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One of the results of becoming Red Pill aware is a meta “awareness” of the feminine centric social order we live in today. On this side of the Red Pill it’s almost routine for me now to filter what’s presented to me in popular media, social doctrine or even casual conversation through a Red Pill lens.

Whether it’s the latest pop hit lyrics of a song my daughter is listening to in the bathroom, the latest movie or book, or just listening to someone rattle off an old Blue Pill trope in casual conversation, my sensitivity to how thoroughly immersed in fem-cetrism our society has become is overwhelming.

I’ve had guys in the manosphere joke with me that having this ‘lens’ is like having the special glasses that let you see the alien/zombies and propaganda in the movie They Live. While I get a laugh out of this I also have to think that those glasses never really come off. So when the holiday season comes around this awareness manifests itself more for me since I’m reacquainting myself with family and friends who are immersed in this Matrix and don’t realize they’re mouthing the meme’s and social focus of a feminine centric order.

I think it’s kind of ironic that during the holidays we’re expected to lock horns with our relatives over the latest generational/political/ideological differences, yet these all take place in a common, feminized social narrative. Your uncle may not agree with you politically, but he’ll slap you on the back while you both drink a beer and say, “Women ‘eh? I guess we’ll never figure ’em out” and expect you to have some common agreement with him in spite of those differences.

I bring this up today (and for this weekend’s discussion questions) because it was due to this seasonal Red Pill awareness that I was better prepared to appreciate the holiday classic, It’s a Wonderful Life from a Red Pill perspective.

I’d just returned from a work trip last week and my daughter informed me that the movie was being shown in our local metroplex theater on Christmas eve. I’d seen it before on TV with all the intermittent commercials, and remembered how tedious I thought it was (it’s a pretty long movie for 1946), but she insisted and I wanted to do something with the family. I’ve never watched the movie start to finish, and when I did pick up scenes on TV during Christmas time, it was long before I had any Red Pill inclination.

Needless to say I was shocked (pleasantly) by how thoroughly Red Pill I found it. If you want to see what a pre-sexual revolution gender dynamic is like, this is your movie. Yes, it’s idyllic, but that idealism is founded in a social order, an ‘old books‘ social order, that reveals what our new feminine-primary social order is today. It shows you what we’ve become, but unfortunately the greater whole of our contemporary society lack the special glasses to really appreciate this distinction.

Some notable scenes:

  • George Bailey, the cab driver Ernie and the cop Bert ogle the sexy Violet Bick after she flirts with George and just flows down a busy street to be checked out all the more by every man on the street. In modern terms these men are all guilty of sexual harassment, but in 1928 (the film’s beginning) and viewed from a 1946 perspective of that time, there is nothing harassing about it. It’s de rigueur, and she enjoys the attention.
  • The family interaction between George, his brother Harry, and their father with Ma Bailey just prior to Harry’s graduation party. There is matronly deference to their mother, but both of the boys are being boys and there is no expectation for them to settle down. Both the brothers are naturally, effortlessly, cocky & funny with the maid and their mother. This isn’t a forced attitude, it comes off as both positively masculine and fun at the same time. Also, their father is the respected head of the household, both by virtue of his social status and integrity as well as his position as ‘father’. Needless to say, he’s never ridiculed as the buffoon he’d be portrayed as on a post-sexual revolution social order, and in fact dispenses a wisdom that benefits George later in life.After the graduation party George and Mary walk home in the odd dry clothes they were able to find after having fallen into the school pool. Mary is in a bathrobe and George in a football outfit. This flirtation and interaction is perhaps one of the best examples I can think of as an old order form of Game. George is cocky, funny, confident, ambitious, playfully teasing and yet still conscious of Mary’s perception of him as he effortlessly delivers a positive, masculine vibe.Again, it’s idyllic, and men being the true romantics will want to believe such receptivity could actually take place without any confusion of signals with an idealized, Quality Woman woman like Mary, but it’s the atmosphere and the attitude of expecting Mary to respond to George’s delivery that belies the era this scene and story was written in. Nothing seems forced at all, and we don’t expect Mary to match George’s masculine Game with one of her own feminine-empowered forms of Game. From a Red Pill perspective, we want a gal like Mary to exist, but you wont find her in 2014.

These were just a few scenes I thought stood out, but this film is an essay in the old order social structure a lot of well meaning Red Pill advocates would like to believe is still a possibility.

In the last thread commenter Xsplat asked the question whether an Alpha man could also be a provider. His criticism of the manosphere is that Alpha men are being painted as caricatures of cads, assholes and bad boy players women want to bang as part of their Hypergamous mating protocol. Betas are the opposite of this; good for provisioning only – cuckolds to be used for parental investment with only a perfunctory servicing of mediocre ‘duty’ sex as an intermittent reward to keep him pulling the cart.

If there are caricatures of Alpha and Beta being drawn I’d suggest this is due more to women and their comfort with Open Hypergamy and men deductively modeling their gender expectations as a result. That said, Xsplat’s not wrong. It is entirely possible for an archetypal Alpha Man to be an upstanding member of society, provide for his family and be well respected both by his peers and his wife. The character of George Bailey is an old order example of exactly this kind of man.

In our era women have an unprecedented facility for providing for their own security need, but that doesn’t eliminate the root level, emotional need for optimizing Hypergamy with a man who is an Alpha provider. For the most part women simply don’t expect to find this optimization in the same man. There are men they want to fuck and men they want to consolidate monogamy with, and finding this satisfaction in the same man is so rare, so unexpected, that his character becomes unbelievable. The George Bailey of 1928 is an unbelievable character in 2014.

As I’ve illustrated in many a prior post, Alpha is a state of mind, not a demographic. Just because the Alpha energy of a kid like Corey Worthington will get him laid without trying doesn’t preempt a woman from being aroused by, and attracted to a George Bailey. Context is king of course, but what matters is that self-interested Alpha mindset. While many a convicted felon possesses this mindset, and receives women’s sexual interests as a result of it, I’d still encourage men to use that Alpha energy to a positive, self-benefiting effect.

So the questions for this weekend are:

What Red Pill observations do you find unignorable in contemporary society? It’s dangerous to attempt to make others aware of this perception, but do you try anyway?

Do you see examples of the old order as I have in It’s a Wonderful Life? Understanding the idealisms inherent in it, what other examples of this old order to you know?

Alpha providers, while being an idealistic character, can exist, but are they realistic? I’d propose that embodying this role has become one of being seen too readily as a Beta by women due to the unbelievability of it. Does men’s romantic nature predispose them to thinking they can adequately fulfill this role? Does that romanticism expect women to be receptive and appreciative of it? Is that expectation on of investing in Relational Equity?


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  1. Awesome post again Rollo and a timely piece for this time of year.

    @ blogster – totally relate & agree with your observations as an Australian…

    * What Red Pill observations do you find unignorable in contemporary society?

    The MSM in general, but cute sports presenters, commentators & reporters in the MSM. Every female I know or ever knew is totally indifferent to most sports, yet more and more I see very cute sports presenters, commentators & reporters dominating MSM (now it’s more of a case of the token male reporter) and pretending to be so into sports. I know they just read of a script and look pretty with no real insights or intelligent comments of there own about sport. Apart from getting on TV it’s also increases their probability for them to potentially meet and snare an elite athlete (probably the best example of Alpha/Provider).

    * It’s dangerous to attempt to make others aware of this perception, but do you try anyway?

    I agree that the first rule of FI is not to talk about the FI. It really does get you nowhere. Commentor ‘Bachelorocles’ breaks this down very succinctly – bravo.
    But I can’t help myself no matter how hard I try. I drop RP pillow-talk references with the girls I’m banging. I just can’t STFU. It’s still a work in progress 12 months after unplugging.

  2. re: cute sport presenters.

    I don’t watch, but this reminded me of a question. We can follow the sounds of girls squealing to determine the current Dream Date guys; the Tiger Beat – like teen celebrities, such as Harry Styles, whose fatheads adorn girls’ walls these days. But who are the Dream Girls of today? Who are the teen pinups? Are there any? Even back when, the pinup “girl” of the 1960s and 1970s was 30 yrs old, like Brigitte Bardot, Farrah Fawcett, etc.

    Are there *any* major pinup teen girls, the way there are dozens or hundreds of major pinup teen boys?

  3. In my extended Family I am the only physiclly and mentally capable man out of 30 “people/children”.

    Most of the other guys have become seriously physically or mentally ill, are frail in old age or have checked out / escaped completely.

    Right now I am treated like a king even though all they all know I fool around, spin plates etc (recently been caught) . The fact is they NEED me to teach their kids to drive, move furniture, fix electronics, etc etc.

    Women without functioning men are INCREDIBLY needy, there is just so much they can’t do without a man. They also purposely “rely” on me to suck up my time and energy to try and stop me shagging other plates.

  4. The physically and mentally ill ones have been completely blue pill for 20 years and have not looked after themselves (physically or mentally) and are now paying the ultimate price (looming death)

  5. For those who can read between the lines and for record.

    I am very well aware that I am suck in a feminist family (both sides) FI that has literally destroyed / worn out 8-10 men and I am getting out soon (with my son so he is not stuck in that matrix)

  6. @jf12

    Re.: dread

    I normally don’t like to be even pushy to anyone, yet, with the red pill, discovered that one can change the conduct of a woman, more so, one _must_ change the conduct of woman to fit what one wants or humour unhappiness. In my case, the alternative is a divorce which I can’t afford plus she destroying my financial situation.

    The dread in my case became _major_ dread when she started sniffing into my phone and computer and discovered messages, and a pic, of women I’d been gaming. This made here at once become screechy for a while, a more dedicated housewife, wild in the sack, and led to her accepting my smoking cigars.

  7. BuenaVista & Rocket – Just a few first-hand observations to follow on your comments about ALPHA providers.

    BuenaVista – “…women over 30 calibrate resources as quickly as they check out a man’s physique, and as females age the presence or absence of resources becomes primary in their hierarchy of needs.”

    So very true. Let me share my experiences in a moment.

    Rocket – “…An Alpha who actually EARNED HIS MONEY … nope, women do not believe such a man exists.”

    I’m going to disagree. I think it is that women expect that MOST Alphas they will likely meet and want to fuck to not be a top earner/provider (think bad boy/bass player in local band/cad/etc), but there is (a small) intersection of the two. And if they do meet their own version of a “unicorn”, and are post-30, they go nuts.

    Bear with me while I tell my story.

    I got divorced in my early 40s. I started out in my early 20s as a classic blue-pill, zero-self esteem chump / beta / you name it, and I married the first low-smw female that would have me. And then the hell began as once married she shit tested and walked all over me to classic levels. As I finally was finding the balls to leave, she turns up pregnant (mine), so I stay another 10 years for the kids sake — until her hypergamy became so blatant, even I couldn’t ignore it..

    But there was another aspect to me. I was that social outcast computer geek in school, but I became very successful career-wise while married. I had one of the biggest companies in the world buy out a startup I joined, and came home nearly a million dollars richer that day. I wrote and got published dozen of times, and had leading industry people contacting me for expertise and making career connections. I had articles in mainstream magazines talk about my work. Interestingly, and not surprisingly now that I understand better, the more I succeeded in my profession, the more my wife would tear me down at home in an attempt to keep my under her fat thumb, while demanding ever more expensive things for “her and the kids”.

