“We’ll do it Live!”

Just letting everyone here know that (against my better judgement) I will be on SoSuave’s first ever live internet broadcast, Saturday, September 10th at 3pm EST.

We’ll be discussing the most popular topics from that forum as well as taking live video calls and text questions from whoever wants to join in. We want as much participation from you guys as possible so don’t be afraid to make your voices heard and hopefully bring the community a little closer.

Check out the link and don’t forget to click on the “RSVP” button at the bottom of the page because I think you have to be a registered user of VOLKE to join in the discussion. If you guys have any question you can ask me in the comments section of this thread or hit up Thundermaverick at SoSuave since he’s the show’s host.


PS: Questions about my relation to Brett Favre will be summarily dismissed.

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8 comments on ““We’ll do it Live!”

  1. PS: Questions about my relation to Brett Favre will be summarily dismissed.

    haha! Brett Farve is not too shabby himself, you should be flattered Rollo!

  2. Here would be my question:

    What’s your view on honesty? Not in the sense of telling a lie, but the other kind of deceit—withholding information.

    Betas often hold themselves to the paragon of virtue and disqualify themselves from intimacy, even intentionally, by revealing negative information, under the guise of informed consent and ‘fairness’. Yet, letting a girl’s imagination to run wild to believe he’s an alpha male she wants, will give him more experience he wouldn’t have access to, and ultimately become more congruent with an alpha. In other words, you can’t gain experience without misleading a few chicks. Should guys be ‘honest’?

    1. The day women are completely honest about their sexual past is the day I will feel bad about making myself look good.

  3. Rollo–
    How do you feel about doing a post on how to game a genuinely “good/nice” girl? I.e. one that comes from a good family, had 1 boyfriend in college, is conservative/religious but parties a little, etc. A nice girl just living in society will be tainted to some degree…but I feel like the way to handle her would be more complex than standard LTR advice for average American girls.

  4. Great idea Rollo, I’m glad to see you branching out. I’d love to listen in to the program but I won’t be able to. Will it be archived somewhere, so I can listen to it after it is aired?

  5. I have been redpill aware for about two years. I went searching because of my sexless marrige. I have come from a low of one year of no sex to 1-2 times a week. I have been married 14 years have three kids. The trouble began immediately after number three. I just turned 40, make mid six figures, have a prestigious position and have gotten into physical shape. I now lead the family and control finances. I still don’t generate that raw desire from her. I do get IOI’s from women half my age. What more can I do besides blow it up? That’s my question.

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