A while back reader Looking for Zion had a great comment wondering why it is women seem to have such a preoccupation with complaining to men so much:

Yesterday I was listening to a blogger talking about that Antifa Girl, then I saw a video by Camille Paglia on how women need to stop blaming men. By the time I read this essay I was already wondering, Why do women blame men (for everything)?

I mean, for example, no matter how good women have it here in the US, it’s never enough. They say, “We still have far to go.” What the fuck does that mean? They’ve achieved everything except becoming President and Vice-President – and only failed at that cause the worst possible candidate was put up. They’re astronauts, brain surgeons, CEOs, soldiers, pilots, MMA fighters…. I mean, short of a penis, what are they really missing?

Then I read this essay and it dawned on me: Women are biologically programmed to blame men for any and all perceived failures or shortfalls, because for millennia they have depended solely upon men (at the societal, tribal, and family level) for everything, particularly their very survival.

Whether it’s the nagging wife blaming her husband for her unhappiness, or the feminist harpy blaming men for WHATEVER, it is in female DNA and thus beyond their control to stop blaming “men” for anything they perceive to be wrong (in the absence of men standing firm and telling them to STFU). Males are always the scapegoat because men, until recently, were always the protectors and leaders of the female species.

When I woke up this morning, that realization led me to connect another dot: The patriarchy is not some ephemeral construct, or a male conspiracy. The patriarchy is IN WOMEN’S DNA.

From the time that the first single-celled creatures sprang forth from the waters of the Earth, life evolved toward the creation of homo-sapiens. Billions of years of genetic code formed a male dominant human dynamic that feminists and cultural Marxists have tried to re-engineer for a comparatively measly 50-60 years. But social engineering can NOT overwrite biology.

So good luck trying to “smash the Patriarchy” ladies, because the patriarchy is inside you. It was a survival mechanism selected for over eons. The patriarchy will always be there, like a splinter in your mind – unless and until enough time and genetic mutations have passed after men as a whole have given up and let you completely rule the world however you see fit.

With this, Zion is coming into an understanding of the evolved psychological underpinnings of intersexual relations. Women’s innate predilection to complain is just one aspect of women’s evolved nature that socialization or, if you like, “higher order thinking” finds ways to cover up, but never really change. Whether it’s women’s capacity to move on from a former lover (War Brides), women’s subconscious shit testing for men’s fitness, or the uglier aspects of Hypergamy, the underlying motivators for much of what we dismiss as ‘women just being women’ is rooted in how they evolved to interact with men.

Recently I cam across a video of Jordan B. Peterson explaining the evolutionary logistics involved in women’s sexual selection process. You can watch the video here, but the short version confirms exactly what Zion is coming to realize; the seeds of Patriarchy is literally written into women’s DNA, and by extension into larger human society’s social and intersexual make up.

Women’s sexual selection, women’s Hypergamous sexual strategy (Alpha Fucks / Beta Bucks), is what creates the condition of the male dominance hierarchy. By the social extension of this hierarchy, based on women’s evolved conditions for male Hypergamous acceptability, we see what perceptually looks like Patriarchy. Indeed, this has been the dominant social order – with women creating covert personal and social contingencies to exploit it – up until the time of unilaterally female-controlled hormonal birth control and the subsequent sexual revolution.

As Zion noted, billions of years of genetic code formed a male dominant human dynamic that feminists and cultural Marxists have tried to re-engineer for a comparatively measly 50-60 years. And it’s correct that social engineering cannot overwrite biology. However, that isn’t to say that social and scientific engineering can’t give women more control over their sexual selection process as well as making every effort to absolve them of the responsibilities associated with this new control. If I disagree with anything Peterson asserts in this video it’s that our social order for the last 60-70 years has been one founded on unfettering and insuring women’s sexual strategy and applying the consequences and costs of women’s control over it directly to men. Presently, we live in a feminine-primary social order, but it’s founded on the default presumption of an oppressive, inherently sexist, misogynistic Patriarchy that still clings to a social contract that hasn’t existed since the time of the Sexual Revolution.

Our feminine-primary social order is a reflection of how intersexual dynamics have shifted to favor the female and the female sexual strategy. The male dominance hierarchy and the qualifications of it are still dependent upon women’s evolved Hypergamy, only now, in light of how women have been insured against any real liability for their sexual selection choices, the prioritization of those hierarchal qualifications have shifted. There is still a “patriarchy” created by women’s sexual strategy, but now this male dominance hierarchy is primarily founded on the Alpha Fucks side of the Hypergamous equation.

Evolution of Complaining

The fact that complaining seems to come so natural to women is something we kind of take for granted, in fact so much so that we will make jokes about it and think nothing of it. We can interpret this also from the ‘men display, women choose’ principle. There is an expectation that men will qualify themselves for a woman’s intimate approval – whether or not they do so is irrelevant, it is women’s expectation of performance from men. Men being innate idealists, as well as deductive problem solvers, it only follows that men (majority being Beta) would make their best efforts to solve women’s problems as a primary element of their sexual strategy. The deductive logic is: Solve a woman’s problems and in exchange she will reciprocate with her intimacy.

This, in a nutshell, is what constitutes most men’s Game in their earliest attempts to get with a woman, and really why wouldn’t it? Boys are taught a default deference to “respect” the female sex from an early age. This deference is where the expectation of performance begins, and taken to the extreme it can end up as the Savior Schema and expectations of women reciprocating in Relational Equity. This is where many Betas have their ‘game’ disillusioned for them. They see the guys who do not perform for women in a direct manner being rewarded with intimacy while they are shamed for their ‘Niceties’ – the behaviors they’ve always been taught will endear women to them – and shamed for expecting intimacy in exchange for solving women’s problems.

But really, what is women’s complaining about? The facility with which women will complain to men makes evident their need for security and this security need flows from the provisioning side of Hypergamy. As I’ve said many times before, Hypergamy is rooted in an existential doubt – is this guy the best she can do? It’s important to put this doubt into context though; bear in mind that there are two sides to Hypergamy – short term sexual, genetic optimization (Alpha Fucks) and long term security, safety and parental investment optimization (Beta Bucks). Both sides of women’s pluralistic sexual strategy always have doubt attached to them. And as Zion implied, even when women are assured of security that doubt still persists.

When we consider women’s subconscious need to shit test men we also need to see that women’s complaining is part of her subconscious attempting to reconcile this doubt with a man she’s invested herself in. It is indeed written into women’s mental firmware that men are to be looked to as the problem solvers.

A while ago Deti had a great comment on one of Dalrock’s posts:

Some of the best depictions of shit testing and comfort testing in media are in Mad Men, where Betty brings some concern to Don. Some concerns are serious; some are frivolous and trivial. Almost all the time, Don faces her and says something like “Bets, you’re tired. You’re upset. And it’s all understandable. It’ll be OK. Just go get some sleep, and we’ll figure it out in the morning.” And that’s all Betty needed to hear. Don has it under control. He explains to her what’s going on, and says he (or they) will get it taken care of.

That’s passing comfort tests with flying colors.

A shit test is depicted where Megan (his second wife) is cleaning their apartment in her bra and panties. She taunts him, saying “you can’t have any of this”, while on hands and knees in a clearly sexually provocative position, all the while looking back at him to gauge his response. He then proceeds to pull her to her feet, kisses her, and has sex with her on the living room floor. She willingly submits to him.

That’s passing a shit test with flying colors. And that really is a shit test – she’s being a total bitch to Don and stating a literal challenge to his masculinity. It’s “I’m here, calling you less than a man and depriving you of something we both know you want. You don’t have what it takes to stand up to me. What are you gonna do about it?”

You cannot make a woman “Happy”, however, this does not preclude a woman’s innate need to see you as either a confident problem solver (as in Draper’s exchange with Betty) or a guy who “Just Gets It” (as in the shit test example with Megan). I believe Deti is correct here, but I think we can make a distinction between a woman’s need to test for a comfort versus a shit test of sexual selection.

