The New Age of Enlightenment

The Old Order

I can remember a time back in the 1980s when I would visit my mother for a weekend and she’d insist my brother and I go to her church on Sundays. At this point in her life she was very much an Evangelical Christian. I would go with her because my mom’s side of the family had always been the religious side, and that was just part of who my mom was. I did have a basic faith in God and Christianity at the time, but my father was a card carrying atheist (and nominal Unitarian) for his whole life, so I had a pretty eclectic religious education when I was a teenager.

My father was a skeptic by nature and a lot of my own questioning nature was indirectly influenced by him. I can remember going to my mom’s church and suffering through the worship music to get to the sermon. I actually enjoyed the sermons because they gave me something to chew on intellectually. Not that the 15 year old Rollo was much of a thinker at that time, but I always had basic questions for these guys after the speech. When I got a bit older, in my early 20s, I started wondering who these ‘pastors’ really were as people and what made them qualified to deliver sermons. I really wanted to talk with these guys, but doing so meant I had to sit through their hard sell about how Jesus had saved them from themselves. I always thought this was kind of silly considering most of these guys weren’t much older than me. How hard a life could these guys really have lived by 25?

Most of these pastors weren’t used to was really having to engage much with their congregations beyond what was required of them to maintain appearances. I don’t mean that they were inaccessible; most of them had something outside of church that kept them involved with people. It’s that prior to the internet the way a pastor, or a church, did business usually centered on a man delivering a message (presumedly inspired by God) and then shaking hands with the faithful after the sermon was over as they filed out the door. End of sermon. End of discussion. 

If you wanted to talk about the sermon, or, heaven forbid, criticize the interpretation or message in some way that was a conversation relegated to your family, or perhaps a home group discussion. Assuming you even were in a home group or had a few peers you could discuss it with, you always risked running afoul of someone whose ego-investments in his/her faith would put them on edge by questioning it. The old order of religion, not just Christianity, used to be based on respecting the man delivering that message as God’s ordained spokesman, or reading whatever book he might’ve published, processing it yourself or with a handful of other believers, sussing things out and waiting for the next message on the next Sunday. There was very little engagement about articles of faith or doctrine unless you were a guy on the inside.

All of this changed with the advent of the internet and the globalization of mass media and communication.

Today, there’s hardly a pastor (mainstream or obscure) who doesn’t have a blog or a YouTube channel on which he (or she) contemplates his last/next sermon. In the 80s-90s even the most introspective religious leader would have only a handful of people to bounce ideas off, but today a sermon is almost focus grouped before the guy walks up to the pulpit on a Sunday. Meanwhile, that same pastor is engaged on two or three social media accounts discussing everything from religion, to politics, to praying for his favorite NFL team to make the playoffs.

The old order of how religion was done has given way to a new, globalized process of how we do religion. Today anyone, believer or not, has access to that pastor on a moments notice. Didn’t like the message? Thought the interpretation was inaccurate? You can tell him on his blog’s comment thread or fire off a tweet to start a discussion about it before he can even drive home from church. 

This is the age of globalized engagement – and this new paradigm is fundamentally altering old order institutions. What the Guttenburg press did for religion by publishing the Bible for the masses, now the internet has done for the old order way in which people can engage with the process of their beliefs – and not just religious belief.

The New Enlightenment

February of last year I wrote an essay about the Global Sexual Marketplace. In that post I described how globalization isn’t just about economics or demographics – globalization also applies to intersexual dynamics. Gone are the days when a young man or young woman could expect to meet one of the handful of eligible, single people in their high school, small town or limited social circle to pair off and start a family with. In the old order young people were stuck with the choices of a limited Local sexual marketplace. Today, with our instant, robust forms of communication, a worldwide sexual marketplace has now opened up the romantic prospects of virtually anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection. Don’t like your prospects in your hometown? Now there’s a whole world of men and women waiting to meet you. The old order of intersexual dynamics has fundamentally shifted and all in less than 20 years.

The rapidity of this shift is what I believe is at the root of the problems that surround the new way of doing the old order institutions. As a global society we are still reluctant to let go of the falsehoods of those old order institutions; even in light of the new order evidences and data collected as a result of this unprecedented access. While we attempt to reconcile our old order beliefs with what a global information network confronts them with, we cling evermore tightly to what we thought we knew because it formed the foundation of who we are. And as we try to make sense of it we are presented with both true and false narratives that pander to the fact that this information and technology is progressing at a rate that most human beings’ minds were never evolved to keep pace with.

My good friend Aaron Clarey (Captain Capitalism) recently published a tour de force article on women entering into and dominating most of the future of Corporate America, and how men ought to welcome this change. It’s a great post, so definitely go read the whole thing, but after I’d finished it I was struck with the idea that what Clarey was on to was describing an old order institution (Corporate America) and how we still perceived it from an old order understanding. On the surface it seems counterintuitive to think of women assuming authority over what was the Male Space of Corporate Culture as a good thing. Cap was being facetious for the whole thing, but his point was really this: women have coveted the reigns of Corporate America for a long time now, but their feminist thirst for power (Fempowerment) is based on an old order understanding of what Corporate America really is, or will eventually become. Like a debutant late to the party, the status and prestige that the Feminine Imperative sells women to believe is inherent in Corporate America is all old order bullshit. So, yeah, have at it ladies. The information age has stripped back the curtains on the Corporate America you assumed all that student debt to participate in.

Academia is another area in which this old order vs. new enlightenment understanding is taking place. Prior to 2000 if you heard a particular professor had a reputation for being tough, you had to get it from a third party. Today we have or something similar. Now you can see how well a teacher performed from students who took their classes from a decade ago. is an aggregate of current and ex employees rating the work environment of damn near any company today. does something similar to a businesses performance. And as a result most of these companies hire specialized personnel to maintain their online reputations – and this is the paranoia that comes from presuming old order impressions of a company are relevant in a new order paradigm.

Analog Thinking vs. Digital Thinking

“In the future, everything that can be digital will be digital.” 

I’m not sure who originated this quote, but I can remember it being tossed around in graphic design circles as early as 1993. Back then the print industry was transitioning to a digital way of production. Adobe Photoshop was at version 3.0 (when I started using it) and QuarkXpress was revolutionizing pagination for pretty much every publication at the time. The writing was on the wall. I was fortunate to be coming into my career on the cusp of the old order traditional ways of creating ads and publications (stat cameras and pasteup galleys) and learning their digital equivalents in design applications. I had to get real good, real quick, not only in terms of understanding the hardware, software and networking, but also in using it to create effective, creative, advertising. A lot of my contemporaries struggled with this transition. My mentors in design were old school designers. They taught me a lot with respect to effective advertising and design, but they couldn’t teach me the new tech that was changing every 6-8 months. Whereas in the old order a design agency only focused on print media and employed a full complement of professionals for each aspect of production (photography, typography, pasteup, pressmen, etc.) now I was responsible for all of these jobs and more to come as the internet opened up more new media to desktop publishers like me.

I had to get real good, real fast, and maintain my creative edge all while expanding into more and more new areas and methods of producing what I do. The old order designers either adapted or went extinct. Since the early 90s this narrative has played out across countless professions and trades. I can remember listening to Lars Ulrich from Metallica complain about how Napster’s peer-to-peer file sharing of MP3s was going to be the death of the music industry. The old order musicians weren’t ready to accept the realities of “everything that can be digital will be digital”.

Analog business models, analog thinking, that have formed the basis of who we are as a society are still in place today. In some ways we can force-fit those old order ideas into our new order digital reality, but eventually that old order thinking reveals its age. College professors, church pastors, your 9-5 corporate American cubicle supervisor, the self-help guru you think has some sort of relevance, the old pop psychologist whose heyday was in the last millennium, all these personalities and an endless number more are all struggling to stay relevant against the information that the new order of 2020 confronts them with.

