The Golden Ticket

Imagine, if you will, that you buy a lottery ticket and you win. After taxes the payoff is $2 million. Not an exorbitant amount by today’s standards, but still quite a lot of money for the average paycheck to paycheck person. For some it may be what could be described as Fuck You Money, easily enough for most people to retire on very comfortably.

How would this newfound fortune change your life? How would it change your family and your friend’s dealing with you? Would they be happy for you? Maybe jealous? Would you be able to manage the changes in your daily routine? If you were accustomed to one lifestyle and then switched to a more affluent lifestyle would it be a good change? Or would you become someone else?

Now lets say you could possibly win $100 million if you made an almost certain bet. There were still some risks involved, but nothing that would threaten your life in the short term. How would winning this kind of money reflect on your daily routine? Would it be different than your winning $2 million? Money would cease to be an object for you for the rest of your life and likely the lives of your children, maybe even grandchildren and all you really had to do was make a smart bet that you believed would pay off.

What if you only won $1 million or $500,000, but you were only making $36,000 a year and scraping by the best you could? Again, all you have to do is look for the best opportunity to make a short term sacrifice and the money would be yours. Would you compromise your ‘principles’ (assuming you have any) temporarily to change your life in the long term more significantly?

Imagine you had a Golden Ticket that had a potential to win you $70,000 per year or if you played things right it had the potential to earn you $10 million per year if you were wise enough to capitalize on it. How would that change your outlook on life?

What rationales would that prompt you to in order to reconcile that other people might not have the same potential for cashing in –without really earning it – that you do?

Here’s your Ticket

Okay, got that in your head now? Good. Now imagine that you’re given this Golden Ticket at the tender age of 12 years old. It’s handed to you and you’re told, “Keep this ticket with you forever. You can redeem it for more money while you’re young, but the longer you hold on to it the less it will be worth. Even still, it should be valuable for most of your life if you can manage to hold on to it.” And even after you’ve cashed the ticket in you can still retain it for a time, because some people have been able to trade one prize for a larger one by taking the ticket back and redeeming it for a better prize later.

Now you begin to believe that you deserve the biggest prize because, well, you’ve been deprived of things. You’re special; special enough to know you deserve the very best after having been deprived of these things as one of a long line of people who’ve also been deprived of things – the best things – or so they’ve told you.

You could always earn some money and get the things you and your people have never been able to reliably get, at least, again, that’s what they’ve told you. You have a lot of personal potential, you’re independent, you have a lot of respectable strengths, so you know you could always merit the things you deserve. But you still have this Golden Ticket in your hand, why wouldn’t you use it? You could earn some money, maybe a lot, but it will never be as reliable or as much as the money the Golden Ticket could net you – if you know just when to redeem it.


All that said, there are going to be a few stipulations to this lottery, but still, they’re not as steep when you compare them to having to actually earn a similar prize.

The first stipulation: You must stay physically fit. In fact, the better you look the better your potential prize could be. As you age this potential decays, but even still, you occasionally see some people cash out their ticket for great prizes despite their age. They just had to apply themselves more in the gym to get it.

The second stipulation: You must be agreeable, accommodating, even a bit flirty. You must put forward the impression that you are someone who genuinely deserves the best prize that the ticket might offer to a special person like you. You must give the perception that the experience of you deserves the highest potential prize imaginable.

The third stipulation: You must position yourself in social situations where the potential for the biggest payout for your ticket can be maximized. Sometimes, not always, but often these settings might make you uncomfortable, but hey, you wanted to make the most of the ticket, right? This stipulation really isn’t all that discomforting when you realize that once you have cashed in your ticket you’ll be the one deciding where you live and who you’ll choose to associate with anyway. At least that’s what the lottery organizers would have you believe.

There are a few more minor stipulations, but, for all of this, you still deserve the biggest prize that opportunity might bring your way. So, while the best thing would be for you to stay in shape and be ready for a big prize, the people playing the same lottery as you – most with the same potential – will tell you none of this really matters. They insist that you just being you is enough for you to win a big prize. Or it should be.

