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It took me much longer than it probably should have, but considering this book has been 12 years in the making I wanted something well designed with all the attention to detail it has due. I’m a perfectionist and an artist which makes for a very difficult combination when producing something I really care about. In my career I have been responsible for the concepts and branding of many successful products and projects, most of which I have no doubt the bulk of my readership would recognize were I to be completely honest. As tempting as it would be to boast about them, in the interests of protecting the integrity of those brands I can never really be specific about them, but for all of the products I’ve ever launched, for all of the promos and marketing I’ve done, for all of the money I’ve made for other (already wealthy) men, nothing has made me so nervous as clicking the ‘publish’ button on Createspace to approve the final draft of The Rational Male.

One thing I learned very early in my career was to never invest too much of myself into a brand or a project that was someone else’s idea. I’ve been instrumental in many collaborative ideas, but this book is the first work that I’ve been solely responsible for. I pray that it will make the impact I hope it will and reach the people who would otherwise never find this blog.

Roosh posted this on twitter this morning:

The manosphere may be divided, but its reach exploded in 2013. In 2014, its ideas will begin to infiltrate mainstream society. Bet on it.

I’m both scared and excited that The Rational Male might be included in this reach into the MSM. I’ve of course repeatedly written about the inherent dangers that red pill ideologies will only be vilified and ridiculed in a public forum controlled by the feminine imperative, but that’s something I’m going to have to come to terms with if red pill thought is to ever be taken seriously. I worry about how the impact of this book will affect my personal life, my career, and probably a lot of other aspects of my life that I haven’t yet considered.

For now the book is available on the Createspace store at this link:

In about a week it will be listed on Amazon and I’ll announce it when it hits.

Late Edit: The Rational Male is now available on Amazon Thanks to the preorders on Createspace the book was expedited to Amazon – and yes you can buy it internationally.

And now Kindle is good to go too:


There will be a Kindle version as well, but I think an e-format kind of defeats the purpose of the physical book. I probably fucked up a few things grammatically, I had an editor and a proofer, but this is a rookie effort. I’d also like to apologize to all the reader who’ve emailed me for advice or consults in the past 6 months. The book has been my primary focus for the last 8 months so I look forward to getting back to the blog again – I haven’t forgotten any of you and I’ll be getting back to you soon.

I’ve never written a book before, but I’ve been writing for almost 14 years now. It’s been a real learning process. Reading material I’ve written and rewritten since 2000 is a little like reading the thoughts of someone else.

What you’ll read are a refinement of the core ideas and concepts I’ve formalized on The Rational Male. I began The Rational Male at the request of my readers on various men’s forums and comments on blogs in the ‘manosphere’ in 2011. After the popularity of the blog exploded inside a year it became apparent that a book form of the basic principles was needed for new readers as I moved past them, and built upon the prior concepts.

For the most part I’ve rewritten and edited for publishing the blog posts of the first year at Rational Male. I’ve left in most of the jingoisms and acronyms that are characteristic of the blog and are commonly used in the manosphere, however I’ve made every attempt to define them as I go along.

Furthermore, many of the concepts I explore in this book came from a question by one of my readers. As with most commenters, their anonymity is assumed in the form their online ‘handle’. The important thing to remember is the concept being discussed and not so much the importance of who is proposing or contradicting a concept.

Before you begin reading

The primary reason I decided to codify the Rational Male into a book came from a reader by the name of Jaquie. Jaquie was an older, married woman, who genuinely took to what I proposed about inter-gender dynamics on Rational Male. Jaquie wasn’t exactly a typical reader for me, but she asked me to help her understand some concepts better so she could help her son who was about to marry a woman whom she knew would be detrimental to his life. Jaquie said,

“I wish you had a book out with all of this stuff in it so I could give it to him. He’s very Beta and whipped, but if I had a book to put in his hands he would read it.”

So it is for the sons of Jaquie’s that I decided to put this book out. And it’s in this spirit that I’ll need to ask you, the reader, to clear your head of a few things before you begin to digest any of it.

The Rational Male literally has millions of readers world-wide, so there’s a strong likelihood that you’ll buy this book to keep on a shelf and loan to friends because you’re already familiar with its concepts. There’s a certain power and legitimacy that the printed word has that a blog or some online article lacks, so if you already are a Rational Male reader be sure you do loan the book out, or encourage the plugged-in to read and discuss it.

If you are picking this book up for the first time, or had it handed to you by a friend or loved one, and have never heard of the Rational Male or the manosphere or have had any exposure to the ideas I put forth here, I’ll humbly ask that you read with an open mind.

That sounds like an easy cop out – open your mind – it kind of sounds like something a religious cult would preface their literature with. We all like to think we already have open minds and we’re all perfectly rational, and perfectly capable of critical thinking.

I ask you to clear your head of the preconceptions you have of gender because what you’re about to read here are very radical concepts; concepts that will challenge your perspective on women, men, how they interact with each other, and how social structures evolve around those relations. You will violently disagree with some of these concepts, and others will give you that “ah ha!” moment of realization. Some of these concepts will grate on the investment your ego has in certain beliefs about how men and women ought to relate with each other, while others will validate exactly the experiences you may have had personally with them. Some are ugly. Some are not complementary of women and some of men, you’ll think I’m a misogynist on first glance because it’s the default response you’ve been taught to react with. For others, you might feel some kind of vindication for getting burned by your ex and realizing what was at play when it happened. I realize it’s a tall order, but strive not to let your personal feelings color what I lay out for you here.

