50 Shades of Emma

Sorry, but this was too good not to post today.

Back in February Aunt Giggles felt compeled to call me to the carpet for allegedly attacking poor little Emma Watson over this FaceBook, fem-popularized, meme.

In all honesty my intent with that post was to draw attention to a larger social convention, and Watson’s public declarations of ‘bringing sexy back’ that made androgynous, pixie-cut asexual women feel good about themselves was really just a convenient illustration. I mean, we all know what a horrible Man I am for revealing that it is in fact men who define what’s sexy about women, and questioning Emma’s sexiness and her commitment to “The Less you reveal the more people can wonder.”

Well, as curious as I am to report this, it appears that Emma has had a change of heart about her commitment to ‘revealing less’. You see Emma is actually more than comfortable with full frontal nudity now, so long as it’s in portraying Anastasia in the upcoming movie adaptation of 50 Shades of Grey.

“I’ve been saying since I was 16 that if it’s the right role and important for character development and the story, then of course I’ll do it,” the 22-year-old actress told Hello!

Ah! Such dedication to her craft, and she decided at 16 that she’d do it under the right circumstances. Run hamster, run! The celeb nude aficionados on 4 Chan are ready to welcome your craft with open arms. To think we’d live to see the day that it might no longer be necessary to clone Emmas face over the girls in bondage porn.

“It’s very exciting that people are starting to see me in a different way. It means that they’re allowing me the space to grow and develop and reincarnate myself.”

I wonder if that reincarnation will include growing out her hair to look sexier for the role? We can only hope. Then again, Emma’s not the only one with “dedication to her craft”, there are a lot of other starlets who’ve got more ‘sexy experience’ and are far readier to claw her eyes out to be sexually dominated:

Emma could also have some stiff competition when it comes to winning the honor of playing Anastasia Steele since many of the other fan favorites for the part have shown that they’re comfortable filming nude scenes. Kristen Stewart went topless in On the Road, and Emilia Clarke’s dragon queen character gets naked in almost every episode of Game of Thrones.

Emma Watson’s competition for the 50 Shades of Grey movie could also include Emmy Rossum, who has stripped down in Shameless. But perhaps Emily Browning should be the biggest favorite for the role of Anastasia Steele. The alluring actress was Stephenie Meyer’s top pick to play Bella in Twilight, but Emily never auditioned for the part. Instead the star of the family film Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events went on to shock her fans by starring in the 2011 movieSleeping Beauty, which is nothing like the Disney fairytale. The film actually feels a lot like 50 Shades since it’s about a bizarre sexual fetish, but instead of being tied up before having sex, Emily’s character is drugged so that she passes out. Needless to say, she was required to shoot a lot of nude scenes for her risqué role

,…and the God of Biomechanics laughed atop his throne of genitalia,…

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47 comments on “50 Shades of Emma

  1. I actually believe the comment she made at sixteen. Most of the actresses I know feel the same way. Women are willing to be sexualized as long as it’s on their terms and they have a certain amount a safety doing it. Being admired as part of an art and craft does that. Having some pervy photographer try to slide his lens up her skirt as she comes out of a club doesn’t. So, the real quote should be that Emma doesn’t want to be a sex object in certain situations to certain people and does to others – which again, while she may not have control over, is a reasonable request. I think most readers here would not mind getting nude for an audience of bachelorettes, but one gay man in the audience reaching his hand out and the party is over. Context is king.

  2. The ability for girls to have two mutually-exclusive viewpoints at the same time is always astounding.

    here is a question, there has been talk that porn and the ‘coming sexbot revolution’ will reinvert girls, that they will lose all their value because guys are getting their kicks without them…but my question is as follows, isnt THIS what we are seeing already with the vast expanse of porn out there, yet the girls as we all know are INSANE with their false high valuations of themselves.

  3. Reminds me of a David X seminar I watched recently. He mentioned that there was some event where all the former Bond girls got together and discussed their roles, and despite most of them being feminists, they all enjoyed the experience of being portrayed as a womanizer’s sexual conquest.

  4. She said that her ‘idea of sexy is less is more’.

    She also said the idea of being sexy is ’embarrassing and confusing’.

    Ergo, full-frontal nudity is not sexy or embarrassing and makes sense to EW’s hamster.

    Well played, Emma.

  5. Well played indeed. Tease the fan boys out with denials she’ll ever do nudity, play to their “good woman” ideals, go back and forth on the roll in separate interviews, ramp up the attention/tension/anticipation. Cash in for largest pile of cash and attention prizes at the height of her sexual attractiveness.

