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Well, as is Roissy’s wont to do, he’s once again (most likely intentionally) put his foot in it and and flung the proverbial shit from his shoe into the great online fan of the manosphere. What am I referring to? Oh, you know, the ageless debate on what constitutes the most elusive of men’s aspirations – an Alpha state of being. If you haven’t already, you can catch up on the action here where the Chateau boldly nominates James Hooker as Alpha of the Month.

As expected the post’s comments get heated, but that’s not the end of it. The SoSuave discussion thread created by the (sometimes overly) passionate Naughty Ninja in response really gets down to the meat of the matter:

How “Alpha” will Mr. Hooker be seen by the general public?

How “Alpha” does the 18 Y.O.’s friends think he is? (If she has or had any at this point.)

What about new employment for the infamous Mr. Hooker? Will he take his ‘soulmate’ to work functions he may be required to attend?

There are probably loads of weird situations they will find themselves in. Or will they become a pair of social recluses?

Think about it. That dude isn’t Alpha he’s more of the Little Rascal’s Alphalpha. Pathetic nerd.

Before I launch into my take on this situation I feel it’s incumbent upon me to throw out this disclaimer; I do not condone Hooker’s actions. I have a daughter who will turn 14 in April and if there is any better indictment of the delusions of empowered single mothers and the inherent necessity of a strong, positive, masculine influence in a child’s upbringing, of either sex, I can’t think of it. Kids need the resolute, protective Fathers that far too many ‘strong, independent women’ emphatically resist, run off or covertly despise – only to further shame them for a lack of presence when an incident such as this occurs.

That said, I agree with the Chateau’s assessment – Hooker is an Alpha, but only contextually so.

From the 16 Commandments of Poon (emphasis mine):

XII.  Maximize your strengths, minimize your weaknesses

In the betterment of ourselves as men we attract women into our orbit. To accomplish this gravitational pull as painlessly and efficiently as possible, you must identify your natural talents and shortcomings and parcel your efforts accordingly. If you are a gifted jokester, don’t waste time and energy trying to raise your status in philosophical debate. If you write well but dance poorly, don’t kill yourself trying to expand your manly influence on the dancefloor. Your goal should be to attract women effortlessly, so play to your strengths no matter what they are; there is a groupie for every male endeavor. Except World of Warcraft.

As a teacher, James Hooker is afforded a default status authority. To students in a classroom, being the teacher confers a contextual presumption of mastery and thus a de facto social proof is conferred upon that person. In that theater, in that environment, the teacher is Alpha. A uniformed police officer is perceived Alpha in his given role, despite his personally being a chump when off duty.

As Roissy illustrates, Hooker was playing to his strengths. In virtually any other social setting he’d be perceived as a beta. Naughty Ninja and damn near every other casual observer peg this guy for the Beta-Symp he undoubtedly is, but in that classroom, to a 14 year old girl who gradually matures into an 18 year old woman, Hooker is Alpha, and probably the only Alpha she’d ever experienced.

How “Alpha” will Mr. Hooker be seen by the general public?

In all likelihood, he’ll be more publicly reviled than legitimate sexual predators when the genders are reversed. The great unwashed masses in the pop culture narrative don’t recognize the legitimacy of Alpha influence as it is. To them it’s psychological manipulation, and to a calculated extent it is, but the real question that nags them is WHY that manipulation is effective. They’ll blame it on the naivete of the girl, and her seeking a father figure, as well as the lasciviousness of Hooker, but what’s really uncomfortable is WHY the Alpha influence works.

What about new employment for the infamous Mr. Hooker? Will he take his ‘soulmate’ to work functions he may be required to attend?

It’s precisely because of Hooker’s subscription to the soul-mate myth that he reeks of beta. I have no doubt that he fluidly convinced himself of his noble intent narrative, casting himself as the savior for his adoring princess. White Knights are very prone to using their delusions of chivalry to rationalize good intent into the same behaviors they’d condemn in Players, PUAs or typical ‘other guys’ in general. To venture a guess I’d expect that Hooker buys his own bullshit, and because of this he hasn’t given an afterthought to how it will affect his career, his relationship with his family, his kids or any future social circle. As an extension to this, along with his teaching job, Hooker has lost his contextual Alpha cred. As his young chippy matures more, she’ll begin to see that contextual Alpha status erode with every progressive shit test he fails. And removed from the environment that made him Alpha, fail he will.

