In the starting of this blog I’ve recently been contemplating the last 6 or so years I’ve spent on SoSuave. Every time I consider the things I’ve written for the ‘community’ I always need to put them into the perspective of where I’ve come from and what I’ve learned in that time. I just reviewed a ‘single-mommy’ story in an other forum thread, one that I learned from almost 20 years ago. I also go into how things were before the advent of the internet occasionally.

I think it’s really hard for a generation of young Men to fully appreciate the progress that guys in their mid-30s, mid-40s and even 50s have made in their respective times. It’s hard for mid 20s and teenage guys to relate to a time before the level of communication we take for granted today. There was no term for an AFC, beta or “herb” in 1995. I didn’t own a cell phone until 2002 and never texted anyone regularly until 2005. When guys in their 30s and 40s now were learning the lessons I relate here, there were no forums, no PUAs (formally anyway), and the phenomenon we call feminization and the ‘Matrix’ was at the peak of it’s influence by virtue alone of no one questioning, let alone being aware of, its influence. We lacked the male-to-male social communication, certainly the global communication, to really bring common experiences together and form ideas from those observations. We were in the dark. Remember, no Tom Leykis, no internet, and the “how to pick up girls” books were what losers ordered by mail from an ad they saw in the back of a Hustler magazine. In fact porn was only accessible by renting it from the back room of a VHS rental store, by magazine or pirating the Spice channel from cable. Good times.

Now lets flash forward to 2011. I can’t go a day without having viagra or porn solicited to me in my email. Porn is now part of the utilities; it’s like hot and cold running water now, but moreover, so is the collected experience of literally a world of men considering the same nagging questions. Thanks to globalized, instant communications, a new generation of Men can collectively consider experiences and observations that were previously left unsaid. Where before there was a stigma of “not being man enough” just in asking questions and seeking relevant advice about women, now it’s been replaced by the ‘community’.

The internet is to Men what the sexual revolution was for women.

The genie is now out of the bottle, and for better or worse the information is liberating. This is the Meta-Game. Lets consider it for a moment: Just last week I added my voice to a chorus of other men from around the world to help out a young man struggling with his AFC problems. I joined guys from Britain, Australia, Spain, Canada, New York, Los Angeles, and anywhere in between. A global collective of Men advised this kid. That’s pretty powerful stuff. This is one world of men advising a young man about his situation with a girl acculturated in a world influenced by women for five decades.

This is the Meta-Masculine pushing back against the Meta-Feminized. We’re now aware that this Feminine Matrix is everywhere, and I think we all can appreciate how encompassing and pervasive it is. I know the LoveShack.orgs of the world are largely the antithesis of the Meta-Masculine. I didn’t say the mountain looked easy to climb. However, just the collectivity of the global community gives me hope. Every time we unplug a guy from the Matrix it’s a group effort. We are the collective fathers these sons never had.

Yes, there’s differences of opinion. The community advocates, Game gurus, and theorists of the world are going to lock horns over priorities, but the bigger pictures is making Men aware. The global collective waking them up is the first and best benefit. It is dirty, filthy, work unplugging Men from the Matrix, but that’s the start.

If I’m optimistic about anything it’s in the hope that the next generation of men will at least have the opportunity to be made aware of the “code” in the Matrix – that simply didn’t exist when I was struggling to unplug myself. By that I mean that a younger generation of men will develop at least a capacity, or at least a sensitivity to acknowledge that certain feminine social conventions exist, and were the gender roles reversed they’d be accused of sexism. I’ve always felt that making these comparisons is the first real step in understanding what the Matrix is. I am far more attentive to the veiled, socially excusable, feminine sexism that we casually pass off in common culture today because I realize the latent function those conventions serve. Like G.I. Joe says, knowing is half the battle.

The main obstacle for the positive-masculine Meta Game is that a majority of the same men it would serve are the unwitting (or at least willfully ignorant) pawns of the feminized Meta Game. I think its wrong to think of these men – the betas, the AFCs, the naive Alphas – as “recruits” for the feminine imperative. I come to that because it takes an entire feminized society to condition a young man over the course of a lifetime to psychologically ego-invest himself in the feminine Meta Game as a means to achieving his best interests. They need to be raised and trained before the ego-investment becomes self-propagating, at which point only extremely traumatic experiences will open his eyes to that conditioning.

I used the example of a typical rAFC or ‘seeking’ young man asking for advice from the collective at SoSuave. Almost universally the problems they want to solve are themes so tired and so thoroughly covered by the collective of men in the community that we’ll defer them to well-worn advice or rephrase old posts on the same topic. I do this myself, but think about the profundity of that for a moment. Here we have a questioning guy dealing with a problem I dealt with, sometimes, over 20 years ago, and men my senior dealt with 30 or even 40 years ago. The memes haven’t changed much in the past 60 years. I think a common missive is to think that the only reason guys seek out the community is to “get laid more” or “find the secret to getting their dream girl”. While that’s a definite motivator, so many more want solutions to relational problems that have existed in their current form for over half a century now. How do I get her back? Why did I just get LJBFed? Why does she fuck the Jerk, but tell me I’m a such a great guy? Do looks matter? How do I get my LTR to bang me now that we moved in together? There are countless others. Our Meta Game does a great disservice to ‘seekers’ when we dismiss them as just wanting to get their lay numbers up. Of course that’s only the recognizable motivator, but what they’re really searching for, what they’re unaware they’re searching for, is a real, positive, confidence in a masculinity that can rise above the chatter of the invectives of feminized Meta Game.

