Last Minute Resistance


Many PUAs have at one point encountered and considered what’s commonly known as LMR, Last Minute Resistance after they’ve successfully moved through the various phases of seduction and had a girl reconsider fucking him and ultimately reject him at the zero hour before sex was in the offing.

LMR is the acronym PUAs gave to the tendency, but you don’t need to be a PUA to have had the experience of pleading your case for sex while spooning on the bed with a girl you’ve been trying to ‘make comfortable enough’ to want to fuck you using your best Beta Game for two months. I’d say blue pill men are much more familiar with LMR than most self-styled PUAs.

I’ll admit, I did this in my younger Beta days.

This was long before I realized that sex was about urgency, anxiety and tension, not comfort, familiarity or rapport, or proving how much better a boyfriend I’d make than the Jerks she’d enthusiastically spread her legs for because they naturally created that urgency.

It wasn’t until I’d hit my sexual stride in my semi-pro rock star 20s that I realized that striving to make a girl feel comfort and trust was anti-seductive.

Eventually I got to the point that I could get laid predictability enough with girls who were enthusiastically down to fuck, that I no longer felt the responsibility to endure the blue balls I had in trying to behave according to how girls ‘told’ me I should go about being intimate with other girls.

It was then I realized I had been attempting to Game girls according to the advice other girls had given me (or even some of the girls I wanted to get with themselves). I realized how adolescent this really was; these are games teenage girls played with guys who’s attentions they enjoyed, but couldn’t bear the thought of fucking someone they were so familiar with. I figured out that when a woman says, “I don’t think of you in that way. I think of you as a brother.”, what she’s really saying is “I’d consider sex with you to be incest”.

I didn’t know it then, but this was an important lesson in my red pill education.

I’ve never been an advocate for pushing past last minute resistance with a woman. From that point on in my life if there was any hesitancy on the part of a woman becoming sexual with me, and certainly once clothes were about to come off, I knew something else was affecting the needed sexual tension and urgency. Something else was mitigating genuine desire and I knew it wouldn’t be the kind of sex I wanted to have, or couldn’t already have had a better experience with another plate I was spinning at the time.

I get that for a lot of guys, “pushing” for sex – really trying to wait a girl out for sex – is the only Game they really have to speak of. However, I’d gotten to the point where I realized that any sex a woman makes a guy wait for is negotiated desire and mitigated sex, and the experience was never worth the wait.

I learned how to do very effective takeaways during this point in my life, but not because they were practiced to perfection from a want to bang a particular woman. Rather, and unintentionally, I had what PUAs termed a very good ‘push/pull’ technique due only to the fact that I knew if a new girl I was with was hesitant to get sexual I was wasting time I could’ve spent with another girl who was a proven commodity.

Women pick up on cues like this. Men are often oblivious to them, but there are subtle differences in our behaviors, indifferences to women’s expected behaviors from us, and subtle attitudes we sub-communicate which women are attuned to thanks to an evolved psychological understanding of when they have a sexual competitor for our attentions. Women who have a genuine interest in a guy, rarely confuse that guy with “mixed messages“.

I didn’t consciously process it then, but an overt attempt to overcome last minute resistance broadcasts a perception of ‘pussy begging’ in an obvious way. While I realize there’re sometimes situations that call for a need to be sexually assertive to promote a dominance women are testing for, if you’re in a position of what amounts to pleading or “c’mon baby” convincing a girl to fuck you, you’re negotiating (really compromising yourself) for her unenthusiastic desire.

When you overextend yourself in getting past LMR, you risk sending the message that “you just don’t get it” with regard to how women need to be seduced, and how the men they do want to fuck organically behave. By being too self-effacing in convincing a woman to fuck you, you present the perception of being optionless with other women, and thus a non-sexual Beta and she can deal with you, or not deal with you, accordingly.

It was really simple pragmatism for me to walk away from a sexual dead end girl – I had other options – but in doing so I’d unwittingly, but organically, passed a shit test. And more often than not I got laid a week or two after “bumping into” her again; after she’d had time to process it.

Game 101

Now, why am I going back to Game 101 here?

Likely this is something I should’ve included in the book, or come about to in the early posts of Rational Male (I have actually, but not in depth). Well, it’s because of a pathetically brief throwaway post from Lindy West praising the recent Yes Means Yes law on California campuses.