I would argue that a comfort test comes from women’s deep need for security in a chaotic world. A comfort test, and I would include complaining and nagging in this, is rooted in a woman’s Hypergamous need of certainty and consistency in provisioning. A persistent complaint is really a cry for security and confirmation of a man’s competency. Male dominance will always require a superior competency in virtually all matters. That may not be realistic or pragmatic, but it is the expectation, and this need for competency finds its roots in men understanding and accepting their Burden of Performance.

A shit test, on the other hand, is a challenge of a man’s savvy with regard to reading, interpreting and acting upon a woman’s covert communications of sexual competency. Shit tests, even subconscious or unintentional ones, are initiated to gauge whether a man Just Gets It with regard to a woman’s sexual subcommunications. It is a test designed to determine a man’s Alpha potential and his capacity to push past his social programming and go after (even physically) what he wants sexually – hopefully that’s the woman giving him the indicators. It is a test of a man’s capacity to understand that the Medium is the Message.

One reason that Amused Mastery is such an effective PUA technique is because – when understood and applied well – it serves to satisfy both sides of these tests. It implies competency in both problem solving and sexual viability.

Lastly, I should also point out that both of these tests of competency are part of women’s evolved, psychological firmware. Women can certainly deliver these tests with malice, intent and forethought, but as to why these tests would be significant from an evolutionary perspective, only her subconscious is aware of it. Both tests have the latent purpose to establish a man’s competency in either the Alpha Fucks or Beta Bucks aspect of a woman’s Hypergamy.

Published by Rollo Tomassi

Author of The Rational Male and The Rational Male, Preventive Medicine

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  1. Comfort tests derive from fear of loss to her… Shit tests derive from seeking dominance over her.

  2. Dawkins’ Selfish Gene Theory is the Rosetta Stone that when deciphered holds the key to explain it all. Read up on it and apply Red Pill knowledge. Follow the paths down the rabbit hole to their logical conclusion and there you will find the answer to the greatest question of them all, “why”.

    Warning! The answer is not for the faint of heart. In fact, it is quite depressing and I often wish I didn’t know. As wise men have cautioned, there are some things a man, or mankind, should not know. I consider this answer, blindingly simple as it is, to be the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

    The answer, when revealed to you through your own investigations, will make fully digesting the Red Pill seem like an ice cream float. Cheers.

  3. “Whaddaya wanna do?”
    “I dunno – whadda YOU wanna do?”

    That’s a funny exchange when two bros do it over and over (I think it’s from the old movie “Marty”). But when you and your spouse/girlfiend/POSSLQ are doing it, and even worse, keep doing it, you’re failing the shit test.

    Part of my unplugging was learning the hard way that when I was being looked up to and asked to make a decision, in whatever context, that’s what I was expected to do. Failure was not an option. Not a wise one, anyway. But it took a string of breakups before I realized that throwing the decision back to her (to show how male-libermerated I was) did NOT make me the bestest hottest SNAG ever, but the lamest AFC blue-balled idiot.

    (Cue Alan O’Day’s mellow-lifestyle 70’s song “Undercover Angel.” GAWD what a horror that was. Not giving you the link, you wanna dial it up and burn your ears off, that’s your lookout).

  4. Great writeup. A bit more clarity added, especially with the examples and comment about Amused Mastery.

    This is related, but not 100% on topic. Women need drama, and I am trying to tune my hardass behavior during the follicular phase of her cycle to introduce some in her (well to alpha it up with this side effect that seems OK). It is not natural for men (at least most of us) to reduce tranquility intentionally, or risk it, but sometimes she gets butthurt and down when I am a bit harsh and indifferent when she brings it up. It seems to last a while, while I mostly leave her alone, and she winds up fine later and she’s good to go. It is hard for me to read what this is doing longer term though. During her luteal phase I am less harsh, still demanding, but with a nicer demeanor. Obviously I’d rather have this hard wired, and some basic stuff is getting that way, but I’d love to here from more experienced/successful alphas wrt LTRs on this topic please. There is no issue with sex, either desire or frequency, but I’d like to build this into my firmware so I can simply focus on me, which I know is much of the answer here. Any good comments would be appreciated.

  5. Women need dramatic events to reset all their fucked up mental wiring.

    But painting their back porch red, fucking their mouth until they are crying then banging them out from behind does the trick. Bonus points if you clean your junk off in their hair.

  6. “Whaddaya wanna do?”
    “I dunno – whadda YOU wanna do?”

    When I did RCIA years ago and they were yammering on about “mutual submission”, I pointed out exactly this dynamic as the reason why “mutual submission” (a) doesn’t ever work in real life, and (b) only arouses female contempt. Naturally this taste of redpill (before I even knew what that was) was rejected indignantly by the bluepill crowd in the class.

  7. What kind of “men” are worried about passing or not passing shit tests, how well they pass shit tests compared to other men, how well they carry a “burden of performance”, what it “really means” when a woman complains, passing comfort tests…. or for this matter “passing” any “test” defined by someone other than himself? “Alphas”? “Betas”?

    Isn’t it “Beta” to be even concerned with how to pass these tests and what they mean? Isn’t “Beta” manifested by a default response that self evidently reveals an automatic self subjection to the tests?

    Who gives a shit about “shit tests” other than “beta males” ?

    Do you think any real “alpha male” would even be concerned in the least?

    Maybe we should watch a lifetime worth of Dr. Phill (“Dr.” Phill McGraw = Dr. Phill O’ Shit) so we can experience enough “shit tests” to get enough practice. So, we will “really know what they really, really for real, mean”? Maybe we should pseudo intellectually pontificate about “shit tests” indefinitely.


    Is “being” a “rational male” nothing more than a “beta” males way of trying to fool himself into accepting his self selected lower status?


      12. Fallacy of Misdirected Obsession Hate

      Hater: A guy who spends his life obsessing over how to get women is a loser.

      A guy who spends his life obsessing over climbing the corporate ladder to get more attention from women is a loser.

      A guy who spends his life obsessing over mastering guitar and playing in a rock band to get more attention from women is a loser.

      A guy who spends his life obsessing over pursuing financial rewards and acquiring resources to get more attention from women is a loser.

      A guy who….. ah, you get the point.

      13. Fallacy of the Natural Hate

      Hater: Naturals get women because they aren’t trying to get them.

      After many years of practice, I’m sure it looked like Beethoven wasn’t trying when he played piano.

      Or: A natural is simply a man whose game is internalized, but the tactics remain the same.

  8. Is it a “test” or is she just being a cunt, a bitch?

    “Test” = I’m a sissy beta male and I need to “uuunnnderstaaaaand” her and figure out hooooowe I am suuuuupooosed to respond so I can be and “alpha man”. (And if I’m “rational” enough then maybe I can be an alpha god….)

    “Cunt, bitch” = I’m not a sissy and her no sense doesn’t rule me.

  9. @NBTM

    A woman tests are often biologically driven…if a man is unconsciously competent at passing these tests, he doesn’t worry about passing them. If a man is developing competence, then it may require effort. It’s always an alpha trait to be able to calibrate other people’s psychological states.

    Hypergamy causes women to test men. If you don’t care about passing tests, then you may as well limit your sex to one time sexual encounters, because even spinning plates requires men to pass tests.

    it seems that you are objecting to biology.

  10. Lol.

    ” understanding ” how electronic engine management computers work, and what their actual functions are, saves me from blindly tearing down an entire engine whenever a problem is encountered. Saves lots of unnecessary frustration and work, and makes problems easier to resolve.

    Understanding can never be overrated.

    Ditto with women’s chosen mode of communication.

    Just get it.

  11. Most men need to be trained how to deal with the various situations of life

    Red Pill, Rollo etc are just that. Requiring said training doesn’t make one any less of a man… Unless he bitches about the hard work required to butch the fuck up

  12. @GW
    June 30, 2017 at 2:43 pm

    What exactly are your goals? What are you trying to accomplish?