  6. Everything that Watson says about “sexy” is spot on, and it was (briefly) encouraging to hear it in a sixteen-year-old. So she backslid. The temptations and pressures placed on starlets to backslide are practically irresistible. So what?

    The celebrities will not lead the culture to a sustainable place. Their raison d’être is to promote vice, not virtue. Humble efforts, like those of Rollo’s daughter, will provide the needful leadership, one individual at a time.


  7. Dammit! I went off half-cocked. I knew I should’ve mined Giggle’s response post before I posted this up. There’s so much gold in her ‘analysis’ in light of this.

    She is expressing that she doesn’t want to have to “be sexy” for the public.

    Well fucken ‘eh? One might think portraying this century’s version of Lady Chatterly in a BDSM context might qualify as ‘being sexy for the public’.

    She’s being true to herself, refusing to market fakery. Since her goal is not to be a sex symbol, but a serious actress, she refrains from displaying her most sexual self to the public. She’s a modest young woman.

    Oh man, it’s blog quote overload.


  8. The ability for girls to have two mutually-exclusive viewpoints at the same time is always astounding.

    The astounding part is being totally oblivious to the contradiction.

  9. I would read this post from The Red Pill Room about The Female Social Matrix.


    Its long. Very long. But one of the most excellent pieces of writing in the manosphere.

    Women have to deal with the Female Social Matrix in a way that is a priority over any dealings with men. Ian Ironwood writes that sluts or slutty behavior is shamed among women because either one debases the whole Female Imperative. He says women determine their position relative to other women in both a local and global matrix. The are not only aware of their position in the local matrix but also within the global matrix. Their determination of the rankings is a function of many things and also a function of who is present within their current local matrix. If ranking is unestablished due unfamiliarity, then women begin to assess rank by talking about shoes, of all things. Beauty is a factor but not the key factor. Fame, job, husband, house, education, kids, lifestyle are all part of determining ranking and the priority of each item is a function of who is present in the matrix at the moment. Kids are key when older women are present, but much much less so when younger women are present. That explains why they are so interested in things like which celebrity is pregnant, getting married, whose husband cheated, who is getting a divorce. Any one of those things changes the rankings and are as interesting to women as the College AP Poll to men after a weekend of upsets.

    So I would say that women know what is sexy to men but it is more important to them to maintain cred within the matrix. And cutting off your hair and making a public statement like her renunciation of adopting an appearance and clothing specifically to be attractive to men that gets viral among other women bumps up that cred within the Global Female Social Matrix. I wouldn’t be surprised if the action and the statement was not contrived to do exactly that.

    We can all giggle about the subject manner of 50 Shades of Grey and at how we find it ironic that after all, women have a fantasy about being dominated. But remember that women have rationalized these books and see nothing wrong with having these fantasies yet still being Strong and Independent Women. The operative phrases are “in the bedroom” or “in a fastasy” and are rationalized such that “Women are so strong and dominant in today’s world, taking charge of everything, and being so so much stronger than men, that it isn’t surprising that they would have these fantasies about a strong man. But all of us know that such a man doesn’t exist.”. So the role of playing Anastasia Steele is going to be an important role because of both the built in audience and the sheer curiosity of how the story will be told. Any woman who snags this is going to up her status in the Global Female Social Matrix. So Emma will be able to employ a grander version of the Hamsterbation surrounding this book and she can play this role, be nude, and still be a Strong and Independent Woman. The Global Female Social Matrix will eat it right up and carry her around on their shoulders. Emma will get a big Fame bump in the matrix.

    Rollo even helped her out, both by the original post and now this one. It is probably far better cred among women to get “attacked” by that mean old woman hater Rollo Tomassi, then for a Red Pill guy to end up in Jezebel. That mangina Hugo Whats-his-face that wrote the Times article about Weak Men made damn sure to get some cred by tweeting deliciously that Rollo mentioned him. He made his bones as a Mangina after Rollo slapped him around.

  10. Emma Watson may be a closet lesbian, who is (poorly) playing up her assumed heterosexuality for the benefit of her career.

    If this is true, she won’t be able to keep up the charade forever.

    Or, she may be bisexual, and if that’s the case, I’d not have any qualms about “having her over for dinner” with myself and my main squeeze.

  11. Reminds me of Teri Weigel who had a quote in her Playboy centerfold article in 1986 where she said something along the lines of “porn is sick and disgusting”. And then 4 years later she was getting shtoinked on film, because when your best asset is your tits, that’s where the money is, and you can’t eat your principles.

