The New Age of Enlightenment

The Old Order

I can remember a time back in the 1980s when I would visit my mother for a weekend and she’d insist my brother and I go to her church on Sundays. At this point in her life she was very much an Evangelical Christian. I would go with her because my mom’s side of the family had always been the religious side, and that was just part of who my mom was. I did have a basic faith in God and Christianity at the time, but my father was a card carrying atheist (and nominal Unitarian) for his whole life, so I had a pretty eclectic religious education when I was a teenager.

My father was a skeptic by nature and a lot of my own questioning nature was indirectly influenced by him. I can remember going to my mom’s church and suffering through the worship music to get to the sermon. I actually enjoyed the sermons because they gave me something to chew on intellectually. Not that the 15 year old Rollo was much of a thinker at that time, but I always had basic questions for these guys after the speech. When I got a bit older, in my early 20s, I started wondering who these ‘pastors’ really were as people and what made them qualified to deliver sermons. I really wanted to talk with these guys, but doing so meant I had to sit through their hard sell about how Jesus had saved them from themselves. I always thought this was kind of silly considering most of these guys weren’t much older than me. How hard a life could these guys really have lived by 25?

Most of these pastors weren’t used to was really having to engage much with their congregations beyond what was required of them to maintain appearances. I don’t mean that they were inaccessible; most of them had something outside of church that kept them involved with people. It’s that prior to the internet the way a pastor, or a church, did business usually centered on a man delivering a message (presumedly inspired by God) and then shaking hands with the faithful after the sermon was over as they filed out the door. End of sermon. End of discussion. 

If you wanted to talk about the sermon, or, heaven forbid, criticize the interpretation or message in some way that was a conversation relegated to your family, or perhaps a home group discussion. Assuming you even were in a home group or had a few peers you could discuss it with, you always risked running afoul of someone whose ego-investments in his/her faith would put them on edge by questioning it. The old order of religion, not just Christianity, used to be based on respecting the man delivering that message as God’s ordained spokesman, or reading whatever book he might’ve published, processing it yourself or with a handful of other believers, sussing things out and waiting for the next message on the next Sunday. There was very little engagement about articles of faith or doctrine unless you were a guy on the inside.

All of this changed with the advent of the internet and the globalization of mass media and communication.

Today, there’s hardly a pastor (mainstream or obscure) who doesn’t have a blog or a YouTube channel on which he (or she) contemplates his last/next sermon. In the 80s-90s even the most introspective religious leader would have only a handful of people to bounce ideas off, but today a sermon is almost focus grouped before the guy walks up to the pulpit on a Sunday. Meanwhile, that same pastor is engaged on two or three social media accounts discussing everything from religion, to politics, to praying for his favorite NFL team to make the playoffs.

The old order of how religion was done has given way to a new, globalized process of how we do religion. Today anyone, believer or not, has access to that pastor on a moments notice. Didn’t like the message? Thought the interpretation was inaccurate? You can tell him on his blog’s comment thread or fire off a tweet to start a discussion about it before he can even drive home from church. 

This is the age of globalized engagement – and this new paradigm is fundamentally altering old order institutions. What the Guttenburg press did for religion by publishing the Bible for the masses, now the internet has done for the old order way in which people can engage with the process of their beliefs – and not just religious belief.

The New Enlightenment

February of last year I wrote an essay about the Global Sexual Marketplace. In that post I described how globalization isn’t just about economics or demographics – globalization also applies to intersexual dynamics. Gone are the days when a young man or young woman could expect to meet one of the handful of eligible, single people in their high school, small town or limited social circle to pair off and start a family with. In the old order young people were stuck with the choices of a limited Local sexual marketplace. Today, with our instant, robust forms of communication, a worldwide sexual marketplace has now opened up the romantic prospects of virtually anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection. Don’t like your prospects in your hometown? Now there’s a whole world of men and women waiting to meet you. The old order of intersexual dynamics has fundamentally shifted and all in less than 20 years.

The rapidity of this shift is what I believe is at the root of the problems that surround the new way of doing the old order institutions. As a global society we are still reluctant to let go of the falsehoods of those old order institutions; even in light of the new order evidences and data collected as a result of this unprecedented access. While we attempt to reconcile our old order beliefs with what a global information network confronts them with, we cling evermore tightly to what we thought we knew because it formed the foundation of who we are. And as we try to make sense of it we are presented with both true and false narratives that pander to the fact that this information and technology is progressing at a rate that most human beings’ minds were never evolved to keep pace with.

My good friend Aaron Clarey (Captain Capitalism) recently published a tour de force article on women entering into and dominating most of the future of Corporate America, and how men ought to welcome this change. It’s a great post, so definitely go read the whole thing, but after I’d finished it I was struck with the idea that what Clarey was on to was describing an old order institution (Corporate America) and how we still perceived it from an old order understanding. On the surface it seems counterintuitive to think of women assuming authority over what was the Male Space of Corporate Culture as a good thing. Cap was being facetious for the whole thing, but his point was really this: women have coveted the reigns of Corporate America for a long time now, but their feminist thirst for power (Fempowerment) is based on an old order understanding of what Corporate America really is, or will eventually become. Like a debutant late to the party, the status and prestige that the Feminine Imperative sells women to believe is inherent in Corporate America is all old order bullshit. So, yeah, have at it ladies. The information age has stripped back the curtains on the Corporate America you assumed all that student debt to participate in.

Academia is another area in which this old order vs. new enlightenment understanding is taking place. Prior to 2000 if you heard a particular professor had a reputation for being tough, you had to get it from a third party. Today we have or something similar. Now you can see how well a teacher performed from students who took their classes from a decade ago. is an aggregate of current and ex employees rating the work environment of damn near any company today. does something similar to a businesses performance. And as a result most of these companies hire specialized personnel to maintain their online reputations – and this is the paranoia that comes from presuming old order impressions of a company are relevant in a new order paradigm.

