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Anonymous Reader on Dalrock’s thread had an interesting observation about women’s (wives’) dumbfounded response to discovering that the Beta chump they believed would be entirely optionless and adrift after they divorced, in fact, had far more SMV capital than her solipsism would allow her to acknowledge:

So, dear Lisa, you (a) had a husband but (b) decided you did not want him anymore and now (c) other women do want him? Whose fault is this, again? Great display of a version of preselection that ought to be called “post selection” (if Rollo or Heartiste or someone else hasn’t already thought of that).

Reminds me of a divorce I saw from a moderate distance a few years ago. Wife got a couple of promotions at her work, while her salesman husband just plodded along with the usual feast or famine of that business. She apparently got “married” to her job, putting in long hours serving the situational alpha men she worked for. Then at home made up for the long hours by showering attention on the kids while stiffarming “whats-his-name”. When he had an affair she was, by all accounts, surprised. When he had a second affair she divorced him. Both were churchgoing, and I agree that she had Bible-based grounds for divorce, there was no question he was cheating. But he wasn’t the roving-eye type for the first 5 to 10 years of marriage, so perhaps a certain lack of something tempted him to cheat? What could it have been?

Familiarity breeds contempt, but it also breeds complacency.

I’ve stated in many prior thread that familiarity, comfort, rapport, vulnerability and security are all anti-seductive attributes when it come to women’s sexual response. I’m not saying those elements aren’t intrinsically good or bad, just that men shouldn’t buy the boilerplate sexual filibustering of women who would have them believe they are in anyway arousal cues for women.

As Roissy’s maxim states – “‘Gina tingles are born in the defensive crouch.”

Iron Rule of Tomassi #3

Any woman who makes you wait for sex, or by her actions implies she is making you wait for sex; the sex is NEVER worth the wait.

When a woman makes you wait for sex you are not her highest priority. Sexuality is spontaneous chemical reaction between two parties, not a process of negotiation. It’s sex first, then relationship, not the other way around. A woman who wants to fuck you will find a way to fuck you. She will fly across the country, crawl under barbwire, climb in through your second story bedroom window, fuck the shit out of you and wait patiently inside your closet if your wife comes home early from work – women who want to fuck will find a way to fuck. The girl who tells you she needs to be comfortable and wants a relationship first is the same girl who fucked the hot guy in the foam cannon party in Cancun on spring break just half an hour after meeting him.

If a girl is that into you she’ll have sex with you regardless of ASD or having her friends in the room videotaping it at a frat party. All women can be sluts, you just have to be the right guy to bring it out in them, and this happens before you go back to her place. If you have to plead your case cuddling and spooning on the bed or getting the occasional peck on the cheek at the end of the night, you need to go back to square one and start fresh.

The problem most husbands and LTR live-in boyfriends experience in this respect is that there is no opportunity for a fresh start once that pattern of familiarity and comfort has been established and is what’s expected from him.

This principle is easy for us to understand from the man’s side, but what about the woman’s?

Anonymous’ observations here tell a broader story. Dal’s quick-hit post and the article he linked there is well worth the read, but it essentially illustrates a common regret women are forced to acknowledge when they’ve opted out of a relationship, or were opted out of by their men as a result of their protracted dissatisfaction with those women – they simply cannot fathom that the Beta man they cut loose has a sexual market value that other women would not just appreciate, but jump at, far quicker than they imagined.

Considering that 70%+ of all divorces are initiated by women, women opting out is usually the case. If you track along with the time line I presented in Preventive Medicine you can also see that this opt out (first divorce) window usually coincides with the time a man is (should be) experiencing his SMV peak.

After 7 or so years of marriage the familiarity, the routine and the comfort a woman expects from her statistically Beta husband are cemented for her. Reliable, sensible, comforting and responsible make for a great security prospect, but a boring ‘fuck prospect’. Unless that woman is casually, but frequently put into the defensive crouch (via passive dread) that man’s Archetype is set in her mind for her. His behavior is predictable and familiar, and boring to the point that she suspects no woman but her would ‘tolerate’ him.

In fact this perception is reinforced for her, not just by a fem-centric culture, but her husband’s constant self-deprecating praise of how “lucky he is to have a woman like her who’d put up with a guy like him. Haha, LOL.” In spite of all this supplication, women still affirm that man as the unexciting Beta chump who she subconsciously pegs would be entirely optionless in the SMP were (when) he to be re-released back into the wild.

Women want to get with a man that other men want to be, and other women want to fuck.

This is an easy maxim for a woman who’s single, but it takes on new imperatives when that man is fighting against the familiarity and comfort elements that come with long term monogamy and living together. That familiar complacency combined with Hypergamic social expectations makes women doubt that the man they thought other women might compete for has morphed into an optionless schlub only she would have the patience to constantly tolerate.

One of the reasons I advise against men and women shacking up is because the comfort and regularity of that living situation eventually becomes a disincentive for women to maintain a consistent sexual desire and urgency for the man she’s paired with. Women are at their ‘sexual best’ when men keep them at arms reach, and this is primarily due to the anxiety she experiences in the doubt over whether she’ll be able to consolidate on an optimized Hypergamy with that guy.

Post Selection

As Anonymous hints at, there is a form of social proof a ‘released’ man enjoys once he’s been cut from women’s Hypergamous equation. To understand how this works we need to remember that Hypergamy is fundamentally rooted in doubt:

The Abdication Imperative

Hypergamy is rooted in doubt. Hypergamy is an inherently insecure system that constantly tests, assesses, retests and reassesses for optimal reproductive options, long-term provisioning, parental investment, and offspring and personal protection viability in a potential mate. Even under the most secure of prospects hypergamy still doubts. The evolutionary function of this incessant doubt would be a selected-for survival instinct, but the process of hypergamy’s assessment requires too much mental effort to be entirely relegated to women’s subconscious. Social imperatives had to be instituted not only to better facilitate the hypergamous process, but also to reassure the feminine that men were already socially pre-programmed to align with that process.

Dumping a woman is the highest form of social proof for a man.

In no uncertain terms he demonstrates to her that he has the supreme confidence he can find another woman with better prospect than her. Even if this isn’t the pretext of the breakup, this is the message in the medium that she understands; she doesn’t measure up to his expectations.

This then is further compounded by the unconscious knowledge that it should be women who are socially in charge of the sexual selection and approval process. When a man dumps a woman he demonstrably takes that agency away from her.

However, the effectiveness of that social proof for the dumped woman is only proportional to the doubt that he may have been a better, more optimal Hypergamic choice for her. We understand the effectiveness even a fabricated perception of preselection has on women, but depending on the psychological impact a man has, post-selection and the uncertainty of his long term fitness can be so powerful it can create an Alpha Widow of her.

Hypergamous doubt makes women creatures of constant comparison. Thus, when (if) she makes another intimate connection after that breakup, the new guy is held next to the comparison of the previous one. Once that comparison is made, that post-selection value of the previous guy (or lack thereof) becomes reinforced for her.

Starting Over

Women have a biological imperative to restart the Hypergamic process far more rapidly than men when they’re younger and closer to their SMV peak. They have more time to capitalize on it.

However, once they are on the opposite side of the Wall and men are ascending to their own SMV peak, “getting over” the relationship is equated with remarriage because men have the SMV advantage. That previous husband or LTR lover has the power of selection and confirmation she no longer holds as she did in her youth.

Women have far less marketability and prospect to restart that Hypergamic process once this agency exchanges hands with men. They’ve lost on a perceived long-term investment. Thus her brooding fixates on his ease of finding a new mate, with his remarriage being the context of finalizing that break with her.

