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Nothing says “I love you” like saturated fat and slutty lingerie.

In the U.S. businesses expect men to spend on average $186 for Valentine’s day – over three times the average a woman spends on a man. Explain to me why women own V-Day? If it’s a “celebration of romantic love” why should it be an annual shit test?

Lets clarify a few things about Vagintines Day since it’s become probably the most irksome manifestation of westernized/commercialized romanticism. V-Day is far and away the most vulgar display of female entitlement. On no occasion – even a woman’s birthday or her wedding anniversary – is this sense of entitlement more pronounced and our refined commercialization of this entitlement/expectation simply twists the knife in further for men to live up to this with ZERO expectation or entitlement to any reciprocation. He gets ‘lucky‘ if his romantic offerings are sufficient to appease her (social) media fueled expectations of ‘good enough’ to reward him with sex.

And exploit the media does. I can’t get away from it; Every radio station, every TV show, every newspaper and magazine article. Go to askmen.com right now, I guarantee there’s a “how not to fuck up this year’s V-Day for her” article there.

I listened to a talk radio show that I regularly tune into on my commute home on Friday; it was about what not buy this year. “Don’t buy lingerie, she knows it’s really a gift for you” or “Don’t pick up flowers at the gas station, women know they’re cheap”, and “God forbid you pick up some cheap jewlery or stop at one of those roadside urchins selling prepared flower baskets or arrangements – women know you didn’t think about it until you were on the way home.” On my way to work this morning, different show, same list. [Side Note: Never buy a woman lingerie, she will never be happy with it. A woman has to do this on her own to “feel sexy”, make sure it fits her right, and it’s HER IDEA. When you buy it for her it’s contrived and it is overt and overt is often the kiss of death for a try-hard guy.]

Why wouldn’t women have these expectiations? They’re relentlessly marketed to as the primary consumers in western culture. V-Day isn’t a celebration of romantic love, it’s a machine that drives a wedge of expectation and entitlement in between otherwise happy, relatively contented couples.

I’m not down on the idea of a special occasion to celebrate love (I actually proposed to Mrs. Tomassi on V-Day 18 years ago), I am down on the twisted expectations that have been perverted into it that puts a woman on some pedestal of entitlement by commercialized popularization of this feminized ideal. Why isn’t there an official “fuck your boyfriend like a wild animal” holiday or a list of criteria to meet that’ll make his day special? “Show him how appreciative you are of all his dependability and hard work this year – buy some lingerie ON YOUR OWN and pretend that you like him cuming in your mouth on his special day!” If women are so liberated and interested in equality, one would think this would be the first thing to occur to them. We need a special day to make us apprecitae each other?

Gentlemen, beware of falling into the trap of negotiating desire for Valentine’s Day performance. Don’t be lulled into thinking Game is any less necessary on V-Day. In fact, I can’t think of a more direct illustration of how the feminine encourages the transaction of men’s goods and services in exchange for a woman’s sexuality than reserving a ‘special day’ just for it. Remember, you cannot negotiate genuine desire; and with the right art, a bag of Skittles can be a more romantic gesture than all the sonnets, flowers and jewelry your inner romantic soul will ever be appreciated for by her.

Note to PUAs

Valentine’s Day is ripe with opportunity for an enterprising Man with the ability to see it. Go hit the clubs tomorrow night, particularly the ones that cater to a 25-40 y.o. affluent crowd. There’s a million different venues you can hit, all with promotions to help single ladies feel better about not having a date – usually with genderist drink specials to help your approach too. You’ll notice impromptu GNOs (girl’s night out) set up just for this occasion to prove to themselves “they don’t need men to have a good time.” A good PUA couldn’t arrange a better opportunity to hook up in multiple sets.

Don’t go play ‘pity friend’ with any girl on V-Day, don’t be the “you’re such a great friend” consolation date.. Call up your best wing man and sarge on the best night of the year to sarge. Wedding receptions aren’t even as good as V-Day for this.

V-Day in the Matrix

Just in case you weren’t already convinced of the complete totality of media control that the Matrix has, let me offer yet one more Valentine’s Day example:

I was in a grocery store this weekend picking up something to grill and thought it would be a convenient time to pick up a Valentine’s Card for my wife since it’s coming this week. So I meander over to the greeting cards section to sift this years crop of mushy sentiment.  Much to my disgust the only cards available in the “For My Wife” section of the Valentines Cards (and I mean ONLY cards available) come in two types:

A.) The sentimental, “My life was nothing before you and would be nothing without you”, tripe that reduces a man to a simpering, codependent who owes his very existence to the woman who deigned to marry the poor soul.

B.)The “humorous” Valentine that is essentially the greeting card equivalent of Everybody Loves Raymond or Family Guy. These are basically intended to beg for a wife’s forgiveness for all of his uniquely male faults and foibles, that only she can solve by virtue of her infallible feminine wiles. Judging from the ‘humorous’ intent of these cards, no man is capable of feeding himself much less ask for direction or leave a toilet seat down, but on “her special day” this card is meant to prompt an appologetic laugh.

Needless to say I’ll be making my own card this year, but for fuck’s sake, how can we ever get a break from this shit when we’re ankle-bitten at every opportunity? You simply cannot buy a card that doesn’t force a man to be self-depricating.

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  1. Ruthless. I love it.

    “Needless to say I’ll be making my own card this year”

    I would think that, for a man of your particular skillset, this would be your first thought.

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  3. It’s so awesome, this year I just knew exactly how to handle V-Day. I simply said “I don’t do v-day”, lol and got no shit. Let the schlubbs beg and plead.