It’s almost as if they want you to believe that you can dismiss all the stipulations and still make out pretty good. In fact they praise you for going against the stipulations. They complain about how unfair these rules are and that for people as deprived as themselves, and for as long as they and their predecessors have been deprived, they should simply be given the highest, best and most secure forms of the prize – all irrespective of the very minimal stipulations as they are.

This is the Golden Ticket! How dare anyone place prerequisites on us to get the prizes we so thoroughly deserve. How dare anyone make us earn our birthright. But for all this discontent, the rules of the game still apply, and the people who embrace and master the stipulations largely seem to get the biggest and best prizes. And the ones complaining about the stipulations only seem to drag down the people with the same Golden Ticket, and their prizes are usually nothing compared to the people who take the stipulations to heart.

The Agreement

Finally, and maybe most importantly, there is one last detail of this lottery to consider. In order to keep the biggest and best prizes you have to sign a very loose and totally non-binding contract that only benefits you and ensures you will continue to be paid dividends should you decide to renege on the agreement and take your ticket back to use it again. The contract can be broken by you at any time, and even when you do you’ll still receive a substantial percentage of your original prize in monthly installments and usually for the rest of of your life.

Still, your signing this contract will limit your capacity to play this lottery in the future. If you see the potential for a better prize after you’ve signed the contract of limitations you’ll be less able to capitalize on it. However, the way that the contract is written it doesn’t necessarily exclude you from winning and even bigger prize should the opportunity arise. Your ticket reserves the right to be redeemed for other prizes if you make some wise bets.

So, at the end here, we get to the larger point of this metaphor; how would this ticket change the way you live your life? How would it influence your future decisions? How would the ticket affect your personal relationships with your best friends, some of whom have tickets themselves? How would the subconscious knowledge of the ticket alter your dealings with a husband, a wife, the children you may have or your immediate family?

Would the ticket define who you will become in life?

Published by Rollo Tomassi

Author of The Rational Male and The Rational Male, Preventive Medicine

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  1. Or they find out their wife has a triple digit n-count.

    See, there’s this thing called a “hymen”…I’ve felt a few of them…kind of important to know what they feel like if you’re looking for a virgin–and they all aren’t quite the same.

  2. @Anonymous Reader I think you are cherry picking outlier examples.

    In response to a fuzzy hypothetical, yeah. Provide more concreteness.

    How often does this actually happen in real life? There may be *examples* of men paying for children proven not to be theirs, but surely a genetic test is good enough for the majority of court cases.

    How many days do you have in your state to contest being named as a father on a birth cert? Do the research, you may be surprised. Bear in mind she doesn’t have to tell you in some places.

    Just how many MGTOW’s are reallllly in danger of being snared by a woman in this way?

    Where’s the “game changer”? Nobody has been able to show this yet.

  3. Seriously LEX, a man who does not know the law, any law, has no chance to protect himself from the law, or by using the law. It’s like going into a high stakes card game without knowing the rules.

  4. @anonymous reader

    “Yep. Has been for a while. Still don’t see how it is a game changer.”

    Puts birth control square in the hands of man. Hence, women will play the game like they’re the ones in control of birth while the BB’s they plan to fleece shoot blanks all over their faces.

    Then BB’s get to learn just enough game to keep the fact of the matter quiet, and then women end up having to be the ones looking stupid trying to bring the game up above board whenever they aren’t trolling for dick.

    This way they never get a helping of either man’s seed unless he’s consciously aware of it.

  5. Was reading De Sade again this morning and yet another Red Pill truth bomb was dropped:

    “Women are not made for one single man; It is for men at large Nature created them.”

    …it reminds me of that saying that circulates in the manosphere:
    “She isn’t yours, it’s just your turn”

  6. @SJF

    Unlike women, my reaction to facts and truth is not very emotionally driven!