It’s not that these people are luddites. They embrace the technology and the new means of disseminating their craft, their ideas, their ideologies, in the digital age. It’s that their thinking is still mired in the analog age – an age in which ideas were formed on information that was limited to what generations that came before could gather with the means they had available to them then. The ideas of an analog age are what we’re presently trying to force-fit into the new understanding presented to us by this digital age. We enjoy the luxuries, sensations and entertainment that the digital affords us, but we immerse ourselves in it without realizing how our old order thinking defines why we enjoy it. Our analog selves, the product of millennia of evolution, still defines what our digital selves are without realizing the dangers inherent in our engaging with it. As such we get digital addictions – pornography, social media, ‘engagement’ – and we make our analog selves dependent on a digital economy.

How many YouTube content producers rely on their ’side hustle’ revenue to pay their bills today? How many self-published authors have quit their day jobs to write for their new employer, Amazon, today (Amazon owns 86% of the publishing market today). How many former cubicle workers decided it was more lucrative to start an internet business than continue slaving away at a corporate gig that only made their bosses rich? Today, we’ll readily shift to the digital world to sustain us financially – in the end we don’t have much choice – but it’s the old order thinking that pervades this new “reality” and causes problems.

The number one way that couples meet, since 2005, is online. Via Tinder or Match or other net based ways. Gone are the days of boy-meets-girl, eyes fixed on the other across a crowded high school gym dance floor. Gone are the days of meeting your “bride” at church camp. Those are old order romanticisms, and ones that we still want to force fit back into our new order reality. We think in analog, but we live in digital.

Barriers to Entry

Another thing I did at age 15 was play a lot of guitar. My teenage, MTV fueled, mind really had a love for music. The heavier the better. But the barrier to becoming a “Guitar God” like my heroes was something that was very prohibitive at that time. If you wanted to get good; good enough to actually get a band going, you had to seek out a guitar instructor at the local music store who hopefully shared your taste in music. Beyond a once-a-week, 1-hour lesson, you had no other means of learning an instrument than practicing on your own, buying a book of guitar tablature from the music store, or endlessly wearing down a cassette tape by going back over the song you wanted to learn again and again. And all this was the process of learning to play just a song you liked. I had to learn how to compose a song, write some lyrics, form a band, learn to promote it, and somehow figure out how to scrape up enough money to record a demo in a music studio. The barrier to entry was very steep. You had to love the art so much that you would dedicate a good portion of your life to mastering it.

Today I can go on YouTube and find a 9 year old girl in a country I’ve never heard of before play Eruption by Eddie Van Halen, note for note, because she learned it from another YouTube “content provider”. We have far more resources to understand how to be competent in, if not master, virtually anything today than at any other time in history. We have access to the entire world’s aggregate of information in a device that fits in our pocket.

In his book, Mastery, Robert Greene describes how the barriers to entry into previously prohibitive arenas of life are gone in the digital age. And just like the music industry of the 70s through the 90s, old order industries and institutions have had to cope with the restructuring of their businesses and lifestyles as new generations of digital savvy (if not digital thinking) people become competent in, sometimes master, what took them decades of perseverance to master themselves. What we see in this shift is the Barons of the old order media, industries and institutions  – who jealously guarded their own knowledge-base – attempting to force-fit their analog thinking into a digital mold.

As a result, conflicts arise. When Über revolutionized the idea of ride-sharing in the digital age, the old order taxi companies enlisted every legal tool in their arsenal to fight the inevitability of their old revenue model disappearing. We see the same scenario play out in everything that can be digital becoming digital now. Even the old order institutions that built their mastery and prosperity on a successful pivot to the digital (the early dot coms) are finding that even newer aspects of the digital now threaten the successes of that initial pivot.

Content is King

Mastery is now easier to attain than at any other time in human history. The old order, analog thinking masters strictly limited teaching their secrets to anyone but the most worthy of apprentices. Those apprentices had to had the most serious dedication to their interests and would likely do menial tasks for much of their apprenticeships just to be in the presence of their mentors. That hard-won mastery is gone in the digital age. That’s not to say that practice and dedication aren’t still necessary for mastery today, but the barriers are largely removed. As a result, we are now encountering a generation of self-appointed “masters” in arenas wherein previously the title of that position of mastery implied respectability. Again, old order thinking predisposes us to believe that if a self-declared master online grants himself a title we should presume he “did the work” to earn that title.

For all this easy access to competency, mastery, information-based skills, what we find lacking is real, valuable content. It’s great that we have access to the tool boxes of old order masters, but what do we build with those tools? Thus far, not very much. Usually those tools build rehashes of old order ideas to be sold as something novel in the digital age. When I’m critical of the Success Porn grifters of this digital age, what I’m really drawing attention to is the reselling of old order, tired ideals. Motivational speakers, new age gurus, self-help “coaches” of today, are really only selling the same old order thinking in a more convenient, more easily disseminated digital method. The content is old. The religion is old. The thinking is old, and it’s thinking that is still firmly rooted in an old order understanding of how the world ought to be based on the limited information set available to the people creating it at that time.

The ease of the digital new order makes us lazy. For all of the access we have now, for all of the information we have, we’ve never been more unmotivated. The process of mastery, the process and dedication needed to attain it, used to contribute to the creative impetus required to use it. Today we’ve never been less creative in our thinking. It’s why we keep returning to old order stories and movie franchises. We just retell the same old order thinking stories in more advanced and colorful ways with the technology of the digital order. But we just repeat ourselves; or we add some social justice twist to stories that were timeless because the art took precedence over any other consideration.

The Red Pill

In the earliest days of the seduction community the forums that sprang up around men looking to get laid was an extension of this old order vs. new order thinking. The internet and conversation forums dedicated to Game, pickup artistry and dating were a predictable application of attempting to solve old order problems (getting laid) with new order information. Men in particular wanted to figure this out, so, as expected, they would coalesce and compare notes across the planet, each sharing their personal experiences with other men. Then further combining that experience with data available from psychology, anthropology, sociology, evolutionary theory and dozens of other related fields of study to provide a global consortium of men with a more accurate database on intersexual dynamics than they’d ever had available to them in any prior era.

Up to this point (I estimate 2001 or so) men had to figure out the dynamics between themselves and what women were becoming since the Sexual Revolution. And most of that “figuring it out” was based on limited information, based on old order thinking. The old challenges of understanding ourselves doesn’t change, but the way we think about those challenges is in constant flux; and that changing has become increasingly more rapid in a global age.

With that change comes conflict with the old order thinking. In terms of the Red Pill, old order thinking manifests itself as Purple Pill regressiveness. Often times the new Red Pill awareness conflicts with the old order thinking that present generations have based their existences on. They refuse to acknowledge the data we have access to now that we didn’t when they were forming beliefs and ideals that would form their personalities and ego-investments. Yes, there are certain timeless truths, but we must hold “common sense” to the same scrutiny we would apply to new ideas in this age. When I identify a person or a concept as Purple Pill this is what I mean by it; usually, it is an old order ideal being force fit to conform to align with new order data. 

We desperately want our belief sets, our ideals, to be confirmed by the information we have access to in the digital age. Sometimes this does happen and we feel validated for it, but more often we see that our efforts in building a life according to the old social contract or an old order way of understanding ourselves and the world is invalidated. And this is what either builds us up anew or forces us into stasis in our lives.

The Red Pill has been redefined in many ways on many occasions over the past 20 years to fit the sensibilities of people who really want to give a new validity to whatever pet ideology they think it should apply to. Most of these people have no business calling anything “red pill”, but they’re attracted to the concept as a proxy term for ’truth’. 

Initially, in the earliest days of the SoSuave Forums, we used the Matrix analogy to describe how a guy who still believed and still behaved according to his old order understanding (his conditioning) of intersexual dynamics was stuck in his ignorance. The old way of thinking about women – that up to that point was based on limited and largely inaccurate information – was still what a Blue Pill guy would accept as reality. It required a guy to “unplug” himself from that old order-informed way of thinking and transition to a new awareness of intersexual dynamics. Hopefully that guy could live a better life (even save his own life) by using the information in that new order tool box. Thus, we have the Red Pill analogy, but what the Red Pill really describes is exactly the casting off of an old order ignorance in favor of a new order thinking predicated on information we were limited from in prior ages.