  4. I’m going Beta this V-Day, I called wife from work today and said “Hi”. That should kill her libido…back to tossing off.

  5. @Eh – Lol, that was awesome.

    Another approach might be to fuck her like the slut she always wanted to be…

  6. I love this. Reinforcement is good, but I must be doing more things right than wrong nowadays since my plan is pretty much aligned with this and disconnected from the cultural nonsense. I clearly do need to work on covert vs. overt, habituation of my mental point of origin and frame control. Working on points for style would be later for me (Bull in a China Shop)

    1. I bought her two sweet items she likes and a leather choker. I am taking her out for very early dinner at a burrito shop she likes. That’s it.

    2. She gave me a beautiful hallmark card talking about how she is reminded many times per day how much she loves me and a hand written note in my mirror. Meanwhile, she is talking about sex all the time and about how she is waiting for this evening (wink). 🙂 I am literally far more demanding and self interested, spending far less energy on BP “making her happy” and she loves me (at least subconsciously) more than she did before.

    Interesting anecdote that may be useful to some working on this stuff.
    Sunday, we went on a hike with the kids for two hours in some beautiful mountains near our home. She got upset that I spent too much time walking and talking with our oldest, who moves faster…so we left her behind. She pouted like a teenager a bit and funny that I have a picture of her semi-pouting where I forced her to let our son take a picture of us. She made some comment about leaving her at home next time so I pretty much ignored her the rest of the afternoon.
    That evening, when she came up to me and tried to get me to own some of her upset, I had nothing to do with it, so we sort of half made up.
    Yesterday, when I got home from 12 hours at work, she sits with me and respectfully starts to ask for “Can we just talk?” “Sure..we are. Go ahead.” She starts to try to frame what had happened as me ignoring her on the hike, etc. I reframed it this way. “You simply need to ask for what you need. I was talking with our son. If you needed me, you could have sent our daughter up to get me. I already have one teenager, I don’t need you acting like one too. /smile”
    At this point, she made a joke about wishing she was a teenager and I reiterated my point. She fell right into my frame and was in a good mood (leading to great sex) later that evening.

    Point #1:
    I didn’t enjoy your bad behavior, but I maintained a positive frame and just went about my day without her while she was less fun to be with.” This is not intuitive to guys who were formerly blue pill. Rewiring so to speak is not easy, but slowly gets easier.

    Point #2:
    She is happier in my frame that she would have been by me acquiescing (“OK baby, I’ll own trying to constantly monitor your emotional needs and meet them without you asking for anything.”) When I say happier, I mean, adoringly happy…we’ve been married > 15 years.

    Not every day is this good, but days are much better now (than pre-RP almost 2 years ago) and bumps are slowly trending downward. The key to making sure things keep improving is dogmatic self-improvement, mental & emotional discipline for me.

  7. i was at a store picking up a watch for myself (a snag @ 145$ for a sick hybrid) as a gift to myself on v day, and the nice & cute clerk who helped me set it up asked me: ‘you have plans for tonight?’ and i laughed and said ‘naah’ and she said ‘eating chocolate alone? sounds like a good plan to me’ — she was right. sarging sounds great for day after v day (esp. if you have a good wing man, i dont) but i cant try to close with chicks on v day i feel like too much of a dick if i dont want strings attached. also im abominable at closing whatever the day. awesome site glad i found it – hugh

  8. Re V Day. I think V Day is a great chance to establish the frame you want. The saying, “That which you resist, persists” applies here. Just do what you want knowing she has a bias towards romance that day. Great, use that to your advantage in your frame. Works great for me.

  9. Surprised no one’s noticed the rise of Gal-entine’s Day. Saw a couple listicles about it.

    For all the Single Ladies. Or them what don’t need no may-an.

    Emly’s List has a thing for it too. Think they have appropriately seasonal hate cards.

    Idea is you buy yourself shit, get a sundae or flowers or a chocolate covered puppy or something and celebrate Mystic Womanhood.

    So there. Feeling guilty yet?

    The thing is it began as a TV show gag, in this case Parks and Recreation.” It was Amy Poehler’s character being all whiny about V-Day and it became a running joke, like Festovus on Seinfeld.

    But now the joke is reality. And reality is a joke. Is this thing on??

  10. P.S. I think I may take @scribblerg advice and get nothing. I think my wife plans to get me something small so that she can have something to use against me when she suspects I won’t get her shit this year. lol!

  11. @newly Get what you want to get if she is deserving of it. A nice, sexy note is cheap, easy and high ROI. I think the romantic, I want your panties off vibe is high value to her if you want that.

  12. @Newly – YMMV…Remember, it’s the frame that is most important. I have two plates, here’s what I did:

    1. Plate 1 HB9, think she’s started seeing a new guy (we are not monogamous). I tell her “I don’t do V-Day” over text, that’s it. She replies by wanting to talk more about me raping her as a sexual fantasy. Without a safe word, cuz I convinced her that’s more fun, lol.

    2. Plate 2 – Seemed reasonable so I reached out and asked her, “Do you ever have a fantasy about being raped? Happy V-Day”, shocked reaction and then she slips into my frame.

    Not for the faint of heart. I don’t give a fuck if either of these chicks walks, and I go hard dominant/alpha at them and mean it. Like if they are going to get all pissy about anything, I want them gone anyway. It’s really shocking, the more dominant and aggressive I am – inside a confident frame of mine, not hers – the more things are moving my way. The more self-oriented I am. The more clear I am. Bitches are on the side for me, but you married guys should think long and hard about it. Maybe a box of chocolates is better than WWIII and you walking out.