You’ll love me and you’ll hate me. You’ll think “well, not in my case, and here’s why,..” or you’ll think “wow this is some really ground breaking stuff.” I’m not a psychologist, or a PUA, or a men’s rights activist, or a motivational speaker. I’m just a guy who’s connected some dots.

Published by Rollo Tomassi

Author of The Rational Male and The Rational Male, Preventive Medicine

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  1. @xplat: I love that idea as it benefits both new readers and Rollo. Its funny you mentioned the libraries as I was thinking about purchasing a couple copies for the two in my area. Imagine if every reader was able to do that. Since divorced men really are my soft spot, I was trying to think of the appropriate source to get the book into the hands of lawyers to share with their clients? Maybe gregg would have an idea about how to do that? And just one other thought to add to the brainstorming is for Rollo to consider what, if any, changes may need to made if there is a large influx of new posters, etc. Good luck, guys!!! 🙂

  2. Friday FR:

    After watching the 1-hour infleld footage vid from RSD, headed out and went out with my wing. His commitment to the game has been questionable in the past, but whatever, he’s here now so we do a quick warmup (high fiving and saying hi to random girls) and then walk right into a bar and talk to the first girls we see. It was still pretty early in the night so not a lot of people.

    Basically nothing to record on this set. We talked for maybe 20-25 mins and there was no real sexual tension happening in the 2-set. I was kind of waiting for my buddy to do something cuz several times I implied we should leave the set, but he kept talking so I was like, fine lets keep talking. Did some awkward kino (yeah it really is weird if the touching isn’t natural lol) so we finally bounce out and hit the streets.

    We try to talk to blonde 2-set and they ignore us, that’s fine (our pull was weak to be honest, we didn’t really try). Nonetheless we keep going.

    I starting singing about getting laid “BAAAAALLLLSS DEEEEEEP” and we’re just having a good time (in state basically). And then I try and dance with this girl outside of a store (she’s with her friend). I put her hand on my shoulder and we start dancing. She laughs and doesn’t make eye contact. I laugh and say, you’re ruining our first date.

    Her friend doesn’t seem to care, thinks its funny. Meanwhile the girl i’m with is acting really awkward. I try to lace our fingers together but she moves her hand away completely. So i’m like “oh, you’re just awkward”. She bursts out laughing and I spin her around (really just to look at her ass lol) and she’s like “I don’t even know your name!” We exchange names and then she looks into the store and starts walking away and these two dudes come out lol

    Apparently she had a bf…

    Anyway, I go down the street and a group of girls are walking past. My friend tries to open one of the girls half assed. He does this all the time and I’m like dude, that’s not how you do it. Tyler says you have to walk with her and she has to her you talk/convey your personality:

    Never tried it before lol so i do just that and bam it works:

    Me: Hey I think you’re cute.
    Her: (no response)
    Me: (Now walking with her) Do you know why we should be together? Cuz see you’re hair is really wavy and mine’s really curly. See it works, like seriously (lol)
    Her: lol
    Me: Alright stop for a sec.

    She stops and tries to talk but her friend pulls her away saying “like seriously, we have to go”

    Whatever on a single girl it would’ve worked 😀

    We walk down the street some more (saw quite a few chode crystals…lol sorry, we saw a lot) and I see this HB9 (seriously done up to the nines or whatever they call it) at the ATM. I’m like looking incredibly shitty (haven’t shaved in weeks, holes in my hoodie, messy hair) so I’m like yeah definitely time to approach.

    Me: Hey I don’t want your money, but we should totally dance.
    Her: Lol
    Me: You can keep your gross money, the only green i like is weed.
    Her: But I have a bf!
    Me: Don’t worry I’m not the jealous type.
    She finishes getting her cash and I try and escalate on her but she says she has a bf and she has friends she has friends who are single.

    Honestly, I could’ve gotten her number and asked her to introduce me to her friends… but when I saw her facing me completely… i was just like… wow… HOW THE FUCK AM I TALKING TO YOU lol

    I was just like, okay… lol (drool)

    So I let her leave… (facepalm)

    But I’m like SUPER excited that I talked to this amazing looking girl.

    Walk to another bar and outside is this group of girls. One of the girls is another smoking hot girl in a freaking skin tight dress. I’m like… um yeah, I want that lol

    I walk right into the group grab her and start dancing with her and turn her away from her friends. She’s loving it.

    Me: so what should we do on our first date?
    Her: Lol
    Me: I think I’m love seriously.
    Her: Lol
    Me: You are ruining our first date!
    I stop dancing and I pull her in close. Our bodies are touching and she’s like “that’s my bf right there”. I turn and see some dude 10 feet away.
    Me: Seriously, thats your bf?
    Her: (smiles, no answer)
    Me: Are you serious?
    Her: Lol

    I back off and then her and her friends leave without the dude… failed a shit test right there…. lol

    I should’ve been like, wanna make him jealous? or that I’m not the jealous type line I use whenever girls mention bfs.

    I swear I could’ve made out with her right there wtf…

    Anyway, we go to this other bar (a lotta bars in this place) and i approach these 3 older women (30s, i’m 23) and I’m like cool, there’s a cute blonde here and I’m ready. I unknowingly drop into a minefield of shittests.

