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Just a blog / book update here first: I’m ass deep in the final edits of the second book so if my comments attention seems sparse now you know why. I’m not a full time author so I have to balance my work life with completing-a-book-life and when it gets down to the final phases it closes me off to all leisure and personal time. This is only the second time I’ve done this and I’ve come to realize it’s best to put in the extra effort now than have to go back and reedit and update errors later.

Unfortunately this also forces me to concentrate on aspects and concepts of prior topics with a magnifying glass and I have to make a real effort not to get repetitive in my blog posts. Once the book drops my focus will be on the blog more intently.

Zip asked from this week’s post comments:

For single men the situation is a pussy bonanza if you can play the ‘lonely hearts club’ Game correctly. On any other V-Day I’d suggest men capitalize on GNOs and women commiserating about how inadequate men are these days while they tie one on. The likelihood that an order of 50 million women will have seen 50 Shades just prior to hitting the bars with their girls on this night only makes your efforts that much easier with better sexual dividends.

While not overtly playing the Christian Grey role, if you cop the dominant energy (or if that’s what you’re about already) you can help a girl work off that energy. It would be too easy to say these women will be primed for Game, but remember, feminine-primary acculturation has taught her to justify the action of her sexual self apart from her real self. Saturday night may be the one time getting a girl to sign a sexual consent form will work in a man’s favor.

What is “lonely hearts club” game?

I’m probably not the best guy to ask about the particulars and techniques – Christian McQueen or YaReally might be better professors here – but I can give you a basic outline and the mechanics behind LHC Game.

The idea is pretty simple: Single women have a penchant to get together with the express purpose of commiserating about their sex lives, complain about the substandard men who are in their lives, complain about the men whom they wish were in their lives and to generally open themselves up to opportunities of meeting new prospective men all at the same time. I suppose I shouldn’t limit the Lonely Hearts Club just to single women since when you “get any group of women together and you can be sure they’ll talk about their husbands — and it will rarely be complimentary.”

I should point out that a GNO is not necessarily a Lonely Hearts Club because the dynamic and purpose is different. Girl’s night out may be a pretense for the LHC, but not always the purpose (think bachelorette parties, etc.). Valentines Day get togethers and “Hen’s Nights” however are prime examples.

As I’ve illustrated before, women talk, men do. Women’s gatherings are arranged for the purpose of relating to one another and in this instances it’s to commiserate. One reason I advise men to keep their mouths shut and work a ‘breadcrumb‘ line with women is exactly because of this dynamic – women cannot keep a secret and particularly if it relates to a man she’s interested in or involved with.

The Lonely Hearts Club is a unique situation for a guy and represents some real advantages for sarging. Women in these ‘peer clutches’ may seem like they’re in bad moods and resistant to men intruding on their set, but the ‘lonely’ predisposition actually makes women far more approachable for a smart player.

Try not to think of these women as being ‘lonely’ (though they might be) so much as being discontent with their lives, the men in their lives or the type of man they wish was in their lives. It’s this emphasized state of discontent in which you’ll capitalize.

From V-Day:

Note to PUAs

Valentine’s Day is ripe with opportunity for an enterprising Man with the ability to see it. Go hit the clubs tomorrow night, particularly the ones that cater to a 25-40 y.o. affluent crowd. There’s a million different venues you can hit, all with promotions to help single ladies feel better about not having a date – usually with genderist drink specials to help your approach too. You’ll notice impromptu GNOs (girl’s night out) set up just for this occasion to prove to themselves “they don’t need men to have a good time.” A good PUA couldn’t arrange a better opportunity to hook up in multiple sets.

Don’t go play ‘pity friend’ with any girl on V-Day, don’t be the “you’re such a great friend” consolation date.. Call up your best wing man and sarge on the best night of the year to sarge. Wedding receptions aren’t even as good as V-Day for this.

