Just Shut the Hell Up

Hello, I’m author Rollo Tomassi.

As one of the 3 ‘R’s of the manosphere, it’s important for me to encourage more men to unplug from the Matrix that is our present feminine-primary social order, but equally important is encouraging more women to sometimes just shut the hell up.

It’s not that men don’t value your thoughts (unsolicited, they often prove our points), it’s just that we don’t value all of them.

The world doesn’t need your opinion on everything. For example, what men should do with their provisioning and catering their lives by ‘Manning Up’ to fit your overblown sense of entitlement after you’ve exhausted your prime fertility window on the Bad Boys and criminals in your 20s. Hush!

Your contrived cries of sexism over the sexiness of who the next popular video game protagonist should be. Zip it!

Whether or not the color of your foundation is called “Sunset Earth” or “Neutral Beige”. Shut Up!

So as a public service I’ve made the following list of things men no longer need to hear women’s opinions on. Please take a moment away from Instagram to jot these down:

  • 50 Shades of Grey
  • Yoga pants
  • The thoroughly disproven 77¢ on the dollar ‘Wage Gap’ lie
  • Giggling about ‘Dad Bods’ being “sexy”
  • Your confusion about where all the good men have gone
  • Fat Acceptance
  • Red Pill Truths
  • ‘Designer cupcakes’ and hand-baked dog treats being examples of ‘female entrepreneurship’
  • Christian patriarchy in an age of feminine assimilation of religion
  • Any sentence that begins with, “As a woman I,…”
  • Pleas for men’s aid in advancing your feminist ideals at the United Nations after claiming not to ‘need’ men
  • Any form of flavored martinis (or boxed wine)
  • 50 Shades of Grey (again)
  • Whether or not your feminine responsibility to engage in traditional Holiday ‘cheer’ is un-feminist
  • And the complete lack of ethics in all forms of journalism

If you can control yourselves and hold back from further expressing your opinions on any of these topics we’ll let you keep weighing in (uh, heh) on important topics like blow job techniques and pole dancing classes for housewives in shape enough to pull it off.

But that’s a huge, big “if”.

Thanks, so much.

Published by Rollo Tomassi

Author of The Rational Male and The Rational Male, Preventive Medicine

295 comments on “Just Shut the Hell Up

  1. Holy Crap that great!!!

    If I see another commercial portraying men as idiots and women as the mature, prudent ones with money I think I might vomit.

    Seriously? In what life?

  2. I haven’t experienced something making me as aggressive as that video in a long time. I just wanted to beat her face to bloody shit. Of course in the end I don’t let me go that easily, but I wonder what techniques she is using?

  3. To add to the list:

    * Foreign relations or anything that would cause us to have to go to war.
    * Criminal justice policy or anything that relates to us having to get up in the middle of the night and go downstairs with a gun.
    * Tax policy or any other public policy that impacts men more than women.
    * Anything to do with the raising of boys.

    Ladies, in short, none of your fucking business so either shut that whore mouth of yours or use for what God intended.

  4. @ David Scala

    I thought about closing my small TD Ameritrade account for just that reason. I saw a shitty commercial of theirs portraying a series of wives as the smart ones and their dumb ass husbands believing all sorts of stupid shit about the stock market.

    Did you mean to publish your email address like that?

  5. Who the hell is that annoying woman? She gets right on my tits and should be sent off to Syria immediately.

  6. the video was a failed attempt at humor by the LateShow, nice gender flip here to highlight how offensive it was

  7. Back when I was a kid, a women that looked like that could be counted on to give you a warm cookie and maybe tussle your hair.

    And that was just in the 80’s.

  8. I like it.

    But you forgot to add “. . . Now go fetch me a beer and make me a sandwich,” at the end.

  9. Still adding to that list:

    – America’s readiness for a woman president

    – Chipotle

    – the difficulty of being a woman

  10. Add to the list, as proven last night by Ms. P attempting to explain terrorism and ISIS to the kids….

    *Anything to do with the origins of ISIS
    *What terrorists actually want
    *Why terrorists do what they do.
    *The difference between a God and a Prophet

    Seriously, ask any woman who does not have a PHD in Middle East affairs or history these questions and see what kind of answers you get. holy fucking eye roll bat man.

  11. how are about simply refraining from offering unsolicited relationship advice (cuz I don’t give a shit what you think about “my” relationships).

    and fricken stop tell me about your problems and issues if you won’t take my advice. “but I just want you to listen..” ummm, no thanks, go get a diary or find some relationship forum where no-value hags hang around trying to dispense their so called relationship wisdom

  12. -any judgement whatsoever about a man who has had his children taken from him by you without consent. The fact you are still able to waste oxygen proves he already displays more restraint and concern for his offspring than the majority of single mothers/walkaway wives.

  13. Hey men:

    Also be sure to SHUT UP when the Senator solicits for re-election campaign contributions.

    (Bet she won’t be expecting that)

    Colbert is not RP but like Jon Stewart some awareness is creeping in through the side door. He also knows what an SJW takedown attempt looks like.

  14. Now, imagine for a moment what the public response would be were a sitting male senator to even jokingly go on a comedy show and make similar ‘shut up’ cracks that specifically target women and their ‘opinions’.

    How do you suppose that senator would be greeted when he returned to the senate floor? How do you suppose twitter and the MSM would handle his ‘jokes’ on the show?

    You see, comedians like Chris Rock and Jerry Seinfeld are staying away from doing standup on college campuses because students have become far too sensitive and agitated when they tell a joke about ethnicity or is ‘sexist’. Yet when a sitting female US senator does some ham-fisted standup about the opinions of men, it’s hilariousness is broadcast on the Tonight Show.

  15. Does she know she’s a fucking cunt? How did she get elected? She uses her platform for this? Which means the people that elected her like this shit? If that is the case has the Feminine Imperative already risen to this satirical level of parody = reality? She is a real senator after all so her followers and herself must know you really can’t do late-night talk show satire without it being parody – doesn’t she understand that? Or in her books parody = reality = is OK = bizarro world? If she doesn’t understand that is she an idiot? If so how did an idiot get elected? Of did she morph into fucking cunt after she got elected? If so then it must be this grrrrrl power thing is feel’in real good and moistening her pussy? That’s an ugly thought.

