Qualities of the Prince

You know, I’m not quite sure if my readership is aware of this, but I’m a Prince. No really, I’m a Prince (stop laughing), or at least that’s the expectation I’ve come to have others recognize in me after sifting through women’s online profiles on such fantastical dating resources such as Plenty of Whales Fish and OK U-Bid Cupid. But don’t think I’m such a rare bird, because amazingly enough, if you’re reading this blog, you’re probably a Prince too! And you didn’t even realize it did you?

You see, virtually all the women you encounter on these Buffers online dating resources are simply undiscovered, under-appreciated jewels in the rough. They’re Princesses, and goddammit they deserve to be treated as such. Just reading through each profile is like going on safari and encountering a virtual cornucopia of rare and exotic animals (kind of like a zoo), each meticulously described in encyclopedic detail of their uniqueness and rarity of finding. What mere mortal man could possibly deserve to touch such feminine refinery?

A few years ago the denizens of the SoSuave forum accidentally conducted one of the most humorous social experiments ever performed. A member by the handle of Bonhomme was a frequenter of Plenty of Fish and noticed an interesting trend in women’s profiles. Though most of the women using online dating run the gamut from hopelessly fat to 2-drink fuckability, the one thing most had in common was an entirely overblown sense of self-worth to compliment their grossly overrated self-impression of their sexual market value (SMV for those of you playing the home game). This is nothing shocking for unplugged Men; the ‘community’ has long held that social media and online Buffers work in tandem to convince a woman she’s 1 to 2 degrees higher on her SMV scale. What hadn’t been studied up to then was the descriptors and qualifications that online women used in both their “list of demands” and their own self-evaluations, or “the brochure of value added features” any man with common sense (see fem-centric conditioning) would ever be considered a ‘Man’ for appreciating in a woman.

The following is an example pulled from a typical profile:

Here is a well thought out idea of what kind of guy I am interested in… 5’10” or taller, lives near by, compassionate, intelligent, giving, VERY Attractive (someone other than your mother or sister has said so, lol) and in shape, prefer self employed, FAMILY orientated, open to new spontaneous things, likes to camp, likes to golf, wants children, would be a good father and faithful husband, a gentleman, gives me my space when I need it, not a nerd or too sarcastic, can take a hint, social, calls for no reason, remembers sending a note or a nominal gift IS romantic and necessary, respectful, sense of humor, and thinks the world of me. I am not interested in anyone older than 41 and anyone who makes less money than me since I do not plan on changing the lifestyle I have grown accustom to and hope to one day be a stay at home mom and furthermore… my children will never want for ANYTHING (but of course will not be spoiled brats either lol). You should also love animals  I am not attracted to red heads at all lol sorry.

Wow! A rare find indeed. Thank heaven for the internet in providing men such a valuable resource that we might encounter such rational and strong women as this. This is one common example, but by far the most common self-references women made involved the word “Princess” – “I’m a Princess waiting for my Prince” or “I’ll admit it, I’m a Princess, I just need to find a man who can appreciate that and treat me right.”

Well, far be it from Rollo J. Tomassi to deny these undiscovered royals their due! Quickly I began to craft a cunning profile of my own; one which these pouting Princesses would surely recognize as that of none other than the Crown Prince of Man-dom. Using their own profile’s jingoisms and idioms as a template, I established an idealized persona, one that any woman worth her equalist “common sense” salt would instantly be irresistible to,…

Here is a well thought out idea of what kind of gal I am interested in…5′ 5″ or taller, but not over 6 feet (because while I don’t mind being eye to eye with you, I won’t ever be looking up to you), lives close enough to be at my house within 10 minutes after I make the call, genuinely passionate, intelligent enough to be good company, sexually available (preferably insatiable) and VERY attractive – we’re talking Jessica Alba, Keyra Augustina attractive – women with a body-fat percentage higher than 8% need not apply. Must be employed but not so well as you’ll interfere with our sexual activities, FAMILY oriented, but only after you’ve hit 30-33, open to spontaneous sex (you know, like outdoor stuff or a surprise 3 way with one of your hot girlfriends after our 2nd martini), likes to camp (in the nude), knows not to complain when I go play golf with the clients from work.

She must want children after 33 years of age if at all, and only after she’s proven to be a good mother and faithful wife, must be a lady with class and know when the right time is to speak and not to speak, not a prude or bitch, can take the first hint, sociable, unexpectedly texts me pictures of her wearing something new from Fredericks of Hollywood, understands that the best gift she can give me is expressing her desire to fuck me like a wild animal, and also understands that gifts for her are treats or rewards for desired behavior.