We are entering a new, digital Age of Enlightenment. I know a lot of the Manosphere would tell us we’re heading for a new Dark Ages of degeneracy and decay. Enjoy the decline, right? If this is true and we are spiraling to more ignorance, depravity and superstition on a now globalized scale it will be the result of not changing our ways of thinking according to the new data we have access to today. It’s never been easier to become what we want to become today, but with that facility comes lethargy, a lack of creativity and insight, and self-gratifying sedation. Just because we’ve been enlightened by this new, globalizing knowledge-base doesn’t mean we know how to apply it.

If we do enter a decline it will be the result of an inability to unplug from a comforting old order way of thinking.

This essay is from an abridged preview of my upcoming book The Rational Male – Religion.

Published by Rollo Tomassi

Author of The Rational Male and The Rational Male, Preventive Medicine

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  1. Sentient
    Blue Pill Prof is aptly named. His 12 step program is a muddle. And very Purple. He cribs Athol liberally.

    I’ve read some of the thread at reddit.
    1. It is about 4 years old. That’s about when BPP was commenting here.
    2. It’s not a book, it’s some comments.
    3. BPP focuses exclusively on Dread as far as I can see. A strategic error. “Play with her, and play with her” does not require extensive use of Dread.

    What’s the big deal? Why are we supposed to drop everything because of some comments on Reddit 4 years ago? There’s an agenda that isn’t in view, because “Oh noes, Blue Pill Professor writted some things that make girls unhaaaapy 4 years ago we must focus all our attentions on that” makes no, none, zero, not any sense.

    There’s an agenda, and it’s not in view. What is it? Who is pushing it?

    Now I’m leaning towards Rollo’s theory, this is more bullshit stemming from that conference. Some people have too much time on their hands.

  2. Rollo Tomassi says: “… it’s going to connect dots most of them would prefer not to consider. And I’m gonna nail this fucking book to their church door.”

    As a servant of God, and a man who wants to see the church reformed, I welcome your help.
    Please read that.

    It has been over 502 years since Martin Luther pointed out how the church had gone whoring after the money and things of this world, and was in fact selling indulgences to permit people to do the opposite of what God commanded them to do. Only a fool would imagine that the church(imaged as a wife) is not back to her infidelity again. The prostitute church, AKA the “Great Whore”, takes whatever God set up, and endeavors to invert or reverse it. The false beliefs of the church are the foundation of Feminism. In the fourth century AD Constantine coopted Christianity and made it the state religion of his worldly empire. The church of Rome became a political institution of this world. And a political decision was made to offer up Mary as a substitute for forcibly converted goddess worshippers adapting to Rome’s forced “Christianization”. To deify Mary and make her “equal” to Christ she and all women had to first be allowed to claim they are in the image of God. How could a woman become a deity if she was not even allowed to claim to image or portray deity? So the church based in Rome switched from unanimously teaching that only men were the image and glory of God, as the apostle Paul taught, to wrongly teaching that both sexes imaged God the Father, and Son, and Holy Spirit who Himself impregnated Mary with the Son of God. Paul had written:

    1 Corinthians 11:7 For a man indeed ought not to cover his head,[during prayer or prophecy] forasmuch as he is the image and glory of God: but the woman is the glory of the man.

    If women are granted to be in the very matchless image and glory of the Most High God, then they are by default equal to men morally and in earthly rank. Any female subjection then becomes unjust and unnecessary, marriage becomes slavery, and Etc. Woman wrongly being presumed into the image of God, and thus equal to men, lays all the necessary foundation for Feminism and its discontent. However, as you know, Feminism was never just going to be about “equality”. Men who alone are the image and glory of God, are now being demonized by the world and their church. The church has become ashamed of God’s word, that explains that the woman was created for the man to serve and satisfy him. The church joins in with the world in inverting God’s image by claiming women image the Father, but masculinity is “toxic” and men are morally bad while women are morally good, and thus bad men should be ruled by their wives feelings. They believe if a woman does something bad, it must be a man’s fault, usually her husband is blamed, even while she defies to obey him.

    Anyway, the current clown-world churches sexual doctrine is more than 1600 years overdue for reform, and again, I sure welcome your help, and look forward to your book being nailed to the churches door. If I find parts of your book to be accurate and helpful, I will(metaphorically) help you to nail those parts to the doors of churches. We are now reaping the bitter harvest of the false intellectual seed of presumed “equality” sown long ago.

    Men want a subservient female helper, not a female competitor, and women want a man they can look up to, not a presumed equal. If we return men back to the image and glory and dominion which God made them, for His own service, and return women back to shamefacedness, and being the meek servants of men that they were made to be, marriages would once again be inseparable and beautiful, and a step up for every woman to unite in one flesh with the image and glory of God.

  3. @ASD

    “ If you want a woman to chase you, you have to have options. Having options instills dread. 24/7. That’s just how it works. You don’t have to work at creating dread if you have options. Spinning plates where you just flirt produces dread because your nonverbal comms (which your woman sees) broadcast that you have options.

    You don’t have to be a d1ck to create dread.”

    Well put. This is what I’m saying. And this is why internalizing briffaults law is so important. Don’t put yourself is a place where you don’t have options, or in a position where following through with one of those options will bring negative consequences to yourself.

    There is a reason many call marriage “red-pill on hard mode.”

    Not saying there aren’t many amazing benefits for all involved if done well. But as @SJF points out all the time; Pareto still applies, and most men cannot or will not step up and do the work to do it right.

    Not saying to opt out is a suboptimal life, just a different ballgame.

  4. and yet in real life when all is said and done, I observe the thirst everyday everywhere – women are starved for real masculinity

  5. SJF

    “He’s totally red pill.”

    Not base don anything I’ve seen. The undercurrent in that post is fear. fear of pushing your wife away.

    It shows a lack of understanding of RP fundamentals. I would bet, and you can ask him, that he never had any experience with the later stages of his list.

    So Pre_Selection in PUA is the Holy Grail, Mystery says it’s 80% because it presumes many of the other attraction switches. So a guy should worry about too much pre-selection? Really? Really…

    No. Show me the guy whose wife said “I’m done with you, you are waaaaaay to attractive to other women.” And actually left him. I think what he, and the other Purple Guys saw was they NEVER attained a level of attractiveness that was natural, or appeared natural. Generally it’s because they went 80% of the way there and not 100%. Or they just never had enough attraction at all and gave her an easy excuse to bail.

    Red Pill truth is evo-bio/psych all the way down.

  6. “ and yet in real life when all is said and done, I observe the thirst everyday everywhere – women are starved for real masculinity”

    Centuries, I second Blaximus. Completely agree.

  7. Now I have some voids in my mouth that need bone fill in. 140 for all three. In a few months comes the painful part–prosthetic teeth at 3500 a pop.

    Welcome to the club. The bone fill-in isn’t too bad. The prosthetic teeth is painful on the wallet but the procedure is fine as long as you’re well frozen and your jawbone density isn’t too great.

    Oh, and I gave up pop in my late 20’a after spending much $ on repairs. I’ve been drinking mostly filtered water since. Pop is poison,

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  9. Sentient, if I want any lip offa you, I’ll scrape it offa my zipper…you’re very wooden in your thinking

    Beers, the fake commenter is the one who posted just before where I said that I’m outta here.

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    This is the hack that’s been sock puppeting you ASD, as well as me and about 2 dozen other accounts. It’s also connected to many of the same bot accounts I’ve purged too.

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    Now I’m gonna look at SJF’s proxies.

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    I see you muthahfuckah.

  14. Just Beers
    Yes Rollo, help him out.”

    That above is fake. This is creepy.

    Hello all, this is the real Just Beers, and I’m taking a break after seeing this weirdness happening to my own handle. So I’m going to take a break for a moment until this fake/real stuff settles down.

