The True Romantics

When watching this video, or any similar to it, notice how you feel physically before you hit play and then compare it to how you feel after viewing it. Is your heart rate elevated? Did you get a little fight-or-flight adrenal rush? We laugh to relieve the visceral anxiety we feel for this chump, but think of seeing this in terms of transferring this guy’s stress level to yourself. We know the ship is going to sink before we watch, but we feel, by order of degrees, what this guy is feeling by association to the point that it prompts a chemical response in us. Why?

Is it that through some psychologically evolved mechanism we’ve learned to protect ourselves in similar situations in our primal past? Think about what a man would have to believe in order to overcome that mechanism and place himself in a position of public ridicule that ALL depended on the woman’s response. This woman is mediocre at best – I’d rate her about an HB 5 – and this guy proposes to her in what he undoubtedly believes is a grand chivalric gesture. I’m sure he genuinely believed she’d appreciate his ‘vulnerability’ and create a cherished memory for them both as they gracefully age in their marriage. I doubt either of them will ever forget it now.

In some of the comments they were saying it was a set up, but what’s the point of that? Who’s benefiting from it?

And even if it was contrived, the real lesson being taught is from the ‘audience’ around them. People still want to believe that it was authentic. It’s still a pretty useful illustration of a beta mindset. How many guys like this want to believe that a woman will appreciate his romanticism? It is men who are the real romantics. It’s men who are the imaginative ones when it comes to romance, and all in an effort to provide a woman with the romantic experiences she says she wants. Romance is what Men perceive it to be for women.

Women do not appreciate planned, romantic gestures. I’m sure this guy thought he was being brilliant by noticing how she cuts a cupcake – “girls like it when guys pay attention to the little things, ‘other guys’ don’t listen to women, I’ll show her I’m unique,..” What most men and all women don’t understand is that the things a woman finds romantic are rarely ever planned. Your sweaty t-shirt is more romantic to her than any candlelit evening. It’s the things you don’t think would ever be romantic that stick with her. In the same way you cannot negotiate genuine desire, likewise you cannot engineer genuine romance.

The problem with planned romanticism is that it’s pregnant with an obligation to be appreciated. Men can be romantic, just not the way women say how they expect it. Like pretty much anything else women say, it’s not what they really want, but a man can’t be told what that is, he has to figure it out for himself, otherwise it isn’t genuine. For the high value Man, romance is an effortless and unthinking gesture.


  1. Karma proposed with taco sauce as his gesture of promise. Very simple, very spontaneous, very effective. I have no doubt his speech was less than 10 words. This reminds me a quote: “A wise woman never yields by appointment. It should always be an unforeseen happiness.”

  2. Rollo you are right. I never understood why i was one of those women who were not all giddy over the whole outwardly gestures of romanticism like flowers, overly dramatic clichéd gestures of affection, etc. There is no accounting for spontaneity or a man who simply does something unique as his own gesture towards you to show his affections or that he cares. A lot of women would even be content and internally excited with heavy kino (like back rubbing while we’re out) or placing his hand on your leg/thigh while driving something like that. Those simple yet affectionate romantic gestures are soo much better (and less embarrassing) than the pony shows (like in the above video). lol

  3. Good to see that the world is starting to catch up.

    I’ve been saying this for a long time now- men are the TRUE romantic suckers. Women only respond favorably to “costly” gestures from men who have a high enough SMV to afford them.

  4. Agree fully.

    And this post presents the flip side of why the first few dates should be as little investment as possible. If she’s meh about you, you have lost little because you have not invested much time, money, effort or emotion.

    And immediate, out-of-the-gate high investment makes a woman (other than an entitlement princess) uncomfortable because she feels obligated to respond — emotion, sex, another date. .

  5. rollo go back and read the top comments on youtube. the reason she said no was because she was cheating on him with another dude behind his back and felt guilty. haha.. hopefully one day he’ll find your blog and wise up.

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  8. I think the blogger is falling into the really common trap of saying “Men are….” “Women are…” as if all men act the same and and women act the same.

    There is a bell-curve of romance within both genders and indeed the entire world’s population.

    My dad writes love poems to my mom, who’s never written one to him. I dated one girl who would write love notes to me. I then dated another girl who would write notes telling me to pick my shit up off the floor or she would rip my nuts off. The two girls were very different.

    The only time I ever wrote anything romantic for a girl was when she found out I was screwing another chick.

    Everyone’s different.

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  12. Fardo. n.
    A sniglet. From the French, fardeoux.
    Of or relating to the feeling of embarassment one experiences on behalf of one who is either too stupid or too ignorant to feel embarassed for himself.

  13. The sweaty T-shirt is not more romantic than a candlelit evening, it is more sexually raw. Two entirely different, but equally powerful, feelings.

    Here’s a romantic video that a guy made for now wife. Notice how good looking they both are. Perhaps it only works when the couples are 8s and assortively matched.

  14. I don’t disagree with anything you’ve said, but I think there’s something more fundamental at work when explaining why this was a failure.

    Honestly, he comes off as pathetic the whole time. The soliloquy about them meeting in front of that place a year ago, feeling dizzy, the cupcake thing, etc., etc…it’s just irksome. But what makes it unattractive, isn’t because women don’t respond to sentimentality, it’s just that, in this case, you so obviously read FAKE through everything he says. You “can feel” that he’s just taking advice from romantic comedies to try to feign an internal substance and depth he himself lacks. And at the root of a woman’s attraction to men is POWER. If you’re incapable of expressing authentic sentiment, that is weak (just as women would also regard a tough, unsentimental man as weak when it’s clear he’s only assumed an angry, brutish demeanor because he’s insecure…(e.g. a Napoleon complex)).

    But if your toughness “reads” genuine and if your sentimental gesture “reads” authentic…it isn’t unattractive because then these things reflect an underlying strength. Not weakness.

    As a class, humans despise inauthenticity in others, doubtless because it reflects various inathenticities of our own. We tend to respect and admire deeply secure, and unapologetic people. And they’re quite rare.

    The same mechanism is at work when a husband cleans the house hoping for sex…and it just pisses his wife off. The gesture was inauthentic, because the “begging” for sex energy behind it “reads” through. Most men would start to get a better response if they unapologetically stated their demands, and then really ‘made them genuine’ by refusing to live in a sexless marriage (by giving a serious ultimatum). Instead, many pout, give half-hearted threats, complain and stay in their unsatisfying union.. And again, what this all really distills down to is a dishonesty between the man’s thought,word and deed.

    The common thought is that men are simple and women are complex. Not true. We’re all quite simple, it’s just many have difficulty in realizing this.

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  20. It’s exactly this: The problem with planned romanticism is that it’s pregnant with an obligation to be appreciated.
    It feels manipulative.

  21. Romance has to mean everything to the man and nothing to the women evolutionary wise. Thats how its true Romance.

  22. @Rollo

    Exactly one year ago I was unplugged from the Matrix. A raw, brutal, painful rejection was the path to find your blog. I am commenting here, because this was the very first post I read from you. I have read most of your posts, I have your first two books and I am waiting for the copy of the third one. It is amazing what you do and the nobleness of your work helping men.

    I know that to kill my inner Beta will still take a long time, but at least now I can live with the dignity that I lacked during my Blue Pill days. I hope someday I could meet you in person just to say Thanks Rollo!!!

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