Solipsism I


“Women have always been the primary victims of war. Women lose their husbands, their fathers, their sons in combat. Women often have to flee from the only homes they have ever known. Women are often the refugees from conflict and sometimes, more frequently in today’s warfare, victims. Women are often left with the responsibility, alone, of raising the children.” – Hillary Clinton

I had planned on using Hillary’s now infamous quote for an upcoming post outlining the distinction between women’s innate solipsism and an acculturated narcissism, but fate delivered me a much more profound use for this quote last week (we’ll get to that in part II).

Before I dig in here I feel it’s kind of incumbent upon me to point out that I in no way align with, nor endorse Hillary’s political or ideological perspectives, and I think it should go without saying that I diametrically disagree with her feminine-primary social agendas.

That said, if you ever need a better quote to explain the realities of feminine solipsism I think I’d be at a loss to give you one. A lot of men, even Red Pill aware men, have a hard time understanding how solipsism fits concretely into the feminine psyche. The social conditioning and upbringing that predisposes us towards an egalitarian equalist mindset rebels against thinking women and men would have different psychological firmware. Equalism teaches us to expect that men and women’s needs share mutual origins and our impulses are so similar that any difference is insignificant.

That egalitarian frame predisposes us to consider that ‘not all women are like that‘ or to disassociate the idea that men and women could be anything but functionally equal agents. As a result we get convenient distractions to confuse our looking for comparatives to should anyone (or thing) challenge an equalist answer.

Simply put, we get rationales like “Oh well, men do it too”, or worse, or any opposite comparison that leads us away from considering the truth that men and women are psychologically, biologically and sociologically different; with different motives and different strategies which they employ to meet their different imperatives. And often these imperatives are at odds with the best interests of the other sex.

Separating Differences

The Cardinal Rule of Sexual Strategies:
For one gender’s sexual strategy to succeed the other gender must compromise or abandon their own.

It is the fundamental differences in either sex’s imperatives, acculturation and biology that creates this conflict. Of course, men and women have come together for each other’s mutual benefit (and love, and enjoyment) to create families and sustain our race for millennia, however, this mutually beneficial union does not originate from mutual imperatives or sexual strategies.

When I explain how women hold an opportunistic concept of love, while men hold an idealistic one, the resistance to accept that observable, behavioral, reality is rooted in a blank-slate belief that men and women are fundamentally the same. So, when we read a statement from a woman (to say nothing of a high status one) such as Hillary’s, we either scoff at the oblivious audacity of it because it is so counter to our (male) imperative’s interests, or we nod in ascension in the feminized belief that what best serves the female imperative necessarily is the best interest of the male imperative.

This is an illustration of the fundamental difference in the interpretation of experience between the sexes.

From a solipsistically oblivious female perspective what Hillary is expounding on here is entirely true. From a perspective that prioritizes feminine Hypergamy above all else, these three sentences make perfect, pragmatic sense. The idea that men losing their lives in warfare would make them victims at all (much less the primary victims) isn’t even an afterthought; all that matters is the long term security and continued provisioning of women and their imperatives.

Solipsism, not Narcissism

A lot of newly Red Pill aware men get confused at my using the term ‘solipsism‘ when I refer to this female-specific obliviousness to any concern – or lesser prioritized concern – of anything outside their immediate existential needs. The confusion comes from men who want for a similar justice to the one I outlined in Our Sister’s Keeper. Self-importance or narcissism would seem to be a more appropriate term for this dynamic, but I disagree.

Female solipsism in and of itself is not necessarily a net negative in the larger scope of human survival and evolution. On the surface that may seem a bit outrageous, but it’s only outrageous insofar as women’s solipsistic natures come into conflict with the biological and social imperatives of men. This solipsism is the necessary result of a feminine survival instinct that’s helped preserve women and their offspring in a violent, chaotic and uncertain evolution.

Recognizing the importance of feminine solipsism is not an endorsement of the anti-social, and often cruel, byproducts of it.

No doubt, men who’ve been on the sharp end of this will grind their teeth at the inevitable narcissism that becomes an extension of women’s solipsism. I’ll agree. Socially we’re living in an era of unprecedented (western) narcissism manifested in a vast majority of women.

At no other time in history have women become more accustomed to perceived entitlements of personal security, ubiquitous social control and relative assurances of optimizing Hypergamous imperatives. At no other time have women’s sexual strategies been of such primary importance to society. However, this narcissism is the result of an acculturation and learned social priorities that predispose women to expectations that border on arrogance. Over recent generations that narcissism has become learned and fostered in women to the point that narcissism is openly embraced as a feminine strength – women believe it’s their due after a long suffrage.