    There is no way to look at this that isn’t idiotic or ugly. Fuck. Women are better than this. What is happening?

  16. Ugly, old bitches really need to shut the hell up. I don’t mind listening to young and attractive women’s prattle when I’m going to get snatch at the end of it – but this ugly, old bitch should have died long ago. Why not send her to negotiate with ISIS? Then she can see exactly what her opinions are worth…

  17. Looks like the Lil Jon track has legs after all, 500K+ views in just a couple days, even if people just watch it to hate on it. Views and streams are what count now in the music biz, sales don’t matter anymore. IT can’t be stopped or banned, it’ll just get re-posted. Lil Jon’s done lots of raw stuff, check out his “Throw It Up.”

  18. I hear ya redlight but club tracks have a way of hanging around and gaining traction. This one may go no further but if it starts getting Haterade thrown at it again it can take off again. This’ll never get airplay or label promotion and they know it. Like Cee-Lo’s original version of “Fuck You” (got 1M views before being released “clean” as “Forget You”) or Duck Sauce’s “The Big Bad Wolf” from a couple years back – it got new life when the @Midnight TV show found it again. (One of the most delightfully filthy videos I’ve ever seen – it’s amazing)

  19. OK – I didn’t know she was doing that on purpose for Stephen Colbert’s show . Now that makes a little more sense. She wasn’t trying for a self-published lame attempt at a late night-type parody (which is what I suspected at first) because she actually was on late night.

    But still – you have to question that material she chose to use for the satire. Would Obama go on late night and do satire about issues he is supposed to treat seriously, because of his position, unless the satire appealed to his serious position? (like “Islam – we don’t want to hear your opinion on god and our supposed lack of godliness – shut the fuck up!”). No because that satire would not appeal to his serious position on Islam – that Islam has as much right re their conception of god than anyone else’s (which is his serious position re egalitarian respect for religious beliefs). However note that it is still bizarro world because Islam in fact does not respect the western value of the egalitarian and so Obama actually, in seriousness, should be pointing that out, so the satire I suggested above is what he should be going on late night to do! How politically incorrect! Heaven Forbid!! You see – bizarro world. People can’t seem to be true to western values anymore because they don’t even know what that means anymore (not even your President apparently). Egalitarian – what’s that?? Politically Correct as a duplicitous stand-in for the egalitarian – oh yeah – I’m all over that man!!

    And then for the Senator, or course as a U.S. Senator she is a representative of our western values as well. Is she for the egalitarian (equal fundamental existential worth of individuals)? No – because she is making satire to appeal to the opposite. If she wanted to talk about the man/woman thing in a satirical way to appeal to the platform that conforms to our western values, then she should be making the satire about how both men and women talk past each other (ouch – not many examples of the male aspect of that that available in the culture at large anymore is there? Won’t be too funny if it doesn’t have a modicum of basis in fact will it?). So she goes the Politically Correct route as well – a duplicitous stand-in for the egalitarian, but in this instance not at all subtle – hey? Western politicians are now either idiots or charlatans.

    Still completely fucked up. She still belies herself as an entitlement cunt, or stupid, or both.

    I still want to ask – women are better than this (and men) – what is happening?

    It might not be so off topic to talk about our western values, from a redpill perspective, after all.

  20. that shut the fuck up vid by the nog is a little too real
    white woman are being raped in the 30k a year range by blacks
    and nobody really doing shit about it
    so she saying she doesn’t want to do something and they tell her to shut the fuck up and do it anyway is way to close to real life popping off the screen that is what really happens

  21. for a second i thought rollo was being political and i almost shit myself cause i figured the end had finally arrived which might still be the case
    the shit is getting too real for most people now they have to deal with what i did gonna make em stronger in a way maybe but reality sucks

  22. Fucking hilarious!

    How about:

    I’m PMS’ing
    I’m on my period
    Low-fat lattes
    Men are from Mars Women are from Venus
    Eat Love Pray
    My goddess part of me feels….
    I don’t are if you’re broke, the judge said so

  23. @Rollo

    And yes, Neel Kolhatkar has been on a pretty good tear with his videos lately. Everybody (except the targets of them, natch) loves them. Southpark has been on a similar tear this season, squarely taking aim at Political Correctness 2.0. Last episode had a hilarious moment of YMY and the insistence on the use of gender neutral pronouns.

    The latter was particularly hilarious to me as I recently had a friend of 13 years (who I’d seen do a lot of gender bending ever since I met him) “come out” as “genderqueer” and insist that I was to refer to him with gender neutral pronouns both in his presence and in his absence. When I pretty much told him “Uh. No. I mean that’s so fucking ridiculous, I couldn’t even say ‘Dude!’ in a conversation between us,” he opted to end said friendship of 13 years.

    Shit’s getting ridiculous when saying “he” or “she” is regarded as on par with saying “nigger”.

  24. From the video: Gluten, nut allergies, and carbs. Huh? I can only assume that’s a pissy pushback against some evil patriarch trying to tell them to eat health or trying to stay involved with his kid’s upbringing.

    Also: “All art in general”? Sure thing, Senator… We’ll bow to the world class talent and artistic achievement of all those female artists, like…


    Well, when I was a kid I saw a French movie about a chick sculptor who spends the entire movie going insane. So there’s that.

  25. By the way, you all forgot a big one:

    Your deep, insightful mindthoughts on any sport that isn’t softball or volleyball.

  26. I guess I’m getting much more chilled out these days but this was a comedy bit, right? I mean in that context I’m not so offended. Is it me?

    I do find these battle axe Progressive hags to be kind of funny in their stridency, as though they’re tough or something. Come make me shut up, I dare you to try,you fat slag.

  27. The hypocrisy is remarkable. And stupifying. And all RP men should know the opposite-a male senator doing this skit just could exist in this current society.