I should also add that rarely is consideration is given to the incentives and reasons for the breakup whatsoever on her part. Convenient social conventions aid her in thinking she is blameless in the circumstances that led to the split and he is heartless for “getting over’ her at all, much less quickly. We are left to presume that it’s he who should suffer the same or more. He should be pining for her, he should be regretting the split.

It’s far easier for a man to move on with new women when his benchmark for intimacy was set by a sexless marriage to an authoritarian, shaming, shrew. Maybe it’s that thought that really hurts – it was easy to get over her because the opt out for him is sooooo much better a prospect than a lifetime of having to untangle her hangups about him.

Final Thought

Bear in mind this post-selection dynamic is only effective insofar as a man’s SMV can be actualized outside of his previous relationship.

Women only contemplate whether a man has moved on from her quickly when they care to concern themselves with it. If it was she who initiated the breakup with her Beta husband/LTR women are simply indifferent to what the guy is doing a year or so down the road.

Nothing is more satisfying to a woman than to believe she’s figured a man out using her mythical feminine intuition. This works in a positive sense when a man leads her to believe she’s genuinely got inside his head, but it also works in the self-convincing negative sense when she dismisses a guy who no longer qualifies for her long term (or short term sexual) hypergamic interests.

The satisfying feminine indignation comes from convincing herself he was never really as invested as he led her to believe he was. Thus the loss of investment is converted to betrayal and becomes a source of self-righteousness despite any circumstance she contributed to the break herself.

Published by Rollo Tomassi

Author of The Rational Male and The Rational Male, Preventive Medicine

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  1. On a different note, here’s an interesting account about the sexual dynamics in the Red Army:

    Were there love affairs? Of course! Girls would come to visit us, they wanted to marry us. Many couples got married right at the front. I read that good girls would choose officers, preferably elder ones. It’s natural. What about now? It’s quite the same just the selection criteria have changed. There used to be duty positions and ranks in demand, now – it’s the money. The guys whose names, as the saying goes, were familiar to everybody: heroes, who fought and were decorated or even honored with the title of a Hero of the Soviet Union, were In particular favor. When I was just a tank company commander my name became well-known and many people were talking of me: Bryukhov, Bryukhov, Bryukhov! I was a rare visitor to the brigade quarters, I spent more time with my men, so few people saw me there, just heard my name. Once the brigade commander summoned me: “Come over, I’ll give you an assignment!” As I realized later, there was a fuss among the female headquarters personnel: “Oh! Bryukhov is coming!” I arrived in a tank, wearing overalls, got out. A dwarf in a tank helmet. They said: “Where is Bryukhov, eh?” – “There he is!”… Phooey (a sigh of disappointment).

    Many girls left pregnant. Many officers in command of brigades and those of higher ranks had so-called campaign field wives. The brigade commander lived together with the medical and sanitation platoon female doctor. The political department supervisor lived with his tallywoman. Other girls did as their luck favored them: either they liked somebody or somebody took a lucky chance with them, but there was no coercion.

    In general I had the most affectionate attitude to women, because I had five sisters, whom I had always protected. Therefore I have always been considerate to girls. The girls really suffered at war! It was hundred times more difficult for them than for us, the men! I particularly sympathized with the girls-medical orderlies. They rode on tanks to battlefields to evacuate the wounded and, as a rule, were decorated just with the Medal for “Battle Merit” (the lowest decoration) once, again and again. Whenever girls were decorated with that medal some men jokingly called that medal for “Sexual Exertions”, alluding that the girls were decorated with it for being in favor with their commanders. Very few girls were decorated with the Order of the Red Star. Mostly only those who really had close relations with their commanders. What was the attitude toward them after the war?! You can imagine: there were twelve hundred people in our brigade. All were men and all were young. Everybody was making mating attempts. But there were just sixteen girls for the whole brigade. A girl would give it a try with one and then another, but may not have liked them, but when she found someone she liked, she would begin dating him and then they would live together. Other men who were envious spread ill-fame about her: “She is a so-and-so, someone’s campaign field wife..” That way the reputation of many a good girl was spoiled.

  2. I like it when women take part in the discussions.
    Everybody can read then, how solid the teachings of TRP are!


    After the post of that woman “maddie”….it was just “check, check, check, check and check” in my mind.

  3. The Art of War by Sun Tzu

    “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”

    Thank you, Rollo

  4. lol’ing hard at Maddy’s contribution. That shit should be frontpaged on every blog it would convert men by the thousands to the red pill.

    Anyway in somehow even funnier news, here’s a plot twist I didn’t see coming…credit where it’s due, this is an amazing play:

    (terrible for the manosphere etc but in terms of PC-warfare tactics this is fantastic)

  5. Agreed about Maddy’s comment too. Wow. One plus of allowing women to comment here is that any man with half a brain gets a chance to learn about Hypergamy 101. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a woman here write anything that didn’t confirm Rollo’s theories 100% — particularly when they were trying to disprove his theories or give ‘reasons’ why they’re not true.


  6. @Softek

    The comments in the thread are awesome everyone is just going with it and we all know Feminists have no sarcasm detectors. This may go down as one of the most epic troll jobs VS feminists ever.

    Of course now the red pill will be associated in the mainstream with Islam. I’m sure THAT will help recruit men who need help.

  7. The paranoid within me wonders if Roosh might be working at something other than merely ironic in his embracing the character of a spokesman for the modern caliphate.

  8. rollo is bang on.
    i get what roosh is doing. he’s exposing the fascist feminst thought police who dominate discourse in the anglo sphere. it is necessary. is he the right guy? no. he is bitter and angry. something is off.with roosh.
    as usual, great essay rollo. i re read your stuff. deep. takes time to absorb. you are doing men a great service.
    thanks bro. peace
    ps think of me, my brothers, i actually life in this frozen hellhole ( canaduh )

  9. @Rollo
    “It won’t be a feminist that shoots him and half his audience.”

    My thinking too. As much as I love the troll job, this could theoretically lead to some actual race/religion-war type consequences (on both sides) from people who don’t know he’s trolling.

    I can’t even guess how this is going to pan out. This is so far outside of the box.

  10. “Roosh is playing with fire.
    It won’t be a feminist that shoots him and half his audience.”
    Roosh died for our red pillz. And seriously, it’s not like Islam disagrees with him either. Western women are all whores for muslim men.

  11. YaReally – “…this could theoretically lead to some actual race/religion-war type…”

    The great beta mass awaits a charismatic leader, violence is the usual result when such a leader arrives.

  12. “This is so far outside of the box.”

    It was predicted even before he started his tour.

    “. . . it’s not like Islam disagrees with him either.”

    It was also pointed out that he is actually following a fairly conventional path for a man with a liberal Muslim background, that his turn to a traditionalist mindset was to be fully expected at exactly his age.

  13. Roosh is moving increasingly towards his end goal, which is the male collective managing and controlling the female, with him as king. Its implied in hypergamy theory that its bad for society when women are sexually free as many men end up being cut out of the game, and there likely being consequences to those mens mental states, productivity etc. I think there is a mistaken tendency amongst some thinking that “game” is a solution to the problem of hypergamy, when really it is an individual solution not a society wide solution. Boyfriend destroyer routines does not a society make.

    While he is being sarcastic about this, race will split them. Could be wrong but I believe a number of regular commenters who may well be white were purged in racial arguments by the banhammer. Although they often feel free to rip the piss into Indians and Japanese, the “small dick” races if you like.