Women’s solipsistic nature however is an integral part of their evolved psychological firmware. Solipsism is the evolved, selected-for result of self-preservation necessities that ensured the survival of our species. As men we get frustrated by this intrinsic nature; a nature that puts women’s imperatives as their primary mental point of origin. As any newly aware Red Pill man will attest, coming to this realization is a very hard truth to accept. It’s cruel and contrary to what the First Set of Books have taught him he should expect and build his life around.

Furthermore, it’s cruel in the respect that this solipsism neither aligns with the romantic, Blue Pill hopes he’s been raised to accept, but also the egalitarian, equal and level playing field ideology he’s been conditioned to believe he should alter his priorities to accommodate for women; and in turn he can expect from women. As I stated earlier, coming to terms with men and women’s differing concepts of love is a tough disillusionment, but this difference in concept is simply one of many a man must come to terms with.

When I wrote Empathy I got taken to task about women’s capacity to feel empathy to a greater degree than do men. It’s not that women cannot feel empathically (a shared experience), my argument was that the idea that women feel a ‘greater’ empathy than men was a social convention with the latent purpose of masking women’s innate solipsism.

That wasn’t a very popular idea. The notion that women are the mothers and nurturers was predictably spelled out, but with regards to empathizing and caring for men the primary concern of women was worry over their own and their children’s well being before that of their men should they become incapacitated. Again, this is a cruel truth, but also a pragmatic and survival based one.

Mental Point of Origin

Women’s mental point of origin begins with their own self-importance, and the overriding importance of their own and their offspring’s survival. I’ve had women readers lambast me that they couldn’t possibly be so influenced by solipsism because they put their children’s wellbeing before their own. However it is just this solipsism that predisposes women to seeing their children as extensions of themselves and their own identities. And the good news is that this dynamic is one reason the human species has been so successful.

The following was a comment from Starve the Beast on the TRP subredd:

Women are bad at reasoning, but good at rationalization.

Let that sink in for a minute. One cannot rationalize without the faculty for reason. So are women really bad at reasoning? No, actually they’re great at it.

The difference is that women don’t place as much value on Truth as they do upon self-preservation, and therefore their reasoning processes do not abort when self-contradiction is reached. They’ll just rationalize their way out of that too, if exposed.

Ultimately, the so-called hamster reflects an underlying difference in value systems more than in reasoning ability.

Women can learn to sublimate their solipsism. In fact, cultures and progressive societies have been founded on sublimating female solipsism. Women can and do learn critical thinking quite regularly. Women can learn and function within a society that forces them to compromise their sexual strategies and mitigates the worst abuses that solipsism would visit on men (and themselves). Women can learn to be empathetic towards men as well as live within a social order that looks like mutual justice and fairness.

But the fact that these civil dynamics should need to be something a woman learns only reinforces the biological and evolved influences of female solipsism as women’s mental point of origin. The parallel to this is men’s learning to sublimate intrinsic parts of themselves – primarily their sexuality – to reinforce prosocial interaction in society. 

Women dislike the idea that their experience is colored by solipsism. It sounds bad, and it runs counter to what they believe are sacrifices on their own part to help others. That may be so, and I’m certainly not going to attempt to discount those investments, but they come from a learned compassion that must overcome an innate solipsism. That ‘me and my babies first’ mental point of origin isn’t necessarily a bad thing either – it’s only when that learned compassion and humility are superseded by it that anti-social behaviors and hubris arise.

I expect the predictable criticism will be that men are also self-important, and / or all humans are intrinsically selfish fucks. In part II I’ll elaborate more on this, but for now it’s important to grasp that female solipsistic nature is less about selfish individualism and more about pragmatic survival.

Many a male reader of my Hierarchies of Love series grated against the idea that a conventional model of love would progress from Men to women, women to children, children to puppies, etc. That model is a direct reflection of a uniquely female solipsism that seemingly discards men’s reciprocal emotional investment in women. However it is also the same dynamic that predisposes women to desire men who can decisively control their environment as well as dominate them sexually and emotionally.

In part II I’ll outline more examples of feminine solipsism, how it’s reflected on the individual and societal level and how a man might best use an understanding of it to his advantage.

Published by Rollo Tomassi

Author of The Rational Male and The Rational Male, Preventive Medicine

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  1. He must’ve been terrified, especially with the Attic comment.
    Stop gaming the poor guy.”

    My fellow brethren of the Red Pill…we are faced with a task of monumental importance, a modern day Crusade to liberate those in peril!

    SAVE MR. IB!

    Save him from a fate worse than…well, a fate almost worse than staying alive and married to InsanityBytes!

    We must locate our brethren in testosterone, spirit him away from the evil, fascistic and insane machinations of IB, and deliver him into freedom and deliverance, where young women with tight asses pour him bourbon and grind those pert asses on his turgid groin!

