Final Exam – Navigating the SMP

You know, there’s really no substitute for graphs, and charts, and data plot maps. Human beings, being essentially a visually oriented species, see a graphic heads-up display, a God’s eye view as it were, as essential to seeing the forest for the trees. You may not like being on a budget at home, but show a guy a graph of where all his money goes in a month and he’ll feel better about not pissing it away for a peck on the cheek over the course of a couple weekends.

So it was with this in mind that I took it upon myself to plot out a chronology of the little known and far too under-appreciated sexual marketplace (SMP) we presently find ourselves experiencing (at least since the sexual revolution). Bloggers in the manosphere (as well as other self-impressed pseudo-feminist gender pundits) often use the SMP in a context which presumes that readers are already familiar with their mental model of it, and understand the dynamics of the modern SMP. Personally I think this presumption is fraught with individual bias, both intended and unintended. And make no mistake, I’m about to define the SMP and sexual market values (SMV) from my own perception, but I fully recognize the want for defining these dynamics in a clear, understandable format, so I’ll beg forgiveness for this indulgence.

Can I Graduate?

As some of you know it’s about graduation time for many high school seniors, and with that comes a lot of pontification from ‘adults’ who want to impart some grand words of wisdom to the next genration as they launch headlong into a future of student debt and/or dismal employment prospects. This is a special time for parents and childless adults alike to reflect upon their own lives and ask themselves “what would I tell my younger self to do differently?” and hope against hope that the 18 year old they feel compelled to cast in the role of their younger selves will tear themselves away from texting their friends about who’s going to get whom to buy their prom night liquor long enough for it to sink in. So you’ll have to forgive me for playing the professor here for a moment while I make the same vain attempt.

Not long ago I had a commenter tell me,..

“Rollo, I just wanted to say that your stuff has been truly groundbreaking for me. This material should be a graduation requirement for all high school seniors.”

Well, far be it from Dr. Rollo J. Tomassi, Professor Emeritus, to be so remiss in his sacred charge of educating the next generation about the perils of the sexual marketplace they would otherwise so blindly stagger into. Challenge accepted. So please gather round the podium, turn off all your cellular devices (prom night liquor’s easy to come by), take a sheet of notebook paper from your Pee Chee folder and prepare to take notes on,..

Navigating the SMP

Now class, if you’ll direct your attention to the display above (click on it for the larger version) I’ll explain the parameters of this graph. In the vertical column we have Sexual Market Value (SMV) based on the ubiquitous ten scale. Professor Roissy emeritus at The Chateau did us all the good service of elaborating upon individuated sexual market valuations for both men and women long ago, however for our purposes today it is important to note that these valuations are meant to encompass an overal sexual value based on both long and short term breeding prospects, relational desirability, male provisioning capacity, female fertility, sexual desirability and availability, etc. et. al.. Your milage may vary, but suffice it to say the ten scale is meant to reflect an overall value as individuated for one sex by the other. Outliers will always be an element of any study, but the intent is to represent general averages here.

On the horizontal metric we have a timeline based on the age of the respective sex. I’ve broken this down into stages of five year increments, but with notable ages represented for significant life-to-valuation phase for each sex to be detailed later in our lecture. As an aside here you may notice I began the SMV age range at 15. This is intentional as it is the baseline starting point for the average girl’s midrange desirability value as evaluated by the average high school boy of the same age. Also of note will be the age range between 23 and 36 which represents the peak span years between the sexes, also to be detailed later.

Lastly, I’ve color delineated each gender’s respective SMV range bell curve and indicated their crossover phases accordingly.

Women’s SMV

In various contexts, women’s SMV is without doubt the most discussed topic in the manosphere. Try as we may, convincing a woman that her sexual peak lay actually between 18 and 25 is always an effort in debating denial. For all the self-convincing attempts to redefine sexual valuation to the contrary, SMV for women is ultimately decided by Men. Thus this bell curve is intended to represent the sexual value of women based on men’s metrics, not as women (by way of ceaseless social engineering) would like to define desirability. Please see the Myth of Sexual Peak and Sexy for cross references.

As we continue along you can see that the peak years for women’s SMV tops out at around 23 years. Fertility, desirability, sexual availability  and really overall potential for male arousal and attention reach an apex between 22 to 24 year of age. Remember this approximation isn’t an estimate of personal worth or character, or any metric beyond a baseline of desirability invoked in men. Ladies, on average, this is your best year. I don’t think I’m relating anything the cold truth of your hindbrain hasn’t woke you up at night over.

At no other phase in your life will you enjoy more affirmation or legitimate male attention more zealously applied for your sexual approval than this brief stretch. Once past the apex, every effort you spend on generating male arousal cues will be in trying to recapture the experiences of this phase. Every post-apex, pre-Wall (24 to 30) calorie you burn will be motivated by the memories of your SMV peak.

