The New Polyandry

About five years ago I wrote a post called You Need Sex. In that essay I asserted a few key points about the importance of a healthy sex life for men. If I’m honest I kind of expected most of the reactions I got from that post and even now it remains one of my more contentious pieces. Even when I was in my Blue Pill youth in the 80s and 90s I’d run across the guys who always wanted to deemphasize sex in some reverse-psychology effort to get women to believe that they were deeper than the guys who just wanted to bang them. These were the guys who’d listen to a girl say something like, “I don’t see why sex is such a big deal to guys” or “Am I just a piece of ass to you?“, they’d take it to heart, and then construct some kind of personalized Game around how they respected women and wanted to really relate with them ‘beyond the sexual’.

That’s exactly what the Blue Pill teaches guys; they should always defer to, empathize with and identify with the feminine. This is Blue Pill conditioning at its most basic. It is a boy/man’s imperative to place women’s existence as more important than his own – and with men’s innate protection instincts for women this Blue Pill training is key to establishing a gynocratic social order.

But guys also have to find some way to set themselves apart from the competition in the Blue Pill sexual marketplace. They have to find someway to make themselves unique in how unlike ‘typical‘ guys they are. The miscalculation is, of course, the belief that the more alike, the more they identify, with (as?) women the likelier a woman would select them for intimacy and reproduction. 

Men are natural problem solvers. It’s part of our evolved firmware to look for solutions to challenges in our environment. This makes us constructive, creative, often innovative and more ready to take risks. It also makes us competitive and that competitiveness extends to the sexual marketplace. So it’s not too much of a stretch to see how Blue Pill conditioned young men might look for creative ways to outdo one another in the ‘female-identification olympics

One way this identification competition gets pushed to new heights is in how well a man might better devalue and abase his own sexual strategy to better accommodate that of the woman he believes will appreciate it. Taken to the binary extreme this means finding some way to devalue all men’s sexual natures. What better way to set oneself apart from other guys than to not be a guy? What better way to empathize with the feminine than to tear down the gender women say they despise?

Does all that seem kind of ridiculous? I used to think this way when I was younger. There was a time I might’ve even jumped on the “masculinity is toxic/confusing/outdated/outmoded/ridiculous” train because I truly believed it was the way to a woman’s vagina heart and mind. Even in the 80s and 90s this was a popular misconception. It wasn’t until I’d been through my first bad breakup that I realized the truth. Then I had nothing to lose by making myself more important than the women I was idealizing and behold! The women I wanted, wanted me – sexually to be sure, but they wanted to lock me down in commitment.

In my 20s I had unwittingly shifted from one sexual strategy to another, and I liked the change. It didn’t happen overnight. I had to learn to adopt the attitude, the swagger, the character that would get me laid, but I found that the most important part of playing the game well was putting my own desires well above those of any woman.

Suddenly I discovered I could easily nail the girls I could only jerk off to in my younger years. I can remember the time I first had sex with a girl I thought was the apex of hotness when I was in my teens. She was the best friend of the girlfriend of the drummer in the band I was in then. Both were swimsuit models and I thought I’d finally reached the goal. It wasn’t until after I dumped her to get with a centerfold model that I knew I’d set my sights too low.

Does that sound like a humblebrag? If you’re still held back by a Blue Pill mindset it probably will. I mentioned on a podcast recently that a majority of men will never know sex as anything but a mitigated, compromised transaction. They’ll never know what it’s like to have a woman lust after them. They’ll never experience the dilated eyes of a woman that would give anything to please him in that moment. Not because she’s obligated, but because her ego is validated at the same time her body is aching to have sex with him.

Strategic Pluralism Theory

According to strategic pluralism theory (Gangestad & Simpson, 2000), men have evolved to pursue reproductive strategies that are contingent on their value on the mating market. More attractive men accrue reproductive benefits from spending more time seeking multiple mating partners and relatively less time investing in offspring. In contrast, the reproductive effort of less attractive men, who do not have the same mating opportunities, is better allocated to investing heavily in their mates and offspring and spending relatively less time seeking additional mates.

From a woman’s perspective, the ideal is to attract a partner who confers both long-term investment benefits and genetic benefits. Not all women, however, will be able to attract long-term investing mates who also display heritable fitness cues. Consequently, women face trade-offs in choosing mates because they may be forced to choose between males displaying fitness indicators or those who will assist in offspring care and be good long-term mates (Gangestad & Simpson, 2000). The most straightforward prediction that follows is that women seeking short-term mates, when the man’s only contribution to offspring is genetic, should prefer muscularity more than women seeking long-term mates.

from Why Is Muscularity Sexy? Tests of the Fitness Indicator Hypothesis

The latter quote here is a simple outline of Hypergamy, but the first part, Strategic Pluralism Theory is what I want to focus on today because this is where the “sex is no big deal” cop out derives from for men.

The first sexual strategy, the one in which a higher SMV (sexual market value) male can enjoy the sexual experience of many women is a strategy predicated on what our most basic, evolved, biological instinct directs us to. It served ancestral men better to ‘hit it and quit it’ and move on to the next girl as expediently as possible for a variety of reasons. This is also a reason why women’s Hypergamous filtering is a base part of women’s sexual selection process today. The investment cost of becoming pregnant was so high that it became part of women’s evolved firmware to be hypersensitive to reproduction cues as well as parental investment cues (provisioning resources) to ensure survival of herself and her offspring. If you ever wonder why rape is such an existential fear for women you have to understand that this fear is written deep into women’s evolved mental firmware because of men overriding this filtering process by violence.

The first archetype of Strategic Pluralism Theory we could day is the Alpha archetype. This is the guy who has the luxury, by effort or genetic lottery, to pursue what I’d speculate was our ancestors’ pre-agrarian, hunter-gatherer sexual imperative. This is what guys like to call the “Natural” with women. Thanks so any number of intersexual advantages (looks, Game, social proof, preselection) it serves him best to spread the seed and women are only too happy to enjoy him as well. He represents the 20th percentile in the 80/20 Pareto distribution of the sexual marketplace.

This side of Strategic Pluralism Theory reflects the r aspect of the r/K reproductive theory. A lot of well meaning Red Pill theologians seem to think that r/K reproductive selection is only limited to the female side of the equation. I’d also point out that this applies to the male side as well. Hypergamy is women’s evolved sexual strategy, however, I would argue that men’s innate, default sexual strategy is unlimited access to unlimited sexuality. This r strategy is manifested today in our base predilection for pornography. Untempered by societal restraints, Alpha sexual strategy is what men a majority would default to if given the choice. 

More attractive men accrue reproductive benefits from spending more time seeking multiple mating partners and relatively less time investing in offspring.

I’m establishing this perspective to better illustrate the Beta side of Strategic Pluralism Theory. For sake of convenience I’m labeling men who fall into the ‘more attractive men’ category as Alphas. I don’t think this is too much of a stretch for most of my readers, but if you have a problem with this just consider the statistics laid out in the book Dataclysm. A majority of women rate 80-85% of men as “unattractive”. That last 15-20% are our ‘more attractive’ Alphas here.

