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Last week I had an almost two and a half hour talk with Mark Baxter. This is the third time I’ve been on with Mark; once with Ed Latimore and again with Carl from Black Label Logic, but this time it’s just the both of us. I was on the road for this one, but I made sure I set aside plenty of time and a quiet room so the audio is much better than some other interviews I’ve done. We covered a lot of material. There’s so much packed into this show, one listen probably won’t be enough.

We start the show covering the Red Pill and morality, work our way through male and female sexual strategies, and close out with a big section on red pill parenting. I can tell Mark is a practiced interviewer. He’s always prepared with good questions and followups to them so he really gets the best from the guys he talks with. If you listen to his other podcasts you’ll know what makes him good.

Also, Mark’s podcast is primarily directed at the personalities in the manosphere. He’s a good guy with a great Red Pill story (and a very ‘grounded’ Red Pill blog I might add). He’s doing what I think is very much needed work in the ‘sphere. So, have a listen, let me know what you think. As always, the comment section is wide open for discussion on anything we covered.

The 21 Convention

As of this writing we’re two days away from another price increase for the 21 Convention. Since my last update the line up of speakers just keeps getting longer and better. You already know Jack Donovan has confirmed, but newly confirmed speakers now include Ivan Throne from Dark Triad Man and The Family Alpha. As if that weren’t enough, Alan Roger Currie from Mode One is also on the bill now. As you can see the convention is shaping up to be a real Red Pill summit this year. I’ve got to admit I had no inkling that this gathering would snowball into what it’s become. I can’t say for sure, because I think the line up is reaching the maximum, but there may be one or two more influential Red Pill speakers added before we get to the end of August.

Myself, I’ll be doing two talks for this event. I also wanted to take a moment to thank all the guys who’ve already reserved their spots to come out to see me. I understand the investment and I’m humbled that so many guys have purchased tickets, arranged travel and reserved rooms for the weekend. I want to sincerely thank you for that. I had some real reservations about speaking at this convention, but the level of interest and commitment you’ve already shown, as well as the incredible line up of speakers that have confirmed, I’m much more confident about this summit being something memorable and valuable for all attending. Thank you.

Also, Anthony Johnson informs me that the $400 Early Bird sale is being extended to July 2nd. So, if you’re still on the fence about seeing this incredible line up of speakers now’s the time to pull the trigger. For more information on this event see my blog post about it here. Tickets can be purchased here or click the banner above. You can also hear my interview with Anthony about the convention and many other topics here.

The Rational Male – Positive Masculinity

Just an update on my upcoming third book; the third edit of the first draft is now at Createspace and I’m awaiting the 2nd proof of the physical (print) copy. The book weighs in at over 300 pages – comparable to the first book – and I’ve taken into account all the suggestions readers have given me. The text is larger, the book is more organized, and I’m working with a professional editor to make sure it’s the best it can possibly be. Needless to say, being a professional designer, I’ve personally done the print book layout myself. I’ve also added a dedication forward to The Private Man for this edition.

Once I’ve approved the final draft I’ll be sending the manuscript off for digital conversion and then it will be available to the public. I expect this will be sometime towards the middle to end of this (July) month. So, thank you for being patient, but I want to make sure this is a great read for you.

I’ve been on the road this last week for work. Summer is always hectic for what I do professionally, but I will have new essay I wrote on the road up tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.


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19 comments on “Interview with Mark Baxter

  1. “I expect this will be sometime towards the middle to end of this (July) month.”

    Can’t wait. I slept way too long on the first two, but will be grabbing this as soon as it becomes available.

  2. @Rollo

    Cool podcast. I’m impressed with the Mark Baxter style of leading questions.

    You do realize that Mark Baxter set you up with a question regarding “tell us what your red pill brand is in an elevator speach”.

    Maybe you could bang out some short concise two paragraphs that you could tell someone in this comments section what the red pill means in a short trip up in the elevator.

    I mean, we all know what the red pill is. We live it, but defining it concisely is a trick.

    Truth be told I had an old grandma age woman in my office today who was single and worked in a library. It’s a common thing for us to talk about off topic medicine things to patients at the end of “business”. (sometimes we need some plumbing or HVAC advice from trades people)
    She was a delightful radiant soul (even if unattractive) and I engaged her in talk about reading books. Asked her about non-fiction books (which women have an aversion to). Recommended Antifragile by Nassim Taleb, which she was intrigued by. Sequeyed into Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy genius narrative writing. Told her about red pill manosphere thoughts in a literary way, piquing her interest, but sensing that WTF? guys have to talk to guys about guy stuff in a male only environment? She was intrigued, not disgusted. Funny. That discussion came out of my literary self amused chatting about stuff we do with patients, when doing piece-work. Checking skin and finding nothing wrong at all with the patient and having to opportunity to delve into off topic discussions. Partly to intrigue the patient.