West usually wrote feminist agitprop before she was surreptitiously let go from Jezebel a few months ago, and rest assured this is the first and last time I’ll ever quote her on this blog, but in her giddy sputtering over the YMY law she did manage one coherent point:

“Why would you want to be tolerated when you could be desired?”

Following along in the wake of the Yes Means Yes social initiative, many a feminized blogger has gone through a good deal of mental contortions in order to rationalize why they support it. The problem they encounter is that in supporting YMY they have to explain away more than a few previously, and publicly, held stands they made in the past about gender relations to align with YMY.

One such inconsistency stems from women’s dubious want for comfort and rapport prior to sex that conflicts with what, essentially, amounts to negotiating for their genuine desire. Thus, I agree with Lindy, why would you want to be tolerated, when you could be desired?

What Lindy is oblivious to (no doubt from a lack of experiencing male attention) is that genuine desire cannot be negotiated for. Many a hapless Beta suffering in a ‘tolerance’ relationship is all too familiar with the lackluster experience of ‘duty sex’. Women will bemoan some fanciful epidemic of misogynists who think they’re entitled to, or owed sex, but the fact of the matter is the same women actively contribute to that belief by (legally now) requiring a checklist of terms necessary for men to have sex with them.

When I published Iron Rule of Tomassi #3 I received (and periodically still receive) a rash of criticism from the femosphere for insisting men excuse themselves from, and not wait for, compromised, mitigated and I daresay now, unenthusiastic sex.

Iron Rule of Tomassi #3

Any woman who makes you wait for sex, or by her actions implies she is making you wait for sex; the sex is NEVER worth the wait.

When I wrote this it was an effort in illustrating a pragmatic approach to save men the time and resources of investing in a less than optimal sexual experience. In essence, it’s a rule to help men avoid negotiated, unenthusiastic sex with women who feel obligated to fuck him. Whether it’s ostensibly from pity or duty or some other pretense the outcome is still the same.

I also wrote a follow up to this rule in Three Strikes:

Risk & Reward

In Game, there is a subtle balance that needs to be recognized between risks of over-investing in a particular woman with regards to practicality and not throwing the proverbial baby out with the bath water and losing on a potentially rewarding opportunity. Women, as is particular to their own Game, will naturally come down on the side of casting doubt on a man’s valid assessment of a woman’s potential value, both in long term perspectives and potential sexual satisfaction. This presumption of doubt is a built in failsafe social convention for women; if only you’d been more patient, if only you invested a little bit more, you’d be rewarded with a great mother for your children and the best pussy of your life – don’t blow it now!

The short version is that it’s not in women’s best sexual-strategy interests for a man to have sexual options. Women’s sexual strategy is very schizophrenic – ideally women want a Man that other women want to fuck, but in order to assess his sexual market value to other women he’s got to have exercisable options for her to compete against, or at least display indirect social proof to that effect. So, she needs to limit his options while simultaneously determining he has those options. Now add to this the hypergamous necessity of maintaining  a reasonable pool of suitors suspended in doubt of her own SMV in order to determine the best one among them for short term sexual provisioning and long term security provisioning.

As ever, the intent here is to determine the potential for genuine enthusiastic sex – if there’s no interest, or hesitant acceptance: NEXT.

At the time of my writing these posts I was castigated for exactly the same rationale that femosphere bloggers are now endorsing Yes Means Yes with today. The (now scrubbed from certain blogs) criticism then was one of how terrible it was for Men to punish women by not playing along with feminine-primary Game.

Only two years ago the criticism was, “What? You just want some whore who gives it up on the first night?”

However, under the Yes Means Yes initiative, this Three Strikes pragmatism is flipped and endorsed by the women who were previously outraged by it. YMY fosters a social environment which actively promotes Pump and Dump sexual encounters, since the furtherance of that sexual relationship into an LTR increases the risk and liabilities that are the result of the YMY threat point.

Commenter jf12 from last week’s thread:

YMY makes a good case for men abandoning what women consider to be their assortative equals, i.e. women who are older, crankier, and more likely to say no, for women who are younger, nicer, and more likely to say yes. YMY is a total green light for men to push for sex immediately if not sooner.