This dynamic will be even more pronounced tomorrow after these LHCs / GNOs are let out from the debut of 50 Shades of Grey and make a beeline to their favorite martini bars. Modified versions of the Boyfriend Destroyer approach I mentioned in The Art of AMOG will do well for PUAs if you tweak it to presume these women are out in groups with the express purpose to ‘get revenge’ on no-good boyfriends or substandard men who don’t compare to Christian Grey’s sexual and personal dominance. You’ll find Lonely Hearts with bad (see Beta) boyfriends are already doing most of the ‘destroying’ work for you.

Law 32 – Play to People’s Fantasies

The truth is often avoided because it is ugly and unpleasant.  Never appeal to truth and reality unless you are prepared for the anger that comes for disenchantment.  Life is so harsh and distressing that people who can manufacture romance or conjure up fantasy are like oases in the desert:  Everyone flocks to them. There is great power in tapping into the fantasies of the masses.

Being that oasis after Lonely Heart Club women have worked themselves into a proliferative phase, ovulatory lather from watching 50 Shades of Grey with their reaffirming girlfriends will make for a pickup environment that you’ll rarely find so easy to accomomodate.

In fact I’d suggest that your opportunity for managing a three-way might never be better. If you play to one woman’s fantasies in the LHC you’re likely hitting the right buttons for a few others in the group too. That’s not to get your hopes up, but rather to illustrate that, if you can manage even a marginal amount of social proof with the clutch, one or more women in that group will likely preselect you for their approval and affirm their girlfriend to go make out with you in the parking lot. The socio-sexual dynamic is charged if you can present yourself as ‘close enough’ to the fantasy one or more girls associates you with.

The trick of course is not to overplay that fantasy so much as to tip your Game hand. If you are Christian Grey (the prevailing fantasy), you dress the part, talk the part and act the part, even drunk women will call your bullshit. If you’re subtle in playing to her fantasy, you’re commanding, you’re focused, well dressed (but in a casual way) you’ll be able to close, pull, whatever with a facility you wouldn’t be able to under normal conditions.

As I stated in Art of AMOG, know your environment and know your quarry. Be prepared to avoid women who are too drunk. Issues of consent and rape-fraud not withstanding, a sloppy drunk woman is never a good intimate experience. And intoxicated they will be; drinking is a good indicator of an LHC, but they won’t be in the over-the-top drink mode of a GNO or a bachelorette party.

The key to managing drunk women is to catch them after the first drink, but before the third one. Women commiserating aren’t trying to relive their sorority days, but I think most guys severely underestimate the drinking habits of  modern women. Take it from a guy who’s worked in liquor branding for the last 12 years, women are far more prone biologically and habitually to drinking more than they believe is their actual tolerance threshold. In an age where women believe they should be the equals of men, alcohol tolerance is a glaring example of the real physical differences between the sexes.

So, feel free to discuss this over the weekend. I’d love to see some ‘live’ comments from the field on Saturday night if you’re so inclined. I’m actually working a cocktail promo for most of the night, but I’ll keep an eye on the iPhone. Field reports are encouraged.


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  1. Rollo, I’m gonna hit the casino tonight and then a nicer area with solid 25 – 40 crowd bars tomorrow night.

    Designer jeans, v neck shirt, nice blazer, standout pocket square, nice shoes. Rolling solo as I have no friends that have any clue how to go out.

    Will let you know how the nights go.

  2. only slightly off topic:

    Another usual habitat for LHCers is wedding receptions. Many a woman is willing to meet men at a reception. The wedding beforehand primes many such women for meeting men, and the drinking and dancing eggs them on further. See: Wedding Crashers (2005); which is basically an illustration of pickup for weddings.

    Look, some of you might not like it; but it happens. Art imitating life and all that.

  3. Hey guys, everyone’s focusing on Chris Grey, but don’t ignore Gideon Cross. Silvia Day describes the way a woman *really* wants to be approached. Not the way the mainstream tells her she *ought* to want to be approached. Most powerful approach I’ve ever seen in fiction.

    Silvia also tells you how to banish thoughts of providerdom from your woman’s brain and stay in the lover compartment- no matter what you profession, social status or wealth is.

    Get out of the house!

  4. The fm and I were watching a 50 Shades commercial and were definitely amused. All those women out there who have to get beat to feel dominated.

