(Don’t) Be Like Mike

If you haven’t seen the movie Swingers I highly recommend it. It was one of the first real attempts to reveal the rudiments of Game in the mid 90’s, and considering this decade was the apex period for the feminine Matrix it’s all the more notable.

Not only did Swingers capture the character of the Alpha and Beta mindset, it also contrasted the two by casting both its main protagonists as such. Looking back from 16 years ago this is remarkable considering the almost complete absence of anything resembling the manosphere or a greater understanding of intergender relations, much less the awareness of the society feminization had created.

In the embedded clip we watch Mike epically fail to consolidate on a number close. It’s funny because we see our blue pill selves making the same mistake. It’s uncomfortable humor watching this from a red pill perspective; like watching Titanic, you know the ship is going to sink, you even know how the ship goes down, but you can’t help watching anyway.

I get this feeling a lot when I’m doing a consult, or I’m audience to some guy making the same mistakes my unenlightened blue pill self made. You couldn’t tell me shit back then; it was all blind emotion and bewilderment with the expectation that women would be more understanding, more forgiving of even a marginal error in judgement. It’s with great difficulty that I force myself to allow guys like Mike to make their own mistakes.

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  1. LOL.

    I’m so vain i thought this post was about me.

    Sadly, this could be an accurate reflection of me 7 years ago. It’s hysterical to watch now, kinda like someone who is fit and in great shape looking at pictures of themselves in the past when they created gravity wells of their own.


  2. Brilliant movie. Equally painful were the pickup/seduction scenes in Vegas. “Well, we all have stories.”

  3. Don’t remember how old I was when I first saw that scene. I’m sure I had no game at the time, yet it was painful to watch even then.
    I remember wanting to yell at the screen.
    ” Dude ! You’re totally spazzing! You’re going to scare her away! ”

    What is probably the more important scene is the one where he got the honeys digits in the first place. It’s amazing she didn’t give him a fake #.

  4. “It says “Breakfast Any Time”, right?”

    “That’s right.”

    ‘I’ll have pancakes in the Age of Enlightenment”

  5. I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t me in the past.

    It’s as cringe worthy to watch that as to remember it.

    Remember though some of the best ladies men…used to be betas until they wised up and took the red pill.

  6. My favourite movie in this genre is the original nutty professor with Jerry Lewis, I just saw it again recently and Buddy Love was balls to the wall Alpha, preempted game by 5 decades.

  7. God such a good movie. Required watching for every man learning game. I think it’s important not just to avoid Mikey’s errors but to look at Trent’s alpha vibe. Dude is always positive, talks his buddies up, assumes attraction, scolds his crew when he needs to, isn’t afraid to cause a scene or be the center of attention, etc.

  8. I wanted to beat the snot out of my decade-ago self AND Mike watching this scene for the first time. I’ve long used the attitude VV had of “if she’s smiling, it’s money” too. I did this the other night with a buddy, busting the chops of a girl working at a pizza joint. We left and he’s all “you were a real asshole back there” but as I told him, the girls were smiling the whole time.

    I’m fairly sure I made their night. Oh well, you can’t teach everyone.

  9. Translate this scene to today.

    Your gaming some new plate and you mess up by slipping some blue pill needy sounding text message/response, and you realize immediately that you just fucked up but it’s too late and the message is sent…. Boom You just smashed the plate and can pretty much just delete her number from your phone cause you know that shit is done.

    The only way you can salvage that is if you’ve already slept with her. And even, maybe.

    It’s brutal today and women are rejecting bros on the smallest little fucking trace of neediness or show too much interest. It’s like everything is anti- game now and you literally need to logistically only be in contact with a plate to set up chilling. It’s almost like you sense from them a how dare you contact me and interrupt my busy life blah blah blah… I’m just like shut the fuck up bitch i’m just saying whats up and see when we’re chilling. It’s so stupid and yet funny because that’s what everyone says about playing games and being tired of that stupid shit.

  10. Rollo,

    I’m trying to develop an up-to-date, boiled-down reading list on:

    1. Game. What it is, how to do it, etc.
    2. Topics on why it’s necessary; that is, much of what you write about in your blog.

    It’s 2012 and the amount of good material on these topics is now too large for any normally busy person to seek out, read, and digest in toto. I would like to make a reading list that simply says “Read all of Mystery’s work, the entire archives of Heartiste-Roissy, Rollo Tomassi, etc.” but there is simply too much. And let us not forget that there are millions of men out there who move their lips as they read. It is unfair to ask them to read the many thousands of pages that now constitute the ‘library of Game.’

    Therefore, I hope you will not find it an overly inconvenient task to give a list of ‘Tomassi’s indispensible inscriptions’? Perhaps some of the long-term regular readers here could make some suggestions also?

  11. Lovely 3MM thanks… Anyone else? I would really like to hear from Tomassi. I have to save a few good young men! Give me your most crucial 20 posts! *gasp*

  12. Oh by the way, and this will be my last post for at least a day or two as I don’t want to become a nuisance, have a look at the following website. The guy who runs it sounds pretty ‘Manly’ to me and there’s a lot of funny stuff:


    I realize this will not be everybody’s cup of tea, so just take a wee glance and don’t feel obligated to spend any time on for my sake

  13. OlioOx, I have found it very helpful to read through the original ASF archives, of Mystery, Neil Straus, Tyler Durden, Brad P, David Shade, Jlaix, Juggler, etc. I guess that stuff is dated by today’s standards, but gives a great insight into the thought process and field experience that went into the development of it it all. It’s a massive amount of material, but if you have time it is good to browse though it.

  14. Hear, hear, for the original Nutty Professor. Buddy Love personified cocky, funny Alpha badassery to perfection.

    Watching shows and movies has never been the same since taking the red pill. For another movie with a good contrast between Alphas and Betas, see Reality Bites, which is also of roughly the same era as Swingers, and a classic.

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