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From Schedules of Mating:

There are methods and social contrivances women have used for centuries to ensure that the best male’s genes are selected and secured with the best male provisioning she’s capable of attracting. Ideally the best Man should exemplify both, but rarely do the two exist in the same male (particularly these days) so in the interest of achieving her biological imperative, and prompted by an innate need for security, the feminine as a whole had to develop social conventions and methodologies (which change as her environment and personal conditions do) to effect this.

Years ago, when I was writing this post, my emphasis was on how an evolved dynamic (female pluralistic sexual strategy) translated into evolved social dynamics (feminine primary social conventions). My focus then was on how the feminine creates and normalizes social conditions that favor hypergamy by covertly manipulating social expectations – not only of the men who would facilitate that hypergamy, but also for women themselves in how their own self-rationalizations (hindbrain, hamsters) can be socially justified (i.e the myth of  the feminine mystique).

I wrote Schedules of Mating in 2005 (on SoSuave) in an effort to explain the rudiments of hypergamy in a more accessible way for guys who were still struggling with understanding why women would say they wanted “a Nice guy with a good heart” yet would behaviorally opt for Bad Boy-Jerks as their sexual partners of choice. I still think it’s a pretty good essay, which is why I revised and included it in the earliest posts at Rational Male. However, even at the time I was writing, I knew that the concept of an evolved hypergamy and its social implication still had a lot more under the hood to explore.

Biological Hypergamy

My point of departure for today’s post is this study on hormones and brain activity from the Kinsey Institute. I’ll be quoting the 2008 study, but do read it, it’s fairly brief.

“One area of the brain in which we observed a difference in activation in response to masculinized versus feminized faces — specifically during the follicular phase — was the anterior cingulate cortex, which is a region involved in decision-making and the evaluation of potential reward and risk,” said neuroscientist Heather Rupp, research fellow at the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction. “Activation in this region has been previously reported to correlate with ‘high risk’ nonsocial choices, specifically monetary risk, so it is interesting that it is observed to be more active in response to masculinized male faces, who may be both riskier but more rewarding to women.”

Previous studies have shown that women’s sexual preference for facial characteristics vary depending on their menstrual phase. These fluctuating preferences are thought to reflect evolutionarily founded changes in women’s reproductive priorities. Around the time of ovulation women prefer more masculinized faces — faces with features that indicate high levels of testosterone. These facial cues predict high genetic quality in the male because only such males can afford the immune-compromising effects of testosterone. Testosterone may be costly for the males’ mates as well because high testosterone levels also are associated with high rates of offspring abandonment.

Around the time of ovulation, a female’s preference apparently shifts from avoiding negligent parenting to acquiring the best genes for her offspring. At other points during the cycle, women will prefer more feminized male faces, as they might signal a higher willingness of the males to invest in offspring.

Alpha fucks and beta bucks is a biologically hard-wired feature of the female mind. Studies like this aren’t unknown to the manosphere, and even the early PUA teachers had an almost instinctual(?) understanding of how a woman’s ovulatory cycle could affect a guy’s odds of a successful hookup without ever having read them. There’s a plethora of practical applications a man might use with a firm knowledge of how a woman’s cycle affects her mood, her susceptibility to his influence and how her rationalization will be altered as a result of the particular phase she happens to be in.

In his blue pill years, I think a lot of what accounts for a guy’s sporadic successes with women can be attributed to the woman’s ovulatory phase and favorable circumstance. Right phase, right place, right time and a guy who gave off just enough subconscious Alpha cues to get the lay – or the brief girlfriend status until her subsequent follicular phase peaked and he wasn’t the Alpha she thought he was 3 weeks prior.

Alpha Phase

From a Game perspective, using the this illustration as a guide, the latter half of the folicular (proliferative) phase – the period between day 7 to about day 14 – might be called the Alpha Phase for Men. The Kinsey study (and many similar ones) would indicate that this 7 (maybe 10) day window predisposes women to (Alpha) sexual influence and would be the optimal period for a man to make a lasting Alpha impression. ‘Gina tingles are most commonly born in the proliferative phase.

I’ve caught a lot of grief in the past from angry women for suggesting that all women have an ‘inner slut’ and that all a guy need do is be the right man at the right time to bring this out in them. I think understanding a woman’s cycle kind of puts a punctuation on this. The hot coed on spring break in Cancun who fucks the hot guy in the foam cannon party is probably in her proliferative phase. Add alcohol and you’ve got the chemical formula for sexual urgency – even from the ‘good girl‘. When she thinks or says “I don’t know what came over me, I’m not usually like that.” she’s observing her behavior from luteal phase perspective. She really isn’t “like that” the other 21 days of her cycle.

