Hypergamy doesn’t care,..

Hypergamy doesn’t care how great a Father you are to your kids.

Hypergamy doesn’t care how you rearranged your college majors and career choice in life to better accommodate her.

Hypergamy doesn’t care how inspired or fulfilled you feel as a stay-at-home Dad.

Hypergamy doesn’t care that you moved across 4 states to be closer to your LDR.

Hypergamy doesn’t care how ‘supportive’ you’ve always been of her decisions or if you identify as a ‘male feminist’.

Hypergamy doesn’t care about the sincerity of your religious convictions or aspirations of high purpose.

Hypergamy doesn’t care about those words you said at your wedding.

Hypergamy doesn’t care about how you funded her going back to college to find a more rewarding career.

Hypergamy doesn’t care how great a guy you are for adopting the children she had with other men.

Hypergamy doesn’t care about your divine and forgiving nature in excusing her “youthful indiscretions.”

Hypergamy doesn’t care about your magnanimity in assuming responsibility for her student loans, and credit card debt after you’re married.

Hypergamy doesn’t care if “he was your best friend.”

Hypergamy doesn’t care about the coffee in bed you bring her or how great a cook you are.

Hypergamy doesn’t care about all those chick flicks you sat through with her and claimed to like.

Hypergamy doesn’t care about how well you do your part of the household chores.

Hypergamy doesn’t care about how much her family or friends like you.

Hypergamy doesn’t care if you think you’re a “Good” guy or about how convincing your argument is for your sense of honor.

Hypergamy doesn’t care whether the children are biologically yours or not.

Hypergamy doesn’t care if “she was drunk, he was cute, and one thing led to another,..”

Hypergamy doesn’t care how sweet, funny or intellectual you are.

Hypergamy doesn’t care if you “never saw it coming.”


Add your own, I’m sure there’s more,..

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      1. Charitably, I’ll say you misunderstood me, and are not simply dim. I was agreeing with Rollo. To make it as clear as possible: There are good, logical reasons men are bitter. Hypergamy doesn’t care.

    1. I think it’s important to realize that, despite the harsh realities of life, having a positive outlook will more often work in one’s favor than not. The trick is to be a realistic optimist.

  1. Hypergamy is one cold, mean, heartless bitch..

    .. and this needs to be shouted from the mountaintops !

  2. Hypergamy doesn’t care if you’ve never heard of hypergamy.

    Hypergamy doesn’t care if you don’t understand what hypergamy is.

    Hypergamy doesn’t care that you hate hypergamy.

  3. On the other side, if you’re alpha enough:

    Hypergamy doesn’t care if you’re broke
    Hypergamy doesn’t care if you’re ugly
    Hypergamy doesn’t care if you lost your job
    Hypergamy doesn’t care if you’re in prison
    Hypergamy doesn’t care how many women you slept with
    Hypergamy doesn’t care if you abuse her

    As long as she can look up to you, and you’re the best she’s ever had (or the best she can hope to get), her hypergamy will forgive anything.

    1. Hypergamy doesn’t care if you earn half her income and are 5 year her subordinate.
      (my first puppy eye look) ;).

  4. Actuallly, hypergamy does care about many of those things–the sorrowfully beta ones. It hates them. If you want to be on the right side of hypergamy, take that list of things, identify the ones that reek of betastink and don’t fucking do them.

  5. Hypergamy doesn’t care that you work your butt off to facilitate her leisured reality in a home of her choosing…

  6. Hypergamy doesn’t care if you win the nobel peace prize, cure cancer, and put an end world hunger.

  7. Hypergamy doesn’t care if you’re twice, triple, or in some rare cases, even quadruple her age.

  8. So the best solution as far as I can figure it is to be fully aware of the hypergamy and counter-game it upon recognition; every once in awhile instilling the dread and generating the tingles. And NEVER stop gaming her, even if you get married.

    And of course keep the 16 commandments of poon in the forefront. (I’m a pretty big believer in those. They radically changed the way females responded to me as soon as I put them into practice… especially ‘never be afraid to lose her.’)

    Of course no one knows the future, and the woman can go sideways at any moment. But if you’re aware of the beast, know game and recognize the inconstant nature of women, nothing should come as much of a surprise, even when she goes off the deep end. Cut losses and move one… always another girl on the girl tree, etc.

    Is that about accurate, Rollo?

    1. Sounds pretty brutal doesn’t it?

      I get a lot of shit from certain critics who think all I’m about is nihilism and constant paranoid vigilance, but it’s really just about being informed and understanding the environment men are really in.

      Living with a better understanding of hypergamy and the landscape of the SMP doesn’t require a Man to sell his romantic soul or morph into an emotionless drone barking at shadows and suspicions.