So the question becomes one of how men will most pragmatically develop contingencies for the YMY threat point in their own sexual strategy? In an age when Sheryl Sandberg is openly telling young women to fuck the Bad Boys, and settle down with the Nice Guy before her SMV decays into non-competitiveness, when open hypergamy is not only embraced, but proudly preached in the media, what logical choice do men have but to push for sex immediately and go their own way?

YMY combined with Open Hypergamy promote a sexual marketplace based on enthusiastic consent for Alpha Fucks, and mitigated, ambiguous consent for Beta Bucks. Now add to this environment the effects and behaviors inherent with women’s Ovulatory Shift on a monthly basis and we can begin to see the latent purpose behind Yes Means Yes – insurance against regrettable sexual behavior.

Published by Rollo Tomassi

Author of The Rational Male and The Rational Male, Preventive Medicine

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  1. “The glow wears off” only after she realizes “sadly, a lot of these guys are just masking insecurities, and like you say, not true jerks.”

    Be a True Jerk, men!

  2. I bothered watching the “10 hours of street harassment” video finally, and I counted exactly 19 guys speaking to her OR someone near her. There wee nowhere near the 100+ instances claimed. Almost half were black guys saying the d-word as they walked passed by. Most of the rest were ordinary greetings, literally spoken by everyone to everyone (except maybe in NYC …). Four instances were definitely some guys catcalling and/or seeing if they had a chance. Maybe 5 if you round up. That’s once every 2 hours, for a woman who was trying to see if she could get catcalled at.

    Quick, what is the average length of time a woman *walks* in NYC? Is it as much as 10 minutes?

  3. I’ll hold out my palm, and you can do your finger on it and tell me what my masked insecurities are, ok? It’ll be fun! And it’ll tickle if you do it right!

  4. re: department of best laid plans. Oh and btw the red pill is knowing what it was that made the blue pill seem so right. He Stopped Loving Her Today.

  5. Re: Last Minute … Something. Not precisely Regret, certainly not Remembrance. I don’t understand it, so I’m writing it here. An old friend, who spats me on the arm in mock mock exasperation for calling her old, she’s in her late 60s, is dying, again. She was dying about ten years ago from breast cancer, and it has come back, in her brain. She looks real bad.

    About thirty years ago she was a handsome widow with a wild daughter in college and a frail preteen boy. We sang in the same choir, along with about fifty others, and we were in an Easter drama together, along with about fifty others. My being divorced was a grave stigma for many churched women including her, which view I completely respect, so we were never more than friends and I never pursued her, although I kinda hinted at seeing if she (along with about fifty others) might be interested in maybe doing something a couple of times in a couple of years. There was definite Pre-First-Minute Resistance; Don’t Even Bother.

    She married years before I did, to a grumpy pot-bellied couch potato who died in his spot on the couch while she was busy dying herself. But lately, since ten years ago for sure, she has concocted a Rewrite (ahh, there it is, a Last Minute Rewrite) in which I married on the rebound because she rejected me (apparently the about fifty others also rejecting me didn’t make an impression on her). She’s my non-alpha non-widow, or something.

    The never-married daughter, who has a daughter in her mid 20s, is telling me this while I accompany her outside to smoke in a surprisingly bitter windy night. I don’t know if she’s fishing for confirmation or gossip. It’d be unproductive to rehash the “women didn’t like me like that”, especially since she’s flirting with me as best she can. She wants me to tell my son about her daughter. “Sure,” I lie.

  6. re: Chaotica. What a load of lulzome shit that was. Do they seriously think that’s informed enough about its subject to even crawl out of the SJW ghetto?
    Of course they’re talking over the heads of incorrigible h8rzz like me.
    Aiming to reach the likes of the SPLC and the anti-gamergate-jugend. Idiots, in other words. I wave my bottom in their general direction.

  7. re: chaotica, and post-emptively outlawing behavior that a woman did not like (e.g. do not look at a woman if she does not want YOU looking at her). What ever happened to the presumption of innocence?

    Why is a woman so convinced that every single man she passes in the streets is planning to rape her? It is projection on her part. In case you are not as intimately familiar with the female psyche as I am, I’m here to inform you that women compete with each other as to how violently they were desired by random strangers. “He was talking to me!” “No, me!”