As the Kinsey study reports, it’s during this part of a woman’s cycle that she become subconsciously attuned to masculinized traits and makes subliminal efforts to capitalize on her concurrent ovulation. In other words, this is the period in which hypergamy doesn’t care the most. It’s “fuck me now, I’ll rationalize it out later.”

About now you’re probably wondering, “That’s all well and good Rollo, but how the fuck do I determine what cycle phase a woman is in?” If all a guy were doing was cold approaches I could understand the confusion. There are countless ‘tells’ women will display when they are in their proliferative phase. Dr. Martie Hasselton has done some excellent studies on female ornamentation coinciding with ovulation and also how women’s vocal pitch shifts lower (sultry voice) during this phase, but if you’re still unconvinced, listen to your gut – men instinctually know when women are in the pro phase of ovulation. If you have the patience to learn, pay better attention to the behaviors of the women in your immediate social circle, or to the behaviors of the girl you think you may want to target at some point. Since women living in close proximity tend to synchronize their menstrual cycles, more likely than not they’ll covertly infer when it’s ‘rag week’.

Beta Phase

If the proliferate phase is the Alpha Phase for Men, then the luteal phase could be considered the Beta Phase. Again using the Kinsey study as our guide we can infer that women become drawn to more feminine features in men during the 14 day down side of their cycle. The attributes of attraction (not arousal) that define this stage are associated with comfort, familiarity, empathy, etc. meant to reinforce the perception that a man is a good choice for parental investment.

Again, this is nothing novel in the manosphere. Even Roissy has written posts regarding the applied use of beta-side Game – in context. Far too many men believe the WYSIWYG myth about women and their advertised attraction requisites as being predominantly beta-associative. As I illustrated in Wait for It?, the girl who spontaneously banged the hot guy in the foam cannon party is the same girl who’ll tell you you need to earn her trust because she needs to be comfortable with you before you have sex. Betas believe this at face value and don’t strike while the iron’s hot (the proliferate phase), wait her out and wonder why they get LJBF’d at the end of her luteal phase.

I think where most beta men lose the trail is in the belief that Beta attraction is (or should be) synonymous with Alpha arousal. Each of these concepts is representative of a different facet of women’s pluralistic sexual strategy – Alpha seed, Beta need. Women’s sexual imperatives can be defined by the degree to which her short term mating strategy can be justified, or offset, by her long term mating strategy.

Nowhere is this disparity more obviously manifested than in the biological reality of a woman’s menstrual cycle which creates it.

The Hypergamy Link

One aspect of hypergamy that I’m not certain most men really understand is that hypergamy is a biological phenomenon in origin. I sometimes wonder if Game-aware men confuse hypergamy with being a social construct. Women almost certainly do, but more from a need to protect the rationalizations that result from confronting the uncomfortable internal conflict that hypergamy causes for them – “why am I not hot for the sweet beta who’d give me the world, but am tingly all over for the hot guy who’s casually indifferent to me?”

The base truth of hypergamy as a dynamic is that it is the logical result of women’s innate, hormonal and neural condition. This root-level disparity of a plural sexual strategy led to the evolution of the feminine psyche – to be covert, to be excusably duplicitous, to be better communicators on more varied levels, but also to be the nurturers and empathizers.

Since the sexual revolution began, the biological rationale for social feminization has been men’s biological proclivity for violence and aggression. We were told that we’re poisoned by our testosterone; we’re controlled from youth to repress that in school to the point where teachers expect boys to ‘act out‘, so we drug them. Yet, the biological rationale for hypergamy could also be said to lie in women’s biological (menstrual) impetus that motivates their sexual pluralism.

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Author of The Rational Male and The Rational Male, Preventive Medicine

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  1. I’ve noticed a chick at work, a good week out of the month, she wears lower cut shirts and makes a lot more eye contact. Not a good idea for me to go after it, but when you’re clued in, it becomes more and more apparent.

