Insanity Plea

From member Backbreaker on the (fresh new server) SoSuave forum:

So.. we all have our hobbies and things. My wife has this twisted fascination about death row. Like anything that is on TV or a movie or documentary about death row she has to watch it. So she found a documentary about this dude on death row in Texas.. actually a quite young guy, he can’t be 25 years old. it’s not a bad documentary

This is where I trip out. okay the dude, on death row. has killed 3 freaking people. Over a late 90’s Chevy Camaro. the dude is not very smart. He is not very good-looking. The guy, I mean shit he’s on death row need I say more?

So they interview his attorney who is doing the work for him. She lived in Nebraska and was doing the work pro bono for him to get him an appeal / out of prison. honestly. She’s not very bad-looking at all. She’s pretty cute. and she’s a lawyer. this woman, mind you, has never seen this dude in her life, falls in love with the dude on death row, drives from Nebraska to Texas, meets him and they confess their love for each other upon first sight.. mind you he is behind a glass on a phone talking to her. She tells her friends, and her friends tell her that she is in love and she needs to do what she needs to do and she goes outside and sees a rainbow outside and how that is a sign that this is the guy she needs to be with.

The story even gets better. not only did she drive down there, one of her beta male friends actually drove her to meet the inmate. Do you know how much of a failure you have to be in life to drive a woman down to see a guy on death row and she looks at you and looks at him and looks at you and looks at him, and says yes this is the guy I want to be with, the guy that is on death row.

For all you guys that talk about how there are no woman out there, STFU. This woman is easily a HB 6.5-7 and she’s smart and MARRIED a dude that is going to die very soon. You are getting out gamed by a dude that can’t even touch his wife.

This just goes to show to me how much women are looking for Men and how they aren’t very many out there. When a woman has to stoop to this level to find a man who states a hell of a lot about the dating pool. I mean she is faithful as a mofo too lol. She is in love with her damn man.

There’s an interesting mental process that men, and women interested in secreting the more innate aspects of hypergamy, will engage in when presented with blatant manifestations of that evolved hypergamy. The natural presumption, and convenient rationalization, is that any woman seeking out the Alpha seed of an incarcerated murderer must, by definition, be insane. After all, women constantly relate their need for comfort, trust and rapport. We all know how safe women need to feel before conceding their intimacy with a guy, and what could be more threatening or intimidating that a death row murderer?

My good friend DJ Damage expounds upon this:

I don’t believe that “some” women’s morbid fascination with dudes behind prisons or female teachers fucking their students have a whole lot to do with “being Alpha” but rather have to do with them being a little fucked up in the head.

What my astute colleague fails to grasp is actually quite simple,..

Hypergamy doesn’t care if you’re incarcerated.

What appears to be insanity in women is usually the manifested result of their evolutionary imperatives. Anders Breivik had multiple offers of marriage in prison from women he didn’t even know the day before he went on his killing spree. Richard Ramirez (night stalker), Scott Peterson, both had small cult followings of women ready to bear their potentially murderous offspring. There is no uniquely male phenomenon of men deliberately taking action to seek out the intimacies of incarcerated women.

It may seem like only insane or celebrity seeking women would be attracted to convicted murderers, and this may be the case, but there is an underlying attraction/arousal to a man with the capacity to kill another man. In our evolutionary past, killing a rival was the ultimate social proof of Alpha dominance. It would stand to reason that this act would have evolved into a conditional prompt for female attraction. While provisioning traits that fostered trust and nurturing may have been selected-for in the interests of parental investment, the traits unique to the physical capacity to kill a genetic rival would be selected-for sexual cues for women.

While it may offend men’s sensibilities and morals, hypergamy doesn’t care what your preconceived notions are about what constitues Alpha according to the male perspective. Women are attracted to Men with a capacity for dominance, by order of degree. How that dominance manifests itself may be measurable, but know that the Alpha indicators of that dominance are all that matters in feminine arousal.

By Reason of Insanity

So while you may think a woman is mentally imbalanced for ‘choosing’ a criminal as her soul-mate, understand that the precious, quality, good-girl you’re patiently trying to convince to be comfortable enough to fuck you is subject to the same attraction cues of this ‘insane’ lawyer. Your quality woman may be well grounded and psychologically stable enough to consider the extreme of pursuing a death row inmate to be crazy, but rest assured she gets off on the fantasy of an outlaw biker, a rebel artist, a non-conformist musician, a powerful attorney, an indifferent surgeon,..etc.