      That’s what the absolutists will tell you, but it’s my opinion that it benefits a man’s efforts in his passions, his art, his physical and mental well being, to better understand the conditions he finds himself in. It can help him to either live in those conditions more harmoniously, or it can provide him with a more complete understanding of the intricacies of things he hopes to change.

      1. I really don’t think it sounds brutal at all, just realistic. I for one appreciate that realistic brutality and heartily salute what you continue to do. For after all, ‘hypergamy doesn’t give a shit if you think it’s brutal.’

        I’m 42 and currently in an LTR with a very feminine 29 y/o. In my past beta days I doubt that it would have lasted very long, but adhering to game has made all the difference. From the start the frame has been mine, to the point where she’s given up her job to follow me and has gleefully submitted to a more experienced, settled man. For all the femz, you lost one, as ‘submit’ was her word, not mine. And she has done so, in actions as well as words. Not what she says, but what she does, eh?

        In the end, even after reading and rehabilitating on sites like yours, Roissy’s and Vox’, like a club, it hit me that all I’m doing is consciously replicating (through game principles) what my very alpha father did with my mother. And they’re still going strong, 45 or so years later. I’m not pessimistic at all. Now that I realize what he was doing, it doesn’t seem so daunting. Sure everything can change in an instant, but internalizing the game has made me unafraid. And that’s straight from the 16 commandments of poon… ‘never be afraid to let her go.’ And I’m good with that.

        1. It doesn’t sound brutal to you, but it does to me. Let me be honest. First though I want to write that I know there’s obviously more nuance and I do keep reminding myself of that.

          Hypergamy as in being a leader and superiority in some form is reasonable. But is it that aspergery to draw thoughts that the solution to climbing the ladder is not becoming dominant/better over her or become the best of the men with typical measurements, but just becoming a sociopathic violent douchebag? One can only read so much “hypergamy doesn’t care about the birthday card and a photo at disneyland” with “hypergamy cares about serial killers and sociopaths” without delving into depression. I don’t get how this feelings benefits myself or anyone else.

          Keeping the romantic soul does involve some assumption that a romantic, considerate act is appreciated on some level somewhere. Meanwhile beating up a girl shouldn’t achieve that, at least not on most girls.

          1. It may help to remember that romance is purely a male construct. Hypergamy does not care about romance – romantic men do. If you want to keep your romantic soul alive, you should either channel it into creativity, or make yourself so alpha in other ways that you can be romantic to women and still get away with it.

          2. make yourself so alpha in other ways that you can be romantic to women and still get away with it.

            This. Women appreciate romance, from a dominant man. It makes us feel quite special actually. Being chosen by an alpha to be romanced is a powerful thing. Just remember, the romance is secondary, even tertiary. Dominance will always be first.

            Of course, choosing the girl who you find worthy of showing romance is a large part of the battle.

          3. This is an overlooked TRUTH. Knowing this – being deeply aware of this could be very transformative. At first men are feeling depressed – like something has been taken from them. The they digest it. Some merely drop off – MGTOW. There is a part of these men that gave up not form the reason that they are not able to find woman. They are simply disgusted with woman, they are seing their very nature in work every day and tehy do not want to touch such primitive creature. I know a couple of theese.

            Some men continue in interaction but no more give a shit about well being of women. They use women for their own purposes – just for sex and comapny when they feel it and ditch them when they are not their B plus. They – themselves embraced the coldness and utilitarian nature of hypergamy. Other simply use this informations for being able to hold their marriages, or being more succesful with chicks, etc.

            Use the weapons of your enemy against him. Of course, somewhere in the middle of the battle – family and trust slowly…die.

  9. Hypergamy doesn’t care how good you look on paper.

    Game away, fellas of all colors, incomes, and looks

  10. Hypergamy doesn’t care about consequences.

    Hypergamy doesn’t care about cause and effect.

    Hypergamy doesn’t care about yesterday, only about today and tomorrow.

    1. Number one is spot on but the last one’s wrong.

      Hypergamy only cares that it feels good *right* *now*.

      1. Hypergamy is the instinct of a woman to trade up whenever possible and that is decidedly future-oriented.

        1. Read simon99’s post below.

          The hamster rewites the past and reimagines the future as necessary for the present.

  11. Hypergamy doesn´t care about your effort, it cares only about the results.

    Hypergamy doesn´t care if you got it by hard work or appropriation.

    Hypergamy doesn´t care if your muscles were grown on steroids.

    Hypergamy doesn´t care if your 6h non-stop wild sex is due use of medicines.

    Hypergamy doesn´t care if you don´t agree with Machiavelli: the end justifies the means.

    Hypergamy doesn´t care if your male transcendental moral is offended by female pragmatic moral.