    Thanks to everyone. Rollo, you’ve been a great help. To all the OMGs, thanks for sharing your insight. I failed on my first go around, but who knows what the future holds.

    Ignore all Just Beers from now on.

    Thanks again!

  15. @ RT Next chance you get to listen in on new material check out the Billy Madison show 99.5 KISS in San Antonio, they’re on iheart radio. They focus on a majority of the topics discussed online in the forums w/a Morning show humorous spin. Listeners call in and confirm their blue pill/poly/cheating behaviors w/out even knowing why. The show hosts seem to have some knowledge of red pill, but do not mention it directly.
    It’s one thing to read about the topics online and in the news, but when people call in to discuss it/verbally confirm the behaviors w/no knowledge of why they believe/behave in these ways it’s eye opening. And often funny.

    Great article RT, appreciate the consistency.

  16. Johann Liebert = Angry Teen = M O N = EscherCixWyn = RedLightHouse = Eschthoughts = Pose as a friend Act as a spy = RedLight

    In every thread I follow for all these accounts the guy is constantly interacting with EhIntellect

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    Normally I’m pretty relaxed with comment policies here, but my books have been recently uploaded to dozens of pirate download sites and my threads have been infested by a constant barrage of bots recently. All of which began in June and continue to now. I know who’s responsible for it. I also know who is responsible for the deliberate review bombing efforts against my books on Amazon.

    And it’s likely you do too.

  18. Ok.

    What the Fuck?

    There is no way in hell that I’m doing something malicious or want to be anti-Rollo Tomassi.

    And there is a whole backstory to EhIntellect that you don’t know and go ahead and use your Fundamental Attribution Error to him.

    There is no malice going on here from me. Your malicious sock-puppets are your malicious sock-puppets. I’ve not been sockpuppeted. I believe ASD was because of the ease of an email address. Not so for me or Eh.

    I had a more erudite explanation. But was composing it. And might come out with it. But I think, nevermind on that.

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    I’m not out to harm your franchise. At all.

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    BTW. What do you think of me Rollo? I’d like to know, just strait out. Go for it.

    And what is the problem that I present? What?

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    What is actually going on here?

  19. I would be happy to cooperate and assist and answer any questions. Feel free to email me Rollo or ask questions here.

    I’m not anti-red pill, nor anti-Rollo.

    Also yes, I’m a good buddy of EhIntellect. He’s not putting me up to anything to hurt the Rollo Tomassi brand.

    And he can speak for himself. (And, by the way he’s actually a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key…out there, somewhere…)

    I’m not going to DEER for him. But I’ve not seen such: A guy being better and more successful for himself than not. Doing well, then being much better. He went through “process” and then exponentially better. Fucking Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey all over again. But then, now I’m explaining. Sorry.

    He asks that he doesn’t want me to give personal details, so I won’t.

    I’m doing very well too. Me personally

    Thank you Rollo. Someone hates you.

    I don’t. I love you.

    Let me know what I can do to help you.

  20. Umm:

    There is absolutely no collusion or malevolence going on with your sock-puppet loser or book sharing thing with him, the inarticulate incel Johan Liebert.

    It has nothing go do with me or Eh. That is beneath our dignity. And that is a point of reference. We don’t have time or the motive for that shit.

    We have no associations with bots or Johan Liebert.

    And please, don’t be paranoid about us.

    And don’t think we think in collusion. We aren’t

    We aren’t on the same team when it comes to our thinking about red pill.

    Sorry to set you off. With debate. Which is not set in stone.

    And exactly why I am under suspicion, Rollo?

    And I’m offended.

    Married, good wife, good relationship, good adult children. Enhanced by knowing about red pill, blah blah blah. Good life. But do you want to sell something other than that? For my son? Or Son-in-Law?

    Tell me about it.

  21. Holy cow, dudes getting banned on here? Wow, thought that was just for the crazy chicks. I’ve been lurking in the background for a while as life happens. Used to be a place with a hot kitchen, now the reality of disagreements come into play and real people, not bots are banned. Others are “on notice.” Seriously? Like WTF?

    I’ve worked in media my entire life. It’s not easy to be in the media and be a target and have people criticize you. I’ve got a lot of friends and colleagues in the business who have had to learn to how to grow thick skin, or just get the hell out. Banning someone because they challenge you or have offended your ego? Does anybody on here have all the answers? Is anybody perfect? Who the hell is so pretentious they think they have all the answers? If Eh thinks he is perfect then let’s debate him and come to conclusions from open discussion. If he is being a dick or asshole tell him. If Fleezer offends (I love his posts) then challenge him. If anybody is afraid of
    debate just go to Reddit or Twatter and play by their pussy rules. Claiming they’re a sock puppet? I know a few guys from TRM in real life. Men that have my back. Men that I trust my life with, literally. I am suspect of claims about EhIntellect or SJF being sock puppets. If we’re going to hear that then let’s take a look at web server logs and get some real proof. Let’s also have a discussion about how easy it is to spoof your IP address using free software. Let’s take into consideration how IP addresses change frequently on mobile devices. Or how some of us travel for work and may comment while on the road. Who the hell just sits at their desktop computer all day long? Really?

    I could give a shit about some trad con douches or red pill infighting over who said what etc… Sounds like a bunch of teenage girls bitching. Very lame. Have people gotten their panties so twisted that debate is squashed? Everybody has their own personality and quirks. What I’m seeing is TRM turning into ego driven bitching and a shit ton of worry over womenz and how males are so persecuted. At least Blax still has the same position that men choose to be offended by women. What power do you give them? What power and ego satisfaction is derived from banning people or putting certain guys “on notice?”

    I’ll be very interested to see if my comment is “moderated” or if I’m put on notice.

  22. @Roused: I think you are misreading the situation. As far as I know, there were users that were pretending to be other users (using the same avatars and nicknames to impersonate others).

    I’m assuming Rollo detected some of those and, depending on the mod tools he can use, decided to put even the “original” users that were being “spoofed” on moderation until the mess clears up a bit.

  23. Great article, Rollo!

    In all my GenXerness, you’ve made me think of a couple of examples of analog vs. digital.

    1) Swiss watches. I was told once (apocryphally) that a famous Swiss manufacturer was approached with the idea of digital watches, and turned it down cold, stating that the quality of Swiss watches was the envy of the world. The market had “always” been that way, and “always” would be. Result? The Swiss didn’t realize that people would gladly buy a cheap trinket, knowing that it would have to be replaced far more often, as long as it did the same job just as well as the “quality” product.
    Admittedly, the Swiss are still selling watches, but they had to do it by selling their product as a status symbol (much like German cars). But in the end, how much of a market did they miss out on? Spread out over all of Western civilization over four decades? Hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars?

    2) Carburetors. How many mechanics in the 80’s retired rather than learn the new technology of electronic fuel injection? It was a number that was not insignificant. How many went out of business or watched business dwindle as carburetion has become a very niche market?

    While some fundamental truths never change (such as asking if the person selling you something has been successful themselves before investing in their vision of the marketplace; and that just when you think you’ve mastered the marketplace, that’s when you need to watch out), another fundamental truth is to not get married to the status quo: the world changes quickly; you’ve got to try to keep up. And refusing to learn new tools is the most surefire way to get left behind.

  24. Some YouTuber called “Ramzpaul” is criticizing the 22 convention. Not keen to place a link in general, and really not keen right now. Anyway, he’s calling it “The Art of the Grift” and worrying about how many women will fall for it. Probably an AFC White Knight but I can’t say and I do not have time to watch his vid right now.

    “Make Women Great Again” might not turn out to be the best idea.

  25. Back on topic, following from the examples above… Kodak is one of the best examples of failing, badly, to make the jump to digital.

  26. “2) Carburetors. How many mechanics in the 80’s retired rather than learn the new technology of electronic fuel injection? It was a number that was not insignificant. How many went out of business or watched business dwindle as carburetion has become a very niche market?”

    Oh, now that’s near and dear to my heart.

    I spent a couple of years learning everything there was to understand about carbs, and how to make any kind perform to the maximum.

