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As most readers know I rarely engage in political discourse unless it has relevance to intergender dynamics. This video is an exception. If you need a clear example of a feminist controlled state, this is it.

I actually went through Women’s/Gender Studies course when I was in college. The main reason I took the class was because there were only 2 classes being offered on campus that completed a Capstone, Humanities and Diversity requirement in a single class – Holocaust Studies and Women’s Studies. That’s basically the estimation most women want you to think their ‘sufferage’ is on par with; the Holocaust. I chose Women’s Studies because I basically wanted to put my money where my mouth has always been (literally and figuratively ) and also get inside what popular media, and the feminization that it’s gone through for the last 40+ years, has been selling both men and women. I enjoyed debating these ladies as I was one of 2 guys in the Women’s Literature class.

I didn’t know it at the time, but one of the beacons of positive masculine hope I had back in the days before the internet, before understanding Game and even the term ‘red pill’ was reading Why Men are the Way They Are by Dr. Warren Farrell. It opened my understanding of intergender relations in a way I’d never understood. If I had a red pill moment in my past reading this books was it. It was published in 1986 so the specifics might be a little dated for a modern reader, but for an overall perspective of how our gender landscape has evolved it will always be on my ‘must read’ list for guy just now taking the red pill.

My phone-it-in feminist stepmother and beta-confused father had picked up the book in order to eviscerate it in some proto-SWPL home book club they belonged to at the time. Oddly enough it ended up on their bookshelf after that (replete with my stepmother’s penciled in margin notes), and I remember picking it up in the hope that it would give me some self-effacing insight into how I could be a more accommodating beta schlub for my BPD girlfriend who was slowly eroding the last vestiges of my former Alpha self.

What it did was enlighten me.

Farrell is anything but a rape apologist, I would compare him with the first man to wake up in the Matrix. Most of his insight, research and writing were prompted by his involvement in the early 70’s feminist movement. He even self-identified as a male feminist back then, but it was this experience that brought him to a fuller understanding of the feminine imperative.

Intellectual Lethargy

What offends me about this protest isn’t the actual protesting, but the sheer ignorance behind it. If it were the easily digestible blatherings of Rush Limbaugh they were protesting I could understand it, but Dr. Farrell isn’t even in the same universe. All this is is an example of intellectual lethargy, which is really a shame because I would expect that the young men and women involved in the protest, all students at U of T, would be acquainted with research and critical thinking skills necessary before formulating such strong opinions and visceral reactions.

To be educated takes a constant effort. Most people in modern society simply do not have the time, inclination or motivation to be in any way knowledgeable about more than a peripheral understanding of the world around them. The ridiculously ironic part is that we live in an era when communication of information has never been more easily accessible to us.

Now add to this that we’re expected to be at least somewhat well informed due to this access. Our ego-investments with regards to politics, religion, social dynamics, gender relations etc. all depend upon a belief that we’re actually well informed enough know what we’re talking about and draw our own conclusions. We would have to be, right? It’s expected of us as intelligent human beings.

The truth of the matter is that unless we are immediately benefitted by educating ourselves about a particular subject (i.e. as short term a profit as easily manageable), for the vast majority of modern society, educating oneself is a hobby at best. We live in a fast-food, fast-information society. We can’t be bothered to, or in some cases really afford to, develop critical thinking skills – particularly when they might challenge our own ego-investments. This is why the feminine Matrix flourishes today, it’s easier not to think about things that are counter to our social conditioning.

But we want to be right, and to be right we have to believe that we have these critical thinking skills. In fact our personalities and well being depend upon being correct in our beliefs. This is an age of ego-investment. Ego investments are beliefs we associate with, and internalize, so strongly that they literally become elements of our personalities. So to challenge that belief is to literally attack the personality of the person with that ego-investment. It would make no difference how empirical your evidence to the contrary of that belief might be; you attack the belief and you attack the person. Religion, racism, political affiliation, gender dynamics, social dynamics, world view, all find their roots in individual ego-investments in those beliefs.

Needless to say this has an extremely polarizing effect upon lazy people who’d rather not put forth any effort to objectively educate themselves in ways that would ever challenge their core ego-investments. So we see a factionalizing of people into camps where those ego-investments are reinforced in spite of any controverting evidence. Thus a team mentality evolves; our red team is better than your blue team irrespective of any factor that might be contrary. So long as my team wins and your team loses my ego-investments remain validated. It becomes a clash of who’s ego-investments get validated and any value the “other’s” might have had are never acknowledged.

This is a shame because Dr. Warren Farrell has dedicated his life –most of it spent in the feminized cultural wastelands of the late 80’s and 90’s – to researching, understanding and revealing the uncomfortable truths of intergender dynamics. He’s the godfather of the manosphere that most red pill men aren’t even aware of.

Published by Rollo Tomassi

Author of The Rational Male and The Rational Male, Preventive Medicine

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  1. Thank you for making us aware of Dr. Farrell, I’ll be looking into his work.

    That’s a novel thought: much of the friction in society today is due to personality, or “thinking-style” competition. More and more these squabbles are becoming flimsy, self-interested, indulgent, and not worth engaging in… but there is real danger in ignoring all this. Should the sweep of progress be turned back – for internal or external reasons – we’d all be reminded of what really matters.

    I hope you don’t mind if I re-post my response buried in the previous topic:

    These kids look and sound like the G20 protestors that lit up Toronto a few years ago.

    They’re provoctivists (I think I just made that up).

    Their MO is to instigate confrontations under the guise of standing up for the poor downtrodden, hoping to incite an imperfect response from the system, so they can further attack in a public forum with howling indignation. Essentially, anarchists posing as activists. Brats.

    The women’s rights/anti-patriarchy movements are part of a greater superstructure of anti-establishment sentiment.

    These misguided youth have grown up in one of the most bent-over-backwards, egalitarian, accepting, permissive, inclusive atmospheres ever to exist, yet somehow imagine they, and those they profess to argue for, are trampled upon by the “evil system”.

    They simply could not exist without the current plenty and bounty afforded by such a system. Created and maintained mostly by men, of course. They enjoy and take for granted so much from it (clean water, food, heat, electricity, safety), but they’d never admit it. Their world view is luxurious, decadent, and dangerous.

    I think deep down, they know they’ve never worked hard for a thing in their lives. They haven’t earned their comfort, so they repress tremendous guilt and self-loathing.

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever been able to educate myself enough to form what I would consider a solid opinion. There are always holes. This is something I’ve been struggling a lot with. I don’t like talking about stuff that I don’t know enough about, which seem to be everything. All the garbage and sides makes me want to give up.

  3. It just seems that the whole politcal landscape is big clusterfuck with a bunch of different ‘isms’. I can’t even make sense of it all.

    All that I want to do is figure out what is the best personally for me. If I hear about an ‘ism’, about some group whinning about this injustice or that injustice I simply tune them out and write them off now, no matter the cause is legitimate or not. It’s the prisoner’s dilemma. I can’t afford any more mind fuckery in my life, so it’s the smart move to be apatheic and focus on myself.

    One thing I do know and this is from a person that isn’t crazy about either political party is that the left is insane. Their whole platform can be summed up in ‘What should be is’. It’s nonsense simply from a common sense prespective. It seems to simply be a vechile for different special interest groups to power grab and never ever stop grabbing.