  28. I’m laughing my ass off because of the boxed wine reference. I’m severely intoxicated off of Crown Royal & Dr. Pepper. I can’t handle this right now.

  29. YaReally – longish FR crossposted from CH for your expert nightgame comments if you have time please..

    Getting back slowly into nightgaming/going out and starting to get a feel for it again, Found a new group of wings – variable skills and social skills but at least they go out and talk and take action even if I don’t click with all of them

    3-4 of us out at a decent sized bar/club. Age range 18-40s for both men and women but skews young and has a student vibe. Very laid-back vibe..nobody tends to dress up much and the girls aren’t super-hot and the ratio of men/women isn’t great but very very friendly vibe and there’s lots of younger girls (who would be way hotter if they dressed up).

    Incidentally, I’ve finished watching the Inner Game bit of Julien’s PIMP (not yet seen Outer Game) but what he says about the “Tempo of the Night” and how to spend the first part of the night talking to everyone and getting state pumped and then circling back to your best prospects when people get drunker and going for the pull..really resonated. I’ve noticed that vibe shift towards the end of the night of course but this is the first time I’ve really taken notice of it strategically and thought about how to handle it. (BTW Sentient – I did listen to some music en route to the venue to pump state – it helped, but what helped even more was just watching some video of Julien from PIMP – not so much about the details of the advice as just absorbing his attitude and energy towards going out)

    Anyway, it was a good night. I learnt a lot and had some v interesting sets.

    Two most interesting:

    1. Early on, my wing opens a mid-20s HB7 in a two-set. He’s doing well with her and her friend (HB7.5) isn’t interrupting and is slightly away from me so I talk to my other wing as first wing doesn’t need help. Wing tries to hug the 7.5 to keep her engaged while he talks to target but she pushes him away so Wing drags me over physically and tells me to talk to obstacle.

    Obstacle WAS very cute but I didn’t feel much intent but still said:

    Me: “you don’t look like you’ve drunk enough to really get going yet”
    Her: [Didn’t hear properly was loud and looks questioningly at me]
    Me: Repeats exactly same thing
    Her: Pulls out her phone and shows me a picture of her with a guy and literally shouts “my boyfriend” at me (this wasn’t a shit test – there was zero attraction – it was just a big FO). Incidentally for such a pretty girl, the BF was horrendously beta. Like he had his arms around her kissing her on the cheek with terrible body language as she looked at the camera (and he wasn’t even good-looking). If you think of one of the Beta of Month pics CH puts up you’ve got the right idea.

    At this point I got a bit irritated and decided to just burn the set down and mess around with her for self-amusement, so:

    Me:(Pulling out my phone and finding a random picture of me with a girl): “So what? This is my girlfriend!!” [picked at random – the girl I picked wasn’t as attractive as the girl I was talking to – was that relevant?]

    Then things took a bizarre turn. I’d have expected her to calm down since we’d both sort of established that we weren’t “threats” and I really wasn’t even hitting on her. But she started shaming me:

    Her: “Where is your gf? Why are you here without her? That’s really disrespectful”
    Me: (Smiling): “She’s at home..I’m here because I want to be”
    Me: (Smirking) “In any case what are you doing here without your boyfriend? You’ve left the poor guy behind at home and you’re here with your girlfriend soaking up the attention and flirting with other guys!”

    The look on her face was amazing..like she’d just been slapped. Eyes went wide, sheer disbelief which turned to being offended in a couple seconds. Then she grabbed her friend and dragged her off without saying anything (friend left apologising to my wing). I suppose it could just have been her BT spiking hard from my comment but my gut feel is that she was actually offended (and not attracted).

    I know chicks run on emotion and all that, but HOW CAN SHE POSSIBLY NOT SEE THE HYPOCRISY in accusing me of disrespecting a (non-existent) girlfriend when she’s left her loser-beta BF to come out with her girlfriend??? Especially since she brought up her BF even when I wasn’t hitting on her??

    The encounter did mess up my state for ten minutes or so but I was fine again after the next conversation. My wing was cool with it..he said she was a bitch and that’s why he brought me in to help.

    2. With another wing, edge of dance-floor (very loud). Two late twenties blondes (tall and short) behind me. Wing says “Open them” and I’m like “okay”. Turned around and opened both simultaneously with arms on their back..said something like “You guys look like fun”. I’d seen them across the bar before and saw the shorter one was prettier but hadn’t had a good look.

    Set blew open immediately..I opened both, but it was the shorter one talking to me and engaging with me totally. The tall one actually turned away a bit to give us space to talk.

    I only realised after opening her just how cute the blonde talking to me was..hadn’t registered it before. Very slim, petite, firm body, tight jeans and top, zero fat, blonde hair, blue eyes, really pretty. Hard 8. And that bar wasn’t really filled with hot girls – this one was probably in the top 3-4 girls out of 200+ girls there and I’d pretty much opened her without noticing that.

    I had a brief second of that flickering through my head as I realised: like “Wait..THIS girl is actually really interested in me and giving me IOIs all over the place? Without even really having a conversation with me? Just as soon as I opened? Wow”. (I know, I know, I need to work on my entitlement..not used to this from such hot girls).

    Anyway, despite that it went really well for about 5 minutes..solid kino..had my arm around her, stroking her lower back (zero resistance), playing with her hands, teasing her about being a troublemaker and leading her friend into trouble…she was asking me questions and lapping it up (was very hard to do laser and voice tonality because we had to shout into each other’s ears). Then I started to move into comfort a bit and asking her about her love of travel (she is an air hostess or whatever the politically correct title is now).

    ..Then she said “Just so you know, my boyfriend is waiting for us downstairs”. And it threw me off a bit. This is totally different from the previous set I mentioned – she was OBVIOUSLY attracted to me. Classic shit test, but it threw me, because I actually started to wonder if the BF *was* downstairs on the other floor of the bar (I’ve had the boyfriend line before many times, but never had someone say he’s downstairs..). It was BS of course..I had seen these two before and I was 80% sure they were alone with no BF..but it dropped the vibe a bit even though I just shrugged and said something like “So? I’m just chatting to you..” and I carried on.

