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A quick heads up, I’ll be a guest on Christian McQueen’s new podcast, Man in Demand Radio, Thursday, April 2nd (my birthday no less). I’ll be on with Christian at 12 noon PST. We’ll be discussing topics from my latest book, Preventive Medicine – which published this month – as well as questions from readers, the red pill subreddit forum and twitter.

If there’s something you’re wanting to ask me please leave it in the comments here or over at Christian’s thread. You can always tweet me or Christian too.

The last show was the most downloaded stream of Christian’s old shows. This new one promises to be a bit different however, it’ll be more informative and less banter. Christian is taking a new tact with this show – I promise to watch my “uhms” and Christian promises to limit the expletives. We plan to go for about 2 hours (maybe more) this time.

Just a footnote: We do plan to discuss the Germanwings tragedy for a bit rather than me doing a post about it.

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  1. Look forward to it.

    PS, as a sailor I have to point out a correction for the idiom, “Try a new TACK”, not, “try a new TACT”.

    A tack is appoint of sail on a sailing vessel. You are either on Port or Starboard point of sail. When we say let’s tack, or try a new tack” we mean we are going to turn the boat in a different direction, not a bit, more often at least a 90 degree turn. Thus the saying, “Try a new tack”. It means a substantial or material change in direction where we will be obliged to change the trim of our sails and how we operate the boat.

    To be clear, you can be TACTICAL about how and when you TACK. And you can speak with TACT about how you plan on TACKING.


  2. Hi rollo, I want to give both your books to my son (lives with my ex) but I wonder if he is too young @ 13?
    At what age would you expose a son to this life changing information?
    Many thanks for the work you do here it has helped me enormously.

  3. @orsogrigio “The Rational Male” volumes, in my opinion, are safer for the whole family than most of what’s on TV, in video games and content on Ryan Seacrest’s morning show here in Los Angeles. I wish I had known this stuff at his age.

    Further, think about it. If he’s being reared by a single mother, the dots Rollo Tomassi has connected are simply necessary.

    It is crucial for him to understand the dynamics he’s witnessing at home and at school.

    Rollo explains why things are the way they are, how we got to this place and what to do about it from here.

    How does one build an Alpha when the world is against that? Learn from a loving husband and father that’s the first to connect the dots and put them in print.

  4. Orsogrigio, I’m not Rollo but it’s my feeling the vocabulary/writing style might be a bit advanced for a 13 year old. I was precocious but I think I would have bounced off it at 13. The content would be just fine though. Try talking with him about it; bring RP topics up naturally.

    1. At 13 I think living the example for him is the most important thing. Then explain your actions to him gradually as you teach him. As he matures introduce new concepts and explain those as well.

      Always keep in mind he will be ceaselessly bombarded by a conflicting message and conditioning. Demonstrate, then explain what those messages are designed to turn him into, while exposing the Red Pill aware truths about them.

      When he gets to be 16-18 then hand him the books. I think most fathers would be surprised at how conditioned their sons already are by 13. Expect him to be resistant to the Red Pill. Boys are very predisposed to deductive reasoning with regard to solving their “girl problems” so they logically want to do what girls tell them they ought to do in order to solve them.

      That’s a powerful impulse. One that will prompt him to defy his own father if his ‘thirst’ wins out. If you’re a weekend dad or his mother is his primary parent, you’ve got an uphill battle.

  5. I tried to think of a question worth being asked on an audio program, but gave up. Conversations are better than single questions, and the comment section covers a lot of that. Call me spoiled if you must.

  6. Here’s my question: I loved your post about women loving opportunistically and have a further question regarding the theory. Is this the reason that generally sex with a woman is usually better at the start of a relationship before you’ve made it ‘official’. The honeymoon phase if you will. She still hasn’t extracted 100% commitment from you so feels the need to perform extra hard to attain it…. Look forward to the interview.

  7. Do you feel that you diminish your potential value in the eyes of Mrs. Tomassi by being a provider?

    I know well that women do not expect the high value guy and the provider to be the same man. What are the biggest issues you face in balancing these two? Would you recommend this route to other men?

    That being said, I love my copies of both your books. I’ve been marking them up like philosophy texts to dissect, study, and pass out to my friends. You’ve kept me sane through a lot, though we’ve never spoken

  8. Thanks Rollo, Lf and Fts,
    I was thinking 16-18 also leaning towards 16.
    Unfortunately he lives in Italy with my ex (I’m in the Uk) and I only get to see him about 5 times a year including 2 week long breaks, so his “mamma” is his primary parent.
    My ex has stayed single after our split (6 years) so I assume she is struggling to replace me as an Alpha widow lol.
    Fortunately he is tall, strong and handsome so he is popular with the girls in his school, however I’m worried about him becoming blue pill and FI conditioned as I’m not there enough to guide him.
    One encouraging sign in my last trip was when I asked him how things were going with his girlfriend and he laughed and said he got rid of her as she was “too much work” adding ” girls always want presents and take up too much of your time” was his reply so maybe he has natural alpha traits.
    I think the advice to live the example and introduce red pill concepts gradually over the next 3 years is the best plan of action, I will give him the books @ 16-18 depending on his level of development.
    I truly believe this information can be of more value to a man than a university degree if it is accepted and internalised.
    Thanks once again Rollo, I’m forever in your debt.