Must be respectful of my decisions being final, can’t take herself too seriously and thinks the world of me. I’m not interested in anyone over 31 (since this is most women’s expiration date anyway), she cannot have exorbitant spending habits or a credit debtload in excess of $1,000 since I do not plan on changing the lifestyle I have grown accustom to and hope to one day be able to send my own children to college (rather than pay for your student debt), and furthermore… my children will be taught to reasonably earn their achievements on their own and respect the decisions of their Father and mother (and absolutely will not be spoiled brats either). I’m very attracted to redheads, blondes, brunettes, Latinas, Asians, African-Americans, Pacific Islanders, etc., pretty much any woman that meets my physical requirements. I am not attracted at all to even slightly fat women no matter how much “inner beauty” you think you may possess. Hope to meet you soon, your Prince.

There! What woman could possible fail to appreciate all of the qualities of a Prince based on their very own template? Insidious, clever and witty. All I had to do was await what could only be a landslide of returned affection and positive responses. I contemplated how I would have to let down the poor cast off Princesses who failed to meet my humble criteria as the first response came in,…

“I read your profile, and is any of it serious?????”

A bit perturbed I reply,

Why do you think it’s not serious? Am I not allowed to be a bit specific?

“Sorry not about to put up with your kind of shit.”

Strange and yet strange again. Here I’d learned that self-confidence and assertiveness were traits women admired in the land of gender-equalism. Ah, perhaps this Princess was a bit jaded by such a dearth of qualified Princes at her disposal. I waited a bit more and was rewarded by a Princess called ‘Lil Sweet Heart’ who’d randomly read my glowing self-description,..

“what a profile
see iam a strong willed person!!
i speak when i want to say what i want and when i want and the way ur profile sounds i dont we;d be a match and the part about raising a spoiled brat thats a hard one to over come depends what u see as spoiled sure my boys r a bit spoiled well a lot but thats the way i was raised and it did me no wrong my kids know that they have to work to earn their spending and treats but no reason why a parent cant buy something just because so maybe ur profile can off wrong but my feeling is not some one id wanna meet hmmmmm”

Egads! I respond,

“Honestly, I really tried to read your message to me, but all of the bastardized English and the run-on sentences made it virtually impossible to understand what you were trying to say.”

I do say. Whomever this royal child’s au pair was is deserving of a public scourging! The thought of so ill-preparing a Princess for courtly discourse with the Man who will one day be her King is inexcusable. Bah, the blazes with this one, I’ll be patient on another,..

“uh, yeah, i don’t think so. maybe your profile’s a joke (which would make it less sad), but i don’t find it amusing, not my sense of humour at all.and the fact that i’m even bothering to reply to say no, rather than just ignore you, should tell you how distasteful it is.happy hunting. (though you’d have better luck if you went back in time 100 years or so, have fun finding chics like that today)

After checking out your profile, you are one of the rudest people i’ve even encountered. In your dreams…”

Hmm, I was beginning to see a flaw in my profile design. You see I had simply reworded the profile of my original Princess’ profile and changed the gender specific terms to the masculine, while adding a bit of my own desires to the outline of the ideal Princess I’d like to meet. After all, they all want to be treated like Princesses, I’m just asking to be treated like a Prince. But,..perhaps I’d been remiss in my waiting for the Princesses to respond. How unmanning of me – I would seek out my prize and pursue her. This profile caught my eye,…

“I am friendly, outgoing, generous, loyal, honest and adventurous. I work in a hospital. I also drive and have my own car.
I love to get my nails done every two weeks. I love fashion and style. I care about pop culture and social issues.
I have an IQ of 146. I am extremely intelligent and educated.

First Date: I dont want to meet Cheaters, users, players, haters, crumb bumbs, guys who want booty calls or fuk buddies… ya’ll dont let the door hit cha on the way out… I guess Im looking to meet someone around my own age, who is taller than me preferably caucasian, attractive, who likes to work out, has a unique, ghetto and sarcastic sense of humor like me.”

Well, not the ideal prize I’d been seeking, but perhaps this was another jewel in the rough that just needed a bit of spit and polish. I respond in the affirmative to her brassy, assertive equalist nature. After reading my profile, she responds,..

“i mak emy own moneya nd pay for own 5hit.. and for someone with such high standards take a good look in the mirror becuz these girls aka jessica alba are way out of ur league… if u want someone who is hot at least BE hot urself!”

I found this confusing since I had no picture on my profile at this point. I’d have to address that, but strange that the assumption was that my physical stature would necessarily be inadequate for her. I respond,..

“Dear woman, for someone with such a high opinion of her intelligence your grammar, punctuation and syntax are far from reflecting this. You type like shite.”

What I’d found most entertaining of this whole affair is that these women somehow feel compelled to respond to the profile. As if it were some personal affront to their sensibilities that it should need their attention to correct, rather than simply move on to the next profile. Judging from the frequency and intensity of the responses, how many men do you suppose responded to the original woman’s profile with the same fervor?

One of the best ways to illustrate how insaturated feminization has become in society is to flip the gender script on certain gender-specific dynamics. As funny as all this was, it serves to show that women live and operate in gender assumptions that they simply take as normalized conditions. Were a Man to publicly expect the terms and demands for his own provisioning and intimate access that women demand without an afterthought, he’s instantly accused of misogyny at worst, comedy at best. There are many more dynamics that illustrate this fem-centric normalization. My critics get fits of hysteria when I describe the acculturated, feminine-centric undercurrent operating in society. Girl-world is the only world for them, so pulling back the iron-veil of the feminine reality like this is usually a hard revelation. Ironically it’s the vitriol engendered in the responses to my reworded profile that prove the point.