This then leaves the remaining ‘less attractive men’ as the Beta cohort. 

…the reproductive effort of less attractive men, who do not have the same mating opportunities, is better allocated to investing heavily in their mates and offspring and spending relatively less time seeking additional mates.

This then is the Beta mating strategy and if it sounds like the conventional idea of monogamy you’re not too far off. This is the K side of the r/K selection theory. Before I continue I want to stress that monogamy or non-exclusivity is not a value judgement in this essay. Alpha Fucks and Beta Bucks has male sexual strategy implications beyond women’s Hypergamy. I refer to Alpha and Beta as placeholder terms here.

For the Beta side of Strategic Pluralism the reproductive strategy is one that, in part, aligns with one side of Hypergamy. The 80% of ‘less attractive’ men find it necessary to compromise their biological imperative (unlimited access to unlimited sexuality) in order to successfully reproduce. This is the nuts & bolts of what is today being called “enforced monogamy”. While this idea is taken to absurd extremes by critics, the premise is rooted in Strategic Pluralism. Since monogamy serves the largest block of men’s reproductive efforts it follows that it would be the institutionalized standard for ‘civil’ society.

Monogamy is Beta

Monogamy is a social norm, if not an evolutionary norm. A lot has been written about how monogamy in its present incarnation – one man, one woman – is really the result of a post-agrarian social order that optimized the sexual strategy of Beta men. In essence socially-enforced monogamy serves the largest population of Beta males.

However, the tradeoff for women was long term provisioning, protection (in as far as the man was capable) and parental investment – all thing conducive to sustainable futures for women and their children. All that was expected of women was a compromise on the Alpha arousal side of Hypergamy. And naturally, Alpha men and most women found ways to circumvent this socio-sexual adaptation that benefitted women in spite of Beta men. 

Monogamy serves Beta men. Alpha men still get sex, broke or not.

I had the above video passed along to me by a Twitter follower about 2 weeks ago. I think he expected me to take issue with how she was defending ‘gold-diggers’ but, ironically, she unwittingly detailed the basics of Hypergamy and Strategic Pluralism Theory. She’s not wrong. Women’s sexual strategy is optimized in conditions of polygamy and polyandry, while men’s sexual strategy – the Beta sides anyway – is optimized in a condition of socially enforced monogamy. 

What’s really ironic is that this girl discounts what so many men discount when they consider Hypergamy. She couches her total perspective on the Beta Bucks, long-term provisioning side of Hypergamy while conveniently omitting the Alpha Fucks side of Hypergamy. The only consideration she has is for resource transfer – again perpetuating the Beta sex experience – and ignoring the fact that even poor men still get to bang women like her if they’re “hawt’. ‘Monogamy is made to benefit men‘, no it’s made to benefit Beta men; Alpha men solve the reproductive problem irrespective of (in spite of) socially enforced monogamy. ‘Broke men don’t get women‘,…unless they’re hot broke men.

I’ve seen Jordan Peterson and more than a few notable evo-psych professors make a similar mistake. They deliberately make Hypergamy solely about the Beta Bucks side of a dualistic mating strategy. Mostly this misdirection is due to personal bias or a want to present the feminine in a positive light. But likewise we also tend to see focus of men’s sexual strategy centering on what long term resources a man has to measure his worth by. Historically, women have generally been the losers in a social order based on a monogamy that tries to ensure that the most men (majority Beta) are solving the reproductive problem. Because women lacked the same resource generating capacity of men, because up until 50 years ago women needed men to solve the Beta Bucks side of Hypergamy, monogamy was a at least a workable solution to their own reproductive problem.

In 2018 this is no longer the case. For all of the bleating of women wanting a ‘good man’ once they exit the cock carousel, the reproductive problem they’re trying to solve isn’t founded in the Beta Bucks side of Hypergamy it’s on the Alpha Fucks side. For as much as the women in this video tried to defend their mercenary sexual strategy of being justifiable gold diggers they really didn’t need to. All of the provisioning needs side of Hypergamy is relatively provided for for women in western cultures today.

The monogamous priority – the one that tried to ensure that most Beta men reproduced – that priority has now shifted to a neo-polyandry. This new social mechanic attempts to solve the Alpha Fucks side of the reproductive problem for the largest number of women. Just as patriarchal monogamy attempted to aide men who wouldn’t otherwise reproduce, the new polyandry seeks to ensure that even the lowest SMV women are entitled to breed with an Alpha male of their choosing.

Once all social stigma and religious buffers were removed from Hypergamy (since the Sexual Revolution) it has been a rapid shift from a male-beneficial monogamy that’s been the social norm for millennia to a form of polyandry that benefits the female sexual strategy.

I’ll be continuing this post in the next essay, but before I leave this essay let me reiterate the Cardinal Rule of Sexual Strategies: For one sex’s strategy to be fulfilled the other’s must be compromised or abandoned. Think of this on a sociological meta-scale.

Published by Rollo Tomassi

Author of The Rational Male and The Rational Male, Preventive Medicine

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  1. @Anon – Surprised that Bell Hooks is still around? Her books are mandatory reading for any intro Women’s Studies course….She’s truly batshit and no kind of intellectual. I listened to one of her lectures and was stunned by the lack of intellectual rigor she displayed, among other things.

    If you have a daughter in college in the U.S., she’s very likely read Bell Hooks.

  2. I HIGHLY recommend reading the work of Gangestad and Simpson’s colleague Marco del Giudice, who’s done work on the developmental psych of r/K. It is a dramatic oversimplification (and error IMO) to consider these the respective strategies of attractive and unatttractive men. Lots of evidence to show that class and early life environment are a much greater influence on adult mating strategy. Gangestad has done great work on female mate preference across the ovulatory cycle and DG shows very convincingly that early life environment creates men and women who both express and respond to idealized male short term traits, that these traits are encouraged by early life cortisol exposure (instability), and that this exposure alters relevant life history traits via the HPA and HPG axis.

  3. I can imagine the situation in the future where a woman in a polyandrous relationship with the beta man living with her says to her, “hey let’s fuck”. To which she replies, “I’m not feeling it today hun”, followed by a big hug and a kiss (on the cheek) only to be fucked every which way by the alpha that same day who only visits once per week. This behaviour is expected in society. Shudder.

  4. @Sentient How did I not know about this show? Joey from Cheers plays himself as an exaggerated asshole.

    He is the ultimate alpha–zfg, The duplicitous nature of…everyone. Great premise.

  5. @JohnD “I can imagine the situation in the future….”

    Back in my college days I would take a bus to a satellite campus daily. On the ride, I sat beside the sweetest couple, typical high school sweethearts. The guy was one of the nicest caring guys I had meet during my college years, truly into helping humanity, always doing charity work and such. That couple seemed perfect, both going to the same college together, similar class schedules. A few years later, I heard in the news that he had brutally killed her and their young kids and then killed himself. Come to find out after he started working she started banging some guy on the side.