    Surely it can’t be Flashes of Alpha merely for the sake of being 100% Alpha cause you heard about that in the Red Pill Manosphere.

    Are you trying to change her behaviors? What behaviors of hers are these?

    If you want to simply focus on you, then why are you trying to change her?

    What features do you want to change in you? Are you afraid of your Beta tendencies, have you had problems with Blue Pill tendencies? AFC tendencies?

    Do you have issues with what your soul and heart is telling you vs. what your cognitive Ego is telling you? What do you want to do? Are you trying to withdraw from her? Why?

    Do you need barriers to protect yourself? What are your fears leading to you changing this way? Is she not allowing you to focus on you?

    Withdrawing Time and Attention in order to get more proper behavior from her via Operant Conditioning is different from withdrawing Presence and Affection for lack of sex in LTR’s (the latter in desperation). Alpha’s do the former, but subscribe to the latter until the juice is not worth the squeeze. But you explicitly state that desire sex is not the issue. What is the issue?

  13. Isn’t it “Beta” to be even concerned with how to pass these tests and what they mean? Isn’t “Beta” manifested by a default response that self evidently reveals an automatic self subjection to the tests?

    Yes. Hence the need for Beta’s to learn how to use shit tests to their advantage. (By being in their own MPO and owning their Frame.) Most often the Beta position doesn’t even understand that she is desperate for the Beta to pass those said shit tests when he lacks the Competence to pass them. Her hypergamous hamster occasionally wants the greater beta lesser alpha because it serves her purposes better (she wants her desire back, otherwise her chosen beta bucks sinks so low that she looks bad in a group of women and this generates cognitive dissonance via the AF/BB paradigm). The Beta AFC doesn’t actually know that he is being shit tested or how to respond because lack of Competence. Let alone understand why they are with a cunt, bitch.

  14. “For a woman’s sexuality to be satisfied, it is important that her manipulation attempts against her man not be too effective.”–from the Practical Female Psychology book

    Otherwise she puts herself out of business sexually by being the said bitch, cunt.

  15. @Tarl, what’s RCIA?
    From context I guess it’s some kind of marriage counseling, but that’s just a guess.

  16. SFC Ton
    Most men need to be trained how to deal with the various situations of life

    The first step to training is often de-training the wrong stuff we already know.
    “Steer into the skid”, “watch the front sight”, “stop trying to make her happy”, etc.

  17. The Patriarchy is created by women, and will re-emerge due to women’s direct actions. The gigantic 50 yr old shit test, that the West is currently failing will yield a supremely male dominant ZFG patriarchy for the ages. This has already been discussed by many. ZFG young males invading and raping the gleefully receptive females will supplant native white populations, ushering in an era of burka-clad women, sporting dual black eyes whenever they open their big mouths. But women will never stop shit testing. It is required to keep their males strong and dominant. The men with the strong pimp-hand will be the ones to deliver their DNA into the future.

  18. caught my main bitch in a lie tonight.
    had nothing to go on but a hunch.
    laughed in her face as she denied and doubled down on her deception.
    held frame, she folded.
    I was right.

    the past few months have been crazy. applying game to all of life has led to great breakthroughs. promotion at work and accomplishing many other goals.

    still more to do, more to see, more to uncover about myself and the way i really work. An eventlike tonight would have fucked old bp me up.

    now i can trust them to be women.
    it’s all the competence i need.

  19. Glad I could contribute, Rollo. If I hadn’t found No More Mr. Nice Guy and TRM in autumn of 2015 I don’t know where I’d be. I suffered a lot in ignorance before I found the red pill and never would’ve had that realization without your insights on evolutionary psychology.

  20. @SFC Ton, who said “Most men need to be trained how to deal with the various situations of life
    Red Pill, Rollo etc are just that. Requiring said training doesn’t make one any less of a man… Unless he bitches about the hard work required to butch the fuck up.”

    Very well put, last sentence is the key! I love hearing that stuff!


    Thanks!!! And Agreed. Pre-red pill, sex 2-3 times per week and mixed results. Since RP (80+% of which is thanks to @Rollo and this community!) over the past 3 years it is like 5-6 times per week on, and it is a lot more fun, she wants it as much as I do now and I don’t think I am technically a great lover (I actually have had little interest in becoming one…too much work, I get no more pleasure, but I digress). I feel like things are going well, I flirt and sometimes get interest from other girls. She’s slowly accepting this more and more, though complains on occasion after the fact. :-)…part of the recipe above.

    Here is your answers, though some of your questions I will ponder later. Thanks!
    1. (not about sex per se). To reiterate, my sex life is about 95% of where I think it can go…slowly working on that, but I definitely want to keep the intensity going, and I feel like I need to game her and push boundaries a bit here and there to do so.
    2. I have read somewhere (perhaps also more subtly here) that you need to keep pushing the boundaries. Broken window theory. I don’t want any behavioral backsliding, so I want to keep her on her toes. This way, when I do give in to something, I am not backsliding. Probably not well put, but I hope you get the idea. I think this is related to your question, Are you afraid of your Beta tendencies, have you had problems with Blue Pill tendencies?” –Yes, but this is slowly waning.

    “AFC tendencies?” Not afraid of this one now.

    “Do you have issues with what your soul and heart is telling you vs. what your cognitive Ego is telling you?” Don’t think so, but will mull this.

    “What do you want to do?” Hard wire my behavior so well that I don’t think about it…so I can walk and chew gum. 🙂

    “Are you trying to withdraw from her?” Only a tactical issue…don’t want to get soft or get oneitis.

    “Do you need barriers to protect yourself? What are your fears leading to you changing this way?” I haven’t got a gut feel for proper behavior in all ways yet. It is tuning more than I am “changing”.
    “Is she not allowing you to focus on you?” Never an issue at all. 🙂

    Great comment about the difference between training and punishing at end.

    BBQ waiting. Thanks again

    Everyone have an amazing holiday weekend!

  21. “Understanding can never be overrated.

    The hell it can’t .. ACTION can never be overrated!

    “Understanding” and…. you don’t know “Biology”

    hahaha! It’s all those other guys who just don’t “get it”….


    This is exactly what failing shit tests looks like. All this “taking apart the engine” and uuundeeerstaaanding “biology” is nothing more than beta hamster in overdrive. That is exactly what she absolutely does not want. It is what she is testing for so,she can reject it. She is throwing bait and feeding the hamster to see if you are a sissy. Beta = Man who creates his own female hamster within himself and lets women feed it.

    The “red pill” itself is a “shit test.”

  22. There is good information here and it can help guys, I’ll be the first to admit that and that it has helped me. I wouldn’t participate unless that were so. However it easily morphs into a circle jerk.

  23. To get all introspective…I saw a photo of myself when I was a kid…I realized I was quite a good looking guy. But I felt weird and gangly and awkward–it was perception not reality. I’m older now, but get way more girls—because of game and attitude.

    When I was in my beta days…I was always trying to be “understanding” with girls…listening, allowing them to complain…hearing them out. All it resulted in was more abuse, more crap, more shit-tests.

    Now…I listen and very quickly shut these things down. A girl I’m banging started into texting me the other day about some “stories I need to tell you…”

    I just replied; “If it’s drama I don’t need to hear it…”

    Guess what? No more complaining texts.

    It’s interesting to recall back to my beta days to see that like that kid in the photo…I still look the same more or less…but it’s how I carry myself that’s changed.

    Women complain because they want a man who’s strong to show them some sort of care and attention.

    But when a guy starts becoming sensitive the woman immediately starts getting turned off….weirdest thing I’ve ever experienced throughout my life.

  24. In light of this article, I find it ironic and funny that conservatives are people who mostly complain about the collapse of society but actively, positively do little to fix it and to fight against the forces destroying it. Read their blogs, books, articles, take their classes, etc. They just analyze and complain. They’re essentially women.

  25. @GW

    Good answers.

    You are just slightly frustrated by trying to cross the threshold of conscious competence over into unconscious competence in the apprentice-ship four squares of Mastery.

