The Enemy is Us

The more I watch this video (h/t to Yohami) the more I’m reminded of this post – Could a Man Have Written This? This is a fantastic indictment of feminism, but it’s only effective because a woman is the one delivering it. In our contemporary fem-centric society only a woman could ever legitimately endorse such a message and be taken remotely serious. Imagine a Man, even the most respected, intellectual scholar, reciting this message verbatim. In today’s social context, the message is completely different if the narrator has a penis. Misogyny is a presumed precondition before any critical thought is applied to the actual content of the message.

In making this observation I was also made aware of a social meta-dynamic. On a micro level, women’s communicative process is more concentrated upon the context of information being processed, in preference to the content (which is men’s innate domain). On the macro, societal level we see this same dynamic framing the our public discourse – fem-centrism demands a feminized preference for the contextual (the feel of the debate) above the critical content or the factual.

Thus, in a greater social arena defined by the fem-centric, a man delivering the same message as Girl Writes What? already feels wrong before the information of that message is processed.

The Scope

Recently I’ve been posting on other blogs & forums that are not specific to the “community” per se and I came back depressed. This, and the articles I’ve read and written freelance recently, plus personally dealing with friends, coworkers, business associates, hell, even church pastors – everywhere, the Matrix is there. It permeates society on so many levels. Little habits to deeply internalized beliefs, it is SO all-consuming. I know, for my readers this is like saying the sky is blue, but it is literally fucking everywhere. Turn on the TV, watch a movie, listen to the radio, surf the internet, talk to a friend, look at a billboard on the drive home, it is all encompassing.

I realize how paranoid and conspiratorial that all comes off as, but sometimes paranoia simply means you have all the facts.

I sometimes feel like John the Babtist decrying the truth in the wilderness. Yes, I know modern western culture is a cesspool of feminized Beta-AFCness, but it’s got to be preached. I recently revived a thread on SoSuave about being a positive mentor to young men and I can only think that this is a fantastic idea, because it’s men, not women who’re to blame for the vast majority of where we find ourselves now. I know the MGTOW adherents wont appreciate this, but as much as we’d like to shake our fists at the nebulous feminist movement of 50 some years ago, but just as Girl Writes What? addresses in the video, it was men who really got the ball rolling for them. And it was calculated to be so. The mass feminization of western culture we know now is far more a result of men’s complicitness which evolved into adovocation as a means to women’s sexuality. Your Dad, my Dad, in some cases our Grandfathers, have all contibuted to this, either implicitly or complicitly.

Men like Women

All it takes is one critical thought that doesn’t tow the Matrix approved line on a forum like LoveShack to draw the ire of any woman. That’s to be expected, but what follows is a landslide of sycophantic males, like braying asses, all attempting to qualify themselves to be acceptable, not just to a single woman responding, not just to their generalized feminine sensibilities, but to themselves, in relative anonymity: Meaning they have nothing to really hide and this is their default go-to response.

Far more males (they’re not Men) will vehemently rise to defend the ‘victimized’ woman, without so much as a critical thought as to what’s been said. These men think like women; the content doesn’t matter, only the context. And if that criticism sounds even remotely disparaging of their AFC ego investments it’s met with such a throng of protest and so loud a chorus of a well taught and conditioned shaming response that even a woman with an opposing viewpoint becomes secondary to their need to prove amongst themselves who’s the more acceptable to the feminine norm.

Males have become assimilated by this feminization and are now more emphatic and effective feminists than the original founders of feminism could’ve ever hoped for.

Real Life

I’m also presently dealing with a guy I hired at work and have basically watched an otherwise confident, very good looking guy systematically go through finding a girl online, meeting up with her, moving in with her and buying a dog with her in the span of 3 months. I tried intervention, but of course I got the standard AFC rationales. Now he gets depressed because he’s in over his head, and is complaining about how he gets to the gym religiously and she gets mad because he even hints she get her fat ass to the gym. I recently met her, and at her weight, I simply cannot believe this girl should ever be in a position to dictate anything to my friend. Yet there he is, by his own doing, his own self-convincing and his own innability to see past what people like those on LoveShack are fostering. He’s talented, a good looking guy, bright, ambitious, he’s even a semi-pro club D.J. and now saddled to a woman who is in no way deserving or appreciative of a guy like him.

I’ve got another guy in another dept. who was a former Marine who served 3 tours in Iraq and is an amazingly organized and responsible guy. Alpha as fuck in all respects but one; he too is saddled with an overweight fianceé who barks at him via cell phone while he takes his smoke breaks. I hear them bickering occasionally and all the guy does is attempt to appease her – this former Marine, who war couldn’t bow, is crushed mentally and emotionally by a woman who should never have a position to question him. Why? because he subscribes to the societal fem-centric default mentality when entreating with women.