  6. John D shudders, while Centuries goes to poke his worst fears with a sharp stick in the side of his torso.

    But it makes me wonder…What are you going to do about that? Attach a lot of importance to that? Go and protect your ego and act out in ways that are not in your best interest? Guard your fucking heart like it’s vulnerable as all hell? Be Butt-hurt? Show Butt-hurt? Crawl into a shell?

    You still have a healthy (physical and psychological) life to live out there in front of you. You still have choices to make. You still have a burden of performance that shouldn’t scare you to in-action.

    Just ’cause the Red Pill is hard, doesn’t mean you can’t go forth and be good at it.

    When you come to a fork in the road, take it. Or blaze a new fucking path off-road.

    Don’t be a pussy.

    All long term relationships are beset with the possible “Honey, I love you, but I’m not in love with you (IOW, I don’t want to fuck you!)”. That’s just Red Pill 101 (it goes with the territory…) and there are work-a-rounds for that.

    I admire the efficiency of Rian Stone’s writing. In his latest email offering, he wrote this (put your oxygen mask on you first):

    Redmangroup Episode 45:
    Pick up was how almost all of us got our start. Jon wasn’t having issues before, I had a bit of a slow start in my young adult life, and everything in between.

    We were good, in that we learned what we needed to learn and moved on. We talked a lot about children with dynamite, and kicking the can down the road. Imagine if you were a borderline like Neil Strauss (if life is a movie, a borderline is the actor doing what the director wants) and you got good at game, you learn to be a child given dynamite. You get really good at masking your underlying psychological issues, but not really good at dealing with them.

    I just gave my first Rollo level monologue, I better write it down before I forget.

    A lot of guys come to the Red Pill because they are frustrated about the lack of sexual success. I was probably the only guy who wasn’t redpilled by a woman, and I’m probably the only guy who didn’t measure his redpilled success by getting laid.

    Your life is always viewed as a narrative, we can’t avoid it, it’s hardwired in us. We are given what I call the deep story, or the underlying narrative of our lives when we are young, parents, church etc. We only change it through trauma, and the military was very good at manufactured trauma. It helps build a work ethic etc.

    The problem is, the narratives I was given were not beneficial for me. They worked for everyone else, but not me. Had I followed them (and most people do) I would have ended up at 220 lbs, drinking and SSRI’s, being that jaded cop waiting out for that pension.

    Instead, once you get that anger phase (trauma and subsequent processing) you learn to rebuild your deep narrative. The redpill was good, in that it forces you to ask your self a simple question

    “Whats in it for me?”

    And you begin to reframe all your narratives and deep narratives with that thought in mind. You become the benevolent dictator to everyone around you. And as this happens, a weird thing happens:

    Life begins to respond to it, and in a better way than you are used to. A big part of the anger phase is realizing that you were lied to on a macro level. You’re given responsability, but no benefit. If you take nothing else from the redpill, take this

    This is the only beneficial bait and switch for modern man. Come because you wanted pussy, leave with self actualization. I know All of us have inboxes full of guys success stories. People walking back from suicide, leaving toxic marriages, learning how to bring good ones back from the brink!

    Come for the pussy, leave with self actualization.

    I’ve been getting back into the basics, I’m developing a course on Married Red Pill Strategies, condensing thousands of hours of work, study, and experiments, all of it down to a year long roadmap.

    Go from the chump to a hero, Co Dependent borderline to a narcissistic success story. the super religious will benefit the most. My grandfather was a minister (baptist) so I know the troubles. The teachings of the church put you on the back foot already, and the transition moves a man into an old school christian.

    You’re no longer prevented from sin because the church told you to. You’re protected from sin by your own strong frame. It’s much easier to be christ like against temptation if you’ve been tempted, and everyone around you learns to value this in you.

    Anyways, until tomorrow!


  7. @scribbs

    Gaming female relatives…

    Gotta a new female granddaughter and have been gaming her. I’m not as good at comfort as the women and usually let them handle giving the baby comfort. But I play aloof with her and give her thrills by lifting her in the air and giving her “plane rides”. Sometimes the baby prefers me to comfort her and she frequently stares at me as if she has a crush. The baby likes to rub my beard when I haven’t shaved.

    It’s funny how female babies are pretty much the same as other females. Bring pleasure and feels and push/pull.

  8. Today’s case history: Woman from quiet Connecticut village ends up dead along the seedy Bridgeport shoreline.

    “Emily Todd turned to the internet, perhaps in the hopes of finding the man of her dreams, and instead found a nightmare. ‘About two weeks ago, she met Brandon Roberts on a dating app,’ Police Capt. Brian Fitzgerald said….”

    How have women (and men for that matter) “evolved” to get themselves into this kind of mess?

    (Speaking of evolving, also note the changes in her appearance in just seven years from that high school yearbook photo.)

  9. ” . . . note the changes in her appearance in just seven years . . .”

    I was thinking the same thing about Bridgeport.

  10. A Hack.

    I’m all adapting to my environment and maximizing the outcomes which serve me. I have truly internalized that I’m not interested in marriage. Ergo, I’m, interested in spreading my seed far and wide. It’s axiomatic. Other guys do the math differently, so be it.

    There is a paradox among under-25 hotties, hb7.5 or better, white girls, of a certain background for the most part, usually from some part of American suburban Whitelandia. The soft and hard feminism showered on them from their earliest days, from education to every sports league to special programs and messaging and encouragement for girls, well it’s intoxicating for any girl.

    But then skim off the really high performing ones, who basically have the run of the place, socially, these days. I’ve landed my second such ‘sub’ this year, super high performing academically in college, hot and drive and wildly independent. And dying to submit. They cannot face it so they subsume it into their sexuality. These are the girls you can sexualize an interaction with almost instantly. And they simply don’t get the competent, 100% alpha dog vibe much in their generation.


  11. These are the girls you can sexualize an interaction with almost instantly. And they simply don’t get the competent, 100% alpha dog vibe much in their generation.

    even 10% alpha is a rarity in the under 25 male set

  12. (continued)

    Giggling, sorry about that. I bobbled a bunch of stuff and posted that without being done.

    So the way life shows up for these hot, high performers is that it basically lays down at their feet. They get hit on all the time – cock is plentiful. They don’t know what “thirst” is. But they still have the same back of the brain shit going on as every woman, so she’s looking for a man to be more powerful than her and to stand up to her. Her power and high achievement doesn’t make her calm and satisfied. In fact, she’s starting to see through it already, whereas it may take men another 10 years to see through some of the same games.

    But they can’t consciously face it, so they channel it into sexuality. Deviant, submissive, sloppy, messy, nasty, pornographic hardcore sexuality. The first time you bang them you can do wild shit to them, I kid you not. My current 21yo hb8 is became my new sub…heheh. broke her in half psychologically today, always has to happen. she’s fighting it then suddenly gets wet, hehe. and while @sentient can claim what i do to her isn’t depraved, i’m not quite sure i can get there.

    my point? this is an archetype. i can by no means land them all or even a significant minority of them. But I can see them a mile off now. I can tell by the way they dress and walk and do their makeup usually, lol. And many, many more young women are down to fuck no strings attached than most older guys realize. Funny, the younger guys know about these hyper-sexual, wannabe alpha-females, they run over guys their own age.