Published by Rollo Tomassi

Author of The Rational Male and The Rational Male, Preventive Medicine

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  1. *applauds*

    Perhaps the next step (escalation?) in the experiment is to find women with demanding requirements, copy and tweak their profile format to make it male, and then contact them to see their response. When they respond indignantly, explain what you did (sent them back a male version of their own profile) and ask why they think men would be any more attracted to their ‘princess’ profile as she was to yours. heh

  2. That is some Grade A awesome right there. I’m actually a little surprised that the responses you got weren’t far more hostile.

    My favorite type of profile on those sites usually consists of no more than 2-3 sentences that essentially say “I love movies, music, going out to eat, and spending time with my friends”. It’s like a window into their shallow, empty soul.

    1. meh. either the resume of the woman is important or not. what do you want her to say? that her main hobbies are keeping fit and taking domestic coursess on how to best serve her future man?

      if those 2-3 sentences are grammatically correct, free of typos, and coupled with stats like 23 years old, bachelors degree, 5’8-5’11, athletic body type, and some hot pictures…

      who cares?

  3. Funny stuff.

    I’ve found overall that OK Cupid is a more sophisticated site, and attracts more intelligent, (and thus more SWPL) girls who tend to have the princess entitlement synrdome much worse, ironically making them easier to game but much worse for relationships.

    Contrast with POF, which tends to attract prole chicks. Urbanized prole chicks are probably the worst in terms of their taste in dress, vocabulary, food choices and thus hotness.

    However, if one can find the rare country girl whom hasn’t been ruined yet by urban culture–that’s a win. Unfortunately, many of them seem to want the urban ideals of the cubicle job and shopping on the weekends at Da Mall.

    I’m about to embark on a new mission on these sites. In the past, it’s been more for entertainment than any true attempt at dating. We’ll see how it goes.

  4. ROFLMAO… Brilliant, absolutely brilliant, and so true… I did the on-line thing for a bit, to find that the photos were usually “15 years ago”, or “30-50 lbs ago”… Only once did I not “show up” – after scouting the “sea-cow” that paddled into the bookstore/deli we were meeting at – thankfully I spotted her and was able to make my escape. She broke the “30-50 lbs ago” rule by at least another 100lbs… My photo was what I look like – it never occurred to me to lie about something so obvious. I mean – why? Yet these women did it all the time… (I couldn’t believe that it was her but the outfit was distinctive, Of course on her it was more of a Muumuu – pronounced “moo-moo” and an oh so fitting name…)

    After that, I stuck with meeting women in real-life where I could see what I was getting. I knew that what women “say they want” and “what they are attracted to” are vastly different – but figured that if I could expand the number of women I met by using on-line, that would be useful – it wasn’t….

    I still don’t understand why women lie to themselves by listing things that they don’t find attractive, or value. Of course, saying that they wanted a man who will treat them like a sex object, and do it repeatedly at unexpected moments probably wouldn’t be good for their PR but would be a lot more accurate…

    Keep up the good fight…

  5. Haha! Excellent observations. I was doing an advanced search on pof just for shits and gigs and decided to do an experiment of my own. When I searched women and asked me about kids, I left it alone and got back hundreds of pages of results. Now I went back and selected “None” under the children field and received a paltry 15 pages. The women who are single moms suffer from the princess syndrome. It’s a damn shame.

  6. To see a funny example of having the gender script flipped, set up a dummy account on the seeking arrangement website and see the responses from the females. You can be as demanding as you want to be as a man and all these whores (quite literally) would still be trying to qualify themselves to you.

  7. compassionate, intelligent, giving, VERY Attractive . . . . and in shape, FAMILY orientated, open to new spontaneous things, likes to camp, likes to golf, wants children, would be a good father and faithful husband, a gentleman, gives me my space when I need it, not a nerd

    Sounds like she wants a handsome beta who will adhere to her agenda. But we all know her perfect beta can be all this and she still won’t be happy.

    In my experience, I have found that a woman’s checklist goes out the window once she meets a guy that gives her the tingles.

    I’ve been seeing a woman (on the side) who is one of Rollo’s career girls, very intelligent, very successful, feels completely entitled to have everything, but you know what? When she’s with me it all falls away and she is just a woman. She gets demanding once in a while, but I just remind her who she is talking to, and she drops the attitude. She has actually said to me, “you know, I don’t know why, but I don’t mind your chauvinism.”

    1. Actually the orignal Princess’ profile requests of her ideal man are almost verbatim what Susan Walsh’s perfect beta husband would be. An adoring indentured servant able to ape the Alpha script on demand.