    And “the less you reveal the more people wonder” is a nod to Mae West’s “sexy isn’t what you have, it’s what people think you have”. And also is a good justification for wearing a burqa.

  12. She’s not that pretty to begin with. I only found her attractive once IIRC through the entire HP series. And her dyke-do since then does nothing for her.

    But I actually agree with her idea of “less is more” in celebrity world. How do you compete with the red carpet barely there dresses and/or Britney Spears-esque no panties upskirt shots? You can’t without being a total attention whore.

    Being feminine and pretty but modest would actually make a woman stand out these days, IMO.

  13. Rationalization Hamster indeed.

    While Emma’s Hamster is not of the same order of magnitude as other actresses and women, we shouldn’t forget Chloe Sevigny’s Godzilla sized hamster in justifying here unsimulated on-camera blow job on Vincent Gallo in ‘Brown Bunny’;

    “It’s a shame people write so many things when they haven’t seen it. When you see the film, it makes more sense. It’s an art film. It should be playing in museums. It’s like an Andy Warhol movie.”

    I don’t see Emma taking that road that far, it is instructive as to the degree women can rationalize anything. That and actresses are just plain nuts.

    The old maxim was ‘Never marry an actress, they never stop acting’. Now, that appears to apply to the majority of women.

  14. She was just a bit more analytic than most women and realizes that deep down her only value in the world is between her legs and contributes nothing else to society as a person. Once her looks are gone, her value is gone. She probably realized that it’s just a cold hard fact and needs to cash in before the earning potential has passed, forever.

  15. Miley Cyrus has been working out lately.

    Her tatts are a turnoff. But at least she has hair.

  16. Its astounding to see the difference in what attention does to a person between someone like Angie Varona and Emma.

    Its clear that when the hamster is desperate for more social capital, then posing seductively is a logical path to pursue.

    On the other hand, when the hamster has drowned in attention since childhood, posing seductively makes no sense. In the fem imperative, mission accomplished long ago.

    Whats to keep Emma from feeling warm and fuzzy in her own bathroom with an iphone?

  17. I’m still anticipating the predictable rationalizations from the femosphere about how she’s an empowered woman, bravely taking on such a challenging role to empower future generations of women.

    Emma is little more than a protracted masturbatory dream for the teenage guys who grew up with her since she was a tween, but the femosphere wants to cast her as some artistic savant with admirable feminine sensibilities. I can’t begin to recall how many women on FaceBook were circulating that photo-meme less than a year ago. I have no doubt the spin will be about how only a woman of her noble character will do the role justice.

    Only in feminized America can a series of horribly written books, by a fan-fiction author, about sexual practices women say they abhor become an overwhelming best seller, be made into a major motion picture, and the lead role played by a woman who’s “uncomfortable with being sexy.”

    This is the societal meta-hamster of the feminine imperative.

  18. Last week I think it was, I saw a panel discussion of six feminists, one of whom was Erica Jong because she was promoting a book. Having been Red Pill aware for a year-and-a-half now, I watched and listened to what seemed like an alien language that I could not understand. The interviewer was also walking on eggshells the whole time so as not offend.

    When he asked if a woman can both be a feminist and be accepting of pornography, he was taken to task by Jong for the ‘typical male ignorance’ of his question. To give him his credit, the interviewer then said that he asked the question because when he was a young man pornogorpahy was seen as degrading to women and was not supported by many feminists.

    He was told that this is indeed not the case today, and that it was second wave feminists back in the day who short-sightedly tended to hold that view. Indeed every woman on the panel was in support of porn and feminism going together like tea and cookies.

    Neither I nor the interviewer received the memo regarding this. (Yet, I do remember in the mid to late 80s the shaming around porn and the date rape hysteria. I remember talks and brochures at University stressing that at any point during a make out session you must stop immediately if she says no or if there is resistance of any kind. And, if not you are a rapist!)

    Emma Watson’s flip-flop is, I guess, just the feminist flavour du jour.

    Porn, fat-acceptance, non-fat-acceptance (ie, working to get a hard-body), being chaste, being a slooot, it’s all “You Go Grrrrrrrrrrl!®” until we are otherwise notified, or not.

  19. This reminds me of a post I read a few years ago regarding Beyonce Knowles. She sang about being a ‘survivor’ and an ‘independent woman’ and then married a guy who has songs where he says things like “You know I, thug ’em, fuck ’em, love ’em, leave ’em / Cause I don’t fuckin’ need ‘ em”.