Analog Thinking vs. Digital Thinking

“In the future, everything that can be digital will be digital.” 

I’m not sure who originated this quote, but I can remember it being tossed around in graphic design circles as early as 1993. Back then the print industry was transitioning to a digital way of production. Adobe Photoshop was at version 3.0 (when I started using it) and QuarkXpress was revolutionizing pagination for pretty much every publication at the time. The writing was on the wall. I was fortunate to be coming into my career on the cusp of the old order traditional ways of creating ads and publications (stat cameras and pasteup galleys) and learning their digital equivalents in design applications. I had to get real good, real quick, not only in terms of understanding the hardware, software and networking, but also in using it to create effective, creative, advertising. A lot of my contemporaries struggled with this transition. My mentors in design were old school designers. They taught me a lot with respect to effective advertising and design, but they couldn’t teach me the new tech that was changing every 6-8 months. Whereas in the old order a design agency only focused on print media and employed a full complement of professionals for each aspect of production (photography, typography, pasteup, pressmen, etc.) now I was responsible for all of these jobs and more to come as the internet opened up more new media to desktop publishers like me.

I had to get real good, real fast, and maintain my creative edge all while expanding into more and more new areas and methods of producing what I do. The old order designers either adapted or went extinct. Since the early 90s this narrative has played out across countless professions and trades. I can remember listening to Lars Ulrich from Metallica complain about how Napster’s peer-to-peer file sharing of MP3s was going to be the death of the music industry. The old order musicians weren’t ready to accept the realities of “everything that can be digital will be digital”.

Analog business models, analog thinking, that have formed the basis of who we are as a society are still in place today. In some ways we can force-fit those old order ideas into our new order digital reality, but eventually that old order thinking reveals its age. College professors, church pastors, your 9-5 corporate American cubicle supervisor, the self-help guru you think has some sort of relevance, the old pop psychologist whose heyday was in the last millennium, all these personalities and an endless number more are all struggling to stay relevant against the information that the new order of 2020 confronts them with.

It’s not that these people are luddites. They embrace the technology and the new means of disseminating their craft, their ideas, their ideologies, in the digital age. It’s that their thinking is still mired in the analog age – an age in which ideas were formed on information that was limited to what generations that came before could gather with the means they had available to them then. The ideas of an analog age are what we’re presently trying to force-fit into the new understanding presented to us by this digital age. We enjoy the luxuries, sensations and entertainment that the digital affords us, but we immerse ourselves in it without realizing how our old order thinking defines why we enjoy it. Our analog selves, the product of millennia of evolution, still defines what our digital selves are without realizing the dangers inherent in our engaging with it. As such we get digital addictions – pornography, social media, ‘engagement’ – and we make our analog selves dependent on a digital economy.

How many YouTube content producers rely on their ’side hustle’ revenue to pay their bills today? How many self-published authors have quit their day jobs to write for their new employer, Amazon, today (Amazon owns 86% of the publishing market today). How many former cubicle workers decided it was more lucrative to start an internet business than continue slaving away at a corporate gig that only made their bosses rich? Today, we’ll readily shift to the digital world to sustain us financially – in the end we don’t have much choice – but it’s the old order thinking that pervades this new “reality” and causes problems.

The number one way that couples meet, since 2005, is online. Via Tinder or Match or other net based ways. Gone are the days of boy-meets-girl, eyes fixed on the other across a crowded high school gym dance floor. Gone are the days of meeting your “bride” at church camp. Those are old order romanticisms, and ones that we still want to force fit back into our new order reality. We think in analog, but we live in digital.

Barriers to Entry

Another thing I did at age 15 was play a lot of guitar. My teenage, MTV fueled, mind really had a love for music. The heavier the better. But the barrier to becoming a “Guitar God” like my heroes was something that was very prohibitive at that time. If you wanted to get good; good enough to actually get a band going, you had to seek out a guitar instructor at the local music store who hopefully shared your taste in music. Beyond a once-a-week, 1-hour lesson, you had no other means of learning an instrument than practicing on your own, buying a book of guitar tablature from the music store, or endlessly wearing down a cassette tape by going back over the song you wanted to learn again and again. And all this was the process of learning to play just a song you liked. I had to learn how to compose a song, write some lyrics, form a band, learn to promote it, and somehow figure out how to scrape up enough money to record a demo in a music studio. The barrier to entry was very steep. You had to love the art so much that you would dedicate a good portion of your life to mastering it.

Today I can go on YouTube and find a 9 year old girl in a country I’ve never heard of before play Eruption by Eddie Van Halen, note for note, because she learned it from another YouTube “content provider”. We have far more resources to understand how to be competent in, if not master, virtually anything today than at any other time in history. We have access to the entire world’s aggregate of information in a device that fits in our pocket.

In his book, Mastery, Robert Greene describes how the barriers to entry into previously prohibitive arenas of life are gone in the digital age. And just like the music industry of the 70s through the 90s, old order industries and institutions have had to cope with the restructuring of their businesses and lifestyles as new generations of digital savvy (if not digital thinking) people become competent in, sometimes master, what took them decades of perseverance to master themselves. What we see in this shift is the Barons of the old order media, industries and institutions  – who jealously guarded their own knowledge-base – attempting to force-fit their analog thinking into a digital mold.

As a result, conflicts arise. When Über revolutionized the idea of ride-sharing in the digital age, the old order taxi companies enlisted every legal tool in their arsenal to fight the inevitability of their old revenue model disappearing. We see the same scenario play out in everything that can be digital becoming digital now. Even the old order institutions that built their mastery and prosperity on a successful pivot to the digital (the early dot coms) are finding that even newer aspects of the digital now threaten the successes of that initial pivot.