    Just keep going.

    You might want to read over the pointers in Robert Greene’s Mastery book in the chapter on Strategies for Completing the Ideal Apprenticeship.

    Do not think that what is hard for you to master is humanly impossible; and if it is humanly possible, consider it to be within your reach.—MARCUS AURELIUS

    Throughout history, Masters in all fields have devised for themselves various strategies to help them pursue and complete an Ideal Apprenticeship. The following are eight classic strategies, distilled from the stories of their lives and illustrated with examples. Although some might seem more relevant than others to your circumstances, each of them relates fundamental truths about the learning process itself that you would be wise to internalize.

    1. Value learning over money (Recursive to a Nassim Taleb quote: “You are rich if and only if money you refuse tastes better than money you accept.)

    2. Keep expanding your horizons

    3. Revert to a feeling of inferiority

    In his apprenticeship in the jungles of the Amazon that would later lead to his career as a groundbreaking linguist, Daniel Everett came upon a truth that has application far beyond his field of study. What prevents people from learning, even something as difficult as Pirahã, is not the subject itself—the human mind has limitless capabilities—but rather certain learning disabilities that tend to fester and grow in our minds as we get older. These include a sense of smugness and superiority whenever we encounter something alien to our ways, as well as rigid ideas about what is real or true, often indoctrinated in us by schooling or family. If we feel like we know something, our minds close off to other possibilities. We see reflections of the truth we have already assumed. Such feelings of superiority are often unconscious and stem from a fear of what is different or unknown. We are rarely aware of this, and often imagine ourselves to be paragons of impartiality.

    Children are generally free of these handicaps. They are dependent upon adults for their survival and naturally feel inferior. This sense of inferiority gives them a hunger to learn. Through learning, they can bridge the gap and not feel so helpless. Their minds are completely open; they pay greater attention. This is why children can learn so quickly and so deeply. Unlike other animals, we humans retain what is known as neoteny—mental and physical traits of immaturity—well into our adult years. We have the remarkable capability of returning to a childlike spirit, especially in moments in which we must learn something. Well into our fifties and beyond, we can return to that sense of wonder and curiosity, reviving our youth and apprenticeships.

    Understand: when you enter a new environment, your task is to learn and absorb as much as possible. For that purpose you must try to revert to a childlike feeling of inferiority—the feeling that others know much more than you and that you are dependent upon them to learn and safely navigate your apprenticeship. You drop all of your preconceptions about an environment or field, any lingering feelings of smugness. You have no fears. You interact with people and participate in the culture as deeply as possible. You are full of curiosity. Assuming this sensation of inferiority, your mind will open up and you will have a hunger to learn. This position is of course only temporary. You are reverting to a feeling of dependence, so that within five to ten years you can learn enough to finally declare your independence and enter full adulthood.

    4. Trust the process

    What separates Masters from others is often something surprisingly simple. Whenever we learn a skill, we frequently reach a point of frustration—what we are learning seems beyond our capabilities. Giving in to these feelings, we unconsciously quit on ourselves before we actually give up. Among the dozens of pilots in Rodriguez’s class who never made the cut, almost all of them had the same talent level as he did. The difference is not simply a matter of determination, but more of trust and faith. Many of those who succeed in life have had the experience in their youth of having mastered some skill—a sport or game, a musical instrument, a foreign language, and so on. Buried in their minds is the sensation of overcoming their frustrations and entering the cycle of accelerated returns. In moments of doubt in the present, the memory of the past experience rises to the surface. Filled with trust in the process, they trudge on well past the point at which others slow down or mentally quit.

    When it comes to mastering a skill, time is the magic ingredient. Assuming your practice proceeds at a steady level, over days and weeks certain elements of the skill become hardwired. Slowly, the entire skill becomes internalized, part of your nervous system. The mind is no longer mired in the details, but can see the larger picture. It is a miraculous sensation and practice will lead you to that point, no matter the talent level you are born with. The only real impediment to this is yourself and your emotions—boredom, panic, frustration, insecurity. You cannot suppress such emotions—they are normal to the process and are experienced by everyone, including Masters. What you can do is have faith in the process. The boredom will go away once you enter the cycle. The panic disappears after repeated exposure. The frustration is a sign of progress—a signal that your mind is processing complexity and requires more practice. The insecurities will transform into their opposites when you gain mastery. Trusting this will all happen, you will allow the natural learning process to move forward, and everything else will fall into place.

    5. Move toward resistance and pain

    (ref. stories about basketball player Bill Bradley and then poet John Keats)

    By nature, we humans shrink from anything that seems possibly painful or overtly difficult. We bring this natural tendency to our practice of any skill. Once we grow adept at some aspect of this skill, generally one that comes more easily to us, we prefer to practice this element over and over. Our skill becomes lopsided as we avoid our weaknesses. Knowing that in our practice we can let down our guard, since we are not being watched or under pressure to perform, we bring to this a kind of dispersed attention. We tend to also be quite conventional in our practice routines. We generally follow what others have done, performing the accepted exercises for these skills.

    This is the path of amateurs. To attain mastery, you must adopt what we shall call Resistance Practice. The principle is simple—you go in the opposite direction of all of your natural tendencies when it comes to practice. First, you resist the temptation to be nice to yourself. You become your own worst critic; you see your work as if through the eyes of others. You recognize your weaknesses, precisely the elements you are not good at. Those are the aspects you give precedence to in your practice. You find a kind of perverse pleasure in moving past the pain this might bring. Second, you resist the lure of easing up on your focus. You train yourself to concentrate in practice with double the intensity, as if it were the real thing times two. In devising your own routines, you become as creative as possible. You invent exercises that work upon your weaknesses. You give yourself arbitrary deadlines to meet certain standards, constantly pushing yourself past perceived limits. In this way you develop your own standards for excellence, generally higher than those of others.

    In the end, your five hours of intense, focused work are the equivalent of ten for most people. Soon enough you will see the results of such practice, and others will marvel at the apparent ease in which you accomplish your deeds.

    6. Apprentice yourself in failure

    (ref. Henry Ford)

    Henry Ford had one of those minds that was naturally attuned to the mechanical. He had the power of most great inventors—the ability to visualize the parts and how they functioned together. If he had to describe how something worked, Ford would inevitably take a napkin and sketch out a diagram rather than use words. With this type of intelligence, his apprenticeships on machines were easy and fast. But when it came to mass-producing his inventions, he had to confront the fact that he did not have the requisite knowledge. He needed an additional apprenticeship in becoming a businessman and entrepreneur. Fortunately, working on machines had developed in him a kind of practical intelligence, patience, and way of solving problems that could be applied to anything.

    When a machine malfunctions you do not take it personally or grow despondent. It is in fact a blessing in disguise. Such malfunctions generally show you inherent flaws and means of improvement. You simply keep tinkering until you get it right. The same should apply to an entrepreneurial venture. Mistakes and failures are precisely your means of education. They tell you about your own inadequacies. It is hard to find out such things from people, as they are often political with their praise and criticisms. Your failures also permit you to see the flaws of your ideas, which are only revealed in the execution of them. You learn what your audience really wants, the discrepancy between your ideas and how they affect the public. Pay close attention to the structure of your group—how your team is organized, the degree of independence you have from the source of capital. These are design elements as well, and such management issues are often hidden sources of problems.

    Think of it this way: There are two kinds of failure. The first comes from never trying out your ideas because you are afraid, or because you are waiting for the perfect time. This kind of failure you can never learn from, and such timidity will destroy you. The second kind comes from a bold and venturesome spirit. If you fail in this way, the hit that you take to your reputation is greatly outweighed by what you learn. Repeated failure will toughen your spirit and show you with absolute clarity how things must be done. In fact, it is a curse to have everything go right on your first attempt. You will fail to question the element of luck, making you think that you have the golden touch. When you do inevitably fail, it will confuse and demoralize you past the point of learning. In any case, to apprentice as an entrepreneur you must act on your ideas as early as possible, exposing them to the public, a part of you even hoping that you’ll fail. You have everything to gain.