    We appoach the three bitches and i’m like blah (I forget the line, doesn’t matter)
    and i was trying to do the instant escalate thing with my target and instantly she’s like nah. so i’m like, okay time to bust out my verbal game lol. So i neg her with:
    “is that your real hair color”
    Her: “no its brown” (it was dyed blonde)
    Me: “oh… it’s still nice tho. You’re a nurse right?”
    Her: blah blah blah she’s a flaming hoola hop person
    which i thought was cool

    Basically i just kept talking cuz everything i was saying was amusing myself like, “how do you sign up to be a circus freak? etc”. At some point i’m laughing at myself and she’s like “you’re not good at picking up girls are you?”
    and i was like “nah, i suck at it” lol
    thinking back on it now i shoulda said “i eat girls like you for breakfast”
    Then one of the other girls was basically trying to break my frame and get me to feel awkward. I say something else and she’s like “is that your pickup line?”
    and i’m like “Well we’ve already started talking so… lol”.
    Bam, got her ass! But i’m like kinda feeling self conscious so i tell her the ring finger routine. It’s like comfort stuff so i’m not sure why i’m using it at this point thinking back on it now… whatever lol.

    Her: Does this usually work on other girls?
    Me: Nah, only the cute ones… the ugly ones are too smart (lol?)

    So basically i’m all over the place and i bring her friend in (how do you know each other) and she’s also dumping on me
    Friend: “Why are you still here”
    Me: Cuz I’m masochistic”

    Eventually they kinda just turn away to talk to each other and I’m like YES! didn’t eject. So I’m like eh, wanna talk to other girls so I say we’re leaving and my target smiles at me and says bye. Not sure if it was a fake smile or real smile but whatever, good experience of not bailing lol.

    We go to another bar, talk to some okay girls (nothing hard really). And then my friend leaves, wants to bang one of his regulars. Says I should stay and I don’t cuz… I dunno, I just didn’t want to (excuse I know).

    There are a few other interactions I haven’t put up from last weekend that involved shittesting and frame control stuff, but yeah this seems like a lot of progress. The awkwardness is dying (yay thought it never would).

  3. Well done, Rollo, well done. My copy will be on order as well.

    I echo Morpheus at Just Four Guys when he says that this will be the book I wish I had available and were able to read at age 13, 14 or 15. It will be a must for any high school Man in training.

  4. So I just got my copy in the mail about 5 minutes ago. I opened to the table of contents, just to get a feel of how it was organized, when BAM, right there, before anything else-

    There is no ONE

    I’m absolutely thrilled that you put that chapter first. That’s been what I’ve tried to convince my father of the most when bringing up Red Pill topics.

    It’s a beautiful book Mr. Tomassi, and heftier than I was expecting for a first foray into printed word. I’ll be diving into it after my midterm.

  5. Just ordered from british Amazon, I was pleased that the price is the same as in the US which is almost always NOT the case.

  6. Hey Rollo, sort of posting my FR’s here cuz Heartiste is slow in moderating the comments. Yareally’s been a great help! And totally support the blog as I’ve lurked on here many a time.

    Now without further ado:

    Saturday FR –

    Me and my wing meetup and go out after watching more Tyler infield footage (seeing what’s possible gets me pumped). We walk straight into another bar and instantly my wing freezes up (I think I’m gonna go back to doing the games with him cuz he does this way too much). I kind of get frustrated and go off and approach these two ladies and get it over with. I make small talk, eject, and come back to my buddy saying “See? It’s 9 o’clock like you said, dude. Short, quick sets.”

    And then I approach this other two set (fat girl, skinny girl) and it’s going fine. I befriend the fat girl and talk about the pig tatoo on her shoulder (I thought it was pretty neat), but I don’t see my wing so I eject cuz… for some reason if he’s not around I panic like… am I by myself right now? This is another sticking point of mine. I think I can’t do things alone.

    Next I go to these two older women, 4 and a 7. I approach the 7 saying “thats a nice animal on your shirt”. The 4 says “That’s our school mascot. I’m honestly surprised you don’t know that.”

    Me: “I’m not into sports, sorry.” (back to 7) “You like sports, ay?”
    7: (Says stuff about college and sports) How do you not know this mascot?”
    Me: “Well I went to university of x”
    7: “That explains it lol”
    Me: “Hey! lol”
    7: “When did you graduate?”
    Me: “2012”
    7: “Sooooo young :)”
    Me: “Nah, I’m a young stallion.” (I don’t know why but this somehow implies I like older women)
    7 laughs. 4 says nothing.
    Me: “You’re single right?”
    7: Oh no, I have a husband.
    Me: Lol You have a husband?
    7: He’s over there (points to some person in a group, they’re all wearing red so, can’t tell which one) But she’s single (points to 4)
    Me: Well alright, I’m looking for my friend. Nice talking to you guys.

    I call him on my cell and he comes out, saying he got blown out. I’m like, “whatever man, lets go, next set, who cares.”

    We go to our main bar of the night (it’s the biggest) and we go up to the dance floor. There are a good amount of girls so I approach first since my wing is just off tonight for some reason.

    I see girl at bar and and I decide that I was GOING to approach. I finally approach and she walks away with her drink just as I get up there. So I turn around, see her and just open her.

    Me: Hey you know I was about to talk to you but you walked away right as I ordered my drink.
    HB6.5: Lol thats hilarious. Nice line.
    Me: Lol i’m serious, this JUST happened.

    Suddenly 3 girls surround her and… OMG HB6.5!!!! HOW ARE YOU SQUEEEEE

    I’m like uhhhhhh, should I, uhhhh, I mean, uggghh, nevermind.

    My wing saw the whole thing and he tells me that I should’ve said “don’t be rude introduce me to your friends”. Classic line, he was totally right.