    Lol, your statement will make some married men here scratch their heads a bit!

  7. On this

    “Or.. she’s definitely yours if no one better wants a turn”

    There are places where you can park a Ferrari with the windows down and the keys in it for days and nothing will happen to it.

    And places where it won’t last a half an hour.

    How many men do you know that will step to it and drive off? How many would try and smash the window if it was locked?

    I do know many who would shit their pants if it was dropped off in their driveway however. All worried about titles and insurance and gas money and shit.

  8. I got harassed by the sheriff and given a ticket for weaving and for having an open container. The laws have apparently changed on open containers (shock!) and I needed to have it stashed behind the passenger seat instead of lying between the seats. The container was a steel bottle with the stopper screwed in which had some sangria.

    I’m still dealing with jet lag and loss of sleep and it was a windy night and I was hypnotized by the road and the wind pushed me off center and I overcorrected a little. My blood alcohol was about half the legal limit, so I didn’t get a DUI, but the sheriff ran me through all kinds of tests, which he said I failed. I never did swerve into another lane. The sheriff queried me about other drugs, which I hadn’t taken except my one prescription med.

    I told the sheriff about the jet lag and trip to the ‘pines, but he thought that I ought to have recovered in a day or so. I told him that he apparently has never been to the Philippines.

    So I have a court date with a possibility of jail. But since my rap sheet is clean, probably community service with probation if convicted. If I can convince the judge of mitigating circumstances, maybe I can countersue the county for malicious imprisonment.

  9. After a second reading, I found myself thinking, “who would want a life like that?” By Rollo’s definition, women have a sad existence. Thomas is right… Men can be both the pawns and the prize.

    It’s not Society that compels women to buy into these rationalizations that they inherently deserve the best life has to offer: they do that to themselves. Men (and women now) simply capitalize on this and sell products to these people, which creates the impression in our minds that Society is pulling strings.

  10. Some fake
    It’s not Society that compels women to buy into these rationalizations that they inherently deserve the best life has to offer: they do that to themselves.

    Who was it that convinced women in 1929 to call cigarettes “Liberty Torches”?

  11. I’ve used a similar concept when discussing the female earnings gap with friends.

    There are 3 ways to a nice comfortable life:
    1.) You inherent wealth.
    2.) You earn money in some fashion.
    3.) You provide value to another person to the extent they share their income with you. Define that value as you like, but it’s typically reproductive and child rearing.

    Only the first two are legitimately available to men. Once you understand this simple concept, the reason a low number of women genuinely grind to the top of the corporate ladder becomes obvious. They simply don’t need to. (Skipping over the arguments whether women are capable of it at all. I’ve worked with some terrific female leaders. You won’t be surprised, however, to find out they are pretty masculine and not all that attractive romantically.)

  12. 4. Develop independence and self reliance first and foremost. Don’t become dependant. Particularly inside your head.

    G’night all.

  13. O/T. Meant to post this in Primordial Archetypes:

    Building off the following recent comment Rollo made on his Twitter feed:

    “Not only are DNA tests either illegal or discouraged for men, it is illegal for an OBGYN or their staff to inform a man that a child is not biologically his own. This is the the War on Paternity.”

    Ladies, you, too, can trap a man for just $9.95 (fake sonograms, fake ultrasounds).
    Even have fake DNA tests and paternity papers to lock that successful man who has options down:

    Couched as a fun gag, r-i-ight.
    Gloating hypergamy laughing at itself.

    In the midst of this Kavanaugh mess, I’m sure some feminist is out there trying to figure out how to create http://www.fakearapekit

  14. This Blasey Ford nonsense is a gigantic shittest from the feminine imperative to see just how far they’ve come from Kangaroo courts on college campuses to the Supreme Court. All thoughts of due process have been thrown out the women for “that poor woman”. If they succeed with this, our society is deeply fucked. Not to forget Anita Hill, but maybe we’ll see the effectiveness of feminine progress if this man is blocked from nomination.