Content is King

Mastery is now easier to attain than at any other time in human history. The old order, analog thinking masters strictly limited teaching their secrets to anyone but the most worthy of apprentices. Those apprentices had to had the most serious dedication to their interests and would likely do menial tasks for much of their apprenticeships just to be in the presence of their mentors. That hard-won mastery is gone in the digital age. That’s not to say that practice and dedication aren’t still necessary for mastery today, but the barriers are largely removed. As a result, we are now encountering a generation of self-appointed “masters” in arenas wherein previously the title of that position of mastery implied respectability. Again, old order thinking predisposes us to believe that if a self-declared master online grants himself a title we should presume he “did the work” to earn that title.

For all this easy access to competency, mastery, information-based skills, what we find lacking is real, valuable content. It’s great that we have access to the tool boxes of old order masters, but what do we build with those tools? Thus far, not very much. Usually those tools build rehashes of old order ideas to be sold as something novel in the digital age. When I’m critical of the Success Porn grifters of this digital age, what I’m really drawing attention to is the reselling of old order, tired ideals. Motivational speakers, new age gurus, self-help “coaches” of today, are really only selling the same old order thinking in a more convenient, more easily disseminated digital method. The content is old. The religion is old. The thinking is old, and it’s thinking that is still firmly rooted in an old order understanding of how the world ought to be based on the limited information set available to the people creating it at that time.

The ease of the digital new order makes us lazy. For all of the access we have now, for all of the information we have, we’ve never been more unmotivated. The process of mastery, the process and dedication needed to attain it, used to contribute to the creative impetus required to use it. Today we’ve never been less creative in our thinking. It’s why we keep returning to old order stories and movie franchises. We just retell the same old order thinking stories in more advanced and colorful ways with the technology of the digital order. But we just repeat ourselves; or we add some social justice twist to stories that were timeless because the art took precedence over any other consideration.

The Red Pill

In the earliest days of the seduction community the forums that sprang up around men looking to get laid was an extension of this old order vs. new order thinking. The internet and conversation forums dedicated to Game, pickup artistry and dating were a predictable application of attempting to solve old order problems (getting laid) with new order information. Men in particular wanted to figure this out, so, as expected, they would coalesce and compare notes across the planet, each sharing their personal experiences with other men. Then further combining that experience with data available from psychology, anthropology, sociology, evolutionary theory and dozens of other related fields of study to provide a global consortium of men with a more accurate database on intersexual dynamics than they’d ever had available to them in any prior era.

Up to this point (I estimate 2001 or so) men had to figure out the dynamics between themselves and what women were becoming since the Sexual Revolution. And most of that “figuring it out” was based on limited information, based on old order thinking. The old challenges of understanding ourselves doesn’t change, but the way we think about those challenges is in constant flux; and that changing has become increasingly more rapid in a global age.

With that change comes conflict with the old order thinking. In terms of the Red Pill, old order thinking manifests itself as Purple Pill regressiveness. Often times the new Red Pill awareness conflicts with the old order thinking that present generations have based their existences on. They refuse to acknowledge the data we have access to now that we didn’t when they were forming beliefs and ideals that would form their personalities and ego-investments. Yes, there are certain timeless truths, but we must hold “common sense” to the same scrutiny we would apply to new ideas in this age. When I identify a person or a concept as Purple Pill this is what I mean by it; usually, it is an old order ideal being force fit to conform to align with new order data. 

We desperately want our belief sets, our ideals, to be confirmed by the information we have access to in the digital age. Sometimes this does happen and we feel validated for it, but more often we see that our efforts in building a life according to the old social contract or an old order way of understanding ourselves and the world is invalidated. And this is what either builds us up anew or forces us into stasis in our lives.

The Red Pill has been redefined in many ways on many occasions over the past 20 years to fit the sensibilities of people who really want to give a new validity to whatever pet ideology they think it should apply to. Most of these people have no business calling anything “red pill”, but they’re attracted to the concept as a proxy term for ’truth’. 

Initially, in the earliest days of the SoSuave Forums, we used the Matrix analogy to describe how a guy who still believed and still behaved according to his old order understanding (his conditioning) of intersexual dynamics was stuck in his ignorance. The old way of thinking about women – that up to that point was based on limited and largely inaccurate information – was still what a Blue Pill guy would accept as reality. It required a guy to “unplug” himself from that old order-informed way of thinking and transition to a new awareness of intersexual dynamics. Hopefully that guy could live a better life (even save his own life) by using the information in that new order tool box. Thus, we have the Red Pill analogy, but what the Red Pill really describes is exactly the casting off of an old order ignorance in favor of a new order thinking predicated on information we were limited from in prior ages.

We are entering a new, digital Age of Enlightenment. I know a lot of the Manosphere would tell us we’re heading for a new Dark Ages of degeneracy and decay. Enjoy the decline, right? If this is true and we are spiraling to more ignorance, depravity and superstition on a now globalized scale it will be the result of not changing our ways of thinking according to the new data we have access to today. It’s never been easier to become what we want to become today, but with that facility comes lethargy, a lack of creativity and insight, and self-gratifying sedation. Just because we’ve been enlightened by this new, globalizing knowledge-base doesn’t mean we know how to apply it.

If we do enter a decline it will be the result of an inability to unplug from a comforting old order way of thinking.

This essay is from an abridged preview of my upcoming book The Rational Male – Religion.

Published by Rollo Tomassi

Author of The Rational Male and The Rational Male, Preventive Medicine

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  1. @The Silver Fox

    Cooperation protected us from the elements. Together we can quench any fire. The solution is here. It only need be implemented.

  2. People will be able to agree on it. Bit by bit. Whatever it is. The priority is us IN our world. Not only the world itself. Everyone needs to help and it can’t be disjointed from our personal perspective.

  3. @Fox

    How many people have been arrested so far for lighting bushfires? What have you heard?