  8. jf12 – “Why is a woman so convinced that every single man she passes in the streets is planning to rape her?”


    Hypergamy mitigates against risk both real and imagined. Since it cannot be satisfied internally it constantly seeks an outlet in hope of finding an external brake. In the absence of real, genuine existential threats it will create threats to fill the void. Threats which be externally controlled.

    For example if a woman has good man hypergamy will create doubt as to how good he is. Therefore any minor flaws are exploded to serious deficiencies. This is the source of the idea that women are never satisfied, and why dread is necessary.

    In the aggregate the truth about actual sex crimes and their frequency, which is declining, creates a void where healthy caution explodes into irrational fear. A relative dearth of real rapists therefore creates the need to make all men presumed rapists.

    Hypergamy is mitigated by external dread. Real dread works, fake dread doesn’t. You can’t fool Mother Nature or her hypergamy.

  9. @Badpainter, re: “Hypergamy is mitigated by external dread.”

    Awesome thought. Dread as yang to Hypergamy’s yin. Without Dread as a governator, Hypergamy revs up past the red line.

    Prior to the red pill I always thought women were lying when they (sometimes) admitted that they knew they wanted pushback from their men. Because, being a rational being, I actually do want women to do what I say without pushback, so I was (irrationally, I know now) projecting my rationality onto women.

  10. Sadly for the world, and for women, and for me, since confining my commenting here I’ve started reading, a little, other badder blogs. CH references another study, in a long line of studies, that when a woman is unhappy she goes out of her way to make others unhappy.

    It’s not my fault.

  11. jf12 – “It’s not my fault.”

    But it’s also not your problem. At least there is no rational expectation that you must solve any problem for any other person. You must only solve your problems. And the problem for men isn’t that women are unhappy it’s that we actually give damn.

    Our solution, both in aggregate, and individually is to become indifferent to those things we cannot change and are not responsible for. As well we must more fully embrace our responsibility, our caring, for those things we which are our responsibilities. None of those things include another persons happiness, especially if the cost is our own happiness.

  12. jf12 – “Prior to the red pill I always thought women were lying when they (sometimes) admitted that they knew they wanted pushback from their men. ”

    I was always confused by this. I always have/had this thought whenever I hear this: “what the fuck are you good for if you’re always picking fights.”

    Of course my default response to all shit tests is Next! I realize my zero tolerance for FI BS has cost me a lot over the years.

    It does bother me that the greater my indifference to the feels of the ladies, which is not deeply hidden, the nicer they are. Perversely I can’t bring myself to credit this as a positive outcome. I suspect I’m being set up for something.

  13. re: “Perversely I can’t bring myself to credit this as a positive outcome.”

    It is a perverse outcome, because women respond perversively. It’s not my fault.

  14. The world’s best-selling training manuals on how to instigate and participate in nonconsensual sex, written by women for women.

  15. How does culture variable play into how soon the woman will fuck you? I’m from Mumbai, India and even though the young people here are pretty westernized there still seems a lot of cultural resistance to sleeping instantly with someone you’ve not known so well, ofcourse is the girls doing the resisting and most guys then just fall back to “build a rapport” game, I’m not so experienced so maybe it’s just the beta in me talking.

    Anyonecare to put some light on this.

  16. Spent the day with our son, mostly shopping, unfortunately for him and me. But she seems to enjoy talking best with her back turned to us while riffling through stacks of shirts and things. She thinks he’s lying that zero girls have ever thrown themselves at him, kissing his feet etc. She’s decided that *he* must be picky, no matter the evidence, since, according to her, at the moment, that’s what girls simply *do*: they all throw themselves at each and every healthy employed young man, all day, every day. And, of course, plus he is a *special* healthy young man, because he’s her son, so therefore even more than all women must be throwing themselves at him more than all day more than every day.

    Now I sit, broken-hearted, … I had an enormous “free” breakfast (TANSTAAFB), probably over 2000 calories. She won’t be up for another hour. I could as easily, and with as much connection with reality, decide that I must have already had a bowel movement this morning, as to decide that women must be throwing themselves at my son.

  17. Overcoming LMR is an art form, but some of the techniques can be explained.

    Recently a girl I was very into was forced to break up with me by her sister, who deems me too old and her too young. It took a 40 minute conversation just to get her to agree to briefly meet in person. We set a date and I flew the four hours to meet her.