    In the 80’s, around 85 or so, in our shop we had a Corvette – brand new – that refused to start. I go to do the standard checks, and low and behold, where’s the carb? I could smell gas, and I knew the car was ” flooding ” and running too rich, but wtf?? How do you adjust that?

    So, I spent a couple of years ( more like a year because fuel injection wasn’t truly complicated ) learning everything I could about fuel injection.

    Then every few years, electronic fuel injection would slightly change until now we’ve reached a point where it’s been fairly standardized.

    I still fuck with carbs though, and I even make money doing so.

    Idk, I’m not a huge fan of things being cheap and easy. I was a bit of an audiophile at one time, and digital music sounds like shit to me. Cold and lifeless. So now we have tons and tons of digital stuff, because progress and cheaper and easier for everyone. Lol, my little sister just bought a car that has 600 horsepower, it steers itself, it stops itself, it parks itself, all done electronically. Is this stuff ” better “? Guess it all depends, but I think that cheap and easy erodes away at people having abilities and understanding of how things work.

    Yes, if you are in any kind of business, you must stay on top of the changes taking place, unless your particular skillset is such that ” digital ” could never replace you, lest you go the Dodo bird route. It’s all just a little sad imo.

    But fuck it. I can get paid fixing carbs or fuel injection, lol.

  27. @IAS

    I’m very well versed in the WordPress (used as the CMS for TRM) and how it works and am very familiar with the plethora of plugins. I work in WP everyday. I’ve setup plenty of web servers before and work with with several developers all over the place. I know what spoofing is and what sock puppets are. I also know the two subjects who were either banned and or “put on notice.” We are all very good friends IRL. They are much more active on here than me and admittedly I’m late to this giant pissing match. Both have categorically have stated to me they know of no posts on TRM that were not their own. So if someone is imitating them on this site we have no way of knowing unless these “fraudulent” posts are shared, either privately or publicly.

    I get that the owner of the site has full authority to ban, censor or do whatever he wants, it is his property. It’s a slippery slope and the grease gun is being used liberally. I simply find it very very odd that he is trying to make links between his red pill “publishing” (uh hmmm) matches with former RP colleagues and these two real life guys, one of which has challenged him in ways few ever do. That is a real stretch.

    Rollo is by all appearances a cool dude, and has written some great stuff, truly. But he is no messiah and sure as hell does not belong on a a pedestal. Let’s not fall into dogmatic knee jerk RP. It’s rather unseemly to think either would be banned simply because they happen to have fundamental disagreements on whatever aspects of red pill. Maybe it’s my twisted sense of humor, but this all just seems ridiculous as fuck.

  28. ” . . . digital music sounds like shit to me. Cold and lifeless.”

    It’s the mix, not the medium. LP and digital has to be mastered differently and it took the sound engineers a while to figure it out. Then they figured out that they could do things with digital that they couldn’t do with LP because of the physical limitations of the medium, so they did them – and shouldn’t have.

    Most of the major recording studios switched to digital recording a bit before the CD was released to the public, so if you’re listening to a major release on LP from the 80s on, you’re probably listening to a digital recording that was mastered to analog.

    And now they know how to tune digital to sound like anything they want, just like Carver used to be able to tune any analog amp to sound like any other analog amp.

  29. Yesterday I spent 3 hours systematically sifting through a network of fake accounts, sock puppets and at least two accounts posing as myself, ASD, EhIntellect, and several other long time commenters.

    Say whatever the fuck you want to say here, but don’t pretend to be someone else. You will be banned for repetitive trolling, spamming and pretending to post as another account. It’s the only thing I can do to curb this shit.

    @Roused, go fuck yourself. I’m the one picking this shit apart post by post, and account by account. I know who the liars are now.

  30. They’re angry that we found the truth. They want so badly to shape reality without eachother’s cooperation. They think they can force this shit. They don’t realize that we teach men not to.

    They have no hope OR strategy.

  31. Oh my god, what is happening here, mgtows/black pillers infiltrating TRM?

    If I wanted to read about dolls and black pill shit I would have stayed on reddit/facebook, get da fook out !

  32. @Stefan

    Bwahahaha! They haven’t even gotten past the welcome mat. Grab your popcorn and kaleidoscope. It’s about to get stupid in here!

  33. strange as youre a musician. I get the point…but the digital world of music has come and already gone. Old style playing live gigs pays like it hasn’t since the 1960s…and all that knowledge, training and performance talent is from the analogue world… learning music …or say, ballet still takes the same old training it always has… The age of the techno DJ has come and gone… classical and jazz musicians are raking it in…. because there are so few well trained people out there any more. Those that stayed with the analogues style of training and performing have won the day… albeit after a 30 year hiatus

  34. kfg
    Marry a Prince – build him down to indebted, yet unemployed, duke:

    Brit Beta marries strong, independent, American woman – slowly is ground down to bits.
    Likely the final act of this drama will involve her monkey branching in some fashion.

    Probably we’ll be able to watch a similar drama with Beta Bezos over a few years.

  35. Further OT: maybe it is just me, but Mrs. Prince (Markle) is looking more and more like a borderline personality as in full-up BPD. If so, Harry’s in for years of misery. She’s already cutting him off from friends and family [checkbox] just for a start.

    We should use this sad case as it plays out as an instructional example to other men.

  36. Rollo, this isn’t so much a new age of enlightenment as an age of digital confusion and false prophets.

    The only real enlightenment I have found is right here on TRM. I don’t think you would have been needed by the native americans pre modern times as the confusion wasn’t rampant.

    Organized Religion has always been led by the consensus reality, the witch doctor of old and the modern digitally connected pastor has to keep a finger on the pulse of the congregation or risk excommunication.

    This is where feminism takes over religion by majority consensus as religion caters to and panders to the feminine it loses its attraction for the masculine.

    So sure there is some enlightenment happening on the net for those that can separate the wheat from the chaff.

  37. Great article, yet I cannot shake the feeling that something not related to access to information was lost along the way, maybe the rite of passage was important? I’m a self-made man at 33, but to get here I had to be exploited mercilessly working for my father or to a cousin for many years (I’m from Mexico, so we still work young here). When I became independent I had to learn by myself and be convincing of it with the clients, I was out of my league and most of the stuff I needed to learn is still behind paywall to this day… Anyway, the point is.. Now when I try to hire young people, even if all the technical stuff was digested by me already and they could learn what took me a decade in a couple of months (and I give that freely when they join the company), it just doesn’t take, the result is sub-par, they won’t give it their 100%, we just waste a lot of resources training them. Now we are trying to hire old people, maybe bring them out of retirement, it might be hard to teach an old dog a new trick.. But we hope it’s easier than teaching a pussycat to bark. Unless we learn to bring back some work ethic and values to zoomers.. There will be no new enlightment.

  38. Haven’t checked the comments around here in years. Sure is a lot of negativity. So I figured I’d post something positive. Bought two copies of your book and mailed em to family for Christmas. These guys haven’t unplugged but have been hitting pretty close to rock bottom with women recently, getting divorced and all. I’ve tried feeding them little red pill chips but they won’t take em. Hopefully they’ll be more open and they’ll give your book a read. It will at least give us the same language to speak.

    Cheers Rollo you helped me a lot to understand women and go from an average chump to a player to a married man with two kids so far.

    Also BPP is a weirdo and a loser, right along with everyone else at MRP. A bunch of mentally ill psychologists and ultra beta simps intent on beating anyone who shows up there down to feel better about themselves.

  39. @StringsofCoins

    I dislike the constant battle that MRP engages in. Because it is unnecessary when in a good situation. Which makes all the difference.

    Most of the red pill community is just trying to get back to Zero. Back to the starting line. And it’s often not indicative of Best Practices. Healthy Psychological states.
    And I have empathy for that. But other’s of us aren’t in that state. Nor are our son’s. And nor are the doomed.

    And I’d like to have Rollo have more discussions about Married Red Pill for those of us that don’t have it as a shit show and have true value in the concept. Rather than utility via dread. This is not a diss of Rollo. Soft dread has utility via be attractive, don’t be unattractive.

