The New Sensitivity

With profuse apologies for shamelessly lifting this thread from CH’s most recent post comments, but it dovetailed perfectly into my topic today.

From The Whammer:

I can acccurately predict who is the Alpha or Beta with a simple test which I will prove here. I’ll tell you who will get laid within the next week. Do this, take out your wallet and then describe the wallet and list the contents (don’t bother to list that condom that expired in 1999) I can determine from this test how well you will do with females and whether you’re a true Alpha.

OK I’ll explain then. Have you ever seen someone carrying around a wallet bulging with stuff? Sometimes you’ll even see a rubber band around it it’s so full of junk lol This is typical prole (beta) behavior. They carry all of this stuff in case they have to “prove” something. You will never see an Alpha carrying around all of this crap. Alphas carry a slim wallet with perhaps some cash, a credit card and a license at most. Alphas have certain habits or traits and they’re reflected subconsciously in a lot of outward ways. An Alpha would never even think that he’d ever have to prove anything to anyone.The first guy who answered said he just carries some cash in a money clip and that would indicate Alpha behaviour to me. I wasn’t really concerned with the amount of cash.People, especially females, subconsciously equate a bulging wallet with a beta flunky and that’s not even taking into considerstion the bulge you’ll have in your chest suit pocket. Betas don’t get laid.

I’d encourage readers to read the thread in its entirety. It’s some real funny shit, however there is a germ of truth in The Whammers humor. A lot has been written about Beta (and Alpha) ‘tells’ in the manoverse. In fact, I’d argue that in its infancy formalized pick up artistry was fundamentally about ridding oneself of the Beta ‘tells’ and emphasizing Alpha ‘tells’ to maximize guy’s chances of getting laid.

However, with the unplugging from the Matrix comes a progressively developing sensitivity to the feminized world around us. We see it all around us, usually in advertising first – maybe the undertone of masculine ridicule in TV commercials, then the subtle association we make when considering that women arre the primary consumers in society. The next easy observation is how men are portrayed on television; feckless, ridiculous slobs in need of feminine intuition to solve their problems.

This new sensitivity then becomes more refined. We pick up idioms and subtle attitudes in people’s conversations. We pick up on terms and assumptions of premise that previously, in our Blue Pill fog, we would’ve taken for common sense or matter of fact. We hear the same tropes offered as the solution to the same issues that we thought were so confusing in our plugged-in existence.

I use The Whammer’s wallet test as an illustration here to detail this new sensitivity. It’s fairly easy to assess the difference between a Beta’s Look (or lack thereof) and that of an Alpha. Like most other higher order animals, human beings have an evolved sense, on the subconscious level, that helps us determine the looks, posture and vocal cues of sexual competitors. But looks can be deceiving, and in an age of feminization, the guy who outwardly may be the very specimen of an Alpha in a physical sense, can also be the most debilitated Beta due to his life’s conditioning.

Maybe it’s from having been unplugged from the Matrix for so long, or maybe it’s my constant observation and writing about it, but I am very sensitive to the choice of casual words men use when talking about gender issues. It’s been acculturated into feminized men’s vernacular to use words, idioms and presumptions that are assumed, on the subconscious level, to be more neutral or inoffensive to women-as-authority or feminine primacy. I can pick out the subliminal self-deprecations men filter into their conversations, often with a nervous laugh, or else they’ll drop some blunt truth only to casually (but practiced intentionally) to backpedal by ridicule themselves or men in general for being ‘how they are’ as if it were some kind of apology.

Everything you need to know about a guy, or really the state of feminine primacy in society, is in the choices of words he uses. It’s a fairly easy task to pick through the writings on someone’s forum posts to determine where they stand on the Beta-Alpha spectrum. Is he using Disney-esque dialogue about the girl he thinks is special? Is he using Shakespearean prose, words he would never actually speak in casual conversation, to describe his yearning and longing for a soulmate? These are easy ‘tells’ when you read them on your monitor; all but the most Aspergery of men probably wouldn’t use Arthurian vernacular when casually speaking about women.

Better to beg forgiveness than beg for permission.