    “Australians are all too aware of the devastation bushfires can cause, which makes the act all the more perplexing.
    Dr Paul Read, an Australian ecological criminologist, told that only a very small percentage of arsonists are arrested, perhaps as few as one per cent.
    “Arsonists are usually angry, bitter and of low intelligence – but we only know this from the ones who get caught,” he said.
    “The clever ones don’t get caught. They can be very versatile criminals, and arson is just one element of their repertoire.”
    Dr Read has conducted significant research into bushfire arson in Australia. Most bushfire arsonists are “odd” and have been rejected by the community.
    “The typical profile really is ‘weird Pete down the road’,” he said.
    The most dangerous bushfire arsonists are women aged in their 30s and 40s, and men over 50.”

    Maybe some drones need to be patrolling the eucalyptus trees. Especially during school holidays.

    You know, we have a lot of trees where I live, but we don’t have much of a problem with wildfires. Nor does anywhere in the States much except California. The land of fruits and nuts.

    It’s a plus to remove a lot of deadwood. You leave some for wildlife cover, but you also have to remove some so that you don’t get a virtuous cycle from the deadwood spreading the fire. Unless you want forest fires.

    An intelligent man will look at human explanations for wildfires before considering climate change.

  4. @Wahoo
    I’m not hardly posting with no emotional control. I’m merely posting what I am posting. You should read it. How do you know my emotions by what I write? And how do you know how much control I have over my emotions? You don’t. You are using the fundamental attribution error.

    Which has nothing to do with man’s need to become more emotionally available is a myth. I know that and don’t believe in emotionally being available for the sake of being emotionally available.


    Not sure what’s going on in “their” camp, but in regards to emotional availability, it seems their concept of trustworthiness is couched in a paradigm of “I emote without restraint, therefore, I am unpretentious, therefore I am trustworthy.”

    That’s manufactured. And laughable.


    @SJF,You need to get a hold of yourself man, I thought you were into stoicism? Your arguments are not rational at the moment, I get what you are trying to get across and I agree with it to a degree but they are very emotional. If I was under your command I would be very wary of you right now, stay cool brother.

    They are rational for me. Stoicism is not statue like non-emotional for the sake of not dealing with emotions–that’s autism, and not me.

    That’s you caricaturing what Stoicism is.

    “Stoics feel. Our philosophy does not boil down to, “walk it off.” Our odd relationship to the standard ups and downs of life exists only because we want the best for people. We recognize that a lot of our pain is self-inflicted, caused by a viewpoint that demands the world be different than it is. The passions focus on breakable, mortal things and hope beyond hope that they last forever. Joy, Wish, and Caution are different. They arise from a mind that knows that circumstances can change and will, but our center can still hold and even flourish. Aurelius said,
    “To do what is just with all one’s soul, and to tell the truth. What remains for you to do but enjoy life, linking each good thing to the next, without leaving the slightest interval between them?”

    It’s not a zero sum game.

    And I’m not going to start shitting on the Red Pill. Just asking for it’s best.

    I’m in a minority in my station in life. And benefited by the utility of the Red Pill. And have come to see a path beyond the first 90% of utility. That last 10% is where the joy is. It’s mastery, but it is not full control. I’m not advocating for universal applications to other men, although I hope the best for all other men.

    And don’t agree with stuff like the Tates’ method. When asked do you want children. And the answer being sure, in two years. No big deal. Pipe dreams: And I will control my children’s mother like there is no tomorrow and have Ghengis Khan numbers of children to propagate my legacy. My endless legacy, which will have no roadblocks or speedbumps, because I control all…Nothing wrong with control, until you don’t have it anymore. And the children suffer. And your legacy is tarnished.

    If you mean “emotional’ as frustrated, that’s not me. If you mean AFC, Beta, that’s not me. If you mean not solving sexual strategy, that’s not me. If you mean not solving reproductive strategy, that’s not me.

    If you mean strong feelings. OK.

  5. Yeah, don’t talk about the ideas.

    Not hardly is a hardy colloquialism that has been in English a long time and is likely to stay, but it might be considered out of place in serious writing. Because hardly means barely or almost not, adding the modifier not creates a double negative. Taken literally, not hardly would mean definitely or very. In practice, though, not hardly means the same as hardly.

    What are we going to do about SJF?

  6. Yollo,

    My last on Donovan cause I have better things to use my thumbs for.

    Donovan is smart enough ( not intelligent enough, there’s a difference) to understand the consumers of his blather. So, he panders up to a point, but he does believe most of the shit he says. He’s no authority on anything at all short of his own opinions, based on shit that I do not understand how a man his age hasn’t sorted out by now.

    Lol, he’s one of those ” I’m speshul ” motherfuckers, until he’s not. Or, he’s pretending. Whatever.

    Because he’s blessed me with videos, I’ve been able to see his face and much more importantly, his eyes., His body language, his mannerisms, his speech.

    Hence, I have no use for him at all. And I think it’d be wonderful if he retired with his girlfriend and stfu already. He’s said shit he needs to be bitche d slapped for over the years.

    The last op spoke about respect. Men sometimes give you a thousand words and reasons not to even give basic respect.


    Fuck that dickhead, no Vaseline ( h/t Ice Cube ).

  7. “Cooperation protected us from the elements. Together we can quench any fire. The solution is here. It only need be implemented.”

    This brain washed dude writes like he’s the ghost of David Koresh.

    You need help.

  8. “Cooperation protected us from the elements. Together we can quench any fire. The solution is here. It only need be implemented.”

    This dude writes like he’s a brain washed David Koresh.

    Get help.