  8. You see this a lot. Women posting their big laundry list of expectations for the ideal man that they “deserve”, while at the same time blasting any and all men who have any kind of standards at all as being “too shallow” or “immature”.

    In short, pickiness is seen as a virtue for women, but a vice for men. Every woman deserves the perfect man, while every man should be thankful for anything he can get.

    1. +500, Retrenched. This is exactly what is going on all over this SMP. Women are dissatisfied at and reject any imperfection; while men should just shut up and take whatever they’re given. Any protests from men receive howls from women of “Shallow!” “Immature!” “You can’t handle a woman like me!” “Sexist pig!”

      1. Thus the game technique of “qualification,” in flipping the script and mirroring the hamster, has much merit.

        It serves two functions: 1. it puts demanding women in their place. 2. it screens for women who have these traits to a minimum.

  9. break their expectations, play with them…become an unmoveable mass of masculinity in their world of chaos.

  10. they will spit, they will rant, rave and love, they will cry, scream and criticise but we will love them none the less…

  11. Rollo, given your age, consider trying a new profile that stresses your willingness to commit to a relationship but at the same keeping your standards just as high.

    The princesses know they are the gatekeepers of sex. But a prince should know he is the gatekeeper of commitment. To communicate that in a profile would be the key.

    Perhaps a series of bullet points that lead with the phrase “I’m very willing to commit to a woman who is…” Then insert your preference/demand.

  12. In related news…..

    Today I saw a facebook post by a girl I used to bang a few years back. It was a picture of her boyfriend in a bathrobe at a spa, in a gayish pose with the caption “Such a good boyfriend”.

    I clicked on the comments and predictably one of her female friends chimed in with “did he seriously sit thought a spa treatment???SO well trained!”

    Next comment- “Nice work!!”

    Followed by “lmaoooooo”

    And finally “I wish my boyfriend would take me to the spa lol”

    Imagine the outrage if a guy were to post something equally demeaning. Like, a picture of her in an apron in the kitchen washing dishes with the caption “Such a good girlfriend” with a comment that says “is she really washing dishes??? SO well trained!”…..”Nice work!!”…”lmaoooo”….”I wish my girlfriend would wash the dishes lol”

    I guess it serves him right for treating one of my used up cum dumpsters to a day at the spa.

  13. Rollo, I’m not seeing female POF profiles like that on this side of the Atlantic.

    UK women on POF tend to *underplay* their requirements. A recurring profile headline over here is “I just want a NORMAL man”.

    When pressed on the matter, they are forced to admit that he has to be normal PLUS tall, intelligent, athletic, good job, loves kids, etc.

  14. Women can dish it out, but they cannot take it. I have “turned the table” on women in many instances face to face and gave a response that is based on what she says all the time, just to see her reaction to the words she dishes out of her own mouth, and they cannot deal with it (their own words) in return (it’s like the little hamster can only run in one direction).

    I have learned to never listen to seriously or do anything a woman says. A problem with online dating sites is having to read the stupid stuff that women write (that the little hamster in her head says). Women are delusional. Many of the profiles of women on OKC and POF say things like, “You better never mention sex, and you better never try to do anything sexual with me. You must make a lot of money to take care of my 4 kids and 2 dogs. If you ever even just look at me sexually I will call the cops. Why do all the men on these sites call me HOT, never call me babe do you understand me. We are never having sex. You are a creepy pervert you sick man. My kids and dogs are more important to me than you. Now hand over all of your money.” There are so many of these stupid profiles by women that I have had enough of reading them. I have thought it would be funny if a woman could find out if one of the profiles she rejected and typed back an arrogant bitchy reply was in fact a celebrity man in real life that she would have swooned for and let him fuck her little brain out, but online she called him a loser creep and rejected him.

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  17. Hahahaha this was awesome.

    Isn’t that just so messed up?

    Almost want’s to get you pissed.

    But why?

    It’s really a blessing in disguise.

    Use it to your advantage.

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  19. Coming out of a LTR with a witch (spells and all), I would just point out that the term princess is obviously not empowering or desirable to todays second/third-wave feminist because of it’s social connotations.

    It has for a long time been successfully substituted with the word goddess because you can’t have a ‘true, authentic, spiritual’ inner-princess, so it must be replaced with something more easily internalized.

    Which has more references in 50 Shades of Grey? – There is a clear shift into the mainstream by that readership to accept the inner-goddess movement, especially by those that haven’t been exposed to it before.

  20. Just caught this over from the AFC Project.

    I love this. I think i’m going to use send this link to every diseased fish on PoF i come across for $#!7s & giggles.