    One day she demanded an ‘open marriage’ (open just for her that is) and began all the usual gas-lighting. Only this finally broke me – in the manner of a country song or like a personal 9/11, so I began down path of pulling my head out of my ass and planing my endgame. And that I did. To this day she can’t believe I dumped her (what a surprise). During this time I discovered Leykis (he was still on radio then) and got my first taste of harsh reality. Next I began searching out other ‘red-pill’ resources and began down that path towards better understanding.

    When the final ink was drying, I was already separated by hundreds of miles from my ex and I began “dating”. Only this time, I had an attitude – pissed off at the treachery of women and out to make up for almost 2 decades of blue-balls. Inadvertent Alpha you could call it. For once it was all about me, and if they didn’t like it .. “there’s the door”.

    What I still had going for me was my earnings .. about $195K / year was my average 1040 AGI during this period (about 97-98th percentile according to IRS data), and I had some assets left from the startup buyout I mentioned. I was fortunate enough to have divorced in one of the best states for a guy to get divorced in. Fixed formulas for support with caps at $90K income and only 2.5 years of vaginamony for 18 years of hell. I gave her the house and some other stuff I didn’t want. I also had my health going for me – I lost weight and hit the gym every day to work out my anger, and I was back to 180lb (5’11’) and had a solid 4-pack to go with a full head a hair, and to thank my parents – some good genetics. I was never the ugly troll I thought I was when I was young.

    I dated frequently and in a wide range – girls and women in their 20’s, 30’s and 40s and a couple in their 50s. For once I believed I was the prize. Regarding wealth, my MO was to downplay my earnings / achievements – never be the one to bring them up for their own sake and not brag or make up any shit to try and impress. BUT.. I was VERY aware of wealth / status signs I gave off, and I watched every date closely for her reaction when those signs would shown. An example would be the car that I drove:

    When setting up a first date and the conversation got to the point about what to look for when picking her up I would say “I’ll be in a black station wagon” I swear sometimes I could hear eyeballs rolling over the phone as they imagined a clapped out Subaru or something. When I pulled up in my immaculate-condition Mercedes E63 AMG Wagon, often there would be a reaction, even if they tried not to show it I could sense the mental cash registers spinning away tallying up things inside their heads..

    If they asked, direct questions about my wealth & income would be met with evasive but sometimes provocative answers – “It’s Enough… to let me let me take a week vacation somewhere nice (Cabo, Maui, Vail) 3 or 4 times a year” was one of my favorites. (I actually did this and loved how they would angle to accompany me on them) I’d coyly watch their reaction when other displays were made such as when the bill came and the gold Amex card came out or when I would say I needed to stop by Nordstroms to pick up a shirt I was having tailored.

    I was very deliberate in my approach of showing wealth signs and making them seem accidental. The results were good and I suppose predictable. The youngest girls I went out with – ones in their 20’s (the youngest I slept with in this period was 24) though they liked it, were less impressed and took less notice overall. Having fun seemed the first order of their day for them. Being able to do more fun things (A week in Cabo for example) got the best reactions on average.

    The women over 35 responded very strongly to my wealth displays. The panties came off and the legs were flying apart regularly on the first date, and if there were repeat dates, the maneuvering to lock me down would start almost immediately. I had steeled myself, in part because of my brother who had recently re-married on the rebound after just a few months of singledom. I made a vow, and told any woman who brought the subject up, that it would take 5 years of dating before the topic of marriage could be on the table. This dissuaded some, and others took it as a challenge to change my mind (none succeeded).

    I had a wonderful time dating a lot of different women for almost 4 years, until I met a 20-something STEM grad student who was traditional as heck, a physical clone of the girl I had one-itis over in college, very low N and willing to wait over 5 years before discussing marriage. I kept her, and now I work constantly (and so far successfully) at keeping my alpha position to her. So far, so good…

  8. @Anubis. That’s what I’m talking about.

    In your years of dating you learned the alpha set of social skills. It takes continual dating to do that.

    And alpha LTR skills overlap, but are still a distinct skill set. It takes living with women – multiple women over many years, to get better at that too.

    Your old self would never recognize your new self.

    Imaging trying to talk to your old self and explain? It’s like trying to talk to people on blogs and forums who have no personal life experience with a subject.

    Alpha provider? Oh, no, it’s not realistic at all.

    Whoever says that therefore is not personally having and experience of being an alpha provider.

  9. If you read old crime fiction, especially guys like Dashiell Hammett and Erle Stanley Gardner, to a lesser extent Raymond Chandler you see they were viewing everything with a Red Pill lens. Hammett especially, The Maltese Falcon, the Continental Op, even Nick and Nora Charles had red pill banter. Their heirs, Ross and John Macdonald (no relation), are studies in RP from the ’40s and ’60s, respectively.

    It’s funny, the very first Spenser novel by Robert B. Parker was RP, but then you figure his publisher made him add a touchy female character. Susan, the shrink, who brings precisely nothing to the books.

    Sadly, the fact that these guys wrote on Red Pill themes doesn’t have quite as much impact on their own lives. Dash was a stud who bedded tons of women, but in some ways was brought down professionally as much by his paramour, Lilian Hellman, as he was booze (I’m oversimplifying, Hellman was made to do stuff like sleep with hookers for Dash’s amusement, but they were an interesting pair.) .Chandler, in his 30s, married a woman 18 years his senior. Which… yeah.

    Gardner was very Red Pill in life, eventually dumping his wife for his secretary, and creating Perry Mason ‘cuz he wanted to go hunting more. The later Perry Mason TV movies were highly feminized, but Gardner’d been dead 40 years by then, and sold all the (TV, Radio, Film, Print) rights to Mason for ludicrous sums of money a few years before his death.

    (Heck, even Jack Reacher is a beta w/ women.)

  10. @olympiapress
    You wrote: “Sadly, the fact that these guys wrote on Red Pill themes doesn’t have quite as much impact on their own lives.”

    Great point.
    They write it, but do not live it.

    It’s like the grown men that spend time on and pay attention to professional sports and professional politics… rather than becoming the professional athlete or replacing the politician with a household name. They make points referring to well-funded (and scripted) political history volumes rather than being the one that’s changing history.

  11. @Rollo writes:

    “Whether it’s the latest pop hit lyrics of a song my daughter is listening to in the bathroom, the latest movie or book”
    The boys writing about politics in the comments may not be aware of the lyrics of the songs we’ve made globally popular in recent years… or the science behind them. But they should be aware that a similar science is applied in making them believe that their regurgitated political opinions and “history” are utilizing the same kind of science used in the creation of popular music and Television:

    Victor Pride writes:

    Television completely takes over your mind when you watch it, to the point that the subtle hints on TV become your complete opinion like you thought it up yourself.

    They may say they didn’t learn about history or politics from Television. The device they read Rollo’s blog on… is a smaller, more advanced version of the science of Television.

  12. “It’s dangerous to attempt to make others aware of this perception, but do you try anyway?”

    I’m trying to do it by “showing” instead of “telling” — lead by example. But even then, ‘leading by example’ is an unintentional byproduct of simply focusing completely on myself.

    It reminds me of a zen koan. Think of this koan in the context of unplugging from the matrix, improving yourself, and focusing on how to re-create yourself as an alpha and getting the abundant life that you really want…

    …while wondering about other guys that are still plugged in, or the state of modern feminized society. This is a great koan to pull you out of worrying about these things and to pull your focus back where it belongs:


    “During the Kamakura period, Shinkan studied Tendai six years and then studied Zen seven years; then he went to China and contemplated Zen for thirteen years more.

    When he returned to Japan, many desired to interview him and asked obscure questions. But when Shinkan received visitors, which was infrequently, he seldom answered their questions.

    One day a fifty-year-old student of enlightenment said to Shinkan: “I have studied the Tendai school of thought since I was a little boy, but one thing in it I cannot understand. Tendai claims that even the grass and trees will become enlightened. To me this seems very strange.”

    “Of what use is it to discuss how grass and trees become enlightened?” asked Shinkan. “The question is how you yourself can become so. Did you ever consider that?”

    “I never thought of it in that way,” marveled the old man.

    “Then go home and think it over,” finished Shinkan.

  13. The entire world has changed so quickly, I think only older guys like me actually have any sense of what a less FI dominated world looked like. In my family, the men one generation back in my family came from skilled, working class stock. Either printers or stone masons for the most part – my one uncle who made it big in banking and real estate started in construction after being a Captain in the 8th air force in wwii. You know, those were the guys who flew all those bombing missions over Germany.

    My Uncle Richie was the kind of man who doesn’t exist anymore. After returning from WWII, crewing on PBYs in the Pacific, he used family connections to join the pressman’s union in NYC and that was his career. In the late ’40s and ’50s there were still dozens of newspapers in NYC and the union pressmen (an incredibly powerful union) could rotate around working in all of them. There was also rampant drinking, and my uncle was clearly what would be called a “functional alcoholic” today. He drank while he worked and when he needed money for his family, he would work for days on end, drinking, sleeping in various break rooms etc – and this was not complained about. He married a good Catholic woman who supported him and loved him, even with his warts and all. He was a hero in his own family and lived large. Richie was loud and boisterous and did things like sing God Bless America at every major family gathering. I remember him passed out in our bathtub too.

    I don’t ever remember him apologizing for himself. I also had the sense that he had huge social status in the world he existed in. A skilled pressman, active in the union and always trying to support his kids and family in the community – he was known to so many people. He also was as tough as nails. When he was 52, three young thugs (black) jumped him on a subway stairs late at night. He put two of them in the hospital and the third ran away while Richie escaped serious injury. Richie had been a vicious brawler when he was young, and I bet by the time these idiot kids jumped him, he’d had over 200 fights in his life. They never saw him coming. The cops? They shook his hand, even though one of the kids had been beaten and injured very badly on the cement steps Richie used to his advantage as he stomped the shit out of him well beyond what was necessary for him to be safe. Last I heard, the kid was critical and probably died – but we and Richie never heard about it again. Back in those days, if you “started it”, your opponent was granted the right to finish it.

    You see, he existed inside of a working/middle class that simply doesn’t exist in our society anymore. He had real status as a union member and a skilled pressman. He was able to raise a family, with his wife not working, on that salary, and live in a nice big 4 bedroom apt in Queens on what he made. His kids all went to college, one to Harvard, eventually earning a Ph.D. and another becoming a Naval aviator and commander. He was active in the WWII vets community and was always involved somehow in one thing or the other – more status. He could actually live a nice life and have a hope for a better life for his kids – the essence of “the American dream”.

    Today? If you are working class? You have no hopes or dreams. There are very few good jobs for low skill people. If you don’t go to university, you are human trash and the elites figure you should be happy enough to just get by and that really, you don’t deserve anything better. Fyi, almost all the newspapers Richie worked in are long gone (by the end of the ’60s. There is no equivalent path for young working class, non-college bound men these days. Sure, they can get skills – and listen young guys, if you don’t go to college, you must get specialized skills somewhere and then start your own business, there is no other path forward for you. Become a commercial diver or some other highly specialized skill. Being good at swinging a hammer and working hard simply are not good enough. But the volume of such opportunities is far lower today. Just ask the manufacturers in my area, up here in NH. If they put an ad out for a new machinist job, they get 200 qualified, experienced applications the first day. The guy without experience or looking for a break? He has no chance anymore, none. The first rung of all the ladders working class people used to be able to grasp are simply not there anymore.