  20. Whoever said that women arent funny doesnt have a sense of humor. This whole “I define sexy for myself, then say that less is more, then say that im possibly playing in a female porn movie.” is funnier than the presidential debate.

  21. The title gave me a small heart attack. Now that I know it’s not about me, I will read it.

    [Other Emmas do exist in the world. Solipsistic much? Heheh,..]

  22. Would it really be hypocritical to star in a porn movie and have a classy style otherwise?
    But then, if she reveals everything, people would have nothing to wonder about :C

  23. **Ahem**

    “She is an attractive, brainy, talented woman who wants to keep it classy. Unlike so many young actresses who are all too willing to be plucked, bleached, lasered, cut and carved, vacuumed, implanted and airbrushed, Watson says, “That’s not me. I feel uncomfortable.” She’s being true to herself, refusing to market fakery. Since her goal is not to be a sex symbol, but a serious actress, she refrains from displaying her most sexual self to the public. She’s a modest young woman.”

    Susan Walsh, call your office.

  24. Shit, Rollo, didn’t realize you’d already referenced this up in the comments.

    Anyways, great find.

    [No worries, I can hardly imagine Giggles isn’t aware of it from all the traffic I’m flowing her]

  25. All women are exhibitionists at heart. It’s just a question of providing the proper excuse for a woman to get nude. The hotter the women, the more she wants to show off. This is why, if you can give a woman the proper setting to strip – you’ll reap the rewards since it gets their motor running and they need to work out that excess sexual energy.

    This is especially true of young women if you are an older man. They are used to being told “don’t do that” by their elders, but to reverse it and tell her to “don’t be ashamed of showing what you’ve got” will benefit you in many ways. But you have to set the stage properly. It, of course, only works after she’s stripped and more for you. Otherwise you just seem like a creepy old man, rather than her mentor opening her up to new experiences…

  26. “[No worries, I can hardly imagine Giggles isn’t aware of it from all the traffic I’m flowing her]”

    Haha too funny. Rollo you meanie how dare you

  27. Nah 🙂 You already made tons of posts revolving around GeishaKate as an example of something (and a few other female commenters), so my surprise was backed up by facts 🙂 . Lol, I knew somebody would pounce on this.

  28. I don’t know about you guys, but I’ll let Emma know if she looks sexy. It’s ultimately my decision as a male as I will be the one banging her. What ever she’s chirping off about in terms of sexiness is irrelevant…I won’t be listening, only looking…deciding.

    Lose the buzz cut…instant boner killer…ie. Not Sexy!

  29. I really hope Emma Watson doesn’t do a full nude scene in that awful film. Then I’d have to go see it.

  30. Another woman trying to present a sexually respectable image while her actions reveal otherwise, nothing new here.

  31. You know, I could almost buy the “maturation of an actress” bullshit if she was displaying her tits in some intellectual, artistic foreign movie for the Cannes Film Festival.

    50 Shades is famous for being ‘porn for women’. Even if Emma gets turned down for the role (which I doubt) she still expressed an enthusiastic interest in playing Anastasia. Once again confirming her ‘conviction’ as “inane post-pubescent aphorisms”.

    Barring cold feet on her part, I’m almost certain Emma will get the role in favor of the other suggested actresses because, what movie producer wouldn’t want to pair up the movie adaptation of the most notorious fem-porn novel of this generation with Emma-“I’m uncomfortable with being sexy”-Watson’s first nude scene?

    It’s a match made for Hollywood.

    I can hardly wait for the meta-hamster to spin how empowering the role is for her and how far we’ve come that a woman like Emma can embrace sexuality on film.

  32. “You know, I could almost buy the “maturation of an actress” bullshit if she was displaying her tits in some intellectual, artistic foreign movie for the Cannes Film Festival.”

    Well, I’m not buying that because there’s all too much rationalization of shitty behavior and lack of skill in the name of “art”. I’m not just referencing film but visual art and music as well. If anything the trend is for actresses to reveal themselves in increasingly graphic fashion. Often exposing themselves in films and in some cases getting fucked on camera in graphic detail just as much as porn stars. The only differences are that one film has higher quality production values and a script, while the other has bukkake scenes.

    So what is the difference between what some porn actress sucking a cock and the blow job ‘Big Love’s’ Chloe Sevigny gives to Vincent Gallo?