  2. Interesting post. I’ve been thinking about this sort of thing lately becuase I observe it with my wife.

    I’ve been with the same woman for 20+ years, and I know when she is DTF. It is around the same time every month, probably a week or week and a half or so into her cycle. Her normally low speaking voice becomes a little higher and at that time of the month she is more likely to make comments about some hot dude she sees on the street or on TV or in a magazine (voila: hypergamy). There definitley is one part of the month where she is consistenly DTF more so than at other times.

    My (male) friend at work and I can also tell when our female co-workers are DTF. We can’t quite put our finger on it but we figure it’s something to do with a slight change in the voice and a more open body language. That’s the best I can describe it.

  3. This is absolute gold. So much to learn here that it will take multiple re-readings! Def Best of the Manosphere worthy.

  4. Balance is always the key to life. The problem is most males are all beta, all the time.

    Women’s moods change through their cycle…the enlightened male should switch his personality.

  5. Great post. I’ve observed a ton of this stuff, because I’m in the health field and for a time worked intensively in female fertility medicine.(You won’t believe the blatant flirtations from married women to men who work in a fertility clinic. Or maybe you would).

    That and I’ve been spinning plates very actively for the last 2 years.

    Couple quick observations: most women DO NOT have regular 28 day cycles. THey may be close, but most of them shift. It’s hard to tell exactly when a woman is going to menstruate until she does. Even if she doesn’t tell you, there is a certain smell that women exude when menstruating. It’s an iron-y meaty slightly funky tang. Once you smell it, you won’t forget it. It’s subtle unless she’s bad about hygiene & in poor health.

    The ovulatory signals are more subtle yet–no overt smell that I can detect, but changes observable in her gait, voice, choice of clothing, etc. It will all veer to the more sexy when ovulating. The biggest “tell” is when you’re intimate with a woman, you can check what her cervical mucous or pussy secretions are like. Ovulating women have copious, very slick, vaginal secretions that closely resemble raw egg whites. If she’s healthy, it will have a rather enticing smell.

    In LTR, this is the time to really mate-guard, and by that I don’t mean beta-tard jeaolousy, but I mean aggressive, rough sex, alpha attitude, lots of cocky-funny, ass-smacking, aloof mastery, etc, especially if she’s your #1 dame.

    I used to try to track a bunch of women’s ovulation schedules, but when you’re spinning a lot of plates, it’s too much work. It’s also rather unnecessary. For the girls in the first string of my rotation, it’s just simple observation.

    For the girls who are in my outer orbit, who are sort of “pending,” or girls who’ve fallen off the main roster, I simply ping them with some laconic text, IM, etc, on a regular basis (1x weekly is enough, and may be too much for some) and note her level of responsiveness, etc. At this point I really don’t try too hard, it’s almost like a really laid back, slow motion game of table tennis where I ping her from time to time & jump when the opportunities arise.

  6. I caught this post early. The first two comments seems to be a very good illustration to go with this article: A subtle, but recognizable change.

    It is not so much as a full-on change in personality, but a change in mood. A subconscious feeling that in turn affect the open mindedness, choice of clothes, tone of voice, instinctive reactions to certain actions, and other little things that adds up. I remember a documentary a few years ago that show the subtly – a little study that look if there’s any differences between an ovulating women and others. And found the ovulating women would dance with a bit more motion and found dress with a bit more skin.

    I do want to write a thought that always bothers me while this is still early. I read the foam cannon party analogy before. It bothers then and it still bothers me now. You clarified in the comments before in the “good girls” post, it is easy to interpret Foam Cannon Party as indicting all the associated with the image to every girl rather than an illustration that a truly aroused and attracted woman is willing to show it. Not to disagree the foam cannon girl won’t go home to make the same line to her chump boyfriend and the message she means it, but foam cannon girl is basically the Jersey Shore girl with 200 men territory. Those are character traits and are as important to consider as much as the receptiveness generated by the cycle. Understandable for many to be agitated when interpreting such lines in such a direction. And a complete distraction from you true message of the existence of the cycle that few really recognize to my understanding.

  7. I think a lot of men, even red pill guys, do NOT understand that hypergamy is a biological rather than a social phenomenon. Hence there is always bitching about female hypergamy. Should we also bitch about their uterus? To the extent that their behavior is a manifestation of hypergamy, something men do not experience (nor do we experience hormonal fluctuations), you can’t really blame women severely for this.

    This is why it’s advisable to treat them like half-grown children, they are more at the mercy at things outside of their control. This is not to absolve them of responsibility, of course.