    Even my own Horatio Alger story is simply not replicable today. I got my start in the computer business after dropping out of university at 19 in 1982, after 1.5 years of working full time and going to college at the same time, with no real direction. I dropped out and got a temp job working in a warehouse for a computer company. Through sheer determination and grit and effort, a little less than 3 years later i was a sales rep for that company in downtown manhattan. You see, I had decided that I would get ahead by doing extra projects and improving things systematically rather than just doing my job and I was recognized and rewarded for it. I also fought and threatened to quit etc to make my upward somehow, so nothing was handed to me but he opportunities I seized upon were also there for me. I also went to collage at night, paid for by the company – it was cheap to do this back then, before college cost an arm and a leg to provide a sinecure for radfem humanities profs. When I got my first office job out of the warehouse, in customer service, there was a little kerfuffle about whether a warehouseman could really make the transition, but when I showed up for my first day of office work with a short haircut, collared shirt and nice slacks vs. the tee shirts and jeans and rough look of the warehouse, and did the job better than anyone else on the team quickly, it was never mentioned again.

    Today? That entire warehouse crew probably doesn’t even work for the company but rather is “sourced” via temp/contract labor companies. You aren’t even an employee of the company selling the goods and your likelihood of promotion without a college degree? Zilch. Even if you do take one of these entry level jobs as I once did, your chances of getting ahead from that job are just not there anymore.

    My point? There was dignity in work for all men in our society, not long ago. Men who worked and developed skills and talents could expect to live a good life and opportunity and to have a family and steady employment and financial security, and were also respected in the large and growing working class/middle class of America. They would have real status in their communities (think of Domain Dependence) and were seen as heroic in their own way. In a way, the working guy who made good was THE heroic ideal that I grew up with because there were so many examples of it all around me as I grew up.

    We are mostly all elites here. In my worst year in the past 25 years, I made 86k and have made over 500k in my best. I exist in a technology ecosystem dominated by people with advanced degrees and a sense of entitlement due to those credentials that is breathtaking. When I was focused solely on finance, colleagues and others would be shocked when finding out that I had never formally studied finance (did more economics) but had an equivalent or better understanding of finance than say the average Wharton MBA possessed. Instead of going back to school to get an MBA after I started selling tech to traders, I focused on building my knowledge up via self-study. As an avid reader and very smart, I’m able to self-teach things like finance and even statistics (which I had snoozed through originally but needed to really be good at for quantitative finance) and did so with a vengeance. My calculus was weak, so I did a CD based course on my train ride for a few weeks and found I loved it and that it wasn’t hard for me – why do we try and make 16 yr old boys sit still and do calculus? At 33, it was fascinating.

    Today I could never do what I did in my career just a generation years ago. The chances of some company hiring me to sell trading and risk software without a masters degree in finance is exactly Zero. Yet, I once was asked to substitute for the CEO/Founder of the risk software company I worked for as he had become ill. It was a presentation to Accenture’s worldwide risk management practice leaders, all of whom came out of the industry and had advanced, Ivy degrees. My CEO had two Ph.Ds, one from MIT and the other from Technion in OR and Computer Science. I gave a 2 hour talk, using 11 pages of content that got a standing ovation at its conclusion. You see, I had focused on “earning” my job via learning and hard work, and this showed. An SVP from my company who had come with me simply said, “That’s the best presentation on how we help banks manage risks I’ve ever seen.” I’m just some kid with a degree in general studies, cobbled together from 6 different schools. Such a person never gets a shot like that these days – never. Yet back then, I would meet people who’d worked their way up the system via hard work and achievement regularly – not just via signaling due to attending the right schools. Today? Good luck, most people in my business wouldn’t know what “grit” was if it jumped in their laps and started humping them.

    This ambition, this “can do” attitude, this “rugged individualism” and self-reliance were all memes that I was deluged with by media and my own social settings. Movies? I was raised on WWII movies and westerns mostly. Gone With the Wind – “frankly, Scarlett, I don’t give a damn” – Red Pill as shit. True Grit? John Wayne, as an old, nasty, tough drunken lout who is really the salt of the earth? Movies like The Sands of Iwo Jima? TV shows like The Honeymooners, in which Ralph would threaten to Alice, his wife, “one of these days, Alice, one of these days, it’s bam, zoom – to the moon!”. Even Ralph Cramden, the bus driver, had status. He could join the Elks, he was a provider for just his wife, and thus had real currency as a man back then. He was ambitious and always displaying overconfidence, but always picked himself up and pressed on – he was a comic character but still he was a caricature of a noble ideal that many working class types could aspire to.

    This is the world I got a glimpse of as I grew up, and have watched die my whole life. These are the men I saw and thought were admirable. Men who worked, men who were tough, men who were competent – not elitists preening about their educational accomplishments. They were also unafraid to be men, to be aggressive, to be wild and self-serving too. I rarely see such confident, aggressive and ‘large’ men these days. It’s like living on a different planet in a very real way and I can only wish the younger guys coming along now could have gotten a whiff of what it used to be like in the U.S..

    Today? The average working class person has no hopes, no dreams, no future. It’s not coincidental that the working class has the lowest family formation rates, it’s largely due to the fact that there is no economic opportunity for working class men. With the focus on women and the structure of benefits for the poor, it’s all been inverted. The women hold the economic power to raise kids via benefits, and the men are merely selected for alpha status, for tingles. They don’t even look for providers and the men don’t bother becoming them anymore. Of course, such a world is rife with criminality and self-destructive behaviors. You want to see what the middle class will look like in the U.S. in 20 years – just look at the working class.

    Mention Horatio Alger today – does any young person even know who he was? How he wrote story after story about how disadvantaged young boys and men overcame adversity and made something of themselves in our society? This is what it meant to be a man when I was born. That while life wasn’t fair, and the world was a hard place, if I worked and did my best, I could make it in this world. That sentiment is an innately masculine ideal and it’s barely detectable in today’s world. In today’s world, it’s “Life of Julia” the famous Obama Govt vision for women.

  14. Leading with your wallet seems beta as hell no matter how carefully you stage it.

    I am.not sure where I stand on the alpha provider. My current thinking is, if you are seen as alpha, the way you earn your cash will be (seen) as alpha. Not simply your job but how you go about your job. Back when I was making senior enlisted (E7) pay, I was banging chicks with advanced degrees making 2-3 times my income because this is the South and being military makes it socially acceptable slumming but never would been much of a provider (yay alimony). Now, depending on where I work and for how many days, I earn about 3.5 times that but would never live at that kind of level. She would have to live my semi minimalist lifestyle or hit the bricks.

    Reality of most jobs are they are not particularly alpha, even cops, fire fighters and military. There are certainly more masculine sub skill sets with in those larger groups like Speical Forces vs supply guy, but even if you are in some kind of regular business function you can be a sales guy or motherfucking land pirate and I reckon the difference is the man not the job

    However the act of providing seems inherently beta. Like you are putting her on a pedestal by putting her in a high end car and home. I reckon the way to offset that is by not providing her those luxury items in which case she is likely to walk since you lead with your wallet and that was her expectation or letting her know it’s her job to keep your balls empty, belly full and happy while she understands she is replaceable in which case she will still get some level of fiscal support from you when she splits.

    Over all it seems like a less then ideal operational foundation

  15. @ Anubis Great story, salute!

    the more I succeeded in my profession, the more my wife would tear me down at home in an attempt to keep my under her fat thumb

    That stuck out to me because I had the exact opposite experience. I’m an entrepreneur and after roughly 10 years of failures I began to have successes. As I moved up in the world my wife treated me better. The better I did, the better I was treated at home.

    I married my college sweetheart who was (and still is) a natural beauty. So maybe her response came from the confidence of a woman with a high SMV. One thing I’ve noticed over the years is that in social situations attractive women tend to treat me better than unattractive women. Not sure if that factors in to the different response type.

  16. @BuenaVista
    “This is demonstrated with a simple experiment: have an affair with an over-30 woman and make her happy sexually. Note that she is clearly a SIW who has no need to combine balance sheets, checking accounts, or homes. Watch her software break and circuits short.”

    You are exactly right. Make her vagina tingle. Over age 30, there will still be some level of ‘check-listing’ of your resources in her questions and behavior.

    I always chuckle at women when they even start going down that road with me. I don’t even entertain this stuff, and tease the crap out of women who try to go there.

    “Hey wait. Are these boyfriend questions? ” OR “Haha. Are we married yet?”

    If they are snooping around my place while I step away for a second, I always jokingly say stuff like ” Hey. Shoplifters will be prosecuted.”

  17. @Glen You are are spot on.

    As a jeans and t-shirts guy at a fancy New England college a couple decades ago, I remember overhearing “Eww, I hear he’s.. working class (giggle, giggle)” from female undergrads.

    Veneers and appearances are more important than ever now. Heck, some careers have become more about brand name elite preening than anything else. I think the HR departments call it “cultural fit”. Harmless, effete people hiring other harmless, effete people.

    This is why I work for myself. I focus on getting the job done for my clients and get to avoid office politics.

  18. [i]That stuck out to me because I had the exact opposite experience. I’m an entrepreneur and after roughly 10 years of failures I began to have successes. As I moved up in the world my wife treated me better. The better I did, the better I was treated at home. [/i]

    @ zdr01dz – I’m pretty sure it was because I married a very low SMV woman and considered myself to be very, very low SMV (not that I formally knew the concept then) She was over 250 pounds when I finally left her. As she saw me come into my own, I’m sure she didn’t want me entertaining the idea that I was good enough for someone better than her. Some of things she did to beat me down would land any man in jail.

    Being a ‘computer nerd’ in the late 70s/early 80s as a teen was arriving a couple decades too early – I believed I was some sort of freak due to the treatment of my peers. Didn’t help growing up in a blue collar town in the midwest. The kids today – if they are a computer prodigy as a teen, it’s a totally different reaction.

    BTW: How do you format text (italics, bold) here? I just have a text entry box with no editor options in firefox.

  19. she enjoys the attention.

    Contrary to all of the non-sense women say – they still enjoy the attention. The difference is they ONLY want that attention from the alpha’s where as in the past, they enjoyed the attention of all men as a way of seeing what they could get. Today they all think they are 10’s, where as in reality most of them are at best a 5… Of course men will bang a 5, just not do anything more… When they discover reality they get bitter… That is what you hear – the bitter ones that understand they wasted that time…

  20. @ M Simon

    Women (or, more accurately, breeding women) have always been in favor of prohibition and against male intoxication. Male space has traditionally included intoxication and the bonding, camaraderie, and good fun it brings. An early example would be Plato’s Symposium where the men got together to drink (for three days!!!). In the US, the salons served as male space where men could get together, drink, gamble, have fun, and be free from women. In many places in old Europe today, men still get together to drink, sometimes smoke weed, sometimes cook, eat, sing, and be free from women.