    He decides to approach this 2-set on the far end at a table off the dance floor. Fat 3 and Old looking 5 who’s actually 24. I talk to the 5 while he talks to the fattie. Convo consists of her telling me she has a bf and saying she met him by fucking two of his friends. 5 says she can’t believe she’s telling me that (tells me she’s drunk – she’s had two hard drinks and a beer). I tell her I’ve never been in a relationship. Doesn’t believe me (lol). Says she wants to look for her other friend so I try to use her as a pivot (Lets go look for her together). She’s hesitant, so I’m like, whatever. I look over and my friends still talking to fatty. They both look bored but he’s using MM routines so he can talk forever despite the vibe sucking. I say we should go. We leave.

    Outside, we end up walking behind a blonde and a brunette. I go up to the blonde and say:

    Me: “You! You wanna dance. Let’s dance.”
    HB8: “Wha?”
    Me: (Grabbing her hands) Come on let’s dance.
    I don’t even see my friend or the other girl.
    HB8: Lol
    Lasts like 5 seconds cuz she seems hesitant (thinking back on this now, I don’t move in close enough physically)
    HB8 (great boobs drool): Well I honestly can’t dance right now because I fractured my foot. (no cast, but I believe her. she sounded really genuine)
    Me: Where should we go on our first date?
    HB8: Uhm… I dunno.
    Me: Let’s go to the zoo. It’ll be awesome.
    We’re looking into each other’s eyes, but brunette pulls her away saying “We gotta go”.
    I don’t even know what my friend was doing, but on my end I haven’t been addressing the friends in any groups at all.

    We walk down some more and I see a bonafide 10. Short brunette with long hair, banging body, makeup, just looking amazing. She’s with a 6. I approach her right away trying to dance (it always works, why not?) and I was nervous to look right in her eyes as I did it so the dancing stops after 3 seconds.

    Me: You! Let’s dance. (incongruency here)
    10: LOL what? (stops moving)
    Me: What’re you guys up to lol
    10: Do you do this to all the girls? You just go down the street and try to dance with them?
    Me: (sorry I was surprised I danced with a fucking model) Well I saw you and… (to 6) why do you look so mad lol have fun!
    6: You guys need to go. I’m calling my friend over and she’ll take care of you.
    Me: Lol okay…
    6 calls a blonde HB8 who acts tomboyish.
    HB8: Hey! If either of you two are bothering her… I’ll punch you both right in the fucking jaw.
    Wing freezes. I lol.
    Me: Sure, go for it. It’d make a good story.
    HB8: …I’m kidding. I just hate when creeps mess with my girl.
    Me: Would’ve made a good story tho lol

    And somehow she’s talking to the both of us while 10 and 6 are talking. And then 6 leaves. And then this black dude, (bigger, taller, whatever, irrelevant at this point in my mind) shows up and 10’s super excited and happy to see him. Clearly they met before cuz they were acting like they did… then they exchanged numbers.

    I’m like wow. (now I think, well I could’ve gone for her and tried to fuck her tonight).

    I’m not too happy so when the dude leaves, 10 comes in the set and I’m like well we’re gonna go. Unless you wanna keep dancing (I try the same move, she’s smiling but doesn’t budge). So we part ways… which has been happening a lot I’m starting to realize.

    So my friend gets bummed out too and wants to smoke weed. On our way to smoke, I tell him the next girl you see, you’re dancing with her, got it? You need to go physical (at least to try, ya know?)
    We see two girls and instantly we go try and dance with them. I dance with the uglier one. I don’t make eye contact so it ends early. Either way, my buddy attempted and that’s what matters. We smoke a bit (not a lot on my end cuz I want to remember the details of the night) and we see three girls (tall blonde 7.5, short 5 brunette, tall 6 brunette) get out of a cab.

    I say: Are we seriously going to approach three girls right out of a cab? Lol yes!

    We go up to them, “whats up” whatever line i used and blonde just asked where the main bar we went to is. We point them in the wrong direction (was unaware lol) and we start walking. I was planning on walking with the blonde but she’s on the phone and I’m not trying to act desperate so I walk with the short brunette instead. Small talk, walking arm in arm. Nice 🙂

    HB7.5 comes up to me and says “Are we going the right direction?”
    Me: “Ohhhh (looks around)… I guess not lol”

    Then switch to walking with her. We chit chat, I tease her for being a blonde, she tease me for leading them incorrectly. Ask her what she does.

    HB7.5: I’m a (…) teacher
    Me: Uhhh, whatd you say?
    HB7: I teach special ed.
    Me: Oh wow. What do you do for fun?
    HB7: Grade papers.
    Me: Ohhhhkay… you’re really crushing the blonde stereotype here lol
    HB7: Yeah lol I know right, I’m smart too
    Me: Uhhh I don’t know if you’re smart but we’ll see lol You’re also super awkward (she was super weird about holding my hand/walking arm in arm)
    HB7: I’m just an awkward mess.
    Me: Lol I’m used to that.

    Suddenly stops and says she has to call Ryan. Friends roll their eyes and say stop calling him. I’m just like sigh, great.

    Me: Well, we’ll meet you there.
    We part ways and blonde gives me a fake ioi (the touching the arm before she leaves). My wing’s like “what just happened?”
    Me: Uh… well i dunno, she had that dude right? Should we have kept walking with them anyway? (Sure enough we end up at the same place and Ryan is there and drags blonde away, according to my wing. We got separated so he was dancing with them I was with a different girl, which Im about to go into)

    We end up back at main bar and head back up to dance floor. The remainder of the night was spent trying to get this blonde 5 (cute face, fuckable body at the very least. kinda chubby, huge ass, decent tits whatever). Met her cousin and friend she was with (wanted to get on their good side) and then we started dancing. She’s dressed really flamboyantly, rubbing her tits on me. I’m slapping her ass. We makeout (badly, I suck at making out, ended up slobbering all over her). Still it’s going well. I ask her cousin if 5 is drunk and she says yes. I’m like… but she sounds completely normal. She also has this whiny, high pitched voice. I qualify her on what music she likes. Says she likes Brittany Spears, I remove all physical contact. She lols and says, but I like Kanye!