    But the ladies will definitely be looking to be dominated. So there is that.

  5. And one other thing. Expect the number of emergency room visits from the misuse of sex toys to be up. I’m so looking forward to the news the next few days.

  6. The fm was also remarking on the sales of 50 Shades cufflinks. I said, “Don’t you mean handcuffs?” She laughed, “Yes.”

    But I have something better than handcuffs and rope. “Put your hands at your side and don’t move them. Spread your legs.”

    The best tool for domination is the mind.

  7. Threesomes: look for a gay/bi couple. Get the gay girl to like you. Close with the bi. Make sure gay wants you to make bi happy. Four tits are better than two. Gay on the face – bi on the other end. They can share. And kiss.

    Or two bi girls.

    Or “Have you ever considered a threesome? Perhaps we should go looking.”

    Or something like that.

    I usually say something romantic to the fm, “I’m going to transgress you by getting it on with another girl while you watch and help.” She always gets the tingles from that. Or that ultimate of romance, “Be my doormat.” She, “I WANT to be powerless for you.”

    But all that takes some training.

  8. I wouldn’t be too sure about the potent after-effects of this flick. Judging by the early reviews, there’s a LOT of disappointment out in dem’ dar’ hinterlands.

  9. Designer jeans, v neck shirt, nice blazer, standout pocket square, nice shoes. Rolling solo as I have no friends that have any clue how to go out.

    I salute your friends who would rather stay home then deal with the arrogance of the modern female. Have fun striking a pose in your designer jeans. Vogue!

  10. Every time I see LHC, all my inner nerd can think of is the Large Hadron Collider. Then my inner ten year old rearranges it to Large Hardon Collider.

    Stoicism isn’t easy when you have such an easy time making yourself snicker at the wrong moments and things.

  11. Rollo,

    Struck out tonight. Game was on point, mood was on point, midset was on point… but single girls are just simply not out. Only girls that are there with guys already. Single ones are either fat, old or not attractive.

    Think I need to move to a major city, as it’s now impossible to meet attractive girls anywhere outside a major city.

  12. And to Bango Tango,

    You sound like an old, hopeless guy who has been chewed up and spit out by life. Do you really have to spread your bitterness to the younger guys that are out here trying to make things happen?

  13. “Hey guys, everyone’s focusing on Chris Grey, but don’t ignore Gideon Cross. Silvia Day describes the way a woman *really* wants to be approached. Not the way the mainstream tells her she *ought* to want to be approached. Most powerful approach I’ve ever seen in fiction.
    Silvia also tells you how to banish thoughts of providerdom from your woman’s brain and stay in the lover compartment- no matter what you profession, social status or wealth is.”

    Can someone explain this approach?

  14. Well, I’m in a medium-large hip city here. Don’t have much in the way of PUA experience, but I’ll try and get out and let you know what I find.

    Our theaters are kinda far from the best cocktail bars, so I might have to venue shift a lot to get a feel for where people are.

    If I’m doing well I may try experimenting with different looks – adding/removing a sport jacket, adding in a few bracelets and stuff, trying aloof and arrogant vs. energetic and fun…

    The primary issue could end up being the movie being terrible and not having the intended impact on its audience. I’ll see if I can strike up a few convos about that if I find likely GNO viewers.

  15. Incidentally, I discovered that it’s actually possible to have spaces and capitals in my handle (facepalm). Rest your guesses about what ‘forget the sky’ might mean.

  16. You sound like an old, hopeless guy who has been chewed up and spit out by life. Do you really have to spread your bitterness to the younger guys that are out here trying to make things happen?

    Make it happen. I was just saluting your friends who decide they don’t want to jump through hoops to “make it happen”. You are the one trying to shame them by saying they don’t have a clue. Is that what a friend does? Respect their choice and people can respect your choice to strut around like a peacock in your designer jeans. I would never have criticized your choice to go out if you didn’t add that little shaming language to your comment. Think about it.