  9. I’m gonna post my question here and hope you catch it.
    Do you think this blog will ever become prescriptive instead of being descriptive? The rabbit hole can only go so far, right?

  10. @ Christian

    you diminish your value for sure anytime you are in K-boyfriend/K-husband role

    a provider, at best, can merely “attract” a girl

    only an R selected lover role (the uncommitted ‘fuck’ guy) can make her aroused

    this is the glaring problem with being married as a husband that never goes away…

    tt’s unclear that even throwing R cues constantly can trump the fact that, at the end of the day, you are the K-provider husband to her

    there is a lot more to be said about this

  11. Heh, great question Bill. I posted that question on Christian McQeen’s site.
    I hope that the next podcast is a good format to be prescritptive.

    The first podcast was exceptional content despite the wee bit slightly flawed delivery.

    It is entertaining to hear prescriptive writings from Roosh, Roissy and even Athol Kay (for us old married folks).

    I can appreciate why Rollo is only descriptive. But as a consumer of information I would love to have some more prescriptive writings on the side.

  12. Rollo, if you discuss hypergamy in the interview, I’d like to point out that it’s pronounced high-PURR-guh-mee, with the stress on the second syllable not the first. It’s same pronunciation pattern as in monogamy and polygamy. I enjoyed your previous radio interview, but hearing that word repeatedly mispronounced got a little old towards the end. Anyway keep up the good work and thanks for all your quality writings!

  13. Loved the first go with McQ. Can’t wait for number two (and thanks to blokeman…the correct pronunciation of hypergamy).

    I know I already posted the comment below on the “Betas in Waiting” thread, but it was four-hundred-and-some comments deep—so I’m re-posting here where there are fresh eyes and easier access:

    In the past two years that I’ve been haunting the Rational Male blog, I have never seen Rollo ask for anything other than that people think clearly, maintain a productive dialogue, and spread the knowledge to others. Obviously, he gives quite a lot of himself and his time to many people for no remuneration at all. It’s the true definition of dedicated altruism.

    No one who is a regular here would doubt for a moment that he has both actively and passively saved many lives from potential ruin (or much worse) by the tremendous work he has done here (for free) and by his publication of his two books which he has kindly priced entirely in the “non-profit” zone.

    A great way to say thanks to Rollo would be to consider donating whatever you can afford to a worthy cause that’s obviously very personally important to him.

    And if that’s not reason enough—do it because the International League of Cat-Ladies wouldn’t approve:


  14. Hey Rollo,

    Q1.I know you have a teenager daughter, but what’s your take about raising a boy….to be more explicit how to raise a natural…do you think you can raise him without asking him to read The mystery method, The game or your two books?

    Q2. What’s the most important concept we should internalize after having a deep understanding of hypergamy?

    Q3. What’s your take on the future of intergender dynamics in the western world…maybe 20 years from now?

    Q4. In the second book, you talk about two intersting concepts: performance and vulnerability….why do you think that these conocept are more important than frame and amused mastery?


  15. Rollo, looking forward to a copy of Preventative Medicine arriving this week.

    On the podcast, I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts if it is even possible for a man to enter an exclusive relationship without the power dynamic totally shifting in favor of the women since she becomes his only source for sex and intimacy.

    Do you believe all women perform a “Betaization Process” (http://www.personalpowermeditation.com/forum/social-dynamics/the-betaization-process/) of their mates in relationship and what sort of game is there when a women first attempts denial of sex in an exclusive relationship?

  16. @anymoose

    Rollo has many times pointed out that Mrs. Tomassi expected him to be the man from the very beginning. No doubt she fitness tests him on a regular basis (like any woman does), which he surely effortlessly passes.

    If a woman attempts denial of sex, you start playing serious dread game (always have plates, single or married)—or “next” her all else fails.

  17. Hey Rollo, thanks again for all that you do!

    We all know your books are THE required reading for the manosphere but what other books and authors do you recommend?

    What Red Pill books other than Rational Male and Preventative Medicine do you recommend?

    What self help or becoming a better man books do you recommend?

    What were the last 5 books you read?

  18. Hi Rollo, congrats and Happy Birthday. I do have a question, how as an “alpha” do you “let go”? I’ve got it programmed in my DNA that I don’t “lose”…so I’ve had to work on things like: “overgaming”, when to eject, when to know that enough is enough. It always seems to be a conflict…yes, the girl is clearly not interested…or…was it my game? This conflict is more internalized than expressed in some way. I have a tendency to walk away from girls who don’t express interest to what I feel is a reasonable application of game, calibration and reading her cues.

  19. First of all thank you for the beautiful PECEPTIVE secure mind of yours , and wish you happy birthday Rollo.

    Q 1
    Who do you think influenced you the most? (intellectually name ONE only)

    What about your mother, what was/is your relationship with her like?