    You should hear how they talk about guys their own age. I’m Ubering out middle of the night from a nice hotel in a downtown area with her for some truck food, as we have just banged our brains out and smoked a bunch of weed, and she sees a group of college aged guys on the street and like lasers fired from her eyes. She hated them. I get this from more than a few younger women, as I do talk to a lot of them…hehe. I’m not saying they are correct, but as an older guy they “opt in” now. I don’t even have to set the frame for this crop of girls. They already know “nsa” or “fwb” and have had a good amount of sex already. Most have been with girls already. All want to dominated to some significant degree.

    You qualify by making them qualify (get the fucking Zen of that, and if you don’t, then re-read the sentence until you do). And if they don’t, then “next”. But if they do? Watch out. All I can say in both cases is that the sex was nothing short of epic and electrifying and filthy and nasty.

    I have a couple of others like them in rotation trying to close them down. College towns are sweet. These hypersexual girls end up on multiple online dating/sex sites, fyi, but hey, some guys here sneer at online game. For me? The digital world is a force multiplier that keeps my funnel full. But then again, I’m smack in the middle of the digital marketing world in my business, so…hehe.

    I cannot believe how quick I closed the hb8 21yo. 4 days from meeting online to a “hookup hotshot” style meetup, lol. next time she’s agreed to do video w me, claims that will be hottttt.. You know how these girls love to add letters to shit as a way of being text cuteeeee.

    Only purpose to these discussions is to further a man in his mating strategy. Keep in mind that I have also internalized another of Rollo’s axioms. If my mating strategy succeeds, the female’s is failing. I’m not here to be her “peer” as I explained to tears today…Breaking a sub is truly a delightful thing. Post Red Pill, the crying and manipulations don’t move me at all.

    Shit tests are just amusing now. The real breakthrough for me is seeing how to create the dynamics in the right way, to create the tension and then release it for her, with the right mix of comfort. I’ve always been able to be dominating but mixing the comfort in has been all the growth for me. Gotta get ’em purring too. And i don’t want drama. Correct mix produces low stress obedience.

    Fucking game. I never would have learned game if all that shit hadn’t happened to me 5 years ago. And without game, I would likely never have gotten laid again by a hot girl without paying, haha. And now I’m literally banging hottie 21yo nymphos, hardcore pornstyle.

    The Red Pill is as real as you are willing to be. Praxeology is a map, not the terrain. Power unused isn’t power at all.

    “Learning implies a permanent change in behavior.” Said to me by a very smart woman, a very masculine one in fact. For me, internalizing what Rollo lays out above so clearly meant looking at the world and what I could do with what I’ve got. Not what the echo of some Blue Pilled romantic fantasy from days gone by was telling me about.

    Go out and break some hearts, you fucking animals. They are out there, daring you to do so.

  13. “What better way to set oneself apart from other guys than to not be a guy? What better way to empathize with the feminine than to tear down the gender women say they despise?”

    Basically trying to get sex in the present by agreeing to help make it harder for them to get sex in the future.

    Those birds do eventually return to roost.

    I’m looking at you Mr. Weinstein.

    Just as short sighted as a woman riding the cock carousel till she’s nearly hit the wall.

  14. Here you go Rollo. More grist for the mill.

    hanks to Lana Del Rey, Twitter twinks with too much time on their hands, and all of our collectively missed therapy appointments, “Daddy” no longer means just your actual father, and instead can refer to, as Saturday Night Live put it, “a hot middle-aged guy with a big job.” With this week’s host Matt Damon and cast member Kate McKinnon playing co-anchors, the show reimagined the Westminster Dog Show as the Westminster Daddy Show in which the judges are looking for the best “men over the age of 46 with a little salt and pepper at the temples, some play money to throw around, and a smug, knowing smile that says, ‘I do sex good.'”

    Interesting… AF/BB closely joined… Cultural acknowledgment of Older Man / Younger Woman… Inferiority of young guys today?

  15. Ok this is funny…

    It’s unclear what the winner of “Champion Daddy” actually gets aside from a wreath, but we assume it’s bragging rights at a steakhouse bar, a comfy seat in the dressing room during your Gucci shopping spree, the scorn of his ex-wife, and, in about 10 to 14 months, a lot of millennial-style drama that, frankly, he’s just too old to deal with.

  16. @Sentient… It’s unclear what the winner of “Champion Daddy” actually gets aside from a wreath, but we assume it’s bragging rights at a steakhouse bar, a comfy seat in the dressing room during your Gucci shopping spree, the scorn of his ex-wife, and, in about 10 to 14 months, a lot of millennial-style drama that, frankly, he’s just too old to deal with.

    The more shit-libs and soyboys mock it…they more they make it clear what turns women on.

    As someone who’s made it his mission to only bang girls below 30…I can tell you that apart from doing real-man stuff: broiling steaks, cooking manly meals, going out for the occasional cocktail….basically it’s all about banging them or…’doing sex good’.

    My other ‘middle-aged” so-called friends can’t believe it when I tell them that one of my plates came to town for a job interview. she texted me to come out to her hotel. Gave me her room number. I showed up after my dinner with friends, banged her twice, took a bath together in the gigantic tub…and left.

    That was it. No roses, no gift…just me. And she practically attacked me when I walked into the room.

  17. PS Sentient….making an Old Fashioned starting with buying the right whisky isn’t HER job…it’s mine. HER job is to dress hot, show up looking and smelling great and ready to bang.

    My “friends” think there’s some other transaction involved. There isn’t. Rollo wrote once girls want a guy to “just get it…”

  18. Wala

    My “friends” think there’s some other transaction involved. There isn’t. Rollo wrote once girls want a guy to “just get it…”

    J can take notes… J that imgur is aptly titled… #negotiating

  19. There are any number of YouTube vids featuring Lana del Rey and “Daddy”. Here’s one.

    “Daddy” is a thing among the 20-somethings.

  20. @blax

    lol. Tell that to everyone who’ve made them the 5th most downloaded podcast in the world:

    “the podcast started when the two started talking about sex at a bar while on vacation, and the candid conversation attracted an audience. “People came up to us and said ‘You need a show, because I would listen to this every day.’

    Since its premiere on Barstool Sports in October, Call Her Daddy has only released 13 episodes, but has gained over 10,000 reviews on iTunes and averages 4.5 out of 5 stars.”

    I’m not a listener…just agreeing with @AR’s point on the ‘daddy’ phenomenon amongst the 20-somethings audience


    Alpha widow? Sure.

    Woody Allen’s</> alpha widow? Well then…

    Sixteen, emerald-eyed, blond, an aspiring model with a confident streak and a painful past: Babi Christina Engelhardt had just caught Woody Allen’s gaze at legendary New York City power restaurant Elaine’s. It was October 1976, and when Engelhardt returned from the ladies’ room, she dropped a note on his table with her phone number. It brazenly read: “Since you’ve signed enough autographs, here’s mine!”

  22. For your amusement: as for this whole “Daddy” thing, I remember in Das Eighties when the famous Tipper Gore along with various U.S. Senate fundies and reformed hung over hippies had a ManBearPig fit over naughty/druggy rock lyrics, backwards tapes (“backmasking”) and whether this or that Judas Priest record made you so low down you wanted to stick your head in an oven. (Which actually, I can see that).

