The Code in the Matrix

“You get used to it. I don’t even see the code anymore, all I see is blonde, redhead, brunette,..”

One of the premier posts I wrote for this blog was about women’s propensity to give men advice that is completely counter to anything in men’s interests. The prey does not teach the hunter how better to catch it. Essentially the ‘chick advice’ dynamic is a meta-shit test meant to filter for the guys who ‘get it’ on their own (despite deliberately countermanding female advice) and those who need to be told ‘how to get it’.

I think I addressed this dynamic fairly well (and here too), but every so often I’ll be made aware of an article in which a woman attempts to ‘enlighten’ men not only about how better to achieve success with their sex in general, but also to disabuse themselves of the “myths” they believe men subscribe to that hinder them from a more complete understanding of women. Never mind that dating “success’ to the feminine mind always involves a committed fem-centric monogamy, while men’s definition usually involves lingerie and KY jelly. What’s telling in these particular articles is women’s attempt to explain social dynamics from a male perspective while still defending the social conventions that serve their gender interest. It’s a very entertaining read for the unplugged man – like seeing the code in the Matrix.

The longer you’ve been unplugged from fem-centrism the more sensitive you become to registering the nuances it employs to keep you in doubt of it. However the comedy of it is of the black and tragic sort when you realize how long you yourself subscribed to such now-obvious tropes and flimsy rationales in an effort to identify with women to get laid.

With very few notable exceptions, all women are by default plugged into the girl-world perspective with very little motivation to see past the pre-established constructs that serve them so well. So it’s almost comical to read women encouraging men to retake the blue pill and plug themselves back into their perspective.

Marni Kynris’ Wing Woman article is a mercifully brief example of this. (For the record, no woman will ever be your willing wingwoman, the sisterhood forbids it).

OK, lets run this down point by point then:

Women have baggage, too, especially the attractive ones.

Translation: “I’m fat. In fact at least 66% of my sisters are, or will become overweight too. My BMI is well above the norm and I don’t have the motivation or self-discipline to trim down in order to compete with the physically superior women men are naturally more aroused by. So in order to compete in this realm I need to disqualify these competitors by advising men steer clear of them (and give us fat women a fighting chance) by perpetuating the ‘hot girl = dumb/damaged’ archetype.”

Just because a woman is hot does not mean that her life is perfect

Perhaps, but if she’s fat, you can see she’s less than perfect. Newsflash: Men aren’t looking for perfect women. We’re looking for hot, sexually available women with the baseline of a workable personality.

Women prefer personality to looks.

Translation: “The ratio on which women place the importance of personality to looks is directly proportional to their depreciating ability to draw and maintain consistent male sexual attention. So make sure you focus on staying a nice, safe, sweet and dependable guy, making about six figures and be a little confident about it when you hit 35. When I can no longer hold the sexual interests of the douchebags, criminals and sociopaths who make me hot, it’ll be your ‘personality‘ that finally wins me over.”

Women DO NOT like bad boys.

Translation: “Look, there are far more ‘Plain Janes’ and chubbies in the world than men would ever realistically settle for if they knew any better, and we can’t allow men to think that Alpha Bad Boys are the only demographic hooking up with hot (i.e. desirable) women, so we’re going to appeal to your introvert insecurities and silly notions of chivalry and tell you that even Mr. Nice Guy still has a chance with us. We innately crave being sexually dominated by an Alpha badass (even when he’s incarcerated for murder), but that doesn’t mean we don’t also crave being able to ‘tame the savage beast’. We need the Alpha to inseminate us, and we need the Beta cuckold to provide for us; it takes a constant effort to keep you unaware of this.”

There’s no “right” line, but there’s a right way to say it.

Translation: “When it comes to communication, women care less about content, and more about context. It’s not the information that’s important, it’s the way we ‘feel’ when you deliver it. But please, do go on believing that women are completely rational agents, perfectly capable of relying on deductive reasoning.”

Women want to be approached, as long as it’s by the right person.

Translation: “If you’re cute/hot, you’re the right person. If not, you’re a sexual predator. If I’m attracted to you it’s an office romance, if I’m not it’s sexual harassment.”