    Society used to be organized to take hypergamy into account, which is why historically women had less rights (and responsibilities) than men. Consequently, game as we understand it was not really necessary in the West back then. As this protective and restrictive cover was removed over time, we have seen the development of all the troubles and tribulations that we talk about here and in other blogs. So game isn’t really a response to hypergamy per se, but rather to the combination of a less restrictive society and women’s inherent nature.

    1. @ASF you’re spot on- attraction is NOT a choice as David deangelo always says, and that attraction is significantly affected by differing stages of the menstrual cycle. I’ve seen Heartiste and Athol nail this best.

  8. When I learned the concept of hypergamy that is what finally knocked women off the pedestal for me. They aren’t goddess of pure morality that are to be worshiped but human beings.

    The war of the sexes could be extinguished if each gender accepted each other’s weaknesses and strengths. As long as society downgrades men and raises women the war will continue.

  9. Rollo, a British professor Anne Campbell talks about female hypergamy in this episode of the Norwegian documentary “Brainwash” -

    Although she doesn’t use the word “hypergamy”, she does discuss the concept in less formal terms. First time I’ve ever seen a woman admit to it’s existence.

    The series explores how most of what many believe to be social conditioning is actually biological. Everyone here should watch the entire series, especially men and women who aren’t “red pill”. The first episode drives a nail through the coffin of feminism.

  10. This post makes sense… for girls that are actually cycling. Unfortunately, I’d say at least 50% of girls are put on indefinite hormonal birth control for one issue or another- irrespective of sexual activity.

  11. So then how would someone reconcile the two characteristics… Is there some sort of balance of alpha and beta traits? Should we show alpha and beta traits on different times of the month?

  12. This is a thoughtful analysis of a pretty complex subject. As men, we often forget that a woman’s sexual makeup is so vastly different than our own. That’s why we’re always trying to understand them from our own perspective as men. Understanding the science behind their sexual anatomy/physiology gives us men a pretty valuable edge. I guarantee that your average woman wouldn’t take the time to read an lengthy synopsis of male sexual anatomy and physiology. But then again, why should they? They should just focus on looking hot and not being total bitches. That goes a long way for them.

  13. @ASF–yes, exactly. Dudes get pissed at hypergamy. It’s like getting pissed at a hurricane.

    Game is the game-changer, it is the sea-change. Game allows men to harness the hurricane’s force, to turn the tide into tingles, to use the winds of hypergamy as a way to generate relational and seductive energy.

    In other words, if you practice game, hypergamy is not your enemy, it’s your best friend.

    As Buckminster Fuller said–“Don’t fight forces–Use them!”

  14. To put it succinctly: if she won’t fuck you during her ovulating phase, dump her because you are being used. Has been my go to policy since redpillng.

  15. I’ve been running little experiments in my relationship, and one of them ties in nicely with this topic.

    I track my wife’s cycle with an app on my phone. Since I’ve been doing this now for a little over a year, I’ve gotten to the point where I simply know where she is on her cycle at a given time. So, knowing that around her ovulation she will tend to look for more “manly” traits, I’ve started adding some. For instance, I normally wear a trimmed mustache and a little chin hair on my face. However during the few days leading up to her ovulation, I’ll let my scruff grow in a little and instead of shaving clean I’ll leave some stubble. Normally she will mention it negatively (for instance if i’m on vacation and being lazy about shaving) but I have yet to hear a negative comment on it if she is near ovulation. She will also tend to stroke or hold my face when we kiss around this time, so she not only sees the stubble, but feels it as well.

    I can’t say definitively if it makes a difference, but I’m continuing on with it for now. All I can say is I get no negative feedback until a few days after her ovulation if I don’t shave it off. Usually something like “when are you going to get rid of that scruff?”

    I might be way off base, but I find it entertaining to try this kind of stuff. I’ve also been working on small behavioral adjustments based on her cycle as well. (you know, step up the ass smacking and objectifying in the weeks from the end of her period until ovulation). Like I said, so far no negative results.

  16. you are the one man at this moment in time who i would love to have a discussion with for an hour or so, this blog is brilliant. Keep it coming, i’ve pointed many a man to this address.

  17. According to wikipedia:
    Some authors believe that, historically, women in traditional societies without nightlighting ovulated with the full moon and menstruated with the new moon,[70] and one author documents the controversial attempts to use the association to improve the rhythm method of regulating conception.

    I’m wondering if anyone notice this to be true or not? maybe not exactly on the full moon, but around it?