On my commute to work I often listen to local talk radio. No, not the conservative AM band, rather the variety show FM band type shows. I actually work somewhat closely with a few of the stations and hosts  whenever I’m doing a brand promo or a launch party at some local club or event. Of the talk show personalities I know, it’s really only in a business sense. Most of them are pretty likable enough guys, but every time I listen to any topic on their show that veers into intergender issues (which is quite often) the Beta just oozes from every pore. Matrix trope after trope, constant repetition of fem-speak colloquialisms, I swear, some of the worst offenders in perpetuating feminine social primacy are talk radio hosts – even the conservative ones. Naturally I bite my tongue in the interests of my business, but these guys are worse than any White Knight, mangina or Beta I’ve ever encountered in the manosphere; and all are blissfully oblivious to their conditionings.

In all of their ramblings, there is always a default premise of female authority. I’m convinced it takes the better part of a lifetime to inculcate into a man, but on the limbic level the Beta mindset uses the feminine imperative as his starting point for everything. In every issue, and on a subliminal level, the origination of a thought is tempered with how it will be interpreted in a feminine-primary context. This is almost a default state of mind for the Beta mindset: ask permission from the feminine.

I’ve got another friend who’ll always abdicate to his wife’s authority by saying “Gotta clear that with the boss” in reference to his wife when we’re making some plans to hang out. This tells me everything I need to know about his perception of gender and his history of success with women in general. Woman = authority; before all else, in any decision the thought is colored by the feminine.

Just as in the wallet test, the unplugged develop a sense in placing an Alpha mindset. Although we may hear it occasionally in their choice of words, it’s the lack of words that indicate an Alpha. Just as an Alpha doesn’t need a wallet full of safety measures, the Alpha doesn’t need superflous words. By virtue of his confidence-through-options the Alpha mind doesn’t care about feminine priority. He may occasionally say “uhm,…sorry?“, but his first thought isn’t to ask permission from the feminine.

When your silence inspires more intimidation, more respect, more gravity than your words, then, you’re thinking like an Alpha.

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  1. Rollo,

    That “Alpha” post is brilliant. Unsurprisingly, women have a difficult time understanding this as well, though I find that instead of trying to understand, they fight against it. Alpha just is. Women will have different characteristics to which is the most Alpha to her, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t find other Alpha traits attractive or intriguing.

    As to this: unplugging from the Matrix comes a progressively developing sensitivity to the feminized world around us.

    I got slapped upside the head with this recently. My girls had a dance recital and one of the numbers was a class of young boys and girls doing a type of swing. It started out fine and watching them was cute. I wasn’t really listening to the music until it changed from the number “I Just Want to be Your Teddy Bear” to “You Ain’t Nothing but a Hound Dog”. The dance then proceeded to have the boys literally groveling at the girls feet and hanging onto their ankles and the girls mock kicking the boys in their backsides. The entire audience did the “aw, ain’t that cute” noises while I tried to pick my jaw off the floor. It was repulsive.

      1. King A.

        You must be familiar with Clifton Chapel by Sir Henry Newbolt

        To set the cause above renown,
        To love the game beyond the prize,
        To honour, while you strike him down,
        The foe that comes with fearless eyes;
        To count the life of battle good,
        And dear the land that gave you birth,
        And dearer yet the brotherhood
        That binds the brave of all the earth.

        And this was written in a period when every man knew what the Birkenhead Drill entailed.

        So how would the verse above be written today :

        To set the cause above renown,
        To love the Game beyond the prize,
        To neg her, as you stare her down,
        That ho that comes with fearless eyes;
        To count the fucking good;
        And dear her hamster’s girth,
        And dearer yet the brotherhood
        Of the Alphas of all the earth.

        Can one be sad about this ? Maybe. But then again,

        “What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done, and there is nothing new under the sun.”

        – Ecclesiastes 1 verse 9.

        We’ll see what happens then.

        1. No, I wasn’t familiar with the poem or HMS Birkenhead. Thanks for introducing us to it. High level stuff, brother.

          More men have to take game to the next level as you have. It is time. There is an embarrassment of manly riches from the day before yesterday just waiting to be rediscovered. Kipling is a good place to begin.


  2. Wallet? Wallet? What about those baby-sac betas? Seeing that shit makes my heart stop!

  3. Whammer’s post is intereting. I dont walk around with ID but when i need to for a night out, i bring my passport. I started when my license got suspended, but i keep doing it since it’s a great conversation starter.