    When she arrived her arms were folded across her chest and she looked resolute and tense. Up in the hotel room she was just as adament that this was it, and that I should not even touch her.

    Twenty minutes later the bedroom triathalon started.

    There was lots of resistance. But to the experienced man resistance is not resistance, just as to an Inuit snow is not snow. There are many different words for snow to an Inuit, and to an experienced man he sees through token resistance, no matter what the outward show.

    “Stop touching me!”

    “I can’t control my hands. They have a mind of their own. I trust them, they are pretty smart”

    She grabs my hand away from her ass, and I slide it right back up. Over and over and over. Rhythmically.

    She sits up, and I throw her down, and grab her legs and pull them towards me.

    Step by step and slowly she starts to warm up. Eventually she starts kissing me, but keeps interrupting with: “Let’s go out!”

    “Ok, I agree, let’s go out”

    Meanwhile I’m still running my hands all over her body. We don’t go out.

    Now I’ve had quite a bit of face time with women, and am very confident in my intuition and ability to read subtle cues.

    Resistance is not resistance, and snow is not snow.

    Sometimes an extremely firm and consistent no is just ice that has yet to be melted – and all ice is is another form of water.

    Now the girl is going to try to keep me a secret from her sister. This will give time for natures chemistry to get her bonded and addicted to me, such that she’ll lose much of her choice to say no again.

  18. Oh, and she ended the evening with porn perfect holding out her tongue, begging for me to come in her mouth, again. The truest, most visual expression of passionate cock hunger.

  19. Just because a guy has other options doesn’t make all options equal.

    For instance a few weeks I broke up with an 18 year old girl who I’ve been seeing for a year. The sexual chemistry was good, and she was constantly offering great head – and would enthusiastically perform in public. She wants me back like crazy. And I still see another young woman of 25 years, who many people find unusually attractive, as do I.

    But this new girl is also 18, and a beauty contest winner, and has great social skills. I could go on and on about her. I want her 10 times more than any other girl I can think of. Sometimes I ache for her.

    She is not a plate. She not an option. She is the one I want.

    Infatuation is like that. Infatuation is not some anti-game thing that stops a man from getting laid. That’s not how it works. That’s a very mistaken view of the red pill.

    Infatuation is an energy that is a HUGE boon to seduction.

    You can use the pure raw power of infatuation as your main driving force.

    Look, I’m over thirty years older than this girl, and noticeably ugly. Sure, I’m charming. But if infatuation doesn’t get in my way, how can it be an obstacle to seduction for more attractive and younger men?

    Of course I let the girl know that I have options. She catches glimpses of other girls on my phone. I attend to my other girl before flying up. I try my best to arrange other dates just so that this girl doesn’t have too much power over me. My seduction style is not clingy. Passionate, and I desire her like fucking hell, but not clingy.

    “What would you do if I left you one day?”

    “Ya, you might eventually dump me and break my heart”, I say, without too much concern. As if that’s just another normal outcome of these kinds passionate love affairs with young girls. As if the ups and downs of love were all just a normal part of the game – a normal part of a life well lived – a love life well lived.

    Seduction is an art, and the rules really change quite a bit according to a persons style.

    What some people consider obstacles to seduction others will find to be their greatest strengths in seduction.

    It’s really not the best idea to just let a girl say no, and come back for you later. That would not work well for you, if you are like me and on paper not the best match – perhaps because you are old and ugly and all her family and friends think you are icky.

    You get your window of opportunity. Once your foot is in the door, you don’t walk away and expect them to meet you on the street and ask to buy your vacuum cleaner. You smooth talk into the house, and wow them with a demonstration. You show your value, and make a personal connection.

    You don’t always get another chance.

  20. xsplat

    I rather doubt that anything you have written above is true. If it is, you’re only a trial away from some very serious prison time.

  21. From a blog post in 2012 about my first date with M in 2010:

    “After a few songs I start to escalate. Grabbing at her titties through her clothes. She grabs my hand and moves it away. Over to the other nipple. So I grab at that breast, and she moves it away again. Over to the other nipple. When she says stop, I smile, and back way up, reclining into the couch, with a look of happy self satisfaction on my face. She waits for more attention, but I’m waiting for her. Not a word. Then she comes towards me, and I escalate again, wrestling to get my hands under her shirt. Sometimes when she says stop, I don’t stop. Sometimes I do, retreat, and wait for her to come in for more. Over and over it’s like this, until it’s her curfew.”