  18. From what I’ve read any hormonal BC will totally wreck a woman’s normal biological functioning. My wife can’t use hormonal BC, but I wouldn’t want her to if she could.

    I’ve also seen that many are advising that a women on hormonal BC should take a break prior to marrying, just in case she finds herself not sexually attracted to her husband to be without the pill in her system.

    1. A lot gets made about hormonal birth control and how it offsets this natural cycle. There may be some truth to this, but women still have a cycle while on the pill, albeit a regulated one. I’v read that the pill may inhibit female libido, but obviously it doesn’t cancel it.

      So even under a controlled regimen women are still going to be subject to the hormonal mental effects of their cycle. Whether they’re on the pill or not it doesn’t cancel the effects of their hormones, nor does it rewire their neural architecture.

  19. This is where I’ll give a tip of the hat to the Catholic Church. It promotes natural family planning which bases everything around charting the woman’s cycle, basal temperature, and vaginal mucous. From what I heard is just as effective as using hormonal birth control…as in you have about the same percentage of having an oops baby.

    Combine that with game knowledge you know when your lady is the most horny…the downside is that’s also when she is most fertile. Also I would never want my lady to use hormonal BC either…those things are like cigarettes when it comes to long-term health problems.

  20. “So even under a controlled regimen women are still going to be subject to the hormonal mental effects of their cycle. Whether they’re on the pill or not it doesn’t cancel the effects of their hormones, nor does it rewire their neural architecture.”

    But it IS entirely possible that being on the pill can change those hormonal mental effects being that it completely regulates those hormones, correct? It isn’t so much that women on the pill aren’t subject to these changes, but the actual results OF those changes may be false.

  21. The Dude – “those things are like cigarettes when it comes to long-term health problems.”

    It is precisely because of how hormonal BC effects the female reproductive chemistry that my wife cannot use it. Among other things, she has PCOS which is often intensified by hormonal BC.

  22. It was inspired.

    Ted, I’m not arguing that there may not be hormonal imbalances in the long term, but there is still a cycle that’s being modified by the woman using BC. Looking back on the women I’ve had sex with in the past, my own wife and the behaviors and attitudes of the women I work with whom I know are on BC, if there is a side effect on women’s controlled cycle it’s not so significant as to be noticeable.

    Even the women who are on BC still fall predictably on this schedule. I can’t imagine that of all the women in this study and many others like it were on their ‘natural’ cycle at the time of testing. I would predict that most were on some form of BC and the results remained the same or not so significant as to upset the general results.

    Maybe women who aren’t on the pill are even more susceptible to sexual cues in their proliferate phase by comparison, but they can’t be indicative of the great whole of women who are on BC who served as the study group for these experiments.

  23. — Dudes get pissed at hypergamy. It’s like getting pissed at a hurricane.
    or like women getting pissed that dudes like T&A

  24. Rollo, I just looked up the study and N=16 for participants (average age ~25yo), and they all reported no use of a hormonal contraceptive (I’m guessing the study controlled for this, which is simply smart design).

    So it looks like the question still remains as to the effects of hormonal BC. As you state, a cycle still remains when on the pill, but another study to compare to this one would be interesting.

  25. Also, as far as a decreased libido on the pill, I haven’t really seen it in the women I’ve been with (SWPL college educated broads) but who knows what this does to the alpha hypothesis during ovulation.

    I believe that Roissy posits that the pill causes females to seek more beta features, so I don’t know.

  26. The pill screws with a woman’s hormones…so who knows what turns them on while on the pill.

    I try to avoid soy products…as a man that will put estrogen into your system and you can feel the beta coming on. I just did my heavy set of squats in the gym to get my testosterone fix.

  27. @Rollo

    How can women on hormonal birth control still be predictably on the same schedule as a woman who is actually ovulating and having an actual period (as opposed to the withdrawal bleeding which occurs during the placebo week on the pill)? Since a woman on hormonal birth control is not ovulating, she does not experience the pre-ovulation LH/estrogen surge, which is likely responsible for her increased sex drive around this time.

    Scroll down to see the best picture I could find comparing the two “cycles”, albeit on a progestin-only pill:

    On a combination pill (which most women take), estrogen levels would likely be higher, but if anything, a woman on the pill is probably most similar hormonally to a naturally cycling woman in her luteal phase, since her progesterone levels are constantly elevated to suppress ovulation. Further, the “estrogen” in combination pills is known to reduce women’s already low levels (in comparison to men) of testosterone which is why so many women on the pill report an all-around reduced sex drive and why it is sometimes prescribed for acne.