  17. Of course making out with drunk girls makes no sense at all.. if you are drunk too then it’s miserable on both ends, if only she is and you’re sober then good luck with not feeling disgusted..

    Bango Tango: ‘ Is that what a friend does?’ -> a friend also can have its own opinion on anything. If I tell beta male friend that he is miserable because have no clue how to deal with women and he will get offended it’s his fault, not mine. 😉

    Let’s face it, being beta is rarely a happy choice- it is rather a necessity for many, as they simply don’t know how to change themselves/don’t have the inner strength/they are just weak. I mean who would normally choose being a beta if they were offered a choice between beta and alpha?!


  18. There is no such thing as a beta male or alpha male in reality. That is the female gender giving men those labels and men who care what women think then use those labels to define other men and themselves.

    You can choose to think of yourself as an alpha, beta or omega man but that is a choice. You can also think of yourself and others as just a man. No lesser or greater then other men. Those labels only serve to describe traits in men that are either preferable or not preferable to women but they don’t define a man.

    If you are a man that spends time looking at other men and always putting them into these categories consider yourself a bitch. That is what the vaginas spend all their time doing.

  19. Bangor Tango is too sensitive for this site. Or is a woman. Please troll the bars/clubs, not helpful blogs like this

  20. After reading the last post, I was inspired to go out last night (V-Day has come and gone in Australia). Invited my mate who considers himself a decent wingman (he’s not, but the company was welcomed!), found the perfect venue for the 25-40 age group (music playing: Prince, Michael Jackson, Queen, etc) and went from there.

    It was mental, there were women everywhere. Had one blondie almost immediately approach me, so drunk she could barely stand up, talking incoherent gibberish in my ear. I had barely said hello before her “friends” immediately swooped in, rushing to tell me that she has a boyfriend, they’re going through a rough patch, leave her alone, etc. One even threatened to kick me in the balls if I didn’t back off (in Australia, our CBs can be more dangerous than our spiders!)

    I’m certainly no PUA by any stretch, I usually find approaching women difficult. But last night was like taking candy from a baby. Even managed to get myself taken home by a very delicious 26 year old from ye ol London town. Thank you, Rollo. Thank you.

  21. Bangor Tango is too sensitive for this site. Or is a woman. Please troll the bars/clubs, not helpful blogs like this

    Fuck you. Go suck a cock.

  22. Just dropping this here:
    The Discovery Channel documentary The Science of Lust.

    Nothing especially new for the PUA/sphere crowd, but features towards the end (38′) Dr. Haselton conducting an experiment (on the effect of one-itis, no less). I await the first comment on her looks, heh.

    Also pretty nicely laid-back example of Game on the 27′ mark by the two experiment “plants”. Women act altruistically when they want to snare a man. Who would have thought.

    Back to my Blue Period painting.

  23. M Simon — enough already. First you subjected us to the pretentious nonsense about your “first mate” (now abbreviated to FM after Rollo joined in the ridicule of your terminology). Then we had to hear about how young women keep checking you out in all your ancient glory. Now we have to hear you bragging about how cock whipped your elderly wife is. Yeah I’m sure she’s ready to round up all those twenty somethings who are admiring your old sea-faring muscles for an orgy at your command.

    Jesus Christ man, have some dignity. Nobody cares or is impressed by your braggadocio. Stop being such a delusional narcissist.

    I think it’s time that you take a look in the mirror. You talk about your wife (pardon me, your “FM”) with such obsessive regularity that it suggests you are either co-dependent or utterly whipped yourself. Perhaps Rollo can provide us with a behavioral psychology analysis of men who claim to be Alpha and yet can’t stop talking about their wives.

  24. Unfortunately, that was a bit underwhelming.

    The clubs/bars were a bit empty. I mostly attribute this to very cold snowstorms in the area. The demographics are a bit older, with fewer single woman groups – more devoted couples and families.

    Those women who were available seemed a bit more available than normal, but nothing exceptional. And I got less bitchy behaviour than normal. But not sure if that’s just luck of the draw.

    My game is rudimentary, remember. I don’t have enough experience to say all too much about it.