It serves hypergamy’s purpose that a social convention presuming women’s insanity in cases like this be reaffirmed. For men it’s an ego buffer. As Backbreaker pointed out, if a guy on death row can ‘theoretically’ (if maybe not physically) score with a semi-desirable woman what does that say about his efforts to placate women with beta Game? They’d have to be insane if their behavior contradicted their stated beliefs and desires for comfort and trust, right?

For women this uniquely female phenomenon is further evidence of a pluralistic sexual strategy – get the Alpha seed, secure the Beta provider. A soon-to-be dead Alpha’s genetics is almost an ideally blameless situation for securing both imperatives with an after the fact Beta providership. It’s technically an insanity plea. However, in the interests of women not willing, or lacking the capacity, to go to such an extreme, this presents a potential security breach with regards to overtly exposing feminine hypergamy in all its ugly, socially unacceptable glory. Ergo, they readily embrace the meme that only insane women lacking any self-esteem or integrity would stoop so low as to entertain the idea that a convicted murderer might be her soul mate.

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  1. but in our evolutionary past killing a man was hard…you had to be strong or at least shoot arrows well

    now we have guns so 12 year olds can do it..

    Women haven’t caught up to this?

    1. It’s not like we sit down and think this stuff out. It’s attraction. It’s just there with no thought process to it. After the attraction is in place, we then think whether or not we are making a good decision and make a move one way or the other (At least that is the idea). There is no well . . . this guy has this level of dominance, but this guy over here has a bit lower level but makes X dollars and is a bit more handsome, and well Bruce over here has this, this and this. It’s just a reaction. FYI, this reaction can change at the drop of a hat as well depending on many, many factors.

        1. Absolutely. Unfortunately, women aren’t taught to think. They are taught to go with their feelings. Most of the time we don’t even realize where are feelings come from. The only people benefitting from this are the Alphas getting laid left and right. It’s a boon for them but it sucks for society and everyone else.

      1. Oh I completely agree. The entire process of arousal and attraction is a hindbrain autonomous response. There is no self-awareness about it until a woman is called upon to explain her attraction. At which point most wont be able to ‘put their finger on it’ as to why it happened. “I was drunk, he was cute and well, one thing led to another” is usually as far as any introspection goes.

    2. Cognitively yes, but that’s debatable.

      Subliminally, no.

      You’re not going to rationalize away the subconscious motivating impulses that thousands of years of evolution has hardwired into the arousal process.

      1. not ‘rationalize away’

        call it sorting through the muck

        acknowledge the presence of our reptilian brain structure but realize as humans we have other brain regions that allow us to integrate our primal instincts with other instincts.

        It is this integration that seems to be lacking in our present day.

        cynics and nihilists will say the integration is impossible.

        1. It is this integration that seems to be lacking in our present day

          Right. Here’s the problem. Right now, the male reptilian hindbrain is demonized. “Men are pigs”. On the oppositie side, the female reptilian hindbrain is masked under smoke and mirrors and a fog of equivocation, obfuscation, and dissembling. Even amongst people who really ought to know better, there seems to be a very real attempt to blur what exactly female hypergamy is as Rollo quite adeptly illustrates in this post.

          Bottom line, young women are not socialized to be aware of and understand the negative aspects of their hypergamy, but to indulge them in the name of “empowerment”..

        2. “cynics and nihilists will say the integration is impossible.”

          Integration is a great word. What does that mean for you?

          For me it means enjoying the lower base qualities as they are for their own sake, as well as enjoying upper qualities for their own sake, and enjoying both together at times as well.

          For some people integrating means that the more civilized processes should dominate the lower ones. I’d consider such a relationship more oppressive than integrated.

          A little hedonism for the sake of it can fit into a balanced life. Even if it can get messy and problematic.

          1. forget a little hedonism….a lot of hedonism 🙂

            My issue is what mikec rightly sex’s hindbrain instincts is elevated by society and more importantly the state under law while the other’s is vilified and criminalized

          2. Society IS the female cause.

            So don’t be surprised if “society” champions the female cause.