    Recovered a bit over the next couple of minutes and kino continued unabated and I asked her to guess where I was from..she said she couldn’t and I kept pushing her to try, then I left her on an open loop saying “I’ll come back from the bar and you should have a good guess by then” and she was like “No, no, tell me where you’re from”..as I walked away.

    Never re-engaged with her the rest of the evening although they were around for a while. Just felt a bit like the vibe had gone, plus I didn’t know where to go with it. Pity because it was clearly a classic shit test due to her growing attraction and I should have responded with “Oi not so fast” or something.

    But I need to get used to this entitlement more..I’m starting to get reference experiences for this now but not enough (yet) to really internalize that high-SMV women find me attractive.

    3. Other than that, there were a bunch (like quite a lot) of Approach Invites from a range of girls – mainly EC. I opened some of them but missed quite a few because they were too far across the room, the sets were too big or other stupid reasons. But I opened plenty. Some were very subtle. One girl was with her BF and was right behind me as I crossed the dance floor, with her BF behind her..she put her hand on my back (bit odd) as we crossed the dance floor..and just left it there till we got right out of the room..there was simply no need to be touching me even on the dance floor, much less off it..and I couldn’t even open her with the bF there.

    HABD said a few months ago that if I am getting more AIs my subcomms must be better and it’s just increasing more and more – even a year ago, one or two AIs were noteworthy in a night..last night I am not even sure how many AIs I got – 10+ for sure, although part of it is also that I am better at spotting them (it can’t be anything else – last night I wore a t-shirt and jeans I’ve been wearing for 4 years now and I’m in no better shape – just going a lot more grey haired, despite being only 35 – and yet it made literally no difference to all the college girls I hit on).

    I’m getting more used to it but I still find it a bit hard to internalise that even in a chaotic club environment (not a controlled sugar daddy dating bar date in my comfort zone), legit hotties like the air hostess and cute college girls are giving me so many IOIs and were into me so much..

    4. Overall, I still get AA (and I need to get back to doing direct approaches as the night goes on) but on the whole approaching is going pretty well. I can approach most of the time (except really big/mixed sets). And the sets blow right open, which means I’m committing properly to them (the only exception was the very last set I opened by which time my wings had long since left and I was alone with my state dropping like a stone, leading to a very weak approach, AFTER that two-set saw me very obviously choding out and value scanning the room right in front of them).

    5. I often have one or two beers a night but decided to try zero drinking. It went pretty well still..I am FAR more alert and observant with no booze, but it is also much harder to get into state and I am more reliant on wings. I stayed around alone for an hour after my wings left and my state just got worse and worse…it’s not even as if my wings and I stay in a pack..but just going back to them every 15 min really helps.

    But then again, what Julien says in PIMP is bang on..you can’t change your state by thinking..only ACTION changes your state. I totally choded for half an hour alone and then just told myself I can’t leave till I do one more approach..I did a really bad dance-floor high-five/approach on a two-set (they still opened well) and even a bad approach pumped my energy and I did one or two more approaches before leaving (finally I did a little street game in the bar area with another wing who I met for the first time but he was terrible – no calibration, walking too fast, chasing girls down the street, no dominance, plus he wasn’t fun to hang with so I bailed).

    6. The real Big Issue for the night is that I’m still letting conversations fizzle out because I don’t know where to take it. Like I know the M3 model and I’m thinking “yeah I have attraction, I have some IOIs..umm..I need to qualify” or whatever..but in practice I Just sort of run out of things to SAY and DO. And a lot of my stories are not suitable for loud bars and/or drunk girls..so then I just eject.

    There were at least 3 sets where I was doing really well, getting strong IOIs and engagement and good kino and I just self-ejected because I blanked on how to take it forward (in a couple of cases it was early in the night and I wanted to find them later in the night to pull as Julien suggests, but I never did because I didn’t follow his advice to TAKE THE NUMBER before you leave). And this problem gets much worse as the night goes on, because they get drunker and it is even harder to talk..so I just fizzle out even more, even when I can SEE attraction is still there.

    I think I need to literally sit down and write a personalised script for myself to follow and memorize a list of routines (more or less) to use when needed. And then do the RSD exercise of “talking at the wall” for two minutes..to keep things going. Still not sure how to handle the issue on the dance floor though..it’s even harder there.

  30. Look, this post almost males sense, but one of the other “R”‘s has already weighted in: it makes no fucking sense.

  31. Honestly Rollo, I respect your work. Among the authors of the Manosphere, I consider your work to be of the highest quality. They do not seek to dilute uncomfortable truths in any form and the content is laid out from a purely cerebral perspective, without any hint of venting personal rage or any other personal tilt.

    Given the above, I don’t think that these bitches are worth your time and energy. They don’t deserve an entire post on your blog. Perhaps as examples which you always cite on your articles and provide links to.

    Just my 2 cents.

  32. The first time someone posted that video I thought; Well, another older woman who thinks men can hear her when she talks like that. If it is a cute young woman saying all that shit, it would be kind of cute actually. You will just know she is spoiling for a fight. But when this old woman goes off like that, it just looks sad. Age takes so much from a woman it is almost unfair.

  33. It’s no longer possible to tell the difference between parody/satire and narrative/statements intended as serious. That’s why this video isn’t funny at all. You can tell she, her supporters and the audience actually believes all that, even though it’s sort of intended as satire.

  34. McCascal: “For instance, what women do with their bodies.”

    Look old girl, once upon a time, by the looks of it about a half century ago, I might have had a passing interest in what you did with your body. But, today, nah! I couldn’t give a toss, and since that is the only thing you might have once had that I would have been interested in, shhhh!, zipit, just shut uuuup.

  35. it’s sort of intended as satire.

    It’s not intended as satire at all. They mean every word of it. They made it look like it could be satire so they had a shield. They needed something to hide behind to protect themselves.

    Plausible deniability.

  36. Age takes so much from a woman it is almost unfair.

    Age didn’t take it from her. She did. We grow old and out looks fade, but to behave like that is a choice.

