Interview Two


Just a quick update here: the latest interview I did with Christian McQueen on my birthday (April 2nd) is now available for download.

We went for a solid 2 hours and 20 minutes, so settle in or download it and listen at your leisure. I’m going to make this post’s comment thread an open one for questions or comments regarding the show. The response to the last one was overwhelming and is still the most listened to podcast on Christian’s old format so I’ll stay active in this comment thread for a bit to answer anything you may want to ask me.

I’ll be back to regular posting on Monday.

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  1. Even better interview than the first one. Expecting my copy of Preventive Medicine in the mail any day now. Thank you again for all of your work.

  2. Brilliant episode as expected..
    on the next one, can you abit in detail about the difference between the 2 alpha and beta mindsets and also more on the “purple pill” guys.

    its kinda weird listening to the voice of the writer that I consider a god. it makes you so…..human !

    Thanks for everything Rollozz,

  3. Rollo, your writing is exceptionally concise and prolific. Did you have good writing skills before you went to college? And then you honed them better?
    You had natural artistic skills through musicianship and that translated into writing well? Writing takes a certain organized brain. You must have it.
    Late start at college made you more motivated. How and when did you learn your good writing skills. Good genetics?

  4. Ostensibly, with the loss of God, men and women turned to each other.They no longer projected their need for love onto something infinite and numinous (thereby knowing their soul).
    Men projected their love onto women and women projected their love onto their egos.What has followed has been a suicidal death spiral where men are following women into ego insanities.Feminism did not awaken some soul revival in women,no quite the opposite.
    Blue pill programs and the pervasive FI have been instrumental in providing a simulacrum of real love for men. In keeping them focused on womens huge egos(princess saved by white knight),and sexy bodies (love=sex),men have forgotten their souls and have been turned into womens slaves.
    Reclaim your love in your soul,no man or woman can do that for you.
    Its you,reclaim your essence,and stop projecting your need for love onto women.
    RPT is the eject button from the BP abyss.
    Thanks Rollo and all the great commentators on the RM.
    yours sincerely,

  5. Great podcast Rollo, The format was on point and it felt relaxed. Hope you guys do another one

  6. Yeah that was an outstanding interview Rollo.
    I don’t know if my question is really related to the podcast, but you talking about your marriage made me wonder what your opinion is on complete monogamy (for the male) in marriage or a in long term relationships.
    You talked about the difference between the male and female sexual strategy before, and that one strategy cannot win without the other one losing.
    Isn’t being completely faithful to a wife or serious girlfriend the feminine imperative succeeding?
    Women seem to be more than willing to date/fuck around casually before settling down. But once a woman feels like she settled down she will demand complete monogamy whereas a man wouldn’t mind to have an occasional discrete, extra-marital affair.

    Anyway, I love the work you’re doing with your writing!

  7. Perhaps it’s my dark mood, but I don’t like McQueen at all. I listened to part of the first interview with you, and some other crap he did another time and found his style idiotic and juvenile. This time, he appeared to be trying to behave like more of a journalist or something, but all he revealed was his inability to organize his thoughts and speak coherently.

    Unfortunately, the presentation of your brilliant ideas suffered as a result. You are interesting to listen to, no doubt, but I found myself just waiting for McQueen to stop babbling so I could hear what you had to say.

    Fyi, journalism/content production 101. Doing a 2 hr 20 min bit of content means you are excluding 99% of your potential audience because very few people are going to invest that much time in you or him. You could be dispensing the formula for turning lead into gold, but nobody would listen because it’s 2 hrs and 20 mins.

    You are well beyond him intellectually and in terms of style even. I get it, he’s a good game/PUA guy, but he does a shit interview. I do a fair amount of public speaking and I can tell he pretty much winged it and just didn’t curse and act like a complete moron this time. Great – he knows how to not act like a teenaged idiot, but that’s not saying much. If he had actually prepared and organized himself, he could have done a 1 hour session that was really punchy and coherent and engaging. But he didn’t bother and it was obvious.