    One little thing in the ‘dont feel like u need to prove yourself’ category i picked up from some random blog. A guy did this whole thing where he signed other people’s names when he used his debit card. Noone ever said anything, so he kept going to where he was drawing pictures of whales and random stuff. So now i just swipe out a quick zig zag instead of sign my name.

  4. “all but the most Aspergery of men probably wouldn’t use Arthurian vernacular when casually speaking about women.”

    lol!! shit, that was the one that I wanted to point out. I’ve seen that in the comment sections all over the Manosphere since I started reading it. Any time I see guys lecturing how picking up works and they throw in some Ye Olde English “She knows not of his discretions–” or “Be not a man who–” I chuckle and rule the guy out as never having touched a vagina in his life.

    Thank god that bugs someone else too lol no one ever calls those guys out so I just assumed I was the only one laughing at it.

    Anyway, it’s Friday. Everyone go out and talk to some of those girl things tonight. Be not a man who knows not of the fairest of maidens!

    1. oh and on the wallet subject, I’ve been trying to cut down on my spending at the bar so occasionally I’ll leave my debit/credit cards at home. And to encourage me to not waste my time on just going for numbers I’ll sometimes leave my phone at home.

      I’ve noticed that as soon as I decide not to bring all that stuff out, I get a rush of beta “What if something happened? What if I needed money? What if I need a cab to get home? What if I got injured in a fight and needed to call for help? What if I meet a girl but need money for a hotel room?” etc. etc. * worries flood thru my brain. Then the alpha side kicks in and goes “Fuck it, I can handle anything. :P” and figures it’ll just know what to do and everything will obviously work out in its favor because it’s awesome and capable.

      This is why guys who go travel in a country where they don’t speak the language solo for a while tend to come back more alpha. They’re forced to rely on nothing but themselves and gain a shit-ton of reference experience that they’re capable of handling any crisis.

      BradP told an anecdote where he went to Europe and it took him 20 minutes to finally ask for help for how to use a pay-phone there from people who didn’t speak English. He just froze up because he’d never had to rely on himself like that for something so simple before.

      *The solutions my alpha brain comes up with for those problems:

      – Nothing bad will happen and if it does, I’ll come out fine
      – Other people will buy me stuff because I’m charming
      – I’ll just tell the cabbie I have to run in and grab my card, it’s fine
      – Pffft no one would mess with me, and if they did I’d win
      – She’ll pay for it, duh

  5. Now everybody is going to go and dump everything out of their wallets and get a money clip….

  6. This post reminds me of my grandfather’s behavior towards my grandmother that I watched growing up. He was a first-generation Russian transplanted to Youngstown, Ohio to work in the steel mills. When he came home, his dinner was set out and his whiskey and cigar were waiting by his chair. My grandmother just did these things because they were expected of her… keeping house and home and her husband happy. Thing is she didn’t seem at all unhappy about doing these things. She played her part, he played his. This was just the way it was.

    A years ago, just after I took the red pill, I experimented with what I remember my grandfather doing. Me and a girl went to a house party (by that time I was ‘faking it to make it’) and sitting on the couch, I told her flat out, “Babe, go get me another beer.” She looked at me, I looked right back, and she got up without a word. I didn’t say it mean, or loudly… I just said it, assuming that it was already a given, in motion. I had already turned to talk to someone else. And yeah, in the dominating animal sense, it felt fucking good. I didn’t even look at her when she put it in front of me, just flicked her a ‘Thanks,’ and kept talking.

    I caught some looks around me, and some of them were uncomfortable, but no one said anything. From that moment on, I noticed the frame change of the women. They started deferring and leaning in. Obviously I didn’t think it at the time, but later realized that just that simple act of treating my female in that way – presuming submission – changed their attitude towards me *snap* just like that.

    I truly believe that a game-worthy point of this fem-speak, male cowering contemporary sensitivity is that it doesn’t take a gargantuan mega-macho act to demonstrate male dominance among the betas… the smallest act of total alpha frame confidence is enough.

    1. Thing is she didn’t seem at all unhappy about doing these things.

      Many would be surprise to learn that not only was she likely not unhappy doing these things, but quite happy to do them. This idea of caring for a man being a horrible thing is such crap. Caring for a one’s man and one’s children, for many women, is a joy and many take great pride in it.