I have a designer on my team – a gorgeous 24 y.o. blonde – bright, talented, educated – who is like wise stuck with a Beta chump. She’s aware of my writing and I’ve made attempts to advise her on her own situation. Even in light of this, her constant complaint is that guys are indecisive pussies now, guy’s are whipped now, guys allow women to define them now – where are all the Men now?

Comfort Zones

This shit is EVERYWHERE. The pastor at the church I attend will be offering the annual Father’s Day diatribe this Sunday and I’m anticipating the standard fem-religious message that goes along with it. However, more importantly, I’m looking forward to taking a lot of mental notes on his attitudes directed towards gender interaction. I have a good idea of what they’ll be from observing his manner toward his wife (standard religious, male self-deprication, “boy I’m sure glad she took pity on a chump like me” attitude), but I think this might be a good jumping off point for some interaction with him on his blog.

While the feminine defined social landscape is depressing to be sure, I think it’s necessary to branch out into uncharted waters. It’s very easy to type away on my blog or other forums and get an echo-chamber effect. It takes more than that to hone the message. Sure, we get the AFC naysayers here or the unplugging truth seekers presenting an opposite view (even the rare rational female input), but I think in order to stay sharp we need to venture outside our comfort zones to bring the gospel to those still trapped in the Matrix. Where else are they going to get anything more than a juvenile impression of what our “community” is saying?

I have to admit that it frustrates me to no end to have my – what I believe, very well reasoned – ideas lumped into the PUA scam category or have them passed off as misogynous before I’ve completed a valid point. It’s become very easy to pass it off as such, thanks to the same men who’ve essentially done exactly the same thing we’re fighting against; making positive masculinity laughable.

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  1. Thank you for this Rollo. It is excellent.

    I am trying to find the courage to go out there and begin to buck the system more and not sit idly back, though I confess, it’s difficult. Do you have recommendations for a woman trying to do this as the rules are very different.

    I have to admit that it frustrates me to no end to have my – what I believe, very well reasoned – ideas lumped into the PUA scam category or have them passed off as misogynous before I’ve completed a valid point.

    I agree with this whole heartedly. You have gotten a very unfair wrap recently for saying things that were incredibly well thought out. Not only that, but the things you say are fair, just not in the way people wish them to be.

    One thing, there is no such thing as a former Marine. Once a Marine, always a Marine. I believe once they are no longer active they are considered retired.

    1. Heh, I should have re-read your Could a Man Have Written This? again before asking. Apologies.

      However, I need to ask, if messages like these are more effective because a woman is giving it, in the end, isn’t that a good thing? Doesn’t that spread the message further or is the danger of the message being “bastardized” too great?

      1. Good thing? Yes, but what’s telling about it is that the Jezebel set would actually feel the need to do some sort of active damage control to contain a message like that of Girl Writes What.

        I’m not necessarily for or against the MRM / MRAs, but I have seen videos and read articles that essentially run down the same list that GWW has here, yet none of them merited a response or rebuttal from the opposition.

        The ubiquitous misogyny tag is automatically inferred without it even needing be mentioned if the writer is male. However, it’s altogether another thing entirely when the writer is a woman. It’s much more difficult to make the misogyny tag stick to a woman.

        The fact that this is even the case is indicative of the extent of social saturation that the feminine imperative has on our culture.

  2. I’m also presently dealing with a guy I hired at work and have basically watched an otherwise confident, very good looking guy systematically go through finding a girl online, meeting up with her, moving in with her and buying a dog with her in the span of 3 months. I tried intervention, but of course I got the standard AFC rationales. Now he gets depressed because he’s in over his head, and is complaining about how he gets to the gym religiously and she gets mad because he even hints she get her fat ass to the gym. I recently met her, and at her weight, I simply cannot believe this girl should ever be in a position to dictate anything to my friend.


    This sounds like a guy who is substantially undervaluing his own SMV, has little to no Game, and probably operates from a scarcity mindset. Seems to me the two critical aspects to “awakening” him is making him more aware of his own SMV, and really what is possible if just develops a bit and tweaks some things.

    Great post here, and you are spot on right about your points about women dealing more with context than content and facts. Yohami had an outstanding post/comment on this with an allegory about “The Snake”. Maybe he will repost that here, or I can find it later. And you are right about the misogynist label. The point there is to discredit the person and shut down debate. It is a rhetorical device, and the cynic in me says that some who use this know full well what they are doing. It is probably part calculated maneuver and part emotional reaction.

    On a more macro sense, IRL, sometimes it is tricky to know who, when ,and where to share some of these ideas, and when to hold your tongue. At the individual level, I think it is you who said something about saving those who can be saved, and letting the others die on the battlefield. I’m really not sure why some guys are so resistant to these concepts. I know when I first stumbled on them years ago, it was like a Eureka moment.

  3. GirlWritesWhat is, principally for the reasons you have cited, quite possibly the most effective men’s rights activist on the planet. I’m a big fan of Angry Harry, my view on many men’s issues have been wildly influenced by Paul Elam, ditto John the Other, but GirlWritesWhat is, to me, hands down, the most devastating spokesperson for men’s disenfranchisement I have ever heard.