Alpha is as Alpha does

In context, James Hooker parlayed enough Alpha mojo to land a solitary 18 year old girl; one he had to invest in for at least 4 consecutive years to consolidate on. In fact, I sincerely doubt he had any idea that he was situationally an Alpha to the point that he thought he could intentionally manipulate this girl with it. There is a vast difference between the contextual Alphaness of Hooker and the subconscious Zen mastery of it in Corey Worthington – the Alpha Buddah. Both of these guys are an affront to the sensibilities of the “Alpha = Leader-of-Men” faction of Alpha definers, but both tap into a common root of Alpha energy that women naturally respond to. It’s discomforting to think that the brave Marine fighting in Mogadishu, commanding the noble respect from his country and peers taps into the same Alpha energy that makes a guy like James Hooker attractive to women. Same Alpha, different context. Hypergamy is a cruel mistress.

Jerry Seinfeld dated and married his wife when she was 18. And while it caused a brief stir in the press, Jerry’s wider Alpha appeal pushed this story out of the headlines. Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, both were banging and/or marrying underage girls, but were given an Alpha pass then and now. As I stated, I’m not condoning it, in fact I find it deplorable, but I do understand why it occurs.

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  1. A minor correction.

    While you are right that Seinfeld is Alpha, his wife was 26 when they married. He dated Shoshonna Lonstein for a few years, beginning when she was 17. He married Jessica Sklar six months after they met, and just two months after she filed for divorce from her husband.

  2. But how small a context is too small? If we begin to define alpha based on each individual woman’s perception, then all of us becomes alpha at some point. That’s just not right. The heirarchy must have some perceptible demarcation line defined by some degree of mass perception. We are social animals afterall.

    1. If we define alpha as “that which attracts women,” which is what most of the readers here are interested in, then all of us *are* alpha at some point. You don’t have to be alpha to everyone at all times (it’s nice, but not necessary), you just need to recognize the situations where you are and take full advantage of them.

    2. but “that which attracts a woman” can be but a small subset of “that which attracts women”. we cannot use too small of a context to explain a larger social reality and haphazardly apply a term meant to imply social dominance forthwith based on a single incident.

      the man is 41 years old. has had social proof for being a teacher for x (maybe xx) number of years. he gets 1 extra-marital lay (assuming) and suddenly he is alpha?

      situational alpha is a cop out. are we suppose to push the bar lower with that? not good for the manosphere’s collective agenda of masculine self-improvement, i say.

      but yes, i can understand why men who aims for the occasional lay here and there through the practice of game would embrace the concept of situational alpha. the mindset is like that of a sports team. you win some, you lose some. those games where you win, you’re a situational alpha.

      championships are won through stringing victories one after another, though. a thought. for the sake of discussion.

  3. I don’t find it as deplorable as some. The age of consent, across thousands of years of humanity, has been TWELVE YEARS OLD.

    Including the USA, until about 110 years ago.

    I regard it as more unnatural that I am expected to only want 40 yr old chicks and not want chicks 20 years younger, and I find it unnatural that women should be scorned or shunned or insulted for being attracted to older men.

    Girls are having sex, what difference does it make if the penis involved is 19 yrs old or 39 yrs old?

    The question is more in the man’s intent. Does he intend to use her as a cum-rag, or does he intend to care for her and possibly ‘keep’ her, and treat her well? Perhaps even teach and guide her in a way that will serve her well in the rest of her life?

    I will tell you, it might be better for her to choose Mr Hooker than to jump on the carousel of 17-25 yr old fucktard douchebag guys who will leave her devastated and ruined.

    As far as ‘alpha’ is concerned, I don’t give any props to Mr Hooker. I can appreciate the tasty young girl, but the teacher/student hookup is like shooting fish in a barrel. It is not some grand accomplishment, and he has hosed himself so bad in the process, I wonder, if he will look back one day and say it was worth it, or if he will wish he hadn’t…

    I don’t think that terms like ‘alpha’ are best used as stark labels. We all have some alpha in us, and some beta, and so do a lot of our actions. We are never only one, but all of these traits, in some level or another.

    1. The correct analog you’re looking for is Ted Nugent;

      “In 1978, 30 year old Ted Nugent fell in love with 17 year old Hawaiian lovely Pele Massa. To keep the hassle factor low, the Motor City Madman convinced the girl’s parents to sign documents that officially made Nugent Pele’s guardian. The pitch? Better a horny, rich, drug-free right-wing bow-hunter than a horny, poor, stoned high school student!”