    7. Combine the “how” and the “what”

    (ref. Santiago Calatrava)

    We humans live in two worlds. First, there is the outer world of appearances—all of the forms of things that captivate our eye. But hidden from our view is another world—how these things actually function, their anatomy or composition, the parts working together and forming the whole. This second world is not so immediately captivating. It is harder to understand. It is not something visible to the eye, but only to the mind that glimpses the reality. But this “how” of things is just as poetic once we understand it—it contains the secret of life, of how things move and change.

    This division between the “how” and the “what” can be applied to almost everything around us—we see the machine, not how it works; we see a group of people producing something as a business, not how the group is structured or how the products are manufactured and distributed. (In a similar fashion, we tend to be mesmerized by people’s appearances, not the psychology behind what they do or say.) As Calatrava discovered, in overcoming this division, in combining the “how” and the “what” of architecture, he gained a much deeper, or rather more rounded knowledge of the field. He grasped a larger portion of the reality that goes into making buildings. This allowed him to create something infinitely more poetic, to stretch the boundaries, to break the conventions of architecture itself.

    Understand: we live in the world of a sad separation that began some five hundred years ago when art and science split apart. Scientists and technicians live in their own world, focusing mostly on the “how” of things. Others live in the world of appearances, using these things but not really understanding how they function. Just before this split occurred, it was the ideal of the Renaissance to combine these two forms of knowledge. This is why the work of Leonardo da Vinci continues to fascinate us, and why the Renaissance remains an ideal. This more rounded knowledge is in fact the way of the future, especially now that so much more information is available to all of us. As Calatrava intuited, this should be a part of our apprenticeship. We must make ourselves study as deeply as possible the technology we use, the functioning of the group we work in, the economics of our field, its lifeblood. We must constantly ask the questions—how do things work, how do decisions get made, how does the group interact? Rounding our knowledge in this way will give us a deeper feel for reality and the heightened power to alter it.

    8. Advance through trial and error

    (ref. Paul Graham, computer programmer)

    Each age tends to create a model of apprenticeship that is suited to the system of production that prevails at the time. In the Middle Ages, during the birth of modern capitalism and the need for quality control, the first apprenticeship system appeared, with its rigidly defined terms. With the advent of the Industrial Revolution, this model of apprenticeship became largely outmoded, but the idea behind it lived on in the form of self-apprenticeship—developing yourself from within a particular field, as Darwin did in biology. This suited the growing individualistic spirit of the time. We are now in the computer age, with computers dominating nearly all aspects of commercial life. Although there are many ways in which this could influence the concept of apprenticeship, it is the hacker approach to programming that may offer the most promising model for this new age.

    The model goes like this: You want to learn as many skills as possible, following the direction that circumstances lead you to, but only if they are related to your deepest interests. Like a hacker, you value the process of self-discovery and making things that are of the highest quality. You avoid the trap of following one set career path. You are not sure where this will all lead, but you are taking full advantage of the openness of information, all of the knowledge about skills now at our disposal. You see what kind of work suits you and what you want to avoid at all cost. You move by trial and error. This is how you pass your twenties. You are the programmer of this wide-ranging apprenticeship, within the loose constraints of your personal interests.

    You are not wandering about because you are afraid of commitment, but because you are expanding your skill base and your possibilities. At a certain point, when you are ready to settle on something, ideas and opportunities will inevitably present themselves to you. When that happens, all of the skills you have accumulated will prove invaluable. You will be the Master at combining them in ways that are unique and suited to your individuality. You may settle on this one place or idea for several years, accumulating in the process even more skills, then move in a slightly different direction when the time is appropriate. In this new age, those who follow a rigid, singular path in their youth often find themselves in a career dead end in their forties, or overwhelmed with boredom. The wide-ranging apprenticeship of your twenties will yield the opposite—expanding possibilities as you get older.

    “There are no shortcuts or ways to bypass the Apprenticeship Phase. It is the nature of the human brain to require such lengthy exposure to a field, which allows for complex skills to become deeply embedded and frees the mind up for real creative activity. The very desire to find shortcuts makes you eminently unsuited for any kind of mastery. There is no possible reversal to this process.”

    It’s like chopping down a huge tree of immense girth. You won’t accomplish it with one swing of your axe. If you keep chopping away at it, though, and do not let up, eventually, whether it wants to or not, it will suddenly topple down. When that time comes, you could round up everyone you could find and pay them to hold the tree up, but they wouldn’t be able to do it. It would still come crashing to the ground…. But if the woodcutter stopped after one or two strokes of his axe to ask the third son of Mr. Chang, “Why doesn’t this tree fall?” And after three or four more strokes stopped again to ask the fourth son of Mr. Li, “Why doesn’t this tree fall?” he would never succeed in felling the tree. It is no different for someone who is practicing the Way.—ZEN MASTER HAKUIN

  26. what’s RCIA?
    From context I guess it’s some kind of marriage counseling, but that’s just a guess.

    RCIA is basically Sunday School for grownups. It is how an adult becomes Catholic. It is a year of once-a-week classes in which they teach you all the Catholic doctrine and rituals.

  27. One other aspect of the complaining is laziness and men as utility. When it gets to beginning the future man in the garage stage and she’s found her man to get her the house she wants, the complaining is what she’ll see as the most useful tool to get the brahmas hooked up to the plows and wagons to get moving..

  28. But really, what is women’s complaining about?

    “…after sniffing such tears, men experienced reduced self-rated sexual arousal, reduced physiological measures of arousal, and reduced levels of testosterone. Finally, functional magnetic resonance imaging revealed that sniffing women’s tears selectively reduced activity in brain substrates of sexual arousal in men.”

    “Significant (P<0.001) relative (%) increases in testosterone concentrations were noted with watching the erotic, humorous, aggressive and training videos (versus control and sad), with testosterone decreasing significantly (versus control) after the sad clip.

  29. Women have evolved to whine. The trouble is most men imagine there is an actual objective material outcome that would stop her bitchin. There is not. Can you imagine how different the world will be if we get a mass of men to understand this, ignore her bitchin, laugh at feminism, and display some male solidarity. A ghetto or a mansion, she.ll never be happy.

  30. I don’t see White folks being replaced like that

    I have been all over the world and no one excels at organised killing like White dudes

  31. The last version of a conservative party for the USA was the 1860 democrats. It’s pretty much been all progressive all of the time from then with no shortage of progressive bullshit before then. Several of the yankee version of founding fathers were communists of their day

    The one area I see going well on the expansion of natural rights etc front is firearms but beyond that the is A has no right wing party and conservatives at most want to conserve the very liberal 1950’s.

    Oath Keepers and the 3% dipshits regularly side with the “anti fascist” fucksticks vs the Alt Right at these various rallies. If that doesn’t tell you how far left the USA is nothing will

  32. @Anon01: female tears actually have testosterone reducing effects? I guess it makes sense but damn. It is like biochemical warfare LOL.

    Apparently male saliva has more testosterone so if you kiss them it will make the women hornier as well.

  33. Burden of performance
    I think that performing and women are a male plight. We have to engage in a way where the shit testing is manifested as a test but that the awareness in the process is not ruined. You see a relationship as something that collides with sex as both party’s understand the unfolding dynamic in front of them. Women don’t seem Biologically able to define how this works. The thing about the process that’s the most fun is channeling the stress into something fun that overall works its way into nagging and play.

  34. @Rollo

    “Unless you have unconscious competence, you’re a loser.” Silly. No, actually it’s evil because it tells men to not work to improve themselves.

    Some people are at war with biology. Biology for men is self-improvement.

    Nexting is for cases where either the girl is not worth keeping (maybe she’s a junkie or thief) or the girl is worth keeping but your game sucks and you’ve destroyed the relationship.

    Action. Lemmings take action. Over the cliff to drown in the water. In the news, a pathetic incel kills a girl and then commits suicide. A drunk drives his car and kills someone. A gambler gambles away his IRA. Action. Sure, the action is stupid…the point is that action requires understanding.

