.
    Pretty face, porcelain skin, short stature, thin but curvy body, long brunette hair, 20 years old

    When I turned 25 my tastes were the same.
    Pretty face, porcelain skin, short stature, thin but curvy body, long brunette hair, 20 years old

    At age 35 my tastes hadn’t changed.
    Pretty face, porcelain skin, short stature, thin but curvy body, long brunette hair, 20 years old

    Recently I turned 45 and you guessed it, I’m still attracted to the exact same type of girl.
    Pretty face, porcelain skin, short stature, thin but curvy body, long brunette hair, 20 years old

    I was born this way. I wish society would accept me for who I am.

  54. Some random named Christian woman – seems we all agree that women are causing issues. You and your sisters at arms are in a MUCH better position to fix this, as most men have very little sway among the “herd”.

    Other than that, I don’t have much advice. I left the Church because I found it to be corrupt and full of Hypocracy, and I simply couldn’t imagine that God intended for me to follow THOSE folks into his grace. The Church is no less susceptible to the taint affecting us all, but may be less able to see it, as they tend to take people at their word when they are “saved” from their former life of sin. Sure, everyone can have salvation, but only God knows if it’s real or simply a convincing act.

    I’m certainly glad I took a path that led me away from the Church, as my chances of unplugging would have been slim to none had I stayed in the cult. And yeah, I agree Christianity as practiced by most organized churches IS a cult.

  55. re: “I’m just not to the spiritual caliber that an average man requires to “take a ‘risk’”.”

    You get points for awareness. An average guy risks as much, or more, getting shot down by an average girl, since if he’s shot down by a high-caliber girl (not necessarily with the bigguns …) then at least he can reason away his failure.

    re: “I just want a man to idolize”

    Go right ahead. Nobody stopping you but you.

    “I’d an average-looking guy who shares my beliefs. If he asked! They just don’t ask.”

    I am hearing that a lot. But I contend the *reason* they stopped asking was because they kept getting shot down.

    One of the universal redpill truths is that boldness works with women. A man who, because of religious beliefs or because of prior shot-down experiences, starts out tentatively, i.e. intended to progessively see if a girl might be interested in him by first seeing if she can tolerate his lurking quietly near her for a while, then making soft noises which may or may not be communication, then introducing himself by mispronouncing his own name “I was nervous”, none of this works.

    What works is him starting out on top of her world: “Hey, you, I think I might like you.” But all of society, especially after the sexual revolution and feminism, is specifically designed to make him feel the opposite. “Um, hi, I guess, if you don’t feel this is me assaulting you, could you do me the infinite pleasure of letting me buy you lots of things and a life and babies and stuff, sometime, maybe? May I tell you my name? Yes or no?”

  56. Hedda’s a fine name. In my 30s I went out once with a young woman named Hedda whose parents were both from Sweden and met in America. She had baby-fine brunette hair that she unfortunately bobbed off, Audrey Hepburn-like.

  57. Hedda – personally, my fix was to “roll my own” faith and flip the bird to the political organization called the Catholic Church. Like you, I realized they didn’t really want me, and I had nothing to offer them but contempt.

    Realize this: faith is not based on a church membership. A church is simply a social structure of supposedly like minded people. Sounds like you are not of like mind with your current flock.

  58. @Hedda

    I probably won’t stay a Christian. People say that they don’t see me as being very Christian anyway, so what’s the point. There’s nothing that really sticks out to me as God wanting me around. I’ll just use it the way other people do.

    A belief is something that you hold to. A conviction is something that holds on to you. You can give up a belief but you can’t let go of a conviction because it is holding on to you.

    If Christianity is merely a belief for you, you aren’t a Christian. That’s the whole “new creation in Christ” concept. If you’re really a Christian, He has hold of you… not the other way around. Your comment is that of a hypocrite.

  59. LOL & the crazy Christian broad is ready to give up.her religion tried to blast me for not being religious and wonders why I don’t give her any credence.

    Just gets better and better in that train wreck sort of way

  60. SfcTon – “The gift that keeps on giving on why Christian are to be avoided.”

    As a Christian Separatist myself I have to agree. Nothing less attractive than a women who can’t stop talking about her faith, and her spiritual boyfriend Jesus. Too bad convents have fallen out of favor.

  61. Once again, nicely done Rollo. A question though .Why does an alpha need to be domain independent if in any case he will always be his own mental point of origin?Or maybe being “self centered” isn’t the only thing required.Why will he care to be versatile in different domains if he truly reflects the IDGAF attitude ? If game is so heavily domain dependent, it’s truly difficult to make any sense of it given how rich and varied circumstances can be for each of us.