    So a short concise elevator speech about what the red pill is for the un-initiated is an important question that requires a concise answer. I have no problems elaborating for red pill men. To the uninitiated, a short concise “elevator answer” is a cool question.

    Your talk with Mark Baxter was similar to me getting the priviledge of talking over cigars and cute bartenders every two weeks with my red pill buddy. Or my branched relationships with red pill guys in the virtual world. Fight Club is a beautiful experience.

    @ Mark Baxter

    Thanks for your excellent podcasts. Your ability to draw the best voices in the manophere is truly phenomenal. Your style of letting these guys roam is amazing.

    As an aside, Patreon is gay. I don’t want to “tip” you a dollar a month. I want to donate some money to you as an up front for the value you give to me. You got a paypal donation site or can you find a way to get some subversive bitcoin account? (This would be like set up a Coinbase Account and have people tip you.) Do it. I have some money floating around in Walter White-like accounts that are tough to manipulate( I don’t know all the rules, but learning is my coin in the realm). It’s fungible money and it is a way of the future. Look into other ways to get donations. You have a great product. Some of us have to do lawn and farm maintenance spending 2 hours at a time with earmuffs that have bluetooth. Thanks man, you are great.

  3. @Sjf

    I don’t thin it’s up to Rollo to sell the Res Pill by dumbing it down to an elevator speech.

    I sum up the Red Pill in one phrase: viewing the world as it is…the unvarnished truth…acceptance and working with that.

    I read so often how Blue Pill guys try to do what I used to do: think their romantic or sexual situation is unique because xyz… and asking for how to manage what is otherwise a lost interaction.

    The hardest thing I’ve faced is walking away…unplugging …ghosting.

    The frustration many feel is what I now see as relief…I hear a phrase and shit test get a look and I know exactly how it’s going to proceed.

    My own attitude has become more zen like as I recognise where I should invest effort and where giving a millisecond of additional attention is a lost cause.

    Guys need to have the full picture not an elevator speech which short cuts their learning.

    This shit is only as hard as you make it on yourself.

  4. @wala

    It’s helpful to Rollo to create a brand for the Red Pill. The key things about a brand are that they must be succinct and appealing. A brand doesn’t need to totally describe a product or even be applicable.

    Think of Coke ™. The brand isn’t sweet, fizzy beverage. The brand is “Refreshing”. The brand is the feeling you get while drinking the beverage.

  5. As you may guess, I don’t really think TRP can be summed up in an Elevator Speech for the same reason I hate the TL;DR generation and 140 characters on Twitter.

    In so many forums, in so much media TL;DR pervades our thought process. We want to get to the important parts to see if we agree or disagree and rarely invest our online time in sussing out all of the particulars that led to those TL;DR points. This corrupts our method of really learning something, and in the case of changing one’s life with a full understanding of Red Pill awareness it’s simply impractical to hope to get the ideas without putting in the effort. And that’s the point, education takes effort.

    I’ve had many requests from my readers on the Red Pill Reddit forum to just distill down ideas I’ve put a lot of time and insight into developing. Speak more simplistically, give us a TL;DR summation and we’ll take it from there. The problem with this line of thinking is that in the Red Pill praxeology, the process in coming to foundational ideas and principles is equally important as describing the dynamics themselves. I find it ironic that the same critics who endlessly request several peer reviewed long-form experimental studies in order to give my ideas any credence are often the least likely to actually read them due exactly to this TL;DR phenomenon.

  6. @walawala

    Fair enough. I can resonate with what you are saying.

    But I come from a little bit different perspective where I can always get to Acceptance quickly. My lived reference experiences form that Frame. Hard is not scary. Hard is a game to battle through and win over.

    Smirk, my comment about the “elevator” speech was more of playful provocation. (since I can’t ever find something to actually criticize about Rollo’s brand)

    “The hardest thing I’ve faced is walking away…unplugging …ghosting.

    The frustration many feel is what I now see as relief…I hear a phrase and shit test get a look and I know exactly how it’s going to proceed.

    My own attitude has become more zen like as I recognize where I should invest effort and where giving a millisecond of additional attention is a lost cause.”

    I like that zen-like attitude. I actually run toward hard stuff, rather than run away and pick the low or high hanging fruit. (I like idealistic projects.)

    I’ve come to understand how the cognitive mind cock-blocks the heart (soul) in my red pill readings and that has made a big difference. (And I do plenty of ACTing in real life.) When the heart and soul are in unity, it opens up a lot of enjoyment. It’s Sentient’s Platinum rule all over again.