    Monogamy and child rearing are not natural for men and men need a reprieve or temporary escape from it. Women view male bonding and intoxication in male space as inimical to what Rollo would call the Feminine Imperative or what I would call the feminine drive to breed. Women instinctively feel it is a man’s job to work (even work himself into heart disease or work himself into a living death through drudgery) to support her and her brood. Intoxication and male bonding is a threat to that.

  21. @ Bachelorocles

    The invasion and destruction of male only spaces is the FI’s effort to completely monopolize male attention.

    Ensuring the complete right to the labor of men is accomplished via government and redistributive economic policy. Banning male space ensures men are never free from women and their influence. Women are then always part of men’s immediate awareness and thus women are sure to receive male attention without having to actually appeal to men in order to receive it. The FI has figured out to both have and eat cake, although the quality of the cake has been degraded as a result.

  22. @ Carl – “Harmless, effete people hiring other harmless, effete people.” The FI expresses itself most completely in our educational system – and that system is run for women, by women, informed by collectivist, marxist, radically egalitarian ideas and radical feminism. Such an ideology produces passive people, drowning in abstractions far removed from reality.

    Have you read Charles Murray’s Coming Apart? His tour through the demise of the working class in 50-60 short years that is nothing short of horrifying. 60 years ago, only 7% of working class kids were raised without Dads living with them. Most families went to church and were involved in several other community, civil organizations. Dad worked, and more often than not Mom worked part time. 2/3s of them owned their own homes. Criminality, education, all were moving in the right direction and had been for a while. Black working class and white working class were benefiting. Fyi, for you “race realists” out there, consider that the data on working class disintegration are the same for blacks and whites in most regards.

    There is so much more to the story, you have to read it to appreciate how utterly the working class has been denigrated and destroyed. Think about it – these are the people that can’t escape the clutches of the social justice movement. Social services and education and health care are all run by social justice warriors, and mostly women. This is where the FI has the most control and power, and it’s effect on men is just devastating.

    Where I live, in rural New Hampshire, the effect is brutal. We are now seeing the children of families that lost their livelihoods 20 years ago coming into young adulthood. NH defines a post-industrial human wasteland. Drug addiction – meth and opiates – is rampant. The BEST they can hope for is a McJob at the local convenience store or food chain. Most don’t work at all. The women have babies and complain about their men, and the guys have this angry/ashamed/haunted look on their faces. Every working class person is on some kind of assistance/program and you can see how they settle into a subsistence of dependency and hopelessness. They show up at the Community Kitchen where i help feed them.

    Meanwhile, 71% of the new jobs created in New Hampshire went to “immigrants” last year – but nobody is even talking about how that connects to the plight of the working class. That math is simple, pump in 30 million plus unskilled, desperate, penniless immigrants with families starving back home to the working class in our economy over the past 45 years, and here you are. Over two generations you get long term low wages and destroy income mobility between the classes. Combine this with outsourcing and “trade” with China and elsewhere and voila – an entire segment of our society is just wrecked. These guys can’t even be beta providers. What is it like to be a Beta working class kid without a degree and no job or income? What hope do you have of ever having anything, even pussy?

    It wasn’t always like this and it’s a very dangerous place for us to be. On this blog we aren’t allowed to discuss politics because apparently Rollo is so much more ‘meta’ than all that silly stuff, but in fact, this only happens via politics, not just radfeminism. And the rapidity of it is unprecedented. We are in a post-modern time, in reality. Masculinity is believed to be anachronistic to our elite, and of course, all the elite really want to do is to continue to preside over the riff-raff and consolidate their power because their ideology tells them they are morally superior and politics is dirty, so they have license to lie, cheat and steal – because they are smarter and just better than us.

    I get a sense of that arrogance and smug superiority on this blog sometimes, as though an alpha who won the genetic lottery has anything to feel superior about. I myself was a natural alpha of sorts with a model quality face, buckets of aggression and social intelligence, and also a genius IQ – that was just handed to me. I started on 2nd base (never tall and often 10 lbs more than optimum) but I know it. And I don’t forget that many other people are not as fortunate as me.

    One of the things that the manosphere has done for me is give voice to these guys, I now know how many men suffer under the asymmetric payoff of the AF/BB game. I also don’t think it’s okay that the entire working class is being scraped into the dustbin as a sacrifice to the pretensions of elitist social justice dingbats who believe themselves to be the smartest people in the room – quite incorrectly. Fyi, I didn’t get really angry about the politics of all this until I really studied it and read marx and lukacs and engels and rawls and bentham and mills etc, ad nauseum. I realized that the entire left is pursuing a Utopian chimera. That’s why it’s destroying our society – it’s not based on reality. When I get amped about politics it’s not cuz I’m some kind of raving partisan loon, it’s because I know exactly how and why we got here and it’s easy to see where we are going.

    The sad part is that the left’s strategems and plans are awfully low rent, and to be defeated by what I can at best describe as the “C team” is really hard to take. It’s only through the active ignorance of these ideas by people who claim to be “above it all” that enables these politics to continue and succeed in the first place. You see, you dismiss me and other’s who talk about how the FI is instrumentalized by prog-marxist-socjustwar ideology to the left’s advantage, not your’s. What is the old saying? The best trick the devil ever played is to make you think he isn’t there? Same for Saul Alinsky I guess – who dedicated his signature work to Lucifer, and who counted Obama and Hillary as acolytes. But hey, keep taking the high ground as our entire society crumbles into ashes…

  23. @ Glenn

    Your post reminded me of a story I like a lot. I think most people living in my generation especially would do well to read this:

    “A farmer got so old that he couldn’t work the fields anymore. So he would spend the day just sitting on the porch. His son, still working the farm, would look up from time to time and see his father sitting there.

    “He’s of no use any more,” the son thought to himself, “he doesn’t do anything!”

    One day the son got so frustrated by this, that he built a wooden coffin, dragged it over to the porch, and told his father to get in. Without saying anything, the father climbed inside.

    After closing the lid, the son dragged the coffin to the edge of the farm where there was a high cliff. As he approached the drop, he heard a light tapping on the lid from inside the coffin. He opened it up. Still lying there peacefully, the father looked up at his son.

    “I know you are going to throw me over the cliff, but before you do, may I suggest something?”

    “What is it?” replied the son.

    “Throw me over the cliff, if you like,” said the father, “but save this good wooden coffin. Your children might need to use it.”

  24. @ Anubis
    Some of things she did to beat me down would land any man in jail.

    One of the main reasons I work for myself is that it gives me the ability to avoid negative people. I can fire employees or not take jobs from abusive customers. This keeps my blood pressure low. To me at least being around nice people is a key to happiness. I’m glad you ditched her!

    EM is the code of italics. Use that instead of I. Strong is the code of bold.

  25. I, too, am now noticing red pill vs. blue pill behavior, both in movies/TV and in real life.

    But I think a lot of us (myself included, at times) are too quick to label guys as alpha or beta. Take my father-in-law, for example. Very dominant personality, can build or fix anything, did well on the job with only a HS diploma. A first glance at him, anyone would say he’s an alpha, hands down.

    Well, not so fast…gotta scratch below the surface a bit. They sold their place a few years ago and moved to the other side of town. Why? My mother-in-law wanted to. He would have been 100% justified in telling her hell no. They had moved to the place they sold with the understanding it would be their last place before the nursing home. Now, they claimed they moved partly to have a place that was more handicap accessible, but that’s bullshit – current place is no more accessible than the one they sold. He relented just so he wouldn’t have to hear her bitch.

    Then there’s other things, like he’s got a quick temper and gets a chip on his shoulder the size of Texas. Sorry guys…to really be alpha, you need to be able to control your mouth and that ‘tude. The beta bitch traits like these are more apparent behind closed doors with family, so it’s understandable that outsiders may be fooled into thinking he’s pure alpha. At best, he’s a mixed bag.

    So one moral of the story is to work on those glaring defects of yours that undermine your alpha traits.

  26. Glen you are way off black dysfunction is many times higher then Whites even at the same SES. The smallest amount of research disproves your point

  27. Feeling like you have to self censor what you say seems pretty beta to me

    Situation would dictate of course but I think that will stand for most encounters

  28. @Badpainter

    “Ensuring the complete right to the labor of men is accomplished via government and redistributive economic policy.”

    I don’t come here to debate economics. There’s a very good argument to be made that free market economics harms men even more as it results in a society of men very much resembling professional sports in which very few own most everything, hoard all wealth (including women) leaving most men in squalor. And it also begs why the manosphere tends to embrace right wing economics and yet tends to laud women from the socialist (and more civilized) nations in Europe. Doesn’t make sense. But we can agree to disagree on the economic issues and still be friends.

    I agree with the rest of your post.

  29. I can remember as a kid listening to my grandparents talk. One time they were talking about the son of one of their friends whose business had just failed. My grandmother said “well, he couldn’t make a go of it so I guess he’ll have to go be somebody else’s man.” I don’t know about the north, but that was definitely a southron attitude a few generations back. Farmers were their own boss. Same with all sorts of business owners and employees tended to be young and just starting out. Keep in mind, this is rural and agrarian. Even a lot of construction trades it was mostly the guy’s older sons providing additional labor. Look at how much its changed.

    It isn’t just that the job market sucks, it’s that it’s almost impossible to start up a business any more. Even the trades are all licensed. Everything has to have a permit, permission, license or certificate/credential and the approval of some board or another.

    Did you figure out a great little product you can make in your garage? That’s a manufacturing facility. Had a friend who bought a used screw-making machine. He bought scrap stainless steel bar stock and made screws for boats- the kind where the smallest screw costs a quarter and bigger stuff will cost over a dollar a screw. Cost of goods sold was about 20% of sales and he could underprice West Marine all day long. The boatyards loved him.

    But one of the neighbors got really curious about the regular vibration and occasional clanging coming from the garage and ratted him out to the city. They promptly shut him down, fined him and contacted the IRS to find out if he was reporting his income (most of it, he was). He couldn’t get a permit (zoned residential) so he moved the operation to a stall at a warehouse that was zoned light commercial. Because he wasn’t there often enough the lube system failed and the machine burned up. End of business.

    Yet, you go to most places in Latin America and there’s virtually no regulation. Want to sell real estate? Put together a willing seller with a willing buyer, collect a commission. Try that up here and it’s illegal as hell.

  30. @sfcton re: “the act of providing seems inherently beta.”

    Yes, it is. What makes a beta a beta is that he feels HE must provide food (and backrubs, and orgasms) to females.

  31. @sfcton – the father-in-law would appear stronger and more alpha if he knew when to STFU. As the 4th law of the 48 Laws of Power says…Always Say Less Than Necessary.

  32. @Pork-o-matic re: major dread.

    I too would define major dread as her discovering women I’ve been gaming. And I concur it works for changing her into what she should be. I just wish something *else* would work.

  33. redpill: Because men act right when they get what they want, men wrongly project that women will act better if treated better.

  34. What Red Pill observations do you find unignorable in contemporary society? .

    Well AFBB (thanks GBFM, wherever you are) is the obvious one — really hard to miss when you have women admitting as much. But another one I’ve noticed a lot more lately is what Dalrock calls “the problem that has no name” — the tendency of women to always find reasons to be miserable and unhappy regardless of their lot in life.