    If i were to take a guess an alpha is game competent but not game aware. So he’s an alpha, but an alpha in his own context. Game then is a contextual set of behavioral tools which reduce to a certain type of mindset. What those behaviors are is left for each man to figure out and the answer is different for each man (although the answers would always belong to a class of truths called ‘the red pill’). But given that nowadays i find myself ill-equipped to put into words what i’m feeling, i’ll leave that for experts like you.

    Thanks for this wonderful post.

  62. “If you have confidence you don’t need much else.” Incorrect.
    There is a reality to this, and confidence is necessary, but by itself, insufficient.

  63. @Hedda re: “People say that they don’t see me as being very Christian anyway”

    And what, precisely, do you think is the downside to people seeing you as becoming more Christian? Besides you becoming more successful with Christian gents? See where I’m going with this? This is “that”, I think: the failure of ordinary men to float your boat.

  64. Marriage was intended to be The Domain, The Buffer, succouring both those who need more sex and intimacy and those who need less. If everyone stayed in their marriage, then the unmarried would also be less tempted to stray because of the lack of opportunities.

  65. “The only thing that strip a man’s dignity and pride is the feeling he experiences when he knocks at the door of a prostitute.”

    I think what’s worse is not getting any in the real world, but not being able to afford the prostitute.

  66. SilvrBk
    December 23rd, 2014 at 7:25 pm

    I can answer your question. Navigating on dry land is different from swimming in a lake. If nothing else the moves are different.

  67. kuchak
    December 23rd, 2014 at 8:28 pm

    Money saved. Whores are disgusting creatures unless they are your girlfriend. And that is only a relative improvement.

  68. The poor woe is me female virgin trope is a crock of shit, they all want the same thing, apex men. The virgins are just bitter god didn’t send it to them on a platter like they expected, they’re just the female version of blue pill men.

    I tried to introduced my virgin counsin to a 6’4, awesome physic and handsome as fuck engineer (earning 1/4 of a million) whose only downfall was that he was a little shy and awkward around women. Nope, she wouldn’t even allow an introduction, she wanted me to introduce her to a tattooed ex junky garbage truck driver that was banging like it was going out of fashion.

    Game 101 validated.

    Story ended well though, he married and she is left on the vine pining for Alpha Mc Bad Boy.

    Just a heads up to Mark Minter, the sort of top notch indepth research he posted at Dalrocks is lost on Christian fundies, anything that doesn’t fit their world view is excoriated or ignored. This is the only place for that sort of thing, forget the ad hominems , that sort of analysis is much appreciated and this is the only place where it will the get attention it deserves.

    Rollo is the only forum where ideas stand on their own merits, no matter who espouses them.

  69. Nathan
    December 23rd, 2014 at 7:43 pm

    Well I know a 5’6″ alpha who was so attractive that he snagged a lesbian.

    Way long time ago I was a 186.69cm (6′ 1 1/2″) beta who couldn’t get a date let alone a girlfriend. I got taught game by my first GF (’62) and did much better. Think of all those dirty, no account, no body, BAD Boys who seem to do well. As part of my training I hung about with a group like that for 3 years.

    Body is not insignificant. But it is also not essential.

    I’m 70. Not in the best of physical shape. An old man’s paunch (not fat) and still get aggressive IOIs from the occasional 20 something.

    But I’m arrogant to a fault. Just ask the first mate. I reek of it. And the attraction follows.

  70. Johnycomelately
    December 23rd, 2014 at 9:13 pm

    How about dropping a link to the Minter rant. I was unkind to him and would like to say something nice.

  71. @BC:
    “Are you are saying that game will not materially improve your success, or that game doesn’t help you get top-level girls who are several points above you in relative SMV?
    Also, see several Rollo posts back about women’s time schedules.”

    I’m saying young girls who are homely or average are becoming super selective as well. Rollo recently linked an article via twitter of some Asian chick who’s a 4 at best and she’s draining men dry for money simply because she knows she has more options than the average man. Chicks that are average and even below average have this mentality that they genuinely deserve the best.

    Also, you have to realize that Heartise isn’t exactly with the times anymore. I highly doubt he’s out there consistently gaming young girls. A few years back, in a comment, he acknowledged that things were getting harder. This was probably due to his age but the point still stands.


    “Although this doesn’t really help your cause, you shouldn’t just drop out, if you have read the post on SMV you will find out once you have graduated and established yourself in your late 20’s you will be able to leverage much more value in your favour and even out the playing field.