    I’d be interested to hear if anyone ran into anything more definitive.

  25. I stayed home, cracked a good bottle of merlot and watched “The Big Sleep” with the dog… for good reason, it was -26 here, reports from others was most venues were deserted except for couples .

  26. @Glenn– Delusions of grandeur much?

    Grandeur? How, exactly?

    “It’s hysterical watching you preen about your self-anointed importance here, as though you are “somebody”.”

    Preen? How, exactly?

    “Self-appointed somebody?” How, exactly? I’m the most self-effacing motherfucker in these comments. If you take that as a “self-appointing somebody” then you are misreading.

    “Here’s wake up call, fucknutz. If you were on fire, I wouldn’t piss on you to put it out. Share your ideas here and men here will deal with them as we see fit. If you don’t like being outed as a sockpuppet account using bitch, don’t use sockpuppet accounts.”

    I don’t mind being “outed” as a “sockpuppet”; in fact, I was direct about it. If you, or any other commenters, prefer to give yourselves to the NSA, then that is your business. My business is mine.

    “Go fuck yourself. And in case you don’t see it, your ideas are dogshit compared the the brilliance Rollo shares here.”

    @Glenn, you “swami” much?

    “You aren’t even in the same intellectual universe as the community here. Dealing with you is like trying to explain particle physics to a 9 year old.”

    Rational, or emotional?

    “But you are free to continue to demonstrate your intellectual weakness. It’s reaffirming to those of us who long ago transcended such juvenile idiocy.”

    If so “intellectually weak”, then why the response? The “intellectually weak” are routinely passed over in the comments, without further word. Why the response?

    “It also helps me feel righteous about hating BluePill man-children.”

    Helps me “feel”. What, exactly, is “BluePill” about a man speaking RedPill truths?

    “You don’t want to deal with the truth and reality of the world we live in, got it. Gosh, isn’t that unique?”

    To the contrary, friend, I deal with the “real” world—little boys being mechanistically raped and murdered by politicians in England (and elsewhere, US, et al), for decades. What “reality” do you deal with, exactly?

    Do you actually want to deal with the hard stuff, or merely bash away at the easy stuff (ie, females)? How do you get through your days knowing that this is going on? What answer do you have for that? I’m genuinely interested.

    @Glenn, it’s obvious that you are a warrior, that you want to bash away at the HARD stuff—so go educate yourself about that, and then join the REAL fight, which is NOT about weak females. It is about far greater forces than that. Please apply your energy to the appropriate hill, which I am not. Please direct your lead down range.

    @Glenn, We’re on the same team, if you can wrap your head around that.

  27. To expand on the above: In spite of trying 4 different places, I’m not sure I got the after-film crowd. The vibe I got was there were people who a) go out every weekend and don’t know what to do with themselves otherwise; or b) had longstanding plans, such as a birthday celebration, that brought them out. It was too cold and treacherous for people to spontaneously decide to go out. They’d get out of the theater and say, ‘eh, let’s just get home before this gets any worse.’

    The places weren’t empty by any means, but I just got a vibe that everyone didn’t want to be bothered, or that they were so inured to the club/bar scene that they had seen plenty of guys with better looks/game than me.

    All that to say, data collection was poor. Apologies.

  28. The way I reckon it, if you have to wait for some particular series of events to crush some ass you are most likely doing it wrong.

    There is no such thing as alpha and beta in nature? LOL pert certain a man punching you in the face, taking your shit and banging your woman means there is an alpha and a beta

  29. I agree with Ton. Seems odd. The backbiting.
    W…..T…..F….. with all the gang warfare fighting in the comments section, you would think that those commenting didn’t like the essays, are not red pill on a red pill blog, are not alpha enough in their own skin and feel threatened by those that are.

    Online intellectual debate. Think about it.

    Intellectual debate, as a surrogate for hind-brain violent gang behavior, comes up short in the masculine male realm as stated by Jack Donovan in The Way of Men. Problem being is that 80% of men suck @ intellectual debate. They get frustrated and lash out like the nerdy fag in high school.