When I see 5 pages of advice explaining to that noob the reasons he’s in the situation he finds himself in, and instructing him how best to deal with it based on collective experiences while opening his perspective up to consider the greater landscape he’s in, that is the masculine Meta Game pushing back. Think of that; a poor, isolated kid, frustrated by how to approach, how to deal with a LJBF, how to man-up, etc. pits the influence of a world-wide collective of men’s experience against the behaviors and mindset of an individual girl who’s been socialized and acculturated by the feminized imperative. That is the Meta Game.

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  1. Rollo.

    This post about the guy asking for help, with responses coming from the whole world. Can you give a link please ?

    The other thing is your moniker. It comes from a James Elroy novel. LA Confidential methinks. Am I right ?

  2. “We are the collective fathers these sons never had.”

    I applaud and thank you for your effort.

    I never thought of myself as any less of a man but a recent “extremely traumatic” experience in my relationship with my wife helped open my eyes and caused me to evaluate the feminized social conventions that I had bought into. I started carefully examining my relationship and my wife’s behavior. At the same time I started reading Game theory and evolutionary psychology. I’ve been working diligently on improving myself and unraveling my participation in the Matrix.

    This has been a major life shift for me. While I still feel some anger for having bought into the Matrix, my life has improved dramatically and my relationship with my wife is much more comfortable and she is visibly happier.

    That’s the interesting thing… women don’t really seem to want this world that they’ve created. Once I “unplugged” I started to see the women around me being more comfortable, more positive and more responsive to me.

    For me this becomes an extremely important lesson to teach my two sons. I was brought up with most of my socializing coming from my mother. I realize that my mother’s teachings represent a continued challenge for me to overcome. I know now that my sons need my help and guidance in navigating the current social landscape. My sons need to understand the power, dynamism and creativity that comes from masculine energy. Men are not just “the starters of wars” and “potential rapists” like has been said so many times.

    Men are creators and protectors. Masculine energy is absolutely necessary for our species to survive.

  3. Hugely insightful! I’m a new reader and unpluggie, and this information has helped me to see the exact conditions and path my marriage took to its demise. And how my misguided efforts to be a conscious and supportive partner (driven by the hogwash we’ve been fed our whole lives) undermined my position and power in the relationship, and the rest of my life. These posts (& comments) have reinforced the realizations I was having as a result of my new found mental (and emotional) freedom post-marriage. Thanks to Hero for turning me on to to this invaluable resource, and for your continued support buddy! Also, to all the contributors on these various forums and blogs for your outstanding efforts, thank you so very much!

  4. Rollo:

    Great post, and I’ve thought exactly the same thing.

    Guys in high school have access to this. I’m in my late thirties now, and I didn’t find the so-called “manosphere” until I was about thirty. Guys can start reading this stuff as soon as they hit puberty now and unplug early.

    A guy named Ross Jeffries started writing PUA stuff early. (This was years before ‘The Game’ was published.) His stuff was crap. It’s clear that he really got game, but he was a lousy writer. The stuff available now for free (e.g., Roissy, Roosh) is far better and digestable by normal guys. Young guys don’t know how good they have it.

  5. Good post, Rollo.
    One of the best thing about learning game other than better sex is that i am able to pass on this wisdom to my soon to be born son and the young men around the world.

  6. Good post Rollo, I linked from elsewhere today. Haven’t been at sosuave in quite a long time. Whatever happened to PuertoRican_Lover over there? He was a fantastic dispenser of red pills, way before his time, but I recall they couldn’t handle his forthrightness. Know where he went, because he was invaluable.

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  8. I have read many many many of your’s and Sir Pook’s. I have been inspired by most of them, and see them as the beginning of a great change in me. About 4-6 months ago the wife said she wanted a divorce, and it totally shocked me. I felt like there was always something inherently wrong with being an AFC, but I figured the herd moved that direction because society was changing. I’m not entirely sure anyone can really say what is/was happenning. Though I thoroughly enjoy and can see the very formidable logic of the concept of comparison of a matrix-esque life where we’ve all been conditioned.

    At this point, I have started to begrudgingly despise women for their lack in understanding of the situation and willingness to manipulate men into their own bidding. It makes sense why they would do that, but it completely imbalances things, and leads to their own demise. Perhaps men rising up in an anti-female-matrix underground cult will come to re-balance things.

    Before I met my wife, I was already on the path of irritation towards womens “desires” for what a perfect male was. I think my hatred is what caught my wifes eye, and i fell back into what you refer to as an AFC attitude. Never again…

    Hopefully, I can balance the plates, but I am just beginning to recover from this mess, and look forward to getting back into the game. Been 7 years, and I am a little rusty. I will probably read a lot more of your’s and the articles from the DJ Bible, but I just wanted to say Gracci for these great writings that you’ve allowed to be seen to the public!

  9. Let me share this long post on frame (no, I am not the writer) for it is cogent and it stands out in the BS ocean of the manosphere fluff and guys pinging of each other.

    And guys, read, don’t do social media. Read, apply, execute. That’s how it works.

    Fair warning: this is a long article. If you can’t read, then go on Twatter and twat. See if that gets you anything.

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