    And it’s because she’s a chick. And her empathy for the male condition is epic awesomesauce with jalapeño!

  4. Rollo-
    Nail a copy of “The Sixteen Commandments of Poon” to the church front door on Sunday.

  5. I had a situation happen on FB last week in which the husband of a woman I know went off on me for having an emotional insecurity with women, he then proceeded to cut and paste a few paragraphs from a wikipedia article–unsourced. Why? Well, I’d made a playful tease of his wife in a picture.
    If you know this guy, you’ll know his wife treats him like a bad puppy. She vehemently excoriates him in public for which he’s always apologizing. He complains about her constantly to everyone who’ll listen for a second, always ending the diatribe with a plaintive, “don’t tell her.”
    All this and he still has the raisins to “defend” her. Oh and by the way, she’s recently taken up Roller Derby with a bunch of butch lesbians and he’s their semi-official photographer. It’s rather mind-blowing.
    I think most of these guys are so far gone, it’s impossible to bring them back.

  6. I became unplugged two years ago and it is because of writers like you. Continue to write, there are many more men now that are aware of this government enforced feminism/control. I believe big social changes are coming to our civilization in the next few years. Your efforts are reaching many men and it will have an impact on our lives.

    1. I agree. I just wonder what these changes are going to be. It’s as if the 2012 prophecy ‘awakening’ will be that of men who read people like Rollo & others.

      The Mayan Calender, the Annukai, the Galactic Federation of Light, the Golden Dawn, the Rosicrucian’s, the Youtube conspiricists are all missing the point: the new End of the world, the rise of the New Order, is the revelation that some men will come to, and revolt against.

      This is not entirely serious, however: FIAT LVX, nonetheless.

  7. I can’t even get my separated parents to believe this stuff, even after they agree with all of it.

    I tried giving two friends last night an introduction to what Rollo writes about, and they tried to change the subject with every point I made. Until I asked one about his relationships with women, their trajectory, what happened, what he did, and how it went down. Basically, describing/explaining to him what happened, and has been happening since. Then he took a piece of paper with this blog and few others written on it & left. I wonder if he’ll read them and let the “unplugging” begin.

    I’ve not been able to have a conversation with more than one person in real life who agrees or understands what’s advocated here & a few other places that is a male; more women agree with it than men, but those women all are still playing the games they are so obviously aware of with their boyfriends (while telling me the truths on the side), or fiances. And the women who disagree, call me a misogynist – yet they always happen to be the one[‘s] who I’m banging/dating.

    I tried to explain this stuff to my sister, and she agreed with everything, yet I think telling women this stuff actually gives them a hand up, and they just use the information to their advantage, easily able to identify & manipulate the “average chump”.

    It’s all fucked, and yes men are to blame, but so are women – thus we’re all to blame; but it’s for something that only those [of us] with even the time or ability to, are able to recognize, cognize, & anonymously comment on. I’m finding more and more that however true this stuff may be, it’s just as trivial though real, as perhaps quantum physics is to me. I’m no better for having any understanding of this, however large or small that may be – at least, not yet, as I’m still processing all of it. Perhaps too much even.

    By too much, I mean, I’ve spent the last few months obsessively studying what’s observed here & elsewhere, and all that’s related to it (evo psych, game, pua, blahetc), in an attempt to figure out why & how everything with women has been in my life.

    It’s like I was reading my own thought’s more eloquently adressed, explicated, & maturely digested – revealing some innate though impossible until now to relate experience[‘s] throughout my life (I guess I still can’t even explain what that means, hence this mess of a ramble). And perhaps that’s why it’s so hard to get other’s to read or understand this, because it takes a certain type of individual who has had (enough) experiences with women to perhaps even search for information on the topic, let alone digest & comprehend it.

    I may have had more partners than my friends, but I am by far the least – on the surface – appealing (not looks per se, but lifestyle & success-wise); yet, any attempt to get friends to understand these obvious truths just fails. I have a good friend who I couldn’t even get an escort to hook up with, not because he’s any more or less attractive/intelligent than the next guy, but because of how he is with women, how he has thought & been told he should be.

    This may be a rant, but thanks for the post. Always enjoyable.

  8. Similar to Luis, but I am still in the process of unplugging and it’s your (and yohami and ferd…….) writing that keeps me going. The matrix IS everywhere. It’s like trying to climb out of a slime pit. You’re covered with slime and it keeps trying to suck you back in. Keep it up, my mentor, I need it.

  9. The resistence to this mindset is huge. I decided to show some links (including this blog) to a good friend. Not only we dont speak anymore, but he told two mutual friends as well. Three friends lost. They prefer to sit down and repeat “im different than the rest, im not a jerk, im not a player” instead of accepting the biology. Funnily, all three got married in the last 4 months. Unplugging a guy is like making a hole on a steel wall with a needle.