    You wanted feedback, there it is.

  8. Agree with Glenn , I had to fast forward when he spoke. I think he should learn how to talk like a man and not focus on making his voice sound deeper.

  9. Biggest problem I had was with how Christian had a tendency to break in and ramble, and his Skype (I’m assuming that’s what you were using) was configured to basically mute you when he did it. Not to mention it sounded like he was doing the interview with a rocket engine running in the background. Incredibly distracting and occasionally cut you off in the middle of a point. When you’ve got a guest, the point is the guest not yourself.

    That being said, Rollo you came across as calm and consistent as always. Hearing you speak reminds me of listening to Sam Harris, who’s one of my favorite philosophers to listen to. Measured, reasonable, and listening as well as talking. It actually conveys a greater sense of confidence than McQueen’s style does to me.

    I can’t think of anything particular that stood out to me as needing clarification to me. Then again with how much material I’ve read at this point and how I’ve digested it, I think I’m at the point where I need to focus on practical application rather than theory. I know that’s not really your “thing” in the sphere as you (quite reasonably) expect dudes trying to make positive changes in their lives to take initiative and think for themselves. I suppose my only question would be what should a guy try to remain aware of as he transitions from philosophy and internalizing new attitudes to application? Where should his introspective focus lie?

  10. Catholic here. Do you consider religious men “purple pill”?

    I try to adapt your advice here to my morals, example: “Spin plates” seems to imply sex, but I’ll not give my commitment to a single woman until marriage, so for me that means multiple dates with multiple girls (again, no sex. kissing is allowed).

    My main conflict between Catholicism and the Red Pill as presented here is that getting married (and more important, keeping that marriage) is a goal for a Catholic man, but you advocate it is not worth it for a man to marry in our current society.

    I still think one should marry and try to make it work, or die trying, so the knowledge here is still very valuable for me.

  11. @Gordon

    Going off a strict interpretation of the Bible, sex in any form is sinful. Marriage is just the least sinful option. It is therefore not a goal so much as a compromise for those unable to resist their carnal desires.

    Strictly speaking the religious goal is to give the church a monopoly on sex (and by extension control of its members) by painting sex as sinful and making the only forgiveness for engaging in it available through the church.

    LTR as goal only comes about as a byproduct of your desire for sex and the church acting as a secondary gatekeeper to that goal. Basically it still comes down to your own decision for LTR as goal.

  12. I wholly agree-please don’t go public Rollo!

    As an avid reader of the blog & books I highly enjoyed and appreciate the interview. The love & concern for your work is palpable in your voice when you discuss book II.

    “Feminism is about retribution & restitution” is probably my favorite note I took. There’s lots of male senators facilitating feminism legislatively is a close second. That said, if Hillary wins can we expect what’s happening in Toronto-indoctrinating 1st graders with yes means yes & age of consent ideaoligy to appear here in the states (if it hasn’t already)?

    The First RM changed and quite likely saved my life a yr ago. I try & continue to learn apply & improve every day. Thank you for all of your hard work Rollo

    1. @Gordon, RE:Purple Pill Catholics, not necessarily. Remember Red Pill awareness is the theory, Game is the practice. That said I think modern Churchianity is awash is the feminine imperative and feminization conditioning for boys and men; and I’d include catholics in that equation too. There are a lot of Red Pill Catholics I know at Dalrock’s blog and while they may not agree with me in practice, they certainly agree on Red Pill principle.

    2. @Mazrim, I don’t have any plans to make an effort to go public. I still want some degree of anonymity for my family. I’m not a hard person to find though, I do have some very popular books to find me through and I also own the registered trademark for RM.

      Fortunately my real name is very common, so there’s some anonymity in that.

  13. “In game theory and economic theory, a zero-sum game is a mathematical representation of a situation in which each participant’s gain (or loss) of utility is exactly balanced by the losses (or gains) of the utility of the other participant(s).”

    It’s not like it was a binary contest.