    I see women getting “alpha fucks” who are very angry at men, calling them “assholes”, and I see women getting “beta bucks” who are “unhaaaappy”, bored out of their minds with their loving, considerate providers.

    I see pretty women who won’t stop bitching about getting “unwanted” attention from men, and I see not so pretty women bitching that they aren’t getting enough attention from men.

    I see women complaining about the “wage gap” when they make less than their husbands and boyfriends, and complaining about “loser deadbeat men” when they make more than their husbands and boyfriends.

    And I could go on like this til Jesus comes back.

    Today’s women of the west have what is most likely the closest thing to a hypergamous utopia that any society of women in history has ever had — and yet they’ve never been more miserable; they’re popping antidepressants like breath mints just to get through the day.

    Do you see examples of the old order as I have in It’s a Wonderful Life? Understanding the idealisms inherent in it, what other examples of this old order to you know?

    Sure, but I don’t see that many of them aside from the 60+ crowd. What I see more of is men and women of fairly equal attractiveness making their marriages work by keeping their passions in check, because they believe in keeping the vows they made before God. But I don’t see much of that except from my traditional Christian friends.

    Alpha providers, while being an idealistic character, can exist, but are they realistic?

    Sure they exist, but as far as sexual strategies go, there is a risk of a man being seen as too beta if he tries to play the provider card too much. Men who are red pill aware are generally going to try to err on the side of whatever gets them laid more, so they’re mostly going to try to be “alpha fucks” guys first and foremost, and only provide for women who are clearly and sincerely attracted to them sexually and who have proven themselves worthy of this investment.

  35. @Retrenched re: “the problem that has no name”

    Yes. The redpill lens lets us see that it is a deliberate choice by women to indulge their discontent. It’s been that way since Eve, as we all know, and Eve’s discontent will *never* be solved by her finding a better apple (or a better snake).

  36. (link from Vox Day)
    “He had this following of women, specifically”
    “he was so blatant about it.” Men saw Ghomeshi as a “douchebag” with an incredible ego”
    “Ghomeshi’s personality, not his audition, won him the job, says a former Play staffer … Play’s predominately female staff joked about being part of “Jian’s harem.””
    “Men on the show could not stand him”
    “he didn’t make eye contact with men”

    This has been my experience with alphas.

  37. @Glenn On this blog we aren’t allowed to discuss politics because apparently Rollo is so much more ‘meta’ than all that silly stuff, but in fact, this only happens via politics

    Let’s substitute the word politics:

    On this blog we aren’t allowed to discuss professional sports because apparently Rollo is so much more ‘meta’ than all that silly stuff, but in fact, this only happens via professional sports

    Or, substitute the top five songs on AT40 last week.

    Like professional sports, politics is another well-funded game with mass influence. Choosing not to discuss this from a political standpoint shows wisdom. Most people are not listening to or reading from the ‘talk radio’ hosts you’ve mentioned. Some games have pre-determined outcomes.

    “It’s a Wonderful Life” has still been allowed to air this time of year because of the deluge of other programming that has more advanced science applied to it. There is no longer any worry that logic and reason will rule the day since the majority of people that might be able to turn things around invest time and energy into the hosts-authors-pundits-politicians and other actors that are put in front of them.

    I know some of the top hosts mentioned in the comments personally. There’s a sadness to them because they have deals that keep them from offering the solutions that would change it all. Instead, they are allowed to share their deep knowledge of history and historians. They’re allowed to encourage you to read from such wisdom.

    What will bring the world you knew back? Begin with the complete takeover of all popular narratives, all media content, all music and every form of influence and entertainment that affects persons of all ages, including the influence children receive from birth.

    Who else is here making that happen?

    Too many of the ones with pure hearts who would take over the narratives are too busy studying history as recommended by well-funded hosts. Those hosts have deals you, with your respected drive, will and intellect, wouldn’t believe exist. I feel sorry for them, because they know they can’t reveal – and have to deny – the truth and what would actually work.

    Rollo connects dots that open eyes to what is real. His readers have that “ah ha!” moment of realization, and they’re lives are changed. When your eyes are opened, you, too, begin to connect dots to how things really work. That’s what causes positive change, not politics.

    Politics and professional sports serve the same purpose. The fans are wonderful spectators that have no effect on the outcome.

  38. One day last week, I saw a tweet about women bitching about “manspreading” as if it were like rape, and then another tweet about women blaming widespread porn use for men’s reluctance to marry them… I thought that was a good illustration of how fem-centric modern western society has become, that men are seen as little more than appliances who exist to serve women in some capacity (sperm donors, ATMs, human shields etc.). The idea that men are human beings who have hopes, dreams and desires like women do never enters into their thinking at all.

  39. Some guys have had the opportunity to question old timers who were players and predated the “sexual revolution”

    Women were the same, and Naturals were satisfying them in just the same way. The “sexual revolution” consisted largely of the addition of a layer of propaganda.

    You might find this guy’s comments very interesting:

    As the French say: “plus ca change . . . “

  40. “It’s dangerous to attempt to make others aware of this perception, but do you try anyway?”

    I often verbally assert RP truths whenever I’m in the social company of women. I don’t put them out on the table as a topic for discussion, per se, but rather as a statement of fact or a germane observation based on the live discourse. I do it with a good dose of dry humor or in the form of amused mastery. I generally observe that a few female heads will be silently shaking “no’s” and sometimes hackles will raise when I pepper a conversation with RP nuggets, but they rarely confront me openly beyond weak counterpoints/rationalizations. Granted, most of the women I date and/or socialize with hold higher educational degrees (Master’s, PhD’s), so they don’t roll their eyes back into their heads and go blood simple on me the way a pack of drunk, office grrl SIW®’s down at the corner tavern.

    Interestingly, I’ve had more than a few of these women come back to me on later occasions and privately admit to things like, “you were right, we do always have a backup man,” and “it’s true about that ‘widow’ thing you said. I can’t stop thinking about this guy (alpha cad) from (x) years ago, even though I’m married to (beta husband) and have three kids.” NOTE: these admissions are almost always accompanied by IOI’s.

    Of course, the most dangerous crowd to drop RP truths around are the Purple Pill males. They literally come unglued and the man-hamsters start running at breakneck speed. The straight-out betas often challenge RP assertions, but I notice them listening more intently after puncturing a few of their cherished notions with observable facts, concise analysis of their current or past relationship dynamics, and some good natured chiding.

    The ones who really stick their necks out on the public chopping block are the more well known Manosphere bloggers, Game pundits, and the legion of fearless commenters on the FI threads outside of the ‘Sphere.

  41. I’m not a fan of It’s A Wonderful Life. The entire film Jimmy Stewart is sidetracked from what he wants to do with his life in order to serve the needs and expectations of others. It’s every beta conditioning method put to play against him with the end promise the servant beta will eventually see the truth in his service and get his just reward.

  42. the comments on aunt giggles were red lens perfect:

    “When I talk to my friends who are above 30, single and actively looking they all say they want someone who is well settled in their career, ambitious (but not overly so) as in he has some direction in life, family oriented and socially well adjusted (not “popular” and “cool”), financially stable, commitment ready, smart, educated, presentable (not handsome or hot), kind and loyal with similar values and a lifestyle that fits with their own. I think this is perfectly reasonable and I share their outlook as well.”

    beta bucks

    on the German porn study (married men view less internet porn than single men) there could be a variety of reasons (such as the married betas get some fucks, the single betas get no fucks). I would suggest that after viewing thousands of hours of enthusiastic sexual women, when a beta has a relationship with a unenthusiastic prude woman (giggles comment by a woman: “Porn–no. That’s it”), he thinks he has lemon and wants his bucks to buy better. Thus porn results in declining marriage rate.

    For a good study of alpha see the series Peaky Blinders on Netflix. They had to do this as a period piece to sneak by the FI, but your Red Pill lens will love this.

  43. on an amusing side note my wife used dread on herself yesterday:

    wife: we are invited for dinner at Susan’s next weekend, with her boyfriend
    me: “okay”
    wife: “I think she wants you”
    me: “what makes you say that?”
    wife: “I have an instinct about these things”
    me: “cancel the dinner if you want, I don’t care”

  44. Politics and professional sports serve the same purpose. The fans are wonderful spectators that have no effect on the outcome.

    That has not been my experience with politics. The game is mostly rigged – but not completely. Take the anti-Prohibitionists. They have gone from 10% in the early 70s to over 50% (and still rising) today. Steady concerted pressure. It helps that they have facts in their favor.

    IMO men could do the same thing – but just as they have given in to the FI they have given in to politics. The betas have given up and the alphas don’t care. And the FI uses the government to run roughshod over them both. For the life of me I don’t understand why men don’t organize and pressure. “Get up and fight”, Krishna says.

  45. “What Red Pill observations do you find unignorable in contemporary society?”

    My own rage.

    The picture is becoming so much clearer the more I process the reality of the FI, how this feminized culture has affected me, and how blue pill conditioning and all the lies I was told — and operated on — have largely resulted in the frustrated, miserable position I’m in now.

    It’d be scapegoating the FI if I left it at that. But my only concern with blaming the FI is to reinforce in my mind that what I’ve been operating on are LIES. It’s not blaming to complain. It’s blaming to enlighten. Remember who the enemy is. This whole time I’ve thought it was me, that I was broken — but I’ve just been operating on broken, blue pill ideas that simply do not work in this day and age.

    Letting go of all the anger is the last hurdle I have to get over. It’s mostly in isolation that I feel it, so that’s good — I usually never feel it when I’m actually around girls. It’s just when I think about them in the absence of them. For the most part.

    I’ve been a lot more confident lately and I bet if I was just a little more on point I could’ve gotten a date with this cute waitress I met at a restaurant the other day. I met some guy’s 20 year old girlfriend online that he’s head over heels in love with and have been semi ‘sexting’ her for about a month. She would bring up her boyfriend and I would just completely ignore that every time. He contacted me and was chatting me up and at the same time I was sending dirty messages to his girlfriend. It felt great. Most likely nothing is going to come of it (I doubt I’ll ever meet her in person), but it’s been fun for me and it’s been a good exercise in getting over my guilt. The guy is completely immersed in blue pill reality and has major ONE-itis for this girl, and I took that as a green light to capitalize on her.

    She even made some comments about how she wished he was more like me, thought the same way I did, was as creative as me, as open, had an imagination like me, and had the same attitude. And wished he “got it” like me (which I knew was because in our back-and-forth sex messages I was giving off a very dominant vibe, always putting her in the submissive role).

    I’ve spent my whole life missing out. Other people beat me out in the competition and they got the girls and the social status and got to enjoy having a lot of friends. Now it’s my turn. If I can attract a girl and she likes me, doesn’t matter who she’s with or what kind of relationship they have. I accept that my life sucked and no one had any sympathy for me for all the years and years that I was suicidal and struggling with mental illness.

    No one was there for me when I had a noose tied around my own neck and was ready to hang myself. I cut myself up and went to bed drunk with an aching throat and got up for work at my shitty job to have my boss yell at me that same morning as if nothing had happened. And I endured it in complete silence.

    If I can accept that, that’s the same standard I hold other people to. I had to deal with it by myself. So if I do something that bothers them, it’s on them to deal with it by themselves.

