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Last week I got a tweet from fellow manosphere blogger Goldmund Unleashed informing me that he’d be making a slight detour to his ‘American Tour‘ as it were and he wanted to visit me in Reno. Far be it from me not to play the gracious host, I put him up at one of my clubs for a couple nights and we got together for dinner and talked a bit.

After we’d finished and were heading back to the club Goldmund asked if I’d be down for an impromptu interview. My time was limited, but I thought what the hell, and we ended up doing a quick half hour talking on the video of his SLR camera and a little mic he had. It was early evening and the high dessert was cooling off so I just pulled over to a spot I thought might do.

What follows here is what we discussed.

I generally don’t do video ‘appearances’, but Goldmund is doing what I can only describe as touring documentary of the manosphere as he makes his circuit around the United States, so I felt compelled to do this one. He’s making a herculean effort in this ‘On the Road’ trip and I had to make sure his stay here was comfortable and worthwhile. This isn’t some new foray in my going public; I thought my readers would appreciate this.

On Goldmund’s blog Jack Raynor left this comment and I thought it might make for an interesting discussion:

On the topic of being, instead of acting (which I’m 100% in agreement with), my current position is that this isn’t something that is possible for all men, or even “most”…

Just like the behavioral differences between males and females are the results of inborn traits (and these traits’ adaptations to the environment), not just “socialization” (the blank slate hypothesis), the behavioral differences from one male to the next are likewise the results of such inborn traits. These things can be…tweaked, but how far?

I, for example, have had an easy time with the red pill because I’ve have always had a rather shallow emotional response. My own brother, however, has always had a terrible temper. (He takes after my father much more in that regard.) As he’s matured he’s learned to get it under control a little, but it’s still there. He’s even gotten into Buddhism, but it hasn’t suppressed it completely. The difference between us is significant enough that he claims that I’m a natural born Buddhist, even though I don’t know the first thing about Buddhism…

This thought of mine originated while getting more involved in the conversation on r/theredpill. I’ve observed individuals who talk about the fact that, try as they might, they can’t get their emotions under control enough to keep up the act for long periods of time , much less to simply “be”.

Any thoughts on this?

Let me know what you think.

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  1. Rollo Tomassi,where do you gather your evidence. Why should I believe anything you write? How do you know women are realists pretending to be romantics? I’m not gonna lie,I’m a hardcore romantic. How do I live with myself after reading everything you wrote. And how do I know if it’s completely real?

  2. Blax…you are right about the lack of employment opportunities. About 20 years ago I took a young (14 at the time) male, with his folks blessing, to rural Mexico. He was failing Spanish at that time in school. On his return he went to straight As. He now is fluent in 4 languages. I don’t think there are too many people who would allow such a learning opportunity nowadays. The FI is all about safety (fear, really).

    Since I am around the house most days there are a few young guys (say 10 to 12 years old) who like to stop by and watch me work with tools or work in the garden. The problem is I am not comfortable putting a power tool in their hands though by that age I was already running a table saw and arc welding. Something about liability (did I mention fear and the FI?).
    For me it’s a feeling that the ability to learn and the ability to teach are being simultaneously destroyed by the dominant system.

    I have no plan for how to combat this. I wish I did. I have never before been in a place where I feel that I am unable to just do what ever it is I want to do. It truly sucks. My support to all the guys here and those that should be here. I’m hoping that over time and in the face of some real existential hardship (yep, that’s coming) a reset of male/female relating will take place. Until then I’ll do what I can to stay true to my own direction.


  3. Re: Guest Post: The Irrational Female | Donal Graeme
    July 29th, 2015 at 11:00 pm

    Neat idea: A transcript. Donal Graeme writes a transcript of part of the interview. Sure beats wind noise.

  4. funoldguy – “For me it’s a feeling that the ability to learn and the ability to teach are being simultaneously destroyed by the dominant system.”

    No good deed goes unpunished. Until such time as lawyers can be hunted for sport this will continue.

  5. @The Little Prince: ” . . . where do you gather your evidence.”

    Where do you gather your evidence that a sunset is beautiful, ice cream tastes good, a rose smells sweet and you desire interaction with women?

    OT Footnote: Tomorrow is the anniversary of Saint- Exupéry’s disappearance. Spend some time appreciating a rose.

  6. w/r/t change – I had a fun thought the other day. I believr I have changed myself quite a bit over the decades – or at least, I allege my behavior is improved (my definition: more effective for me) but . . . how much credit can I (or any “elder”) take? How much of my cooler head and more integrated wisdom is due to my own choices – and how much merely the natural side effect of probably reduced testosterone?

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