    One candidate for Mme. Tipper’s perusal was Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m On Fire”, the first line of which is “Hey little girl is your daddy home, did he go away and leave you all alone.”

    When they heard this the Tipper-ettes morphed it into promoting incest/sex abuse and fired at will. The Capt. Obvious fact that it meant “sugar daddy” flew right past them all, even when Rational Males like John Denver (!) pointed it out.

    Meanwhile, under their very noses, not one of these snotnoses saw that a small US label issued “So What”, the Anti-Nowhere League’s ode to the nasty that was the last record literally banned by the British Royal Post Office for obscenity. (It IS pretty damn raw, also funny as fuck). Still for all their undue diligence none of them caught it. Metallica later covered the tune faithfully on their Garage, Inc. album and it is one of their mandatory sing-along encores these days. Go Ewe Toob it and hear for yourselfs.

  23. “And the questions men ask most often? How to pick up girls (naturally) and how to go down on her,”


    asking girls how to pick up girls and eat pussy

    retarded blue pill timesuck.

  24. For your amusement: as for this whole “Daddy” thing, I remember in Das Eighties </i

    Memory Lane – ok to visit, not such a good place to live.

  25. @Sentient

    To me the highlight of that article is when she’s off with Fellini as a “platonic muse” and Woody Allen calls for Frederico. “You left me for Fellini? That’s so cool!”. Woody Allen, uber-nerd.

    The pic you posted is interesting, her body language suggests to me she was not comfortable in the pose or skimpy covering, but was determined to go through with it.

    @j those “Daddy” girls are girls for entertainment purposes only. It just shows how much Beta thirst is out there.

    Anyway, Fleezer said what I had to say, said it better.

  26. I am taking as given ol’ man Konisgberg’s penchant for teen trim and his other creeptastic activities (at which Society sez tut tut publicly but privately go “DAMN! Cool!! Why didn’t I think of that?”).

    Whether such churlish behavior sufficiently curdles your willingness to view his work is your lookout. I say this without snark. In my Buster Brown days I had several relatives who could not stand Frank Sinatra because he behaved like a pig offstage. They were right, he did. I think most of us, open-eyed, saw that too but considered the art to be more important.

    The tale that lands him the starring role in “Free To Be You and #MeToo” is the supposed assault on one of Mia’s adopted sprog stable she was collecting like world postage stamps. This is supposed to be the reason he is to be non-personed, what with a famous reporter stepkid in the family and all. Yet the evidence suggests that this particular bad deed was a fabrication, despite the sermonettes that we must Believe the Victim regardless.

    Given what appears to be Woody’s limitless ability to hook and land top talent without effort, the assault allegation makes no sense. It makes even less sense given the report of the investigator who concluded there was insufficient evidence to make Mr. Allen learn to Respect the Wood.

    In particular he states the “victim” was heavily coached by Mia before giving her video statement to Dick Private, private dick. Which renders the statement not only suspect, it could do more permanent damage to the kid. By ginning up the awfulness of the encounter, it creates a false memory which, once implanted, is does as much psychic damage as the actual evil deed! Because kids want to do as they are told, they will acquiesce and embellish, especially if it’s a statement for a policeman.

    This tendency was proven time and again in the McMasters and Michaels “day care abuse” travesties, which took some gutsy reporting to uncover how the “victims” were actively scripted by the accusers’ professionals to report awful things which the other kids, not so aggressively horse-shedded, somehow never saw though they were in the same place at the same time.

  27. “I had several relatives who could not stand Frank Sinatra because he behaved like a pig”

    Frank married Mia. Woody didn’t make that mistake.

    A got on the train a bit too late to hang out with the Beatles at the ashram; on the other hand that means I wasn’t trapped there with Mia, so I’m content.

  28. @Sentient

    Lmao. I knew you were gonna defend that fucking pedophile.

    Allen’s own words:

    “I think he is [my son], but I wouldn’t bet my life on it. I paid child support for him for his whole childhood, and I don’t think that’s very fair if he’s not mine,” the four-time Oscar winner said.

    Allen added about his 73-year-old ex: “Also she represented herself as a faithful person, and she certainly wasn’t. Whether she actually became pregnant in an affair she had … ”


    “Farrow told Vanity Fair magazine that she and Sinatra “never really split up.” When she was asked directly if Sinatra was Ronan’s father, she responded “possibly.”

    Allen, like Weinstein and Epstein, was just another creepy, ugly, Jew fuck who couldn’t get beautiful women to fuck him for just him (desire sex). And instead resorted to using his high status position in society, to lure underage girls (you think 16yr old cristina would even look Allen’s direction if she didn’t have something to gain by sleeping with him?) into transactional sex (i.e. “you fuck me, I’ll make you a star”).

    You call that Alpha, broski?

  29. In my Buster Brown days I had several relatives who could not stand Frank Sinatra because he behaved like a pig offstage. They were right, he did. I think most of us, open-eyed, saw that too but considered the art to be more important.

    I used to have some WWII generation men in my family who varied a lot in their politics, but they all agreed that Sinatra was a mobbed-up bum. “Mobbed up” referred to known Mafia associations that were a permanent taint – imagine a popular modern singer who knowlingly would hang out with the Sinaloa Cartel to get a feel for what they meant.

    Personally, I have never understood Sinatra’s popularity. I was taught to sing madrigals in my youth, so hitting the correct note at the correct time is in my mental firmware -swwwwooooooOOOOOPing onto a note then flatting it is the mark of someone who can’t actually sing, in my world. The bandwagon “everyone else likes it” fallacy hasn’t worked on me for a long time. No question that Sinatra had a good press agent, though.

    What is more interesting in the links Sentient produced is the Twitter mob baying after not just Nerd Woody but also Mia Farrow for the alleged 3-way. It’s really curious – the progressives have no problem with pushing hormones into 8 year olds or surgically mutilating teenagers in the name of “gender disphoria” but the very idea of Allen and Farrow sharing their bed with a 17 year old is so very “not OK’ that it demands a #HerToo kind of response.

    What was acceptable 30 years ago is now horrid, but actual ‘sterlize someone for life and screw up their brains’ is just dandy, because LGBT liberation is a thing. Well, ok. What about 20 to 30 years from now, hmm?

    I’m getting very mixed reports from people who work with Gen Z. But they have grown up with all this insanity around them. When they get old enough, they may decide to put an end to all of it.

  30. J

    I knew you were gonna defend that fucking pedophile.

    Ummm… how is suggesting Ronan looks more like his mother defending anyone? [they could be twins…]

    Look, I know thinking is not your strong suit, but let’s examine these claims for posterity…

    You produce quotes which on their own prove paternity is… inconclusive… So that’s just stupid.

    Sex with a sexually mature 16 year old is “pedophelia”? BP much hoss?

    You know countless 16YO girls are getting banged right now? Don’t cuck out on me J…

    As to Allen’s “status”… well he’s banged untold numbers of women and really only his wife and daughter/ possible son came out against him, and that originally amidst separation and custody proceedings… and his step-daughter married him ffs… should inform you of something.