  14. Imam Roosh will totally confound the SJWorriers, who as noted are obliged to apologize and defer to hard-core Muslim culture. Because to them Western Civilization was so much worse than anything anyone else ever did ever ever ever so they must shut up and check their Caucasoid privilege. With that mindset comes the complete avoidance of the patriarchal nature of the fundie Muslim world. Therefore the SJW’s will genuflect to the Imam and they will fail to make the linkup with the secular manosphere. Any attack on him will be rebranded and vollied back as being Muslim-intolerant.

    Though I could have sworn his resurgent religiosity was due to an Eastern Orthodox background, but whatev’s.

    1. The worst thing that could happen to Roosh is that all he does is give his speech to 34 guys who already know what he’s going to say.

      This Islam parody is a simple (desperate) necessity to garner more attention to himself. If feminists don’t show up to protest he’s got to have an alternate tact to have the Canadian establishment ban him from speaking.

      Solution? Roosh poses as an Imam trying to preach his ‘faith’. If the feminists don’t protest his “free speech” the Canadian government will have to do.

      Anyone still on the Roosh train who can’t see his schtick deserves to be on it. I hate to think he or his audience would be on the sharp end of another Charlie Hebdo incident.

  15. And to make it blindingly obvious, TRP folks can always have plausible deniability for the Imam’s antics, stunts and pronouncements: that’s not us, that’s just the Imam, calling his followers with a qawalli chant.

  16. See how powerful the feminine imperative is , it is so powerful and open and loud. (for fuck sake, you still can’t hear it!)
    Connecting the manosphere to unattractive angry men.

    Connecting the manosphere to neo nazi / white supremacists.

    Connecting the manosphere to Islam (thanks for Roosh) .

    Are we witnessing the implosion of the manosphere?
    Hypergamy doesn’t care what the color of your eyes , what race you are, what religion you choose.
    There should be 2 more red pills, one for the Religion Matrix and one for the Racist Matrix.

    Thank you Rollo Tomassi for the Rational male , your writings are the solid foundation of the manosphere .

  17. ” . . . race will split them.”

    I will point out that even his predilection for Eastern Europe is traditional. They are an ancient enemy, the women are desirably fair and fine featured and, most importantly of all, his use of them is without sin as they are infidel. He can turn to conservative Islamic religious views with nothing to repent. They are the very people who gave the name to slavery and his ancestors sold them in the markets.

    “Imam Roosh will totally confound the SJWorriers . . .”

    I’m keeping a watch on how Vox Day will react. At first I expect him be delighted at the play, but what happens when he realizes that Roosh’s traditionalism is not Christian?

  18. Wait a minute.

    I thought Roosh repudiated the PUA life as hedonistic misanthropy, the MRAs as misguided FI quislings and the MGTOWs as omega losers and parasites? Didn’t he also call BS on evo-psych, which is the intellectual basis of the Redpill?

    If he’s thrown the ‘sphere under the bus, then it seem there’s significant space between his messianic movement and the ‘sphere writ large.If he’s only talking to a couple dozen deciples at a time it seems he’s more Koresh than Jesus.

  19. And I thought feminists will unearth Roosh’s Islamic background!
    Shit! He did it himself !

    In one of his posts, Mulla Roosh was advocating for not bringing Muslims to America, now he is asking Muslims to help him!?.

  20. Fred Flange: “I could have sworn his resurgent religiosity was due to an Eastern Orthodox background . . .”

    Rollo: “This Islam parody is a simple (desperate) necessity to garner more attention to himself.”

    His mother’s family was from Armenia, so he can plausibly swing either way as a tactic, but once you invoke religion you are no longer allowed to sit on the fence. They will force you to pick a side. The only out would be to formally position his Neomasculinity as a distinct religious cult and martyrdom as a retirement plan is not without precedent.

    “Anyone still on the Roosh train who can’t see his schtick deserves to be on it.”

    It’s all fairly boilerplate. I don’t think it’s particularly well done either. He’s in this position because he failed to properly brand RoK.

  21. “I think there is a mistaken tendency amongst some thinking that “game” is a solution to the problem of hypergamy, when really it is an individual solution not a society wide solution. Boyfriend destroyer routines does not a society make.”

    I don’t want to spoil your party, but Islam is/was the last society-wide solution to hypergamy. Islam and other conservatives could very well be allies, giving them the necessary power to do something. I personally sympathize with neither though.

    Roosh surely isn’t seeing this. He is playing troll-games for attention and money. And I don’t see any SJW’s going on a killing spree for him. As we know the white-knight wants to qualify himself for intimacy. As long as they do that, they have hope and not the necessary desperation for amok.

  22. No there will be no Red Pill implosion. There are just threads, some keep going and get stronger, others spiral off into nothing.

    Tarring TRP with its most outrageous outliers is of course a common tactic a la Anti-GamerGaters – that beating will continue until morale improves. But the same can be done with so-called “mainstream” feminism and SJWorrying. Remember a lot of their stuff is being taught academically, which we are not supposed to notice when we are told that NAFeministsALT. (See The Other McCain for more of this, though frankly he overkills it at times with rebroadcasts of bad tone-policed blogs by Seriously Distoibed unemployed coll-grads). So plenty of cray-cray to point out the other way.

    Red pill ideas are slowly creeping in to the discourse like it or not – even Jon Stewart has made occasional (correct) references to “alpha males”, and other examples abound. Do not be discouraged by the this-week’s-flavor ranting over Caitlyn New Bruce Jenner half-woman half-centaur transgenderqueerasexualquestioningnoncis microtonal-aggressions. That side show will die away eventually. For all the noise, like it or not Trans*@#$! are 1/100 of 1 percent – which OK is 330,000 people, enough to get on TV, but not enough to suck all the air out of the room, except for certain campus cookie and teddy bear safe spaces.

  23. “our most meaningful relationships were always the ones we had in our early youth (think: 13-17 years old)”

    women are running af/bb right out of the gate. daddy is the bux, providing the home, food, clothing, vacations, etc. while her first chosen alpha has no responsibilities other than to fuck her good.

    when he’s fucking her at that age she’s not thinking about her job, to-do lists, money problems, what the relationship will mean to her social status…. just how good it feels and how much she loves the butterflies she experiences waiting for the next chance to give it all to her man.

    her first is chosen purely on the basis of tingles and chemistry. this is in stark contrast to her later years when her willingness to fuck is negotiated based on all sorts of criteria she never even considered in those early days.

    as it happens so often in life, the early bird does indeed get the worm and it is the pure, reckless abandon with which she gives up her most prized asset while wanting nothing in return that makes it so wonderfully meaningful when she looks back on it.

    don’t legally invest in her unless you know for certain that you own her.

    1. @lh
      “As we know the white-knight wants to qualify himself for intimacy. As long as they do that, they have hope and not the necessary desperation for amok.”

      Makes me think of Rollos comment on the shootings. Only bring that up because in my first year of high school columbine happened and went back to read a book about it because the day it happened April 20th 1999 I opened the door and my mom and sister looked at me and said something in the like of “your not planning on doing this? While pointing to the footage of people running away from the school” That hurt. When I went back to read the book about the events Eric and Dylan had a lot of white knight beta mindsets. They where angry in a very unhealthily way. My white knighting looking back comes from never learning game. I still get nightmares on how much I was doing it.
      The booking columbine is called columbine I don’t remember the name of the guy who wrote it but one part sticks out. They kept repeating in journals and entries how they hated the “jocks” the bad boys I suppose who would get their dick wet. But what brings me to this is I spent a good deal of my time in library’s in high school it was my place of refugee in an ignorant blue pill omega state.
      Yet that’s where I got upset at my family and the comparison and the library.
      Overall if ether of them knew about the red pill that based even of their medication would be enough to maybe calm them down and not have that happen. A lot of the 28 had no real connection in a negative or positive way to them.
      Anger is a tool that can be used for much betterment of are species.