    1. Timing is everything.

      You’ve got to catch them fresh after a divorce or a painful breakup, or after they find out their beloved wife or girlfriend has been cheating.

      I’ve always believed that pain is best teacher.
      That’s why “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. ” because you learn from it.

  10. Great Article Rollo. I can relate to being disenchanted by the Western World’s self-enslavement to a feminine centric ideal. I don’t find it depressing per say, just disappointing. But quite frankly, I stop giving a damn about pussy-whipped Beta males and their fellow soon-to-be Feminist Spinsters. These two types do not want to hear the truth. They’re satisfied within the confines of The Matrix.

    When I started embracing The Crimson Arts (as opposed to just being aware of it), my eyes were opened. And I wanted to share the knowledge and tools I had gained from embracing this perspective. However, as you mentioned above, the majority of men choose to be slaves to their betatude. So be it. I stopped trying to help friends who are unwilling to even hear my point (I always get interrupted, especially by females, when this topic is breached).

    I enjoyed your John the Baptist reference. It is quite similar. But being positive about the whole situation is healthier. Fine, you are satisfied with dating some overweight, entitled feminist. Because of the knowledge I have possessed by reading Rollo, Roissy & Roosh, I can avoid the traps with ease. Red Pill wisdom is one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

  11. Every divorced guy I’ve discussed this with starts bewildered then they think back and the light goes on. Too bad it takes a divorce first.

  12. For those of us who have seen the light, so to speak, it is such an eye opening experience that we feel it’s our duty to share this knowledge. Problem is, I’ve learned that for most guys, this info will just go in one ear and out the other. You can’t make someone, who is content in their own ignorance, want to change. They need to want to change on their own, and sadly, this generally happens only after a dealing with a traumatic or heart-wrenching female.

  13. Glad you linked to GirlWritesWhat’s blog—she gets it.

    “I know the MGTOW adherents wont appreciate this, but as much as we’d like to shake our fists at the nebulous feminist movement of 50 some years ago, but just as Girl Writes What? addresses in the video, it was men who really got the ball rolling for them. And it was calculated to be so. The mass feminization of western culture we know now is far more a result of men’s complicitness which evolved into adovocation as a means to women’s sexuality.”

    This is, of course, spot-on.

    Part of the reason this doesn’t sit well with MGTOW adherents is because of the economic & political implications: acknowledging male responsiblity for the spread of American feminism necessarily implicates free-market capitalism—the secular religion of so many in the manosphere. The fact is that the business class and free-market conservatives combined to ship manufacturing jobs overseas where the men would work for cheaper. Foreign working class men were economically empowered at the expense of the American working class. These jobs didn’t “disappear” so much as working class American men were sold out for profit, rendering them unable to satisfy the demands of hypergamy. At the same time, the free-marketers also pushed for greater female participation in workplace as it doubled the consumer base and depressed wages. It was feminists who agitated for sexual liberation, but it was the free-market right that empowered the feminists economically—this is the core unassaible truth.

    I am not anti-capitalist by any means, but the men who served as captains of industry and finance did as much to advance feminism as the guilt-tripped, weak-willed betas. Possibly even more. Confronting the reality or male responsibility eventually means having to engage in a nuanced and trenchant critique of how laissez-faire capitalism was harnessed to advance American feminism—something most of the manosphere is not willing to do at this time.

  14. Fantastic article and video! It illustrates very well how feminists have manipulated the message of the Biblical model of “Servant Leadership” to their own ends and wussified not only the modern church but society as well.

    Men being “Servant Leaders” is instinctual unless society steps in to override that instinct. Men have always been “women and children first” in their beliefs and actions. Protecting their women and their children at the expense of their own comfort and often their own lives. This is what it means to be a servant leader. Doing what is best for your woman (servant part) even if she doesn’t like it (leader part). When we do this we are acting as Men, not as defined by women, but as what it instinctively means to be a man. We need to recognize when a woman tries to manipulate that instinct within us and not let them get away with it.

  15. “Sometimes the truth hurts. And sometimes it feels real good.” ~Henry Rollins

    I can’t thank you enough Rollo, for providing the insight that has opened my eyes in the society we find ourselves living in today. I have almost felt rejected by society being raised in a positive masculine family, and for all these years holding women accountable for their behavior while having something seemingly lost among men called dignity.

  16. I have tried saving souls on places like LoveShack. It is like walking into the lions den.

  17. As a woman unplugged its not so easy speaking out to other females as I’m made to feel like I’m a traitor of some sort. It’s not my place to speak to men although I prefer it; their comments and attitudes aren’t as biting as the ones I get from the females.

  18. “it is literally fucking everywhere. Turn on the TV, watch a movie, listen to the radio, surf the internet, talk to a friend, look at a billboard on the drive home, it is all encompassing.”

    Yup. But you can also have fun with it. I do a regular series where I pick a popular song off the radio and break down its gender dynamics content. This one so far is my favorite due to a) the catchy tune and b) DOLPHINS CHEERLEADERS.