  4. I wouldn’t trust myself around these people — I’d have to smack someone (especially the girl with the nose ring).

    Where the hell does it go from here? When I was in college (just a year ago) you couldn’t escape feminism no matter what class you took.

    I kept my mouth shut. If I were to tell the truth about my opinions and genuinely express myself I would have been an outcast and labeled as a hate speech guy.

    I sat and stared at this video for a good five minutes before pushing play. I knew watching it would piss me off for the rest of the day, but I watched it because I figure it’s good to expose myself to stuff like this. It scared me. Where the hell are we going to be 20 years from now?

  5. Hear ya K and Ferret, that’s mostly where I’m coming from too. Why can’t people just stfu and mind their own business? Most of the time that’s what I prefer to do. I can usually see both sides to an issue but often have a hard time finding either one palatable.

    Thing about the Prisoner’s Dilemma is, the Ostrich approach isn’t an option… you have no choice but to choose. Some people will get in your face and force you to deal with them.

    If I remember correctly, the winning strategy for the Iterated Prisoner’s Dilemma is: cooperate on the first move, then tit-for-tat after that (remember how you were treated and give it right back to them). It’s actually pretty effective to keep this in mind in many interpersonal interactions.

    I usually let my sense of empathy get in the way though.

    @Martel: please do

  6. Intellectual Lethargy indeed. To quote form your post: “…because I would expect that the young men and women involved in the protest, all students at U of T, would be acquainted with research and critical thinking skills necessary before formulating such strong opinions and visceral reactions.”

    No chance of that. If you go to the following site, you can click on an interview where they ask some female students why they are there to protest. They don’t really know. All they can manage is that they heard that Warren Farrell supports date rape, and they think they saw it on a poster somewhere. It’s shocking. These young women can barely put a coherent sentence together.

    You can find the audio player in the inset window directly above the Comments section. The audio clip is titled “Trista Muller, U of T computer science explains why she is attending tonight’s protest.”

    Be prepared to cringe and/or laugh uproariously.

  7. So from the video men’s rights are protecting and providing boundaries.

    Feminism is yelling, shaming, destroying, stifling opinion, and causing headaches.

  8. @Wilf

    It’s just a fun event to these protestors. It’s the same thing as going to a rock concert. It’s just something for like minded individuals to go out in a group and get rowdy and shout and curse. They simply need some type of reason that fits into their worldview to go out and have fun while at the same time providing validation to their egos that they are the good people in this world and they helping to make it a better place. They could care less about actually hearing both sides of the issue and making a true intelligent decision on said issue.

  9. “What exactly did Ferrell say that got them so hot and bothered? Something about date rape being fun?”

    It had to be something about rape. But I think most of those harpies were just projecting their silent needs :).

  10. “It had to be something about rape. But I think most of those harpies were just projecting their silent needs .”

    Everybody, taterearl is a raptist!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Taterearl, please provide your real name and address so we can throw a party ummmm I mean a protest outside your house.

  11. “What exactly did Ferrell say that got them so hot and bothered? Something about date rape being fun?”

    What he essentially said was that feminists are stifling attraction by reinterpreting all male and female dating interactions as possible rape. I don’t know if this is the full quote, but this puts it more in context:

    “If a man ignoring a woman’s verbal ‘no’ is committing date rape, then a woman who says `no’ with her verbal language but ‘yes’ with her body language is committing date fraud. And a woman who continues to be sexual even after she says ‘no’ is committing date lying…

    We have forgotten that before we began calling this date rape and date fraud, we called it exciting.”

    In other words, the seeming contradictions between a woman’s words and her behavior are a way of building excitement, which is a requisite of spontaneous attraction. How exciting is it to constantly ask, “Are you sure you want to do this?”

    I think it was Roosh who had a post similar to this where he said that “no” usually means, “Try again in five minutes.” It’s possible that Roosh is a rapist, I suppose, but either way there’s a valid point in there somewhere.

  12. Thanks for the clarification. If “no” always meant “no”, I would still be a virgin. Glad to know at least somebody thinks I’m not a rapist (besides all the women I’ve been with).

  13. alright, so the “conspiracy theory” is that Gender Studies professors threw these “soldiers” into the confrontation. They have buzzwords but no critical argument. It’s unlikely they’ve even read any of Farrell’s works. I have read The Myth of Male Power. I don’t agree point by point with allot of things he says-therefore I don’t label myself a “masculinist.” However, it is a decent starting point to counter theory to patriarchy and such. He mentions if women are “sex objects” then men are “sucess objects.” This was written long before MGTOW/Grasseaters…

    Also Manboobz found some creepy quotes he said about incest. As Fatuous Futrelle likes to quote out of context, I’d like to hear if the quotes were a part of a much bigger discussion and taken in their entirety would have a whole different meaning. (Farrell was purportedly writing a book on incest that he never completed.) I’m unsure if at this point he was still in good graces with the feminists.

    The bigger picture, in my view is that feminist’s are very angry that hey are losing control about discussions of gender when they’ve been the dominant voice for longer then most of us have been alive. This can be seen with feminist’s falling out with TGMP. I’ve never liked the GMP as I never thought it adequately discussed masculinity and men’s issues, however, as soon as they got far enough from kotowing to feminist’s they were accused of being “rape apologists.”

    I wrote abut it here–

    Shamelessly dropping link to my blog:

  14. Stoner: “The bigger picture, in my view is that feminist’s are very angry that hey are losing control about discussions of gender when they’ve been the dominant voice for longer then most of us have been alive.”

    They’re not mad that they’re “losing control about discussions of gender,” they’re mad that there’s any discussion at all.

    Whenever you hear a lefty say they want a dialogue about something, all they want is the chance to lecture you. “Discussions of gender issues” are lectures by the Womyn’s Studies Department.

    Shouting the opposition down is the only chance they’ve got, because if people actually heard those who oppose them and had the chance to think about the opposing views, people might realize how stupid the Left is.

    The biggest means to that end is to get everyone to believe that anyone who opposes them is simply evil, whether they be racist, sexist, homophobic, a vulture capitalist, etc.

    It worked really well for the likes of Hitler, Lenin, and Mao. Let’s hope they’re not as successful.

  15. I’ll read that later when I can concentrate more.

    A femmi tweeted this article about an artificial boyfriend app. Apparently, the AI boyfriends get a little crude. Sample conversation:

    Him: Hi, nice to see you, Jinxie.
    Her: Hi. Your new outfit is really swank!
    Him: I like poop!

    I want to download this and use it for approach lines.

  16. I also saw Warren Farrell lecture at my college (this was back in the mid 90s). At that time his latest book was “The Myth of Male Power”, which was also a “Red Pill moment” for me like “How Men Are The Way They Are” was for Rollo. In “Myth” Farrell essentially pointed out that being a man/”evil conspiracy member of teh Patriarchy” wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be and that women had a lot of unquestioned social privileges. Even back then the various campus feminist professors weren’t thrilled about these observations, but their attitude was to respond with condescending dismissiveness (“Yeah, what-everrrr you poor babies”). Obviously that’s changed a lot.

  17. “I should have specified, the “incest” comments come from an article from a porno mag from the 70′s and Mr. Manboobz linked to those, not his recent speech.”