  15. In regards to the Kavanaugh circus going on… for the sake of argument lets just pretend the accusation story is mostly true (hard to do, but try) and let’s look at it from his P.O.V. even with the modern expectations and ambiguity around sexual interaction.

    So you have a couple of teenage kids all full of horomones (and probably other intoxicants too) at a house party. He makes a sexual advance on her, kissing on a bed with clothes on. She admits to ‘giving mixed messages’ -bitch slang for I was a tease and then backed out, but at least we can assume his initial advance was welcomed. So he’s a clumsy, horny teenage boy and he tries to advance things further.. She backs out, says no, whatever and that’s pretty much the end of the story.. It sounds to me like women ought to be applauding his correct, semi-masculine behavior… He sacked up, made a committed advance on some HB3.. she stonewalled him and then decided to leave him with blueballs.. which he seemingly accepted like a man. No claims of actual assault, rape, or anything at all except that 35 years later this cock tease decides she doesn’t appreciate how she was ‘almost assaulted’. Fuck her, I’ll bet he didn’t like it too much either. And all that is assuming ANY of her sketchy story might be true!

    Then there’s this jewel:

    “between 1983 and 1984, when Kavanaugh and Deborah Ramirez were classmates at Yale, the then-18-year-old Kavanaugh, “exposed himself at a drunken dormitory party, thrust his penis in [Ramirez’s] face, and caused her to touch it without her consent as she pushed him away.”

    Holy shit! How totally awful!! She sorta kinda brushed against an unconsensual penis one time at a drunken dorm party… Yeah, like she’d never had a dick in her face before.. LMAO
    All I know is if that was the worst thing to happen to her in college, she’s a very lucky woman..

  16. Re: Blax commenting on SCOTUS confirm hearings, being a typical superficial idiot as he is on every political subject. It’s quite funny to watch, actually. Same thing on economics, he’s just a moron emitting vaporous throwaway lines yet poses as though someone might take him seriously. It’s really too much for this space. More than a couple of the men here are geniuses or high geniuses, Blax should know when to be a spectator and in learn mode. And of course, when I catch him here bloviating as he does, I sort him out for the record. Not for him – guys like Blax are impervious to criticism and new information. He’s very typical of what I call “semi-smart” – and usually such people have a sense of their own intelligence based on hanging around stupid people, lol. No such luck her, you deceptive, partisan, agitprop spewing hack.

    Blax – Garland wasn’t confirmed due to the motherfucking “BIDEN RULE” in which we don’t run confirmation hearings in a POTUS election year. A rule invented by Dem scumbags who are new merely living with the standards they set up themselves. To try and compare that to the embarrassing mess being stirred up in the U.S. senate by lowlife, radical revolutionary socialists in the Dem party is to advertise what an ignorant hack you are.

    Carry on. Blax is a natural alpha who is unconsciously competent about it. Hence he fakes his way through the Red Pill and tells lots of stories. Some of which is entertaining, if a bit repetitive.

    But when he goes off on politics, he’s just another black poseur, trading on his identity in the hopes he won’t encounter people who actually know a thing or two. You think by now he’d realize his sophomoric political dreck isn’t wanted here – but hey, that’s the thing about being Blax – he already knows it all, and believes we are so lucky to hear whatever falls out of his mouth.

    Stop emitting ignorant bullshit, and i’ll stop smashing such BS to bits, and you for that matter. And don’t bother responding, you know by my actions that I’m clear discussing anything with you is a waste of my time.If you do respond, its for the rest of the guys here. Good luck with that, I know your “standing” here is incredibly important to you. Please, flail away and take your cheap shots now. I gotta get back to my empire…

  17. My favorite comment on Metoo v. Kavanaugh was one guy who simply said, “I grew up respecting women. Now I barely listen to a word they say.”