    FYI guys if you haven’t heard there’s a meme going around where groups of hot chicks lip sync “Call Me Maybe”. I linked to the Dolphins’ Cheerleaders, but Miss America did one as well (link below).

    I vote for New Mexico.

  19. “I have to admit that it frustrates me to no end to have my – what I believe, very well reasoned – ideas lumped into the PUA scam category or have them passed off as misogynous before I’ve completed a valid point.”

    Just keep doing what you’re doing. Its quite clear that you’re on another level. Some PUA stuff may be a scam, but others are legitimate businesses and have to be run as such. And they do provide a valuable service. Who else is taking groups of men and teaching seminars to them? They are out there in the field working with these guys.

    The Manosphere is for the discussion of the intellectual. Its going to be a lot harder to grasp the concepts here if they haven’t had the building blocks to lead up to it. Hold on, I’m going to use one of my corny analogies again, but you can’t jump into calculus without having had algebra or trigonometry, can you? I’m not saying don’t tell your friends about this and other sites, but something a little more basic is probably all their palate can handle at first.

    1. It’s even more than that though because not only have they not been taught trig, but they we taught math 101 wrong. A fresh start would easier than starting from a place that is wrong to begin with. Admitting error is not easy.

      1. It probably gets easier after you have children 🙂 As you realize how difficult it is to raise another human being, you tend to be a bit more forgiving of some (although not all) things that happened in the past. If people (parents and teachers) really have done the best they could for you, what more can you ask? The fact that we have so much information at our fingertips thanks to technology, as well as the incredible ability to connect via the internet ,changes so much.

        A co-worker of mine is fond of telling the joke of an older person speaking to a younger one and saying, “I remember when we used to have unanswered question.” Now, it is so easy to look things up in such a short space of time, we can’t judge those who can before us without remembering they did not have the almost infinite access to knowledge we do nor the medium to congregate with like thinkers across the globe.

        1. Christmas cookies! I forgot to include my main thought: at a certain point in a person’s life, they accept responsibility for themselves and say, what is in the past is the past and that can’t be changed. Its all about today and what is going to happen tomorrow. You stop blaming others and you stop blaming yourself, and you just live 🙂

          1. My intent is not to blame, only to say that it is incredibly hard to let go of ones biases. When one is taught from infancy X, accepting and then learning Y is very difficult.

          2. Very true. I know you’re not blaming. I sometimes do and I tell myself what I wrote above to snap myself out of it.

  20. Rollo,

    Don’t you know that all of this is the product of Post modern philosophy and it transmission through the Left? The Left is the political/cultural/social implementation of Post-modern philosophical premises. They are philosophical skepticism, epistemological relativism, Comtean altruism (secularized Christian ethics), moral relativism, social subjectivism, Rawlsean egalitarianism (as well as the more consistent Marxism) and political collectivism (ie welfare statism). Alot of terms I know. But that is the Left. They have taken over since the 60s.

    Every culture will be a mirror of its universities. And those universities are defined by the humanities departments. Our culture is a reflection of the Leftist/Post-modern ideas that dominate the Left and thus the universities. The intellectual realm is very much trickle down.

    I am not a Manosphere conservative and I disagree with everything outside of Game theory that the manosphere believes in especially the Racialist white nationalist politics (ie Roissy). But it amazes me how the Manosphere doesn’t understand the role that philosophy has on history.

    In the Dark and Middle Ages, Europe was dominated by Christian premises and ideas. Today we are dominated by Post-Kantian philosophical premises as manifested by the modern day Progressives; ie The Left.

    Rollo, you will not change a damn thing no matte how much you preach. Only changes at the level of epistemology can change the course of a culture. That goes far deeper than the manosphere and its ev-psych understanding of sexual psychology.

    We are looking at a time frame of generations and perhaps centuries. In all probability the West does not have that kind of time and is already doomed. Feminism is just one small element of the Left’s total package. Its but one expression of EGALITARIANISM which is the essence of the Left. You can only fight that at the philosophical level. By the time you get to culture its already too late.


  21. It’s difficult to discuss these issues even on the internet at times. Men often seem like they simply don’t want to hear it. For example, I tried to discuss some of this on the Art of Manliness site a year back or so, got hounded out of there by some female members and their male followers pretty quickly. Men on sites like that should be leading the effort to change things, but instead they’re so indoctrinated it’s not even allowed to be brought up. More recently a guy on that site mentioned in the community section of it that he and the other men there were glad they drove off those of us who wanted to talk about all this. Crazy.

    One thing I’ve found interesting is the difference between the public reaction to such ideas, when expressed by men, and the private reaction. I was working at a large public university and also taking graduate classes there. Routinely these classes were about 70% women and of course involved a lot of feminist discussion no matter the topic of the class. Not knowing better then, I usually argued against the feminist point of view. Pretty quickly I became a target for harsh criticism in class from men and women. But privately, later on at the bar or on the weekend, the women were very positive and complimentary toward me and some expressed interest in me very openly. The men remained hostile. So I’m not sure women even believe this feminist stuff themselves. And I’m pretty sure men resent other men who break out and refuse to toe the line, as I unknowingly did. That’s another aspect of the problem.