    It’s like deja vu all over again. Remember Rodney King’s plea “can’t we all get along?” The answer is: not if you are a Dumb Shit.

  30. @SFC Ton. “The way I reckon it, if you have to wait for some particular series of events to crush some ass you are most likely doing it wrong.”

    Would appreciate more of your masculine, logistics, get-it-done mindset here.

    Isn’t gaming lonely hearts settling?

  31. This year’s V-Day fell on the weekend before Carnaval (the latin equivalent of Halloween). So on top of V and 50 Shades, there were masquerade parties everywhere. Having swallowed the red pill not too long ago, I recently started approaching women, and got my first day game number close last weekend. I was planning on going sarging at a famous outdoors city-wide Carnaval party in a nearby town, got a really classy Devil costume. Then, after a week of text game, SHE asked me out on friday night and in conversation it came up she’s from that town and was also going to be there. So I ended up meeting her and her friends for the night.

    And so I missed the single best pick-up night of possibly a lifetime.

    I did end up with her in my hotel room making out, no sex though as despite of all my efforts and push-pulls she just kept saying it was “too soon”.

    I do hope she ends up being worth it (fortunately seems like it so far).

  32. Sjfrellc:
    “Isn’t gaming lonely hearts settling?”

    No woman is perfect. Any relationship with one is ‘settling’. The best you can do is to choose the trade offs that are acceptable to you at the time.

  33. Hi Rollo, I took the Misses (or she took me 🙂 and our 8month old daughter to see the movie on Valentines day. We sit down the front by the exit so if the baby plays up we can take her out and calm her down.

    Just before the movie started I stood up in the theatre, had my baby in my arm, turned around to face the packed theatre (80% women) and said with a big grin something along the lines of:
    “Listen Up Ladies, you do realize this is JUST a movie, Christian Grey doesn’t exist, go easy on us men, we try our best!”

    I got a standing ovation! haha (well they were clapping, but no standing)

    Here was my take on the movie, and boy it was so cheesy and predictable!
    I liked the scene where she was out with her friends drinking and they cut to Mr Grey and he is sitting diligently on his laptop with a glass of wine. A man on a mission! Getting his stuff done
    The scene where her male “friend” confesses his feelings for her while drunk and tries to kiss her. Mr Grey swooping in to save the day ! (so predictable and cheesy)
    Then the scene where she stayed with him the first time and she awoke and he wasn’t there. They cut to a shot of him out running, again a man that has a mission to stay fit and not let anything get in the way of that.
    Then on the date when the doors open up to the roof top, music booming and a helicopter right there ! What over the top crap ! But the movie wouldn’t sell if it was his 1996 Ford Explorer waiting !
    The scene where he takes her up in a glider as well and her reactions and joy ! As a pilot I enjoyed the Mr Grey flew his own aircraft!
    I told the misses that I get the same reaction when I take people flying in my little ultralight:


    In the end, she walked out on him, and he chased her, and I laughed at how the movie started with him being in control, to him chasing like a chihuahua!
    And that contract of his, he keeps bugging her about signing his contract, and he starts looking desperate, even I was thinking “dude you look like a loser” !
    My misses said in the other books he starts looking pathetic confessing his undying love for her. He is much more alluring when he is in control of his emotions.

    I actually had fun in the end, never would have chosen a movie like that. Probably like 90% of the men in the movie theatre that day. The bondage stuff didn’t seem all that hardcore, my understanding is they toned it down from the book a bit.

  34. I spent the evening of St. Valentine in a rather cold venue, literally: Fairbanks, Alaska. My night began around 9 at an upscale bistro downtown, where I sat at the crowded bar and ordered the only two drinks I had all night, and ate a rather delectable halibut dinner. A few 6s or 7s in the crowd, but with BFs in tow. I did get prolonged eye contact from one girl as I walked by, to which I later chuckled because her BF was openly facing and staring at her. Open hypergamy indeed. The bartenders were cute, so I conversed with them mostly. Later I had a drunk married couple sit next to me, where the overweight wife kept staring at me and talking about her home-schooled son.