    2. Damn. I think that simple part of “assuming submission” is where I’ve gone wrong lately. I was getting it with a few women, and then I relapsed to my blue pill days a bit. I’ve been struggling to get it back where instead I should just assume she’s going to do it.

  7. Haha, love the wallet thing. I hadn’t thought about it consciously as a marker of Alpha/Beta, but I’ve always thought that people who walk around with a giant wallet of shit were simply tools. One of the first things I did after having the red pill was ditch the wallet and simply carry cash, my ID, and my credit card. No clip, no wallet, nothing. It was a simple, “This looks like a retarded bulge in my pants” thinking. S

    ame with the cell phone if I’m going out – it changed from being in a front pocket to a back one. Otherwise it just looks odd if you like pants that fit you well. Or better yet, a jacket pocket.

  8. Rollo, about these radio guys, have you ever spoke with them or called them on their BS. Some of these guys just spit out this BS because they have to. They might not necessarily believe it.

    It’s like boy bands singing about love, and how they’ll never leave them, etc. They have to sell it to the beta masses.

  9. Excellent post Rollo

    Let me introduce myself, I’m Necorochi

    I’m somewhat new to game; unplugged for about 3 months.

    “I can pick out the subliminal self-deprecations men filter into their conversations, often with a nervous laugh, or else they’ll drop some blunt truth only to casually (but practiced intentionally) to backpedal by ridicule themselves or men in general for being ‘how they are’ as if it were some kind of apology.”

    Is so true, we have all been their at one point. I’m in the stage were I watch what I say. Slowly but surly eradicating my beta habits. That being said I have a question, dropping a “blunt truth” is better then a nervous laugh? Yes.
    Basically what your saying is don’t backpedal, say what you wanna say no matter now intimidating it sounds?

    Also could you or anyone send me a link to a post of your’s that could answer my question. Probably hidden in your archives.

    I recently came across your blog and I must say I like your view on game.

    Sincerely, New reader.

    1. Maybe a couple others can chime in, but I had a hard time with the bluntness myself. Basically I swung back and forth between being too honest and then back to too beta. I made a few mistake discussing these issues with co-workers, and wouldn’t recommend it. What I’d recommend is not being afraid to talk to people you meet or know that won’t matter if you accidentally piss them off with the ideas contained in the red pill. It doesn’t go down easy, and you never know how specific individuals will react.

      1. I know exactly what you mean.

        I’ll make sure to catch myself from laughing if it wasn’t really funny and not be afraid to intimidate.

        Also is their any post’s that you would recommend reading, I’m new and his archives are huge.

        Thank’s for replying.

        1. Oh lord, I don’t know too much of where to begin on the archives. Rollo’s really good about linking to past articles that are relevant, so I never really went through the archives myself but clicked every time he’d link something. So I’d recommend that. Probably start about two months ago and work your way forward.

          Honestly, War Brides is the only one that comes to mind by name.

  10. Again this dichotomy from animal world – alpha and beta. Free beings are judged by their actions and lives, not words.

    We could write down a couple of definitions of so called “alpha”, each having a bit of “truth” in:

    1. Alpha does not need to write and talk about women, hell he does not even have the reason to analyze hypergamy. World is his harem. He has been chosen from the young age. People generally do not overanalyze things that benefit them, there is no motivation to this. Conclusion: all writers and readers of game blogs – we all, are beta.

    2. Or my favourite – alpha is the one that gone away, the one that ditched her. The one that can not be cornered – conclusion – all married men are betas. Marriage is a form of slavery to matrix, definitely beta thing.

    3. Or we could define alpha by his momentum, by the way he carries himself, he speaks with people, or even by the size of his purse 🙂

    All of this definitely come to one single point. All this “alpha” traits were observed from men successful with women. Alpha is therefore the man CHOSEN by women. And men should be FIGHTING to be this fellow. Ultimate expression of matrix. We are subjugating the man to the will of female. Man has a value only if he has been chosen by female – first law of matrix. Otherwise, he has no value at all. Is this our mission fellas? Are we looking for a slavery of a happy dog?

  11. add: our elders without all the science knew definitely more about women than we. Man has to undergo a test of manliness, where he has to prove some abstract values – courage, bravery, skillfulness. After he “,matched” women were alotted to him. Together with animals. Noone veer aked women if she likes him or not. THIS one is the profound knowledge of the animal female core that could be subjugated only with strenght or emotion.