  21. I’d like to add that this is the type of female profile you will find and abundance of here in Toronto.. for one specific reason. Skewed market value of said vagina’s. They can afford to put these lists out and demand adherence to them because hey.. guys are still chasing that shit and putting up with it. Guys are starved up here and pussy begging left right centre. Of course a woman doesn’t have to tolerate that shit or lists from men. Her reproductive system is important, yours is not. Her womb (and vagina) are in demand, your penis is not. so you will jump through her hoops and lists if you want the privilege of sniffing her twat, but fat chance she’ll put up with yours.

    unless you’re a saudi prince who uses his Bugatti offroad just because he feels like it. then her list vanishes and she’ll be begging to make him a sandwich buck naked in the kitchen.

    if the god damn men of my city stopped placating these online slores and just ghosted offline, you’d see how quick these harlots and their obscene lists would disappear begging for a sliver of attention.

    a quality woman doesn’t make lists. she interacts and explores looking for someone she enjoys spending time around whom she is also attracted to. stubborn rigid lists don’t allow for that.

  22. My latest profile. I wonder if this makes me a princess.


    you know the Kipling poem and live by it,
    you’d say something impolite if it was necessary and true,
    you’d rather sit next to me than across from me,
    you don’t think its strange I want to learn to shoot,
    you want to benefit from the cooking boot camp I’m taking this summer,
    you want to be with a woman who enjoys being one,
    we’d probably hit it off! :)”

  23. The reality version would be more like this:


    you have a Ph.d and read Kipling and have other markers of intelligence,
    you are an alpha male that passes my shit tests and calles me out on if necessary,
    you aren’t a beta and have the balls to escalate,
    you are actually a guy and know how to fight,
    you are high value enough to expect a woman to cook you food,
    you aren’t a pussy that will put up with feminazis,
    then if for some reason you want to be with me instead of a 22 year old that’s totally awesome”

    By Kate

  24. In this profile, you sound like a man who knows what he wants but is unlikely to get it because the parameters are too narrow.

    A funny read 🙂

  25. “you know the Kipling poem and live by it”

    Whatever happens we have got,
    the Maxim gun and they have not.


  26. “Read through the article again, you’ve missed the point entirely.”

    That’s pretty par for the course for Kate.

    How Kate sees Rollo’s posts:

    “Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah HOW Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah
    Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah TO Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah
    Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah GET Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah
    Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah AN Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah
    Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah ALPHA Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah
    Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah TO Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah
    Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah COMMIT Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah”

  27. “Read through the article again, you’ve missed the point entirely.”

    And *you* don’t know how to use a semicolon 😉 The article says women are too picky. What did I miss?

    1. *sigh* explaining the joke is the worst part,..

      My profile was simply the woman’s profile rewritten from a male perspective. Ergo women online are too good for themselves. Or in other words, you wouldn’t date yourself.

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  29. Rollo I read this a while back .. a girl suggested I check this dating site “guysdateforfree” .. with this post in mind I wrote this , … feedback by you and others are welcome ,appreciated

    Am out to have fun with mutual beneficial friends…kinda booty call with cuddling and waking up the next day.
    They are looking for
    Like minded woman between 20-60 who have proportioned shapes and builds.Height between 5 – 6 ft .Weight .. no more then 200 lbs not less then 100.status.. not involved in any exclusive relationships ( its uncool to take my fork and knife and cut meat from s someone else’s plate)If you have kids .. the connection will have a 6 month time limit .. if not maybe an extension.

  30. This is certainly funny but I find it tragic and true. I have never ready anything that exacts our feminist-centric culture so well. I’m going to share this with my friends. I am a life coach and I hear from men all the time about the amazing expectations that come from women. What happened to loving each other?

  31. Lame

    Your “profile” was much longer and actually much worse. A woman saying she wants a guy in shape is not the same as you saying you only want to date a woman with 8% body fat – which, by the way, is a LETHAL bodyfat % on a woman if maintained for more than a day! SO you actually requested a DYING ANOREXIC. How is that comparable to seeking a healthy man?

    I also don’t think a woman saying she wants someone FAMILY oriented is superficial or arrogant at all. And so on and so on.

    Then you went on to use your ridiculous profile to be rude to women who weren’t necessarily wanna be “princesses”. You really don’t have a point.

    If you bothered to look at some male profiles you would realize the men are just as bad if not worse. They in fact have even worse and far more obnoxious criteria.

    Men like you usually get all pi**y because YOU can’t stand having any expectations put on you. Men like you always want a younger woman and get mad when they don’t want you. How dare they.

    Men like you also want a woman who help pay the bills yet want them to do ALL the child care, housework, and of course babysit you as well. Really you just want slavery system where you get to be the master. You are so pathetic.

    You are not a victim. You are a psycho who is bitter that your fantasy world doesn’t exist and women have no interest in making you a god at their expense.

    Get help.