    Sure Christian is an AMOG (no offense). But Rollo was demonstrating without explaining what to do in that situation.

    I disagree that it was a significant problem having the host. Let’s face it, if Rollo and Christian didn’t do it for cross marketing, then we wouldn’t have gotten to benefit of listening to it. I agree it was uncharacteristically (for Rollo) jumbled in flow and content due to the inefficient leading host.

    Worth listening to occasionally rather than reading for Rollo’s alpha attitude.

  14. I finally made it through the whole interview. It’s tough when you have people interrupting all day long. It was good to hear you for the first time. Reading text does not always adequately convey the whole meaning, and it helps to hear your tone to understand the meaning a little clearer. Hearing you talk about mentoring is so much more meaningful than if you typed about it. It helps me build a better picture of who you are rather than letting my imagination use Issac Hayes as your speaking double 🙂

  15. siffers:- Acchhtt .. dinnae, laddie. Good genetics? D’ye want a slap? I thought you were a scientist.
    The boy has excellent thinking skills.
    Less good spelling skills (I’m 3/4 of the way thru the 2nd tome)
    Which, of those, would you give the advantage to? There is no magic bullet, it’s all hard work. Hard, hard uphill work.

    tl;dr says: fuck grammar, acquire knowledge.
    [and I don’t care, because it’s .. not made of wood.]
    God help us if all thought was made of mathematics, and suchlike shite.
    Seriously, do you want a fight? Should I bring a bow tie? And a cylindrical slide rule? Perhaps a framed certificate?
    Rather than a hammer.
    .. Sir.

  16. I’m just jealous.

    I can think like an inscrutable mastermind (very well), but I can’t speak or write for Scheiße. I think it genetic for me.

  17. I’m past 100,000. And I tested myself online– I don’t have Asperger’s (not that there anything wrong with having it).

  18. I was going to ask about your writing style but sjfrellc just read my mind, so I join the chorus.

  19. Great interview. Rollo’s sound quality was good, Christian needs to get his mic fixed because of the background noise it sounded like he was doing the interview from his car.

    As for the content of the interview itself;

    1. On the issue of male politicians, even with so called “conservative” ones enabling Feminism I suspect that another dynamic explaining what they do goes back to the old maxim of ‘Cherchez la femme'(Look to the woman!). Meaning that if one wants to understand the actions of a man, look to the women in his life. Usually that means his mother or his wife. I suspect that a lot of these male politicians, rather than standing up and doing the moral and ethical thing, supplicate their wives-whose own political positions are default ‘Team Woman’, if not Feminists outright. It’s as true with Obama’s wife as it is with John McCain’s or any other politician. Cherchez la femme gentlemen.

    2. As for women with tats(it’s still a good filter to sort the wheat from the chaff), the Matt Forney article at RoK is at nearly 40,000 comments. Mostly from women who shrieked ‘NAWWTALT’. Talk about hitting a nerve. That some women are realizing that men see women with tats as a liability(among many qualities) and try to get them removed is just another way of hiding the behavior rather than avoiding that behavior in the first place. It’s little different than women from the more traditional countries getting a hymenoplasty-to disguise they aren’t virgins or getting a severely edited version of their relationship history when you start dating a woman. It’s merely an adaptation to the realization that marriage minded men vet women differently than the men who fuck them. The interesting part is that for these women who shift from the Alpha Fucks stage to the Beta Bucks stage(like the weeping hair stylist covered in tattoos seeking a serious relationship mentioned by Christian) seem truly shocked to find out that the men who they want to marry have very different desires than the men who fucked them. Some women can pull off that deception, the ones with tats can’t.