    I don’t think I have to tell you guys that suppressing ovulation is going to have some behavioral effects, since it seems to pretty much be an open secret in the manosphere that women are horniest and most attracted to alphas during this time. My advice would be to tone down the alpha if your girlfriend/wife/whatever is getting on birth control (assuming there was some alpha to begin with, of course) and then to use what Rollo says if she’s cycling naturally. And in the former case, if it’s a long-term relationship, remember to not get too complacently beta as she might eventually go off the pill and start hating you 😉

  28. Rollo,
    You are in style and approach neither a sociologist nor a psychologist, but rather you seem by temperment to be an anthropologist. Only not an anthropologist whose subject is an aboriginal group in Papua New Guinea, no. Your subject is the modern urban female and her antecedents.

    [I am the Jane Goodall of the manosphere]

  29. I’d have to do a little more research, but it’s my understanding that the most common forms of hormonal BC do not suppress ovulation. They do trick the body into a pregnancy-like state (via progesterone and estrogen manipulation), and for a period suppresses ovulation (thus the heavier menstrual flow), however the body begins to regulate this and ovulation resumes. The only difference being that due to the elevated hormone levels induced by the pill, a fertilized egg cannot embed itself in the uterine wall and thus start a pregnancy.

    After this regulating occurs a woman will still have a cycle as such, and will still ovulate. If ovulation were entirely suppressed there’d be a lot of women with a lot of unused eggs well past menopause.

  30. Rollo,

    This has nothing to do with this post. I don’t know how to email you so the only way to speak to you is through comments.

    Jezebel has a story about “The Rise of the Needy Men”. The author is a man and the story is about women being faced with having pussies for husbands, boyfriends, whatevers.


    I figured this one might be about an 80 mph fast ball, about waist high, that you could put in the upper deck of seats.

  31. I think this is why, a lot of times women will tell you that they didn’t like the guy they are with when they first met him. Heck, I’ve had it happen when there are women that I interact with regularly. Over the course of a month a woman that originally was stand-offish will become more flirty and many times we’ll end up having frantic sex.

    Many of those women have “boyfriends” that they are living with or otherwise have their hooks into. I know that several only use condoms with their BF’s because I refuse to use them. That is where the “it just happened” probably allows her to justify having unprotected sex. It always surprises me how easy women are with this – which is one of the reasons that I refuse to wear the damned things. But it makes sense if they are driven to try to reproduce, and not on the Pill that they would be more receptive and accommodating for this.

  32. One girl I banged for the first time a few days after her menstruation. So am I doing it right?
    She didn’t want to see me a week after that until now, which is about 3-4 weeks later.
    Alpha as fuck I guess.

  33. My wife and I have been together for seven years. Before we married we attended Pre cana and learned about natural family planning. This is simply the birth control advocated and used by the Catholic church. Many people have a mindset towards birth control shrouded with an anxiety of pregnancy. Our child together was conceived while on oral contraceptives. Since we have been using NFP, primarily secretion checking, we have not had a single unplanned pregnancy. On the other end of the discussion the intensity of intercourse has increased as we pay close attention to the ovulation cycle. When she is fertile I step up the intensity of my performance. When she ovulates I am a brute that can get away choking and slapping her while pounding the living shit out of her pussy then coming in her ass for full barbaric measure. (There is an egg present after all) For that matter her entire week of fertility I tear it up just to make she does not need to ask. This is also an excellent time to ejaculate in her mouth and ass as there is the possibility of egg fertilization. During that luteal phase I start to come inside the vagina as this adds to the tenderness of the intimacy. Then during menses nothing but anal sex and blowjobs. People who are advocates of oral contraceptives down play the effectiveness of NFP I think just so that they can stab at a method advocated by the Catholic church. There have been other occasions where my wife took the pill for a few cycle for the purpose of acne control. Neither one of us truly enjoyed the sex during these regiments. The hormone manipulation of the pill I will compare it to that of Anabolic Steroids. When you fuck with the hormones it changes the game of everything. A women is only going to release 400-500 eggs her entire life. She needs to do this and the male partners she beds with will erotically benefit from it. The best approach to birth control with the least amount of side effects is learning how not to fertilize the egg.