    The porno mag isn’t very reliable. For his part, he said that the “genitally caressing” of children by parents should have red “generally caressing”.

    In the 70s, however, there were a lot of weird theories about actually molesting your kids as a form of parenting. It’s possible he did say some weird stuff.

    The thing is, smear campaigns are completely pointless. Warren Farrells ideas are not him, and he is not his ideas. What he talks about is bigger than him, and feminists hope to discredit the ideas by discrediting the man. I don’t care if he said that stuff, except insofar as I’ll think he’s a nutjob. But everything else he has to say is too important to care about one man’s character.

    But that’s the way it works nowadays. You can always tell when someone desires power, one way or another, when they choose to attack the person rather than the ideas. Always. This is why you see it so much in politics.

  18. Marc D: Dismissive mockery suffices when you feel like you’re winning. More drastic tactics are required when you feel like the other side might have a chance.

    I believe it was Roissy who said “the closer you get to the truth, the louder they scream.”

  19. Farmer, what I read was that in his research into incest, a percentage, If’n I remember right 8%?, Farrel found that they claimed the experience to be a positive in their life. AFAIK he has never stated that he thinks incest is a positive, he was just reporting the results of his research.

  20. Back in the mid-1980s there was a guy in the Baltimore-DC area named Jack Kammer who addressed a lot of the same issues Farrell did on a radio show he did called “In a Man’s Shoes.” He later wrote a book called “Good Will Toward Men: Women Talk Candidly About the Balance of Power Between the Sexes.”

    In his day, his show was broadcast on public radio stations. I can’t imagine that would be the case now. You can Google his name for more info.

  21. I have to admire the last guy in the clip. I don’t know if it’s a conscious decision or not but when Nosering starts screaming in his face that he’s a rape apologist he just ignores her and asks the policeman if there is somewhere quieter to wait. He doesn’t acknowledge her, he doesn’t validate her screaming, doesn’t give her the time of day at all. In doing so he just illustrated a difference between a screaming mob and someone who is acting rationally that inclines the watcher to believe that Dr. Farrell may just have a point.

    Also Nosering’s wonderful assertion that listening to anything anti-feminist will lead rape is on a par with saying that kid’s who played tetris will become bricklayers. Swing and a miss.

  22. LeQuin: You fail to recognize that THERE IS NO OTHER SIDE. Even thinking that there may be another side means you are partly responsible for anything that anyone who disagrees with what they think might do. Even listening to somebody who femmis say is a rap apologist condones all rape. Like the one girl said, ‘we can’t allow that type of thought here.”

    I see where you’re coming from concerning that guy’s dignity, and my heart almost broke for him when he mentioned his friends’ suicide.

    Personally, I don’t know if it’s right or wrong, but I don’t think I’d be quite so dignified.

  23. the video is white knight and masculated woman in its most visceral form, i actually have more disdain for the males in the clip even though the women throughout are absolute beasts, they are at least acting in a way that they have actually want to but which previously would be prevented by the prospect of social ostracism and diminishing their value as a quality partner by displaying traits opposite to gentle and kindness which men like. However these men are sneaky fuckers, they’re not white knights they’re white kings, they are there to try and have sex with the feminists, that’s for sure, but they’re strategy must give them some cognitive dissonance as they are acting contrary to their nature. the video is like a caricature of everyday life.

  24. Haha, at my school the choice was womens or afro-american studies.

    Oddly enough not a person in the class was overtly supportive of feminism. We all went along with it enough to pass cause we feared a vengeful feminist professor who wouldn’t tolerate our questions, but outside the class we mocked it freely and regularly.

  25. I am baffled by the girl with the nose ring who keeps saying the f-word over and over to the young man who is just trying to quietly wait to see a lecture. It’s like she has some kind of feminist tourette’s syndrome; she isn’t making a point, she’s just saying f-this, f-that, f-you.

  26. This is beyond feminism and any “fem-centric” view. This is the evil of the Left. This is all an expression of Leftist radicalization and its incremental move towards violent revolution. Feminism is just one element of the nihilistic egalitarianism which is the essence of modern “liberalism”. The OWS is another example.

    Forget game and feminism. What you are witnessing is the move towards totalitarianism of the Left and the useful idiots that embrace it (many of them white single women). If the Left should ever gain total power with no opposition THEY WILL KILL.

    Watching this video and focusing on game is retarded. This goes so much deeper than that.

  27. “I have to admire the last guy in the clip. I don’t know if it’s a conscious decision or not but when Nosering starts screaming in his face that he’s a rape apologist he just ignores her and asks the policeman if there is somewhere quieter to wait. He doesn’t acknowledge her, he doesn’t validate her screaming, doesn’t give her the time of day at all.”

    You guys will laugh at this: that guy’s a PUA lol

    his description of the encounter:

    Also he’s pretty sure she wanted to fuck him lol:

    …well it made ME laugh. 😀

  28. Tom Leykis has interviewed Farrel a few times and cites his books fairly often.

    U of T is also known as the Canadian University of Northern Toronto.

    Queen’s for the win!

  29. @Jack: With the exception of the statement “Forget game and feminism”, I agree with your first two paragraphs wholeheartedly. Leftism is the modern derivative of the Matriarchial-Totalitarian mindset developed by Rousseau. It’s born fruit with National Socialism, Communism, Pol Pot, and a host of others (you’d be amazed how many modern monsters were educated at the Sorbonne). It’s relationship with feminism is so symbiotic that it’s almost pointless to differentiate between them. The only reason they’re not putting us all away is they can’t get away with it yet.

    But Game is ESSENTIAL to defeating it, if we recognize that Game is more than just picking chicks up.

    I’m still a newbie at the whole PUA thing, but when it comes to political rhetoric, I’m a natural. I’ve routinely changed single hippie chicks, blacks, and academics into conservatives or libertarians. The only people I’ve met who are better than me are people whose names you would recognize, and I’ve even beaten a couple of those folks in debates.

    I learned that what I do without thinking when talking to a leftie is almost identical to the skills I’m learning with women. Framing, push/pull, emotional give and take, knowing when to be understanding and when to rip into them, dominance, agree and amplify. Game is rhetoric, sales, management, etc.

    Obama won because he was good at Game, Republicans keep loosing because they’re not (and libertarians can’t get anywhere because they’re downright awful at it).

    My site is about merging rhetoric and game, basically the same principles applied in different arenas. There’s a lot of overlap, but not always.

    However, the site’s still new and requiring a hell of a lot more work than I expected. But I’ve finally figured out how to systematize how I get feminazis to start railing about too much government interference in the economy a few days later. The info is on the way, for those who give a shit.