    Part of it for me is revenge, lol. I bet more than a few guys who learn Game go through this. Like I always wanted to just cancel Valentines Day, ya know? To just say, “Fuck it, I don’t play that crap.” It’s so goddamned liberating. I remember thinking I was so cool one year cuz I sent like 4 different bouquets of flowers out on Valentines Day. I used to at least do it anonymously and see if the girl guessed it was me or not, he he. If they don’t bring it up right away, you know they think it came from someone else. But in the end, every bit of supplication and gift giving made things worse, never better.

  13. “What are you guys getting?”

    Verbatim text from wife:

    Her: “Spicy dinner and in the bedroom tonight?”

    Me: “Spicy dinner…in the bedroom…hmm…if only without the kids.”

  14. “Surprised no one’s noticed the rise of Gal-entine’s Day.”

    It’s here. Yes. Pottery classes, painting parties, noodle making. Oh the eating…

  15. Newly…
    Well I started the morning with an O. For me… Wife woke up 10 minutes early and woke me up. Short session but after 26 years… Os are like pizza. I sure do love Pizzeria Biancio and Lou Pepe… But i enjoy a reheated utility slice from the corner joint as well.

    Had breakfast. Gave her a card (lol on the description above Rollo) that amounted to nothing more than a heart with Happy Valentine’s Day on it. And a chocolate bar.

    She gave me a card and later came in with a cake that I like.

    She is makimg dinner. Probably watch a movie later… She has a cold so will go to bed early. I might be up for a drink after that.

    No static.

  16. @Sentient – “Os are like pizza”, dude you are killing me. Ya, I’ll even eat cold pizza that’s been sitting on the stove top overnight and enjoy it.

  17. @Sentient, you the man.

    Got up. Went to kitchen where wife was making kids’ lunches. She didn’t say good morning or acknowledge my presence. Power play going on. Told wife last year, I’m tired of initiating intimate contact, greetings, pleasantries, etc in our marriage, so she knows I don’t any longer. When she initiates, I respond and we have pleasant enough conversations.

    I go about doing my own thing, come into kitchen a few times. Go to leave for work, then she says, “Are you leaving?” (in a tone that actually sounds a bit shocked that I didn’t actually talk to her). I say yes. Then, as if she regains her resolve and composure, says, “can you feed the cat before you go?” I smirk and leave.

    I guess she wanted me to say happy valentine’s, but I’m well past caring. I’ll probably just call up this other girl I know and tell her Happy Valentine’s Day though.

  18. @scribbler
    “I don’t give a fuck if either of these chicks walks, and I go hard dominant/alpha at them and mean it. Like if they are going to get all pissy about anything, I want them gone anyway. It’s really shocking, the more dominant and aggressive I am – inside a confident frame of mine, not hers – the more things are moving my way. The more self-oriented I am. The more clear I am. Bitches are on the side for me, but you married guys should think long and hard about it. Maybe a box of chocolates is better than WWIII and you walking out.”


    “Like if they are going to get all pissy about anything, I want them gone anyway. ”

    I am 16+ years married and wouldn’t change a thing beyond the obvious fact that the details differ and using dread indirectly is not equal to spinning plates, but I think this is absolutely the mindset to have, at least lingering covertly. She literally questions when I am going to dump her, e.g., “After your next promotion?”

    The more bold and adventurous, while indifferent to her response, the better the results. If you are not enjoying yourself, why be in the friggin LTR in the first place? Jesus. Have some dignity.

  19. @Sentient, without the Beta-goggles on any longer, she’s a 47 year old 6.5 with a bad attitude not worth gaming. Playing her game is like playing on a Commador 64. I used to think I could turn it around, but these last two months, the switch is finally all the way flipped. I don’t care.

  20. Idea is you buy yourself shit, get a sundae or flowers or a chocolate covered puppy or something and celebrate Mystic Womanhood.

    Perfect. They should just go ahead and do this every single day of the year. Wait a sec…I believe I know some women that do exactly that already.

  21. Re: Sentient’s Truth Bomb: “Power plays are won by the powerful.” Boom. Everything else is fucking whining.

  22. March 14 is Steak and Blowjob Day. Google it.

    St. Valentine’s Day femcentric bullshit could easily be handled if the above holiday had been set BEFORE (i.e. January). “What’s that, Honey? But I thought we weren’t doing the whole S&BJ and V-Day thing, like you said last month”.

    Past benefits provided to females aren’t counted by them…

  23. BPD got me here 4 months ago. Rollo, I found your post on the topic and when I saw that picture, I just knew. It wasn’t until two days after I left the last break-up that I diagnosed her. Before that, I tried to attribute the mayhem to her sun sign, her ethnicity, or whatever the fuck.

    It was love. And why shouldn’t it be, she was perfect. An 8.5, an overabundance of earthly talents, 450k salary in a uniquely demanding field, and down for whatever. And I mean whatever. She made this blue collar guy feel like a king. Well, for the first 6 months..

    I’m 40’s male with plenty of burning wreckage in my rearview. Most of which I’ve overcome.. Addictions, failed businesses, accidents, bad investments, trouble with the law, lots of bad luck etc. I could have been a Charles Bukowski character in one of his bombed out gutter novels. However, nothing quite twisted my skull further than this BPD cunt.

    I’m in another dark space now. My inhumane boss deserves to be punted into a burning building, and I have to eat shit. The market turned violently against my position, and I’m bracing for more pain. I broke up with a young cutie a few days ago over something stupid, and then went to have another dance with BPD. Of course, it’s not playing out well, but at least all I have is hate, with no fluffy stuff left inside this man anymore.