    (Cocks his Sten…get it…COCKS…)

    Brothers! Are you WITH me!

    (Jumps into the tank festooned with women in bikinis and bandoliers and BARS)


  2. How about religious solipsism or religious Hypergamy (?)

    A woman can dumb her religious poor husband for a rich religious husband ! She would have ZERO guilt, cause God on her side.
    How about :
    God fearing Alpha fuck kind of a guy.

  3. Insanity is giving me something to think about,
    Which is worse ; religious solipsism or secular solipsism?

    Yes, Save Mr. Bytes

    1. @Rollo
      Approached 3 girls today 2 of them where a ten and I got the contact information from one of them. Think your blog has done more for my well being than anything else. My confidence is increasing and I am able to get rejected which is the fun part. I’m losing buffers and screens and dealing with people with your help. It’s so much appreciated.
      I think your ability to give men their balls back from the brutal world it can be is worth a lot in return. Going to donate again for your dogs and when I get done with my career going to give more.

      “Only the ones involved in organized sports seem to get even a hint of masculine mentoring.”
      Hell yeah!!!

      “Jesus H Christmas, society has lost it’s goddamned collective mind. Do not be a part of that nonsense. Disconnect.”

      (Rugby passing a 12 pack of beer in your direction.) mentally opens one and cheers a manly hero who whispers “because I’m a man”

      “The issue will not be the females but only the white knights..”

      Rollo’s work killed the white knight in me. I Josted the him into oblivion.

      @Not Born this morning

      “What really is “morality” other than a quite malleable crontived ideal employed as a pawn in the game of human social dynamics?”

      Been thinking about that one…

      Man it’s good to know your doing well.

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  5. “I dunno man, I just think that spirituality is a good tool in a man’s self arsenal. Naturally it depends on what form of spirituality a man seeks out, but I’m talking about the basics. The idea that there is something/things bigger than ourselves and a way to see our immediate problems in a truer scale.”

    The more I think about it, the more I see spirituality as an exercise in solipsism, female thinking.

    “The distinction between introspection and solipsism lies in that introspection assumes the external world is the root, attempting to understand where the individual fits in relation to said world. Solipsism assumes the individual is the root, and attempts to understand how the external world fits in with relation to the self.”
    “As such, the solipsism of women appears to be not just a limitation, but an addiction.”

    While I think it is advantageous to be able to walk the way of women, to understand their way of thinking, staying on this road isn’t beneficial to men. And on top of it the only advantage of that solipsism is it’s manipulative potential. When seeking truth (in a male abstract sense) this solipsistic thinking is inferior and limited in every aspect. It doesn’t lead to theories about what actions will lead to what reactions, it doesn’t allow to make predictions. Maybe one could say spirituality is about to be able to take more hits, but it does nothing to avoid the hits.

    In the end the biggest benefit of such a spiritual journey may be to understand what a godlike ray of enlightment male thinking is.

  6. @lh:

    I haven’t finished the whole article yet, but I have already run across one thing where he is wrong. Things only change by force. There is no evolutionary force on a neutral aspect and a 60 year old woman is neutral with regards to evolution. There is no evolutionary damping of her solipsism, simply because she no longer matters.

    A neutral aspect may fade over a very long period of time, because it is not reinforced, but it may well continue unabated through millions of generations, because it is not countered.

  7. @kfg: He has surely better articles over there, I also find some things imprecise or wrong. The quote was close enough to what I wanted to say though.

  8. Still getting caught up on this long and great comment stream. Have to distract with this: U.S. Rep Polis stating – to applause – that even if you are only 20-30% confident a rape accusation is true, the man should be banned from the college/university. For those of you who seem to think we are on the cusp of some “Red Pill awakening” stop kidding yourselves. We are accelerating into the insanity, it’s not slowing down a tick. Our entire society and it’s institutions are accelerating in a spasm of Social Justice Warrior infused (read Marxist, Gramscian counter-hegemony if you actually care to understand the politics of how we got here) orgasmic ecstasy. They are accelerating as we head off the cliff, like some society-wide, Thelma and Louise style act of cultural suicide.

    Check out this gaping mangina and white knighting fucktard. He’s willing to knowingly do serious harm to young men’s lives who he knows are innocent. I wonder, what would women do if we say decided to instead, discount 70-80% rape charges because while they might be true, we need to be extra careful that we don’t prosecute men, even if we know they are likely guilty?