    Slightly OT, I highly recommend the movie, ‘The Girl In A Swing’ from 1988 with Meg Tilly. It’s a supernatural thriller, and a bit slow at times, but it underscores the above point I’ve made-quite murderously…;-)

    3. DO NOT GO PUBLIC!!! Stay anonymous for as long as possible. I hate to make this a political discussion but the ideology of the Left can not, will not allow you to live in peace. Leftists, of which Feminists & SJW’s are at the center don’t just have to win, they have to destroy their opponents. If you exist there’s always a chance your narrative could be proven true and theirs false. It’s the reason Trotsky ended up with a spike through his skull, it’s why the Soviets would erase the existence of Soviets in disfavor of the regime. To paraphrase Kyle Reese, ” Listen, and understand. That Feminist-Social Justice terminator is out there. It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.”

    Overall, excellent interview Rollo. Really well done.

  20. I’m quite torn on the issue of McQueen. I checked out his prior podcasts with Dagonet and he would AMOG that dude to the point of just being a dick. It’s as if he doesn’t quite know how to switch off his style off asshole-game when he’s around dudes. As much as this quality of his tends to grind my gears, I think we as a community should encourage the dude with constructive feedback. He’s still a relatively young dude with much to learn and, by god, he’s actually putting RP principles into practice which is a damn sight better than what a lot of other guys are doing.

    I think CMQ is a much nicer guy than he pretends to be and, in time, his approach and his views will mature to the level that Rollo so effortlessly displayed in the interview. I think part of the issue is that CMQ markets himself (or his persona) as a brand and he is forced to maintain this persona during the interview. I think a lot of guys here would prefer the interviewer to be “just one of the guys” and CMQ’s forced adherence to his persona messes with that dynamic.

    An interviewing style I really like is that of Luke Muehlhauser in his Conversations from the Pale Blue Dot series, he would thoroughly research his guests and their material and then ask leading questions to allow the guest space to explain the given point in great detail. CMQ would do well to check it out, this will help him give Rollo some space.

    I agree with Sun Wukong that I’d like to hear Rollo talk more about practical application of RP principles and game, we’ve got more than enough RP theory on TRM to keep us busy.

    Just a final note: if you had to drink a shot for every time CMQ says “and whatnot”, you’d end up like John Bonham.

    All this being said, keep up the good work CMQ, the only way to get better is to keep going! I’m really looking forward to the next interview.

  21. Excellent point #2 Jim.

    Remarkably, Christian’s one anecdote about the tatted stylist told ten thousand stories all at once, backed up by Rollo’s scenes from a clothing store experience.

    The Preventative Medicine book lays out in red pill detail the tableau facing facing modern social mores. It is shocking how young girls don’t see the writing on the wall. The Wall.

    Having Easter brunch with my family and talking with amused mastery with my daughter, I spoke of how she is at the peak of her value, right now at 23 years old. And it registered. I mentioned the Epiphany phase and the Wall. It registered. She said “Interesting….” as if she hadn’t thought about it before.

    That anecdote reminds me of the lyrics to “The Sounds of Silence”

    “And in the naked light I saw
    Ten thousand people, maybe more.
    People talking without speaking,
    People hearing without listening,
    People writing songs that voices never share
    And no one dared
    Disturb the sound of silence.

    “Fools,” said I, “You do not know –
    Silence like a cancer grows.
    Hear my words that I might teach you.
    Take my arms that I might reach you.”
    But my words like silent raindrops fell
    And echoed in the wells of silence

    And the people bowed and prayed
    To the neon god they made.
    And the sign flashed out its warning
    In the words that it was forming.
    And the sign said, The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls
    And tenement halls
    And whispered in the sound of silence.”

  22. A hot woman with tattoos is like a Ferrari with bumper stickers. OK, it’s yours and you can do what you want with it. I might even take a ride in it once or twice just to see what it’s like to ride in a Ferrari. Just don’t expect me to buy it off you, because it looks like shit and there’s no telling how else you’ve mistreated it before expecting me to plunk down my hard-earned cash on the purchase.

  23. OT – but I have a question.

    A sweet 27 year old spent last night with me..

    She agreed up front there are no strings, no bullshit, she’s just DTF and I’m her man. She lives on my street and stated upon departure that we’ll do lunch quickies, evening rendezvous, etc.. wheneva.