By the age of 27 women’s SMV decline has begun in earnest. That isn’t to say that women can’t remain stunningly attractive and vivacious in their post-peak years, but comparative to the next crop of 22-23 year olds, the decline progressively becomes more evident. Competition for hypergamously suitable mates becomes more intense with each passing year. The age’s between 27 and 30 are subliminally the most stressful for women as the realization sinks in that they must trade their ‘party years’ short term mating protocol for a long term provisioning strategy.

It’s at this point that rationalizations of ‘living a new life’ or ‘getting right with herself’ begin to formulate; not as a result of guilt per se, but rather as a function of relieving the anxieties associated with the new reality that she will eventually no longer be able to compete effectively in the SMP. The writing’s on the Wall; either she must establish her own security and provisioning, or settle for as acceptable a provider as her present looks will permit to secure his long term provisioning.


It may seem dismally pessimistic to begin boys SMV at so low a starting point at 15, but recall that we’re looking at overall averages. A 15 year old girl will look at an 18-20 year old man’s sexual approval as more valuable than that of her same age peers. It’s not that notable boys’ attentions are worthless, but they are far more mundane to a mid teens girl, thus the evaluation starts much lower.

As men age you can see that their SMV tends to level off during their 20’s with a gradual rise up to age 30. This represents men’s slow build SMV as they become more valuable by metrics of physical prowess, social gravity, status, maturity, affluence, influence, and hopefully dominance. It’s a slow process and unfortunately, of a man’s significant maturing to his SMV, most of it occurs while women are reaching their own SMV peak. At age 23, while a girl is enjoying her prime SMP value, a man is just beginning to make his own gradual ascent.

By age 36 the average man has reached his own relative SMV apex. It’s at this phase that his sexual / social / professional appeal has reached maturity. Assuming he’s maximized as much of his potential as possible, it’s at this stage that women’s hypergamous directives will find him the most acceptable for her long-term investment. He’s young enough to retain his physique in better part, but old enough to have attained social and professional maturity.

Comparative SMV and the Peak Span Years

One important note here is to compare men and women’s SMV decline. Women’s SMV being primarily based on the physical, has a much more precipitous decline than that of men’s. who’s decline is graduated upon a declining capacity to maintain his status as well as his health / looks. Since a man’s SMV is rooted in his personal accomplishments, his SMV degradation has much more potential for preservation. Women’s SMV burns hot and short, but men’s burns slow and long.

Now class, please address your attention to the critical 15-16 year span between a woman’s peak SMV and that of men’s. It should come as no surprise that this span is generally the most socially tumultuous between the sexes. The majority of first marriages take place here, single-motherhood takes place here, advanced degrees, career establishments, hitting the Wall, and many other significant life events occur in this life stage. So it is with a profound sense of importance that we understand the SMV context, and the SMP’s influence as prescribed to each sexes experience during this period.

At age 30 men are just beginning to manifest some proto-awareness of their sexual value, while simultaneously women are becoming painfully aware of their marked inability to compete with their sexual competitors indefinitely. This is the point of comparative SMV: when both sexes are situationally at about the same level of valuation (5). The conflict in this is that men are just beginning to realize their potential while women must struggle with the declination of their own.

This is the primary phase during which women must cash in their biological chips in the hope that the best men they can invest their hypergamy with will not be so aware of their innate SMV potential that they would choose a younger woman (22-24) during her peak phase over her. I wrote about this in The Threat:

Nothing is more threatening yet simultaneously attractive to a woman than a man who is aware of his own value to women.

The confluence between both sexes’ comparative SMV is perhaps the most critical stage of life for feminine hypergamy. She must be able to keep him ignorant of his SMV potential long enough to optimize her hypergamy. In men’s case, his imperative is to awaken to his SMV (or his potential of it) before he has made life-altering decisions based on a lack understanding his potential.

Every man who I’ve ever known to tell me how he wished he’d known of the manosphere or read my writing before getting married or ‘accidentally’ knocking up his BPD girlfriend has his regret rooted in not making this SMV awareness connection. They tended to value women more greatly than their own potential for a later realized SMV peak – or they never realized that peak due to not making this awareness connection.

Well, I’m afraid that’s all I have space for today class. I hope this brief intensive has given you some food for thought as you enter a feminized world legally and socially dedicated to the benefit of optimizing hypergamy. Just remember, as you see your illustrious manosphere instructors gazing proudly from the gallery in our professorial caps and gowns, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Class dismissed.


[Update] Star student White Raven at Elephants and Trees has posted his most excellent term paper regarding the SMP. A+, highly recommended.

Published by Rollo Tomassi

Author of The Rational Male and The Rational Male, Preventive Medicine

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  5. Your graph completely ignores the obesity epidemic. I believe that young men no longer have enough salient cues to evaluate age and fertility as they mature and as they gain experience with their peers because their female peers look like 40-year-old uglors at 15 and they themselves are fat, inactive, low-T basement creatures.