    Man and abstract values of the society first women after. Now we are facing the complete opposite. NO ABSTRACT values at all, just values that are chosen and attractive to females. Alpha values. Man as a slave, woman as the master.

  12. Have you ever seen someone carrying around a wallet bulging with stuff? Sometimes you’ll even see a rubber band around it it’s so full of junk lol This is typical prole (beta) behavior. They carry all of this stuff in case they have to “prove” something.

    You mean like, having to prove their credit-worthiness to the restaurant (credit card)? Or that they are who the person whose name is on the list (photo ID)? Or that they have sufficiently fungible legal tender to barter with a merchant (cash)?

    Save the parlor tricks for women. Even the girls who know they’re bullshit like to believe in bullshit anyway. Men don’t. The definition of alpha behind this tarot-wallet reading is indistinguishable from deadbeat, not rugged independent.

    Look, game wisdom is powerful stuff. Relax with it, spastics. When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. A tendency to identify and eliminate the ungamely characteristics of weakness is a salutary habit in the beginning. But too much of it leads you away from maintaining proper essence. Are you seriously scrutinizing a dude’s wallet contents to figure out if he will get laid? Is that all there is to it?

    The lesson of this bit of street magic is clear and cleverly presented, props for creativity. Point taken: obsessive-compulsive preparation for every contingency betrays a lack of confidence in one’s fundamental resourcefulness. But “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.” You might say an obsessive-compulsive interpretation of everything into game terms betrays a lack of fundamental confidence in one’s general mastery of game. You can mimic observed behaviors or you can change the personality that drives behavior. If rising betas start emptying out their wallets now, they’re doing it wrong.

    Maybe I keep stuff in my wallet because fuck you. Maybe I’m secure with my vibe enough to avoid inventorying all the signs that other, way-too-voyeuristic dudes might mistake as beta signals every time I go out. And maybe that kind of comfort in one’s skin is more “alpha” than the Cosmo-quiz wisdom of random mystical correlations based on a bromide.


  13. I think preparedness is an important masculine trait. A wallet is a good place to keep a chunk of gold big enough for international airfare and a bit left over. It’s a good place to keep a microchip that includes encrypted files of all your important documents. A good place to keep several bank and credit cards.

    Shit happens, and a wallet is a bug out plan. Men are strategists, and a wallet is a tactic.

  14. I’ve noticed a religious trend among some in the game community. It is a new-age feel good everything is entirely made of mental attitude magical thinking. The claim is that the ONLY thing that makes a difference occurs inside your individual skull. It’s an enormously inflated sense of the power of ego. Everything is nothing but what I think.

    Everything is not only what you think. There is a real world out there. The only people whose ideas are reality are psychotics.

    It’s good to be confident, but it’s not good to be irrationally self confident. It’s good to have wits to rely on, but it’s better to have both wits and tools that you have prepared beforehand.

    A man is a strategist of attraction, and works his entire life to build up an arsenal of effective tools of attraction. There are the tools you carry around with you when you are naked, and there are also the tools that are not part of your body. A man works to surround himself with power and skill.

    It is not all internal.

  15. Great posts king A and xsplat! I’ve already started putting everything back into my wallet. Thanx.

    1. lol- I found this and the other thread on the subject quite illuminating as I actually had someone use this topic on me once. He wanted to know what I thought about the fact that he didn’t carry a wallet, and I was thinking, what the hell kind of question is that? Can we talk about something normal? I never did understand it was a routine of sorts until now. Another mystery solved. Lesson: not every conversation has to revolve around game. Sometimes people just talk…about life 🙂

  16. “Naturally I bite my tongue in the interests of my business…”

    There’s the rub, Rollo. Though I suppose biting one’s tongue is favorable to speaking in apologetic and feminist tones. But if even you feel the need to reel it in because business interests are at risk, what does that say about the millions of betas in the workforce?

    It IS better to beg for forgiveness than for permission. That’s a line I tell people all the time – even the students I advise at the university where I work. Co-workers are often shocked to hear it. So you can only imagine the kinds of ideas at my workplace that cause me to bite MY tongue.

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  18. The author clearly read ‘Class’ by Paul Fussell. I find it disingenuous that he did not mention this fact. He wrote the piece as if these were his own insights.

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