Women want you to respect them, not admire them.

Translation: “So be sure you’re respecting us, not admiring us when you’re looking at the millions of our self-shots. Remember, were doing this to garner respect, not admiration.”

It’s difficult to be unplugged and know that you’re living in a society literally immersed in fem-centrism. You’re sensitive to it, you can see the underpinnings of why the canards exist and the utility of the social convention for the feminine imperative, but you know that even in drawing attention to them you risk ridicule and ostracization. That’s the scope of the feminine Matrix.

This is just one, easy to disassemble article written by what I’m sure was a well-meaning author, but think about how fem-centrism permeates just your small, localized social circle. How many times have you overheard your female ‘friends’, coworkers and plugged in men you know prattle off some variation of one of Marni’s gender appropriate aphorisms I detailed above?

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  1. oh, that girl Marni. she’s “balls” deep into the pua biz side of things. even if she knows any better (nah), a woman will not dare go rattle-the-beehive and risk criticism when the ultimate goal is career-building and popularity. cnn wouldn’t like that … keiza is hotter, thus more tolerable. jibber jabber yap yap

  2. I’ve given up arguing with anyone unwilling to change. Now when I hear tropes like these I just laugh a little and roll my eyes. Amused mastery I believe you call it. Men can publish empirical study after study disproving matrix code, but the capacity for self-delusion is tough to overcome. I suppose there are people who work for NSA or CIA who walk this earth with the same type of knowledge that forbids them from relating to most of mankind. So be it. Gimme truth.

    1. Some scientists are studying whether the capacity to prefer uncomfortable truths to comforting yet logically inconsistent beliefs is genetic.

      There is evidence that atheists are not so merely because of beliefs – it’s because their brains allow them to prefer cold harsh truths to comforting beliefs in an afterlife.

        1. Nope, but you can try your google foo against the website. Read it there maybe a year ago.

          They have several articles about atheism, and had been exploring that idea for a while. Most people are simply not wired to not think in a communal fashion.

  3. “Women want you to respect them, not admire them.” = “We will be total sluts for the right men but we don’t want you to know that as we understand that the less respect you have for us, the less value we hold for you and the harder it will be to get you to do what we want”

  4. “For the record, no woman will ever be your willing wingwoman, the sisterhood forbids it.”

    The interesting thing about Marni Kynris is she doesn’t actually exist. It’s just a stage name. She doesn’t have Facebook, there’s nobody in the United States with her name, and she doesn’t exist outside of the “Wing Girl Method.” She’s hot and skinny but the fact she is a paid actress speaks volumes. If you don’t give her money, she wouldn’t help guys.

  5. Women want you to respect them, not admire them.

    I almost ruined my computer with my soup reading this one. The thing is, most women even know this isn’t true. They will just never say it to other women as they will be beaten down if they ever did.

  6. “My BMI is well above the norm and I don’t have the motivation or self-discipline to trim down in order to compete with the physically superior women men are naturally more aroused by”

    Rollo, I love you, but you need to learn more about modern “nutrition” and why, for a large segment of the population, motivation and self-discipline are irrelevant. Our government, in its infantile wisdom, has decreed that carbohydrates, specifically grains, ought to be the bedrock of a “healthy” diet, and that fat, especially saturated fat, is to be avoided as much as possible.

    Unfortunately, this is the exact opposite advice as to what we actually need to be eating. Sure, there are genetically gifted specimens who can chow down on Subway and Lean Cuisine pasta and stay slim, but many others are doing their level best to follow “the low-fat, healthy way to eat”, and are failing, because the diet sets them up to fail.

    The reason that 95% of “diets” (always low-fat) fail is because they leave dieters so hungry that, eventually, willpower simply cannot physiologically overcome the need to eat. Without fat, our brains cannot properly register satiety, so we keep eating, and blood sugar spikes create hunger only hours after your last meal. Combine this with a stress on cardio over weight training, which catabolizes muscle and actually reduces metabolism, and you can see how this “perfect storm” creates lifelong dieters with no hope of success. (One would think that any system with a 95% failure rate would eventually be questioned, but it’s a lot easier, and ego-boosting, to tell ourselves that all the fatties just refuse to stop stuffing their faces.)