    “Wisdom multiplies strength.”

    By itself, understanding is worthless. Spending time developing understanding but never applying understanding is a waste. When understanding is applied, profit is obtained. When understanding is multiplied, profit is also multiplied.

    You can gain understanding by acting and observing the results. For this to obtain a profit, a man must be seeking to understand as he acts. Both in the moment and analyzing the results. It takes practice.

    This all seems incredibly obvious, but NBTM doesn’t seem to get it. Maybe his system works for him but won’t for others because their thinking is a little different than his. The problem of the Natural.

  35. @Tarl
    RCIA is basically Sunday School for grownups.

    Ok. The whole “mutual submission” line is popular in many churches, the FI is heavily present across the religious spectrum. If you don’t read Dalrock’s WordPress site, you should.
    Also Donal Graeme’s site for a specifically Catholic red pill perspective.

    Excellent linkage, those studies are from 2011 yet I’ve never run across them before.

  36. I have never done much to court feminine attention but I was blessed in the sense the shit I like to do speaks to their baby maker

  37. Wow. You’re taking advice now from someone called LOOKING FOR ZION? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? This blog was never all that great, but I’m done with this blog now. Enjoy fruitlessly sperging over women, Rational Jew

  38. “There are no shortcuts or ways to bypass the Apprenticeship Phase. It is the nature of the human brain to require such lengthy exposure to a field, which allows for complex skills to become deeply embedded and frees the mind up for real creative activity. The very desire to find shortcuts makes you eminently unsuited for any kind of mastery. There is no possible reversal to this process.”

    The old engineer’s saying is a bit more pithy:

    Experience is proportional to the amount of equipment destroyed.

  39. @kfg

    The old engineer’s saying is a bit more pithy:
    Experience is proportional to the amount of equipment destroyed.

    Truth…I once fried a couple of monochrome monitors because I failed to set a register, lol. The boss warned me. I figured out what was wrong. The loss amounted to about $300.

    I once warned my boss that a proposed convenience upgrade would undermine security. I based that on principles. He told me to prove it. I did. We still got a support ticket. Don’t know how much that issue cost the company. I guess the point is that experience is proportional to the financial expense accrued. Or maybe learning is proportional to the pain

  40. MacAskill almost makes me want to buy a trials bike.

    And then I remember I want to live at least a bit longer.

  41. Arnold777, SFC Ton

    I called myself LFZ because of the Matrix movie. You know, where “the red pill” concept was born? As in, I was freed from the pod, and now I’m trying to get to the underground lair of Zion.

    It’s a journey, as I see it.

    Seems like TRM readers/commenters would get that reference.

  42. Dude you can call yourself princess poopie pants and you still wouldn’t owe me an explanation

    I fell asleep during the Matrix. Fuckers had to explain the whole red pill connotation to me

  43. Arnold777
    Hey. You shouldn’t discard a useful book just because it has the word Zion somewhere in the middle. By extension if you are a diabetic quit using insulin. A jew called Sanger sequenced it.

  44. Love your content, but can’t you use the ‘Read More tag’ for you blog posts? Just want to browse your articles more easily

  45. I think your comment was a stretch this week. Women complain to keep men on the defensive…it’s that simple.

  46. RP men’s understanding of female unhappiness goes all the way back to the Garden of Eden story. Bottom line….God himself can create a perfect paradise and it still will not be good enough for her. And a man needs to be strong enough to tell her NO! because when he goes along with her, it will all go to shit.

  47. The patriarchy is IN WOMEN’S DNA.

    I learned long ago that women will always find a reason to complain – you just have to accept that they will never be happy. Don’t waste your time trying to appease them – get what you need, than tip your hat and look for another one. Yes, that one will be unhappy too as some point in the near future – your job it to just find what you need, and enjoy. Women are the only ones that can make themselves happy, but deciding not to be so negative. But that will never happen, so don’t waste your time – enjoy what you can get, and let suckers deal with the complaining.

  48. Q. What do women want?
    A.1. More.
    (A.2. Who cares?)

    Q. Why do women constantly complain?
    A. Because they FEEL that what they currently have or do is never enough. And a man is somehow always to blame.

    Does Dread temper this? Does the prospect of the loss of a woman’s man actually prompt her to think rationally (albeit for a very short time) that she could lose what she does have? I guess it depends on whether she can make a sober analysis of what is potentially lost and the likelihood that she can replace it (or improve upon it).

    I am of the opinion that most women are incapable of making this assessment, or overestimate their ability to replace their loss. How many women experience regret in divorce? (a quick Google of the phrase gives mixed results).

    Just as mentoring of young men by older men has been destroyed, so has it been for young women by older women. Their “guidance” appears to be limited to how to find and entrap a high value male after they’ve worn out their seats on the carousel; there’s nothing about “how to keep your man happy”. (Yes, the Feminine Imperative is cunning and all pervasive.) Well, ladies, it looks like you got what you wished for – good luck with that.

  49. Rugby

    Spence is a baller. Have Gun Will Travel lawyering is one of the few places a guy can still make his bones his own way… Solo. By dint of smarts and will and skill.


  50. Mineter

    ” I guess it depends on whether she can make a sober analysis of what is potentially lost and the likelihood that she can replace it (or improve upon it).”

    Women think with their feelings. They know when they lose those feelings. The tricky bit for guys is understanding that bad feelings are part of the good feelings.

  51. My ex certainly says that divorcing me was the stupidest thing she had ever done. A week after the divorce was final she was trying to coerce me into remarrying her. I flatly turned her down. Seems that after a couple decades of pedestalization by me she was believing her own press. She found out her market value was not as much as she believed. So yeah, regret on her part.

  52. “….Well, ladies, it looks like you got what you wished for – good luck with that.”

    Women today did not wish for the current circumstances. Just like Blue pill betas never wished for their circumstance.

    Both circumstances are driven from without. Time and generations make them perpetual.

  53. If your bitches always bitching odds are good your shit is weak.

    I use to think all bitches bitch etc but this last year or so has been shit and The Girls have been gold

  54. I’m convinced they got what they wished for. What are the comparative numbers of young women who get themselves The Pill with the intent that it is to prevent a pregnancy through rape? Or only because they are in a committed relationship? No, it’s with full knowledge that they WANT to ride the Carousel. No one forces them. Unless you want to excuse them because of societal (FI) influences. In which case, Blue Pill guys can claim the same.

    What women “wished” for was “to have it all”. They were sold a bill of goods – get miles of cock, an awesome career, travel and fine things, and then settle down with Christian Gray, kids, EPL etc. Yeah, no. It’s an either/or proposition – they have to choose, and they usually choose wrong.

    On the other hand, Blue Pill guys are being sold the old set of books. Arguably, that’d work if women were playing by the same set of rules, but we know they don’t, and until the West is overrun, won’t do so again any time soon.

    In both instances, the observable outcomes from certain inputs differ from desired outcomes. In both cases, pissing and moaning about it won’t help. You either change the inputs to get the desired outcomes, or learn to accept the observable outcomes. Arguing that one has been duped about the desired outcomes won’t affect the observable outcomes.

  55. @Blaximus

    I am hearing this from female (childless) colleagues at work. Toothpaste is out of the tube though…


    Could you please expand on the “bad feelings being part of the good feelings”? I am (quite sincerely) just on the edge of understanding what you mean by this (I think). Do you mean any feelz are good for them I.e spiking their emotions? How can a man with a complaining bitch use it to his advantage a la passing a shit test?

  56. Just for the sake of making an argument, there is a ( much disputed, yet true ) letter that was supposedly written by William ” willie ” Lynch and a speech delivered to slave owners gathered on the banks of the James River in Virginia.

    Willie said a lot of stuff, but what has always struck me and made me think very hard, is his admonition that one must gain control over the children. You control the children from cradle to grave. You train and teach them whatever you’d like. And key to this training is in the breaking of the woman. Once broken, the women will perpetuate the training to attempt to keep her offspring from harm from violation of ” the rules ” that have been set forth. She will teach this to sons and daughters.