    Hypergamy cares about the size of you penis.

    “Hypergamy doesn’t care how sweet, funny or intellectual you are.”
    Disagree totally! These are sexy personality traits.

  12. I’m watching hypergamy unfold a 10 year marriage with 2 kids involved with some friends of mine.

    She met some guy at a party, danced and felt some “connection” with this guy that has now brought her to the conclusion that she was “never in love” with her husband and shouldn’t have ever married him.

    She’s “unfulfilled”, feels there is a better relationship out there for her, “deserves more”, plus has a laundry list a mile long of complaints about her husband.

    He’s a decent guy, a good father, works full time, helps around the house.

    And he’s been totally blindsided by this and is rightly now outraged and incredulous about what’s happening to him and his family. And she’s about to sail off into her fantasy of finding a “better man”.

  13. Hypergamy doesn’t care that you ultimately have the last laugh, when princess hits the wall, and your balls deep in a 19 year old.

    1. No, hypergamy does care about this, but by then its too late.
      Today’s hypergamy does not care, tomorrow’s does.

  14. Soldiers…fight fire w/ fire. Become hypergamic yourselves. Give ’em a taste of their own medicine.

    1. mmm yeah. Lets only bang highly accomplished women who have looks money fame dominance and attitude and are into non strings sex. Maybe we can all bang the same girl. That will teach them.

  15. *cough*

    1. Hypergamy doesn’t care if you’re more highly evolved.
    2. Hypergamy doesn’t care if you play well with others.
    3. Hypergamy doesn’t care if you are more likely to be creative, artsy and funny.
    4. Hypergamy doesn’t care if you’re capable of emotional connection.
    5. Hypergamy doesn’t care if you’re nurturing and caring.
    6. Hypergamy doesn’t care if you’re much less likely to cheat.
    7. Hypergamy doesn’t care if you’re far more likely to marry and stay married.
    8. Hypergamy doesn’t care if you want to be a dad and will be good at it.
    9. Hypergamy doesn’t care if you’re healthier.
    10. Hypergamy doesn’t care if you’re not a sociopathic narcissist.

  16. Preach it and keep preaching it until the last feminist dies.

    But forget the reforming-chump choir — they’re perceptive enough to pick up on the hints and to see the game magic at work. They don’t need to be told that many times. (Do they?) The illusion becomes forever obvious once the illusionist reveals his secret. We see the mirrors and the wire and the diversionary tactics.

    Rather, tell your daughters about the clusterfuck that roils inside them, until they believe it and seek refuge in the only possible remedy: the male will.

    Women appear to be savage and less disciplined than us only because we’ve indulged their instinct for a century, and worse, constructed an entire ideology for the sole purpose of justifying that one-sided indulgence — while demonizing plain evidence, common sense, and even slight dissent to the outer bounds of polite society.

    Women can tame the hypergamous beast, but not in this rank, century-old climate. They will have to be pressured. Luckily, they like to be pressured, and they are built to be forced.

    If you think this dystopian ruins of a culture is wonderful for pick up, you’re not wrong, but you’re missing the point. It can only last so long until nature corrects itself. Party on, bros, but know you’re partying on a bulging volcano. We know how this movie ends.


    1. Matt, you and I don’t see eye to eye on some aspects of Game, but we probably agree on more than you’re aware of.

      That said, I have to applaud your effort on HUS, well done. Aunt Sue will simply ban you, but I respect you for trying.

      1. I was under the impression Hooking Up Smart was generally on our side with respect to the nature of the sexual marketplace, but translating it into useful advice for young women. As I say in my comment above, those women are the ones being left out of the new “dark” wisdom of game, and that’s not good for anyone in the long haul.

        I didn’t realize she was, incredibly, attempting to defend the righteousness of the beta male. That is so much worse than simply denying the dynamic altogether like some feminist ideologue. She is actively dangerous to the very girls she thinks she’s protecting. It borders on conspiracy, like a headmistress of an orphanage ostensibly rescuing little girls from the street — only to pimp them out the backdoor. She is grooming them to be victims to the first alpha they meet.

        Getting banned is a feather in my cap, as far as I’m concerned. I already get that treatment from a couple of pussified sites. I appreciate your indulgence despite our disagreements; it’s rare.

        I will try to earn my Boy Scout Badge of Banning in record time over there. If she maintains my interest, that is. I foresee boredom being a bigger factor in my disassociation with that site than her intolerance. You poke and prod and see what capacity there is for real discussion, and then, in the absence of positive evidence, you have to move on. If she doesn’t adjust her fundamental misunderstanding of the term “beta male” quickly, there’s no point in beating a dead HUS.