  9. Want is not my curse. I may not want what you want, but I will fight with all I have for your right to want it.

  10. “And now they’re pissed off and starting new fake accounts to get past their banning. ”

    amazing that a guy could comment here, which means he probably reads at least some, which means he knows about strategy, which means he knows he’s wasting his time, which means he’s full tilt

    wrt op the digital age means you can be anybody

    like, if somebody advise that you need x service, just study x service provider, his world, rules, tools, skills, etc and become him and then diy

    with digital you can do this over and over and over for change you find in parking lots

    just think about how much candle, paper, ink, etc cost not that long ago

    we are the elite now

    probably the most practical thing i take from all Rollo’s teachings is if you are not red pill i will attack

    i don’t care about your surname legacy, brain power, education, status, connections, resources…

    my two questions are, is he redpill and will he murder me or somebody i care about to stop me from doing what i’m doing

    what i’m finding is there are very few people alive i won’t advance on

    wrt the board, anybody new who fails to engage the omgs effectively and also fails to get the lurkers to come out and help problem solve is wasting his fucking time. people here are amazing and its like having so many uncles who will tell you straight up and failing to get your uncle to give you shit so you can improve means he don’t think you’re worth the effort to fuck with

    as always, thanks for everything Rollo

  11. @fleezer

    With respect, I think the only reason you should punch someone in the face is because they need it to feel alive. I agree with the rest that you have said.

  12. I see many thirty something guys when I’m out who are so blue pill. I try to plant a seed in them.

    Last Sat. I chatted up one married guy who was out with two buddies and I asked him if he’d danced with any girls. Nope. I suggested that it might be in his interest to dance and flirt with women even if he wasn’t going to follow through.

    Another guy had an issue with me flirting with his wife. The guy and his wife were out in a group of six. The wife had asked me to dance the last dance which was some sort of freestyle dance and I tried to learn the dance. Then some music came on and the wife and some women started dancing at their table and watching me, so I danced with the wife and put my arm around her back and pulled her close and she was into it and had her hands on me, too. The husband made it clear that he wanted us to stop and I told him that flirting is no big deal and he should do it, too. I even told him about the time that a player made a move on my wife and I just laughed at her consternation. The guy didn’t buy it.

    Can’t be insecure about piddly sh*t. If a woman isn’t chasing you, she’s chasing somebody else.

  13. @Blax

    Even so, he helped me through a slump. If you can believe it. I think anyone can learn new tricks. You need not reply. I see you differently now.

  14. @asd

    Ehhh, not exactly. Everything that is happening is happening on a backdrop. Know the backdrop. Putting a guy through that can shake just about anything loose. As long as you have his best interests in mind I think it’s fine. He might not though.

  15. @KFG

    Q: What is this a picture of?
    A: The African seabed.

    The Matterhorn reminds me of Maslow’s Self Actualization and his hierarchy of needs.

    The bottom 80% is soft European sedimentary rock and the top 20% is African tectonic plate metamorphic gneiss.

    It’s harder at the top.

    According to Maslow, we have five categories of needs: physiological, safety, love, esteem, and self-actualization.
    In this theory, higher needs in the hierarchy begin to emerge when people have sufficiently satisfied the previous need.

    Meaningfulness and not nihilism resides in the upper echelon above the 80%. And guess what? Late in life, Maslow proposed a self-transcendence level above self-actualization—to represent striving for meaning and purpose beyond the concerns of oneself.

    Rollo’s enlightened self-interest goes to the bottom 80%. His love for his wife, daughter and zero-ed out men out there in the manosphere is that striving for purpose beyond the concern’s of himself.

    That’s where some gold is. In the upper levels.

  16. Yollo, both those guys were AFCs. Armed with red pill knowledge, it’s not hard to read the situation. Those guys have lousy reading skills. I’m not in the habit of spewing nonsense when I’m out in public. (I might troll Blax for fun, tho, hehe.) Someone who can read people can figure that out.

    I was just out to have a good time and decided to sow some red pill seeds when some blue pill soil presented itself. Maybe if they hear red pill ideas a few times, they might start to consider it.

  17. The best part about this societal decline is that the level of effort required to be among the best is lower than ever. Just show up, make a real effort, and you’re got a leg up on all the competition almost immediately.

  18. @asd

    Yea don’t know how else to tell you this but, shitting on other men because you can just drives the attitude of scarcity up. You aren’t helping them out at all, just using them as target practice. When and if they decide to read the material, how could they possibly attribute the desire to do so from you?

  19. @Sun Wukong

    Then it really isn’t competition is it? I don’t like when a chick is with me because she feels like nobody better will ever come along. That’s not quite the same as having the people around you admire you and see hope and strength flowing from you.

  20. “The best part about this societal decline is that the level of effort required to be among the best is lower than ever. Just show up, make a real effort, and you’re got a leg up on all the competition almost immediately.”

    Lots of truth right there.

  21. Alright, so here’s the deal: Over the last 4 days I’ve picked through a metric ton of spam, sock puppet comments, repeated autistic trolling and more bots than I can keep track of in the comments. I’ve had to ban some accounts. I’ve had delete some nonsense posts, but ultimately I’ve come to one conclusions – It’s a waste of my time.

    So, I’m left with two choices; I can either close comments on my blog posts and let everyone mull it over in their heads with no discussion or I can simply say fuck it and unban and unmoderate everything and leave you all to the mercy of bots and scammers who will eventually sock puppet your accounts because they have no better way to spend their time.

    Since the only thing I’m getting for my efforts to clean up this mess is a hearty “fuck you Rollo” I’ve decided to unban everyone and let you guys deal with the fallout. This appears to be what you all want so, here you go. Have at it.

  22. @Yollo

    “Yea don’t know how else to tell you this but, shitting on other men because you can just drives the attitude of scarcity up.”

    What, now flirting with someone’s wife is somehow sh*tting on their husbands? I’m not talking about grabbing t1ts or @$$. In a bar, dancing close with a girl for a short time isn’t any big deal. The girl is already gonna know about the guy’s insecurity. It’s not like I’m telling her something she hasn’t seen before.

    There’s flirting because you’re having a good time and just being friendly, which is a far cry from seriously hitting on a girl.