  37. There is a complete and total solution to all of this.

    1. Turn off the power.

    2. Collapse government services.

    2. Wait one year.

    After one year of no power or State structure, the female of the species will have been returned to silent commodity status.

    Why do you think that feminists infect the State with their degrading collectivist ideology?

    They are aware it is the only thing that prevents the dark world from resetting reality to its natural state.

    Men are challenged like never before in history. Not just by war, famine, careers, marriage and families. Not just by all the things that men have sacrificed for and struggled with in the millions of years of human history. Today there is even more.

    There is no question that today we are also brutally challenged by condemnation, criticism, ridicule and degrading social shaming simply because we are men.

    Masculinity and manhood themselves are under vicious attack.

    This is new in the history of humankind.

    Never before has proud manhood and strong masculinity and competent, successful maleness been so hated and despised and reviled. These things are under attack by the envious and the bitter. Men are loathed by the resentful, the weak and by hateful failures who tear down the success of others. Men are legislated against and railed against and whined against by people who should spend their time focusing on success instead of degrading others in a useless attempt to feel important.

    Just as the tree of liberty needs to be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants, so perhaps the field of gender power needs to be reset from time to time by brief returns to the elemental dark world.



  38. I got it:

    “Shut up about discrimination, sexism, rape and all that! The issue is you clinging to your traditional female gender-role of women as victims. Just become tough as a man, less emotional and all these things won’t hurt you anymore!”

  39. Within the manosphere we disagree on great many things. What we all agree on and it’s very important to note is that men are being marginalised and exploited in a very misandric system. What we can all do united despite our leanings is help these men. Help them understand and get them to stop hating their masculinity. I fear for the next generation, the one being raised by these so called mothers, and female overlords that have stripped them away from their male identities. We will be here and we will be helping still.

    1. @Ivan
      “There is no question that today we are also brutally challenged by condemnation, criticism, ridicule and degrading social shaming simply because we are men.”


      “I fear for the next generation, the one being raised by these so called mothers, and female overlords that have stripped them away from their male identities. We will be here and we will be helping still.”

  40. @ Dark Triad: “There is a complete and total solution to all of this.”

    A universal male walk off. If the women want the power to stay on, the food be produced and delivered, the roads to be kept in good repair, their neighborhoods to be kept safe – they’ll have to do it themselves.

    In heels for bonus points.

    @Niko: “I fear for the next generation . . .”

    They are, for the most part, already lost. Nearly every child under 12 is already inculcated with the ideas of radical feminist, progressive thought and considers it right and normal. Learn the art of triage and focus your energy on those few that can actually be helped and build them into strong groups.

    And if you desire peace, prepare for war. I suspect things might get particularly ugly in the UK.

  41. Well the inevitable collapse of the dollar may just end up being that kind of reset. It’s going to be an interesting decade.

  42. as a general rule: women, if you are going to say something that we’d heard before +100 times and didn’t convince us before, “just shut the hell up”

    easier to remember

  43. Most Women are long in opinion and short in knowledge.

    You Americans have a curious way of electing stupid cunts whose socialization leaves to be desired into formal political positions.

  44. Ha. One of our greatest “shames” is that we have yet to elect a female president. God help us if we correct that “error” this time around.

  45. @culum – Thanks for the Fr. I’m no master like YaReally but like you I’m working my gaming hard and making real strides. A few thoughts came up for me while reading your post, if they make sense to you, great. Regardless, good on you for putting in the work.

    – loud clubs suck. You have to be able to isolate quickly so you can get really close and stay there to have. Normal conversation. I think this was a big part of your issue last night, it’s hard to get the fantasy ha steer running when you are yelling and she’s only understanding every third word.

    – Set 1 re;BF comment – I’m wondering why you didn’t go BF destroyer? Tell her “He seems nice, I bet he waits on you hand and foot.” She was clearly testing you for short term selection but you instead escalated by saying you have one too.

    -Set 2 re; BF downstairs – Why not play along? “We have to hide from him, quick, follow me to the corner” Play the little game she startedcuz she was qualifying you for short term mating too. Escalation of feels and drama without confrontatation or conflict, making it fun etc.

    Thanks for being so honest too. My guess is that just as you were surprised by how many women were flashing IOIs at you, you were even more cUght off guard by both these women showing short term mating interest. It’s quite unnerving to stare hypergamy right in the eye.

    Thanks again for the FR and keep slugging away.

  46. and by the way, season 19, this year’s, of South Park, IS A MUST! It has been a whole season of taking the piss to SJW’s, PC, and all the realativistic bullshit that is smothering the US right now.

  47. loud clubs suck. You have to be able to isolate quickly so you can get really close and stay there
    Well now, gregg, as you well know, the solution is at hand. Clubs exist because .. customers. Women in clubs are not customers, unless they’re hard-core alcoholics and buying their own drinks.
    Can’t talk? Will walk.
    Maybe the club owners could apply for some sort of government subsidy, if the actual cash patrons won’t show? It’s soooo outrageous, men demanding a ‘safe’ (or even practical) environment for their evil PUA skillz. Why are they even there? It’s not as though the wimminz are happy to see them, as they make abundantly clear. Better off doing Supermarket Game, or Random Bus-Stop Game. Well away from those paralytic old boilers.

  48. @Wild Man:
    “There is no way to look at this that isn’t idiotic or ugly.”
    There is bruv…


    or like this…


    “Fuck. Women are better than this.”

    That’s debatable…

    “What is happening?”

    F.I SOP, Attention Whoring, Betafied Husband…take your pick

  49. I believe McRascal is not seeking another term….She sees which way the winds are blowing in MO. She’d lose to any decent candidate….