    2. “Women appear to be savage and less disciplined than us only because we’ve indulged their instinct for a century, and worse, constructed an entire ideology for the sole purpose of justifying that one-sided indulgence — while demonizing plain evidence, common sense, and even slight dissent to the outer bounds of polite society.”

      Nailed it. Women are as feral as we permit them to be.

      I voice a similar idea in a series of comments some time ago in an epic Roissy thread:

      “So all you have is these clueless young women, their useless mothers, and a society that has shielded them from 99 percent of consequences of their actions and has attempted to forbid public scorn of their decisionmaking. They don’t have dignity because they were never taught it, and they weren’t taught it because we tried to make so they wouldn’t need it.”


      1. Right. We are at the all-you-can-eat seafood buffet for alphas.

        Men who are men should be conflicted about this development, and not only because its eventual and inevitable correction will involve massive social upheaval. We should be able to imagine our daughters and sisters (and mothers) being thrown to the wolves, disrespected, and raped.

        It is imperative to offer sanctuary to our sisters who have consciously stepped away from the cock carousel, to maintain a safe place for them in return for their (devoutly desired) submission. Rock the feminist establishment out with your cock out until they are made to see the error of their ways, but with terms of their unconditional surrender always in the offing.

        There is no reason to keep the sexual renaissance of game from helping us to overcome the malignancy of feminism. The chaos is appealing to looters, but we are better than looters. We are righteous warriors bringing the culture back to sanity with our pork swords. The goal is a world without feminist harridans or supplicating beta males, a world of monitored hypergamy and sanctioned male dominance (rather than the virtual and contingent “relationship” dependent on a girl’s self-enforced purity[!]), a world of rites of passage and youthful wild-oat sowing, a world of clear paternal hierarchy and freedom for those men who can maintain it. In short, the realignment of truth to power.


    3. very naive up to the point of blindness. Women CAN NOT tame their instincts. They ARE their instincts. There is nothíong differnet in their body to be able to tame it. Their whole body is a sex organ. Woman – body is not able to rule body – woman. Soul could rule body, or body could rule soul.

      WE must tame their instincts. We must create rules and punish their disobedience. We muts rule and direct them. Soul has to rule body, not the other way.

      Nature has never corrected anything my friend. Religion, philosophy, morals – thing that are going against nature (hyperagmy, polygamy) created civilization. The very civilizaction is contra natural law. Civilization used to be structured to keep women in check. Now they are at the mercy of their emotions and baser instincts. That is all.

      1. WE must tame their instincts. We must create rules and punish their disobedience. We must rule and direct them.

        In other words: “… seek refuge in the only possible remedy: the male will.”

        There is the castle of civilization with high walls and deep moats. And everything outside of that is the state of nature. Of course the savage jungle doesn’t correct any civilizational lapses directly, except by killing off the weak and deviant. Rather, the state of nature provides a reminder of the harsh alternative outside the vigilance of the castle walls. In that way, reminding women of “the horror, the horror” that lives out there (and in them) is a way to inspire them to contributing to the project of their correction.

        Can they do it alone? Of course not. Can women build civilization? It’s not their bailiwick. But their lack of cooperation can sabotage our efforts to quarantine the disease of their unchecked hypergamy. Feminism — and our submission to it — is their officially sanctioned refusal to cooperate in the containment. So we have to let them taste the state of nature to let them know what fate we on the walls are keeping them safe from. Women minus civilization equals a life of their perpetual rape.


        1. And all of those feminist believe that a woman who chooses to live as I do have it so bad. If it weren’t so incredibly depressing it would be hysterical.

        2. matt, you are an inteligent man. But there is nothing like “lack of cooperation in sustaining the civilization” from women. Civilization is not their thing. Deep down they are NOT willing to have it. They are made for the “horror, horror” and they are naturaly gravitating towards it. They will willingly share couple of alphas, while serving them in a harem a let betas dies for their food a territory. THIS is their very nature.

          This is the reason why all the religions – systems of rules designed to preserve cililizations, ordered them to obey their man and do not give them ANY rights. Our elders know that they are UNABLE of cooperation of their own choosing. That they must be FORCED to cooperate. Forced not by informations, by reminding or other shit. Forced by either BRUTAL power or emotions – FEAR. Maybe we are talking about the same but my message is simple – women WILL NOT cooperate to sustain civilization given half the chance of not having to. They are willing the wild nature to rule – they themsleves are nothing BUT a wild nature. They will not “see it”, they must be forced to DO it.

          1. Our elders know that they are UNABLE of cooperation of their own choosing. That they must be FORCED to cooperate.

            Agreed, which is why I said, “[T]hey like to be pressured, and they are built to be forced.”