    Anyway, the point of my post is to thank everyone. I’ve enjoyed the commentary here. Broken down guys like me need the help. I’m not blue, or red.. just alive, and sometimes that’s good enough.

    Happy V-day Bitchez

  24. @Augustus West

    If I can make a statement that will make you feel denial, anger, bargaining and depression, but is nonetheless true. Red Pill Awareness and Game can lead you to a life that is a beautiful situation if you do the work and break out of those stages. It can lead to soveriegnty.

    No lie.

    Stick with masculine self improvement. Have Acceptance of Red Pill, embracing masculintiy without excuse, and work through stages. It can and will work. Even if you incorporate elements of black comedy and irony and a Machiavellian bent (And The 48 Laws of Power).

    Don’t quit.


  25. @newly The problem is you do give a f***. Don’t give a cr** about what she is getting you. You need to distract yourself (self improvement, other chicks, your purpose, all of the above) and let your heart be happy. I read from Heartiste, “Be loving, be aloof.” This means anger has no place in this. You are your problem. She is reacting to your weak frame. (Been there many times and probably will be again, though rarely at this point). Tough love man! Go get better!! If she has no place in your life after you are happy, then so be it…and do it.

    @kfg LOL!!

    @Hugh Only one way to get better at closing….

    @Augustus Focus on your self improvement. It appears (from what you have posted) that you are trying to find happiness through women…They are seasoning!

  26. @scrib

    It’s so awesome, this year I just knew exactly how to handle V-Day. I simply said “I don’t do v-day”, lol and got no shit. Let the schlubbs beg and plead.

    Exactly…Mrs. Gamer got no cards or flowers from me and she bought me dinner and we ate with a couple who are friends. Just say no to Vaj day.

  27. @GW:

    Those were the smash sensation of New York Fashion Week: Men’s. Order now before it’s too late.


    Pull up a chair. Sit down. Take a deep breath. Relax. You have friends here.

  28. @Augustus. Totally relate and it’s time to clear the cobwebs out of your head. One of my plates just had an epic cluster b inspired meltdown a month ago.

    She ended things over text on some flimsy pretext. I didn’t use her flyer design for my event. It wasn’t because I didn’t like it, but as I explained I preferred mine…”I’m out” she texted. “K” I replied. She then started prodding me. Normally I would have responded but her childish tantrums had reached a point where I was done. Typically she devalued me I a nasty rant.

    As advised…I didn’t reply. I went on holiday for 3 weeks. When o got back she sent back my Christmas gift and a nasty note.

    I still didn’t reply. She apparently blocked me on various platforms so I can’t reply.

    The point of this is instead of worrying about it, I’ve made plans with another girl and have a variety of work and personal projects on the go.

    I’m so busy I don’t have time to bother with someone so nasty and rude.

    You shouldn’t bother either. Knowing she is a basket case may be of some relief but you have to now focus on why you’re still attracted and stuck.

    Unplugging is a processs. Many guys when they discover their special snowflake was a nasty piece of crap feel like they somehow missed something…they should have been better at spotting it. Best way is to focus on the future not continually lock your wounds.

    I was stuck unplugging a few years back. It’s a process but keep reading and posting and you’ll be fine.

  29. “She ended things over text on some flimsy pretext. I didn’t use her flyer design for my event. It wasn’t because I didn’t like it, but as I explained I preferred mine…

    Some memes never get old. Nor does proper Frame and Mindset.

  30. “Scarlet Johansson: It’s a lot of work to be monogamous”

    It’s kids all the way down. And then she chafes at the feminine bit.

    Dr. Laura advice: I sentence you to 18 years with Dauriac for the sake of the child. She checked out after two years. Because she had trouble choosing wisely and treating kindly. Hypergamy in play. And then she marched on…


  31. @SJF I think I handled it as well as I could have. I’ve gone No Contact for a month. It must drive her crazy but I’m moving on. After that level of anger and childishness, no going back.

    A few years ago I would have taken the bait, called/texted, either to plead for a meet up or to blow up…just feels better not engaging at all….I’ve now managed to disengage from the drama and it feels great.

    The “I don’t think of you at all…” sums it up.

  32. Surely the best thing to do (assuming you aren’t married) is mysteriously disappear for v-day? Make plans well in advance and fuck off?

    If you are married just do something really simple that you would enjoy doing anyway, such as cook a meal and watch a film? That way you’re not lowering yourself in any way.

  33. The themes of Valentine’s Day cards “from him to her” are generally nauseating:

    “I love everything about you” [oh please may I polish your pedestal?]
    “You are hot and sexy” [trying to make the V-Day covert contract more overt, yay!]
    “I want to spend the rest of my life with you” [or until hypergamy decides you need to trade up]
    “I will love you forever” [even after our bedroom dies?]
    “You are better than me, I am so lucky to have you” [applies blow-dryer directly to pussy]

  34. I wonder if AM radio could survive without all the jewelry commercials that are on not just around VD and Christmas, but really year round. Seems like there’s at least one during every break all day long. Jewelry must have incredible margins to be able to afford 25 commercials a day across 5-6 stations.

    Did nothing for VD. Not even mentioned. Usual BJ to completion last night after she worked 12 hr shift.

    @Sun Nice!

    ScarJo is just another crazy chick. Sometimes I think they realize that they don’t really have any talent other than what’s stuffing the bikini and the cognitive dissonance re: all the attention/riches they get drives them insane. Hotter girls at the local Hooters. I was shocked, really. Hadn’t been there in 20 years. At least 3 >=8’s walking around. Food still as bad as I remembered.