    Marriage is not always preaching this LARPY Patriarch Crap for those of us with valuable wives and grown up good children.

    To say such, point of contention, is disingenuous for the unknown quantity, contingent of happy families. N.B, those males in that situation don’t frequent these blogs and don’t end up here.

    But may have something to say. And to debate. Only to be labeled Purple Pill and Trad-Con. And my opinion is: Fuck That. That’s not real it’s a construct. And you can generalize it all you want. Don’t label me that way. Do if for losers all you want. Not for successful-ness.

    I see Rollo and Rich Cooper ask for rational debate all the time. And I’m willing to state the point of debate as a premise before-hand. (Although not willing to debate closed minded, party line groupthink.)

    Not to be lumped into the loser 21 Con crowd or anyone out to make a buck on provider content.

    As my background: 90% of people I have associated with, happy families with children, have stayed married. Out of choices, luck and skill (mastery). And I don’t believe, nor subscribe to to this idea that The Old Order is for shit. Give it up and be all a non-sentient evo-bio-psyche “Call Humans and Animal”

    God, in my real life I just don’t see upper level Pareto principle guys going through bad shit. Or being zeroed out. I never say a friend commit suicide and I never saw a guy get zeroed out. And I’m not lying.

    Wait, I just gave my debate point.

    And I like Red Pill. And I like Rollo. And most all of his ideas.

    The point being is that one can take Red Pill for many tacks in sailing. The proof is in the pudding.

    Labels are pejorative in order to advance a cause.

  40. Oh, Geez.

    I’m surprised my post went through.

    But just to make sure it did, I crawled into my mother’s basement and posted from my old AFC Chump Beta desktop computer…

    Just to make sure my IP address was a valid one.

    Don’t get paranoid about me Rollo. I’m genuine and authentically me. Same as I ever was. Only better. And I’m not out to get you. And had nothing what-so-ever to do with your WP issues. Good luck taking care of them so.

    I’m out for me and my family. And my associates. And we are doing better than ever. Partially thanks to me. And enormously because of my buddies. Who helped me greatly. To be better in all ways. So don’t fuck with them.
    And be open to debate. As you asked for. On topic.

    Thank You.

  41. First off, I’m not a bit fan of Losing All Hope Was Freedom.

    But in Rollo’s heart to heart interview with Andrew Hales.

    He stated this:

    Rollo: “I think it’s time we move past things like Carl Jung. And people will lose their shit when I say that, but, Carl Jung, did he have some contributions to psychology?…Yes he did. Ummm, not psychologist worth their salt uses Myers-Briggs for anything other than just like astrology. Are their personality traits? Sure, like Big Five personality traits.

    People ask, what’s your problem with Carl Jung? It’s because a lot of his later work was more metaphysical. Now in 2020 we have enough hard data to move past those things. It’s time we move past Carl Jung. It’s time we move past Freud. It’s time we move past Skinner. We can plot the human genome. We know more about sociology, anthropology, psychology who we are what we are as a species. what we are as humans beings–animals, whatever you want to call us. I’m harping on Carl Jung because that’s where MBTI comes from.

    Metaphysical is dead? And we are all just animals? Where is the fucking fun in that?

    MBTI is fucking fun and not without utility is getting to Preferences in Personality. And Gaming Chicks. YGBFSM.

    It’s personal crack and it is chick crack.

    And because some women derived it from Jung it’s shit?

    Rollo, you run from Jung like he ran from his father and you run from your father at strong pace.

    Blaclabellogic, John from Modernlife Dating, Rich Cooper all used it for utility. And it’s not with utility in ways you don’t have any utility for.

    It’s become De Rigueur to diss it because of you. You hate Jordan Peterson, who I don’t love or have utility. And because two chicks came up with it. And you hate Jung because of dreams of our father’s.

    I derived ultimate utility from MBTI because it made me understand my personality preferences. And made me able to use my strengths and shuck my weaknesses. How’s that for utility.

    It has nothing to do with performance. It is in the hands of the performer. Despite the Gaming chicks.

    It doesn’t matter. It is a utility to to game and understand the unconscious. But Carl Jung is for shit, right? Because your father’s behavior hurt you back then.

    It’s not about a BPD chick stealing your heart, so guard your heart. That’s an anomoly.

    I am not an animal. Said the elephant man.

    And Metaphysics is not for shit.


    (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

    Metaphysics is a major branch of philosophy. It concerns existence and the nature of things that exist. Altogether it is a theory of reality.

    Ontology is the part of metaphysics which discusses what exists: the categories of being. Apart from ontology, metaphysics concerns the nature of, and relations among, the things that exist.

    The metaphysical idea that reality exists independently of one’s mind and yet can be known is called realism. The metaphysical idea that no mind-independent reality exists or can be known is idealism. These are two main battlegrounds of metaphysics.

    Common use

    By the 1860s, the term science (as meaning something distinct from philosophy) entered the dictionary.[1] Today the term metaphysics usually refers to discussion of aspects of reality which are beyond physics. Particularly among those seeking to be scientific, the term metaphysics can be pejorative to varying degrees. However, philosophers of science recognize that science is impossible without metaphysics. At the very least, before beginning empirical investigation, one needs an ontology. This is because categories are needed to sort observations into.

    Your fundamental premise is that the Old Order is to be given up. That a shitty premise.

    There is no doubt that The New Disorder is Shitty.

    But you are dealing with the wrong grammar (facts), logic (reasoning) and Rhetoric (understanding). Your understanding is based on your growing up. See Fundamental Attribution Error (Talk to Shawn T. Smith about that).

    You are using the stuff you grew up with to use the wrong Rhetoric (Understanding).

    It doesn’t jive with me at all.

    I’m Red Pill, So don’t just lay down your standard Purple Pill, Trad Con pejoratives at me.

    And don’t ban me for dissent.

    And I love you.

    And I’m not autistic by a mile.

  42. Rollo, what’s with the paranoia on SJF and other longtime guys, Sentient? You know these guys supported you lock, stock, and barrel when the 21 split happened, they also provide plenty of content in keeping the conversation going, it’s why I still come here, your newer articles are cool but you entered a diminishing returns curve awhile back, we all do in certain areas after awhile, the comments keep this place alive.

    What’s with all the 21con mentioning also, those guys are straight up clowns, just move past them. Do they even warrant any mentions ? Any guy still with that crew is a straight up clown or a grifter even if they are your “friends” the fact you seem to struggle with moving past them is understandable but c-mon man, you gotta walk the walk here, your crew indirectly councils guys to walk away from their families, wives, women all the time and I agree with that, hurt as it may, lead by example.

    Watched the Rule Zero episode, it was interesting, I see y’all trying to pivot to a bigger customer base, are profits/revenues going down for the coaching/mentoring/body language/private coaching/private groups/patreon/consulting/books/etc.? It’s interesting to see you drifting towards some type of humans are animalistic and we just want to fuck and it’s ok and let’s embrace it, this may be accurate and it’s the Aaron Clarey approach , the just enjoy the decline. You may consider that however this message is in no way constructive towards building and thriving which are big parts of masculinity. While I like Aaron as a person I had to stop listening/consuming his content because it’s not a message about building and thriving but one about decline and managing it, a hard no for me in the long run.

    As the famous saying goes Rollo, you can never step into the same river twice.

  43. But then again, I don’t mean to be hard on you Rollo, challenging your brand.

    I do have to realize that I’m an anomaly.

    In the top echelon of men. Which I always thought was the goal. And was what I always pursued.

    An example would be my HbAic, glycohemoglobin for a Type I diabetic being 6.0 to 6.2 the past couple years. And 28 years of being slightly higher than that, but no medical indications of end organ stuff in the eyes, kidneys or heart. And example of excellence and non-nihilism, nor negativity.

    Don’t steer the red pill toward nihilism, negativity or crap.