  24. Fred Flange: “don’t legally invest in her unless you know for certain that you own her.”

    Marriage is not a limited liability partnership. Gamble only money, and only that money you can afford to walk away from.

    Rollo: “Here we go”

    I seem to recall that there is a saying about djinn and bottles.

  25. @bp

    If he’s only talking to a couple dozen deciples at a time it seems he’s more Koresh than Muhammad.

    FTFY, you ethnically insensitive shitlord.

    You’re right though. What’s really off about the whole thing is where it’s gotten confusing at his base ideas what’s straight up trolling and parody, what’s his actual beliefs, and what’s a place where he looks like he’s trolling but he actually believes it. Poe’s Law is all up in there.

    Maybe this is his goal and he’s doing it all on purpose, but I’m really not sure since I don’t know the guy personally. He really seems upset, angry, and grasping for something that makes him feel sure he can move forward with his life and find his unicorn.

    @Fred Flange

    No there will be no Red Pill implosion. There are just threads, some keep going and get stronger, others spiral off into nothing.

    This. While the ‘sphere is a community, at its heart (to me at least) it’s about learning to embrace not just positive masculinity, but the kind of positive individualism that lead to the early success of the USA. If it’s individualist at its heart, then no matter how many Rooshes run off in to the weeds losing their minds, there will always be guys like Rollo continuing to just hammer on the basic message: be a better man for yourself and your goals by being aware of how reality works.

    So long as that message is there in some form or fashion, I’ve no concern of how things will turn out. It’s gonna work out fine in the end.

  26. This is from Roosh twitter :

    @rooshv You are not alone my muslim brother. Do not worry, you have friends in Toronto and we will not stand for this hatred. Allah Akbar

    Allah akbar for Roosh!
    Sandra LaMorgese is “ordained reverend ”
    So is ordained Imam Roosh.

  27. @Sun Wukong:

    He has had a strategy for years, RoK was the initial move in it, but it has never been more than half baked. His tactics have been, at best, rather seat of the pants, and at worst forced on him when he found himself backed into a corner by his own previous tactic.

    It’s hard to tell what he’s about because he doesn’t know. He’s got his hands on the tiller, so he may well think he’s in control, but he doesn’t know how to work the sails, so he isn’t steering a course so much as he’s just trying to keep from being rolled.

  28. don’t legally INVEST in her unless you know for certain that you OWN her.

    Mr. Fleezer, i have to say that i really enjoy our posts

  29. And I attributed to Fred Flange what was written by Fleezer. That’s the sort of shit that can happen when I let my fingers run on autopilot. My apologies.

  30. Sun Wukong – ” …you ethnically insensitive shitlord.”

    Yep. I’ve even sculpted Mo a couple of times for max 3D insensitivity.

  31. rugby11ljh
    August 13th, 2015 at 1:24 pm

    I surely agree that desperation is coming from a beta (or worse) position, a lack of RP knowledge and the needy desire to be loved. But other than the highschool badboy with his cheerleader harem Roosh is very open about that RP knowledge. And he doesn’t even charge enormous sums for some half baked pick-up lines. You can have a BP-believe and hope to qualify for some special snowflakes love and hate the man. But then you’re not gonna be desperate enough (yet?) to go postal. Or you are desperate and full of hate. But then you might actually listen to what someone explains about being a proper badboy, how it all works. Especially if the mainstream says that man is full of hate – just like you!

  32. “A major problem in today’s feminist imperative is that we men don’t understand their true “value” or under-value themselves—we too often go after substandard women, we accept bad behavior, we limit themselves.

    Once you understand your value or your self-esteem is solid, your interactions with women become easier, more ‘natural’ and enjoyable.”

    Very true. When it comes to commitment, certainly, we can win this game. We can afford to simply wait them out and get them to prove their worth.


  33. …just so we’re clear: you guys understand that Roosh is 100% just trolling, right? The whole thread and his Twitter etc. has everyone joining in playing along with what he’s doing (using real and fake accounts) because they know the feminists are watching his forum and can’t pick up on sarcasm and trolling and disinformation (some of them are still legitimately convinced the talk in Montreal didn’t actually happen because someone posted a disinformation story about how sad it was that the talk was cancelled and the retarded feminists are like “WHY WOULD SOMEONE WRITE THAT IF IT WASN’T TRUE??”)

    He’s not ACTUALLY praying at mosques and converting to Islam and trying to spread the word of the Koran or anything. He is 100% just trolling them with their own overly-PC tactics. There’s a point in that video where he almost cracks a smile and all the “we will rise to protect you brother allah akbar” stuff is just his followers playing along to see how the feminists/media/politicians react to this move.

    It’s completely 180’ing everything that’s happened so far and all their plans because before they were throwing beer and shouting “how dare you come to Canada??” to some sleazy rape-fiend PUA…NOW that video shows white Canadian women and men throwing beer and shouting “how dare you come to Canada??” to a Muslim victim. I don’t like Roosh but this is a brilliant troll and the fact that he kept a straight face through that video (most of it, he almost cracks a smile at one point) and his forum thread has everyone playing along talking about “praise allah” and shit is like, epic troll level 9000.

    I hate being the guy that has to spell it out but from the responses here I’m not entirely sure some of you guys realize what he’s doing and actually think he’s serious.

    1. @YaReally, I realize it’s a hose job. My readership knows it’s a hose job and so do all the RVF guys too.

      You know who doesn’t know it’s a troll? Young men who just heard of this guy Roosh a week ago.

      I’m reading these fraud apologies from some of his sphere supporters excusing his God-tier trolling because he’s just making money the old fashioned way. Even these guys are part of the troll.

      Neomasculinity is a hoax. It’s just a necessary vehicle for him to ride in order to troll SJWs, the MSM, the entire manosphere and even his closest supporters. They’re all part of this grand trolling.

      He doesn’t care about free speech anymore than he does about the State of Man or his troll-y appeals to an Islamic faith.

      Every phase of this neo-masc nonsense has been a put-on since Dr. Oz.If men can’t see this charade after his over the top troll of Islam I don’t know what to tell them.

      You’ve been had. I listened to Obsidian’s podcast and his impassioned pleas for uniting behind Roosh because we all share some common duty to come to the aid of a fellow manospherean despite our ‘beefs’. How does that play now? How do you legitimize your support and solidarity when you thought he was sincere in his fight against SJWs, but now this blatant hose job about Islam and hiding in a Mosque.

      Yeah, ha ha, go Roosh! Take the fight to the “enemy”, but the joke is really on you for thinking there’s anything material behind his trolling.

  34. @YaReally

    Oh I get that this particular move is pure Black Knighting (and yes I’m amused by it), but overall he does seem very confused. That’s my point.

  35. Now that Vanity Fair article did bring me up short. Even if it is an overstatement of the phenomenon, it puts on speed dial (!) the RP principles: women gatekeep sex (with a swipe!), men gatekeep committment (see you again?).
    And the smarter women are catching on: they profess they want men to commit more, but realize they are part of the game as well, demanding and earning the right to ride the carousel and be as sex positive as any playa, since that was what feminism promised. Boy men are sure jerks. Please sir may I have some more?