            It is the women who create society.

            Men individuate. A society of men is almost an oxymoron. A group of men is more accurate.

          3. And by “women”, I mean females and beta males whose sexual strategy is to pander to females stated needs.

            Males are only counted as men when they individuate and own their desires.

          4. @xsplat

            women did not create society

            men did

            men kept the wolves at bay and hunted mammoth, they planned the cities and invented the aquaduct. men invented the steam ship and great ocean going ships powered by sail and steam, they built the palaces and the pyramids.

            today it seems that women run society, because they spend at the malls and make wreaths inspired by martha stewart.

            but that is only because society is in decay

          5. Women create the gossip. Women control and own the gossip.

            As for the technology that gives rise to our options, yes, men create that.

          6. Imho the integration necessary is on the societal/law level. The guy who killed 3 people over nothing(that’s like it seems) should be put down like the rabid dog he is. The woman acting this stupid should be set straight by her family and friends.

    3. The technology and physical ease (or difficulty) of killing is not the point; it is the mental/emotional capacity to actually commit the act. A lot of posers say that they could kill someone, but when it comes right down to it and you are looking the potential victim in the eye and understanding that you are about to irrevocably end a life, I would be willing to bet that most could not actually bring themselves to do it without some overwhelming reason, as opposed to those who are able to off someone over something as trivial as a perceived slight (‘dissing’) or some object of trifling value.

      Why do you think that people come back from wars so changed inside? It’s the mental, not the physical that matters.

  2. There are a number of articles on this in the mainstream media across a number of publications and countries.

    Scanning through them it is very interesting in terms of the reasons given by the women that do this and other women speculating on reasons why other women might do it. It really is world class hamstering.

    When and if the concept of the full meaning of hypergamy hits mainstream with enough supporting evidence it will be very interesting times.

    Understanding of hypergamy will hopefully be the proverbial kryptonite to feminism.

    1. not going to happen

      understanding of hypergamy will never become mainstream

      feminism is too profitable for corporations and their media holding companies

      1. Maybe so, but there are enough AFC’s looking for the answer to “why did she go for the jerk?” to make the knowledge of hypergamy go mainstream.

        It may seem hard to grasp, as we are currently living in an age of total fembot domination, but things do change.

  3. Further proof that women don’t play by the rules you were lead to believe that they play by or that you wish they would play by.

    We think it is “sad” when we see evil men being rewarded with the attention of attractive women, but that’s just your morality talking. Morality is yet another giant shit test that determines whether you are the one who gets stuck doing the grunt work with no reward vs. getting the reward without doing any of the grunt work.

    Moral of the story is that morals have no place in the mating game. They are merely a tool for women and any other group (the government, the church) to convince you to sacrifice yourself for the good of someone else.

  4. So we’ve been at war for 10 years now. How come women aren’t hanging around military bases looking to snag one of those guys who has killed someone?

    I think there’s a bit of the social permissiveness behind the killing that plays a part in motivating these women. The military guys, they killed out of duty; a socially acceptable act in a time of war. The death row inmate didn’t kill under those circumstances.

    What this means? Beats me. I’m not knowledgeable enough as others in the blogosphere are about human nature to comment. Maybe someone else could?

    1. I have a feeling some recent vets are about to tell you that there are most definitely ‘Soldier Groupies’ in the bars and other fine establishments that cater to military bases, but i wouldn’t presume to answer for them.

      1. Very true, and in slightly different varieties. One woman I knew who lived in the next condo had a real fetish for cops and firefighters. To the degree that she purchased a police scanner to listen in on them when they were on the job.

    2. One explanation that’s sometimes offered is that the criminal, the bad boy, is attractive to a woman because he’s a rebel. He doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him. He doesn’t follow the rules. He bends the rules. Or he lives by his own rules, making them up and changing them as he goes along. He does whatever he wants, wherever he wants, with and to whoever he wants.

      By contrast, the military man who kills does because he has to. The soldier is duty, honor, and obligation personified. He does not rebel. He follows orders and rules that others give him and make for him. He does what he is told. He is part of a unit, not an individual.

