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Just a quick announcement here, I will be doing a tag-team interview along with Ed Latimore on the Mark Baxter podcast Saturday morning, January 28th, at 7am Pacific Time / 10am Eastern. Hopefully that’s not too early for my readership, but I’m a morning guy anyway and you’ll get me at my best.

For those of you unfamiliar with Ed Latimore he’s a professional boxer, mathematician/physics major, Red Pill philosopher and all-around positive-masculine guy. Ed is a Twitter friend of mine and the blog, and truth be told, I’ve always wondered why he hasn’t done more interviews with guys in the manosphere. Ed is a mindset guy with an interesting personal history, but unlike most ‘positivity’ guys he actually has the chops to back it up.

Mark is also a Twitter/Blog friend and his niche has been Red Pill from a family, marriage & divorce perspective. The guy was put through the wringer not too long ago, and to his credit he came out better on the other side. His podcasts have focused almost entirely on the personalities from the manosphere and while his show is still in its infancy I’ve liked the depth he’s gone into with the guy’s he’s interviewed thus far.

The show wont be live, however, I’m certain that between Ed and myself it’ll be very educational to say the least. If you have a question or a comment you’d like us to address please leave it in the comments here.

The show will be available on Soundcloud on Sunday, January 29th.

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15 comments on “Live with Ed Latimore and Mark Baxter

  1. This is great news!! Rollo, just make sure you have a decent-quality microphone / headset! All of your interviews I’ve listened to so far have been great, but the sound leaves a lot to be desired!

    Can’t wait for Saturday!!

  2. Let the readership take note of the link between “Red Pill philosopher and all-around positive-masculine guy” : and heavy bags for training. Just sayin’.

  3. Uk your!!!???

    Really Rollo that would be unmissable.

    I’m kind of barred from the US due to visa issues after overstaying on a temporary work permit back in the day.

    We need you over here our females and I use the term loosely are worse than their stateside counterparts imo and I have experience of both.

    Pretty sure you wouldn’t have to buy a drink.

    We could also set up a gofundme page to help with expenses.

  4. Here are some questions for consideration:

    What role do you see Red Pill men play in Western society as we experience peak hypergamy/cuckoldry and beyond?

    It’s obviously impossible to fully predict the future, but any thoughts on where the society will be in terms of gender relations five years from now?

    Jack Donovan has discussed what he considers to be the four tactical virtues of masculinity; strength, courage, mastery, and honor. What other virtues, if any, do you think are also distinctly masculine traits, and why?

  5. If we look at trump as anomaly of mainly left/globalism oriented usa, what would anomaly* look like for Feminine Imperative? What should we expect?
    *if that happens at all in near future

  6. Hi Rollo,

    Many thanks for your work, your observations and conceptual frameworks have really made a positive impact in my life as well as others’ I’ve introduced your work to. I’ve expressed this sentiment before, but it does no harm to say it again – genuine appreciation for an artist’s work remains important, even when they become as recognized as you have. So thank you, and keep up the good work.

    I’ve been around the ‘manosphere’ for more than a decade now and was first exposed to what was then known as the seduction/pua community through the sosuave forum and all the legendary posters there who were still actively posting at that time – this was around 2003-2004. Back then the community was a lot different, MGTOW and and other forms of organized movements that concerned the social aspects of masculinity were practically non-existent. You have pointed a lot of this throughout your posts as well, so I’ll cut to the chase, the point I’m making is that when I started out the scene was a lot looser, innocent in many respects and had yet to evolve into what is now a much better defined set of ideas,beliefs,strategies and concepts.

    My question to you is twofold. First, seeing how in the years since the community has evolved, trends have changed, TRP has sprouted and more and more men are discovering this alternative philosophy of masculinity (alternative only w/ regards to their prior conditioning) I see a danger in how people will perceive and use this knowledge in their lives and in society. The information we now have is so much greater than when you were just reading a field report and trying to figure out what works and why on your own. I am referring to Game as this was the original aim of the community, now it has transcended that and it is increasingly becoming a lens through which one perceives reality – a dangerous thing if one does not understand correctly what the consequences of that are, what is its purpose and usefulness and most importantly how to properly and positively implement that knowledge to create a better reality not only for oneself but for others also.

    The danger I see is that of teenagers now discovering the community and adopting all the precepts, rules and beliefs without first having an experience of why the alternative does not work. In short, becoming red pill before ever tasting blue pill bitterness. This may be a bad way of putting it, but what I’m trying to get at is this: Is the “Red Pill Philosophy” (for lack of a better term) in danger of ending up in a state akin to that of feminist ideology? I know that TRP is an ideology based on facts about intergender dynamics, evolutionary sexual strategies and so on which are irrefutable facts based in our scientific understanding of the human species, yet I am still concerned that it remains an ideology and without the proper context it can be misunderstood and misapplied by its adopters, resulting in possibly more harm than good. Instead of it pointing towards the truth, it can become the truth, and I fear that even men who adopt these truths become so convinced by them and take it all at face value without taking the time to understand and figure out FOR THEMSELVES, WHY these concepts emerged and WHY do they hold true to THEIR lives. It’s like the noobs back in the day who never hit the club’s but would reply to every thread convinced that their conceptual understanding and conviction in some shit they just read on a forum actually defines their thinking and acting. Do you believe the manosphere is in risk of becoming a place for posers and wannabes who know all the terminology and defend the red pill like dogma but who have never experienced the deep frustration that first originated the need for men to figure out all of this? Do you think the TRAP can go mainstream, and if it does is that a good thing or will the message be lost or diluted?

    No doubt, the feminine imperative will keep going strong and likely grow stronger, so the red pill philosophy will remain timely and necessary. But – moving forward, where does it go from here? And how can we know that it is interpreted correctly, lest all men become raging misogynists, aka feminism in reverse?

    I am raising more than one issues here, I am aware, and I probably lack the capacity to articulate my questions in a clearer and more coherent manner after a long days’ work, but in a nutshell :

    1) Where do you see TRP ( not restricted to that, but again, for lack of a better term) going from here?
    2) Do you see any potential dangers, both on a personal and societal level stemming from a lack of proper context, understanding and following of TRP?

    Looking forward to the show,
    The Jazz Pornographer

  7. What’s the best advice you have for young dudes who find the red pill in their teen/high school years? Please go into depth.

    What’s the best way to flirt/tease with high school chicks?

    I know you do more theory Posts than game but I’d still like to hear your thoughts on things.

    Also, what are your best internet sources for guys who are trying to lose weight and get into shape?

    I found TRP when I was about to turn 16, I’m 17 now. Some stuff I knew but a lot of it was revealed to me by your blog, and the Manosphere and general.

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