    My question is, can someone remind me why I’m supposed to be objectionable to this new feminine sexual liberation?

    (half facetious / half serious)

    Facetious: yes I know she is damaging her goods for any future marriage prospect (supposedly).

    Serious: Ummm.. I like this type of arrangement.

  24. @Sun Wukong

    Going off a strict interpretation of the Bible, sex in any form is sinful. Marriage is just the least sinful option. It is therefore not a goal so much as a compromise for those unable to resist their carnal desires.

    Not so much, Sun. I’m not religious, but that’s just not true. Religions simply wouldn’t last very long if they outlawed all sex. If the depopulation of their own congregations didn’t get them, natural human urges would. One of the first quotes from “God” in Genesis is, “Go forth, be fruitful and multiply.

    If we’re going down this road, yeah, At least Christianity is fully OK with lots and lots of screwing going on. However, there were strict rules in which it could be practiced simply because humanity had already discovered (through trial-and-error) how bad illegitimate children were for a community.

    Sex is not “sinful” in any form. It was simply “sinful” in any form that the church deemed bad. Depending on the denomination and specific interpretation, that could be pretty strict, but it was never (and could never be) fully outlawed.

  25. @sjfrellc

    I’m past 100,000….

    One thing that helps your writing is reading what others write, and finding what’s wrong with it. You can do this with anyone, and engaging in a dialogue about what’s wrong with someone else’s writing is even more constructive, especially when it’s you who is wrong. If you want to improve your writing, you have to learn to be a critic of writing, which means practicing critical reading skills of the writing of others.

  26. @TuffLuv

    Serious: Ummm.. I like this type of arrangement.

    When you’re a man (alpha?) who is on the receiving end of the no-strings sexuality of women in an open hypergamy state, there is no downside. You are getting your sexual strategy filled, no caveats, no responsibilities.

    The women are getting at least one side of their sexual strategy filled in this arrangement. The other side (the practical, family/civilization-building side) get’s the shaft. These women are actually harming themselves and any future children tremendously. They don’t know this until later in their lives (if at all), but they are.

    If you’re a beta male in an open hypergamy state, you are dog meat.

  27. @Jeremy

    Thanks Buddy! It was a rhetorical question coming from me. I am getting and giving the ultimate shaft simultaneously.

    It’s funny how context means everything.

    I like the way you laid it out. But..I would like to ask/challenge you (or anyone) to elaborate on this…

    “These women are actually harming themselves and any future children tremendously. They don’t know this until later in their lives (if at all), but they are.”

    I mean I’ve read TRM (blogs).. I know it’s all in here.. and I can understand it being ego shattering when you’re the chump who commits to
    the prior CC rider. But tremendous harm? Howso?

    When you think about it, from a purely sexual perspective, how is it different from the alternative, which is to basically ‘play’, spin plates, etc..? Either way, you’re fulfilling your sexual needs with a not-so-wholesome chick. I mean of course I agree with everyone it’s a raw deal for the LTR guy to get an alpha widow or a former CC rider. But again, if you’re a PUA, you’re fucking the same thing basically.

    So, now you’ll point out, yeah, but you’re not committing to her, and all but fashioning the noose for her to hang you with. True of course, but this all centers around the sexual hang up. That we don’t want to commit to a CC tattered pussy. But see, it’s really the other facets of the chick (like her raising) that determine whether she hypergames or divorce rapes you in the end. That should be the focus, imo. I think we all seem insecure when we put too much focus on the CC.. as in “harming.. tremendously”.

    I’m having a little trouble explaining my confusion.. can anyone help me here?

  28. @Jeremy

    “1 Corinthians Chapter 7

    1 Now concerning the things whereof ye wrote unto me: [It is] good for a man not to touch a woman.
    2 Nevertheless, [to avoid] fornication, let every man have his own wife, and let every woman have her own husband.”