    3. Because military men are beta – they are told to go and put their ass on the line, and they do it. The fact that they may kill someone in their duty does not change their beta-ness.

  5. Good stuff. This extrapolates to why the “game only works on drunk bar sluts” argument is BS. It’s ego protection cause for a guy to accept that it works on all girls means he’d have to accept that he simply sucks at attracting girls. And for a girl to accept it would work on her or her friends means she’d have to confront her own Madonna/Whore beliefs and it’s too much of a mindfuck.

    Newsflash: your mom has probably taken it in the ass. Your sister will probably blow 2 guys at once. The perfect angel co-worker of yours with a PHD who’s WAY more intelligent and higher quality than those bar sluts, probably fantasizes about getting choked and spit on.

    And that’s okay. 🙂

    Current story going on: Player buddy met a chick our Beta buddy thinks he’s got dibs on. Beta buddy drives her around, pays for her shit, compliments her, tells other guys she’s off-limits, he 100% thinks he has a shot and that she’s an angel. Player buddy bitched her out for using Beta buddy. A few weeks later she’s asking to hang out with Player buddy and wants to “watch a movie”. And her txts say stuff like “but we can’t tell Beta buddy k?”. She’s no sluttier or “insane” than any other chick, she’s just acting on her hypergamy.

    1. “Newsflash: your mom has probably taken it in the ass. Your sister will probably blow 2 guys at once.”


      Dude. Slim shady. We don’t all come from trailer parks.

      1. “only trailer park sluts would do THAT.”

        Continue to believe whatever is comforting to you.

    2. A long time ago – before I was betaised by my own marriage – I met a married chick while I was on an overseas trip. Within an hour I was buried balls-deep in her asshole, raw and unlubed, and she was loving every minute of it. We fucked like animals for a week before I headed back home.

      Gonna take time to get back into that mindset. V_V

  6. “So while you may think a woman is mentally imbalanced for ‘choosing’ a criminal as her soul-mate, understand that the precious, quality, good-girl you’re patiently trying to convince to be comfortable enough to fuck you is subject to the same attraction cues of this ‘insane’ lawyer.”

    I’d argue that women are subject to the same attraction vectors to varying degrees—and that the notion of a continuum is indispensable.

    But spot on otherwise.

  7. “The girls weren’t there in chains, or against their will or anything. They had to want that life if they were going to be accepted by the Angels. These guys were kings of the road. I don’t think they ever felt they had to look around for girls. Girls would come to them, and they would take their pick. And then they’d tell them where to sit and what to do.”

  8. One of the first things that you have to learn about women is they cannot control to whom they feel attraction. This is why I scoff at women who try to project their own opinions and insecurities on other women. Being a lot older than the women I normally date (I’m pushing 50 and tend to date in the 18-25 age bracket) I see this all the time. A lot of times young women will fight against their attraction – because their peer group will try to convince them not to pursue it, but they cannot control the fact that when you’re around, their pulse races, and they become flushed. It is a physical response, and they cannot control it. And they enjoy feeling that way – so the more they fight it, the more intense the response and the more they want it.

    As you note – being a serial killer tends to be the ultimate turn on for a lot of women. (The ultimate alpha who ignores society and does what he wants.) Just as being unpredictable tends to be a positive influence on attraction. So you want the woman to always be a little “on edge” around you and uncomfortable – it’s that adrenaline that many crave. That can come from activities that are exciting, or just being in your presence – it doesn’t matter. Which is why the “nice guy” always laments how women are attracted to “the jerk”. “Nice guys” are boring and predictable, the “jerk” isn’t and that excites her.

    More than a few times I’ve been called a “dog”, to which I respond with a “woof, woof” and will comment that if she should ever be lucky enough to be licked by me out of affection, she will be in love. Of course, I laugh it off at the time and go about my business – but it just sticks in their mind and she’ll go over it again and again trying to figure you out, and her friends talking about you just solidifies you in her thoughts. So it doesn’t matter “WHY” she feels attraction to you,all you care about is that she does.