  18. Tonight @ 7:00 Kavanaugh is interviewed by Fox News’ Martha MacCallum

    In the interview, Kavanaugh emphatically denied Ford’s claim against him, telling McCallum that he was a virgin through high school and for “many years after.”

    Not sure how that is going to go over with the #MeToo movementers. Oh, wait, yes I do. They’ll judge him as Beta, with motive.

    Not out of the Corey Worthington playbook.

  19. Clarification: He’s not accused of fucking anybody.

    I dan’t care either way, but I don’t care for obfuscation.

    Enough ” bloviation ” from me….


  20. First time commenter here but longtime reader. Just had a question for you Rollo. Do you believe Ariana Grande to be a celebrity example of a woman with Borderline Personality Disorder, same as Asia Argento?

  21. “Do you believe Ariana Grande to be a celebrity example of a woman with Borderline Personality Disorder, same as Asia Argento?”


    Why did you use the Avatar name Lip Gallagher?

    What is your basis for asking that question.

    Are you frustrated? Do you not have release from constraint when it comes to getting off with women?

    That inquiry is nominally a inquiry into helping you going forward. Please proceed with comment discussion. Do not flame out.

    You obviously have a desire to discuss.

    But looking to Ariana Grande is not a topic of discussion. She’s weak. She’s Awalt. She’s faking that her whatever boyfriend/ husband will persist. Not hardly give it 2-4 years.

    To ask your question, you are in a Frame outside yourself. Come back into you. Don’t care what women are. Care what you are.

    That’s not to say don’t choose among the possibilities for girls that may come your way.

    What do women want ? Who Cares?

    That does not mean what you think it means.

  22. I chose that handle to A) remain anonymous, and B) because he’s a young beta male with tons of alpha potential (intelligence, good looks, a critical mind.) I don’t even like the show. I just watch it to follow his evolution and see if he’ll become the man he is meant to.

    In regards to the part about Ariana Grande, I guess I have fallen into the wrong frame. I’m only curious because I myself was in a relationship with a young BPD woman. It really doesn’t matter all that much, however.

  23. Good answer Lip

    Lip Gallagher character was meant to be a drama farce character.

    He’s not real.He’s not accomplished or shows signs he’s going to.

    Don’t emulate pie in the sky potential.

    As far as Arianda Grande happens, that may be sales. Disneyland Baby. Don’t look to media about what is real. It will mold a false front for the FI. Arianda Grande is just playing for sales ascendance. She won’t go wrong in that, now. But she won’t help you solve your problems by glancing at her situ.

    Being in a relationship with a BPD chick for a short duration is the best fucking thing ever. Short duration even better. I had one back in the old days. One of my buddies had one lately and it should be a message for the wiser of you.

    It really doesn’t matter all that much, however.

    That is not really true. It either hurts you or inspires you. Good or Bad.

    Don’t lack clarity here Lip.

    Lip Gallagher strove for clarity, but for roadblocks in his head and in reality. Not the best role model. Scraping by. Having limitations. Not knowing when proceeding is proper.

    But at least he was Action.

  24. Hey Lip

    That last comment was meant to shit test you.

    Meant to test you in the arena.

    Keep commenting.

    Google search: Teddy Roosevelt, Man in the Arena Speech. Ever heard of that concept, you who fancy yourself as Lip Gallagher?

    There is well beyond Lip,

    Lip is trying to keep his head above water as a young male without resources but his own whit.

    He’s meant to be shown as a farce.

    If not for his conditions, anyone can do better in red pill with his mindset. He does good for himself, despite being in a deep, deep hole to start with.

    Bottom line? Don’t go about just surviving at best. Push to thrive and be an apex Pareto best.

    20/80 Best/boring.

  25. I concur that Borderlines are transcendent in the honeymoon phase. The one who woke me to the Red Pill was three years ago now, and since then I’ve learned to recognize these demonic women for who they are, terminating the relationship after those first few or so blissful months. Before the devaluing and betaization wears in. Playing with fire, I know.