  4. I understand why and how this happens. I’ve been there (but I didn’t go there). I taught high school for two years in my mid 20s. I also coached athletics and started a fencing club. I had come from a prestigious university that many of the students would die to get into. My status was fairly huge to those students. I had students orbiting me like you wouldn’t believe. My office was a bleedin’ beehive of activity. I was a little clueless at first, just doing my job, genuinely answering questions, explaining the assignments, etc. After a while, the visits became more informal, and we just talked. My office had become a hangout, and I was trying to dish wisdom about the life ahead of them, to boys and girls.

    Then one day I had a girl burst into tears and run out of my office crying. We were all just sitting around talking, what the hell did I do? The clue-phone rang and I picked it up. “Dude, you just made girl A think that you like girl B better than her.” The girls had huge crushes on me and were competing for my favor. I was more careful about maintaining formality after that.

    Girls will crush. They can’t help it. At that age, their bodies are designed to bond and mate.

    I think Rollo got Hookers psychology right. Hooker’s a fuckwit. He fully understands his power over this girl. When they crush, let them crush. They get over it.

  5. I’d give Hooker a bit more credit. I’m sure there are many, many male teachers who would like to do what he did, but don’t–some for moral reasons, but many out of fear of the consequences. Hooker was fearless, & that’s an alpha characteristic.

  6. CH pushed three stories at the same time on Friday. I think he was running a customer insight test.

    1. Chateau to Mainstream – political/anti-feminism
    2. Alpha of the Month – linkbait/manufactured controversy
    3. Pussification – standard PUA/inner-game self-help

    Linkbait was by far the most trafficked, with politics a distant second. Based on things CH has said recently, he’s clearly thinking about editorial ways to expand his readership (“I don’t think this blog will ever reach mainstream respectability as long as..”).

    We’ll see if trends emerge. Makes sense to me as he sounds increasingly like a keyboard hero when writing about recent sexual escapades or boots-on-the-ground game. He’s probably too damn old to be gaming it up on the weekends successfully.

  7. I add my voice in favor of that man.

    Why should it be deplorable? Because you have a daughter? Understandable, but not applicable to every man.

    He did exactly what served him best. Everyone in the society around him is doing the same – women, government, businesses, banks.

    I think of him as alpha as long as he bangs her, and if/when the relationship ends, let it be. Important he had no regrets whatever happens.

    He is alpha because he showed to women of his same age they are useless. The same women who would have spat in his face when he was young as this girl and he asked them out, now they are not even considered, and this angers them.

    Let them die (cit. Capt Kirk).

  8. The “age of consent” for tens of thousands of years was probably just after puberty (especially when people didn’t live very long) and in societies where the male paid her family for the rights to marriage. Even in 2012 it is different around the world.
    I don’t agree with the view as the number of sex partners as being the definition of Alpha. Although, if many women sexually want a man, then that can be social proof that he may be Alpha (or at least he has high status). I do view Alpha as a strong state of mind/being as in having an “I don’t give a f*ck attitude” and “I do what I want to do.” However, in this example, being supplicating and failing tests will prove to be beta.
    There are people (especially celebrities or wealthy) with greater age differences (such as, man 60, woman 30). I have decided to not become famous, as I value my Privacy much more, and because I can still meet women without fame. In my view it’s better to “not kiss and tell others.” There’s high level Game value in not verbalizing to others (especially the media) to keep your Game discreet/private only between you and your partners. I only talk about “Game concepts” to other guys learning game, but as an Alpha never mention to anyone any girls I’m dating (unless seen in public by friends, and even then to keep our privacy on the lock-down, I say no verbal private details to others).
    Women and the fem-media can go after a kid like Justin B. who maybe is Alpha from Fame/Celebrity/Socio-Economic Status/Social Proof/Star-Singer (and not talking much)/displays of Wealth (even when he was under legal age at like 16) and be fine with it. But, if men did the same to a teenage girl singer the fem-media would go crazy about it.
    A main issue with this story is society views teachers as a parenting role, so they consider it like society-incest or a pedofile. To girl students a teacher (because they are not of the age yet of basing their hypergamy on money like girls over 20’s do) a male teacher has High Status like a club owner/rock-star/actor/king, but a teacher to society is Low Status.
    I concur with other commenters as during college (before I had ever heard of Alpha or Game) I did student teaching in a high school and being a good looking man standing in front of the room in a party atmosphere where mostly underage horny girls would flirt and throw themselves at me, sounds good – it wasn’t, it’s aweful, and before it was said that I did anything with underage girls to protect myself I left and told myself I never will be a teacher in a school.
    I know many men in Alpha jobs (and they even portray an Alpha image because of the job and everyone views them as ultra-Alpha because of their jobs), but internally and with women they are extremely beta. I also know guys in beta type jobs who internally and with women are very Alpha.
    A smart teacher (even college) would be aware that it’s not smart to date a student, so he should either not date or wait a few years but she will likely be gone by then or leave a public profession before the matter gets into the public spotlight. So it’s not the age difference, it’s more below 21 in the U.S. is considered young and especially with a teacher.
    People such as this Corey example, are closer to having an internal Alpha attitude.
    For a celebrity/money (especially Alpha status), basically anything goes. Personally, I tend to only date women between less than 10 years to the same age. Most parents would want their kids to date around the same age range, unless maybe he was a wealthy celebrity with high socio-economic status.