    Series of lines I say:
    “Am I supposed to be mesmerized (stares at tits)?
    I’m just gonna rub my crotch on your ass.
    You’re too much.”

    She lols at all this (“NOO, you’re too much lol”). A drunk girl next to me slaps my ass and then slaps hers. I look at her and watch to see the two girls interact. 5 is dismissive and drunk girl turns around and makes out with Asian.

    So I move her downstairs and I was basically going to bounce outta there but it starts raining. She says she’s not going anywhere in the rain and I instantly well there’s food out there(lol?). Anyway we’re isolated and I’m like look into my eyes. She starts looking into them, like staring into them and I freak out. She points that out and gives me a shittest

    5: “Why wear jeans and a white t shirt to a bar?”
    Me: Cuz I don’t give a fuck.
    5: … Can’t argue with that.

    I’m like well fuck might as well go upstairs now. So I take her out of isolation (???) and back on the dancefloor. Things go downhill from there. I sort of reuse the same lines and she’s not really paying attention to me anymore. I walk away to see if she follows. She doesn’t. I stare at her and she and her cousin look over and laugh (i think?). I laugh like, why do I even want to fuck this girl? She gets hit on by dudes I pull her away and she’s like whatever.

    Then we leave and i get in the cab. 5’s cousin says oh no, we’re going home, sorry. 5’s like do you want my number? I say, my phones dead. 5 says sorry. I say okay lol

    Walk out of the cab. I regroup with my wing and we talk to some plain girls. Night ends.


    Sorry Yareally for how long this is. Tell me where to cut things down, because a lot of this seems unnecessary.

    Main thoughts are that I’m probably still ejecting early for no reason, like I didn’t get blown out yet besides girls dragging their friends away or polite rejections.

    I’ve come far though. But I really want to get rid of this “I can’t do this alone” sticking point. Guess the only way is to go out alone and feel the pain.

  7. Congratulations on getting the book out, now that we all ordered one off Amazon I hope you can come up with a way to get our books signed!

  8. jesus just what we needed, i’m going to translate it as soon as i get it… (is it illegal? heh) i want to spread the word: most of my friends and acquaintances are terminally fucked up… i feel pity for those fuckers… [for instance: 25 years old guy grabbed on a leash by a 33 y.o. hardcore decaying femminist… yeah this kind of crap] well i’ll send them anyway a copy. this one is going to stay right next to the bible haha; no kidding.

  9. @Mebus

    “The Rational Male” by Rollo Tomassi has risen to the top.

    Top 500 U S (among more than 5,000,000 books)

    Top 50 UK Self-Help/UK ‘Practical & Motivation’

    Top 30 U S in ‘Personal Transformation’

    You quoted my comment “Anyone not ordering within 24 hours is a loser that will continue to complain.”

    and you wrote not everyone here lives in the US and hence wants to wait up to several weeks for the book to arrive

    I completely agree. Note the key words ordering the book within 24 hours. Ordering means placing the order for the book – that did not mean having read every word of it within 24 hours. I’ve lived overseas and I’m thankful to have talented geniuses to work in other nations. You’re correct, slow shipping of products from the U S is simply unethical. My copy of the book arrives Thursday, October 3, but I bought Kindle yesterday. I hope that the Kindle app is available there. If not, there will be an epub version, and I hope you’ll read. I’ve seen your thoughtful questions and comments, and I think you’ll enjoy how he has brought even more clarity in answers to questions from the comment section of RM.
    It’s not a shaming tactic when we are all here with a thirst to learn and apply what we’ve learned. I’ve already stated how the book has more focus and clarity than the individual posts from the past. People that visit the blog spend money on a lot of stuff including some form of service that provides television programming and other services which time is invested into. The price of “The Rational Male” should be $300 or $3,000, so to not order it ‘within 24 hours’ at such an extremely low price would be a shame.

    This is not just some book by yet another blogger. This is from someone that has clearly spent hours thinking through every sentence. It’s the material that we’ve known should exist in the world, yet it did not. No amount of money could make it exist without the effort of the author connecting the dots. That took time, and this demonstrates the real science. Source criticism be damned. No peer-reviewed scholarly journal has connected these dots.
    Ordering within that first 24 hours, it’s common knowledge, improves the ranking of a book. Your prior comments here at RM show that you care about relentless self improvement, so I believe you understand that it’s not a shaming tactic. It’s simple, anyone that’s a regular visitor to this blog has understood that this book would arrive at some point in the future. The wait has been long.If Kindle is unavailable there, I hope that you’ll be able to load the epub version. Just know that I’ve almost completed the Kindle version. The way he has connected the dots has given me a better understanding of the content than the combination of all of the seminars I paid full price for (before any of these blogs existed) in the past.
    I was aware (when the comment was made) that the amazon protocol would be expedited. The Kindle was available within 24 hours, but it makes sense to wait if Kindle is not available there.

    Our teams have worked to raise awareness of this master work by Rollo Tomassi. “The Rational Male” has risen to the top. Spread the word, let’s bring it into the top 10 because that multiplies the exposure with global media attention. This is important because the content will affect life around the world in countless positive ways.

  10. Brilliant! Just purchased on Amazon UK, I’ve been waiting for this for some time as I think you put forward the discussions better than anyone and your insights are always enlightening, reasoned and interesting.