  26. I was much worse off three years ago today. I was hapless if not for what little of the Red Pill I’d managed to swallow, but even that couldn’t save me. My experience with that sweet bitch was what drove me to embrace self improvement like never before. Out of darkness there is light. I’m still a beta, but a superior one than the old me, and that’s what matters. No day is the same as the last. Tabula rasa (but not the leftoid version, the mindfulness one.)

    What I’ve come to realize is that what separates man from boy, the main difference between an alpha and a beta, is that the man has the discipline and driving motivation to act long term. Whereas the boy simply gratifies his immediate desires, reactively. He has a high time preference in economic phraseology. So I must become that alpha. I have to. For the sake of my lineage, if not happiness in life.

  27. Jesus, Lip Gallagher, with a little mentoring you can be someone.

    Nice job at lipping off just now.

    You got the goods.You seem to be inspired. Gods keep you in Red Pill…

  28. Thanks. Where there is conviction, there is apt to be strength of will and purpose. Now, I’m off to watch that video you recommended. Teddy Rose was one badass mofo in his time, haha.

  29. Is the female deal a real golden ticket… the front loaded SMV with rapid time decay independent of your efforts to develop yourself (aside from your looks)?

    Maybe… I think it is a good deal if you are 1SD above the mean for your peers in looks and it is a killer deal if you are 2SD above.

    Below 1SD tho… the drop off is steep. Once you get below the mean, there is no real golden ticket… only imagined ones. Below the mean… the “golden ticket” is a used up ticket stub that some wino wiped his ass with.

    So do men have the better deal… the delayed SMV increase that is heavily dependent on your success (or failure) in your self development?

    I think it is dependent on your ability to deal with the burden of performance. If you can manage it, being a man is the better deal. If you struggle with it, the deal women get can look pretty good.

    Either way, there is no golden ticket for men… too much work goes into climbing (and maintaining your position in) the hierarchy to describe the male situation as a “golden ticket”.

    But it is the better deal, IMO.

    As some wise man once wrote… If you want to make it to the top, be a man. If you want to avoid the bottom, be a woman.

  30. “I always believed that its not too wise to listen to what women say wrt what’s “attractive” (tall, handsome, rich, 10 inch dick…).”

    Agree… sort of.

    If you ask Julie, “Hey Julie… what do you look for in a man?”, you are 99% certain to get an answer that is misleading at best or straight up false at worse.

    But if you listen to the conversations that women have when they think no one is listening, and if you watch their behavior without bias, I believe women will paint a very accurate picture of what they are attracted to and what arouses them.

    Based on this comment…

    “I’ve learned more over years about feminine nature, from interacting with actual females. Guys helped initially, but the brass tacks stuff came straight from the horses mouth, and by observation over a very long time.”

    …I suspect you agree.

  31. “Is the female deal a real golden ticket… the front loaded SMV with rapid time decay independent of your efforts to develop yourself (aside from your looks)?….

    …I think it is dependent on your ability to deal with the burden of performance. If you can manage it, being a man is the better deal. If you struggle with it, the deal women get can look pretty good.

    Either way, there is no golden ticket for men… too much work goes into climbing (and maintaining your position in) the hierarchy to describe the male situation as a “golden ticket”.

    You are forgetting that women are mold-able and with a healthy red pill it is possible not to become Betatized by a woman:

    “So now I have firmly established the reasoning behind my belief in woman’s greater malleability, I return to my original point: a woman is to be moulded, a man is to mould. If a man is to find a woman when she is young, he can craft her into the woman he wants her to be, be it that young women are ever pliable, and if mentally healthy, ever hopeful at their prospects of a future with a strong man who loves them.

    Much as I said in “Women of Substance Are Made, Not Born”, a good woman is the handiwork of great men, ideally well-raised by a strong father, but at the very least young and receptive to dominant, masculine governance. A woman cannot, try it as she may, become the embodiment of what a man wants without her chosen partner having a hand in the matter, for her constitution is innately erratic, and as such, in the absence of a strong male figure in her life, she will in all likelihood fall prey to predacious dogma and sully herself.