            All of this bravada about women wanting “the horror, the horror” … no. In their fantasy romance novels, where kindness and ravishment co-exist, maybe. But one hour alone in the real Hobbesian “state of nature,” the hell on earth of her perpetual rape, and she’ll insist the granddaughters of her granddaughters’ granddaughters remember what their obedience purchases for them in protection. Our institutional memory has forgotten that win-win transaction.

            No, not even one hour exposure is necessary for persuasion. Not even one minute. I suggest that the rumors of the whisper of “the horror” will suffice to make them parley through the slow negotiation of generational adjustment. The world is so far out of joint that women are volunteering to be alpha punching bags and pump & dump pin-cushions just to get a slight reconnection to femininity again. They are getting zero proper advice about their predicament. Feminism still makes their escape route controversial, bordering on illegal. It’s the last spiteful move of a dying and condemned movement.

            … to the last I grapple with thee; from hell’s heart I stab at thee; for hate’s sake I spit my last breath at thee. …

            Like I say elsewhere, the geriatric harridans are not the target market. They are so poisoned by the lifelong ideological IV-drip that their rehabilitation is impossible by the hand of man. Their daughters may not be saved either: having followed slut-mom’s slut advice, found themselves bludgeoned about the cock carousel too long to be redeemed. But their daughters’ daughters might yet learn a thing or two about their mothers’ mistakes, as they recall “the horror, the horror” with trembling voice, imparting to their beloved children the recently recovered ways to avoid damage and pain: soul game.


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  18. Can women decide not to act on their hypergamy? As a male, I can easily identify my polygamous instincts but, in the scenario I decided to go for an exclusive LTR, I could also decide not to take any action on them. I’ve got the feeling that women lack this ability and are simply always after the bigger better deal. If LTR Game is aimed to feed and keep the hypergamy monster satisfied, doesn’t it make us men sort of “slaves”, in an inferior position? Should I put Game into practice to became the best man I can be or to just calm my partner’s hypergamy?

    I guess hypergamy doesn’t care about my insights on hypergamy itself.

    1. johnno, your polygamous instincts are kept well in check by both society (or culture) and the law regardless of your decisions. However, a woman’s hypergamous instincts are currently not at all restrained by either, and are in fact celebrated.

    2. @johnno

      1 woman, 10 women, or 1000 women. You might feel special having just one woman. Or you could feel unfulfilled after 1000. Like you say, its your decision. A la Candide, there will be lots of people along the way to hinder 1000 notches.

  19. Hypergamy cares if you become richer, stronger and more independent than her upgrade…

  20. Hypergamy doesn’t care about anything except getting what it wants… So use it to get what you want, and you will have an unending supply of p*ssy…

  21. Hypergamy doesn’t care that Aunt Susan wants you to date a beta male. http://www.hookingupsmart.com/2012/05/16/hookinguprealities/10-reasons-to-date-a-beta-male/
    The part of the article on treating Alpha Male Syndrome was particularly infuriating, especially since this company specializes in it. It struck me because yesterday one of my colleagues was going on and on about how women are better managers, do better in school, and excel on management tests.

    1. I can happily report that this September I’ll celebrate anniversary #28 with Mr. HUS, who fits this description to a T.

      So essentially this list is just an essay in self-validation. Shoot the arrow, paint the target around it,..bullseye!
      Ah Giggles, making necessity a virtue is a full time job isn’t it?

      Well, ok, I’ll play along; I’ll be celebrating 16 years with Mrs. Tomassi in July and by Susie’s redefinition of Beta traits as Alpha traits, I’m reasonably sure I’d lean much further into Alpha territory. Looks like I’m incontrovertible proof that Alphas make better husbands,…now, where’s my bow and arrows?

      1. Out of curiosity, how many of those 10 traits on Susan’s post do you posses? I would guess quite a few. This idea that an alpha has to be an asshole is very irritating.

        1. For a 55 y.o. woman, she sure goes to a lot of pains seeking affirmation about the great guy she married 28 years ago.

          Smells an awful lot like,…hypergamy.

          1. Solipsism. Her world revolves around what she can see. It works for her, but I fear her definition of hypergamy. It will not work for nearly as many women as she hopes it will.

          1. She would likely not believe it, as not only do girls not tell betas about their exploits, they also don’t tell older women who are trying to get them to see the virtues of a beta. All women know that they should be attracted to these beta traits. Should never did any thing for anyone.

            A beta can be the most virtuous man in the world, but he will never been seen by a woman until he can dominate her. Again, the fact that people think these need to be mutually exclusive is very irritating.

      2. Already banned, two comments and gone. Wow is that twat sensitive. I suppose the young ladies must be sheltered from every slight deviation of her fairy-tale orthodoxy. Either that or she feels any criticism of the beta male is a direct insult to her “man.”