  50. if you haven’t read today’s Dalrock posting, before you do let me pose you a question. First I assume you have read war brides:


    now given that, and what you know about hypergamy, what would you guess that a wife might do if her husband was locked away in an Iranian jail, he was a pastor and she was a Christian?

    a) pray for him
    b) tour the country campaigning for his release
    c) accuse him of abuse, that is now getting worse since he is in jail
    d) all of the above


  51. @Culum
    Props on going out. Brief notes:

    “I know chicks run on emotion and all that, but HOW CAN SHE POSSIBLY NOT SEE THE HYPOCRISY”

    lol first chick in this infield, dating younger guys and then hating on Tyler for doing the same, same reaction as you basically “as IF you’re hating on me” lol:


    “I know, I know, I need to work on my entitlement..not used to this from such hot girls”

    lol congrats on it either way. Part of the “3 second rule” is so that we jump into set before we really register the girl is smokin hot, ’cause if you had checked her out from afar and seen how hot she was you may not have approached at all because suddenly there’s way more pressure than when you just get thrown in there.

    “Then she said “Just so you know, my boyfriend is waiting for us downstairs”.”

    Did they seem like they were about to leave? Could just be a test to see what you do, especially if she’s letting you kino her with no “omg don’t touch me my boyfriend might see” (unless she wants a “let’s you and him fight” situ). A lot of hot girls will do stuff like that just to see what you do. I like to push it one more note before giving up, like I’d say something like “well then it’s a good thing he’s down there and can’t see this (go for the kiss)” (VS backing off on your intent with “So? I’m just chatting”, like my way would be still showing unfazed intent sort of like not apologizing for a joke that doesn’t go well…she’s giving enough iois that you could probably get away with one more push). If she gives the cheek to the kiss attempt just lol it off no harm no foul and joke around a bit and then eject like you did, but at least you push it one more note to see if she’s bluffing. If she DOES kiss then grab the number just incase he really IS downstairs but she just doesn’t care about him or wants to break it off with him etc, but for your own safety better to just have the number and eject to pursue later than risk sticking with her and escalating more and her actually HAVING one who sees it lol

    “HABD said a few months ago that if I am getting more AIs my subcomms must be better and it’s just increasing more and more – even a year ago, one or two AIs were noteworthy in a night..last night I am not even sure how many AIs I got – 10+ for sure, although part of it is also that I am better at spotting them (it can’t be anything else – last night I wore a t-shirt and jeans I’ve been wearing for 4 years now and I’m in no better shape – just going a lot more grey haired, despite being only 35 – and yet it made literally no difference to all the college girls I hit on).”

    Good stuff. Glad you’re branching out from the sugar daddy thing. You’re only 35, like, that’s way too young to need to resort to the sugar daddy scene. I’m mid-30s too and hot young college chicks give no fucks, for half of them I’m the older man fantasy…older and more grounded/solid than their peers, but not so old that I remind them of their dad lol

    Like I’ve said before, these guys are 50-ish and would still plow college poon no problem:



    “I can approach most of the time (except really big/mixed sets).”

    One way I like to look at bigger sets is that the more people that are in the set the more likely it is that at least ONE of them will be receptive and friendly to you lol In like a 2-set they might both hate your ass from the word hello, but in like a 5-set odds are even if 4 of them hate you that last one will be into you and that can be enough of a spark to work with to win the rest of the set over.

    RSD Ozzie (he’s like 45 or something, the dinosaur of RSD) just put up a good infield clip of him working a group:


    He starts by befriending/disarming the guy, then disarms the raggedy-ann haired potential cockblock, then finally moves onto the girl he wants who’s fully receptive (because she’s observed him DHV’ing by disarming her group) with full approval of the rest of the group.

    You don’t HAVE to run huge sets or anything, stick to what you’re doing ’cause it sounds like you’re stepping up enough to already be pushing your comfort zone, I’m just throwing this out there ’cause it’s a nice clip of an old-ass man running a mixed set properly lol I’m not a big Ozzie fan but he’s old as fuck and running high-energy kiddie venues so he has some good perspectives (though he’s a pretty high-energy guy infield which personally I’m not, which is probably why I can’t relate to his stuff as much):


    “I am FAR more alert and observant with no booze, but it is also much harder to get into state”

    Massive props, it’s damn hard to slow up on the alcohol crutch but so much better for you in terms of health and skillset in the longrun:



    “But then again, what Julien says in PIMP is bang on..you can’t change your state by thinking..only ACTION changes your state”

    Yup, we come up with a bunch of ways to force ourselves to take action. Like an oldschool method is give your buddy $100 (or whatever amount is significant to you lol) and for every approach you do (good or bad, doesn’t matter, just have to open ANYTHING) you get $20 back. That kind of thing forces you to take action which will force your state to change…you can’t THINK your way out of a bad state even though that’s our default method and we try REALLY FUCKING HARD to do it that way lol

    “I did a really bad dance-floor high-five/approach on a two-set (they still opened well) and even a bad approach pumped my energy”

    My buddy and I say “still counts!” after literally ANY open we do, no matter how bad or how lame or if the girl completely snubs us and doesn’t even ACKNOWLEDGE us, hell even just shouting across the street to some girls who don’t even realize we’re there, we go “still counts!” and fist-bump or cheers, because we know just taking any action to start getting unstifled is what’s going to make the difference in the momentum of the night as we get outside our heads after a week of working on computers and in quiet offices with headphones on and shit.

    “The real Big Issue for the night is that I’m still letting conversations fizzle out because I don’t know where to take it.”

    Pull up a seat and get ready for the Outer Game section of PIMP. 😉 Seriously start watching it on like a Sunday/Monday so you can re-watch and digest it all week because Julien hands you the flat out blueprint there. I’m STILL re-watching it each week digesting it all and making notes and reflecting on my sets from the weekend and what I should have done different and what I’m forgetting to apply infield etc When you get to the stuff on stacking disqualifications, try to look at the M3 model and understand what he’s doing (I talk about this somewhere in my archive, search for “Mystery Method Julien loop” and you should find it), he’s still applying classic MM (Julien learned traditional game first) but he’s amping up the A3 stage making it harder for her to earn his “male to female interest”, like getting her to work harder for it which is key in 2015 where girls have validation thrown at them 24/7.

    “because I didn’t follow his advice to TAKE THE NUMBER before you leave”

    Also all his stuff in the Closing section is fucking GOLD, everything he says about phone numbers and stuff. Again, rewatch it a million times when you get to it lol You’re basically sitting on the holy grail of how to game in 2015 with PIMP.

