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Just a quick heads up here. I’ll be doing a live call-in chat with Obsidian and Alan Roger Currie tomorrow at 1pm PST. This was kind of spur of the moment so I’m not really sure what the topics will be, but we’re likely to be all over the Red Pill map.

I went on Alan’s show earlier this year and it was pretty entertaining so I can imagine what talking to him and Obsidian will be like. Sorry for the short notice, but if there’s anything you’ve ever wanted to ask me or you just want to go live with us you can find the show here tomorrow at 1pm on the west coast.

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14 comments on “Live with Obsidian and Alan Roger Currie

  1. 1). I’ll be at work at that time; will you have the discussion recorded for download? 2). It’s because of your discussion with Alan Currie that I bought both your books from our mutual good friends at Abebooks. If you go on a lecture tour give us a heads up so I can book time off to go. Seattle is the closest location I can get to (from Canada) unless you come directly here to Vancouver.

  2. Rollo, I stumbled upon something that I thought might interest you (as in a possible discussion topic). It’s called Guys pay a monthly fee for daily videos of women telling them how pathetic they are and how the women want all of their money. This is not a joke and I am in no way associated with this nonsense.

  3. ‘Eat Pray Love’ author Elizabeth Gilbert reveals lesbian love
    …”For those of you who are doing the math here, and who are wondering if this situation is why my marriage came to an end this spring, the simple answer is yes,” she said in a Facebook post published Wednesday. “This summer has been an essential period of silence, healing, and incubation for us. I have needed that time, and I’ve been grateful to have it. But summer is over. I have work to do in the world — work that I can’t put off anymore.”…

    …Did I f*ck people I shouldn’t have? Definitely. I had sex with a bunch of assholes and even one guy who had a girlfriend back home. Do I regret it? No way! Each sexual experience you have is a part of who you are. Every one of those dickwads I banged taught me something about the world.

    …Having a college sweetheart is cute and everything, but I think it is SO overrated. When you get out of college, there will be so many boys and so much TIME to be settled down. Do that later. Enjoy your freedom while it lasts and there’s no pressure to get married.

    College isn’t the time for finding a husband, it’s the time for finding yourself. So much growth happens in those formative four years. Don’t limit yourself…..

  5. Longforso, that’s pretty much the standard line for women today. Ride the cock carousel in college, ride it harder afterwards, then jump off onto the back of some thirsty Beta around the age of 28, marry at 29, have two children by 35, then frivorce him because of unhaaaapiness and monkey branch before 40.

    Then bitch about “No Good Men” for years and years.

    “Quality women”, yep.

  6. Good show with minimal tech issues, however I didn’t see anyway to easily download it, plus no way to tell how much time was left in the podcast. Plus no way I could find to pause that player app. Don’t much care for being glued to one place for an unknown number of minutes. Yeah, I know, whine, whine, whine.

    That aside, it was a pretty good summing up of a number of trends and issues we’ve seen in the androsphere over the last few years, and a very good assessment of what Purple pill is, and why it matters.

  7. The player is hiding as a top bar.

    Not in all browsers. Sigh. S’ok, I know for next time which one to use, which one to not use.

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