    And don’t discount marriage for my son or daughter when well raised, and with supreme assets. That who give the fucks if half are taken. Healthy LTR’s are not for nothing. Just ask you.

    And all the other content providers of red pill that are in LTR’s. It’s a fucking beautiful thing. For value. Real good value.

    Ok. And this is what I am saying. Red Pill has utility in getting back to Zero. The Starting line. It’s process and utility. It’s a tool box.

    But once you get through process? Guess what? You get to Unconscious Competence in Mastery and you no longer have to think about it or game your wife. All is in place.

    I’m not saying you never said other. But guys below the Pareto Line out there? The purpose and mission for you, if you choose to accept it is to get your ass in gear towards unconscious competence.

    Rollo’s not saying any different. (Actually he’s not saying it at all, because he doesn’t believe in prescriptions, but whatever….)

    But I’m sure he wouldn’t disagree.

  44. But then again, I realize I’m not the demographic you are selling to.

    So feel free to ignore me.

    And not discuss Married Red Pill issues at a high(er) level.

    Thank You.

  45. KFG – I believe my waiter on a recent trip to a restaurant was wearing an alabaster version of the flowy red dress.

  46. Okay.

    Please define ” good children ” and ” valuable wife “.

    I hear that all the time but I am not certain…. What it’s supposed to mean at all.

    I know parents that have kids that were addicted to drugs, alcohol and dwi, arrest records, assault and battery, and they’d swear their kids are just as ” good ” as anyone’s ( and they are probably correct ).

    I avoid parent goggles at all cost, so all I can say is my kids are good in my eyes. But they are still people and subject to all the things each and every one of us are from time to time.

    My wife is valuable to me and my family, but does that make her universally valuable? In comparison to other wives?

    Complacency is a.goal I guess, but my complacency doesn’t say anything in comparison to another man at the end of the day.way

    And what is ” happy “?

    I knew a guy that shit his wife and her lover, killing them both, and he always struck me as.happy, even after a murder conviction and life sentence. So what is a ” happy family ” wrt everyone else?

    I never gave much though t to whether I had a happy family with good children. I cannot ” make others happy “, nor can I make.anyone be truly good. So when a man tells me he has ” happy and good “, I’m unclear about what he’s actually trying to get at or what he’s thinking.

  47. It’s not paranoia, I’ve rooted out several fake accounts that have been using names and AVs of long time members of this comment community. They got careless when they used ASD’s profile and drew attention to themselves and that’s when it unraveled for them. And now they’re pissed off and starting new fake accounts to get past their banning. As you can see from the rash of trolls and their clone accounts posting recently.

    And yes SJF was one of those accounts that was used as a proxy. So was Sentient. So was EhIntellect’s account.

  48. SJF,get a upper echelon grip man.

    Ok. But the point is I already have that grip.

    That is the point. Which you are missing.

    Paradoxically, thanks to Rollo.

    My wife is valuable to me and my family, but does that make her universally valuable? In comparison to other wives?

    Don’t go stupid Blax. You know what you are doing.

    The whole fucking point is that you know and have known that your wife is valuable to you and your family…So guess what? You treat her as such. And you have. Low lying MRP guys have not.

    You act with your wife for her value. Not merely for her utility. It is self evident that you do that. Correct me if I am wrong as to your motives… Not just your utility.

    As opposed to you aren’t the best you ( a false premise, as an exercise) and you listen to MRP stuff. And so you seek utility by Dread Principles of MRP. Because you are Red Pill Aware. And You Know Game. This goes to ham-handed MRP dread. It’s not practical.

    So, the less than top tier guys, you pour on the dread like you pour on super Alabama Style BBQ Sauce on Pulled Pork. You know, with like 15 ingredients slow cooked.

    Complacency is a.goal I guess, but my complacency doesn’t say anything in comparison to another man at the end of the day.way

    And what is ” happy “?

    Complacency is no fucking goal for a man. Don’t play dumb. Or you gotta be fucking shitting me…

    And I’m not angry. Never have been. I’m happy and healthy. It doesn’t take much to have a guy be aware when he is happy in his own particular situation. On his own particular reservation.

    And don’t play dumb with what is happy. You seem to be happy, Blax, and you have always cared for the other men here to explain why. So thank you for that.

    And Rollo is paranoid from another bot that I can’t even post the name of the principle that states for the the fifteenth million time:

    All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.

    You know happy when you see it. It’s not a mystery.

    Life’s to short to be disgruntled. And angry and mean about your women. Which shouldn’t be a party line.

    I don’t know anyone that fucked over their lover, spouse or kids. And I don’t think you all should go out an guard your hearts to take advantage of your significant other.

    “I never gave much though t to whether I had a happy family with good children. I cannot ” make others happy “, nor can I make.anyone be truly good. So when a man tells me he has ” happy and good “, I’m unclear about what he’s actually trying to get at or what he’s thinking.”

    Ok Blax You are either clinicallly retarded or disingenuous.

    Pick one and let me know.

    Not even close to being honest and genuine.

    You know whether you are happy or not and you choose to love others for their benefit. And to help them grow.

    That’s not even debatable. It’s just you Strawman-ing.

    You never gave much thought to whether you had a happy family? Why not?

    Oh right, Red Pill is Amoral. So it relieves you of that duty. You are just a meatsack and the genetic code has been defined and psychology and social science and anthropology are hard science and you are just a product of your animal instincts. With no higher code.


    Go with no moral code, no moral law.

    N.B. I’m not anti red pill. at all. Red pill is awareness and praxeology. It’s amoral, right. Unless you say otherwise and it get labeled Trad-Con and Purple pill.

    The proof is in the happiness and healthiness with good children.

    And you guys know I’ve never been in denial, angry, bargaining or depressed in this life. And I admit I’ve been inarticulate in the past and sorry for the cut an paste in the past.

    I’ve changed. And I do thank Rollo for that. I don’t agree on some things. Including the lack of Metaphysics in Life.

  49. “And yes SJF was one of those accounts that was used as a proxy. So was Sentient. So was EhIntellect’s account.”

    Nonetheless, I’m innocent of maliciousness.

    I didn’t do nothing.

    And EhIntellect has enmity for the red pill. And he’s happy and healthy. Never been better.

    He’s my buddy but ironically has opposite ideas to me. And he’s drawn me to his side. Go figure. He changed my life for the great. As did Sentient and Blaximus. As did you, Rollo. And I thank you.

    He’s a genius. And has some great ideas.

    And I’m not anti- Red Pill.

    Oh, and none of us aren’t getting laid on the regular, if notch count is the metric. As if LTR notch count is not as valuable as a rando notch count in the manosphere. Roosh and all….

  50. Oh, and Rollo

    You’ve been promising for years to open up a direct message system or blog.

    I’m sure you are busy with your Red Pill and Religion blog.

    It’s been a couple years you wrote your essay Tribes and you mocked Roosh (the loser) for having meet-ups for “no reason” just aimless meets not on task for some reason. But the Rollo Red Pill brand is a focused task at hand.

    But then you never facilitate any Red Pill meetups on your own platform. Except trying to get 21 Con going. And then that blew up badly in your face.

    You could get some help on your WordPress and you could have direct messaging. And you could get Red Pill guys on you platform to rally the Rollo Tomassi Red pill Brand. You got plenty of adherents and could foment more.

    You could be an organizer for meet-ups in real life in real locations all over the world.

    I don’t need more friends, but I can tell you I poached IRL friends off former non red pill blogs (ten years ago) and also on your blog (in the past three years) to be life changing friends and awesome buddies on task, Tribe like. And I talk to Palmasailor on a semi-regular basis.

    I think you should propagate that: Get guys together. You. Not relying on Christian McQueen or Anthony Johnson seminars.

    Grass roots get togethers. There is probably a big desire and it can only benefit you and your clients.

    We use Skype and WhatsApp. On a regular basis.

    But it takes hooking up anonymously.

    Just a thought. It can drive book sales.

    It’s a thought.

    And a need

    And would be put to good purpose, Tribes wise.