  9. Interesting demarcation; situational alpha.

    Context does define the meaning. Of words. Of social status. What stands beside and around us defines our relative place and the meanings of our connections.

    Because the guy has sexual status advantage at his job, would not logically mean that he therefore lacks the traits he’ll need to maintain a long term relationship. Will he be able to emotionally, sexually, an psychologically dominate the girl? Will he modulate his charms an authority to keep her attracted?

    Some people advocate working hard on universally applicable skills, such as cold pick up, and think that if you are great at that, then you are REALLY alpha. Others find it more efficient to work for the highest returns on time and effort investment – perhaps using money game if they are wealthy, or online dating in a foreign land where they have status.

    Shooting fish in a barrel is just as alpha as swimming out into deep ocean water to hand catch a live tuna. One is just harder to do. So what. Big deal. You get a merit badge from the boy scout committee. Either way, you eat fish.

    The situational alpha teacher did what most men would not. He was individuated enough to be able to not think to himself “what would Mommy think! What will the neighbors say!” and just act in his perceived best interest. Fuck the neighbors. Being individuated is the essence of alpha.

    Doing hard stuff is not the essence of alpha.

    You can be a lazy alpha, shooting fish in a barrel. If it works, it works.

    His test will not be in what other contexts he is also alpha, it will be if he remains alpha in the contexts that matter to him. Such as with his girl.

  10. To venture a guess I’d expect that Hooker buys his own bullshit, and because of this he hasn’t given an afterthought to how it will affect his career, his relationship with his family, his kids or any future social circle.

    I find it both admirable and an alpha characteristic when a man has no care for what the local PTA committee has to say about his relationships.

  11. Hi Rollo,
    I was going over your blog. You put a lot of effort to writing it.
    I have to ask you whether you blog is here serious or is it just a side humorous thing for you? As a middle age man of over 40 (“over the hill”) and a married one with a kid, do you really believe any that Alfa-beta and game stuff that you are advocating here? To me it all sounds a bit like things befitting teens at most…


    1. Translation “Dude! You’ve got to be joking! The stuff you write about is just so teenagerish!”

      What a passive aggressive little fuck. If you have an argument, make it.

      1. Hey mister… that’s was rude and uncalled for!
        Tha’ts not the way to talk to a woman.

        You hape plenty to learn 🙂

        LOL… Have a good day.

      1. So Rollo, is that your ‘amused mastery’?
        It is a bit amusing… It has a cute boyish cuteness attached…
        LOL….. 🙂

        You are so cute….

  12. I’m pretty disappointed at what the manospere has evolved into over the past few years but I guess I’m not surprised that it has turned into a chest thumping competition on the PUA end of the spectrum and a bitter hatefest on the moralist/white knight/nice guy end.

    The way things are going I think my days in these parts of the interwebz may be numbered.

  13. Just by looking at him I would say that in no way, shape or form could he engender admiration and love from an 18 year old girl out in the wild. He should know this since it took him 4 years to ingratiate himself to the girl in question. It’s guys like this who have to think long and hard about the ramifications of their actions.

    He’s no “alpha”, situational or otherwise. He’s just your average everyday lotto winner. He’ll be broke in no time.

  14. He’s a beta poaching thanks to an unearned status and economic advantage.

    For those young men who are not born into money or have a talent that will grant them cache with women (athleticism or entertainment), they have a long road to hoe to make it to the levels of self sufficiency and authority that Hooker has. Whether by going to college or hustling up their own business, it takes until the mid-20s to reach. Gen
    Y is really SOL when it comes to the economy, and many of them won’t even come close to the level he’s at now.