    Good Job Rollo, Can’t wait to read it!

  11. I don’t want to give too much away…but big props on describing what real Power is. It was a long strange trip for me to discover that.

  12. Congrats, Rollo. Been following you for about a year and a half, first post. Will definitely order the hard copy. Going to do like Hunter above and post a report from this past weekend–having trouble posting at CH. Hoping to inspire older dudes like myself who are trying to game younger women. As a former rock musician, I don’t really run night game because I can’t hear shit in bars, but hopefully the below will be helpful.

    The HB9 I bagged this weekend was admittedly not my first–I was, after all, a greater beta/sensitive musician in my prior life with occasional access to nubile young things. But it was the first HB9 I ever bagged without having to spend a dime, make promises of commitment, wait weeks or months while building comfort, write love songs for…or even having to be nice to.

    I am in my mid-40s and have been actively running Game since the end of 2012, and it has brought me a steady and consistent supply of HB6s, HB7s and the occasional pre-wall HB8 looking to trade in her slut card for a wedding ring, all ranging in age from mid-20s to late 30s. But after missing a morning workout session several weeks ago to sleep in with a post-wall divorced mom, I realized that I still wasn’t living up to my potential and I was a little bit disgusted with myself. So I dumped my harem, stopped texting with hot/cold flakes, and resolved to do more cold approaches and settle for nothing less than HB8s in their 20s.

    Anyway, I was having a beer after work with a friend on Friday afternoon when friends of friends arrived and sat at our table–the aforementioned HB9 (a 22 year old former swimsuit model and reality TV “star”) and her friend, your typical “sassy” mid-20s professional HB6. I quickly came to understand that the HB9 was the mistress of a very wealthy and socially dominant married man in my same professional field (I am a relative nobody in said field). You could even call this man semi-famous in our medium-sized city.

    So I proceeded to run what my Blue Pill friends would call “Sixth Grade Game,” but which some of you may recognize as simply “Game”. To wit: ignoring the HB9 to openly flirt and banter with the HB6, then once the HB9 attempted to interject herself, alternating between ignoring and teasing her, then doing something juvenile like taking the sunglasses off of her head while walking back from the bathroom and pretending that I didn’t have them. Of course this all worked like a charm and the HB9 maneuvered over to my side of the table so that she could attempt to monopolize my attentions. After bantering back and forth for about 10 minutes, the HB9 ended one of her sentences in a voice just loud enough so that only I could hear it: “Do you want to fuck me?” Slutty? You bet. But HB9s don’t proposition betas for sex at 6:30 on a Friday night no matter how slutty they are. Go try to have sex with a slutty HB9 without a substantial amount of looks, money or fame–or a small amount of Game–and let me know how that plays out for you.

    Anyway, I played it off like I get propositioned all the time, and was appropriately coy in my responses. We of course did end up fucking that night (and the rest of the weekend before I called her a cab and told her to GTFO on Sunday morning), but not before I made out with and felt up the HB6 in front of the HB9. The weekend was one shit test after another, but I passed them all with flying colors–most with an alpha smirk, but a few of the more egregious ones with cruelty or mild physical violence as circumstances dictated. She of course visibly tingled with each response and fucked me even harder.

    Two notes: (1) She and I shared some solid laughs over the desperate beta-ish texts sent by the wealthy businessman once he realized that she was hooking up with me; and (2) I met the boyfriend of the HB6 later in the weekend and to my great surprise, he was taller, younger and better looking than me, yet a lower beta at best–I mourned briefly for the pussification of the western male and then returned to my own awesome existence.


    Game beats looks.

    Game beats money.

    Game beats power.

    Game even beats fame, up to a certain level–after that, fame essentially is its own Game.

    If you deny the efficacy of Game, you’re simply not doing it right.

  13. Rollo, thank you for taking the additional time and effort to produce a physical volume of the book.

    Electronic versions are fine, but no one can see it when you walk around, or when you sit at a coffee shop with it…

    So that is one reason Im glad you produced a physical book.

    The other one, is so I can give it to men as a gift (birthday, graduation, going away…)

    There have been too many times Ive watched men being lead to the “slaughter house” and said nothing because I was too close to them and didn’t want to be accused of being a “hater”. I see all the warning signs, but because I’m out numbered, I have to stay silent.

    In these cases, a good physical book on the subject is the most constructive way to raise a difficult issue they may be unwilling to address face to face with another person.

    It makes it much less likely they will reject the information when they can control the rate of consumption.

    Good job.

  14. Congratulations Rollo,
    I have to say your concepts cleared everything for me. I like the way you propose and progress ideas and how the concepts are chained to form a complete picture.

    I am sure the book will do well.

  15. Terve, Rollo.

    Greetings from Finland. Grabbed two hardcopies, one for my friends and one for my personal bookshelf. I wish great success to your book (eventhough i havent read it yet!) and hopefully we will see msm covering it..

  16. Ordered this yesterday, never commented here before, always been a lurker… but have always appreciated the clarity. I’m hoping that this’ll be the book that I’ll be able to lend out to a few friends who are interested in what I regurgitate to them but who are also turned off by the idea of PUA or find the manosphere to be too misogynistic for them to really take it seriously.

  17. Production quality is solid, certainly better than I expected. A few minor typos. No index. Type is a bit too small for my taste.

    So far this book has exceeded expectations. I’m old school, so aggregating various internet articles into a single book that I can pick up and hold and read makes the most sense.

    I’m fairly new to Game in a formal sense, too, having ‘swallowed the red pill’ in my own fashion in my mid-20s, so this book is perfect. I wish I had had a basic resource like this at the time, but better late than never I suppose.