    Heck, I’m very honest. I’ll tell them, “If you’re looking for a husband, I’m probably not it.” But that just makes you more of a challenge and more than a few will do anything to try to get the same response from you that they are used to getting from guys their age who act like puppies chasing after the same toy. Your behavior is different and unknown to her. It is that “difference” and the fact that they have never experienced someone like you – whether you are a lot older, or a “serial killer” – you are unique to them. And “unique” is a good thing… It will get you laid more consistently then anything else…

    1. More than a few times I’ve been called a “dog”, to which I respond with a “woof, woof” and will comment that if she should ever be lucky enough to be licked by me out of affection, she will be in love. Of course, I laugh it off at the time and go about my business – but it just sticks in their mind and she’ll go over it again and again trying to figure you out, and her friends talking about you just solidifies you in her thoughts. So it doesn’t matter “WHY” she feels attraction to you,all you care about is that she does.

      The #1 thing I’ve tried to internalize is NEVER, EVER get defensive about something you say. Always AGREE AND AMPLIFY. It truly is fucking magic, and perhaps one of the biggest differentiators between alpha and beta behavior.

    2. @mikec74

      Word, man. A girl at a party once called me an “asshole” to which I responded with a raised eyebrow “This must be the first time you’ve seen one. I feel really special now” and smirked then went about my business. Her hamster was spinning that night to where see tried to get at me ever chance she could. Creeper status right there.

  9. i do not think this is tied to the feminine imerative. Insanity is simply how we describe actions which cannot fit into our mental models. Not unlike telling a debating oponent “you’re mad” when we cannot understand their argument.
    We can understand the female mechanics which creates the attraction to death row inmates, so their behavior makes sense to us. For most people this behavior is a gross departure from expected female behavior. Insanity is the model which explains all behaviors which don’t fit our models.

  10. I’m still at the point in my Alpha Training where even though I grasp and accept the deep truths of this post, it still leaves me feeling a little depressed.

    There’s a terrible internal struggle going on within me– it’s like my “real self” tends towards humility, kindness, care… for Pete’s sake, I get up in the morning and feed the backyard birds and squirrels before I even have my coffee! I’m a HUGE wuss. Then on the *other* side of this coin is the knowledge that I’m the male of the species who finds himself *driven* by the need for pussy, and realizing that obtaining said pussy requires the learning and use of Alpha traits. I’m sure I’m not the first one to ever feel this push and pull of being a kind soul who yet wants pussy just as bad as the next guy.

    I’m rambling, to be sure. Posts like this bring out something in me, though. I guess my feeling is—ridiculous as it may sound—that since I now know the reality of female hypergamy, I sometimes wish I’d been born with the natural Alpha-ness of, say, the death row killer or the ‘outlaw biker, rebel artist, non-conformist musician, powerful attorney, and indifferent surgeon’ mentioned above. Or at the very least, I wish I wasn’t such a soft guy at heart!

      1. @ someGuy

        Thanks for the link. That’s some good stuff.

        And thank you for the indispensable reminder to never forget who and what I’m dealing with in the opposite sex. Damn, that puts things in perspective!

  11. Who needs an unsourced story about the ‘insanity plea’ when you have an example of the real thing, with a healthy dose of the, ‘…but, I’m a girl…’ excuse.

    “I turned to gangster after I was raped, says riots student Laura Johnson
    The daughter of a millionaire accused of taking part in the summer riots turned to a drug dealer and robber for support because she had been raped by two men a month earlier, a court heard.
    By Richard Alleyne
    8:28PM BST 26 Mar 2012

    Laura Johnson, 20, said Emmanuel Okubote, known as T-Man, had been a “pillar of strength” to her when she was suffering from depression and suicidal thoughts after the rape, which she never reported to police, and after breaking up with her boyfriend. She told the court she had subsequently tried to kill herself six times.

    Their relationship had been so close that she “fancied” him and became “affectionate towards” him despite knowing his criminal past.

    But he turned from understanding to threatening on the night of the riots when he forced her to drive him and three friends around London so they could loot and rob, she said…..”

    Here are other articles detailing the events;

    “Millionaire’s teenage daughter ‘was forced to drive riot get-away car by thugs'”

    Read more:


    “Looters’ chauffeur: Millionaire’s daughter feared rioters she was driving, court told

    Laura Johnson told a policeman her passengers talked of guns as she drove them around in her car”

    There’s so much in these articles about Laura Johnson vis-a-vis hypergamy, Alpha, and the ‘I’m a girl’-excuse I’m not sure where to begin.