  30. The attributions of creep statements about raising kids that were made by manboobz were addressed fairly ably here:

    Beyond that, before one even gets to that actually, there’s also just the broad (meaning broad sweep, not the 1930s pejorative for women) … it’s like: just do the absolute minimal research of reading the (unusually detailed) Wikipedia article on the guy. Here’s just a few tidbits, ” In 2010-11, he keynoted, along with Deepak Chopra, a world conference on spirituality (the Integral Spiritual Experience), addressing the evolution of love. He was then invited by the Center on World Spirituality to be one of their world leaders” and “In 2009, a call from the White House requesting Dr. Farrell to be an advisor (sic) to the White House Council on Women and Girls led to Dr. Farrell creating and chairing a commission to create a White House Council on Boys and Men. The multi-partisan commission consists of thirty-five authors and practitioners (e.g., John Gray, Gov. Jennifer Granholm, Michael Gurian, Michael Thompson, Bill Pollack, Leonard Sax) of boys’ and men’s issues. They have completed a study that defines five components to a ‘boys’ crisis,’ which has been submitted as a proposal for President Obama to create a White House Council on Boys and Men” … so before even knowing the details of the answer to that, a 3/10ths of a fair-minded person would at least say, “hmmmm, and they guy is on an Obama White House council … he’s probably NOT a prol”.

    Much to say about the wider point of this article though. It’s troubling that low-detail, low-intelligence ego-investments set the social vectors. I’m not sure where to even start with response and expansion.

  31. This:

    I have nothing more to add. This is a sign of feminism’s impeding total victory. Can you imagine, say, anti-abortion activists, anti-immigration activists or fathers’ rights activists behaving in the same way, getting away with it and the mainstream media not covering the event at all?

  32. I need to figure out a way to make money off of demolishing the arguments of the protester types recorded in that video.

    And I promise, I won’t stop until they are quivvering, crying, shambles of humanity. Male or female. I shall do this without remorse.

    So say we all.

  33. “”

    From one of the comments on that article:

    “Feminists can afford to act psychotic in public because they have won. In the US, their creatures control the executive and legislative branches. When the next SCOTUS conservative retires, their creatures will control the Supreme Court. They have unchallenged control of academia and the media. They have massive influence over the legal system. They can do whatever they want because nobody can do anything back to them. ”

    Unfortunately, this is not only the reality in the US, but it’s well on its way to becoming reality in Europe. I keep seeing the face of Ourumov in Goldeneye, telling Bond he can’t win.

    Remember, behind every feminist, hell, behind every women, is at least one male enabler. Ultimately, we own this mess to our own gender.

  34. “I have to admire the last guy in the clip. I don’t know if it’s a conscious decision or not but when Nosering starts screaming in his face that he’s a rape apologist he just ignores her and asks the policeman if there is somewhere quieter to wait.”

    That was the best part of the clip. It would have been perfect if he just looked at her and said “gay”.

  35. Not to add fuel to the fire (well, OK a little) the ‘Fuck Everything, Rapety Rape Rape’ girl was doxxed by AVfM here:

    This is the post for which Gawker is trying to write a hit piece about AVfM. I’m kinda neutral about Paul Elam in general, but fuck if he didn’t bite off a big piece to chew with this.

    I can hear the Southern Poverty Law Center’s machine warming up for AVfM now.

  36. “As absurd as it may sound: today’s men need feminists much more than their wives do. Feminists are the last ones who still describe men the way they like to see themselves: as egocentric, power-obsessed, ruthless, and without inhibitions when it comes to satisfying their animal instincts. Therefore the most aggressive Women’s Libbers find themselves in the strange predicament of doing more to maintain the status quo than anyone else.” ~Esther Villar excerpt from – the manipulated man

    Excellent book thus far.

  37. If anyone is going to be oppressed in two generations, it’s the white middle class man. Oh wait, he already is.

  38. To quote Höllenhund: “Can you imagine, say, anti-abortion activists, anti-immigration activists or fathers’ rights activists behaving in the same way, getting away with it and the mainstream media not covering the event at all?”

    Yes, this is disturbing to me. I live in Toronto and I never heard a peep about this anti-male demonstration. In fact, I heard about it a month after it happened because M3 mentioned it on his site last week.

    And, like I commented over there if it had been men getting all up in the faces of women attending a feminist talk, the incident would have made the National News and clips would have gone viral on the internet at the very least. There would probably have been arrests as well.

    Toronto is very politically correct (although it has gotten slightly better – people aren’t as afraid to say Merry Christmas anymore for fear of offending a Non-Christian) and it is VERY feminist.

    I’m not originally from Toronto, and I’ve travelled and lived in other parts of Canada and other countries. In general I find the people here to be depressed and paranoid. And white women in every neighbourhood I’ve visited seem to have their anti-rape face and anti-rape body language on at all times. It’s pathetic.

    And one more thing—the herd mentality of this demonstration—the ‘event’, the ‘place to be’, the ‘rock concert’ mentality that FuriousFerret pointed out is sickening. (And men taking part in that protest as well, WTF?). This blind following without critical thought is how atrocities are commited and justified later.

    This event should have been covered in the mainstream media. Maybe it would have opened some some eyes and made some guys who are already seeing some glitches in the Matrix, finally take the Red Pill.

  39. Rollo, I’d just like to add that from a purely sociological standpoint, this is probably one of your better posts, and it has lots of competition!

  40. I get asked why I hate mass marketed holidays.


    When the unwashed drones get their validation from the external world and not their center, things go all pear shaped quick. Gender identity limps around like it just caught polio and the disease is spreading to all the larger organs..society, business…seriously we are becoming a cultural wasteland of finite sustainability. All this seen from inside a Starbucks, because I choose to watch devolution by the pool with a pineapple fru fru drink (I eat lots of pineapple because I’m a nice guy).

  41. Rollo,

    I been thinking the past couple days about how to get political, radical.

    I was just, and I mean just, minutes before reading this thinking about this book “Revolt of the Men”, that I found on Roissy and daydreaming about revolt. It’s an ebook on project gutenberg Australia. It’s a fiction work that seems set in some alternative past in England.

    Inevitably it is going to come to radical response to crap like this protest.

    I would say these people just Dr Warren Farrell a pretty big favor cause they pissed off Rollo Tomassi.

    So lets get radical. I wish to hear any suggestions that any commenter might have on how to get fucking radical. How to protest using the collective power of millions of smart fucking men in novel ways to begin to squeeze the fucking shit out of this society.

    How do we bring society to its knees and cry uncle.

    Any ideas boys? Come on. It’ll be a fun discussion. If anonymous can do it, it can be done.

  42. I agree with Heartiste that the most effective response to these lunatics, feminists, and anyone related to that camp, is merciless ridicule and mockery, i.e, what they’ve been doing to their opponents for decades and winning. That’s if you see destroying society as winning.

    A foundation based on solid and logical principals is also necessary, but dispassionate, amoral analysis alone doesn’t really sway anyone except the small minority with critical thinking skills, like Rollo and his readers.

    I’ve watched for years those who disagree with the left, not just “conservatives”, but anyone, get demolished repeatedly with insults and shaming, and perhaps the weakest critical arguments for appearances sake.

    A bit of Rollo, a bit of Heartise, add the rest of the unforgiving manosphere, and you got a nice brew.

  43. We can be even more effective than the radicals because we know game.

    When people get into small groups at such rallies (which always happens), the only thing they know how to do is to shout their enemies down. This if often very effective.

    But sometimes, you find yourself talking to somebody you can actually reach. There are ways to get the idiot who’s screaming at you to calm down and listen. There are ways to turn the manginas and femmis into allies.

    And those who don’t turn around, we destroy. (metaphorically, of course)

  44. Does anyone see anything in the crystal ball of the future for the West? I mean honestly, what would be your prediction? The prepper community isn’t going away and I know two Slavic languages that would make it easier for me to run like hell while this ship sinks.