    Oh and ironically, I orchestrated my own personal tribal alliance based on Myers-Briggs personality preferences. How the fuck could that happened? But it happened in brilliant fashion. And worked out ingeniously. And perfectly.

    Just because your father issues, and Jordan Peterson issues, made you run far and fast from Carl Jung, don’t let your petulant girl derived MBTI blind you from a cash derived motive. It’s chick crack, but it also a guy Tribe preference bonding praxeology. I put it to good use and it worked out beautifully.

    And Life is Beautiful.

  51. Rollo
    It’s not paranoia, I’ve rooted out several fake accounts that have been using names and AVs of long time members of this comment community.

    Perhaps that explains some of the more incoherent and even bizarre comments seen over the last 6 to 8 months.

    Thanks for all the work you put in on this site, Rollo. It’s incredibly useful. Sorry it has become a chore.

  52. “It’s not paranoia,”

    Says the paranoid.

    Dr. Rollo Love Doctor of Love is in.

    Next patient, please!

  53. Rollo

    I think you should check what you are looking at. I’ve not seen any posts here that were spoofing my handle.


  54. ASD was neither fucking with us nor paranoid.

    Rollo is actively fighting them off, so, while he might, perhaps, be a bit oversensitive, he isn’t paranoid.

    The goblins are on radar. They’re the bad guys, not your wingman. Keep calm and carry on. This too shall pass.

  55. SJF

    ” Ok. But the point is I already have that grip. That is the point. Which you are missing.”

    You have been posting as a man with no emotional control and no base of MPO.

    Men’s need to become more emotionally available is a myth, you should know this as you are a champion of stoicism.

    You are reminding me of this hollywood scene that would never happen ITRW.

  56. @wahoo

    Not sure what’s going on in “their” camp, but in regards to emotional availability, it seems their concept of trustworthiness is couched in a paradigm of “I emote without restraint, therefore, I am unpretentious, therefore I am trustworthy.”

    Whereas we go something like “Emotions are information.”

    This split causes controversies based on what they think they are looking at because of their frame of reference. They can dissipate true pretenders/deceivers by asking them questions and putting pressure on their resumed facade.

    However, when they meet someone who isn’t a fraud, they simply keep attacking their character because they have no idea how to deal with someone who they don’t NEED to try to change.

  57. I’m not going to defend, explain, excuse and rationalize my comments. Or my tenor.

    I don’t think of Rollo as a fraud. At all. He’s very genuine and authentic.

    I have a difference of opinion, if you would read what I wrote. I don’t think The Old Order is shit. Or that the New Order is problematic as much as it is spoken about as Armageddon. Or that men and women are meat-sack animals with no sentience or freewill. Or that Metaphysics is shit. Or that Moral codes and conduct are for shit. Or that hard dread is the only tool MRP men have.

    A lot of other men’s maps is not my territory. And I know a lot of other men in my territory. A lot of were gung ho with Red Pill and did some harm–and yes, some moral harm was done. And we change. That doesn’t mean you can just pull out and wave the Trad-Con, Purple Pill flag and call it a day. Some of us went through a hero’s growth journey and came out in the 12:00 position very much better in all respects. And not injured.

    (And I don’t believe Rollo has the concept of Dread wrong at all. He’s always preached subtle Soft Dread as a secondary condition to a man being at the top of his game, independent of the woman. I think he has is correct. But others in MRP took it and dialed the selector to 11… But, Rollo, in my opinion, gave up talking about married red pill and forms of soft dread years ago–and defer’s by him saying “don’t take my marriage and daughter as an example…”

    I’m biased towards married red pill and raising children to adulthood well. And men getting married and having children.)

    Oh, and I hate all the guys in Red Man Group and The 21 Convention (Except Donovan Sharpe) and what they say.

  58. Donovan Sharpe is an excellent writer an red pill content provider. It’s obvious he couldn’t get out of his financial livelihood affiliations with the 21 con group. The split came at a bad time, when his Patreon was doing very well. Because of his value added content.

    He had a lot of reference experiences that shaped him. As we all have.

    Check this out Blaximus:

  59. With american culture the decline is real. Its not going to happen, its more like its been sliding down a slippery slope and nobody knows when its going to hit bottom. I’m not saying “enjoy” it or not enjoy it. Just making an observation. You’d have to be deaf dumb and blind to miss it. And having that opinion doesn’t make a person black pill. It just is what it is.

  60. @SJF,

    You need to get a hold of yourself man, I thought you were into stoicism? Your arguments are not rational at the moment, I get what you are trying to get across and I agree with it to a degree but they are very emotional. If I was under your command I would be very wary of you right now, stay cool brother.

    I’m surprised your heralding the Tate brothers at the moment, they are parasites on the darker side of human nature, they are building nothing that adds true value in the long run. Andrew Tate while no doubt embodying some of the darker sides of human nature that exist within us, surprised someone of your stature is endorsing this bullshit that simply preys on human weakness, with Forex trading, PHDs, it’s all a big bullshit hustle, one key call by any of the ruling families in that corrupt country and his shit is wiped out, including him. No different than the 21 bullshit. Your work is good Rollo, but you may need to take a good look at exactly what you want to accomplish with the next 20 years of your life, find out what your true purpose is, if it’s this “prey on human weakness” because someone else will then so be it, but as someone said earlier “Choose your King very wisely”.

    There is this picture that is being painted by the redpill that one must either be naive/get taken advantage or you must be street smart/prey on human weakness and its bullshit. It reeks of mental gymnastics to justify their own cognitive dissonance with the fact they are taking advantage of the weak, it’s anything but masculine.

  61. I’ve read Donovan.

    I’ve watched Donovan.

    No fucks given about 90% of what he’s ever said. Fuck his circumstances.

    He should have another drink.


    If I lived close by him I’d caution young impressionable men to steer clear of him at all times.

  62. Sentient, I put you back on. Sorry about that. The extension app I’m using got a little overzealous.

    You should be good now.

  63. @Roused, go fuck yourself. I’m the one picking this shit apart post by post, and account by account. I know who the liars are now.

    So now you’re accusing me of lying? Or is it that you now believe I’m a sock puppet? Or was it the WP plugin?

  64. @Rollo: in case it helps, I have e-mailed SJF (presumably the spoofers did not get into his e-mail), and he says all the posts under his name are his (he could say that here himself, but I wouldn’t be as sure they really were his or a spoofed claim).

  65. @Blax

    Don’t get me wrong, he called out black supremacists for not wanting to play the game. But if every 7+ girl belongs to the streets, the streets owe me money.

  66. @notsosuave

    Nobody needs you anymore. You’ll soon be a memory. People don’t need the shackles of a promise when they truly trust eachother. They will feel the safety of real and true desire once again. They will be safe from your never-ending war.

  67. “If we do enter a decline it will be the result of an inability to unplug from a comforting old order way of thinking.”

    There is no “if we do enter a decline” Rollo, the future is already upon us as we enter the Pyrocene Age when life will never be the same again, and not for the better, that’s for sure. It has announced itself brutally in the manifestation of the destructive wildfires that have already razed millions of hectares of Australian forest just half way into summer and it’s only going to get worse. Make no mistake gentlemen, these fires are like none before them and are only going to get worse as the planet continues to warm and dry out. The old order of thinking any intelligent person needs to unplug from if they haven’t already, is that climate change is by far the most important and deadly issue humanity as a collective has ever faced. Denialists and conservatives and their ilk should just be treated as the flat-earther nuts they are, with nothing but contempt. Humanity, with its insatiable greed for insane endless “growth” and its complete disregard for all other sentient beings and the very planet that sustains all life, has a huge karmic awakening about to kick down its very fragile door. And as shown here Down Under (and also in Russia & California & the Amazon), we are nothing compared to the wrath of Mother Nature. You can’t negotiate with or pay off uncontrollable wildfires. They consume everything in their path with no mercy, fear or favour. So get prepping gentlemen, for what it’s worth, ’cause most all this other talk is just delusional bullshit in the face of reality…

    Good luck everyone!

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