    That was my first date with her. She was a virgin who was quite afraid of sex.

    The idea is to push just up until her boundaries, stay there for a while, then push just an inch past. Then back off when she tells you to, or a bit after she tells you to. Then escalate again, just up to and then again past new boundaries. Constantly advancing and retreating, like waves beating on the beach.

    I didn’t have to advance and retreat as much with my new infatuation as we had previously had very passionate sex and declared mutual infatuation. So I was just constantly melting her, with not as much alternation between push and pull.

    It depends on the situation.

    Sometimes a girl won’t be into you, and you can’t escalate in any useful way.

    But no does not mean no. No can mean:
    not yet
    try harder
    back off for a bit first, then keep trying
    I’m worried about my reputation – assure me you won’t label me a slut
    I don’t want to get caught
    I don’t think of you that way
    I’m really into you. Prove to me that you are into me first.

    And so on.

  22. Food for thought. A useful measure of the SMV of a man is the quality of women who will enthusiastically consent with him. That’s an obvious, rational, honest, and inarguable measure i.e. a male measure. In contrast, and yes I’m thinking of you, you woman you, a woman measures her SMV by the quality of men she considers herself to have rejected. I had seen this phenomenon my whole life, but putting into words makes it real.

    In other words, I’ve been being used by women since about 1962 to artificially inflate their self-valuation, by rejecting me, or even believing they *would* have rejected me if I had bothered trying.

  23. Xsplat

    You haven’t been paying attention.

    If you are trying to bed inexperienced women, then escalation of the sort you espouse will indeed sometimes yield positive results. However, if she later has regrets and remembers repeatedly saying “no”, a contention of rape will be encouraged by her friends and family, the police, the prosecutor, the jury, and ultimately the judge – all eager to prove how they support the feminine imperative. Among her sisters she will be a hero, a survivor, and you will be, after years in prison, a registered sex offender. Your choice.

    This is how the content of your post of 1:19 will be relayed by the crying girl on the witness stand at your rape trial:

    “After going out on a couple of dates with Xsplat, I decided to break up with him. After explaining to him that the difference in our ages was just too vast and that I just, in fairness to him, couldn’t see him anymore. He wouldn’t take “no” for an answer and continued to beg me for 40 minutes to take him back. I was trying to be nice about it, but in the end he told me he was flying out to confront me as he wouldn’t accept my decision without talking to me in person.

    At his insistence, I agreed to meet with him in his hotel room (my only mistake) so we could have a more private discussion. I was very nervous and tense, to say in the least, but I didn’t fear at that time for my safety. Nevertheless, to make sure there was no misunderstanding, I told him upfront that he wasn’t to touch me in any way.

    But within twenty minutes he started trying to put his hands on me. No matter what I said, it made no difference. He wouldn’t take “no” for an answer (this is repeated several times in the witness’s testimony to emphasize nonconsent). He put his hands on my ass. I pushed him away, but he was right back at it. Repeatedly.

    Finally, I got up to leave, but he grabbed me and threw me down. He spread my legs and drew me towards him.

    After he had his way with me, I was deeply ashamed. My family warned me about Xsplat, told me to stop seeing him because he was so old. My sister told me to break up with him when I told her that I was dating him. She was right. Now I have been raped and I can no longer face anyone. I wish I could just die.”

    Xsplat, life ain’t a porno movie. Wise up before it’s too late.

  24. jf12 re: food

    It works both ways. A healthy self-esteemed alpha-type male can also measure his SMV worth by the number and quality of women he has rejected. Whether or not he truly could have bagged them is irrelevant.

  25. That’s right BBB, the way the world truly works can be learned and taught through the computer screen. And only a fool isn’t a dickless MGTOW dweeb!

  26. holy shit are you guys gonna like this:

    basically, a guy gets “pre-cuckold” by finding out his wife was slutty throughout college and….you guessed it! reserving her best for alphas only. this reminds me of that story behind Rollo’s “Saving for the Best” post.

    her husband, unlike the guys from college, never experienced her genuine sexual desire. she always denied him blow jobs and you can bet she negotiated her desire for him.

    he was tolerated at best throughout the marriage and it was only a matter of time before he would have been cheated on.