    Bromeo, I suggest you read:

    A key piece of that post is how it covers Stephan’s account on his rise in SMV. This guy will probably never inspire an alpha fucks desire in a woman simply because they value his beta bucks first and foremost. The women are only attracted to him and not aroused by him. The distinction is huge and everyman knows this whether he wants to admit it or not. There’s a reason why Rollo’s “Saving the Best” post got over 700+ comments. Men know innate desire matters, man.

    The redpill really is a bitch to deal with when you take it all into consideration. I’m not even mad anymore; but I am disappointed in realizing that some things cannot change no matter how hard you try.


    First you say,
    “I too learned game as a teenager, but I’m relatively tall and good looking so my experiences are the polar opposite of yours. Its relatively easy for me to get laid. I rarely ever have droughts.”

    And then you say:

    “But my message for you is that IMO you are making excuses.”

    Ok, but wait ..

    “So yes looks matter, but even in college its your dominance and your confidence that matters more. I’m just under 6’2″ and have been since I set foot in college three years ago. I’ve also done a few cycles of gear, so I’m pretty big. But more important than that, I’ve done about 6000 approaches since I stepped on campus and I constantly analyze my game. I approach a shit ton of girls with varying different styles. My vibe is very solid. But that isn’t because I’m tall. Its because I’ve had thousand of conversations with girls. And I try to push each one forward.”

    See what I’m getting at?

    You’re rationizaling your success primarily off confidence but you already fulfill the pre-requisites to be good in the first place (your height and build). I’m not saying confidence isn’t important (it is) but to honestly base your success off confidence alone is bullshit. When I approach girls with a good vibe and I’m feeling good in general and she can sense this, my confidence is clearly out in display. But yet, there’s usually no follow up.

    Now, why would this be the case? I’m not complaining here, I genuinely want you to ask yourself that question. When every behavior is kept in check and my words flow naturally and she clearly likes it, what is making her say no? (Mind you, I have done hundreds of approaches as well)

    Well, for that, you have to look at the things which I cannot change…and yup, you guess it, my physical look.

    This is why it’s difficult for average or below average guys to even discuss this with men who are above average in some physical aspects. Attractive men tend to conflate confidence and behaviors with it all but ignore the physical prerequisites which make girls tingle in the first place (looks). It’s not that confidence alone makes men attractive, but rather, their looks brings about confidence because their looks brings them not only leverage on what they can get away with but women are also more forgiving of these men in general.

    “Baysideplayer you are 6’2″ with steroids.Common man get real with this guy.
    I will say face > height.
    Lose weight get ripped. It makes your FACE look angelic = score pussy”

    Yeah face matters to women in general but in person, I would say that height is a huge factor because it alone establishes dominance. This is what girls really mean when they say they like a dominant man. They tend to associate height with it. Girls hate weakness of any kind and will verbally say so.

    I remember being at my school’s gym, stretching out before my quick run, and this group of girls started talking near me. They needed an extra yoga mat and this short guy next to me was using one. One of the girls said, “Hey, ask that guy if he’s almost done with it since he’s not on it.” The girl hissed out, “Nah, short people are very mean to others so forget it.” She said this with a disgusted look on her face. This guy did nothing to the chick and here she was insulting the guy, knowing she could get away with it. Some of the girls laughed but the guy didn’t hear them. He was wearing headphones, oblivious to it all.

    @Rollo Tomassi

    “You will get what you’ve gotten if you keep doing what you have done.
    …until you’re forced into a new domain and either adapt or decay.”

    I’ve tried it all and I’ve yet tried running game in foreign countries. Perhaps that’s the best way to go given that’s how Roosh and Krauser get a huge bulk of their lays. No way I’m I going to stay here for years, struggle for average lays, and waste my youth on something that wasn’t consistently achievable for me in the first place. That’s fucking insanity if you ask me.

  72. zdr01dz
    December 23rd, 2014 at 10:14 pm

    Before AIDs it was the happy hunting grounds. All the ladies were on the pill or used diaphragms and the vast majority were willing to bareback. Never did like being sheathed. I turned girls down that insisted. Got the clap once. From a high class chick (relatively). I was the rebound boyfriend. The previous boyfriend was contaminated. Oh. Well. Fun times.

  73. Hedda
    December 23rd, 2014 at 10:25 pm

    1. Do not identify
    2. Do not consider
    3. Do not tell lies
    4. Do not express negative emotions

    Read “The Fourth Way” by P. D. Ouspensky.

  74. @freshman “I’m saying young girls who are homely or average are becoming super selective as well”

    this, if true, is excellent news for the betas, as their bucks can then buy a low mileage GF/fiance/wife/bitch/stbx/exwife

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