    As to the current women, far from complaining, she’s boasting… lol

    “Even with hindsight, though, she’s unwilling to indict Allen, who declined to comment for this story. “What made me speak is I thought I could provide a perspective,” she offers. “I’m not attacking Woody,” she says. “This is not ‘bring down this man.’ I’m talking about my love story. This made me who I am. I have no regrets.”

    From their first rendezvous (quizzing her on the meaning of life, challenging her to a chess match, inviting her to watch a basketball game in his TV room, making out with her), terms were decreed by Allen. She considered him then, and still considers him now, a Great Man. She pushed back little if at all.

    ‘Despite the initial shock of jealousy, Engelhardt says she grew to like Farrow over the course of the “handful” of three-way sex sessions that followed at Allen’s penthouse as they smoked joints and bonded over a shared fondness for animals. (“When Mia was there, we’d talk about astrology, and Woody was forced to listen,” she laughs.) Engelhardt writes in her manuscript, “There were times the three of us were together, and it was actually great fun. We enjoyed each other when we were in the moment. She was beautiful and sweet, he was charming and alluring, and I was sexy and becoming more and more sophisticated in this game. It wasn’t until after it was done when I really had time to think of how twisted it was when we were together … and how I was little more than a plaything.” She continues, “While we were together, the whole thing was a game that was being operated solely by Woody so we never quite knew where we stood.”

    Alpha is amoral…

  31. The picture header of the last post tells it best. Trench warfare…

    “The manosphere”
    “The red pill”
    “The blue pill”
    “Alpha fucks”
    ‘Beta bucks”
    “Feminine imperative”

    and most significant of all…..

    “The Matrix”

    These are all metaphors, are they not? Metaphors & memes employed as weapons in a sociopsychological war. An emotional war. An emotional war wherein verbal implications and explications are launched against ones enemies as the enemy does the same. A war, not over physical territory or resources, but over sociopsychological dominance (rather the pretense thereof) wherein battles are fought over “feelings” of independence and dominance and lost to “feelings” of servile subjugation.



    Unlike female war, the male form of war is REAL war. Male war is fought over REAL resources, mating opportunities, land and REAL dominance and survival. Male war is fought with knives, machine guns, bombs, poison gas, biological agents, etc. Male war is war where mutilation, death and rape, YES RAPE!! are exercised with impunity and ENJOYED by the victors!!

    The picture header of the last post tells it best. Trench warfare….

    “The Matrix”

    “The manosphere, alpha fucks, beta bucks, hypergamy, blaa blaa blaa”….

    “The Matrix” – Is a viewpoint mentally constructed from the relative safety of a psychological trench. An implicit referral to the “meaning” rather than a direct explanation. A psychological paradigm presented, shared and viewed from the position of a mental trench. “Let me take you down the rabbit hole” Do you know what that means… “I’ve connected some dots….hey hey…” They are metaphorical ideas constructed from a “view point”. They form a mental model constructed from a dubious position. Such are these metaphors… Manosphere, alpha fucks, beta bucks, hypergamy, all of these are psychosocial paradigms.


    To use them is to fight war like a female! To use them is to fight war on female terms in female fashion on the feminine battlefield. The battlefield of the female ego. Not a real battlefield but a battlefield in the mind, the ego, the emotions!



    Trench warfare. The results of trench warfare are well known. This is why trench warfare is no longer the preferred form of warfare. Each side looses massive losses. “The Matrix…. alpha fucks beta bucks, hypergamy….” are feminine style weapons. When men resort to these man subverts himself and supplants himself to fighting war on feminine terms using feminine weapons. The result? Trench warfare. One side launches an attack. The other fights from its trench reaping massive losses from the other side. The following day (or the following year or the following generation), the other side launches its attack and the reverse occurs. One suffers massive losses, then the other and vice versa ad infinitum as each side feeds itself with newly conscripted fresh recruits. Neither wins. It is futile. Neither subdues the other. It is futile for man to fight woman on woman’s terms using woman’s weapons over for female prerogatives. Neither gains control over the other.

    If woman really feels she has been slighted by man, trespassed against by man, humiliated, enslaved and oppressed by man, THEN LET WOMAN FIGHT MAN ON MANS TERMS USING MALE WEAPONS AND MALE METHODS OF WAR OVER MALE PREROGATIVES!!

    But no! Put on your skirts boys!

    No man should ever succumb to such idiocy by waging war against woman using woman’s weapons, fighting on woman’s terms for female prerogatives. Has man become so weak that this is all he has left to fight for and rely on?

  32. ” . . . trench warfare is no longer the preferred form of warfare.”

    Trench warfare was never the preferred form of warfare. That’s one of the things that made it so deadly.

  33. @Sentient

    “Ronan looks more like his mother defending anyone?”

    You’re implying that just because Farrow’s son does in fact share Sinatra’s “blue eyes and facial features” (Allen’s words), Allen could still be the father. Because even though Farrow’s son looks nothing like Allen, he still looks like his mother. We could use that same argument for every guy out there, whose ever been cucked into raises another man’s offspring that looks like his mother.

    “You produce quotes which on their own prove paternity is… inconclusive”

    My quotes reveal, Mia was still fucking Sinatra (and probably other men as well) while she was still with Allen. So we already know she was cheating on ‘Alpha’ Allen.

    And Allen’s quote reveal, he isn’t 100% certain that that’s his boy. “that’s not fair 🙁 ” lol.

    “You know countless 16YO girls are getting banged right now?”

    by 41 year old ugly fucks? really?

    “and daughter/ possible son came out against him”

    Not his biological daughter. all his kids are adopted. And if his “son” is Sinatra’s (hey we’ll never know 😉 ) that means he failed to reproduce. And isn’t that’s what life’s all about, @theasdgamer?

    “and his step-daughter married him ffs”

    uhhh, have you seen her? is that really something you’d wanna brag about? lol

    “only his wife and daughter/ possible son came out against him, and that originally amidst separation and custody proceedings”

    All those girls he supposedly ‘banged’, were worried about the repercussions of speaking up back then (they’d probably never work in Hollywood again or score another modelling gig for exposing him). That’s why we got all these aging sluts coming out now, bro.

    To me, the character he played in the 1967 film Casino Royale, represented who he really was:

    high status beta

  34. @NBTM

    Wow , this isn’t the battle ,just an exchange of information.

    Understanding ;”form a mental model constructed from a dubious position. Such are these metaphors… Manosphere, alpha fucks, beta bucks, hypergamy, all of these are psychosocial paradigms.”

    Not weapons cheese and crackers.

    If you can’t see things for what they are then you will fight them,you will lose.

  35. Primus: 16YO girls are getting banged right now?”

    Secundus: by 41 year old ugly fucks? really?

    Yes. Really. And perfectly legally. Whether you like it or not. Are you really Blue Pill Morals offended by that, or are you just using it as a cover over the mental discordance?

  36. “You know countless 16YO girls are getting banged right now?”