    As I’m typing this, I’m hearing “career-women” next to me discussing how they’ll tell a man what to do *shudder*

  45. Rollo,,

    Fuck, it is 11:38 and look how far down the page these comments go. It was long on the last post but that was like 9:30 pm.

    You’re turning into a Messiah.

    I don’t know man. What you gonna do? Destiny might be calling.

    Paul got pretty fucking famous hanging with Jesus, so if you need any disciples or whatever, count me in.

  46. There’s this post at Return of Kings:

    And then this at The Frisky:

    Do we even live on the same planet anymore?

    One of the great tricks of the Matrix is to tell everybody that we don’t live in a feminized society, it’s actually ferociously and viciously way too masculine. It’s actually a very effective gaming technique.

    The left my not have swallowed the Red Pill, but they do know Game. Our advantage, should we choose to accept it, is that we have both.

  47. “I agree with Heartiste that the most effective response to these lunatics, feminists, and anyone related to that camp, is merciless ridicule and mockery, i.e, what they’ve been doing to their opponents for decades and winning.”

    That’s one way…or you could go the aloof route and ignore their silliness. Don’t even let their tactics get under your skin. Be an amused master with your enemies.

  48. @ Earl: You’re both right. Getting under their skin is the more effective preliminary/framing tactic with individuals. Merciless mockery is most effective for individuals who refuse to fall within your frame and when dealing with an effective opponent in front of large groups.

    There’s potential for merciless mockery to backfire if it’s not framed properly, but when framed properly, nothing works better.

    My rule is that before I rip into somebody, I make sure that everybody listening knows that they deserve it. If, for example, somebody calles me a racist, the gloves come off. I make it clear that they have just given me an egregious and unfair insult and that I have every right to defend my dignity. At that point, I make them suffer.

    If you rip into somebody like that without the proper frame (unless you have a friendly audience), you can come across as what Roissy calls the “wrong kind of asshole,”

    i don’t care if I cajole, pull heartstrings, humiliate, or gently chide, as long as I win.

  49. It depends on the situation tatereari. Personally I wouldn’t have gone to this protest to yell insults back at these blithering idiots, or if I did go, a smug smirk with a wave on my way to a seat to listen to the lecture seems like the best bet. I agree with you there.

    But what if you’re a guy who writes for the school newspaper, and you have manosphere type ideas? Ignoring it does nothing. He could write about these people with a combination of solid, sober arguments, but also mix in some biting ridicule, as much as he could get away with.

    It’s true he might get fired and isolated at the Uni but, hey, go out with a bang.

    An attitude of amused mastery is good for a man to have in his personal life, and if he doesn’t care about society, then more power to him. Funny, I don’t care about society that much either anymore, it seems doomed, but I have this desire to see these loudmouthed liars slink away to a corner in shame. If you engage in the mainstream at all, like watch even a little TV, go to school, open a newspaper, you’re subjected to these people.

    Men not saying anything about stuff like this is why feminism got so out of control in the first place.

  50. When I first saw that video a couple of weeks ago it made me cringe. Not that these people are really representatives of our society (look at them….they are a bunch of outcast loser hippies) but it is still scary the way that society ALLOWS them to behave the way they do.

    The tide is changing. The underground tide is, anyway. If you read the comments sections in blog posts and articles these days you will see that there are often more people on our side of the debate. Not so much on full blown feminist echo chambers, but on just about anything mainstream you will notice that there are a lot more men AND women who are speaking up against the feminist establishment. This video is an example of the desperate tactics these people will be forced to resort to as they begin to realize that their power base is slowly being eroded by the small but growing number of people who are beginning to see their ideology for what it really is.

  51. Moral relativism and ego-investments aside, if possible, I do believe a lot of what’s written in the manosphere, especially Rollo’s site here, is based on carefully considered argument and principles. At least, immeasurably more than what’s written in the mainstream.

  52. One of the larger scope problems I have is the association of anything critical of feminism being tagged as neo-conservative ignorance. It’s as if anything you have to say that’s counter to the fem-centric narrative by default puts you in the same class as Rush Limbaugh or Mike Savage.

    I think my political and social perspective is much more centrist than most people would appreciate. I’m too liberal for my conservative friends and too conservative for my liberal friends. So I tend to piss both of them off on a by-issue basis.

    But when it comes to fem-centrism and getting under the hood of gender issues I usually get reamed from both sides. Joseph of Jackson on Sunshine Mary’s blog is personally experiencing this fallout from a conservative slant.

    Anyone who reads my comments on Dalrock’s or SSM’s blog knows what my religious leanings are and what I’ve dealt with when relating what I do here in a more traditionalist church environment. This is what makes fem-centrism so pervasive – it’s unilateral. Both the right and the left and in between are subject to its influence.

    This is the main reason you will never see a political diatribe on my blog like CH is prone to do at times. I don’t find absolute fault with the left or the right because once the social pendulum swings the opposite way, fem-centrism will fluidly flow to that side. This is exactly why it’s so sustainable. Sarah Palin and Hilary Clinton are just different sides of the same coin.

  53. Warren Farrell was actually on the board of the NYC chapter of NOW in the 70s, I believe—before he began to wake up one day and ask himself whether what he’d been doing and saying, as a prominent male spokes”person” for the feminist view in all its virulence, actally made sense.

    I’ve read only one of his books, The Myth of Male Power, in the mid-90s when it was new and I was just beginning to learn about all this. I thought it was excellent—a fine job of gathering and presenting a mountain of statistics to explode the feminist picture of patriarchal “privilege” and oppression. Until I got to the last chapter, where Farrell presented his “solution” to the problems between the genders, i.e. that the sexes should become more alike! “Oh, no, Warren,” I thought. Clearly he hadn’t yet confronted the core issues. He was still getting a lot of strokes from “moderate” feminists. I coined the term “recovering lapdog” just for him, and haven’t followed him since. Has he figured it out yet?

  54. LeQuin wrote:

    I don’t know if it’s a conscious decision or not but when Nosering starts screaming in his face that he’s a rape apologist he just ignores her and asks the policeman if there is somewhere quieter to wait.

    Missed opportunity! Watch it again. She had fire under that skirt/sensible pants. She was positively bursting with hatred. He could have pointed that out:

    “My goddess, your eyes shine when you’re letting out your hate. I’m a little overwhelmed right now. I will skip this conference if you and I can talk it out.”

    She has the slightest microsmile the whole time she’s consumed by the frenzy. That would make for an epic grudgefuck, and her clenching-unclenching pubis was throbbing that message up her spine like Morse code.

    The opposite of love, as we know, is not hatred. It is indifference. Her body language screamed the opposite of indifference, and even shrikes like her want those signals to be exploited, up to and through the ideology-orgasm mind-scramble. That lesson would be much better than ten Warren Farrell lectures.

    Ignoring her wasn’t the worst response in the world. But he keeps his eyes averted, and he appeals to authority. Aloofness per se is not alpha, especially in the face of direct challenge. Her unblinking staredown and rictus of success in pushing him around: She was the alpha dog here (which makes the eventual AMOG-domination all the sweeter). In a perfect world — with the disclaimer, easier said than done — he could have engaged her directly, using aikido to burn off her chaotic passion, and baited her onto his territory by feigning retreat.