    Back when dinos roamed the earth, it was considered polite to flirt lightly with women in social settings. If you watch some old movies, you’ll see it.

    In my church group, there are a few women who openly flirt with me, too. Right in front of their husbands and it’s no big deal. (Then there’s the woman going through a divorce and that’s a whole nother thing.)

    Men need to man the f*ck up and quit being insecure little b1tches.

  23. I’m putting the following up for discussion–it’s based on my experience last Sat. night.

    Hug length on meeting a girl at a bar can determine how a girl who is just an acquaintance feels about you…some generalities that might not apply to all girls you know…

    1 sec or A-frame…she really is just hugging to demean you

    2 sec…a polite duration

    3-4 sec…a friendly hug

    5-6 sec…maybe she likes your cologne

    7 sec…you’re getting into the “I’ll go home with you if you want” territory

    Anybody notice anything about hug length?

  24. @Asd

    But YOU were the insecure little bitch at one point. How come ‘I” don’t have to call anyone names?


    I’m sorry. I take back EVERYTHING I said to you. Here’s why. Flirting is a needful part of the modern(All time?) landscape. Flirting encourages women to go out and get a beer and possibly a man who will treat her well.

    Flirting is just a transfer of energy in the form women like. The type of women that like to go out already feel protected and seen by other men in their lives. NOT NECESSARILY husbands or lovers, etc.

    The fear of the opposite of that is the attention cartel i mentioned earlier. I’m sorry asd. I wasn’t looking at it from both ends.

    Mystery and others talked about this dynamic long before. Let’s “take care of the environment” and make sure women feel loved!

    The knot is untied from both ends, but people aren’t knots. I am sorry.

  26. “Alright, so here’s the deal: ”

    Sit down you rubes!

    “Over the last 4 days I’ve picked through a metric ton of spam, sock puppet comments, repeated autistic trolling and more bots than I can keep track of in the comments. ”

    Feel sorry for me. I slave for you ungrateful bastards and look what I get in return.

    “I’ve had to ban some accounts.”

    There’s mischief afoot. Opposition=trolling.

    “I’ve had delete some nonsense posts, but ultimately I’ve come to one conclusions – It’s a waste of my time.”

    I’m not sanitizing content. I’m maintaining RP purity by not wasting my time by wasting my time by sanitizing content.

    “So, I’m left with two choices; ”

    You’ve driven me to this children. It’s your own fault.

    “I can either close comments on my blog posts and let everyone mull it over in their heads with no discussion”

    Time out you children! I SAID SIT DOWN!

    “or I can simply say fuck it and unban and unmoderate everything and leave you all to the mercy of bots and scammers who will eventually sock puppet your accounts because they have no better way to spend their time.”

    You want and need me to be your king. I’ll let you thrash and you’ll be begging soon for my regal guidance.

    “Since the only thing I’m getting for my efforts to clean up this mess is a hearty “fuck you Rollo” ”

    Muh fewlings.

    “I’ve decided to unban everyone and let you guys deal with the fallout.”

    I deem you unfit for my presence. I wash my hands of you.

    “This appears to be what you all want so, here you go. Have at it.”

    I’m outta here! I never liked you tools anyways.

  27. @Huh?

    You could have done other things. You didn’t need to sockpuppet him. But you did. Asshole. But sure, HE’S throwing a tantrum.

    Fuck you man. When you can handle that people are people, your time with them will improve. We aren’t your spaghetti.

  28. @Huh?

    “I’m outta here! I never liked you tools anyway.”

    Somehow I doubt we’ve seen the last of you.

  29. 7 sec…you’re getting into the “I’ll go home with you if you want” territory

    LOL. You are getting into the this guy must be gay territory if you aren’t escalating this…

  30. Hi Rollo, would you be willing to make this a paid subscription account like Patreon? Do you think that would alleviate the bots and spams to where us guys really enjoy your content can talk civilly? Just curious.

    1. And be accused of grifting AND an echo chamber where trolls can’t run free? Perish the thought.

      Someone should go inform InsanityBites that she’s now free to spew shit all over the comments again.

  31. “And be accused of grifting AND and echo chamber where trolls can’t run free? Perish the thought.

    Someone should go inform InsanityBites that she’s now free to spew shit all over the comments again.”

    This is the way the world ends
    This is the way the world ends
    This is the way the world ends
    Not with a bang but with a whimper.

  32. Rollo, it might be a good idea to pause the comments section for two days, and think about the best way forward. Emotions are running too high to make good decisions just now.
    And, my own experience is that when religious dispute enters into a system, emotions escalate, not to the benefit of any of the participants. After Luther’s nailing, there were several hundred years of exceptionally nasty wars.
    “Nailing the book to the fucking church door” suggests emotional escalation.
    Rational Male is great — let’s find a way to get back to it.

  33. Earlier Comment :

    Looks, Affluence, Game
    What’s most important for a guy?

    The Rational Male • Live Q&A #11
    Tomorrow at 6pm EST

    Correct Answer :



    “Cute but Deadly,” Researchers Warn,
    Fearing Possible Red-Pill Resistance

  35. @rugby

    I think Lansky is mistaken about acceptance though. Simply put, not everyone agrees with him. If he can’t accept that, I foresee suicide in his future.

  36. Maybe Lansky can fund is own space expedition to find a place where he need not be bothered with whoever doesn’t just accept him like he likes.

  37. Sentient

    To follow up on my last comment…

    There was one early 20s broad spinner butterface who played cuddleslut when she danced with me. I wasn’t drunk, so no escalation. She was wanting to feel wood when she cuddled. Validation seeker.

    I got lots of rejections from pretty girls. I should have started with the 5s and worked up to the 6s rinse and repeat up the ladder.

    The married broad whose husband created drama was a 5…20 lbs. overweight with a 6 face. 30 something, too. Alcohol would have been needed even if she were single.