    To bring it full circle: my own rage has been quieting down the more I’ve been realizing it’s an over-compensation for how little respect I’ve had for my own life, and how much I’ve let people walk all over me.

    Now I can see clearly that my rage and frustration has been the result of sabotaged success on account of operating on an outdated OS — the “old set of books.”

    Admittedly, and as is probably clear in this post of mine, the rage hasn’t subsided yet. Not completely. I’ve been pretty bothered tonight thinking about all this, which is probably why I was compelled to comment here.

    But realizing these things — how much the FI has installed outdated ‘software’ into my brain that I need to clear out and update with Red Pill 8.1 — it helps make the rage fade a bit.

    And I think it’ll result in it fading completely, once I finally re-create myself into a permanent new version of myself.

    Externally a lot has changed, as far as my whole look goes. And my attitude somewhat, if not quite a bit. Maybe more obvious to other people than to me.

    But internally an incredible amount has changed. Just months ago I was having panic attacks over this girl I had ONE-itis for and was in complete turmoil. Now I am feeling a lot more self-reliant and emotionally in control of myself.

    And now the deal is how to spin plates, instead of how to land one girl. My priorities have completely shifted.

    I do think about old age a lot. I’m only 25. But the idea of growing old without a family, especially since I don’t have any extended family that I keep in contact with, bothers me. I’m not sure what can be done about that. That’s a stumbling point I haven’t figured out yet. It’s hard for me to ‘just wait’ until I’m much older but the only other option I suppose is to go back to blue pill, which I can only see ruining my life as it has so far.

    Anyway, the Red Pill observations I can’t ignore are the effects the Red Pill has had on my own emotions and thoughts and the way I approach my life.

    One of the big things being that I would NEVER consider telling this stuff to a girl anymore — my struggles are now private, with the occasional exception of sharing them in comments on this blog, which is generally an all-male space — of like-minded men at that.

    I’m getting much better at holding my cards closer to my chest: and my newfound ability to deal with extreme emotional issues in complete privacy has helped a lot with that. Letting go of the idea of getting sympathy or love or support from women has been the keystone to that ability. Once I abandoned hope for that, establishing self-control and peace of mind became exponentially more attainable virtually overnight.

  46. What Red Pill observations do you find unignorable in contemporary society? .

    Two things.

    First, the level of skin being shown that has become acceptable, not only from young girls but all women, married or single, white collar, blue collar, services, old or young it doesn’t matter, it’s everywhere. Apparently skin tight yoga pants and g strings flaunting camel toes and ass crack passes as working attire now.

    Heck, I went to a cafe last week in Melbourne Australia and a woman in nothing but a G string came up to grab a coffee, wtf?

    Flagrant and open hyperagamy is the norm, a committed woman would have no need to sexually advertise her wares to strangers.

    Second, the 40 Year Old Virgin trope, if a man isn’t in a relationship he is a loser by default.

    I work in a blue collar environment with hundreds of men and there is a high turnover so I get to see what’s out there in that in that socio economic realm. When you work with people in mind numbing jobs for 10 hours a day you get to know people.

    By far the happiest and most contented men are the single over 40s guys (especially the fit guys), sure you get your gamma Aspergers type but they’re quite rare. These guys aren’t MGTOW (they don’t even know it exists), they’re just regular Joes going along to get along.

    The singles just shoot the breeze and can barely contain their glee at upcoming holidays while the marrieds look for anyone that will listen to their woes and cut holidays short to get some respite from ‘home life’.

    But by far the worst are the aesthetically challenged single over 40s women, most if not all suffer from sever neurosis.

  47. redpill: Leave them wanting more. Applies to every aspect of relating with a woman: she will come to despise you if you satisfy her completely, if you share all of your thoughts and dreams. Save the last inch or two, seriously. And never let any woman realize you love easily. (note to women: apply opposite to men. Satisfy men completely.)

    A little Same Night, drifting into Next Morning, story. A week ago I witnessed the most glorious sunrise I have ever seen. Leena had tracked me down at a late night soiree at another hotel suite, not difficult since it was my going away (actually, returning) party. And she was … fun, not all wistful or hungup on might-have-beens towards me, like her competition there: a spindly aged-before-her-time 40 yr old, a slutty fake-everything 45 yr old, a rotund 50 yr old, a usually-depressed but now-maniacal 55 yr old.

    Dawn found her asleep on me, cuddling chummily, nose in my armpit (mostly dressed btw), when I noticed that the tri-level clouds were already weirdly illuminated, half hell-fire half heaven’s-gate, from the barely-hidden sun working out its frustrations behind mountain peaks and jungle foliage. I partly pulled, partly carried her to the door, insisting that we had to catch sun up, and she was agreeable but slow at first as we went hand-in-hand up the two flights to the roof, emerging in the nick of time.

    I dropped her hand and staggered, and fell on my knees, turning and turning, trying to see it all. She rubbed sleep from her eyes, wasting precious seconds, before she looked up and around, squeaking, overcome, “Oh! Oh! Oh!” Stupidly she went to the rail and looked over, in other words she looked down into dark, before turning her face back up to the light. Everthing above was alight. Light divided, Light multiplied. The Lights. The Colors. Color showing off in its nursery, fed by Light.

    She raised her arms, as in the orans posture, as in surrender, not as to touch the sky. I moaned “I just wish I had more eyes!” And she said, girlishly, “You have mine!”

  48. Softek – “Letting go of the idea of getting sympathy or love or support from women has been the keystone to that ability. Once I abandoned hope for that, establishing self-control and peace of mind became exponentially more attainable virtually overnight.”

    I agree with this wholeheartedly. The downside for me is that it kills motivation. I am no longer interested in doing anything that looks like work when it comes to women. I make an offer they either accept or reject my terms. I have nether patience nor tolerance for anything I see as BS.

  49. jf12
    December 28th, 2014 at 4:41 pm

    @Pork-o-matic re: major dread.

    I too would define major dread as her discovering women I’ve been gaming. And I concur it works for changing her into what she should be. I just wish something *else* would work.

    So does she. LOL

  50. Softek
    December 28th, 2014 at 11:31 pm

    Family. Find a woman who wants you so bad it hurts. Find Nell (Dudley Do Right). And then comes the long job of training her how to be a woman. Submissive. She the Yin you the Yang.

    I had to go through a LOT of women to get that. And training her has been a 40 year job. Just starting to bear fruit. But we do have a family. So there is that.

    At 25 you have plenty of time. Don’t rush. Work your game. Raise your N. It will come in handy. As in “I’ve been with a LOT of women and what you are doing…”

  51. Bachelorocles
    December 28th, 2014 at 12:57 pm

    Re: monogamy and child rearing. I agree about monogamy being unnatural. But I have found that when the first mate can stay bonded for a while – going on a month – I am inclined to child rearing.

    You have to teach women how to stay bonded. How to be submissive. The culture used to support it. It no longer does. And the woman has to want you very badly before she will even attempt it.

  52. Glenn
    December 28th, 2014 at 1:22 pm

    There are a couple of other tricks going on you don’t mention. Are you aware of the background checks required to get a job these days? They are brutal. Get arrested and a majority of the economy is closed to you for seven years. Get a felony and it is over forever.

    And the #1 felony is a prohibition violation. One of the very few good things the left is doing is ending Prohibition. The right is still in favor. Just as they were in 1932.

    What this criminal “justice” is doing is reducing the number of “available” men. It is destroying the family. The Black family first. About 1/3 of young black men have been taken out of circulation. College as currently structured is doing the same for white men. College campuses are gynocentric institutions. Men are convicted of women’s bad feelings. If she comes to the conclusion two years later that you were a beta – you raped her.

    There are some thing that are starting to replace the old ways.

    Mick Jagger had it right in “Sympathy for the Devil” — “You better all learn politics or I’ll lay your souls to waste.”

    Even without all those trends there is another one that is destroying the value of labor – Low skill manual labor in factories is going away. With or without China. With or without unlimited immigration. Even fruit picking is being automated.

  53. Let me break it up so it posts.

    December 28th, 2014 at 1:22 pm

    There are a couple of other tricks going on you don’t mention. Are you aware of the background checks required to get a job these days? They are brutal. Get arrested and a majority of the economy is closed to you for seven years. Get a felony and it is over forever.

    And the #1 felony is a prohibition violation. One of the very few good things the left is doing is ending Prohibition. The right is still in favor. Just as they were in 1932.

    What this criminal “justice” is doing is reducing the number of “available” men. It is destroying the family. The Black family first. About 1/3 of young black men have been taken out of circulation. College as currently structured is doing the same for white men. College campuses are gynocentric institutions. Men are convicted of women’s bad feelings. If she comes to the conclusion two years later that you were a beta – you raped her.

    There are some thing that are starting to replace the old ways.

  54. Mick Jagger had it right in “Sympathy for the Devil” — “You better all learn politics or I’ll lay your souls to waste.”

    Even without all those trends there is another one that is destroying the value of labor – Low skill manual labor in factories is going away. With or without China. With or without unlimited immigration. Even fruit picking is being automated.

  55. Bachelorocles
    December 28th, 2014 at 2:17 pm

    There is some truth in what you say. The problem with redistribution is that some one else gets to tell you how to live. You lose your liberty. And if you produce, a significant portion of your production gets stolen. If the theft is great enough production collapses. In the USA we are on the threshold of that. Europe has gone over the mark.

    There is no perfect system. But I’ll take the depredations of self ownership over the alternative any day. I would rather have the choice between GM and Ford as opposed to no choice (government).

  56. Glenn
    December 28th, 2014 at 10:10 am

    Autodidacts don’t get no respect. I self taught my way into aerospace engineering and could run circles around most of those guys. You would not be amazed at the number of times I get accused of not being a real engineer because I don’t have the right credentials. I laugh. I wrote a major column for an engineering magazine until the editorial dept was taken over by females. I was not beta enough for them. Heh.

  57. Bachelorocles
    December 28th, 2014 at 2:17 pm

    In addition what you get with redistribution is ultimately a police state.

    Because some one has to ENFORCE. Do you see the root word there? “Force”. And eventually you run out of force. The best state of affairs is willing acceptance. The rules make so much sense that 99+% WANT to obey them.

    The best ruler is one that no one notices.

    A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves. – Lao Tzu

    Compare that with the “You didn’t build that” gang.

    The wicked leader is he who the people despise. The good leader is he who the people revere. The great leader is he who the people say, ‘We did it ourselves.’ – Lao Tzu

    The best leaders are those their people hardly know exist.
    The next best is a leader who is loved and praised.
    Next comes the one who is feared.
    The worst one is the leader that is despised … Lao Tzu

  58. [not related to this post]

    I just heard about this thing called “male microchimerism” from youtuber Lui Marco.

    From Wikipedia:
    In humans (and perhaps in all Placentals) the most common form is fetomaternal microchimerism (also known as fetal cell microchimerism or fetal chimerism) whereby cells from a fetus pass through the placenta and establish cell lineages within the mother. Fetal cells have been documented to persist and multiply in the mother for several decades. The exact phenotype of these cells is unknown, although several different cell types have been identified, such as various immune lineages, mesenchymal stem cells, and placental-derived cells. A 2012 study at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, has detected cells with the Y chromosome in multiple areas of the brains of dead women.