    Old Willie guaranteed that this would become ingrained and self perpetuating across generations if done properly.

    Now, women may have always had certain thoughts. But what kept them from acting on any of them, for the most part? And more importantly, what ” freed ” them to act according to a new paradigm? And who set that new paradigm?

    And who teaches children, from cradle to grave, male and female, to abide by the new paradigm? And who creates laws, codifying the new paradigm?

    It’s not that women ” wished ” for this as much as they were convinced that they could have it all by outside forces *cough,cough- the FI *. They are being artificially pumped up and unleashed.

    A bill of goods is a good descriptor.

    But, biology. That shit can’t ever really be beaten. Biological drives are a true motherfucker. Over the past 50 – 60 years, those natural, undefeatable drives have been corrupted. They still exist, but the mechanisms have been bastardized.

    The outcomes are observable, but all swinging dicks are better served by having a greater understanding of the mechanics behind those outcomes.

    Because, as quiet as kept, those mechanics – the false ones – can be overridden and defused to a greater extent.

    … just keep that information on the down low.

  57. Clarification: What I mean re: Lynch letter in dispute but true is that the content is true. I have no real idea if the actual letter or even Mr. Lynch is real. But the thoughts mirror the facts on the ground at the time.

  58. Mineter

    ” Do you mean any feelz are good for them I.e spiking their emotions?”

    Yes.. as long as they are reacting. They could be happy, sad, angry, turned on etc. As long as you are part of that, they enjoy it. They may not, will not even, tell you this. Ever. But they keep coming back.

    ” How can a man with a complaining bitch use it to his advantage a la passing a shit test?”

    By passing the shit test, i.e. the complaining. Not reacting to it… or reacting strongly to it… Doing one one day and another another… Never getting caught in her frame. So she learns she can emote, she can feel her feelz… but you will override this at the end of the day, and not be swayed by them. so she enjoys her feelz, and is SAFE in them… and the benefit of this safety accrues to you.

    XV. Maintain your state control

    You are an oak tree. You will not be manipulated by crying, yelling, lying, head games, sexual withdrawal, jealousy ploys, pity plays, shit tests, hot/cold/hot/cold, disappearing acts, or guilt trips. She will rain and thunder all around you and you will shelter her until her storm passes. She will not drag you into her chaos or uproot you. When you have mastery over yourself, you will have mastery over her.

  59. Thanks, gentlemen.

    I think the difficulty for a lot of men will be maintaining inconsistency. Not consistency. By this I mean that most men tend to be logical creatures. If a complaint appears to be reasonable, is made reasonably and within his ability to fulfill, he will. Even though he shouldn’t, or should only do so rarely.

    On the other hand, an unreasonable complaint, or one made unreasonably, or outside of his ability, he will try to counter with logic. This is obviously a mistake. I think that in these instances he should approach the complaint either by ignoring it/her, mocking it/her or something else, but never in the same, predictable way e.g. perhaps yelling at her when she was expecting a mere eye-roll will yield better results.

    Unpredictability and uncertainty would appear to pique emotions better.

  60. For my own observations,a complaining woman is on a course for diversionary tactics,and up to no good. She is either playing a game with a stacked deck or breaking my rules in some way.

    Like Ton say my shit is weak,and she thinks she can divert my attention to something other than her deviations or she is pushing a frame grab..

    Anyway this is an opportunity for some new jokes about whoever or whatever the complaint is on,agree and amplify she will get glad in the same panties she got mad in.

  61. But, biology. That shit can’t ever really be beaten. Biological drives are a true motherfucker. Over the past 50 – 60 years, those natural, undefeatable drives have been corrupted. They still exist, but the mechanisms have been bastardized.

    Yep, or rather, became unshackled from their equally biological controls/consequences.

    I agree that the messaging sold a bill of goods and that this had a huge impact — no question. From my perspective, though, this would have never had the impact that it had if the messaging hadn’t happened at the same time that affordable, reliable and legal contraception and abortion both came online within a span of 15 years or so. Those basically removed the consequences that nature imposed on female sexual license by making those consequences “opt-in” for the woman. That was frankly a singular revolution in human sexuality, and almost entirely on the female side. It was bound to be impactful regardless. It was much more impactful because these changes happened alongside a social revolution with its own bill of goods, no question, but it would have been hard for anything like the old rules to continue to apply broadly in any scenario where all women have the ability to overrule the consequences nature places upon the free exercise of their sexuality.

    Hypergamy is real, and is the dominant aspect of female sexuality, and is evolved. Yet, I think what gets overlooked often in our discussions here about it (and in this I don’t mean you, personally, Blax, at all, just to be clear) is that nature had a built-in natural constraint on hypergamy called uncontrollable pregnancy. AF/BB is real, but in a world where women are economically dependent on men (which they were until 20 minutes ago, in historical terms) and can’t control their fertility, well, it’s much more of a fantasy than a reality for all but the most resolute risk takers (who always existed, but were never close to being even a simple majority of women). Nature is a bitch, and she built in a constraint on hypergamy. What happened in the middle of the 20th century is that mankind found a way around this constraint that was cheap and reliable, and then made it legal almost immediately almost everywhere. That removed the natural, evolved constraint on female sexuality, and when that sunk in, Pandora was released from the box and we see the results today.

    The propaganda and bill of goods amped this, without doubt, and also helped to create the environment which legalized it so quickly and ubiquitously, but the change on the biological level, in terms of the removal of the quite naturally imposed constraint on the free exercise of female sexuality, was epochal in nature, as in once in a species timeline type of thing.

    To my mind, it’s no surprise that most men haven’t been able to adapt to this very well in such a short period of time, while women have moved along quickly. After all, women simply had the chains on their long-standing fantasy (whether that makes them happy or not — it tends to not, in the long run at least) released, whereas most men had the entirety of human sexuality turned upside down by having the opposite sex have its sexuality unleashed in a way that is contrary to the evolved constraints on that sexuality. That’s not easy to adapt to for most. This was exacerbated by a soft socio-economic system where so many soft betas were able to prosper and get women and so on — no doubt about that. But the fundamental change was epochal and biological in the sense of suspending biology’s consequences for women’s sexual activity — it was in the light of those biological consequences that male sexuality itself evolved (and frankly the entire social order around male-female sexual relations, which are fundamentally based on the uncontrollability of female pregnancy leading to dramatically reduced scope for female sexual libertinism), for the most part, as well. Again, some men, like most of us here, are able to adapt to that kind of sea change more effectively than others, but it’s just a huge sea change on the biological level, really.

    Overturning biology is tricky. Unintended consequences can, and typically will, ensue when you tinker with complex systems without taking into account the entirety of the complexity (or caring about that complexity). The strong and adaptable will survive, of course, and the others will not thrive and die off, but evolution at the pace of twitter — which is kind where we are going — will be hard for more than a handful to adapt to, I think.

  62. I’d love to see a straw poll of the ages of the commenters here, sometimes it seems like a lot of men here are stuck in a time warp, ‘the little engine that could’ mantra doesn’t cut it anymore. It’s a shame Ya doesn’t post anymore.

    Nova basically summed it up, all the game in the world isn’t going roll back the fundamental changes taking place.

  63. Lol. Yareally was mid 30s.. Around 36 or 37.

    Wake the fuck up. You can’t bitch about biological forces and then say 10 or 20 years matters.

  64. “You can’t bitch about biological forces and then say 10 or 20 years matters.”

    Biological forces aren’t different today. Men are still polygamous, and women hypergamous. However, that same biological constant, doesn’t have the same effect in Afghanistan and Italy.

  65. The point isn’t to bitch about the changes which effectively overruled the biological constraint on the expression of female sexuality, the point is the adapt to them, which is where game does come in. Game doesn’t roll changes back, it allows you to adapt to the changes instead of being rolled by them.