    Fuck this society and any woman who supports this kind of crap. And you guys wonder why my “leave them broke, sticky and confused” approach seems justified to me? They treat us like animals and monsters who are disposable and I’m supposed “open up” in return? I’m not supposed to “hate”? If I was at this congressional hearing, I’m not sure I could have restrained myself from climbing over the rail and punching this guy in the face until my arms gave out…

    This is how female solipsistic nature has seeped into out culture. Thanks a lot all you cunts out there (and you know who you are and aren’t).

  9. Postcard from the edge. Am working from a Starbucks this morning and sat at a table for 4 occupied by a woman who had spread out all over it. It was really the only choice for me as a seat as I needed power (the seat I was in originally was suddenly in the sun). She could barely make space for me, including baher sprawled out legs bumping into me. She’s taking calls at the table – 3 feet away from me and talking like she’s in her home office.

    I see women like her all the time in the startup world I exist in. They think that the entire world should stop and applaud them. She obviously is involved in some shitty little business, babbling about an 875 dollar quote and some paint as though she’s doing a 500 million dollar derivatives deal. She reeks of self-importance (and anxiety, but I bet she doesn’t get this). Her entire demeanor is arrogant and self-absorbed. It’s like I don’t even exist – solipsism right here on display.

    Such women seem to have no idea that men have lived the desperate, hustling existence being an independent business person’s life is for eons and that we try to handle it with grace and consideration for others. We are trained to leash in our tendency to be self-important and completely self-focused, but this cunt and many others like her wear it like a badge of honor. She’s not particularly hot or smart, but she’s brimming with that “smart, independent woman” vibe and really thinks she’s something. Funnily, she doesn’t even bother to introduce herself to me or be polite – yet I help people like her create businesses that get initial valuations of 7-8 figures. Perhaps I don’t “look” like that kind of person to her. My jeans are fitted, but aren’t bunched up around my ankles like I’m wearing spandex, so I guess she just assumes I’m nobody. Lol. I can see the drama of her life rippling through her as she sits here, thriving on the dynamics, she just yelped, “Ahhhh!” in faux agony as some text came in. Like she’s the only person on earth and the rest of us are her audience. Lo fucking l. I’ve been trying to talk myself into finding a woman like her, 40ish independent and just a fuck buddy, but just being around her makes my dick and balls inside of my body.

    Little business update for you women out there, getting wet just reading this site and its comments. The more females on your corporate board, the worse the company performs. And female entrepreneurs are a nightmare and fail far more frequently than males similarly situated. In the tech VC world, there is a funny duality. On the surface you have all these blue pill men echoing the FI radfem bullshit about “women in Tech” but in reality, they see them failing and don’t talk about it.

    I have one female entrepreneur consulting client. She’s smart and actually pretty good (about average quality among the entrepreneurs I work with), but seems to be more about the “lifestyle” of running a startup than actually crushing it. She tells me that she cries because she’s so overwhelmed sometimes, and told me a story about being late for a client meeting because she couldn’t figure out what outfit to wear, lol. I mean, this is the kind of crap that second year sales reps learn how to deal with in my business. You learn to toughen up and not let negative experiences and emotions overwhelm you. You learn basic meeting etitquette – all just basics that anyone who does what I did for a living for years knows they have to do. But since she’s an “entrepreneur” and doing a startup and has the right look, it’s all about her emotions and her experience. I think she really just wants the glory of being able to say “I did a startup and sold it and cashed out”. This is not uncommon in my world, but such people usually fail. It’s people who understand how to be patient, how to focus on creating real value and building real, sustainable businesses that become partners with their clients who succeed.

    It seems that many women have caught the “fast buck” mentality of some entrepreneurs but not the real qualities that turn an startup into a raging success.

    Any ideas how we can take the vote away from them? I always used to believe that men and women should have equal say about how we run things in this society, but these days? In a world where Hillary Clinton isn’t laughed out of the room? I see female social and political and economic power as a cancer. The more they try and grasp such power, the more they reveal they are unfit for such things.

  10. @yareally So………I read all the post on your blog…literally. and I’ve been going out ( I was a home hermit type ) but i’m not like beta at all literally. Its not even so much alpha beta stuff with me I just never went out by habit. Anyways so Ive been going to malls and stuff and I’ll talk to like one girl one day. maybe 2 the next. don’t go out the next 2. not very consistent but i have like stupid standards and I figured the only places that have enough girls for me to want to talk to a large amount were clubs and bars. So like Tyler said I finally got off my ass and went to one. and I saw shit that you have and like heartiste /tyler /julien /other puas was really legit. Like a guy who was grinding on a girl and making out with her in the club then her friend leaves guys shes with to break them up. but no she doesnt wanna go , so they keep making out then he gets her number . ( she says shes not going to call him to me when i make a joke about it cause her asd kicked in ) but she was in state so it makes sense. idk i could probably post a shit load about the stuff I saw since I was out from like 10 -5 am moving to any venues i could. shit just finally feels more in place with my life now too. and Im broke college student atm. but I didnt really have alot of motivation to like work or do anything cause I never saw the shit that would make me want to like work or do anything i guess. anyways thanks for your blog. I like the stuff better than heartiste and congreuncy because i just like to have fun and it works and the whole asshole thing isnt for me . I can be bitchy if i have to be but I’d rather give good vibes. Now i have to find out how im going to get out their do my sets and get back home spending the least amount of cash . when I say I sincerely appreciate it almost like someone saving my life . cause i felt like I was dead . now i gotta go work on this shit -____- so much stuff to work on it’ll be fun as shit