    Quite bluntly: it’s being said that you shouldn’t have sex. That’s the only way to be “good”. But if you’re going to, at least don’t fornicate. Essentially it converts it from a major to a minor sin. “Go forth and multiply” was referring directly to the animals, maybe to the people. That’s not made clear.

    Point is that it sounds stupid, but that’s actually in there. If you make sex a major sin then reduce it to a minor sin through marriage, you force membership through salvation of the eternal soul. The Catholic church in the past also sold indulgences to clean up those sins after the fact. The whole thing was just a way to gain control over people through sex.

    Bastardly, but ingenious I must admit.

  29. @TuffLuv

    Bro. At some point you’ll get sick of her. Or vice versa. Then you’ll be back to square one. If you’re very good, you’ll be able to pull another soon. If not, you will waste a lot of time and energy trying to reproduce your pleasant situation. If you are very good, then you will still, probably, get bored at some point. You might want family. Stability. Kids. Not to be alone on your deathbed. If you ever decide that you do, then it is one of these easy lays you are likely to end up with.

    If not, then you are not like most people I know, but more power to you. These times are made for you.

    But look. I was on top of the world for years, when I had it good. Then I didn’t. And I still had the rest of my life to live.

  30. TuffLuv, Your questioning is perplexing. She is a grown woman and can take care of herself (or not). You don’t care about her outcome down the road.

    You are not considering her for a LTR right? What do you care if someone does in the future?

    Hasn’t this woman told you she doesn’t want committment in words and action. When women say it overtly, sometimes they mean it.

    Stop thinking with your 2015 blue-pill fore-brain (which is still in the divorce process, no?). Think with your 10,000 year old red-pill hind-brain.

    And you are sure it’s not a trick by your wife’s divorce lawyer to send a seductress you way?

    And I assume if things go the way the girl wants, you act like Sgt. Schultz and say nothing to no-one about her? It would be prudent.

  31. I came across this clip again after a long time… After reading this blog for a while, it actually seems like Im watching a brand new clip:

  32. @Sun Wukong

    I completely disagree with you. From the Biblie, sex is not sinful, it was created by God for us to reproduce. The carnal desire is kind of a “mechanism” for us to desire to reproduce.

  33. @Lucien

    Yeah, I agree with your entire post.. and this..

    But look. I was on top of the world for years, when I had it good. Then I didn’t. And I still had the rest of my life to live.

    I can totally relate to. I’m seeing both sides of a shiny freshly minted coin for sure.

    All I was trying to say is if you look at it from a purely sexual standpoint, there’s not a lot of difference between being the PUA player (given that you have moderate success), and committing to a former CC rider. The quality is fairly equal.

    So the remaining question is, is the girl worth the LTR (aside from the sex)?

    And you are sure it’s not a trick by your wife’s divorce lawyer to send a seductress you way?

    Yeah, I’m sure, but we are 100% on the down low anyway, at least as much as possible.


    Yeah, it’s just for fun..

    I’m not worried about her at all.. What I’m saying is she’s a pretty cool chick, actually has a head on her shoulders, and, imo, will make someone a decent wife someday even though she’s slutting it up with me right now.

    My rambling has a lot to do with the paradox I found myself in when my wife came back to my bed after her affair (during our ongoing divorce). I knew if I worked at it, I could probably salvage and bring her back for good, but of course, I was pissed and she seemed like damaged goods now (which I realize now, is really only in the mind).

    So on the one hand I wanted her back, but the slut factor was too much to overcome. On the other hand I wanted to go play and do the PUA thing, though I realized I’d be playing with sluts.

    See what I mean? There’s not a whole lot of difference.

  34. A couple of things:

    1. Thanks for the shout out, Rollo, but I didn’t predict that Yes Means Yes would soon become widespread or controlling law around the US. Novaseeker did that, at JustFourGuys and Dalrock, and elsewhere. I just put it on blast around the manosphere. Right now, YMY is controlling at state supported California institutions of higher education. The move is on to spread it to more college campi around the nation. And YMY’s advocates want it as a fixture of criminal law, which would absolutely revolutionize rape law and intersexual relations as we know them. I can only conclude that sending one’s son to a college or university where YMY is law would be a death wish for that young man.