        What a shame, women need guidance even more than men these days. Stingray? Warm up your throwing arm. QB1 just threw her fifth pick.


        1. To comment there or to start my own? I’ll get banned just as quickly as you. I had so many comments running through my head and all I read were the list of ten things, not the post itself. I was going to argue, then didn’t see the point.

          The thing is, the men she is attracted to are alpha (meh, for the most part). She just absolutely refuses to call them that as all alphas are cads in her book. She absolutely won’t call a man who is dominant with those traits she listed an alpha. There are too few for her, so she won’t do it. Yet, when people go there and generalize women, she gets quite upset.

          1. I meant start your own. And it’s only a half-hearted suggestion. You aren’t masculine, the naked self-assertion typical of bloggery is not in your nature, and I like you that way.

            Yohami has good advice for a compromise position. Repost what you’ve already written, comment on what’s around you (like that recital anecdote you recounted in another post), and see what kind of audience/commentary you draw, what conversation you facilitate/inspire. That aged hag has quite a following despite her gross errors of assumption. You might not get as many visitors, but those you get will be dedicated.

            You are not of her hopeless and condemned age; you are the vanguard of youth; elder enough to be authoritative among the generations coming up, young enough not to have been terminally corrupted by the depredations of the last century; and with a solid man behind you. (No thinly veiled mash notes to hubby-wubby forcing you to preposterously venerate beta wussitude.)

            You don’t have to make broad sweeping points and turn them into polemics that harken back to first principles, the way the male game bloggers do. You just have to give certain observations a female stamp of approval (or disapproval) from your unique vantage point.

            On the other hand, if you don’t have a fire in the belly, that’s okay too. Some girl’s site I stumbled across had a promising start but appears to have petered out. The field has been abandoned to outright haters like Feministing and hideous saboteurs like Susan Walsh. If your effort becomes a bother or a dud, let it fade away. But it might be a vehicle for good things, a credit to your sex at last, a sex that has plenty to answer for. Women like you need a place to gather and support yourselves (and us) in this twilight struggle.

            And it might eventually turn into something you enjoy as much as commenting down here in the combox ghettoes. I’d be happy to casually help you edit or punch up your format. No expectation, no stress, little cost, no worries.


  22. From the look of things, apparently hypergamy doesn’t seem to care when it gets fat.

    1. The expectations of American obese women should be a sign of the end times in and of itself

  23. Hypergamy doesn’t care that you made her a birthday card and gift-wrapped a photo of you too at Disneyland together….

  24. As a European living in the States, I have found out that hypergamy is different and more brutal in the USA.

    I was just dumped by my hot american ex girlfriend. Her reason? I was too sweet to her. I’m used to European girls, with whom you can be sweet AND alpha at the same time and it works.

    With american girls if you’re sweet they discard how alpha you are, it doesn’t matter. I believe this is a self esteem issue on their part. They don’t internally feel like they deserve to be treated well, thus if you do treat them well they assume you have lower value.

    1. Bingo.

      The quickest way to lose their interest is to show or tell them how much you care.

      On the plus side , it’s a great way to get rid of them when they get too clingy.

  25. great post. Hypergamy – aka woman does not care. Of course, body does not care about the soul. Woman as the ultimate sexual being does not care about abstract values, values of the soul – justice, morals, gratitude, etc.

  26. Hypergamy doesn’t care how much you thought of her, the relationship, loyalty and commitment.

  27. The best defense for rampant hypergamy is a good offense. Discrete infidelity. A woman who is constantly on edge has neither the time nor the desire to be a duplicitous whore.

    1. Agreed. My gf knows the score, so she mate-guards like mad.

      A tired hamster is a happy hamster.

    1. Ehhhh, disagreed. A lot of girls won’t admit it in polite company, but they love knowing their man is packing.

    2. Funny that the first school yard insult even mature women will resort too is “I bet he’s just got a little dick” whenever they disagree with any guy talking about women in any critical fashion.

      Actually I think women are very concerned with the size of a guy’s schlong. They may avoid public admissions of it when asked, yet privately, amongst themselves, they’ll shamelessly go into detail about their current men’s cocks. And they’re not even all that secretive about it when they’re in a group setting.

      In fact, this is really hypergamy in action. The public message to men is “it’s what he does with it that’s important” or the shaming tactic “men are so preoccupied with their dicks, women don’t want a huge cock, it hurts, blah, blah,..” but the private message amongst the sisterhood is the polar opposite.

      I may have to do a post about this.

  28. Agreed, Rollo, there is something uncanny about women’s stance on the penis size issue. It’s like the whole topic scares them, because of what it may reveal about their own psychology. (And also because it may disturb their hamstering re: why their current man is the best in all possible worlds.)