    The value of a young woman extends beyond the appeal of her physical youth and fertility, although both are covetously desirable in and of themselves, it is her malleability to be formed into a woman who complements a man that is her main draw. Older women are, much to the dismay of men everywhere, not solely lacking in beauty, but largely irredeemable in that they lack the pliability archetypal of young women.

    Bitter older woman unable to secure a dominant alpha who see a young woman coupled with a man perhaps ten or even fifteen years her senior have an instinct to shame the couple, more specifically, the man. It is said by spinsters of ever-increasing opinionation that such men are no more than perverts, that they only covet a young woman’s body and sexuality, and that if such men were as refined as they, they’d look to date someone “more mature.” Be it that maturity for women is little more than bitterness that erodes their femininity, the point of maturity is an entirely moot point, for women mature little in adulthood. These spinsters disguise their vitriolic bitterness as concern for the well-being of young women, but in reality they are the jealous crabs in the bucket, scornful of the men who don’t want them, jealous of the women who can get them.

    The man must act upon and mould a woman more than she does him, for if the woman is to act upon and mould the man, she will create something she finds abhorrent. More simply and explicitly stated, a woman will mould a man into someone she despises, but a man will mould a woman into someone he loves.

  32. SJF… Yes

    I dont mean to imply that a womans total value is completely based on looks and nothing else though I see how my comment could be interpreted that way.

    To be more clear, the non-physical criteria for women seem to me to be MULTIPLIERS of a womans core value proposition to men. They matter, but they are not part of the primary thing that makes women attractive.

    For men, the non-looks criteria ARE part of the core value* proposition that men offer women.

    *in this context, ‘value’ is not limited to ‘provisioning capacity’ (BB)… it can also mean AF.

    I think these observations go a long way to answering Rollos question at the end of how such a ‘golden ticket’ (or lack of one in the case of men) will impact how you approach life… your behavior/actions, your views, etc

    Q: What would you do at work if your salary was mostly independent of your work output?
    A: Probably work less.

    Oh sure there will be a few hard drivers who love their work and will produce to capacity regardless… but most individuals will slack… its just a fact.

    This is why women will ALWAYS be under represented in all of the top positions in society… their core value does not depend on doing the hard work necessary to acquire value in excess of what they were born with.

    I believe it was you who speculated a few comments back if there was/was not a male version of the ‘golden ticket’.

    I would say that if there is one it is this: as a man, you have greater control over your core value proposition in a way that women just dont have. Though I would not refer to this as a golden ticket due to the fact that it requires sustained effort and the phrase ‘golden ticket’ implies a gift of sorts.

  33. “I think it is dependent on your ability to deal with the burden of performance. If you can manage it, being a man is the better deal. If you struggle with it, the deal women get can look pretty good.

    Either way, there is no golden ticket for men… too much work goes into climbing (and maintaining your position in) the hierarchy to describe the male situation as a “golden ticket”…..

    …..I would say that if there is one it is this: as a man, you have greater control over your core value proposition in a way that women just dont have. Though I would not refer to this as a golden ticket due to the fact that it requires sustained effort and the phrase ‘golden ticket’ implies a gift of sorts.”

    Well said.

    Carl Friedrich Gauss (German Mathematician, 1775-1855) said this about the pursuit of knowlege:

    “It is not knowledge, but the act of learning, not possession but the act of getting there, which grants the greatest enjoyment. When I have clarified and exhausted a subject, then I turn away from it, in order to go into darkness again. The never-satisfied man is so strange; if he has completed a structure, then it is not in order to dwell in it peacefully, but in order to begin another. I imagine the world conqueror must feel thus, who, after one kingdom is scarcely conquered, stretches out his arms for others.”

  34. “I think it is dependent on your ability to deal with the burden of performance. If you can manage it, being a man is the better deal. If you struggle with it, the deal women get can look pretty good.”