    1. Yeah Art of Pansiness is pretty blue pill. They talk a big game until it comes to controversial stuff.

      I’ve had my comments deleted there a few times, they don’t appreciate dissent. For the record, I was not being inflammatory.

  22. These days I routinely blow people’s minds when I open my mouth. Women think I’m a crazy bitch, but men often stop and think. I respect men and I’ve never considered it my place to educate them, but they sure sit up and take notice when I tell them they’re worth more than they think. And when I tell them why, they find themselves unable to contradict me.

    It seems I have far more influence with my male friends than with my female friends. I keep trying to “educate” my son’s female friends, but maybe I’m trying to infiltrate the wrong camp. On the surface, I’m a rather ditzy blonde, and most people think I’m sweet. “Ditzy” sweet blondes have been known to make very effective spies.

    I’m in.

  23. Suggestions regarding your pastor’s Father’s Day sermon-

    Be proactive as hell!

    Have him take a look at YouTube channel ManWomanMyth, starting with the video Men Don’t Exist. Email him the link or go to his office and play it in front of him.

    ASAP, ask to see his sermon. If he plans to mention deadbeat dads, women’s oppression or similar, offer constructive criticism. Ask him if he would preach a similar thing on Mother’s Day. To drive the point home, ask him to substitute “women” for “men” and read the sermon aloud in front of you.

    Tell him his sermon should be a celebration of fathers.

    Look at it from his perspective. It may be that he has never heard from a divorced dad, a dad who has been forced out of his house by family courts but forced to pay for it, a dad who has been falsely accused of anything, etc. He may not know this side of the issue.

    All the best!

  24. I have written this one countless times. Of course – enemy IS us. But not in the way you think. The very bodies of males are made to be the slaves of women. Even the body of author – despite his obviously high IQ, his mind is so obsessed with women that he can not stop thinking and writing about them. The bodies of males ARE matrix – there is no secret conspiration or femboots revolution. In natural state – men is a slave to woman. Protective instincts, responsibility, romantic nature, high level of testosteron, etc. – such a creature won´t stand a chance against amoral, manipulative and protean creature like woman.

    Civilization was made to KEEP women in check and to protect males form them not the fucking other way, my friends. Every religion begins with the basic rule and premise – woman has NO rights, she has to obey the man and if not she has to be punished, event stoned to death. WHY? Why they FEARED her so much that she had to be kept in check like the wild and dangerous animal? Because, given the nature of the body and emotional structure of a normal male, she is TOO powerful Once we let young men at the mercy of their bodies and young women to the mercy of their emotions – we have this society. Men – as natural slaves to females are slaving to the pussy, except for a small minority of free men. It is NOT their fault. Why should young man know something about values, religion, ideas, morals? Does it get him LAID? If not, FUCK IT. His young brain ruled by hormones does not allow him to understand ideas. Of course, when you promise him a warm woman, he would do almost everything.

    And what about this fellow – free man? Woman can not move him – cos he is what he is with or without her. She can not scare him off – cos he is penetrating her with his strenght, positive energy and clarity. And finally – she can not distract him cos he is devoted to his mission and are living it from his core, full hearted. Now, this is a free man. Very, very rare breed, indeed. All others are nothing but – slaves.

  25. I share the frustration of trying to get guys unplugged. I have three brothers. One went MGTOW early on. The two others still pedestalize women. My brother treats his daughter like a princess and doesn’t spare the whip for his son (figurative, he doens’t raise his hand to the boy).
    I’ve found my nephews, early 20s to teens, are much more willing to listen. A good deal of that is credibility. I was always the “cool uncle.” Still, I bought Mystery Method for them, Day Game, etc.
    I’d like to find that article about mentoring the younger crowd. I have two sons that I need to educate before they charge headstrong into the buzzsaw.

  26. The only solution: dump the whole system and reboot. Like you point out, today’s world only exists because everyone implicitly or complicity agrees in feminization. This country was formed by men making the decisions with enemies where men made the decisions. Not because they had some vendetta against women. Simply because all men made the best case for survival.

    The day will come when men will be expected to re harness the reins and band together for survival on the battlefield or the economy. We all implicitly know that men will be expected to do that. Our survival might depend on not IF we can do it, but HOW FAST we can do it. I certainly cannot see you convincing me to fight for the rights of gay men, slutty women, pansy boys, foreigners, etc. Our survival will depend on our ability to find common ground as men- I just hope the right values can be mined from rock and formed as pillars.