    I had looked forward to not having to deal with awkward advances and strange fumblings as I sail right past your graph’s predicted point of obsolescence. Instead I find myself cornered by an older friend’s teenage stepson, or accosted by “dudes” at a music fest, or chatted up inappropriately by young men who are not my peers. I do not think that boys and men know how to gauge age any more, since they themselves are fat and most of the females around them are so obese that a genuinely female human hip to waist ratio blinds them to all other aspects of skin tone etc. that convey chronological age.

    There simply are too few young women of normal weight for age to be the controlling factor in attractiveness or, as you put it, SMV now.

    I’ve been fierce about maintaining my fitness levels and can still wear clothes I got right after puberty. I was educated about how to do this because fat is unattractive and easy to modify, there is shame in being voluntarily unattractive, and it’s easier to work harder and longer to make more money at a low weight with good muscle tone. Many young women (and young men) are being taught that there is no shame in being fat and that athletics are as easy as walking around the block slowly; you can get a burst of energy from a can of soda and a candy bar as you sit on an XXL office chair tapping away, pretending to work. Kids today start out as overweight at puberty and blossom into lard bouquets in junior high; they have never had a chance to feel and be beautiful or experience the joys of athletic achievement.

    My experience is not isolated: a number of my fit, older female friends are also subjects of intense interest for men of a wide range of ages, and some of them maintain their own harems of men quite happy to have access to a human-sized female no matter what her age.

    It’s not just about hitting us and quitting us, either – I have had more than a handful of marriage proposals in the past three years, when I have been far past your proposed age of greatest desirability, and most of them have been from reasonably decent men both older and younger than me who simply don’t want to have physical contact with obese women no matter how “nice” or “giving” or whatever the lingo is you use for “easily pleased and happy to have a man, any man” she might be.

    I would be able to enjoy being an invisible crone if young women would simply eat less and exercise more.

  6. You’re a service to men able to not be duped by bs and see things as they are. I’m 28, and can say admitedly that the women I dated wasn’t the best I could get. I’m on the young enough spectrum of smv to have thought that womens smv is somehow always higher. I am on the fence with wanting kids but am relieved to have my back of the mind echos confirmed, if i pull it together i can pull 23 year old good girls at 40 (like ive seen happen).

    Mens smv not peaking until 40 simply buys you way more time to do what you want besides stuff related to females. I have male friends fretting over turning 30 not seeing the bigger picture and thinking they should actually persue late 20’s 30’s women that rag on ‘immature’ (hotter, not burnt out, and potentially not party girls).

    I’m in no financial position to think about a family now but I do have quite a bit to get my shit together if having a kid ever becomes a serious thought. Can’t take having kids seriously while poor, kinda want my potential future spawn to have capital to inherit rather then railroaded into servitude. If I had a boy at least I have real lessons to pass on rather then leave them fumbling and risking never seeing manosphere realities.

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  9. Incisive article.

    Wonder how the curves might shift if the polled could be grouped by age cohort or even demographic. Example: a (highly educated) woman on the far right “tail” still obtains a multitude of hits on a social media platform; yet indicates she is not interested in younger men, preferring instead someone in her own cohort where there is commonality of historical world perspective (of course, perhaps more Matrix manifest — who knows.)

    Interesting dissection of something everyone implicitly “knows” yet few (if any) truly understands.

    Strong Work.

  10. A quote from 10×10 in the comment section of the Mental Point of Origin essay

    “When analyzing relationship dynamics it is important to understand that women will sleep with a man whose TOTAL value crosses her threshold, not just his game value.”

    From my own experience I would say this is true. I’m a 5 on the SMV rankings. On a good day (and in a certain light) a 5.5, maybe a 6* (* for vanity’s sake). Certainly no more than that.
    But almost, inexplicably some features of mine are elevated to a 10 for an intermittent period.
    I’m aware of this, because of the strength of the IOIs I get when my 10 is functioning. The problem is the rest of me is a 5 (culturally, social status, game, or lack of). So women will show interest in those moments, but register a healthy dose of disdain. It’s as if she’s both attracted and repelled in the same instance.
    As 10×10 states, it takes more than any one component to be successful with women.

  11. the only way a man can make himself feel better, prop up his value, is by saying he’s more attractive when older and stinkier, than when he’s younger. this is bs at full steam ahead.

    all people are most attractive in their 20s. it’s just fact. after 30 – forget it.

    I dated a 27 year old guy when I was 19 and I thought, even though he was quite attractive, his older body just didn’t really turn me on. I preferred guys my age.

    think of that next time you go for a younger girl – they’re not interested in you after you’re 26. it’s just that no woman will actually say this out loud – we aren’t fucked in the head like most ‘rational men’

    1. And still statistically women prefer men 5-7 years their senior and find men in their 30s to be the most attractive because they (also statistically) tend to possess the many qualities women seek in an LTR at around this age.

  12. Request permission to use your graphic of SMP in a repost (with permission) of Dalrock’s “Women’s morphing need for male investment” – which includes your graphic.

    Re-posting it at the Fabius Maximus website.

    Here is our About page:

    Here are our posts about the gender wars:

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