    I’m not saying he could have closed on that closed-clam that night, but he had an opportunity to give back better than he got, and to send her pusso-cerebral cortex into the first stages of sweet bewilderment.

    Then you’d have to deal with the regret and rape charges. But no victory is without risk or cost, and if you can pull a stubborn chick out of an environment like that, chances are you have the necessary skill set to manage the aftermath too.

    Her last sound to him was a moan of frustration. What exactly was she frustrated about? He could have shown her.


  55. Yes there are different times to ignore and go on the attack. But you must pick the battles wisely or you will be spending all your time defending yourself. Ignoring is more for preservation.

    “I don’t care about society that much either anymore, it seems doomed, but I have this desire to see these loudmouthed liars slink away to a corner in shame.”

    As do I…but I don’t have to do anything to bring about their shame. They can just be loudmouth liars and commit their own suicide. I mean look at those harpies…at best they’ll have an emasculated man or cat for a husband, live a life full of stress and anger, and never reach their full potential as women. I doubt anything I say will be more of an atom bomb than what their future will bring.

  56. Mark Minter- We are doing it. What the manosphere is building is The Core. Any revolution starts with intellectual discussion which builds the core. The PUAs and MGTOWs are the initial fighters. Both of them are voting with their asses both in the political/economic sphere as well as the dating market. PUAs are not giving the (one sided) commitment that the feminine imperative demands and really, nor are the MGTOWs, not that they count to most femifascists. But what is more important is on the economic front. The feminist state requires countless men to shackle themselves to the cogs in order for the behemoth to operate. The wheels need to be greased with their blood and less are walking the steps up the pyramid and the sun-god is getting thirsty. Look at Roosh. How much money could that guy be putting into the economy? But he’s left the room. His money is going to Poland or wherever it is this week.

    Every less dollar that is spent, every less hour worked, is less in taxes. The behemoth has expensive tastes and the Peter Pan Manboys (TM) are not feeding the pet! Sites like this one are disseminating the information and growing the base. Mao said that the first thing the revolutionary must do is grow the base. Provoking attacks against the state will cause it to lash out against innocent civilians which in turn cause the surviving victims to turn on it. The feminist behemoth is sacrificing betas and omegas every day. They lash out to kill the “oppressors” and every survivor now has an outlet in the manosphere. How many of you came on here and were immediately struck by the fact that you were not alone? You were no longer a failure. An undesirable piece of shit stuck to the bottom of some woman’s croc?

    The base is growing, my friends. That video shows that the femicnuts are lashing out. How many men walked past that atrocity and saw it? How many men have seen it online? No shit the media is covering it up. Do you think German papers kept everyone up to date on how many people got gassed per day at Auschwitz? Did Pol Pot post his stats on the sports page of Khemer Times? The truth has a nasty habit of leaking out.

    Things will radicalize organically. That’s one thing the manosphere is getting right. It is fighting an asymmetric war. Who is the leader of the manosphere? Roissey? Rollo? Roosh? Elam? Price? Dalrock? WHo do they have to shoot to get it to end? Every time a Bskillet dies a 3M is there to take his place. Mentu and Ashur went quiet but now we have Danny from 504. We have diversity. Roosh tells you how to bang, Dalrock how to marry, Pvt Man how to date. I guarantee you, you don’t need to tell the manosphere when to radicalize. The manosphere is not a club, an organization, a party. It is a living cell. It duplicates on it’s own. It expands on it’s own. It is open source. One guy has an idea and three more expand upon it, taking it to new places the originator could not have dreamed of. How may posts on other sites did 3M’s Incel manifesto spawn? How many men had how many discussions where further new ideas were born?

    I gotta tell you, if this was a shooting war, I’d hate to be the general sent in to crush the manosphere. Asymmetrical forces are a hard nut to crack. The femifascists will have some successes but monolithic forces have a very hard time with these sorts of battles.

    Tiocfaidh ar La!

  57. “You could make a case that women addicted men to their sexuality and then withdrew their sexuality until we provided them with a source of income.” — Warren Farrell (Brainyquote)

    Pretty good. See also Helen Fisher, The Sex Contract.

    “Males are a breeding experiment conducted by females.” —Anonymous blog poster (where I saw it)

  58. I say you better all open your eyes.

    If some protest happened by, say Union Members, were protesting in this manner like the U of T people against Right to Work Laws, then this video here would be all over the news. Fox would be playing this bad boy over and over and over with talking heads decrying the methods with the most disapproving language possible.

    But these “Freedom Fighters” in this video would never receive any public disapproval.

    The political power that women now have and are flexing is like nothing I’ve seen in my lifetime. The closest thing was 18-25 year olds immediately after the 18 year old vote and 1/3 of the country were boomers. And they still didn’t have this much power. The women have Boehner by the balls. And are slapping around Wall Street, the wealthy, and the powerful. The last men standing in the Republican caucus are only doing so because they are from very extreme districts where if they ever voted for anything that has a Tax Increase in it, they get hung. So they get reelected for saying NO. Then when the Bush tax cuts automatically expire and a new bill gets put in front of them that says “TAX CUT” then they vote yes. But other than that, the Women are winning in this fight.

    And this is nothing. The real power is about to unfold.

    This shooting in Connecticut is going to bode very badly for men over the next 10 or 15 years. I was around women this weekend and they watched every second of coverage. They sat through the funerals on the TV and even sang hymns that were airing during the service.

    Almost all of the articles in the sidebar in The Atlantic are about Gun Control and women will get a constitutional amendment.

    Like one of the women said (more like yelled) to me, like I was responsible even though I voted Democrat forever and never had a gun, “SOME MAN ….. KILLED BABIES!!!! BABIES!!!”.

    I am not playing down the event nor minimizing the national grief.

    What I am warning you about is they will discover how easy it is for them to do something that has only been 27 times before.

    The last Amendment was in 1992, a ratification of some Amendment about keeping congress from receiving raises until after the next congress. That one is really the only stupid amendment that seems like something state would do like prohibiting Shariah Law.

    But the last real amendment with the whole approval enchilada was the 18 year old vote in 1972. The one before that approved the Tyler Precedent for Presidential succession in a case the president is alive but incapable. This was 1965 after JFK had his brains blown out. And the questions were asked about what to do if he had not died but was a vegetable. Pretty important question really. Very constitutional.

    The list of Amendments have been all very grave subjects and only Prohibition of all of the 27 actually restricted rights. All of the others were clarifications of Constitutional questions or an expansion of rights like Civil Rights (Voting Rights) in 1962 or Women’s suffrage in 1919. And prohibition was a woman’s amendment that was reflective of the societal power they had in 1919. Temperance was the start of the Feminist movement in America and the two things combined had a theme that was something like “Those men are not manning up” Even though prohibition was ratified before the vote, most states had already started allowing women to vote in state elections and that is where ratification occurs in the state houses. So women have been more or less responsible for the only restriction is freedom ever in constitutional amendents.

    And they are about to do it again to one of the Bill of Rights, the fundamental contract between the people and the framers to allow the passage of the constitution.

    Let me say, I don’t own a gun. I don’t have a real dog in this fight. I am just explaining.

