The Best of Rational Male – Year Two

As you’ve probably guessed I’ll be making this another permanent page at the top of RM, so don’t worry about bookmarking this one for future reference.

It’s interesting to see the trends in my writing as the year progressed. My focus on Positive Masculinity and personal development seemed to feature more prominently than year one. I’d attribute that to digesting the posts of year one and considering actionable ways men can learn not only to overcome the feminine-primary environment, but to be better men as a result of it.

Casualties (and the followup Soldiers) was my personal favorite this year. I never really appreciated the reach of Rational Male until I was inundated with very personal private correspondence from both active and retired military men relating their struggles with coming to terms with red pill awareness. I’m glad my words and ideas have been a benefit to these guys.

Bear in mind this is a collection of the best rated posts as well as a few I deemed to be the most important. I kind of hate distilling an entire year of posts down to just a summarized list – personally I think they all deserve consideration and there’s probably one from this past year, not on the list, that will personally speak to a reader the most.

The Best of Rational Male – Year Two




Social Conventions

The Feminine Imperative

Positive Masculinity


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9 comments on “The Best of Rational Male – Year Two

  1. Complete HiJack here…

    I was just watching the original “Total Recall” circa 1990 with Arnold – and there is a scene where they try to convince him it’s all a dream, that he is still in the chair, and all this is just happening in his mind. The Doctor hands him a tell, and tells him if he takes it, he’ll return to his “real” life – otherwise he may never come back. Guess what color the pill was? Yep, you guessed it, Red.

    could be the original reference to a Red Pill – just thought it was funny.


    BTW, great summary of your two years.

  2. Spent a few minutes with Neil Strauss today. Like with his book “The Game” your ‘Year Two’ archives have had a more significant impact on the world than Alexa’s data can show. Congratulations on the success of this body of work.

  3. Rollo,
    Been following your for about 7 months. It’s been a rude awakening. Just finished reading all of year one and now I’ve got more homework for year two.

    I saw a video clip you might be interested in. How can a beautiful younger wife take multiple insults her older ugly husband?…….. Big status difference that’s how.

    How to treat a Hot younger beautiful wife???? (It’s all in the first 30 secs)

    Thanks for your passion and increasing influence.

  4. Congrats on a successful second year, Rollo!

    Is there a name for your mad-cap and dedicated comrades who have read each and every one of your posts?

  5. Feminine morality is one of opportunism and imminent expediency. The normal woman has no respect for abstract truth. – H.L Mencken

  6. Hi Rollo/all, hope thois finds everyone well. HAs anybody converted year two to PDF, id like to read the blog posts on kindle, much more convenient for train journeys and areas of no signal!

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