    The article “Male microchimerism in women without sons: quantitative assessment and correlation with pregnancy history” says this:
    Male microchimerism was not infrequent in women without sons. Besides known pregnancies, other possible sources of male microchimerism include unrecognized spontaneous abortion, vanished male twin, an older brother transferred by the maternal circulation, or sexual intercourse.

    The study Wikipedia refers to is “Male Microchimerism in the Human Female Brain”. It ends with this:
    In conclusion, male Mc is frequent and widely distributed in the human female brain. Although the relationship between brain Mc and health versus disease requires further study, our findings suggest that Mc of fetal origin could impact maternal health and potentially be of evolutionary significance.

    “Alpha Fucks, Beta Bucks”, anyone??

  59. Great commentary on how FI shapes culture. FEMALE UK professor laments the lack of mechanical/tinkering/fixing stuff in “under 40” generation.

    When I was a boy, I took apart stuff and put it back together (sort of) all the time. I would try weird things, like spraying the dusting polish on a lit light bulb to see it brown up and bubble and burn, and then make the bulb explode. I was constantly trying to figure out how stuff worked. I later worked on small engines and cars, I remember being fascinated by how simple two stroke engines were, and or just how cool I thought auto wheel bearings were, the fine machine work was quite impressive to me. I also remember the immense satisfaction I would derive out of fixing things myself. There is a sense of self-reliance that comes from being able to fix things. Yet another male trait in the dustbin…

  60. M Simon

    December 29th, 2014 at 5:42 am

    “There are a couple of other tricks going on you don’t mention. Are you aware of the background checks required to get a job these days? They are brutal. Get arrested and a majority of the economy is closed to you for seven years. Get a felony and it is over forever.

    And the #1 felony is a prohibition violation. One of the very few good things the left is doing is ending Prohibition. The right is still in favor. Just as they were in 1932.

    What this criminal “justice” is doing is reducing the number of “available” men. It is destroying the family. The Black family first. About 1/3 of young black men have been taken out of circulation. College as currently structured is doing the same for white men. College campuses are gynocentric institutions. Men are convicted of women’s bad feelings. If she comes to the conclusion two years later that you were a beta – you raped her.”

    Mr Simon: you are absolutely correct sir. I try pointing this out in Sphere and get mightily ignored.

    One of the least known issues of the current Mancession – a recession only in that penalizes men and men’s jobs. Gov’t bailout money was used to prop up jobs/industries staffed primarily by women. Is the fact that when a man gets laid off he must get re-employed and upon seeking employment will get denied because of the background checks. He is fully qualified. Has the skills. And is willing to work; in many cases desperate to work. And in many cases has a long career of doing exactly what the job he is applying for does. Yet no one will hire him.

    There has been talk about the long term unemployed. And the Labor Force Participation rate. Yet know one talks about the true situation.

    The truth is this: for millions men employed today, if they were ever to lose that job they would never be employed again. In fact, if they were ever to be forced to re-apply for the job they are currently doing … they’d never even be given the chance to do what they currently do ever day: work in their chosen career.

    Its one of the primary reasons why immigration is such a visible issue right now. They deny men jobs and then import high tech labor in the form of Visas and allowing mass immigration to flow low tech/blue collar jobs.

  61. I think Ms Simon and many in the aerospace industry have fears like the below. When looking with a Red Pill lens this sort of stuff should SCARE THE CRAP OUT OF YOU and make the hairs on the back of your back stand up.

    From Wikipedia:

    “On February 25, 2005, the Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 was approved by the Secretary of Commerce.[31] This was followed by the Federal Information Processing Standards 201 (FIPS 201), which specified how the federal government should implement personal identity verification. New specifications led to a need for rebadging to meet the updated requirements.

    On August 30, 2007, a group of JPL employees filed suit in federal court against NASA, Caltech, and the Department of Commerce, claiming their Constitutional rights were being violated by new, overly invasive background investigations.[32] 97% of JPL employees were classified at the low-risk level and would be subjected to the same clearance procedures as those obtaining moderate/high risk clearance. Under HSPD12 and FIPS 201, investigators have the right to obtain any information on employees, which includes questioning acquaintances on the status of the employee’s mental, emotional, and financial stability. Additionally, if employees depart JPL before the end of the two-year validity of the background check, no investigation ability gets terminated; former employees can still be legally monitored.

    Employees were told that if they did not sign an unlimited waiver of privacy,[33] they would be deemed to have “voluntarily resigned”.[34] The rebadging rules were designed to make JPL compliant with FIPS 201. The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit found the process violated the employees’ privacy rights and has issued a preliminary injunction.[35] NASA appealed and the US Supreme Court granted certiorari on March 8, 2010. On January 19, 2011, the Supreme Court overturned the Ninth Circuit decision, ruling that the background checks did not violate any constitutional privacy right that the employees may have had.[36]”

    Here is a link to how the case turned out.

    Short of it, is the SCOTUS ruled that the Government could do whatever it wanted.

    The secret that nobody wants to admit is that the Gov controls the legal system and determines what companies can and cannot do. This includes hiring/firing decisions. Much of the above is going on throughout our economy. Its why millions of men are checking out; they have no future in this system.

    The biggest counter that people use is that the above applies to both men and women and that is part of the lie. Women control most HR departments and will look the other way and hire another woman; even with a flaw on her record. Not so with men. Men are not given another chance. In addition men are incarcerated at 12x the rate of women.

  62. @ sfcton – So you haven’t looked at Charles Murray’s statistics, got it. Are you a “race realist”? A white separatist? Do tell…

    I did generalize a bit too much in that there are some differences. In the same economic cohort, black criminality is higher in some categories, but not more than marginally. And it’s true that the social outcome data is even worse across the board for blacks but the trend lines are the same for both groups.

    Try reading Coming Apart and then get back to us. Let’s see if your bigotry survives that reading.

  63. The use of It’s a Wonderful Life to talk about the warping of society is perhaps unintentionally ironic.

    During the same time period, John Wayne was becoming the supposed epitome of American masculinity and Alpha hood. And in a way he was; he bedded a lot of women, but on the other hand he wasn’t able to keep a marriage together and seemed to make a complete mess of his personal life in an almost hapless way. He was an outspoken hawk and patriot. On the other hand he managed to avoid genuine military service and he had changed his name from Marion.

    Jimmy Stewart on the other hand, came across as this sort of uber beta at best, a soft spoken man, an average guy.He bedded a few startlets, became an accomplished pilot and airplane racer, then when WWII broke out avoided the USO Tour circuit beloved of other Hollywood token servicemembers and went to the sound of the cannons, becoming a bomber pilot and flying both credited and uncredited missions over Germany. He stayed in the USAF and rose to the rank of Major General, along the way helping to charter the USAF Association and flying a combat mission in VietNam. A quiet conservative he was a staunch friend of the Reagans. He later . He was married to one woman for nearly 40 years until her death.

    You ask people who was masculine, between the two, they’d probably point to the hard drinking, womanizing John Wayne. For my money, Stewart- quiet, super accomplished both in film and in “real life,” blows him away. Neither one of these guys would make women swoon today, however. On the other hand, they couldn’t get their panties off quick enough for feckless Kanye West …

  64. @Joe Blow re: Jimmy Stewart = beta.

    I agree. And he is a great example of Facial Looks Aren’t Everything. Despite being very handsome and very tall, he was not at all successful with women because he was nice, good, kind, and old-school shy, an “aw shucks” guy.

    Vox Day has a post ‘splainin how women desire evil. Outright evil. Good doesn’t work, and never *did* work, with women.

  65. CH stupidly and mistakenly posits that goodness was a peacock tail: a male trait *attractive* to females but marking the male for elimination.

    What is true is that evil is attractive and evil marks a male for elimation, by the police, or by other males if nothing else. Evil is the peacock tail, which expands when women get to choose.

    1. Is it ‘evil’ or is it weakness?

      Survival in the Pack

      In the manosphere a lot has been made in comparison about an alpha / beta dynamic in human behavior, but I think in focusing on similarities in primate social structures we neglect to see the pack mentality that is also prevalent in human nature.

      One of my passions is reconditioning retired racing Greyhounds. There is a peculiarity of this otherwise gentle breed in that they are prone to viciously kill other Greys who display behavioral cues that imply weakness, pain or disability. When an injured Grey yelps or cries from pain on the race track (or in a group setting) it’s not usually the broken leg that kills the dog, it’s the other 7 dogs piling on to tear it apart. This behavior takes a lot of people by surprise because it’s entirely incongruent with the nature of one of the most passive breeds of dog, but in their primal past a yelping dog could give the pack away to prey or otherwise endanger the collective. That yelping became the trigger cue for killing that member of the pack. It may have been a species survival trait in the evolutionary past, but now it’s a liability for the animal.

      As social animals, humans are also subject to legacy behaviors from our own evolutionary past. In a normal social context it’s curious in that most men (and women) would willingly cooperate to achieve a common goal. Men will come to the aid of one another when one is attacked. However when a man is beaten or berated by a woman, the behavior is the opposite. That particular prompt does not engender an impulse to come to the man’s defense. In fact there’s almost a revulsion to the act. Why?

      Perhaps it’s a legacy survival instinct that allows for that member of the pack to be ‘weeded’ from the whole?

  66. @ jf12

    Is the greatest redpill TRVTH that women are repulsed by goodness and attracted by badness? Or is there a greater?

    I’d say it’s more like that women are repulsed by weakness and attracted to power. BUT… The problem is that modern women tend to see any gracious or considerate gesture from a man as an indicator of his timidity and subservience, while they see jerk or asshole behavior as “strong”.

    I think a lot of that is due to the emasculating effects of our modern feminized culture, which tells men that being bold, ambitious, and assertive — i.e., being men — is wrong and dangerous. Perhaps women have adjusted (subconsciously, of course) to now see the men who follow society’s rules as “weak” and unworthy of their affections, while they see the rebels and rule breakers as the only” real” men left.

  67. M Simon

    You strike me as a libertarian married to your sacred theory. A professor one told me, “study theory and know it well but don’t be afraid to alter the theory when the evidence doses not support it.”

    I would encourage you to challenge your theory by examining it over and against historical economic data. For instance, what evidence (not theory) do you have proving redistribution or socialism causes (not correlates with) a police state to come into being?

    And why do men of the manosphere love women from the socialist nations in Europe?

    “You didn’t build that” . . . Lao Tzu . . . I sometimes find slogans to be interesting but typically prove little.

  68. @Blow Joe,

    The other Hollywood actor who signed up for real service and saw combat was Douglas Fairbanks Jr., son of the silent screen icon, Douglas Fairbanks.

    Because of his father Fairbanks junior got into the film industry in the early days of “talkies” and had carved out a lucrative career for himself as a movie actor.

    When WW2 broke out, he joined the US Navy, before Pearl Harbor. He resisted attempts by Navy brass to use him in recruitment films and dog-and-pony shows, and got himself seconded to the Royal Navy, where he participated in covert operations with the then newly-developed Naval Commando teams being trained and developed by Mountbatten.

    His task was to learn from the British and transfer the new techniques to the US navy, which he did, covertly until war was declared between the US and Germany.

    He then developed the predecessors to the Navy SEALS, called the Beach Jumpers, during the war, and led combat operations with teams.