  35. An interesting V-Day this year; the 14th really was day 14. Easy fitness tests just a hair shy of begging. Pretty funny — “I always feel romantic on V-Day.” Sweetheart, ya ain’t got a calendar or a clue.

  36. This is a classic post if there ever was one. And a great one.

    Concerning the subject of female solipsism, it is truly amazing how universally pervasive it is. Solipsism not only pervades female sexual perspectives, but everything else feminine it seems. I negotiate mostly with women in my business and it is astonishingly incredible how, almost without exception, they assume everyone else is experiencing the exact same perspective as themselves. They behave and discuss everything completely from their essentially isolated view points. It is as if they assume no other viewpoint exists. This mental deficiency (in my opinion it is a feminine defect, not a asset) can and often leads men to think women expect others to read their minds. More on that later. First, here is an exemplary real exchange that did occur recently.

    These are all texts exchanged immediately after some work was completed on one job for a female client.

    Me: “We just left, the door is locked”.

    Her: “Thank you! Is there a machine in the room?”

    Me: “No, we removed all our tools and equipment” (at this point I am thinking why she is asking, did someone leave something, no…I thoroughly checked the entire site and was the last to leave…what the hell is it now?)

    Her: “Ok, is the heater on?” (at this point I am thinking….ooookaaay…so…she must be hearing something she didn’t expect…who knows…what difference does it make…if she wants to know she can get up, walk about 20 or 30 feet and look…can’t she?)

    Me: “I don’t think so, the heater was off, maybe someone turned it on, maybe not”

    My phone rings. Long conversation, about 20 unnecessary minuets, wasted discussing how the heater was turned on, “what it means” (her words), if the heater will mess up the paint. blaa, blaa, blaa….

    SOLIPSIM rules their world. She addressed the entire issue, HER QUANDRY, as if I existed inside her frame with her. She literally structured her questions in a manner almost as if I were in her house with her experiencing the same sounds as she. She may as well have initially texted “do you hear that?” although I was already a few miles away when I received the first text, and it is highly likely she watched me drive away before she texted me.

    My wife, and all other women I know, consistently structure questions in this manner. When a man is confused due to partial information, he is universally accused of being “clueless”. Women are utterly incapable of putting themselves in a mans shoes. This my be a fundamental reason they are incapable of loving a man in the way beta men would like to be loved. I know I’m preaching to the choir and parroting a bit. However, it is uncanny how stark and accurate the solipsistic assessment of women is when applied in the field.

    A mind incapable of perceiving or unwilling to perceive abstract phenomena external to its experience is a very limited mind. Such a mind is also extremely easy to manipulate. Those who do not adventure beyond the boundaries of self are without exception quite simple, habitual, and easy to predict. Let solipsism work to your advantage. Her solipsism can be a source of your frustration or it can be a fulcrum you rely on to modify her behavior. Work from within your frame (let reality be your fame). Do not enter her frame but reach into it and influence her experience, modify her perceptions without her knowing it.

  37. For those still pondering the whole “never get married no legal benefit divorce rape” thing… Take note of recent UK Supreme Court decision…

    A 40YO unmarried woman was just granted pension death benefits under the theory she was being discriminated against because she was unmarried



    Of interest, maybe? the article displaying in the sidebar…

    Belfast nightlife: Filthy McNastys for Faith, Sunday February 12


  38. “Under the regulations, married partners automatically obtain a survivor’s pension but unmarried partners only receive a pension if there has been compliance with an “opt-in” requirement.”

    “Although she met all the other criteria, Nilgosc refused Ms Brewster a survivor’s pension because the committee had not received the appropriate nomination form from Mr McMullan.”

    It’d be more interesting if he had a primary beneficiary other than Brewster listed. If none, perhaps it was an administrative issue and/or the decedant’s oversight.

    Filthy McNasty’s?

    Again The Simpson’s ahead of the curve:

    Sorhead McDrunkard’s Irish Pub was a bar in Springfield Emporia Shopping Mall.

  39. I was out yesterday night, sans GF because she is sick (we celebrated the day earlier this week anyway). Hooked in with a couple of French guys, two brothers, at the bar, divorced 40s, same deal. Very target rich environment, to be honest. When we weren’t interacting with girls, it was entertaining to try to pick out the hookers from the non-pros. Crazy scene, and this wasn’t even a top of the list place (more like B or C, but still completely jammed with top quality). Demo was as you said, Rollo, 35+ and moneyed.

  40. I had a great v night. 18yrs younger Gf came over with her gifts for me.
    Schoolgirl outfit. Pink silk underwear set. Bottle of Hugo boss cologne. 3 large bottles of peroni. 2 new peroni glasses ( she knows I smashed one last week).
    Bottle of jack daniels and some chocolate!

    I bought her a bottle of dolce and gabbana perfume and printed off a card with ” I’m so happy you’re mum didn’t swallow you” on it that I found on the Internet.

    I had prepared a simple chicken dish in the slow cooker, then we were just drinking watching tv when she went int my bedroom and changed into “sky” the schoolgirl.

    3 times then bed, again at 6am then twice more between 930-11 ( I do use cialis, she has no clue) this time in the pink silk followed by a bath together.

    I have No complaints! I actually felt bad for a second as I had spent considerably less than she had but it soon passed.

    She has just sent me a WhatsApp thanking me for last night, I told her the schoolgirl was welcome back.

    I doubt this scenario would have happened pre red pill and TRM it was as if last night was all about her pleasing me and she was happy to do it, she enjoyed it as much as I did.