  11. Wow, it’s amazing how clueless IB’s commenters are about her participation here. She actively deletes anything that will give her bullshit away to them:

    Your “Christian” host is a fraud, and quite honestly I think she needs to seek psychological counseling:

    “The hypocrisy is stunning.”

    Not hypocrisy at all, but rather the cold hearted voice of reason. I’m actually agreeing with our host, from a purely biological standpoint, you either make yourself useful to some woman or she’ll up grade to a better model or simply off you and dispose of the body in her attic. Pure biology and rational thought are cruel truths, indeed. Sorry, but you are not a special snowflake entitled to your mommy’s love just because you think you are cute.

    That is the biological reality. I happen to believe in faith and a different set of values entirely, but in the absence of faith women have every right to be totally solipsistic and to suggest we should be anything else is simply irrational.

    You either serve a purpose in our lives or you don’t in which case don’t let the door hit you in the behind on the way out. Cruel, coldly methodical perhaps, but that is what life is outside of faith.

    You speak of that which you do not know, then try to bully people who disagree with you. Wow!

    Hmm,..kinda reads like your host agrees that I “speak of that of which I know”.

  12. I love your stuff Rollo, have bought both books, and will likely be posting more. Here, I simply want to clarify the use of the term “Egalitarian”. As a student of social ethics, the term “egalitarian” doesn’t mean, or even suggest, that all people (or any grouping of them) are equal. It is the belief that all people should be subject to the same ethical standards at all places and times. I believe this definition is consistent with what you advocate (which I agree with). Insisting we are the same species, and thus entitled to the same/equal rights as each other doesn’t require or imply that we are “equal” in predisposition, abilities, interests or any other widely varying characteristic. As I am sure you must agree, the differences among men varies widely, perhaps only one degree less than the average differences between man and woman.

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  14. Dear Rollo Tomassi,

    Love your blog, many thanks for your work and advice. I was reading your post on Solipsism when I thought of this question and wanted to ask your thoughts:

    Can female obesity be largely eliminated by telling women that men do not use the same tactics as they do when being asked for dating advice? Feminine passive aggressive competition techniques like ‘No, you don’t need to lose weight. Fat is beautiful’ seem to work on women despite many men writing/telling them and all observable reality that thin girls are preferred. They seem to spend lots of time discussing ideas amongst themselves on how to get a man, but rarely ask an actual man what men find attractive. It is common red pill knowledge to ignore womens’ advice on women but men do not practice this dynamic. Ask a man what makes women attractive and he will honestly tell you. Is it their solipsism that leads to their projection of this dynamic on to men? You wrote that “women can learn to sublimate their solipsism…and mitigate the worst abuses that [it] would visit upon men (and themselves)”. If this was explained to them would the Passive aggressive fat promotion tactics lose most of their power? This to me seems like a viable solution to the obesity epidemic and fat acceptance movement. Is this an example of where women’s solipsism can be overcome by men/society? Or do we need to wait for evolution to hardwire a defence to this tactic into women’s heads? Thanks in advance.

  15. @Sam Patterson

    In regards to your questions, the answer is no.

    Fat women have collective power through social conventions to enhance their sexual strategy. In order for fat women’s sexual strategy to succeed, then a man’s strategy (to prefer thin girls) must fail. Right now, fat women have social convention, feminism, go-girl power. That power is strong.

    Perhaps the best explanation of why men cannot employ a top down approach is in a sub-link in the the original post here. Namely Our Sister’s Keeper.

    If the collective fat-girls society are with a society of men trying to become dominant and re-write the social conventions of the last 50 years, they will utterly oppose that attempt at change by men. The fat-girls society has accepted that masculine society is submissive and so fat girls revel in the power their social conventions give them.

    Illimitable Men MAXIM #6: “There is an immutable animosity between the sexes that serves as the conduit for all distrust. This animosity flows from the inability of the sexes to reconcile their fundamentally opposed sexual strategies. For a man’s optimal sexual strategy to thrive, the woman’s must suffer. For a woman’s optimal sexual strategy to thrive, the man’s must suffer. Each sex is determined not to suffer, and so both inflict suffering on the other in a perverse determination not to suffer themselves; this is the battle of the sexes, this is reproductive war.”