    “by 41 year old ugly fucks? really?”

    Yes really. I am aware IRL of several such old fucks assignations with more or less the same age spread.

    Two immediately come to mind: One guy was a cop, another a lawyer. The chickie-pies in question were eminently sufficient caliber for rogering. None were celebrities, just folks fucking.

    And then there’s our God Emperor. Surely you don’t mean to include him, you’ll be deported. How dare you go clucking against the God Emperor? Criticizing his exploits about which he brags himself?

    Enemy of the Pupil.

  37. “high status beta”


    Women are punishing these men for the transactional sex they had back then. Still this does not make them less hypocritical for accepting the transaction in the first place. The story goes as this:

    Director/Producer: fuck me and I will make you rich and famous.
    Actress: I would like to be rich and famous

    Once actress rich and famous: HE RAPED ME!

    Also notice where most of the accused men stand regarding Looks.
    How come not one good looking actor is ever accused of sexual harassment? You never hear about Sean Connery, Brad Pitt, Leo Di Caprio etc. …coincidence right?

  38. @kfg

    hmm you really just gonna take out the word “countless” from his quote? lol

    I’m aware of age of consent is lower, outside the United States. And although I’ve never seen a hideous old man making out (or even just fondling) with a girl that looked to be in the 14-16 year old range, in my time I’ve spent in Western and Eastern Europe, I’m sure there are some rare guys who can pull it off. Just not “countless”.

    There ARE countless 16 year old girls getting banged out by 13-25 year old men, obviously.

  39. NBTM

    The manosphere is the most glaring confirmation of this truth.

    Then lead by example. Or stop whining. Pick one.

  40. J

    Uhhh Mia Farrow has blue eyes…

    There ARE countless 16 year old girls getting banged out by 13-25 year old men, obviously.

    So on the 26th birthday, that is when you polish off that suit of armor Mr. White Knight? would it help you if Woody had leg extension surgery or hit the gym?

    Repeat RP 102…

  41. “I’m aware of age of consent is lower, outside the United States.”

    A few miles from where she picked him up. I’ve stood in Manhattan and looked at it. NY has the highest age of consent in the northeast. She was old enough to marry without judicial approval without moving across the river, however.

    “There ARE countless 16 year old girls getting banged out by 13-25 year old men . . .”

    If all the girls at Skidmore were laid end to end, I wouldn’t be the least surprised, and you could count them.

  42. Sentient to J
    Uhhh Mia Farrow has blue eyes…

    And Woody Allen has brown eyes.

    The genes for blue eyes are recessive.

    Obvious conclusion is obvious.

    Mendelian genetics used to be taught at the mid-high science level…
    Perhaps all that global rocket warming science gets in the way?

  43. So anyway, as I was saying before, this whole O Tempora, O Mores aspect is really curious.

    The SJW’s clearly want to hand out a scarlet P to Woody Allen and Mia Farrow for getting in bed with a 17 / 18 year old, but nothing else about the scene bothers them. It’s remarkably inconsistent, in fact it is incoherent.

    Maybe it fits in with the whole notion that adolescence now lasts until the age of 21, or 25?

    One thing is for sure, the 80’s are over and the Boomers are not setting the public “moral tone” anymore. Too bad that job has been handed over to a lecture hall full of Trigglypuffs….

  44. Was treating girl independently,
    She was making, baby for me.
    Baby was born, I go to see . . .

    Eye was blue; it was not by me.

    Not me, but some people they say,
    The men are leading the women astray.

  45. J

    I carry genes that could produce green/hazel eyes. My wife’s mother had hazel eyes. My eyes are medium brown, and wifey’s are as well. Genes are fascinating things.

    When wife was pregnant, I bet her that are child would a) be of a lighter complexion that both of us, b) have eyes much lighter than both of us, possibly hazel/greenish, c) have a reddish auburn /brassy hair color.

    I.was.correct on all counts.

    2 Brown eyes people produced a child with light Amber colored eyes, depending on the light, with hints of hazel. daughter looks like me ( which she does, they both do ), until they see my mother. Lol, my youngest is the spitting image of my mom, except my mom has green eyes.

    Recessive genes get together often. Hybrid genes are a wildcard.

  46. If a young men doesn’t spend a lot of time around old, uglier men, he will not see what they do or who they bang.

    Old dudes bang young chicks all the time. This has been going on forever. And no, you don’t have to be a famous actor or musician. Most women never have access to famous people.

    Old(er) men that aren’t around young chicks ( 14-17) will never bang any of them, regardless of age of consent.

    Understand this, mister ” I don’t have any female friends… “😁, lots of young girls go through a super ” horny ” phase after puberty. Whereas boys just want to do something with their dicks until they can figure it out, lots of girls are turned on by most things ” forbidden “. They’re trying to figure out if they can trust you enough to allow things to ” just happen “, and this especially extends to men 2-3 times her age and older.

    Check the Sexual Offender registry in your city/town. Most of those guys aren’t perverted raping pedophiles. They aren’t chaining girls in the basement, or snatching them off the streets.

    They got caught dipping below the age of consent. Contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Doesn’t matter if the girl climbed through the bedroom window and rode him like a triple crown winner, if the state is alerted, prosecution and listing.

    Lots of stuff happens that isn’t ” seen “.

    Like 17 year olds in threesomes with a married couple.

  47. Sure, in theory Woody Allen could be carrying a recessive. Old style Mendelians would label that Bb, mate with Mia’s bb and the offspring could be bb. I know a serious churchgoing couple, both brown eyed, one of their children has blue eyes, paternity is certain. Recessives happen.

    Odds are not in favor of that in this case.

    Frankly, I am not sure why I should care who Rowan Farrow’s daddy is anyway.

  48. Primus: 16YO girls are getting banged right now?”

    Secundus: by 41 year old ugly fucks? really?

    Teenage girls walking with their parents in the mall have eyefucked me. I’m no young 41 yo either.

  49. “Odds are not in favor of that in this case.”

    How are those being calculated AR? Do you know what Woody’s grandparents eyes looked like?

    My wife and I both have brown eyes and a few blue eyed kids. Why? We have parents and grandparents with blue eyes…

    Mendelian you say? Yup.

  50. Sentient
    Do you know what Woody’s grandparents eyes looked like?

    Nah. Don’t really care, either. In terms of probability the way to bet is “brown”, though, given the genetic history of Ashkenazi Jews. Still don’t care, though.

    Why does it matter who Ronan Farrow’s daddy is, anyway?

  51. How come not one good looking actor is ever accused of sexual harassment?

    James Franco


    Chris Hardwick

    Scott Baio

    Michael Douglas

    Corey Lewandowski

    Nick Carter

    Ryan Seacrest

    Russell Simmons

    Someone hasn’t been paying attention.

    One thing all the accused have in common whether they are good looking or not–deep pockets.

  52. In anticipation of some autistic sperging, yeah, I’ve met blue eyed Jews, such as the very pretty blonde Ukranian I met working at a kosher restaurant once. Still the exception, though. Kind of rolling boxcars or snake eyes.

  53. “In anticipation of some autistic sperging . . .”