  27. Who was it again who said that guys with experience with women won’t be the ones put off by YMY laws? Because we are not afraid of false rape claims. And not because we are overconfident or ignorant, but because we better understand how women actually work; their mouths and their desires are very often not in sync, and their overt actions are betrayed by their subtle actions.

    Yes, an inexperienced or socially inept guy can make grave mistakes by over escalating.

    But an experienced man knows the incredible, even crucial value of sexual escalation. A woman protesting really has very little to do with the outcome. It’s the more subtle cues she is giving off that are the language a man learns to listen to.

    For one thing, is she getting up off of the bed? And is her voice getting angry? When you lean back does she lean in for more?

    Sexual escalation is a major part of seduction. If you don’t have that in your kit, it’s like fishing with very weak tackle. Sure you’ll get bites on your tackle, but you won’t be able to land the fish.

  28. Xsplat

    Please heed my warning. One needs to be smarter than ever to successfully and (most importantly) safely navigate the new sexual marketplace. Perhaps you’ll understand after you graduate from high school.

  29. Sorry about the high school comment. That was uncalled for. I haven’t heard someone called a dweeb for decades. Seriously.

    How sure are you that you will never suffer a “false” rape accusation? It only has to happen once to ruin your life.

    Are you so sure that not one in a hundred will not call a rape hot line? Talk to a feminist attorney at a legal clinic? These sources will work hard to convince your second-thoughts-conquest that indeed you had sex with her without her consent. It is in the interest of the general feminine imperative to publicize rape wherever and whenever they think they find it. And there are plenty of lawyers who will do the leg work for free. The actual truth and your rights mean absolutely nada. People are convicted every day of crimes they did not commit.

    I don’t have answers. I do know that the deck is very much stacked against men – even the elusive alphas. I think the odds improve if one focuses on quality rather than quantity, keeping the notch count low. Having consensual sex in public would work too.

  30. bbb, Your hyperbole isn’t protecting anyone. Stroking a girls leg and ass isn’t rape.

    When the girl asks you to put on a condom, it’s not rape. When she makes plans to come over the next day and fuck you again it’s not rape.

    I’m talking about sexual escalation, even when she protests. That’s not rape.

    I live in SEA by the way, and there are no insane laws out here. However I’m even more at risk because as I am not a local, a girl can make up any story she wants.

    But they don’t. I really, honestly doubt, you have any capacity to imagine why they don’t. I don’t think you really get how things fundamentally work with women.

    Why do you imagine that they don’t?

    I’m a romantic type and start up relationships with the girls I seduce, because I only seduce women that I’m really into. I have often moved girls in after the first date, for instance. False rape claims are for regret sex. If she has no reason to regret it then why would she bother?

    Women fuck for a reason, and sometimes that reason is fun. If she isn’t risking her reputation, she won’t make up bullshit stories.

    Another reason is to land a man. If that’s her reason and you want to see her again, then again she won’t make up bullshit stories.

    This isn’t all hypothetical theory. I’m describing my life. And I lots of life to describe. What I’ve said so far is tame. You should hear the story of the escalation that led to the girl moving in the next day and living with me for 2.5 years.

    She was literally screaming at the top of her lungs for the whole boarding house to hear as I was pulling off her pants. I don’t suggest that anyone try that at home – I mention it only as an extreme example. Protestations do NOT mean that the girl doesn’t want you to proceed. That girl wound up being hooked on me for years and years even after I broke up with her, and in fact is still very close to me and my life to this day.

  31. This is often a woman’s subconscious calculation:

    “What kind of a man would take no for an answer? Not a real man.”

    A week ago I met my new infatuation. Let’s call her J18. The date went extremely well, and even though she had only ever had one other cock and that guy had quickly flew away and ignored her, we had great sex on the first date and started to really fall for each other. Later in the week her sister tried to get her to stop seeing me, and she asked if she could come live with me and I said yes. The next day she says that she can never see my face again.

    What kind of man would take no for an answer? What kind of man would I be? I’m really into this girl, and want to give her my babies. I’m crazy about her. What kind of man would accept a no?