    How do you feel about your wife knowing all your cards.

  20. @Rollo I’ve got one for you: why is it girls/women I am not really interested in are super obvious in their attraction to me, yet the hot girls/women I want sometimes swan past barely giving me a look?

  21. @Macbeth

    That’s a softball there, hehe.

    You are perceived as higher smv by the ones you’re not interested in. You trigger their hypergamy, basically. However, since you’re ignoring them their covert signals to you go unnoticed and they know it. This means they’re forced in to overt communication, hence they’re making their interest super obvious as a last resort.

    You’re interested in women probably at or above your smv. You do not trigger their hypergamy, but they might notice your signs of interest in them. They make it covertly obvious they’re snubbing you in the hopes that you’ll “get the hint” and not force them in to an overt snub.

  22. hi-per-GAM-ee never sounded quite right to me when I first heard it said that way.

    However on further reflection, it sounds similar to “hyper gamete”… which is kinda close to what it means.

    As opposed to:
    hy-PUR-ga-mee: which has no relation to anything.

    tough call on which to prefer.

  23. Dictionary says:


    noun hy·per·ga·my \hī-ˈpər-gə-mē\
    plural hy·per·ga·mies

    Of course, one can go MPTOW (men pronouncing their own way) and toss the OED out the window.

  24. Hmm. Perhaps the ‘sphere definition of the word should be pronounced the Rollo way to differentiate it from the traditional dictionary definition. I’m good with that.

  25. Hypergamy hī-ˈpər-gə-mē…pronounced like Hyperbole hī-ˈpər-bə-(ˌ)lē. Anything else is just plain wrong.

  26. If we really want to get pedantic about this, I personally have never understood the logic behind how accents are placed on a word, if there is any. Would probably be good to start there.

    Personally I tend to accent the second syllable as I would in “hyperbole” or “polygamy”, but I’ve never understood the concept of how one decides “correct” accenting anyway. I know what word you’re saying either way, so the argument strikes me as being rather academic.

  27. I want to know what Rollo thinks about the possibility of seeing respect for manhood again in our culture.

  28. Hah, I’m guessing I will live and die and never see masculinity respected again, unless there’s some major world war.

    Hard to think of men as anything other than livestock when you consider that the world heads towards war due in part to disruption from the FI, and the FI demands that only men die for a flag to resolve the dispute.

  29. I just turned 40 recently, and I’ve been reading The Rational Male on and off since 2011. I’m very grateful to Rollo for expanding my knowledge. Those of us who follow along have several paths before us. My goal has been to establish a comfort level with MGTOW. I’ve never felt more comfortable with the idea than at my present age. Special thanks to all the really, really bad experiences that women have put me thru over the years. I feel now that I could just drop out and walk away from it all… a free man.

  30. @sunwukong

    Yes I guess that was an easy one for you.Not so much for me new to RP. So what’s the answer, given I am early 40? Raise SMV? I have found plenty of pretty girls who are flirtatious, but they are all attached and just playing for attention. And I do not feel being more aloof is going to draw those hot girls when there are younger guys around.

  31. This thread is a great opportunity for me to post an observation, since it may be a long time before a relevant topic comes up.

    I’ve banged three women in their 40’s — rawdogged two and tried to persuade the third. The interesting thing is they always get royally pissed off when I tell them “It’s not like you can get pregnant anymore,” which logically should assuage the biggest fear of not using a condom. One said, “It means you looked it up.” The pattern of reaction has always intrigued me, even knowing the mistake of engaging a woman’s logical sensibilities. I guess the hamster just really hates being reminded of hitting the wall.

  32. Rollo, thank you for playing the role of Morpheus. Thank you for being my mentor. I am greatful to have discovered this at a younger age (26). Having been raised by a “single independent woman”, and having been reading your material for the past six months, I have worke my way through the 5 stages of unplugging and finally live in a state of acceptance.
    I diligently practice game theroy and alpha mentality everyday, and it is wonderful to be getting the results that being a “nice guy” failed to yield.
    That said, my question is: can you please discuss Amused Mastery in through detail during today’s podcast?
    I grew up with a sister but was disciplined and punished for any amount of teasing to the point that I choose to treat girls as my equals growing up out of fear of being whipped and punished.
    I have read and re-read your posts (and Rossiy’s) on the subject, but fail to find examples during my day to day as a jumping out point.
    Thank you so much Rollo!

  33. @Macbeth

    Always be working toward your goals and taking care of yourself. Always be working toward things that will improve yourself and your life, regardless of what you want out of women. The indirect result will be to increase SMV in almost all cases.

    Get over concern about women being attached. If she’s flirting, she’s not going to be loyal to him anyway. There’s so few free attractive women in modern society, be ready to poach to fuck somebody hot. It’s not your responsibility to look out for other guys’ relationships. It’s your responsibility to get ass for yourself. That being said, I personally avoid entanglements with women who are with my friends or that I work with. Outside of that, game on.

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