    I have a teenage daughter only slightly younger than that of our Mr. T. The past couple years I have been feeding her little vitamin-size doses of the red pill, under the guise of evo-psych, and given her little playful examples of how game works. When the time comes she will do what she does, of course, but at least she will get to be open-eyed about it and have a clue how these things work. In return she has been cueing me in on the stranger dynamics of American Standard high school culture. Like how there’s some coupling and hooking up here and there but no dating as we know it, everybody just hangs out in groups to do things, go to dances, to shows, go out to eat, even go to prom. We all see how de-sexed most of the nicer/nerdier boys are, far more than we ever were, though there are still Alphas who alpha (viz. the athletes and Lost Boys). Some of the more UMC parents are breathing a sigh of relief, oh this social structure is so much more healthy! Everybody is friends, no feelz get hurt!

    So how do you teach Tinder culture? Gotta work on that. Somehow I suspect the old Mr. Mackie “drugs ‘r bad, mmmkay?” approach won’t do.

    Guess there will have to be more of those college freshman courses on How To Talk To Cis-Opposite-GenderPersons Without Medication as the VF piece describes. Except that the campus policy is that any male approaches to Not Enthusiastically Consenting Gurls were expellable offenses under Yes Means Yes. So whoever teaches the course gets fired for promoting raperist culture. My my things are going to get very interesting.

  36. Of course Roosh is just trolling. That’s still one of his more interesting moves in the last months, if only by accident.
    If he gets himself in danger by that, I see more of a danger from the Islamists. They might not like him using their religion as a cheap cover, making fun of it.

  37. @YaRwally

    Yes totally get the Roosh thing is all an 8chan-style troll lulz-o-palooza. But I think the occasional forays into religiosity (in general terms, not the Mohammedism gagfest) are genuine. Bonkers in Yonkers, but genuine.

  38. @Fred Lange
    ” Like how there’s some coupling and hooking up here and there but no dating as we know it, everybody just hangs out in groups to do things, go to dances, to shows, go out to eat, even go to prom”.

    Bro, I feel for you having to deal with this now. My daughter (now 25) just missed this and my (ex) stepson, now in college, was getting laid left & right in high school… no dating just hooking up. Boys don’t need to date or make any effort when the girls are handing out ALL forms of sex like they were skittles. Those UMC parents would be freaking out if they knew what unspeakable acts Johnny was doing to their baby girls.

  39. @Rollo,
    Roosh the coward is throwing everything under the bus.
    He is using the naive muslem nuts as he uses the nuts on his thread.

    Today he is in a mosque, tomorrow in the land of ISIL/ISIS.
    His new book :
    Bang ISIS! , no game needed to find a virgin! ,all you need is a diaper to place it on your head and a suicide vest.

  40. What Roosh has can be aptly described as a “mercantile mentality” i.e. for short-term profit even ones own mother or daughters are up for sale.
    He will don the cap of imam one day and stuff bacon and wine on another if thats what is needed of him.

    He is applying rational irrationality for his short-term gain regardless of losses to others.
    And why shouldn’t he(in his mind) make hay while the sun shines, when masses are so used to following The Drama family, the Kardashians.

    One thing I do not get is that some posters here want Rollo and Roosh to patch up. To what end?
    Roosh has gone full rogue and not a man of his word anymore.
    You can never trust him again even if he repents later with crocodile tears.(Which he will if his current drama falls flat on its face.)

    @Glenn , Thank for the update on using fake email ids, esp. when github went full SJW, we do not know when word press might buckle under pressure)
    In github, if a white man abuses a black man he will face action, but if a black man abuses(reverse race discrimination) white man, then no action will be initiated. Karl Denninger has more info on his blog.
    Time to walk with your feet. Github guys seem to have not learnt anything from game gate.

  41. “I hate being the guy that has to spell it out but from the responses here I’m not entirely sure some of you guys realize what he’s doing and actually think he’s serious.”

    Yep, totally mercantile. But most of his sheeple might believe he is serious.
    He does not stand of anything concrete right now, else he would not have been so docile on Dr. Oz’s show. He should have been dishing out bitter red pills left-right in that interview.

  42. ” . . . you guys understand that Roosh is 100% just trolling, right?”

    I fully understand the stunt aspect of it, the flipping the script, the Rule 4 and the commercial aspects of what he’s doing that provides the drive behind it.

    I understood it at the original RoK Fat Shaming Week, two years ago.

  43. I could give less than a fuck what Roosh is up to. I used to read his blog but I found him to be very intense and intelligent, followed by being very stupid and dull. Gone a few rounds with him in comment sections over the years ( CH too..) and I’ve come to the conclusion that in the future, the Manosphere will be much better off without clowns and supremacists. There are already venues for clowns and supremacists.

    All men are under the gun, so all men need to come together in some fashion, if for no other reason than to try and help one another out, even if that’s just hashing out ideas.

    Extremism eventually burns itself out.

    I loved the ” Bang ISIS/ISIL ” reference btw….

    This dude has been lost for a while now. What he should’ve done was go get a ( real ) job and walked away from the sphere. All of his followers would’ve eventually moved on.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think diversity of thought is a wonderful and needed thing in the ‘sphere, but grown assed men need to be able to identify bullshit when it shows up on your doorstep.

    So now it’s stunts?

    He needs to go Bang Indonesia and he …wait….he finds the women ugly..nevermind.

    Fuck this guy. Laughing. Out. Loud. Great satisfaction had.

  44. @Shiva

    Github guys seem to have not learnt anything from game gate.

    The mere fact that github has wasted time and effort on SJW window dressing bullshit and has treated it as SRSBZNS has driven a lot of engineers who have no racial, ethnic, or other pronounced bias (myself included) off. We don’t have time for their bullshit from a tool that is there for us to distribute code, not political stances. Fuck them and fuck their slacktivism.

    If I wanted my code with a side of SJWism I’d ask my employer’s HR department to start handling my source control.

  45. vanity fair article was hilarious

    “They talk about how it’s not uncommon for their hookups to lose their erections.”

    these are guys in their 20s. they should be good to go. maybe their brains are telling them that banging out some skank they just met on a sex app, who already got banged out by five other random dudes that week isn’t the best idea. the cock is wise.

    funny too that it’s all boasting from the dudes, and never “yeah, bro, I couldn’t get it up, again”. high five.

    “It would be great if they could just have the ability to perform and not come in two seconds,”

    seriously? this is what girls are ruining their lives for? two seconds of drunken intercourse?

    the national average for an entire sexual encounter is around seven minutes. when my wife heard that she laughed and said, “seven mintues? I blow you for seven minutes before we even get started.”

    she orgasms every time she wants to and often when she doesn’t. she loves to tell me about them afterwards as almost every time is different. the length, the strength of contractions, where she felt it, what other muscles and or places she felt it. she is a very happy woman and the opposite of these disillusioned college and career girls who’ve never even had a man make them cum. it’s clear that male-engineered orgasms make women happy so it makes sense that the hookup culture would breed a lot of discontent.

    stamina is a very valuable asset and you will make an instant impression with even just a twenty minute pound out. I’ve heard that thinking about your grandfather’s colostomy bag or some nasty shit works if you’re about to pop and want to keep going, but that’s a little too gross for me.

    here’s my trick; I think of the longest most boring baseball game ever, where you just want it to be over but then there’s a meaningless pitching change in the sixth inning and the guy is taking forever to warm up and you can’t believe that time can move so slowly. works for me every time.