    The hugger was an early 20s broad.

  38. @asd

    Did you read my earlier comment to you? The one where I took back most of what I commented upon concerning your flirting? A simple yes or no will do. You can say more if you want.

  39. Looks like you’ve gotta pay somebody some money to get a special picture next to your name.

    Otherwise – you get a cartoon character based on somebody’s latest hallucination.

  40. @Coolio

    Jesus fucking Christ you almost sound civil. Perhaps you DO have a point and I’m hallucinating.

  41. Nice senseless, ridiculous, nonsensical, foolish, fatuous, unreasonable, irrational, stupid, asinine, absurd, simpleminded, harebrained, brainless, featherbrained, empty-headed, vacuous, muddleheaded, illogical, ludicrous, preposterous, inane, giddy, frivolous, trivial, shallow, puerile, birdbrained, air-headed, and dippy avatars…

    And you can’t figure to use your usual Avatar?

    But seriously, the silence is deafening on what is going on here. And you might want to buy a clue.

    Do any of you, including Rollo have any questions for me?

    Spoofing? Sockpuppeting? YGBFSM. I would never.

    Including any part I have in the Liminal Space shit-show going on here–(the quality of ambiguity or disorientation that occurs in the middle stage of a rite of passage, when participants no longer hold their pre-ritual status but have not yet begun the transition to the status they will hold when the rite is complete.)?

    Like I said I hate Rollo’s antagonists and have no affinity at all, whatsoever with the ADJ crowd douche bags. And I don’t think Rollo had any culpability in them jettisoning him. And I know the score about the snake oil. It’s transparent. Profiteers selling guys down a river. No different than the RSD bullshit.

    And hurry up, I’m going off the reservation.

    Mind you, I’ve changed. And am doing just fine, thank you.

    (Oh, I’m asking you to question. But I might not answer your questions. Just so you know.)

    And +1 to Fleezer:

    wrt the board, anybody new who fails to engage the omgs effectively and also fails to get the lurkers to come out and help problem solve is wasting his fucking time. people here are amazing and its like having so many uncles who will tell you straight up and failing to get your uncle to give you shit so you can improve means he don’t think you’re worth the effort to fuck with

    as always, thanks for everything Rollo

  42. SJF. What are you babbling about ? You sound drunk.

    At least you have a normal picture next to your name.

    The rest of us look like Space Aliens.

  43. Did theasdgamer really break two of his teeth? I don’t know. It could be the real theasdgamer and he could be telling the truth or he could have made it up. Or, it could be an imposter, a bot or the blog’s author posting under a pseudonym. It’s an anonymous forum. Should I care? — maybe yes, maybe no. Does it matter? Probably not.

    SJF deserves an award for persistence. I had a similar epiphany that the red pill community was concerned with trying to get back to zero—the starting line. Besides, who wants to hear that a marriage can be successful, or that having/building a soulmate is possible. I do not mean from people who have product to peddle.

    I’m glad that someone understands EhIntellect. Until he assumed the role of senior commenter and inquisitor, his comments were interesting and inspiring. We were having career dissatisfaction at about the the same time. He blew things up. I realized that I was in more of a job than a career and stepped back from the ledge.

  44. Since we are talking religion.

    Just a heads up:

    If you really want to understand the Old Order in regards to Religion and Christianity and where the Church went wrong in The New Dis-Order, you should look into what Doestoyevski wrote in his novel The Brother’s Karamozov. And in particular Book 5, Chapter 5 of that novel.

    It was about the Church wrestling with the freewill of it’s parishoners. Christ wanted to give Freewill. The Church couldn’t abide by that. Because it knew people didn’t want that. Any more than RSD PUA knew their acolytes didn’t want to actually do the work. They wanted to be handed cheat codes.

    The Grand Inquisitor talking to Jesus after Jesus returns later in the Doestoyevski novel: “We have wrestled with that freedom of yours for fifteen centuries, Jesus Christ, and we are sick and tired of the concept of Freewill. Men know that they have freedom, but guess what? They took it and humbly laid it at the feet of The Church, or pick your institution. In other words? You want Freedom, you can’t handle your freedom! And so you fuckers know that you will abdicate your Freewill into our hands.”

    The Grand Inquisitor in the book them told Jesus (who came back later): You are fucking up our gig here. We can’t abide by that because you are a threat to our hegemony over the people that don’t want freewill. You are a threat to our franchise.

    In other words, the New World Disorder looks to be, want’s to be subjugated. By peoples nature. Fuck moral code. Don’t make me choose. Please. I want to have a king tell me what to do. I don’t want to make choices myself. That’s too difficult and puts me on the spot…

  45. And here is the YouTube for those of you that can’t or don’t like read the narrative written out in words.

    You can listen to it on your commute to work:

    I posted this stuff on this blog a couple years ago. I originally red The Brothers Karamozov in 1979 or so.

    The Brothers Karamazov is a passionate philosophical novel set in 19th-century Russia, that enters deeply into the ethical debates of God, free will, and morality. It is a spiritual, theological drama of moral struggles concerning faith, doubt, judgment, and reason, set against a modernizing Russia, with a plot which revolves around the subject of patricide. Dostoevsky composed much of the novel in Staraya Russa, which inspired the main setting. Since its publication, it has been acclaimed as one of the supreme achievements in world literature.

    Hmm. God, freewill and morality?

    The Red Pill and Religion, anyone?

    Would you believe me if I said I’m not pushing religion because I don’t actually “practice’ Religion?

    And people give up freewill all the time? And The Red Pill must be amoral? In order to justify itself?

    Debate of ideas? Anyone?

  46. “Besides, who wants to hear that a marriage can be successful, or that having/building a soulmate is possible.

    Soulmate is a subjective noun.

    I prefer the noun: spouse.

    And investing in a spouses value. Rather than seek utility. Neither as a slave or with Fleezer licentiousness (no offence Fleezer, I admire your tack).