    I wish continued success for you and your comrades. Things could get really interesting for you because of this project, in a good way.

  18. Received the book today. Solid work, the finer paper quality, layout and fonts didn’t disappoint, just what I did expect. Heh. Kudos for the use of a smaller font, too often a large font is used to “expand” the pagecount. This one is solid.

    I like how the feminine imperative/mystique etc. societal basics are once more crystallized at the end, to make their effect in modern men’s thinking especially clarified.

    Expect a lot of flak on the definition of Alpha. 🙂

  19. Congrats man! Hey Rollo, do you have an email address I can reach you at? I need to reach you on an important issue. Thanks

  20. Ordered a paperback copy on Amazon a few seconds ago.

    Afer all those great articles it’s the least I could do.

  21. As someone who was recently referred to your website, I sincerely wish you great success with this book. There are way too many great guys out there who are trying to do the right thing who simply don’t get women and we all know some of the reasons why that’s not entirely their fault. The material in this website and this book needs to reach the mainstream to help fix this problem.

  22. Congratulations! and “Thank You” for all of the knowledge you’ve shared.

    The RedPill wisdom provided by yourself and others throughout the manosphere has been nothing short of life changing for me. It is greatly appreciated.

    Just purchased three copies from Amazon…best of luck going forward.

  23. Got your book. A couple of technical notes:

    1) The font is too small on the print book.

    I Compared it to 10 random paperbacks and your book has–by far–the smallest font. It looks like you are using Times New Roman 8 point. The books I compared it to ran from 10-13 points.

    Give us older guys a break. Fonts that small are hard to read when your eyesight isn’t what it was in your youth. Truth is, had I picked this book up in a bookstore I would not have purchased it based on the small font size alone.

    2) The paragraphs run together on your kindle version.

    I’m sure you already knew this, but did you know the kindle AZW format is the same as the mobi format? If you used something like Calibre to convert your manuscript to mobi, it will give an excellent idea of how your manuscript will look when it is uploaded to Amazon and converted to their kindle format. It will save you some time getting the bugs out of your electronic format.

  24. Just received my copy. Maybe it’s my age interfering with my eyesight, but the font is really small. I’m sure there were rational reasons for going with that size (i.e. keeping page count reasonable, etc.) If you download old books which Google is in the process of scanning from the 1800s, believe it or not, the formatting for these treasures is quite perfect for digital versions. Very wide margins and I *think* an 18-24 point font was standard back then. At any rate, thanks for the knowledge, you did a great job at completing this project.

  25. Just received my copy. Maybe it’s my age interfering with my eyesight, but the font is really small. I’m sure there were rational reasons for going with that size (i.e. keeping page count reasonable, etc.) If you download old books which Google is in the process of scanning from the 1800s, believe it or not, the formatting for these treasures is quite perfect for digital versions. Very wide margins and I *think* an 18-24 point font was standard back then. At any rate, thanks for the knowledge, you did a great job at completing this project.

  26. Rollo–your book just arrived. Since you are one of my Red Pill heroes, I’m going to post a link on my blog to the purchase page on Amazon.

    Every man needs a copy of this book, and I thank you for your service.

  27. Great. I salute to every guy willing to share knowledge among young men and I definitely support every MATURE, EXPERIENCED and analytical guy, willing to do this.

    I am in my late thirties and when my generation were young there was simply nothing! There were no manospehre, no pua forums, no internet debates..nothing. We were left to informations provided by our dads and pals and you know that guys do not like to share details from their romantic life. As a reason, our generations were raised up blinded not only by steam from our gonads (as every young man), by the lack of informations about women..but by active disinformations about the nature of “fairer” sex. WE didn´t know a thing back then. As a result I know many men in their thirties or forties, knowing absolutely nothing about women, living their lives in servitude and misery. They will remain blind and enslaved for all their lives, they basicaly die that way.

    I will definitely support this project, so I will buy one copy. Hope that men of next generations will listen and learn…think my friends, think..

  28. A single chapter of this book will positively influence more men than three year’s worth of sermonizing, preaching, and sarcasm from Matt King.

    For that reason alone, I’m buying a copy.

  29. How long before a female critic tries to credit women for trying to get men to step up all along and say now maybe the book will help?

  30. Rollo:

    As a favor to you, in return for the wealth of knowledge you’ve shared with me over the years via my reading your blog, I posted about your book on my blog,,

    Along with a link to both your blog and the Amazon order page for your book.

    My blog enjoyed the front-page of Reddit all day yesterday, so hopefully I am helping you to expand viewership and make more people aware of the awesomeness that is The Rational Male.

    Keep doing what you’re doing man, you’re like the father that most of us wish we’d had.

  31. Rollo , I am from India and I need the book but due to the currency conversion, it is pretty expensive in Rupees. I am a correspondent student who works in day time. Can you suggest something here ? Would love to read the book.

  32. Rollo

    Congratulations on finishing this project Thank you for the dedication that was put into it.As I said if you had gone with the traditional bookstores i would look forward to a signed copy Very well done Combah.

  33. Congrats Rollo. Good luck with positive and negative publicity. Enjoy the ride. Ordered and apparently has shipped.

  34. Just got my hardcopy from Amazon. Two comments. First the quality of the book itself, the design, layout, typography, etc. is better than many books from the big publishing houses, congrats on a great job. Second, as for the content, I’ll be giving copies as gifts to my younger cousins and keeping mine for, one day, perhaps, a son.