    One might suggest that the government does this in order to keep as many people as possible on the Yo-yo Diet hamster wheel, medicated by Big Pharma, and docile in the face of tyranny. I tend to think these features arise naturally, not intentionally, but the effects are the same.

    Anyway, it would be fascinating to see how a widespread adaptation of low-carb, high-fat diets would alter the SMP, because so many previously “unfuckable fatties” would actually return to normal attractive weights, and the metabolically-gifted would lose a significant advantage.

    1. Other than that, though, great article, and I agree that women can no longer be expected to give good advice to men. Perhaps it was different in the past; my grandmother told me once to always use a condom, because there are so many women out there that would try to get a baby from me to extort money. Perhaps women in the past simply had a more realistic idea of their own nature.

      1. I always make anyone I’m dating painfully aware that I have a passport and will use it in the event of pregnancy.

        Many many a “I’m going to keep this baby no matter what” bluff have been called this way.

  7. “Women prefer personality to looks.”

    Not quite. Women prefer status, power, fame, and money to looks in relation to their ability to bang a hot guy. As for preferring personality? Last and least in their order of preferences. I guess it comes down to these questions of scruples to ask, assuming both persons were of high attractiveness and of good character (whatever the hell than means nowadays);

    How many men would hesitate to marry and have children with a woman who was a waitress or maid? (or any menial working job)

    How many women would hesitate to marry and have children with a man who was a janitor or garbageman? (or any menial working job)

    I think we all know how differently most men and women would answer these questions.

  8. Yep. Yet another woman trying to police the hierarchy.

    Is it just me, or does it seem like we’re seeing more of these articles than we did a few years ago?

  9. Glad to see that I’m not the only one who looked at the WingWoman stuff and decided that it was a crock of shit.

  10. Rollo I’ve been reading your advice for many years and recently found your blog. Gotta say that you often offer remarkable insights.

    Got a question for you.

    What’s your take on religion? Growing up religious, there were always those people that seemed to say one thing (to prevent stirring up envy) while doing another (often involving sin). It’s not rare – I mean, come on, this was one of Jesus’ main themes. I don’t know if this is a conscious effort on their behalf, or perhaps a subconscious process, but this behavior seems quite solipsistic to me. Would you characterize these as the alphas in any religious group? They are essentially gaming the system.

    On the other spectrum, there are those that believe and (often because) they are out-gamed by the first group, they want to believe in it even MORE (as the Matrix is supposedly there to protect them – at least eventually [heaven]). Thus, once you are trapped in the Matrix, it is hard to dig out due to this incredible desire to believe in it to prevent future danger. Thus, those in the second group will continue to invest their energy into behaviors that benefit others at the expense of themselves.

    And, of course, there are many other categories in any religion.

    Lots more I could write, but this has been on my mind as of recent.

  11. I’ve been studying Game for a few months now and just discovered this blog. The posts are fascinating and mindblowing! Thanks so much for opening my eyes and I’ll visit here regularly.

    I find your articles well-structured and written in a very logical way, which surprised me as you describe yourself as an outgoing extrovert. I thought only introverts would write in such a manner. Do you read and write a lot?

  12. A girl I’ve been gaming and who I always amp up the sexual tension with sent me a text…at 2:30 in the morning.

    She’s Chinese, I’m not but can speak it.

    Me; In Chinese: you’re completely nuts

    Her:Chinese slang: You are a guy to watch out for.

    The sexual tension and the “naughty” tone of her text are in stark contrast to the ASD she puts up whenever she gives IOI’s and then pulls away…

    Chicks love love love drama and emotion. The idea from this blog is that a text like this is definitely evidence I’m doing it right.

  13. Reminds me of this poor bastard who is probably in therapy and learning to knit to get laid. Interesting advice to become “friends” with middle-aged women hoping that they will pimp out younger friends… seems like a good excuse to get to know some girls in high school–I’m really just planning on setting them up with some younger relatives who will make good boyfriends!

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