  29. Rollo, you should do a whole post on what women “say” they want in polite company and what they really want when it comes to real time action. How they LOVE if their guy is packing is just one gold nugget of a mother load of it’s not what she says she likes but what she actually likes evidenced by her actions. Hypergamy doesn’t care what she says. Hypergamy cares what she does.

  30. You know, and male sexuality doesn’t give a rip about many of those things either … she pigs out and makes herself ugly to you, none of those much matter. Mind you, most men will tolerate graceful aging, but that’s not the point.

    Question: what if you are on the other side of hypergamy? I.e.: her husband has betaized, she wants something attractive to her and she’s finding that in you.

    Do we friend this hypergamy or run from it?

  31. Lol…Here is are the death blows.
    – Hypergamy has a expiration date
    – Who ever commits hypergamy will have hypergamy occur to them ( law of reaping and sowing).

    Its a great lesson to learn, my only regret is not knowing about it sooner.

    1. Actually, hypergamy, as a psychological construct, lasts a lifetime for women. Even the 50+ Cougar crowd will self-convince that “they’ve still got it” in an effort to pacify their hypergamic impulse.

      While there’s no expiration date for hypergamy itself, there is most definitely an expiration date for a woman’s capacity to capitalize and optimize hypergamy.

  32. Hypergamy doesn’t even care what it is about at all.

    The term and phenomenon can be seen generally as a woman’s tendency to ditch someone in order to gain the next “best deal” available, be it sexual, social or financial.

    Reminds me of that young chick at work who was put under my mentorship a year ago as a newcomer. She was outgoing and rather actively ignored especially by other women at or under 10 years her senior so I got mainly to be the one that she was in contact with daily. She tried to get me flirting with her, definitely in a dancing monkey/validating way, but I wasn’t going to go there especially as I knew from previous jobs that it would lead to a flood of jealousy and all that silly crap. Which of course didn’t stop some guys hating me nevertheless for having daily contact with this crumpet. Tough for them. Heh.

    So, her being assigned to my project, I taught her patiently the ropes and despite her, hum, stupidity and questionable quality of work tried to keep the best appearances — because otherwise the white-knighters (including the firm owners) would have had a field day for me being too tough on that fragile creature.

    After seven(!) months at the firm she finally made her breakthrough socially after the Xmas party (white-knighters finally had the courage to go after her) and hypergamous trading-up set in immediately. The culminating moment was one lunch break when her revenge-filled contemptuous attitude (for me originally having rejected her flirting attempts) fully exploded in her starting to shout over me to shut me up when I was trying to talk to another person at the table. For a couple of seconds I saw deep into her ugly narcissistic soul. At that moment I also knew she had some serious mental problems beneath that built nice-girl facade, a typical attention wh0re-class crazy bitch. Fully knowing that I would be vilified, I nevertheless shouted her down by unflusteringly continuing my questioning to the other person. She and her personal posse left the table, horrified by my “misogynism” of treating her like that. Later I gave her a piece of my mind about her conduct and proceeded to start keeping my distance.

    The only thing worse than being hypergamed(tm) after having sex is being hypergamed after no sex at all and being forced by the employers to give one’s professional knowledge to the hypergamer and you can’t even make a total never-see-again breakup with her… Luckily I treated that c*nt after that in such a way that we were assigned into different projects. One of the owners actually later “confessed” (along with expressing disbelief about her being nothing more than an angelic perfection) that his concern was about the fear of bad publicity if she wasn’t “protected”.

    Hypergamy doesn’t care if it has to manifest itself as a total crazy bitch shoutfest meltdown.

  33. Hypergamy doesn’t care about truth. Or justice.

    And hypergamy doesn’t care about White Knights, it just uses and discards them.

  34. Holy shit, this makes my red pill boner hard. Not the reality of hypergamy, but the awareness of it.

    And of course, hypergamy doesn’t give two bits of a shit about the red pill, blue pill, purple pill, or The pill

  35. on the other note, alpha male is waiting to get dumped, just got free pussy for awhile, no investment anyway and was cheating on the side while she assumed he was exclusive. lesson one: always pretend exclusivity if necessary, but never do it no matter what..

  36. Hypergamy ceases to exist when people stop shaming sluts.

    When they are shamed, they are less likely to say “yes” when propositioned, making it difficult for men to get laid just by asking.

    Men, on the other hand, have no such consequences and are more likely to say “yes” when a woman propositions them, making it easy for women to get laid just by asking.

    When women are shamed for being sluts, they try not to act slutty, but when they do, they make up for it by doing it with an extremely attractive man.