    And I like Sentient’s answer to why get married to a spouse: Because you get to have her.

    Soulmate (myth) implies fusion with another and that can devolve into co-dependence. Watch out for needing validation that someone else needs to be your soulmate.

    Take for instance you are married for 30 years. Each day is a choice. It’s not a fusion you or her are beholden to.

    You stand on your own two feet as differentiated. You can stand off, you can engage–with her. And continue to do that.

    So yes, you can use the term soulmate. But you can also use the term: “Fucking healthy relationship.” With someone of value. And not settle before, during and after.

    And you can also use the term: Love of Value in another person. And have it be complementary. And a collaborative alliance.

    Any retarded Red Pill guy can love and value himself:

    “Until you value yourself, you won’t value your time. Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it.”
    ― M. Scott Peck

    Not any man in the sphere can actually go out of his way to invest in their wife (fuck you all, I’m in the MRP sphere) without going full retard Dread Is All I Got to Get Back to Zero–The starting line):

    “Love is the will to extend one’s self for the purpose of nurturing one’s own or another’s spiritual growth… Love is as love does. Love is an act of will — namely, both an intention and an action. Will also implies choice. We do not have to love. We choose to love.”
    ― M. Scott Peck

    And don’t go all retarded because I mentioned Love and call me Blue or Purple or traitor.

    Love is praxeological. I love my patients, my mother, my deceased father and my wife and kids and you guys.

    I saw a couple today in the office. The guy was 98 years old. The wife was 101 years old. They were witty and sharp. And both were charming, really charming. So may you be.

    Make good choices.

    Thank you.

    I don’t believe in being willing to fail up front, in the middle or at the end. I’m more of a “Don’t fuck up, kinda guy…” But one of my buddies does.

    Here’s a quote for him, he’s artistic like Rollo;

    “We must be willing to fail and to appreciate the truth that often “Life is not a problem to be solved, but a mystery to be lived.”
    ― M. Scott Peck

  47. If-I-Fell
    I had a similar epiphany that the red pill community was concerned with trying to get back to zero—the starting line.

    My 80’s vidja habit continues.


    The Doestoyevski Thesis:

    The Grand Inquisitor tells Christ that he cannot allow him to do his work on Earth, because his work is at odds with the work of the Church. The Inquisitor reminds Christ of the time, recorded in the Bible, when the Devil presented him with three temptations, each of which he rejected. The Grand Inquisitor says that by rejecting these three temptations, he guaranteed that human beings would have free will. Free will, he says, is a devastating, impossible burden for mankind. Christ gave humanity the freedom to choose whether or not to follow him, but almost no one is strong enough to be faithful, and those who are not will be damned forever. The Grand Inquisitor says that Christ should have given people no choice, and instead taken power and given people security instead of freedom. That way, the same people who were too weak to follow Christ to begin with would still be damned, but at least they could have happiness and security on Earth, rather than the impossible burden of moral freedom. The Grand Inquisitor says that the Church has now undertaken to correct Christ’s mistake. The Church is taking away freedom of choice and replacing it with security. Thus, the Grand Inquisitor must keep Christ in prison, because if Christ were allowed to go free, he might undermine the Church’s work to lift the burden of free will from mankind.

    Once again. It is not about Religion. It is about the Red Pill.

    The above is all about the conundrum about PUA and authenticity, competency and cheat codes–red pill or not.

    I’m not anti-religion. I’m not pro-religion. I’m not hardly anti-Red Pill.

    If you don’t understand. Just call me enigmatic. And don’t bother defining me further.

    Ask questions. Debate. Go ahead.

    I don’t think I’ve ever really had a serious question asked of me, about me, here in the last four years. Not that I want to have answer.

  49. I had a similar epiphany that the red pill community was concerned with trying to get back to zero—the starting line…


    The red pill cheat codes are in the bottom 80% of the Matterhorn mountain. Nothing wrong with that.

    Come on, let us always, in merit, judge on a Bell Curve, in a group of males.

    The bottom 80% of the Maslow hierarchy is the get back to zero.

    In my life, I’ve always felt that 93.5% was at honors level. And the starting line.

    My buddies have a high standard in out tribe.

  50. SJF

    And I like Sentient’s answer to why get married to a spouse: Because you get to have her.

    Well that’s true but not what I said. I said I got married because I wanted a Wife.

  51. Came across this gem last night A Face in the Crowd circa 1957

    It’s being pushed in regard to Trump… Great example of Alpha in action.

    Plus – kryptonite

    Amazing, looking back… this is the exact type that kills me.

    Anyhow.. a little snippet. Lonesome Rhodes, on his way to get a Mexican divorce to marry his mistress, falls for a 17 yo majorette. And does what an Alpha does. whatever he wants to do, whenever he wants to do it


  52. “Well that’s true but not what I said. I said I got married because I wanted a Wife.”

    So what you are saying is just any generic wife, as opposed to her? Right?

    For utility, don’t mind her value, right? A release, if you will? A generational utility.

    Is that what you also expect of your son-in-law’s demeanor?

    I married my wife because she seemed to be the right one to get at the time. Same goes for my son-in-law choosing to marry my daughter.

    Strange, how that Old Order is not suppose to work anymore…

  53. SJF

    So what you are saying is just any generic wife, as opposed to her? Right?

    Don’t be obtuse. Why you choose to marry is it’s own question. To whom is another.

  54. “What is ” utility” “?

    Well, when used as an adjective, it means useful, especially through being able to perform several functions. Functional rather then attractive (value).

    When used as a noun, it is the state of being useful, profitable or beneficial. Or an organization supplying the community with electricity, gas, water or sewerage.

  55. “kryptonite”

    Just about from the moment I attained self awareness. In no small part because seeing her doing personal appearances always left me with the impression that as a person she was poise and class that went clear down to the bone.

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