    IM MAXIM #11: “You have been lied to about the nature of women all your life, disregard what you think you know because it’s probably wrong. Ignore the top-down preaching that society espouses, reconstruct your understanding from the bottom-up.”

    IM MAXIM #9: “The average man is ignorant and misled. His mental construct of women is far greater than anything the typical woman aspires to. This is not his fault for his biology deceives him and society lies to him, as such the deck of deception is stacked. Nevertheless, the reality remains.”

    So where does that leave you with in Red Pill Awareness and Game?

    The trick is to reconstruct yourself with a bottoms up approach.

    Neo: What are you trying to tell me? That I can dodge fat women?

    Morpheus: No, Neo. I’m trying to tell you that when you’re ready, when you have fully accepted the red pill, and have excellent game, you won’t have to.

  16. What a surprise, uneducated male morons making up shit to feel better about themselves because they can’t handle the fact that women are better, in every way. I guess the statistic of women graduating college more is pretty accurate and expected 🙂 cry your mangry apologetic tears people, but please please get yourselves mental help. As a woman, I can tell how pathetic you all are, and how emotional you guys are being. Instead of making sense, you spew bullshit like typical men. Go back to school please! I just feel sorry for y’all… Btw, please don’t embarrass yourselves into thinking you know what solipsism is….

  17. I took the red pill in December 2015, a few months after this piece was written. I thank the author for a well written and interesting piece because it has many good and enlightening points. But, I’m so sick and tired of hearing that women “can’t help it” and how they are not inherently evil, but that “it seems that way to us”. What’s the point? First of all it seems that very few mgtow understand that female sexuality is extremely dangerous when it is put to power. Second, as a male I take responsibility for my biology, by not humping every young girl I see no matter what she says. By saying that women can’t help it, you’re still blue-pilling them. Why not confront them with it all the time? By making them get the feeling they have to admit (they never will, but read on) they are like this, and making them responsible for their actions, they will break down and lose all power. By saying “oh, yeah, they can’t help it I might as well go on with my life” you are giving them even more power. I know that many mgtow disagree with me strongly, but believe me I have done this with three of the women in my life and they are having an existential crisis right now, so it is working. I am not that lazy or ego-centric as other mgtow to just sit down, play video games and give up. No! I am a man and men create something out of something, as opposed to women who destroy everything. And last, about their malice: If you do evil deeds, you are evil. Killers, rapists and child molesters do not see themselves as evil,
    Please stop excusing them. They are not animals!

  18. As a woman, happily married to the love of my life for 12 years with two beautiful children, who has worked hard alongside her husband to see his business grow and our relationship thrive, I just feel so sad for all of you….. These are the perspectives of someone who has clearly never known true love; Someone who is emotionally unavailable and therefore unable to experience the fulfillment that a loving, committed relationship with two people who genuinely respect and cherish one another can provide. This so-called “red pill” is just another pills being shoved down your throat, altering your mind and deaden your senses. Life is not “The Matrix”. Truth isn’t found in a pill. It’s entirely individual. It’s shaped by your own experiences, limits, and perspective.

    1. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel and wait for a video on this topic. I was married for 33 years, she gave me hell and heaven, and we worked and worked on our marriage. Then I realized that the reason we worked on it is because women just can’t “be” and just stay the way they are. They have to change everything and make decisions and create something negative out of nothing. You surely do that as well, don’t you?. I noticed over the years how I was always happy when I was away from home for three days on a job. I was so brainwashed that it took me years to understand why that was so. I finally got it. Now I have thrown my wife out, she pays for the house I live in, she comes to do all the housework and I use her for sexual gratification. Now our relationship is 100% nice, because she is a maid, a whore and if I need advice, which women are really poor at, we exchange some words. But I found out that one of the main problems in our relationship was her talking. Women are not interesting at all, although they believe so until they are proven very wrong. Listen to Tom Leykis recordings at You Tube channel “Time Travel Radio” to understand what I am talking about. Also listen to what he has to say about the word “commit” which you use. All of this knowledge had not been possible without the proverbial red pill. Women are very little knowledgeable about themselves and about men, believing that this must be the case with men as well. The only way women can make men their equals is by pulling us down to the female level.This is where gynocentrism comes in, as one part. And that is what we call the Matrix. Women create a society within a society and although the discussion among MGTOW deal with whether or not women are aware of this or not, when women finally understand what they are doing, as my ex-wife now does, they become very humble and do not say much anymore. She know that my attention is over if she does not do what I say so she puts up. Subscribe to my channel and I hope that you will learn something from some of my videos. Because opposed to most other MGTOW I have seen that women can change, it’s just that it takes years of effort because women are a little…how should I say…slow, due to lack of perception. You are not present and this is what irritates the hell out of men. We see you just like grown-ups (to the extent that women ever are) see children, but a gynocentric society brainwashes men to not only believe that women are like us, but even brainwashes us to believe that women have something special that men need or never can acquire without “comitting” or “working hard” or something else that is borderline to slavery.
      My channel is here:
      I may not be a MGTOW per se, but I do not care, because I am man doing what I want.