  35. Two observations and a question.

    1) The hard-copy and the kindle edition dont seem to be tied together on amazon. Normally when a book is offered in multiple formats those formats will be found as cue buttons under the title, where the box labeled “Paperback” currently is. But for The Rational Male the only button is for the paperback and its already spawned at least one buyer comment/question about the availability of the kindle version (under Savage’s review).

    2) Just added The Rational Male to the Goodread’s book database and recommendation engine. Its one of the most popular websites of it’s type so it might benefit to kick some traffic/reviews over there.

    3) How goes the Kindle version formatting clean up?

    1. @Whiskey, thanks for the info. I’m still working out the Kindle bugs. I will be doing the extended distribution option and I’m also going to go with Smashwords to hit every other distribution channel (Barnes & Noble for instance). I want to get the book into bookstores for real.

      Thanks for the Goodreads idea. I hadn’t thought of that.

  36. I got my copy today. I liked the fact that you mentioned the different sides (heartiste, dalrock etc) of the manosphere in the end. Great job, Rollo.

  37. I’ve been randomly reading several of your posts during the last few months, and I have to say I’m impressed. You put words to many of the things I’ve been observing my whole life, but which the mainstream, to include both men and women, have been busy trying to make me stop questioning and thinking about.

    I’ll be sure to sell friends on your book, and to let them borrow my copy should they happen to be cheap bastards. Congrats!

  38. “I don’t want to give too much away…but big props on describing what real Power is. It was a long strange trip for me to discover that.”

    Would you care to elaborate a bit on that please? Not a direct quote from the book of course, but I feel like this is some kind of cornerstone in game and yet we never talk about it.

  39. I know it’s going to be a waste of money to me (I first stumbled across PUA right around the time you start the book at and while I agree with most of the concepts, they are lost on me) but consider my buying of the ebook as a token of appreciation for running an island of relative sanity in the otherwise rather crazy and vitriolic manosphere…

  40. Appreciated. It’s one of the few resources I could actually send people to read up on (the other one probably being privateman). The rest? Not so sure. Though I will admit I really enjoyed the early roissy, heartiste? not so much…

    I was actually laughing my ass off when some guy I had met a couple of times before wanted to talk me into help him “opening the set” (in that very words), last Saturday. So yes, the whole scene is definitely making strides even on this side of the pond.

  41. Very good stuff Rollo. Loved it. Reading your unique style for about a year. My ONEitis stemmed from a post wall single mommy who then became an invisible friend. Despite having hooked up with 2 others since then I am STILL recovering from this 3 year ride. And despite some brutal betatude in the middle year, this HB 7 still tattoed my likeness on her body in the 3rd year. Forever Alpha Ill be to at least one girl even 30 years from now. The invisible friends topic resonates with me…

    Her memory is my ONLY remaining connection to blue pill thinking. I am at the 1 yard line of unplugging’s endzone. For this I thank you. There is still some bitterness there. Taking the last step has been a work in progress. But it is liberating to know I have no ties but to myself. I dont envy the engaged 22 year old male. But in a decade he’ll envy me.

    To that extent, the other piece that resonates most is the redefinition of power. I’m 25 years old, single, and just recently dropped everything and moved cross country with zero loose ends. I have a bit of cash now but not enough to travel but for 1-2 times a year. But theres a handsome inheritence waiting. Im intrigued to see my reality when my SMV peaks in 10 years.


  42. Rollo, I found this web site and book via a link from Instapundit/Dr Helen. Though I think I’ve seen you post on another mainstream “relationship” forum (Could be wrong about that) this was my first look at the “manosphere”. I’d been aware of the PUA stuff but never took it seriously.

    Reading your book, it confirmed a lot of what I’ve always known but could never analyze and explain the way you did. It also caused me to see things I didn’t realize I’d been doing my whole life. Bad mistakes that I’m now going to work on fixing.

    While I’m in my 50’s, I’ve never fallen into the marriage trap so my finances are very solid and after quitting drinking 10 years ago I’ve gradually gotten myself into great physical shape. I’m 6 feet tall, decent looking and still have most of my hair. You mentioned several times in your book the need to get in touch with your inner asshole. I won’t need to reach too far to find mine.

    While I’ve slept with over 50 women and can count 6 who desparately wanted me to marry them an honest assessment of myself is that of an AFC with too many Beta tendencies learned over a lifetime of feminine societal influence.

    I’ve just started poking around on Sosauve and while it seems to be a great resource I almost choked when I saw the “Mature Man” forum described as Men over 25. The shit I DIDN’T know at 26 years old could fill the library of congress.

    Reading your book I was also wondering about how and if the philosophy changes on how to deal with women in their mid 40’s and older. My target audience. Any thought or references on how hypergamy morphs/changes as women reach that stage of life? Is it all about financial security then or are they still looking for an alpha that other women want to fuck?

    Is there a forum/subset of the manosphere for guys my age that you know of?

    One other point that struck me as I read your book and sosuave. For decades I’ve heard women rant and rave about how superficial men are and how unfair it is to base womens value on looks. Yet it seems the first item on the checklist of advice for AFC’s trying to improve their life is to get to the gym and get in shape. The same advice we’d give women that they claim is so unfair.

    Anyway, good work on the book. I have a few nephews that I’m going to get copies for.

  43. Rollo, it’s a very good book and i am glad i bought it. I will post a review on amazon soon. However, i must admit that i am somewhat disappointment that you neglected to develop your Feminine Imperative thesis beyond what has been posted on the blog. I understand that you are time pressed. Having said that, I believe a historical analysis would really add depth and breadth to the concept.

    If i ever return to academia i might have to get in touch you with Rollo 😉

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