    “What’s a real orgasm like? I wouldn’t know.”

    women are more desperate than I ever imagined.

    if the guy actually manages to get it up, then he’s going to give her two seconds of thrusting and no orgasm. what the fuck is wrong with these girls? that’s not empowerment. it’s stupidity. they don’t get an orgasm, they don’t get intimacy, they don’t get commitment. they are basically fuckdolls or cum rags even. guys are just jacking off into them and they’re spending twenty hours a day on tinder making it happen. insane.

    in this celebrity obsessed culture, it appears that social validation and swipes, no matter how fleeting, empty and unsatisfying, are more important to women than emotional and even orgasm-inducing physical connection.

    and guys clearly have no illusions about what tinder means and are burying their romantic inclinations beneath mountains of feigned indifference.

    shopping for stuff does not bring lasting happiness and indeed makes the shopper feel even more empty when it’s over. it appears that shopping for people may be even worse.

  46. This is o/t but this ish is too good not to share . have any of you seen this in Vanity Fair? trigger warning: hamster in overdrive

    <a href="; rel="

    '…Men in the age of dating apps can be very cavalier, women say. One would think that having access to these nifty machines (their phones) that can summon up an abundance of no-strings-attached sex would make them feel happy, even grateful, and so inspired to be polite. But, based on interviews with more than 50 young women in New York, Indiana, and Delaware, aged 19 to 29, the opposite seems to be the case. “ ‘He drove me home in the morning.’ That’s a big deal,” said Rebecca, 21, a senior at the University of Delaware. “ ‘He kissed me good-bye.’ That shouldn’t be a big deal, but boys pull back from that because—”…'

    if men's performance burden wasn't high enough, we're supposed to be polite and courteous because she willingily gave up her pussy and/or backddoor for some action?

  47. Rollo Tomassi
    August 13th, 2015 at 4:13 pm

    I agree with everything you said there about Roosh. But think about it: Isn’t all that alpha? Forgive my trolling you, but I’m almost serious. That behavior is what the manosphere teaches. And I know enough about it to understand how well it works with women. Imagine everyone learns that lesson as well as Roosh. How shall the men deal with each other? Is there room for companionship if you want to max your sexy alphaness? Probably not.

    I don’t know where this line of thought leads, I’m just asking questions.

  48. It must be true. A 60 year old woman sang it was so…

    Reba McEntire’s ‘Going Out Like That’ Named Best Song of Summer 2015.

    “He thought she’d be sitting home crying,
    but she ain’t goin’ out like that.
    She’s had enough of feeling like dying,
    she ain’t goin’ out like that.”

    …you just can’t get away from this stuff…

    1. @fleezer
      Spot on

      “Especially if the mainstream says that man is full of hate – just like you!”

      I didn’t mean for it to come off that way. About to practice rugby and was just thinking how much is misunderstood and how much doesn’t have to be with red pill awareness. Seems I may may have put in some typos in that post as well.

  49. @YaReally

    Thanks yet again for taking all the time you do with all the great, insightful comments and links. You’re really helping a ton of the younger guys out in an entirely different way than Rollo does. Yours is an excellent companion viewpoint to Rollo’s evo-psych focus, and to hear field-tested PUA expertise presented in a clear and humorous way is golden. Your positive-yet-no-BS attitude and practical advice is always a breath of fresh air and totally inspirational (pun intended).

    Also, your running commentary on the adventures of Roosh has been completely entertaining.

  50. I divorced a year ago. She cheated on my and started with the usual: I don’t love you anymore, now I just see you as the father of my children and so. Now I have a girlfriend, ten years younger than me (I’m 35), prettier and hotter than my ex. Now my ex want’s me back, she says that she can’t imagine growing old along with someone els (she’s 36). Her no-longer-Beta ex husband has some SMV after all, LOL.

  51. Case in point is Sandra LaMorgese who is a divorcee and Ph.D who currently has the top article in the Love and Sex section. I can hear the wheel spinning.

    She’s described as an ordained Reverend and a dominatrix. Quite the combination.

  52. @YaReally

    “…just so we’re clear: you guys understand that Roosh is 100% just trolling, right?”

    Quote somebody who sounded like they thought it was legit.

  53. Hehe…that Vanity fair article though…

    I think social media and the pervasiveness of open hypergamy will slowly but surely bring “the wall” closer to women. As more men become aware due to curiosity or just by circumstance this lamenting hook up culture while partaking, will continue….As sensei says, “The medium is the message”.

    The FI will continue to try to control and limit male sexuality (see Iron Rules of Tomassi) but Tinder, etc are making it hard in an age where women have become conspicuous attention junkies/whores…so men who become RP aware become like the robber barons…Attention is the currency and men, a few, but growing in number, slowly, are learning to ‘control’ this currency…

    It’s hilarious when I think that if had read that article just 5 years ago I would’ve have had sympathy for the women in the article, and due to my blue pill mind set, would have tried to qualify myself to women, or rather the FI…I would’ve internalised that FI agit prop bullshit….but now…

    Remember demonstrate don’t explicate…

  54. “I’ve come to the conclusion that in the future, the Manosphere will be much better off without clowns and supremacists. There are already venues for clowns and supremacists.”

    By supremacists do you mean people who would rather live in an area where their race is predominant? Am I a supremacist if Id rather my own grow up in predominantly white area? Does this apply to non-whites as well? Whats the racial demographic of your family, close friend, work mates and extended geographical area? What are you doing to end racism?

    Race IS the only political area that matters, THATS why Trump matters. And THATS why blacklivesfuckinwont. Its going to start with Islam.

  55. Hey Rollo as a big fan I’d love to ask a question/ propose an idea, if it’s not too much hassle to get back.

    What is your opinion on attainability as a man I have been reading articles that explain women will look for men slightly higher value then them but they will not go for a man who’s value is too high and out of there reach, at the risk there ego will be stung by the mans rejection, so they “auto reject” these men and justify there reasons to themselves to protect there ego, even if mating with these men would optimise hypergamy. Would love to know your opinion and greatly appreciate a response, here’s an article explaining it better:


  56. Reading still is fundamental.

    By ” supremacists ” I mean ” supremacists “. See how that works you petty simple-minded fuck?




    noun: supremacist; plural noun: supremacists
    1. an advocate of the supremacy of a particular group, especially one determined by race or sex.
    “a white supremacist”

    Btw. I would love to see your dumb ass in Syria explaining your position to ISIS in person. Easy to talk shit from the comfort of your hole in the ground.

    You make a nasty noise because of what I typed. So which are you? Clown or Supremacist? Stuck pig and all that.

    Not that I care all that much, but for the hell of it – cast your vote for Trump if he’s still around at election time. I been around Trump for 30 years. Your just getting acquainted with him. He’s got you all atwitter. Your too goddamned stupid to know a con man when you see one.

    So calm the fuck down and have a soda or something.

  57. This makes the point I was expressing about clowns and so forth. The discussion here is supposed to be RP oriented, and this shit pops up. Some motherfuckers just sit at their keyboards itching to jump in with their ” I want my homogenized world ” shit.

    …carry on

  58. @Paul

    The average guy is at no risk of auto-rejection, particularly with the modern SMV-inflated social media whores most women are. Don’t even worry about that. As I’ve heard it put before: “He who worries about doing too much will always do too little.”

  59. Ye brilliant reply Blaximus. What Ive said there is completely reasonable. Your only option was, “racisssssss”.

    And why would I want to be a fuckin Nazi, when past generations of my family died in a war fighting them? You got no answers have you, racist! islamophobe! blah blah blah.

    Have I been alpha’d? He did 2 numbers and I wrote like 2 sentences, shit he wins.

  60. @Blaximus

    “I could give less than a fuck what Roosh is up to. I used to read his blog but I found him to be very intense and intelligent, followed by being very stupid and dull.”