    I slipped outta there around 11:30 and ventured over to one of Fairbanks’ many dive bars. The cigarette smoke forced me out after only 30 minutes with no approaches made. The sex ratio was horrendous.

    I then hopped to my favorite dive across town to sample the live music. I saw one girl I had approached back in the summer and got nowhere with, and essentially ignored her despite the fact that she was playing the fiddle in the bluegrass band on stage, and was definitely the most attractive girl at the venue, which for Fairbanks isn’t saying much. The women here are, in general, rough around the edges. The university ups the percentage of women during the winter months, but barely nudges their level of attractiveness. Even a 6 is a rare commodity. Most of these girls are what you might call “earthy”. If you’re OK with out-of-date fashion or hygiene not being in ship shape, Fairbanks is your prowling ground….but you will have competition.

    My next dive was quite possibly the most adventurous, due to the fact that it’s frequented by Alaska Natives (who, as they saying goes, take their firewater seriously). Native girls are a crap shoot in that it’s easy to weed out the physically repulsive ones (9 girls out of 10) but even the appealing ones with proper dimensions can hide a level of psychological dysfunction so profound you will question yourself later if you managed to get the bang. Their culture is far different from white culture, yet they’ve adopted some of the worst parts of its contemporary madness (i.e. selfies and smartphone addiction). Athabascan women can be very direct and dominant, to the point where it seems like all they’re looking for is a passive man who will sit at home, collect unemployment, get drunk, and knock her up with a welfare kiddie when she’s in the mood. Such is life when your culture is being systematically eradicated. 100 years ago their ancestors were mostly self-sufficient by subsisting off what was available in nature. Their traditions have been reduced to a novelty, only truly practiced by the financially well-off, which is ironic because a subsistence lifestyle used to be a way to live well without money.

    The girls at this bar were not worth the hassle, so I switched gears and walked across the street to one of the city’s two night clubs. A $10 cover and a quick frisk by the bouncer got me into this club frequented mostly by military chaps from Ft. Wainwright, a demographic which yours truly in no way falls into. As a result, a rather diverse mix of white, black and Hispanic mingled around. The few GNO ladies did not meet my physical threshold, so they were not approached. The best interaction I had there was a 30-second bit with one of the pour girls, who looked a bit like Heather Graham. She cutely complained how some “assholes” had stolen her water pitcher. I spit some less than stellar game at her, which see seemed receptive to, indicating the competency level of the men in the crowd. I even snuck in some kino by grasping her fingers as I slowly took my water cup from her, to which she did not recoil and maintained eye contact. Had I been in the mood to wait things out, she was the most worthwhile prospect of the evening. Honestly, I got more of a kick out of watching the other dudes and their interactions with women, or lack thereof. The couples out for V-Day ranged from alphas to omegas. I gagged a bit when I saw one guy literally clinging to a hideous beast. He wasn’t much to begin with in terms of looks/physique, but she was easily 3 points LOWER than he was. One of the few instances of ONEitis gleaned from the field. Another skinny introvert made the mistake of sitting down at a table already occupied by some bigger girls who were at the bar getting refills. When one came back, she threw out a real cheap shot of a shit test calling him out for stealing her seat. The guy revealed his beta placement through body language alone in the defensive crouch. Clearly uninterested, the girl laughed and said she was joking, and that he could stay there.

    After missing the raffle ticket number for a trip to Vegas by the last digit, I called it a night rather early, around 2:30. The combination of the cold and the comparatively few single women at any venue, regardless of their ability to arouse, did me in. That said, I took one positive note of reflection:

    On V-Day, if you go out solo, chat with the female bartenders. They’re going to be envious at best, or bitchy at worst depending on their level of hate for the holiday, but when the pickings are slim they offer a viable option you might not consider on your regular nights out.

    And there we have it. Keep on having fun.

  35. I always wondered what Rollo’s motivation was, as a married man in what he calls a “great” marriage, for spending so much time and energy, first on SoSuave and then on writing those three books.

    After reading this post, I think he’s living vicariously through the exploits of his readers.

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