    This trend will only continue to grow as aging players weary of the game and 30-something beta wannabees leverage their economic superiority over their younger, more feminized, broke off their ass male rivals.

  15. For a year I’ve thought that if some guys want to get married, then this day and age they probably have to be “minor league talent scouts” and check out high school girls to find younger girls to marry (not because of the age of the girls, but in the sense of finding a prospect for the “major leagues” of marriage before most of them go of to college and lose their femininity and get caught up in their careers and in a few years hit the wall). Until yesterday I didn’t know he was already married, so he will be going through a huge divorce that will make him lose at least half of his worth and look bad to his new sweet-heart. Then, if he does marry this girl (they’re both of legal age so why is there all this tv attention?) and she goes to college (maybe he will pay for her “education”) she might then meet another guy, or eventually (including building up years of resentment from all this current negative publicity) this “sweet” girl might turn on him and “female con” him in a divorce. With a bitchy woman at least it’s clear up front how she is, but beware of the innocent sweet girls, just wait until she unexpectedly kicks him in the balls. After these possible 2 divorces he will learn about the “soulmate myth (that believing this shows he probably is a beta anyway)” and he may wish he never got married twice, or discover he could have just got a foreign young girl a green-card because he’s going to be taken to the cleaners regardless. Maybe next year he will have a book and movie deal. So, another beta trait is that it’s not like this young fling is all for no charge, so this is financially going to cost him a lot. Love/affection/romance/family costs much more than just sex, and that’s why I am content with just loving myself/pets (surprisingly there’s a lot of romance and relaxation watching fish and walking a dog)/work/exercise/fun, so I do not need or want “love”/affection from a woman plus not having a full-time woman it’s not expensive.
    The “manosphere” is currently all over the place and is getting more scattered, and there is no unity, it started out under the radar with guys trying to figure out how to get laid, now it’s a bunch of a lot of things.
    With the economy getting worse (except for the corrupt “elite few”) one of the next trends might be “Homeless Game” and people on welfare will be considered Alpha.

  16. Rollo, you can’t trust what that man said to the media to make himself look better, while everyone was out to get him with their pitchforks.

    I’d agree with you if not for the fact that Hooker was married with children (one of them 17) for years before he ‘went rogue’ by investing 4 years into creating his perfect soul-mate. Just read his words about his new GF, listen to his mannerism in the interviews, the guy’s a self-convinced White Knight.

    If you do the math, Hooker’s oldest kid was born when he was 24, meaning he was probably 22 or 23 when he got married. My guess is, even then, he was a self-convinced white knight who “did the right thing” when he first got married. Regardless, he most certainly never had the sexual experience in his 20’s and 30’s to mature beyond the adolescent social skill set he had when he was first married. Ergo, a just post-pubescent teenage girl makes for the perfect ‘sarge’ for him since he doesn’t possess the skills necessary to relate with women any older.

    This isn’t a Charlie Sheen meltdown where the guy says “fuck it, I’m done with playing by society’s rules” and bangs pornstars half his age. Hooker genuinely thinks he’s going to “settle down” with his virgin soul-mate for the happily ever after.

  17. Tali-

    Your attempt at amused mastery has hit the scale somewhere between omega male passive-aggression and conversationally-unprepared reactionary.

    Please try again.

    Hint: The emoticon was a step too far. See also : try-hard.

  18. I enjoyed this post because it illustrates something about game which I many men don’t understand – game is relative, not absolute.

    Any man can be alpha in one situation and beta in the next.

    Game is relative and so is Alpha.

  19. As most probably know by now this is over with. He wasn’t a celebrity so the media hammered him, the police got him for a so-called ’98 incident, and the 18 y/o (with only a 23 year difference in age) said they are done.
    To use the daughter logic of reasoning; If I had a daughter I probably would rather have her with an older guy if he treated her well and took care of her, rather than to be a prostitute, but probably closer in age is better.
    Last week a celebrity got engaged to a female (with only a 26 year difference). Many men would date and/or marry younger women if they dared/could.
    I still believe it’s better to keep personal relationships out of the mainstream media (sites with millions of viewers and tv).

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  21. Rollo, that’s a great article i have read it 4 times. It gave me the consept, and be honest it really changed my life drastically.

    But after a year since i read this for a first time. I have came to a conclusion tynat i will argue that all alfa statusses are in essence “contextual” in a sense you have putted in this very article. Have you ever thought on that or have you ever seen that argument before, can you comment/advise on that?

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