    We, the manosphere, continue to be vilified, insulted as damaged and weak men that aren’t real men, because we are speaking out. Our complaints are real to us, very real, yet we are constantly belittled and ignored. Yes, I do use very misogynistic language and I am notbacking down. My name, MY name is attached to my comments. But I am in the rare situation that I can do it. I say come and get me bitches.

    I personally think someone got to Mentu after the vasectomy post and he was forced to shut down UMAN. I mean he yanked it all. Someone had said they found Google Cache of it and YaReally said “Man, let it go. If he wanted it down, he had a reason and respect it. ” Roosh was run out of DC and that is why he started traveling.

    I am telling you, we are at a very very important point. Let them get this change imposed on the second amendment and they will learn both how to do it and how easy it is for them. Then they will know how to get some cleverly worded amendment about hate speech against minority, gay, special needs, elderly, and women.

    Either way, I am very sure that women’s advantages and position in society are going to be institutionalized and hardened. You are seeing the beginning of it. The beginning. I can just see it, like 1,2,3,4,5. I see it everywhere. I am constantly searching, reading on the web for hours a day. It is, more or less, my job. Hang out near any female focused web site and men are shit. And it’s not just RadFems. It’s TradCon women also.

    So that’s why I am radical. And I say it is time to escalate.

  59. Mark Minter wrote:

    You’re turning into a Messiah.

    I don’t know man. What you gonna do? Destiny might be calling.

    Paul got pretty fucking famous hanging with Jesus, so if you need any disciples or whatever, count me in.

    This level of preposterous enthusiasm will kill any cause you hold dear in the cradle. Be a man and show your appreciation through imitation and deed, not rah-rah pom-poms and embarrassing credulity before false saviors.

    We need men of fierce independence, not starry-eyed suck ups. And Rollo should be the first to tell you that.

    [Um. yeah?]


  60. Matt

    That was uncalled for.

    I think the writing here is remarkably significant and groundbreaking. And the messiah thing was metaphor for how I see it growing.

    A metaphor is a comparison not using like or as if you didn’t know.

    The list of comments about the writing on this blog about lives changed is quite extensive.

    Excuse the fuck out of me if I note it as important.

    Kiss my ass. Don’t you ever insult me again like that again.

  61. “That’s basically the estimation most women want you to think their ‘sufferage’ is on par with; the Holocaust.”

    But it is; both are politically-driven hoaxes. Sure, women have suffered throughout human history; but so have men, and an accurate “comparison” is impossible, since all the factors are subjective.

    And sure, a lot of Jews died during that horrible, unnecessary, arranged war (though pretty certainly not the Talmudic magic number of six million), but the “Holocaust” you’re required to believe in (especially you Canadians) is a fabrication. With an agenda. A whole lot of other people died in that war also (including a real six million Poles), but we never hear much of anything about them.

    Cui bono?

  62. The way I see it is that what we term ‘red pill’ is being discovered by many more men than those that are part of the manosphere.

    These blogs are simply a little network of much a bigger cultural movement that is arising simply because our views are sane in a culture that has pushed insanity to the very brink that it defies nature in such a gross manner that only the truly delusional can deny it.

    Read the comments to any article on gender relationships and many commentors that have probably never even heard the sphere are calling them out on their bullshit.

    Liberalism and feminism and every other ism is simply contradictory to the harsh laws of human nature. They have pushed these ideologies too far and the backlash is inevitable.

    All these positions are simply power grabs. Men mistakenly gave up their power in the sexual revolution for some cheap pussy and it backfired horribly. I don’t think women will give back power willingly. Men have to stand up for their own rights and expectations.

    The way to win is voting through your committment. Betas don’t count in winning the war between the sexes. It’s the high value men that won’t commit that brings the women’s power to their knees. Because at the end of the day when all the alphas won’t marry, something’s got to give. A woman’s main goal in life is not career or job, it’s to marry that high status man. That’s what feminism ultimately sold them indirectly too. That a woman could increase her value like a guy through job and career despite beauty to win her alpha for commitment. I know that’s the very primal cause of it all.

    They were sucked by ugly women that had to work and had no chance in hell of landing any decent man so they wanted their job prospects to be top notch.

    If high value men simply stopped marrying which is what we are seeing, then women will fall in line.

  63. HA, she WAS arrested at G20.


    Someone posted this excellent video in the comments on the AVfM link. It illustrates what has been happening in higher education (higher Indoctrination)…

    Campus Censorship and the End of American Debate:

  64. I really want to fuck Vanja Krajina and I don’t know why.

    I just think the amount of crazy kinky hot monkey sex would be through the roof with this woman.

    Also, why the fuck is Eastern European the only place to spit out hot feminists? The pussy riot girls looked quite fuckable as well.

  65. Mark Minter wrote:

    Kiss my ass. Don’t you ever insult me again like that again.

    It’s a deal. So long as you stop behaving in a way that requires public correction. You embarrass me by association. Learn to make compliments without gushing, as peers do among men, in contrast to fainting bobbysoxers at a Beatles concert. They will register as more genuine and effective than idle flattery. Your remarks are indistinguishable from sentimentality, and sentiment is the sign of shallowness.

    “We’re more popular than Jesus.” — John Lennon, channeling your spirit

    You are full of vim and righteous anger, which are rare, necessary qualities, but not when they manifest themselves against the more important qualities of consistency, critical argument, and independent thought. Your verve goes haywire without focus and along parallel enthusiasms — one negative, one positive — gushing in equal measure over your allies as you rant over your enemies. Which is not salutary for your allies, who require any appreciation to be tempered by criticism (or even gratuitous insult!) as a means to distinguish right commentary from mere flattery. Otherwise it is simple fluff that debases the fluffer.

    (N.B.: That last paragraph is how a man compliments a man.)


  66. Also in relation to Mark Minter basically worshipped Rollo, I think this can explained by using a Matrix analogy.

    In the film there were numerous captains that unplugged people, however to each person that was unplugged they seemed to hold the specific captain that unplugged them as some kind of savior. In the film, many of the crew has an undying devotion to Morpheus even though he’s just a small part in a large scale organization. But to that specific crew member he’s their guardian angel.

    Rollo is Mark’s Morpheus so he holds Rollo in regard to a semi-deitiety. It’s what Rollo has done personally for Mark’s life that he holds this view. It goes that deep emotionally. That kind of speaks volumes to how some of the manopshere writers have touched lifes simply by speaking and explaining the truth.

    The fact is that we can all help people by explaining the truth to men we care about. We can all be a Rollo to somebody.

  67. Rollo snorted:

    [Um. yeah?]

    Ummmm… like… yeah. You deflected the flattery, which was good, but you didn’t rap him on the knuckles, which indirectly encourages more of the same. It’s not that big of a deal, but it was a missed opportunity to demand more from an otherwise strong and loyal ally, who is drifting into counterproductive adulation.


  68. I will shine a light on injustice, but I will refuse to give in to the seductive promise of power through victimhood.

    Furthermore, I refuse to apologize for not identifying as a victim.

    I will not allow myself to be robbed of my composure or my common sense.

  69. @D-Man: I will shine a light on injustice, but I will refuse to give in to the seductive promise of power through victimhood.

    Shameless self-promotion, I just did a post on that:

    Anyhow, I’m incredibly frustrated because I have a reply in mind to just about everything everybody’s saying (some brilliant stuff here, also some that’s not so much).