  32. This is why smart women are not on dating sites. Only a fool could read through all the ridiculous profiles authored by BOTH sexes and not realize that although there might be someone worth while in the mix that it isn’t worth the time to weed through them all. Life is hard for women now, they work, raise kids alone, and so on. Describing a woman as a cum dumpster? Wow. The demeaning and disparaging way that women are thought of and spoken about says who these men are. I suspect that the next generations of women will suffer greatly at the hands of men or opt out altogether and treat men as sperm donors and male fuck toys. The abused become either disassociated or the abusers. Whose mother is a cum dumpster? Whose sister? Your daughter gets to look forward to men out there who think of them as cum dumpsters???? Is it any wonder? The future for these types…divorce, children raised alone by that cum dumpster, children with decreased opportunity due to financial constraints. Just for starters. Men and women are on a terrible path of destruction due to stupidity, ignorance, selfishness, destructive behavior, and disregard for the value of human life at all. If I were a young woman today, I would freeze my eggs, concentrate on money, use men at my convenience, let them think they “got over”, and consider long and hard whether I would have children at all. I’d rather cry in the back OF MY OWN MERCEDES than endure a lifetime of this kind of jockeying for the simple chance to be treated like a human being worthy of loving and being loved. I think men feel displaced because more and more women are doing a version of what I have described. You don’t like the way women are shopping for men? Interesting, men have been doing this for a long, long time. Lousy men have fewer women if any that will accept them beyond serial monogamy. Women are the ones who file for divorce. Soon, they will just dispense with marriage altogether. That will be great news for you guys! You can avoid any responsibility at all with the full approval of women. At the end of your lives, your children will not be yours. You will become a tourist in your own life, and you will die not having proved to yourself whether you are worthy or not. Probably alone with a paid nurse. Buck up though, women have been enduring that since the beginning of recorded history sans the paid nurse!

    1. Sigh …. Hey bro or sis? I wish you and the previous commentator all the best chasing that hamster to put it back in the cage.

  33. Oh, Andrew. I can barely contain my laughter.

    I wish you luck in your future adventures as a cuckold servant.

  34. Let me put it out there first.

    I’m a 23 year old woman who considered herself highly feminist throughout college, got into the real world, saw that shit didn’t work, and that any of the morals that first attracted me to feminism (the opening of women’s professional and political options) were actually being harmed by neo feminists who directed more of their energies at railing at men then actually trying to help in causes that mattered (say, opening up opportunities for Ghanian women to gain access to education, etc.).

    Anyway, what I’m really trying to say is that I do find such entitlement disgusting from women on their profiles when they right such specifics for men to follow and I never truly realized the extent of the problem until I did see it reversed when those expectations are flipped on to a woman from a man. But wouldn’t it be more progressive to note that any such expectations at all is detrimental to both people in the situation, not just men and women?

    I mean, I would never be dating my boyfriend of 3 years now if he had come to me with those expectations, and I suspect he never would either if I threw this crap on him.

  35. Great article and it gets worse with the new generation.

    Too many women will list their requirements and then they’ll get upset when a man has a list (and they don’t fit it). What man in their right mind wants to take on raising (and paying for) her kids? Not I. That one, alone, is a deal breaker.

    The point you make about women taking things personally, getting upset (by not being qualified) and not simply moving on (they had to respond) is priceless.

    Dealing with women on a dating site is like being a negotiator during a bank robbery. They need the bus, helicopter, plane, a million in cash – all up front before releasing one hostage.

  36. @Driver

    “Dealing with women on a dating site is like being a negotiator during a bank robbery. They need the bus, helicopter, plane, a million in cash – all up front before releasing one hostage.”

    It doesn’t get any more accurate than that.

  37. Interesting article. I agree that online dating is a sad joke. Also, entitlement seems to be rampant with single women these days. I’ve noticed women will keep an active profile up (such as on match.com) for years all-the-while adding to their list of crazy demands. Guys would never dare try such a thing. Then again, guys typically don’t go online looking for a princess.

  38. I’ll admit that this is too often true for many women out there. Their laundry lists are so long, that not even one in a billion men will make the cut. As humorously written as this post is, it smacks of resentment and animosity towards women. Rollo makes astute observations regarding women, yet I am left with a bitter taste in my mouth. The observation is astute, yet the message is shrouded in bitterness and distaste. This blog post and many comments, for that matter, speak to the emotions of the men who have not done well with women.

    1. To a Blue Pill mindset any sufficiently uncomfortable Red Pill truth is indistinguishable from hate. Your discomfort with the delivery only highlights the fact that you’re a fish in water that doesn’t know it’s wet.

      All I did was reword this woman’s dating profile. They are her words, not mine.

  39. I’m a woman, and this is the first blog post I’ve read here, I wanted to reply before reading anything else. I have no idea if you push it further, or truly become mysognistic, but for this posting at least, I think you hit the nail on the head.

    I’m fed up with listening to other women bitch and complain there are no “good” men out there- there are plenty. And I would be horrified to be called a Princess. Women put out what they get back, and vice versa. You can’t complain that men aren’t romantic, don’t make plans, don’t behave like gentleman if you yourself are a ball-busting, two-faced, moody and entitled Princess who wants to be both the man and the woman in the relationship. It’s terrible, because women are doing it to themselves yet deferring the responsibility for their own shitty behavior onto men. Then it becomes chicken and egg.

    Your sense of humor is completely evident to me, anyways. Even though you guys may have encountered the worst in women out there, know that there are still some good ones who will value a smart, take charge, leader and protector type. Keep looking. We exist.