    I think some men deal better with the burden of performance when they remain plugged in into the blue pill world! Women are the driving force behind it! Nature punishes you if you try to look away from your hard-wired predisposition to connect with women, to provide and sacrifice yourself for them. It doesn’t even make sense from evolutionary perspective for the male to perform his burden just for himself, as this would lead to his extinction if said burden wasn’t linked with the female and his offspring.
    That’s why many MGTOWs get so depressed after swallowing the red pill, it removes this intrinsic motivation. Many ancient religions around the world who practise clerical celibacy were well aware of this problem hence they have invented rituals/traditions to facilitate the sexual sublimation/transmutation of male sexual energy into something else.

  35. Yeah… KFC posted the same Gauss quote a couple weeks back.

    I guess everyone on this blog is the “never satisfied man” since most of what we discuss here changes very little in its fundamental nature and is, basically, rehashing of already covered material… over and over and over.

    Should we simply stop debating and re-hashing so that we can “dwell in our knowledge peacefully”?

    I would say no.

    I am guessing that you agree with that assessment given the quote you directed at SND recently:

    Stop Hoping for a Completion of Anything in Life
    by David Deida

    Most men make the error of thinking that one day it will be done. They think, “If I can work enough, then one day I could rest.” Or, “One day my woman will understand something and then she will stop complaining.” Or, “I’m only doing this now so that one day I can do what I really want with my life.” The masculine error is to think that eventually things will be different in some fundamental way. They won’t. It never ends.

  36. Someone in southern France got themselves a pretty good ticket at the end of the last century and beginning of this one.

    About half of the paintings by a minor impressionist named Etienne Terrus in the museum in his home town turn out to be forgeries.

    The museum, which is run by City Hall, purchased the works in question over a 20-year period between 1990 and 2010. They are thought to have spent around 160,000 euros on the works.

    The take works out to 8K Euros per year. Now, 8,000 Euros / year isn’t much of a gold ticket, but likely the forger(s) figured “Eh, eet beats working!”.

    There might be a pretty interesting story under all that, if it ever gets told.

  37. “The masculine error is to think that eventually things will be different in some fundamental way. They won’t. It never ends.”
    Gold that is…accepting what is and continuing the burden of performance.

  38. Ok, Rugby

    “Interesting read on the comment’s”

    I didn’t read any of the reddit comments.

    But the referenced material (original essay) was such that “girl just get’s it” via intuition. She’s got a male intuition.

    Click on her about Who’s Alex?at the top of the essay. Bright blue eyes, opened.

    She actually doesn’t have much of a point. Just awareness.

    And Rugby. Stop posting links. You are better than that.

  39. SJF
    I was just reminiscing on what Orson was writing about with the burden of performance being harsher in a red pill context than staying in the blue pill. Went out last evening and played an the field. Spoke about Zeno and I’m reading The practicing stoic by ward farnsworth. Got my license officially 2 days ago and have set myself to catapult me out only my current condition. However when I look back at my choices in my life I see a pattern of ignorance. As a doctor what is your threshold for making the same mistake more than once? The exact same one not a new mistake but a pattern of disturbance in the body’s homeostasis?

  40. Orson is a negative pessimist about girls.

    They are fun when they are feminine.

    “I”’m reading The Practicing Stoic by Ward Farnsworth.”

    Sweet Jesus.

    “However when I look back at my choices in my life I see a pattern of ignorance.”

    Surely. We’ve all had our blind spots.

    “As a doctor what is your threshold for making the same mistake more than once? The exact same one not a new mistake but a pattern of disturbance in the body’s homeostasis?”

    I count one “mistake” in 25 years. And I don’t think the patient had misfortune. It was totally clinically benign looking. One couldn’t have figured. You call the shots where they lay. You can’r always be perfect, despite that being a supreme goal.

    You lean out to your edge. You don’t have to fall off that edge.

    Take care to do your best.

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