    Masculinity/ feminine polarity combined with solid frame works wonders.

    Scribblerg has a good plan too also with ” I don’t do v.day” but I enjoyed her efforts so why not let her come over?

  41. Palmasailor

    It doesn’t happen to blue pill guys because the women don’t really desire them.

    Not true… it doesn’t happen to beta chumps maybe [even then – it does happen from time to time, the woman wanting to trigger something in the guy, act out her part in it]… plenty of Alpha guys have BP beliefs though…

  42. “plenty of Alpha guys have BP beliefs though…”

    Ya think the BP messes with the WK alpha-ness, ultimately betatizes them? I’d think so, reduces their desirability, they end up working more than needed.

    AR’s WK friend, who ostensibly is DPA, I question that, by definition, now.

    WK believes in figments of correct behavior: Willfully lying to himself is a beta tell.
    WK won’t change: Static nature is a beta tell.
    (I have close friend as such, very macho, military, stuck in policy-and procedure mode, divorced, repeating the cycle).

  43. I don’t “do” traditional Valentines Day crap…overpriced dinners, crappy lingerie, nasty or horrifically overpriced chocolates. Still had a fun VD evening…I invited my steady (…well, as steady as any of them are…) over for a simple pasta dinner, no card, no presents. Enjoyed a simple dessert that I made. Watched some t.v., then told her she could stay over if she wanted. She did want, but cautioned that she couldn’t do “everything” due to UTI medication. No problem, turned off the t.v. and told her to get in the bedroom, on her knees while I filmed. Enthusiastic BJ until I finished. Time to sleep like the dead. Woke up for work and kicked her out, and she’s purring like a kitten. Told her she could make me dinner at her place this weekend “If I have time.” Last comment as she leaves: “I want to watch our movie with you.” It’ll likely ratchet up her narcissism into hyper-horny slut mode, so she’ll want to give a better performance. Total cost? Less than $15 USD. GOD, I love the red pill!

  44. Well I took my current girl to a nice restaurant and we slept at my place where I fucked my brains out before sleep and again on waking. Seeing as how I hadn’t done any of that with my previous 28 year LTR I though I’d treat myself 🙂

  45. @Sun Wukong

    Roses are red, violets are blue. If he’s busy today, the side chick is you.
    That’s simply beautiful

  46. Took the wife to a hockey game. No card. No chocolate. Offer of anything from the concessions. Got home late because traffic was horrible (snowstorm). So no action, but that’s been my play for years. She always gets a nice kids-free getaway on her birthday (I’m not a complete bastard).

  47. Awesome synopsis.

    Mind you, if she outspends/makes a bigger fuss over you than vice-versa, the 15th will be a “bad-everything’s-miserable” day.

    (Not that it is a problem, post red-pill enlightenment.)

  48. @ disgruntled
    I don’t suffer from ED but use cialis as a “performance enhancer” and it certainly works, ” go again” time is reduced also.

    There are two versions a pill that you take every day that’s between 2-5Mg and what’s known as “the weekender” and that is generally 20Mg. I use the weekend version I take it early Friday evening and I’m good to go until Monday evening.

    If you have a regular girl you might find the daily version suits you better as you will be constantly “good to go”.

    In my experience the only negative I’ve experienced is a delayed climax which for me is not a bonus as I’m already ” hard work” as the gf puts it.

    It’s effective in about 10mins if you chew the tablet and lasts much longer than viagra so it takes less planning and allows for more spontaneous results.

    I get mine from ” a guy at the gym” as they are commonly used by bodybuilders as SOME steroids can give you limp dick ( deca comes to mind) and some guys have problems between cycles when their testosterone production may be low.

    I should also add that I’m 49 and self medicate TRT ( if this interests you check out blackdragon blog as he has several good articles on this subject) so my testosterone levels are higher than average for my age so your mileage may vary!

    For me Cialis just adds that extra little boost because I do enjoy a few beers at the weekend and this takes care of any possibility of not being able to perform due to “brewers droop” .

    Hope that helps

  49. I’m slow. Help me connect the dots.

    Honest questions:

    “Got home late because traffic was horrible (snowstorm). So no action, but that’s been my play for years.”

    How are getting home late and no action connected? For years?

    “Mind you, if she outspends/makes a bigger fuss over you than vice-versa, the 15th will be a “bad-everything’s-miserable” day.”

    She wants to serve…well, supposed to…every day. The RP V-Day isn’t a tit for tat either, it’s appreciating the relationship…in each other’s way. Freely given, non-negotiated. Why should it be different VD+1?

    Just askin’.

  50. @Playdontpay
    Yeah, I’m “hard work” too. At 58 I’m starting to have issues but mine are mostly related to a relatively quick ‘deflate’ time. A boost is defiantly needed. Also looking into THC vapping help to get over the “hard work” part.

    I’ve researched TRT quite a bit but here in Canada the docs are retarded. My levels are good for my age but I want to boost them a la Black Dragon but I was basically told “you must be kidding – I treat sick people here” by my urologist.

  51. @ disgruntled

    Find a source for testosterone at your local gym.
    You want cypionate 300mg/ml or ethanate 300 or sustain 250.
    1ml a week of any of these will put your test levels at around 1100 to 1200 ( top limit of normal is 1100).

    This will likely be from an underground lab (UGL) and not pharma so if you want to be 100% safe buy some .22 syringe filters and refilter it yourself to remove any contamination/bacteria and you will be good to go.

    My levels were around 540 @ 49 so no way a doctor would give me a script as you need to be sub 300 to be considered and that’s not where you want to be!