  19. The ‘final solution’ for “the female question” was gifted to men by men who play the woman better than women themselves do — transsexuals (the Wachowski brothers-cum-sisters).

    Of course, I refer to the “red pill” meme / analogy, that is oft availed in such discussions tabling truths which — before the advent of Internet-empowered, free and open expression — were shied away from; if not outright noli me tangere.

    What I mean by “final solution”, is that men will ultimately prove the most suitable partners for men — be that in ‘straight’ male-male homosexual relationships, or as in the form of the aforecited progenitors to the popular meme being liberally employed here (MTF transsexuals).

    The harbingers of progression to this stage of human evolution (if you will) can be seen in many facets of society today: be it the rise in acceptance of non traditional sexual and relationship dynamics (enabler); the scientific breakthroughs in non natural procreation aids, techniques and alternatives (mechanism); the catatonic, veritably self-defeating feminism (push-back effect); or even the ingravescently declining age of female puberty — ~16 years c.1850 versus ~9 year today — which, if not arrested, will inevitably lead to a ‘Children of Men’ scenario (evolution…?).

    This moving of the species away from the primordial binary sex / reproduction construct — that our once primitive minds necessitated for our survival — is plain as day and undeniably buttressable. A tidal shift is underway away from the traditional male-female social-sexual-relationship dynamic; thus, the ‘push-back factors’ that we are all experiencing, are manifesting, such as they are — innate, subconscious compulsions resisting seismic change. And unlike when the ancient Romans, Greeks et al. were celebrating their “pride”, it is quite unlikely that any similar empire (read: global) collapse will stymie this renaissance or resurgence, relegating us back to the Dark Ages. We would more likely extinct ourselves outright.

    The almost poetic refrain of phallocentricity, forever libelled as the overarching subjugator of females’ natural accession to gender parity and beyond — being usurped — now playing the lead role in her downfall, should not be lost here. Fate indeed has a sharp sense of irony…

    ‘And the Serpent to said to the woman: You shall not surely die?’
    (Genesis 3:4)

  20. For a perfect example of sollipsism, just look at the mother in law and daughter in law jokes. It was so bad even Jesus had to declare that “For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall be joined unto his wife, and they two shall be one flesh”

    Once a mother in law was asked about her daughter in law and she said, “Oh! Such a lazy girl. Gets up late, my son has to do all the chores, she thinks she’s a queen, only cares about shopping stuff and beauty parlors/”

    When asked about her own daughter, “Oh! She’s so lucky. She can sleep as late as she likes, her husband does all the chores, treats her like a queen, takes her shopping and buys anything she likes, wants her to look good, so takes her to the best parlors….”

    Sollipsism at it’s finest.

    I’ve seen it happen across the family with my parents, aunts, sisters, grandparents, relatives, their friends, cousins…. AWALT!

    They’re there for a reason – it’s the flip side of the female mind. Women as such hold their competitors with a seething jealousy and contempt which is as tough to control as a main’s sex drive. Usually by the time they are wise enough to get out of this, their life’s nearly over and some of them realize their petty games are of no use now.

    The biggest joke of all is that if you see some of the mother in law threads on quora, they blame it on patriarchy for confining the women to the house (and all the usual reasons), causing them to grow resentful and eventually unable to tolerate their daughters in law enjoying their lives. WTF!?? That’s matriarchy at it’s finest.

  21. > I read that autistic spectrum disorders such as asperger’s syndrome involve a “complete focus on the self.” Since autism is considered to be an extreme male brain psychology, how does extreme male brain-ness differ from female solipsism?

    Too much logic and no feeling makes a person ruthless and turns him into an automation, more robotic than man. Too much emotion and no brains turns one mad with no fixed concept of self.

    Borderline Personality disorder is the female equivalent of autism.

  22. > “…Someone who is emotionally unavailable and therefore unable to experience the fulfillment that a loving, committed relationship with two people who genuinely respect and cherish one another can provide….”

    This man-blaming argument again?

    Cheating, false paternity claims, institutionalized, divorce rape, getting arrested by merely word of mouth — this isn’t due to emotional unavailability. It’s corruption.