    2. You said that men aren’t angry at women; they are angry at themselves. They are angry at a lot of things, and people, but they aren’t angry at women. They aren’t angry at women as a group or a sex. They aren’t angry at women for being women, or for acting in ways characteristic of women. They aren’t angry at women for being hypergamous or for wanting attractive men or for not wanting unattractive men. They aren’t angry at women for wanting to work or slut around or go to college or get married, or all of the above. They just think women, and society, should be honest about it and don’t expect men to foot the bill for it.

  35. sorry.. Should have said:

    There’s not a whole lot of difference from a purely sexual perspective.

  36. Rollo,

    Thanks for the great podcast/interview. From my point of view you also outshined Mr. McQueen, and it was really nice listening to your calm and thoughtful voice.

    It got me thinking that would be nice for you to make more podcasts of your own, to play with these topics you write about in a live setting. Have you ever thought about that?

    We had a radio format here (in Finland, where I live) couple of years ago: a local self-help guru/business guru had a monologue-based radio show, which became really popular and also received kind of a cult following. The idea of that show was that every week he wrote a column about a subject, and received comments for that in his website. Then couple of days after that column he had a 1-hour monologue in a radio talking about the same subject – no visitors in the show, just kind of preaching by himself but he also took many of the comments he had gotten in the Web regarding his column, and also took some comments live in the Web during the monologue show and included that in the discussion. Initially sounds like a boring idea to listen to a monologue, but with a good speaker and interesting topics in can work really well.

    With the high standard of your columns, the intellectual people doing the commenting on this website every week, and the way you represent yourself when you speak – I feel a similar format could work very well for you.

  37. Tuff,

    “So the remaining question is, is the girl worth the LTR (aside from the sex)?”
    No. And you shouldn’t have thoughts of a LTR when initiating a relationship any more than you should have a million frontal cortex thoughts in your head when you are teeing up a golf shot.

    I see a one hundred eighty degree difference. You are thinking in an equalist feminist mind-set. You can reach equilibrium, sure at the juncture where you are spreading your cheap sperm and she is exercising her AF’s strategy.

    If she isn’t on the pill, I would suggest you get with her primarily only in the proliferative phase of her menstrual cycle. When she wants Alpha F*cks most. Don’t even think about a LTR until you get to know her well or after a significant length of time.

  38. Sorry for being unclear.. I wasn’t talking about me. I was talking about young men (in general) who might be playing, but with the underlying goal of finding the right girl to settle down (start a family) with eventually, and a mindset for evaluating that. My point is that the girls you are banging are no different (sexually) than the girl you’ll probably eventually call yours. The only way around that is to marry a very young girl with a very low or non-existent N-count, or a girl who’s remained chaste, both of those having their own massive problems bubbling below the surface. My point is that things get easier if we just accept that chicks are going to satisfy their sexual urges, just like us men, whether we like it or not, and whether you can live with that or not, that is reality. I think Rollo and the PUA community agree that we’re not going to reverse this new paradigm, so we’re just unplugging so we can deal with it to our best advantage. I’m suggesting part of that is accepting the slut factor.

    An LTR, for me personally, is not even a consideration.. I’m looking for a good time, only, and the company of my bros is far superior to that of a female companion. I do enjoy the company of a woman in small doses, but mostly I’m only interested in them for occasional sex at this point. The only way I’d ever enter another LTR is if all the pieces just fit perfectly, and even then I’ll address it with an entirely new RP mindset. Thank you Rollo, Roosh, commenters and PUA in general.

  39. Great interview Rollo! I’ve been following your blog but it’s always cool to hear a real voice.

  40. The Truth is a double edged sword…Excellent interview Rollo. I agree with The Other Jim…going public risks your crucifixion.

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