    I’ve been glancing over his front page articles since 2013 or so. His commentary on social media and American women was great a few years back, especially after willingly putting himself on the front lines in foreign lands to prove the point. However, he hasn’t really had much original thinking lately and a handful of his associates published the few articles worth reading on RoK.

    Even though his antics of the past several months are a troll job / prank, I still started to gradually notice him losing a step in the past year or so if one looks critically at his writing and excessive moderation of his own forum. Also the fact that one is willing to go to such great length for clickbait or internet “lulz” raises some red flags. Does most of his readership want to troll feminists and SJWs to the extent that he does and make them into larger than life enemies who obviously have less real world power than he thinks because he’s now making a living off of the internet?

    I predicted him getting associated with radical Islam in our comments section a few days ago and I didn’t think it would happen in four fucking days. The guy doesn’t realize what game he’s playing and people who get associated with extreme political movements tend to have a short shelf life, whether it’s legitimate government authorities taking them down or political enemies. He’s playing a dangerous game and I’m sure 90% of his readership doesn’t want to risk the wrong person misunderstanding his elaborate trolling and become a target themselves.

  61. “This makes the point I was expressing about clowns and so forth. The discussion here is supposed to be RP oriented, and this shit pops up.”

    And yet you bring up “clowns and supremacists”. I locked onto that. Why bring it up then? If you don’t think that race is relevant in the Roosh forum you are way off. Its obvious on there that “White Women” is a real thing.

    Lolworthy that you’ve just said “clowns… and so forth”.

    Yes Ive not fought in a war against Syrians, does this mean I’m not allowed to have an opinion about racial demographics in the UK without being a supremacist? I can’t use a gun, I’m not hard, I’m probably a coward in large part. So what? What does that change about what I said?

    I resent you and your ilk going straight to “supremacist” whenever it suits you. I’m civil and friendly to people, irrespective of race, unless pissed like now lol.

  62. What the fuck are you talking about. You’ve said this –

    “Some motherfuckers just sit at their keyboards itching to jump in with their I want my homogenized world shit.”

    Thats not a fair reflection of what I said. People, in the UK, and other countries, are concerned about significant immigration and how it affects their country. A lot of that IS to do with homogeneity, or at least something close to it. If that makes me a racist or a supremacist then so be it.

    If you’ve jumped in on here with your “supremacist” put down I guarantee you do it a lot.

  63. I agree that Roosh appears to be engaged in one, large, meta-troll, of which this latest Islamic aspect is only the most transparent. It’s a dangerous game he’s now playing, however, and I agree that the danger doesn’t primarily come from SJWs.

  64. To my white supremacists friends…

    “When a white person claims that they are not racist today, what they are saying, for the most part, is that they are not “white trash.” In other words, they are not so poor, so miserable as to be obliged to declare their racism openly, nakedly: Since the rhetorical triumph of the civil rights movement, outright bigotry has been banished, more and more, from the field of tolerable public discourse. But there’s an interesting parallel, or at least inversion, from the side of the “white trash” racists. The “white trash” racist slogan “white power” is, above all, an attempt to claim that they are not “white trash,” but white as such. They believe it is possible to become wealthy, beautiful, powerful, clean, and graceful by treating colored people atrociously: This is true. But the truth of their belief is embodied in the very white people who look down on them with such contempt: It is true, but not for them. Possessing a pale skin without any of the purported pale virtues, they are trapped by whiteness, compelled by it, enslaved by it. White power is always vicious, always violent, and it is always most vicious and violent where most precarious.”

    So, just because you’re white and blue eyed does not grant you access to the elite white neighborhood.

    It’s the same thing with Muslims! ,
    ISIS / ISIL and AL Qaeda are both Muslims BUT, ISIS looks down at AL Qaeda because ISIS is RICHER with money and “young virgin” (if you know what I mean) .
    I wonder which one will Roosh chooses?!.

  65. @Nova
    Roosh picked a terrible war to lose, by retreating to his “traditional Islamic value ” would cost him his western Christian followers and eventually losing his “muslem supporters” when they read his posts/blog attacking “muslem values”.
    That was not troll, that was suicide on his part, he is finished.

  66. I’m sure Roosh have / had? lots of Jay Will -think alike – only to be thrown under the bus when only 35 of them came to help him against his war on SJW.

    So what to do when my white friends don’t join the battle? , he enlisted his fellow passionate Muslims (it use to be the other way around).
    It’s the same with women, AF/BB.

  67. @The Simon
    oLTR = Open LTR (both of you can fuck other people, with some rules etc so you both come back to eachother and don’t ditch eachother for the other people or prioritize them etc, could involve Swinging together or just separately having other people on the side), pLTR = Primary LTR like I said in the post.

    @The Diplomat
    Glad you get some value out of my writing. I’m no cult leader but every dude I can help is another step toward a better future lol I’m mostly here to add field-tested perspectives to the conversations…a lot of guys keyboard theorize about how shit would or should work but that’s just mental masturbation if it doesn’t hold up in-field.

    That dynamic is legit, and if it’s happening to you (ie – you’re a super high-value dude and you’re finding girls will auto-reject you because they don’t think they deserve you) that’s where you calibrate and either lower your own value to her and/or raise her value. So if you’re a fancy lawyer you might want to dress down in a t-shirt at the bar instead of your suit, or when you talk about being a rocket scientist you may want to add “it sounds fancy but really it’s just code for being a big fucking nerd who does math all day lol” Like you’re taking the high-value edge off so that she feels more like you’re attainable. At the same time you can also raise her value by qualifying her like “oh you do such and such? That’s interesting, I had a friend who was into such and such. That’s rare these days you must bla bla” so you’re raising HER value like she’s impressed you with something (besides her looks) so she feels like “oh maybe I DO deserve this guy if he sees me that way”.

    “The discussion here is supposed to be RP oriented, and this shit pops up.”

    You could just not respond so he has no one to engage with. Now we have to scroll past your huge reply and then his like 4+ replies to that as he tries to goad you into taking up the whole next page of this comment section with shit no one wants to read lol Just ignore it. Do not feed the trolls and all that.

    “However, he hasn’t really had much original thinking lately”

    I doubt he’s going out much. He’s old and clearly tired of the game and looking for a way to make it sustainable without having to write Bang guides because he’s not out on poon-slaying adventures like in his 20s. CH has pretty much turned into a political/race blog with like 10 articles in a row these days which is probably for similar reasons. It’s difficult to really come up with new perspectives and insights if you aren’t regularly out and about around hot young chicks. Rollo still comes up with interesting stuff because he’s around hot young chicks for work and has a daughter who presumably has friends all in the age range where chick-brain dynamics are in full-swing and he’s explaining the Why behind a lot of How so there are a lot of gaps to fill in and explain which he’s good at.

    Roosh’s “rape should be legalized” article was clever though, he actually makes a good point in terms of logic lol He’s probably going to end up just putting out like one big clever piece/event a year from here on.

    @Jay Will
    “Quote somebody who sounded like they thought it was legit.”

    This guy for one: “So what to do when my white friends don’t join the battle? , he enlisted his fellow passionate Muslims (it use to be the other way around).”