  23. Solipsism Solipsism is a very interesting dynamic to understand about women, and I think it is one of the most difficult to grasp after just one read because we are trying to envisage this nature though the eyes of us as males. In my opinion it’s one of the most important red pill aware concepts to fully grasp about the feminine because it awakens you to fully understand what you represent to her.

    After having read about solipsism more and more on the internet, I am beginning to view the world through the eyes of a feminine but you really need to “exit” your own thought process to do so. It’s interesting to understand that it’s women’s innate solipsism that predisposes them to utilise beta men to their advantage and dare I say “exploit” for their long term security. When a woman says “I love him”, the extension to this statement that isn’t mentioned is “I love that he makes ME feel so special”; she fundamentally lakes the capacity to love him for who he is, hence the reason for being able to move on so quickly after a break up. She can just find someone else who makes her feel special and it never really mattered how he felt and why should it because he’s a man. Get over it. I believe this is one reason why attractive women stay single. They are getting “several boyfriends”, betas, to make her feel special without the need for the sexual relationship part.

    After becoming red pill aware, I have used my red pill lens in many a situation and by order of degree in a feminised western civilisation I believe women are starting to use this solipsistic nature to other agendas in their life. For example, I have noticed women, attractive women mainly, exploiting beta men to their own innate advantage outside of a sexual environment. Statements such as, “Mark is very good at fixing bicycles, he will do that for you” without an afterthought that he is doing it primarily as a means to get in her pants. When Mark turns down to fix the bike of said other women, or man even, their hamster spins in confusion not understand why. “But you did it for me?”. Women just have the innate inability to understand that when a man is doing something for you, he is offering dick. It’s why she gets so disgusted when it comes to fruition he just wanted sex. It’s why nice guy never works. You’d be better just telling to her face I want to fuck you and walk away. You might be presented with hostility to begin with, but she would be more inclined to come around and fuck you at a later date once the hostility has settled. The fact you walked away after saying it showed you to be not creepy or obsessive.

  24. Solipsism is what it all comes down to when it comes to female human behaviour.

    It’s what makes them use and abuse men’s good nature’s (but he was just being nice to me.. hamster rational) when he flies her to another country. The fact he did it for sex with her isn’t an after thought (because she didn’t do it for sex he obviously didn’t). Her self centred, obliviousness isn’t an after thought.

    High flake rate with dates. The fact he drove 30 miles to be left with an excuse last minute as to why she cannot go isn’t even an after thought, nor is the mental image of his journey to put her in his shoes. If she believes her excuse (solipsistic hamster.. the fact he can just call her bullshit isn’t even an after thought, let alone call her out on it). Never believe something is “booked” until she says “see you in 10 minutes”.

    The amount of times I’ve spoken to women on Tinder when I have had one profile pic and no info about my personality, beliefs and lifestyle compared to a picture of myself in many with details about me have exactly the same response rate. Again solipsism. It’s about how the communication goes, what he can offer her etc and the profile of the guy and what he does is an after thought (her mental point of origin).

    If you believe you’ll be appreciated for anything you do outside of how it makes her feel you’ll be mistaken. You cannot match these days how Instagram and social media make her feel good about herself so she literally doesn’t need a man.

    If you are on a date and she takes photos of her food and drink and things around her, she doesn’t care for you – you’re just a means to an end to get her snaps for her likes and comments on Instagram and you are better of drinking alone because she is “automatically bored with you”. She’s rationalised a reason why she doesn’t want be with you before she’s even got to know you (she never wanted a boyfriend anyway). She dated as something to fill time. It literally has nothing to do with you. She thinks she wants a boyfriend but doesn’t need one. Even if you make her laugh silly, you’ll never see her again if she really does not want a boyfriend at that time.

    A clumsy woman with poor directional skills (all women) is a very solipsistic woman. She cannot see that the mud is slippy, she cannot rotate in her mind a map well because it’s external to her mind and feelings, hence her falling over in it. It’s also why their hand eye coordination is poor and tool use shit.

    A tom boy woman who loves fixing cars etc vs a mini skirt wearing slut that cannot even pump a tire up have the same mental firmware on different spectrums. I can ensure the later is more solipsistic with a bigger hamster.

  25. Hundreds of millions of years ago life itself figured out that it is superior if it distributes its two most important tasks (survival and reproduction) to two specialists. Henceforth every higher species was divided into two groups. The experts on surviaval (men) and the specialist on reproduction (women).

    Both doomed (blessed) in an eternal pursuit of each others gifts.

  26. Thank you very much, you wrote a very good post, you have written this post through your thoughts and this post is really beautiful, such a post has seen very little till date and I am thankful that you have posted this very well Written.

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