    Men are likely to say “yes” to these sluts, because the slut-shaming has made it more difficult for them to get laid, so they’ll take what they can get.

    Stop slut-shaming, and you’ll stop hypergamy.

    But you can’t both increase slut-shaming and decrease hypergamy.

    Not unless people start getting married at the age of 14 again.

  37. Guys this situation is just as bad for females then it is for men.. Think about it.. if a Female is younger say 23-25 masters degree plus, taller 5’7 or so, good looking, plus comes from a rich family.. Then she will need to find a Rich guy with equal education that is at least the same height as her when she wears high heels.. 5’9 and at least average looking not fat.. If she is so lucky to find this guy, this guy will now he is rare and if she messes up 1 once there will be 50 other women 1 text away.. So pretty much 80% of females chasing 20% of the guys.. and most of these guys take advantage of this demand as women do Hypergamy.. in the end EVERYONE looses..

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  39. Hypergamy works for me. I focus only on my looks and money, never on my partner. I just check if I can have them. If they’re not very interested, I work on my looks and money and check in a year or so and usually then it works better. For example I had this guy and he was a lil bit too cute for me and I had no proper job. Now I did bunch of surgeries and gym and diet, I moved up from being weak 7 to being 8-8.5 and I have a house and a nice car and all my things are taken care of and…. He is trying to date me seriously, so we talk and date and he introduced me to his mom and rest of family already.
    I just wanted to see if me changing will work and it did, I still have a few things to do to go from 8 to 9 but I’m sure I can get there and I still will make sure to do better financially. I know another guy who wasn’t interested in me before (he is a model and a cute one), I like him a lot and I would like him to like me, so hopefully it will go through. We did a few dates before but even we clicked I saw my looks didn’t match his so it didn’t work out. Once I know even he likes me than I can be single knowing I am an attractive female 🙂 and I can focus on other things in life.

  40. Hypergamy doesn’t care she use to juggle dicks like a circus act and fuck 6 ways until Sunday, and that you are the “Simp” that took her in and forgave her. Once her family finds out Hypergamy doesn’t care!!

  41. Hypergamy doesn’t care if you love her.
    Hypergamy doesn’t care about being your soulmate.
    Hypergamy doesn’t care about your sacrifice.
    Hypergamy doesn’t give a goddamn about you unless you can make her vagina tingle.

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  43. Come on guys, look at the bright side. the cup is half full here.

    if hypergamy doesnt care about all these things then that means that you dont really have to do ANY of them.

    sure a lot oof you find it difficult to adapt to the reality, start acting like pompous pricks and all that. but these couple of things are a lot easier and less stressful to do than all the shit you used to do.

    the hard part isnt being confident or arrogant or telling a woman to suck or go home.

    the hard part is accepting that your mother was a liar.

  44. How in the hell am I 6 months from my 40th birthday and this is the first I’ve heard about this!?! Holy dog shit! It all makes sense now! So does the argument I had with my girlfriend yesterday about her wanting “more” when she didn’t even define what the hell “more” meant!

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  47. someone wrote “Hypergamy doesn’t care if you fool around on her”, I’m not too sure about that, I think a man fooling around/cheating on his woman/wife/gf has an effect on hypergamy – I think it somehow communicates higher status on the man’s part, that’s why so many women stay with their husbands that cheat on them several times instead of leaving them to find another more faithful husband – if Hypergamy is essentially the pursuit of a higher value male, a cheating husband is communicating a form of higher value to his wife

  48. And if you’re an Alpha, you won’t care about losing her, which will make her more likely to try to come back.

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  50. Hypergamy doesn’t care that you are responsible for ALL of Western Civilization’s technological advancements. Smart guys are categorized as Beta. “Alphas” don’t feel the pain of loneliness that inspires them to overcome their resentment of continuous rejection for simply BEING authentically GOOD. Beta’s cannot help but be good, and tend to care for OTHER men! A species that is reproducing itself to extinction must DIE!

  51. Hypergamy no longer cares because the consequences are minimal. Hypergamy has been unleashed and released by its enablers; feminism, capitalism and all those that stand to benefit from societies that are unquestioning, bewlidered and consumption driven with populations that are kept in check by cryptofascist kleptocracies posing as democratic governments.

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  53. Hypergamy doesn’t care about civilization or history. Hypergamy doesn’t care about keeping the world above a state of tiny warring villages, hypergamy should be violently repressed with real penalties for those who attempt to practice it. Too bad for civilization that it is now a “right” whose influence will bring about a new dark age. Too bad…

  54. Hypergamy is seen 90+% in men while “upgrading” their wives; and only <10% in women for "upgrading" their men. Yet it gets called out disproportionately as a thing women do…

    Geese and ganders. Geese and ganders.

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