    There are some articles on how to temporarily reduce your test levels if you want to go down the doctor route though a quick google should be suffice.

    To get the cialis though shouldn’t be a problem just read up about ED symptoms and exaggerate your symptoms and should not be a problem. Insist on cialis as say you have tried viagra and it gave you headaches and blurred vision.

    Good luck!

  52. “I was basically told “you must be kidding – I treat sick people here” by my urologist.”

    FI to DE: “Too bad your ’bout you treatable issue. You’re on your own.”

    That’s what drives the (well intended) chronic pain sufferers underground too.

    I’d heard it enough from colleagues and it still stings. WKs generally.

  53. I’ve been offered V/C by my family physician for the past couple years and I’ve always refused – pride I guess. I’ll be calling up this week to get that ball rolling.

    I don’t hang out in gyms – got my squat rack setup at home so obtaining street chemical might be an issue. Not too worried about T though cause I’m doing most of the lifting, diet, supplement, and lifestyle changes to optimize it. But getting that 1100 level would be awesome though.

  54. That’s a smashing idea, Othergrain. Women wouldn’t have the “I had no idea what he would want” excuse. On the other hand, it would be as contrived as giving a woman lingerie.

    Personally, however, I said a very long time ago that I don’t do that holiday ever since they dropped the “saint” bit (ironic, since he’s practically the patron saint of florists, jewellers, chocolatiers, greeting card and condom makers etc). But in my case, the juice has long been not worth the squeeze – I just didn’t realise it until recently. (And if I want the steak done right, I have to grill it myself…)

  55. @Disgruntled and @Play

    Danger Danger Will Robinson on the Cialis. Oh yeah it works just fine. But only take the 2 – 5 mg as needed. You don’t require more. It stays in your system and works for up to 36 hours.

    The “weekender” version is a sustained dose which I think is more for those with swollen prostates (the BPH the ads talk about) who may need help with draining the snake.

    The big warning is DON”T TOUCH IT if you use any kind of vasodilator within 24 hours. Cialis can dangerously LOWER your blood pressure overall whilst boosting blood flow to the baby’s arm holding an apple.

    (Goddammit I typed that first as “baby’s atm holding an apple” man I am such a retard)


    No, YOU shuddup.

  56. @Palmasailor Thanks. Not sure after this whole bizarre gift-returning drama that I would ever want her back. I think my gut instinct to ghost her after her tantrum helped to get my bearings back. She’s pissed at my disappearance and has tried to get my attention.

    On a completely separate note, another plate I ghosted two weeks ago suddenly sends me a series of naked selfies with “Miss me?”

    What’s that saying…”Availability cheapens the currency…”

  57. Off Topic and Behind in the Comments, But… Step 1: Mission Accomplished

    I just had the introductory talk with my Son. I told him I had bought him a book about Fight Club. He asked, “Is it a one page book that says don’t talk about it?” I said, “No, it’s a book written by a guy that goes by the name of Rollo Tomassi that can help you to decode women. Your current Girlfriend seems like a sweetheart, but you can always improve yourself. Don’t talk to your Mother, Sister or Girlfriend about this. This is for us to discuss as men. Keep the book out of sight but if you mom finds it, treat it as no big deal.”

    I was going to ask how other men had introduced The Rational Male to their sons, but I saw an opportunity and took it.

  58. I’ve been in the habit of effectively vanishing during the week leading up to Valentine’s day. Some women do think that they’re being clever by suddenly messaging me after months of silence and that’s fine, I get back to them on the 15th and surprise, surprise, most of them don’t respond.

    I also notice an uptick in matches on Tinder, etc. If I was BP I would think that it has something to do with me when in fact it doesn’t, it has everything to do with them.

    A few years ago I took to referring to Valentine’s Day as Vagina Christmas and, as we all know, women hate to miss out on Christmas.

  59. Sad to think next year it’ll be Pal-antines Day, guys shopping together, all woke and bearded.

    You know BuzzFeed is on it as we write.

  60. I worked until 10 pm on V-Day.

    The wife and I have an understanding concerning ” holidays ” and the like. I’m a loving and caring guy 365 days a year, lol, so basically fuck any kind of ” special day ” to show your love. So some years I will do some things for V-Day, and others I won’t. Depends on what I’ve got going on and how I’m feeling about it at the time.

    I was home alone like McCaully Caulkin all morning long. Wife had made me a huge breakfast before she went to work, and drew a big heart on the bulletin board in the kitchen.

    regular reader here will know that I am into floral arrangements, real and otherwise ( no Homo ), so I got a good deal on 2 dozen red roses and made a killer arrangement that she would get at the end of her work day.

    Got my daughters and goddaughters the obligatory giant heart box of candies. Wifey and I eschew sweets as much as humanly possible, so none for her.

    She called me at work early in the evening to say that the arrangement was amazing and to ask how my day was going. Work was in chaos of course, but I told her everything was fantastic.

    I got home around 11pm. Took a quick shower and headed to the bedroom. Wifey was asleep, on top of the comforter, hair and makeup and nails done, completely buk nekkid.

    Call me Fred Flintstone because I took her to Bed-Rock.

    Lingerie? Naaahhhhh…..

    We didn’t actually verbally acknowledge V-Day until this morning.

  61. Mini V-Day FR

    Previously discussed with LTR- nothing special planned, no sub-standard dinner out, etc.