  40. @Naomi and @This Girl

    Since you have both admitted to this being true, then the next best thing for the two you to do is to spread the word (among women). Women have unrealistic expectations (the list) while they take great offense at having to “qualify” when a man presents a list of his own.

    Women want equality (but only sometimes). This experiment pretty much proved that point. If women can say they don’t date short men (or have a height restriction) then I don’t see why men could not say they don’t date fat women.

  41. @Driver

    Oh, I assure you, I do spread the word among women. I don’t have many clueless girlfriends because I choose not to be friends with stupid people, they are mainly on the same page in terms of thinking.

    But I do think you have one misconception that could be worth considering; it’s about the comment regarding short men/ fat women. While we all have physical preferences which instantly attract us at a base level, we shouldn’t put blinders on to anyone else that may come in a slightly different package where love is concerned. You might end up wildly in love with a woman who is slightly heavier than the idea in your head, I may end up with a man shorter than I am. True happiness over a lifetime can not be measured in pounds or inches. It’s measured on how we treat each other, admire each other and show devotion to each other. 🙂

  42. Naomi, I can understand why you’d hear resentment and animosity – because women would never speak so bluntly to each other, they must couch what they say in some way that doesn’t “hurt” feelings.

    Talk among just guys isn’t this way – it’s direct, blunt and to-the-point. We dislike hemming and hawing, beating around the bush, etc. We generally find someone who speaks plainly and bluntly to be much more respectable than the weasel talking like a woman, worried that what he says won’t be accepted.

    Part of maturing as a guy is learning to own your thoughts and ideas, and be able to express them succinctly without fear of backlash.

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  44. Rollo: Of course–I’m a woman, so by default, I’m a fish in water that doesn’t know it’s wet, right? Funny, I DO see the ultimate princess in many women. I witness this attitude of entitlement in my friends, sisters, mother, etc. It’s not so much as how you re-worded this woman’s profile, but how you describe women online as encompassing the following qualities: “hopelessly fat to 2-drink fuckability”. I’m not online, so I don’t know what these women look like, but what if I were to describe a man in this manner? I’d be accused of misandry. Hence, you have proven that you and so-called feminist man-haters are two sides of the same coin.

  45. @ Driver, as much as I try to spread the word, there will always be a man around who will bend so far backward for these types of women that you sit back and watch, cross your fingers, and hope that one day he won’t break. It’s up to men to show/tell women what won’t work.

  46. @Naomi…

    Those are a WOMAN’S words he used…just flipped the gender. So how is he misogynist when they were HER words?

  47. @ Rollo: “Actually you wouldn’t describe a man as such because a man would never register in your awareness.”

    A man has registered in my awareness. He happens to sleep next to me every night, and I kinda sorta like that 🙂

  48. You’re right, just as the hopelessly fat woman and the woman with a 2-drink fuckability requirement are repulsive to you. Herein lies the difference between you and me: when this guy I’d describe as hopelessly fat and unfuckable gives me the bedroom eyes in the elevator of my apartment building because somehow he thinks he has a chance, I simply smile and walk away because I know the man can’t control what he is attracted to, while you deride the woman with the same attitude.

  49. “Thinks he has a chance” is such a presumptuous, useless thing to say. Maybe he (incorrectly) assumes you’re not entitled and doesn’t judge people solely on their appearance, which has been drilled into every single person’s mind since they were children. I’ll just hazard a guess that you’re not quite the prize you’d like to think you are, and maybe that guy had bedroom eyes because he was fucking sleepy and wanted to be in his bedroom.

  50. mcgurk67@yahoo.com:

    “‘Thinks he has a chance’ is such a presumptuous, useless thing to say. Maybe he (incorrectly) assumes you’re not entitled and doesn’t judge people solely on their appearance, which has been drilled into every single person’s mind since they were children.”

    Maybe he solely doesn’t judge people on their appearance? Excuse me, but HE doesn’t know me, yet gives me the bedroom eyes in the elevator, so who do you think is judging who based on appearance?

    “I’ll just hazard a guess that you’re not quite the prize you’d like to think you are…”

    Funny how the guy behind the computer screen knows nothing about me yet tries to “lecture” me about my value. Bwahahahaha!

  51. Mcgurk, I’d say you hit the nail on the head. Lol. Double standards are hilarious.

    Good article btw, Rollo. It amazes me how, online, women of ridiculously low value believe they are entitled to a Fortune 500 ceo, with good looks and George Carlin esque comedic skills. On a free dating site at that.

    Most of them can barely even write a legible sentence, but are looking for a rich simp to play daddy to their 4 kids.

    And before some white knight/femnazi asserts men are the same; most men’s profiles are subserviently beta. With words/statements like “queen”, ” know how to treat a lady,” “gentleman” used throughout. It’s embarrassing, and I blame thirsty men for empowering women on these mediums.