    “And this problem gets much worse as the night goes on, because they get drunker and it is even harder to talk”

    Ya I hate that shit, I try to hit them up sooner when they’re not drunk. And often you’ll find the really hot girls aren’t very drunk if at all, because they have more of a reputation to uphold in terms of not being the sloppy bar star girl barfing on the dance floor lol So if anything, try the hotter girls later in the night, you’ll be literally the only sober coherent charismatic guy to open them at that stage lol

    “I think I need to literally sit down and write a personalised script for myself to follow and memorize a list of routines (more or less) to use when needed.”

    Now you know how Mystery Method happened lol Give PIMP’s Outer game section a watch and see if it gives you ideas. I have a lot of random default stuff I throw in there and a few stories I know will hit good notes and demonstrate good things…I can improvise enough from just going out a lot that I don’t need to necessarily write them out and rehearse them word for word but like, if it helps why the fuck not do it? Comedians do it all the time, the best comedians aren’t up there just winging their jokes. Be flexible so you can venture off the script but like, if I’m in set and I can get the girl and I talking about, say, relationships, I have a handful of rock solid general routines I can steer the conversation toward that seem like they’ve just organically come up but I know when I go into them that they’re going to spike her Buying Temp and DHV me and sexualize the conversation etc because I’ve used them a bunch.

    “Still not sure how to handle the issue on the dance floor though..it’s even harder there.”

    Personally I avoid the dance floor entirely lol I’m old and white, I know I don’t belong on that shit. But when I do have to go out there I just try to open some girls and not dance and try to suck them into my “this isn’t a dance floor, it’s a standing area” frame lol Doesn’t always work but when it does it’s hilarious to me because everyone else is dancing and we’re just having a normal standing conversation. Unless you have sick dance moves, my strategy with the dance floor when I have to do it and I can get them in conversation mode, is to just get them off the dance floor as fast as possible with shit like motioning to my ears like “what? I can’t hear you! Come with me.” and try to lead them off, or motion a drink and then go get waters etc

    If the venue itself is super loud, try to look for the quiet spots on the opposite sides of speakers, smoking areas, patios, bars on the other side of the venue from the dance floor or around a corner from the dance floor etc, there’s almost ALWAYS a “chill out” space in even crazy venues because usually people designing those venues know people need a space to catch their breath and let their eardrums stop pounding etc.

    Hope this helps!

  52. Also to the list:

    “Us paying taxes to pay for your 20+ types of contraception ”
    “When you want to talk”
    “Regaling us with with your opinion on anything else that is not your opinion”
    “Your opinion on consent”

    @kfg: “In heels for bonus points.”
    Haha! A la Jurassic World…

    @Is This Thing On?: “Ha. One of our greatest “shames” is that we have yet to elect a female president. God help us if we correct that “error” this time around.”

    Ain’t that the truth….

    @A Definite Beta Guy: Hideous. Just like all the stupid consent, “toxic masculinity” bullshit they’ve been showing on BBC lately, like this:


  53. @Triad
    “Just as the tree of liberty needs to be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants, so perhaps the field of gender power needs to be reset from time to time by brief returns to the elemental dark world.”

    What I’d like to see is someone leverage all this feminist hate for International Men’s Day that just went around and had a bunch of articles going, to make a large-scale push towards next IMD all men simply don’t show up for work. Not take the day off (because they’ll just replace them) but literally just don’t go into work. Make up an excuse or something or if you can get away with it just don’t call in at all and smooth it over the next day.

    But like, just on a mass scale, all the Manosphere guys, TRPers, MRAs, MGTOWs, PUAs, and pushing it publically so that ANY man who feels like they aren’t appreciated for the work they do and just haven’t found those communities yet, all just walk out for ONE day.

    Thousands of IT guys not showing up to keep servers running or fix computer problems for the HR chick who can’t check her Facebook at work, thousands of guys not showing up to haul garbage or handle sewage, thousands of guys not showing up to build/repair shit, thousands of guys not showing up to police the streets, thousands of guys not showing up to keep power plants and shit running, thousands of guys not driving cabs or subways or anything.

    Just thousands of unappreciated men going AWOL ghost mode for ONE day, to remind everyone that yes, we SHOULD appreciate men and the work they do with their insane suicide rate and workplace death rate and the non-existent pay gap.

    That would be amazing to me. And every year on IMD more and more men join the day that men don’t show up to keep society running. I wouldn’t even care if someone put their name on it like that porn chick who’s branded the Slut Walk…as long as it happens and reminds everyone, men and women, that what men do is important and the only reason society EXISTS.

    It’s like coming home to your unappreciative wife with glitter on your neck…sometimes you gotta remind them that they’re lucky to have you.

    …a guy can dream, can’t he? lol

    1. @YaReally – The focus should be on daily, grinding, and relentless infection of the feminist sphere (meaning mainstream culture) with unflinching brutal honesty.

      That is exactly what is taking place. In our lifetime we may not see the needle move all the way back to where it belongs, but our sons will benefit from every success we have as men in restoring the patriarchy.

      There will be collapses from time to time, some significant, some serious, but incremental unforgiving push must be our essential ingredient of cultural change.



  54. I mean let’s find another day. IMD is also world toilet day in case you didn’t know. It should be a real men’s day.

  55. And it shouldn’t be just those who don’t feel appreciated because it creates a losers stigma. It should be more like a political strike of all the knowing men. You sometimes have to take away so the others know.

  56. I suggest adding to the list:

    *At what age a man becomes a “kidult” for not being married and not bending to the FI interests.
    *Martial Arts.
    *Philosophy and the origin of the species.
    *Masculinity (I think you already mentioned, it’s obvious).

  57. In the US the first Monday of September is a day to honor those “who from rude nature have delved and carved all the grandeur we behold.”

    But most men, including the very men it is supposed to honor, have forgotten what it’s for.