  27. I am actually seeing some very positive changes. At a few online forums I sometimes hang at there has, for years, been a bunch of guys arguing the male position to some degree. Lately there are many more of them and their arguments are much more coherent, well informed and much closer to the manosphere. Some of them have clearly been her writing about men being the true romantic and posting links to girlwriteswhat. Several of them are quite advanced PUAs and there is a PUA coach or two who also posts a lot. THose guys are now making a killing in debates on feminism and gender and some of the women are turning a bit. It feels like the feminist position is on the defensive and that there is no steam left. ITs like the women and “male feminists” have lost the manic will to fight and patriarchy hatred. They feel so secure in the victory they are loosing the ability to defend it.

    THe area where I have noticed the most change is amongst men at spiritual sites. I think partly because they were so feminized to begin with and partly because a lot of those goes are very introspective and in tune with the zeitgeist they have done a lot of masculinity work and that has lead them to some unplugged conclusions and some MRA activism. Amongst guys like that I get a good response from many when I link to manosphere stuff.

    One of the things I try to do is to work on the rather obvious points and win those. I explain how I as a man have zero realistic rights to ever see my children if my wife does not want me to as my state does not in any way punish her for denying me visition. So I say well that makes ME the second sex not women. Then I say that the power she has over wether I see my kids makes me weak in relation to a wife in a marriage and eventually they do see that most of the time.

    I also often link to surveys showing that women are equally or more violent than men in relationships and more often instigate violence and more often are psychologically abusive, hit their children more often than men (almost 50% more often), and now make up at least 30% of sexual abusers of children but probably much more. Those statistics are great myth shatters, people do get them and they are great for undermining the feminist position. Other stuff I hammer in is stuff like the pay gap myth and that women don`t do a “double shift” and that more women than are home today want to etc. I think changing the public perception on stuff like that are in some ways easy wins and those a lot to undermine feminism. People are much more willing to accept some gender differences today and there is some room to give masculinity and felinity advice although I get met with lots of ridicule for that. The men get it far more than the women. Evopsych has been a godsend in this regard. There is a very growing understanding amongst men online that men are henpecked and women don`t like it. I see not infrequent threads where shit testing are discussed.

      1. Yeah it can be. But I have found ways to make it more efficient. I almost never participate in debates anymore I just start them. If there are not other threads discussing MRA/PUA/antifmeminist stuff I start one by making a short post and linking to a manosphere blog with some good statistics or a news story etc. Then other guys who agree with me will argue for pages with those who criticize my post. One feminist debate went for over twenty pages and I just made the short opening post. If someone else has started something I write quickly about the statistics I mentioned or link to a previous post about it. In masculinity/femininity/relationship threads I tend to just link to old threads that had discussions about shit tests and where I linked to Athol etc. THat way I can get a lot done with little effort.

        I want to start putting up flyers with links to the manosphere in toilets. I am also going to email links to Dalrock etc. to Christian media people that are critical of feminism and any other public figure who is.

        The easiest guys to turn are the guys who can`t get a date or who are in relationship crisis because they are ready to make some changes so I tend to write a quick comment to their situation and link to relevant sites. THose guys fairly often do take some of it in.

    1. +1

      I was also going to suggest a few, well-picked Dalrock posts to plant some seeds and get the juices flowing. Dalrock, the Christian gateway drug to the manosphere.

  28. Rockthrowingpeasent, get your sons to martial arts classes. THen the will have a foundation of confidence and masculine energy.

  29. Your post prompted me to address this in a longer article if you care to read it. (

    The synopsis is that I have noticed that many Manosphere / MRA blogs tend to define many problems but posit no solutions. I think that your final paragraphs and references to “talking in an echo chamber” are very relevant and true.

    There has to be a goal at the end after exposing someone to all the negativity and revealing the feminist matrix – even if that goal is one simple sentence or idea.

    1. From the article:
      But most men didn’t seem to mind having to ask permission before doing things.


      I can’t decide that, you’ll have to ask my wife…

      I say this to people all the time (obviously, I say husband). The looks I get are amazing.

      But, even for men who are fully entrenched, wouldn’t it just feel strange to say that?

      1. I never make that kind of stupid remark, and I tell other men not to, when I get the chance. My wife sometimes asks my permission for things. Not me. Men who do that deserve contempt.

    2. “Last night, Professor Alexander Gardner, a psychologist based in Glasgow, said that who made the decisions in a relationship was based on trust, love and how much emotional equity had been built up between the pair.”

      If that’s the case, then why having a man ruling the house was a problem to begin with? when a man rules he’s an oppressor, when the woman rule it’s because… she’s trusted. Gold.

      Now measure their chemicals and happiness and compare them to the other couples, the 40% where the woman didnt call the shots. Measure divorce. Measure the shit out of it.

      1. I came across some research that found women were more attracted to men who were benevolent sexists than men who were gender equalizes. And also research showing both men and women who had sexist attitudes where more happy in general and in their relationships.

  30. that who made the decisions in a relationship was based on trust, love and how much emotional equity had been built up between the pair.”