  52. Women just want to have fun and enjoy life. So why not just appeal to women’s inner most Cyndi Lauper and reap the benefits? I made a profile on POF that just focused on that very point and found a smoking hot 5’10 country girl that KNOWS HER PLACE and desires THE MAN I am. She serves me when I tell her to and goes home when I tell her it’s time. She’s not allowed to leave any feminine leave behinds in my place…in fact she asks permission if it’s ok to bring an overnight bag. She’s a freak between the sheets and a soft spoken lady when it’s her turn to speak. Alpha is the only way I know…my dad is alpha, grandfather was alpha and my 14 year old son, you guessed it, he’s also alpha. Betas: pick up your skirt and grab your balls, it’s A MANS WORLD and you must tap into your DNA and remove the sociopathic females from your life. Just decide to be the man you were born to be and don’t settle for less than you deserve. When you truly live your life operating with the hardware you were given at birth, you’ll have all that you choose and desire. I have everything I’ve ever wanted and all because I worked for it. Remember to have fun and enjoy life…that’s really all these women want anyway…do it for yourself and watch how many follow. Cheers!

  53. I really appreciate a lot of Rollo’s work on this blog. It’s a pretty solid compendium of RP advice that’s well written and easy to digest. I’m thankful of resources like this for a number of reasons.

    That being said, I do have to agree with an earlier commenter that the mock male version of the initial “princess” profile was much more outrageous than the female’s, which to me diminishes the meaningful…ness… of the experiment. And not to be pedantic, but he also has a point on the 8% body fat thing for a female. 11-12% is pretty much a shredded female fitness model on a competition day as I understand it.

    I say this as a guy who has had a decent amount of success using online dating sites/apps, punctuated with frustration here and there, some of which was the result of seeing the “princess” profile type so often. I get it. It’s one of the many double standards online and in dating as a whole. It also illustrates the level of entitlement these women possess in varying degrees.

    A similar level of cognitive dissonance: The girls with low effort/minimal info profiles but put a sentence in there complaining about receiving bland messages.

    TL;DR I agree with the overall point but the mock male profile was too hyperbolic in comparison, even considering how laughably long and specific the female user’s was.

  54. Entitled, narcissistic and spoiled with an over inflated ego and perception of self.
    The funniest part about all this online dating crap, is if you come back to a site a year later to do some quick fishing or just take a look out of boredom. And finds the majority of the same girls you correspond with earlier. Who either were too busy to respond or simply appeared to boring to even engage. This shows the real picture of the online dating scene.

  55. @ naomi
    so what makes you think this guy was giving you the bedroom eyes? did he speak that? did he say that? did he make a move that would imply that?

    Just like the book talks about when a young girl sees a girl look a certain way at her and she says “did you see that girl give me a bitch face?”

    its great to see you think so highly of yourself that you just assume every guy wants to fuck you!

    you should get off your high horse and also… for you to say that comment about that man who sleeps on the side of you…

    pretty bold… and i find it funny you didn’t word it as “you sleep on the side of him”

    but your just one of those girls arent you..

    so sad

  56. The first time I read this article I laughed because it was insane. The second time I read this article I laughed because it was hilarious. Today I didn’t laugh. Today I saw that the ladies portrayed were looking for mail-order husbands — robots with preprogrammed traits and behaviors to each of their likings.

    I believe people of both genders are capable of falling for this folly. I also have experienced for myself that in modern Western society men are punished immediately for it whereas women are rewarded. When the rules of the system are set up in such a way, it’s little wonder that women get nastier and men will eventually push back.

    In regards to this post specifically, I believe it’s certainly OK for both genders to have a list of traits they desire in a partner. In my personal opinion this list should be used to gauge a person’s heart, soul, character and how good of a fit they’d be in that specific relationship. Folly is introduced in what items make it onto the list as well as how the list is used.

  57. Well, it looks as tough that were 30 or 50 years ago, compared with what it all is like on OKCupid, and (except for a little inertia) all other dating sites.

    1) The profile you quoted here as a paradign of uncouthness/narcissism is, at “best”, average today.

    2) Most if not all of the messages you sent to the women would be likely reported, the reporting of one or two of them likely being enough for your account to be not suspended, but banned. (OKCupid uses device-tracking technology, as their ToS say, and if trying to make another account with the same device you’ll get sarcastic “error notices” while setting it up.)

    3) The Prince profile alone would be at substantial risk of being reported, the reporting leading to either an intimation to “cleanse it” or an outright ban.

    Any dating except hookups springing from carnal attraction is no longer doable online.

    Those doing the social programming have programmed the, well, programmed to reject and find offensive that which would normally have looked acceptable or attractive to (a part of) their mind.
    So you can do only wrong. Wrong if you act confident, because that’s coarse, sexist, assholish.
    Wrong if you act beta, timid, kind, and do most of the things they think they’d like you if you did.

    I would say that all the goals have been fully achieved, through sly, extensive, human-nature and female-nature wise programming.

    [Of course the women on online dating sites are the most programmed, since Internet is the most powerful signal booster and they are the people most likely to live in symbiosis with their smartphones.]

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