    He was also the case officer for John Steinbeck, the guy who would become one of America’s most famous authors. At that time Steinbeck was an intelligence operative who would penetrate target sites prior to Beach Jumper operations to gather information crucial to the success of the attacks. Neither Steinbeck nor Fairbanks Jr. would acknowledge Steinbeck’s role as a top secret agent until decades had passed after the war.

    Guys like Stewart, Steinback and Fairbanks Jr. were the “hard men” of WW2, unlike chickenhawks Wayne, and yes (it has to be said) Ronald Reagan, who spent WW2 making training and propoganda movies and were never near any combat action.

    Yet, which movie stars do the masses remember in connection with WW2 today?

  69. Actually, the term chickenhawks should be corrected WRT Wayne & Reagan. Reagan joined the army, but the army declined to send him overseas for physical reasons, and he wound up in a film unit.

    Wayne did try to enlist, but his studios kept interfering- telling him they would sue him if he volunteered and broke his contract with them. They actually intervened with the Selective Service agency (the draft board) to prevent him being drafted, which would have gotten him out of his contracts. This was all because Wayne’s films were making money hand over fist for the studios.

  70. Bacheloroces – “what evidence (not theory) do you have proving redistribution or socialism causes (not correlates with) a police state to come into being?”

    In post WWII era I’d cite the following examples:

    East Germany
    USA (At least the direction we’re moving in)

    You get the point. I would assert in these most extreme examples it’s not a correlation or causation issue it’s that the police state is socialism and socialism is the police state. The two are not separable. You see the same thing in regards to Italian Facism and National Socialism.

    Socialism requires huge external interventions into the markets to control who gets what. In order to referee that system huge invasive policing systems are necessary or the open market will work around/ignore the redistributionist policies.

    And this Interesting question.

    “And why do men of the manosphere love women from the socialist nations in Europe?”

    Note it’s usually women from formerly communist nations of central and eastern Europe. The working theory seems to be these women are of a more traditional mindset, more feminine, and more practical. And given the material scarcity of those economies the Beta Bux provider skill set is an actual desired advantage for men rather than a liability. I think in some cases a more exotic appearance pays a role, and that might be as simple as noticably fewer fatties.

    All that aside the most critical, IMO, factor is the nations behind the iron curtain didn’t, or haven’t yet been fully corrupted by the strain of western feminism that insists women become men. Whether true or not, or to what degree, the ‘sphere holds the notion, that in Russia for example, men can still be men and are expected to be, whist women are still women.

  71. “I think a lot of that is due to the emasculating effects of our modern feminized culture, which tells men that being bold, ambitious, and assertive — i.e., being men — is wrong and dangerous.”

    Situational. Competing for resources yes. Spending those resources, no.
    Paycheck. Dinner check.

  72. Most “good guys” are weak as in they don’t do much in their own behalf. That’s fine when times are good and everyone is shitting in tall cotton. Note so good of a survival tactic when life sucks ass. What women want is a man who will act on his won behalf ie the “bad boy”

  73. >>>Guys like Stewart, Steinback and Fairbanks Jr. were the “hard men” of WW2, unlike chickenhawks Wayne, and yes (it has to be said) Ronald Reagan, who spent WW2 making training and propoganda movies and were never near any combat action. Yet, which movie stars do the masses remember in connection with WW2 today?

    That’s the thing that I have difficulty reconciling. I wouldn’t quite call Wayne and Reagan chickenhawks, but they never managed to overcome the studio and P.R. machine objections to combat service that Stewart and Fairbanks and a couple other stars overcame. Stewart was a man among men, a real leader who made a lot of good things happen, and also accomplished as an actor. He was a talented swordsman when he wanted to be, and didn’t settle down until he was 41, then when he did he pulled off something difficult, which was being a Hollyweird figure and also faithful to a single woman for 40 years.

    Viewing it through the red pill lens I notice a sort of duality there. There are bad boy alphas, narcissistic sociopaths, who bed a lot of women, may be successful in their own way, but aren’t good for much of anything. There’s another kind of alpha that leads, accomplishes shit, runs the pack. Sometimes there’s an overlap in the character traits, but usually they are two different kinds of men entirely. The perception of course is that John Wayne is the dangerous gunshooter but the quiet, super competent, highly accomplished Jimmy Stewart is actually far and away more deadly than the drunk loudmouth Wayne ever thought of being. I was career Army for close to a decade and worked with some genuine gunners, they had their cowboy moments and every unit had “*That* fuckin’ guy…” but most of those guys were wired tight and were quiet men, except amongst themselves. As an attorney, I find the flashy loudmouths need to be watched closely because they can leverage social / political situations well and the dummies sure buy their act, but they are easily overmatched once they are dragged into the arena. On the gripping hand, the studious and accomplished quiet guys, the ones who are super competitive and take real pride in their work, will simply outwork you and put a very real and permanent hurt on your client in the courtroom if you aren’t careful. This leads me to think there’s a sort of “accomplished alpha” subspecies that seems to get overlooked for the most part and I don’t quite get it because they aren’t betas in any meaningful sense – they get paid and get laid pretty well – and they make the world run. Yeah, i guess they’re sort of beta in a way because they aren’t narcissistic sociopaths but nothing about them is non-dominant. I don’t think any girls toss panties at them, except once in a while, on occasions where it’s impossible to ignore their accomplishments.

  74. Joe Blow – “This leads me to think there’s a sort of ‘accomplished alpha’ subspecies that seems to get overlooked for the most part and I don’t quite get it because they aren’t betas in any meaningful sense…”

    Maybe because too often flamboyance is conflated with confidence thus the quiet,competent, confident man is overlooked because he has better things to do than seek attention from everyone. Instead this type targets his desired audience seeks attention from it and cares not if anyone else notices.

  75. I agree with you, the AF/BB dynamic in a single man isn’t beleived by women today.

    It isn’t believed by today’s women, not because it doesn’t exist in sufficient numbers, but because she doesn’t prefer it. She prefers in fact to extinguish it. She prefers a dual pluralistic feminine sexuality where she can express and enjoy greater sexual freedom and an artificial feeling of control and dominance. These are all her illusions of course.

    The optimal AF/BB man of yesterday is today’s dinosaur AS INTENDED BY the modern feminine imperative. She has incessantly vilified, belittled and psychologically castrated him for several generations. Each new generation requires fresh forms of vilification, devaluation and castration. The FI cannot afford to rest or stop morphing into new forms, lest she loose power. Her illusive facade requires incessant maintenance and ever changing masquerades. Today, she flips the bird at the natural human male who optimizes the AF/BB dynamic within himself and prances about like a victorious whore. This hard wired AF/BB trait dynamic still exists today within many men regardless of wide spread media lies and pop culture perceived male behavior. She seeks to destroy him and embrace a dualistic plural “open hypergamy”. Her goal is a personal sense of control, dominance, and superiority. Her quest is ultimately futile and her gaol is a mirage. The FI is simply no more than a meta prostitutional stratagem and its consequences are damaging to both genders as should be expected

  76. George – “She prefers a dual pluralistic feminine sexuality where she can express and enjoy greater sexual freedom and an artificial feeling of control and dominance.”

    Because giving herself sexually to a man who is a provider either makes her a whore (trading sex for material goods), or a slave (giving up power to submit to a dominant man). By chasing Alpha Fux she can submit moment and maintain the illusion of independence. By accepting commitment from Beta Bux she gets the very highest price for her sex and can aintain the illusion that’s she is not a whore. Combining the two, AFand BB means accepting a submissive position to a man who provides with an expectation of sex.

    This is antithetical to entire feminist paradigm of equality with and independence from men. To achieve this ultimate feminist goal women achieve equality, and equality of outcome by political policy, and they achieve independence by becoming lesbians.

  77. Bad painter – Well put, agreed. I wonder how many women really are successful with this plural hypergamy and how many really aren’t. We are seeing many media examples of this and examples of young girls in traditionally masculine leadership fantasy roles (hunger games, etc.). However, I personally know very few real females who are successful with “open hypergamy” and none who characterize real leadership traits. The ones attempting to practice this plural hypergamy expose themselves as the untrustworthy sluts they are, divorced, etc and no man worth a shit wants anything to do with them. They end up extremely insecure bitter hags in short order.

    The entertainment industry has cranked out fake shitcom after fake shitcom for years presenting a polithera of feigned weak stupid male characters. I know none in real life who remotely resemble these idiotic illusions. Maybe it is the company I prefer or the industry I’m in, however I doubt my experience is far from typical. One lesson I remember from college psychology 101 is “insanity is defined by the individuals inability to distinguish fantasy from reality”.

  78. BP, I think you are to something there. The current environment for women and the one they really want is the AF/BB duality. They are two different, independent options. And she looks at the male in each very differently.

    In AF she can submit but does so because she wants to and gets nothing in return for it. So she’s not a whore.

    In BB she tricks a man into provisioning for her (he has the expectation of long term sex) but since for her it is NOT based upon physical attraction over time she loses interest and ends up dishing out little to no sex. Since she is not providing sex and never intended too; she’s not a whore.

    If the BB male does like like the raw deal it turns out that he got; he can always be divorced and will get an even rawer deal. She gets to keep her cake and eat it too; its win/win for women. Its a win for Alpha’s too but a huge loser’s hand for beta’s and all other males. Which of course make up the vast majority of the male population.

  79. @Joe Blow re: “He was a talented swordsman when he wanted to be”

    Nonsense. There is no evidence for this behavior at all. Originally practically everyone out in Hollywood was begging him to be a badder boy in order to better appeal to the ladies. In contrast, Margaret Sullavan decided to improve her public perception, i.e. to unsully her casting-couch-queen reputation, by hanging out with Jimmy and patting him on the head and telling him what a good boy he was.

  80. If you want a prototypical real Alpha male character in film, take the time to watch Stake Land –

    The lead male is known as Mister, he is an Apex Alpha in a post apocalyptic world. He takes what he needs, kills Vamps, yet has a strong ethical side to him. Strong, True, and Courageous.

    Excellent movie also, as it deals with this scenario in a “real” way. The vamps are not beautiful people, and the humans are barely surviving.

    10 outta 10 from me.

  81. @DeNihilist re: no-maam “Alpha males don’t usually get the chicks. They get the best chick and she tends to stick around and beat the shit out of any other girls who come around.”

    Utterly backwards.

  82. @ Water Cannon Boy:

    “Your aunt giggles advocated sexual assault.( or since she’s a girl she can joke about that)”

    Here’s what she said:

    “You could say, “listen, I know it’s been a couple of weeks, but I am still thinking about that makeout sesh…”

    “Alternatively, you could get him drunk and do it again!”

    I’m no longer surprised by anything Susan says. It’s hardly worth reading or commenting on anymore. She’s as tone-deaf as they come – advocating, even joking, that a woman get a guy drunk and then initiate another makeout session. I’m not sure she even knows what she’s saying — that she’s suggesting a woman undertake a course of conduct that she herself claims is sexual assault when a man does it.

  83. This is kind of mind-blowing, because it’s on a female-centric satire site:

    This is either the best piece of Black Knighting I’ve ever seen, or a really interesting early indicator of attitude changes.

    The tactic of expressing truths behind multi-layered irony, so the reader wonders how meta the sendups are, is also one to file away.

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