    Once one gets into the Competence phases (like you have, and I have) a more proper adjective would be ‘detached’ (aloof and objective) from the outcome by choosing a path in the tableau presented in front of you. A Competent man lets things play out in Game and then chooses to Act on what is playing out. This does factor in “The Law of Least Effort”. But it doesn’t mean it’s not hard to get to Competence. Once one gets Competent, then it’s not as hard.

  7. I’ve had many requests from my readers on the Red Pill Reddit forum to just distill down ideas I’ve put a lot of time and insight into developing. Speak more simplistically, give us a TL;DR summation and we’ll take it from there. The problem with this line of thinking is that in the Red Pill praxeology, the process in coming to foundational ideas and principles is equally important as describing the dynamics themselves.

    That reminds me of something I read this past week in a book: Conscious Living: Wake up from the Collective Coma and Walk the Path of Your True Destiny by Robin Wildt Hansen


    “An empty head is not really empty; it is stuffed with rubbish. Hence the difficulty of forcing anything into an empty head.” –Eric Hoffer

    We have seen how exposure to “information” sabotages your efforts to accomplish your Great Work. But how do you avoid being exposed to it? After all, “information” is everywhere.

    The first thing that is necessary in order to avoid being sabotaged by “information” is to really become conscious of how harmful it is. You need to build up supreme clarity about what this barrage of nonsense can do to your mind and to your life. That is the way to accumulate enough willpower to overcome it.

    “Information” is stimulation

    We have established that “information” generally isn’t information because it doesn’t really inform you. Its more prominent function is to allow you to feel emotions without actually doing anything to earn them; it allows you to stay within the comfort zone of your ego fantasies without entering into contact with reality, and still get the reward that would normally only come from Taking Action.

    “Information” keeps you passive

    These are some of the ways that “information” keeps you passive:

    Cute Entertainment gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling, and perhaps a spike of hard laughing. For a moment you get to feel like a bemused parent without having to do any of the work involved. In reality you are not making a difference in anybody’s life; you are just watching some cheap entertainment.

    Facebook Wisdom gives you the feeling that you are making changes in your life. It gives you the feeling that you are seeing deeper connections and processing things in a new way. In reality, however, you are not even leaving your office. You are still sitting there at your desk. Once you get over your “wisdom high” you will go back to making money for the corporation you
    work for.

    Pornography gives you extreme dopamine spikes that in normal circumstances would be your endocrine system’s reward to you for having improved yourself so much that you deserved to procreate with the sexy person you are seeing on your screen. However in reality you haven’t really changed except that now you are older.

    The news makes you feel angry, sad and powerless. That really is the last nail in your coffin after the other types of “information” have made you feel that you have already accomplished everything there is to accomplish. The news tells you that you can’t change anything. Is it any wonder that people these days feel confused about their direction in life? Is it any wonder that people never grow up?

    “Information” has two functions:

    1. To supply temporary relief from the pain of a purposeless existence and

    2. To take you away from the focus you need in order to
    make your life purposeful.

    What I am telling you is that if you want to accomplish something big, you must do the opposite of these two things. You must:

    1. Face the reality of your life and whatever pain and pleasure this realisation may cause you and

    2. Focus.

    It doesn’t sound very pleasant, does it? How much more pleasant would it be to be laughing at cat videos and indulging in daydreams about a glorious future that you don’t feel threatened by because you know it will never come?

    Far more pleasant.

    The only trouble is that indulging yourself does not help you accomplish your Great Work.

    Indulgence brings some pleasure, but ultimately it brings pain due to the time and opportunities lost along the way.

    When that pain comes, the self-indulgent person feels he or she needs another hit of pleasure to cope with the pain. So he indulges in even more stimulation, which again brings pain so again he feels he needs another hit. It’s a never-ending cycle of misery where the person gradually becomes softer and weaker and less able to Take Action to improve his life.

    Indulging yourself will never bring you happiness. What it does is make you a good consumer, a generous patient and a mindless employee.


  8. Thats a first. I have never listened through 2hrs of talkshow on the net before! And gladly too.

    That the term “redpill” has been finding use in many unrelated contexts is concerning. I am also in agreement that redpill (as far as it touches on a clear unmitigated understanding of the nature of women and intergender dynamics) needs to get a concise definition.

    Thanks Rollo

  9. If I were to summarize the Red Pill praxeology, it is the process of discovering that the male-female biological relationship is non-egalitarian and that women are driven by hypergamy while men are driven by polygamy.

  10. @theasdgamer
    Very true.

    I have sometimes wondered whether the redpill is a process, a concept, or a state of mind. Many times when we say “someone swallowed the pill” it is almost as if we are talking about something akin to awakening to some life changing truth, where the pill is the truth and the swallowing is the process of accepting and embracing that truth. I find that truth quite hard to define. All I known it is deep, wide, nasty, ugly at times, almost unpallatable.

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