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  36. heard on the beat 94.5 back some years with neera an kid carson talking about simialar to this…she was sayin during ovalation women were attracted to handsome strong hairy dark skinned men…..which was funny since carson was makin afuss outta of it since hes pale

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  38. The Beta phase does not mean she’s going to fuck the beta, but that she is more attracted to him. She just wants to cuddle.

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  40. Rollo & Manosphere – I have a unique situation…I was seeing a woman who had cervical cancer and a hysterectomy. She is only young for this operation – 29 years old. She is married and I was involved in an extra marital affair with her. It is classic Alpha Fucks/Beta Bucks… Hubby is 40 – short, fat and balding. I am tall and athletic and 35…she is HB7-8…he got her young as an older guy who she no doubt saw some alpha in at the time and over a ten year relationship he is now Beta Bucks… I am interested in your take on how her hysterectomy might influence her hypergamy seeing she now doesn’t cycle… Is it hardwired in the brain and still there despite losing her ability to reproduce?

  41. This is one of those keys to the universe so many of us are seeking. Knowing the cycle is as essential for LTR as it is for a ONS. As a college teacher post RP it is obvious- and extremely amusing- when my female students are ovulating. How could I not have noticed it years ago?

  42. Rollo, what about when a woman is pregnant? The hormones are insane and mostly the pms & pregnancy hormones are the same… progesterone. How does game apply in that situation of roller coaster emotions?

  43. So messed up past five months of my four year relationship no sex through ovulation but week after she wants me, throwing as many alphas cues as possible but still she’s not interested, found out she sniffing coke n buying it off sum scumbag probley the alpha fuck week, hypergamy is real I’m built well paid but to nice gta cut my losses gutted but started this on wrong frame @rollo I think your guidance will get me through this beta life the world has placed me in

  44. (R)Evoluzione:
    “Game is the game-changer, it is the sea-change. Game allows men to harness the hurricane’s force, to turn the tide into tingles, to use the winds of hypergamy as a way to generate relational and seductive energy.”

    Huh? Did you even read the article? The Kinsey study does not talk about game. It proves that women respond to genetic alpha cues – facial masculinity. Alpha is genes, not game or faked behavior that someone can learn on the ‘net. Just like guys like “T&A” and feminine faces.. Genes, not behavior. Can’t trick evolution

    Think Napoleon Dynamite vs George Clooney or prime Tom Cruise

  45. Of course
    Dom=dominant (almost too scary masculine for most girls)
    STM=short term male
    LTM: long term male
    AVM: average male
    AND: androgenous (me)

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  48. ” to be covert, to be excusably duplicitous, to be better communicators on more varied levels, but also to be the nurturers and empathizers.”

    To keep the beta placated and the alpha satiated….

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  52. As a scientist and physician, I can affirm that hormonal contraceptives have a substantial effect on the biological cycle (and subsequent behavior) that Rollo astutely describes in this post. However, Rollo’s responses to commenters statements about hormonal contraceptives are imprecise. Oral contraceptives have several mechanisms of action, including suppression of hypothalamic gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) and pituitary gonadotropin secretion. The most important mechanism for providing contraception is inhibition of the midcycle luteinizing hormone (LH) surge, so that ovulation DOES NOT occur. The effect is present with ALL OCs and is even more profound with progesterone only injectable contraception. Studies done by Kinsey and others regarding OC’s effect on libido have been equivocal but I question the method for determining the effect (typically a questionnaire answered by the women on the OC). Rollo is correct to say that “there is still a cycle” but the physiological effects of the OC shift a women into a very long luteal-phase which has likely effects on behavior.

  53. Solid article. Maybe I need a lesson in biology, but is having mild acne indicative of a
    “face with features that indicate high levels of testosterone?”

    Not last week I met a girl in aisle three at the local military store I shop at. We had a five minute conversation at the store, I got her number, and I could tell by texting her (she was a low 6), how interested she was in me. I was feeling lazy and didn’t want to do the whole date thing, so I went against my own experience, and asked her to come straight over to my house for some wine. We talked for about twenty minutes before I banged her. I had known her for a total of twenty five minutes.

    Why is this significant? Right before I slid it in, she confessed it was her time of the month. That’s why this article made my eyes slightly widen as I realized. I had of course heard that women are more likely to lay with you if it’s their time of the month, but now I want to start paying more attention to their subtle cues that show me it’s their time of the month.

    Thanks for the post.

    -Olie Sins

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