    His wife made him say that.

  31. Rollo, thank you for writing posts like this. I’m going to bookmark that video for future reference — at some point my wife (who considers herself a feminist) is going to fully realize that I no longer subscribe to the feminist point of view, and the Girl Writes What? video explains it in such a way that can’t be easily dismissed as the ignorant opinion of a privileged white male.

    Unplugging is a long and arduous process. I’ve been at it for about a year and a half, and I still have regressions to my submissive, pedestalizing ways from time to time. They don’t last long, but when I get tired I get complacent and I start to slide. Thoroughly deprogramming over 3 decades of bullshit is going to take a long while, but I’m making consistent progress.

    Your site, along with Athol Kay’s, are life-changers. Keep it up.

    1. Why don’t you grab her by her fucking hair and beat the feminist out of her. Take her to your cave and show her who’s boss!

  32. Within the manosphere we also find the same habits of mind. Emotional thinking that avoids facing ideas that threaten ego protecting views.

    One such religious view common in the manosphere is that all attractive traits boil down to nothing other than confidence. For instance even though scientific studies show that a buff body is in and of itself attractive independently of confidence (as Rollo made a post about), the religion is that this is so because the buff body makes the man confident. And on and on – the RSD Nation dogma is a religion, and talking about it logically is met with heavy resistance and all the dissimulation you expect from women.

    People will even openly tell you that it’s better to believe that being handsome doesn’t matter, because that will raise your confidence. That’s exactly the same mental process being complained about in this post; people choose what to believe based on what is comfortable.

  33. You just have to keep preaching. I really like your blog though. It’s a slow inevitable change….the hardest part for guys though is realizng that there is plenty of pussy out there. I think 98% of guys just stick it out because it’s the only pussy they have access to at that point in their life. I think most guys just want to settle down and chill and don’t feel like goign out chasing ass all the time. I think that’s why they put up with the bullshit. They overvalue the ass they have and as a result turn big time beta. I really really struggle witht his myself. I’m emtoionally tied to some deomon ass bitch who I can’t kick to the curb because I havent’ really found anyone else that i think is hot and that I want to bang. But rest assure, that pack mentaility to defend feminism and all the bullshit that goes with it totally exists.

  34. For me the eye-opener was shit-tests, frame control, and being cocky-funny. Especially frame control. I won an argument against a bunch of rabid atheists, by constantly re-framing, all the while being cocky-funny with the women on this forum.

    One avowed atheist said she liked me, because I was “entertaining”.


    So Rollo, write some posts on frame-control will ya. Especially with some personal testimonies. I love reading personal testimonies.

  35. Mentoring young men is absolutely the bedrock of making change. I am very, very fortunate because I am in a leadership/mentorship role for two different groups of young men. I do my best to help steer them towards a more positive, active, engaged masculinity. It’s very hard to break down years of “men suck, men are pigs, men are oppressors” that they have heard since essentially birth, but truth outs in the end.

  36. “Men have always been “women and children first” in their beliefs and actions. Protecting their women and their children at the expense of their own comfort and often their own lives.”

    The recent Costa Concordia disaster and the resulting abandonment of the “women and children first” principle, on the other hand, showed that the chicken are coming home to roost as the social “contract” of male sacrifice has been eroded by the continuous demands for equality. In the same sense as the video commendably presented the change (and resultant hypocricy) within the demands for equal employment — ‘a coal mine for me, thank you’.

    – – – – – – –
    And OT, but succintly poignant:

  37. GirlWritesWhat’s admirable dream of gender equality is shown to be impossible by the dearth of women like her. It’s no coincidence that it’s basically only a woman with her masculine physiology that could muster the abstract reasoning and non-conformity to come up with such a smart argument.

  38. that was a good sermon rollo tomassi

    the matricks is real all right, and not new

    Christ didnt say machine intelligences from the planet machine were enslaving us, he said that women ruled over us, and children were our oppessors

    so we can believe holywoods or him

    when the bible talks about disengaging from babylon, it refers to the matrix you describe

    female-appeasing and female-pleasing conditioning runs tremendously deep in human males, with u.s. males at the, uh, pinnacle of that graph

    breaking such bonds will end up breaking the planet, so . . . pretty deep

    even “manosphere christian” guys are easily manipulated by females, esp when women act collectively, in attack-formation . . .the weakest male will collude first, then the feeding frenzy really begins!

    it shows men are not ready yet, not by a long shot

  39. “Recently I’ve been posting on other blogs & forums that are not specific to the “community” per se and I came back depressed. This, and the articles I’ve read and written freelance recently, plus personally dealing with friends, coworkers, business associates, hell, even church pastors – everywhere, the Matrix is there.”

    Three years later and we’re still here (and I believe growing). It will take some time to ‘right the ship’ but I believe that day is coming soon.

    In the mean time, I know I’ll continue to spread the word and I’ll work on educating more males into men. It’s a lot of time and work but I think it is well worth it.

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