    Well, since you brought it up.

    “Kind of rolling boxcars or snake eyes.”

    1:36. Blond/blue eyed Ashkenazi – 1:12.5. Lot’s of German and a bit of Slav in the gene pool, although the mix occurred mostly in the first few centuries AD. Quite a few are born fair and go dark by adulthood.

  54. kfg

    Well, since you brought it up.

    Ok, volunteers are always welcome.
    Exactly why should I care who Ronan Farrow’s daddy is? Why?

  55. I’m more interested in seeing how he handles his mother’s [no dispute… lol] predation

    Maybe Roosh can pose some questions to him at the next red carpet event…?

    But will he have his light blue contacts in? One wonders…

  56. @NBTM

    I may be mistaken but I believe Military intelligence has had a decisive impact if not significant impact on the outcome of most wars.

  57. Military Intelligence

    Man I know who went to the sandbox a couple of times once said that’s a contradiction in terms. Mutually exclusive, as it were. Maybe he’s just cynical for some unknown reason…

  58. This paragraph got me thinking.

    Once all social stigma and religious buffers were removed from Hypergamy (since the Sexual Revolution) it has been a rapid shift from a male-beneficial monogamy that’s been the social norm for millennia to a form of polyandry that benefits the female sexual strategy.

    There are traditionally polygynous societies where women are forced to wear veils. Do they shield Betas from temptations? Is that another strategy to keep them unwittingly happy?

  59. “Teenage girls walking with their parents in the mall have eyefucked me. I’m no young 41 yo either.

    Like 17 year olds in threesomes with a married couple”

    A long, long time ago (back in 2006, if I’m not wrong) I discovered a blog made by a swinger couple from my own country. They seemed to be upper-middle class people, living in a small rural town, both in their late 30s (the explicit sex photos they posted of their adventures never showed their faces – only bodies).

    In one of their posts, they talked about a recent threesome they had with a young girl. They even took the liberty of showing a photo of her, only covering her eyes. It was 2006, mind you. Not much people had internet access in my country, blogs were still something of a novelty and digital cameras were still too expensive for many.
    I supposed the young girl had no clue the married couple would expose her in a public blog.

    It was obvious by the photos that the girl was just 16-17, half the age of the couple who were fucking her.

    Out of lurid curiosity I decided to check the girl in “HI5” (yes, people still used HI5, then). Since the couple had even so much put her name and location on the blog entry I manged to locate her.

    Turns out that in her “official life” this was a young, very shy teenage girl, who had a young boyfriend (19 years old) working hard in Switzerland to earn a living and money so that he would one day return to his country and build a house and start a married life with the love of his life.

    Little did he know that his princess (who filled his HI5 chronology with love promises and sweet messages) was indulging in orgies with men and women.

    After all this time, this story still haunts me. Not only it’s a proof of how perverse and deceitful women can be (even at a very young age), but also how a man can work so very hard in order to build a future for himself, not even knowing his “future” is already doomed.

  60. A man building a future for himself won’t be doomed by a woman. That’s what you’re supposed to do.

    Because of immense opportunity provided by men ( beta and otherwise), by the time the average girl reaches her mid twenties, she has a ‘ secret ‘ or two, and most times no one will ever know.


    The smaller the mental impact a man makes on a woman, the higher the probability she’ll wins up in a threesome, or just give it up to some random guy in some random place. It’s very hard to stay innocent in society over the last 50-60 years, and it’s only gotten progressively worse over time.

    I’ve had blowjobs on o planes, trains and buses, and sometimes I’ve known the girl’s first name.

    At my place of business, we’ve tripled the amount of security cameras over the past few years, and we’ve found that there’s quite a bit of sex going on, especially in any of the 3 dozen conference and training rooms. This is between the hours of 7 am-5 pm. When I talk to the old timers, they tell me that’s always gone on in the company, especially when a new crop of young women are hired.

    Approx 700 employees, over 400 are female. HR is erupting.😂

    Palma but the nail on the head in a previous comment. Chicks learn early.

    It used to be that shame or violence tempered a lot of less desirable conduct of women. That’s no longer the case. They are good that they are in control. Are to this the timid nature of many men today, and they virtually are in control – yet there’s no outcry from men generally because they get sex in her frame.

    Sex in her frame is a shitty, shitty place to be. She never wants that. This is why strong frames will have her doing threesomes.

    As long as it’s kept quiet.

    Do not despair the Nature of women, ever. They haven’t really changed as much as the circumstances around them have shifted. They ping off the environment, and always have. A strong masculine frame will take you a long way wrt handling them correctly.

    Just don’t get butthurt if you find out she blew the high school quarterback when she was a freshman.

  61. When I talk to the old timers, they tell me that’s always gone on in the company,

    IRL this is the equation: Men + Women + Opportunity = Sex.

    Only on the Manosphere internet is this a problem…

  62. @blax

    “Little did he know that his princess (who filled his HI5 chronology with love promises and sweet messages) was indulging in orgies with men and women.

    After all this time, this story still haunts me. Not only it’s a proof of how perverse and deceitful women can be (even at a very young age), but also how a man can work so very hard in order to build a future for himself, not even knowing his “future” is already doomed.”

    “by the time the average girl reaches her mid twenties, she has a ‘ secret ‘ or two, and most times no one will ever know. Ever.”


    So, if a week before you were scheduled to marry your future wife, you stumble upon a clip on the internet of your sweet beloved getting gangbanged by the football team in high school, and seeming to be enjoying herself, you still going through with that marriage? just shrug it off, ah well the past is the past or try to pretend you never saw it? lol.

  63. “Not only it’s a proof of how perverse and deceitful women can be (even at a very young age)”

    Perverse and deceitful as terms are subjective and your anecdote is confirmation bias.

    The following is not a judgement on anyone, just an observation:

    I’ve known swinger couples and was invited to check it out it twice (once was enough, and I bailed as I couldn’t tolerate a guy’s own cucking, it was weird, and not erotic). FYI, it was all about the woman, always is, she is the bait, and.mostly the woman is fucking another woman and the guy was kinda boxed out. Swinging is different than two chicks wanting to share a high value guy.

    The former includes a guy countenancing his own cucking (in this case a lesbian cucking) of his marriage a la: Suzy Favor Hamilton. She began her Vegas escort life by indulging her lesbian fantasies and hubby was present for it until she confirmed his worthlessness and emancipated herself sexually from him and next-step independently fucked Vegas women escorts and then progressed to escorting guys herself. It is not a complement to a marriage, does not benefit the man to let his wife dabble in lesbianism. So goes the way of women.

    The latter validates the guy.

    Notice how complicated life gets when women assume headship in any way, or at least agree to their guy’s misguided attempts at negotiating desire in sex or anywhere?

    This isn’t about sex, btw…..

    I don’t give a rat’s ass about some couple somewhere in Europe who convinced a low esteem girl to fuck them then blogged about it. The point stands the husband wasn’t getting much more than what he was getting at the time anyways. He wasn’t banging this girl on his own, it was about the wife.

    For all practical purposes, from my experience, swinging is populated with these types:

    and definitely NOT these types:

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