  66. @ Johnny come late lay

    I’m an old man, he he he. I’ll tell you the same thing I used to tell Ya – age really isn’t as important as paying attention. Chronological age doesn’t automatically render one dumb, deaf and blind.

    Are you planning to game millions and millions of women simultaneously? Or are you going to tackle a handful here and there?

    Game isn’t about rolling back fundamental changes en mass ( unless every man on the planet were to become game and rp savy.). Ya, even though I respect the hell out of him, was masterful at pickup. Pua when executed with proper understanding will get you laid, but that’s pretty much it ( see mystery , Tyler, and a few more pua masters that turned a bright shade of blue when trying to have ltr’s or relationships with women/mother of their children ).

    Novaseeker is right about what’s been a major driver of the fuckery we all witness currently, but it’s not your job or goal to go forth into the world and turn tides. That’s a road paved with apathy and frustration.

  67. @ fucking spellchecker….. Above should read @ johnnycomelately…. Although spell check made it funnier.

  68. @ Novaseeker

    I seem to always leave birth control out of my equations. Thanks for the reminder.

  69. Anon101

    “However, that same biological constant, doesn’t have the same effect in Afghanistan and Italy.”

    How about Sweden?

  70. @Blax

    Pua when executed with proper understanding will get you laid, but that’s pretty much it ( see mystery , Tyler, and a few more pua masters that turned a bright shade of blue when trying to have ltr’s or relationships with women/mother of their children ).

    Game works in LTRs just like in STRs…but if you’re a PUA who doesn’t get that, you’ll have to Next a lot of women or you’ll end up getting betaized like pua masters mystery, et. al. LTRs are a lot of work if you don’t have unconscious competency as far as Game goes. A strong internal frame makes Game a lot easier in LTRs.

    strong internal frame = unconscious competency at Game

    but, you know, to young skulls full of mush we’re senile dinosaurs, so young skulls full of mush think we don’t know shit even though we go out to kiddie clubs and interact and see what’s going on… SMH

  71. “…‘the little engine that could’ mantra doesn’t cut it anymore. It’s a shame Ya doesn’t post anymore.”

    For want of a simple, quick and easy answer to solutions, some don’t want to take the 4 or 5 years to Master something. The little engine that could strategy still works. It’s not about outside immutable forces, it’s about inner work dealing with seemingly impossible barriers.

    BlackLabelLogic had a good essay about this:

    My reasoning behind the title of this post is that most of the barriers men erect for themselves are like the walls of Jericho, they have stood the test of time, have dissuaded many an attacker, but if enough effort, consistent effort and directed effort is applied to them, a man can watch them crumble and enjoy the view out into a world which he did not think existed. Men build prisons of convenience, habit and comfort, and then grow to resent their jailer, yet are lost without him. The high level of investment in the present situation combined with the preference for pleasure over pain serves as a strong barrier between men and life-changing behaviors, this is in part why adopting the red pill often requires traumatic behavior as a trigger for the change in men, and why many of them find change to be too great of a challenge for them. We are all guilty of doing more of those things we enjoy and less of those we do not, hence why so many trainers have started advocating that if you really hate a lift, then that is the lift you should be doing.

  72. @Sentient

    How about Sweden?

    Swedenistan…Sweden used to have a very low rape statistic, but now it’s very high

    Italistan probably has similar rape statistics

    Germanistan, Spainistan, and Francistan ditto

    uncorralled women are meat…targets of opportunity

  73. @Novaseeker

    There’s one more factor to add, antibiotics. For centuries syph was a long term death sentence, with insanity for the last few years. It’s why the condom was invented, perhaps. Even in the 20th century syphillus killed and gonorrhea sterilized. The mental hospitals in the 50’s and early 60’s contained old, insane, terminal stage cases of syph who were too far gone to be cured.

    Also antibiotics made surgery much safer than sulfa drugs had. All surgery, including abortions. Nobody knows how many illegal abortions were done in the US and England during and right after WWII but it was surely up there, and penecillin was a factor.

    The risk of promiscuity to women dropped in the late 40’s to early 50’s – contraceptive diaphragms are not as reliable as hormonal birth control, but they are at least as reliable as condoms. Penecillin took care of any STD and made an illegal abortion safer. All that was needed was more reliable contraception, and cultural Marxism to push women’s rights.

    None of this is going to be unwound, with the possible exception of antibiotics – the bacteria are adapting daily.

  74. @Sentient

    “However, that same biological constant, doesn’t have the same effect in Afghanistan and Italy.”

    How about Sweden?

    – – –

    If our biology is the only thing that matters, why is Rollo “bitching about” societal changes like contaceptives, feminism, FI guided laws etc?

    Anyways…happy 4th of July americans!

  75. Game does in fact work in ltr’s quite well. Depends on what level of game understanding one posses though. If the game in question follows just applying kino, comfort and negs without grasping underlying mechanisms will eventually lead a man up against a mighty wall.

    Hence the apprehension often stated by the occasional commenter here that it seems like way too much work to have to game an ltr or wife. The understanding of game has not been internalized and remains a formulaic routine.

    Dog logic is for dogs only. Like the OP points to, bitching and complaining on the part of a woman has a deeper meaning than just what’s apparent on the surface, and the reasons for all of that noise can be sussed out fairly easily with the proper knowledge base. Not much work will be required at that point.

    That too is an integral part of higher level, internalized Game.

  76. “…the default presumption of an oppressive, inherently sexist, misogynistic Patriarchy that still clings to a social contract that hasn’t existed since the time of the Sexual Revolution.”

    The presumption is applied to maintain beta male subservience. Alpha males, for the most part, ignore this, along with women’s ceaseless complaining. Protip: Turn the noisy end away from you.

    “… in light of how women have been insured against any real liability for their sexual selection choices…”

    Expecting women to independently accept responsibility, for anything beyond making, suckling babies, is a fool’s errand. Women rarely, if ever, kill themselves for job, relationship failure. It’s always been such. The FI has turbo-charged this natural autoindemnification, tho.

    “… two sides to Hypergamy – short term sexual, genetic optimization (Alpha Fucks) and long term security, safety and parental investment optimization (Beta Bucks).”

    Is there no long-term sexual optimization? I’d think there is, and at the extreme, that’s ride or die. A woman, so sexually enraptured, will literally fight for her man, allow him wide personal berth, to maintain her sexual access. Her hindbrain is Alpha pinged for his virility, sure.

    “I would argue that a comfort test comes from women’s deep need for security in a chaotic world.”

    Happens once a week. Easily passed now. Adjust her feelings, not your mission, indeed.

  77. Enjoyed your comments, AR and Novaseeker.

    I think there is a difference between the individual level and societal level of man-blaming and patriarchy scapegoating, even though they’re linked. I realize some people don’t give a rip about the socio-political level of things, but that’s the level that brainwashes each new generation and perpetuates the feminine imperative engineering that constitutes the social Matrix in which we live.

    As has been said, modern feminism is a collective shit test that men collectively failed. However, as alluded to above, cultural Marxists organized to push feminism in America for their own ends (political dogma; compensation for their low value; white knighting), while ruling elites pushed feminism for theirs (divide and rule; enlarge work force & depress wages; keep people too busy to revolt).

    Yes, if men as a whole didn’t lose frame over women’s complaints, and if men consistently held on to their MPO, the culture could start to change. But for that to really take off a lot of social engineering would need to be dismantled: Birth control, abortion and divorce laws, women in the work place, Federal laws giving women protected or special status, and all of the media and religious messages of a blue pill or “you go girl” nature.

    Hard to imagine that happening, but it has to start somewhere, and where that is is on the individual level of men, who change first for their own benefit and become the leaders that men evolved to be. By then planting red pill seeds with our sons, friends, and others who give us an opportunity, some hard lessons might sink in and maybe, just maybe, if masculinity grows the cultural pendulum can swing the other way.

    And if that doesn’t happen, at least more men are better prepared for the collapse when it comes.

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