  58. Just read a quote by Cher from one of her interviews:

    Interviewer: “You once said ‘A man is not a necessity, a man is a luxury.”
    Cher: I did. Like dessert. My grandmother once told me ‘You need to settle down and marry a rich man.’ I said ‘But mama, I am a rich man.’

  59. Looks like I’ll be in Toronto next month for work.

    It’s nice to get a break from Dallas, but Canada in December? Lawdy…

  60. I just have to say to the huge pool of sugar-fat F.I. that has immersed the country;


    Thank you for making things so obvious (with a huge assist from RT). Thank you for being so over the top with your misandry. Thank you for being so crazy and pathetic. Thank you for being so fat. Thank you for not only opening our minds to the male imperative but catapaulting us into it with your misandry, so that we can hit the ground running onto the Life of Riley.

    Thank you for making the Life or Riley not only an option, but the only option and also the single most constructive thing we can do for our country at the same time. Grinding away and funding the decline, while many have to do it for their children’s sake, is not any more beneficial than going ghost. It’s arguably less beneficial. Do you keep bolstering the checking account of an asshole teenager?

    Thank you ‘ladies.’ Enjoy your four pounds of sugar a day, your cubicle gas, your empty, pseudo-heroic chimeras. I’ll enjoy my male imperative life out in the world with women under 130 pounds like I always have, only now with an absolutely clear conscience.


  61. @Luxocrat,

    Yeah Cher is so independent yet there she was at age 45 with her ass out for a whole aircraft carrier full of sailors to get her needs met. This was long, long before popstars regularly behaved like gibbons in heat also.

  62. @Scribblerg – thank you, it’s good to be here. I’ve been reading Rollo for a while but I’m quite new to the comment section here as I tend to read the Heartiste comments more..this is much more civilized. I’ll definitely be reading and posting more here, even though the multipage comment threads make it harder!

    I agree about the loudness – as YaReally also says I could have tried moving to a quieter place..(although one of the sets was in a pretty quiet plae anyway).

    Re the girl I showed pictures to, it was just an instinctive response. I guess thinking back, I could *feel* the vibe wasn’t there – I could tell she wasn’t attracted to me and testing – she was just trying to get rid of me, and I didn’t feel like supplicating, so I went that route. But in the moment it was instinct (plus I remember consciously thinking “let’s see how I can self-amuse out of this).

    The second one, yes – as both you and YaReally have said, I should have tried to escalate and play along. I was thinking of isolating her (before she threw me off) but I was concerned she wouldn’t leave her friend because that particular wing of mine is a newbie and I don’t think he could have kept her occupied.

    @YaReally – thanks again dude. I’m busy for the next couple days so I’m actually going to come back and absorb your post and linked videos properly then but I take your points. I’m going to find the time to listen to all the key RSD innergame stuff over the Christmas holiday season when I have time (Blueprint and SHIFT – PIMP I’ll probably finish before then) so that I can process it.

    Re the HB8 – I don’t know if a BF existed somewhere else, but 100% not there in the club with her. I was 80% sure when I was talking to her, but 100% later – I saw her only with her friend later and then a an hour later as things started to get drunker, she and her BFF left as a two-some (as a side note, I didn’t connect it then, but yeah – she was one of the hottest 3-4 girls in the club and she stayed sober and left as things started to slide into drunkenness, even though this is far from a high-end social scene club).

    I’m done with the sugar daddy dating. I got laid a lot from it and learnt a lot about dates and escalation but it was a crutch and holding me back from spending time cold approaching and building other social skills (I’m playing a little bit with Tinder and POF etc, but even that, not much – it’s cold approach for now). In the short term it’s a pain because I’m losing the plates I built up doing sugar daddy dating now, due to “natural wastage” lol and haven’t really replaced them with cold approach girls (due to my issues with closing), so less sex and abundance, but then again that’s motivation to go out more.

    Also, I was not on Tinder in its glory days, but sugar daddy dating had a similar golden age from around 2012-2014 and I was lucky to be doing it then when even lots of hot girls who weren’t hookers and gold diggers were on it. In 2015 and especially the last few months I’ve noticed a *dramatic* increase in the percentage of outright gold diggers wanting cash on their profiles – *far* fewer of the “I want a fun older guy to show me a good time” profiles that I used to see..

    Re the building a personalised script thing – when I did an MM course weekend back in 2006, they actually helped you figure out personalized stories (contrary to what people think, it wasn’t “run the same routines all the time” thing at all) but now I have a bunch more stories and things since..I just need to consciously spend a couple of hours working it all into a personalized script.

    PS – You may recall when I first started posting FRs for you to comment on in spring 2014, I spent a few weeks going solo to strip clubs. I’m now, as a side project (when I don’t have wings to do traditional night game basically, and want to go somewhere solo) trying to run normal game in swingers clubs to see how it works in that environment. Went to one yesterday but no time to write a proper FR – but should have some interesting FRs on that soon, plus some normal night game FRs in a couple weeks or so.

  63. I’m now, as a side project (when I don’t have wings to do traditional night game basically, and want to go somewhere solo) trying to run normal game in swingers clubs to see how it works in that environment.
    most swingers clubs have a “no single men” rule for a lot of their nights

  64. Redlight – yeah I know. Back in my beta days I spent a lot of time checking out the swinger scene as a single guy (short version: other than occasionally getting lucky, it’s not really easier to get laid and the quality can be terrible) but I’m going back to it as an occasional thing now for fun..the best events/clubs are couples only (and I’ve been a few times with women) but the general nights are doable for a single guy, although both quality and ratio of men/women is generally lower. I have a lot of thoughts on the dynamics there and the (literal) cuckold scene that some of the couples are into which I’ll post when I have a bit more time and can process them.

  65. @Kaminsky

    I do remember that performance of hers; at the time I was in the music business and it got some laughs that night at Quad

  66. … and the quality can be terrible …

    I had a sort of a GF (complicated) and later she was a unicorn (not in the RP sense, the threesome) in the swingers scene. I ask her about it, and she says “I’m the only who is skinny, all the women hate me”

  67. @redlight,

    “Only one who is skinny”

    …in the swingers scene. Just about says it all. Thanks for sharing that.

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