  12. @ Fred.

    Your post rang so true. Feels good that other guys out there are dealing with this moral quandary. Btw you can still feed squirrels and birds AND be a good guy, even a very nice guy to the whole world, but when it comes to dealing with women you want to fuck you must simply not be like that. Let me tell you about my friend : hes a 38 yo MD who runs a free clinic in Fiji and just last year won the award for Volunteer of the Year by the United Nations. Dude is nice guy par excellence, with children, with the downtrodden and with the general population but when it comes to women he wants to fuck he reverts to Alpha Mode. I have seen him in action and its amazing to watch. He doesnt even leverage his status as a doctor when doing it either, he just plows through like a warrior. Simple as that, be a nice guy in the world, but when it comes to women you want to bone you have to be able to switch over to Alpha.

    1. what is his style of seduction?

      you have me curious given you said he doesn’t leverage his MD status.

    2. @ autodidact1

      I thank you, sir. Both you and someGuy deserve a beer for helping me frame this dilemma into something workable. The story of your friend is inspirational, to say the least. U.N. Volunteer of the Year… I’d like to shake that man’s hand.

      Besides the birds and squirrels, there’s also a rabbit that comes by every night for vittles. And now that I’m better equipped to make the separation between being a good man in the world and being an Alpha to the women, it’s time to give him his apple pieces and greens– and the women never need to know!

      1. it’s time to give him his apple pieces and greens– and the women never need to know!

        it doesn’t matter if women know, what matters is how you frame it.

        say a girl sees you feeding the rabbit and asks you about it. you can either say:

        sheepishly ‘i know, sorry, i’m such a wuss’


        with a smirk ‘i won’t let my minions starve. what’s that? (hand to ear, pretending to listen to rabbit) oh, yeah, i agree. (turn back to girl) bugs here says you should use a better moisturizer in your hair.’

        guess which one is alpha and which one is beta.

        never apologize for who you are.

        alphas do what they please, and if anybody else doesn’t like it, that’s their problem, not his.

      2. You: “Sure I feed the rabbit. It’s all milk and honey for him right now, but I’ve got a pellet gun and that punk bitch is in the skillet once he’s fattened up.”

        Her: “Omg, rilly??”

        You: “Yup. Locavore ain’t just for swpl pussies.”

          1. @ itsme & driveallnight

            GREAT examples. See, it’s usually the little things in life, like feeding the rabbit, that catch me off guard and cause me to make beta slip ups. But I will continue work to improve myself in this area. It can occaisionally be an uphill battle, though, since I’m working against a LIFETIME of being an ‘adorable’ but totally unfuckable beta fag! (insert animated smiley/winky face thingy here). But baby, I will *not* give up or give in!

            I shall now go and find a quiet place in which to contemplate your words of wisdom.

  13. There is one thing I don’t quite understand – many of these women who like serial killers behind bars insist they are good deep down inside or “I can see regret in his eyes on this picture”, or even deny he is a murderer. If the ability to kill was what attracted them, why deny it’s there?

    1. When girls are attracted they can see the good in you no matter how evil you are.

      When girls are unattracted they can see the evil in you no matter how good you are.

      1. very true

        which is why I contend that the west granting women equal rights to men was the greatest mistake we ever made.

        you simply cannot have entities that operate on a continual adolescent level be considered an operating adult.

        1. This is absolute truth. Although one must consider the women’s propensity for socialism (desire for security) as another reason they should not have such a huge say in how a productive society runs.

  14. It doesn’t always have to be physical dominance (killing, fighting), as there is other ways too.
    IMHO, bad boy is better than jerk. So many guys try to be a jerk, but they just sound like whiny complainers who eventually repel people away from them. A bad boy on the other hand does what he wants and it’s exciting, he’s masculine and sexual, and this attracts women to him.
    “I’m connected with my tools and you want to screw it up.”

  15. So theoretically if you “fire off” enough Alpha behaviors there is probably going to be an involuntary female hypergamy reaction of lust/attraction?

  16. Watched a documentary on Jim Jones & The Peoples Temple. Remember this woman narrating how he would have his way with them…Yes, hypergamy does not give a fuck!!!!

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