    So I used every trick in my book. I immediately phoned her up after the dear John SMS. I backed way off, and pushed for just a one last time face to face meet up at a restaurant, all the while arguing my case that I’m not too old. Finally she broke down with “I’m so confused! I don’t know what to think!” Her sisters frame was finally broken by my own.

    And when she arrived her body language screamed out defensive protection.

    I was laid back and laughing. Exuding that there was no pressure. I teased her about how easily she is controlled by her sister. Nicknamed her firecracker for her effect on men’s hearts. We laughed and played all the while physically reconnecting. Slowly thawed, then melted, then got wet, then got hot. The passion between us is very strong. When walk around in public we are an item. Not two people – an item. Just holding her hand is sex that goes through is in wave after wave.

    What kind of man would take no for an answer?

    What king of man?

  32. I lived in South East Asia too and am familiar with the social situation you find there. The sexual dynamics are completely different than in a Western country. Stay in Bangkok, Manila, or wherever you’re at because if you return home you’ll find things completely different.

    Don’t puff yourself up too much because women in SEA want you for the future you might give them, not because you are such a stud. The LBFM’s are easy prey. Western women and western society would chew you up and spit you out.

    You should have qualified that the bullshit you laid on us was predicated on you being on an extended sex tour of Asia. Have fun while you can.

  33. Puff up? Jeesus, you refuse clue don’t you.

    Some post the video of Tom Torrero explaining that gaming girl in Eastern Europe is not the competition free experience that some think.

    Women have many cross cultural similarities. You are a self blinded idiot if you categorically refuse to notice them.

    This is not a dick measuring contest, and I’m not posting high level knowledge just to show off my dick.

    We are talking about WOMEN. Women have hard wired similarities, the world over.

    They react similarly the world over to dominance.

    That eludes, doesn’t it?

  34. Of course the issue is whether the behavior you espouse would be tolerated in a geography poisoned by the feminine imperative. Your experience in SEA is irrelevant. Good night.

  35. @ Xsplat

    Do your thing man. Its only recently I come to the realisation of how important dominance, leading and persistence are. And on a side note, Ive met Tom a few times, very genuine guy.

  36. “Sheryl Sandberg is openly telling young women to fuck the Bad Boys”
    ye bad boy, I m asking, who is bad boy? we know alpha doesn t mean bad or rude, but who is bad boy? a well built good looking man may be a nice guy, but under everage joe with less genetic is better, because is a bad boy? what? Doesn t this all means that: people in general are attracted to values, so if a man is on higher SMV he doesn t have to qualify for woman s intimacy. But bad boy? that sounds stupid…

  37. I’ve slept with a lot of women through simple approach/day-game. My experience with LMR:

    I met a girl at the gym. Walked her out after. Asked her if she had a boyfriend because I thought she was cute, then I leaned in and kissed her. She was like wtf (because of my impudent boldness). Then said she would see me again.

    Two days later I was at her place. We got into her room. Clothes came off. Everything was smooth. Then when I went to put my cock in her, she freaked the f*ck out, pulled away, and said something along the lines of “omg were you really about to put your cock in me?” (It’s like nooo, wtf do you think!).

    *** Anyway, there was roughly a 3-second moment where we were both on our knees looking at each other, and I consciously thought “keep your f*cking cool. Do NOT show that you are affected by her resistance.” And at the same time, I was genuinely thinking that I really didn’t care if this girl didn’t put out because I had others I could turn to, and I had already dealt with enough feminine drama. So I just lay next to her, talking to her casually about nothingness for 30 seconds, thinking to myself “oook, well I’ll be leaving now.” Then she just jumped on top of me and was all of a sudden interested again. Then I flipped her back onto the bed and finally put it in her.

    The lesson is: if she shows resistance, do NOT, under the pain of death, show that you are affected by it. You HAVE to maintain the mentality that you really don’t care whether you f*ck her because you’re not going to deal with drama. And then it WILL lead to sex.

    I’ve had several LMR episodes in the past. Although all slightly different, the general rule is: DO NOT SHOW THAT YOU ARE IMPACTED BY HER RESISTANCE.

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  39. And of course, at UMich, threatening to leave a relationship, or withholding sex, is also ‘sexual assault.’

    Word of advice – stop committing. Don’t worry, the world population is huge.

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