    Production values, a script, and Sevigny’s rationalization(as noted before) of noted blow job and Gallo cumming in her mouth. Other actresses including Margo Stilley in ‘9 Songs’ to Sook Yin Lee in ‘Shortbus’ have employed similar rationalizations for having unsimulated sex in art-house films.

    There’s a reason why historically actors and actresses from the Roman Empire to Japanese Kabuki theatre have associations with prostitution and a poor overall reputation.

    I’ll admit that reading Rollo’s missives are great fun in that they always point to a larger dynamic in Western Society-its decline in the most narcissistic immolation imaginable. Rollo writing about Emma’s(and most women’s) built in rationalization hamster reminded me of an article about feces aka ‘shit’ artists Paul McCarthy and Andres Serrano by SUNY professor Donald Kuspit. Just read it and try to find the common links;

    “McCarthy and Serrano are endgame avant-gardists, and the endgame can never be played with the same conviction with which it was played when the game was being invented. Avant-garde art is no longer an impromptu game with unusual rules invented as it was spontaneously played, but a familiar, institutionally controlled con game with predictable rules of confrontation and insult. They no longer have any effect, except on those who don’t understand the game, and almost everybody does, since it has become popularized and thus socially tolerable. Thus the shit of McCarthy and Serrano is the dead-end product of the avant-garde line. Hanna Segal writes that in “a narcissistic position. . . the artistic product is put forward as self-created faeces, with a constant terror that one’s product will be revealed as shit.”(12) But McCarthy and Serrano are comfortable with their narcissism — they have nothing else going for them — which is why they are comfortable with their fashionable shit. They’re not in terror of it, nor is the viewer, for everyone knows it’s just avant-garde show business as usual. Everyone knows that show business is unadulterated narcissism, and with that emotionally regressive, not to say a sign of arrested development — artistic as well as personal development, and of course of the society that produces it.”

    Links to Kuspit’s article with photo’s of Serrano’s ‘Shit art’: http://www.artnet.com/magazineus/features/kuspit/kuspit9-11-08.asp

    Images of Paul McCarthy’s inflatable house-sized dog shit(that blew away in the wind and crashed into a home for orphans in Switzerland…Seriously):

  33. Dear Rollo

    I recently moved in with my aunt who is letting me stay with her for free until I get shipped off to boot camp in a month.

    I got kicked out of my fathers house who I stayed with for 7 years because he was hellbent on making me go active duty air force (He was airforce active duty) when I myself wanted to go reserves so I can get my college degree. You only live once.

    My problem is that I have not been living with women like this for a while (My aunt and her 31 year old daughter with a 2 year old) and I don’t know if with this new knowledge of game and alpha if it would be appropriate to wash dish’s and clean up after my cousins baby because the baby makes a mess in the living room where I sleep on the couch.

    I carry grocery’s because they think since I’m a guy I should but when it comes to washing dish’s and cleaning they should do that write? Something just dose not seem write.

    Should I just suck it up and wash dish’s or could I game them to do them themselves?

    I really didn’t believe in gender roles but when I moved in this house they were almost forced on me..

    Also I want to display alpha the best I can but since I have not lived with women since I was 11(curently 20) when my mother died, I’m not used to how I would act in accordance to them, now more so since I have knowledge over game and alpha, It feels like if I become the aloof uncaring asshole I could be kicked out but at the same time I don’t want to supplicate, don’t get me wrong I will help if they need help I learned how to wash dishes and clean after myself when I lived with me dad and to do things for my self but I learned that being nice people tend to take advantage of my niceness and EXPECT it everytime… FUCK THAT, can you maybe shoot some articles my way( Database is huge ) or could you send me some personal advice. Help appreciated.

    I figured that since your married and alpha that you could be best at giving me this advice.

  34. re: Emma W. Am I unusual in being totally, utterly, uninterested in celebrity skin? I’d far rather watch Rocco Siffreddi turn out yet another 6/7 Russian teen than sit through an art house thing for the sake of some HB9 actress’ nips. It’s not the 50s anymore, and once you recognise NAWALT is a lie, it’s only prior life circumstances that means the one and not the other is on the porn set.

    Rollo should stop teasing Walsh. I think he’s made his point that she cannot be defeated by mere logic, and requires charming.

    @neocorochi Is your aunt charging you for staying there? If not, then you’re paying with housework. Remember, in any negotiation, the one with the least to lose has the power, and by staying on their couch you’ve handed it to them. Treat it as a dry run for the life of the average dad.

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