    He’s not ACTUALLY enlisting the support of his fellow passionate Muslims. He doesn’t actually expect Muslims to come run to his rescue supporting his cause. He’s not holding the speech in a mosque. He’s just trolling. And he’s noticed that there’s a connection between how religions handled the male/female dynamic (men have authority, women submit to them) and the stability of those societies compared to now, a conclusion that’s obvious to ANYONE and doesn’t mean he’s “returning to his Islamic roots as a man of his exact age is predicted to do”. Religions are generally structured in a way that helps keep women in check and helps keep men high-value to them etc. Realizing that obvious logic doesn’t mean you’re suddenly studying the Koran and trying to preach Muslim faith to everyone and appealing to your Muslim brotherhood for support lol

    And it’s working, suddenly the news has gotten SUPER fuckin quiet about him, where are CNN and CBC and everyone now that he’s turned it into a race/culture issue? lol And the feminists are backtracking, now suddenly they were never going to chase after his event or anything oh no no they’re just having a random demonstration that has nothing to do with this Islamist man’s event lol:

    When Roosh was just being a dumbfuck I was like “okay this guy is fucking over a lot of dudes with this…” But now he’s taken it SO far that it’s become a social experiment of taking on feminists/SJWs/MSM that I actually want to see the end result of. He’s gone so far across the line into absurdity that it’s become interesting again….it’s still not going to help men and will probably fuck a lot of them over, but it’s trying an interesting new tactic against the social media witch hunt mobs that have been gaining FAR too much power over the past few years so he IS making new waves on that front. Other people have played the race/religion card with them before to escape their wrath, but Roosh is actively doing it as a conscious planned trolling strategy VS ACTUALLY thinking he’s being persecuted for his race/religion, and his entire following is on-board with it and playing it up. That’s exploring new territory in eDrama and mob-defense.

    I wish he wasn’t assosciated with the red pill as he’s doing this, but you can’t always get what you want lol

    1. @lh
      I don’t think men are violent if that’s what you where implying.

      “Attention is the currency and men, a few, but growing in number, slowly, are learning to ‘control’ this currency…”
      The truth

      Thanks for sharing

      @Blaximus @Jay Will
      “So calm the fuck down and have a soda or something.”

      “a lot of guys keyboard theorize about how shit would or should work but that’s just mental masturbation if it doesn’t hold up in-field.”

      It’s in part why you and Rollo are so well written. You “Know” because you applied it. That brings so much respect because your authentic.

      “Rollo still comes up with interesting stuff because he’s around hot young chicks for work and has a daughter who presumably has friends all in the age range where chick-brain dynamics are in full-swing and he’s explaining the Why behind a lot of How so there are a lot of gaps to fill in and explain which he’s good at.”


    2. But now he’s taken it SO far that it’s become a social experiment of taking on feminists/SJWs/MSM that I actually want to see the end result of. He’s gone so far across the line into absurdity that it’s become interesting again.

      If you’ve never seen it, look up The Jamie Kennedy Experiment on YouTube. The guy was brilliant in that he took common social experiment dynamics, improvisational theater and psychology and turned it into a really good ‘reality’ comedy show.

      This is what Roosh is poorly doing at this stage. He’s become the Jamie Kennedy Experiment for live trolling to an Internet audience.

  68. @kfg – “It’s hard to tell what he (Roosh) is about because he doesn’t know.”

    Oliver Cromwell – “No one rises so high as he who knows not whither he is going”

  69. “That’s exploring new territory in eDrama and mob-defense.”

    It’s a card pulled from Vox Day’s (Mexican/Native American) basic deck, which is itself a variant of “You can’t call me anti-x because I am x.”

  70. Regarding the auto-rejection thing:

    I know at least one girl who perceives herself as off the chart value girl but never gets too attached (even when within a relationship) out of fear of being hurt. The kind of girl who would always say she doesn’t need a relationship and isn’t too broken when one ends because of it either. Is there some theory with how to deal with those always-at-distance women?

  71. “Is there some theory with how to deal with those always-at-distance women?”


    don’t be captain save a hoe

  72. rugby11ljh
    August 13th, 2015 at 7:06 pm

    My english is less than good, sry. I wasn’t implying you were full of hate. I thought about our fictional Roosh-Shooter.

    I’m not sure what you mean with me implying men are violent? I wrote about Rooshs behavior and him using the manosphere in a machiavellian way to advance his own mercantile advantage – which is in my opinion proper alpha. Even being shortsighted and grabbing for that Islam card just for the advantage in a current fight is alpha.

    And these things are anti-social. There is no real friendship possible there, only submission or fight. It may be clever to delay the second option though until a better opportunity arises.

    When it comes to violence, from my experience the best way to avoid it is to be willing and capable to dish it out in a devastating way. A good man is so capable of being violent, he hardly ever has to resort to violence. And this is true especially with women. They dig that potential. That anxiousness about it makes tingles.

  73. Sad part of this is that we are so starved for “freedom fighters” up here that even some hard right wingers, (i.e. Ezra Levant, who has taken on the Canadian Human Rights Comission and won) is backing this clown. My favourite right wing blog up here, Small Dead Animals, though admittedly has said they had never heard of Roosh, is backing him.

    I just posted one of your comments under this ridiculous video on the blog Rollo, hoping to alert these guys that Roosh is a phony!

    I mean he closes this video with “God Bless You.’

    Umm, not a muzzy saying, that is a Christian saying, just saying….

  74. Sun, don’t know if you watched the vid, but in my limited knowledge of islam , he, as Rollo suggests, may have just put himself out there as a blasphemous target. These isis thugs do not like their religion being used, especially by a lapsed muzzy.

    I believe that praying to Mo is against their religion also, idols.

    But I do have to admit, I had a good laugh watching the vid, and as YR has posted, it seems that these Canuck SJW’s are being intimidated by his bullshit.

  75. @YaReally
    I really want to thank you bro. You are the one who got me turned on to the RSD videos. They changed my life so much for the better with their message of empowerment and self improvement.

    Rollo- Thank you as well. I was going through a divorce in the early days of this blog(2011), and your writings gave me a clearer understanding of male-female dynamics and helped me through many of my darker days

  76. @kfg

    It’s a card pulled from Vox Day’s (Mexican/Native American) basic deck, which is itself a variant of “You can’t call me anti-x because I am x.”

    Funny thing is the black owner of one of the small businesses I worked for was the most openly racist motherfucker I’ve ever met in the corporate world. He hated blacks even more than he hated whites. It was pretty impressive.

  77. “I mean he closes this video with “God Bless You.’
    Umm, not a muzzy saying, that is a Christian saying, just saying….”

    He said “God is great”, which is an Islamic saying. We’ve all heard it (well, usually not in person…that would be a duck, dive and cover moment).

    “Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar”=
    “God is great, God is great, God is great”

  78. ” . . . a lapsed muzzy.”

    That’s a somewhat complicated issue. He is not necessarily lapsed until, as an adult, he declares himself a Muslim and then recants. His tenets of Neomasculinity were rather carefully crafted to avoid invoking any particular religion, to avoid putting off any potential customers, using vague “spiritual” language.

    That is why invoking his Muslim background is a significant event.

    “I believe that praying to Mo is against their religion . . . ”

    Mo is an apostle, not God. The Qu’ran is purportedly the word of the angel Gabriel. That makes Mo the Muslim equivalent of Paul, not Jesus.

    ” . . . also, idols.”

    That’s Old Testament, which is the foundational document of all the Abrahamic religions. New Testament documents are also accepted as scripture and Jesus as a prophet, but Church interpretations are rejected as a corruption of The Word. The Qu’ran is a New New Testament intended as much to restore old tenets as bring new ones.

    “Canuck SJW’s are being intimidated by his bullshit.”

    I posted the video of John the Other to show that even Canadian anti-SJWs can be taken in by the bullshit. I found the idea of Roosh as a traditional Muslim dating coach amusing.

  79. Eloh (ancient Hebrew), Alaha (ancient Aramaic), Abba (New Testament Greek) and Allah are all variants of the same Semitic word, meaning Supreme God.

    God is not a biblical language word. It is, in fact, a pagan German word.

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