    I’ll have an in-depth analysis ready sometime tomorrow. i know you can’t wait, but you’ll have to.

  70. FuriousFerret wrote:

    I really want to fuck Vanja Krajina and I don’t know why.

    I know why.

    Her pictures don’t do her persona justice. I figured she was chubby under the bulky coat, but she has a young face and young attitude and shining, shining eyes. That’s the dead giveaway. When you see her in action you can size her up in a second. Her politics has any depth to it whatsoever, and her taunts represent a kind of monumental shit test, challenging you to become bigger than the enormous pool of lies from which she draws her passion. She is advertising her exclusivity, literally shouting out in a crowd of betas for the attention of a man who can handle her full-tilt bitch shield.

    Go back to the tape. She is patently ecstatic when on the attack, until her victim turns momentarily to confront her. Here comes his counterattack, at last! … which quickly sours when presented with the weak character of his confrontation. She reverts to a contemptible scowl. He’s actually engaging me with logic!?! REPULSIVE BETA.

    I googled her name to get your reference, and I had to laugh at the sissified feminist imitation offered by the “men’s” “rights” “activists.” HATEFUL BIGOT EXPOSED! No wonder she can’t withhold her contempt — to the point of getting arrested — when poking and testing the soft fat of MRA manboobs who take her words at face value.

    Do you think she is immune to the idea of “crazy kinky … sex” with the enemy either? It’s what’s driving her. It’s what drives every inflamed feminist who is not their target constituency: forlorn ugly women seeking revenge for their sexlessness.

    Give me ten minutes with Miss Krajina. At last: worthy, clever prey who loves the chase more than she understands it.


  71. @Matt: Completely correct in his assessment of Vaj. Times like that are when rhetoric and game coincide completely. If a chick is a bitch like that in the political sense, the best way to bang her is exactly the best way to bring her to your politics. Stand your ground completely. Get in her face. Turn her insults back on her, and put her in her place.

  72. The cool thing is that these women have no reservations about associating their names and faces with a movement that is slowly being exposed for the vile, hateful thing that it actually is, so if/when society as a whole really starts to wake up, these chicks will forever be exposed as the hypocritical mysandrists they really are. Like that chick I posted about last week from a comment on another blog who claimed to have been raped, who was accepting rent money from her supposed “rapist”. Right now these ass clowns are being taken seriously, but if things do turn around they will probably regret having been so open about their identity now that we are in the google age.

  73. And the opposite is true for the men such as Roosh and Mark Minter who are willing and able to forgo their anonymity to help spread the truth.

  74. Right, Martel.

    … these women have no reservations about associating their names and faces with a movement that is slowly being exposed for the vile, hateful thing that it actually is, so if/when society as a whole really starts to wake up, these chicks will forever be exposed …

    In what dimension, Good Luck Chuck, do women understand the short-term consequences of their behavior, much less the ultimate ones? Her severe disorientation is so essentially feminine that it is flat-out attractive.

    In a man, you’d want to beat him so severely that either he loses such dangerous ignorance or he loses his life. In a young woman that deep into the game that she can’t keep from looking pleased by her provocations? Another type of corrective altogether is in order.


  75. matt nailed it. the first thing i thought when watching the video was that fucking scum girl really just wanted a guy to man up and give her a few well deserved smacks to the face with his cock.

    play the video with the sound muted and watch her face closely. only at 3:25 when she’s yelling at her dad the cop does she exhibit any real anger. when she does the oink oink bit, she’s having fun and basking in the attention. at 4:14 her face quickly flashes hope, disappointment, and finally contempt all in the span of a second when the guy addresses her. her final ‘fucking scum’ at 4:27 is with the tone of a 7 year old child trying to get the last word in.

    the sad thing is, this girl isn’t tragically ugly or fat. she has no real reason to be a feminist.

    it’s almost as if the proper warpig feminists decided that their image needed a makeover so they imported some girls from eastern europe and paid them to be the new nonbutter face of feminism.

  76. In liberal herbs Vaj inspires respect (shows how smart they are)

    In conservative betas Vaj inspires fear

    In Men, Vaj inspires disgust, and she wants to feel it. You can tell she knows how bitchy she is and is begging to be called on it. With the right words, body language, and tone you could drench her panties in mere seconds.

    Too bad about the unwashed hair.

  77. i think this video would have been more entertaining if the protest had taken place in, say, russia.

    a lot shorter, but more entertaining.

  78. I really want to fuck Vanja Krajina and I don’t know why.

    our male biological programming recognizes the ‘i need to be fucked to within an inch of my life’ vibe that she’s giving out.

    eyes and lips. look at that cupid’s bow.

  79. These comment’s and this post has riled me up a bit. That video is fucking terrifying. Offensive. There is hatred for no reason in those women’s eyes. And that pathetic male there – I just want to tickle him. Not even punch him. Tickle him until he dies.

    In summation of what I wrote in response to this, and as an addendum to some people’s comments: I have been accused of raping a girl, by said girl, before we ended up becoming fuck-buddies.

    So, before we even really fully hooked up, she accused me of rape as one HUGE shit test. I was convinced I raped her for hours after she called me to tell me I had done so. I had become one of my greatest fear’s – a rapist, like the monster that raped my mother (as far as I was led to believe up until that time).

    Then it hit me, I didn’t do anything with her, we made out after she crawled naked into my bed, sprawled herself onto me, and began throwing herself at me; I didn’t want to go further, was tired, and went to sleep – circumstances considering (& elaborated here). I called her back and explained to her that No, I did not rape her. If she really thought I did, she could contact the police.

    Shortly after that we fucked for the first time. Whenever we hung out after that, even years later, it always ended with her buying condoms, buying me things, and finding a way for us to fuck. I didn’t need to spend a shit ton of money taking her out on dates or buying expensive wine to impress her anymore. I just needed cigg’s and whatever I felt like drinking. She wanted someone to sweep her away, not take her out for another night about town. It was only when I was treating her like a “date” that she gave me shit. So, there’s a confession of an accused rapist, turned admitted fuck-buddy and denied rapist by who accused him of it in the first place. My rant for the day is now complete.

    Poorly long summation. Oh well.

  80. Occasionally I’ll get an angry how-dare-you-no-girl-will-ever-fuck-you-you-are-scum comment on my blog by a representative of the vagina-borg.

    I don’t bother to to address the disrespectful abuse. I just mark the comment as spam.

    There is a lot of in real life spam and trollery and abuse out there. Is there benefit in dealing with it directly? What if feminists declared a war and nobody showed up? What if each of us just lived as best we can, picking and choosing our associations and our actions and our financial affiliations?

    Look – many women don’t think clearly, and some of them are abusive and poisonous. We can’t repair them. Why let em bring us down? That’s what they want. Control through emotional manipulation. Dominance through drama.

    Either out-drama them, or abandon them. Engaging them rationally just plays into their desire for attention.

  81. I didn’t watch the video and have no intention to.

    It’s enough to know how the world works. Dwelling in negativity isn’t educational after that – it’s just an indulgence. It’s my choice what I feed my emotions with. If my job in life was to be right, outrage porn could be emotionally useful. But that’s not my job. My job in life is to be happy.

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