    The next morning:
    Her: “…you know, it would’ve been nice if you had gotten me flowers…”
    Me: “Yeah, I guess. But you didn’t get me any, so I guess we’re all even.”
    Her: “No! On Vday the guy is supposed to get something for the girl.”
    Me: “Whoa- how is that fair? Don’t let your Strong Independent Wimmen friends of yours hear you talking like that, or they might take away your Feminista card.”
    Her: “I mean… It’s just…”
    Me: “guess it’s a good thing YOU just got lucky”

    Capped it with a slightly demonic smirk during the ensuing silence.

  62. @ if-I-fell

    “was going to ask how other men had introduced The Rational Male to their sons, but I saw an opportunity and took it.”

    Good job striking while the iron was hot. If you don’t mind- how old? I have the same question you have, and generally planned to deliver Rollo’s bibles in a similar situation, but haven’t had a strike opportunity yet.

    Thoughts appreciated from anyone-

  63. For Valentine’s Day, I gave a girl a text message. It consisted of this image:


    A while later (after she got out of work) she replied “HAPPY Valentine’s Day lol :D”

    I just replied, “I tried to find an image with butternut squash instead of cumcumbers. Go big or go home.”

    A few hours later I got a few more interesting messages from her. Good time. She didn’t come over cause she’s still trying to be abstinent and shit and so was holding back but ah well.

  64. @Roy Hobbs

    Try being more playful and Agree and Amplify

    Her; I was disappointed I didn’t get any flowers for valentine’s day

    you: Yah, me too…in Japan, on Valentine’s Day women get men gifts

    Her: blah blah blah some feminist nonsense

    You: What have you got against the Japanese? no sushi for you young lady…

    Take it like that….

    Imagine you’re in a sit com with these things…women love banter.

  65. “I was going to ask how other men had introduced The Rational Male to their sons, but I saw an opportunity and took it.”

    My boy was learning PUA, eh results. I’d read TRM 1 & 2, handed it off, he read it too. It started as DL, but he couldn’t help but talk publicly about it; women became quite predictable, helped address his shortcomings. I let the chips fall after Mrs. Eh decoded our fight club talk and figured out who I was here.

    Now my boys and I talk about it at the dinner table and she’s dealing with her own existential issues.

  66. @ Roy Hobbs

    He is at that very awkward age range for young men—in college but just shy of 21. He is living the commuter college experience and living at home.

    While Rollo has advised introducing the concepts early to which I fully subscribe, I believe that the book needs to be shared somewhere between a young man’s junior year of high school and his 21st birthday.

    At his age, I remember the blue pill longing for the right girl to make things right. The wrongheaded plan to get the girl first and the rest would fall into place, and the isolation and depression that came along with it.

    Times are different and in some ways better for young men in terms of a loss of idealizing women. How many men of our generation were distracted with misdirectional ideas?—like this from Mahogany (1975), “Success is nothing without someone you love to share it with.”

  67. Re: surgeon suicide.

    “Sources tell DailyMail.com the former couple amicably divorced and remained friends…”


    “She is the author of nutrition books and describes herself on social media as a fitness fanatic, hockey fan and mother.”

    Perhaps she quickly updated her FB status omitting wife.


    On a personal note, I know a M.D. colleague who repeatedly, quietly states he wants his wife to have sex with him. spins it as humor, a buffer. It’s been drip-drip for years. How do I know? He tells me, but if I subtly mention that it could be different (without talking fight club), he chafes, says no, she’d divorce him if he reasserts himself, and switches the subject.

    His life is sliding, personally and now financially. Wife feels need to work more now to maintain her status, lifestyle.

  68. @Intellect

    Children and money are in the picture, correct? And he is not willing to walk away because of them? So your colleague assumes that his wife has the power in the relationship. Why not subtly ask him where his wife is getting sex if his wife is playing hide the vagina with him? He’ll likely say that his wife doesn’t have a sex drive because we’ve been fed the lie about women being able to go without sex. Then you bust that lie. Tell him that if he goes out, he’ll find LOTS of married women in clubs who are looking for sex.

  69. @ EhIntellect

    “….and she’s dealing with her own existential issues.”

    Keep up the good red pill work. You never know, one day you might invite your wife to join the “secret society” of monogamous (or not) parents having raised good kids over 21 and then be empty nesters. In that society, both your sexual strategies are being met with success and when she shit tests you, you just slap her on the ass and say ” Heheh, we all know what’s going on here…..” And she agrees. Because you and her “just get it”. Plus there is actual desire to have sex turned back on because of having worked those switches/or sliders, or whatever those harmonic resonators were called. And you got what all the other couples (that she and you socialize with) don’t have. Lack of contempt, admiration and respect among both, freedom for you, love for her.

  70. ASD

    You said it spot on. Everything.

    I’m waiting for the chance to hit the after work professional crowd with him. Fish-in-barrel meat markets here, if he’d care to look.

    I’ve done this with others. Just for a drink…then juice him up a little…then be his wing. They always chafe, freeze, act much like Sentient’s WK friend. Getting in the way of themselves, me even, if I read it correctly. I don’t talk fight club, I try to perform real time.

    My plan was to get him out. only hang…but his wife must know he’s out…unavailable to her…and he goes radio silence about it…her hamster runs = panic sex or she shit tests…easily passed by holding frame, admit nothing…because honestly nothing happened…she musn’t find out that though.

    Fuck, this’ll probably never happen. But that’s my plan with him.

    He’s concerned about his de facto community social status. He’s got to be subtle, discreet. His income, rep relies on it.

    He’s got to want it more, as yet his income is enough to maintain the lie…ntil the kids are gone and it all falls apart.

  71. @Intellect

    Is your friend ratholing some cash for the solo future? Does he keep an overnight bag packed? Has he talked with a man-friendly divorce attorney?

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